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Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (born July 3, 1962), widely known as Tom Cruise, is an American film actor and producer.

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Watch: Tom Cruise is a gun-, drug-, and money-smuggling CIA badass in 'American Made' trailer - Men's Fitness
Tom Cruise's The Mummy gets some grim reviews One critic describes it as a "monster fail" - though others are more…
.critic David Edelstein prob ❤️s that Tom Cruise plays a super young guy in The Mummy but can't get beyond the idea of a lady mummy
Critic warnings be damned! I'm buying my ticket for in opening night! Never skip a Tom Cruise movie!
Our fearless critic James Dawson says you'll like this reboot. Tom Cruise...
Mummy is getting bad critic reviews? Ok let's see what the people say over the weekend. But *** "worst Tom Cruise movie"
remaking Top Gun to be about F-35 pilots so the entire movie is Val Kilmer helping Tom Cruise get out of the blue screen o…
Tom Cruise has yet to invite Val Kilmer to "Top Gun" sequel; Kilmer REALLY wants that invite
We should have known The Mummy was God awful when all Tom Cruise talked about during the junket was Top Gun 2
Tom Cruise announces the title of the upcoming sequel to 'Top Gun'
Me: They're making a Top Gun sequel with Tom Cruise in it. Wife: Guess who won't be in it. Duck. Me: You mean Goose?. W…
People seem to think Tom Cruise is only in Top Gun and Mission impossible. He had a solid decade of Oscar hunting w…
Those Russians in Top Gun firing at Tom Cruise...Jeremy Corbyn. All of them
- Tom Cruise battles the undead in his latest big budget action-horror flick . Listen to my
SAME. but I rly don't want to watch m Tom Cruise try to kill her the whole movie 😫
Tom Cruise is such an engaging actor. It's a shame he's so weird
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Tom Cruise: Do I get to be in a plane crash in the trailer? Studio: Umm we can probably make that happen. TC: I'M IN
My mom still thinks Dereck looks like Tom Cruise ... 2 years later 😂
Why have we never had a conversation about Tom Cruise spelling his last name "cruise" instead of "Cruz" ?? no one else on earth does that. 🤔
because tom cruise can't be in EVERY movie
Tom Cruise sits down with Jessica Carrillo to discuss his new Universal Pictures film, "The Mummy."…
Peak Tom Cruise is back for the Doug Liman–directed drug flick
Tom Cruise says the Top Gun sequel will be named after his character
Check out the trailer of with Tom Cruise!
I don't care if the new Mummy is any good, I just wanna know if they kept Tom Cruise's screams from the trailer.
new crime-thriller biopic gets its first Trailer & Poster:
Tom Cruise revealed the title for the highly-anticipated Top Gun sequel: Top Gun: Maverick
I wanna see WW again but instead I am gonna see Tom Cruise fight The Mummy. Russel Crow play Dr Jekyll...
Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but the man finds himself in some fun-looking movies.
I'm will never apologize for how much I enjoy Tom Cruise.
WATCH: TOM CRUISE is the Top Gun of Smugglers in the trailer for American Made!
Tom Cruise goes back to the 1980s playing drug smuggler Barry Seal in the first trailer for
Tom Cruise is covered in cocaine and on the run in the first trailer for 'American Made'.
First look at Tom Cruise as an 'American Made' anti-hero - CNET
Watch Tom Cruise get back into the pilot's seat in first trailer!
Tom Cruise loves crashing airplanes. trailer is lit.
American Made: Tom Cruise is in the cockpit again and it's not for the Top Gun sequel. Based on the life of Barry...
Tom Cruise reveals title of the Top Gun sequel
Tom Cruise is no Maverick in the 'American Made' trailer
10 moments that prove Jerry Maguire is Tom Cruise’s best performance, according to ht…
Tom Cruise is 54. Brendan Fraser is 48. Russell Crowe is 53. I hate Tom Cruise.
