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Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (born July 3, 1962), widely known as Tom Cruise, is an American film actor and producer.

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This week on The Takeover, I review Battle of the Sexes & American Made. Are you ready to give Tom Cruise a chance?
Will Smith and Tom Cruise are in Brentwood. I'm thinking about asking them if they have Sean Bean's number
I have stopped calling movies by their names: "Jake Gyllenhaal Boston bombing movie" "Tom Cruise plane movie" "Emma Stone…
Who cares Paul? Tom Cruise is a scientologist. Jim Carey used to be anti vax. It doesn't dimini…
JH: "Who is he? Isn't he an actor?". JN: Ah right right. JH: Was he Tom Cruise? Ah Johnny Depp? We were on the bus and...
Tom Cruise addresses fake butt speculation from Valkyrie
I am a woman and I can all but guarantee you I would have no problem lifting either Tom Cruise's gun or Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise finally opens up about fake butt accusations in ‘Valkyrie’
Who needs a Top Gun sequel when you’ve got Tom Cruise flying high in American Made? -
Tom Cruise Is Caught up in a Plane Crash Lawsuit (EXCLUSIVE) -
Awww yeahhh! We're counting down the 24 Tom Cruise movies:
As Tom Cruise gets older, his on-screen love interests stay the same age
Tom Cruise has an age gap problem and it mirrors Hollywood's bias towards older actresses. http…
Tom Cruise's new movie looks like the Tom Cruiseiest Tom Cruisery since COCKTAIL -- which means I'm gunna love it.
Tom Cruise drives around London with Conan O'Brien for 11 awkward minutes
I think it can be difficult, for sure. Mel Gibson, no more Lethal Weapon or Road Warrio…
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So like that crappy tom cruise movie
Conan O'Brien and Tom Cruise's answer to Carpool Karaoke is boring and hilarious: Tom Cruise is in London, getting…
Tom Cruise . New movie should be an indictment of the U.S Government . But we to blind too see . The 80's was a...
Conan invented his own 'Carpool Karoake'-type segment with Tom Cruise as the first, really uncomfortable guest - ...
be careful, as Sandi turning into Tom Cruise
Knight and Day, tonight at 10pm. A young woman gets mixed up with a disgraced spy who is trying to clear his name. Stars To…
If you're still wondering if Tom Cruise is really that bootylicious in Valkyrie, let us clarify—Yes, yes he is.…
New post on my blog: Star Tom Cruise and Director Doug Liman Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions
REVIEW🍿is one *** of a plane ride, Tom Cruise delivers a charming performance as drug smuggler.
It's nice to see Tom Cruise having fun outside of a Mission Impossible movie
A weird thing about my life is that about once a day or so a stranger will tell me I'm going to get rich for sorta looking like Tom Cruise
WAIT ! Tom Cruise = Felix Unger - Liman = Oscar Madison, the slob sportswritter. Go watch the run-rus on MeTv !!!
Knight and Day isn't awful right up until Tom Cruise goes all Bill Cosby drugging the FMC is not cool. "For her own good is no excuse."
This is kind of like a Pirates movie, with Gore Verbinski's inventiveness. Also, Tom Cruise can't convincingly be wild.
Do you ever feel like we are stuck in some sort of Bruce Willis/Tom Cruise/whatever movie?
Tom Cruise negligent in plane crash killing two pilots on set of American Made, lawsuit claims -
Tom Cruise partially blamed by families of men killed in American Made plane crash
Tl;dr Brendan Fraser is a better hapless graverobber than Tom Cruise? Shocking.
They should bring back the Benicio Del Toro Wolfman for the Monster Avengers with Tom Cruise they're planning to do. His character can't die
It is one of my favorite weird things on Youtube right up there with the crazy Tom Cruise scientology video
I had no idea Mimi Rogers got Tom Cruise into Scientology.
Trying to watch the new Mummy movie with Tom Cruise. How can this be boring? It's makes me miss Brendan Fraser's Mummy fro…
Mimi Rogers is the one who ruined Tom Cruise's life with this cult.
