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Tom Landry

Thomas Wade Tom Landry (September 11, 1924February 12, 2000) was an American football player and coach.

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See the Cowboys' draft-day war room; from the Tom Landry days to the Jason Garrett era
Tom Landry led all NFL coaches in the 1970s in street dollars earned by his ***
Quarterback Watch 2016, Gary Kubiak becomes the first player-coach since Tom Landry
When asked for 1 principle for successfully learning a skill Tom Landry, Coach, Dallas Cowboys said work on 1 thing at a time & get it right
Welcome to Mission, TX: Home of legendary Dallas Cowboys coach, Tom Landry.
Mission, Texas Home of Tom Landry & pro-wrestler Tito Santana. Near the border.
Jerry Jones fired the greatest coach, an ex ny giant, Tom Landry, and Jimmy Johnson, so that tells you Jerry Jones knows.
“Leadership is getting someone to do what they don't want to do, to achieve what they want to achieve.” –Tom Landry ht…
Rightly said by the football coach! Defeat is indeed a recipe for success! . Tom Landry
"Leadership is g tting someone to do what they don't watt to do, to achiwve what th y want to achieve." - Tom Landry
Maybe my father is Tom Landry. I wonder if I would call him 'dad' or 'coach.' Nah who am I kidding? I would call him... 'sir.'
HC Tom Landry instructs QB Joe Theismann at practice before 1983 Pro Bowl.
Go to to learn about one of the NFL's greatest coaches, Tom Landry.
1989 Dallas Cowboys fired there coach Tom Landry after a 29-year career.
The greatest thing you can do for a player or a person in life is to prepare them for success. – Tom Landry
27 yrs ago today was the "Saturday Night Massacre", in which new DAL Owner Jerry Jones fired longtime HC Tom Landry & hired Jimmy Johnson!
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UNDER Tex Schramm and Tom Landry NOT UNDER grandpa jerry the GM and grandpa jerry the owner...
“The quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence.” - Tom Landry
Sports History for Feb. 25, 1989 - Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, fired head coach Tom Landry after a 29-year career.
Sports_HQ: When you want to win a game, you have to teach. When you lose a game, you have to learn. -Tom Landry
Ron Rivera now has more career Coach of the Year awards than Bill Walsh, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll and Vince Lombardi.
It is like having a expansion franchise in any other game. You will UTSA football in the game. You will be UTSA's Tom Landry.
Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you go about achieving it and staying with that plan~ Tom Landry
"I picture my Dimebag as the defensive line for the '76 Dallas Cowboys, but instead of Tom Landry, Vinnie Paul is the head coach".
J. Jones clumsy firing of Tom Landry was the Berlin wall coming down, allowing people to flee.
yeah he is all about himself..My dad lost a lot of interest once Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry
the cowboys have gone down hill ever since Jerry Jones bought team and fired The Legend, Tom Landry.
Kaden Smith being interviewed for the Tom Landry award for the best high school player in DFW
On this day in 1959, Tom Landry became coach of the Cowboys. Frankly, I'll take any excuse to post this pic:
: I've learned that something constructive comes from every defeat. -Tom Landry
Jim Lee Howell's staff included Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi, but the graphic provided by does not reflect this.
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*Cowboys don't put Romo on IR*. 100% certain Homer Simpson wearing a Tom Landry hat would be a far better Cowboys owner than Jerry Jones is
Drew Pearson said this about Tom Landry. He once cried in a meeting
Put on Tom Landry's hat and direct yourself!
Tom Landry was from Mission, Texas and born in 9-11. Salute! RIP Coach!
Chuck Knoll,Bud Grant,Tom Landry,Joe Gibbs would NEVER play to -1 w/2:57 left on clock & 2yrds to go. This Falcons coach ***
This eve's 2.5M quake was on old Texas Stadium site. Ghost of Tom Landry is very unhappy.
Its weird but I distinctly remember watching Tom Landry and Roger Staubach (sp?) in several games! Always watched w😘Dad
Had Max Boyce not done a documentary on Tom Landry and the Cowboys back in '82, I probably wouldn't like them either.
That awkward moment when our Visitor side at Tom Landry is bigger than Sharyland's home side.
What was your true opinion of Tom Landry, and being a life long Cowboy fan were you disappointed going to Dallas out of Pitt?
This was Hollywood Henderson's response to Tom Landry when asked why he never too his shades off,...
I didn't like how the Cowboys got rid of Tom Landry after the 1988 season, specifically Jerry Jones.
I loved the Cowboys until they were bought by Jerry Jones & fired Tom Landry whom has never heard of either :(
Tex Schramm didn't have the guts to fire Tom Landry he let Jerry Jones do the dirty work.
The 1947 Texas Longhorns QB'S Bobby Layne, Paul Campbell & Tom Landry. 2 of 3 would be Pro Football Hall of Famers.
As a diehard Cowboy fan, I have to post these true words. miss you Tom Landry.
Know 1 cares about Seattle its all about Americas Team Your Dallas Cowboys God bless Tom Landry
it's a technicality , Aledo beat them in 2012 & 2013 Tom Landry Classic. one was played at Ford Field and one @ Allen HS
What kind of barbed wire tattoo would Tom Landry have gotten?
I was advised to change my avatar. I think Homer Simpson as Tom Landry will suffice.
Games like this make me wonder if JK has actually lost his mind. Kind of like late-stage Tom Landry.
would you trade yourself and the GOAT Tom Brady for Alfred Blue and Jarvis Landry? I think no. no resply = no deal
"A champion is simply someone who did not give up when he wanted to." - Tom Landry
I'm both honored & humbled to be receiving the Tom Landry Award at the today!ht…
This year's Tom Landry Legend Award is the GREATEST running-back in the http:…
This is me introducing AND PRESENTING for his Tom Landry Legend Awards
Watched him play this weekend at the Tom Landry classic against Highland Park, he is a beast! Very quick and hard to bring down!
