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Tom Daley

Thomas Robert Tom Daley (born 21 May 1994) is an English diver who specialises in the 10 metre platform event and was the 2009 FINA World Champion in the individual event at the age of 15. He started diving at the age of seven and is a member of Plymouth Diving Club.

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Todd Barclay looks like a squished, knock-off Tom Daley
Tom Daley shares first photo of wedding to Dustin Lance Black via
Watch out Tom Daley thebeaverthebear has some serious flair
Literally all Ryan needs is tom Daley and he'll have had every notable white *** on AHS
I have now run off into the bedroom to hide and watch Tom Daley's Tops Off For Summer fitness routine.
bizarrely enough I looked at that just as Stella McCartney was talking about Tom Daley liking “a small short”!
"I've seen things you wouldn't believe. Water so cloudy it'd kill Tom Daley on impact."
So Tom Daley is *** . In other news Samuel L Jackson is black.
From Tom Johnson to Tom Daley, we're offering 20% off a selection of sporting prints for
WATCH: Adorable – and – Tom Daley wants to help us get into ... by Nick Gayer.
I liked a video Making Easter Treats with Lance! I Tom Daley
*Gareth Thomas, Nigel Owens, and Tom Daley, laughing in the background*
Am honestly abt ten minute away from making my way to the Erskine Bridge n doin the worlds worst Tom Daley impression :))) 😯
I liked a video Wedding Cake Reveal to Lance! | Our Wedding Day! | Tom Daley
WATCH: Adorable – and shirtless – Tom Daley wants to help us get into shape for summer
If you were a bearded doppelgänger of Tom Daley, he'd maybe a little bit more flexible in his views..?
Think you'll find I've nailed that dive to perfection there, like a portly Tom Daley
Tom Daley bulges in tight red boxers in his latest video – but you may have missed it... 👀.
What a pic! Tom Ford, Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black at the London Fashion Week Men's closing…
Interested to hear what Tom Daley thought of Victor Moses performance today He seems the only one qualified to offer a professional critique
Tom Daley and Martin Clunes on the One Show (02.01.2017) via
Happy 23rd birthday to British Olympic diver, Tom Daley! Wishing you a happy and blessed day. And congrats on your…
'I have a bit of an obsession with the Union Jack after being part of Team GB' tells
It means your life is a lie and you'll never marry to a hot Tom Daley!
"Not everyone is excited about tom Daley's birthday" there you go thought up a moment for you .
lol looks more like Tom Daley to me
I liked a video 'Average Andy' with Tom Daley
. Give me please Tom Daley's phone number!!! Please, please, please! I beg you!!!
got 21 balloons for his 23 yo bday so far Gift him more!
12 pictures of Tom Daley's unique London apartment.
At home with Tom Daley and his husband... in their Team GB-themed London apartment via
Happy birthday Tom Daley. Best wishes in life
Happy birthday to Tom Daley who turns 23 years old today! ;)
Happy birthday, Here's 13 photos that show why we’re totally hot for the Olympian.
Happy 23rd birthday, Tom Daley! To celebrate the special occasion, we’re taking a look back at some of our…
2-time Olympic diving medallist Remember when he was just 14 years old:
I'm still waiting for that full Tom Daley jerkoff video.
Happy birthday Check out his hottest ever momehts: .
Tom Daley's bum 'feels different' after being married
Tom Daley's bum 'feels different' after being married -
Couldn't be happier: Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, who made their first appearance ... via
Tom Daley married his partner Dustin Lance Black at the weekend.
First look at Tom Daley's wedding day as he marries Dustin Lance Black with a huge grin on his face.
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black get married in castle wedding (Attitude)
Tom Daley in hospital before weekend wedding to Dustin Lance Black News # moreNewsAt -…
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have tied the knot
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Tom Daley, 22, ties the knot with Dustin Lance Black, 42, in lavish fairytale wedding
💒 Congratulations to film director Dustin Lance Black & boyfriend Tom Daley on getting wed in Devon.
NHL Network just opened their highlights with "Tom Wilson,what a shift he had!" and showed Daley hit. Perfect example of…
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black marry in ‘fairytale’ wedding
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black marry in 'fairytale' wedding ~ ~
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black tied the knot!