Who watched The Mummy ('99) and thought "hey that's a terrible movie we need to do a remake & it will star Tom Cruise & Russell Crowe"
It’s too bad that The Mummy stars Tom Cruise. It looks awesome but even Russell Crowe can’t balance out the TC ick factor for me. Le sigh.
Tom Cruise reveals the 'Top Gun 2' title + says Harold Faltermeyer is coming back to do the score!
Missed opportunity for Tom Cruise during Pride Month -- Top Gun: Being a Bottom's Fun or How I Came Flying Out of the Closet
Tom Cruise reveals title and details for sequel
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'Top Gun: Maverick' starring Tom Cruise to feature score by Harold Faltermeyer.
Tom Cruise says that Harold Faltermeyer will be returning to score Top Gun 2!
In 2006 Katie Couric cover birth of Tom Cruise's baby - Lost me forever. You landed Putin. I'll watch. Good get.
The is having some high profile guests in London, like Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and Kit Harington:
When I'm dead, may these pictures of Tom Cruise & I -looking like we're air-jerking people off - live on without me
BTW, Pre-crazy Tom Cruise was actually pretty awesome. .
Looks great until Tom Cruise appears, I won't be paying to see this
ever remember the comedian that does the Ben Stiller & Tom Cruise impressions? Possibly Simon Helberg?
Speed driving, rivalry, romance, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman - casting in Days of Thunder was perfect:
Live your life as if you had just divorced Tom Cruise lmao
Carrasco is the man wow lmao tom cruise huh😂
Tom Cruise says hi from premiere in Paris | Photos by EPA/Shutterstock
Remember when Tom Cruise used to be ridey before he turned into a complete gom?
Or Tom Cruise lecturing us on carbon pollution from automobiles, while promoting Days of Thunder.
You all want to discuss trivial issues but no one wants to deal with the very serious fact that Tom Cruise is still acting…
I sometimes wonder what movies McQuarrie would be writing/ directing if he was let out of Tom Cruise Jail
GAMBLING. yes and tom cruise's next movie is going flop as hard as his last one. your take is ice cold. absolute ze…
MAILBAG QUESTION. do you think tom Cruise will end up being revealed as Dracula in the upcoming "the mummy"? Thanks!
Miro listen i saw tom cruise's movie trailer today ,,check👇👇
Can't wait to see Tom Cruise in his exciting new movie The Mommy
remember when Tom Cruise handed over the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE franchise to a young TV director named JJ Abrams?
Forgot to mention, coming out of "The Mummy" ride, you can now see Tom Cruise as promotion for the new film.
DC! Attend a free early screening of starring Tom Cruise, via
Tom Cruise was paid $13M up front for The Rock is rumored for Wolfman and more Dark Universe tidbits
Tom cruise in a horror film. Getting old???
be honest there are lots who do llike it like Tom Cruise, you don't need to be around lying and scamming. I always wondered why mimi Rogers
Tom Cruise&Nicole Kidman are not happy with son's new girlfriend.They don't like her racy photos online. Should the…
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman disapprove of Connor's new girlfriend via
You got to check the real name of Tom Cruise too
Also, in the grand scheme of things, Dragon Emperor wasn't THAT BAD. And Scorpion King was great. I'm very bothered by Tom Cruise.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Tom Cruise officially confirms sequel to one of his most iconic films
Please let Top Gun 2 involve Tom Cruise sitting in a Legion hall, 50 pounds overweight and carving "Goose" into his forearm with a spoon
Sam Armytage blushes over 'connection' with Tom Cruise following flirty interview
Tom Cruise, you already killed Goose for gods sake, haven't you done enough
In the exciting "Top Gun 2," Maverick (Tom Cruise) now a senior O-6 CAG, reaches a plea deal with a federal judge in the Fat…
Tom Cruise has been promising Top Gun 2 for at least three years. I hope it remains a bluff, but it's not a new development.
Revvin' up your engine listen to her howlin' roar!!Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2! via
Remember when Tom Cruise was on Oprah high af... that man was GONE.
