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Tom Hanks

Thomas Jeffrey Tom Hanks (born July 9, 1956) is an American actor, producer, writer, and director.

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Gah that's right - Tom Hanks won for Forrest Gump. I still think Morgan should have won that year.
Ya'll talk about Morgan Freeman being God, but to me Tom Hanks is.
Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" has nothing on Charles Barnard. Episode 5 of "Second Decade":
Hey! Saving Private Ryan in on Netflix. It has two of my favorite actors in it! Tom Hanks, a fellow Ohioan, AND Ryan Hurst!
Viola Davis & Tom Hanks on Lack of Diversity in Film: ‘If It’s a Black Movie, at Best It’s a Biopic’
I'd have Bob Monkhouse, Norman Wisdom and Tom Hanks. What does that say about me?!
Viola Davis, Tom Hanks, and Larry the Cable Guy are in for a Rom-com-romp!. Don't miss-. "You've Got Fail!"
Sorry Alan, Presidential Medals of Freedom are reserved for De Niro, Ellen, and Tom Hanks.
Clint Eastwood treats actors like horses, Tom Hanks says - 'it's intimidating as *** ' - New Zealand Herald
"Wasn't the spaceship Tom Hanks pilots in Apollo 13 named the Odyssey" - the lady next to me in Disney
its catch up on my TV tonight watching Tom Hanks on the Norton show, Michael McIntyre show and Planet Earth , i love David Attenborough.
Stephen has offered to watch a Tom Hanks movie of my choice...but I can't decide 😣
You've got mail. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan find love beyond the beeping sound of their internet connection... :D
I don't want to know anything about Tom Hanks' butt.
I swear to god someone's computer yelled out YOU'VE GOT MAIL and it wasn't a Tom Hanks reference so
A brilliant show this week. Tom Hanks is the definition of being "larger than life"
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9. Anyone who EVER picks on ANY of Tom Hanks' characters. - leave Tom hanks alone he's perfect. - you're just mean
I want Tom Hanks for President & for VP. Hanks would be a diplomatic/charismatic leader & Johnson brings the sma…
Tom Hanks re-enacts iconic Forrest Gump scene: via
Tom Hanks says there's one scene in 'Forrest Gump' that his wife never tires of watching via
The Independent: Tom Hanks had the perfect response to a fan’s art project
Went to bed with 2 socks on. Woke up with one. Can't find 2nd sock. This MUST be how Tom Hanks felt in Castaway when Wilso…
Tom Hanks talks about 'that fine Hanks' butt in wife's favorite movie scene
If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. It's the hard that makes it great ~ Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own
I imagine Cave Carson having a voice similar to Tom Hanks. How do you imagine him sounding in your head?
I really hope I get some mail tomorrow so that I can spend my last day off being taught about the Illuminati by Lara Croft and Tom Hanks 🙏🏻
Tom Hanks on Graham Norton show ...lovely funny gent ...same league as Michael Buble ..good show 👍
but do we really "know" anything about history when Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon told us it's only written by winners
. A3. professor Robert Langdon. Played by my fav Tom Hanks.
President Obama honors Tom Hanks with the Presidential Medal of Freedom: "He made it seem natural to have a volleyball as your…
| Kathy Griffin mentions interacting with Harry and Tom Hanks back in 2014 in her new book! (
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Kathy Griffin talking about an encounter between Harry and Tom Hanks in her new book.
Robinson Crusoe. It's reality tv, home improvement, a military show and prequel to a Tom Hanks flick. And not why I like it.
Ellen DeGeneres did the most epic mannequin challenge with Robert De Niro and Tom Hanks in the White House
Citizen Abiding Law. I don't think this movie title would have interested Gerald Butler. Maybe Tom Hanks though
De Niro not really feeling it but Springsteen, Ellen, Michael Jordan & Tom Hanks all nail the a…
Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres are awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom: 🇺🇸
themmailonline: Obama awards his last Presidential Medals of Freedom to Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro and more …
Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Robert DeNiro & Michael Jordan among 21 people honored with US Medal of Freedom, the highest US…
Tom Hanks, Michael Jordan, Ellen DeGeneres and more: President Obama hosted his final Medal of Freedom Ceremony and the r…
Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, & more joined in the Mannequin Challenge at the White House.
