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Tom Hanks

Thomas Jeffrey Tom Hanks (born July 9, 1956) is an American actor, producer, writer, and director.

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They have Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson. Maybe Tom Hanks will play Berry Gordy in the next Motown movie.
I think my dream man is a combination of Tom Hanks and Aziz Ansari
Victor Sullivan will be played by Tom Hanks as Captain Sully Sullenburger.
The sound design in The 'burbs (1989) when Tom Hanks is eating the sardine is pure genius. I love it.
Philadelphia. Great movie, great performances from Tom Hanks & Denzel Washington. Moving story. 8/10
This guy looks like John C Riley and Tom Hanks had a baby. Lmao.
He appeared as General Zia-ul-Haq in Charlie Wilson's War , which stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts .
Tom hanks will have you in that Jam😂
Watching Inferno. Poor Tom Hanks. He's wearing this half panicked, "I'm an Oscar winner, get me outta here!" look.
hey do you guys remember that meme i think about Tom Hanks, but his full name was like napkins something?
Sally Field who plays Tom Hanks' mother in 'Forrest Gump' is only 10 years older than him in real life.
I didn't know the caps drafted Tom Hanks
Uncle Tom took me on some wild childhood adventures
When you realize tom hanks has been acting in all of your favourite documentary films
is that the one with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
Natalie feeling baby kicks just before her introduction from Tom Hanks is probably the cutest thing ever. 💓
Ryan Gosling pays tribute to Debbie Reynolds at the Palm Springs Gala: "Her work is an inspiration" ht…
*conversation about Forrest Gump* . *conversation changes to snoop dog*. my coworker: wait I thought tom hanks was Forrest, was it snoop?. 😭😭
Is Sputnik Sin Claire still up for best forgery of a green card? You remember she played opposite to Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks has already been cast to star as the captain in the biopic
Tom Hanks movie inferno is demonic af It scared me but not like in a monsters and ghosts kind of way like a religious real world kind of way
The Green Mile with Tom Hanks is seriously so sad if you watch it. But 10/10 would recommend.
Wish me luck tonight where I am going to try to go meet Tom Hanks I'm super excited. Wish me luck I hope I get to meet
You're just mad you'll never be loved like Tom Hanks. Who's got more talent, better looking & has WAY more $.
Do you think Tom Hanks ever holds down the shift key too long and types out "THanks" and then giggles to himself?
Tom Hanks is more adorable than Leonardo DiCaprio.😂
Still think it'd be pretty cool to see Tom Hanks on an episode
In Maachis, Om Puri played role of a Hindu militant fighting shoulder to shoulder with other Punjabi militants in 8…
Made into an absolutely terrible made for TV movie adaptation starring none other than Tom Hanks. Got his low point done early.
My wife just invented a cocktail that's just a shot of pure vanilla extract and it's called the Tom Hanks.
(2) Tom hanks was brilliant. The writing was brilliant. It was appropriately funny and appropriately emotional.
Emma Watson and Tom Hanks are filming for The Circle at my sister's school what
why do you use that gif of Kenan Thompson a lot — Watch Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks & you'll find t...
I just made my resolution for 2017:. Be more like Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks in 'Sully' looks exactly like his character in 'Polar Express'
and we both have something in common. We are big tom hanks fans 😏
Joe vs. The Volcano is one of my all time favs of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan combos.
A magical unicorn flies out of Tom Hanks' *** Unlikely idea has people talking.
tom hanks ranks yanks for his spank banks. pls RT
Also I've watched Sully and Cpt Phillips like 5 times each this break. Love me some Tom Hanks travel drama
Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield or Tom Hanks? Here's who we think could win Best Actor at the Oscars this year.
Is it just me .. Or do young Bill Murray and Tom Hanks look alike? ..
Still can't believe my uncle is nominated for an Oscar amongst Denzel,Ryan Gosling&Tom Hanks .