Would Garrett ever honor Tom Landry by wearing a fedora during a game? finds out in this Q&A w/ Jason http:…
Cowboys coach Jason Garrett on Jim Tomsula, Mike McCarthy and Tom Landry: I think I first met him over in...
So Chip Kelly sees players the same way Tom Landry did? That's not a bad thing at all.
Martha getting Tom Landry's autograph at King College 1991. Jack Snyder in background.
One thing I like about football is the wonderlic. It is not the end all, but it helps. Tom Landry introduced that.
Landry healing up for mentor role with 76ers
shows why his management style is what prevents te from winning a Super Bowl. Look at how he fired Tom Landry.
Commentators ripping Davenport as a coach for not cheering on Keys probably thought Tom Landry was a bad coach because he was stoic.
Football is to what religion is to a priest. - Tom Landry, former Dallas Cowboys Coach.
Wow! fan's how about this piece of memorabilia-- owning Tom Landry's House!
Tom Landry was an outstanding football coach - Dr. Melvin Banks at
Tom Landry's home for sale in Dallas, TX.
For $795,000, you could live in coach Tom Landry's customized
House once owned by Cowboys coach Tom Landry for sale in || Hank is on his way!
For $795K, you could live in Tom Landry's customized crib |
House owned by iconic Cowboys football coach Tom Landry for sale in Dallas
if Tom Landry was still the coach Ud be a Cowboy.
Tom Landry. One of the beat coaches ever to coach the NFL. @ AT&T Stadium
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Hall of Fame coach Tom Landry played Defensive Back for the New York Giants before he retired as a player
Tom Landry is the one and only coach!
Wise words from Tom Landry, a client of Ken's Man's Shop throughout his tenure as the head coach of the Dallas...
Vince Lombardi | Johnny Unitas | Paul Brown | Tom Landry | Bill Walsh UKEndZone’s new series takes a look at the...
Of the 12 guys on that list -- that coached at least 16 seasons for 1 team -- only three were fired: Tom Landry, Paul Brown and Jeff Fisher.
We got Tom Landry, Mike Ditka, Don Shula, Buddy Ryan, Baby Rex Ryan, Lombardi, Flores (idk who this one is), Bill Walsh... Thnx
Tom Landry and the hat. Wow, major childhood flashbacks happening
If you get a chance watch the Tom Landry "A Football Life"
Still blows my mind that Tom Landry was don't do that to a legend
Tom Landry posted 20 consecutive winning seasons, an NFL record. Bill Belichick has posted 14 consecutive and is currently ongoing.
Only through defeat is character built. . -Tom Landry
Watch: 29 consecutive years as the coach of one team... "A Football Life: Tom Landry". STREAM:
The Cowboys Became CLASSLESS since Jerry Jones bought team & sacked Tom Landry. Signing of LOWLIFE no news.
yes my first April 19th at Tom Landry ctr
Its sad that such a glorious and once prestigious organization that had the faces of Tom Landry, Roger Staubach sign G. Hardy
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With a win, Bill Belichick (20-9) will pass Tom Landry (20-16) for the most postseason wins by a coach and tie Shula with 6…
Andy Reid, Marty Schottenheimer, Chuck Knox, Bud Grant, and Tom Landry all just burst out laughing.
Chip Kelly is trying to be the modern Tom Landry cuz he cares about his system Than talent
Chip Kelly is the best head coach the Cowboys have had since Tom Landry.
Chip Kelly believes in his system like Tom Landry believed in his.
Career in a Year photos 2000: Saying goodbye to Tom Landry - Pedia for today
Tom - Mix of sleet/frz rain, temp struggles to hit 30. IF more moisture than expected, expect .50" + of sleet/freezing rain.
Monroe's is tricky. Tonight the freezing line is lagging. Frozen precip still to the North. Tom RAP model very aggressive.
TBT: When Randy White eulogized Tom Landry at a memorial service, he told a funny story about himself and Landry...
“Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it's so incredible, it's unbelievable. ” . ― Tom Landry
I agree, and I also miss the good old days of Tom Landry's Dallas Cowboys team. Now that was excitement!
I'm a drive-by watcher: I gave up football after Tom Landry (really after Jimmy Johnson) after Reggie Miller.
Tom Landry an NFL legend as the Dallas Cowboys head coach for 29 seasons (1960–88)
But in my biased opinion Tom Landry is the GOAT
let's watch all y'all *** ride Tom Brady. I'll wait for that also 👀
Tom Landry once said "football is a simple game that isn't easy to play" ... I don't think Lynch had a neg. play
Tom Landry having convulsions in his grave. Horrible play call.
Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Papa Bear Halas, Chuck Noll and Bill Walsh simultaneously rolled over in their graves on that call
THE LATE GREAT TOM LANDRY gets O ZERO respect from the NFL and former coaches talking PAST and PRESENT NFL coaches and building teams.
Tom Brady wins his 3rd career Super Bowl MVP.
Tom Brady is never gonna drive that car
Don Shula, Tom Landry, Paul Brown, George Halas, Bill Belichick are in the convo.
Hey Belichick Thanks for dressing up for the Superbowl. Tom Landry would give you an earful if he was alive.
Jason Garrett joins Tom Landry as the only other head coach to win a Pro Bowl game.
Jason Garrett becomes the first Cowboys coach since Tom Landry to win a pro bowl game!
