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So I can laugh at the opinion Tom Davies > Sam Clucas
How boss is this. Tom Davies and his uncle Alan Whittle.
Can we agree that respective career paths of Tom Davies and Ryan Ledson make fans predicting a players prospects at 16 laughably pointless?
As if I'm seeing people have a go at Tom Davies... This is exactly what happened to Ross Barkley and why his confidenc…
I really like Tom Davies, but let's keep the raving to a minimum - the way we treat young players is important - see Ros…
Pulled out an absolute stonker of a lookalike, Tom Davies for Everton and Andy Bloor who went Cowley 😂
Tom Davies proving, again, why we all want to see more of him on the pitch, great 3 points
Should have started with both Holgate and Tom Davies instead of Cleverly IMHO Koeman needs to start using these 2 y…
David Unsworth raves about young Everton trio Tom Davies, Liam Walsh and Jonjoe Kenny
You can tell Tom Davies is one of the better players, been decent so far tonight, Walsh good on the ball to
people want tha Tom Davies to play, why? He'll be the same the minute our money fans get him.
Steven Gerrard is a poor mans Tom Davies.
Ron looks at Tom Davies the way I look at Tom Davies. Pure love
100+ people here at Tom Davies square in for vigil. Pride flag at half mast https:…
Tom Davies naturally has more in his locker than the likes of Peter Reid and Steve McMahon. He should go on to have a marvellous career
did we watch the next Peter Reid yesterday in Tom Davies?
1763 Boswell and Johnson met in the back parlor on Tom Davies' London bookshop.
A lot of time for Tom Davies throwback Peter Reid Style 80s shorts
Mirallas with the goal but credit must go Tom Davies for winning the ball in the first place. Dowell with the run and Ken…
Come down to Glastonbury afterwards, we've got a few spacemen down here as well 😀
Did I mention I'll becoming to Bath, UK on June 3 too?
Someone's going to have to buy a season ticket now!
Is it bad I'm buzzing for the litten tree makeover 😂
61' Tom Davies takes man before the ball in the box and the referee sends him off and awards a penalty. Briton Ferry 1-0 Ton Pentre.
50' Tom Davies clears the ball off the line for Ton Pentre. 0-0.
20' Briton Ferry go close but Tom Davies' sliding tackle makes Davey put the ball wide. 0-0.
do you like Eurovision? Drinking game in Portsmouth Saturday night? 👍 🍺 🍻
Second free machine if Austria win Euro 2016 our F700Z Find out more here
Everton star Kieran Dowell lands first ever Tony Heslop Award: . Tom Davies also named Player of the Sea...
Hooker Kristian Dacey and wings Eli Walker and Tom James included in Wales squad for summer Tests, but flanker James Davies not included
Wish my grandparents liked tech house
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I need to use someone's gaff to get on my decks and record a mix 😩
CRICKET: Tom Davies and Danny Lloyd put on 200 stand as Cricklade saunter to victory
Clark Kent’s signature frame is designed by Tom Davies. . Read:
Tom: Congratulations to Calvin Davies who has won the Academy Player of the Year award
Thank goodness Hunt, Corbyn and Clarkson are keeping Kyle off my search list...
Great article on the O's in June's When Saturday Comes by Tom Davies - a must read for all O's
*muted trumpets. Caveat, Miles Davies being the only one to pull it off.
Runs for Robin Davies, Zandre Swartz, and Tom Brooks with wickets for and Rob Moysey
you should've seen how much grafting I did this weekend pal, absolute shift
First to be revealed in our Free Machines if Austria win Euro 2016 offer, our C3 31 see more
"Tom Davies last night put down his can of Special Brew & roared: 'I'm up for the Addicks!'"
Tom Davies was staring me in the face there. Ta. Will edit that
Go to an island and hear singing to seals and the brilliant telling stories:
The conspiracy theorists who have taken over Poland | Christian Davies
Thanks Leonora and Tom Davies for a wonderful wedding week end at Seaview, IoW
You can't handle being a grafter can you nips
Speaking to MCA, Brakspear CEO Tom Davies has said the 8-strong group will go beyond its target of 10 managed sites.
if Tom gave you two porks you wouldn't complain
Finding this on my phone is quality, my uncle said he was looking for something that my auntie could fit into 😂
Just been sent snapchats from my mates in malta at a rave whilst the sun is going down, I'm currently feeling like AIDS in eastleigh
Were proud to also offer Tom Davies bespoke in Kettering..
