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RECOMMENDED: The attempt by the Church of to take over Clearwater using -- via
96% of Tom Cruises funds go straight to Scientology so he is correct in that statement. 😂
Well according to variety, cavill is playing the right hand man to Tom Cruises team. So it's a teamup not a faceoff.
//I know just found it odd in Tom Cruises movies he has to look taller in wolverine movies Hugh must look short.
Tom. on city moves to ban plastic bags; Broward & Miami-Dade border battle over mall + crui…
Tom Cruises son said he wanted me, I'm in sold
Now when did start buying up entertainment centers?
The FOX minions are like Scientologists,who,no matter w Trump does/says, follow him the way the Tom Cruises of the world follow D Miscavige.
Rachelle there are 2 types of people in this world . Those who have thought about Tom Cruises ballsack and LIARS!
Tony Ortega: First look inside Tom Cruise’s Clearwater double penthouse — and Scientology is not happy!
training for the next Mission: Impossible, A day in the life of the weirdest guy in H'wood.
What’s a day in the life of Tom Cruise? His publicist REALLY doesn’t want you to know. We have the inside scoop.
I think a lot about a certain "religion" & the star at its helm. Tom Cruise's for
Scientologists hope Tom Cruise's move to Florida will save them via
Tom Cruise’s A Day in the Life of the Weirdest Guy in Hollywood.
. Humour sets us free. Laugh at my Prophet. Their Prophet-But not…
Octavia Boutique on Tom Cruises Mom wears one of Octavia Boutiques gowns to Oscars.
Someone just added me on LinkedIn whose job is Celebrity Cruises. After Tom and his kids, who else is there? 🤔
at least by reading you avoid Tom Cruises face 😂😂😂
Tom Cruises moustache in Mission Impossible is absolutely terrible. It looks like a foxes brush is living under his hooter!
by far Tom Cruises best role ever...
Old *** come forth with tales of freaknik and Tom Joyner cruises so the new generation learns how to maneuver out here
If u a tru Tom Cruise fan, name the cruises he had been on.
I'll trade you, my mum said I'm a fountain of useless information, to which I replied I bet you don't know Tom Cruises kids names
Religion class in LCA was "guess the religion of this celebrity" and you had to draw a line from Scientology to Tom Cruises face
Tom Cruises best non Mission Impossible movie is " The Last Samurai "...don't @ me
barça are a team made up of Tom Cruises they completed Mission Impossible 🔴🔵
he's gotta be like Tom Cruises character in Magnolia. My only hope is that he always feels desperately alone
We not gone act like them tom Joyner cruises not big orgies though. Them old folks get it in.
Pack your bags! Royal Caribbean's next cruise ship will be the biggest of all time.
truth is the only motivation they need is a chance to be real life Tom Cruises.
Fun Top Gun game: imagine all of Tom Cruises lines in H Jon Benjamin's voice.
Keep an eye on this story. Cuba has opened up to American cruises. The only passengers not allowed? Cuban Americans
Movie News: Edge of Tomorrow 2 could happen, as writers are hired. Details:
And now there are Tom Cruises fighting each other
Cruise's sequel is go, Liman returning with new writers
Dubrovnik is stunning Tom! our Explorer cruises seem perfect for you!
Congrats to coach Tom Eagleson and the North Bergen softball team on his 600th career victory earlier today!
this is Tom Cruises eye isn't it are you marrying Tom Cruise
LMAO... its so good, even if there Are multiple Tom Cruises
Cruises tonight from 10.30. We will be joined by Tom on drums so it's gonna be a great one 󾠓󾠔󾠀󾠖
Tom Cruise communicates with his body language.
Tom Cruise gets a little touchy too ...
Yeah, I think he died last year or '14. It was on one of those Tom Joyner cruises if I'm not mistaken.
Super Cam is ready to play! Don't forget you can relive all of yesterday's best moments on ESPN2 at 8pm ET.
Spent my afternoon watching Tom Cruises movies, he does it so good 😍
Look at Bruno Mars...little shorty. He needs to borrow Tom Cruises lift shoes.
Jerry Rice looked like Morgan Freeman in that movie where there were a bunch of Tom Cruises.
Tom Cruises best films are the most underrated
Is it ok to say "The actor Tom Cruise's face shape is square"?
Watch Tom Day's final lap in the 3K as he cruises to a PR 8:31.93 & makes the leopard all time top 10 list
Here’s a great piece by on how EYES WIDE SHUT changed Tom Cruise’s career:
Has Tom Cruise had cosmetic work done? His former co-star thinks so.
Once again, Photoshopping Amys head on Tom Cruises'
Ted Cruz cruises with Tom Cruise to a TED.