Details on the Mimi Rogers-Tom Cruise marriage and split you won't see anywhere else...
I mean honestly if it had to be one of the people CURRENTLY in the room you would take Jake Johnson over Tom Cruise, right?
The Brendan Fraser version or that Tom Cruise abomination?
It never stopped Tom Cruise from attending when nominated. I'm sure he would have accepted. Kirstie Alley also accepted an Emmy.
."I just met a lot of these folks, they're better looking than Tom Cruise and we know they can fight better." http…
Central Virginia checking in for the I'm late, I know,but I was watching "The Mummy", with Tom Cruise. 😬😕
I got Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman with alt. Samuel L. Jackson?
if you think for one 1 min Tom Cruise or Kirstie Alley or any other actor thats out in the r…
Only Alex Foley, Judge Reinhold, and Tom Cruise can save you.
There are a lot of crazy actors. Tom Cruise. Terrence Howard. Gwyneth.
drake not being into it:. -Chris Pratt. -Ben Affleck. -Tom Cruise. drake being extremely into it:. -Colm Feore. -Zeljko Ivanek. -Keith Carradine
Add one more talent to Jamie Foxx's arsenal.cuckolding Tom Cruise
like... much much better than I thought it would. David Strathairn as Tom Cruise's brother is just amazing.
What kinda PPV would Kirk Cameron & Tom Cruise locked in a room together after secretly being dosed w/strong pot brownies do?
Current status: arguing that Tom Cruise dies more often than Sean Bean in films solely by counting Cruise's deaths in EDGE OF TOMORROW.
Here’s Sum how much Katie Holmes got from Tom Cruise for keeping her relationship with…
I dig this pairing esp after the nutjob Tom Cruise. although I wouldn't mind Joshua Jackson w her😁
one of many reasons why I do not like Tom Cruise. He's trash.
REALLY!? thinks off of is a ringer of Tom Cruise... 👥. you see it?? 🤔🤣
I dreamt that I watched a trailer for a fake Tom Cruise movie but I woke up and that movie is actually real? Okay. We live inside a dream???
Please don't let Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, etc anywhere near this important movie!
Wow, it looks like you really did ban her from public dating for 5 yrs. If "image-protection", backfired!.
Tom, is it true Katie couldn't publicly date anyone for 5 years?! . Fake news? Sounds too wacko. .
This rumor may explain why and couldn't publicly date for years:
It reads- "Beware of mummy movies starring Tom Cruise"
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx CONFIRM 'secret romance' as they hold hands for beach stroll
reading that Tom Cruise is a full-on creep but realising that you already kinda knew this
Tom Cruise reminds me of Cody on or the other way around, I'm not sure. But a couple of insane personalities.
Katie Holmes has always been likeable even when she was with Tom Cruise. I hope she's happy with Jamie Foxx.
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx finally confirm romance after Tom Cruise banned her 'publicly dating'
*** American Made with Tom Cruise looks good and I love anything Escobar related. Too bad it has Tom Cruise
. "Jitaz acting cool they deserve an Oscar like Tom Cruise". You killed this verse though
While the beach itself, has no visible reaction! Should people hold hands in public?!! via
Heal her heart from Tom Cruise's crazy *** black man 💙
I'd burned that movie out of my brain. Mostly, I'm just bored with Tom Cruise at this point
And this ladies and gentlemen is why I have been hating Tom Cruise for y e a r s
I think Tom Cruise could have made a lot more films if he wasn't constantly getting caricatures of his face done in Leices…
Lmao gotta be a part of everything my *** Look at Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai 😂. Whole *** white samurai.
Tom Cruise split with all 3 of his wives when they were 33.
Though they continue to deny, don't forget this series is rumored to be loosely based on Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes. Man…
Jamie Foxx very keen to hoodwink public into thinking he is dating Tom Cruise ex-Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes when she broke free from Tom Cruise
Can we talk about how crazy Tom Cruise is..
