Tom Hardy & Christian Bale

Edward Thomas Tom Hardy (born 15 September 1977) is an English actor. Christian Charles Philip Bale (born 30 January 1974) is an English actor. 5.0/5

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Tom Hardy and Christian Bale on the set of The Dark Knight Rises (2012).
I really want to work with Tom Hardy. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe a...
The best batman series ever is The Dark Knight series. No actor will ever top Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Morgan Freeman.
Wow can you believe Christopher Nolan has worked with Tom Hardy, Leonardo Dicaprio, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale..and now harry :D :D !
Christian Bale does phenomenal as batman Tom Hardy does amazing as band. But Heath Ledger was the absolute best as the Joker.
Watching The Dark Knight Rises for 50 millionth time. Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway get better every time. Tom Hardy's accent gets worse.
Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and Christopher Nolan on the set of 'The Dark Knight Rises' (2012).
Smh thank God for Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan. And Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy. Because these movies lol.
And the cast was all star! Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale and Tom Hardy... Smh. 2004 Lakers. 😢
Christian Bale. Heath Ledger. Tom Hardy. Stuart Townsend. The Rock. Bruce Lee. MJ. Brad Pitt. I can do this all day TBH 😒
(photos-wallpaperkid/collider) Tom Hardy, as Bane. Christian Bale, as Batman.
Top 5 Best Actors?. Daniel Day Lewis, Di Caprio, Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy and Christian Bale for me
Casting Call Oklahoma: Lead Male Feature Film “Locard’s Principle” Crime Drama Landon Cain: Plays 30’s, possibly young low 40’s. Average to fit build. Leading man but can have a uniqueness to features. Looks like someone who can handle himself. A former forensic detective working both sides of the law who now moonlights as an unconventional hitman for a crime boss. He uses his knowledge to cover his tracks making him untraceable. Desires a moral center and feels that eliminating criminals is a preferably lighter shade of gray. Intelligent. Resourceful. Suffers from panic attacks which jeopardize his ability to function and question his mental stability. Confides in his troubled fiancee with whom he wants a normal life. Seeking an actor of the highest calibre talent and skills to deliver a breakout performance; to own the role and infuse it with distinctiveness. Actors who embody the type of actor we are seeking include: Guy Pearce, Michael Fassbender, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Johnny Lee Miller ...
Tom Hardy (who played Bane) used 3 inch heels to be the same height as Christian Bale (who played Batman) so he could look h…
FilmJuana Today we are introducing The Dark Knight IMDB Rating: 9/10 The Dark Knight Rises is a 2012 British-American epic superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan, who co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Jonathan Nolan and the story with David S. Goyer. Featuring the DC Comics character Batman, the film is the final installment in Nolan's Batman film trilogy, and it is the sequel to Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008). Christian Bale reprises the lead role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, with a returning cast of his allies: Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Gary Oldman as James Gordon, and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. The film introduces Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), a sly, morally ambiguous cat burglar, and Bane (Tom Hardy), a mercenary bent on destroying Gotham City. Drawn back into action by new threats facing the city, an older Bruce Wayne is forced to come out of retirement and become Batman once again. Christopher Nolan was initially hesitant about returning to the series for a second ...
If were being honest here... Heath Ledger, Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman all outshined Christian Bale in the last 2 Dark Knight
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Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Leo, Michael Fassbender, James Mcavoy, Jeremy Renner!! Idc if they're over 30 man. I want them for Valentines!
oh yeh, fight club with Brad Pitt, Warrior with Tom Hardy or the fighter with Christian bale, warrior is prob my preference
The European Premiere of the epic film "The Dark Knight Rises" by Christopher Nolan in London, Leicester Square with the cast Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard.
Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in one movie.😍💜 Thank you Christopher Nolan!!!
Terminator 5 The title for the latest sequel Terminator movie now beginning to unfold. The film will be produced by director Thor: The Dark World (2013) Alan Taylor's, will be entitled Terminator: Genesis . Details about the movie Terminator: Genesis remains uncertain, but many people who thought that this would be the first part of a new trilogy. Until now, Terminator: Genesis already engaged several experienced script writer ie Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier. Arnold Schwarzenegger likely to be back in play as a cyborg. While Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson have already started receiving to replace the role of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in the Terminator films by James Cameron previously. In addition, Tom Hardy will reportedly also be involved as John Connor, who previously played nicely by Christian Bale in Terminator: Salvation (2009). Garrett Hedlund, Taylor Kitsch and Nicholas Hoult is a strong candidate for the character Kyle Reese as the father of John. Terminator: Genesis is scheduled to s ...
Watching the Dark Knight Rises. Christian Bale and Tom Hardy. Yes Please.
You don't see Henry Cavill gettin arrested for driving drunk, or Lawrence Fishburn or Amy Adams or Christian Bale or Tom Hardy or Arrow guy
The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Cast: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Director: Christopher Nolan Synopsis: Christian Bale stars as both the classic caped crusader and his billionaire alter-ego, Bruce Wayne. In this third installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, Bruce Wayne no longer feels that the City of Gotham needs a hero and goes on a secluded hiatus. However, when a new villain, Bane (Tom Hardy), threatens Gotham City, Wayne dons his cape and mask once more. Review: Christopher Nolan brings yet another adrenaline-filled, comic-inspired movie to the Big Screen. We see all sorts of familiar faces this time around, but the audience is introduced to a few new characters as well. When crisis threatens Gotham City, Bruce Wayne jumps back into the Batmobile to fight crime. Batman is joined on his quest by an eager orphaned cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a seductive cat burglar (Anne Hathaway), and a violent masked villain (Tom Hardy). This film served as great entert ...
Chris Nolan loves JGL, Tom Hardy and Christian Bale. But I mean, who don't? Lol
Director Analysis: Christopher Nolan - Movies tend to be pretty long. - His cinematography style has very dim lighting most of the time - Some fight scenes aren't filmed very well - You can expect to hear very deep, meaningful speeches within the movie. At least 3. - Depending on what movie it is, it can be very, VERY complex. Sometimes, unnecessarily complex. - You can almost always bet Hans Zimmer will do the soundtrack - Actors he usually works with: Christian Bale, Leo DiCaprio, Micheal Cane, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Nestor Carbonell, and Ken Watanabe - He's basically saving the WB's *** when it comes to comic book movies - His movies WILL make you think.
Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Christian Bale.great movie night! ;D
Photo: Ah, nevermind, it’s just Tom Hardy and Christian Bale hanging out like bbf’s…
better be like Christian Bale in Batman hot.or Tom Hardy that's not asking too much :)
Christian Bale melts my heart a bit. He's beautiful. Then again, so is Tom Hardy.
I want Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Andrew Garfield, Benedict Cumberbatch and Christian Bale in one movie. Their voices with british accent...
The Dark Knight Rises: written by Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, and David S. Goyer; directed by Christopher Nolan; starring Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Tom Hardy (Bane), Michael Caine (Alfred), Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon), Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle/The Cat), Marion Cotillard (Miranda), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (John Blake), and Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) (2012): I enjoyed seeing this again, this time on the small screen, but unlike The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises doesn't become more understandable on TV. And by 'understandable,' I mean, 'What the *** was Nolan thinking with the godawful sound-mixing on this movie?   Either Christopher Nolan is deaf or the sound mixing on The Dark Knight Rises was designed for some ideal, 100-channel speaker system that most homes and theatres don't have or Christopher Nolan was trying to make the action-movie equivalent of Robert Altman's McCabe and Mrs. Miller, with its purposefully muffled dialogue. Whatever. Add in the periodically incomprehe ...
The Dark Knight Rises - tedious, lacklustre piece of crap. Tom Hardy - no presence at all. Christian Bale - insipid. And, seriously, Bane breaking Batman's back is one of the key moments in Batman comics' history - and in this film is the most uninvolving scene ever. Why the heck do people rate Nolan again?