Barack Obama presents Medal of Freedom to stars including Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jordan
Obama pays tribute to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Cicely Tyson and more.
Tom Hanks? But whole time I was looking at the timeless Diana Ross😭
Yes, this is a video that features Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Bill Gates, Robert De Niro and Diana Ross, my mom, and me. htt…
Try and spot Tom Hanks, Diana Ross and more in this epic from the Medal of Freedom honorees:
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Ellen DeGeneres, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremo…
Pres. Obama awards distinguished actor Tom Hanks with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
President Obama honored 21 recipients in his final ceremony, including Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres
A funny: Tom Hanks has inspired a generation to "reach for the sky." Watch star-studded event LIVE:
Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties) gets hooked on speed is my fave from the genre. That and Tom Hanks alcohol addiction (uncle Ned)
that movie gave me nightmares for years, bad vibes, bad movie, 0/10 do not enjoy. Uncanny valley Tom Hanks
He's on an island that even Tom Hanks wouldn't save him. Come along, Wilson.
i NEED to know why tf Tom Hanks agreed to be in a Carly Rae Jepson music video
...I just love Tom Hanks. 📻 (Radio) Flyer literally built my summers-- even though poor, I still believed I could fly.
Just finished watching the excellent movie, 'Bridge of Spies', by Spielberg and with Tom Hanks. Back in the late...
I'm so glad Tom Hanks' amazing speech made it to the Internet. Tom Hanks: Read his full speech:
Tom Hanks: probably not a spirit cooker.
Did just diss lil boat, Drake, and Tom Hanks replacement on Sway In The Morning 😂😂😂
Tom Hanks tells liberal crowd he hopes to vote for Trump in 2020; here's how they responded - via
Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks to be Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom - Celebrity News - AllMediaNY
Rich, white, cis-gendered, heterosexual Tom Hanks must now be publicly humiliated and his movies must be banned.
Ive always wanted to date someone like me. Moody, smart, idolizes Tom hanks. I'm the perfect catch.
It's okay, just spent the whole afternoon crying because of Tom Hanks movies.
I liked a video Tom Hanks honors Jackie Chan at the 2016 Governors Awards
The dog I'm pet sitting just started barking at tom hanks' dog
Tom Hanks honoured to play real life hero Sully. ...
Honoured to play real life hero Sully: Tom Hanks
I've been doing homework all day... Imma treat myself to some Tom Hanks movie night.
Tom Hanks has been super supportive of Great Lakes Theater, convergence-continuum, the Indians and has a special place i…
I have a peculiar feeling that isn't Tom Hanks 🤔
When I get a dog, imma name him Tom Hanks. I love them both. 🐶
Tom Hanks is a professional gamer who risks everything when he challenges ISIS to a Mario Kart tournament
I went to see Fantastic Beast.Tom Hanks a pilot who saves a plane then has his skills questioned.Brilliant but nothing like trailer
If anyone's going to crash a wedding, it's got to be the legend that is Tom Hanks!
I thought Tom Hanks was a Hillary shill?
I just voted for Tom Hanks to win Favorite Movie Actor at People's Choice Awards 2017! Cast your vote:
People brought up a bunch of good ones. Ian McKellen, Robert Downey, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn. They all fit.
3 yrs ago itvwas the family of James Chaney, the slain civil rights worker & this year Ellen D.,Tom Hanks?
Tom Hanks . Kayne West . Vince Neil . have put the word out this week. is not all puke n guts. Free Will Exists. PC culture is a Scam
Join us at 10:00am this Sunday for "At the Movies." We are checking out Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks. The...
