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Tom Crean

Thomas Aaron Crean (born March 25, 1966) is an American college basketball coach. He is currently the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers men's basketball team.

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Speaking as a Purdue and Butler basketball fan, I am really gonna miss Tom Crean...
Lack of recent in-state recruiting success hurts Tom Crean. story
After Jordy, Cody & Yogi, an inability to keep top in-state talent in Indiana helped doom Tom Crean's tenure.
When you find out Tom Crean got fired on GAME DAY. BOILER UP BABY!
Getting beat by Wisconsin might be a fitting end to Crean's IU coaching career. I like Tom Crean, he seems like...
Tom Crean understands better than anyone the challenge for the Hoosiers in the Big Ten tournament quarterfinals.
Hey Rick Pitino, Tom Crean and many others...Jamie Dixon just used his final timeout to get his team a huge bucket. Crazy concept I know
Bruce Weber, Scott Drew, Jamie Dixon, and Tom Crean... in that order. Clownshows.
Tom Crean denies reported interest in Missouri
Tom Crean denies reported interest in Missouri via
Tom Crean denies reported interest in Missouri: 'I want to put that to rest'.
Tom Crean replacement options. 1. Shaka Smart. 2. Steve Alford. 3. Mark Few. All dreams, but you got to dream right?
I've seen his name a lot, below the likes of Gregg Marshall and Tom Crean, neither of which I like.
Our Gameday sheets may have triggered Tom Crean, but Dakota Mathias gave him PTSD
Devonte Green runout layup cuts the lead to 10 with 1:14 left. Tom Crean calls timeout.
On July 1, Tom Crean's buyout drops to $1M. I know the Indiana vultures are circling in Bloomington.
"Tom Crean is a winning coach who will take the Lakers back to the glory days alongside Jimmer!" - Magic Johnson
Guys possibly on the move on own free will. Tom Crean. Mark Fox. Danny Hurley . Archie Miller. Will Wade. Kevin Keatts. Richa…
Phil Fulmer, Nick Saban, Florida Man, Tom Crean and Bun B. One of these things is not like the other.
Days after Izzo called Mo Wagner "a pain in the butt," the Michigan big ran over Tom Crean! Different angles here:
Moritz Wagner hits a triple and then runs over IU coach Tom Crean! via
Good news for Indiana. The selection committee will take into account games Tom Crean has coached & will not hold it against the team.
I’m telling ya people, Tom Crean is basketball Bill Callahan.
Lyonel Anderson needs to watch these games from the stands. Get him off the bench. Tom Crean is an ***
Indiana would be struggling just as much under Bobby Knight as they are under Tom Crean...
Verbatim: Complete transcript of Tom Crean's postgame Q&A at Michigan. From
Do IU fans want Tom Crean to remain the coach next season
Tom Crean is paid like an elite coach. He's stealing from by being a pretty good coach.
No coach is mocked & ridiculed by their fan base more than Tom Crean. -- .
Tom Crean only trends nationally if something horrible is happening to Indiana, and the old rhetoric rang true...
"No fanbase hates their coach more than Indiana fans hate Tom Crean." -
No Fanbase hates a Coach more than Indiana hates Tom Crean
I'm starting to think Tom Crean needs to pull a coach k and lock the hoosiers out...
After last night how long can we still enjoy Tom Crean being the Indiana coach?
Amazes me how anybody could actually think Tom Crean is a good coach. He is legitimately one of the worst in D1
Nobody in college basketball does less with more than Tom Crean. Somebody has to explain what he brings to Indiana. What a di…
Indiana coach Tom Crean talks to the media after the Hoosiers' 90-60 … Full video:
Tom Crean's postgame news conference after 30-point loss tonight at Michigan:
Indiana coach Tom Crean: We had a lack of aggressiveness, and there's no excuse for it
Hoosiers coach Tom Crean: "At no point was our aggressiveness ever enough to stem the tide. No excuse for it. I don't have one."
Tom Crean can't coach. Also, this is not a new development.
