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Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (born July 3, 1962), widely known as Tom Cruise, is an American film actor and producer.

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Knight and Day with Tom Cruise is good fun. Love this movie.
It was a Carrier aircon overall. when in he stripped to all black ala Tom Cruise suspended from a rope, spliced lin…
Tom Cruise was making a movie called "Mena" based on Barry Seal's life and smuggling operation in Arkansas. Doubt it will cover much
Edge of Tomorrow! Sci-if Groundhog Day with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt as a stone-cold badass. Paxton chews all the scenery.
Bill Paxton was to meteorologists what Tom Cruise was to sports agents. I'm a mix of Dusty and Bob Sugar.
Shacking up Tom Cruise with the wife of the man he killed is savage as ***
Little known fact: Michael J. Fox and Gael García Bernal are both three feet taller than Tom Cruise.
Yo, google Tom Cruise teeth. I can't unsee it now. My mind is boggled.
Sean Spicer is shorter than Tom Cruise. he should lower the conference room instead of raising his lecture platform.
The Color of Money, 1986, directed by Martin Scorsese. Paul Newman as "Fast" Eddie Felson & Tom Cruise. Ending, "I'm back!…
Now I have visions of Tom Cruise trying to get Hoffman not to freak out about going to Kmart. But that'd be an insult to Autism.
Tom Cruise dancing in Tropic Thunder never fails to make me laugh 😂
Tom Cruise's best movie is the last samurai and second to that is the outsiders
I took a Tom Cruise on the Billy Ocean
'He could end this single-handedly': Leah Remini on Tom Cruise - Daily Mail
Leah Remini says Tom Cruise could shut down Scientology. They still owe him a new wife.
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Leah Remini: Only Tom Cruise has the power to end Scientology via
Tom Cruise has a LOT of influence in the Scientology community.
A Tom Cruise figurine for is coming soon.
I want Hollywood to develop a film about the Haitian Revolution; but they'd probably mess it up and cast Tom Cruise as Toussaint Louverture.
Can we get Tom Cruise & Anthony Edwards to climb back into a jet for some Top Gun American/Russian diplomacy, it se…
Tom Cruise played with me once. I once stared at Baby Spice. Also Robbie Williams. I don't approach. Only stare.
Wow and Tom Cruise's mother died at age 80. I wonder how this will affect him.
Tom Cruise has the same odd look in Days of Thunder but maybe trends were different back then.
WOW! Look who is going to portray Andre the Giant in the new documentary:
So one find a beast and the next one find Tom Cruise, weh the next one a go find?
Tonight, I get to RP as Tom Cruise in... The Last Samurai.
Tom Cruise's mother dies, age 80 She passed away in her sleep after battling a long illness. Cruise, 54, and his...
Tom Cruise’s sister is sort of cute. She looks like somebody’s sister. 2/13/87
Tom Cruise's mom sadly passed away last week at the age of 80
Tom Cruise’s Mother, Mary Lee South, Dies seem like a nice, good women and mother. blessing to Tom and family
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Minority Report has to be my favorite Tom Cruise movie.
Tom Cruise's mother has advanced to the next level of Scientology.😂.
Sorry to know that Tom Cruise Mom has passed away. I am very very sorry. Oh dear..
what about Collateral?! I think it's his best and also Tom Cruise's best movie.
Tom Cruise's mum Mary Lee South dies aged 80 and remembered with Church of Scientology memorial. ht…
I liked a video from NASCAR The Game - Reactions - The Intimidator and Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise's mother, Mary Lee South, has passed away. She was 80.
I LOVE it when Scientologists DIE! Like Tom Cruise's mom just did - one less rich cultist in the world. Hooray!
see... I'm conflicted about that bc Tom Cruise is saying "ma'am"
Kinnaka's Blog | Tom Cruise's mother Mary Lee dies in her sleep at age 80 -
Tom Cruise's mom Mary Lee South dies at 80 years old -- so sad
True but what about partying with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut 💀😎
Tom Cruise underrated for sure. The mission was impossible, like 5 times
ends with...Elvis singing Jailhouse Rock. Our working theory is a re-release connected to the Tom Cruise vehicle Cocktail (1988)
Just saw this on Amazon: Mission: Impossible: The 5 Movie Collection by Tom Cruise for $30.49 via
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Remember when Tom Cruise was on Oprah high af... that boy was GONE.