Tom Hardy is 5'8 while Christian Bale is 6'2. Couldn't have Batman towering over Bane going toe to toe. Hardy wore lifts.
I feel like Christian Bale after Tom Hardy aka Pelon broke his back
5) look, it's more from Christopher Nolan... not to mention Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, or Michael Cain.
As you have realized prolly realized by now movies are one of my favorite things in the world so tonight we are going to look at my favorite actors. 10. Matt Damon( Big fan of his Good Will Hunting is incredible and was also in The Departed and The Bourne movies 9.Tom Hardy ( I am yet to see him in a bad movie he's in Inception, Lawless and The Dark Knight Rises to name a few). 8. Christian Bale ( he is so dedicated to his roles he is awesome in all the Batman movies. American Psycho, Rescue Dawn and of course Newsies are some of his other really good movies. 7 Joseph Gordon Levit ( He has the most potential to move up this list in the future he had played such diverse roles from 500 days of Summer to Looper not to mention Imception and The Dark Knight Rises) 6. Benedict Cumberbatch ( he's fantastic in the BBC's Sherlock as well as being great in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Star Trek into the Darkness) 5. George Clooney( he has been in so many good flicks The Ocean movies Goodnight and Good Luck and Th ...
You chose Tom Hardy.I like you.:D Who's your favou... — Christian Bale :D In fairness the only other one I k...
Tom Hardy, Jensen Ackles, Thomas Gibson, Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and on n on :D
Whether it be Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Prestige, Tom Hardy in Inception and The Dark Knight Returns, or character actor Mark Boone Juni
Brits are taking over in general. Andrew Garfield, Henry Cavill, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy.
Do you guys understand how disappointed I am that Tom Hardy and Christian Bale didn't win Best Fight award at the MTV's.
Christian Bale wid get winched. So would Tom Hardy
The batman trilogy is epic. Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Tom Hardy and Christian Bale are so class
I am in love with this cast, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman. Ugh too good.
Okay I love Tom Hardy, but that is Christian Bale you are messing with there...
Perfect Girly night in with pizza, bucks fizz, Tom Hardy and Christian Bale 💕😍
duuh I voted for Christian Bale and Tom Hardy for Best Fight at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards
Whom would you like to meet? — Tom Hardy , Christian Bale , Joseph Gordan Levitt... I could go on for ages!...
Jeremy Renner, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Christian Bale all need to come party at my house.
While watching The Walking Dead tonight and seeing the back and forth between Andrew Lincoln (British) and David Morrissey/The Governor (British), it got me thinking about Homeland's Damian Lewis, Kiefer Sutherland (British/Canadian), DDL, Christian Bale, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, Ralph Fiennes Jeremy Irons (all British), Liam Neeson Colin Farrell (Irish), Russell Crowe (Australian) and where are the really good AMERICAN actors? Ed Norton, Clooney, Sam Rockwell, JGL is growing, who else are really good American actors, like award winning type?
Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Aaron Eckhart, and Christian Bale. And people wonder why I love Batman.
Its hard to picture Heath Ledger as the Joker after watching Brokeback Mountain. Hard to picture Christian Bale as Batman after watching American Psycho. Now watch Bronson and picture Tom Hardy as Bane. Must watch, great british movie
"Leo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Christian Bale.greatest actors of all time!!!" So...what films have you been watching lately?
Best Actor should be Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and Best Supporting Actor should've been Tom Hardy as Bane.
How didn't "The Dark Knight Rises" get any nominations for anything?No Christian Bale,Tom Hardy,Anne Hathaway or the ingenious Christopher Nolan get a nod for anything.Stupid Oscars!!
Finally saw Dark Knight Rises last night...omg, that was a fantastic movie. Anne Hathaway has come a long way from Princess Diaries and Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come a long way from Third Rock From the Sun...Tom Hardy was amazing!! And of course, Christian Bale is one of my next ex husbands, always...
Between Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, LiamNeeson, and Tom Hardy, no way could be a bad movie!!
Dreaming about Tom Hardy and Christian Bale fighting over me so goodnight
An upcoming movie about George Mallory's Everest expedition and another about the 1996 Everest disaster with Christian Bale and Tom Hardy...Not sure if im excited or worried that they'll trash it like Vertical Limit...
Did you know. Tom Hardy, standing at 5'10", had to wear 3 inch lifts to make his character Bane appear as tall or taller than fellow co-stars Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine in the movie The Dark Knight Rises (2012).
everytime I think about watching the Dark Knight Rises again I have a thought "Tom Hardy as bane" :D "Christian Bale as raspy batman" :/ I know it may seem shallow but when I hear le ladelappen say this isn't a car and hawk up phlegm I die inside
Me and my twin Ruby fighting over who is better looking I vote Christian Bale she votes Tom Hardy -_-
Batman is so awesome. Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are brilliant actors.
Not a new thought: Tom Hardy's voice in Batman is the silliest thing I've heard since Christian Bale's voice as Batman
The question of life is why British people are a thousand times more talented at eveything than Americans, I mean Christopher Nolan, Tom Hardy, The Beatles, Coldplay, Henry Cavill, Christian Bale, Andy Murray, and Harry Potter.
Hello Joseph Gordon-levitt...oh and Christian Bale.oh and Tom Hardy
I love watching The Dark Knight Rises a lot because it has Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, & Joesph Gordon Levitt.
My list of the best english actors: Ian Mckellen, Christopher Lee, Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Andrew Lincoln, Rowan Atkinson, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Simon Pegg, Alan Rickman, Michael Gambon, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Jude Law, Michael Cane, Ralph Fienne, Tom Hardy, Sean Conneroy, Gary Oldman and John Cleese. England might not do most things properly but by far we have the best movie actors of all time!
and Gerard Butler and Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy and Christian Bale and not William Levy
Tom Hardy and Christian Bale became best friends.
Tom Hardy, Christian Bale and Joeseph Gordon-Levitt all in one film that's three of my top five right there
Seriously though Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Tom Hardy in one movie is like.. WOW.
Ok so Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Francisco Lachowski, Gerard Butler and Sean Penn are my fav men. Uno. Uno.
Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Miranda Kerr, Pixie Lott, Jeremy Renner.back of the line halfpint ;)
If I were Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Andy Serkis (Gollum), or any other actor with a significant voice, I'd use that voice for everything. Imagine ordering a pizza as Gollum and Smeagol, or looking for somebody and screaming out "where is she" in Batman's voice. The lols would never end :D
The voices in my head: Pinky(from Animaniacs); Kermit the Frog; Ray Romano ; Adam Sandler; Don Pardo(SNL announcer); Michael J Fox; Cleveland Brown; Tim the Bear; Stitch(Lilo & Stitch); Dave Coulier ; George Costanza; Batman(Christian Bale); Joker(Heath Ledger); Bane(Tom Hardy); Pee Wee Herman, plus various impressions of people I meet everyday. I know I'm leaving some off. If you've ever heard me do something that not on this list, let me know. I'm trying to make a list for a reason.
Behind the scenes of The Dark Knight Rises with Christopher Nolan, Tom Hardy, and Christian Bale.
Dark Knight Rises: 4 loves of my life in 1 film. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy & Liam Neeson.
British actors are probably the best in the industry today. From film actors like Christian Bale and Tom Hardy, through to TV actors like Andrew Lincoln and Dominic West, we are the best.
I just entered to win a script signed by Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, and more from
Christian Bale, Leonardo Dicaprio,Christoph Waltz, and Tom Hardy are some of the Best Actors around.
Can't believe Tom Hardy tapped in Warrior, hate him now.
