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Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge (born 27 July 1973) is a professional English chef who has worked mainly in the United Kingdom.

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The 20 best one-pot recipes: part 2 The 20 best one-pot recipes: part 2 .
Just remembered I mistakenly accused Tom Kerridge of having written The Ketamine Diet at the yesterday
Or Tom Kerridge came up with a surprising Dopamine Dessert.
Head chef Greg Murphy enjoying his stage with tom Kerridge at the hand and flowers in marlow uk 🍴🍴
Anyone cooking lamb this Easter weekend?. I can recommend this recipe by Tom Kerridge. Serve with mint sauce and...
A glazed omelette with poached haddock & parmesan from our Featured Chef 😋🍳…
G'day, cobber! Would you like to interview Tom Kerridge for Oct 27? I have emailed details - Kylie (O'Brien) xx
The Real Meal Revolution is a good book to accompany Tom Kerridge's, if you haven't g…
Tom kerridge cherry tomato stew with crispy beef! Messed the egg up but still love the recipe
Hey Tom, ask your diet fans what they eat in between your recipes, add Kerridge magic…
Tom Kerridge presents Pub in the Park on
Have to say I do prefer Angus on here to Tom Kerridge
Why does Angus Dayton sound like he's mocking the teams on ? Bring back Tom Kerridge please
Bring back Tom Kerridge! Angus Deayton can't help being smug & patronising. Spoils
Creme de la creme, what happened to Tom Kerridge?
Last year Tom Kerridge presented it, he was great
Angus Deayton is so annoying. Bring back Tom Kerridge
So annoyed. Don't think I can watch with A D on now. Might have to have the mute button rea…
I honestly can't believe Masterchef crème de la crème got renewed. I like Tom Kerridge but the format was awful.
Celebrate UK Coffee Week with Caramel And Coffee Choux Buns by Tom Kerridge - via
Fair play. Tom Kerridge has got a good baked bean recipie on BBCiPlayer (it's free to download) from playstore.
Absolutely thrilled to be nominated by for our work with
When chef tom kerridge realised he was obese, he devised his very own diet _ daily mail online -
Tom Kerridge praises "clever" Great British Bake Off line-up and defends Paul Hollywood's decision to move to C4…
talks to about the weight of two Michelin stars & his 2017 opening
Fancy joining our team in a management role for our London opening? Check this out
Really enjoyed yesterday's event at the with Tom Kerridge on TV Dinners
Tom Kerridge's is today's Kindle Daily Deal - snap up your copy while you can, it's a bargain!…
Fancy winning tickets to Tom Kerridge's Pub in the Park?
Our opening event on 5th July at 6.30pm is "An Audience with Tom Kerridge" & Parsi Feast with Cyrus Todiwala…
Yeah, drop excellent chef Tom Kerridge from Bake Off: CdlC and replace him with 'I don't know what sponge is' Angus Deyton. That'll work. :\
"What's your soup today?". It's inspired by Tom Kerridge. "...?". It's a bowl of melted butter with a carrot on to…
Getting ready for a week with tom kerridge in the hand and flowers in London our head chef Greg Murphy
Introducing the new brand for one of the UK's favourite chefs – Tom Kerridge
In Marlow, had a chance to meet Tom Kerridge and thank him for an INCREDIBLE meal!!
'Proper lush' as Tom Kerridge would say :)
Readers voted The in London as best restaurant 2015 Food Monthly Awards
Top BBC Chef Tom Kerridge gives the Figaro the thumbs up at CarFest North 2016.
Now consulting for various clients and chilling. See you admire young Tom Kerridge. He was my sous for 5 years/S.Bull/G.Rhodes.
Watching a pork pie cake being auctioned before Tom Kerridge cooks! I love
Love Tom Kerridge books great recipes. Love the buttermilk and pepper bread. No kneading
Fridaybonus 7 tips for perfect mashed potato & Veal Chop with redwine gravy
Chef Tom Kerridge to launch range of British-made cook and homeware products.
For proper pub grub food we always turn to Tom Kerridge's Cook Book!
V excited to be having lunch at Tom Kerridge's 1st time today! Hope trains behave as 2 changes necc.
Boys, which man do i remove from my mighty team first, don't laugh, Tom Ruggles, Shane Biggs, Sam Kerridge, Shawn Hampson??