Tom Hanks doing Cary Grant voice in Sleepless in Seattle: "Hi Dyan, want to come up and look at my swatches!" Classic.
My dad is the missing link between Tom Hanks and Bill Murray.
Tom Hanks introduces Natalie Portman at Palm Springs International Film Festival calling her unknowable and authen…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Dustin Hoffman, Patrick Swayze, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams, Tom Hanks. William Defoe I could go on
Daniel nailed role of John Proctor in Crucible. Tom Hanks, another great one;often reminds me of J.Stewart.
Watching Bridge of Spies today. Crazy performance from Mark Rylance and Tom Hanks with Expert cinematography 🎬
Need to stick Jane Fonda into the vaults alongside Tom Hanks, Bob Dylan, Paul Weller and Neil Diamond 👌😍
Someone cover JK Rowling, Whoopi, Beyonce, J-Law, Tom Hanks, Stephen Fry/King/Spielberg, and all 6 of the Friends in bubble wrap please?
Sometimes I really want Harry to star in a movie with Tom Hanks, but then I remember that this (allegedly) happened 😂…
Also form a protective shield around JK Rowling, Woody Harrelson, Bruce Campbell, Bill Murray and Tom Hanks! Get to it people!
FairPlay Tom Hanks can play literally any character in a movie and still make it amazing
Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan reunite on screen for indie flick Ithaca
Elizabeth Perkins is so good at quietly distancing her hug from Tom Hanks when he tells her he’s 13.
Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks is such a good film 👌🏻
Uselton family tradition: remains the worst at identifying celebs, just confused Harland Williams & Tom Hanks.
never ceases to put a smile on my face and a tissue in my hand. Goodness gracious. Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks forever.
Tom Hanks may not opt to act in this one but he could surely produce and direct it.
I always forget that Tom Hanks' teenage best friend in Big is played by Cyndi Lauper.
Tom Hanks was such a handsome young fella in this movie 🙂😍
Mom and I are talking about sexiest guys: 1. Ryan Reynolds, 2. Robert Downey. 3. Tom hanks
Okay. But Tom Hanks young is hot af
"That guy looks like a Jonas brother" ~13 yr old, about Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.
What was 2.95 at Starbucks in the 90s tom hanks tell me
"Last Dance with Mary Jane by Tom Hanks" *** that's not even close
Tom Hanks shares the story of the boy who inspired the voice of
"Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan both read books. He emails her and says The Godfather quote 'Get a cannoli!'"
is trying to recap Meg Ryan movies she has never seen. "Tom Hanks says 'I'll have what he's having."
I've made the discovery that a bad Tom Hanks movie does not seem to exist
I wish tom hanks was my dad is it too late for him to adopt me? What a nice man
Tom hanks is an amazing character period... Forest Gump is just an all around amazing movie.
Watch Captain Phillips if you haven't. Another Tom Hanks God level acting movie.
I'm Tom Hanks. Discover which star you are! . START QUIZ:
"And that's all I have to say about that" Tom Hanks, my brother, and me at the same time
Does anyone else feel like Tom Hanks is your dad but then you see "Big" again and you're like, "Well, hang on..."?
There's a scene in SULLY where Tom Hanks says, "I just want to wake up tomorrow and it's January 14th. Wouldn't that great?"…
Re-watched "Cast Away" a couple of months ago. Watched "Sully" tonight. Lesson learned: Never get on an airplane with Tom Hanks.
Same producers "I haven't seen Tom Hanks' Inferno. . Movie like Angels and Demons"
Bill Murray/Tom hanks drive the *** train . I don't know which is which but I know one of them drives the train to ***
Tom Hanks is such a great actor! Done with 'Angels and Demons'. One more to go in this triology!
