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Tom Berenger

Tom Berenger (born May 31, 1949) is an American actor known mainly for his roles in action films.

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Is it me or does James Franco look like a young tom berenger?
... even Tom Berenger has to be impressed.
It's she likes-not Tom Berenger. Or do you mean Bergeron is in some movies?
Can someone check the stands for Tom Berenger? Something seemed to hit Country Boss at the 300m mark…
If movies suck nowadays, I can only think of one reason why. Not nearly enough Tom Berenger.
I just said aloud "Treat Williams is the thinking mans Tom Berenger!" Clearly a cry for help.
"hi, we're the casting directors of Cable and for some reason we refuse to cast Tom Berenger, the perfect Cable"
Hmmm, if they're not going to cast Tom Berenger, I SUPPOSE that jerk Brolin'll do as Cable
When Tom Berenger's doppelganger walks into the studio!
I think the mariners have taken over the indians mantel for most patheric baseball franchise in america, can we get tom berenger out here?
I like to believe that as Hale Ceaser in is actually Roadblock! Tom Berenger would be a great Hawk!
Tom Berenger during a promotional shoot for the film ‘Butch and Sundance: The Early Days’ in 1979. Photo by Douglas Ki…
Looks like Tom Berenger will be playing Young Trump in the inevitable biopic.
Platoon was a laugh minute just like makes gun! Setting villages on…
😂also:. man: i saw u in that movie w Tom Berenger last night!. me: i've never worked w him. man: u were v young. me: not me.…
Nice throw Rupp...who are you, Tom Berenger?
See Costa Gavras' 1988 film, Sums up much of this terribly well. Debra Winger, To…
In the movie Platoon by Oliver Stone, what's the point of the scene where Tom Berenger (Sgt. Barnes) is sitting dow…
Though some of BS about Buffalo Soldiers is overdone, check out John Milius' "Rough Riders." -- Incredible movie.
One Man's Hero is Another Man's Villain. -Tom Berenger, one man's hero.
Tom Berenger is one of the best actors ever.
I liked a video Western Movies Last of the Dogmen 1995 (ima prevod) Tom Berenger
Oh c'mon, the A-6 is a big badass bruiser -- you need some tough Tom Berenger types as well as the Tiger Beat types
SNIPER . ONE SHEET . ORIGINAL Poster from the 1993 Film. Tom Berenger . A US Marine sniper is partnered with a SWAT m…
Movie Betrayed starred Debra Winger,Tom Berenger and John Heard. Good night all
I swear Demott Mulroney is gradually transforming into Tom Berenger.
Tom Hardy watched Tom Berenger in Platoon for inspiration for his role in this film.
If I were any more of a hermit, the FBI would be circulating a sketch of me looking like Tom Berenger in a hoodie.
is great fun. Has a cool platoon vibe with Samuel L Jackson doing an excellent Tom Berenger.
Does anyone know where I can see Major League with Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger online somewhere?
Call it "Code Of Honour" - Tom Berenger is the tough Sgt Major who turns out to the only one who can turn him around
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Tom Berenger & Mimi Rogers in,'Someone to Watch Over Me'(1987). directed by Ridley Scott
This week's Manly Monday features actor Tom Berenger, Academy Award nominee for his portrayal of Staff Sergeant Bob…
No..close..but we were looking for Tom Berenger..Tom Berenger
I don't think a director should have any kids. I don't even think it...
Please check out the IMDb page for Steven Luke's Wunderland, starring Tom Berenger, that my friend Wade Dienert...
Why does care what Tom Berenger thinks about this topic?.
The visual memory of 1980s Tom Berenger is the best thing about 2017.
When your enjoyment of a movie require a Tom Berenger role.
Characters from movie will crossover into the series. Tom Berenger's will be one.
Some characters from the movie will return in the TV series, including Tom Berenger reprising his role.
A few characters from the movie crossover, including Tom Berenger's. Ethan Hawke's Jake MAY still be out there.
Tom Berenger will reprise his film role in series.
Some characters from the movie, including Tom Berenger, show up in the TV series.
WTOC with Positively Paula- featuring Tom Berenger. lol... new show I guess. short drive for him though.
Trump needs to walk on stage like Tom Berenger did in "Platoon" -. Politics? What do you people know about death -- er, politics.