LEGEND: Bill Belichick has now passed Tom Landry for most postseason wins (21) by an NFL head coach in NFL history! http:/…
QUESTION??? Can you think of any modern day heroes in our culture today? I can remember being a kid and really thinkin the astronauts were bigger than life; in fact, I wanted to be a "frog man" that went out to get them in the space capsule. People we knew that went to Viet Nam; Dallas Cowboys and Tom Landry.these were all heroes to me. Seeing "American Sniper" this weekend reiterated the heroism of our men and women who defend our right to live our lives as free Americans. Who are the heroes today?
3:42 to go and it's 45-7. Wow. This will be the Patriots 8th conference championship and Super Bowl appearance, tying them with Dallas and Pittsburgh for most ever. It is the 7th Super Bowl under the Kraft ownership -- a record for Super Bowls under a single owner. Bill Belichick is now the winningest coach in NFL postseason history with 21 wins, surpassing the legendary Tom Landry, who won 20. This will also be Belichick's 6th Super Bowl appearance, which ties Don Shula for the most all time. Tom Brady won his 20th game as a starting quarterback in 28 starts -- both NFL records. The Super Bowl appearance will be Brady's 6th, which ties him with DL Mike Lodish for most all time. It would be his 6th Super Bowl start (assuming he starts) -- an NFL record. The 6th conference titles is the most by a quarterback in NFL history. You are watching legends. Enjoy this while it lasts. We are lucky. Come see us over the next two weeks as we prepare for Super Bowl XLIX. Unreal. Arizona Bound! Postgame on-field pictu ...
With No. 21, Bill Belichick surpasses Tom Landry as with the winningest head coach in NFL postseason history.
With his 21st career postseason win as a head coach, Bill Belichick will pass Tom Landry (20) as the NFL's all-time leader.
Oh well looks like a,route by My Pats! Also passing Tom Landry for most post season wins. You better do it Belichick✌👍 WE DO WHAT WE DO!!! 😱
Dallas is loosing records as well as games now, all due respect to the late and great Tom Landry. Thanks Jerry Jones
Based on what is happening it looks like it will be a Patriot-Seahawk Superbowl. For my football heads let me ask this question which Iask you to answer. If New England wins does this place Tom Brady in the top five quarterbacks? Will he be considered better than Elway, Marino, Manning? Will he be considered the equal of Joe Montana since he will have Four rings? If New England Wins does this place Bellichick at the top of the all time coaches? Will he be considered better than Halas, Paul Brown, Chuck Knoll, Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells? Where will he rank? If Seattle wins where will the Seattle defuse rank all time?
I'm not a Cowboy fan...but Bill Belichick is no Tom Landry! Landry wasn't a cheat.
Tom Landry wasn't a cheater. Shouldn't compare Belicheck in the same breath or standing.
Congrats to lil Bill for passing Tom Landry for most play off wins ever by a coach with 21. Best coach in NFL history
My damned phone will not let me respond to the post about best NFL coaches. So, here is my response: Vince Lombardi (Jack Vainisi never got enough credit for helping Lombardi. He brought Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Bart Starr, Forrest Gregg, Jim Ringo, Ray Nitschke, Willie Wood, Jerry Kramer to Green Bay. Plus, he traded for Henry Jordan and Willie Davis). Lombardi was the greatest, but Vainisi is forgotten. Paul Brown Don Shula Bill Walsh Tom Landry Bill Belichick Bill Parcells Of course, Tony Dungy will make the HOF earlier than Madden, Hank Stram, Sid Gillman, Parcells, Chuck Noll did.which is a bloody joke! HA! Now, Halas was- great coach, but he was more of an inventor, originator and contributor tovtgevgame as a genius, more so than as.a coach. IMO. Also, Red Grange was a phenom in college, but in the NFL he was not as great of a back as he was at Illinois. He was great early on in the pros, but he had a severe knee injury and became an excellent DB. People act like he was Jim Brown or Barry Sanders i ...
Looks like the Pats Coach will surpass the Late Great Cowboys Coach Tom Landry in playoff wins tonight. They're handling up on the Colts. Landry invented the "Flex Defense" and is an Icon Texas Legend that fell to Lukememia.
Bill Belichick passes Tom Landry all TIME LEADER IN PLAYOFF WINS...what a monumental achievement for the future hall of famer
Best Coach in the History of the NFL about to break the record for the most wins in the Postseason. Tom Landry 20 Bill Bilichiek 21. He tied it last week broke it today
Rob: "When they start talking about Tom Landry, the game's over." Just one game left this season!
Tom Landry & the Hoodie...of course!!! The greatest coaches EVER who coached the greatest teams of their day! BAMM!!!
It's a sad night for me. Tom Landry's playoff record will be broken tonight
Random thoughts as I watch New England trounce the Colts at TRH: The Lions shouldn't even be on the same field as teams like Seattle, N.E. - 11 and 5 notwithstanding. ... I know inclement weather is a nostalgic throwback to the old days. But skilled players should be allowed to showcase their skills - 1 good reason for domes. ... 2day's elite QB's are far superior to yesteryear's. They're playing against physical freaks, and much more sophisticated defenses. ... The NFL will let Belichick wear those atrocious hoodies, but coaches can't wear suit coats anymore?? Tom Landry wouldn't have looked quite so stoic in Nike wear. ... Looks like it mite be a good Super Bowl. Always tuff 4 me to pick against the Patriots. So I won't. Brady joins the immortals after this one. ... Got a place to ride again! Sleep tite. :)
Tia T. Sibley did you just hear Tom Landry, the winnings coach in the NFL name. New England's coach has surpassed his record.
Dear Football Announcers, Do not ever mention Bill Cheatichek in the same sentence as Tom Landry or Make comparisons. Tom Landry was a gentleman and honest.
