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Tom Hardy

Edward Thomas Tom Hardy (born 15 September 1977) is an English actor.

Cillian Murphy Steven Knight James Bond Christopher Nolan Heath Ledger Michael Fassbender Chris Pine James Delaney Logan Marshall Green Harry Styles Stephen Graham Idris Elba Charlotte Riley Adrien Brody Peaky Blinders Charlie Hunnam

I mean Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles, Tom Hardy and Aneurin Barnard in one film... yeah pretty sure I had a dream like that once.
Charlie Hunnam's agent pushing him for the Bond job after it appears Craig has lost interest in the role. Tom Hardy still for Bond
Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Garrett Hedlund and James Franco were to play Ben in this film
Who will be the next James Bond? Latest odds on candidates including Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender and Aidan ... -…
Taboo is a GREAT show. I love Tom Hardy, Oona Chaplin, David Hayman, Stephen Graham, Tom Hollander, and of course Jonathan Pryce.
Just when I thought I was starting to be able to recognize Tom Hardy, Logan Marshall-Green shows up.
I thought Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall Green were the same person for a long time
Lol Logan Marshall Green is the best low rent Tom Hardy
Just gonna pretend I can't see Tom Hardy's shoes.
It COULD NOT be more obvious from minute one of this movie that Logan Marshall-Green is toast. If you don't bother to hire Tom Hardy...
YES it's truly GLORIOUS especially Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory
Here's the harrowing trailer for starring Tom Hardy, & Cillian Murphy.
Tom Hardy and Christian Bale on the set of The Dark Knight Rises (2012).
Kate Winslet – Tom Hardy and are tipped to play Sergeant Blackman
Very sorry to announce that Hardy will be the first Tom to be blacklisted from House of Toms.
I apologise for not being Tom Hardy but I am reading a bedtime story 'The Bear Who Went Boo!' tonight on at…
... This is the third time Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy have worked together.
"If the stars align, there will be two other films." George Miller still wants to make sequels:
Also, bless the people responsible for Tom Hardy + cuddling with puppies on my dash. I am forever grateful.
Woman who insists SHE - not Tom Hardy and be a man and admit I nabbed moped thief. via
Reports of how Tom Hardy raced through gardens to catch a moped thief have been thrown into doubt after a woman ...
I thought I'd inform everyone, I had a lovely dream with/about Tom Hardy! 😍
I love Jason Statham so much. Also Mark Wahlberg and Tom Hardy just saying
Want some Tom Hardy on your newsfeed Ruth?
Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman and David Tennant back mental health campaign via
Taboo is such a weird show, and I kinda like it because of that. and Tom Hardy
Naysayers be damned! Tom Hardy's Taboo is a work of Wicker Man genius.
other action stars merely adopted the bad-assery. Tom Hardy was born in it, molded by it via
of us will experience mental health issues. It's OK to ask for help. We've joined up with Tom Hardy to fight stigma and…
I just want to be big like tom hardy
7 days quiz: How did Tom Hardy prove himself a good citizen?
Still can't decide on who to use Tom Hardy as FC for.
I don't think I can really watch popular film anymore while these deadpan people still get roles:. Jessica Chastain. Zoey Saldana. Tom Hardy
Motorcycle thieves beware: Tom Hardy will track you down himself! 🏍💨
Female moped theft rises 1500% in hope that will pin them to the floor
'Tom Hardy DIDN'T arrest 'moped thief', I did' claims woman after actor hailed a real-life hero…
- sweet, we've set Bane on the 'ped thieves!
can I just say that Tom Hardy is a soft daddy™
Tom Hardy finally has his superhero story!!
TBH I love this show more than anything else besides The Avatar and Power plus Tom Hardy is in it.
Taboo (Mini-series with a chance to follow-up season) - 3 out of 4. Creator: Tom Hardy, Chips Hardy, Steven Knight.
Like the MMA movie with Tom Hardy in it?
You ain't seen Tom Hardy in that movie?
Working out so i can one day be as fit and brave as Tom Hardy.
"My loyalty to my brother is how i measure myself" - Tom Hardy…
Behind the scene with Tom Hardy's incredible shot of Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Never forget Tom Hardy has Drew McWeeney's pelt on his wall
Sure, Chris Evans is going to read a CBeebies bedtime story but will his be as hotly anticipated as 3-peat-er Tom H…
I'm really considering doing the Tom Hardy workout plan from Warrior.