A studly Tom Hanks plays hitman Michael Sullivan in neonoir Road to Perdition.
I guess Ford Co. back on the bubble to being in the club w Tom Hanks.
Tom Hanks: "I hope the president-elect does such a great job that I vote for his re-election in four years.” htt…
Tom Hanks: "I hope Trump does so well that I vote for his re-election"
I'll take Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Bill Gates. You've got Richard Dreyfuss, Albert Brooks and Glenn Close. Ready...break!
Tom Hanks is a national treasure, and will finally get the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Thanks, Obama! No, seriously, thanks, Obama. Redford, De Niro, Cicely Tyson, Tom Hanks - last gasp of art in the W…
White House announces plan to award the presidential Medal of Freedom to Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, a…
Tom Hanks says we have to choose to "move forward" past the election.
Another great interview from Kirsty Young talking to Tom Hanks, could listen to her all night…
that sleeps with every woman. And turning it around, you have Tom Hanks, Antonio Banderas, Robin Williams,…
Tom Hanks has the Jimmy Stewart thing going & country loves him. And Gallagher is still around, isn't he? He'd be a great VP!
But where's Tom Hanks?? As suggested by the blob that is Michael Moore..
Our next Flix night is this Friday 'Bridge of Spies' starring Tom Hanks & Oscar winning Mark Rylance. . Doors...
Tom Hanks or Oprah should run for president, says Michael Moore. Not the worst idea.
Loved playing to benefit the Stanford arts! via
May be one of the worst film by Tom Hanks ,thank god Robert De Niro rejected this film .
80s classic alert! At 6.55pm, a boy makes a wish and turns into Tom Hanks in Oscar-nominated fantasy comedy Big.
Today's Question of the Day is a simple one with plenty of choices. What is your favorite “Tom Hanks” movie?
I added a video to a playlist Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks - SNL
Michael Moore: Oprah or Tom Hanks Should Run for President - WATCH - Via Towleroad
Michael Moore wants Tom Hanks to be US President in 2020
reading that loud and close book w these kids and I tried to be cool and joke about tom hanks but all I got was crickets and blank stares
Michael Moore: Oprah Winfrey or Tom Hanks for US president in 2020.
You've Got Mail - Tom Hanks finds Meg Ryan on Tinder. She sends him nudes which he leaks to shut down her book store. She blocks him on fb
Website Builder 728x90
He is actually right: Michael Moore: Dems should run Oprah, Tom Hanks for president - Hot Air…
Inferno continued on from the da vinci code and angels and demons staring Tom Hanks showing until Thursday the...
Tom Hanks developed type-2 diabetes after gaining and losing lots of weight for roles such as Castaway
We hope your 'stache is coming along more like Tom Hanks, rather than our friend on the right! Send us you whiskers…
what do you think of Tom Hanks running?
you don't like Tom Hanks so I don't recognize your existence
omg sam! He's like my 2nd dream dad. Tom Hanks being 1st and Mufasa being 3rd x
I'm so pathetic I loved someone who wasn't even there. Like Tom Hanks in Castaway making friends with a volleyball.
I would go for Tom hanks forget about a woman
Michael Moore: 'Democrats would be better off if Oprah Winfrey or Tom Hanks ran for President. OMG would this *** please shut up!
Trump's comments about how "enormous" being the President is reminds me of Tom Hanks when he gets his wish to be Bi…
The Tom Hanks guide to remote working via
Michael Moore: We should run Oprah, Tom Hanks for president
If the gender roles in the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks were switched would it still be as widely popular or accepted?
can you pls start rallying who will run for 2020,Americans want Bernie,Michelle Obama,Tom Hanks,Oprah, Luis Gutierrez
Get your iPhone insurance today!
soft tom hanks: I graded your election papers. It was a miserable time.