We're breaking post season records! Tom Landry get out of here with Mr. Jones! Peyton were getting your record next year
No better than Tom landry Americas team Cowboys
Bill will pass Tom Landry for post season wins tonight! 21
Don't even compare Billadick to Tom Landry! Landry never cheated got accused of cheating or was an arrogant mofo like Billadick. IMHO 😁
Belicheck moves past the legend Tom Landry with playoff win number 21.gotta give him his props
Cowboy fans tell tom Landry to step down one there is a new man at the top now say hello to Mr Belichick
hiring coordinators from under Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson and Tony Dungy amongst others.
Tom Landry with that smooth drawl, OJ next to Al Michaels in those blue ABC sportscoats.
My winners for the NFL Divisional playoffs are the Pats and Kam Chancellor. Pats for not giving up after being down 14 points not once, but twice. Bill Belichick tying Tom Landry with 20 playoff victories. Chancellor was a beast big hits and a sweet pick six as well as jumping the snap twice on a field goal attempt that he missed by inches of blocking but didn't count due penalties. The losers are the refs in the Packers v Cowboys and Peyton Manning. I'm not a fan of either team, but that was a catch by Dez, even though according to the rules it's not. Peyton for the 9th time is one and done in the playoffs. Todd Fritz can't be happy with DT with all those drops passes. Also where was the pass rush on Luck, Von Miller and Demarcus Ware?? Just saying. Can't wait for Championship Sunday in the and My early favorites to win are the Seahawks and Patriots.
“With his 20th win Bill Belichick joins Dallas Cowboys legend Tom Landry atop the all-time playoff victories list.
Bill Belichick has 19 playoff victories and will tie Tom Landry (20) for the most coaching wins in league history if Pat…
Tom Landry was such an innovator man. he invented the 4-3
Can Tony Romo reach his 1st conference title game. Tom Landry's did it 12 of 17 years
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Belichick one away from Tom Landry’s postseason win record.
Not saying I want Sparano or that I don't, but it's not like we're trying to choose between Bill Walsh and Tom Landry here.
"Belichick one away from Tom Landry's postseason win record
Bill Belichick (19) needs 1 more postseason win to tie Tom Landry (20) for most postseason win by a head coach in histor…
Could be Tom Landry & Jimmy Hoffa are duking it out under there
Tom Landry, Don Meredith & Tex Schramm are turning over in their graves and causing earthquakes b/c are back in the playoffs!
Earthquakes coming from former home of - not fracking but Tom Landry & Tex Schramm speaking to us from beyond.
Tom Landry and Tex Schramm coming back to get all of us.
OK, I USED to be a Dallas Cowboy fan! Haven't been since they fired Tom Landry! That being said: "The LIONS GOT ROBBED!" Romo was playing as he just came out of pop warner, sacked consecutive times, he threw like a baby (girls throw better than that!) and then that erroneous pass interference "not" call! I'm so disgusted! But, looking forward to Saturday when the Panthers brave Seattle! Go Hawks! The Boom! 12th man!
na it was 1967 lol. Tom Landry vs Vince Lombardi
I used to love 'em, but Cowboys aren't America's team anymore. God bless Tom Landry & Dandy Don, but today--GO LIONS!!!
Anyone remember when Tom Landry switched QBs on every play? Looks like Lou is a fan of that strategy.
You think Red Auerbach or Tom Landry concerned themselves with sweaters and branding?
you're wrong: if Tom Landry and Paul Brown had a child that was raised by Bill Walsh it would be Chip Kelly!!
Really, NFL Network? Tom Landry as Dallas Cowboy of all-time? Top-10 Cowboys list w/out Bob Hayes? Arrogance shines bright!
Don't be impulsive about trying to fix the 49ers! Jim Harbaugh has the right stuff! He just needs the time to build his empire. Look at how long Tom Landry was with the Cowboys. Landry turned them into America's team. Jim will get it done! Stay the course Jed!
I ask Bill Bates who was his favorite Cowboys coach he played for, Tom Landry or Jimmy Johnson? He answered Barry Switzer.
Tony Dorsett, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith and coaches Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson impress the cheerleaders😊
yea I'm at Glen Mills bout to Tom Landry this program
I grew up in Waco used to go see Staubach Dorsett Pearson and Tom Landry regularly as a kid. Always a Cowboys fan
I hear 'experts' on ESPN and NFL Network give their opinions on the biggest rivalry in the NFL. Some say Pittsburgh/Baltimore, some say Green Bay/Chicago, others say Oakland/Kansas City, or 49ers/Seahawks. But to me it is and has always been Washington/Dallas. It ramped up in the early 1970's when George Allen came over from the Rams and coached against Tom Landry and the Cowboys. How could you forget the 1972 NFC Championship Game at RFK when the Redskins trounced the Cowboys 26 to 3 for a Super Bowl trip? Or the 1974 Thanksgiving Day game when Clint 'The Mad Bomber' Longley came off the bench after starter Roger Staubach was injured and threw two TD passes to beat the Redskins? How about the 1979 game at Texas Stadium when Staubach brought the Cowboys from 13 down in the 4th quarter to beat the Redskins(and break my heart again)? Or my favorite, the NFC Championship following the strike-shortened 1982 season when Dexter Manley deflected a Gary Hogeboom pass and Darryl Grant ran it into the end-zone for ...
Jason Garrett is now the 4th winningest head coach in franchise history, behind Barry Switzer, Jimmy Johnson and Tom Landry.
emmit smith roger stauback dallas clark even irving Tom Landry top 10 maybe btw Romo is an ***
moose is probably right. There was still a lot of animosity towards Jerry Jones because of Tom Landry.