If you watch Cast Away backwards it looks like Tom Hanks shaves his beard, builds a plane on the island, and flies home
"There's no substitute for a great love who says, 'No matter what's wrong with you, you're welcome at this table.'". Tom Ha…
"We just lost the moon" Tom Hanks, my brother, and me all at the same time
"You've Got Mail" movie where Tom Hanks puts a woman out of business while cyber manipulating her to love him...and it works wait what
A graphic novel about tom hanks? . Probably. I'm not some fake fan.
Everyone saying "Ugh 2016 needs to end" when someone famous dies is in for a rude awakening when Tom Hanks is eaten by a p…
Highly recommend the movie Sully. Tom Hanks did it once again.
We need to keep Bill Murray and Tom Hanks in bubble wrap until the end of 2016.
That scene where Tom Hanks sees his child for the first time.. God level acting.
Which one will be played by Tom Hanks in your biopic?
Tom Hanks in Polar Express is me with group projects... Imma be Santa, the conductor, and the ghost you just sit there plz
Apollo 13 then Forrest Gump... All '90s Tom Hanks all the time! And some stellar quotes.
Funny u should mention Tom Hanks, he's my favorite actor and I'm watching Apollo 13!!
Let's make sure tom hanks and Meryl Streep are both good ok
Dave Wolf and Chris Cassidy has a red "barber-pole" stripe on his career Tom Hanks tribute
Chuck (Tom Hanks in Cast Away) would be well impressed with Wilson here!
Saving Mr Banks will be the highlight of my Christmas. Disney + Tom Hanks + Emma Thompson + Paul Giamatti = Pure happiness
Tom Hanks proves he's the nicest celebrity in the world by sending a fan the best signed headshot
I wanna adopt Tom Hanks as my grandpa
Tom Hanks is the grandpa I never had and never met and probably will never meet but I love him
Ask for a headshot and ye shall receive:
My mother wouldnt text me back so I sent her over 15 gifs of Tom Hanks.
"Sorry for the beard," Tom Hanks writes to Toronto fan who asked for a selfie
*** I didn't know tom hanks wife died in sleepless in Seattle. Cutting right to the chase from the beginning.
Watching Polar Express and just now realizing that tom hanks has like 5 different characters
don't know how much I liked the one with Tom hanks
Elias bou saab used to look like Tom Hanks
.recognized guy who was extra in Saving Private Ryan, called him back after being flipped from red chair.
comments on Toronto condo boom in selfie to fan -
Tom Hanks is one of the last public figures I believe in. Don't ever let us down, Please.
Any time I'm on a train & the conductor punches a ticket all I can think of is Tom Hanks' voice saying "tickets plz.. tickets"
This is what happens when you send Tom Hanks a selfie.
Tom Hanks sent a fan the best note, written on the most Tom Hanks stationary ever
My day was made yesterday, this Customer said my coworker looked like Tom Hanks or could look like his son.
My friend sent some fan-mail to Tom Hanks on a whim. via DuckDuckGo for iOS.
My favorite Christmas movie is The Polar Express. There's just something about Tom Hanks that gets me every time.
The Rise of Felicity Jones: Inside Her Year of Oscar Buzz, Tom Hanks and 'Star Wars' - -
Tom Hanks sent this fan a selfie and letter, because that's just what he does…
Obviously imitated the pic of Bill Murray who looked like Tom Hanks while imitating a baby, NOW imitated by…
What if Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford played an old *** couple with a bunch of kids?
Tom Hanks whack, Denzel whack, Orson Wells whack, Marlon Brando whack. Adam Sandler is the greatest actor of the 20th and 21st century.
I liked a video Tom Hanks talks about Wright State with Stephen Colbert
But how does the Emma Stone / Ryan Gosling coupling rate against the Meg Ryan / Tom Hanks coupling of yore?
Would give just about anything to see Carl Sagan's Global Warming Christmas Special again, with Tom Hanks as Dean M…
God, Viola Davis has such a commanding and regal presence. Also, is it possible to be any more good than Tom Hanks?
Wow, 2016 is seriously the worst. We need to protect Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, and Bill Murray with everything we…
Sully was an amazing movie. Tom Hanks did an excellent job. He went from Captain Phillips to Captain Sully.