I'm actually boycotting the until they give the lifetime achievement award to Tom Berenger.
Nothing chases away my winter blues like spending an hour with Mr Baseball Bob Uecker and Tom Berenger on
Jerry Hall & Tom Berenger in Central Park. Photo by Stan Shaffer, early 70s
Tom Berenger was pretty cute in that film too.
Azealia Banks could have saved herself a lot of work if someone had intervened with her the way Tom Berenger did for Pedro Cerrano.
"The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" starring Tom Berenger, Joely Richardson and on
I was so exhausted after fighting for the project for five years, sh...
I had already done a lot of research for Rough Riders, keeping notebo...
I was kind of confused. I thought, Well, if I get drafted, I'll go. Eve...
While I was doing these plays in the beginning, I wasn't getting paid. ...
Major League: 7/10. Cried at the end. Tom Berenger got the girl. lost his but wasn't mad bout it.
I liked the ending to Trunk. It had a good twist in the end. Tom berenger fooled me.
I've done about six comedies. Oddly enough, the script came to me from ...
Fabulous job, also from the Tom Berenger/Mimi Rogers movie...
I didn't know how to go about preparing for the part of someone who can...
Debra Winger doesn't let anything interfere with her performance, which...
When two cops show up halfway in, they're played by Eli Wallach and Christoper Walken! Even Tom Berenger has a came…
Baby Boomers are 3x more likely to vote for Tom Berenger on our The Coolest Actors Ever list. Vote
I got to talking to an old actor, and he had a bunch of stories about t...
I have family obligations and all that stuff. I get my kids six weeks i...
Also, and this may be late, but Charlie Sheen gets a Game 7 World Series ticket, but not Or how about Tom Berenger?
Starring Luis from as the Tom Berenger character?
Apparently Tom Berenger did not die in 2002. I was wrong. . He died in 2005. . I regret the error.
How the *** can they make Major League 3? Charlie Sheen is 51, Wesley Snipes is 54 and Tom Berenger died in 2002!
I'm calling it right now. Tom Berenger is... TRUMP.
These days, you can do a TV series for five years and all of a sudden b...
Tom Berenger & Rutger Haur being the absolute best.
I've become obsessed with 1. So much fun! I'm frickin' Tom Berenger in sniper!
"That one has Tom Sizemore, THAT one has Tom Berenger."
Most of what gets made now, you laugh your way through, go home and for...
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You can't think that you're playing a villain, or you'll end up with a ...
Man, the Cleveland Indians haven't won anything since Tom Berenger bunted Wesley Snipes home from 2nd.
Sometimes I think I'm real predictable to myself and other times... you...
The Big Chill is one of those things that everybody can identify with. ...
Charlie Sheen should throw the first pitch of the world series as Tom Berenger catches, while Wesley Snipes slides into homeplate lol.
Cleveland Indians. Whut?!. Tom Berenger throw out first pitch w/Major League Rene Russo in stands!. Jake…
Here's to Tom Berenger tossing out the first pitch of the world series with Rene Russo in the stands
The only photograph in this (very good) bar was a signed picture of Tom Berenger @ Venezia, Italia
Tom Berenger and William Katt are BUTCH AND SUNDANCE: THE EARLY DAYS ('79) tonight at 8:45pm
Zip puppy star in "Last of the Dogmen" with Tom Berenger and Barbara Hershey. Zip was a rescue from a pound. He...
I read it has Tom Berenger, star of Platoon.
Whhattt? Oh you HAVE to see that one...early-80s with Tom Berenger and Michael Paré.
it's a dope movie has Tom Berenger in it
Rough Riders took 13 weeks to shoot, plus a week of training. The same guy trained us trained
TBT that time I snuck into the governor's ball and tried to snag Tom Berenger's Emmy
This week in 1988 'Betrayed' starring Debra Winger & Tom Berenger was released in Cinemas 🎬
I feel like tom berenger would have been perfect for the title role
Every other movie is one of those action things. I mean, 'Lost in Space'? A bunch of good acto
Abel Ferrera's Fear City w Tom Berenger & Billy Dee Williams captures what that was like in 80s.