Michael Moore says that Democrats should run Tom Hanks for president. Because then Hanks would be too busy to make a sequel…
Why Ron Howard Thought Tom Hanks Had 'No Chance in *** of Landing a Role in 'Splash'
Michael Moore: "Democrats would be better off if they ran Oprah or Tom Hanks... why don't we run beloved people?"
I liked a video EXCLUSIVE: Channing Tatum Says He'll Do 'Everything' Possible to get Tom Hanks in
That Thing You Do by Tom Hanks is a must watch you guys 😍 and Liv Tyler is ❤
There's just been some kind of gunshot outside akin to the one in Big when Tom Hanks is in the motel & gets scared of the outside
Diane Sawyer. But I like David Muir a lot. Tom Hanks works for me.
how can you not get a big star to run? Who wouldn't vote for Tom Hanks or Will Smith???
If I were the democrats, I would be calling George Clooney, Will Smith, or Tom Hanks to think about 2020.
I just watched the Inferno with Tom Hanks. it's like Da Vinci Code. Meets the Hangover
Its literally funny how when Joe FLacco runs right out of his kneebrace u make fun of him but when Tom Hanks does it u gi…
Tom Hanks didn't slide like a little leaguer who was playing his first game ever. On the scale of eliteness, Flacco…
I went with Turner & Hooch on Friday night. It was great. So much slobber, saxophone, and Tom Hanks in bikini briefs. Classic.
don't be a name dropper. It's seen as supercilious and specious by your audience. Morgan Freeman & Tom Hanks told me that.
If you go to movies starring Tom Hanks, his wife Rita Wilson, Julianne Moore, Matt Damon, U R lining pockets of ppl who donated to HILLARY
I wish I had Rita Wilson as my therapist too. She's clearly the reason Tom Hanks is such a decent human being irl
Joanna Kerns directing and they got Rita Wilson as a guest. Has she and Tom Hanks dropped their flop of a son yet?
Tom Hanks wrote to The Sting director asking to be discovered in 1974 . Wow, this was a revelation for myself!
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on life as a Hollywood couple. Exclusive interview, watch it now on
Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks at their wedding, 1988.
I feel just like Tom Hanks in Cloud Atlas having just met Halle Berry just before his plane crashes
Tom Hanks. Anne Rice. James Earl Jones are on this list of 16 People Proving Diabetes Can Be Beaten…
R: I'm going to vote for Honest Abe. 4 score and 7 years ago, Tom Hanks was even born yet.
Tom Hanks. Tom Cruise. Ben Afleck. None of them have been a match for Tyler Perry Madea. "A Madea Halloween"...
And the number 1 best Tom Hanks performance is...David S. Pumpkins! ANY QUESTIONS?!?!
Tom Hanks is an OK guitar player, but he only knows 2 songs - the slow part of Classical Gas and Sweet Caroline.
Tom Hanks fails to topple Tyler Perry at US box office: Tyler Perry's Halloween comedy retains the top spot a...
Is this Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? The Internet has not been this divided since The (blue) Dress incident.
Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones and Omar Sy at a Special Screening of - in theatres…
It will be a "dark day" if Donald J. Trump wins US presidential election - Tom Hanks
- Are you supposed to be the Tom Hanks character?. "No. You're thinking of Joe Versus the Volcano.". - Now THAT would be a cool costume.
And what was with actors at that time doing songs? Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Don Johnson...Ri…
Why America needs Tom Hanks to make comedies again:
My review of the entertaining new adventure thriller "Inferno", starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones.
So it turns out that Tom Hanks' David Pumpkins is based on Comey's FBI, "any questions?"
Felicity Jones & Ron Howard talk about teaming up with Tom Hanks in 'Inferno'
Felicity Jones dishes about costar Tom Hanks' funniest on-set quirk
Inferno Review. Rating: 5 out of 10 Cast: Tom Hanks as Prof. Robert Langdon Felicity Jones as Dr. Sienna Brooks Oma…
New movies this week: just one, Inferno. Inferno is Tom Hanks' latest film, directed by Ron Howard, the third in the Robert Langdon series,
Tom Hanks: Our only savior from the craziness of 2016
Bill or Tom Some viewers of photo aren't sure
And do they belong to Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?
new addition to Ebert's Glossary: Tom Hanks Rule. For every good film he is in per year (Sully), he's in a bad one (Inferno).