Hardy, Tom Hanks, Lara Flynn Boyle I have fully transformed into a *** about kim K: that she's saintly & sick. but I'm tired if they
Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks on their wedding, 1988.
Randy billionaire Sumner Redstone once gave $18M to flight attendant: Tom Hanks' next film is "BAD SULLY."
I think it'd be awesome if, at this stage in his career, Tom Hanks lost his mind and made "Turner and Hooch 2."
i always forget about Turner & Hooch when i think of Tom Hanks movies but it's one of my favs. ❤️
As long as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson stay together, I still believe in magic. Otherwise would be shattered, shattered . . .
Enjoyed Sully quite a bit. Looked beautiful and Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart were great! Love films about people who are good at their job.
Update your maps at Navteq
Also some surprising snubs, Tom Hanks, and Aaron Eckhart
That Rick from Walking Dead is more dogged that Tom Hanks from Turner and Hooch!
Now there's a stellar date! Tom Hanks joins hero pilot Sully at Awards
Did you know Rita Wilson is Bulgarian? :) She and Tom Hanks make a beautiful couple!
Tom Hanks inspired Ryan Reynolds' daughter James' first sentence! Find out what it was:
Ryan Reynolds' acceptance speeches featured shoutouts to his family, fans and...Tom Hanks?
Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson join hero pilot Sully at the Critics' Choice Awards
Turner & Hooch is an underrated Tom Hanks movie
My Saturday night was seeing Great story directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks & Aaron Eckhart.
This girl on tipping point did not know that Tom Hanks was Woody in Toy Story.
'The Circle' Trailer: Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega, Karen Gillan Star in 'Wow! Look at that Cast!'
Can we just collectively agree that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the new Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks?
Just saw a trailer for The Circle. Adapted from a book, with Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega, and Karen Gillan in the cast? A++ already!
I don't know what this is, but Tom Hanks. John Boyega. Emma Watson. Karen Gillan. All I need to know.
directed by Clint Eastwood and his empty chair! But yes, great film and Tom Hanks superb.
Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Karen Gillan and John Boyega star in based on Dave Eggers' book. Here's the...
Tom Hanks is watching Emma Watson, Karen Gillan and John Boyega in first sinister trailer for The Circle.
The Circle by Dave Eggers is being made into a movie. With Emma Watson. And Tom Hanks. And Karen Gillan. Swoons.
Tom Hanks is such an incredible person
Man tom hanks either gained or lost an impressive amount of weight at some point during the making of this movie
You get to be played by Tom Hanks in a movie about your life
Nora Ephron directing Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan on the set of You’ve Got Mail.
yeah...I'm with you. I think Tom Hanks was perfect for his character. Looks like Hollywood's take on black mirror. I'm excited tho!
Watch Viola Davis, Taraji P. Henson, Naomie Harris, Octavia Spencer and Mahershala Ali in "Actors on Actors" Series https…
The Circle Movie I really like creepy Tom "It's not a black turtle neck" Hanks in this. Knowing is good. Knowing e…
Tom Hanks is the pinnacle of talent and perfection.
oh man .. Tom hanks was on real on Cast Away
Tom Hanks. John Boyega. Emma Watson. Knowing is good, knowibg everything is...better?
what is there new material?! The Tom Hanks interview is amazing.
Gosh Tom Hanks is a brilliant actor
Is This a Photo of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? Introducing the Internet's Latest Viral Dilemma -
Oh boy. TEmma Watson with Tom Hanks; This is so intriguing, I won't dare to miss watching!
Mahela's favourite movie is Saving Private Ryan. And yes, of course Tom Hanks is the main actor in that brilliant movie!
Tom Hanks: I hope Trump does so well that ‘I vote for his re-election’ -
First Trailer for THE CIRCLE Starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, Based on the Dave Eggers Novel
the new movie "The Circle" with tom hanks basically sums up the podcast from yesterday!!!
