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Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Tom Brady, Jr. (born August 3, 1977) is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL).

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MVP race: Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson (sorry Kareem Hunt, but you've dropped out)
This is such crap! Tom Brady didn't even get a suspension this severe for cheating AT football!!! What a witch hunt.
With Jimmy Garoppolo traded to SF, the Patriots now buying into the idea that Tom Brady can play well into his 40’s.
Makes me so angry. Why not just deal Jimmy Garoppolo for a first in the offseason?! And who’s the backup if Tom Brady goe…
The Patriots were not going to pay Jimmy Garoppolo more than Tom Brady, and if they franchised Jimmy G that would have been the case.
Tom Brady's backups have not had much long-term success outside of New England. Jimmy Garoppolo is latest who will get…
Who will be Tom Brady's backup now that Jimmy Garoppolo is gone?
If I’m in the playoff hunt playing the Pats it’s illegal Tom Brady hits all game..
Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa combined for 19 total pressures on New England Patriots QB Tom Brady in Week 8.
Tom Brady's Halloween costume will be ... avocado and toast?: Tom Brady's Halloween costume…
Tom Brady revealed what he and Gisele are wearing for Halloween
Tom Brady so elite at dumpoffs he is closing in on Trent Edwards territory
Let's be honest: If Kiko Alonso did that to Tom Brady, NFL would have tried to send his whole family to prison.
"Interesting sign. Why Tom Brady?" "Oh, I just hate Tom Brady, that's all." counterprotester opposing whit…
Curious who had the most targets from Tom Brady? Check the Play Index!
If Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady were Black NFL QB's and took a knee. They would still be playing and own…
Patriots now have their masshole fans taking mission trips to spread the name of their God, Tom Brady (volume ⬆️) https:/…
Gonna be a handful of North Shore Dads driving these around with their Tom Brady jerseys tucked into their Peter Mi…
Alonso would be in jail in like Lithuania if that was Tom Brady
Just can’t see Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady. doing this. You are a pro Cam.. act like it
That was the night Tom Brady finished taking Matt Ryan’s soul.
Excerpt from Julian Edelman's book makes Tom Brady look even cooler than we previous thought.
Tom Brady continues to dominate the in many ways his skills in the field are one of a king even at his age.
"He weighed 188 lbs soaking wet.". The Hustle: Charlie Weis on Tom Brady and handing him the keys to the
Belichick is the greatest but without Tom Brady and Lawrence Taylor there would be no fist full of rings. People forget these things.
Skip thinks Tom Brady will win NBA MVP, and Nick Wright thinks LeBron is currently leading NFL MVP
Carson Wentz is on pace for 4,233 passing yards, 38 TDs, 9 INTs. Here’s a list of guys who’ve done that: Tom Brady, Aaron Rod…
Jimmy Kimmel singled out Tom Brady's 'beautiful blue eyes' after fog game via
just said that Aaron Rogers is better than Tom Brady and the only reason Tom wins more is coaching. Alert the authorities
Tom Brady, Alex Smith & Deshaun Watson are tied for the NFL lead with 15 TD passes. Brady & Smith have 7 starts, Watson has…
.= Aaron Rogers + Tom Brady + Darren Sproles all rolled up in one REALLY GOOD QB!!.
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I like I don’t consider him a franchise QB though. I don’t think Kyle is going to turn him into Tom Brady
Have you seen Tom Brady, not mobile, run a 2 minute drill? He manages that team and gets them where they…
The first thing you must be to beat the Patriots is smart...and giving Tom Brady half a field to work already up 2 scor…
I added a video to a playlist Peter King On Matt Ryan, Tom Brady & Dallas Cowboys and More
All for mom. sits down with Galynn and Tom Brady, Sr. 📺:
Because youre a cowboys homer and have a *** for Tom Brady
Tom Brady's mother, Galynn, was honored as a cancer survivor at the Patriots game as part of A Crucial Catch. ❤️ 
While we like to think that Tom Brady is a Super Bowl-winning, pretty boy (lol). You can hear his sincerity on discussion of his mother.
Great Quarterbacks are hard to fight. Joe Montana, John Unitas, Bart Starr, John Elway, Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady are the best ever
It's like playing madden as Tom Brady with this camera angle. . And I love it 🐐
Peter: I love you . Me: Aww I love you too. Peter, pointing at the tv: I was actually talking about Tom Brady but you're alright
Matt Ryan is closer to Andy Dalton than Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady
Tom Brady: better than ever at 40 years young.