New post (Tom Hardy chased thief through London) has been published on Urban -
Tom Hardy goes into 'superhero mode' and 'chases down moped thief' in London
I would like to scream for a million years about infant tom hardy and ben whishaw bot…
Film star Tom Hardy has reportedly chased after and stopped a thief in south-west London. Have you ever been a have…
Tom Hardy turns real-life hardman as he tackles thief to the ground in London.
Tom Hardy goes 'into superhero mode' as he chased thief through London
There's only one celebrity who I want to choke me..well Bey with her music and me crying hysterically but Tom mother fing Hardy
Logan Marshall Green . Is he a Tom Hardy look a like?
Tom Hardy to be next James Bond? Fans pick Taboo actor to replace Daniel Craig in upcoming Bond 25 movie…
Watching Oliver Twist (BBC 2007) with Timothy Spall as Fagin and Tom Hardy as Bill Sykes to be better equipped
Somebody please cast Logan Marshall Green and Tom Hardy in a movie together so we can all be confused
Logan Marshall Green is a pretty good actor so I assume him not being more famous is precisely because he looks like Tom Hardy.
There came a point in their careers where Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall Green decided which one would be skinny, rig…
Note: it's just the hay fever, I don't now look like Tom Hardy, unfortunately...
Can we just take a minute to appreciate that Cillian Murphy , Tom Hardy , Aidan Gillen and Adrien Brody will all be on
LAYER CAKE is an underrated caper flick ft. babyfaced Tom Hardy & Ben Whishaw that was clearly part of Daniel Craig's audition reel for Bond
In real life, Tom Hardy. In MMN life AND real life - Ben Foster
To my knowledge Tom Hardy and Ben Kingslee both grew up well of yet they played probably the best working class screen gang…
I say that Tom Hardy is a 1000 times better looking than Chris Pine, & he laughs at me. K.
Chris Evans:. -best Captain America. -the biggest sweetheart. -hate that he supports Tom Hardy. -love that he speaks out against Trump. -I ❤ HIM
Yes! It's not Tom Hardy or Chris Pine unfortunately! Or any of the tattoo fixers! Lol
Inception Trivia: 'darling' isn't in the script. Tom Hardy's ad-lib to make Eames ambiguously camp, I like to think.
Steven Knight agreed to write Taboo if Tom Hardy agreed to star in Locke (2013).
A bit cheesy for a gangster film, but Tom Hardy delivered incredible dual performance. Emily Browning is so lovely in this.
Tom Hardy's Bane was a better performance than Heath Ledger's Joker.
«The Bogart & Bacall of the British film industry.». Helen McCrory on Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy
Somebody give me a Marvel movie villain better than Heath Ledger's Joker or Tom Hardy's Bane
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Tom Hardy advertising Sky Mobile 😍. Maybe could just play this advertisement every time!? 😉
📝 | Harry talking about the 'Sign of the Times' cover and about Tom Hardy on Most Requested Live.
Every line said by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises is a quote.
Probably in the minority but for me Tom Hardy plays a better villain than Heath Ledger did.
Where the *** can I watch this taboo show with tom hardy
lol maaan. idk still. I'd probably skew more toward Tom Hardy
So far no date has been set for the second season of the drama, with Knight warning that the eight-episode nature...
When you find crazy Fassbender's stans in Tom Hardy's fandom. 😫
I really wish Tom Hardy didn't do these Sky adverts
10 times we fell hard for Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders is just perfection I can't EVEN
Pablo Larraín + Tom Hardy. The duo are teaming up for post-9/11 drama "The True American"
I was reading an article, Hugh Jackson said he'd pic Tom Hardy to be the next Wolverine. Hugh is still…
Forgot how much I loved Lawless. Such an awesome film ((plus Tom Hardy is so incredibly gorgeous in it 😍))
Tom Hardy will direct a film about Islamophobia in post-9/11 America.
ICYMI: Christopher Nolan wants you to know that is "not a war film"
Transforming Stroman's horrific and mortal act of post 9/11 for the big screen: fascinating prospect
I think Tom Hardy (Shinzon from Star Trek: Nemesis) would make a great Master. See him in Wuthering Heights.
Check out our latest work for by WCRS, featuring Tom Hardy! Directed by the wonderful John Hillcoat from
guys i think i'm falling in love with Tom Hardy
If you like action and car scenes this is one of the best. Its the newer updated version with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron
Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon. What more could you want?
"It stars Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, and Reese Witherspoon, what's not to love?"
