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Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Tom Brady, Jr. (born August 3, 1977) is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL).

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And your MVP favorites through two weeks are Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and ... Matthew Stafford:…
Didn't know her or Tom Brady had a book out. Think I heard of the Stephen King guy tho
Hillary Clinton’s book is No. 1 on Amazon, outselling Tom Brady and Stephen King
From Current NFL MVP odds have Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford all 5/1.
The Wayne Rooney court sketch isn't Tom Brady-level, but I am excited to see him play a boxer-turned-bodyguard in a Bri…
A great day when you reach and pass Hillary & Tom Brady on the bestseller list. Go Mary Neal!!…
star JJ Watt said today that Tom Brady donated $100K to his relief fund and Bill Belichick donated $50K. “Incredibly…
The Mooch says Tom Brady didn't go to the White House because he used to date Ivanka Trump. http…
the witch hunt for Tom Brady was similar to the witch hunt for . Barrack Hussein Obama created…
Did u know Zoo Atlanta named their baby Madagascar hissing cockroach after Tom Brady
Jesse, a 2nd grader from Texas, had an assignment on creating his own monument. . He drew a picture of Tom Brady. He got an…
Tom Brady had one more rushing yard on Sunday than Ezekiel Elliott, who had only eight more than me.
Tom Brady threw for 447 yards, the most by any 40-year-old in NFL history. (via
Put your 'Tom Brady is washed' takes on hold (at least for another week)
Tom Brady just posted this on Instagram with caption:. "Theme for the week... Instant Chills.
So five-time Super Bowl winning QB Tom Brady thinks is qualified to be in the NFL. I mean, that's got to g…
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Imagine thinking Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers lmfao. Rodgers has to do so much more for his team to even be c…
"Tom Brady" thinks Kaepernick should be in the NFL.
Tom Brady says Colin Kaepernick deserves a shot in the NFL
NFL round-up: LA Rams slip up yet again as New England Patriots bounce back with Tom Brady masterclass…
Add another HISTORIC performance to The Legend of Tom Brady.
Looks like Tom Brady got his swagger back!
You catch that Tom Brady knows the rules better than the refs.
Tom Brady was like a 5th grader playing tug of war. He had himself a field day out there, man. That was always the best da…
Tom Brady had more rushing yards than Zeke today 🐐😂
Not many QBs get better with age, but then there's Tom Brady
I heard Tom Brady ask that earlier. He threw outside the hash marks to a fullback in the 4th
Tom Brady sent a message in the 1st quarter Sunday.
Tom Brady the Potato died from boredom in 2050.
Haters: "Tom Brady and the Patriots are done". Me:
I wasn't even mad I was just like the defense really makin Trevor simian look like Tom Brady
Tom Brady has already thrown for 3 touchdowns in the first half. We have live NFL updates:
After Last week: "Tom Brady doesn't have it anymore at 40". This week: 447 yards and 3 TDS
Tom Brady is the best QB of all time and he thinks Kap should be in the league, think about that.
Drop tom brady now, your team doesnt deserve him 😣
Tom Brady on whether should be in the NFL. Slap in the face to 😂😂😂
So Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers have both spoke in support of Kaep's on field ability. The proclaimed best of the best. But he'…
Crazy: Tom Brady finished with more rushing yards today (9) than Ezekiel Elliott (8).
LA Rams slip up yet again as Tom Brady gets the New England Patriots back on track in NFL week two
Tom Brady wants to see Kap back in the NFL.
Aaron Rodgers is the quickest QB to 300 TD passes. Tom Brady:
"The worst people in the world are good people who turn their head when bad things happen and that's how I look at Tom Brad…
Tom Brady thinks Colin Kaepernick belongs in the NFL.
Bortles has 0 losses in the Super Bowl, Brady has 2. Blake Bortles >>>> Tom Brady
Zach Jones drafted Tom Brady with the 2nd Overall pick and Broncos D with his 5th rd pick.. He's now 2-0. This is why I don't play fantasy.