Tom Crean must go-No control over a hapless Hoosiers team-This has been brewing for weeks. This guy cannot coach at an elite level. Wake up
Why does every single Indiana game have to result in a referendum on whether Tom Crean is a good coach or not?
For all that Dwyane Wade has accomplished in his life, his greatest achievement may have been making people believe Tom Crean could coach
the answer is simple. Tom Crean is the coach.
Tom Crean is the worst coach in basketball
Tom Crean as a coach reminds me of a tenant who always pays his rent on the last possible day before a late fee applies.
Tom Crean is a total scumbag and it's time national media calls him out. justice being done after h…
Tom Crean is a scumbag I hope Michigan gets to 100 after his classless comments to the assistant coach in 2014
So what league is Tom Crean, Indiana's soon to be ex-coach, going to be coaching in next year?
why do national media types think Tom Crean is a good coach? Serious question. Worst defense ever.
Terrible defense.. Tom Crean seriously is the worst coach of all time.
If anybody thinks Tom Crean is even a decent coach they are outside their *** mind
Indiana Men's Basketball team looking extremely mediocre in spite of their genius hall-of-fame coach Tom Crean. Sad!
For those who still defend him games like this are why Tom Crean doesn't deserve to coach at IU .
Just fire Tom Crean already dude doesn't know how to coach a team to have a competent defense
His coach is Tom Crean, for starters.
coach Tom Crean said on pregame radio he's hopeful Juwan Morgan will be back tonight in a limited role.
Indiana's Tom Crean went ballistic after his players attempted an alley-oop at the buzzer up 19 points. .
Don’t forget outside of Tom Crean nobody does less with more than Matt Painter
Just saw the KSR story about Tom Crean wanting a live bat. Do you suppose he was planning on pulling an Ozzy Osbourne?
Curtis Jones with 6 points off the bench for Tom Crean & Co.
John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens head coach and Tom Crean's brother-in-law, is at tonight's Indiana-Maryland game.
Read this comment, and sign the petition. Long overdue via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. I'm a huge admirer of Tom Crean. Ever since reading the b... via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. A great unrecognised Irish man via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. Irish hero via
Indiana is coached by the Butch Jones of CBB. Tom Crean = Butch Jones
Teammates may forget what you said or how you said it but they will never forget how much you helped them when they need it most. ~Tom Crean
Must win for Tom Crean at home tonight in Assembly Hall against Wisky.
Read this comment, and sign the petition. This man is a true Polar and Irish Legend who should be i... via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. Tom Crean was Ireland's unsung hero for so many years. It... via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. In going to visit Antartica and am interested in this his... via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. There are too many accolades going to the wrong people. via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. He was a truly brave man and a credit to Ireland. My mot... via
Tom Crean's New Year 104 years ago today was a disappointing one. He learned that he would not be a member of the...
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Players that learn the value of hard work, commitment, teamwork, and sacrifice are the ones that make their teams great. – Tom Crean 👍👍👍
Tom Crean is fully capable of disappointing IU bball fans on his own, without the specter of a Trump-supporting player-beater hovering above
"Tom Crean has made Indiana prominent again" - an article curiously posted AFTER some horrible losses on the season
Indiana is changing under Tom Crean, so is it finally ready to move past Bob Knight? - Eamonn Brennan (ESPN)
Yes YES YES!Bucky +1. Tom Crean just putting his stamp on this season.
Wax figure Tom Crean goes to games so real Tom Crean can make impermissible phone calls and in-homes. Alibi gam…
"Kim Jong Un may have a few nukes, but look at his pathetic attempt at Tom Crean's butt cut. Weak center part! Sad!"
January 3rd 1912, Tom Crean stood with Scott, 150 miles from the South Pole. .
Jan. 3rd 1902, Tom Crean crosses the Antarctic Circle for the first time.
Tom Crean was watching The Bachelor instead of the Rose Bowl last night.
Tom Creans flop sweat is already at peak Crean thinking about tonight.
News and Notes from Tom Crean's radio show via
Window to the Pole at Tom Crean pub in Annascaul
As a coach, I’m never going to do anything to embarrass you. As a player, you can never do anything to embarrass the program. –Tom Crean 💯💯💯
Tom Crean said that he is pleased with IUs defense. Which pretty much sums up what is wrong with the guy.