Tom Cruise headed to the cockpit for 'Top Gun 2'
Top Gun 2 is 'definitely happening', says
That time Sofia Boutella threw Tom Cruise across a forest. Watch this exclusive clip.
So if Tom Cruise is the new Viper who is the new Maverick?
Tom Cruise just announced Top Gun 2 (movie) is in the works. 🦅🦇
Tom Cruise has finally confirmed that a sequel to the cult action film Top Gun is i
Kevin Hart is a Cancer . Tom cruise is a Cancer . Khloe K is a Cancer . Selena Gomez is a Cancer . Ariana Grande is a Cancer…
Little Giant Ladders
Maybe "Maverick" can take a few runs out of Naval Air Station Jacksonville if he's rusty all these years later.
Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2. Which I guess is Maverick and Kelly McGillis finally coming out to each other.
Found a paper I wrote about Tom Cruise. It is the definition of "Cringe."
Thanks for stopping by, Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella!
- Tom Cruise: filming for Top Gun sequel will begin 'probably in the next year' – video
Dam he does look just like Tom Cruise lol, Plus Mason could bring a lot of comedic value…
Tom Cruise says Top Gun 2 in the works.
Tom Cruise saying he will begin filming Top Gun 2 next year and confirming that he is, indeed, smack dab in the middle…
"Tom Cruise finds another movie to play Tom Cruise in"
Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 will happen after he was guaranteed a jet with a booster seat.
Tom Cruise as a really good Grand Admiral who…
30 years later they're making Top Gun 2. I imagine it's just two hours of Tom Cruise flying his jet around with the left turn…
EVERYONE...Tom Cruise announced that Top Gun 2 will start filming next year..
trending above Top Gun 2.I don't know Tom Cruise. . Idk.
Top Gun 2: Goose is reincarnated as an actual goose and flies into the plane of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger. Tom Cruise also…
Tom Cruise just cleared the runway for 'Top Gun 2,' better strap in
🚨 Tom Cruise confirms that he'll be shooting Top Gun 2 within the next year! 🚨
Tom Cruise: Imagine Air Force One with Harrison Ford, but I'm the pilot, and my name is Scully. Top. Gun. 2.
Top Gun 2 will be 3 hours of Tom Cruise apologizing for piloting a drone strike that hits a hospital then doing it again
Not that anybody ever asked for it, but Tom Cruise says there will be a "Top Gun 2."
Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 rumors are true
Tom Cruise ready for take off in 'Top Gun 2'
is actually happening, according to Tom Cruise.
In an appearance on Australian TV, Tom Cruise reveals 'Top Gun 2' to start filming soon.
Tom Cruise confirms 'Top Gun' sequel is 'definitely happening'
Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 will happen, leading us all into a zone of danger
Top Gun 2 is going to be 180 minutes of Tom Cruise sitting on a runway while his F-35A's code debugs until a $1000 drone ex…
Top Gun 2 is 'definitely happening', says Tom Cruise
Maverick is back! Tom Cruise announced that Top Gun 2 is officially happening:
Selena Gomez is a CANCER. Robin Williams was a CANCER . Tom Cruise is a CANCER. Lana Del Rey is a CANCER
Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and other 'monsters' gather in a 'Dark Universe' class photo.
Heh..that'd kinda be like asking if Tom Cruise ever drinks a Mello Yello
Tom Cruise to star as tiny president who works with secret members of Ordo Templi Orientis to summon goddess Babalo…
If you're implying that Tom Cruise and Rachel Ray are God then we were never alone.
Tom Cruise played Jack Reacher. Life here on Earth 2 is a hellscape.
By my count, Tom Cruise is in four franchises: Mission Impossible, Edge of Tomorrow, this, and Jack Reacher,
05-22 Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's son Connor to celebrate 21st birthday by DJ-ing
Tom Cruise is a legend. He gave us Edge of Tomorrow, Jack Reacher, and more Mission Impossible movies in recent years. The Mummy will be 🔥🔥
Dwayne Johnson would have been “right there in the frame” to play Jack Reacher instead of Tom Cruise if he had bee…
Me, Dave and Tom Cruise were just 3 guys. But now, we're 3 best friends.
