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Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Tom Brady, Jr. (born August 3, 1977) is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL).

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I went to brunch with my best friend and met her new boyfriend. He hates Tom Brady, so guess how that went
Did you know: QB Drew Brees averages more TDs per game, and less INTs per game, than Tom Brady and Aaron Rodge…
"Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback to ever live. He's way better than I am." -Tom Brady
not as long as Tom Brady is still breathing in the AFC. Have you seen our team after free agency? So so so loaded
All these student athletes think they're gonna be the next Tom Brady, but in reality they're gonna be Uncle Rico
I have Tom Brady in the holster in my joint then kicked me out the title gets tickets to Season 3 and free Yeezys
name 1 player? how about Tom Brady getting a new deal 2 years into his rookie contract and NOT a free agent of any type??
Very cool video! Tom Brady's road to five rings!!! Feel free to share this with your friends. Karen
Interesting you are critical of Trump but dismissive of Tom Brady's cheating scandal giving him a free ride. .
Patriots give Tom Brady his best receiving corps in years by... |
1 week into free agency. Pitts def is worse. Pats improved. Must be built to stop Tom Brady!
yeah bro people never agree that Tom Brady is the best point guard in the league like seriously 😑
Tom Brady chalks up DeflateGate ad to free time, from DeflateGate
he would've drafted Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning and won more Superbowls than Tom Brady
I'll make sure to wear my Tom Brady jersey tomorrow. :)
"My son Lonzo Ball could step in to play QB for the Cleveland Browns and win more Super Bowls than Tom Brady over his…
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Here's the list of targets for Tom Brady in 2017: Gronk, Allen, Cooks, Edemlan, Hogan, Amendola, Mitchell, White and Lewis. Bes…
"I absolutely believe that he's the successor to Tom Brady.". Is Jimmy G too valuable to trade? ▶ h…
Edelman, Chris Hogan, Amendola, Malcolm Mitchell give Tom Brady his best receivers, now add Brandin Cooks to mix:
Tom Brady of Patriots and Isaiah Thomas of Celtics are the ones for me. So much character.
Only three players have made PFF's Top 101 each year since we began it (2010). Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Joe Thomas,…
Gardner Reed at the movie theatres is like Tom Brady on the football field
is James going to revive Tom Brady by any chance? Mita
Lebron James will be the best player in the world for the rest of his career. Idc what anyone says. Tom Brady can do it why not Lebron
It's funny how Tom Brady was chucking throws 40 and 50 yards downfield to Chris Hogan this year and people think he can'…
yeah cause Tom Brady makes James white juke people out their cleats, watch the tape James whites special I'm telling u
I love brunch almost more than I love Tom Brady
Mullet makeover: What Lebron James, Tom Brady and Tiger Woods would look like with Jaromir Jagr hair
Tom Brady and James Harden?. Doc thinks they have some things in common.
Drake, Tom Brady, and Lebron James have the same type of haters and all the same type of fans, I ain't even gone boost
Lebron James came back from a 3-1, Tom Brady came back for a 20+ point lead, and now Barca came back from a 4-0.. NEVER…
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Steven Ridley was good too and Shane vereen right?. Or just good cause the cast around them? Coaches? Tom Brady?
Yes, Tom Brady has won 5 Super Bowls, Johnny Manzel is/was also an NFL QB.
going from a precision offense with Tom Brady to one where he has to make circus catches all game by Mikhail Baryshnikov in cleats
1) Ties to Kyle Shanahan . 2) Began his career backing up Tom Brady. 3 more things to know about
If they traded Jimmy Garoppolo & something were to happen to Tom Brady "they would be the Cleveland Browns."-
Tom Brady's ADP has been falling lately. Brandin Cooks to the rescue?