Dropped my new phone for the first time today and literally had the same reaction Tom Hanks did in Cast Away when h…
Inferno, rated PG13, opens at 9:45 pm tonight. The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons were just the beginning. see Tom Hanks in this one.
Is it Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? Photo has the internet stumped: The internet can't resist a good optical illu...
Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?: You might assume that Bill Murray and Tom Hanks don't have that much in common, es...
I liked a video from SNL: Tom Hanks as Trump Supporter in Black Jeopardy Spoof.
You NEED to see Tom Hanks' evolution over the years
YUP! I can see both him AND Tom Hanks. So weird.
Movie Review: Inferno: Ron Howard directs Inferno, the third film to star Tom Hanks as a ... Mae is a Washing...
Want an anti-stress pep talk. Check out Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers comforting Americans.
Ent: Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? Some viewers of photo aren't sure: A photo of a man with a…
Tom Hanks Stars in Sully. Based on a true story.
Is there anyone out there who doesn't like Juan Mata? A unifying figure for all. Like a footballing Tom Hanks.
Tom Hanks endorses "Malthusian theory" of overpopulation: It's a good movie plot, but it is just fiction.
When people say that photo is of Tom Hanks
Omg it's Tom Hanks people. Not that hard.
People are having a really hard time telling if this is or
People can't tell if this is a picture of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks via
You're a broke *** over the hill virgin that makes 90% of his earnings from YT & thinks he's Tom Hanks fa…
Well, a little more than half of you seem to think it's Tom Hanks.
Is this a picture of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray
Tom hanks will always be legend, how did he do in his new film Inferno?
brings the heat of starring Tom Hanks & Felicity Jones . Don’t forget to share!. Have a…
Liz: People Can't Figure Out If This is a Picture of or
It's quiz time! Can you guess the movie by his haircut?
Tom Hanks wants to return to Splash... as Channing Tatum's boyfriend - Digital Spy
I'm Tom Hanks. Discover which star you are! . SIGN IN:
Internet debates whether photo is Tom Hanks or Bill Murray
Let's decode the movie poster for Tom Hanks'
Is it a photo of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? Once more, the Internet can't make up its mind. Can you?
People are going crazy over this picture of Bill Murray. Or is it Tom Hanks?
Just don't get this Tom Hanks/Bill Murray photo thing. Probably because it is so blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes that it's Hanksy.
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Academy Award winner imitates Tom Hanks imitating him on
Cruise and Hanks: from golden boys to wasted talents
Is this a photo of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? The internet is torn
Petition for Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep to play a married couple in a film together.
Tom Hanks stars in the courageous story of Captain Chelsey Sullenberger in - based on true events!
Seen this photo before. This is clearly Bill Murray and NOT Tom Hanks. Taken on a gold course. BM is a keen golfer!…
// Totally making this up since I have no idea // Paul Walker, Tom Hanks, and Matthew Perry.
Very formulaic and predictable. Plus, Rajkumar Rao was not convincing enough like Tom Hanks or James Franco. Disappointed.
Found out the Tom Hanks movie Sully isn't a sequel to Captain Philips. The difference is 1 is on the ocean & the other is on a plane
Every time I see Bill Murray in a tv show or movie I'm like *** Tom Hanks got really old
Facial recognition also thinks Bill Murray is Tom Hanks
Is this Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? Internet confused by tricky photo via
Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? Picture of Hollywood star gets fans all confused as they can't tell difference: . I...
Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? This photo is confusing the Internet
⚡️ “Is this a photo of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?” Bill Hanks.