I would be 100% down with Tom Cruise doing nothing but MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and Jack Reacher movies.
The jacket Tom Cruise wears in the movie Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)
Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders bring their A-game in Never Go Back on Digital HD today!
Donnie Yen is a fair pick. What's Sammo Hung in? Tom Cruise no doubt but he's a real actor lol
Jackie Chan, that guy does all his own work and is insane. Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen, and Tom Cruise all honourable mentions too.
Nicole Kidman now has more Oscar nominations than Tom Cruise.
Green Lantern Corps casting rumors: Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise and more up for Hal Jordan
Shortlist of actors for DC's Green Lantern Corps released & include Ryan Reynolds & Tom Cruise for the role of Hal Jordan.
Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise and more are in the mix to play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps. .
Cate B. as the lead. Kevin Costner, Tom Cruise and John Goodman as the other main roles.
Matt Damon in the Great Wall? I guess since Tom Cruise was the Last Samurai and Charleton Heston was Moses. 😳
that's not even Jackie Kennedy that's Tom Cruise's ex wife
Jackie Kennedy hands down was not married to Tom Cruise
No Scientology isn't far fetched. L Ron Hubbard is a proven fraud. John Travolta and Tom Cruise won't see it
. that's Tom Cruise's ex wife not Jackie Kennedy. WOWWW dummy
Really strange that Tom Cruise will replace Brendan Frasier in the new mummy. Dislike.
Funny. We were watching The Firm at the weekend. 1993 and Tom Cruise at his best
This is disrespectful to Tom Cruise & Anthony Edwards
if Tom Cruise can be the last samurai, Matt Damon can be Chinese.
The director's cut of this Tom Cruise movie would have been 3-1/2 hours but the studio insisted on further cuts…
Brendan Fraser should lead the new Mummy film, not Tom Cruise
This is like a really bad John Grisham thriller - except TM is not a genius Tom Cruise but more like 2005 Tom Cruise.
watching this makes me think of Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder as les goodman wondering if he's taken ideas from d mescavage
you couldn't pay me to watch this again, let alone anything with Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman. No need to watch it
Tom Cruise and Emilio Estevez and C. Thomas Howell and Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze..
It wired how an electrical appliance is named after a person like George Foreman, like imagian if everyone called the kettle Tom Cruise!
I'm a sucker for Keanu Reeves, Matt Damon, and Tom Cruise.😍 Great actors and they're sexy af.
Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Ralph MacChio, Emilio Estevez, C. Thomas Howell, and Rob Lowe on the set of Th…
Guest list on my mixtape . Stephen Amell as "Arrow". Grant Gustin as "Flash". Tom Cruise . John Cena. Nicholas Cage
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
apparently Christian Bale based his American Psycho character on Tom Cruise which is just the most delightful tidbit
What are you talking about Willis ? Mia Sara starred in . with Tom Cruise and Clancy Brown.
thank you for exposing such a corrupt organization as Scientology. Would love to know why Tom Cruise stays!
Part 3 of fancasting an MCU X-Men movie: Tom Cruise as Cyclops and Luke Evans as Wolverine (James Howlett aka Logan…
I liked a video Leah Remini says Tom Cruise is 'brainwashed' by Scientology
she hulk I'd rather see bruce villanch from the Hollywood squares in the new mummy movie than Tom Cruise.
Renée Zellweger: Making with Tom Cruise was a real-life fairy tale
YES! and there are so so SO many..Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley etc., etc.