Tom Cruise is pictured for the first time since ex-wife Katie Holmes confirmed her relationship with Jamie Foxx https:/…
Katie Holmes had a contract which said she couldn't date anyone publicly after splitting with Tom Cruise. Sav…
I love how we all pretend like Katie Holmes wasn't Tom Cruise's hostage for a few years there.
This Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise pic definitely needs a caption
A really good Tom Cruise movie, think Catch Me If You Can meets Jerry Maguire. *
I liked a video Tom Cruise on The Arsenio Hall Show 1990
Hated Forrest Gump. Also, any movie with Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, or Adam Sandler in it. Also,…
Tom Cruise injured on set of Mission Impossible 6 by slamming into brick wall…
Watching Sandi Toksvig on TV tonight and I couldn't stop thinking how much Tom Cruise looks like her. The thought is lodged in my brain.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Sandi Toksvig and Tom Cruise have begun to merge
Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise on the set of Top Gun directed by Tony Scott, 1986.
I saw Seth Avett clean shaven last night and I thought he was Tom Cruise for a second.
We love a bit of Tom Cruise at Event Cinemas Pacific Fair. . American Made is out now. Tickets -->...
Tom Cruise is slowly turning into Sandi Toksvig.
Seems like yesterday tom cruise jumped on that chair screaming im in love & oprah just went berzerk
Tom cruise looking so good in thia movie the heck
Tom Cruise & SRK Both r in Same Speed now a days. Time has come to takw a Seat backside. Tom…
Help me Jesus. help me Jewish God. help me Allah. help me Tom Cruise.Tom Cruise use your witchcraft on me to get the fire off. Amen.
Yall think tom cruise gona commit suicide cuz dat da only way out scientology without them ruining him
The sexy alien in Star Trek Beyond is the sexy French agent girl from Atomic Blonde! (And the Tom Cruise abomination The Mummy)
She deserves some good good after crazy Tom Cruise
Just got back from watching you reminded me of a young Tom Cruise in the movie !! Loved it 😍👏🏽
Edge of Tomorrow, but Tom Cruise is replaced by Melanie Scrofano
Check out 'Tom Cruise Ft. Gio Martin (Prod. Steve Jobs 2) ' by JAYK on $MUSIC
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
"Would Tom Cruise have made a good Joker in his prime?" she asks as she fast-forwards through all of the Jared Leto scenes in Suicide Squad.
Here are our picks for best collaborations!
Ajith looks like Tom cruise in vivegam.
In a race against time to have watched every Tom Cruise movie in a week, here's MI: Ghost Protocol
A modern day warrior, mean, mean stride, today's Tom Cruise mean, mean, pride.
Anyone notice Tom Cruise might have gotten too much face Botox? It's all puffy and unnatural. Still a handsome man, but weird looking.
Honestly, PlayStation store, who the *** is buying a digital download of that Tom Cruise mummy movie?
Hey I challenge you to show how to do the mummy eye effect from the new Tom Cruise movie.
A few good men is my favorite on that list but maybe I've just got the hots for young Tom Cruise
I love watching Tom Cruise action movies. He reminds me so much of myself.
can these American Made ads comin at me as if it's not the anthithesis of everything i want to see ever STOP! get tom cruise OUT of my face!
Watching the Tom Cruise Mummy movie ... it's like a mix between Death Note and Warehouse 13.
Tom cruise went to 15 schools in 14 years
On Tuesday, A&E will have 2 episodes of Leah Remini: Scientology. Would I get sued for watching that? Tom Cruise has mega lawyer money.
Clearwater man streams from inside Tom Cruise’s penthouse, Church of Scientology not happy |
Start the outsiders this cast is insane him Ralph Machio rob Lowe Emilio…
If you you ever feel like being the most desirable man, remember Hritik Roshan and Tom Cruise got divorced by their wives.
It feels like War Of The Worlds, looking outside, call me Tom Cruise
Masih belum bisa move on dari American Made Movie.. amazing story, great acting by Tom Cruise - welcome back… —
I timed Tom Cruise running in a movie and then went out & beat him by like 12 seconds.