Tom Daley marries boyfriend after re-enacting famous Romeo and Juliet scene before fairytale wedding - -…
Tom Daley, 22, and Dustin Lance Black, 42, 'MARRY' in romantic Romeo and Juliet ceremony
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black marry at Devon castle
Congrats to Tom Daley who has married his partner Dustin Lance Black 🎉
Tom Daley, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Laura Kenny pictured at Battersea Evolution in London for this year's BT Sport In…
Tom Daley on the Red Carpet at the BT Sports Industry Awards...❤✨.
Tom Daley: GB diver wins 10m platform bronze at World Series event in Canada
Britain's Tom Daley wins two bronzes on the final day of the Diving World Cup event in Kazan, Russia.…
See David Walliams, Emma Bunton and Tom Daley surprise British Airways passengers at Heathrow
Old Pictutures of Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black with their Friends(2)
Old Pictures of Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, hanging around Together.
Need to be careful when we play Bournemouth...Ryan Fraser seems to do a Tom Daley whenever he gets in the box
Flashback to the LAST DIVE with Tom Daley at Mission Viejo. What an incredible day it was! htt…
YOU thought Tom Daley was dating Dustin Lance Black! You're right, legally changed his name.
British Olympic medallist Tom Daley on the key to healthy eating:
I was a fan of Tom Daley as a positive *** role model in sport, but this "revelation" in the tabloids is so tacky and undignified 🤢🙄
Tom Daley comes clean to fiance over sex session with fan lol Supposed to be a diver?? But is also a sex addict! 😵
Olympic diver Tom Daley expresses regret after video of him having... via
Tom Daley has admitted that he has had cybersex with other men
A central question that remains unanswered is: does Tom Daley use the doggie filter too?
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black speak out after Skype sex photo and video leak
apparently he got a full 10 by Tom Daley
Remind to watch the Tom Daley thing after work
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black secretly split up.
Tom Daley with his tickle tackle out as well!!?. I think the moral of the story is don't get ya tickle tackle out for someone you don't know.
hes a dirty cheat. Watch his penno vs wolves. Tom Daley could dive better
Genuinely don't know who I find more annoying, Tom Daley or Caroline Flack...
Tom Daley not saying sorry to Dustin Lance Black in his quotes for the sun is awful. Espec when his claims of a break are easily disproved
The moment Tom Daley's proper nudes are out please someone send them to me... 🙏
So.Tom Daley. If you want to be 22 - that's totally fine. Don't string along your fiancé. . Or at least snapchat him when know.
Tyler Posey, Cody Christian, Tom Daley... but where's that leaked Shawn Mendes video?
Tom Daley breaks silence after admitting to 'online sex' with fan
Tom Daley you filthy cheat. I dont care if you were on a "break". Supposedly 11 MONTHS? Just leak your nudes and leave.
Maybe It was Tom Daley texting Sam Smith sweet nothings all along.
are you saying we might have nudes of Tom Daley soon?
It actually shows the level of hypocrisy in Tom Daley's camp that his Fiancee can have a go at Sam for texting Tom. Yet Tom can *** on cam.
Did Tom Daley leak his own "not-so-nude"nudes just for attention? You can literally see more at the pool 🤗
Diver jumps ahead of the media and confirms the existence of a set of nude photos.
Whats the bets the "fan" Tom Daley had cyber-sex with was Sam Smith. "Cam with me cause you're all i need"
Little Giant Ladders
Hoolahan may of done his best Tom Daley impression to win the game but on the plus side we still managed to palm off jez
I honestly have never seen the appeal of Tom Daley. He's not got a pretty face.. assides from orange abs what is he?
Olympic diver Tom Daley 'confesses all to his husband-to-be after admitting online sex session with fan'
Tom Daley had Snapchat sex with fan while taking a seven-month break from Dustin
Tom Daley confesses he had cybersex with another man as explicit pics and video emerge
Tom Daley Leaked Video - First Part has surfaced and here it is!