One day Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will retire and THAT WILL BE THE DAY THE JETS WILL STill probably make bad decisions and…
Perspective: Mike Glennon's deal expected to be about 15 million for the next 3 years. Tom Brady's restructured deal? Averages…
clearly Mike Glennon is the next Tom Brady, why don't you watch all 11 of his passes last year
How many Tom Brady and Bill Belichicks to they have. That will always be biggest factor.
Brandon Marshall picked Eli Manning over Tom Brady, just saying.
Some Patriots will not visit White House, racists forget about when Tom Brady skipped out on Obama
ND alumni (Brady Quinn) stopped by to say hi, was hoping for Tom Brady
John Harbaugh, have you ever wished Tom Brady would just retire already? . podcast: . ht…
Tom Brady's game winning Super Bowl drives start at. 1:21 in the 4th. 1:08 in the 4th. 3:29 in the 4th. 4:47 in the 4th . 3:30 in the 4th.
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Last night, members of the Boston College Women's Hockey Team ran into Tom Brady & Gisele at the Showcase SuperLux in Chestn…
hey I'm wondering if you have a jersey in stock ? The red Tom Brady throwback jersey with the Super Bowl 51 patch
Tom Brady meal kits let fans eat like the quarterback
Watching Nelson compete is like watching Tom Brady compete except the exact polar opposite
Tom Brady: The only man to do the dab and win
I really would like to do 2 full hours on this Tom Brady Boxed Meal for People Who Unrealistically Think They Can Stick To This Lifestyle.
I liked a video First Take - Max Kellerman & Stephen A Smith get HEATED on if Tom Brady or Dak
Why don't the Bears just sign Tom Brady?
you mean Tom Brady and a bunch of other guys?
If Arron Rodgers is Micheal Jordan of basketball then Tom Brady is Magic
Matt Ryan won the MVP over Tom Brady because he threw for more yards (4,944) and TD's (38). Look at the STATS it's easy ma…
WikiLeaks needs to get their priorities straight and leak Bill Belichick's and Tom Brady's emails!
Is this part of the future of food supply?.
David Price has some thoughts on Tom Brady:...…
Tom Brady is getting involved in the meal kit delivery game.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Today I got a presentation on why Tom Brady is a hero
I have thoughts on Tom Brady too, but my thoughts are fueled by vengeance and orange Tic Tacs.
it's simple guys Tom Brady it's looking for other athletes to use his product
It's pretty wild to live in a world where Tom Brady is a harder get for TMZ than the president. htt…
By now... I bet I can throw a football farther than Tom Brady
David Price has some thoughts on Tom Brady:
Tom Brady and vegan meal supplier turn his weird eating habits into meal delivery service - Washington Post
Tom Brady's $78 meal kit is all about eating your vegetables -
Brady's actually late to the party. Check out It's healthy to eat w/ a plan:
Tom Brady, tony snow I just back door ya ***
TMZ founder Harvey Levin met with Donald Trump to talk about "opportunities" and getting access to Tom Brady
Clearly, getting Tom Brady to be on is a hi-prio for the as it should be. 👎🏼
Why does Tom Brady look so awkward in this pic with some women's BC hockey team members?. *look at his hands*
REPORT: The Bears have offered a poster of Tom Brady over $14 million a year to be their QB. They feel it's a clear up…
An Tom Brady won the Super Bowl an SB MVP so none of what u just said matters and is meaningless in the end
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The backup QB position is phenomenal. not only do most suck, teams will trade for, sign & pay them huge $ hoping they are the next Tom Brady
Levin asks Trump to connect him to Tom Brady. That's right, easier to get access to & involvement of Prez than Brady
"Tom Brady's return has been triumphant." Order your copy of the Commemorative Champions Film today!
In Tom Brady's latest post, he's finally come to terms that he is the goat.
I liked a video Tom Brady highlights 2017 *photo*
I miss watching Tom Brady play on Sundays 😭
Essentially if we keep the pocket clean every play, we've got our own edition of Tom Brady heading to Chicago. Pray…
We're partnering w/ Tom Brady & to bring you TB12 Performance Meals!