Tom Brady's stellar performance ranked him among the fantasy football winners of Week 2.
Not 1, not 2, not 3, not even 4. FIVE! Tom Brady threw for almost 450 yards today against the Saints. 3 T…
I won in the 2 leagues I have Jordy in. Lost in the 2 leagues I have Tom Brady in. I love fantasy football
Did you know that Tom Brady had more rushing yards than Ezekiel Elliott this Week 2?
Dan Quinn's sole purpose of being on this earth is to lose to Tom Brady
Tom Brady still has never begun a season 0-2 as starting QB of a team -
Today's matchup between Tom Brady and Drew Brees is the first in NFL history between 2 QB's voted to 10 Pro Bowls
Fantasy highs and lows of Week 2: Saints make Tom Brady look like Tom Brady again
See that stress that Dan Quinn wears because he has to try so hard to not think about the collapse. . Tom Brady did that to him.
Tom Brady and the Money Team & team *** Lightning both on track for W's in week 2😎
Week 2 Team MVP: my boy Tom Brady putting up 30.8 points 🐐
Rankings of the best quarterbacks in the NFL . 1. Tom Brady. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .…
All I know is Tom Brady beat a Dan Quinn inspired defense in 2 Superbowls & Aaron Rodgers is about to go 0-5 against him.…
easy to forget that for 3 Qs the speed of this Falcons D gave Tom Brady fits. Jones, Campbell, Neal just fly to 🏈
Tom Brady joins Warren Moon as the only QBs age 40-or-older in NFL history to pass for at least 400 yards and 3 TD in a…
Tom Brady: . 2nd career game with 300 yards in the first half. 1st career game with 3 TDs in the first quarter.
At age 40, Tom Brady moved as effectively in the pocket in the 1st half at New Orleans as I have ever seen him move. G…
At 37, is younger than both starting quarterbacks (Tom Brady, 40 and Drew Brees, 38) of his game today.
Tom Brady hopes Colin Kaepernick gets another shot in the NFL.
Just remember: at this moment Fletcher Cox has more touchdowns than Tom Brady and Andy Dalton combined
BREAKING: Panthers acquire QB Tom Brady for draft considerations.
No way he's top 5, here's why. Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Joh…
I'm facing Tom Brady this week.. do I start Chris Hogan or Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, or Stefon Diggs??
Tom Brady on if this will be his last season, "No. No."
Would you rather refuse Tom Brady or test Cynthia Nixon
guys like Hopkins and AJ Green should get to play with Tom Brady for one game every season. like the WR equivalent of a hall…
Going into Week 2, Tom Brady has completed 44.4% of his passes, with a 70 QB Rating and 0 TD passes. . Blake Bortles: 52.…
Sean ran 3 straight up the middle and said he’d take his chances wit his defense vs Tom Brady ... should’ve fired him immediately
Anyone else think Tom Brady looks 10 years younger? What skin cream is he using? I need to know.
fans talking smack about Von Miller. Von bent the great Tom Brady over his knee and SPANKED HIS *** . Your talk is worthless!
"Von Miller is about to sack Tom Brady! You have to come save him!"
but this already happened on August 3rd 1977 when Tom Brady was born
Despite combining for 9 Super Bowl wins, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, and Drew Brees are all 0-1. Blake Bortl…
Von Miller doesn't have to deny that he's seeking a trade, Tom Brady doesn't need to deny that he's seeking a trade, but Andrew Luck does.
the 30on30 of Tom Brady's rants while being secretly recorded by Werner is really hard to listen to
Sam Bradford and Alex Smith outplaying Drew Brees and Tom Brady is probably the most indisputable sign of climate change…
THERE IS Michael Jordan, there is tiger woods, there is Tom Brady and then there is you!!!