Ideal xmas: snow everywhere. My mother father everyone is replaced by Tom hanks in costume. A train runs thru my house. T…
.son reveals he has a daughter in emotional video: "She's the best thing that ever happened to me"…
oh man, wearing soggy christams clothes has to be the worst wardrobe Tom Hanks has ever had to endure
Priest & coconut reminds me aof that Tom Hanks movie with Wilson the volleyball.
I just watch SULLY and I love it . Tom Hanks was fantastic like always.
"I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring." -Tom Hanks
Plot Twist: Tom Hanks doesn't care that he lost Wilson
Did anyone ever ask Tom Hanks his thoughts on Frank Ocean's Forest Gump?
If you were to be Tom Hanks you could say T. Hanks...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I think Shia Labeouf coldest line of his first freestyle w/ Sway was when he said "I'm Tom Hanks replacement"
This debate ends today. Do I actually look like young Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks's full name is actually Tomato Handkerchiefs
Is Colin Hanks the son or brother of Tom Hanks
First trailer for The Circle, starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson
Yo there's a movie coming out in April that's similar to Black Mirror with John Boyega, Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and Karen Gillan. SIGN ME UP
The Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and John Boyega movie about a Monsanto/Google/Apple company looks awesome.
Gah that's right - Tom Hanks won for Forrest Gump. I still think Morgan should have won that year.
Ya'll talk about Morgan Freeman being God, but to me Tom Hanks is.
Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" has nothing on Charles Barnard. Episode 5 of "Second Decade":
Hey! Saving Private Ryan in on Netflix. It has two of my favorite actors in it! Tom Hanks, a fellow Ohioan, AND Ryan Hurst!
Instead of Tom Hanks playing him they should have had Chris Finch from The Office
Viola Davis & Tom Hanks on Lack of Diversity in Film: ‘If It’s a Black Movie, at Best It’s a Biopic’
I'd have Bob Monkhouse, Norman Wisdom and Tom Hanks. What does that say about me?!
Viola Davis, Tom Hanks, and Larry the Cable Guy are in for a Rom-com-romp!. Don't miss-. "You've Got Fail!"
Sorry Alan, Presidential Medals of Freedom are reserved for De Niro, Ellen, and Tom Hanks.
Clint Eastwood treats actors like horses, Tom Hanks says - 'it's intimidating as *** ' - New Zealand Herald
"Wasn't the spaceship Tom Hanks pilots in Apollo 13 named the Odyssey" - the lady next to me in Disney
its catch up on my TV tonight watching Tom Hanks on the Norton show, Michael McIntyre show and Planet Earth , i love David Attenborough.
Stephen has offered to watch a Tom Hanks movie of my choice...but I can't decide 😣
You've got mail. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan find love beyond the beeping sound of their internet connection... :D
I don't want to know anything about Tom Hanks' butt.
I swear to god someone's computer yelled out YOU'VE GOT MAIL and it wasn't a Tom Hanks reference so
A brilliant show this week. Tom Hanks is the definition of being "larger than life"
9. Anyone who EVER picks on ANY of Tom Hanks' characters. - leave Tom hanks alone he's perfect. - you're just mean
I want Tom Hanks for President & for VP. Hanks would be a diplomatic/charismatic leader & Johnson brings the sma…
Tom Hanks re-enacts iconic Forrest Gump scene: via
Tom Hanks says there's one scene in 'Forrest Gump' that his wife never tires of watching via
The Independent: Tom Hanks had the perfect response to a fan’s art project
Went to bed with 2 socks on. Woke up with one. Can't find 2nd sock. This MUST be how Tom Hanks felt in Castaway when Wilso…
Tom Hanks talks about 'that fine Hanks' butt in wife's favorite movie scene
If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. It's the hard that makes it great ~ Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own
I imagine Cave Carson having a voice similar to Tom Hanks. How do you imagine him sounding in your head?