That moment when you quote one of Tom Cruise's films *at Tom Cruise* and he quotes along with you. . Yep. Mad. . (
It's not like Tom Cruise starring in Yukikaze or doing Akira in Ohio
I had a great time watching 'American Made', Tom Cruise should leave the franchises alone and start making more films like…
So I'm just gonna say it. Tom cruise has ruined the mummy. Bring back
That attempt to make Colin Farrell the next Tom Cruise when he wasn't that at all.
Tom Cruise will need ‘months to recover after breaking two bones’ following failed Mission: Impossible 6 stunt
Tom Cruise injury halts filming on Mission Impossible 6
shoot on hiatus after Tom Cruise breaks his ankle
Some of this stuff really happened✈ Book your tickets now for American Made starring Tom Cruise -...
In cinemas tomorrow: Tom Cruise stars in American Made
Tom Cruise is back again on the big screen in Win passes here:
Tom Cruise is 55. The actress playing his girlfriend/wife in American Made, Sarah Wright, is 33. Why is there such a big age difference?
Every time I watch Minority Report I can't help but think I KNOW Tom Cruise wanted to beat the brakes off Colin dur…
Wolverine Meets the Mummy because Tom Cruise is in it.
Tom Cruise IS meth have you seen him talk about Scientology or Katie Holmes
This Groundhog Day will keep Tom Cruise at 'The Edge of Tomorrow'. If the 1993 film starring Bill Murray were m…
Hope he's going to do the hippy hippy shake when pouring cocktails?! Tom Cruise eat your heart out 💖💖
Tom Cruise Vs Anyone. Always seems like he's kissing himself.
That Scientology is freak show wak job cult no wonder Tom Cruise is the way he is
hello, please, i present the theory that for one single shot in Valkyrie (2008), at 5:12, tom cruise wears a fake butt. o…
Some of the high schoolers were asking where I wasn't pizza night on Friday. My response? At a surprise party for Tom Cruise.
It's like Tom Cruise as Philip Seymore Hoffman in Mission Impossible! The horse is li…
NEW! Dive into the insane intro to 2002's GOLDMEMBER, where Tom Cruise is Austin Powers and is Dr. Evil. htt…
Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini pours scorn on Tom Cruise: ‘He is diabolical’
Leah Remini slams Tom Cruise as ‘diabolical,’ not a good person: via . This is an excellent eye opening series
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Leah Remini say Tom Cruise is 'diabolical' and not a 'good person' via
I work in tier 1 support and I've gotten pretty good at it. Sometimes I feel so quick, I imagine I'm like Tom Cruise in "Minority Report."
Glad to see the new tom cruise film is getting great reviews. Trailer is excellent
The admirable Korean pencil got high with Tom Cruise
Shaynes addiction has been going on for longer than we thought ! . (Video: Tom Cruise is our room mate)
Just watched Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise in it, probably weirdest, trippy, movie I've ever seen
Tom Cruise finally lands a role worthy of his talents in Our review:
08-18 'Ray Donovan' season 4 news: Katie Holmes out, Alum Gabriel Mann in
Tom Cruise injured in movie stunt fall
1. I'm 20 going on 52. 2. I think I'm slightly taller than Tom Cruise. 3. Scorpio but u probably guessed that already
Leah Remini: Tom Cruise is diabolical, not a good person -
Tom Cruise is 'diabolical,' says Leah Remini |
You have until Monday morning to write your apologies for those Tom Cruise thinkpieces.
08-18 Katie Holmes shares a photo with her daughter Suri on Instagram
Off topic for me, but I just can't enjoy any Tom Cruise movie because I can't unsee him as a short scientologist ***
Wondering if the Irish accent is going to be more Tom Cruise in Far & Away or Gerard Butler in PS I Love You?
Reading up on how Katie Holmes escaped Tom Cruise and Scientology.
Tom Cruise injured on 'Mission: Impossible 6' set - Production on the latest installment of the "Missi...