Brilliant texture effects in this Tom Hardy portrait by official TAP artist | .
someone give Tom Hardy an Oscar for existing
Pablo Larraín will direct Tom Hardy in the post-9/11 drama 'The True American'
I know your a very busy man, I wanted to maybe arrange something with you for next year, my mate her dream is to meet you..!!
Three things to love about this photo in no particular order. 1) Tom Hardy. 2) That Shearling Jacket. 3) Five Guys http…
I need to keep watching Taboo. Tom Hardy is SO amazing
Steven Spielberg, Tom Hardy, and Helena Bonham Carter are just some of the names that have set foot in Birmingham.…
What was it like meeting Tom Hardy & Cillian Murphy for the first time?
Ur like Tom hardy in warrior in and out job done
Tom Hardy talks about sex while departing at LAX Airport in Los Angeles via
I'm not entirely convinced Tom Hardy didn't just come round to service the boiler
Tom Hardy's love of dogs is the only thing that matters
Tom Hardy drama about Islamophobia in the post-9/11 era finds director
Tom Hardy and the sugar cubes advert... Id play with his sugar cubes all day long.. .
Tom Hardy is even sick in the sky mobile adverts
If you ever get chance, watch a BBC 8 part drama called Taboo (with Tom Hardy). Best thing I've seen BB…
Tom Hardy is the Country Mac version of Jon Richardson.
Tom Hardy is a unique actor, I can't compare to any other. Could you imagine Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks or DiCaprio reading stories on kids TV?
Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley are new to series 2, Riley being a love interest of Thomas Shelby,Hardy and Riley have been married since 2014
New 'Dunkirk' footage reveals Tom Hardy in serious peril (but no Harry Styles)
Tom Hardy (Alfie Solomons) and Charlotte Riley (May Carleton) are married in real life. Their first child turned 1 in October 2016.
"...with Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley returning, we couldn’t have hoped for more.” Erm well actually ...…
Hollywood star Tom Hardy posts video message in support of MMA prospect – Bloody Elbow
Tom Hardy made his screen debut in the Second World War television miniseries Band of Brothers in 2001,
We'd love to see Tom Hardy crack open these 7 books, too!
Tom Hardy was as adorable as ever in his latest CBeebies Bedtime Story
Oh my, swoon. Catch him on his TV show Taboo. Tom Hardy, never stop reading us bedtime stories via
perfect relaxing Saturday night at home 😀 and now ... yup, it's Tom Hardy o'clock 😜
Please can Tom Hardy present everything on CBeebies? He's ace.
Man I want Tom Hardy or somebody to be Venom
Tom Hardy's Mother's Day CBeebies Bedtime Story was as dreamy as ever
Tom Hardy reading bed time stories to children is literally the best thing ever! ❤
Krays/Tom Hardy canvas is on offer this week on my website They will return to full price soon…
Tom Hardy, Idris Elba and Guy Pearce were all considered for roles in this film. Hardy 's part went to Mark Strong
Tom Hardy reading a bedtime story again totally made
We'll just leave this here... night night, don't let the bed bugs bite... 😴.
Tom Hardy breaks the internet again;-) via
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Bronson still a brilliant movie one of tom hardy's best films he's done
Nothing says Mother's Day like my sister continuously shh-ing her children during Tom Hardy's bedtime story.
I think my daughter prefers Tom Hardy as Bane rather than a storyteller on CBeebies Bedtime Story 😴
I wish Tom Hardy would read a story to me. So sexy
Who do you think would be the best. recasting for w... — idk man tom hardy maybe but i don't want anyone else
can we please have Tom Hardy read the bedtime story every night? There's just something about the way he t…
Fully expected Tom Hardy to finish that story, feed his dog, head out into the rainy streets and kick that bear's head in
To all you followers who also want Tom Hardy to be the permanent bedtime story teller, here's a little…
Mums sat watching CBeebies on her own so she can see Tom Hardy read a bed time story, sorry what
Four generations settled down to watch Tom Hardy on 💕💕 A Mother's Day treat 😍
Gary Barlow IS in Episode 8 - but he's NOT a Stormtrooper. So who is he?
Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult and Zoe Kravitz at the Mad Max Premiere in Cannes
Tom Hardy causes meltdown on CBeebies Bedtime Stories with a VERY naughty tale
The Last Jedi will feature a cameo from Gary Barlow. . *** WHY? FFS. That's that ruined…
Tom Hardy reads another bedtime story, breaks the internet again
Incredibly lucky woman was invited backstage by Tom Hardy to talk about dogs
Adrien Brody's joining Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy in series 4
High Plains Drifter and I would cast Tom Hardy as the lead.