Why when a party is advertised as "Grown and Sexy" I think of the folks that go to Tom Joyner cruises?
Very Excited for movie, it's based on a great book, and has a great cast and director::
contact the ghost of Tom Cruises sanity?
Creepy, like Tom Cruises laugh. That's how your finger felt, in my ***
Proper struggling to keep up with Mission Impossible 2, they're all wearing masks of each others faces? How many Tom Cruises are there here
Slept through Tom Cruises most recent Mission Impossible not once but twice. I'm just going to say, my mission is now complete.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Tom Cruise’s Luxury UK Mansion up For Sale at $7.4M! via
Note to self, don't make your own cocktails as you're not Tom Cruises. On a brighter note, I'm starting to be able to feel my face again.
Tom Cruises weird tooth placement really upsets me for some reason. Like I feel like I shouldn't look at it or something.
We don't give Christopher McQuarrie enough credit for revitalizing Tom Cruises career.
From 'Endless Love' to 'Eyes Wide Shut,' we look back at Tom Cruise's career
Im gonna die and my wife'll look at my phone and see 100's of Colin Farrell, Kurt Russell and Tom Cruises HAIR PHOTOS & be scarred for life.
Tom Cruise's British mansion he shared with ex-wife is put on market for $10.7 million
His deflection game A1 he need to be pricing corduroy pants and Tom Joyner cruises 😂
Next to Tom Cruises war of the worlds
Hear from and Faith Masonius right here in our WOBM coverage!
Story by on advancing to third straight WOBM final!
Watching ' interview with a vampire'. I love this film but Tom Cruises accent is very dodgy .I don't know what...
when did Tom Cruises character in MI5 learn to race a motorcycle like Barry Sheene? No complaints of him
Met Tom O'Connor a couple of times on cruises. He's just as funny in real life.
Tom Cruise's luxury UK mansion up for sale at $7.4M
No one Tom Cruises like Barry Goldberg. Relive his Risky Business moment from last night's premiere.
Mission: Accomplished,as Tom Cruises critically-acclaimed action sequel scored a terrific 56 million on its debut weekend.
"If I grow one more inch , I'll be Tom Cruises height". - Mason
Turn of events the giveaway tom turkey cruises better self aspiration without stopping labor under: qLNgwBsXL
It really irks me that Tom Cruises teeth aren't aligned. he has like one front tooth kinda
Watch: Tom Cruise's couch jumping just as crazy 10 years later
I never loved them but Tom Cruises, ya no!?
10 years ago today, Tom Cruise jumped on a couch
Tom Cruise’s sofa jump turns 10: three shocking details about that second
Tom Cruise walks around the set of his upcoming action film Mission: Impossible 5 on Tuesday (February 17) in ...
I cant ever unsee that Tom Cruises 1 front tooth is literally in the center of his face. His whole smile is shifted.
Top Gun: Why film is an unintentional *** classic
Top Gun: Why Tom Cruise's flying actioner is an unintentional *** classic
Collateral has the best night club scene ever shoot on film and one of Tom Cruises best movies
Everyone just loves Tom Cruises running action but not many people seem to notice his incredible nose breathing technique.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
When you find out Tom Cruises front tooth is in the middle of his face :O
seriously same. I found out that they based Aladdin's face off of Tom Cruises and it kind of ruined and kind of explained my crush 😅
War of the worlds. Tom Cruises only good movie.
My agent is talking about partying with Tom Cruises' sister this saturday. Im officially cool.
Trivia crack makes me so mad like how tf am I supposed to know Tom Cruises middle name
"Guantanamo has been around since Tom Cruises early days, what are we gunna do with it?" -
My love for you is as wide as Tom Cruises ***
YEW! We are pumped to Set Adrift for the first time THIS SUNDAY! A Two hour Yacht Set Sail Cruises with Tom...
there's actually a secret passage to Tom Cruises mansion inside that baby changing station
That's what happens on them Tom Joyner cruises?!
Did you know Aladdins facial structure is based off of Tom Cruises facial structure?
Photo: Once you’ve seen Tom Cruise’s mono-tooth you will never look at him the same way again Once you’ve...
Tom Purvis. Canadian Pacific 9-day cruises. 1938 by kitchener.lord
Kim basically saying y'all got hella chin hairs and orthopedic shoes and spend all your money on Tom Joyner cruises.
IMHO, Clooney is a non-hetero, and his alleged "marriage" will dissolve in 3 to 5 years. Just a gimmick like Tom Cruises "marriages".