📹 Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise filming Mission: Impossible 6 at the jardin du Palais-Royal in Paris,...
"EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise crashes his car twice during Mission Impossible 6 shooting in Paris"
Ferry dramatic! Tom Cruise takes to the River Seine to shoot spectacular stunt sequence as he ...
Tom Cruise is All Smiles on Set of 'Mission Impossible 6' i
A romantic trip to Paris while Tom Cruise films nearby is a mission possible for Katie & Jamie.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The Blitzboks hang out with Tom Cruise while in Paris
Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise on set of today in Paris
This Mummy remake is a disgrace! Tom Cruise will never be Brendan Frazier!
Shrek, starring Tom Cruise and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Directed by Danny Boyle, music by Stan Walker. Budget: $50,000
You can't make eye contact with Steve Harvey, Tom Cruise or Gretchen Carlson.
This story is bananas! How's this not been resolved? I'm really starting to question that Tom Cruise doc I saw on c…
Everybody ignore the fact that 1980s Tom Cruise seems to have been in the car.
Why is Tom Cruise giving the glorious leader a hand job? Surely that role is for a senior manager in the NHS!
Why is no one talking about the fact that Tom Cruise was with Jeremy Corbyn when his car ran over the BBC man?…
Gritty reboot of The Mummy starting Tom Cruise and Russell Crow? No, no, no, no, no
In that new Mummy movie Russell Crowe plays an old man and Tom Cruise plays, Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is older than Russell Crowe y'all.
Watching interview with the vampire and just realized that Tom Cruise decided to have a kid to save his marriage to Brad Pitt
Now that Tom Cruise is in The Mummy we should put Brendan Frazier in Risky Business
.Lea Thompson's first movie was with Tom Cruise. Amanda Wyss starred in Johnny Depp's debut. Anyone see a double standard here?
Who knew that Zoe Ball, Sir Alex Ferguson, Sam Dingle and Tom Cruise shared the same local...
Still can't quite believe I got to interview the legend that is Tom Cruise for the new issue of Total Film, which is finall…
As Paul Mooney pointed out, Brad Pitt was main character in The Mexican, and Tom Cruise was The Last Samurai. I'm…
I was like tom cruise from, um, Worse than from AMAZON clutched in the *** is made the giant capsule with a pen.
Unfollow me if you are not. - sliding off of cars when you shoot. - Tom cruise . - Bobby with them tools. - running up on them acting a fool
Me circa 1995 was al about Tom Cruise. That was before I understood Scientology.
When you find out there's a new mummy movie dropping this summer starring Tom Cruise
Is that the one with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry as the Mega Devil?
Bowie tag teams made a big mess of beans with Tom Cruise. I am not the father.
OMGYES, I also love this one of her leaving an attorney’s office after her divorce sett…
there is still nothing better to this day than fat Tom Cruise dancing at the end of Tropic Thunder
"Tom Cruise prepping before shooting a love scene on the Mission Impossible 6 shooting in Paris" :
God *** I wish WB would have age appropriately cast Deathstroke as Tom Cruise
Never forget the exact moment Nicole Kidman decided — at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party — she was DONE with Tom Cruise's bu…
As long as he keeps it to himself it won't affect me. Just like Shahrukh Khan, Udo Kier, Stephen Chow or Tom Cruise.
fun fact is shorter than Tom Cruise but definitely taller than Vern Troyer
Bruce Willis. I know who he is. Ugh...Tom Cruise.
Hey what up brycer fans this is papa filling you in! I landed my first big client (Tom Cruise). Thank you for all of your supp…
Fox wanted Tom Cruise as Edward ✂️ 🙌🏻 . Burton: “he was interesting, but I think it worked out for the best”…
John Rosengrant paints the prosthetic makeup for Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire (1994) at Stan Wins…
SDCC 2013 - Warner Bros. Pictures - 'Edge of Tomorrow' with Tom Cruise
The Richard Gere gerbil story is ridiculous and untrue. That said, Tom Cruise once put an entire llama up his mctt.