Tom Brady - the only guy in the that you're not allowed to tackle.
My nephew Brady has a favorite player and it's not Denard Robinson. It's the 🐐 Tom Brady, go figure.
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Tom Brady and Chris Hogan greeted military members before the start of 🇺🇸
So apparently, Blake Bortles and Marcedes Lewis are Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski these days. That’s a development.
In February, Tom Brady played the game of his life. It was all for mom. If you watch one thing today, make it this. 📺:
😂😂😂 you know Anthony Carter, Desmond Howard, Tom Brady and Charles Woodson never would’ve allowed this. smh 💪🏾
After catching that ball, George Springer yelled the Tom Brady exultation "LET'S GO!!!".
"I want to go to speakers circle and yell about how great Tom Brady and David Ortiz are because nobody can stop me." - my dad
Heacock will have that D ready to rock and Kyle "Tom Brady" Kempt will be ready to roll.
Despite having 5 Championship rings, Tom Brady has never beat Blake Bortles in the Super Bowl.
Tom Brady, Mayor Walsh and more share thoughts on 'brave, courageous, inspirational' Devin Suau…
Beer-chugging, cliff golf and pranks: Tales of Tom Brady at 40 . . . -
Falcons D.C. Marquand Manuel on Tom Brady. "the best to ever do it". .
BEST SEGMENT OF THE DAY: Appreciate the greatness of LeBron James and Tom Brady
At least Tony Romo man. C’mon it’s very slight that Brett would recreate what Tom Brady did…
Tom Brady reached out to Aaron Rodgers after his injury
Why on God's green earth was Tom Brady suspended for 4 games
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I hate her more than I hate Tom Brady, Tom Wilson, and Tom Green.
Tom Brady passes Peyton Manning and Brett Favre on the all-time QB wins list
QBs the Browns have passed on in the draft: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tim Tebow, Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, and Deshaun Watson.
Welp looks like it’ll be Brett Hundley the rest of the way. This is how Tom Brady and Brett Favre got their starts.
When your organization has passed on Donovan McNabb, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, and Des…
I drafted Aaron Rodgers on all 3 teams, Matt Ryan (2), Tom Brady (1) for flex position. Jameis Winston backup on all 3. Dow…
Sharp defense by Morris Claiborne with that pass breakup. Jets' defense has shut down Tom Brady and Co. through three drives.
Lol. Exactly. I'll take 100 Rasheed Wallace/Ochocinco types before 1 Tom Brady (no offense to Pats Nation)
Start Deshaun Watson or Tom Brady? Keep Alfred Morris or pick up Elijah Mcgwire?
Tom Brady and Christian McCaffrey have the same YPC.
Tom Brady will get suspended somehow
QB Tom Brady, on his left shoulder injury: “I'm good. Not worried about it.” He says he’ll be out there Sunday.
“There are three players in this league that I would want as my QB”:. 1. Aaron Rodgers. 2. Tom Brady. 3. Matthew Stafford. 📺…
I can’t believe Alex looked worse than Tom Brady in Foxboro two years ago throwing to Jason…
When debating, is to Jarmacus Russell as is to Tom Brady.
Remember Dak was never going to be a starter in the league. Also, Tom Brady was an afterthough…
Tom Brady could beat the blindfolded with his injured arm tied behind his back
Tom Brady missing at practice. With no injury report today, team won't have to reveal why
Tom Brady was again the GOAT tonite. Pats can't protect him. He's mostly throwing to 2 undrafted guys, Amendola/Hogan.…
Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady , LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. Yet both Tom and Michael are more accomplished.
Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, if you leave either of those guys over a minute and a timeout you might as well just quit.…
I have Tom Brady & Alex Smith. I wanna upgrade my RBs or WRs. Who should I trade away?
Tom Brady has more 4th quarter comebacks
The Bucs are putting more pressure on Tom Brady than a college student with an essay due at midnight, man. Don’t forget to…
The fact that my sports life has involved rooting against Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, and now Bryce Harper pains me. All such likeable athletes
Tom Brady has 1702 passing yards in 5 games... no Julian Edelman or Malcolm Mitchell
Jameis Winston and Tom Brady catch up in the tunnel underneath Raymond James Stadium as Brady heads to the team buses. https…
I don't know what happened in the game last night but I do know that Gerald McCoy sacked Tom Brady.