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Like stipulated kevin bacon the supreme court basketball shirt . Attesting the marines werent in Tom Cruises room last night. Julius randolph
Guy sitting next to me at the concert: "Who's that guy sitting next to you, Tom Cruises little brother?". Me: .yep😑
is that from a new Tom Cruise movie? I SWEAR ON Tom CruiseS *** I WATCHED EVERY THING MASTER
her crowns are too big for her mouth. My dentist and I had a conversation about it. Tom Cruises are off centre
Interesting article by on what travel pros (including Tom Baker of Aquafest) think about Virgin Cruises.
Take a Tour of Tom Cruise’s Telluride Home for Sale by Sotheby's International Realty -
I'm watching this film about Tom Cruises wife having a stalker body guard. They're both in love with each other but won't say blah blah blah
It's like the comedic street performance version of Tom Cruises famous Risky Business slide.
Laura just ended a story with "and the magician knew I was thinking I Tom Cruises character in fight club!"
Obama was hosting one of Tom Joyner's jazz cruises at the White House today.
u should watch that lawyer movie of his epic. I mean Tom Cruises
Tom Cruise's daughter turns hairdresser - India Today
Tom Cruise's daughter Isabella 'working as a hairdresser in England after ... -
Tom Cruise's daughter works as a hairdresser in London - Kawartha Media Group
Buy Tom Cruise's Colorado getaway for $59 million -
the fact that Tom Cruises smile isn't symmetrical
I told my sister how Penelope Cruz is in the 4th pirates movie n she was like "idk who that is but Im gonna assume its Tom Cruises daughter"
These guys are like mini Tom Cruises. I feel like giving high fives and chest bumps.
Tom Cruises stunt double hit on me once...used that line too...I just
Tom Cruises Tries to Cross a Road. Fails to Cross a Road [Video]:
Tom Cruise's daughter turns hairdresser - Zee News
How do I win in the game where I have Tom Cruises' baby! Gawd flippin dang it!
Final opinion of oblivion, an army of Tom Cruises serving their alien lord, aka its Scientology the film
Most people would never notice this, but to the trained eye...
This is an old post but totally worth re-posting. So many Tom Cruises...
Poor Thomas and Martha Waynes. They're a couple of Tom Cruises on the edge of tomorrow. ;-)
HOUSE OF THE DAY: Tom Cruise has listed his stunning Colorado estate for $59 million
Last nite was great but I ran into too many other Tom Cruises on Franklin St.
From videos with puppies, to the Firm on TV. I've been sucked into watching. Easily one of Tom Cruises best!
And then we met other Tom Cruises who happened to be old Sigma Pis from CMU ..
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Shout out to all the Tom Cruises out there
Tom Cruise's 298-acre Telluride estate on market for $59 million If your looking for Christmas ideas for me...
The Tom Cruises have arrived! Come spend a spooktacular Halloween with us at the Byron Freehouse!
Jack Reacher is Tom Cruises best movie in a long *** time!
Tom Cruises next Mission Impossible Film will be called.. Mission Impossible 5...How to get England to win anything.
Man - I am almost done working for today!! One more scan and email and I am out of here!! Going to see Tom Cruises's new movie! Hmmm. sitting in the theater next to Mike. watching Tom Cruise. sounds like a perfect afternoon to me!! ;)
imagine 50 Tom Cruises converging on your cabin in the woods
Seriously when will people learn that Nicole Kidman cannot act!! She has been living off Tom Cruises name for the past 25 years. I feel like i'm taking crazy pills!!
To All my precious gals (and a few of my guys friends)... If you haven't watched the movie "Labor Day" with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, it is a Must See, in my opinion! I am pretty snooty when it comes to picking movies to see. I'm not about the big Summer Blockbuster or Tom Cruises stunt craziness. Sci-fi is not my cup of tea. Give me an independent film that doesn't get much press but is beautifully written and acted in. But, I've really tried to get my head out of my butt and watch what is critically acclaimed and what my peeps have recommended.and, this movie has it all! Hope u get a chance to see it!
Tom Cruises exwives all moved on at 33, choosing not pay the Church of Scientology another rental fee
ABOUT HOLLYWOOD, AWARDS AND STREETCARS By Greg Joseph CARY GRANT compared Hollywood to a streetcar. As new stars get on at the front, old stars are pushed off at the back. You can almost sense the pushing and falling off going on now. As new faces and bodies people the awards shows, yesterday's old new guard (the Johnny Depps, Tom Cruises, Nicole Kidmans) are showing up less and less. As for the Oscar itself, as Shirley MacLaine so aptly put it, it's not about who deserves to win, it's that nobody deserves to lose. Paul Newman posited that unless you have all five finalists in each category playing the same role, like Hamlet, how can you compare? My problem with the Oscar is the Great Lie. The problem with a lie is that to explain it, you have to lie again. Thus, for example, when James Stewart was denied the 1940 best actor Oscar for his wonderful performance in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," he was given the award the next year as a sort of consolation prize. He won the 1941 best actor prize for "The P ...