Let’s all argue about whether this picture is Bill Murray or Tom Hanks
You should sin some early Tom Hanks: Volunteers or Joe vs the Volcano.
Up is down. Left is right. Tom Hanks is Bill Murray
Finally saw David S. Pumpkins and I have not laughed so hard at Tom Hanks since I was 9 and watching Joe vs the Volcano.
People really want to believe that this photo of Bill Murray is actually Tom Hanks: Let's get something strai...
but Joe Versus The Volcano is the superior Tom Hanks on a tropical island film clearly!!!
Bradley Cooper, Sheryl Crow, Tom Hanks and more than 12 other stars spotted in the Dayton area - Dayton Daily News
Who's cheering for the Cleveland Indians in the World Series? Mr Tom Hanks
I haven't loved Tom Hanks this much since Joe vs the Volcano!
Tom Hanks showed the Indians some more love last night!
WATCH: Fans of the iconic Tom Hanks comedy Big will absolutely love these two skits
Donald Trump deemed "SNL" a "hit job" last week. The show, and Tom Hanks, wasted no time in skewering him again.
Tom Hanks is basically the Chow Yun Fat of America. Proof:
Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks - SNL. Oh how this relates to yesterday 😂
Tom Hanks exposes a surprising truth about Donald Trump supporters on
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks - SNL via Golden & Hilarious, laughed for 6mins straight
SNL skit: Tom Hanks as Trump supporter on Black Jeopardy Better cultural criticism than 1000 pundit…
I liked a video Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks - SNL
.You Got Mail it s okay, but my preferred Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, film is Joe Versus The Volcano.
Wrong. Watch it again. He adds a second hand. That is Tom Hanks' addition to this skit, IMHO. Liberal optimist.
Exactly! My take on Tom Hanks is that he'd like to believe that "Doug" can be reached. Common ground CAN be found.
I wonder if Tom Hanks' Captain Sully ever ran into Tom Hanks' Viktor Navorski at JFK?
Tom Hanks poll results: 'Captain Phillips' and 'Toy Story' are best performances snubbed at Oscar...
Tom Hanks in very clever SNL Black Jeopardy sketch that shows class and race can intersect. Until the punchline.
.talks this weekend's box office and Tom Hanks' secret message on SNL with Joe Elliott at 3:45p.…
I haven't watched an SNL skit since the Bush administration, so it looks to me like Tom Hanks may have saved the show.
Review - You should never travel with Tom Hanks. Apollo 13. Cast Away. Captain Phillips. Hoping Sully is the final nail.
David S. Pumpkins has me wishing Tom Hanks and Joe Dante would reunite and do something silly like THE BURBS again.
Tom Hanks gives a nervous America the pre-election prep talk it needs on "SNL"
Tom Hanks teams up with Alec Baldwin to skewer Donald Trump on SNL - National |
WATCH: Tom Hanks mocks Trump supporters in "Black Jeopardy" skit on SNL
Tom Hanks on SNL doing David S Pumpkins. Dead ringer for that American entertainment reporter on Ch9...Richard Reid...?.. and very awesome.
Tom Hanks didn't have that Chris Wallace squawk.
There are some things I'll miss about Trump.. like --> Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon & Tom Hanks .. Final Pres Debate
Tom Hanks. Cubs. It's a good night for America.
BBC News - Tom Hanks: 'Dark day' if Donald Trump wins US election
Tom Hanks lampooned his pal Ron Howard on
new episode of SNL was good and funny. Tom Hanks did a good job as the host.
.takes on the final presidential debate with the help of the night's host Watch here:
Tom Hanks is right.If Americans are dumb enough to vote for Trump that knows nothing about governing, we can't claim US is a…
'SNL': Tom Hanks Goes Head-to-Head with Alec Baldwin as 'Sully' and Almost Wins "Black Jeopardy": "Sully" wanted to remind everyone w...
Tom Hanks became 'America's Dad' on this week's
We go a rare apology. Read our statement.