I recruited Tom Brady as a 3-5 round guy like Griese. That was a consensus at E-W game.
Colts drafted Rob Morris, Marcus Washington, David Macklin, Josh Williams and Matt Johnson before Tom Brady was picked by Patriots.
randy had his stats boosted by playing with Tom Brady. Owens never had a similar caliber qb and is still only 3 TDs behind Moss
Tom Brady could always use another ring for his trophy case
"Terrell Owens isn't a hall of famer" and "I knew Tom Brady would be Tom Brady" is Polian trolling or senile? Eithe…
This boy said people like Johnny Manzel more than Tom Brady 😂
Mann *** *** *** Tom Brady don't need no more help the NFL need to be like the NBA and start blocking trades and s…
The one player Myles Garrett wants to sack the most this season is Tom Brady. Why? He's a huge Peyton Manning fan. http…
Tom Brady was a bystander on SB team that had Willie McGinest, Kevin Faulk, David Boston and Rodney Harrison. Youre wrong.
She catch it like Owens I throw it like Tom Brady
Patriots are looking to acquire a receiver for QB Tom Brady
John Ross is fast, but he's not Tom Brady fast 💨💨
Tom Brady really about to get Brandon Marshall for the low low
go go the patriots B Tom Brady and Brandon Marshall 🤔
Yall ready to let Tom Brady get Brandon Marshall tho
Yo Marshall Faulk, Erik Dickerson, Tom Brady, & Deshone Kizer are all staying at the same hotel as us tonight 😍
[Larry Brown Sports] - Tom Brady poses with his shirt from NFL combine
who the fk is Tom Brady product of the system drafted by Brown's jags would be a BUM
I'm more tight about Nicki Minaj deflate gate than I was Tom Brady's.
.on which NFL QB he most wants to sack: "Tom Brady.". Why?. "I'm a Peyton Manning fan," he said, smiling.…
Why are people excited about Brandon Marshall? The dude thinks JJ Watt is better than Tom Brady
Tom Brady with a hungry Brandon Marshall = Repeat lol
If Brandon Marshall signs with the patriots it's gonna be a problem. One of the most talented red zone targets with Tom Brady @ quarterback
Something to remember while digesting the NFL Draft/Combine: In 2000, Courtney Brown was drafted No. 1 & Tom Brady was drafted No. 199.
Tom Brady may have a new go-to option to light up the NFL with.
I believe Brandon Marshall would put up Randy Moss type numbers with Tom Brady.
Tom Brady is retiring after this season so I can see Brandon Marshall going there to get a ring.
Brandon Marshall would have 100+, 1500+, and 15+ with Tom Brady. . And probably even go to the playoffs for the fir…
If Brandon Marshall go to the patriots it's only gone be another randy moss and Tom Brady error 🙏🏾
Tom Brady's latest Instagram post will give you some weekend motivation
Tom Brady recalls his brutal NFL combine scouting report
did Tom Brady follow Brian Griese at Michigan not Drew Henson
Wow, Tom Brady really saved his combine gear from 17 years ago.(📷: tombrady/Instagram)
the term the "GOAT" is overused. Should be saved for Tom Brady, Jordan, Gretzky, George Strait, Billy Walters and Winston Churchill.
On one hand, there's John Elway, Jim Kelly, and Tom Brady. On the other, there's Trent Dilfer.
If knew Trump liked his steak with ketchup and he was BFF with Tom Brady, no way he would've wo…
Our guest says the late Bill Paxton looks like a mix of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.
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Tom Brady, tony snow, I just backdoored your ***
Falcons fans when they were watching Tom Brady shred their defence and start to comeback
I liked a video Tom Brady better than Joe Montana? Bill Romanowski weighs in | UNDISPUTED
Tired of hearing Tom Brady is the GOAT. Peyton Manning has more passing yards, touchdowns, MVPs, and pro bowls.
literally called Dak being the next Tom Brady from a mile away
BREAKING: Prison Mike has been named a key suspect in the case of Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey.
amen brother, Kyle Shanehan won the the not Tom Brady.