Away to watch Batman The Dark Knight Rises! Nom @ Christian Bale & love Tom Hardy's voice as Bane!!!
As usual I have not seen every movie from 2012 that I would like to, but I've seen a good amount. I wanted to put out my list before the Oscar nominees were annunced. So here we go.    1. The Master PTA killed it once again. Phillip Seymore-Hoffman and Joaquin Pheonix acted tremendously. There is nothing bad to say about this film.   2. Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson's films are allways in my top 10 lists, this is one of his finest.  Although not my favorite film from the Anderson crew it was amazing enough to get number 2.   3. The Dark Knight Rises I have a place in my heart for Batman, Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and Hans Zimmer. They did not let me down, Batman "Died" without dying, yup ... that's awesome. Tom Hardy and JGL are both in multiple top movies for this year for me. Although there was some cheezy dialog, it's a comic book movie, so I'm cool with it.   4. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey WOW! Everything I wanted it to be. Richard Armitage is playing Thorin like a champ! Peter Jac ...
Honestly wish I was like 20 years older, so I could date Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon,Tom Hardy or Christian Bale.and people of that sort
Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The Dark Knight Rises is the best movie ever. 😍😍😍😍
And Joseph Gordon Levitt with Tom Hardy and Christian Bale makes it that much better.
Christian Bale, no Bruce Willis, no Bryan Cranston or Sean Penn...Maybe Gary Oldman. I can't decide...Tom Hardy.
Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham's finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy. Director: Christopher Nolan Writers: Jonathan Nolan (screenplay), Christopher Nolan (screenplay), and 3 more credits » Stars: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway
I get Chills every time I watch the Dark Knight Rises... Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy, and Christian Bale are incredible
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Just watched two brilliant movies: with Shia LeBoeuf, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce and with Christian Bale! ☺
It has the best combination of actors... Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne
My review of The Dark Knight Rises: Four anxiously long years, we waited to see what Nolan had in store for the next endeavor in Gotham City. There was lots of buildup especially considering the untimely death of Heath Ledger as he was the best part of "The Dark Knight". But July came and by now, we all know how great of a film it is. It's one of the most epic endings to a trilogy I've seen since "Lord of the Rings". Eight years after the end of the last movie, Bruce Wayne now lives a solitary life in his mansion not having fought crime in forever. Elsewhere, a master mercenary by the name of Bane is planning something big on the citizens of Gotham. Wayne must suit up once again and team up with the newley introduced Catwoman to keep the city safe after many years. The plot has a lot of twists and turns that I can't spoil but are excellently pulled off. The script remains rock solid and how it brings everything full circle is astounding. Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, and Tom Hardy were phenominal in thei ...
Okay, wait, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Jeremy Renner are ALSO in Splinter Cell, alongside Tom Hardy?!?
Tim Roth, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Patrick Stewart, Tom Hardy, Ian Mckellen, James Mcavoy, Thandie Newton are just some lol
The reason for Christopher Nolan's use of Bane as the main villain in "Rises" likely stems from his increased use of IMAX technology. Due to the loud noises these cameras make when recording, it requires IMAX shots to need ADR later on, basically the actors dubbing their own lines to match their lips. In the case of Bane and Tom Hardy, it's easier to do when no one can see your mouth anyway. ...and now I'm thinking about how much time Christian Bale was at a recording booth carefully matching his lines IN his Batman voice
Watched "Dark Knight Rising" last night. Loved it!!! Christian Bale is my favourite Batman. Tom Hardy (aka Heathcliff ;)) who plays Bane...was great!!
the beauty of Anne Hathaway gorgeousness of Marion Cotillаrd voice with mask Tom Hardy and the knight Christian Bale with Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman Cristopher nolan and his crew completed the epic conclusion they made it , they did it
Started thinking about The Dark Knight Rises for whatever reason today, and a thought occurred. I liked Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt more than I liked Christian Bale.
He could easily create a new character, but what about Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt... ?
Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Christian Bale & Clive Owen. Those four great British actors (and the Irish actor) would be brilliant choices for as James Bond, especially Clive Owen, because he looks & talk like 007. But I hope Idris Elba, get the part because I feel it's time for a black actor, to play James Bond. Also, I think Hustle actor: Adrian Lester, would be a good James Bond, as well.
in asda there was a film with Ryan Gosling, underneath was Christian Bale, then Tom Hardy, think you would of died lol
Photo: sadstatue: repimg: Christian Bale & Tom Hardy how I haven’t seen this before?!
Confession 5: I want to meet Christian Bale and Tom Hardy so bad! (Batman and Bane)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie - Christopher Nolan to direct, Christian Bale as Leonardo, Tom Hardy as Donatello, Leonardo Dicaprio as Raphael, Joseph Gordon Levitt as Michaelangelo. I demand this gets made!!!
Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem had better hero/villain banter than Christian Bale and Tom Hardy. Not easy.
Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are seriously the two most phenomenal actors in this day and age. Atleast in my opinion.
Female dog please... Christian Bale has beaten up Heath Ledger AND Tom Hardy.
Gonna watch 'This Means War' even though I have no interest in the movie itself. That makes Tom Hardy a new actor in my list of "Actors I'd watch in a movie just to see the actor himself". Other actors in this list include: Christian Bale, Jude Law, Edward Norton, Heath Ledger, and (maybe) Ethan Hawke.
I'm not saying that I don't like or that I'm not impressed with Christian Bale. In fact nothing could be further than the truth. As an actor he exemplifies traits that i thought helped prevent the complete spiritual death of Hollywood and modern movie making. The point I'm trying to make is that the Christian Bale of American Psycho (not to mention the sleepers I'm most fond of such as Equilibrium and Reign of Fire) was as exciting and interesting to watch as the Tom Hardy of today. After seeing Bronson and the Dark Knight Rises I can say he is currently my favorite actor.
and wonderful actors too: Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon Levitt... please!!
Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are the Best Actors
Tom Hardy as Bane & Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman are easily my two fave characters in film.
Christian Bale, Michael Cane, Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman are all British. Batman is just kinda American so there's something there.
Movies to watch this week °Batman The Dark Knight Rises° starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy etc. °Dredd° starring Karl Urban this i must watch coz the production was done here in mzansi!!
awwh, bless you. Christian Bale is Batman and Tom Hardy is the beautiful Bane.
Just saw the latest Batman movie, finally??? What is wrong with the way Batman talks? I love you Christian Bale, but consider getting your sinuses checked. I know he's incognito ergo sum:)...sumbody tell him to poke some holes in that mask. And what is up with the villain Bain?Tom Hardy is great but apparently what Bain does is lift weights, suck down laughing gas and cover up his love for children with a gruff exterior. It is not well known, but he is actually very funny among villain friends. Don't tell a soul; I'm sworn to secrecy.
Marion Cotillard and Tom Hardy seeing Christian Bale as Batman for the first time on set.
The signal was sent up last week, and now it is official: The Dark Knight Rises opens here on Friday, October 5, 2012. It stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, and Tom Hardy. Due to its long run time (166 minutes!), show times are going to change each day of the weekend, and they will play as follows: 10/5 - 5:00, 8:15; 10/6 - 2:45, 6:00, 9:15; 10/7 to 10/11 - 3:45, 7:00.
If I could aspire to look like someone it would have to be Tom Hardy. Si perasan macam Christian Bale.
So they're FINALLY making a metal gear solid movie! And they are currently looking for someone to play Solid Snake...big shoes to fill...I vote Tom Hardy or Christian Bale, who's with me???
thought: Christian Bane = Christian Bale married to Tom Hardy as Bane and not as himself. directed by Christopher Nolan.
I waited for more than 9 hours in Leicester Square to meet Christian Bale and Tom Hardy lol- I'm obsessed with that film!
Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling and Daniel Craig should all do a film together ha, i recs it be good
Congrats to our Famous Faces winner Tania P from WA. The correct answers in order were Tom Hardy, Damian Lewis, Maggie Smith, Johnny Galecki, Kurt Russell, Neil Patrick Harris, Jackie Earle Haley and Christian Bale. Thanks to all who entered!
Two of the greatest actors in my opinion, Christian Bale and Tom Hardy
I'm just going to say it ... Tom Cruise is a piece of garbage and I wish they had gotten just about anybody else to play Jack Reacher. Christian Bale, Jim Caviezel, Jake Gyllenhaal, the kid who plays Spartacus, Tom Hardy, Angelina Jolie, my mail lady (she's pretty butch), anybody. You suck Hollywood. That is all.
I'm not sure Tom Hardy will take over. He's too much of a monster! It will be someone like Colin Farrell or Christian Bale.
Man crush update. After seeing Lawless, I recently dumped Christian Bale for Tom Hardy. It was a rollercoaster ride though because Tom Hardy would get me all aroused only for Shia Labeouf to kill my ***
The Warrior actor Tom Hardy stars as villain Bane opposite Bale's Batman in Christopher Nolan's upcoming sequel The Dark Knight Rises and has advised against upsetting Christian Bale. For all the latest news on Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, visi...
The Dark Knight Rises a typical Christopher Nolan fantastic Movie, Tom Hardy is a big shot of course not a word on Christian Bale but i will say that i have been more inpersed by The joker in The Dark Knight RIP Heath Ledger you made any comparison very hard with you
When an actor completely immerses themselves into a role, the result is usually stunning. Sometimes though, what’s more impressive is the work that went in before filming even began. Changing appearance for roles has become quite common in movies today, but occasionally, an actor’s physical transformation goes far beyond a bit of make-up or a haircut, like Christian Bale in, well, most of his films. In The Dark Knight Rises, out in theatres this week, actor Tom Hardy bulked up significantly to play the menacing terrorist Bane, a new villain intent on taking down Gotham City. The actor has had to bulk up for roles before (Warrior, Bronson) and in honour of his dedication, we look back at ten actors who have undergone remarkable physical transformations for their roles.
Suppose go bed early but didnt finally going bed now hopeful have some good dream maybe some bout Tom Hardy or Christian Bale or Cillian Murphy
Even though I liked Dark Knight Rises, I still don't care too much for Christian Bale. Luckily Tom Hardy did a nice job as the villain Bane while Anne Hathaway was great as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman.
Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, thank you for making my day, best movie ever.
I don’t know. Christian Bale and Tom Hardy do a very respectable whisper.
I'll take Tom Hardy over Christian Bale any day. Sorry
Christian Bale: "Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I need you to free all of the police from the sewers so they can use their years of tactical training to pack themselves into an alleyway and run straight at Tom Hardy's military-equipped army." JGL: "Will do, just make sure you blow up exactly one of the weapons on exactly one of Hardy's tanks to help them."
Why am I just now finding out that Tom Hardy is Bane? Christian Bale and Tom Hardy in one movie! It's almost too much. ;)
I think me moving back to England is my plan of marrying Christian Bale or Tom Hardy coming into fruition
My top 3 favorite actors right now: Christian Bale. Michael Fassbender. Tom Hardy. - Now, I think that's a good list :) Honorable mention: Gary Oldman - But he's ALWAYS gonna be one of my all time favorites :)
Respect Christopher Nolan.. You know how to entertain !! Can't wait for Man of Steel. Also respect for Christian Bale and Tom Hardy.
Lol the Adam West Batman movie is on Sky Classics. They should remake it, same style and humour but cast Christian Bale as Batman and fit Tom Hardy in somewhere lol.
I'de be fine if I never saw another Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or Tom Hardy film ever again.
I am so excited to watch Dark Knight Rises not because Tom Hardy is buff as a beast, not because Christian Bale is intimidatingly gorgeous, not because Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adorable as a puppy, I am watching because of Christopher Nolan and his cinematic genius. Yes. Christopher Nolan. Ladies, I'll pick you up at 4:45pm. :D
lol He's HOT. Well, I actually like Tom Hardy better than Christian Bale. His smiles and voices are very attractive.
My brother and I went to see Dark Knight Rises. It is an awesome movie. - Anne Hathaway did an excellent job as a CatWoman. She's equal as Michelle Phiefer. - The story are good. - Tom Hardy is great as Bane character. - Christian Bale might have lost some weight in the movie. Movie rating: 9/10 :) It's a must see movie. Get your butt out of the house and go see the movie at theater.
The Dark Knight Rises Review: Ambitious, smart, spectacle, huge and powerful. Nolan has done it again to full fill his fans with emotion and spectacle thundering across the screen. Although it's not that good than The Dark Knight(TDK), but The Dark Knight Rises(TDKR) has a powerful and evil villain Bane which is physically strong and big. Christian Bale as Batman is as usual. I don't know you guys notice it or not but there's lack of Batman on screen rather than Bruce Wayne. Maybe Nolan tries to go deep into the character Wayne. Alfred is such incredible. He's really make the audiences want to cry. Tom Hardy as Bane is terrific. Just so you know, Hardy makes his own voice to Bane. The first battle between Bane and Batman give the audience goose bump. It definitely one of the best fight scene i have seen by far. And of...there's introduction of few new characters such as John Blake played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I actually really surprise with his performance especially when Blake went to talk with Wayne. ...
Thoughts on Batman. Christian Bale really gets the relationship between Batman and Bruce Wayne. Bane got shafted. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the effing man, as always. Tom Hardy was also the effing man. I hate Anne Hathaway. Better than it's predecesor. Joker was the better villain though.
"What a lovely singing voice..." Tom Hardy is a God, Chris Nolan is a Genius, Christian Bale is a Legend. Finally saw tDKR, and it was an experience of a life time. WHO'S UP FOR SECOND/THIRD VIEWING?!
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Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, & Tom Hardy.four of my favorite actors.all in TDKR
em Christian Bale was batman.. Tom Hardy was Bane..
Heath Ledger's Joker may go down in history as the cinematic Batman villain, but could the Clown Prince of Crime throw a punch? That is the gap Tom Hardy fills in "
The Dark Knight Rises is officially the biggest letdown of my movie viewing career. Wth. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, a plague on both your houses. Anne Hathaway was horrible and nowhere near as ambiguous as she should've been. Tom Hardy, you did a fantastic job. Bane is my favorite villain of the trilogy, shame it had to be in such a pitiful excuse for a finale.
Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise continues with this Warner Bros. release, the third in the series. The story will pick up after the events of The Dark Knight, with Christian Bale returning as the Caped Crusader -- this time pitted against the deadly Bane (Tom Hardy) and Selina Kyle, aka Catwoma...
Mad about Bat Man... Watched The Dark Knight Rises for 5 times ( since I have unlimited Cinema card :P) An epic film. It was rise of Christian Bale, rise of Tom Hardy, rise of Christopher Nolan... and. Rise of the legend before he ends. Love you BAT MAN
It seems unfair that Christian Bale gets to do 'growly voice', Tom Hardy got to do a Sean Connery impression but Anne Hathaway didn't get to do a silly voice at all... Sexism?
Tom Hardy as Bane one of my newest, favorite villains!
Saw "The Dark Knight Rises" last night, and it was better than I thought it would be (which is saying something!) Christian Bale's ridiculous Batman voice didn't disappoint. Michelle Pfeiffer still stands as my favorite Catwoman, but Anne Hathaway's depiction was still very entertaining and true to the character. Honestly, if I didn't know Tom Hardy was playing Bane, I wouldn't have known it was him. His voice was both sinister and ironically comical, although muffled by his mask and hard to understand at times, and his physical transformation was downright impressive. The twists at the end weren't highly predictable (in fact, I didn't get parts of them until they were revealed,) and the amount of closure was perfect. Now, someone with a vision equal or greater to that of Christopher Nolan: pick up where he so cleverly left off!