On the bright side, BBQ at mum's. Chicken marinating in butter-milk overnight, herbs and spices mixed. Tom Kerridge's fried chicken rocks!
Nice words about his home city of from in today's
Great to see local lad Tom Kerridge helping our local producers. Nice labels too!
Food Detectives Alice Roberts, Tom Kerridge and Sean Fletcher dish up the plain facts abou...
Lovin but is it just me or does Tom Kerridge seem a little out of place? As though he just stumbled in & deci…
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Steve is joined by actor Titus Welliver and chef Tom Kerridge.
Somerset Latest: West Country Life published Tom Kerridge on his new cook book and why he stills makes the odd...
At good food with Marian. Tom kerridge. Proper lush
Photographing my fav chef Tom Kerridge at the today
The 20 best breakfast recipes: part 1
Another taster from the celebrity chef inspired menu Portuguese mussel stew by Tom Kerridge
Pick up The Telegraph today for part 1 of Tom Kerridge’s Kitchen Favourites
at Good Food Show opened today by Tom Kerridge
the pie sounded so delicious. Shame it was burnt and dry. What would Tom Kerridge say?
In The Telegraph this weekend get two pull-outs with 30 delicious dishes from Tom Kerridge’s Table
Love seafood? Learn how to make delicious Portugese mussel stew with our pull-outs this weekend
Love seafood? Learn how to make delicious Portuguese mussel stew:
Just caught up on this weeks Innuendo Bingo. Tom Kerridge absolutely hilarious! Thank you
Well proud of my little brother Tom Kerridge winning his competition today, best young chef in Lincolnshire! Now on our way to Wales for WR…
Nick Beardshaw discusses Tom Kerridge and opening The Coach in Marlow via
O no the curse of the Xmas jumper. Tom Kerridge and another bloke in the good food mag wearing same 1. Yep just seen it again on Aldi ad😃
Tom Kerridge: "I work on caffeine and adrenaline" + delicious recipes from Gloucester chef
Sweet spiced crème caramel makes for a delicious desert. Learn how to make it, courtesy of Tom Kerridge
This Saturday – learn how to make mouth-watering recipes such as Venison chops with cranberries and red wine
Craig & Ally have £260 to give away on the Word is Out,guess the word bleeped on Tom Kerridge's interview after 8am
The inimitable is launching his and it's a ***
Learn how loves a good pub, but hates beer & food pairing. Find out more:
£240 is the juicy prize pot for the Word is Out...try to guess the missing word in Tom Kerridge's clip after 8am and it could be yours!
The 20 best breakfast recipes: part 1 > A great use of British
Tom Kerridge's latest cookbook is only £7 (a saving of £18 off RRP) in our Flash Sale.
Two Michelin star chef Tom Kerridge shares three recipes from his latest cookbook to give -
Tom Kerridge pie to feature at Greene King festival
So the waiting list for Tom Kerridge's restaurant is 12 months long and I've just got a table at his exclusive opening 👌🏼
Just seen a homeless man staring intently into a drinks can aimed towards the sky as if it were a telescope
Unbelievably excited to visit Tom Kerridge's pop up at Harrods in November! 🍴
Reservation secured for the Tom Kerridge pop-up. Woop!
Mum: Why do I know the name Tom Kerridge?. Me: *does actions showing cooking & eating*. Mum: Oh he's that cooker!. Me: I think you mean chef...
Tom Kerridge has a beautiful recipe for carrots cooked whole with butter, water & star anise; great little showcase dish.
Chinese food but yes :) from Tom Kerridge's pub food book.
Pub brand Greene King has teamed up with celeb chef Tom Kerridge to create the ‘ultimate’ pub!.
Just a couple of days left to to tickets to a feast at the new Pop-up!
Good Lord, Tom Kerridge has lost so much weight! He looks incredible! I hope his health isn't suffering
Blimey didnt know Tom Kerridge had lost all that weight. teetotal, swimming & carb intake. Eating carbs l8, eating fruit.
What's your go-to dish for dining w/ friends? Watch at 11:30|10:30c for Tom Kerridge's picks: ht…
What do you like to eat when you celebrate? Tom Kerridge likes Whole Roast Duck. Watch 11:30|10:30c. htt…
I've been dreaming of them since I saw Tom Kerridge drooling over them on TV last year!!x
reminds me of the chef Tom Kerridge
Lunch at Hand & Flowers today with Tom Kerridge in the kitchen. Unreal food, will definitely be going back!