There's a hysterical, tired sense of humor that comes after working 14 hours a day, six days a
If you ever want to see an actor at the top of his game, giving everything for that elusive Oscar, then I recommend Tom Berenger in Sniper 2
Vintage photo of Tom Berenger and William McNamara, in the scene of the 1994 mov
I guess it would be too much for Tom Berenger and Debra Winger to do a reprise.
Today's poser: How did Tom Berenger drop so far off the A-list radar, and why doesn't he have a latter day Jeff Bridges-like career now?
Should be drawing, but I'm watching "The Substitute" with Tom Berenger. It's not great, but it's entertaining.
Have you had a chance to watch Shattered with Tom Berenger yet?
I came in on the tail end of the old school of Hollywood.
I haven't seen this in a while.I LUV THIS FILM!!!.
Tajae sharpe blowing up like tom berenger in PLATOON!
I remember seeing Bill Hurt in New York once. I talked to him on the phone around 1988 and tha
Tom Berenger...I mean how did Diane Keaton get through that scene?
L&O ep where Tom Berenger went supposedly insane when he found out his wife was having an affair w/a woman.
How come I never got to watch non of da by Tom Berenger
In this industry, the new owners prefer to kill anything they weren't responsible for.
the pics of him now look like a Tom Berenger candle melted
"Stop pushing me. What’s going on?”. “Just enjoy the movie. It has Tom Berenger."
Will they win the final game and take home the pennant? Will Tom Berenger get the girl? Stay tuned.
You want the team to come in dead last? Not if Tom Berenger has anything to say about it.
Eddie and the Cruisers 3? Heck yeah! Get on it Michael Paré! Tom Berenger, why not, what do you have to lose, now?. https:/…
I propose a remake of My Dinner With Andre with Michael Pare and Tom Berenger.
I wrote a script. I actually enjoyed writing it more than acting. It's about the Irish rebelli
Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe should have been unlockable characters
Wish I could see you exhibit. At this point I imagine your place like Tom Berenger's in Sliver 🎥📺
counterpoint: Platoon. as a Father figure, but that might be due to Tom Berenger going full villian
Tom Berenger was one if the best actors if the 80s - Platoon, Deadly Pursuit, Someone to watch over me, Major League.
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I'm a Mizzou alum and I know fellow alum/star of 'Major League' Tom Berenger would want you to watch this
Go to the World Series and to quote tom berenger, "win the whole effing thing"!
i only know him as a villain in that one Tom Berenger movie.
me too mate, some class actors in it including Tom berenger in that list
I like playing flawed characters, people who aren't perfect.
.So Lucroy didnt want to take playing time away from Tom Berenger so let's go get him!
I liked a video from Tom Berenger, Powers Boothe Interview
The accent was a tribute to Tom Berenger's character in Platoon (Sergeant Barnes). It's uncanny. Hardy is Brilliant.
This is all new to me, these re-releases. I don't know how these things do. I don't know if it
Who woulda expected Tom Berenger to age this well
Thought in my head watching re-run of Major Crimes? Oh dear - Tom Berenger has not aged well. Shame.
I feel more comfortable doing films with groups of guys. It's a lot easier for me. There's a d
Not to be confused with Tom Berenger...which he often was when Platoon came out.
I come Tom Berenger Caesar, not to praise him
Holy cow, I love If Tomorrow Comes, too! Such a great book. And the miniseries-Tom Berenger as Jeff Stevens. Yes, please!
That was the boldest/oddest bunt attempt since Tom Berenger in Major League
Surely a film called ABOVE SUSPICION should star Tom Berenger and Debra Winger. Directed by HAROLD BECKER.
I think you might be right. If so, then when is Chris (Charlie Sheen) going to shoot Sgt. Barnes (Tom Berenger)?
When you're watching the 1996 Tom Berenger movie The Substitute and a car pulls up.
okay, I called my shot. Don't make me bunt like Tom berenger in Major League
Flesh & Blood (TV Movie 1979) Tom Berenger,Suzanne Pleshette . A convict takes up boxing in prison and this brings...