Who tf is that^^ and we not gone act like Alex Smith didn't outplay Tom Brady
Tom Brady is mum on Colin Kaepernick, says he hasn't paid 'much' attention to the…
If he supported Trump like Jay Cutler and Tom Brady, he'd have a job.
Jay Cutler to Tom Brady and the rest of the AFC East
I also have tyreek hill, AND Jay ajayi lol. My cousin managed to get Matt Ryan and Tom Brady.
Why not, I guess. He should get paid as muchsomeone like Tom Brady or Lebron James, don't you think?
Please take me to the alternate universe where Roger Goodell reduced Tom Brady's suspension to 2 games. Do Patriots st…
BREAKING: FBI found Tom Brady jersey in 2 weeks, can't find the 33,000 emails sitting at NSA or ANY Leakers ??? 😂😂😂
5-time Super Bowl champion. 2-time NFL MVP. Tom Brady's legacy continues...
Tom Brady never had rhythm, but work with Brandin Cooks yielded results
What the left is really angry about is that 2 MEGA stars, Peyton Manning & Tom Brady, have the nerve 2 DUMP THEM choos…
Tom Brady describes first game at 40, a stunning loss to Chiefs -
Here's what Tom Brady eats to stay in peak condition at an age at which most players have already retired
On this day in 2008, Tom Brady tore his ACL vs the Chiefs. Since, he's recorded 35,000 + yards, 259 TDs, 1 MVP & 2 more…
Alex Smith: 2-0 all-time head-to-head in regular season vs Tom Brady
2 cope w/ churnin 2ward my hometown Im tellin myself its just wind from Tom Brady deflating footballs 2…
Aerosmith has a message for Jimmy G: You'll always be No. 2 to Tom Brady
Tom Brady wouldn't do the interview
When you have Brandin Cooks on your fantasy team, but your opponent has Tom Brady...
Bill Belichick and Tom Brady react to Alex Smith beating them at home
DeShone Kizer has not lost a game this season whereas Tom Brady has. It's clear... Kizer > Brady
The Saints are About to get an angry Bill Bellichek and Tom Brady--- 😎😎😎
Tom Brady had 11 off-target passes in Thursday's game. Alex Smith had 2.
poll question of the day will be: Who is more over the hill Tom Brady or Graham Elliot? weigh in
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Tom Brady, after last night's performance goes from being the GOAT to another 4 letter word.
▶ Tom Brady says Patriots lacked urgency and will have to dig a "lot deeper" going forward (ESPN)
Patrick Mahomes, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft are all looking like this right now
The madden curse got my mans Tom Brady, cruel world we live in
The only time Tom Brady has ever been jealous of Alex Smith.
"No one believes me but Tom Brady has hit on me...and I made fun of his sweater at Naomi Campbell's fashion week party"
If & when it's time to go down w/ this Tom Brady ship I will play my violin & sink to the bottom. But until it actually happens I'll believe
Right now, Alex Smith has more than double the fantasy points of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski ...COMBINED.
Prayers out to the most high Tom Brady for a good fantasy season
Tom Brady was MVP of Super Bowl XXXVIII. Who should have won it?.
The tracking shows that Tom Brady is avoiding the areas of strength for the Chiefs Pass D. Marcus Peters'…
Tom Brady looks entirely different in this game - there's a calmness that goes above and beyond anything I've seen in an NFL game
Tom Brady is a legend. Cheating scandals& all. Simply the best to do it.
I have exactly one halftime thought:. Tom Brady looks mortal.
Tom Brady needs to start throwing some touchdowns man!!! Let's go!!
Lmao not a Tom Brady fan by any means but he is the GOAT after the last Super Bowl. Falcons blew it b…
Tom Brady waking up this morning like.
thinks he can bring up both Bruno Mars and Tom Brady in a conversation and not have it become sexua…
Sit back, relax & “appreciate it while it’s here.”. Tom Brady’s greatness will be on full display tonight. 📺:
"Yayyy! Football season is back!! Time to wear my pink jersey and my Uggs!". *** and Tom Brady
would this have happened if it were tom brady? eli manning? *** NO.