Tom Cruise breaks his ankle on set, halting 'Mission Impossible 6' filming
1,000,000 refugees from South Sudan but Tom Cruise hurt his foot.
Production of "Mission: Impossible 6" shut down while Tom Cruise recovers from a broken ankle from stunt mishap:
Inevitable that Tom Cruise would break something after years of doing his own stunts. Production now halted on new Mission Impossible
Breaking: Mission Impossible 6 filming has been suspended after Tom Cruise breaks ankle jumping between Lego bricks
I added a video to a playlist Tom Cruise injured on 'Mission: Impossible 6' set
Mission: Impossible 6 is now on hiatus, so Tom Cruise has a new mission: Heal his broken ankle.
Tom Cruise's mission, if he chooses to accept it, is to heal his broken ankle:
- Filming for new Mission Impossible movie has been stopped while Tom Cruise recovers from a broken ankle.…
Mission: Impossible 6 production shut down for 9 weeks as Tom Cruise breaks ankle
Tom Cruise injured on 'Mission: Impossible 6' set
Tom Cruise breaks ankle in stunt on ‘Mission’ film. So, this is where he heals himself with +thought? -
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Mission: Impossible 6 on hold after Tom Cruise broke ankle jumping between buildings
Mission postponed: Filming stopped after Tom Cruise breaks his ankle
Tom Cruise broke his ankle on the set of the latest "Mission: Impossible" film, causing a halt in production
'Mission Impossible 6' shoot halted as Tom Cruise breaks ankle in stunt
People in the news: Tom Cruise, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Daniel Craig - Akron Beacon Journal
Paula Patton reveals wild stunt story with Tom Cruise after his injury via
Also, Tom Cruise played Ethan Hunt and Maverick but two completely different characte…
.dished all about feeling the “competitive spirit” while working alongside Tom Cruise! Watch:
Kenny Loggins busy penning lyrics to song about Tom Cruise spraining his ankle.
People in the news: Tom Cruise, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus - Akron Beacon Journal
sharing the latest in from Tom Cruise Injured in 'Mission: Impos...
[Author: tmz-staff] Tom Cruise was injured during a building-jumping stunt on the set o...
Round of applause for Tom still making good movies. via
And how many smaller actors are being paid far too little so that the film can have Tom Cruise? Would less…
Enjoy dope track 'Tom Cruise' by US rapper ft prod by htt…
Tom Cruise injured during stunt for Mission Impossible 6
Looks like a totally useable take though! via
DailyMailCeleb: Tom Cruise injured after crashing into building during high-octane stunt for Mission Impossible 6
Tom Cruise has reportedly been injured in a stunt on the 'Mission: Impossible' set:
I agree; but I also think it's business. If you have Tom Cruise, your film will do better, that means m…
The moment middle aged man realises he's middle aged. .
Tom Cruise apparently injured in 'Mission: Impossible 6' stunt
Tom Cruise suffered an injury while attempting a stunt in 'Mission Impossible 6'
plunges off building on set of Mission Impossible 6
Reminded me of that Mission Impossible IV poster with Tom Cruise sitting atop Burj Khaleefa. 😁😁
Red House Painters’ Mark Kozelek: "I yelled at Tom Cruise about 20 times"
The real Ron Kovic gave Tom Cruise his Bronze Star for his performance in this movie.
Here's the leaked Tom Cruise Scientology Awards video we talked about on this week's episode. It's pretty nuts.
Tom Cruise is constantly trying to get people to forget that his front tooth is lined with the middle of his face. People don't forget Tommy
it's Tom Cruise in Collaterall all over again
I know, right? This is the equivalent of Tom Cruise saying PPD can be cured with a few push-ups.
I don't know how many movies Tom Cruise has made but I've only seen 3 of them. Oh, and Tropic Thunder but he wasn't the main character.
"Tom" guys are the BEST in their fields. Hanks, Cruise. Brady. & Jerry. (Hey, nobody was better at NOT catching mice than him)
I just bought the Brendan Fraser Mummy on DVD today, to get revenge on the Tom Cruise Mummy.
