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Tom Cleverly

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I never thought I'd hate a united player more than Tom Cleverly, then Fellaini came along and proved me wrong
as long as he hasn't got his eye on the England legend that is Tom Cleverly.
Everton are willing to listen to offers for Tom Cleverley in January, reports the Daily Mirror. The former...
Tom Cleverly owns a horse running in the 4.15 (No 9)
even I wouldn't wish that on you lol. Only one worse story would be Tom Cleverly joining too πŸ˜†
David Villa won an award named after Landon Donovan?Villa is a million miles better than Landon!Tomorrow Herrera 'l…
Remember when the English Media said Tom Cleverly was the next David Beckham? Hope Percy Tau doesn't do that to us πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
it's very easy to find scapegoat . First we have Tom Cleverly, then Felliani
Lingard on your bike mate,Tom Cleverly in disguise
I'm more gutted we may have to see Tom cleverly used again over Xmas
Will Schneiderlin just be another Tom Cleverly if we get him in Jan?
People slating Fellaini, but how bad was Tom not so Cleverly in the 2nd half? Is it harsh to say he's robbing a living?
Please Mr. Koeman don't pick Tom Cleverly again he brings nothing to the team.
The last time there was a mass shout for a player to get out of utd was tom cleverly, look how good he become.exactly
is Tom cleverly fantastic in training or is he stealing a living ?
we were much better with the 4-4-1-1 but should be starting you instead of that Sunday league player Tom Cleverly! FACT!
Should have started with both Holgate and Tom Davies instead of Cleverly IMHO Koeman needs to start using these 2 y…
I wonder if Tom cleverly come back and scored against us woujd he get a better reception than today I reckon he would imo
Didnt like the sarcastic cheers today when Tom cleverly was substituted
a lot of players I don't think are upto it but il be right behind them if they play. Tom cleverly awful today but doesn't deserve
Tom Cleverly isn't a premier league player is he
. Think everyone in agreement that tom Davies should've had his chance instead of cleverly...
Happy to say that the Everton version of Tom Cleverly is just as bad or even worse than the United version of Cleverly
I heard Tom Cleverly would love a drop of it...
Maybe Koeman is just getting his Toms mixed up? . "Who this week boss". "But okay, that Tom lad". "Sound boss Cleverly it is". "No, but okay"
Fellani might be the most undeserving player to wear the United jersey since Tom Cleverly. Can we sell Fellani back to Everto…
For those moaning about RK let's not forget the previous manager described Tom Cleverly as the best technical player in England. I know.
I wonder if Tom Cleverly got any splinters when he put the final nail in his own coffin at Goodison today.
Only Sir Alex could mastermind an 8-2 win over a team with a midfield of Nani, Tom Cleverly, Anderson & Ashley Young
If Tom cleverly dabbed he'd be Paul Pogba
or Tom cleverly and Ashley Young lol
yeah we'll never sign someone good we don't have the power to attract gems like Tom cleverly
Tom cleverly has more premier league medals than your club legend Steven gerrard. He is a gem
the players ahead of him were Tom Cleverly, Darron Gibson & Darren Fletcher. He should have been starting, end of.
Tom cleverly, Craig Cathcart and Ollie Norwood too possibly
Pogba all that? He's no Tom Cleverly or Fletcher but I think he might be better than Rooney running about in MF lookin daft
Fergie needs to resign from mufc board once Pogba deal is wrapped up,gave that *** up for Tom Cleverly to have a chance. Let that sink in
like Tom Cleverly but with longer legs!
Xhaka is valued at 5.5 together like tom cleverly..early indication of "being overhyped"
lovin' it... I hear Tom "TC25" Cleverly's marketing team have talked him out of the same idea ;)
Maybe now Tom will return to the light side
fantastic renditions of Tom Leher songs with a little updating for the modern age. Cleverly done!
Tom cleverly captaining us to glory here
Ffs like he's getting treated like this when the black Tom Cleverly is starting right wing
obviously. Hardly going to let the black Tom cleverly play there
Carrick is a poor man's Tom Cleverly thoπŸ€”
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Martinez saying Tom Cleverly is the best English midfielder to ever exist
in fairness Tom Cleverly did take the armband once!!