Tom Brady said he met Phillip Dorsett on Sunday.
Tom Brady's latest post will give you chills...
Crazy stats for the first half. Tom Brady - 0 TD passes . Alex Smith - 2 TD passes .
How can Alex Smith outplay Tom Brady and still look shaky?
Tom Brady just posted this. I'm shaking...
Fun Fact: Alex Smith and Tom Brady have a combined 5 Super Bowl rings
Tom Brady is Lebron James... Without all the constant drama, switching teams, and selfies.
Dear tom Brady you are a coward but please start throwing touchdowns and not handing them off to Blount 2.0 thanks
K back to football. Just wanted to address that real quick. F the Pats. F Tom Brady.
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Move over, Brady: Alex named NFL's best looking QB, GMA reports (via
Welcome back, Glad to see Tom Brady back for his 18th season. .
Tom Brady gets touched more by Robert Kraft at halftime than he did by the Chiefs in the first half.
Justin Houston said Chiefs D had to hit Tom Brady. They haven't even gotten close enough to him to sniff his cologne.
Does anybody know how old Tom Brady is? The announcers aren't mentioning it at all...
Tom Brady (winner) & the are totally embarrassing the Fake news NBC is pretending it's close so the…
Tom Brady, scariest man in the NFL.
The Patriots have won 87 straight home regular season games when leading at halftime. . Tom Brady is 159-20 when leading at…
Tom Brady just dope to me... He really a LIVING LEGEND!!!
Good evening to everyone except those who don't like Tom Brady.
What would happen if Tom Brady kneeled for the National Anthem?
your sports announcers need to stop dissing Tom Brady because he's 40 years old!
Whatever the Patriots are paying Dante Scarnecchia isn't enough. Tom Brady has absurdly clean pockets on every passing play.
What's up with Tom Brady's ruby slippers?
Having to watch Alex Smith play right after seeing Tom Brady play is like going to a Chanel West Coast concert with Beyonce…
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The breakdown. Chiefs essentially return the same team. The Pats, got even better? I think we pressure Tom Brady, but he'll make plays.
everyone talk about Tom Brady being the goat cause he has 5 rings if that's the case how come I don't hear Otto graham name
No one on has seen more of Tom Brady than defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. "It’s going to be a fun night."
Sinatra v Michael is like comparing Tom Brady and Otto Graham.
Jackie Slater to Goodell;"I don't want to disrespect anybody, but Tom Brady is the greatest QB to ever play!". Thank you, Matthew's dad.
Alex Smith, Tom Brady. lol come on bro
Jordan Spieth tried Tom Brady's diet—and had the reaction you'd probably expect:
Tom Brady is better than Phil Simms is the same reason why Michael Jordan is better than Lebron James 😂😂😂
"When you play Tom Brady, you don't want to make it easy for him." ~
He, like Tom Brady shouldn't have been suspended.
Tom Brady Out for Season: Tom Brady will miss the entire NFL season with a left knee injury that will req..
NFL, NFLPA review of film, records shows no Tom Brady concussion
"Zeke will remain eligible this entire football season… He has a much better chance of winning his case than Tom Brady." —…
I think this is going to be Tom Brady's worst season.
Brady, Patriots chase immortality as NFL kicks off. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots set out on their latest quest for immortality on…
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Boston Red Sox caught cheating using an Apple Watch of all useless devices. But at least they didnt destroy the watch like Tom Brady's phone
I honestly don't remember a time where Venus & Serena Williams, and Tom Brady weren't at the top of their sports. A…
BS alert! See what I told the when asked about Tom Brady's diet!
Tom Brady to Gordon Hayward: 👋. Gordon Hayward to Tom Brady: sorry bro, still a fan.