Tom Brady has taken finding his missing Super Bowl jersey into his own hands.
Best comment on Kyle's comments about tires:. It turns out Tom Brady was at the race and now works for Goodyear. .
In their 5 Super Bowl victories offenses led by Tom Brady have scored 0 points in the 1st Quarter. In the 4th Q t…
Tom Brady shares hilarious 'suspect board' in search for missing Super Bowl
But some straight people are the equivalent of Satan. Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Tom Brady, Pat Robertson, Paris H…
I'm going to bed. Night. I love Tom Brady, Ethan Dolan, you guys, & ketchup ✌
Kyle Lowry is Tom Brady. The Toronto Raptors don't have a Jimmy Garoppolo. Just a couple of Brock Osweilers.
Pat it's still high. When Peyton was finishing he lowered his salary and if I am not mistaken hasn't Tom Brady done that
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Donald Trump will always be a footnote in the legacies of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick
Tom Brady needs to chill out with the ski jumps before bill kills him himself
I had a dream I made a joke and Tom Brady came from a different room to laugh at it.
Great quote from Mel Kiper Jr. in "Tom Brady had the worst vertical and slowest 40 time of any QB in last 35 yrs of the NFL draft"
Tom Brady making it real hard to continue hating him with his jersey thief suspect board w/not only Gary Oak but crab peopl…
Tom Brady narrows down his list of jersey-stealing 'suspects' via probably one of Mike Pense's ss agents.
Tom Brady started an Instagram account to prove he's really into South Park.
Going from Obama to Trump is like going from America-bashing Colin Kapernick to 5-time champion Tom Brady!!
offensive coordinator Tee Martin compared Sam Darnold's leadership ability to the likes of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodg…
Tom Brady teaming up with Aston Martin via
the Dolan twins have more followers than Tom Brady... how
Tom Brady's "Suspect Board" for his stolen jersey includes several familiar faces (incl. his own courtroom sketch): https…
Tom Brady creates 'suspect board' would be my prime suspect he scooted off that stage pretty quickly
The three most important things in my life are Tom Brady, Ethan Dolan, & ketchup.
Things that are faster than my MacBook: Turtles, Snails, Tom Brady.
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Life in Prison: Potential sentence for Tom Brady jersey thief...
If Tom Brady were Trump: "We won the Super Bowl by more points than any game ever played!". Isnt being President enough for…
Here's the logical mistake we must stop making when it comes to Donald Trump and Tom Brady
We all know stole that tom brady jersey.He loves him some thomas brady!!
he may look like Tom Brady but he has the voice of Fergie and Jesus
Robert Kraft says it "just wasn’t fair" that Tom Brady's reputation was attacked during Deflategate saga
Police value Tom Brady stolen jersey at $500K
Gotta hand it to the pats and Tom Brady…dude is a machine
If you could think of one person's shirt that if it was stolen it's a felony only Tom Brady deserves that respect https:…
is feeling like Tom Brady. Somebody give him a trophy and ring for his W's.
I'm a pretty good winner. I'm a terrible loser. And I rub it in pretty good when I win. Tom Brady
Y'all thought Tom Brady was gonna help bring KD to the celtics😂
with Tom Brady... wow. So good. Awesome how Tom touched on the tough issues.
“I always remember him coming down the stairs at the old stadium.” Robert Kraft talks about meeting Tom Brady.
"If Tom Brady had lost lost 5 games en route to his give Superbowl rings then he would have no rings" -magic Johnson   10% Off
Tom Brady's daughter is already a world class skiier & he makes a South Park reference in his latest post. This guy is unsto…
Uggs got me feeling like Tom Brady.