Tom Kerridge's beer-battered onion rings are crispy little circles of greatness...
Congratulations to our client Kerridge as both the & Flowers and Coach feature in Waitrose's top 20 pubs 2015...
Ahead of the 2015 chef Tom Kerridge shares his perfect pulled pork recipes.
Tom Kerridge there was a reason your restaurant was one of our top tables at the…
The book will soon be on my bookshelf and you sir look absolutely fab. Well done to the streamlined Tom Kerridge.xx
The city is already abuzz and waiting with baited breath for The Great Bath Feast - the…
Interview: Wiltshire chef Tom Kerridge shares pulled pork recipes ahead of the Great Bath Feast 2015: The city...
Watching can't believe Tom Kerridge can Stephen Gomes a 5/10 for his desert and gave a raw tart a 6/10
Tom Kerridge asked Eve if she had a gd time at Shrewsbury Flower show she said yes. Best bit? Meeting you! Top chef!
A unique pub experience is coming to courtesy of and
There’s nothing worse than a stingy, tight-fisted pie. ~Tom Kerridge (my
Oh yes. And tickets for Tom Kerridge and Raymond Blanc . This year we DIDN'T wait till after hols 😉
Sat Bains, Tom Kerridge and Marcus Wareing are among chefs appearing on Great British Menu tomorrow
Albert Adrià for sure. Last year chatted a lot with Tom Kerridge and Michel Roux Jnr if they are there!
Tom Kerridge at the summer good food show, brilliant, I shall be making risotto rice pudding tomorrow
This year we've been lucky enough to work with Rowan Williams and Tom Kerridge. Next up is Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen!
Steak & Chips with Michael Caines and Tom Kerridge - Mouth is watering!
Free w tomorrow's Observer - 40 best restaurants in Britain chosen by top chefs, incl Yotam Ottolenghi, Angela Hartnett & Tom Kerridge
13:45 Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge: Tom is joined in the studio by presenter and author Danny Wallace and chef J…
Hand and Flowers, Marlow. Food of the Gods. Tom Kerridge fantastic chap LG x
Y'know, I've come to the conclusion that the big bloke in 'Cockroaches' and the chef Tom Kerridge might actually be the same person.
BBC chef Tom Kerridge criticised for eating a puffin: Chef Tom Kerridge was accused of being 'colder than ...
Tom Kerridge entertains crowd of thousands at Marlow switch-on: CELEBRITY chef Tom Kerridge said he felt like he "had won the FA Cup" as he clambered aboard an open top bus to switch on Marlow's Christmas lights in front of a crowd of thousands this evening.
I know. Tom Kerridge just doesn't give it the authority it needs. I love MRJ. Hope to work with him on something someday.
Tom Kerridge is so much nicer to the novices :-)
ah, I meant the cocnkey actor - he likes restaurants. (Chef wise I quite like Tom Kerridge these days).
Oh well, off to watch the joyless with the ever encouraging Marcus Wareing. Bring on Tom Kerridge!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Selection of Birthday swag courtesy of Tom Kerridge, Turntable…
Celebrity chefs make fish and chips fashionable again: Rick Stein, Gordon Ramsey and Tom Kerridge are fans of ...
Chippies back in trend as chefs like Rick Stein revive its fortunes via
Tom Kerridge, a great character and a fantastic chef.
Recording the for Tom Kerridge's Best Ever Dishes. His accent is making me feel homesick. His food is proper lush though.
Is licence money being used to raise the profile of human tumour Tom Kerridge AGAIN? What dirt has he got on Chris Evans?
Catching up with tom kerridge series, seeing more of your cheeky personality 😀 deffo a book for the Xmas list
Umm. Might have made too many Tom Kerridge meatballs. Oooops.
One of my favourite chefs made a bet today, that one day I will work with tom kerridge!👌
Working in a kitchen is 'like being with a bunch of pirates' says top chef Tom Kerridge >>
Thanks for the article about Heston Blumenthal and appearing in our stores this week
was great to see Chef on TV with Tom Kerridge, met him at Taste of Malaysia on South Bank - must get to one of his supper clubs
Today: gender roles & food. Is right? Will women chefs always struggle in the professional kitchen?
Date for your diary!. Marlow's 'Switch on and Shop' will be on the 20th November. Don't miss seeing Tom Kerridge...
