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Tom Gores

Tom Gores (1964 - ) is an American billionaire with an estimated current net worth of $2.5 billion dollars.

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He's gonna make 1 billion next year bro move over Tom Gores.
So far we learned that Israel trying to control America thru half of sports and Tom go…
Tom Gores and Arn Tellem are making a pitch for the Pistons first All Star Game. has more.
make their first pitch to host NBA All-Star Game; last hosted in 1979 (
Tom Gores, Arn Tellem make first pitch for Pistons to host NBA All-Star Game
I'll pass on tom gores. Guy seems not existent for the pistons
You think Dan Gilbert or Tom Gores in the running if that were to occur?
It's laughable that even as recent as last year thought tom gores was a better owner than Mr. I
Some thoughts. Not all of them, but some thoughts on Tom Gores and the lackluster evening at
Tom Wilson was the guru of the Palace's marketing team before Gores took over. Nuff said.
Tom Gores should have done something about this, but maybe if we were good he would have. Also, Joe D…
I 100% believe if Bill Davidson were still alive, the Palace would have gotten the send off it deserved. People don't care about Tom Gores.
Before some free throws, gives some daps and hugs to owner Tom Gores. That's class, BJ.
Wiz with about a half-dozen back-door cuts for layups tonight ... Brandon Jennings goes over to Tom Gores to shake hands during FTs
Ball thrown out of bounds by the Wizards' Markieff Morris, where Pistons owner Tom Gores catches it.
loose-ball turnover bounces in the crowd to...owner Tom Gores.
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Chris Ilitch chatted with Tom Gores during last timeout ... they are doing business together at the new arena of course
Owner Tom Gores takes his seat. The Pistons are about to be introduced at the Palace for the final time.
That's the crux of what I was saying. Tom Gores pumped a ton of money into renovating the Palace just to…
I see Tom Gores 😂 he had to get a piece of the action
Shout out to Tom Gores for taking away almost any sort of business away from the restaurants near the Palace​! One last game tonight! :P
Finally the last game at the Palace. No doubt moving downtown the right move. Thank you Tom Gores for doing the right thing
Maybe Detroit as well. Tom Gores & Dan Gilbert are teaming up to hopefully get a team.
( Bob Quinn ) Finally someone who takes pride in our organization. A young Tom Gores, respectively.
Jeff Bower reportedly desperate to make this trade happen steals Van Gundy's phone to call Tom Gores. Gores though appears to be drunk (1/2)
Gilbert, Gores to submit jail site proposal - Chad Livengood - Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores plan to submit a propo...
Dan Gilbert, Tom Gores to submit jail site proposal, and will file MLS expansion application by Tuesday deadline
My biggest fear was Dan Gilbert buying the new 2nd biggest fear is Tom Gores buying the Tigers..
If Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores want to buy an MLS club for Detroit, the price just doubled: via
This is pretty awesome. Tom Gores has done a great job making sure the Pistons are an all-around A+ organization
If the Pistons really want to turn their franchise around, they'll fire Joe Dumars and hire Tom Gores's best-friend Phil J…
The new MLS stadium proposed by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and Pistons owner Tom Gores is expected to cost...
JUST IN - Tom Gores and Dan Gilbert partnering to bring Major League Soccer team to Detroit
VIDEO: Tom Gores has no doubt about giving Andre Drummond a max deal.
Tom Gores says there will be 'no hesitation' to offer Andre Drummond a max contract
Detroit notes: Owner Tom Gores unwavering on re-signing ...
Tom Gores has no doubts about the Pistons signing Andre Drummond to long-term deal WATCH at:
SPORTS: Gores has no doubts about signing Drummond from ABC7
The owner isn't messing around when it comes to Andre Drummond's next contract
Tom Gores is a good owner and the Pistons are headed in the right direction!
Detroit Pistons notes: Owner Tom Gores unwavering on re-signing Andre Drummond via
Pistons owner Tom Gores on giving Andre Drummond big money: "No hesitation. Come on, look at all the big guys in the leag…
Pistons owner Tom Gores has "no hesitation" signing Andre Drummond to a max contract extension this summer.