Looks like Adrien Brody will have scenes with Tom Hardy (📷 adrienbrody's photo )
no way?! Did you meet Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy?!
If it were up to me, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba would be in every movie and TV show with Wesley Snipes playing everyone else.
If James Delaney (played by Tom Hardy) in Taboo was a happier man, he'd look like this picture of
Tom Hardy's James Delaney is refreshing because he's an anti-hero who wasn't turned dark by the murder of his wife and children
can every Harry Styles fan on Tumblr stop shoving Nolan & Tom Hardy's incoherent mumbling *** down my throat.. I did not follow you for that
Tom Hardy, Justin Lin movies join the Netflix Originals line-up.
Tom Hardy is going back to war. Following Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk," he's set to star in "War Party":…
Actually a concept of art: Tom Hardy as James Delaney 🎩
same! Not a single bad movie from Nolan so far, seen everything + I love Tom Hardy, such a charismatic actor
Tom Hardy as Jaws in a Christopher Nolan James Bond film! Let's make this happen!
Watching Taboo co-creator Tom Hardy play the role of James Delaney has only reinforced my conviction that he is a cheerful soul at heart.
I liked a video from Dunkirk Official Trailer (2017) Christopher Nolan, Tom Hardy
Heath Ledger would have been awesome. Tom Hardy fits the bill, too. Female lead paladin would be Kristen Ritter.
Yay! Tom Hardy's next Bedtime read is 'There's A Bear on My Chair' by Ross Collins, shortlisted for thi…
First book news of the day. Tom Hardy to read There's A Bear on My Chair by Ross Collins on CBeebies Great news…
Star Trek Nemesis: Not one of the stronger TNG cast movies, but Tom Hardy plays a young Patrick Stewart clone.
Tom Hardy's on more than Justin these days. will be buying him a spotty bag before long
This is the amazing thing that Tom Hardy is doing for ALL mums this .
Gonna try and cause a vaginal paradox in Gem tonight by making her watch Star Trek Nemesis. On one hand, Tom Hardy. On the other, bad Trek.
Tom Hardy watched Tom Berenger in Platoon for inspiration for his role in this film.
When does Taboo season 2 start? BBC release date, cast, and more on Tom Hardy series
what about Tom Hardy? Worried about the accent?. Idris Elba could do an older black version
Tom Hardy series Taboo is officially returning for a second season
BBC One and FX's TABOO drama renewed for Season 2; Tom Hardy to return
Ok, David Lynch directs Tom Hardy in the titular role with Jena Malone as the creator/lover/villain and soundtrack…
Tom Hardy had been considered for the role of John Connolly, but dropped out and was replaced by Joel Edgerton.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tom Hardy is getting a second season for Taboo Great news - loved series 1.
Tom Hardy is officially getting a second season for Taboo
Tom Hardy on Whether or Not He’s in Contention to Play James Bond: ‘If I Mention It, It’s Gone’…
Taboo season 2: BBC confirms Tom Hardy series will return for a second run Watch this.
I want to be in a Daniel Cleaver Mark Darcy sandwich. And then Tom Hardy can come and cuddle me. Hmmm, maybe I should move to England.
Watching absolutely brilliant! Acting is incredible! Love a period drama and Tom Hardy is 😍even if he does look filthy dirty
OK why are we not talking about Dunkirk?? Christopher Nolan is directing it w Tom Hardy, Harry Styles & Cillian Murphy ITS GOING TO BE GOLD
on the real tho s/o to nolan for constantly putting all my fav white actors in the same film Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy (also Leo)
its good, very 'steam-punky'.. Check out a shoe called "Peaky Blinders" with Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill too 😊👍
Oh come on! No Bane(Tom Hardy) in this list. I think you forgot about Hardy's performance in The Dark Knight Rises.
Crossed with a touch of Tom Hardy as Ron Kray in Legend
Steven Knight's Locke is the perfect movie on account of it's 84 consistent minutes of ambient nighttime driving & Tom Hardy.
Re-watching The Dark Knight Rises, and even as Bane, Tom Hardy is sexy af 🔥
Tom Hardy. The Dark Knight Rises; 2012. Oh you think darkness is your ally
Last week on BBC1 we had Tom Hardy in Taboo. This week it's Mrs Brown's Boys. I blame Brexit.   10% Off
star Tom Hardy and the show's co-creator Steven Knight talk the bloody finale:
Now I don't like to be controversial, but on CBeebies Bedtime Stories, James McAvoy > Tom Hardy..