Tom Berenger was a great screen presence in the 80's & 90's. He would seem like a big kid, but then turn into a raging bull
Trying to fervently explain how insidious low budget faith movies are and how Treat Williams assumed Tom Berenger's role as "The Substitute"
also it's "the principle" not to be confused with the 1996 Tom Berenger vehicle "the substitute"
I guess if I weren't an actor, I'd be a history professor.
how many days does Jeff fisher wake up w/a sombrero on his *** like tom berenger in 'Major League'?
So, I asked what if Donald Trump were Tom Berenger, and I got Tom Berenger. Hehe.
Didn't know Lynch had Tom Berenger for an agent, Jack Taylor reppin Football players wow
Gone Are the Days, a western starring and Tom Berenger. What are some of your favorite westerns?
That is so cool that Sniper:Legacy with Tom Berenger & is playing on TV all the way in Indonesia!
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Sniper: Legacy is such an awesome action-adventure! And Tom Berenger is back in the mix, too!
Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger go from the Major Leagues to the California Penal League and the Mexican League, respectively.
Peeno noir, smoke a cigar. Listen to Tom Berenger. You don't have to be popular. Find out who your true friends are
Check out Last of the Dogmen Vhs Tom Berenger Barbara Hershey via
I don't care about being a star. I can do a supporting role; I don't have t...
We are proud to announce a new western, "Gone Are the Days" starring sci-fi legend Lance Henriksen and Tom Berenger. h…
The on The Substitute. Tom Berenger's mercenary arming the Baraka people of Outworld. 😂😂😂
Jan 29, 1993: Sniper starring Tom Berenger and opened in theaters.
Vintage photo of Still of Tom Berenger, Mark Moses and Willem Dafoe in Platoon.
Tom Berenger isn't the host of AFV anymore? There goes the childhood
Who's ever seen this movie?. The Big Chill was filmed entirely in Beaufort back in 1983 starring Tom Berenger,...
Are Paul Newman, Mike Dillon and Tom Berenger long lost brothers? I don't know, but I'm looking forward to...
underrated Tom Berenger: Training day. Don't forget Sniper with Billy Zane.
Is it just me or does Peter O'Briens mini mullet resemble Tom Berenger's Jake Taylor?
William Hurt, Tom Berenger, Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Kline and Lawrence Kasdan on the set of The Big Chill.
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ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY.1993. "Sniper" was released in theatres starring Tom Berenger and Billy Zane.
Tom Hardy looks like the new tom berenger
The Substitue 1996. Staring Tom Berenger with me. in the backgroud
Now on AMC! Plot: Two American snipers are dispatched to take out dictator in Panama. Starring Tom Berenger.
To people outside, they think, Gee, that's great. You get to go here and th...
80s Tom Berenger. You'd definitely think I'd remember that.
Right i am going to watch a film that made me fall in love with Tom Berenger when i was a teenager. So Fit -...
The Revenant. Tom Hardy came across to me as a Tom Berenger, type character and this added to the film experience for me, but its all Bear!
Whether Trump wins or loses, there will be a movie/tv series about this election. And who will play Trump? I'd put my money on Tom Berenger.
i know you love this all time great movie called the ROUGH RIDERS WITH GREAT ACTORS TOM BERENGER, SAM ELLIOTT GARY BUSEY,
Tom Hardy (Fitzgerald in "The Revenant") watched Tom Berenger in Platoon 4 inspiration. I can TOTALLY see ths. It's like he channeled him!
Tom Berenger in Last: Tom Berenger in Last of the Dogmen (one of the b...
Review, "The Substitute":. Realistic, well acted, well made; Tom Berenger proves he can be a one man army against Miami's gangs. 4 out of 4.
Quite a bit of Tom Berenger's Sgt. Barnes in Tom Hardy's Fitzgerald.
Big fan of Tom Berenger though. I like his unusual combination of quiet, brooding intensity and really delicate lips.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sometimes I feel like "Treat Williams" in a "Tom Berenger World." Just a cheap and convenient substitute.
Also, agree with whoever said Hardy is channelling Tom Berenger's Sgt Elias.
Main memory of The Revenant: somehow Tom Hardy was playing Tom Berenger in Platoon. Not a criticism. Tom Berenger was GREAT in Platoon
lol I had no idea you looked like Tom Berenger. Interesting
"Next on AMC Action Month: Tom Berenger is back on a mission and this time, everyone is a target in Sniper 3!" . Good morning, indeed!