Tom Brady and the Patriots remain hungry for another title ... and they’re built to win one
Daniel Williams thinks Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady. This man is talking nonsense
He's no Tom Brady, but a better backup to Cam then DA. He has a SB & NFC championship game on his resume.
Just no Tom Brady discussions, please! I'm OK with Venus Williams and Roger…
Patriots' Tom Brady not worried about distant or recent history as opener with Chiefs nears
Um. There's this coach in Massachusetts called Belichick. I believe his QB is a guy named Tom Brady.
When the NFL season kicks off on Thurs (Chiefs @ Pats), it'll mark 9 years to the day that Tom Brady suffered a torn A…
He understands their offensive scheme, helped win games against Tom Brady and also bengals, team m…
The have Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and now TWO wide receivers who run sub 4.3 40's. 😳
This season Tom Brady is set to make $1 million in salary and $13 million in signing bonus. Brock Osweiler is set to make $16 million
WOAH! Ted Johnson (won 3 Super Bowls w/ Tom Brady but tells me JJ Watt is "the best I've ever seen buddy." https…
Federer is Tom Brady of tennis. His faux tie-dyed ensemble doesn't remind me of the 1992 Ukrainian Men's Olympic Ba…
Michael Jordan. Steve Jobs. Tom Brady. Taylor Swift. Oprah Winfrey. Martha Stewart. What do all of these...
apt. B404 Marlboro, Ma 01752 I hope to hear from you. Im so desperate Jim!!! I am dying! If I were Tom Brady this wouldnt happen
Yo what's up bro just trying to settle a friendly debate, who's better, Tom Brady or Mitch Trubisky?
Tom Brady could win MVP and Super Bowl MVP next season and people will STILL try to argue Montana. He surpassed him in 2014
Imagine being a colleg player getting the scouting report for the week and see your going against Tom Brady
QB records vs winning teams - only Russell Wilson and Tom Brady above 50%. Highest paid QB in the NFL Matthew Stafford: 9.8% ht…
This Michigan roster is incredible. Mike Bajakian will coach Tom Brady against the on Saturday.
Tom Brady on on Floyd Mayweather saying two are great friends: No, I've met him a couple of times. He's…
"It's not all about talent, it's about dependability, consistency, and being able to improve." -Bill Belichik on Tom Brady
[Fox Sports] - The best of Jay Glazer's Bus Tour, from Tom Brady to JJ Watt
Kobe Bryant would beat tom Brady at basketball and Tom Brady would b…
"Floyd would lose in a mma fight" and Tom Brady would lose in a foot race stfu your boy lost now keep it moving
Sure hope Julian Edelman is a OK sure hate to see Tom Brady lose his wide receiver
Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Kirk Cousins spread the ball around because they never necessarily had "most of career. Watch out for Pryor
Must have been all the double IPA's that made shout out "Johnny Manziel will be a better QB than Tom Brady" 😂
"I take more preventative measures than probably anyone in the world" - Tom Brady
So you're telling me people like Tom Brady, Johnny Damon, and Ma…
Kirk Cousins wants to be like Tom Brady, so he started eating like him
Thats like saying Johnny Manziel should get paid the same as Tom Brady
Tom Brady rating on madden when he won his first Super Bowl was a 51. 😂😂
Candy corn is what Tom Brady gives trick or treaters
and the Cowboys secondary can make any QB on the Jets look like Tom Brady
I'm done with the Tom Brady jokes but please Tom don't have Marsha call here talking about her problems I got a headache 🤗🤗
comparing her to Chris Rock is like comparing Johnny Football to Tom Brady! She's mildly funny not Chris Rock funny. sorry
Tom Brady had a Make America Great Again displayed prominently in his locker for much of the season.
If all you did was just bet Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers when favored at home you would be hitting 61% lifetime going into this season!
Should Johnny Manziel get paid the same as Tom Brady?
hearing Bill Belichick no days off sound on Epic Sounds,Reminds Me of Tom Brady *Mickey M…
If Kyrie goes to Boston we'd better get Tom Brady in return.