Just hung out with Davie Olson today. We played with Christian Bale and Tom Hardy most of the day. Sweat was involved
*** The Dark Knight Rises epic movie brilliant piece of work by Christopher Nolan and amazing acting by Tom Hardy (Bane) and ofc Christian Bale (Batman) the best movie ever Beats the Avengers in ratings and storyline exept in earnings avengers is stil n°1 :D
On this amazing Olympic weekend, we've been to see The Dark Knight Rises. Michael Caine, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Tom Conti, Tom Hardy. Isn't Britain great?
Now I'm breaking the silence at last. Christopher Nolan you made the greatest Batman series ever. From script, acting to Graphics, everything was incredible. Even I like the cat woman as well, which I wasn't sure about that this pretty gamble of yours could destroy everything but you’re just brilliant.At last the cat woman curse is broken and people who didn’t like it please go and read about Batman first and then watch it because there were a lot of past references that you guys should know before watching it. Then you will enjoy more. Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Joseph levitt, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine: what a performace
Finally got to see the EPIC CONCLUSION! I've no words to describe it.How many times more shall I be amazed, fooled, stunned, shocked by that person, a certain Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale??? But I'm not happy with the Movie.coz I'll miss the Dark Knight and hope he RISES again. Tom Hardy was scarily awesome, Marion Cotillard was amazingly brilliant, Anne Hathaway was drop-dead gorgeous and sleek thief.The rest were equally great.And is Nolan coming back with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as ROBIN? U never know!
Half time in Batman. Conclusions so far: Tom Hardy is stacked, Christian Bale is cool and Anne Hathaway is hot.
Missed my night in with Mark Foster but Tom Hardy and Christian Bale compensated!
Someone tagged a picture of Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale as Morgan Freeman and Tom Hardy.
Tom Hardy is a way much sexier than Christian Bale.
Anne Hathaway nailed that! She put Christian Bale and Tom Hardy to shame.
The Dark Knight Rises Ricks Review: There may be the temptation to compare this movie to any other Superhero movie but that would not be what I would do. This Flick was so much more than that. Christopher Nolan has taken Batman to a different place. As a singular movie it was Amazing but when you look at it as the tight taut Trilogy that it is you realize that this thing is a mindblowing masterpiece. The way everything fits together when looked at in it's totality is the work of a well worthy weaver of stories putting together an intricate puzzle for the publics delight. The acting is top notch.Christian Bale as the Batman does more than growl while in the cowl. He manages to convey many visible wide ranging emotions even as he wears the mask. Bane is beyond being a worthy foe. Tom Hardy gives a physical performance as the administrator of much of Bats and Gotham Citys' pain.. The music alone for Bane is as chilling as his voice. When I heard Anne Hathaway was playing Catwoman I know there were questions ...
Tom Hardy and Christian Bale talk about Bane’s Character… | World ...
Thank you Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, & Tom Hardy... was perfect.
Batman was so F'ing awesome! Epic ending! Tom Hardy is so going on my bucket list right next to Christian Bale.
Looking Forward to my big Date later with Tom Hardy & Christian Bale.
Dark Knight Rises with Jackson Isaninja Velasquez- Solid "A". Tom Hardy's "Bane"- Solid "A-". Christian Bale's scratchy, grating Batman voice- a frustrating "C-". Jack making a joke implying his wish to make out with Anne Hathaway: a hilarious "A+". Commissioner Gordon reading a passage from Sydney Carton's guillotine-side speech from my favorite Dickens novel: the standard grading scale cannot encompass the awesomeness of the moment.
Thanks to my wonderful sweetheart for taking me to see Dark Knight Rises! Christopher Nolan (director) and Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman) successfully did it again!!! I wasn't even sure what to expect, but I came out (after 3 hours btw), wanting to see the "next" chapter. . .whatever & whenever that may be. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (playing a young cop) is certainly making a name for himself, what a great actor he is becoming. . . and Anne Hathaway was a confident, skilled and seductive Cat woman. She is not the "nice girl" you are used to seeing in other films. Kudos to her! Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are great as always. Excellent casting! Tom Hardy, who plays the cold-blooded villain, Bane, looks unrecognizable! That's dedication!!! I highly recommend this movie! It's a must see!
It's so late that I doubt anyone will see this - or care much if they do - but I've noticed several that are just now seeing THE Dark Knight Rises. I saw it the day it came out. One of the things that impressed me was how they managed to make Tom Hardy's Bane look so big. Among other things, this is the actor that played the clone of Patrick Stewart's Captain Picard ten years ago in the oft-maligned Star Trek NEMESIS. Granted, he bulked up, but even so, he only reached about 170 lbs. and was never more than about 5'10 or 5'11. Christian Bale is at least 6', easy. In hindsight, though, I realized today that from the moment the CIA guy takes the hood off and reveals Bane in his mask, he is ONLY filmed in low-angles (looking "up" at him), tight head-and-shoulder shots without much background reference OR at a distance, like on that bridge in the sewers where he first meets Batman. In the latter shot, Batman is SO CLOSE and Bane is SO FAR IN THE BACKGROUND that it would really be hard to guage height d ...
Considering watching The Dark Knight Rises again. Michael Cain made me cry. Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are actual badasses. 👍
Chris Nolan always make a masterpiece, Christian Bale perfectly got the Bruce Wayne character, Tom Hardy cool n Anne Hathaway so gorgeous!
Christian Bale is wonderful; from the ageing Romeo+retired hero in the beginning, to the real Dark Knight back-in-action, he has done a very good job. Tom Hardy as Bane may have shown his face only once throughout the film, but the menace and personality in his voice is enough; though there are parts when you just can’t decipher what he’s saying. Anne Hathaway is slinky as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Michael Caine is moving in his portrayal of Alfred. Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman and Marion Cotillard are excellent as Commissioner Gordon, John Blake, Lucius Fox and Miranda Tate.
I can't decide who's hotter: crippled Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne or Tom Hardy (he'd win in general, but) as Bane. Discuss.
Now that I think about it I feel like the Villains in the Batman trilogy always outact Christian Bale. Specifically Tom Hardy & Heath Ledger
Just came back from watching The Dark Knight Rises. Overall, it's a great film. Newcomers Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy give excellent performances as Selina Kyle & Bane, while Christian Bale and the rest of the usual supporting cast are great as well. It does have a few flaws (could've been 15-20 minutes shorter, etc.), but with that said it's a worthy conclusion to the Chris Nolan Batman series. It's much better than any of the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher Batman films of the '90's! 8.5/10
I know man its insane, Christian Bale was hench but he looked tiny to Tom Hardy. I'm sad I've seen it now. I feel bad.
Tom Hardy did so freakin well and oh my days Christian Bale. Both were incredible.
Tom Hardy shoulda been the one visiting, not Christian Bale
What a great thing Christian Bale has done for the Co. victims. Now if only Chris Nolan, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy would join.
"The Dark Knight Rises" - what an epic conclusion of One of the Best Trilogy Ever & the Best in the series of Batman, I have ever seen. Awesome performances by Christian Bale & Tom Hardy. & Exceptional Direction by Christopher Nolan. Had Goosebumps all over my body while leaving the Theatre. End couldn't have been better. Hope he continued with the series.but sadly he is not :( :(
Home from Dark Knight Rises! Totally recommend it. It was utterly satisfying with some powerful performances from Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway. And yay Christian Bale for visiting Aurora! Going to enjoy the rest of the night in the afterglow of awesome movie-ness.