Everyone is talking about Tom Daley's body and bulge in that leaked video. But all I can see when I watch it is his eng…
Tom Daley confesses to 'cyber sex session with fan' during relationship break from fiance .
Tom Daley literally wears less for work than what he's wearing in his 'leaked video' why is everyone gagging?
Here we go. A refresh start of Tom Daley camsex.
It's a shame that first act as president isn't going to be to release the entire Tom Daley sex video.
Waiting for the Rest of Tom Daley 's Leaked photos / vid's to surface
Funny, I predicted a Tom Daley video would leak the second that Chris Mears' one did. Even at leaks he came a poor Bronze to Chris's Gold
So both Chris Mears and now Tom Daley's nudes leak when all I want is Jack Laugher's. 😩😩
Tom Daley had online sex session with fan - Daily Mail
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Olympic diver Tom Daley takes our health quiz. . The 22-year-old reveals his daily exercise routine and his …
Just me and Tom Daley. Thanks to Angus Swan for the opportunity - and lunch!
Hot pics British diver Dan Osborne (with guest appearances by Tom Daley)
struggling to find a calendar for next year because neither Tom Daley or Lawson have one out :(
Meet Tom Daley here on 2nd Jan! Click here for tickets and more info.
Tom Daley is live with champion Ore Oduba. . ➡️
Finally watched Hopkins do a tom Daley, he's still amazing all he's achieved and only Ortiz is better than him pound for pound fr over 50s
What on earth was Tom Daley thinking? Trousers at half mast and no socks. Classy. Not!
(C) and got to see Robbie Williams sound check, then he stood next to me for ages and so did Tom Daley!
a man could have ridden his bike through the gap between callum howe and Tom daley aka the diver. Ref specsavers is calling U
Sports Personality of The Year: Tom Daley SQUIRMS as awkward Judy Murray mocks his height…
I like him. Gimme a guy like that over a media darling like Tom Daley with his pishy bronze medal 😛
Just had an awkward photo with Tom Daley (which was forced upon by my dad)
Tom Daley has the body of a Greek God!!! He's just so beautiful inside and out!!
Diver Tom Daley gets some dancing tips from popstar Robbie Williams backstage…
Tom Daley too poor or too daft to wear trousers the right length and socks 😂
Tom Daley SQUIRMS as Judy Murray jokes about his 'short' height:
Who decided not to call this 'Tom's Daley Plan'?
Tom Daley didn't waste any time moving into presenting after
Tom Daley might be able to remember a complex diving routine - but he can't remember his socks for .
Just spotted Tom Daley in the crowd with his sweetheart,,, and by the way, It's a man
So Tom Daley comes last at the Olympics this year but still has the audacity to wear no socks with a suit. Poor.
"It's a total farce mate, no one can get in and tom daley keeps asking me for an interview"
Why is Tom Daley so revered? Average diver that hasn't done any better than bronze on his own...
even when he has won nothing , Tom Daley still gets on SPOTY.FFS
When showbiz and diving collide... Tom Daley meets the ultimate showman
Just seen Tom Daley and Jack Laugher. They look so dapper.
Tom Daley getting the party going on FB with his red carpet interviews. Now on the red button, Denise Lewis…
I liked a video Tom Daley can't takes his eyes off Dan Osborne
Tom Daley arrives at Buckingham Palace for reception honouring Olympians and Paralympians
Like there's only a certain number of times I can pretend to care about Tom Daley's failures. That number is 0.
Tom Daley the only kid in school who liked to sit on the white bits
As if Tom Daley coming out is a surprise. Before today, if he'd of been any further in the closet, he'd of been in Narnia!
At Madame Tussaud's, where they deem it appropriate to have a wax work model of Tom Daley, but not two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray
You mad? He was on the floor when no one was near him. May as well have been watching Tom Daley
is tom daley one of watfords coaches. Success dived over when no one was near him. Fake injuries and wasting time once they got goal.
Success with more dives than Tom Daley today
Our high profile supporter tells heartbreaking story of his dad dying from cancer aged 40
Just had a conversation with Tom Daley.