Tom Brady for last night's W - boom from Impeccable a few months ago Panini America
Tom Brady tied Peyton Manning and Brett Favre for an all-time record in Bucs win
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Tom Brady ties Brett Favre and Payton Manning for most wins in NFL History (186)
With this victory, Tom Brady has tied the record held by Peyton Manning and Brett Favre for most career wins by…
FINAL: 19 || Buccaneers 14. Tom Brady ties Brett Favre and Peyton Manning as the winningest regular season QB in…
Tom Brady has now tied Brett Favre and Peyton Manning for the most regular season wins in NFL history! (186)
Tom Brady's TD to Chris Hogan at Raymond James Stadium is the 39th football stadium he's thrown a touchdown pass at in his N…
Justin Evans is the first rookie to intercept Tom Brady since the Jets' Marcus Williams in Week 16 of the 2014...
rookie Justin Evans with a pick of Tom Brady in his first NFL start. Nice start for the kid for sure
I mean look at Tom Brady. That's how he got his name he went on and took over Drew Bledsoe's patriots. It…
Tom Brady playing at 45? Maybe! Jaromir Jagr playing at 45, reality !! Amazing...
My wife: “I will cheer for Tom Brady before Cam Newton now!” 😱 You messed up BIG Cam!
Bet this would have even made the beat had Tom Brady said that... People are looking to make something out of nothing "Cam Newton"
Cam is 3-1 on the season and beat Tom Brady last week
shame, now I have to dislike cam more than I dislike Tom Brady
Would the same outrage be there for Tom Brady had he said the same thing Cam said? Just wondering.
if Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady said what Cam said the perception of the comments would be different.
*** women reporters didn't make this much noise after finding out Tom Brady was a deadass Trump supporter...let Cam black *** make a joke 😒
Cam, you just beat Tom Brady and the Patriots..
Cam Newton just beat Tom Brady last week...he on his high horse...let him live 😂
if Tom Brady would have said what Cam Newton did the mainstream press would lose their minds.
Deion Sanders I LOVE YOU!💞Always tells it like it is. . Tom Brady is GOAT🐐 Cam Newton suck…
Cam beat Tom Brady and lost his mind
Cam Newton beats a woman named Tom Brady in her home on Sunday, no criticism. Cam makes a joke about a woman today, mass…
Patriots: Tom Brady off to one of his best starts ever despite facing more pressure - Mike Reiss (ESPN)
This is a great quote from Buccaneers DC Mike Smith on Tom Brady's placement.
Tom Brady could be on pace to throw for 100,000 yards this season 🐐
Tom Brady, the G.O.A.T., is a System QB via
I went on the Tom Brady diet and workout plan and it changed my life
I can drop Roethlisberger but I have to keep Smith for Tom Brady's but week
Tom Brady is the Lance Armstrong of the NFL
Tom Brady, Wayne Brady, Mike Brady, it didn't matter. Hold this L.
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Where is NE 2001 season... They began with Drew Bledsoe and won the SB with Tom Brady (11-3 during that stretch)
Drew Bledsoe went out with an injury...then Tom Brady came in and played..the rest is history. At t…
Tom Brady heaps praise on Wes Welker in trailer for former Patriots A Football Life
I agree with that curve, but Tom Brady sat behind Drew Bledsoe until he got a chance. Deshaun Watson d…
In 2001 the Patriots were 1-3 before Tom Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe. In 2017 the Bears are 1-3 and Mitchell Trubi…
Heck a throw by Tom Brady to find Chris Hogan in the back of the end zone. Went right behind Mike Adams.
Vandy QB was hypMotized on sideline by Days Of Our Lives Dr.Marlena Evans Craig Brady Black Black Evans. Thinks he's Tom Brady.
Breaking: Roger Goodell suspends Tom Brady for 6 games and fines the Patriots $1,000,000 for the Danny Trevathan hit on De…
There are only 3 QB's who I'd take over Matthew Stafford right now: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan.
racist ray lewis now an analyst laughed at Tom Brady said no deep balls since Randy Moss. Hey *** analyst, Chri…
I didn't know Tom Brady, Tony Gonzales, Bruce Smith or Mean Joe Greene went to Tennessee.. ohh, wait, none did!
Tom Brady and Ted Williams might be the only people in Boston pro sports history that are bulletproof
For the 2nd straight week, Tom Brady, Kareem Hunt and Antonio Brown are the NFL yardage leaders.
Fantasy Football Week 4 Rankings: Kareem Hunt vaults to the top of the rankings, while Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers
Know who Tom Brady would have been if he'd been drafted by anyone but the Patriots? Carson Palmer.