My thoughts exactly! Btw 2 me the shirt was Tom cleverly mocking the press. Hilarious! Sadly it didn't went well with press...
I'll say it again: Allie Long is the Tom Cleverly of the
Long in a NT jersey reminds me of the time Tom Cleverly was considered an England international. It just looks wrong.
*** let him walk for Tom Cleverly. Disgusting
Jordan Henderson the worst midfielder to play for England since Tom Cleverly
remember when you told me Tom cleverly was amazing.
And I thought Wenger swapping out Vieira for Cesc was bad 😳 Paul Pogba went on a free so they could play Tom Cleverly!!!
Your regular reminder that Manchester United let Paul Pogba leave on a free because ... Tom Cleverly
Tom Cleverly! πŸ™ˆ I think Drinkwater was unlucky to miss out. There's a lack of midfield quality available for England.
How can United want Pogba back? His talents were wasted for years there for Tom Cleverly. Im a United fan but still.
oh yeah, it doesn't suprise me he'd probably do a Tom Cleverly and deactivate from the amount of abuse he gets
Ramsey trying to become like Tom Cleverly is going great. βœ”οΈ Football skills. βœ”οΈ Hairstyle. βœ”οΈ Overrated
shall we take tom cleverly and jack Rodwell as they're both prem winners πŸ™ˆ
Can we just remember for a moment that Drinkwater has been playing alongside Kante? Kante could make Tom Cleverly look good.
Tom cleverly was eng regular when he was at utd, not a sniff since he went to Everton
he's in the squads cos he plays for a top 4 club. Tom cleverly was always playing for England before he left United
Tom Cleverly has won the premier league why isn't he in the squad
be drinnkwater all day mate! Look at tom cleverly goes to Everton and doesn't get a look in, but gets picked when at United
drinkwater is only rated so highly because he has vardy, without him he's about as good as Tom cleverly
Milner and Henderson, it's ruined my day, may aswell send Tom Cleverly!! beyond disgusted, such a miscarriage of justice for Drinkwater
Very harsh on Cleverly not making the England squad.
drinkwater is just another cleverly winning the league doesn't make you superb.. He would be exposed like Tom trust me
... and then fail to make it, end up in the Championship with potential not realised. πŸ‘€ Tom Cleverly, starter at MUFC, now look. 😞
Shut up. Henderson is like Busquets and Drinkwater is like Tom Cleverly.
Drinkwater is just a glorified Tom Cleverly, has been awful for England, get off your Leicester bandwagon
"Why is Hodgson leaving a Premier League winner out of the squad?". Tom Cleverly has won the PL. He shouldn't be in the squad either.
they wanted Tom cleverly to fulfill his potential
swerve Tom cleverly he's a bum mate
The spirit of tom cleverly has colonised the Atleti midfield
You used to rate him back when Micah Richards was the best right back in the world and Tom cleverly was the future of England
Sporting are dressed in Luis Van Gaal this season. We'll DP Tom Cleverly next.
Managers player goes to Ry Davidson who has clearly bribed the manager as Tom cleverly has been better than him this season πŸ€”πŸ™ˆ
I have started to think that Ngolo Kante makes Drinkwater look good.He's is just another Tom Cleverly.
Nathan Cleverly a high candidate to face Andre ward next, Possibly July time.
Delph out... It's fate.. It's gotta be noble but I'm sure Tom Cleverly has had a fantastic season in Woys eyes.
No need to worry Toffees, big Tom Cleverly is still in town...
Tom Cleverly played out wide all season. That tells you all you need to know.
Tom cleverly is robbing a living in the premier league!!! Ridiculous
Fabregas setting you up vs Tom cleverly
Tom Cleverly is more successful than your club pipe down
We let Paul Pogba go for free because we had Tom Cleverly. The thought still brings tears to my eyes.
he never turned on Tom Cleverly, no chance he turns on Jose
'you described Tom Cleverly as 1 of the most sensational midfielders you'll ever see... & you weren't drunk?'
He is up there with Tom Cleverly and Carlton Palmer in one of the worse central midfielders to win 20 England caps!
lived next door to Tom Cleverly, he was unbelievable...Also played with in Cassiobury Park 2 years ago!