I'm not really a big football fan. I grew up in the era of the Roger Staubach Cowboys - a cool team with some cool players, and Mr. Cool himself, Tom Landry, as the coach. Since then, I haven't really cared that much. But today's fun history story is about a football game. Specifically, it's the biggest blowout I've ever heard or read about - in any sport anywhere. On this date (October 7) in the year 1916, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College... and you won't believe the score. There have been some pretty big blowouts in football history. I found records of a game in 1929 where the USC Trojans beat the UCLA Bruins 76-0. In 1949, Wyoming beat Northern Colorado 103-0. 1968 was a pretty good year for blowouts: Houston beat Tulsa 100-6, and North Park University beat North Central College 104-32. But this Georgia Tech / Cumberland College game was in a completely different league. The final score was 222-0! There is some interesting background information... During the previous baseball season - Spring 1915 ...
My two favorite coaches are Bear Bryant and Tom Landry..
"The secret to winning is constant, consistent management" - Tom Landry
Classy move Cowboys. Paying homage to the great Tom Landry.
Tom Landry's hat sighting on tonight's
Nice to see Tom Landry's hat make another appearance on The Simpsons tonight.
JosephLuca6: A winner never stops trying. -Tom Landry
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It appears Marge is wearing the Tom Landry hat Homer bought in "You Only Move Twice."
Alan1Lila: JosephLuca6: A winner never stops trying. -Tom Landry
I am always amazed at how well dressed Belichick always seems to be for games. Tom Landry has nothing on him!
Phil's Five Coaching Innovators. No Tom Landry. No Paul Brown. Par for the course for Phil Simms.
1989 - One semester remaining until graduation and completion of one of the most significant milestones in our lives. Although joy was experienced in preparations for life after high school as well as events such as the Berlin Wall coming down, the end of the Cold War and Colin Powell being appointed as the Joint Chief of Staff, there was also sadness through the loss of comedian Lucille Ball, bullrider Lane Frost and the two Nevada youth who listened too closely to the Judas Priest album "Stained Class". Other interesting events and milestones for the year are listed below: Jan 24th - Serial killer Ted Bundy is executed in Florida electric chair Jan 29th - Barbara Harris appointed 1st Female US Episcopal Bishop Feb 26th - Dallas Cowboys fire coach Tom Landry after a 29-year career Mar 24th - Exxon's Worst US oil spill - 11.3 million gallons off Alaska Apr 28th - Iran protests sale of "Satanic Verses" by Salman Rushdie May 9th - VP Quayle says in United *** College Fund speech: "What a waste it is to ...
Dallas Cowboys pay homage to Hall of Fame coach Tom Landry at end of ... - Dallas Morning News (blog)
Very cool. I didn't catch it live: pay homage to legendary coach Tom Landry at end of Sunday win vs Saints
Griese Proved Skeptics Wrong On Way To Pro Hall Of Fame By Cooper Rollow Chicago Tribune CUTLINE: BOB GRIESE, MIAMI'S BESPECTACLED QUARTERBACK, SCRAMBLES OUT OF A CRUMPLING POCKET AGAINST THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS IN 1977. CUTLINE: TOM LANDRY: COWBOY COACH A smallish, injury-prone quarterback who was legally blind, drank milkshakes while his teammates were drinking beer and threw passes only when necessary has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Bob Griese, who led the Miami Dolphins to nine winning seasons and victories in Super Bowls VII and VIII, was enshrined yesterday in Canton, Ohio, with Tom Landry, Franco Harris, Jack Lambert, Buck Buchanan, Ted Hendricks and Bob St. Clair. Griese, who became famous as the first pro quarterback to wear glasses and for his poise in leading a classic ball-control offense, was elected to the Hall last January, exactly one decade after his retirement as a player. He had a remarkable 14-year Dolphin career in which he survived frequent injuries. ``What does a ...
Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson wouldn't be having this stuff if they were the coaches. FED UP 100% it's a JOKE!
I like the Cowboys because of Tom Landry, Michael Irvin, Drew Pearson, Tony Dorsett, Troy Aichman, Emmitt Smith
Let me just start by saying this is gonna be a very long year..I'm so glad by bro Zach Lawrence got me playing fantasy football for really the first time ever to take my mind off of my depressing team even for a minute. My favorite team..the team I grew up cheering for since I was old enough to watch..the team once coached by Tom Landry then Jimmy Johnson..the team that use to represent a winner as America's Team with Hall of Famers and ultimate champions like Roger Staubach, Randy White, Calvin Hill, Ed Too Tall Jones, Tony Dorsett, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Moose Johnston and Jay Novacek, Larry Allen and Charles Haley..Darren Woodson and Deion Sanders..just to name a a JOKE! A flat out JOKE!! Jerry Jones has turned our of the proudest franchise's in all of sports..into a complete joke. A team that gets outnumbered by 49er fans..or maybe it just seemed that way because their was nothing to cheer home in our opener in our new monstrosity of a home "Jerry Wor ...
I'll give you that as the second biggest cowboys mistake following jones firing Tom Landry
has not watched a Dallas Cowboys game since the legendary Tom Landry was replaced in 1988. They were truly America's Team back then.
they were my fave team during the Tom Landry / Roger Staubach era. I miss ed too tall jones, Tony Dorsett, & the others.
25 years later, recalls the last hours of Tom Landry's days as coach. http:/…
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Tom Landry did it in '70(?) with Craig Morton and Roger Staubach. They subbed in/out after every play for a time.
Don't wear a fedora. Just don't do it. Tom Landry was the last person who could rock one. Just stop.
"Really can't wait to see mikalynn tom😄" AW! :,)
Really can't wait to see mikalynn tom😄
Everytime I see Anaheim stadium I think of game when sniper theatened to shoot Tom Landry.