*** lool how's man doing stepovers over a girl then doing Tom Daley n diving onto another one, I'm finished
i literally wrote about tom daley and was like OK TIME TO GO ALL OUT, NO ONES EVER GONNA SEE THIS but alas
That time when Tom Daley and Daniel Goodfellow showed us tha ...
Tom Daley would be worried if he saw it
How could Tom Daley do such a thing???
I'm looking at diving pics for, erm, research purposes. 50 Shades of Tom Daley.
Would Tom Daley qualify as a small pet? I'd have him around the house.
You know when you get with tom Daley
🚨Correction on the 2nd goal🚨. Tom Strelow (Paul Daley, Dalton L'allier) . Lakers lead 2-0 with 1:12 to go in the first period.
Alan shearer would accuse Tom Daley of diving. Fruit loop.
Apparently mentioning the amazing is a blog and you get double your usual blog visits -
What we get up to at work, new Tom Daley in the making?🌊
Sam Smith called out by Tom Daley's fiance for 'only *** at the Oscars' claim -
omg why does one of 5 After Midnight look like a black Tom Daley
Anyone noticed when Matt Terry speaks he sounds just like Tom Daley? Check it out!
Come on Tom Daley you can do it son, dive like a Gannet https…
When Tom Daley walks within a metre of you at Soho and you gotta play it cool.
Zaha is a better diver than Tom Daley mate...
Hopefully that greasy haired little Tom Daley acting *** gets a ban for that disgusting stamp
Is Jack Grielish going to partner Tom Daley, his diving skills are on 🔥
Done a better dive than tom daley back into the snoozer after graft like gold medal x
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87' RED CARD for Gosport! Tom Bird has been shown a straight red card for an elbow on Luke Daley [0-6]
Crumbs! Tom Daley has been spotted on CCTV slapping *** against Swansea City Council.
Sterling and Sane complete long to see who can be Tom Daley's next Olympic diving partner
I liked a video from GMOD Sandbox Funny Moments! - Trains, Tom Daley and Trickshots!
The £350 million a week to NHS pledge by the Brexit camp was untrue? In other news, Tom Daley is *** & Piers Morgan is…
Never thought I'd see Andy Murray and Tom Daley on the Jeremy Kyle show. Shout out to the very talented Top impressions mate
harsh. It was the feenyun in the black's fault. Is joey Barton the next Tom Daley?
Did you notice Tom Daley did not seem to be in the TeamGB group photo?
When 'Christian Voice' puts failure down to sexuality, they drag the name of Christ through the mud
Blake Aldridge: 'Leaving the Olympics is the best thing I ever did'
Why is Tom Daley not in this group picture of Did he not want to be with all the other British athletes?
Tom Daley does not seem to be in this picture of the athletes. Why? Is he not a team player?
I think you will find tom Daley is that crying child
Tom Daley should have to be a trolley dolly
An Olympic athlete who knows how to go with good grace! Tom Daley, take note
JK epically shut down aimed at Tom Daley
Tom Daley says Olympic pool has been closed following green water mystery
I wonder what class of the BA2016 Tom Daley is on?!?
I feel like every GB athlete is here EXCEPT Tom Daley and I bet he's livid. For once not centre of attention
ok but Tom Daley right now is a representation of how I did in my mocks compared to my exams
All the medalists were upgraded to first class? Sweet! . Tom Daley in haulage.
Welcome home team GB and Tom Daley with his poxy brooze lol
Tom Daley is *** something Arthur Nory is yet to achieve.
The media darling Tom Daley failed so they move on to Mo Farah
Tom Daley urged to protect diving boards at north London pool - the guardian
'Christian Voice' slates Tom Daley being *** for poor Olympic show. Should have been like Jesus, married, two kids.
Tom Daley hiding in the toilet sobbing.
Egaylity : JK Rowling Slams 'Stupidity' and 'Spite' of Christian Ministry's Attack on Olympian Tom Daley - J.K…
Fantastic! 'JK Rowling defends UK diver over homophobic taunt' Thanks for the tip !
Tom Daley is back to give your butt another intense workout.
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My tom daley rubbed out prior to game. just cute
Was this before or after you kicked Tom Daley out of bed?