I was just in an elevator with Tom Hanks
Bout to watch !!! Tom Hanks is killing the box office rn!
On my way to work! Tom Hanks is a national treasure!! He is so good at what he does! I'm so pump and motivated about this sho…
. Listen to Tom Hanks Interview, excellent take on DT.
Tom Hanks -- I INSTANTLY knew he'd be Chris Wallace for this final debate skit.
This is gold. Tom Hanks killing it. Gaga making music great again. Alec Baldwin perfect. And a great Leslie Jones w…
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump:. "Chris, nobody respects women more then I do". Tom Hanks as Chris Wallace:. "Sett…
I added a video to a playlist Tom Hanks Gives America the Pep Talk it Really Needed on SNL
Tom Hanks hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Lady Gaga! Watch tonight at 11:30 PM on NBC.
⚡️ “Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga front and centre on SNL”.
Tom Hanks and Leslie Jones got busted for trespassing in promos
I feel sorry for Tom Hanks. Tonight's SNL is unwatchable
At least two of America’s dads have had it with Donald Trump: Joe Biden and Tom Hanks
Splash. Big. Turner and Hooch. The Burbs. The Money Pit. Joe vs The Volcano. *Reasons why Tom Hanks should make more comedies. .
Tom Hanks looks like Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino character with a hat.
What's with SNL's Mary Poppins fetish? First Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt from the upcoming sequel, now Tom Hanks (Saving Mr. Banks).
Tom Hanks has been a huge idol of mine. I'd love to work with someone...
domain names
Netflix took off Sleepless in Seattle and You've go am I supposed to get my 90s Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks fix? Get it together
Tom Hanks week on TCM? Just wept my way thru Sleepless in Seattle. Last wk, cried thru Cast Away. Oh! Rita rocked in Sleepless!
Tom Hanks in 'Sleepless in Seattle' is where I got all my game from 😎
Actor & comedian was on & did some killer impressions of Vince Vaughn, Barack Obama & Tom Hanks!
A hero is somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown.
This is why my caller ID name has been set to "Tom Hanks" for 3 years
"Inferno": Tom Hanks plays Robert Langdon for a third time in another Dan Brown novel.
Tom Hanks reacts to the controversial Trump tape: "I'm offended as a man":
Tom Hanks on Donald Trump's lewd women comments: "I'm offended as a man"
PERFECT analogy by Tom Hanks. I hate root canals, but if I need one, I'm going to a dentist, not some dumb, rich guy with f…
And this is why my love for Tom Hanks is long and prosperous
Irrfan Khan on his Inferno experience: ‘Tom Hanks is a warm, special man’
Tom Hanks was asked if he was 'offended' by Donald Trump. He didn’t hold back
Yes. I really love this column. Similar to what Tom Hanks said today. This is not a "woman" problem. This is a peop…
Tom Hanks rails against Trump over his lewd comments: "It’s wrong, period. The end. That’s all." —
Tom Hanks likens electing Trump to having a root canal done by some guy with zero experience via…
If America wanted a celebrity to become president we really should've picked Tom Hanks.
When people who don't like Hillary ask how we (some of which DO like her) can vote for her? I give you Tom Hanks.
Tom Hanks on Trump tape: 'I'm offended as a man' via
Tom Hanks explains why Trump shouldn't be president with one simple analogy via
Can we just elect to be our next president?
"I'm not offended as a husband or a father. I'm offended as a guy.". Tom Hanks condemns Trump's remarks about women
Tom Hanks must surely be wondering how The One Show and Graham Norton can exist in the same country, never mind the same channel.
Nominate someone for Nominees so far include Joel Madden, Tom Hanks, George Clooney. add to the list
Ben Affleck and Tom Hanks together in the New York Times Mag, 1997. Affleck: "No one will be in my entourage"
Still breaks my heart when Tom Hanks loses Wilson in Cast Away
The making of Inferno: Dan Brown and Tom Hanks take you to the gates of ***
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