The finishes an abysmal 3-7 in bowl games, and Tom Crean is still coach at Mediocrity ***
James Franklin is the Tom Crean of college football
Highlights from tonight's edition of Inside with Tom Crean ($):
Success comes from a shared belief that no one is bigger than the collective group. Every member matters. – Tom Crean
De'Ron Davis about to join the show:
Crean wraps things up by saying that IU will need to be "relentless" to beat Wisconsin:
And that's it for Tom Crean. De'Ron Davis, the player guest, is up next.
Tom Crean: "Even in games we've won, we have missed Collin Hartman the whole time."
Tom Crean is a moron if he is pleased with the defense.
Crean is asked if the NBA 3-point line is distracting. On the contrary, he says. IU practices with that line:
Tom Crean asked about playing on courts with NBA 3-point line. He says IU practices with NBA 3-point line daily because of spacing.
Tom Crean said Friday at a press conference that he anticipates that Juwan Morgan will play Saturday against Louisville.
Tom Crean on Juwan Morgan: "I would anticipate him playing, but we can’t go definitive on that yet."
Tom Crean says Juwan Morgan is doing better. Crean anticipates Morgan will play, but can't say for certain.
Johnny Manziel is to Kevin Sumlin as Dwyane Wade is to Tom Crean.
domain names
Tom Crean says Juwan Morgan seems to have a bruised shoulder. "It doesn't appear to be anything overly serious."
Tom Crean says Juwan Morgan's injury "appears to be a bruise."
got caught watching the paint dry. Norman Dale > Tom Crean
Juwan Morgan in some very serious pain on the floor. Looked like his shoulder. Tom Crean trying to console him.
What IU has been focusing on in practice, Hartman, more from Tom Crean's radio show. Recap:
Notes from practice, Collin Hartman update, and a lot more from Tom Crean's radio show tonight. Recap:…
Tom Crean asked about Collin Hartman's recovery. Says he's "just working," and trying to lead from bench.
Thomas Bryant picks up his second foul on a call that confuses Tom Crean. De'Ron Davis already has three.
Checking in from Tom Crean's radio show. Collin Hartman is this week's player guest.
Getting ready for Tom Crean's weekly radio show. Updates to come. Hartman's the player guest:
Tom Crean says on pregame radio that IU will start Blackmon, Newkirk, Johnson, Morgan, Bryant today vs. SE Missouri St.
Tom Crean is here. Says Juwan Morgan rebounded for two with OG Anunoby out.
It's looking like Tom Crean will have some quality depth in the front court with Bryant, Anunoby, Morgan, and Davis.
Halftime: leads SIUE 43-21. Tom Crean is furious with Josh Newkirk and Juwan Morgan after the buzzer sounded for the final sequence.
Halftime: Indiana 43, SIUE 21. Tom Crean talking with Newkirk and Morgan as they walk off.
Tom Crean and Roy Williams both looking very tan
Tom Crean married Harbaugh sister. When Frank talks with Brennan I bet people think they are brother- in- laws 😂
Things that coach better than Tom Crean on the road:. Ape with a clipboard. Jake's hotdog after sitting out all night long. Crusty tube sock
Last year at this time, everyone wanted to fire Tom Crean. Now IU is defending Big Ten champs and No. 3 in the country.
Tom Crean, Kevin Willard and Andy Enfield got off the Hot Seat. Who will try to do so this season? —
So Bobby Knight grabs kids by the balls and Tom Crean kisses them on the mouth. Because Indiana.
Rachel Taylor just looked at Tom Crean and thought it was Matt Painter... at an IU football game
IU's Tom Crean opens presser talking about Maryland, loves B1G Media Day in DC, calls Mark Turgeon "one of the best coach…
Tom Crean on Turgeon: "I think Mark is one of the best coaches in the country. Not just the Big Ten, the country."
Could you do some investigative journalism and see if Tom Crean holds fake pizza party photo ops in his basement?
Tom Crean here at Cook Hall addressing the media before Indiana begins practice today.