Not at all, but it's funny, because "envious loser" is a much better description of Tom Daley's photo
The Blasphemy of Christian Voice and an Apology to Tom Daley
I have a life, thanks. Tom Daley deserves contempt
Sky News. Jacquie Beltrao. 8.04am. "Tom Daley is holding a croissant in his left hand". Please return to your homes and rejoice.
girl how did you not know about Tom Daley
Glad Nicola Adams won, she seems very nice but poor Tom Daley :(
Tom Daley fails to qualify for 10 metres platform final Tom Daley ⚡🌟
Tom Daley misses out on 10m platform diving final place
Tom Daley shines in 10m prelims; Boudia, Johnson, Qiu, Chen all advance
Tom Daley: 'I don't think I would be diving if I hadnt met Lance' https…
Tom Daley achieves personal best and highest score in qualifying for 10m semifinal https…
warns Chinese rivals by topping 10m platform preliminary round at via
What is it they say to er is human.Superhuman efforts by all . Go team GB good luck Tom Daley.
Tom Daley is rewarded with a 'treat' from his screenwriter fianc who chucks him a ... -
I decided that I'm the Tom Daley & is the DLB cause I have a big butt & like jumping off stuff & he's cute & writes well.
Chris Mears and Tom Daley look like twins AM I THE ONLY ONE??!
I become such a Tom Daley stan whenever the Olympics are on
What a night for Tom Daley! . The tops the 10m platform preliminaries with a giant score of 571.85. 👍
I will always and forever love tom Daley
If you don't love Tom Daley you don't have a soul. If you don't love Tom & Lance you don't have a heart. I don't make the…
Rio 2016 Olympics: goodbye to Bolt with triple treble, hello to GB hockey gold – live!
My mom was like "Tom Daley's mom seems to like his fiancé" and I was like "well yeah he's the same age as her dead husband"
Tom Daley just smashed his personal best in the 10m diving qualifying. Came 1st ahead of the Chinese.
Tom Daley heads to the 10m platform semi-final with highest score in prelim. 📷 : https:…
Remember in 2012 when everyone was obsessed with Tom Daley
Diver Tom Daley is back in action as his Coach Jane Figueiredo will be hoping for her 2nd media of the
Tom Daley: It was only the preliminary, but plenty of big scores hit the…
Tom Daley qualified for Saturday's 10m platform semi-final with a personal best. Watch:
I think finding out Tom Daley is engaged was more devastating to me than my last break up
So pleased that Tom Daley is being recognised for saying well done to his team mates for winning gold in
Congratulations to a diver and another diver on winning GOLD at Here’s a picture of Tom Daley. https:…
Move over Tom Daley it's all about Chris Mears & Jack Laugher 💦
agree with on this. Could someone tell me why we (UK) were celebrating Tom Daley's bronze medal?
Just bringing this back while we're all celebrating the results!
Tom Daley and that other synchronised diver.
When the thirst is so real that you order a Tom Daley calendar from overseas
They've done it!. Tom Daley & Daniel Goodfellow take 10m synchro bronze!
I love Tom Daley so much, but what really gets me is all the headlines saying "Tom gets gold" because no NO WHAT ABOUT DANIEL
Can we just take a moment and appreciate Tom Daley?? 😻😻
Dustin Lance Black 'so happy and proud' of fiancé Tom Daley's Olympic win
Tom Daley tells ITV News he's 'so, so happy' after winning bronze along with diving partner Daniel Goodfellow
Congrats to Tom Daley (and his synchro partner Dan Goodfellow,
Rio 2016: Organisers fail to explain why diving pool turned green as Tom Daley asks 'what ha...
Throwback to 2012 olympics when everyone was obsessed with Tom Daley
Is the diving on tonight I wonder sexy tom daley
My sister learnt how to dive properly and now thinks she is Tom Daley
Why is Tom Daley happy about a green diving pool in Rio?