Never be surprised by owt you see in Newcastle. A Tom Cleverly winner, Tim Howard clean sheet & sat next to Santa
A 93rd minute goal from Tom Cleverly help beat by 1-0 at Sports Direct Arena.
Worse is a stretch, that side rolled out Darren Fletcher and Tom Cleverly together...
Yep. Ruan Pienaar is the Tom Cleverly of rugby.
FOH. I love Fergie but he chose Tom Cleverly over him. I'm still sick
I liked a video from FIFA 16 BNAGAA - Cheap OP Players! (Tom Cleverly)
Pretty sure Tom Cleverly is on that list lol
I can do this. Even Tom Cleverly can do it. Lol.
If Tom cleverly can win the premier league then you can be a footballer. Don't let anyone tell you any different
why is it you always get good players at the start of fifa ffs. Then theres me chilling with gareth barry and tom cleverly
Day I don't go to footy and tom cleverly is in pub afterwards πŸ‘ŠπŸ»βœ‹πŸ»
why not?? u give messi to BR he ll make him look like tom cleverly?? dont be toohappy de gea is saving ur *** from last season.
Tom cleverly is playing better than Rooney
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Not surprised if Tom Cleverly can play for United my friend.
as if Tom Cleverly was in the potting shed
As evidence, go find me a league winner from Italy, Spain, Germany that won their league with a player similar to Tom cleverly as a regular.
Jack colback is a poor mans Tom cleverly
How many chances can you give a guy lol mans arsenals tom cleverly
Just accidentally told tom cleverly that he looks like Tom cleverly 😳
Roy Keane really is a bellend. Running his gob off about the Luke Shaw tackle now. Almost as brave as bullying taxi drivers or tom cleverly
I like iOS 9 because installing it didn't force me to delete everything. That's how low Apple had cleverly set the bar
Look out for our competition! Only people who are Tom CLEVERly enough will get it. Maybe a prize if you come Miroslav KLOSE as well.
Tom cleverly, next to his TC 15 flip flops
Another gripping episode of Doctor Foster: great writing by Mike Bartlett & cleverly directed by Tom Vaughan. And Suranne Jones is superb.
When you love side to side passing, The New Tom Cleverly
Was the Shaw tackle not a copy of what happened Tom Cleverly 2 weeks ago! ? That was classed as misfortunate'. I dunno lads
That's not too bad, I didn't get anyone I'd heard of in mine. Tom Cleverly is still my best player.
Alan, the tackle by the Spurs defender on Tom Cleverly last week, was identical to Shaws. It has put him out for 2 months.
domain names
similar challenge to Eric dier on Tom cleverly, strong fair challenge!
Poster cleverly makes a negative review of the new Tom Hardy movie look like a good review.
Eric Diers (Kerian Dyers!) was just as bad on tom cleverly, tom just got lucky his leg wasnt snapped in two!
Similar challenge to the one that put Tom Cleverly out.
Got Tom cleverly in my FIFA 16 starter team. Not to shabby to say the least
Have you spotted the cleverly-placed two star review on Tom Hardy's latest film poster yet?
Saw Legend last night. Fantastic film. It was so cleverly shot & it was such an interesting story. Tom Hardy played the roles so well.
Just saw Legend film with Tom Hardy. Pretty *** good & cleverly narrated from the viewpoint of Reggie's (on-screen) girlfriend. Recommended
Cleverly was a top of the head example, your a tough customer. I will take my time in future Tom πŸ‘Šβ˜•οΈ
Tom Cleverly was another amazing time to be alive
Took me 45 mins to even notice Tom Cleverly was on the pitch πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
He won Prem with Tom Cleverly and Danny Welbeck as first choice
New boys and Tom Cleverly in training
Big thank you to Gareth Barry and Tom Cleverly for supporting with
Tom Cleverly just said he wants to get back in the England squad πŸ˜ŠπŸ”«
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Apparently Tom Cleverly turned down Arsenal to sign for Everton.
Remember when Tom Cleverly was better than Jack Wilshere?