Day 19: Tom Cruise. I don't know why... he just is. . Also Michael Fassbender, Kevin Spacey, and Matt Damon…
Just posted on Christopher Mcquarrie's Instagram. Series newbie Henry Cavill + Tom Cruise as production continues on MISSI…
Tom Cruise, no intentes ser Nathan Drake, primer aviso.
Geeeze, what happened to the fun days of playing Tom Cruise in late nite spy runs? Cam lights blinding…
In my opinion, Lucy Liu and Tom Cruise also starred with Carlos, in the 'Boston Bombing'. And it was directed by Spiel…
the mcu we deserve: Jensen Ackles is Steve, Danny Devito is Bruce Banner, Tom Cruise is Maria Hill. Clint Barton is the same
There's a reason you never see Gary Barlow and Matt Damon together and it's not just cos Tom Cruise only invites one of them to his parties.
Also, King Arthur looks like it's to be awesome! 👌 Can't go wrong with Charlie Hunnam thought. And, "The Mummy", I no like Tom Cruise.. *;
What was Bill Paxton’s dream about Tom Cruise?. Catch The Late Late Show with James Corden, first and exclusive,...
Tom Cruise is out here stunting on everyone on the set of 👀
idk who I date... the Rock, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone,…
update - last samuri jockey Dave Rose withdraws from the ride to be replaced by Tom Cruise !
A little comic relief in a good read about Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder, my favorite Tom Cruise role of all time!
War Of The Worlds (2005). - Tom Cruise tries to survive an alien invasion and keep his kids alive. . -this use to sca…
Watch: Tom Cruise blows things up in "The Mummy" trailer
Tom Cruise now looks like that ajussi who has a big belly and chubby cheek :( pls work out, Tom.
27. Go out on a date with . Tom Cruise . Or. Leonardo di Caprio
Well I'm not talking about Boris Karloff. But anything with Tom Cruise is better than anything with Brendan Frasier
Nice try, *** uncle from Home Alone! You thought I wouldn't see you in Cocktail with Tom Cruise, but I did.
After we will see fighting Tom Cruise in Mission impossible 6
Tom Cruise falls for Mission Impossible co-star Vanessa Kirby who he cast after seeing her in The Crown…
Tom Cruise in Love with Mission: unimaginable Co-superstar Vanessa Kirby? -
Who is The Crown's Vanessa Kirby, reported love interest of Tom Cruise?
Tom Cruise, 54, 'has fallen for Vanessa Kirby, 28'
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I hope Vanessa Kirby takes another look at Tom Cruise and gets the *** out of dodge! 😭
Tom Cruise reportedly thinks he could marry his 'MI6' costar Vanessa Kirby
Tom Cruise (54) has 'fallen' for Mission: Impossible 6 co-star Vanessa Kirby (28)
Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible movies?
When Mission Impossible 6 comes out, Tom Cruise will have played Ethan Hunt for 22 years. 1996 - 2018
.is going from starring opposite Clare Foy's Queen Elizabeth to Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt in "MI:6"
I heard this was loosely based on Tom Cruise & Katy Holmes, even though his people are denying it. Makes you wonder about them..
Who remembers this movie? And what is your favorite Tom Cruise film? Mine? "A Few Good Men!"
Tom Cruise, with a wet face, in A Few Good Men, looks just like Benedict Cumberbatch, with a dry face, in Sherlock Holmes.
Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men is *the* most insufferable human being ever.
- Tom Cruise is too short and not nearly "commanding" enough. Jim Caviezel, perhaps.
Tom Cruise taking direction from Paul Thomas Anderson on the set of Magnolia.
even at 50+ age Tom Cruise can hold his breath 6mins on underwater,he can drive a Jet ,Plane,Helicopter and Every Vehicle..