I really hope I get some mail tomorrow so that I can spend my last day off being taught about the Illuminati by Lara Croft and Tom Hanks 🙏🏻
Tom Hanks on Graham Norton show ...lovely funny gent ...same league as Michael Buble ..good show 👍
but do we really "know" anything about history when Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon told us it's only written by winners
. A3. professor Robert Langdon. Played by my fav Tom Hanks.
President Obama honors Tom Hanks with the Presidential Medal of Freedom: "He made it seem natural to have a volleyball as your…
| Kathy Griffin mentions interacting with Harry and Tom Hanks back in 2014 in her new book! (
Kathy Griffin talking about an encounter between Harry and Tom Hanks in her new book.
Robinson Crusoe. It's reality tv, home improvement, a military show and prequel to a Tom Hanks flick. And not why I like it.
Ellen DeGeneres did the most epic mannequin challenge with Robert De Niro and Tom Hanks in the White House
Citizen Abiding Law. I don't think this movie title would have interested Gerald Butler. Maybe Tom Hanks though
De Niro not really feeling it but Springsteen, Ellen, Michael Jordan & Tom Hanks all nail the a…
Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres are awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom: 🇺🇸
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
themmailonline: Obama awards his last Presidential Medals of Freedom to Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro and more …
Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Robert DeNiro & Michael Jordan among 21 people honored with US Medal of Freedom, the highest US…
Tom Hanks, Michael Jordan, Ellen DeGeneres and more: President Obama hosted his final Medal of Freedom Ceremony and the r…
Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, & more joined in the Mannequin Challenge at the White House.
Barack Obama presents Medal of Freedom to stars including Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jordan
Obama pays tribute to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Cicely Tyson and more.
Tom Hanks? But whole time I was looking at the timeless Diana Ross😭
Yes, this is a video that features Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Bill Gates, Robert De Niro and Diana Ross, my mom, and me. htt…
Try and spot Tom Hanks, Diana Ross and more in this epic from the Medal of Freedom honorees:
Ellen DeGeneres, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremo…
Pres. Obama awards distinguished actor Tom Hanks with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
President Obama honored 21 recipients in his final ceremony, including Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres
A funny: Tom Hanks has inspired a generation to "reach for the sky." Watch star-studded event LIVE:
Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties) gets hooked on speed is my fave from the genre. That and Tom Hanks alcohol addiction (uncle Ned)
that movie gave me nightmares for years, bad vibes, bad movie, 0/10 do not enjoy. Uncanny valley Tom Hanks
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
He's on an island that even Tom Hanks wouldn't save him. Come along, Wilson.
i NEED to know why tf Tom Hanks agreed to be in a Carly Rae Jepson music video
...I just love Tom Hanks. 📻 (Radio) Flyer literally built my summers-- even though poor, I still believed I could fly.
Just finished watching the excellent movie, 'Bridge of Spies', by Spielberg and with Tom Hanks. Back in the late...
I'm so glad Tom Hanks' amazing speech made it to the Internet. Tom Hanks: Read his full speech:
Tom Hanks: probably not a spirit cooker.
Did just diss lil boat, Drake, and Tom Hanks replacement on Sway In The Morning 😂😂😂
Tom Hanks tells liberal crowd he hopes to vote for Trump in 2020; here's how they responded - via
Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks to be Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom - Celebrity News - AllMediaNY
Rich, white, cis-gendered, heterosexual Tom Hanks must now be publicly humiliated and his movies must be banned.
Ive always wanted to date someone like me. Moody, smart, idolizes Tom hanks. I'm the perfect catch.
It's okay, just spent the whole afternoon crying because of Tom Hanks movies.
I liked a video Tom Hanks honors Jackie Chan at the 2016 Governors Awards
The dog I'm pet sitting just started barking at tom hanks' dog
Tom Hanks honoured to play real life hero Sully. ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Honoured to play real life hero Sully: Tom Hanks
I've been doing homework all day... Imma treat myself to some Tom Hanks movie night.