'What has Tom Cruise done to his face?' actor sparks plastic surgery riddle at BAFTAs
Tom Cruise is the new Steven Seagal — watching Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Mourinho is Tom Cruise to Pet's Renee Zellweger. . You complete me
With the exception of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise, there’s no such thing as a movie star anymore
I'm about to become grand wizard supreme w all that Tom Cruise money 💰
Katie Holmes split with Tom Cruise because she feared losing Suri to Scientolog… see more
The Mummy returns with a reboot in 2017 starring Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe and Sofia Boutella
Currently watching Valkyrie. Why is Tom Cruise trying to kill my grandpa?
Thought I was Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, it was televised
between Tom Cruise and David Miscavige...that's a good question. Shame on them both.
David Miscavige is in love with Tom Cruise
The film, Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise, is just too weird
What do Albert Einstein, Tom Cruise and Walt Disney have in common? Dyslexia. 
Wait... let me see if I understand this. Tom Cruise has completely given up and is now doing remakes of Brendon Fraser movies? O.o
Tom Cruise sits atop the Burj Khalifa in Dubai during the filming of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol https…
I feel sorry for Katie Holmes. She married Tom Cruise, has a daughter with him and was probably very happy and the…
The Richard;G,re gerbil story is ridiculous and untrue. That said, Tom Cruise once put an entire llama up his butt.
[Casting Meeting] . Director: Did we get Cruise? . Producer: Tom said he'll do it if we get Willis. . Me: So we're Cruise…
Lexi just said she thought the Vice President was tom cruise ..I'm done
watching emotional Tom Cruise movies on the plane getting ready to DJ and see my friends tonight
Yeah now iam waiting for Tom Cruise movie "the mummy"" .
Rain Man on pbs. Remember when Tom Cruise was just a movie star? This is why it's better to not know too much about people
This is not a very exciting orgy, up to and including the part where Tom Cruise is being vaguely threatened.
THATS WAT IM TALKING ABOUT how can tom cruise a SCIENTOLOGIST belive god is a lie but belives in the devil it shows the NONSENSE
would Tom Cruise leave Hollywood given the chance to replace Miscavige? Does he want to?
Ugh I live & breathe for Tom Cruise, fave movie
im reading these articles saying tom cruise thinks ur the devil first off ur FAR TO FINE! to be the devil babygirl
it's like Mission Impossible, without Tom cruise though
my uber drive told me im the spitting image of young tom cruise. FIVE STARS.
did you ever see spoof of Tom Cruise. It's an oldie but good one.
Family going on minute 13 of debate re: which door is the front door & which door is the back door. Help me Tom Cruise. Help me Jewish God.
Leah Remini says Tom Cruise 'is very well-aware' Scientology is 'defrauding people'
"The day spiders have Human rights is the day we can officially stop being helicopter *** " - PETAs goal as said by Tom Cruise.
Grace tricks Will into joing the Church Of Scientology so she can meet Tom Cruise. John Trav…
Dec. 16, 1988, the film Rain Man starring Tom Cruise & Dustin Hoffman was released in theaters.
If we are speaking of overrated or flat out horrible actors, lets begin with Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, George...
Tonight's matchup: Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio vs. White OBJ and RGIII
Why is Tom Cruise in a mummy movie?? I thought it was like the Hollywood law to only cast that George of the Jungle dude for mummy movies???
I feel like Tom Cruise..cuz fiinding a job in Dis city is a dam Mission Impossible!
Tom Cruise needs to stop with Mission Impossible and get started with a Les Grossman biopic...
She’s dated Tom Cruise, Craig David AND a murderer - rounding up the eventful life of Sofia Vergara
Tom Cruise and David Miscavige are "Clear" We and Nichole Kidman are are "Pre-Clears", clear? LOL
When will Tom Cruise or John Travolta be as brave as this woman? David Miscavige is a psychopath that destroys families.…
Tom Cruise (Les Grossman) in Tropic Thunder in simply awesome. Comedy was his calling...guess he settled for the career he's had
Is COLLATERAL BEAUTY a COLLATERAL prequel? Like, is Tom Cruise going to show up and wax all those stars?
every time I hear the Ludacris song, all I can see is Les Grossman/Tom Cruise during the Tropic Thunder credits
It isn't right them bringing out another one!! It does look okay, but Tom Cruise? Definitely wouldn't have cast him for it? Xx
Why can't we keep Tom Cruise away from cameras?