QB Carson Palmer is 3rd in NFL in passing yards behind only Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady. Larry Fitz leads…
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady calls President Trump's comments about the NFL in recent days "divisive."
Tom Brady would be killed behind that line. There's no quarterback available or on their roster…
The difference between Carson Palmer and Tom Brady is how they treat their bodies off the field .
Carson Palmer has had more Cowboys on top of him in the last 5 minutes than Tom Brady on "Rodeo Night" at the club
Cardinals Palmer is a poor version of Tom Brady
Big TD! Solid lead! Thank God it's Carson Palmer and not Tom Brady!
Tom Brady could have jaundice and still be better looking than Carson Palmer.
Carson Palmer is *** Larry should be catching passes from Tom Brady.
Carson Palmer with the QB sneak reminds me of Tom Brady
Carson Palmer looks like Dexter had sex with Tom Brady
If you add Carson Palmer's age & Larry Fitzgerald's age I still don't think they equal Tom Brady's age.
Lmaoo Carson Palmer looking like Tom Brady on y'all secondary
Just like spare *** Semien looking like Tom Brady last week. Then lost to the Bills. Carson Palmer barely beat the colts
The Cowboys defense is making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady :(
This defense needs to it step up!They’re making Carson Palmer look like mf Tom Brady 😤
Psh. No one is overreacting. So anyway, like I was saying: Palmer is basically just a better Tom Brady.
Leave it to the Cowboys to make Carson Palmer look like he's Tom Brady
Carson Palmer out there looking like Tom Brady! Just when I thought we had a decent defense!!
Jerry Jones this is what happens when you don’t bring in Haden or Revis, Carson Palmer looking like Tom Brady right now
Cowboys defense is so bad they’re making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady.
One week after making Simien look like Manning, Cowboys making 85-year old Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady.
Scandrick goes to the locker room meanwhile we make Trevor Siemian and Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
11 straight completions. Y'all making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
Making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady smfh
When our defense makes Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
Cowboys are making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
We’re making Palmer look like Tom Brady.
Carson Palmer is looking like Tom Brady out there
defense making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady.   10% Off
Leave it to our d to make Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
This is truly some nonsense lmao. We’re out here making Carson Palmer’S bum *** look like Tom Brady lmaoo
We’re making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady out there
Tom Brady is killing them out their. I mean Carson Palmer.
making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady shredding the D
Is it me or does Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady in the pocket right now? 😂
Tom Brady is 3 years older than Carson Palmer... Do any of us REALLY understand how great TB12 is?! 🐐 🐐 🐐
Only the Cowboys can let Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady smh
See what I mean about this Dallas defense. They will make Palmer look like Tom Brady.
This sorry secondary would make Palmer look like Tom Brady 😂🍗
Palmer looking like Tom Brady right now. Come on, - step it up on D!
Dallas about to make Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
I think of Carson Palmer as an old man and Tom Brady as ancient. Then I realize I'm older than the 1st and 1yr younger than the later. 😥
Trent Dilfer on how Carson Palmer can get the passing game going tonight: "He's gotta be Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady" ... welp
John Wall calls on Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers to take a stand. (via
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They made Case Keenum look like Tom Brady really well.
Tom Brady is delusional. What did President Trump say that was divisive? The NFL is desperately trying to flip this whol…
Once again, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers separated from the rest of the NFL
Tom Brady this morning: "I certainly disagree with what he said. I thought it was just divisive."
So you're asking me to pick either Tom Brady or our President? I chose Donald Trump America's President! Are You Am…
Tom Brady, who is friends with Trump, joined teammates in locking arms during the anthem before the Patriots’ game
I mean he didn’t quite live up to the hype in Seattle. I guess Matt Hasselbeck and Tom Brady are two totally different QBs huh?
Cena might be the best of all time. He's 30% Tom Brady, 30% Wayne Brady, 30% Greg Brady and 10% Virgil.
We need Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Jerry Jones to then the rest of you will understand!!
Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady shared these posts on Instagram this morning.
QB Tom Brady live postgame press conference:
Tom Brady on locking arms with Phillip Dorsett during the national anthem. "I have a lot of love for my teammates."
Don't give Tom Brady the ball with time left in the fourth quarter, or this might happen:
Tom Brady is a goat but the game was won then lost with the Moore int drop
Tom Brady strikes again. Still the clutchest QB ever at age 40. TD pass and 2-pt pass with :23 left.
This is Tom Brady's 27th regular season game with at least 4 touchdowns, the third-most all-time (P. Manning 35, Brees 31).