Tom Cleverly had such a bright start at Man u. Dunno where it all went wrong
Personally I don't think Tom Cleverly is better than anything we have. Geri isn't the 2nd coming he will take time to settle. Henan is youth
lets criticise Jonny Evans and force him to leave like we did to tom cleverly πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
be interesting to see how he been supplied by players like coutinho, fermion, Hendo etc compared to Tom cleverly
i'd say you would love to do that to cleverly.. Nathan, not Tom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
just a slight upgrade on Tom Cleverly!!!
I s2g if we sign Jonny Evans and Tom Cleverly in one transfer window ...
I can see Michael Carrick loaned out to Aston Villa. It's going to be tough for the boy. Tom Cleverly walked this road.
yeah but what are you gonna do with the money? Β£25M on Tom Cleverly?
That reminds me of the unclever Tom Cleverly...pun intended, don't think otherwise
good luck oli its your big chance...make sure you dont do a Tom Cleverly and forfeit us any sell on :D
Fully expecting to wake up from this wet dream of a tranfer window to Tom Cleverly being anounced as our captain
On a scale of Tom cleverly to bastian schweinsteiger, how happy are united fans right now? And how jealous are you if you're not a UTD fan.
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Remember when Tom Cleverly and Anderson was a midfield pairing for MUFC?
Cleverly leaving the beer holder out of the pic...
Was getting worried that we would never find a replacement for Tom cleverly lol then we sign 2
na Tom cleverly to break his ankles
People like Tom Cleverly you know. Makes me sick.
we now have a winger(Gerard), CM(tom cleverly), i can honestly see Besic being moved back to CB. That unclogs CM & adds CB depth.
what?! Yes we have all seen him at his best and worst. He isn't amazing. He is no Sergio Busquets, but he isn't Tom cleverly either
From watching Tom Cleverly and Anderson to Schweini and Schniederlin. . Oh what a time to be alive!
Sterling *** !! in other news tom cleverly has gone to Barcelona for 99 million
Sell Pogba and buy Tom Cleverly and Rafael right?
. Got his own monogram. Bit like Tom Cleverly that mate.
Obvs all united fans are gonna be happy signing ...We've had Tom Cleverly, Anderson and Felliani for the last few years 😰
They(Manchester City) missed a 3 in 1 package regarding the Tom Cleverly.
Manchester City missed a trick by watching Tom Cleverly join Everton on a free transfer.
It's the remix to ignition. Tim Sherwood edition. I brought Benteke back in form. And Tom Cleverly a magician
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Tom Cleverly at 25 is not as great as Bastian at 31, Same way Johnny Evans at 27 is not as great as Terry at 34. They can still play.
Bastian is the German version of Tom Cleverly
. Now we have Cleverly & Deulofeu,would love us to get;. Sergi Roberto on loan. Tom Heaton. Shaqiri. Ang…
I'm fully expecting to wake up and we haven't signed but instead Tom Cleverly has signed a new 5 year deal.
Chatting with the man Tom Hiddleston about at
scenes when tom cleverly pops up and Wenger says he's been a long term admirer
Getting rid of Tom Cleverly will always be one of the greatest moments in United's history for me πŸ˜‚
Tom Cleverly got a premier league medal that must mean he is better than Gerrard right ? Lmfao. You deluded kid
I would rather have tom cleverly.. Pretty Technical offers little in terms of creativity. Runs fast
at least they didn't sign Tom Cleverly
5-0 today Deulofeu to score 3 and Tom cleverly to score 2
United fans with 'doubts' about Shweinsteiger - less than 12 months ago we still had Tom Cleverly as a first choice central midfielder!
I mean Bastian is no tom cleverly but he'll fill a gap when a CDM jones is injured. lmao
I hope Schweinsteiger is ready, he has massive shoes to fill now that Tom Cleverly has gone.
was I in a Coma? when did Everton sign Tom Cleverly? ??
Lol now we have Tom Cleverly, Andros Townsend and Jamie Vardy in our national team. Might as well call up Lee Cattermole now.
yep and so was Aaron Lennon, Tom Cleverly, and Theo Walcott.
nah, it's by far either Gary M Mason or Tom Cleverly
Everton are still linked with a move for Tom Cleverly but Aston Villa have first option on the player.
going to shed about 8stone in tears on Saturday when smashes cleverly on the weekend
Boxing fans, give ta follow. Unbelievable work this week on the Cleverly -Bellew card
Wish it was Bellew vs Tom cleverly. That would be entertainment.