Go Zero G with Tom Cruise in a Mummy Behind-the-Scenes Clip: Cruise and Annabelle Wallis performed the…
Go Zero G with Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis in a Mummy behind-the-scenes clip
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definitely. Very good film. Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx at their finest 👍
movie MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION in case like new Tom Cruise
Have a look at the sunglasses Tom Cruise wears in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015)
What’s a day in the life of Tom Cruise? His publicist REALLY doesn’t want you to know. We have the inside scoop.
I think a lot about a certain "religion" & the star at its helm. Tom Cruise's for
Scientologists hope Tom Cruise's move to Florida will save them via
Quel couplet de Young Thug dans Trap Trap Trap de Rick Ross .. + he is Richer than Tom Cruise yeah !
Nothing like Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, a cursed sarcophagus, and an airplane in VR!
you don't understand my love for Tom Cruise
I wrote a movie with Tom Cruise & Amy Adams. It was about a sound designer that used unconventional noises in his audio.
When I see a good actor in a role, all I see is the character. When I see Tom Cruise in a role, I see Tom Cruise.
If u a tru Tom Cruise fan, name the cruises he had been on.
😂 mad funny bc Tom Cruise was the last samurai, Denzel was Steve Biko & Morgan Freeman, Terence Howard, Laurence Fishb…
Tom cruise shares a joke with Duke of Edinburgh as he visits Buckingham Palace
Meeting the royal family is a mission totally possible for Tom Cruise.
That's an unbelievable mission impossible sequel.Even Tom Cruise wouldn't believe that was possible.
Can you imagine there was ever a time that people claimed Tom Cruise as an attractive person?
ur telling me it's like going out to eat with Tom cruise
Win! We're giving away three copies of Tom Cruise's hit action movie 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' on Blu-ray
Prince Philip meets Tom Cruise at Buckingham Palace to mark the 75th anniversary of the Outward Bound Trust. Picture by
Duke of Edinburgh hosts Hollywood royalty as Tom Cruise visits Buckingham Palace ^HeraldSco…
and every night through sex with Tom Cruise a long list of prostitutes have been fencing fakes of my artwork the Japanese art buyers
The Theory of Everything, starring Tom Cruise and Jodie Foster. Directed by Jonathan Frakes, music by The Chills. Budget: $2000
Tom Cruise shares a chuckle with the Duke Of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace
Donald Trump has respect for women in the same way that I have respect for people who say Tom Cruise is their favorite act…
The Duke of Edinburgh meets Tom Cruise! Both attended an event to celebrate the 75th anniversary of http…
Tom Cruise has got to go he is responsible for so many deaths because he gets drunk and stupid and he will screw anything from money
and get together at Buckingham Palace via
What he saw in Tom Cruise...will always be a mystery to me.
You'd never have thought that Tom Cruise would end up the megastar!
Prince Philip and Tom Cruise share a joke together as Hollywood royalty pays a visit to Buckingham Palace 
Tom Cruise had sex with a prostitute based off of artwork stolen from my Google Drive account
T*A*P*S -Tom Cruise Sean Penn on dvd new sealed
Tom Cruise and Prince Philip get together at Buckingham Palace via
Amendment: It's not worse than being David Miscavige but it is worse than being, say, Tom Cruise
Royal Dinner Guest! Tom Cruise shared a laugh with Prince Philip during dinner at the Palace via
It used to be young girls dreamed about Tom Cruise, then they grew up to become him.
Tom Cruise was originally chosen to play the role of Iron Man.
Prince Philip meeting actor Tom Cruise, a supporter of the Outward Bound Trust, at Buckingham Palace tonight.
Knight and Day with Tom Cruise is good fun. Love this movie.
It was a Carrier aircon overall. when in he stripped to all black ala Tom Cruise suspended from a rope, spliced lin…
Tom Cruise was making a movie called "Mena" based on Barry Seal's life and smuggling operation in Arkansas. Doubt it will cover much
Edge of Tomorrow! Sci-if Groundhog Day with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt as a stone-cold badass. Paxton chews all the scenery.