Hey I hope you're having a great day, but if you're not then here's a reminder that Tom Brady has five rings
Houston Police still in search of Tom Brady's Super Bowl 51 jersey. Valued at $500,000
Tom Brady & Gisele are co-hosting the Met Gala with Katy Perry!!
Houston police have listed Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl LI game jersey as a first-degree felony.
Tom Brady's uniform is worth more than my house. That's discouraging.
Following another thrilling Super Bowl victory star came in studio and brought his bes…
How much is that missing Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey worth, anyway? According to the police report, $500,000.
is the Tom Brady of the rap game .. Two Albums one week , praise him !!!
Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey is valued at 1/2 million dollars.
Houston Police Department continues to search for Tom Brady’s missing jersey, and its value is wild 💰💰💰
So I'm convinced Tom Brady took his own jersey for attention. 😂
(Dylan Ryan Saint Anselm College) could you compare yourself to Tom Brady as the best ever at your job?
Tom Brady for Senate?: David Freddoso Elizabeth Warren has shown some weakness in the polls ahead of her 2018…
Tom Brady's first touchdown in Super Bowl 51...but for the wrong team
I don't want to get married. I'm very independent & I'm fine with Tom Brady & Ethan Dolan being the only guys I'll ever love.
we need a dna test because i think Tom Brady might be your father
better be careful, didnt you hear what happened to Tom Brady after he stole a certain Sparkly Crotch's nickname?
Please god somebody keep Mark Walhberg away from the proposed Tom Brady movie.
I'm Tom Brady got that full court dime
[NFL Nation: New England Patriots] - Red Sox owners to team: Be like Tom Brady, Patriots
Willie will play himself in the Tom Brady movie carrying Lombardi trophy. "No audio though" 😂 Good one
I wish me Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady were all wedding crashers at Jim and Pam's wedding
The things some people do. A Tom Brady tattoo on your fanny? Just. Wrong. Check it out:
Tom Brady is the only QB in NFL History to throw 5 TD's in one quarter.
Let the "name Tom Brady after Pokemon's Snorlax" jokes commence.
Tom Brady, Cal Ripken, and You! Be your organizations MVP by registering for KTL's MVP Training at UC 2017!
Report: Tom Brady, Patriots have had ‘very early’ talks on new contract
. 2say Tom Brady is 1of the greatest QB's ever is accurate; but 2say greatest plyr is a slap in the face 2 plyrs like Jerry Rice
Tom Holland as Tom Brady in the draft stage. Jeff Goldblum as Roger Goodell and Norm McDonald as Robert Kraft...
A movie and book about Tom Brady's life. I can die a happy man. Cannot wait
Tom Brady sort of implied that taking the high road is the key to his success
Chris Evans wants to play Tom Brady. Chris Hemsworth looks like Brady. This'll be interesting.
There's going to be a Tom Brady biopic? The Chris Evans vs. Matt Damon vs. Ben Affleck battle will be epic. Although, Chris Hemsworth is Tom
an then as he jumps up and down like Tom Brady did. Then interviews Gronk as Dan Patrick...
Chris Evans should play Tom Brady in a movie
Dishonest media saying Mama June is hot. WRONG! Lies- she looks like Tom Brady deflated Jabba the Hutt. Sad
ICYMI: Zoo Atlanta named a cockroach after Tom Brady.
You remember when Tom Brady threw for 466 and came back from 28-3 and the MUD DOGS WON THE BOURBON BOWL
My grandkids are gonna be like. papa tell us about that time Tom Brady won his 5th Super Bowl and Atlanta died.
Friends, Family, & fans. Please help get this video to Tom Brady!! We need a cure please. Visit f…
I try to get over YT Evans and his Pats loving, Tom Brady loving *** but there he comes, posting a selfie with his…
Definition of A Class Act: When Tom Brady writes a letter to recommend Jason Taylor for the Hall of Fame.
Robert Kraft: Tom Brady's missing jersey 'will be back,' update could come soon.
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Tom Brady gave his family an adorable Valentine's Day shout-out.