Tom Daley's face is the most aesthetically pleasing thing I've ever seen
I wonder how Tom Daley will compare at 31
I love the fact Tom Daley does ballet as part of his training
Tom Daley wearing nothing but tiny trunks was the best moment of the Olympics 😍😍😍
no he's not I googled it tom Daley is the *** one
North Korea don't shut up about they're own Tom Daley
Dan Goodfellow and Tom Daley win bronze at
Tom Daley looks abit like Jack Garnett ont sly
Tom daley and his boyfriend are the cutest and hottest couple ever
2nd Amendment People should take care of whoever introduced Tom Daley 2 Dustin Lance Black. Want Daley 2 spin on me. G…
Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow with the best Rio celebration so far
Olympic diver Daniel Goodfellow's mother hits out at front pages featuring only PC Token Diver Tom Daley
The Olympic pool in Rio has turned green
Tom Daley... my favorite diver since Beijing Olympics 2008, and now the Rio Olympics 2016
Tom Daley's Bronze is better with titanic music
I don't know why but I can't stand Tom Daley
night I love the olympics tom daley n daniel goodfellow (😻) lol
Congratulations Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow on winning at htt…
Tom Daley says green pool at Rio Olympics 'makes diving easier as we know which way is up'
Tom Daley & diving partner - joke - showing media naivety: if Piers Morgan or anyone knocks you, ignore it: or you give story legs
Is Wallace's Tom Daley impression on Sunday the reason why he's on 's equivalent of the naughty step?
Tom Daley. Great Britain. Diving. He is actually so funny and cute and his body makes me want to choke
Tom Daley makes me consider moving to Great Britain
I need Tom Daley and David Boudia in my life
I am now officially cheating on Tom Daley from the UK by obsessing over David Boudia from team USA. Seriously ?
Fun game: whenever they talk about Tom Daley diving, imagine Tyne Daly diving.
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Another third-rate performance with low viewing figures: an INFAMOUS clip of Tom Daley's "Splash!" with DAN OSBORNE
Not many people were present to watch Tom Daley's third-rate performance. Look at all those empty seats!
Great scenes as Tom Daley celebrates winning bronze at
Tom Daley's interview technique has an unpleasant air of Sue Barker at her worst. If the lad goes into commentary, I'm watching ITV forever.
I'm literally gonna root for great britain when diving comes on in the olympics because tom daley is my dad
Let us start with the basics. Ang Darling Bae ng UK: Tom Daley
Havent been seeing Tom Daley in Olyimpic since Day 1 😐
TOM DALEY, that's all I can say, ummm
If anyone else likes to watch Tom Daley in his slutty diving outfit
How am I just now finding out that Tom Daley is British?? Cause I'm pretty sure I've always thought he was on Team USA 🙄
I need an app that will send me a notification every time Tom Daley is on-screen.
I would let tom daley stroke my breasts for 100m tbh
When does Tom Daley come on though please. Is there a timeline for him
im just waiting for Tom Daley tomorrow he is going to be great
Tom Daley so cute we can't handle it
domain names
Wait? Did I miss the men's synchro diving events? I need to see my men Tom Daley and David Boudia
I'm sorry America but when diving is competing I'm British for a day or two cuz tom Daley is my daddy
dude same. 😭 him and Tom Daley before I knew he was *** 😂 he died his hair silver! 😍
//guys I'm so happy for tom Daley he's in the finals tomorrow
Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow "own" dive 109c . Dive to watch on the 8th. Depiction here.
So it's Tom Daley VS. Qui Bo for GOLD. Whjat can you say
I've lowkey been obsessed with Michael phelps, Ryan lochte, and tom Daley since Bejing 2008 😍🙏🏼
low key sad that I may have missed Tom Daley's event at the Olympics, but now high key sad because his partner is 2 yrs older than my dad
In London, it was Tom Daley. In Rio, it's Ning Ze Tao. I'm not complaining. 😍😍😍😍
the ONLY exception from team usa is men's diving because my love for tom daley is greater than my patriotism
*NOT AMERICAN BUT GETS HONORABLE MENTION*. Tom Daley. - Men's Diving . - Dove into the hearts of millions of *** men
Tom Daley leaving nothing to chance in search of Olympic gold with partner Daniel Goodfellow - Mirr...
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