Six minutes of Dark Knight Rises will play with Mission: Impossible in IMAX. My guess is after he sees it, Tom Cruise will just quit.
Bio weapon used by Tom Cruise and Scientology/lds.:
24-7 surveillance and pain they are able to inflict from a distance. See Tom Cruise Bio Weapon Video.…
The other day was rockin' a pair of Tom Cruise "Risy Business" shades
I have so many oddly specific irrational fears eg. Mr blobby, the blue man group, Tom cruise and being sucked into a jet engine
I added a video to a playlist The Mummy Review Staring Tom Cruise
Downside: it will star Tom Cruise as The First Black Samurai (lmao)
I think it's just trying to impersonate Tom Cruise in that Misison Impossible movie ;)
Absolutely threatening everyone, lying to you about retaining your original belief system, Tom Cruise c…
Tom Cruise homie we jumpin up on them couches!1
The Richard Gere gerbil story is ridiculouz and untrue. That said, Tom Cruise once pu| an entire llama up his butt.
They are absolutely lying to make money. Tom Cruise the Mind Reader is a joke. They figured out how t…
July 30, 1992 - Diana, The Princess of Wales meets actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman at the premiere of 'Far and…
The one where Tom Cruise gets into parties saying 'Fidelio'
This may actually be Tom cruise at is best
Friends, I just sat ringside for Tom Cruise wrestling in character as Maverick. I am not joking. This is him. He stood right…
This mummy movie with Tom cruise is so whack
THE most awesome part of the movie. Changed my opinion of Tom Cruise.
Are you an ? . Do you often feel like Tom Cruise in living the past over and over?. Video:…
Jeff, I'd much rather have Jesse Stone as background noise than anything w/ Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise runs across an airfield and pilots a helicopter as he trains for Top Gun 2 in Oxfordshire
My favorite part is the end. The first time I saw it I didn't realize it was Tom Cruise.
Yet The Firm was too complex to capture well in on…
I liked a video Lip Sync Battle with Tom Cruise
One of my favorite movies and one of Tom Cruise's best characters IMO. Would love a spin off Les Grossman flick
I appreciate this movie more after i learned that he based his performance after Tom Cruise.
on a Tom Joyner cruise and it looks litty 🙌🏽
One very Important typography lesson to consider today is that Tom Cruise's teeth are center aligned
Were we ever really talking about Tom Cruise?
Are we still talking about Tom Cruise?
That was probably my favourite Tom Cruise film after Rain Man
2 men that have handled more balls than Clay Aiken, Elton John, and Tom Cruise. Congratulations, Pudge.
Finally watched Tom Cruise Mummy movie. It's okay, didn't have to engage my brain though. Easy viewing.
Why Gavin hanging out with Tom cruise? Ain't he got his own kids?
And that is WITH his Tom Cruise shoes.
You can keep your James Bond,Tom Cruise etc, . THIS IS A REAL 🏅🎖HERO ❤️, your truly amazing in every sin…
I've watched Mark Wahlberg, Daniel Craig, Denzel Washington & Tom Cruise movies. All I need is an Arnold movie & this trip home is complete.
Interview With The Vampire:. -best vampire movie. -Christian Slater, Tom Cruise y Brad Pitt. -es larga pero so worth it
Street after I was told John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Kenneth Edmonds were involved in my abuse (info lobbed off by LE). So, how many
Tom Cruise returns as Cole Trickle with a team of his own. His star driver gets hurt & Cole's son must rise to the…
From Judge Judy (we all know that one) to Tom Cruise's mother, Naples is home to a great group of celebrities. So...
What *** called the Tom Cruise film 'Cocktail' and not 'Whiskey Business'?
Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman at the Mann Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California
Maybe. Idk. Johnny Dep and Tom Cruise are striking our these days too. Smith was good in Suicide Squad…
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman photographed by Jonathan Becker at Vanity Fair's Oscar party, 2000
So they have Tom Cruise spy masks in Game of Thrones?
comment of the day from Daily Mail reader: 'What next, Tom Cruise playing Miss Marple.'