Also I am boldly predicting Michael Phelps and Andrew Luck (or maybe Tom Crean) are the honorary captains against Maryland and Indiana
The yacht "Pelagic" leaves Stanley with the grand-daughter of Tom Crean on board.He made the crossing with Ernest Shackleton, 100 years ago
List of celebs who have me blocked: Bomani Jones, Momma Dee, K. Michelle, Roddy White, Cardi B, Miko Grimes, Clay Travis, Tom Crean.
John Carroll (MD) 2018 forward Nate Roberts (picked up an offer from Tom Crean and Indiana.
Update your maps at Navteq
also i look and laugh at the Tom Crean pic
Tom Crean kisses his son with more passion and emotion than Donald Trump does his own wife.
Never be the player whose Body Language is louder your voice. ~ Tom Crean
Players that make EXCUSES in the Summer for why they can't workout are usually hard at work in season BLAMING others for f…
ICYMI: An in-depth look at Tom Crean’s in-state recruiting at Indiana like you haven’t seen before.
And with 9 days to spare our fantastic fans from all over the globe have brought us to 20,000 for Tom Crean and...
The same Tom Crean that hasn't gotten past the sweet 16 in what 8 years?
Let’s Talk About "Matt Painter is a Bad Coach" (and we even give some credit to Tom Crean!)
Tom Crean has moved off the hot seat, but where does he stand in Big Ten coaching stability? Our ranking:
Tom Crean is also a tad bit creepy. I wouldn't vote for him
Recorded a great interview with ESPN's Seth Greenberg earlier. He was wonderful, offering thoughts on the 2016-17 Hoosiers and Tom Crean.
Tom Crean has four elite prospects in his backyard, but might not be able to land them.
In other news, I've just drawn the best Tom Crean I may ever draw and should probably just wrap this whole thing up. http…
Sent in to us by Joanne O'Brien earlier this year, this is one of the last pictures taken of Tom Crean, standing...
You're always doing 1 of 2 things as a player. You're either impacting winning or complicating winning - Tom Crean
Breast Cancer Awareness
A song tribute to Tom Crean now a 'Sung Hero'
Indiana head coach Tom Crean also court side for The Family vs Spiece 17s
Tom Crean here in GR at the about to watch Spiece 17U
Indiana's Tom Crean, Tim Buckley watching Aaron Etherington here at the UA Finals.
Running back our live draft show now. Proud of crew. Tom Crean's breakdowns, insights were spectacular. Next up: Free agency.
On draft show, Tom Crean analyzed Brice Johnson going to the Clippers.
John Calipari on Draft Day is happier than Tom Crean on "Take Your Son to Work" Day.
watch out, Tom Crean is right behind you
Finally turn on The Vertical and already want to punch Tom Crean in the face. Nothing wrong with him, just has a punchable f…
Check out Mannix, Bobby Marks and Tom Crean in The Vertical studios now. Watch Live:
Tune in: live NBA draft show has started with Tom Crean & more experts. Watch Live: https:…
Just goes to show that Tom Crean actually is a really good basketball coach
Tom Crean to serve as NBA Draft analyst on with Story:
Tom Crean coached IU and can't get them past the sweet 16. Questions need to be asked
Check out memorabilia on Tom Crean's Antarctic expeditions at his pub in Anascaul http…
We are less than 15 minutes away from our live NBA draft show with Tom Crean & more experts. Watch: https…
"Players that let teammates slide, coast or cut corners are just as responsible for failure as they are. Stand up for suc…
Watch Tom Crean and Bobby Marks on Jaylen Brown in studio.
Indiana coach Tom Crean is a fan of pick Henry Ellenson & selection of Denzel Valentine.
After hearing Thon Maker's conversation with Tom Crean I recant my statement about Milwaukee losing the draft. Good pick.
and the fact that Tom Crean keep sending him snapchats.. And all other major schools backed off.
Impressed by NBA Draft show. Great info is gold & is the best. Tom Crean's insight's been…
Tom Crean was great on NBA Draft show tonight.