Christian Bale visiting the victims of Aurora. That's a class act right there. Now if they would just lock the shooter in a cage with Tom Hardy. Let him break his body in half. Only in my dreams
Blown away by "The Dark Knight Rises". That was never easy for "Christopher Nolan" to beat the standards he set with "The Dark Knight" well he did it again but this time with an approach you would never have seen on Big Screen. When all the super heroes movies are about the supreme heroism, Batman Movies are all about cruel and brutal villains pushing the hero beyond his limits, and these are the movies where hero is in supporting role and villains have the central stage. "Joker" is registered as a greatest villain of all time but here comes "Bane" terrific and terrifying all the times, a shock will run through your body every time he appears on screen, he is simply outstanding and certainly "Tom Hardy" again stole the show as he did in "Warriors" and he completely outdone "The Batman" character not "Christian Bale" as he did a superb job being Batman. Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine with Morgan Freeman were phenomenal and let me tell you a good amount of screen time was given to every character in this m ...
okay Christian Bale as Batman, Matt Sokolowski as Superman, Tom Hardy as Bane, and James Holmes as the wannabe Joker but really Jack Nicholson / Heath Ledger has the spot. So James can be the 2nd insane Riddler, but to bad he's gonna die for his crimes. so whats next??? Danny DiVeto as the Penguin?!?!?!?!
The Dark Knight Rises...great movie.FREAKING AWESOME MUSIC (Thank you Hans Zimmer again!!) and a bit emotional!!! Tom Hardy, Christian Bale and Michael Caine are amazing.oh yeah and Christopher Nolan is the s!for making such a great trilogy!!
I'm in love with Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy.
The Dark Night Rises is easily the best movie I've seen of recent releases in a long time! Great cast, amazing editing, and special effects. Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Tom Hardy were awesome!
Just throwing this out there. Christian Bale - British, Chris Nolan - British, Tom Hardy - British, Gary Oldman - British. Brits are owning Hollywood with Dark Knight Rises
Honest opinion of The Dark Knight Rises: While not as good as The Dark Knight, this movie was a fitting end to the Batman trilogy. The movie has plenty of action and a good story to match. Christian Bale, as usual, plays a conflicted Bruce Wayne and my favorite Batman. Tom Hardy was terrifying as Bane, however, his voice threw me off at parts. The redubbing of his voice made it no easier to understand. Anne Hathaway was merely okay, she didn't add much to the film. The ballroom scene with Christian Bale was the highlight of her presence in the movie. I just saw her as the Princess Diaries meets Catwoman. Joseph Gordon Levitt, despite his questionable accent, played the "tough and noble" cop with a great level of finesse. The first half of the movie kept me wondering where the film was going (in a good way.) However, once a certain plot device is introduced, I felt slightly let down that Nolan decided to go that route to end a series. Despite the slight let down, I became invested in what was happening to ...
Makes me laugh how everyone is like "Omg, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy are in Batman!" Erm.. Did you not see Christian Bale?
Anne Hathaway interview: "I talked with Christian Bale and Tom Hardy on 'The Dark Knight Rises' set"
The Dark Knight Rises"-Amazing! A little slow start, but thankful that Gary Oldman took the first shot as Commissioner Gordon. The "goons" in the beginning were a little weak, as far as characterization goes in my opinion, but after Christian Bale takes over, all expectations were soon met. I will probably go see it again, as the entire cast was fantastic-including Anne Hathaway, who I was a little worried about. Tom Hardy's face is covered, as he plays "Bane," so there's little expression, and his voice is obnoxiously loud and somewhat indecipherable at times, as far as what he is saying, but maybe I'm a little slow. Still, I will see it again. Incredible action, story line, and locations including Pittsburgh, India, LA, London, New York and more...incredible shots! Watched at Arclight Cinema, here in LA. Great theatre to watch at!
The Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale (Batman) has maximum screen presence in this movie out of all three movies of the Batman series. His age might be 39 but on screen he seems to be very old. Poor fellow last time his recognition was taken by the Heath Ledger (The Joker Villan) and this the director thought being the last movie of the batman series he gave him a better treatment. He seems to b a better actor than wat is shown in the movie...u can check it with the movie American Psycho (2000) Tom Hardy (Bane) has good physic but since his face expression would have been so less to Heath Ledger the director covered it with a mask and till the end of the movie u can hear his voice in all 5 speakers of the theater while for the rest of the actors it will be max. on 2 speakers... they thought it will be little terrorsum but it was not even half of wat Heath Ledger did. Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) @ the age of 75 he looks much younger and his screen presence even though he comes for few min on the movie (on ...
Thought for the morning ... If Mr Gray were to hit the widescreen whom would we like to see in the role?!?! My thoughts are Tom Hardy or Christian Bale (nothing to do with his first name!) Any other suggestions? RPat too young in my opinion!!!
Feel like I am the last person to see Batman! Not long now - Christian Bale and Tom Hardy. Perfect Sunday :D
Salute: Viva:The Dark Night Rises.Masterpiece from one of the best British Director Christopher Nolan,what a storyline.Incredible performances from powerful actors: Christian Bale,Michael Cain,Morgan Freeman,Gary Oldman & Tom Hardy.2 Thumbs UP.
Every member of the cast, from Christian Bale to Tom Hardy, from Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Anne Hathaway deserve an award
Christian Bale is getting OLD. Christopher Nolan clearly can't make movies without certain actors. Gary Oldman is the greatest actor ever. Tom Hardy is beautiful even with the brute belly (scratch that, ESPECIALLY WITH) and 80% of his face covered. What a physical performance. He didn't even need to rely on his face.
I'm really lucky now to have seen all three Dark Knight movies in the theater. I'm sad that it has come to an end for now and I will be waiting for either a new twist with Robin in the mix or for Christian Bale to get back into the Bat suit. It was an astonishment of evil to see Christopher Nolan transform great talented actors into amazing villians on the Big Screen. Tom Hardy kicked *** as Bain and Heath Ledger would be proud... Hoping for Batman 4 please.
The Dark Knight Rises - An epic movie to end the trilogy in style! Another masterpiece from Christopher Nolan! \m/ Screenplay : 100 on 10. Movie Rating : Doesn't even need a rating, the best movie ever! Came up to the expectations very well, with vile Bane, impersonated by Tom Hardy and Catwoman, impersonated by Anne Hathaway stealing the show from Alfred (Micheal Caine) & L.Fox (Morgan Freeman). The final twist about who the mysterious trigger-man was and the important things to remember in life, taught to the knight himself (Christian Bale- THE BATMAN) makes the movie INTENSE. Some say that the movie was not upto the mark of the Dark Knight, yes it was not upto that mark but was BETTER THAN ANY OTHER SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER MADE! The movie was complete, explaining every other tiny notion and brought the truth out from within the dark. ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER MADE BY MAN-KIND. A MUST WATCH MOVIE INDEED! XD
Filming a scene of the Batman (Christian Bale) and Bane (Tom Hardy) fighting on Wall Street on the Dark Knight Rises set in New York City.
My review for DKR: - Much more emphasis was put on Batman in this one, which is a very good thing; Christian Bale was a fantastic Bruce Wayne. Whoever takes the cowl in future movies has a tough act to follow. - Anne Hathaway did a great job of bringing the Catwoman character to life, Tom Hardy was menacing as Bane, and the supporting cast was on the mark as well. - Thanks to the IMAX cameras, the flim has some really beautiful shots, even when it's of things being destroyed. - The story... Very well done. What else could you expect from Chris Nolan? - The movie's inspiring in many ways. It went beyond being a great film and became great art. - The action scenes really have you cheering Batman on. - It just might be the most epic movie ever made. Out of ten stars, it gets an 8.5 from me. And one last note: It just might win "Best Picture."