We have regular squad members confirmed
people like N'Jie, Trippier, Davies, Bentaleb, Tom Carroll were a little underused
"Today's point should be remembered for the debuts of Tom Davies and Callum Connolly." human shields
Daniel Protz wearing the new Tom Davies buffalo horn/carbon fiber combination with titanium temples
Congratulations to our new committee for next year: Matt Goodwin, David Chalmers, Tom Davies and Jack Watson!
Not surprised to see Sam Hobbs go. Clear that Wilson rates Tom Davies ahead of him, with Rob Lewis and Thyer coming through. Wish him well.
Charlie Chaplin on the set of “Sunnyside”, with him is Tom Davies, Manager of Western Import Co. London. He...
And Finally the stragglers to this horrid group, Ben Evans, Tom Davies and Ryan Mills.
Tom Davies and Jon Stead are set to have a good battle today 0-0
Quality 2nd half that. Tom Davies and Mason Holgate look quality
After the success of the last party, HOTT Presents to you Tom Davies and Whip-DeBeat!!
"By no conceivable measure is either France or Britain on the frontline of Europe's migration crisis"
it’s the Goodbye Lenin approach to policy-making
Islabikes got to meet Tom Davies when he rolled through Portland. He's almost done with a trip around the world:
Pegasus juniors U18 2-2 wellington res. Kyle panniers (pen) Peter Lucas with the goals. Special mentions for Tom Hussey, Jason Davies and
Who is this? Two women have fraudulently obtained refunds at stores, including at and htt…
Even criminals should learn to keep their word: Tom Hayes and LIBOR on
Nice to meet Tom Davies from in at today.
Even criminals need to learn to keep to their word: Tom Hayes and LIBOR on
Thanx JayBhai for the Tom Davies bespoke for KKR. Reflections…..
We're hunting for people like you to join the team at DCC - any chance of sharing, recommendations? ta!
" Tom Hayes is the sole architect of his own lengthy prison sentence!" on
Please consider signing up to the organ donor register and volunteering your help today:.
Running round all finished.. Off out on a bike ride soon with Shannon Davies and Tom Thompson...
From beneath the Manchester cobbles in 1888 came a giant boulder from the Lake District http…
Tom Davies, Hello, please kindly visit my bio and my site to join a free iPhone giveaway! Thank you!
"Until I met up with Tom Kevill-Davies. A thirtysomething Englishman, Tom runs cycling food-and-wine tours of...
Banks and organized crime are one. 14 years for Tom Hayes (aka Barclays LIBBOR fixer and circus master.
How about asking next year?! He has an army of fans you know, we love The Bear aka !! 😺
Tom has said elsewhere he's vegetarian(ish), and clearly devoted to The Bear, so definitely yes.
Substitutions for Widnes: Damian Bialozynski, Tom Hackett, George McGrogan, Thomas Moore & Ellis Mavers are on for Rob Cork, Alex Davies...
Tranmere 0-1 Everton. Blues break from a corner, Donohue's shot is saved by Scott Davies but Tom Davies was on hand for an easy tap-in.
200 days, 18,000 miles. Would you cycle around the world? 19 yr old Tom Davies has already made it through 15 countrie…
We could do this permanently. Add bike lanes to connect to Elgin Street and the underground bike parking going in at Tom Davies.
Young trio James Yates, Nathan Holland and Tom Davies have been named in the U17 squad for three games later thi…
Have your say with Tom Davies and the Talk In this Sunday from 11 on our brand new sister station Radio Aire 2 Get the Radio Aire 2 App now
Alfreton Town sign Tom Davies on loan: Alfreton Town manager Nicky Law has strengthened his squad by bringing ...
beats Joe Canning 6-4 6-0 and goes on to face Tom Davies on Thursday. Good luck Aeron!
“Harry's in much better shape buddy 👍😉”
Happy to say I've finally signed for united
“My face when I check a text as I'm falling asleep...
Seeing Tom cruise on the red carpet !
I'm glad about that Thomas;) excited to see me when we go back to coll? ❤️😍
I won't be doing that again don't worry!😐😳
Daniel looks great in his new Tom Davies frame made with Natural Buffalo Horn. .
Daniel in his new Natural Buffalo Horn Tom Davies frame.