Well, I wonder if Tom Crean will ever go into true color commentary or to an analyst's desk in the future after he's done with
Here's Indiana coach Tom Crean on Caris LeVert as part of his analyst duties for
Tom Crean impressed Me with his breakdowns and analysis skills too
Tom Crean crushes Dakich as a coach and commentator if that tells you anything.
The draft show was really good. I never even turned on I thought Tom Crean was excellent. (others were solid as well)
Good draft show on with Indiana coach Tom Crean doing an excellent job. Guess I'll watch ESPN now.
switched to the ESPN stream and Jalen is already just saying words. Yahoo was good and I can't stand Tom Crean.
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That does it for Tom Crean and the crew at live show. We won't get to see Crean react to possible draft picks.
Tom Crean "A person I absolutely love in Victor Oladipo is going to Oklahoma City with a chance to win a championship."
Tom Crean says he's "been texting through breaks" to work the field for Troy Williams, Yogi Ferrell.
Tom Crean hasn't made it past the second weekend of the NCAAs while in Bloomington.
Tom Crean on Brandon Ingram: "I think we were responsible for his breakout game."
Tom Crean looks like Tom Arnolds sober older brother, and Matt Painter looks remarkably like Rob Riggle.
No better reaction from a coach in sports than Tom Crean's here.
There's no denying it, Tom Crean said. The numbers are out of whack.
Indiana's James Blackmon (knee) is still not participating in contact drills, Tom Crean told Process won't be rushed.
Indiana's Tom Crean on Yogi Ferrell not getting NBA Combine invite: "That's comical to me. It just makes the chip bigg…
Bob Huggins, Tom Crean, Florida, Kent State, Oregon State, Lipscomb and Holy Cross all watching 16u In the Gauntlet
Thomas Bryant is coming back. Hoosiers will be loaded. 🏀 Here's a photo of Tom Crean this morning.
Thomas Bryant returning to Indiana for his sophomore puts Tom Crean's team in the pre-season Top 10.
Bryant credited wanting to develop under Tom Crean as a reason for his return
There's no way we haven't contacted Gregg Marshall, but if so.. I want Tom Crean or Kevin Ollie.
IU head coach Tom Crean is coming to the Wagon Wheel on May 7! Tickets go on sale Friday, April 8. https:/…
Average teammates are interested in their teammates. Great teammates are invested in their teammates - Tom Crean
If they make a movie about Tom Crean, coach of Indiana University basketball, you might want to audition.
coach Tom Crean and coach Kermit Davis in Chanute today to watch
B1G coach of the year just two years ago now we're turning our back on him. Disgraceful. Just wait till he has his "Tom Crean" season and
My March Madness scorecard: Tom Crean is a winner, Bill Self, Coach K not so much
Who else thinks David on Scandal is IU coach Tom Crean's twin?
John Calipari and Tom Crean share a suite one week after playing each other, both scouting Romeo Langford
is stronger now than when Tom Crean first arrived.
Top 10 reasons Tom Crean should be replaced as Indiana's coach. (Tomorrow-top 10 reasons Crean should be kept).
Tom Crean has undoubtedly made Indiana a better program. inside
Monday shout for this: Why IU's last step under Tom Crean will be the hardest: via
When it was his turn at the podium, Tom Crean admitted he wasn’t quite ready for the “finality” of the moment.
"These guys have given everything to Indiana. It's been an absolute honor to coach them" - Tom Crean on https…
Just wanna remind everyone Indiana coach Tom Crean looks like The Cowboy from "Innerspace"
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yeah but did IU coach Tom Crean face this full court press? Not a CTC hater btw...
UVA coach Tom Crean struggling with the 2-3 zone, friends
How would you grade Tom Crean thus far? Here are my thoughts.
The coach of Marquette with the 119 team defense efficiency rating…Tom Crean.
It's true, Tom Crean has improved since his arrival, but how do they get over that hump?
Despite approval under Tom Crean, getting over the is proving the toughest
Recruiting should be a tad easier for Tom Crean and staff this summer. All you have to do is show them Max Bielfeldt and…
The last goodbye. Indiana's Tom Crean waves as he leaves the Wells Fargo Center court after loss to UNC.