Tom Brady: 3 Pass TD. . The Patriots are 15-1 in games when Brady throws at least 3 TD in the first half (lost Week 3 of…
Tom Brady and Aaron both endorsing kneeling. wanna see them actually do it
Tom Brady posts on Instagram picture of him and James White -
It's weird that Tom Brady skipped a White House meeting without Trump throwing a fit but Curry doesn't get the same court…
Larry bird, Micheal Jordan, James Harrison, Albert Pujols, Tom Brady and plenty more have all done the same thing.
☡ LeBron James takes a stand. Tom Brady = Crickets. True Colours shine in the darkest moments. over Division
Tom Brady has 2.8 million followers. . James White is in this photo, who is No. 28. . Guys, James White will score 28 po…
A lot of people fail to acknowledge the fact that Tom Brady declined the White House invite when Obama was in office.
How is it any different than Tom Brady not going to the White House? Guess it's only different when it's con…
Tom Brady chose not to come to the White House and Trump didn’t say a thing.
Donald Trump is Voldemort. Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick are Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. And Tom Brady is Draco.
16 years ago today, Tom Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe. The rest is history...
my top ten is Joe Montana Bart star Terry branshaw Fran tank for vinking Jim Kelly Roger Starback Dan Marino etc. Tom Brady no# 10
16 years ago today, Tom Brady came in for Drew Bledsoe and the rest as they say is history
All purpose parts banner
Trump just wants the good players that kneel like Kaepernick off the field because he wants that fascist Tom Brady to w…
Tom Brady skipped Patriots trip to the WH. Trump said nothing. Trying to figure out the difference between Brady and Steph…
16 years ago today, Drew Bledsoe went down vs the Jets and a man named Tom Brady took over. The rest is history.. https:/…
STFU! U are the CROOKED MONSTER. just crawl back into the Caucus mountain cave u came from. Oh yea…
I'm dying to see Gwyneth Paltrow interview Tom Brady
nobody has ever play qb at a higher level than Tom Brady at the end of those two Super Bowl's against two teams Rogers lost to
and see what Tom Brady did to the team that beat and Rogers and NFC championship and the same thing last year Super Bowl
Tom Brady's claim that staying ultra-hydrated helps protect him from sunburn raises eyebrows on social media.
The TB12 store is a gift to those who already hated Tom Brady.
Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar and Tom Curren take us through the moments leading up to...
Quarterback Power Rankings: Is Tom Brady still the best in Week 3?
If he were as good as Tom Brady I'd have the same opinion. I also wouldn't want a KKK member to be on my team...
Plug just like Tom Brady, boy I caught everything
A morning that began with a chemotherapy treatment for 11-year-old Gabe Lester also included a special meeting with Tom Brady…
Why Kelce is more valuable to the Chiefs than Gronkowski is to the Patriots (and more film notes from
DVR'd an old Tom Brady game from college in '99. Watching it back now. Crazy to see how young he looks. All fired up after 2 INTs
Anyone want to do a study looking at publication of this nonsense and hyponatremia admissions?
If this article says that Tom Brady typically eats pizza from the campus center, I guess I won't need to read it.
In Tom Brady's new book, he says that drinking enough water will prevent sunburns??? 😑
Hap Likes Tom Brady. wonder you encrypted that!!
Congratulations to Tom Brady on being named AFC Offensive Player of the Week for the 28th time; an NFL record! ht…
Jamarcus Russell, no.1 overall. Tom Brady no. 199 overall. All anyone needs to know about nfl talent evaluators.
I'm responding to a totality of bias sir. I wat…
Think I found Tom Brady’s car in the Gillette parking lot today
Tom Brady: "I wonder what the next 10 years will bring"
If Tom Brady believes drinking 2.5 gal of water a day will keep you from getting a sun burn, then Manning must think Papa…
I have noticed this guy following around Tom Brady the past couple of years.
I love everybody. Everybody except Tom Brady, Jerome Harrison and that guy that made the G…
And your MVP favorites through two weeks are Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and ... Matthew Stafford:…
Didn't know her or Tom Brady had a book out. Think I heard of the Stephen King guy tho
Hillary Clinton’s book is No. 1 on Amazon, outselling Tom Brady and Stephen King
From Current NFL MVP odds have Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford all 5/1.