Heath Ledger in Dark Knight is two. Tom Hardy in The Revenant is three
I'm conflicted bc I didn't totally "get it" but I love Tom Hardy - even One Note Tom Hardy - yet the finale was pure satisfaction.
I could not get past the 2nd ep. Also I think Tom Hardy’s character was based on something I found in a 100 year old newspaper
Honestly can't see anyone else in the role. People say Tom Hardy but I personally don't see it.
Incredible stuff. Keep eye out for Tom Hardy, Mike Fassbender, few others.
bc of course Tom Hardy is my boyfriend. also it must have been airing on FX because during a breakTHERE HE WAS on a commercial for Taboo
For Tom Hardy's legions of fans: Sunday 5th March at 22.00 on BBC2 - he appears in "London Road" - a musical!
And the award for "best walk" in a made for television mini series goes to.Tom Hardy, Taboo.
A pic from my period piece that could have had more nudity and blood (and Tom Hardy).
Hellz 2 the Yes . Best show on TV just now ( ) will have a season 2.
I really hope that there will be a season two of Such a great show. Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott make a great team.
BInge watching .Such an awesome show. Tom Hardy at his best!
I feel ya on the Tom Hardy part though! 😍
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Chrissy Teigen, Tom Hardy & shot this is hard... hm. Casey from The Mindy Project 😑
I like Fury Road for the story, aesthetic and societal commentary also Tom hardy covered in dirt and blood in a muzzle unga dunga
Evening abs and chest session with Tom Hardy. Nahhh... just kidding he's cuter than Tom.…
I saw one pic of Tom hardy and now I'm in tom hardy *** I want him to * my *
The season and perhaps series finale of was awesome. Tom Hardy 🐐
Update: suggested an MMA movie staring Tom Hardy and she's all about it!😂😂
Taboo features Tom Hardy blackmailing 'between friends' a man who is in love with him... the headcanon angst burns. Halp.
I like it. East India Co, Empire, early USA and Tom Hardy...what's not to like?
Just watched the finale of . Loved it. Really cleverly plotted. Great achievement by Tom Hardy
it disturbs me so much that leo dicaprio is taller than tom hardy like *** tom hardy looks HUGE ?
1945. Director with Tom Hardy on the set of "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015).
A girl at my bar called me Tom Hardy today and I can't even begin to tell you how good that made me feel.
he better do some tom hardy type bane gym training if he does. He'll ne a silverback physique for that role
Now that they're making an Inhumans TV show I have to give up my dream of seeing Tom Hardy be Black Bolt. 😭😭😭
I could understand him better than Tom Hardy's Bane. :)
So...Tom Hardy as the new wolverine? 🤔 I wouldn't mind spending money to see that.
what is Tom Hardy's best film performance
red carpet debut with Tom Hardy... 👀🤣
Catching up on Taboo & if Tom Hardy ever told me "I will be with you and you will know it" I could literally conquer anything that faced me.
About to finish Tom Hardy's new series 📺
I will sacrifice my future children if it means Christopher Nolan will direct Tom Hardy in a James Bond movie
remember when we used to just play Tom Hardy dubsmash and this video over and over again
if you try to do that, we shall be mortal enemies for life. Like Tom Hardy and Chris Pine for the bulk of This Means War
Hey & I would be so very grateful if y'all did a series of dubsmash vids à la Tom Hardy https…
Ryan tried to say that Tom Hardy is an oaf... I think we need to have a talk with him 😂
Tom Hardy's James Delaney is one of the most intriguing characters I've seen. Jury's still out on whether he's redeemable.
I would give an arm and a leg for a CONSTANTINE movie, directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Tom Hardy or Dan Steven…
and if they're gonna recast Wolverine, let it be Tom Hardy or Manu Bennett
Wrong?! What have Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Alexander Skarsgard and Chris Pine got that I haven't?! Xx
Tom Hardy in was one of the best roles I've ever seen plz let there be a Season 2. One *** of a show. Hands down my favorite actor
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Here's your answer about Rob Parker meeting Tom Hardy, also featured on pod
Tom Hardy, Casey Affleck, And Priyanka Chopra speak up for dogs in new star-studded video.
I'm way behind my tv schedule. I blame a certain Tom Hardy for suddenly appearing on my screen a couple of weeks ago. 😁
I just need Tom Hardy and Charlie Hunnam in my life they will never let me down
Tom Hardy/ Tom Hiddleston/ Idris Alba/ James Norton and much more are being said to be the next James Bond as...