Tom Kerridge’s Chicken Kievs with Thermomix Garlic Butter and Faux Panko Breadcrumbs « Why is...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Tom Kerridge talks about his 2-star Michelin gastropub, Hand and Flowers, & his life
"I’ve never had a Monday morning feeling in my life": on his love of the job
Doing Tom Kerridge's pulled beef brisket for nine people. Yum!
Wrapped in bay Leaves. Tom Kerridge Style into the oven slow cook 5 hours. W wine celery thyme in the roasting tray.
Tom Kerridge Chicken and pancetta with wild mushroom pie 😊 epic success with lol
Celebration dinner last night at Marlow Hand and Flowers. Greg Wallace and Tom Kerridge doing lots of 'bromance' man hugs, fabulous food...
Before the opening of his second pub, reveals why he loves his job
Tom Kerridge replaces Michel Roux Jr as face of Food and Drink -
Does romance die when the kids come along? Read views' on this and Shrien Dewani and Tom Kerridge
Oh, the irony. Tom Kerridge recipes in The Lady this month. Presumably simple ones, for ladies.
I liked this guy when he was on Masterchef, but every time he opens his mouth he says something incredibly dickish
Tom Kerridge on female chefs; "you need them to force themselves to be ready for dinner service."
Marcus Wareing and Tom Kerridge just about to judge the National Chef of the Year competition
OH. FFS. Wanted to quote a sentence but EVERY SINGLE ONE MAKES ME ANGRY
Who does Tom Kerridge’s PR? . Who’s going to be giving him a massive bollocking?
Tom Kerridge: "women don't have the fire to become top chefs"...I must read about this 😒
“Tom Kerridge: Female chefs don't have fire to make it to top.
Good to see tom kerridge demonstration and talk about this new pub!
Have you read this from Tom Kerridge?
The only 'fire' Tom Kerridge has is the unsubstantiated hot air he is evidently spouting.
Pffft. This is annoying because I liked Tom Kerridge and now he's being a prat
To think I used to really like Tom Kerridge. I still do but it seems a little misguided.
Tedious, patronising, sexist rubbish from You should be mightily ashamed of spouting such crap:
Tom Kerridge thinks female chefs don't have '"dynamic of getting things done, that ability to dig deep, be put under pressure'. Er.. labour?
From Thug no.1 to two Michelin Stars - how chef Tom Kerridge won ...
thanks for the heads up goin watch it now after Tom Kerridge woo hoi xxxM
Watching Phillip Howard our fave from The Square and Tom Kerridge from The Hand and Flowers do their thing at Restaurant Show
Tom Kerridge: Female chefs don't have 'fire' to make it to top level - but 'girls in the kitchen I like - it makes it not so aggressive' ...
Packed centre stage for Tom Kerridge's Pub Perfection great view from our Excellence stand
Tom Kerridge of Hand and Flowers. one of our chefs recently did a stage with Tom and came back a new man! Great influence
Just about to watch Tom Kerridge at the Restaurant show.
Chef Tom Kerridge prepares to show us some proper British pub food at
Looking forward to hearing what Tom Kerridge has to say
Giz I feel I've cheating on you this weekend had my Sunday morning 💩reading the times but I have a man crush on Tom kerridge 😁
Top chef Tom Kerridge came to school yesterday
Chef Tom Kerridge who owns the Hand & Flowers in Marlow: "Chefs are often very intelligent people. Not academi...
Tom Kerridge: Some female chefs don't have the "fire in the belly" to make it at the top level
Excited about Tom Kerridge's new TV show which starts tonight on BBC Two. Read an interview at
Tom Kerridge's inspirational talk at Google towers today.
Try making Tom Kerridge’s fantastic fish stew tonight. Trust us, you’ll want to lick the bowl clean:
Ok so it's no Tom Kerridge pie but the fish finger wrap is pretty *** good.
Listening to Tom Kerridge talk about his new book. Torture as it's nearly lunchtime!
Venue for event at Wembley where we'll be partnering with Tom Kerridge to feed 1000 blokes. So excited.
Tom Kerridge just strolled through the office just as I was crying with laughter over something. Dignity, always dignity.
we waited 10 months for our dinner booking at Tom's Kerridge's pub.and it was the BEST!! Love him! 👏 and LOVE his food!
thankyou for having two of my fav people on the show this morning Miranda and Tom Kerridge brilliant
Tom Kerridge? Are you sure Eddie Murphy isn't in the studio? That laugh is VERY Murphy-esque!