Tom Gores ‘just really proud of the guys’ as Pistons soak up playoff lessons in pushing Cavs: "...
"We really developed something here this year.” - owner Tom Gores.
owner Tom Gores is making a difference in his hometown of Flint. WATCH: htt…
Earvin "Magic" Johnson is joining owner Tom Gores' FlintNOW campaign as part of a community advisory board.
Tom Gores gives me some GOB Bluth vibes. Still love ya, dude.
HAPPENING NOW: Tom Gores, owner, pledges to raise millions for
This sounds like Stan Van Gundy's meeting with Tom Gores before being hired.
Chauncey Billups and Ben Wallace are legends in Detroit and we are excited to honor their success.” - Tom Gores. https…
Pistons owner: move downtown still a possibility: Pistons owner Tom Gores says moving the team's home to downtown…
I added a video to a playlist Tom Gores on possibility of relocating Pistons to downtown Detroit
owner Tom Gores on possibly playing in downtown Detroit
.Andre Drummondd shows faith in team owner Tom Gores, waits on deal
Clearly, his relationship with Tom Gores was the thing that gave him the confidence to choose this course
SVG says key to decision is Drummond's relationship with and trust in owner Tom Gores
SPECIAL REPORT: Tom Gores: From the Clippers’ Steve Ballmer to lacrosse and fitness enthusiast Jake Steinfeld, the…
Pistons news throughout the week: . Stanley Johnson signs with Nike. Tom Gores buys sole ownership of the Pistons. Pisto…
I like Tom Gores as a owner personally I think he is putting the right people in place to turn the team around
Tom Gores, owner of the Pistons, accounted for $250k. Magic's partner Mark Walters donated $250k. Dinner raised $200k. The rest was Magic.
Tom Gores is the rich guy. We will get them both.
A trade for Joe Johnson is all tom gores. This is absurd.
Tom Gores believes that a team of outstanding people could meet almost any challenge: - IMDb http:…
Tom Gores and his team at Platinum Equity help sellers get flexible solutions to meet their strategies.
How does owner Tom Gores manage family, business, and the Pistons?
When not in his Tenn. mansion, slums it in this fossil fuel-free Calif. fixer-upper. http:/…
Chassix, owned by Tom Gores' Platinum Equity, misses 2nd bond payment -- and creditors are concerned
Seven straight Ws? Back-to-back road sweep of San Antonio & Dallas? Not sure Tom Gores even misses that $30 mil he owes …
SVG gives Tom Gores basis for optimism and, ICYMI, Aaron Gray's absence and media day roundup ht…
I meet you and your bro in tom gores suite a couple years ago. He is a good man and you were very sweet. Please stay in the D!
Absolutely no indication Pistons owner Tom Gores WILL EVER move team downtown. Doesn't seem to matter what Red Wings do now till '17
George Jackson, formerly of DEGC, said to his knowledge Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores hasn't been talking to Red Wings about new arena.
The new Red Wings plan for 2017 looks incredible. Where is Tom Gores in all of this? Bringing the Pistons downtown is a no brainer now.
Tom Gores. Pistons full support for. MOCKERY of DUE PROCESS
Tom Gores pushed Grand Rapids as home for NBA D-League team -
Breast Cancer Awareness
Vince Ellis: Van Gundy as Pistons coach, prez will be 'almost impossible' to balance: Tom Gores promised to la...
HELLO ON A WEDNESDAY EVENING: Layne Sours with you on a rainy cool night here in Coldwater Michigan, how is your week going? Sure everyone heard the scoop on the Detroit Pistons? Stan Van Gundy former Miami Heat, and Orlando Magic coach signing a 5 year, 35 million contract today to become the Pistons team president, and new Head Coach. Pistons owner Tom Gores was not going to settle with s lesser name in this hire, and went all out securing Van Gundy. This hire sent vibes throughout the NBA, many applauding Gores hire of Van Gundy, while Charles Barkley NBA announcer attacked the hire, saying the Pistons were low lifes of the NBA, and why Van Gundy would bother to take on such a mess. Gores hired Van Gundy knowing several teams were after his services, other organizations were looking to hire Van Gundy as only a Head Coach, so Gores went all out in this hire giving Van Gundy pretty much full control over player personal. Pistons once a proud organization, but have suffered through hard times for the last ...