Will Smith is consistently searching for that Denzel moment, but I think if he just realised that he's more of a Tom Crui…
The Mummy Trailer! . You can't really go wrong with Tom Cruise…
BTS of The Mummy staring Tom Cruise. Filmed at Pinewood Studios and throughout the UK, Camera Revolution Ltd...
Guys, it's Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe fighting a Mummy. That's all that matters.
I love Tom Cruise the actor. I dislike Tom Cruise the Scientologist. But I hate Russell Crowe (sp?) the actor and person.
They remade The Mummy with Tom Cruise? And Russell Crowe is playing Dr Jekyll? What is this world?
They remade The Mummy? I'm confused & it seems Tom Cruise is also a Mummy, which is really confusing.
I like Tom Cruise, but I am not on board with this Mummy remake. What's the point of it? Why does it need to exist?
They're redoing The Mummy with Tom Cruise as the lead?? So confused
Maybe they should have saved the 'Tom Cruise is actually the titular Mummy' for the movie, not the trailer?
Obviously required running shots are built into Tom Cruise's contract
And besides, Tom Cruise, a follower of the Church of Scientology, chooses NOT to see his own daughter. HE IS A BAD…
Because he values action over story. This isn't him rebooting The Mummy, this is him turning it into a Tom Cruise movie
I liked a video Leah Remini: Suri Cruise Was Crying on Floor at Tom and Katie's Wedding
Why is nobody talking about how they used 2 identical screams in a row in the Mummy trailer? Literally back to back. Is it…
Tom Cruise is only mostly dead in the first trailer for Universal Picture’s ‘The Mummy’ reboot:
and Tom Cruise plays the Native American leader
I just realized that Tom Cruise is in the new Mummy reboot and now I'm sad
Tom Cruise dies in the new trailer AND comes back to life. So is he a mummy? The director addresses:
Little Giant Ladders
Is Tom Cruise also a mummy? I'm confused. Also by the need to remake a movie originally starring Brendan Fraser. At leas…
VOTE! Battle of the Movie Trailers! Which trailer do you want to see? 'Guardians of the Galaxy2' or 'The Mummy' reboot starring Tom Cruise?
You can't just remake The Mummy with Tom Cruise.. You can't and you shouldn't replace Brendan Fraser like that. There is…
I liked a video from The Mummy Official Trailer (2017) Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella
'The Mummy' Director on the Big Surprises in That New Trailer via
Why doesn't Tom Cruise and other celebrities who are into Scientology speak out about the claims of abuse and control?
I saw there was a new Mummy trailer this morning. I got excited. Then I saw Tom Cruise's weasel face instead of Brendan F…
The Mummy trailer with Tom Cruise is the worst thing closing out this dreadful year
Seriously tho, I highly appreciate that Tom Cruise does all his own stunts in his movies.
Have you guys seen the trailer for directed by Alex Kurtzman and featuring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella, wh…
Is this new Tom Cruise mummy movie a reboot of the classic 50's movies or a reboot of the Brandon Fraiser ones?
According to some, The Mummy is a sacred work of art that shouldn't be rebooted. Trust in Tom Cruise. Unless he's talking abo…
y'all better put some respect on Brendan Fraser's name circa 1999 like i ain't here for Mission Impossible: The Mummy…
Tom Cruise springs into action in the first trailer for the reboot!
Tom Cruise will star in the new The Mummy franchise.
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Omg *** they're doing another remake of the mummy? With Tom Cruise?? Ugh Brendan Fraser did such a good job, THERE'S NO NEED FO…
Amazon Go wants to eliminate the checkout line, which will destroy the 'magazines claiming Tom Cruise is secretly a *** liza…
Oh look it's Tom Cruise falling out of an airplane, again... so where's the mummy in The Mummy trailer?
Tom Cruise insisted on shooting that crazy airplane sequence practically (aka in a vomit comet)
Tom Cruise has revamped cant wait to watch this next year.