Tom Hardy (Eames/Bane), Cillian Murphy (Robert Fischer/Scarecrow) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur/John Blake) I don't think you understand what you have started. There is a storm coming. A storm so severe that you all and Christopher Nolan are gonna to wonder how you ever thought you could overload the sensories of fangirls and survive. I kinda wanna watch Inception, then The Dark Knight Rises, THEN American Psycho, then go to sleep. And then wake up in the dead of night, watch the climax of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (where Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Cobra Commander) then go back to sleep. The multiformity of the nightmares I will have will only be equaled by the ferocity of them. Quick trivia: Christian Bale's character in American Psycho was a wealthy Serial Killer named Bateman, and Christopher Nolan's first film was about a thief named Mr. Cobb.
The Dark Knight Rises a stunning conclusion in batman trilogy.The movie is incredibly well made.The movie's score high-lites many of incredible scenes and at times it takes you breath away.The story is very well told and there is enough of Nolan-kind twists. Christian Bale no one can fit in future they reboot the batman series *** sure nobody can perform like christian bale. Tom Hardy as Bane was quite simply, terrifying.His intro is awesome, mind blowing.Marion fulfilled the role of Miranda character twist wow wow unexpected. It also has an amazing music composed by Hans Zimmer! Go See It you won't be disappointed friends!Worth watch THRICE!
My final verdict on the new Dark Knight, I've seen it a few times now and I've decided.I like the second movie best. Now that's not to take away from this movie, it has a lot of strong points, and it's a very well done movie altogether, and it lives up to its hype. A few minor plot issues and a mildly cheesy script are the only things that mar the movie. Under any other circumstances, yeah this would make a movie suck...but somehow or another the acting makes these a lot less noticeable. Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, and probably most standout, Joseph Gordon-Levitt take these problems and use some of the most incredible acting I've seen and make them not even a real part of the movie. Still, Heath Ledger's Joker is probably the greatest cinematic feat I've ever witnessed, and as close as Tom Hardy's Bane comes, he falls short of his predecessor. Now here come all the hipster insults...but for the record, the movie still wins in every way possible in comparison to every other movie in the past ...
Christian Bale always seems to be out-shined by the Supporting Actor in every Batman in my view. 1st Ledger as Joker now Tom Hardy as Bane... Beast movie
Still thinking about the victims in Colorado... However, as far as the movie goes: GREAT ending to a great franchise. The movie was totally not what I expected, and it didn't even feel like either of the other two. Intense, emotionally moving film. Christian Bale delivered the performance of his career (well, maybe matched by "The Fighter"). Gary Oldman did a great job portraying a vulnerable, yet relentless Gordon. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come a LONG way from "3rd Rock on the Sun" to become one of the most talented, respected actors out there, and it shows in this movie. Tom Hardy's Bane was the perfect intimidating, terrifying SOB. Finally, Anne Hathaway silenced my doubts as she OWNED her role. Too bad I only saw it in digital IMAX, where the screen dimension is not quite the same as real IMAX. Well, my birthday's coming up...
The Dark Knight Rises is a monumental piece of film making. The concluding chapter in Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy brings new meaning to the overused term "Epic". What Nolan achieved w/the groundbreaking "The Dark Knight" he manages to take to the next level with his finale. Which is not to say tdkr is necessarily a "better" movie just as its unfair to say tdk was "better" than Batman Begins. All 3 are different chapters in what ultimately is one massive, emotional, inspiring saga. With begins, nolan crafted a near perfect comic book film which elevated to a huge crime drama featuring comic book characters in tdk, tdkr while at times is very comic booky runs more like a war film that features the Batman universe. Christian Bale perhaps for the 1st time in any Batman flick steals the show from his villains with his most emotional, driven performance. The world is filled w/newcomers including Anne Hathaway who is sexy, vicious & intoxicating as the opportunistic Selina Kyle, JGL as officer john blake acts a ...
People are apparently saying that Christian Bale should go to visit the injured kids dressed as Batman... I think he should go as Bruce Wayne. And also Tom Hardy should go... And maybe Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine. Alfred seems like a very sympathetic man. But it would traumatize kids if he were to go as Batman.
So I know I am a little bit late in posting this, but here goes for the Dark Knight Rises. I'd like to start by saying that I will never approve of Christian Bale as Batman, however the rest of the film was done exceptionally well. Although some character backgrounds were a little mixed up and there seems to be an extreme play on the emotional motivation of Bruce Wayne, the film certainly had a darker quality reminiscent of the true Dark Knight. As for the mysterious John Blake character I will give you nothing more or less than you got from the previews; he's a mystery until the end, one in which you will not be disappointed. Although I was slightly off-put by the casting of Anne Hathaway in the role of Catwoman, after seeing the film I have no objections. She played the role well, playing on her femininity and natural beauty without giving the aura of a hooker as a former Catwoman once did. Ask for the character of Bane, it was both well-written and well played. The British actor Tom Hardy was able to a ...
Batman: The Dark Night Knight Rises Christopher Nolan's third and final installment is a must see. The film is well written, well acted, and well directed. Batman has been out of commission for seven years and it takes an attractive jewel thief to pull him out of his hibernation. In the meantime Bane has been sent on a mission to NY City to complete what he believes is Ra's Al Ghul vision for the world. It takes a meddling policeman,who has always admired Bruce Wayne to bring forces together to fight for a common good. Story line is solid, entertaining and re-watchable. Anne Hathaway pulls off the light fantastic and brings Catwoman! to vivid life(making her now my 3rd favorite Catwoman to date)... Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman,and Michael Cane return with a fierce vengeance, the one downfall is Bane.. Tom Hardy does his job and is believable .. but sadly not how I imagined Bane from the pages of the comic,the cartoon series, or even the Joel Schumacher film. It veers from the comics, but not distastefu ...
My take on Dark Knight Rises.Awesome movie overall.good story and twist.Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy held it down.Bane was such a badass and Batman had to pull all the rating A.a must see.very good job as alway Christopher Nolan, your direction never fails to keep me entertained
Really enjoyed 'The Dark Knight Rises'. For an action/superhero film it's right up there with 'Batman Begins' and "The Dark Knight". Actually think it was Christian Bale's best work as the Bruce Wayne character. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was fantastic as well. Be warned if you plan on seeing it. Tom Hardy, who plays the main villian, is VERY difficult to understand.
Batman was amaze!! I loved Tom Hardy, Loved Christian Bale and Anne Hathoway has a mighty fine bum hehe :)
My "Dark Knight Rises" Review : Now I know this will probably get me yelled at by certain Avengers fans but im going to say it: This movie was way better than The Avengers!!! Now that i gave you a minute to absorb the shock of my statement .. Allow me to explain... The Acting was just better .. Christian Bale was just amazing along with Michael Caine , Morgan F., Tom Hardy as "Baine" just gave you the creeps and feel sorry for him at the same time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was just brilliant in this film as was Anne Hathaway... The Storyline was Better : This film takes you in and brings you into this dark cruel universe where good and evil are not so clear cut... But in the end it is saved by the good that suffers enough to change that universe. This was a great movie and I hope others will enjoy it also :)
My Review On "Dark Knight Rises": " The movie was sublime. People might have expected this movie to be an action-packed flick...but the beauty of this movie lies somewhere else...If "Dark Knight" was about the mayhem created by Joker and forcing Batman to break his own rules, then "Dark Knight Rises" is all about getting over your fear.the fear of putting yourself down...the fear of living up to the expectations of people... The movie doesn't needed over the top action sequences... Bruce Wayne- the fall and rise of Bruce Wayne was the ultimate action...How he manages to choose between his loved ones and his responsibilities.Christian Bale is superb. Tom Hardy "Bane"- He has lived the character quite was like watching Massacre Done by a Single Man. Anna Hathaway- Fall in love with Anna Hathaway as how she almost made us frenzy, nd yes she looked sexy in both ways. Joseph Gordon-Lewitt- He proved he was worth of doing a cop role or i say a new role in the making. Mr. Christopher Nolan- Yo ...