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I had a dream, Tom Brady is going to have introduce him at his Hall Of Fame induction ceremony b/c of his scouting report.
Can't believe more people aren't freaking out about Tom Brady running away from Roger Goodell on the street
D.C Teryl Austin says will get an idea if defense is still making strides by going against Tom Brady on Frid…
Tom Brady threw 49 deep balls last season. Trevor Siemian threw 48. Patriots have made an art form of dinking and dunk…
Tom Brady has no reaction to Roger Goodell's reported contract extension:
In other eclipse news, on February 5th, 2017, Tom Brady became the 1st man to stop the Crying Jordan Face eclipse.
I guess he could go all "Tom Brady deflategate" and ball out. That's the best scenario I guess.
Tom Brady on JJ Watt: "He certainly looks like he's up to his old self. He's a phenomenal player." Texans
Just saw a kid wearing a shirt that said "theater is my sport" and a patriots hat.this the support garnerd by Tom Brady, congrats bro
Fun fact: DeShaun Watson and Tom Brady have combined for 208 career NFL wins
Looks like Tom Brady is confirming he's playing tonight.
Tom Brady is 40. And he says training camp is a piece of 🎂. 😲:
I love how every late round QB is now potentially Tom Brady. They go in the late rounds because they suck.
If he could play like Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers he would have a job. Dude *** at football right now
Just a reminder that The Donald, Tom Brady, Belichick, and Robert Kraft are all good buddies.
Blake Bortles got in the way when I was trying to snap a pic of Tom Brady.
"I give you about 4 weeks before you're a huge Tom Brady fan.". Brad Stevens warns Gordon Hayward of the inevitable:
Remember when Tom Brady, and were rookies? . Throwing it back to today's stars' very FIRST preseason plays!…
"Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, and Tiger Woods never spoke out about political issues."
Brad Stevens gives Gordon Hayward a heads up as he enters his first yr in Boston: You WILL become a Tom Brady fan…
This Trump fiasco is on Robert Kraft, Bill Belichek, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots fault. Yall let them get away with it.
Tom Brady is nothing but a class act an amazing guy. . Not sure how people think differently .
Cool thing for Tom Brady to do. Great to have these guys in WV
If I throw this *** at you, better catch it like the new Tom Brady
I wonder how Tom Brady and Robert Kraft feel abt their buddy Tangerine What does that friendship say abt them?
Peter King says NFL relying heavily on forensic evidence and metadata with Ezekiel Elliot. NFL forensic science was great w/Tom Brady, eh?
Tom Brady on "He had such a great college career. Got picked by a great team.He's got a great future.I…
Quick update. Tom Brady unfollowed us. That is all.
At Texans-Pats practice, Tom Brady got mad and reamed his teammates (by
When events like happen. Where are the prominent white athletes like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Rivers?
Tom Brady on comparing past Patriots teams: “It is really unfair to set expectations"
Tom Brady: Unfair to compare this team to past Patriots greats -
Tom Brady had the top-selling jersey in the NFL this offseason, leading 13 states in the process (including Florida and…
The bromance between Tom Brady and Julian Edelman is going strong as ever
25 days until NFL kickoff . Tom Brady has won 25 career playoff games. The Falcons blew a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl
Jerry Jones supported Roger Goodell after Tom Brady suspension -
Kaepernick is so good Bill Bellicheck hasn't hired him as Tom Brady's heir apparent.
Congratulations from Germany for winning the Superbowl.👍🏻👍🏻 One of Tom Brady's big Games!
Mike Glennon deserves to get paid as much as Tom Brady
Who will play longer, Tom Brady or Adrian Peterson? AP in a time share with Ingram will help take a toll of his body.