Tom Hanks has been super supportive of Great Lakes Theater, convergence-continuum, the Indians and has a special place i…
I have a peculiar feeling that isn't Tom Hanks 🤔
When I get a dog, imma name him Tom Hanks. I love them both. 🐶
Tom Hanks is a professional gamer who risks everything when he challenges ISIS to a Mario Kart tournament
I went to see Fantastic Beast.Tom Hanks a pilot who saves a plane then has his skills questioned.Brilliant but nothing like trailer
If anyone's going to crash a wedding, it's got to be the legend that is Tom Hanks!
I thought Tom Hanks was a Hillary shill?
I just voted for Tom Hanks to win Favorite Movie Actor at People's Choice Awards 2017! Cast your vote:
People brought up a bunch of good ones. Ian McKellen, Robert Downey, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn. They all fit.
3 yrs ago itvwas the family of James Chaney, the slain civil rights worker & this year Ellen D.,Tom Hanks?
Tom Hanks . Kayne West . Vince Neil . have put the word out this week. is not all puke n guts. Free Will Exists. PC culture is a Scam
Join us at 10:00am this Sunday for "At the Movies." We are checking out Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks. The...
A studly Tom Hanks plays hitman Michael Sullivan in neonoir Road to Perdition.
I guess Ford Co. back on the bubble to being in the club w Tom Hanks.
Tom Hanks: "I hope the president-elect does such a great job that I vote for his re-election in four years.” htt…
I'll take Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Bill Gates. You've got Richard Dreyfuss, Albert Brooks and Glenn Close. Ready...break!
Tom Hanks is a national treasure, and will finally get the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Thanks, Obama! No, seriously, thanks, Obama. Redford, De Niro, Cicely Tyson, Tom Hanks - last gasp of art in the W…
White House announces plan to award the presidential Medal of Freedom to Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, a…
Tom Hanks says we have to choose to "move forward" past the election.
Another great interview from Kirsty Young talking to Tom Hanks, could listen to her all night…
that sleeps with every woman. And turning it around, you have Tom Hanks, Antonio Banderas, Robin Williams,…
Tom Hanks has the Jimmy Stewart thing going & country loves him. And Gallagher is still around, isn't he? He'd be a great VP!
But where's Tom Hanks?? As suggested by the blob that is Michael Moore..
Our next Flix night is this Friday 'Bridge of Spies' starring Tom Hanks & Oscar winning Mark Rylance. . Doors...
Tom Hanks or Oprah should run for president, says Michael Moore. Not the worst idea.
Loved playing to benefit the Stanford arts! via
May be one of the worst film by Tom Hanks ,thank god Robert De Niro rejected this film .
80s classic alert! At 6.55pm, a boy makes a wish and turns into Tom Hanks in Oscar-nominated fantasy comedy Big.
Today's Question of the Day is a simple one with plenty of choices. What is your favorite “Tom Hanks” movie?
I added a video to a playlist Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks - SNL
Michael Moore: Oprah or Tom Hanks Should Run for President - WATCH - Via Towleroad
Michael Moore wants Tom Hanks to be US President in 2020
reading that loud and close book w these kids and I tried to be cool and joke about tom hanks but all I got was crickets and blank stares
Michael Moore: Oprah Winfrey or Tom Hanks for US president in 2020.
You've Got Mail - Tom Hanks finds Meg Ryan on Tinder. She sends him nudes which he leaks to shut down her book store. She blocks him on fb
He is actually right: Michael Moore: Dems should run Oprah, Tom Hanks for president - Hot Air…
Inferno continued on from the da vinci code and angels and demons staring Tom Hanks showing until Thursday the...
Tom Hanks developed type-2 diabetes after gaining and losing lots of weight for roles such as Castaway
We hope your 'stache is coming along more like Tom Hanks, rather than our friend on the right! Send us you whiskers…
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