Laura Prepon is Tom Cruises new beard? No wonder she's not coming back to Orange is the New Black, she got a better gig.
Leonardo Dicaprio did have sex once when he said Tom Cruises new expression was "click on it". I said "click on it" seductively and ran my fingers around his body. Warren Beatty was spying on us and filmed us from his building. Then the "Weird Science" comparisons. Corey Haim once called himself Anthony Michael Hall on meth. We said that to each other only once. Anyone who uses the same expressions over and over Toby
To be fair Ben Affleck thought it was a scientology audition to be Tom Cruises next wife
Lee Childs books, obviously. I've never read one of Tom Cruises
Update your maps at Navteq
So is from Roscommon?" So what exactly is this Irish look we have about us?
Tom Cruise's Irish heritage to be recognised ahead of Dublin premiere of Oblivion next week
Tom Cruise's new alien invasion movie (Oblivion): Naise boh?! :)
I'm so excited for Tom Cruises new movie OMG
Who likes me and Tom Cruises ship name
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past movies that starred Tom Cruises' girlfriends.
Tom Cruises son in War of the Worlds is so bangin oh my
Tom Cruises take on War of the Worlds is the best
Sitting watching war of the worlds and I can't decide which of Tom Cruises children in it I hate more.
Is Tom Cruises character a human or of an anthropomorphic race in oblivion?
Tom Cruise to be honored by Irish government in secret ceremony | (Waste of Money IMO)
Tom Shields cruises to 45.27 100 fly prelim, floated the finish. Pic from media zone
Who's next in line to marry Tom Cruise? Here are 15 candidates. is a stretch LOL!
Tom Cruises alarm clock is a recording of Tom Cruise gently soothing him into the terrifying world of being Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise is from Roscommon? Can't say I'm surprised to be honest.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Omg a short film about Tom Cruises visit to a St Albans curry restaurant last year has been made. Bet that's riveting FML *shakes head*
Then you have the Tom Cruises, Denzel Washingtons,Tom Hanks,Will Smiths, John Travoltas and Brad Pitt
Sheriff said Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Madonna, and Cher put their eggs together with Tom Cruises' sperm and made me lmao
2.5 out of 4 buckets for "Jack Reacher". In an innocent heartland city, five are shot dead by an expert sniper. The police quickly identify and arrest the culprit, and build a slam-dunk case. But the accused man claims he's innocent and says "Get Jack Reacher." Reacher himself sees the news report and turns up in the city. The defense is immensely relieved, but Reacher has come to bury the guy. Shocked at the accused's request, Reacher sets out to confirm for himself the absolute certainty of the man's guilt, but comes up with more than he bargained for. This one feels like an amped up version of "A Few Good Men". A clever mystery only this time Tom Cruises character gets some well choreographed fight scenes and some exciting chases. Unfortunatelly it's not what I expected from the trailer which I find very annoying. Even getting over that, the ending was a huge disappointment.
Katie Holmes is like Miss Fashionable now after buying all those expensive clothes with Tom Cruises's money.
Jacked Creature: In Praise Of Tom Cruise's Relentless Intensity - There are lots of...
Seriously, Tom Cruise is so Tom Cruisey in Jack Reacher. He fiddles about in his big bag of Tom Cruise and pulls out all the Tom Cruises.
The first 15 minutes of Tom Cruises new movie Jack Reacher is already sick
Not a lover of Tom Cruises long hair
Tom Cruise's new girl Cynthia Jorge used to date Stifler from American Pie – New York Daily News:...
She used to be Tom Cruises finger puppet I think
Tom Cruises hair doesn't look as good in 1,3 as it does in 2
Jack Reacher was amazing one of Tom Cruises best
Tom Cruises new movie. Not his biggest fan but really enjoyed it! Thriller action thingy ...
breaking!! -->RT Tom Cruise's night out with new girl Cynthia Jorge was not a date
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Okay, Jack Reacher was amazing, possibly Tom Cruises best movie too date
and Tom Cruises abs, whilst impressive are somehow odd.
Tom Cruise’s reported new girl dismisses romance
Could've sworn Tom Cruises new girlfriend was Bristol Palin
We need to find out for sure whether anything has ever been up Tom Cruises bottom. Only then will we be sure.
"Magnolia" is one of John C. Reilly's, Julianne Moore's, William H. Macy's, Tom Cruises's and Philip Seymour Hoffman's best movies.