Nathan Cleverly: Grudge match with Tony Bellew is fuelling my fire
Casuals Vs Hard-cores piece. I'd rather watch a fight with a casual over some overly earnest "histo…
Just two days away from We'll hear from Nathan Cleverly and Tony Bellew next on
Eh Ed, why you sell Tom Cleverly and not me? . I told you I must leave now.
we will make a January signing.. calling back Tom Cleverly!! 😒😒
recalling tom cleverly from Aston Villa
Bellew or cleverly?? Heart says bellew, head says cleverly! Going to be a tough one to call πŸ™ˆ
Only way the boxing could get any better at weekend is if when celeverly comes out it's actually tom cleverly
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β€œ"Tom Cleverly is better than Jack Wilshere" Nobody has said that, ever
A man said Jack Wilshere is Tom Cleverly with attitude πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Tony Bellew: I’m going to enjoy punishing Nathan Cleverly
Tony Bellew is 'arrogant' and "needs a slap' says boxer Nathan Cleverly
The way Jack Wilshere played last night I can't believe I had the audacity to ever compare him to Tom Cleverly
Danny Blind and Angel Di Maria injured this week. Time for to get Tom Cleverly back.
not sure yet, I want bellew to win as I cannot stand cleverly (Nathan or Tom). The undercard is insane
Tom Cleverly would be the perfect midfield choice, he'd certainly never get done for a forward pass.
Tom Cleverly? That was the most absurd comparison imo
Jack Wilshire 26 games before his 1st assist for England sure Tom Cleverly got a assist before that!
Proof 'top' teams players get into squad easier-Tom Cleverly. Never played for Utd-in squad.Played every game at Villa-not in squad
These *** at Old Trafford are used to watching the likes of Tom Cleverly every week... Now Messi comes around and they boo him?
you seem to forget that Tom Cleverly used to get in the England team when at Utd, since moving to Villa.oh I see
'Cleverly's a fraud'... restarts the war of words with
Want to win tickets to Cleverly v Bellew 2 in Liverpool this Saturday? . GET INVOLVED! Follow/RT!.
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Nicky Ajose. Forgotten but not gone. He could easily play for England. Tom Cleverly did.
Watch me take on Nathan Cleverly this Saturday Night live on Sky Sports Box Office
Blind is basically a dutch Tom Cleverly. He won't be missed.
The only option is I think is to recall tom cleverly.
If Andy Tate didn't care about tom cleverly, I don't think he, or the rest of the world, will care about this
We are showing the v fight this Saturday 22nd November! If you're out in then come along! http…
wish it was TOM cleverly taking a pasting Saturday night!
would have more of a fight againest Tom Cleverly, KO in Rnd 5
hi, is there a way I can order the Bellew Cleverly fight on Saturday through my youview box ? I have the BT version
β€œSome dates for your diary ahead of v on Saturday. Tom cleverly?
So Utd fans can stop saying he is going to be a loss. Sideways passer is all he is. Dutch Tom Cleverly.
I'm sorry that Tom Cleverly and Emile Heskey are professional football players.
Adrian Childs is robbing a living more than Tom Cleverly. Irritating fat knob.
Tom Cleverly presented as an Aston Villa player today.
Tom Cleverly and Ashley Young should've been buy one get one free
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Aston Villa are still confident of signing Tom Cleverly on loan, they're are awaiting a decision from the Premier league. (They may have started the process of signing him, hence why they could possibly still complete the transfer).
I wouldn't have Tom Cleverly at BUFC, let alone a PL side he's got the passing ability of Heather Mills
What's the purpose in having Falcao, Do Maria, Van Persie and Wayne Rooney, when you have Tom Cleverly giving the ball away every time he touches it?
The sky reporter just called Tom Cleverly an exciting midfielder. Maybe exciting for snails... Or West Ham
Tom Cleverly going to Aston Villa. And Manchester United signing Daley Blind! The best transfer window!