Wow Tom Kerridge has just told that he's nearly lost 10 stone!!
Can you get Tom Kerridge to publically withdraw his lie on that British pork has steroids in it. Thnx.
06:30 The Chris Evans Breakfast Show: Chris Evans is joined by Miranda Hart, Tom Kerridge and the Pierces.
Video: Tom Kerridge - British GQ Men of the Year Awards from Golpeavisa on Vimeo.We were asked by British...
We'd like to thank British GQ for their trust and for inviting us to create this portrait of Tom Kerridge for...
The Hand & Flowers in Marlow which Tom Kerridge owns is only pub in the UK with "2" Michelin Stars. He's a big lad !
Tom Kerridge takes home Chef Of The Year at the
I know he’s lost a lot of weight recently but I think they’ve overdone the photoshopping on Tom Kerridge.
Bucks TV chefs on the bill for top London food show: CELEBRITY chef Tom Kerridge is one of th...
Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge has gained another award to add to his ever-growing list. Th
Just been told I look like him. Yeah, if I eat kebabs every night.
Interesting fact No 2 - Whitstable & surrounding area:. The chef, Tom Kerridge, has bought a bungalow opposite ours (never heard of him)
Hour: Nigeria; Introducing new siblings; Tom Kerridge Children and armed conflict in...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Tom Kerridge, the chef at the two Michelin starred Gastropub, Hand and Flowers in Buckinghamshire, has won Chef...
Well done to for winning Chef of the Year award!
well another friend told lex he looks like a slimmer version of Tom Kerridge! Brother from another mother?!
Congratulations to new member named GQ Chef of the Year via
Love Tom Kerridge. And other issues close to my heart discussed this morning. Another great show. Thank you!
Tom Kerridge is cooking a Barnsley chop in Woman's Hour. 1lb 6oz of fatty lamb. I can feel the bile rising!
I think, the chef, Tom Kerridge sounds a bit like Lex! He's on radio4 now. Tom. Not Lex.
Listen to now to hear Tom Kerridge cooking the perfect Barnsley chop
Tom kerridge cooking a Barnsley chop on R4 .wonder if he'll eat it.:(
Congratulations on winning Chef of the year, from GQ magazine, only bigger things to come now.
Tom Kerridge named GQ Chef of the Year via CONGRATULATIONS
The GQ Awards as told by Simpsons news headlines:
In a few minutes on Woman's Hour: Nigeria; Introducing new siblings; Tom Kerridge
Gloucester born chef Tom Kerridge on making food with love: Grab a copy of the 72-page glossy magazine with yo...
Tonight it is The Repeat Offenders. They will be exclusively joined at Rock Bottom by chef Tom Kerridge.
Tom Kerridge to serve up a treat at Royal Ascot 2014 -
I love Tom Kerridge's cooking and tried his roast guinea fowl recipe from Spring Kitchen, BBC1 this time. Loved salsa verde. Recipe is here. added preserved lemon to give extra sharpness to the sauce. Gorgeous! We had the dish with American white wine called "Kungfu girl"! Hilarious. Happy Bank Holiday from London. x
Stand up Simon Rogan, Marcus Wareing, Gordon Ramsay etc... (Tom Kerridge is nice though)
Dear Marcus Wareing. Watch Tom Kerridge, this is how you calmly coax the best out of people. Not by being an utter toe-rag.
watching MasterChef and Tom Kerridge says to ping..."just stick it where ever you want"
Tom Kerridge, what a nice bloke. Great to learn from I imagine. The antithesis of Marcus Wareing.
Bet your *** they all heaved a sigh of relief that Marcus Wareing wasnt at chefs table!!Give us Tom Kerridge all day long!
Tom Kerridge seems like a good bloke and a great chef... Marcus Wareing on the other hand scares me... hope Ping's tweals work
Marcus Wareing take note. Tom Kerridge is on and is demonstrating being a top chef and a nice bloke. You however are a ***
That clever chef Tom Kerridge on seems like a jolly friendly chap. Normally these top chefs scare me on my sofa...
Tom Kerridge is such a gentleman ..the comparison with the disgusting Marcus Wareing is staggering
With all the arrogant chefs in the world, Tom Kerridge breaks the mould. Great chef, top man.
Two-Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge on seasons, bacon and the chef he considers 'the Ayrton Senna of the...