Tom brady throwing things you like i've never have found over the most rewarding.
Prayers and condolences to Tom Brady and the friends and family of Logan Schoenhardt. Logan's in God's loving arms... RIP
In moments, we share story of Logan Schoenhardt's battle, and his special bond with Tom Brady.
An Atlanta zoo has named a cockroach after Patriots quarterback Tom Brady 😕.
For all who want to listen to Part 1 of the Tom Brady podcast NOT in iTunes, here’s the link:…
I've tackled fleeing drunks better than what Tom Brady just showcased.
If TOM BRADY says he's okay with teammates missing a White House visit that says something!
Tom Brady (Comeback Kid) is the greatest quarter back of all time!
Tom Brady is GOAT. No more arguments. I'm a Joe Montana fan. But TB12 just passed him
if you think Phil Kessel is better than Tom Brady.
Is it normal to make out with your father like Tom Brady does?
[The Comeback] - Tom Brady says White House visits were never a “political thing” for him, says teammates have “th…
Tom Brady is OK with Patriots players skipping the team's White House visit: "Everybody has their own choice."
That story on espn shows that Tom Brady is a great guy
Someone Created a Hilarious Bart Starr and Tom Brady Meme. Meme of the year!!! 😂😂😂😂
That E60 about the kid who wanted to meet Tom Brady *** near made me cry
Carpe Diem Tom Brady fine with Patriots team-mates refusing Trump White House visit
Tom Brady's friend Logan Schoenhardt lost his long battle with brain cancer last night. Logan passed away surrounded by fami…
A look back at the victory parade: Tom Brady's speech to the fans |
After losing a Super Bowl bet with had to name a baby animal after Tom Brady. They chose a Madagascar hi…
Are we still going or what? Last time I checked the Bay gave birth to Tom Brady, G-Eazy, Kehlani and Google
Logan Schoenhardt Meets Tom Brady. New article for by Read at:
This is what Tom Brady actually said, and why the USA Today headline was so negligent.
Jason Taylor was "floored" by Tom Brady's letter that helped get him into the Hall of Fame http…
Guess what the Atlanta Zoo named after Tom Brady: More than a week after the Falcons fell victim to the biggest…
Atlanta zoo names cockroach after Patriots QB Tom Brady
Atlanta Zoo settles Super Bowl bet by naming hissing cockroach after Tom Brady.
Atlanta zoo names hissing cockroach after Tom Brady
The same Tom Brady who refused to visit the White House when Obama was president?
Bandwagon: Tom Brady's the GOAT. Me: You were calling them cheaters before they won last Sunday. Bandwagon: That wasn't me…
CORRECTION: Tom Brady in favor of 'putting politics aside' when it comes to visiting the White House.
Zoo Atlanta lost a bet, had to name a baby animal "Tom Brady." Meet the world's newest Madagascar hissing cockroach
USA Today dropped a clickbaity and incorrect headline about Tom Brady and teammates attending the White House
Tom Brady on "Outside of football, the one thing I like to do is to prepare for it."
Tom Brady on his teammates skipping the White House visit: "Everybody has their own choice" htt…
Robert Kraft: Stealing Tom Brady's jersey 'like taking a great Chagall or Picasso'
Robert Kraft makes interesting prediction about fate of Tom Brady's stolen jersey -
Tom Brady supports Trump. Belichick supports Trump. Robert Kraft supports Trump. The Falcons allowed me to photograph my first NFL game.
Easy call - Heck Yeah! Joe Montana: I can't call Tom Brady, or anyone, the best ever via
Robert Kraft vows to get back Tom Brady's 'missing' Super Bowl jersey via
Tom Brady has defeated the league MVP six times in his playoff career, including twice in the Super Bowl. . Joe Montana d…
Ric Flair > Tom Brady (until Tom Brady agrees to become a recurring guest)
They really did the guy with the Tom Brady jersey dirty 😂😂😂.