Bill Paxton was to meteorologists what Tom Cruise was to sports agents. I'm a mix of Dusty and Bob Sugar.
Shacking up Tom Cruise with the wife of the man he killed is savage as ***
Little known fact: Michael J. Fox and Gael García Bernal are both three feet taller than Tom Cruise.
Yo, google Tom Cruise teeth. I can't unsee it now. My mind is boggled.
Sean Spicer is shorter than Tom Cruise. he should lower the conference room instead of raising his lecture platform.
The Color of Money, 1986, directed by Martin Scorsese. Paul Newman as "Fast" Eddie Felson & Tom Cruise. Ending, "I'm back!…
Now I have visions of Tom Cruise trying to get Hoffman not to freak out about going to Kmart. But that'd be an insult to Autism.
Tom Cruise dancing in Tropic Thunder never fails to make me laugh 😂
Tom Cruise's best movie is the last samurai and second to that is the outsiders
I took a Tom Cruise on the Billy Ocean
'He could end this single-handedly': Leah Remini on Tom Cruise - Daily Mail
Leah Remini says Tom Cruise could shut down Scientology. They still owe him a new wife.
Leah Remini: Only Tom Cruise has the power to end Scientology via
Tom Cruise has a LOT of influence in the Scientology community.
A Tom Cruise figurine for is coming soon.
I want Hollywood to develop a film about the Haitian Revolution; but they'd probably mess it up and cast Tom Cruise as Toussaint Louverture.
Can we get Tom Cruise & Anthony Edwards to climb back into a jet for some Top Gun American/Russian diplomacy, it se…
Tom Cruise played with me once. I once stared at Baby Spice. Also Robbie Williams. I don't approach. Only stare.
Wow and Tom Cruise's mother died at age 80. I wonder how this will affect him.
Tom Cruise has the same odd look in Days of Thunder but maybe trends were different back then.
WOW! Look who is going to portray Andre the Giant in the new documentary:
So one find a beast and the next one find Tom Cruise, weh the next one a go find?
Tonight, I get to RP as Tom Cruise in... The Last Samurai.
Tom Cruise's mother dies, age 80 She passed away in her sleep after battling a long illness. Cruise, 54, and his...
Tom Cruise’s sister is sort of cute. She looks like somebody’s sister. 2/13/87
Tom Cruise's mom sadly passed away last week at the age of 80
Tom Cruise’s Mother, Mary Lee South, Dies seem like a nice, good women and mother. blessing to Tom and family
Minority Report has to be my favorite Tom Cruise movie.
Tom Cruise's mother has advanced to the next level of Scientology.😂.
Sorry to know that Tom Cruise Mom has passed away. I am very very sorry. Oh dear..
what about Collateral?! I think it's his best and also Tom Cruise's best movie.
Tom Cruise's mum Mary Lee South dies aged 80 and remembered with Church of Scientology memorial. ht…
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I liked a video from NASCAR The Game - Reactions - The Intimidator and Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise's mother, Mary Lee South, has passed away. She was 80.
I LOVE it when Scientologists DIE! Like Tom Cruise's mom just did - one less rich cultist in the world. Hooray!
see... I'm conflicted about that bc Tom Cruise is saying "ma'am"
Kinnaka's Blog | Tom Cruise's mother Mary Lee dies in her sleep at age 80 -
Tom Cruise's mom Mary Lee South dies at 80 years old -- so sad
True but what about partying with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut 💀😎
Tom Cruise underrated for sure. The mission was impossible, like 5 times
ends with...Elvis singing Jailhouse Rock. Our working theory is a re-release connected to the Tom Cruise vehicle Cocktail (1988)
Just saw this on Amazon: Mission: Impossible: The 5 Movie Collection by Tom Cruise for $30.49 via
I would be 100% down with Tom Cruise doing nothing but MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and Jack Reacher movies.
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