Tom Kerridge Chef Patron from the Hand Flowers Two Michelin Starred Pub in Marlow cooks line caught Cornish cod wioth smoked roe, and Jerusalem artichokes as...
Gastro-thug Tom Kerridge is wearing a shirt that makes him look like two short people disguised as a tall person.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Read up on ahead of him cooking at Ascot this year ..
I'd love to come back on your show to talk cheese, after my stint last week on with Tom Kerridge
Five-minute chef: on why a world without bacon would be 'a bad space'
"...a world without bacon is a bad space." Wise words from in his interview with The Telegraph.
Make your mind up Harris.One minute it's Tom Kerridge,the next it's Britney. Now it's Greg
wholeheartedly agree with Tom Kerridge's suggestion to ban pizza with ham and pineapple
One in the range of new spice drops, as endored by Tom Kerridge, Atul Kutchar and more..
Five-minute chef: Tom Kerridge: As he prepares to open On5 restaurant at Ascot Racecourse, Tom Kerridge discus...
Tom Kerridge on culinary inspiration, the best restaurant in the world, his favourite food writers and more
Many thanks to Miss G wonderful lamb and potatoes plus veg from Mr Tom Kerridges recipe x was really delicious x
The episode is on the iplayer here... from about 11:40.
Tom Kerridge is on masterchef finals week? Oh it's a good day.
Watching spring kitchen with Tom Kerridge ! What a lovely dessert, looks yummy. Might try to make some later :-) Sobar dawat roilo, asben kinntu :D :-)
Tom kerridge, looking great! First time iv seen you since you've lost the weight :-) love your style of cooking too!
Really like Tom Kerridge as host of Spring Kitchen on BBC2 telly. He's careful, relaxed and crucially - not too testosteroney.
Tom Kerridge, stop acting like you're better than every other chef on the show. You are fat and have a lisp kitchen
Tom Kerridge is half the size he was when I last saw him on TV...
So Barry Elson decided last night to teach x3 children how to "roll the penny" and the closest one the the hearth wins!!! Well thanks a frigging bunch mr Elson! How annoying when I'm trying to watch spring kitchen with Tom kerridge!!!
Tom Kerridge appears not to have the TV chef gene.
Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge on BBC Two with app on my iPhone. Watch Now:
Oh my God!!! Just saw Tom Kerridge on Spring Kitchen he looks fantastic!!!
Tom Kerridge has lost a lot of timber!
I love that Tom Kerridge has another show! I love him! He's a brilliant chef and really passionate about food & produce
11:30 Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge: Tom is joined by guest chef Gennaro Contaldo and TV presenter Dominic Little…
Just watched yesterday's Spring Kitchen while waiting for the Grand Prix Tom Kerridge absolute legend and top bloke
The view from On Five, Tom Kerridge's new restaurant at Ascot racecourse. x
The view from Tom Kerridge's new restaurant On Five is astounding! x
thrilled to be recommended by Tom Kerridge in / also gave us the nod in his NI's Best Home Grown Restaurants.Hip Hip...
Tom Kerridge has 1st glance of new ON 5 Restaurant, his home for 'On 5' opens today for the first time. http…
you watched tom kerridge the West Country bloke
Let's do dis ting! Tom treacle cured beef. Photos to follow.
Just spotted you on Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge - you look and sound great!
I think they've made tom kerridge slim down for the telly :(
I absolutely love Tom Kerridge. So much more likeable than James Martin. And no awkward jokes
Just had to switch off Spring Kitchen as Tom Kerridge said "unctuous".
I'm watching Tom Kerridge make pulled pork now. I don't need this. How am I going to make it through the day now?!
Nathan Outlaw, Tom Kerridge, Tim Kitchin. Are they ever off the television?!
Sat on sofa with a glass of Oyster bay sauv blanc whilst James Kelly is busy in kitchen making 'proper paella' from Tom Kerridge cook book! Got him well trained ha..
Previewing the menu for Royal Ascot with Tom Kerridge, Atul Kocchar, Steve Golding
Wow! Another top cook is coming to do a book signing for us, following Tom Kerridge. Mary Berry will be here on 15 March!
Had a wonderful morning at the Royal Academy being photographed by Royal Ascot for this year's campaign images. Very pleased to be among such great company, including Amanda Wakeley & Tom Kerridge. Looking forward to seeing the official images tomorrow!