The Detroit Pistons announced today that Stan Van Gundy has been appointed Head Coach and president of basketball operations. Per team policy, terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Van Gundy will be formally introduced at a press conference in Auburn Hills tomorrow. “Stan is a proven winner in our league. He instills his teams with passion, purpose and toughness. He is a great teacher who will help our players grow and develop,” said Pistons Owner Tom Gores. “Stan is more than just a great coach, he’s a great leader. What I’m most excited about is how Stan can help us shape the franchise and instill what it means to be the best. He’s also a great communicator. My time with Stan has me convinced that he will bring our players, team and community to a very proud place.” “It is an honor to be chosen to help Tom Gores build the Pistons into a team that competes for championships,” said Van Gundy. “Tom’s vision of building for the future, while seeking immediate improvement i ...
The selection of Van Gundy as Head Coach is perhaps the best decision Tom Gores has made since he took over the Pistons.
ESPN's Brian Windhorst joined Matt Dery on Sports Detroit 105.1 to discuss the Stan Van Gundy rumors, shedding light on what he thinks Van Gundy could be thinking while revealing Tom Gores' poor reputation around the league.
Stan's the man: Wojo on Tom Gores' bold move, and why it had to be done ...
Stan Van Gundy provides instant credibility, which is why the stakes were so high for owner Tom Gores. In a much-needed coup, the Pistons wrestled Van Gundy away from the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night, landing an accomplished coach with a winning track record and a no-nonsense style.
I must say this...I am proud of Tom Gores today...Bill Davidson is smiling from the heavens right now..guaranteed.
he is "Uncle Tom" in the family. Family tree wise, dads first cousin. Grew up as neighbors most of their younger life.
Wow. Who wouldve thought the PISTONS, of all teams, would take over the headlines today?! But they did, in style. What a great move by Tom Gores. Can't wait to see what this team does.
Anyone who thought Tom Gores was going to run the Pistons on the cheap got their answer. This is a huge, expensive gamble.
Detroit Pistons could land Stan Van Gundy as new coach -
Pistons owner Tom Gores, after three flop seasons, to establish his imprint
Tom Gores made a great hire In SVG.
SVG is a great catch. ..Mike you should give Tom G. Some credit, he got someone who was in demand. .. GIVE GORES SOME CREDIT
Tom Gores has reputation of being 'a very difficult guy to work for,' says ... - Detroit Bad Boys
Thank you Tom Gores! We just need some luck in the NBA draft lottery next week
Tom Gores could bring in Stan Van Gundy, Phil Jackson, Coach K and Izzo. But, the still wouldn't win a thing with this roster.
Tom Gores not playing any games. I respect it. Good choice.
When tom gores made his first millions repairing and reselling computers around east Lansing, he served notice... 1/2
Tom Gores, on Donald Sterling: 'No place for prejudice or intolerance in our league'
Say this about Tom Gores hiring Stan Van Gundy for an eye popping $35M: Guy isn't cheap and, if nothing else, should give us stability.
Glad Tom Gores seen the light and hired Stan Van Gundy and gave him power to match
Tom Gores, later this week: "listen, some dude named Eric Chin has been killing me for not hiring SVG for like 3 years. I finally listened."
Magic Johnson to CNN: Tom Gores asked him to be part of Pistons ownership group
Gotta love the 2-4-1 deal, killed 2 birds with one stone in this transaction. Major to Tom Gores and Co.
Major coup for Pistons. They paid big, but landing Stan Van Gundy is huge get for Tom Gores.
Stan Van Gundy agrees in principle to five-year deal to become Pistons coach
My soul is crushed, Tom Gores. You'd better be bringing in Will Smith for a halftime show next season. SMH.