Manchester United have accepted a bid from Aston Villa for Tom Cleverly. I thought they said they weren't going to sell to t…
I do recall all the Man Utd fans saying Tom Cleverly is "the next Paul Scholes". Now they happy he's been given up for adoption.
Why am I having the strange feeling of Tom Cleverly leaving Manchester United to become the next Paul Scholes or likewise :/
While Ricky Lambert is playing in the champions league, Di Maria will be at home playing Monopoly with Tom Cleverly
booed for a long period when he was their best player. Replaced by Tom Cleverly, Scott Parker etc. awful treatment
Tom Cleverly is the worst midfielder in the world -John Mikel Obi
Tom Cleverly came out of Bradford city youth're welcome United fans :)
Ashley Young, Darren Fletcher, Tom Cleverly and Antonio Valencia in midfield for Man United. Just let that sink in.
For every Ramsey or Silva there's a Tom Cleverly or an Ashely Young. That's how ridiculous my team is!
Roy keane would ve being better than moyes cuz he will ve sold Tom Cleverly by jan and LVG culd ve gotten a beta replacement
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Van Gaal is the type of manager that can turn Tom Cleverly into Paul Scholes, like he did in the World Cup, making Vlaar look like Jaap Stam
Good job British media... Adam Lallana cost Β£25m and won only 1 Johnson's Paint Trophy with Southampton. Toni Kroos cost Β£24m and won 12 trophies with Bayern Munich and a World Cup with Germany. English players are OVERRATED... Adam Lallana should only cost Β£2million Luke Shaw should be Free Wayne Rooney should be Β£10million Daniel Sturridge should be Β£11 million Terry and Lampard should be Β£13 million combined Danny Welbeck should be Β£1.5 million Tom Cleverly + Ashley Young should be Β£500,000 Phil Jones should be Β£2 million Chris Smalling should be Β£200,000 Gary Cahill should be Β£4 million
Tom Cleverly would keep him out the team now
I'd rather have a 55 year old Pirlo in my team than Tom Cleverly at any age.
And after seeing that assist from Paul Pogba I'm wondering, yet again, why anyone can possibly pick useless Tom Cleverly over him ... SMH!
"Tottenham bid Β£3m for John O'Shea and Arsenal want to sign Tom Cleverly. It's like David Moyes is playing footballer man…
Tomas Vermaelen to Manchester United and Tom Cleverly to Arsenal in a swoop deal. Source: Daily Mail
Arsene Wenger could look to get Tom Cleverly as part of the Thomas Vermaelen switch to United, report The Mirror
you actually believe Tom Cleverly, or Jordan Henderson is better than M. Bradley?
Players Manchester United have been linked with this season. 1) Kroos 2) Reus 3) Gundogan 4) Di Maria 5) Strootman 6) Fabregas 7) Koke 8 ) Robben and in the end they will renew Tom Cleverly's contract :/ Sad but true.
you know they are saying the same about Grant Holt, John Ruddy, Andy Carroll and Tom Cleverly...
they played Tom Cleverly instead. Just like they did Johnny Evans/ Pique. Two massive Fergie mistakes
Arsenal and Everton want Tom Cleverly after Manchester United decided not to renew his contract.
Everton are lining up moves for Danny Welbeck, Tom Cleverly ( Manchester United ) and Andros Townsend ( Tottenham Hotspur ) Your thoughts?
If David Luiz is worth 50m then Ashley Young and Tom Cleverly are worth more than 100m .
Phil Jones and Tom Cleverly are competing for Man U player with the funniest faces
Tom Cleverly, Rio Fedinard, Luis Nani, Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra out at Manchester Utd. Then these are the newly expected names at Utd. William Carvalho from Lisbon, Toni Kroos from Bayern, Luke Shaw from Shamptons, Eqiualium Mangala from Porto, Cech Fabregas from Barca, Mario Manduzkic from Bayern, Arjen Robben from Bayern ha ha ha ha. Let's wait and see. Kwanza Mangala, Shaw and Robben are chelsea staunch real fans. Ok!