"Maybe my father is Tom Landry. That would explain my strong chin and my love for the flex defense..." - Hank Hill
A winner never stops trying- Tom Landry. Be a winner in all you do. Never quit trying
And plus we never got to play in something like the Tom Landry classic
."The of a coach is in getting players to do what they don't want to do in order to get where they want to go." - T…
DALLAS, TX-August 07, 2014. News Flash Just finished reading an article about the state of Texas vs Dallas Cowboys. Since the Dallas Cowboys have always considered themselves "America's Team". The state of Texas is asking all Americans to donate $1.00 to the "Buy Out Jerry Jones Fund", so they can get rid of the owner, bring Tom Landry back from the Super Bowl in the sky, and return the Cowboys to the super dominate team that they once thought they were. So far, they have raised 0 dollars. Cause everyone knows, Tom Landry will not leave his special place, the Zombie Apocalypse will reclaim the owner, and the Dallas Cowboys have never been worth 2 cents, much less a dollar. This will be the year of The Washington Redskins!
Aug. 4, 1990: All-American Bob Griese is inducted into the Pro Football HOF with Jack Lambert, Franco Harris & Tom Landry.
Capt Comeback, Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Drew Pearson, Harvey Martin, Randy White, Tony Dorsett, the LEGEND Tom Landry etc. all this b4 the 90s
Today's selection -- from The Last Cowboy by Mark Ribowsky. In 1942, future hall of fame football coach Tom Landry was an eighteen-year-old attending college. His older brother Robert had enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps and was serving as a bomber pilot in World War II. (Tom would later serve as a bomber pilot as well.) Three years older than Tom, Robert was the golden boy -- outgoing and magnetic. Tom was more reserved, and worshipped his older brother: "Then, with the 1942 season in full bloom and [Tom] Landry moving up on the [University of Texas] jayvee depth chart, a bitter wind came blowing in from across the Atlantic, ... ending ... his cloistered existence and tearing out a piece of his heart forever. "On an early November day that year, with Thanksgiving a few weeks away, a special-delivery letter reached [Tom's father] Ray Landry down in [his hometown of] Mission, Texas. As soon as he took it from the messenger and saw 'War Department: The Adjutant General's Office' on the masthead -- a head ...
"You can’t run for office in Texas unless you acknowledge the existence of a “Supreme Being.”"//Does that include Tom Landry?
Dan Mullen is on the hot seat according to FoxSports. Surprisingly Tom Landry, Gene Hackman, Rudy Tomjanovich, Sparky Anderson not listed.
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Tom Landry being interviewed by Don Meredith (working for ABC after retiring) before the 1982 opener for the Cowboys.
"Suffering, sacrifice builds character. Character is the key to success." - Coach Tom Landry.
i chose the Cowboys when it was Tom Landry and Tony Dorsett ed too tall Jones and Randy white Id never heard of Jerry Jones
Our close friend has a busy day planned in his honor - breakfast with Tom Landry - golf with Darrell Royal, Payne Stewart, Ben Hogan, Pat Summerall and Byron Nelson - a batting lesson from Ted Williams - a driving lesson from No. 3 - a singing lesson from Don Meredith and a place in the radio booth tonight next to Mark Holtz - We are going to miss you down here Mr. Richard Durrett - you were a hall of famer in everyone's scorebook at TCU, The Dallas News' SportsDay, at ESPN and for your kids
Some random shots from our Thursday Morning Prayer Breakfast at Harbor Hills, with special guest speaker Coach Gene Stallings offering words of inspiration and encouragement. Along with his numerous humanitarian achievements and awards, Coach Stallings was a member of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's "Junction Boys" who were immortalized in a movie about their team’s transformation, and he was the Assistant Coach for the Dallas Cowboys under Tom Landry during their Super Bowl XII victory. Joining Coach Stallings this morning’s breakfast were Father Tom Trees, the Rector for St. James Episcopal Church in Leesburg, giving the opening blessing, and Pastor Sidney Brock, the Lead Pastor of the Heritage Community Church in Fruitland Park wrapping up the morning with some final thoughts.
Just finished watching the movie Black Sunday about a hijacked Goodyear blimp with a bomb crashing into the stadium of the 1979 Super Bowl. ( my worst nightmare ). The game was between Cowboys and Steelers. Used the real cowboys showed Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Golden Richards had forgotten about him, crazy Ray and all the old school,Cowboys. Very cool
Hearing telling the stories of Tom Landry & Roger Staubach in the is priceless...tune in now to
Momma memory # 2 : the very first football game i ever watched, was with my mom. Super Bowl XXVII, The Dallas Cowboys vs. the Buffalo Bills in which the Cowboys won 52-17. i remember us watching that game on one of those old floor wood cabinet type tv's. Most of the time it's the dad and son that share a love of sports together, for me it was me and momma. My momma was a cowboy's fan, just like her father was, i'm not lying when i say i came out the womb with a blue star on my chest. We watched 2 more cowboy Super Bowls after that and it's memories i'll have, of cheering for the 'boys on sundays and in Super Bowls, of her telling me about Roger Staubach and Tom Landry and cowboy's of her time. sharing something that she shared with her dad that i now share with my children who were named after the cowboys. i got to watch one last game with my mother before she passed, it was a losing effort to the redskins on thanksgiving, she wasn't awake much for the game but it was still a good memory for me.
Shout out To the Real Dallas Cowboys Fans Especially the Females that are Ready for the Draft tonight! The True Fans know the Season Dies or has Life Tonight the Most important day of the Football year! You other Fake Hookers that are Prostituting the Name of the Cowboys Don't bother showing up for your cheap date in the Real season either if your not watching tonight lol And I'm not Worried about Johnny Football he will be either a Jaguar or a Brown Gone way before our Pick! Jerry Please Draft Aaron Donald! And I swear if Jerry Messes up this Draft or Trade Back like he did last year a lot good that Garbage Pick got you last year right JJ Wilcox Suck!! Hey Jerry The Safety position does still exist Bro! If Jerry Messes up this Draft tonight I swear I will Jump right through the TV Screen and Choke the life out of that Senile Retard until his Soul is Looking in the Eyes of Tom Landry's!! Lol thats all Enjoy The Draft Cowboys Nation DCB4L
Did you know I-30 is also known as the Tom Landry Highway? The highway named after the former Dallas Cowboys head coach, Tom Landry, from 1960-1989.