Tom Gores asked Magic Johnson if he wanted part ownership of the Yes please... Do it Magic.
Tom Gores (owner) would like Magic Johnson to be a part owner of the
Stan Van Gundy don't know anything about negotiating contracts and fitting player salaries within the salary cap. Therefore, he will need an experienced GM who will run the show while he coaches. It's good that Stan has the last say in ALL matters. It will also be good that Tom Gores stay out of the way because he's like a deer caught in the headlights when it comes to basketball.
Do you think the Pistons are after Van Gundy so Tom Gores will no longer be the creepiest looking guy on staff?
Multiple media reports, led by Yahoo's Adrian Wojnaroski, indicate that Stan Van Gundy is in serious negotations with Tom Gores.
Wow. Tom Gores and the Pistons doin work... Stan Van Gundy next President/Head Coach... Pistons might be watchable now, what a pick up!
If Mark Jackson is available and wants to coach and the Pistons just gave Stan "The Whiney Coward" Van Gundy full control of the Pistons and are naming him Head Coach. smh. Tom Gores can take a large leap into the Grand Canyon with no parachute and no bungie cord.
The Detroit Pistons are pursuing Stan Van Gundy with a lucrative offer to assume complete control of basketball operations and coach, league sources told Yahoo Sports. The Pistons are trying to compete with the Golden State Warriors, who are aggressively pursuing Van Gundy for their coaching position. Yahoo Van Gundy has expressed a strong interest in the Warriors' opening, but it's immediately unclear how intrigued he is with the pursuit of Pistons owner Tom Gores. Yahoo Read more at
I'm glad to say, that i will be with The Detroit Pistons next season after 2 hour conversations with Tom Gores. I like the man who will be coach of a team and goals for next season.
Pistons owner Tom Gores: "I am proud of Adam Silver for providing the leadership and strength necessary . He has my full support."
Is there any Pistons Fan out there who feels that Joe Dumars was given a raw deal that his chance to make the Pistons an elite team again went up in smoke because of William Davidson's death, his widow only caring about selling the team, and the new owner Tom Gores not seeing things eye to eye with him?
Tom Izzo needs an agent. Not to negotiate with Tom Gores or Mark Hollis. To tell him he shouldn't do Werner Ladder commercials.
how about Nick Young and Lebron or Jimmy Buss and Tom Gores?
Isiah Thomas to be the Detroit Pistons GM?! The New York Daily News reported that Tom Gores is considering making the move, but several local news outlets have denied the report.
The Pistons ran their home winning streak to five and have averaged 113 points during this recent run. They also tied Charlotte (22-29) for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, which has become a priority for owner Tom Gores.
I just told Tom Gores that I would have his job within the next 10 years. With a smile and a handshake he said simply, "I can't wait." I will never stop smiling.
Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores' approach to investing entails fundamentals of success. . |
I just can’t understand how Joe D thought that Smith would work upfront with Moose and Dre. Unless that was a Tom Gores move
Pistons' Tom Gores sells Westside estate for $10 million - Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores and his wife, Holly,...
The only reason the Palace gets loud anymore is for T-Shirt giveaways. Tom Gores needs to sell the product on the court, not off it
I didn't like the hire when it happened... and I hate it even more now. Mo Cheeks was fired from two jobs for a reason. He has 0 coaching skills. This is only going to get worse. He'll continue to play stuckey too much and he'll continue to mismange lineups; almost worse than Jim Leyland. This is why I said this team would be lucky to go .500. I was just trying to be realistic and objective. I wish I could see more out of them. I mean, come on... The dude sat Josh Smith on the bench tonight... WHY??? There was nothing wrong with him.. at all. He looked fine. We can't lose to the Atlanta Hawks twice. NO EXCUSES!!! Tom Gores needs to yank the plug; I don't want Mo Cheeks to make it to the All-Star Break... he doesn't deserve that. And that's just being honest. - Keezy
Tom Gores won't move the back to Detroit... yet
Tom Gores won't move the back to yet
Pistons owner Tom Gores has a mullet. In 2013. It's a small one, but it is a mullet.