He will have a beer with Tom Cleverly
Feel it. An era is upon us. The same man responsible for laying foundations of the legendary Barcelona side of recent that dominated world football and the current Bayern Munich side , the mentor of Pep and Mourinho is headed to Old Trafford. Rivals that know their way around the sport are scared. If you not scared it's because you're ignorant. The champions league winners of '95 were were led by the man Sir (by the order of the Dutch Nassau ) Louis van Gaal. You speak total football you have to mention the Dutch the like of Johan Cruyff who introduced the system to Barcelona and the man LVG who has won titles on every league he has managed. Frank Rijkaard(sp) Mourinho Pep all passed through the hands of this man. This is the man who turned Schweinsteiger from a winger once coveted by United to replace Beckham into a holding midfielder. A genius indeed whom I'm sure will appreciate Tom Cleverly's Spanish type of play(joke). He promoted the like of Kroos and Muller to first team , has a sharp eye for talen ...
Manchester United's Tom Cleverly in tearful phone call to Roy Hodgson as to why he was left out the World Cup squad.
Samir Nasri isn't in the France Squad. England are taking Phil Jones and James Milner with Tom Cleverly and John Flanagan on stand by😬😩
Glad to see Jon Flanagan on the reserves! But what on earth is Tom Cleverly doing there...
Tom Cleverly not in the England squad! England might just win. The 1st game
Lol idc I will not let Tom cleverly board that plane to Brazil .
If tom cleverly is on England and Ashley Cole isn'
if the likes of Tom Cleverly and Ashley Young makes the England aquad then .
kirk you had more chance of making the squad than Tom cleverly
Just want to remind everyone that Tom Cleverly has more Premier League Winners' medals than Steven Gerrard
tom cleverly to score a banger in the final vs Spain
Tom cleverly is out of the england squad!
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I hope to god Tom cleverly isn't in the squad!
Lets just rejoice in the fact Tom Cleverly will be in Magaluf this summer and not Brazil!! Hallelujah πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Tom Cleverly reportedly not in the England World Cup squad?! !
The knowledge that tom cleverly is nowhere near that England squad however is gonna help me sleep tonight
So happy is in the England squad, also happy tom cleverly isn't in the squad!
You can hear all the other teams in the WC let off a sigh of relief after finding out Tom Cleverly won't be annihilating them this summer
If Tom Cleverly goes he will be sat on the plane to Brazil feeling so out of his depth like
Sunderland?! Nah tom cleverly is a Wigan player easily!
Luke Shaw in the England World Cup squad. Kyle Walker, Tom Cleverly, Michael Carrick and Ashley Cole excluded.
Tom Cleverly left out, great decision!
Surely Andy Carroll, Tom cleverly and Les Ferdinand are certs for the engerlund World Cup squad!!
My reaction hearing Tom Cleverly's not in the England W.C squad...
Tom cleverly can't go. He just can't.
If I see tom cleverly anywhere near that England squad, I'll go mad
Tom cleverly not on the England squad? Big call Roy big call!
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In regards to Tom Cleverly I do hope he has a Ramsey/Henderson'esque season next term and gets back on track
Michael Carrick and Tom Cleverly are rumoured to have been left out of England's World Cup squad.
Maybe so, but Tom Cleverly could be Mother Teresa and I wouldn't be dropping anybody for him. He's just...better!
If I see Tom Cleverly is going to the World Cup i will go home at lunch
β€œGood to hear carsick and cleverly not in the ENS squad. The less of that united virus the better” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€¦
Tom cleverly misses out on a place. In related news, so did you, me and my nan.
tom cleverly not in 23 men World Cup squad . even carrick tho >. SHIITE
As long as Danny wellbeck, Chris smalling and tom cleverly arnt in the England squad I won't be too fussed.
If Tom cleverly is in the England squad i will cry
Some good news. Tom Cleverly misses out on Brazil.
Manchester United duo Michael Carrick and Tom Cleverly will not be in the England squad.
Tom Cleverly waiting for his phone to ring...
RUMOUR :Ashley Cole, Micheal Carrick and Tom Cleverly all dropped from England squad
Michael Carrick and Tom Cleverly leftout of England' Worlcup contingent! I just saw it coming myself. Louis van Gal do the necessary also
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