Can't decide on stuffing so Tom Kerridge, Gordon Ramsay and AGA treble it is!
Been watching the celeb chefs and thier tips on Cooking Christmas Day Lunch. So Tomorrow were have Christmas lunch courtesy Tom Kerridge carrots and Roast Potatoes. Jamie Oliver, Perfik Christmas Turkey Gravy, Sprouts with Chestnuts by the Scottish chef that swears at everyone, Roast Turkey and Stuffing by Deliah Smith, Roast Parsnips Honey Glazed by Rick Stein, Mash Potatoes for those that want it by Marco Pierre White. Not my thing for a roast. Best of all most of its preped.. Sometimes I think we should just go to M&S bloody easier...
Paul Hollywood or Tom Kerridge can't make up my mind??
you look ace ! Jean Harlow more like. Tom Kerridge is on. He's a bit 'I'm not a *** me. No way ' but food quite good.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Check out the best food books in observer! Nigel Slater, Jay Rayner and Tom Kerridge all in top 10! Go figure!!! Haven't you got enough?
James Martin, Tom Kerridge and John from Great British bake Off... This Winter Edition was so far the best one !
It's Saturday Kitchen time! Tom Kerridge, Daniel Galmiche and ballet dancer Carlos Acosta with wines by lovely Susie Barrie in Birmingham! Enjoy! And if you're up at the BBC Good Food Show come and see me, Lawrence Keogh, Peter Richards and Lisa Riley. Plenty of food on offer. x
If anyone wants to make a bid for any of these items, please email us on adminIf you would like to see a photo of the item, email us and we will send pic. The auction will take place at our lunch on December 4th Mane Chance Auction Judge John Deed box set signed by Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrove (reserve £100) Mini cricket bat signed by Alastair Cook, Chris Tremlett and Jade Dernbach (reserve £50) 18 holes of golf (two ball) and lunch at the Wildwood Golf and Country Club (reserve £50) A portrait of your pet in oils (reserve £300) 3 exclusive photos from the set of Judge John Deed featuring Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrove and signed by both (reserve £50 per photo) Pure cashmere blanket identical to the one worn by Dame Judi Dench in Skyfall (reserve £500) ‘Boat that Rocked’ retro radio signed by Bill Nighy (reserve £300) Book ‘Proper Pub Food’ signed by the author Tom Kerridge (reserve £50) Book ‘The French Kitchen’ signed by the author Rachel Khoo (reserve £50) Bespoke riding holiday ...
Raymond Blanc demoted from prized second favourite chef position after his sexist comments... Going to give it to Tom Kerridge
Tom Kerridge: a lesson in why you shouldnt drink goose fat and cook everything in suet
Love Saturday Kitchen. Even more today as its got my two faves James Martin and Tom Kerridge
Warwick Davis on hope James Martin and big Tom Kerridge don't mistake him for a suckling pig and spit roast him.
Saturday Kitchen Live. 10AM today BBC1. James Martin is joined by top chefs Alex Atala and Tom Kerridge, plus guest Warwick Davis.
next time you here Mark Hughes interviewed count the times he says 'obviously'. Or count Tom Kerridge's 'amazing'.
Yo, Tom Kerridge. I do believe that was literally Alton Brown's southern buttermilk fried chicken.
A long night but a good one, thanks and well done to Tom Kerridge, Harry Murray and all winners
you need to watch Tom Kerridge's proper pub food on bbc 2, started tonight, best cookery show on tv just now
AA Hospitality Awards: named Chefs' Chef as and pick up five Rosettes
Tom Kerridges Proper Pub Food S01E01 PDTV x264-TM: Tom Kerridge, famed for cooking food that has won him two M...
Pick of the day: Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food - Pick of the day: Tom Kerridge's P...
Was that tonight? Definitely getting that one on the iPlayer. I adore Tom Kerridge, he's everything I love about food and beer.
Tom Kerridge wins chefs' chef award and Gidleigh Park and Midsummer House win five rosettes at AA Hospitality Awards-
Tom Kerridge: "I'm all about simplicity", that's why he has 9 chefs in his pub kitchen & serves each dish on a paving slab
Time to watch Tom Kerridge's proper pub food
You can't help but love Tom Kerridge, really want to eat at his pub! Just got severely tempted at the menu
Really enjoying Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food. Unpretentious and informative with something for foodies and newbies alike.
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