Tom Gores won't move the Pistons back to Detroit... yet: Tom Gores has poured millions into renovations at the...
Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores asserts his passion for the team beyond business -
Pistons: Owner Tom Gores says Joe Dumars is not on the hot seat. Dumars is in the final year of his contract.
.owner Tom Gores donates $250K to Jalen Rose academy in Detroit.
Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores is donating $250,000 to support the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy …
If you missed it yesterday, owner Tom Gores spoke with media before the game. has the story:
VIDEO: owner Tom Gores says he will be more visible this season
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I spoke with Pistons owner Tom Gores for a while. He talked Dumars, Detroit and demands. My Detroit News Q and A:
Pistons owner Tom Gores says he'll be at more games this season. The fans finally may have reason to join him. Column
Gores, Singler, Jerebko, Datome def give Pistons all-hair team MT WorldofIsaac: most amazing hair in sports-Tom Gores
If there were a salary cap for dancers, Tom Gores would pay major luxury tax. Based on tonight, pistons have at least 17 dance teams.
Ladies and gentlemen, the most amazing hair in sports---Pistons owner Tom Gores.
The Pistons owner, Tom Gores, has the best hairdo in sports. Have no clue what he's trying to do but he can do whatever with that wallet.
Tom Gores acting like he's never seen the dancing usher. I hope he doesn't get fired...
Another big 3 from Chauncey Billups to push lead to 13 and Tom Gores is high-fiving fans in the first row.
Tom Gores cont.: "I’m open to speaking to Dan (Gilbert), but I’m not going to do it just because everyone says 'do it.'"
owner Tom Gores on a Downtown Detroit arena: “You have to prove the fact that we deserve to have one down there."
owner Tom Gores vows to be more visible this year.
In the house at the Palace, sitting behind Tom Gores
Here's a link to my story from owner Tom Gores' press conference. He vows to be more visible this year
Sports/Detroit: Pistons' Tom Gores says he's ready to take more public role
owner Tom Gores talked with the media before tonight's game. has the story:
Gores: ‘We Want to Win Now’: Pistons owner Tom Gores said even some of his inner circle friends were surprised...
Jalen Rose just took a seat behind Pistons owner Tom Gores courtside. Gores just announced $250,000 donation to his this week.
My man, Jalen Rose, is sitting behind Tom Gores
owner Tom Gores spoke to media tonight on the state of the team:
Q&A with Pistons owner Tom Gores: 'I do expect success'
owner Tom Gores is once again sitting courtside.
Don't forget the epic half time shows Tom Gores has planned to bring in the customers!
Looks like Tom Gores is bringin' CLUB PALACE OF Auburn Hills to Detroit.
"VIDEO: owner Tom Gores expects GM Joe Dumars to be around for a while
Tom gores reminds me of a Mark Cuban type owner
Glad Tom Gores decided now was the time to win, when the team is going to lose it's draft pick in the best class in a long time.
Tom Gores just said all of the right things. He wants to win now. He feels that winning will put them in a better place to help community
VIDEO: owner Tom Gores believes fans will come out when franchise "deserves" them
That Tom Gores interview was about as uncomfortable as most of my dates
Tom Gores on the court for the first time since turning up with the squad!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
does Tom Gores even know what basketball is?
Owner Tom Gores said he expected the Pistons to be in the playoffs last year. Right, and I expected Taylor Swift to marry me last summer.
owner Tom Gores just spoke to assembled media. Reiterated what he said to Expects playoffs, likes of…
News: CBS Outdoor sold abroad: CBS Corp. has agreed to sell its overseas outdoor ad business to Tom Gores’ Pla...
Tom Gores has people who work for him, and who spend tons of time in DET.
come on great article on the pistons but Tom Gores doesn't even know where the palace is, he has given Joe D blind faith.
Tom Gores: "In the draft, we added talent and athleticism that deepens our young core. We then tapped the free agent market and (cont.)
