Tom Brokaw & Dennis Prager

Thomas John Tom Brokaw (born February 6, 1940) is an American television journalist and author best known as the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News from 1982 to 2004. He is the author of The Greatest Generation (1998) and other books and the recipient of numerous awards and honors. Dennis Prager (born August 2, 1948) is an American syndicated radio talk show host, syndicated columnist, author, and public speaker. 5.0/5

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AMEN !!! and Amen ! Just wish more schools would follow these principals. Old, but good! NEW HIGH School Principal NEW HIGH School Principal!! *Listen to the young people, F-this, F-that, and nary anyone will step up and correct them- even with wife and kids in tow! * *FINALLY - - Someone in the teaching profession had the courage to set the standards so badly needed NOW. * *New high School Principal * We watched high School Principal Dennis Prager of Colorado , along with Sara Palin and Tom Brokaw on TV a couple of weeks ago.what a dynamic, down to earth speaker. Even though Palin and Brokaw were also Guest Speakers they did little but nod and agree with him. This is the guy that should be running for President in 2016. *A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give. *By Dennis Prager . To the students and faculty of our High School: I am your new principal, and honored to be so. There is no greater calling than to teach young people. I would like to apprise you of some important changes com ...
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