All right... I like a few of Tom Cruises' movies (Top Gun, Last Samurai, a Few Good Men) though I question his ability as a serious acting talent but... having just seen the preview for "Jack Reacher" I was almost embarrassed for him and Lee Child. I have had the privilege of meeting Lee--great guy--and he must be beside himself when 5'6" TC (who looks about 55 in the previews BTW) is playing the iconic Mr. Reacher.
so cool Francesca!! I got Tom Cruises autograph at 21 and still consider one of my best days. Be nice haters.
there is no possible way Tom Cruises short *** spiked a volleyball
The movie Rock of Ages should be renamed 90's Easy Listening of Ages. I feel like it's maybe the real story of Tom Cruises life post Katie Holmes and minus the singing and more Scientology. Yup, nailed it.
Hicks: Tom Cruises home invaded by drunk intruder:
Rock of Ages - film was funnier than I thought it would be. Tom Cruises best role.. Lol.
Just watched Rock of Ages- pretty sure it's Tom Cruises best movie of all time!
Just seen the movie poster "Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher", just watched the trailer too. I think I am going to launch an action for breach of the advertising standards! I have read 16 Jack Reacher books and you would need two Tom Cruises to play him. A quote from Wikipedia "Reacher is 6' 5" tall (1.96m) with a 50-inch chest, and weighing between 210 and 250 pounds (100–115 kg)" Its a bit like the Hulk and Thor being played by Ant and Dec...
"Say hello to my little friend" is how most of Tom Cruises' friends introduce him on the celebrity circuit.
Though I have to say I was impressed with Tom Cruises' actually singing "Pour Some Sugar On Me", this scene with Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand was worth the price of the Blu Ray alone.a must watch!!!
Had a dream that I was at Tom Cruises house and went swimming in his pool and we had corn chowder and then my hamster gave birth because ...
That feel when I'm just barely realizing that all the songs on the Cover Your Tracks album by Bury Your Dead, are all Tom Cruises movies
Regular meeting of the Folsom City Host Lions Club at the Rotary Club House in Lew Howard Park. Members of Mother Lode Lions Club were visiting the club tonight. Roberta McClellan of the Stage Folsom Dance Arts spoke about this dance group. Stages-Folsom Dance Arts is a non-profit comprised of three youth dance companies including: Ballet Folsom, Sound Out Tap Company and iMPACT Contemporary Dance. She mentioned a new sponsorship opportunity called to provides blocks of tickets to professional groups and to underserved population. Captain Wayne Osterman(US Navy Retired) spoke on his experience as a Naval Aviator. He told many stories of carrier landing and flying. He went through the Naval Fighter Weapons School or the so called "Top Gun" and was there during the filming of "Top Gun". He presented us some stories from making the movie including that Tom Cruises nickname was "Two Bagger". He also was was involved in a shoot down of a Libyan fighter in 1987.
Can't wait to be Tom Cruises character from risky business for halloweenie :)
Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher? Are they going to have four Tom Cruises stapled together?
Sorry to all the Tom Cruises out there lol
I did the math. As of 2011, Tom Cruise has run in 75% of his movies. Here is the comprehensive cut of them all. Enjoy!
You know in The War of The Worlds remake, does anyone ever explain how Tom Cruises son survives what the US army doesn't?
Talking about Tom Cruises height in class. Lol...he's short
In Hvar town, aka Tom Cruise's hunting ground. Lots of well bred people.
heeheehee..looks like trolls are helping out... 'Movie star looking for fourth wife 50 (Hollywood)'
quick Bradley, get some of Tom Cruises PROTIEN.
Christopher Nolan should make a sequel to about a guy that enters Tom Cruises mind and then realizes what a nutter Tom really is
Why can't phones last for 20 years without contracts? Too much time and energy spent on deciding what to do about my phone. It doesn't ring so I have to do something about it but I'm confused and dazed and who wants Tom Cruise's kid telling you what to do?
Tom Cruises with the LadySThe SunIn the wake of his break up from Katie Holmes, the Mission Impossible star took a...
I would almost bet there were more people on Zachary Quinto's website who didn't think he was *** than there are on Tom Cruise's.
Just watched The Last Samurai some of Tom Cruise's best work really touching movie
Our big brains are superb at all sorts of activities (basically everything you do) including thinking. There’s a good reason that Rene Descartes wrote “Je pense, donc je suis” (I think therefore I am). It’s true. You do think because you are and you are what you are because you can think. But there’s more to it. Or less, actually. Having such really big brains sometimes tricks us into thinking we should be thinking about everything we do. This extends to the idea of controlling everything we do too. But control in a real micro-managing style. The potential downside of this is revealed when we think about things too much. Or even just try too hard. One of my favorite examples for this is found in a scene in the 2003 Warner Brothers movie “The Last Samurai”. Early on in the movie we see a samurai and an American soldier training together with wooden swords. The samurai is trying to train Tom Cruise’s character Captain Nathen Algren how to use the Japanese long sword during combat. Captain Al ...