Tom Gores: "Mo Cheeks knows what it takes to win a championship. He’ll be a great mentor to our young players and he is assembling (cont.)
sent out a press release with some thoughts from owner Tom Gores. I'll post a few highlights.
Tom Gores on the off-season: "We spent a lot of time preparing for this off-season. “Our folks put the pieces in place to make (more)
Tom Gores' Platinum Equity makes what CBS calls an "irrevocable binding offer" to buy the assets if CBS Outdoor International for $225M
I like the fact everyone likes the Pistons again, Detroit is makin moves , it's about time. Tom Gores is a bad *** owner .
This is feeling more & more like a Joe Dumars team. Bill Davidson's death phase, Tom Gores needing to see Frank fail, has given Joe D the GO
I'm sorry to say this. But its time to replace Joe Dumars. Trey Burke fell right in his lap,& he didn't pick him up. All he did was draft another Rodney Stuckey, with little athleticism, thats all. Pope can shoot pretty good, but thats not what we need. I just feel its time to replace Joe. He needs to quit playing it safe. With this pick, don't expect the Piston's to make the playoffs. Free Angency is coming up next. If he screws this up, Tom Gores should replace him.
"Joe Dumars and Tom Gores reach a consensus on Mo Cheeks."
Will suggest that Tom Gores & Joe Dumars try to hire George Karl? I am not sure, but I'm leaning toward probably not.
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The power dynamic in Detroit shifted when owner Tom Gores enlisted the help of Phil Jackson for the team's coaching search, and now some people are wondering if Jackson will usurp Joe Dumars' role.
Joe has put on a few LB’s. “.column: Tom Gores must show faith in Joe Dumars’ ability.
Tom Gores undercuts Joe Dumars and hires Phil what does this mean for your Detroit Pistons?
Hey, everybody: Phil Jackson's back in the NBA! Well, sort of. Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores announced Thursday that he's tapped Jackson, the legendary Head Coach who won 11 championships on the sidelines with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles … Continue reading →
Terry Foster: The Pistons are officially sleeping with the enemy. The club announced Thursday night former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson is coming in as a senior consultant. Jackson might be friends with Pistons owner Tom Gores, but he is no friend of the Pistons.
Tom Gores' vow to use every available resource to restore the Pistons to greatness has led him to Phil Jackson, who has agreed to serve in an advisory capacity in the franchise's search for a Head Coach...
Pistons owner Tom Gores brings in Phil Jackson as adviser ...
Tom Gores' generosity alone is unlikely to lure free agents
Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores has gathered partners and principals to make Platinum Equity to what it is today.
Tom Izzo is in the Tom Gores suite dressed as Hooper so the media won't pounce on him.
I think its time that Pistons owner Tom Gores should fire Joe Dumars and collect his pink slip! First he traded Chancy Billeups for Iverson which that was a dumb idea I ever heard of then Hamilton leaves to go to the Bulls and just lastnight he traded Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye! On the other hand I don't care anymore because I am not a Pistons or NBA fan what so ever so I stick to NHL GO REDWINGS!
Joe Dumars on that gas. Gave up Tashaun Prince and didnt get Rudy *** ?? Smh. He couldnt manage a Mcdonalds. He done lost it. What in the H.E dbl hockey sticks is wrong wit Dumars and Tom Gores.
not now 😪 bore off back to uni! I think gores even coming out cause you are   10% Off
for the first time in 3 yrs I feel good about the direction the team is going in under the ownership of Tom Gores
When Detroit owner Tom Gores was born (1964), Lyndon Johnson was president.
GREG PALAST: Well, basically, once the Romney group—that’s Singer, Romney and two other big hedge funds—three other big hedge funds—got a hold of Delphi, they were able to—they decided that—they have proudly said, "We do not have a single North American United Auto Workers member anymore." They’ve closed every plant and moved them to China. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. The administration and General Motors cut a deal with Tom Gores, who is the owner of the Detroit Pistons. He’s a billionaire. He’s a Flint—a Flint boy like Michael Moore. And he was going to buy Delphi and keep at least half the jobs in Michigan and in the United States. But because of this—because of really extraordinary financial maneuvering, the Romney group was able to overturn the deal that had already been made with General Motors and with Gores and the Treasury to keep Delphi jobs in the United States. Once the of vulture pack took over, they said, "We’ve got our money. We’ve got our $12 billion from ...