Listed as similar to Tam Cowan, I find Tom Sheridan. Similar? Have you ever been linked to swinging with Billy Davies?
Are you open normal hours today lads?
if you are better at football than Tom Cleverley
hold on Tom.. Disney movies are kayl's first love. You will be dragged to the theatres. More than once.
also Essie Davis rocked as Dylan Thomas’ wife opposite Tom Hollander in recent Andrew Davies TV movie. Outstanding.
Ark in Space is 1 of the 10 greatest Who stories of the original series and Tom baker & Russell T Davies Favourite
BREAKING - Manchester United have signed a good enough to replace Tom Cleverley!!
Manchester United have only won 2 of their last 28 games that Tom Cleverley has started.
"'That's Tom Cleverley, for some reason he starts but we don't pass to him'"
Nothing says 'best league in the world' like the midfield battle between Jack Rodwell and Tom Cleverley.
Ashley Young, Darren Fletcher, Tom Cleverly and Antonio Valencia in midfield for Man United. Just let that sink in.
Man United have only won one of the last eight competitive games Tom Cleverley has started.
Matty Davies admits he is 'honoured' to be named as Hull Stingrays' new captain for the 2015 season
Tom Huddlestone and Curtis Davies are class acts.
A delight to hear Barry Davies behind the mic once again on Match of the Day last night.
Great to hear Barry Davies back on Match of the Day. A few of his colleagues could still stand to learn from him. Classy stuff.
Their going to have to re surface the whole of the dance floor after im finished with it tonight
Can Barry Davies come back to full time please? Brilliant commentator
Barry Davies commentating and old school screen graphics! Wonderful!
Barry Davies and Tom Durkin. A night for legends. Wish they could live forever in a commentary utopia.
Lovely to hear Barry Davies' dulcet tones.
There are a few disgraces in football, Chamakh's hair is just one of them. Elsewhere could Barry Davies please commentate my life
Everything about Palace - West Ham on MOTD is glorious. Barry Davies, old graphics. Chamakh’s hair. Awesome.
Electronic Device Insurance
Great to hear Barry Davies on Match of the Day!
Tom Durkin is some caller. As is Barry Davies. A welcome return.
There's something comforting in having Barry Davies on MOTD. Certainly better than listening to Shearer/Savage
Barry Davies, it's good to hear your voice again!
David Pleat running across the pitch, Tom Jones & Barry Davies "look at his face" is good so far!
Pre drinks are going down a treat thanks to you boss 👊
Tom Baker, Peter Davies were the first I can remember
historical reasons for union have disappeared (see eminent historians Norman Davies and Tom Devine)
Lovely BTTS 5 fold, shame I only put £1 on!
Tom Carroll has revealed that Ben Davies convinced him to join Swansea on loan.
Awful 2nd half. They will deffo have to sort themselves out.
Knights make a handful of subs. List, Bergmanas & Challinor are replaced by Tom Davies, Phelan & Hunter. 49 mins
Swansea 1-0 Burnley Nathan Dyer breaks the deadlock after 23 minutes after a mistake by Burnley keeper Tom Heaton
All the action from the 3pm kick-offs in the Premier LeagueSend your thoughts to tom.davies
CRICKET: 'Cullinan is county quality,' says Davie: WARMINSTER skipper Tom Davies would be surprised...
in 1763 James Boswell and Samuel Johnson met in the back parlour of Tom Davies' London bookshop.
Premier League clockwatch as it happened | Tom Davies
Omg! Thank you so much to all my family for a lovely fab night! And especially thank you to my special girl Rachael Davies for my gorgeous present and my boys Tom Davies& Daniel Young Togo Jones for getting me drunk!!! And last but not least. My special special man Nigel Balchin who I lover very very much. Bring on my special weekend he has planned !!! Can't wait!!! Love you all x
Minute-by-minute report: Can Crystal Palace put a dent in Manchester City's title hunt? Find out with Tom Davies
FC United of Manchester - Tom Davies to Fleetwood Town, Back on Loan to FC via All the best Tom!
I know. I have just had some Tom Davies bespoke buffalo horn numbers I reckon so wooden ones would be amazing.
Well done lads! 2-0 win and another 3 points! Goals from Matthew Wolfenden and Tom Davies. Nice early Christmas present from FC!