Watched the latest Mission Impossible film last night. It's just like Old Tricks now, with Tom Cruise instead of Dennis Waterman.
You know who shoulda been casted as Aladdin? Tom Cruise. And Scar Jo as Jasmine. & the Rock as Genie.
When Heidi was told of a blind date with Ted Cruz, she thought they said Tom Cruise & it was dark, drinks,etc. Got…
My wild summer with Tom Cruise: Women, Sean Penn and the making of 'Risky Business'
I'm going for a Kevin Hart, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr thing. We'll see how it goes
The Mexican was the name of the gun. . Tom Cruise played a white dude who adopts Japanese culture. But yeah Scar Jo…
As I'm watching Mission Impossible, mom looks at me and says: "I wish there was a way I could meet Tom Cruise. He's so tiny and cute.". Same
Watching an old Jimmy Fallon episode with Tom Cruise.. Man, Cruise looks too good. Kind of looks like *** Clark with the work done.
I imagined the ppl in my first book as actors. Swammerdam was Nick Cage. Harvey was William Hartnell. de Graaf was Tom Cruise.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ah yes, it's a big problem. And i can't make a Tom Cruise section because that'll just make things worse
I have a sort of Tom Cruise section next to those guys I kid you not
This absolutely awesome OOP Tom Cruise boxset is ruining my Spielberg, Michael Mann, and Tony Scott sections all in…
Having seen bits of John Hannah playing Rebus, guess I now know how Jack Reacher fans felt when Tom Cruise took on the role
Happy Independence Day to all! Also happy birthday to my father in law John, and to Tom Cruise in that one movie.
SPOILERS. Dr. Jekyll is the reason to see this movie. Tom Cruise and pretty much everyone in the Mummy part of the plot are bad
Top Gun, Tom Cruise to return to the big screen in 2019
Dark but good film from the 90's. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Christian Slater, Antonio Banderas,…
Joe Kosinski, who directed Tom Cruise in "Oblivion," will also be on the helm to head the project:
I don't like the plot of this new Tom Cruise movie Top Gun 2: The Search for Goose.
Nathan Drake- Jeremy Renner . Sam Drake - Tom Cruise . Sully - Burt Reynolds. . Least that's how I had it
It's creepy having seen The Edge of Tomorrow to find Tom Cruise is 8 years younger than Brendan Gleeson & 20 years older than Emily Blunt.
Making it a Tom Cruise vehicle just killed it. Dark universe could've worked with lesser known act…
The Color of Money, Joe. It's a good one. Paul Newman, Tom Cruise.
Self-professed "control freak," Paul Thomas Anderson, working closely with three of his leading-men: Tom Cruise, Jo…
Check out the trailer for 'American Made' starring Tom Cruise and Domhnall Gleeson
Who is that? It's like if Tom Cruise and Dax Shepard had a kid.
That kid from the Maze Runner about to be the next Tom Cruise. Please make it stop
Tom Cruise with Emirates Team New Zealand crew last Americas Cup. Hope the result better 2017
Great Graham Norton show last night with Tom Cruise and Zac Efron. Always good
"You can't make a Top Gun movie without Tom Cruise in it. Of course he'll be in it" Has anyone heard from Val Kilmer in the last 20 years?
Just watched that Graham Norton episode that Tom Cruise was on and realized Gal Gadot was also supposed to be there but hurt her back ☹️
I'm convinced that Trey and Lindsey Graham are trapped in the closet like Tom Cruise and John Travolt…
How about that palpable, younger-me sexual vibe between Tom Cruise and Zac Efron on The Graham Norton Show? Keep climbing that ladder, Zac.
LG’s latest ridiculous OLED screen is transparent, flexible, and taller than Tom Cruise
I don't care 🤷‍♀️ what y'all say! I think Tom Cruise was a lot more handsome in Mission impossible 2!!! 😍😍😍
Can you truly be a white man's *** if you don't see it for Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp(even tho he canceled)
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