Tom Brady takes deep inside his Super Bowl rally and explains why it wasn't one of his best games ever
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To put into perspective just how great John Cena's career is, he has 11 more championships than Tom Brady!
Most Rings in NFL history. Most Super Bowl MVP's in NFL history. Tom Brady is the Greatest player of all time, and it's…
Did Patrick Clark do his corny Tom Brady jokes?
Just a reminder that Tom Brady skipped the White House when Patriots won the Superbowl and President Obama was in office.
"Hi I'm Tom Brady, the greatest QB of all time. I have as many SuperBowl rings as Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and…
Private Gomer Pyle (Vincent D'Onofrio) stole Tom Brady's jersey and hid it in his foot locker. R. Lee Ermey discovered it at 0500 hours.
Tom Brady won a Super Bowl after missing 4 games. Aaron Rodgers made the NFC title game with NO *** RB
I respect Tom Brady bc/ of his respect for Aaron Rodgers. He knows Rodgers is the most talented in the game and is not afraid to express it!
My dream wedding has Tom Brady as the minister
I would like to thank Patrick Clarke for wearing the Tom Brady jersey to Always nice to hear a "Eli Manning" chant.
...a couple of years back (iirc) Tom Brady did not visit the White House with the team when Obama was POTUS. Therefore, largely a non-story.
This is the letter from Patriots QB Tom Brady to HOF voters pushing for to be inducted
Funny thing about Tom Brady: The more he accomplishes, the more other QBs' resumes diminish.
Steve Young was a Cowboy fan too, while Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were 49er fans. You ain't going to Dallas, buddy. Sorry.
List of reasons why Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady:
I'll save you a click: No. I won't concede that, but ask me again when Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are done with their careers.…
Good morning everybody. Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady.
As expected, place went bananas for the Patrick Clark trying to get 12 chants in a Tom Brady jersey.
QBs with a higher TD rate than Marcus Mariota since he entered the league:. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers
Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice, Tom Brady. Greatest football players of all time.
Joe Montana says he can't say whether Tom Brady is the greatest of all time.
Tom Brady isn't the GOAT in NFL history. Arguably, the GOAT at his position. Jim Brown, Sayers, LT, even Rice changed the game.
Houston's chief of police isn't too worried about finding Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey. .
Jerry Rice? Jim Brown? Tom Brady? Can make legit arguments for each of them...personal preference.
Houston police have established a time line for when Tom Brady's jersey was stolen. They're pretty sure it happened after th…
Boom! Trump needs to call his buddy Tom Brady to see how to deal with his deflated balls!
Tom Brady texted Isaiah Thomas "Its your turn next" after winning the Super Bowl. That's weird, he doesn't play for the…
Lawrence Taylor's coach was Bill Parcells. A great coach. Tom Brady is held accountable for the whole offensive scheme.
My thoughts on whether Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady's deals should be a ceiling for Kirk Cousins via
They did the dude with the Tom Brady jersey dirty. 😂
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Tom Brady 🐐 inspired by Mike Bassett. 'You'll be a man, my son'.
Tom Brady's dad: "I think Goodell realizes how big a meathead he is." Good stuff from here:
Tom Brady nearly committed to Cal in high school, nearly transferred to Cal in college via
Tom Brady: Please take a moment to acknowledge those who came before you.
my love for Tom Brady has officially become unhealthy at this point
It sure was, Bob Kraft and Tom Brady are Trump supporters, they're definitely winners! :)
John F'n Elway, Tito Ortiz, Matt Leinart, John Rocker, & Tom Brady (he's the GOAT, doesn't mean he can't make the list!)
Mike Wilbon said Jim Brown and Tom Brady are the best football players of all time? Ever heard of Jerry Rice?
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are to the NFL what Tim Duncan and Greg Popovich were to the NBA
Isaiah Thomas says Tom Brady texted him after the Super Bowl. He said, "It's your turn next."
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