Little Easter Egg Hunt and picnic with my sweet girl. @ Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center-Aquatics
50% off everything in my listing excluding the Tom Landry If u buy something I will throw in extras
STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO LISTEN TO TIM TEBOW HERE -- the 20th annual fellowship of christian athletes dinner may 4 will feature tim tebow. tom landry was the first speaker. tickets to listen to tebow can be purchased at the pccc box office for 25 bucks. if you want to have a dinner, tickets are available by calling 241-2020.
Leadership is a matter of having people look at you and gain confidence, seeing how you react. If you’re in control, they’re in control. - Tom Landry
Absolutely. . Was no finer man that ever lived than Tom Landry. ...
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sports quotes "Last year we couldn't win at home and we were losing on the road. My failure as a coach was that I couldn't think of anyplace else to play." - Harry Neale, professional hockey coach "Blind people come to the ballpark just to listen to him pitch." - Reggie Jackson commenting on Tom Seaver "I'm working as hard as I can to get my life and my cash to run out at the same time. If I can just die after lunch Tuesday, everything will be perfect." - Doug Sanders, professional golfer "All the fat guys watch me and say to their wives, 'See, there's a fat guy doing okay. Bring me another beer.'" - Mickey Lolich, Detroit Tigers Pitcher "When it's third and ten, you can have the milk drinkers; I'll take the whiskey drinkers every time." - Max McGee, Green Bay Packers receiver "I found out that it's not good to talk about my troubles. Eighty percent of the people who hear them don't care and the other twenty percent are glad you're having them." - Tommy LaSorda , LA Dodgers manager "My knees look like the ...
Currently weeping right now as I watch Tom Landry A Football Life will the Cowboys ever be that dominate
I can't believe they're destroying Tom Landry stadiums awesome natural grass.. Turf only means more injuries and turf toe! 👎😔
Everyone who is a King Of The Hill fan knows Mike Judge would often throw out things in the show to "hint" where Arlen was (or not)...once he showed it in Central Texas but said the Mexican border was 4 hours away (MAYBE from San Antonio)...Or Houston was 3 hours away (and Dallas was too!! but Dallas is 3 hours from Houston)..also showed a 409 area code number (555) on the side of a Strickland Propane truck..409 NPA is Galveston and SE Texas (Beaumont area)..however, CW network just showed an episode where they were listening to a Tom Landry Middle School football game.on 740!!! really?? KTRH?? At least they could have shown a Class C or ex-band frequency :)
Ohh Tom Landrys hat And it's Herman's dry cleaning best wishes Tom Landry.. Why don't you buy it?? I can't buy that...only management type guys on big salaries like me can afford things like that. Huh guys like me.I'm a guy like me.
Mission Police are investigating a bank robbery that happened today at the Inter National Bank on 714 Tom Landry when a 40 year old unidentified man went inside the bank carrying a Whataburger cup and ordered everyone to the ground. The suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of money.
The firing of Tom Landry n Jimmy Johnson, retirement of Aikman and Smith = the saddest days of the Cowboys
Seriously, who's the coach in the buffalo wild wings commercial. I would say Tom Landry if he were alive.
Best parallel I can think of is Tom Landry, the legendary former coach of the Dallas Cowboys
Parents should judge kids, not just coaches By Dan Bauer Legendary coach Tom Landry said, "A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, s
love it! My great uncle Tom Landry was a coach and I still dislike the Cowboys
As a Cowboys head coach I honestly put Jimmy Johnson ahead of Tom Landry it took Johnson 4 years to do what Landry did in 11 seasons and that's win a Super Bowl and Johnson also repeated it took Landry 6 years to even win another Super Bowl. I know Landry coached in 5 but 2 wins and 29 years of coaching for them doesn't sound like Mount Rushmore of coaching to me I respect everything Tom Landry did for the game of football but if you coach a team for 29 years and only win 2 Super Bowls??? That's only top 5 to me with or at it's highest would only be for his longevity.
Jerry Jones: "What's the big deal with Coach Cal & the 'one-and-done' thing. That's longer than Tom Landry lasted after I bought the team."
Perhaps the toughest call for a coach is weighing what is best for an individual against what is best for the team. – Tom Landry
Tom Landry was the best football coach there ever was..
A Coach.. tells u what u don't want to hear. Who has u see what u don't want to see, so u can be what u always knew u could be-Tom Landry
how can Jerry Jones fire Tom Landry and Jimmie Johnson yet he won't fire Jason Garrett?
It was Jimmie Johnson's team he ran I don't know what was Jerry worst Idea, fire Jimmie or fire Tom Landry
Wish I could've been back home today to honor this man: Dale Smith, retiring after 38 years as the pastor of Colleyville Presbyterian Church in Texas. (Photo: Jonathan E. Smith) The church has never had another senior pastor. That's a remarkable tenure anywhere, but especially in a church (and even 9 years longer than Tom Landry was "the only head coach the Dallas Cowboys have ever had"). Wonderful guy, a serious pastor with a great sense of humor. I was never formally part of his flock, but he devoted a lot of time to me, turned me on to mind-bending theology, and showed great hospitality. Just before Christmas one year, I popped up unannounced at his house on a cold Saturday night. I had a gift and was wearing a green Santa hat with the point straight up. He met me at the door in an apron and holding a big knife. He was cooking for his wife, as he always did on Saturdays, and invited me in and insisted I stay. I did. There sat the *three* of us for a romantic candlelight dinner. It felt awkward at first ...