TBT -- Tom Cruise as Les Grossman dancing in Tropic Thunder. . Different kind of cool.
Replacing Brendan Fraser with Tom Cruise seems like a big step down. . Literally. By a good few inches.
A Mummy reboot.. M'kay . Brendan Fraser out and Tom Cruise in...said Mummy reboot.. Umm, so im guessing the mummy is a Scientologist in this
Thrilled for this no matter what but I need Tom Cruise and Jake Johnson to be best friends in this movie
Not gonna lie, I'm pretty psyched for The Mummy. How can you go wrong with Tom Cruise and Jake Johnson
Is it just me, or does Tom Cruise have the same personality as Patrick Bateman on American Psycho?
"No, it's not Mission Impossible. Everything is possible with God. Wait, no nvm, Tom Cruise is a Scientology guy.". -
Christian Bale based Patrick Bateman off of Tom Cruise because of his friendly face but nothing being behind his eyes.
Russell Crow and Tom Cruise in a new Mummy re-imagining? Worst news of 2016. And 2016 was bad, really bad.
dear lord, unfortunate gums. Reminds me of Tom Cruise's mother.
Watch: The Mummy teaser featuring Tom Cruise will scare you out of your wits–Ram...
Date next to me:. [on his looks] "I used to get Tom Cruise; Now I get Adrian Brody a lot.". He's talking dirty martinis vs Old Fashioneds.
Watching War of the Worlds. Particularly like the bit where Tom Cruise gets menaced by a hdmi cable in the basement.
A first look at Tom Cruise & Russell Crowe in 'The Mummy' reboot. …
Before everyone gets mad Tom Cruise is in a reboot of the Mummy, watch the teaser and see Russell Crow is in it and…
cool, that's exactly how Tom Cruise practiced his mental powers
Leah Remini confirms that Scientology considers Tom Cruise "the messiah"
so boring. White guy that's a *** goes to Asia to learn powers. Didn't we already do this w/Tom Cruise or Keanu Reeves?
Nick Cage run not as good as Tom Cruise run but still entertaining
And neither will any of the following.. Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Angela Lansbury, Harambe, *** van *** Joe Pa…
Really makes you wonder how much of that role was actually Tom Cruise, and how much of the role was Paul Thomas Anderson.
I guess Tom Cruise - everything he does, everything he touches, is k...
i seen the film,not bad anything with Tom Cruise is usually a good movie i feel.
Stefan "Stef" Djordjevic (Tom Cruise) is a Serbian American high school defensive back who is gifted in both sports and academics.
I can't wait for this to be turned into a movie! Maybe Taylor Swift as the lead? Tom Cruise as the warden?
Here's the complete Sarah O'Connell Show playlist, with Katherine Ryan, Tom Cruise, Joe Lycett, and more!
nice! He's pretty solid, but no match for Tom Cruise
Would you like to do an interview for my YouTube show? Had Katherine Ryan, Tom Cruise & Joe Lycett on:
INFINITE Woohyun & L with Tom Cruise at the red carpet for 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' movie promo event in Korea! 😎 h…
Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise, and Ralph MacChio playing ping pong together on set.
I've always kinda wanted to work with Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, and pe...
Tom Cruise may be mad as a hatter but I sure do love Ethan Hunt and the Mission: Impossible movies!!
This is Felix. He was Tom Cruise's horse in LAST SAMURAI, Danny McBride's in WARRIOR'S WAY, and was a Shadowfax dou…
"We've been sent some cakes by Tom Cruise." My workplace is weird.
Allison right now in her home sliding in the hallway in her underwear like Tom Cruise in Risky Business singing lol.
I took the pants off so i have just the button up on and socks and i feel like Tom Cruise in Risky Business
The only thing riskier than Tom Cruise in Risky Business was when my fat *** stood on the edge of an unsturdy coffee t…
So many parts for next Tom Cruise. Jim from The Office...seems like a nice guy, but he's definitely riding that gravy train.
Jacob Tremblay as a mini Tom Cruise talking to Jimmy Kimmel the eagle about Halloween candy is everything you need.