Tom Gores won't take much more of Joe D.'s losing. Joe is not his guy.
Are the Pistons officially on the clock? “Pistons owner treats team to Beverly Hills party
The time when the players on the Detroit Pistons went to the HQ of Platinum Equity (Tom Gores owns team) h/t
owner Tom Gores erred in dangling hope of downtown move 2 city residents. Read more from at
Right now, I just want Tom Gores to shut up about playoffs & championships. I love the goal, but be realistic.
Detroit Pistons impressed by visit to owner Tom Gores' offices for dinner and chat
Detroit Pistons' owner Tom Gores erred in dangling hope of a downtown move to city residents
Pistons players enjoy free time with owner Tom Gores in L.A.
Tom Gores just LOOKS like a highfalutin billionaire. His arm candy looks a tad aged, but I don't think he cares.
Pistons owner Tom Gores looks like he was the man in the 80's.
You'd think someone as rich as Tom Gores could afford longer sleeves.
Pistons owner Tom Gores has huge guns. I love his passion for his team!
Tom gores must be a cartoon character
I've never seen Tom Gores not wearing a smedium shirt.
I know they're young. I'm ok with giving them time to grow, but I'm glad Tom Gores was sitting court side to see this debacle.
how is Tom gores looking in his seat right now?
If Palestinian Tom Gores didn't despise Jews before, purchasing the Pistons from the Davidson family probably cemented it.
Tom Gores has to be enjoying seeing this up close from his court side seats.
If I was Joe Dumars, I would be thinking about my next career move..getting blown out in Tom Gores backtyard..not a good thing
Owner Tom Gores: 'Committed' to Detroit Pistons, says downtown move not out of question
Tom Gores is the DJ for K109 on GTA4.
For anyone not sure of going to a Pistons game, I strongly urge you go. Tom Gores has done an amazing job as the new owner. Making games more fan friendly and even the non-basketball fan would have a great time at the Palace. Regarding last night's game, the Pistons need to gain an inside presence to the basket and tighten up on the D. Hopefully Lawrence Frank can make those adjustments because, if not, it will be another lackluster season
Detroit. With Joe Dumars at the helm, they are going nowhere. Whats worse, is hes pulling the wool over Tom Gores eyes.
How about more sports read? Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores...
Tom Gores sees great potential in Andre Drummond.
Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores appears to be spending millions on revitalizing the Palace of Auburn Hills with no intention of moving anywhere. The second-year Palace Sports and Entertainment owner is in the second stage of what officials are calling a long-term, four-tier investment for the venue,...
Tom Gores, the private equity billionaire who bought a troubled Detroit Pistons basketball franchise 14 months ago in the midst of a still-shaky Michigan economy, is staking out a growing presence in the state with his Platinum Equity investment firm, making big bets on auto parts manufacturing, l...
THE Detroit Pistons NEED TO FINALLY FIRE JOE 'Darko' DUMARS Tom Gores should do it sooner than later!
At the State of the Pistons meeting hosted by Joe Dumars, John Salley, Tom Gores discussing the future of the Detroit Pistons! Looking fwd to a great 2013 season! Any questions u want me to ask?
The State of the Pistons: to host event wsg/ Coach Frank, Joe Dumars, Dennis Mannion, & Tom Gores
A Path to the Playoffs: Tom Gores, Joe Dumars and Lawrence Frank all talked about the playoffs next season
Watching the Pistons end of the season press conference... I trust Tom Gores,Joe Dumars & Lawrence Frank...
Terms of deal to sell Detroit Pistons reached with Tom Gores -
Tom Gores signs agreement to purchase Detroit Pistons
Report: Detroit Pistons reach tentative deal with Tom Gores to purchase team -
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