"As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us." --Psalm 103:12 When a reporter once asked former Cowboys running back Walt Garrison if he had ever seen legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry smile, he replied, "No, but I was only there nine years." The first few years Landry coached in Dallas, he had little to smile about. The new Cowboys expansion team barely won a game and, shortly after his arrival, the country suffered a tragic blow when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The dark cloud of Kennedy's assassination would hang over Dallas for years. It was an open wound that didn't seem to heal. But this all changed when Landry led the Dallas Cowboys to their first Super Bowl win in 1972. The city that was once known as the city that killed JFK became the home of the Super Bowl champions, the Dallas Cowboys! As I thought about this story, it made me wonder, do you ever feel like you have a dark cloud hanging over your life? Is there something in your p ...
I want the Telly Savalas/Tom Landry lovechild on the BW3 commercials to be feasted on by walkers. With plenty of sauce.
Good day FB peeps. 2 things I have to say and I'm OUT: Isn't this missing Malayasian airliner beginning to have an weird resemblence to the ABC drama, LOST? And wondering WHY the Cowboys picked up Brandon Weeden. In just 20 starts he is 5-15. This kid was receiving DEATH THREATS as the QB for Cleveland Browns. What EXACTLY is his role with the COWBOYS. And I'll add a 3rd thing.why is it that OWNER Jerry Jones was SO quick to fire and get rid of LEGENDARY COWBOYS COACH Tom Landry, but can't find it in his heart to GET RID OF and FIRE Jason Garrett? Have a GREAT day everyone!
I remember what Tom Landry, the former Dallas Cowboy said, " When you are winning you are teaching, when you are losing, you are learning."
I did not know John Elway was GM for the Broncos. Explains a lot. I think Drew Pearson or Calvin Hill would make an excellent GM for Dallas. There are too many decision-makers for Dallas who know absolutely nothing about strategically building a winning team. Tex Shram and Tom Landry had a gift for doing so. Jerry Jones unfortunately, does not have that gift. A good business man surrounds himself with talented people. Why does he get this in every area accept where the Cowboys are concerned?
.on Tom Landry's final hours with the and the importance of Lonesome Dove:
“25 years ago today, Jerry Jones fired the only coach the Dallas Cowboys ever had, Tom Landry. Unusual
- Brought to you by All Sports Network 25, 2014 1940 The first telecast of an American hockey game was transmitted over station W2XBS in New York City. The viewing audience watched the New York Rangers battle the Montreal Canadiens at Madison Square Garden 1951 The first ever Pan American Games took place at Buenos Aires, In college basketball, Niagara defeated St. Bonaventure and ended its 99-game home winning streak. 1964 Cassius Clay defeated Sonny Liston and became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. 1987 Southern Methodist University football team received the "death penalty". The team was suspended for the 1987 season after investigations revealed that players received $61,000 from boosters. 1989 Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry was fired. He coached the Cowboys for 29 years. 1991 Bruce McNall, John Candy and Wayne Gretzky purchased the CFL's Toronto Argonauts. 1994 New York Yankees shortstop Phil Rizzuto was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame. 2001 The Continental Basketball Association ...
I did not realize Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry the day after he bought the team.
Jerry Jones of Dallas says he firing Tom Landry
Jerry Jones firing Tom Landry for Jimmy Johnson is overrated. Jerry Jones also fired maybe the best GM in NFL history for himself.
Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry the second he bought the Cowboys. That mentality shows you why their success is meh.
25 years after purchasing the Jerry Jones says he shouldn't have been so quick to fire Tom Landry.
can't believe it's been 25 years. Jerry Jones talks Tom Landry firing
Even if Jerry Jones wanted to start over with his roster, the Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager says it's not an option. "You can't do what I did in 1989 because of the contracts and cap," Jones said Monday at the NFL scouting combine. "The system automatically creates about a third turnover, but it also creates contractually for clubs a situation where you cannot just strip it. You couldn't even field a team with the hits against your cap by canceling the contracts." When Jones bought the franchise 25 years ago Tuesday, the team was a mess. The Cowboys were coming off three straight losing seasons after decades of excellence under coach Tom Landry and needing an injection of talent. Dallas used its best asset, Herschel Walker, in a trade that remade the franchise. The Cowboys also had the No. 1 pick in the draft and selected quarterback Troy Aikman. By the 1992 season, Dallas won the first of three Super Bowls in four years. Jones also did not have to worry about a salary cap in 1989. The Cowboys ...
Jerry Jones wishes he wouldn’t have fired Tom Landry so soon via
Yardbarker: Jerry Jones regrets firing Tom Landry so quickly..
"Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he regrets quick move to fire Tom Landry bit late for that
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he regrets rushing to fire Tom Landry
Jerry Jones regrets firing Tom Landry so quickly
Jerry Jones of Dallas Cowboys says he regrets firing Tom Landry
SHOCKED: 1961. Hank Stram (Coach, Dallas Texans) is trying to convince Tom Landry (Coach, Dallas Cowboys) to take a closer look at the zone defense ... and this a decade before Landry abandons 'keys' and dumbs down his system and before Lamar Hunt moves the Dallas Texans to Kansas City. The groomed, quaffed talking heads on ESPN tell us some college hack invented zone in "the rockin' 90's". All the strict defensive backfields, 3-4 / 4-3 were created by old AFL / NFL head coaches - back when football was a strategic, team sport and not an emotive, song-and-dance spectacle. Zone was created as early as 1949 when Tom Landry played backfield with the Giants (Lombardi was at West Point) and created the "Landry Defense" (comment, per Frank Gifford, THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED).
In the history of the New York Football Giants, it was a big mistake not promoting one-time assistants Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry or Bill Belichick to head coach. John Fox: not so much. Denver was actually less prepared than Jim Fasshole had the NYFG against the Ravens.
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