What's Tom Hardy doing over there behind him?
When is Tom Hardy next on CBeebies Bedtime Stories, what book will he be reading and which other celebrities have …
Michael Fassbender is my candidate for TB12 -- Bill Paxton as Bill Belichick and Tom Hardy as Edelman but Wahlberg…
Think my dad has a man crush on Tom hardy
talking time, technology and Tom Hardy with (inc. disposable photos from the band) ☀️.
Day 2 of looking like Rocky from Mask. Between the insect bite & the extreme humidity rash ... Tom Hardy would want me soo badly right now
Tom Hardy's still available day or night on 👇 . . 😏
"Tom Hardy is ugly!! Why is he on the Magazine cover instead of Harry???". A. You're dumb. B. Fight me
Oh man, Tom Hardy is killing it in Taboo. Great actor
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We spoke to Tom Hardy about his series & what it's like working with his dad. See here:…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
There's going to be someone stood to the right of Tom Hardy and Fionn on the Dunkirk cover. Who's it gonna…
Tom hardy do all.he is speaking twi in the. # taboo series. dat guy is just too much
you can always think of Tom Hardy squatting?! Surely a smile will appear on your face!
I want to see her in a movie with isabelle huppert and tom hardy and rooney mara
Loving . I could watch Tom Hardy do his Tom Hardy-ing around all day.
Tom Hardy's bedtime story was a huge hit on CBeebies - and not just with the kids
Whilst at the filming of Top Gear yesterday rumours of Tom Hardy appearing in the Star in a reasonably fast car. Ha…
me: hi. loise: GOOD WILL HUNTING IS THE BEST MOVIE IN EXISTENCE. leonardo dicaprio deserved his oscar. shrek is my daddy…
Love historical gritty concept of this series and Tom Hardy as an actor, but finding it ponderous and too…
I almost forgot Tom Hardy is in Dunkirk, I'm excited
Listen, all I want for my birthday is Tom Hardy.
I agree Tom Hardy is like 5'9 Christan bale is like 6'1 but Bane looked much bigger than Batman.
There previews from cover so far have been of Fionn Whitehead and Tom Hardy.
Having Oona Chaplin play Tom Hardy's sister on may have been the biggest miscasting of the year
Tom Hardy's Taboo: series one so far in pictures via
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tom Hardy and Stephen Graham. Finest british actors of my generation. Fact.
If you sold the TV/film rights of your books who would you like to play Robert I'm thinking Tom Hardy
Mahershala Ali is venturing to Triple Frontier with Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy - A.V. Cl…
Tom Hardy from FX's Taboo - pen and ink style - on an IpadPro using an Apple Pencil - apps…
Lawless is on tonight. Looks like I'll be watching that. January and February have been Tom Hardy months.
I love they way in Stephen Graham and Tom Hollander they've got a cast that makes Tom Hardy look taller
Have you heard Tom Hardy's accent in Taboo? It's Papa Lazarou!
Tom Hardy reminds me of Papa Lazarou in
When will the lord give us a buddy cop movie w/ Jon Bernthal & Tom Hardy where they go out to rescue dogs & argue abt w…
Sneaky fave part of “Logan”: Boyd Holbrook playing Tom Hardy as Val Kilmer in “Tombstone.” The rest of the movie is good too!
Peaky Blinders: Everything we know about season 4 as Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy return via
PRETEND you're Hollywood star Tom Hardy by putting on all your grandad's coats and mumbling at men in hats.
I really hope this rumor about Tom Hardy slapping John Boyega's *** in Star Wars VIII is true. The rest sounds bad
In a perfect world I would be married to Bradly Cooper maybe Tom Hardy ,but yeah it's not a perfect world 💔
Strangely I've thought of it. Either Robert Carlyle or Tom Hardy. There's a compliment and kick in the balls in there somewhere
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Tom Hardy is this generation Robert DeNiro. He can definitely lose himself into a role.
Mothers tune in to CBeebies for Tom Hardy's return via as if we would 😇
,Jamie Dornan, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, (really love Ryan) , and I think that's it!!
can someone send me Chris Evans and Tom Hardy for Valentine's Day?
Tom Hardy for sure has herpes and I mean that as a compliment.
Get tucked up with Tom Hardy in an hour
I've a feeling you'll not be the only one to be watching Mr Tom Hardy read tonight 😁x
Cwtched up in the warm prepping myself for Tom Hardy to read the CBeebies bedtime story. Life of a single mother on V Day 😂💙🙈 x
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