I would compare obama's portrayal of a president to Tom Cruises portrayal of Jack Reacher.
"Every passing minute is a another chance to turn it all around." -David, 'Vanilla Sky'
Boy, is my face red. I thought I was going for a job interview with a cruise line and it turned out to be an audition for Tom Cruise's wife.
Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise's love in vanilla sky... I wish I had at least dreams that good and believable and fantastic.
If they made a 100% realistic wig of Tom Cruise's hair from "Vanilla Sky," I would buy it and never take it off...
Never underestimate a source that leads to truth. It’s a difficult lesson to remember because it’s simple, and therefore easily dismissed. We want to be led by dignity, by cleverness,...
"The Colbert Report" may be off this week, but they haven't left us high and dry and Stephen-less for these next five days. They've released a series of supercuts featuring the host's best jokes about religion over the years.
Tomorrow I have a job interview to be one of Tom Cruises potential XeNu brides! Just kidding. But I do have a serious job interview and I really want this job badly. Wish me luck!
just think for moment..what 'if' your parents aborted 'you'.geeezz what if obama's mother had aborted 'him'...what if Tom Cruise's mother had aborted him..,what 'if' your spouse's mother had aborted him/her.ABORTION NEEDS TO END NOW.
Had a scary dream that I was held hostage in an underground Scientology compound, being interviewed to be Tom Cruise's new girlfriend :/
Did you guys hear the church of Scientology Auditioned women to be Tom Cruise's Girlfriend? Finally a religion that makes sense.
just got home from an audition to be Tom Cruises girlfriend at the church of scientology.
On April 7th, 2004 Shelly Miscavige, wife of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, organized an audition at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Cente...
If you had Tom Cruise's troubles you might be Tom Cruise crazy too.
Tom Cruise's new movie shoot scares Hertfordshire residents
Tom Cruise's cruise on Brian Ferry's ferry on Billy Ocean's ocean
I think I just threw up Tom Cruise's ear
Can someone please tell me where Tom Cruise's wife auditions are.. I can get him so excited he will jump on Oprah herself
We wondered if any of you had any nice ideas for cocktails? Getting a bit bored of Vodka Red Bull.
Wondering if I should join the church of Scientology so I can get an audition for Tom Cruises new GF??
They can still giv him 4 plenty reasons! He had a contract wit Michael Bay 4 3movies &mayb bcos he's cheaper dan d Tom Cruises
Laredo's First Annual International Auto Show Twenty years ago I organized a General Motors Auto Show for two years. Both were held at large logistics warehouses in Northwest Laredo, but the crowds exceeded all expectations! The first year, along with new GM vehicle models, we had the "Sun Racer"--the solar powered GM car that won a solar race across Australia. The second year we had a NASCAR replica of Tom Cruise's "Days of Thunder" movie racing car. I think we might have also had free beer--that probably helped attendance. Well, now in 2012, on Friday, 9-21, and Saturday, 9-22, will be a really exciting International Auto Show, free to the public, at the new Laredo Unitrade Stadium. No free beer this time, but free parking. New 2013 vehicles from 13 Manufacturers, representing 7 countries, will be on display! Food and refreshments will also be available from booths maned by volunteers from Habitat for Humanity of Laredo Webb County. The good folks from Habitat will have a share of the concession proceed ...
I love scientology , gonna be Tom Cruise's next wife !
That's what high-ranking Scientologists reportedly told Nazanin Boniadi when they initially approached her about auditioning to date Tom Cruise. Great point, honchos.
In the October issue, Vanity Fair special correspondent Maureen Orth reports that in 2004 Scientology embarked on a top-secret ...
i do not want to see Tom Cruise's movies on my netflix.. blah.. he turns me off completely.. So creepy guy now..
e tv- war of the worlds, one of the best Tom Cruise's.
Tom buy this in April 2007 by $30,500,000. Spanning 10,286 square feet with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, the traditional style house was originally built in 1937 and sits on 1.3 acres behind majestic gates and a lengthy driveway that opens up to a tennis court and pool.
A man was shot and killed Wednesday night while he drove onto the Dan Ryan Expressway, police said. The 25-year-old was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee just before midnight onto the southbound expressway at 87th Street when shots were fired from another car, police said. The driver was struck in the h...
Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology still have secrets to keep. The actress, who was selected as a new wife for Tom Cruise, revealed in Vanity Fair magazine that the Church forced her to clean toilets after she made her love affair public.