American Psycho-Bale used a David Letterman interview of Tom Cruise to construct the character of Patrick Bateman.…
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Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders grin as hard as they can at the New Orleans premiere:
"Tom Cruise is the Kellyanne Conway of Scientology.". via
Tom Cruise is back busting heads in Read Peter Travers' review
"Tom Cruise is the Kellyanne Conway of -- via cc
"As fellow stars jump from Scientology’s creepy, sinking ship, Tom Cruise is the Kellyanne Conway of Scientology. "
New question? Tom Cruise is the Kellyanne Conway of Scientology
"Tom Cruise is the Kellyanne Conway of Scientology.". in shade, y'all. via
Lindsey Vonn is on a tear right now. Tiger, Watt, Lewis Hamilton. This is like Tom Cruise's run in the 90's.
Tyler Perry beats Tom Cruise to the top of the U.S. box office
As of 2016, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has a net worth of $600 million, more than Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Tyler Perr…
Let's see if you can answer this one: what Tom Cruise movie featured the Beretta 9000S? Thanks, for the
Tom Cruise has his heart set on a new woman.
Sorry, Tom Cruise. ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ takes home that top weekend box office slot with $27M htt…
Had a dream about a Tom Cruise museum in which I learned in high school he got addicted to apologizing to people. He'd do something horrible
Speaking Richard geer is why Tom Cruise is cocky too.or was he playing Top Gun either way mr.bush got off on it.
Who would of thought Billy Bush was like Tom Cruise in Valkyrie... with his briefcase of grabbed 🐱.
Here's what our reviewer thought of the new Jack Reacher movie starring Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise breaks every bone in a man's body before killing him with a punch to the face in Jack Reacher 2
Tom Cruise does his thing in the absurd, but occasionally fun action sequel Never Go Back. Our review:
Tom Cruise stops to talk at Jack Reacher New Orleans Premiere
.dreamed up 50 more potential 'Jack Reacher' movie ideas (You’re welcome, Tom Cruise)
How can Tom Cruise play Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher is 6ft 5 in the books and Tom Cruise is about 4ft 6 ? .
Tom Cruise is back in NOW PLAYING. Get tickets:
Flick picks: ‘Jack Reacher’ ignores own advice in ‘Never Go Back’: Tom Cruise was an odd choice to bring thriller…
Tom Cruise brings London to a standstill at Jack Reacher European premiere via
This week Tom Cruise revisits his Cocktail role on TV while Prince Charles sipped drams at Isle of Harris distiller…
Can't help it...that Tom Cruise movie ad makes me want to Jack Reach-er into the TV and punch Tom in the face.
Tom Cruise earns Never Go Back a Sunday afternoon cable slot—and not much else. A review for
so much fun!!! Tom Cruise hilariously recreates his film roles with James Corden via
Going to see your Jack Reacher movie. Love the books. So excited to see another Tom Cruise movie. You are the best.
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The Avalon pre-show for Jack Reacher 2: A compilation of Tom Cruise running in every movie he's ever been in. I'm not joking.
Tom Cruise: The Jack Reacher: Never Go Back actor looks super handsome at the film's premiere in London.
That *** Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actors. His on-screen interpretations of not-crazy people are usually pretty good.
The new Jack Reacher movie should have been called "The Adventures of Dad Tom Cruise"
Our Undisputed Classic this week, it's Tom Cruise at his most Tom Cruise-y ness. — watching Rain Man
Tom Cruise spoke to us about Jack Reacher: Never Go Back! All the gossip soon.
Watch Tom Cruise re-create his entire career in under 10 minutes with James Corden via
Favorite Tom Cruise movie over the past 5 years? Comment if not listed
Must see! recreates his most famous roles with
Best part of Jack Reacher 2 is when Tom Cruise steals a salt shaker from IHOP.
Tom Cruise having a chat before the Jack Reacher premiere. Ahhh!
I just interviewed Tom Cruise and then he brushed my arm to thank me! 😮
You are killing me last night Tom Cruise,now tonight (Thursday/Friday) Cher. Kudos,kudos,always good luck, God bless
Mission possible: Tom Cruise stretches for 'Jack Reacher' franchise: It could be another Cruise film series like 'Mission: Impossible...