Tom Crean's quiet exit from the Wells Fargo Center
Emotional time in the IU locker room. Thomas Bryant and Tom Crean. @ Wells Fargo Center
Tom Crean, Bill Self and Rick Pitino always gonna have at least 1 African on the roster
happy 50th birthday Tom Crean, here's the 4 Marcus Paige three-pointers you asked for
Tom Crean looks like a morph between Tom Arnold and Jim Cornette.
Happy 50th Birthday to Tom Crean. Forever Proud to be your brother-in-law.
This is what Tom Crean did when he saw Emmitt Holt sitting in the stands in Des Moines:
Get your iPhone insurance today!
CBS' Sweet 16 mascot cartoon has Indiana's "mascot" as Tom Crean in candy-stripe pants:
This is what happened when Tom Crean saw ousted player Emmitt Holt at Saturday's game:
Tom Crean saw Emmitt Holt in the stands, hugged him, whispered some words and walked away nearly in tears.
Heading into Tom Crean's might be the "now team" that can surprise in Philly:
Tom Crean says he thinks Robert Johnson and Juwan Morgan will play next week.
Tom Crean just poked his head in the auxiliary press room at Wells Fargo Arena and asked: "Who won the high school games in…
off top my head: Tom Crean, Johnny Jones, Mike Anderson, Billy Donavon, Kevin Stallings, Bruce Pearl, and Scott Drew.
A teary-eyed Tom Crean just walked over and hugged Emmitt Holt in the first row.
Tom Crean and Emmitt Holt hug after an win over Kentucky
Tom Crean just came over to give Emmitt Holt a hug. Was nearly in tears.
For all you thinking Tom Crean is a savior right now it's a sweet 16.that and $1.07 get you a Coke at McDonald's. Let's keep it going!!
Lotta folks need to line up and apologize to Tom Crean. Long line.
Can this CBS crew perhaps talk about the coaching job Tom Crean has done instead of arguing how many McDonald's AA UK has?
Tom Crean gets emotional post game with Tracy Wolfson saying "I didn't want to stop coaching this team"
Tom Crean thinks he has already won the game
"You thought John would be in the lead" - Tom Crean to Tracy Wolfson being late to half interview because she thought would be leading
Tom Crean just threw shade at Tracy Wolfson, "No, you were over there, you though John would be in the lead." 😂😂😂
Tom Crean just flopped and drew a charge on Tracy Wolfson during the halftime interview
Indiana leads by one at halftime. Tom Crean tries to cut down the nets before they go to the locker room.
Wow super cool, Tom Crean giving a live in game shout out to
Norman Dale > Tom Crean. But he doesnt have Jimmy Chitwood either
In his 8 years at Indiana, Tom Crean has never defeated a higher seed in the NCAA Tournament. (Kentucky is a higher see…
Tom Crean, Buzz Wiiliams, Mark Few, Frank Martin, Rick Majerus never played college ball so does that disqualify them? NO
Beasties like Lil Bub are better than mouth kisses from Tom Crean to his son.
Coach Cal seeing Tom Crean on the sideline
"First of all, my opinion, Tom Crean should be coach of the year nationally." - John Calipari
Jamal Murray's arrows skipping off the backboard hitting Tom Crean in the forehead
Tom Crean's scab on his forehead is hiding the alien transmitter that was implanted right before B1G T3N play.
Tom Crean looks like Tom Arnold after losing weight from being on coke for a couple of months
Tom Crean calls IU/UK a "great rivalry." Won't directly address possibility of playing Cats Saturday since UK/Stony Brook is still going on.
I ( and no real UK fan ) can look forward to seeing Tom Crean pace for 40 minutes Sat
Does anyone else think that Tom Crean looks kinda like 90s Tom Arnold?
Bill Self one of four finalists for Naismith Coach of the Year, joining Villanova’s Jay Wright, Indiana’s Tom Crean, Xavi…
Here are the finalists for the Naismith Coach of the Year award: Tom Crean. Chris Mack. Bill Self. Jay Wright.
named one of the Naismith Coaches of the Year along with Bill Self, Tom Crean, and Jay Wright. .