And now some Shameless promotion. I'll be jamming w/ Trainwreck Saturday Night O'Kelley's Mesa Az. We got a little too comfortable with the same lineup for a year so decided to shake it up a bit. Joining me will be Chad McDonald who is currently the touring bassist for The Bullet Boys, Scott Weisman (Who was voted sexiest man in Cheetah Spandex by Boy magazine) & Villi Tamas (Who is best known for his work as Tom Cruises Butt double) NO PRACTICE.. Just pure rock & roll off the cuff.. Who knows what will happen but I can assure you we will live up to our name on a few songs!
Novak Djokavich winning at the US Open. Wasn't that Tom Cruise's name in "All the Right Moves"? Mrs.McFly was in that movie too
heard they had auditions for Tom Cruise's "wife" wish I were brought in for that part.
While Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce was as fast as their courtship, when the two began dating in 2005, Katie embraced everything about Tom, including his religion -- but was that because she was recruited by Scientology to be Tom's wife?
Tom Cruise and company are shooting down a report in Vanity Fair that the Church of Scientology auditioned different women to become the star's girlfriend
Scientology is an ugly religion that has to audition girls to be Tom Cruise's next girl friend and Tells Nichol Kidman's kids to not associate with her because she's not a scientologist. A religion without a God.
Featureflash / The leader of Scientology enjoys taping the private
Unlike Lindsay Lohan, I DID audition to be Tom Cruise's wife! Nailed the screen test! But failed the Scientology audit. Apparently I was too sane~
A new Vanity Fair article claims that Scientology put women through top-secret
Tom Cruise's talent as an actor is proven through and through by the fact that he has played a spy, many times, but has never convinced me for one goddamned second that he's a spy, which is exactly what a spy is supposed to do.
So apparently Scientology is the religion I should be they are interviewing candidates to be Tom Cruises wife, maybe they would do the same for me lol.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
You know it's a slow news day when Good Morning America/ABC spends 20 minutes talking about Tom Cruise's future girlfriend. Really, there's nothing else we can talk about right now?
I don't care about Tom Cruise's girlfriends! Arrgh. Let's spend the time and energy we give celebrities to solving poverty or. Hello!
So im thinking about auditioning to be Tom Cruise's new wife...i think i could fit the mold!
The woman being screened to be Tom Cruise's next wife has been on How I Met Your Mother. Ironic if they marry, have kids and down the way Tom has to explain to them how he met their mother.
So head injuries can cause brain damage & disease...Really...who would have thunk it? Todays plan: House shopping with Pipa Middleton & pre-interviewing for Tom Cruise's new wife.
The storm rages over Scientology and Tom Cruise , as a Vanity Fair article makes further allegations that the religion and its star frontman alienated Cruise's kids from their adoptive mother, Nicole Kidman .
President Clinton, broke the Republicians down to their smallest denomenator 0. United States of America finally looks like we are joining our bothers and sister to stop the Taylor Machines (Mr. Smith comes to Washington Movie), Rove and Koch by fight for the working man. If you taped First Lady Obama, President Clinton's, and DNC speeches, review them when you are in doubt. We need to Boycott the Media until they learn to tell the whole truth, stop the tabloids, and to reflect our world with morals, truth and integrity. Tell us news we need to hear, not Tom Cruises love life, we do not care. States who feel that changing the voting rights for their people who vote for them, stand on their door steps to fight for your right to VOTE!
Gee. if I were to join Tom Cruise's cult, would they hook me up with a hot Italian actress?
Heard on the news that Tom Cruises church is taking apps for a suitable gal pal.
The newest issue of Vanity Fair contains an article about Scientology, alleging that the Church held auditions in 2004 to find a wife for Tom Cruise. And with Tommy Boy single again, that means there’s a new opening! Since we would never stand in the way of love (or, for that matter, downwind of it), we’re happy to present another journalistic exclusive.
If another person tells me how great Michele Obama's speech was I'm going to vomit. Haven't we had enough of this acting and self-praising combo for the past 4 years? To quote Tom Cruise's line, "show me the money" mine is going to big government programs and "entitlement" jobs rather than helping me hire other workers for my 30 yr practice. But then again, I never started my own business, the govt did.. How anyone can want another 4 more years of this...
The Church of Scientology may have held auditions for Tom Cruise's real-life girlfriend. The first test was bringing Tom into the room and seeing if each woman kept a straight face when he reached for something on a high shelf.