"Jay Cutler doesn't have that burning passion to be great...Do you think Gisele has to push Tom Brady out the door?" —
When Michael Phelps and Tom Brady wish Jordan Spieth good luck I just feel too many emotions at once
"An honest conversation with Tom Brady about his concussions would be exploited by the media… They can’t handle the truth." —
they're acting Jay Cutler is Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers ...dude is a bum
Tom Brady's medical history is literally none of your business Bob Ley...
Do you agree with comments about Tom Brady?
my 4 are Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton, Jason Witten, Charles Woodson, and Philip Rivers. Eli and Tom Brady are too easy...
Tom Brady and Brandin Cooks connected seven times today. It was Cooks' best practice of camp.
Super Bowl ring given to Tom Brady's mother by
Tom Brady's medical record is the Patriots' business and the NFL's business, but is it ours? Ehh...
.has a problem with media sanctimony over Tom Brady's 'none of your business' comment:
AUDIO: OMF - Bob Ley has a hair across his *** for Tom Brady; Is Garoppolo really struggling out there? 8-7-17…
True, but Cooks looks faster on the field. Tom Brady always mentions Matth…
Bob Ley I'll tell you right now Tom Brady is not the guy you want to come after in Boston... Maybe try David Price
Kevin Youkilis had some thoughts on an "E:60" segment about Tom Brady and his response to concussion questions.…
Discussing the hair that Bob Ley has across his *** regarding Tom Brady's concussion comments last week
So Bob Ley and ESPN think they have a right to Tom Brady's medical history? The ego on those clowns.
Bob Ley ESPN you're dead wrong. It's NOT your business. You can ask and Tom Brady can tell u to go to ***
Colin Kaepernick could be tom Brady, if you wear a t shirt embracing Fidel Castro you simply can't play for Miami. Easy dec…
This is Tom Brady any time any player gets near him.
On Tom Brady’s 40th birthday, here's a look at all the times he’s made us laugh
Russell Westbrook averages about 1400 shots taken every season, Tom Brady has played 15…
Is it September yet? I miss watching Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers flash across my TV. And the Niners...the Niners too.
Ppl hate that sometimes Old Stone Cold has to serve up a can of whipass on Tom Brady every now a…
Aaron it's hard to beat tom Brady bro he's good but if nothing going his way he's gonna cheat to win
Tom Brady about to have the madden curse
for the corner a mission w/ the huge stages. . 3 being a Tom Brady joke is disappointing. We missed out…
1/ Tom Brady will be bad "eventually". Then show careers of three QBs after age 40. Do you find it odd that they stopped
McDaniels: "Hey Tom, Did you know Cutler signed with the Dolpi.. Brady:
Regardless of what happens over the course of the game, you have a chance. ~ Tom Brady
Every time you say finna be a breeze, it's never a breeze. So Tom Brady about to have a terrible season. https:/…
Im wondering why people have the audacity to mention Peyton Manning in the same sentence as Tom Brady. That's disrespectful. Brady is the 🐐!
:^) Tom Brady is the greatest QB of my generation
Tom Brady and the Patriots are the GOAT QB/Team of all time
At 40, Tom Brady's still playing at a Super Bowl level. Here's 9 things you would have to give up to eat like him: https:/…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tom Brady’s mother, who battled cancer, receives Super Bowl ring In a classy move by the org...…
Tom Brady vs the Falcons D in overtime of the Super Bowl:
Yeah, tom Brady is my favorite QB. Root for them too
.This year Tom Brady will retire after the Patriots win another Super Bowl.
Yeah Cooks has never played with Tom Brady so idk how that's enough said , you talk body of work then go…
Pro athletes in ALL sports OWE fans a responsibility to openly discuss concussion to PROTECT young fans!
Super Bowl ring given to Tom Brady's mom
CSNNE: Kevin Youkilis takes shot at ESPN over its Tom Brady coverage -
Tom Brady turns 40 years old today. His $14M salary cap hit next year is the same as new Bears QB Mike Glennon. https:/…
Congrats to take your name him like the DUI hard in a Tom Brady fan of bars, talking
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