The Dark Knight Rises Review. Spoiler Free. Back in the year 2005 a movie calle Batman Begins opened up in Theaters and I attented that midnight showing wondering how this new batman series was going to fall out I enjoyed that flick and of course we all knew in 2008 a Little movie Called The Dark Knight was going to hit theaters and once again I got my Midnight ticket.2012 Hit's Final Batman ever to hit the Big Screen comes out in theaters.My first thought was I need these tix June 11th picked up a few tix and Enjoyed waiting in line for 7 1/2 hours. Let me be the first to say I enjoyed the *** out of this movie it had about 8 Trailers and Yes one of them is Man Of steel (summer 2013) I also enjoyed the fact that Christian Bale acting has improved so much in every batman movie but some might wonder why is he leaving the series where so much of the batman universe can be shown on the screen. Bane is a fantastic bad guy Tom Hardy plays him pefectl people complain that you cannot hear him but yes he sounds ...
watched Christopher Nolan's THE Dark Knight Rises (in glorious 70mm IMAX) last night. BEST MOVIE OF 2012 SO FAR. Never have I witnessed a modern spectacle this brilliant & emotionally resonant. The grandeur of Nolan's epic socio-political drama is one of both scope & characterization brilliantly driven by Christian Bale, Joe Levitt, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman & the utterly frightening monster that is Tom Hardy in this movie. A Best Picture Nomination has never been more deserving. Mr. Nolan, you have once again floored me. 10/10.
I've tossed & turned & barely slept. But when I did sleep, I had once nice dream about Tom Hardy & several nightmares about Christian Bale.
The Dark Knight Rises. what would i say?. i cant find an adjective to describe... the first ever movie that has given me feelings that i cant express... it just carried me away right from the start... who takes the credit? is it Christopher Nolan? or is it Christian Bale? or the monster terrorist Bane (Tom Hardy)? he is monstrous... its not just the rise of the Dark Knight... its the rise of fan club to Nolan, i would like to put... the word awesome is just enough to describe... watch it n feel it...
Now that I've had time to process the truly EPIC "The Dark Knight Rises", I can now be more specific in what I love about the film: Gorgeous cinematography; a thundering soundtrack that never let's you relax for too long; cooler Batman toys (The Bat!) and an outstanding cast all-around. Christian Bale IS Batman IMHO. You see him rise and fall and rise again and you're with him every step of the way. It'll be huge shoes to fill for whoever plays Batman next. Alfred is the emotional heart and almost made me cry at some points. I love all the newcomers, especially Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Bane. Though not as charismatic and fascinating as Heath Ledger's Joker, I was surprised how much I liked Bane. He has this great presence, a hypnotizing voice (that's sometimes hard to understand so pay attention), insane strength, and, most importantly, intelligence. He's an equal match for Batman in many ways. Tom Hardy rules! Finally, the last five minutes of this movie are the most satisfying of any superhero m ...
In this sad world, in times of war, global instability, and a trying US economy a few thousand people across the country got together to see a movie. To be entertained and leave this crazy world behind for a couple of hours. Until some heartless coward took the lives and happiness of so many for his own selfish reasons. My heart goes out to Aurora and the rest of those out west affected. PS. In a perfect world they would let Christian Bale & Tom Hardy put their "gear" back on and bludgeon Mr. Holmes to death.
Nolan ... The king rocks with The Dark Knight Rises ... Unbelievable performances by Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Marion Cottilard, Morgan Freeman and of course the gorgeous Anne Hathaway ... Hats off Mr. Nolan ... What a great finish to a great trilogy ... The film is a one of a kind batman movie where the character Bruce Wayne is brought out in such great force ... Top class ... Out of the world ... Need to see it in IMAX !
Wow... Um... Not sure what to say after that... DO NOT EXPECT TDKR TO BE ANYTHING LIKE TDK (and, for the love of all that is holy, don't compare Bane to The Joker... They are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VILLAINS). A much better comparison is Gangs of New York. That all being said, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD BATMAN JESUS! Arguably the best ending I think I've ever seen in a film (I cried the final 5 minutes + most of the credits). Are there a few errors? Yes. Does it have cheese? Absolutely (BUT, unlike TDK or Batman Begins, IT WORKS PERFECTLY HERE). In terms of performances, Michael Caine absolutely steals the show as Alfred (each time he was on screen I teared up), though Christian Bale and Tom Hardy give Award-worthy performances (Hardy's got an uphill battle cause the mask, but he elevates Bane to Vader status. Yes, Bane is as good a bad guy as Vader.). If this isn't even nominated for Best Picture, no comic book film EVER WILL.
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Dark Knight Rises midnight showing tonight! Gonna say "Dickens" every time something is similar to "A Tale of Two Cities". Can't wait to see Christian Bale, JGL, Tom Hardy, Marion Cottiard, Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine kick some *** Less enthused about Anne Hatheway's overacting. but Christopher Nolan is just too cool.
Ofcourse it's masterful filmmaking. It's directed by Chris Nolan and stars Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy
Costume design A digitally-mapped model of Tom Hardy's face and skull was used to design and construct Bane's mask. Costume designer Lindy Hemming explained that Bane uses a mask to inhale an analgesic gas, which, in director Christopher Nolan words, "keeps his pain just below the threshold so he can function."[95][96] Costume effects supervisor Graham Churchyard created a three-dimensional model of actor Tom Hardy's face and skull to design the mask, allowing the mask to perfectly conform to the contours of Hardy's face.[11] Hemming personally designed Bane's coat, which she admitted took two years to complete. Taking inspiration from a Swedish army jacket and a frock coat from the French Revolution, it was designed to make Bane look like equal parts dictatorial and revolutionary, "like an amalgam of all sorts of bits and pieces he cobbled together, as he passed through some very remote places".[11] The design was difficult as Hemming struggled to find a tailor in Los Angeles who could work with shearlin ...
'The Dark Knight Rises', Christopher Nolan brings his Batman trilogy to a close, with Christian Bale still good as Batman and Bruce Wayne. He's been out of action but a burglar (Anne Hathaway) gets him back in the game, just as villain Bane (Tom Hardy) comes to Gotham, bent on destorying it. Not as ...
Dark Knight Rises was AWESOME! no one can ever make another Batman movie unless Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale are behind it. Tom Hardy was sooo good in it!!
Christopher Nolan is English. Christian Bale is English. Michael Caine is English. Gary Oldman is English. Liam Neeson is Irish. Cilian Murphy is Irish. Tom Hardy is English. Juno Temple is English. Marion Cottilard is French and Heath Ledger was Australian. My dear Americans, do you understand now what had to be done to make this Batman series work?
Christopher Nolan,Christian Bale...&Tom Hardy is playing Bane...I saw his role in Charlie Bronson. Knight is going to be spectacular.
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It's your last day to see the actual costumes worn by Christian Bale & Tom Hardy in up close at hmv Oxford Circus!
Been waiting for 'Batman' since last year, and after seeing 'Spiderman' might just steal the show, Christian Bale & Tom Hardy need to deliver!
After Skyfall, Daniel Craig will be done with the shaken Martinis, as Bond at least. Rumored to replace: Christian Bale, Jon Hamm, Guy Pearce, Michael Fassbender, & Tom Hardy. There's a clear answer to this in my mind, and if paired with right director could be best Bond yet. discuss
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