Repurpose! Tom Davies from New Zealand native living in Fiji, made a boat from littered plastic bottles!! Cool!
Hi Paul, Tom Davies just put me in touch with you about a gig at the Roadhouse, can you send me your email address please?
- SIGN UP FOR A WEEK OF DRAWING AND PAINTING ON A GREEK ISLAND - Tom Davies artist and lecturer: Tom Davies has run summer schools at The Slade School of Art, The Prince’s Drawing School, The London School of Painting and Drawing and The San Alejandro School of Art, Havana. Tom Davies is a working painter who has exhibited in London, Paris and Havana. Course synopsis: The course is open ended and will make use of both the studio facilities and the environment. There will be a model available in the studio and at times outside. Work will develop from the place, the light and the history of Greece. There will be facts and discussions that will inform and develop art practices. The aim is the grow work from the specific place, time and experience of the artists. However a working structure will be in place during the course. The course will conclude with a show of the work and an open discussion about the project. Material: Some materials will be provided; pencils, paper chalks. We suggest participants bri ...
13 in tomorrow's squad - Doug, Tom Woodhead, me, Dominic, Jack Symes, Rob, Tom Davies, Duncan, Liam, Luke R, Mike, Gary and Marcus. Don't forget your AU cards and we'll meet at one. By the way sorry if I ever seem rude for not texting back - just skint and need to be careful not to go too much over my limit of texts! Texting 20 odd people two or three times a week takes its toll!
Donna Jones is one of our versatile Second Soprano and Alto 1 singers.  Truly - she sings both parts…..but not at once!  Donna was born in Westminster, CA and grew up in Santa Barbara.  After graduating from Cal Poly, and singing under the direction of Tom Davies, she left San Luis Obispo for a brief three years before coming back in 1991 for good.  Donna is the Director of Finance for The Graduate Restaurants and loves making beautiful music with the other women of Canzona.  Plus she likes the challenge!  She lives in Arroyo Grande with her adorable tuxedo cat named Dimitri, also known as “Mimi”….it’s a long story - just ask her!   Donna has sung and worked with SO many groups on the Central Coast, including Cuesta Master Chorale, the Mozart Festival Chorus, as well as The Uncommonne Carolers and Mixed CO.  She also plays the piano, flute and handbells.  Her favorite song in this concert is “Lake Isle of Innisfree”.  And she will be singing in two duets this concert.  Don’t mis ...
I opened the store yesterday, looked it over, and I was amazed at how great our collection of frames are. With designers like Chanel, Tom Ford, David Yurman, Jason Wu, Derek Lam and Tory Burch we have the freshest styles in town. Specialty frames like Salt, Barton Perreira, Tom Davies, Iyoko Inyake and OGI gives you the opportunity to have unusual stylish frames. We are very proud of what we have to present to you and would love to help you find exactly the right frame for you.
they are still funny;) me matt,Callum,Kyle,Tom Davies had a huge pen fight, then wet paper towels and then wick air freshner lol!
Holiday Shopping Card shoppers: we (Vision Optique) did not put a limitation or exclusion on the designers. So ladies: if you have had your eyes on some Chanel, Prada, or David Yurman sunglasses or regular glasses, now is the best time to do it. Gents: same goes with the Oakley, Costa Del Mar, and Maui Jim sunwear and eyewear. If custom made couture eyewear is what you are interested in, come see the latest from Tom Davies, Lunor, and Robert Marc. Gents: great time to get Christmas and birthday presents for your special ladies. Every woman needs a little piece of Chanel in her wardrobe.
Lay on a beach with R Rachel after her say of being sea sick! Made up Alex Lee and Tom Davies have been approved for the booze cruise :)
Debbie Gardner Morrow gave an amazing speech today at the press conference we held issuing a debate challenge to Trey Gowdy for the Fall. Thanks also to Russell Bannan, Emily Harbin for directing press traffic, Tom Davies, Betty Condon Morehead Koester, and others for being there today. For the press and folks who weren't there, you missed a great event.
In preparation for Tom Davies trunk show in November... any one willing to go on record with testimonials about their Bespoke Tom Davies frames... please call Margaret :) REALLY appreciate any volunteers, thanks!
Yo it wont let me send a mesg back Tom Davies and Nathan Thomas Newman Hadley
Tom Davies 20 laid out his suit for David's funeral walked to the tree where his friend had died & hanged himself from an adjacent tree.
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