The Wayne Rooney court sketch isn't Tom Brady-level, but I am excited to see him play a boxer-turned-bodyguard in a Bri…
A great day when you reach and pass Hillary & Tom Brady on the bestseller list. Go Mary Neal!!…
star JJ Watt said today that Tom Brady donated $100K to his relief fund and Bill Belichick donated $50K. “Incredibly…
The Mooch says Tom Brady didn't go to the White House because he used to date Ivanka Trump. http…
the witch hunt for Tom Brady was similar to the witch hunt for . Barrack Hussein Obama created…
Did u know Zoo Atlanta named their baby Madagascar hissing cockroach after Tom Brady
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick 2-6 at mile high. QBs that beat em Brian Griese Jake Plu…
Jesse, a 2nd grader from Texas, had an assignment on creating his own monument. . He drew a picture of Tom Brady. He got an…
Tom Brady had one more rushing yard on Sunday than Ezekiel Elliott, who had only eight more than me.
Tom Brady threw for 447 yards, the most by any 40-year-old in NFL history. (via
Put your 'Tom Brady is washed' takes on hold (at least for another week)
Tom Brady just posted this on Instagram with caption:. "Theme for the week... Instant Chills.
So five-time Super Bowl winning QB Tom Brady thinks is qualified to be in the NFL. I mean, that's got to g…
Imagine thinking Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers lmfao. Rodgers has to do so much more for his team to even be c…
"Tom Brady" thinks Kaepernick should be in the NFL.
Tom Brady says Colin Kaepernick deserves a shot in the NFL
NFL round-up: LA Rams slip up yet again as New England Patriots bounce back with Tom Brady masterclass…
Add another HISTORIC performance to The Legend of Tom Brady.
Looks like Tom Brady got his swagger back!
You catch that Tom Brady knows the rules better than the refs.
Tom Brady was like a 5th grader playing tug of war. He had himself a field day out there, man. That was always the best da…
Tom Brady had more rushing yards than Zeke today 🐐😂
Not many QBs get better with age, but then there's Tom Brady
I heard Tom Brady ask that earlier. He threw outside the hash marks to a fullback in the 4th
Tom Brady sent a message in the 1st quarter Sunday.
Tom Brady the Potato died from boredom in 2050.
Haters: "Tom Brady and the Patriots are done". Me:
I wasn't even mad I was just like the defense really makin Trevor simian look like Tom Brady featured in NBC s Science of Love
Tom Brady has already thrown for 3 touchdowns in the first half. We have live NFL updates:
After Last week: "Tom Brady doesn't have it anymore at 40". This week: 447 yards and 3 TDS
Tom Brady is the best QB of all time and he thinks Kap should be in the league, think about that.
Drop tom brady now, your team doesnt deserve him 😣
Tom Brady on whether should be in the NFL. Slap in the face to 😂😂😂
So Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers have both spoke in support of Kaep's on field ability. The proclaimed best of the best. But he'…
Crazy: Tom Brady finished with more rushing yards today (9) than Ezekiel Elliott (8).
LA Rams slip up yet again as Tom Brady gets the New England Patriots back on track in NFL week two
Tom Brady wants to see Kap back in the NFL.
Aaron Rodgers is the quickest QB to 300 TD passes. Tom Brady:
"The worst people in the world are good people who turn their head when bad things happen and that's how I look at Tom Brad…
Tom Brady thinks Colin Kaepernick belongs in the NFL.
Bortles has 0 losses in the Super Bowl, Brady has 2. Blake Bortles >>>> Tom Brady
Zach Jones drafted Tom Brady with the 2nd Overall pick and Broncos D with his 5th rd pick.. He's now 2-0. This is why I don't play fantasy.
Tom Brady's stellar performance ranked him among the fantasy football winners of Week 2.
Not 1, not 2, not 3, not even 4. FIVE! Tom Brady threw for almost 450 yards today against the Saints. 3 T…
I won in the 2 leagues I have Jordy in. Lost in the 2 leagues I have Tom Brady in. I love fantasy football
Did you know that Tom Brady had more rushing yards than Ezekiel Elliott this Week 2?
Dan Quinn's sole purpose of being on this earth is to lose to Tom Brady
Tom Brady still has never begun a season 0-2 as starting QB of a team -
Today's matchup between Tom Brady and Drew Brees is the first in NFL history between 2 QB's voted to 10 Pro Bowls
Fantasy highs and lows of Week 2: Saints make Tom Brady look like Tom Brady again
See that stress that Dan Quinn wears because he has to try so hard to not think about the collapse. . Tom Brady did that to him.
Tom Brady and the Money Team & team *** Lightning both on track for W's in week 2😎
Week 2 Team MVP: my boy Tom Brady putting up 30.8 points 🐐
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