Thank you Jan - too many Tom Crean suggestions and hope the vote isn’t split - ours submitted by Tim Foley
Tom Crean wanted his team to see that trophy, to be reminded of what it did:
Tom Crean brought IU's Big Ten title trophy to Sunday's selection viewing party. He was glad he did. Story:
Tom Crean clearly angered by the No. 5 seed. “I’m glad we brought the trophy down to the team room. Almost forgot we wer…
Asked about being 5 seed; Tom Crean said he brought B1G trophy to team room today. “We needed a visual reminder we were B…
If follows yet another exit with an early NCAA exit, is all that goodwill Tom Crean built up gone?
Indiana fans are absolutely nuts. As soon as Indiana loses one game they freak out on Tom Crean. Chill out.
Tom Crean, kiss your Big Ten tournament title goodbye.
North Face and Starbucks which begs the question is Tom Crean indeed a basic white girl as people suspect
Tom Crean's success + the Celtics has quieted, somewhat, the pining at my alma mater for TC to be pushed aside for Stevens.
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"No coach ever stops learning. That's what makes the great coaches great." – Tom Crean
junior Nigel Hayes named 1st Team All-Big Ten. (Tom Crean is Coach of the Year, not Greg Gard.)
Tom Crean is wearing a heather Oxford collar button down polo and I'm so confused
Tom Crean is the Associated Press' Big Ten coach of the year.
Indiana forward Juwan Morgan's shoulder wasn't as bad Sunday night as it was after the Iowa game, Tom Crean said this morning.
Tom Crean on forward Juwan Morgan (shoulder injury again): "He's in a lot of pain, but he's been enduring this. ... I'm sure he'll be fine."
Tom Crean says Juwan Morgan wasn’t even able to go full until yesterday, and then re-injured shoulder today.
Tom Crean says he works with Juwan Morgan at the point for 5-10 minutes every day in practice.
What a year. Tom Crean came into his own as Indiana's coach. Brad Stevens' shadow will always loom large -- greatness has that effect. (1/2)
Tom Crean will take star Yogi Ferrell over Denzel Valentine. Jarrod Uthoff. Anyone in
Tom Crean prayed with Juwan Morgan when he got hurt. That makes my heart so happy. 😭😭😭💕
Shootaround: Tom Crean hoping to build for consistent success at Indiana (by
Indiana-Maryland: Imminent. Pregame read on what Tom Crean and Hoosiers are building to.
Before IU tips off against Maryland, read on Tom Crean's future.
Collin Hartman called for his fifth foul. Yogi Ferrell was irate, claiming there was an obvious push. Tom Crean called over the refs.
Congrats to Tom Crean and on another Big Ten Championship. ONWARD!
Tom Crean's last 4 years: 2 B1G titles. Bob Knight's last 11 years: 2...Does anyone really still believe we need Bobby back??? LOL
Tom Crean hasn’t started cutting down the nets at Assembly Hall just yet, but the ladder is out.
"Iu is playing better at the end of year because Tom Crean learned not to have 3 hour practices "
If I’m Tom Crean, I play big. Yogi, Hartman, Morgan, OG and Bryant/Bielfeldt. IU is simply better with OG and Morgan on the floor.
One change to the earlier lineup, Tom Crean says on the pregame show Collin Hartman is back as a starter for Max Bielfeldt.
I think Tom Crean was hoarding his timeouts again to carry them over to the next game. Someone tell him that's not how it works lol
I tell ya what... Tom Crean is the Bo Pelini of Big Ten Basketball...
Indiana forward Collin Hartman with his 4th foul, 17:52 of 2nd half. Tom Crean goes with freshman Juwan Morgan for Hartman.
Max Bielfeldt gets the start in place of Collin Hartman for Indiana. Tom Crean made that move vs. Michigan State as well.
Matt Painter and Kent Benson just exchanged some pleasantries. Painter's near the IU bench, waiting for Tom Crean to come out of locker room
Video: Crean, IU players preview Purdue: Tom Crean, Yogi Ferrell and Collin Hartman met with the media o...
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