Tom Cruise is back!! Jack Reacher: Never Go Back sedang tayang di bioskop. Experience it in & Dolby Atmos.
Tom Cruise interview at the premiere in London:"It’s really fun playing Reacher again”
The punishment for not watching our is swift and merciless.
Tom Cruise on Training for Top Gun - Wait, Top Gun is 30 years old? I'm NOT that old...AM I?
👊 speaks louder than words. See Tom Cruise in in theatres on 10.21
Tom Cruise & James Corden make me want to take 🎵Those old records off the shelf
is it Tom Cruise? Cause he needs to come out of Closet.
This might be an unpopular opinion, but I really like Tom Cruise. A great entertainer, and seems like a nice guy.
last samurai is very cool but doesn't refute your suggestion of no vision. GREAT Tom Cruise performance and beautiful story
Omg I can't stand Tom Cruise. It's like, serious. Every time 🙄 . I will probably never be able to watch Top Gun again 😞
Tom Cruise held out on 'Top Gun' to fly with the Blues -
Watch Tom Cruise recreate his entire film career in 9 minutes, from "Top Gun" to "Eyes Wide Shut" ht…
Awesome movie! 👍👍 And I'm not just saying that because Tom Cruise is my favorite actor... Although that might be pa…
Should you see Tom Cruise in "Jack Reacher" or Jon Hamm in "The Joneses," plus a great pick still playing for the...
Tom Cruise still sends Dakota Fanning birthday presents
Tom Cruise recreates his entire film career in 9 minutes, and it's glorious
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Tom Cruise, 54, at the Jack Reacher premiere in London via
From Top Gun to Tropic Thunder, watch Tom Cruise act out his entire career in nine minutes on The Late Late Show…
I liked a video Tom Cruise on Training for Top Gun
'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' was amazing. Tom Cruise yet again on awesome top form. Legend! And Cobie Smulders rocked. Yo…
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review - Rating: 6.5 out of 10 Cast: Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher Cobie Smulders as S...
Great premiere this evening, Tom Cruise was so lovely and made sure photo came out ok before leaving. Cobie Smulders ch…
Yarosh and Cobie Smulders upstage Tom Cruise at Jack Reacher London remiere - Via DailyMail
Tom Cruise & Cobie Smulders Stun at the Premiere of 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' in London!
We could’ve had a Tom Cruise, Edward Norton, Daniel Craig, Will Smith avengers team lol.
Tom Cruise jumps back into action in Hitting Cinema this Friday! Get your tix at
Jack Reacher (film) - Wikipedia, Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher
Not a huge Tom Cruise fan but Edge of Tomorrow and Jack Reacher are both really good.
Anyone else feel like the movie "Jack Reacher" with Tom Cruise comes out every single month?
Tom Cruise is going to be on Graham Norton again?? Poor Colbie Smulders looks like she's his buffer this time. Oof.
Second from the left looks like Tom Cruise and Kenny Jackett's love child...
Per request, have you seen the movie "All The Right Moves" with Tom Cruise, Craig T. Nelson and Lea Thompson?
He beat Minnesota Fats,Fast Eddie Felson and Tom Cruise in pool...and his hair was perfect!
So worried about the Russians.. Tom Cruise took care of that in Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol.
What a day found out that Terry McCann is not real and that I am no Tom Cruise .Only thing for it Ragnarok 7.4 % . — feeling gutted
Me: someone else wants to say goodnight. Kennedy: what? Who?. *flips camera around to cardboard cutout of Tom Cruise*. K: Damnit.
If Memphis hits 50 pts, announcers have to reenact fight scene from "The Firm". Dave Flemming as Wilford Brimley, Jesse Palmer as Tom Cruise
Just met Tom Cruise' stunt double. I didn't even clock it & tbh, don't think he even looks like him! . Nice work though.
Tom Cruise agreeing with the killing spree of a "brain dead" girl in a coma
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