Deval Patrick Grade: A+ Here’s why: I liked this speech. You can just tell when a governor speaks versus a mayor (Palin being the exception). Patrick’s content was crisp and he said up front two VERY important lines. 1. “More than any one candidate or policy, what’s at stake is the American Dream.” 2. “Whether that dream endures for another generation depends on you and me. It also depends on who leads us.” Gangsta! Love, love, love it! From the opening bell, he set the stage for this election being a big deal (a plea against voter apathy) and laid out a case for why Romney isn’t the political leader he portrays himself to be—as told by the person who has been doing his cleanup work. This is the political equivalent of Kate spilling the beans on Tom Cruise’s bedroom quirks. Reality TV meets Capitol Hill. Mr. Patrick also spoke about how, as a governor, he used Obama’s stimulus money to make his state better (overcoming another RNC objection). The “get a backbone” statement was on ...
Why is it such "Big News" that The Church of Scientology had auditions to be Tom Cruise's wife? OF COURSE THEY DID..HE IS *** & TRYING SO HARD TO HIDE IT..FYI TOM: The world has known for years..COME OUT OF THE CLOSET ALREADY YA DORK!!
Does anyone really care who, what, when, how or why about Tom Cruise's search for a wife?
I'm auditioning today for the role of Tom Cruise's wife. He's now into short women.
What Comedian/Podcaster originally had the role of Tom Cruise's character in the musical "Rock of Ages"
Video on The Church of Scientology is calling Vanity Fair’s allegations that the church auditioned women to become Tom Cruise’s wife “hogwash,” but writer Maureen Orth is standing by her article. Orth talks about the credibility of her sources and the woman who Scientologists wanted to ma...
Watching Risky Business. Easily one of Tom Cruises best movies
Why was Zoe Saldana cast over Mary J. Blige in the Nina Simone biopic? How did Jennifer Hudson beat out scores of South African actresses to play Winnie Mandela? Hollywood casting is like gambling. The objective is to improve the odds of people seeing the movie. I think both casting choices are less than stellar. But I understand the logic behind them. Zoe is a proven box office draw and Mary J. is not. I'm sure any South African actress can act rings around J. Hud. But how many of them have won an Oscar and a Grammy? Purists sometimes forget that a movie has to have a mass appeal to be a blockbuster. That's why you'll continue to see Tom Cruises being cast Jack Reacher and Tyler Perrys as Alex Cross..
Tom Cruises was the first choice for the role of Henry Hill. Ray Liotta was "subsequently" cast for the part.
Watching Risky Business for the first time. Tom Cruises!
Ok everybody the "Red Dawn" remake poster and movie trailer are finally available for viewing, it looks this time we will be fighting Noth Korea in this newly adpated version starring Chris Hensworth who played the comic-character "Thor" and Tom Cruises eldest son Connor Cruise. Woohoo for "Wolverines"; the film will be released Thanksgiving weekend.
It's not fair that New Zealanders are kiwis. If other countries had to go by their famous fruits, Americans would be all be Tom Cruises.
She really doesn't look like Tom Cruises' and Nicole Kidmans' daughter
Just killed a MASSIVE house fly with a rolled up US Weekly Magazine. I can't remember the last time Tom Cruises face was so useful.
Did you hear they got the gig for Tom Cruises new movie?
One of the best! "Tom Cruises character in Tropic Thunder >"
Typical. Roger Waters performs 'The Wall' live at Yankee Stadium and the entertainment sections in the news not only don't mention it but have MULTIPLE stories on Tom Cruises divorce. Cause, after all, in this future world, THAT'S entertainment. I hate the future, I hate the web and I hate the 21st century. What a flop after 50 years of hype. New millenium?! More like same old thing. And the music stinks!. Mad? They called me mad at the university. I'm not mad. I'M LIVID!
Fun Fact: Over 1,000 dwarfs were hired for Tom Cruises "Jack Reacher" film to make him appear 6ft 5" ..This breaks the Wizard of Oz record
Order Miche Bag Online!
Closet Encounters of The Third Kind.. (rumours of Tom Cruises involvement denied)
Best way to celebrate Tom Cruises 50th Birthday? By releasing the trailer to his badass film "Jack Reacher"!
Where there is smoke, there is always some kind of fire. his eyes have looked evil to me for years. So does Tom Cruises.
OMG! If you use the first letter of each of Tom Cruises wives its an acronym for Man Needs Knowledge & that's a line from L. Ron Hubbard!
Is Chris Klein really Suris father and the marriage was to cover up Tom Cruises gayness???
I have prepared a topical joke: How many Tom Cruises do you Adele in your Katie Holmes before you Colorado Wildfire? A: Obamacare!
Look at George Clooney's film roles and look at Tom Cruises'. One man is clearly embracing aging, one man is clearly terrified of it.
I guess this was Tom Cruises next move after all those Mission Impossible movies now he's a rock star
just watchd Madison County now that movie was crazy not very gud tho... Mission Impossible :Ghost Protocol that movie was gud even tho i dont like Tom Cruises movie well sum of his movies...
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