Pinot Noir, you're a star. Listen to Tom Berenger
I'm probably satisfied with my career 80 percent of the time.
I heard that Tom based his character on Tom Berenger's psychotic squad leader Sgt. Barnes from the film Platoon. . .
The Revenant . AWESOME movie. Hardy's performance akin in part to that of Tom Berenger in Platoon. Go see it asap
updates Tom Berenger for rank 1632 to 1931
Are we in some sort of Major League situation here? Where're Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen?
Mike Dawson on the left and Tom Berenger on the right.
You seek a life of culture & refinement, but no matter how many volumes you read on verse the word caesura is always spoken by Tom Berenger.
You’ve never seen “Body Language” with Tom Berenger? She knew male instincts, what men wanted from her – a full submission…
So Big Trouble in Little China and Sniper (Tom Berenger + Billy Zane) have been added to Netflix. Might be my evening sorted.
he reminded me of Tom Berenger in Platoon & not in a good way
"In my group of friends in high school, I had the Tom Berenger dad. It was terrifying."
I don't want to be a show off! But look Who did Berenger write this autograph for!. Tom came to town! Very nice!
Why do you have 2 pics of Tom Berenger?
Did they locate the sniper in the crowd? Someone detain Tom Berenger just incase
Check out this Amazon deal: The Avenging Angel by Tom Berenger via
Tom Hardy is severely channeling Tom Berenger from Platoon in the Revenant.
"Tom Berenger is behind me again, isn't he?"
I love how Tom Berenger is randomly in Inception.
Major League is a deplorably bad movie - it doesn't even make sense that Tom Berenger's stalking of Rene Russo pays off. Would not recommend
I just can't get into Tom Berenger as Bear Bryant though
Last of the Dogmen (1995) Tom Berenger, Barbara Hershey Narrator: Wilford Brimley by eclecticdvds
knowing you dig TR, curious if you ever saw John Millius' "Rough Riders"? Great cast. Tom Berenger as TR. Worth seeing.
The last Ash pic had a little Tom Berenger or Tom Selleck going on.
Gonna drive out to the old Castaways bar in Brewerton and meet Tom Berenger. My girlfriend is sitting right next to him!
Tom Berenger is shooting a new movie!
Back when I met Tom Berenger at the Big Island Film Festival for Broken Dreams. His performance as…
'American Dresser' filming today at Carrier Circle, over weekend on Oneida Lake: Movie stars Tom Berenger and Keith David
Actors Keith David and Tom Berenger on set of the "American Dresser" movie. See for…
did you know that Tom Berenger has starred in 5(!) movies called "Sniper" and that the latest gets reviews like this
What did you guys think of Tom Berenger's (The Junction Boys) portrayal of Bear Bryant?
I would say Tom Berenger in The Junction Boys was the best Bryant. Then the dude in Gump.
Wouldn't be anyone more perfect than Tom Berenger as Danny's dad
Tom Berenger smoking the big cigar in The Substitute
Tom Berenger and play very different roles in Major League and platoon.
on location at Limp Lizard in Liverpool for filming of "American Dresser" w/ Tom Berenger...(Thanks Jack O Bocchino!)
Tom Berenger solved the problem of inner city schools and poverty by tossing out laptops, pizza, and boomboxes.
Tom Berenger earned the trust of his gangbanger high school class by telling them about how many commies he killed in 'Nam.
Open casting call for Tom Berenger movie 'American Dresser' to film in Syracuse
It rained in Los Angeles. I enjoy the work of Tom Berenger. I've never owned a Subaru. All of these statements are true.
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The Rolling Stones song, or the Tom Berenger movie?
Tom Berenger still signs baseballs for 'Major League' fans:
I added a video to a playlist Sniper 1993 (Tom Berenger)
Another day onset of American Dresser with Director, Carmine Cangialosi, Tom Berenger, Scott Shilstone and me.
'American Dresser' outtakes: Why is Tom Berenger making that motorcycle sound? | syracuse.c
I recall the Tom Berenger film: We need to assign retiring SpecOps soldiers as teachers in inner cities and authorize force.
How to watch Tom Berenger in 'American Dresser' movie shoot on Monday: The film crew is setting up an area for people to watch the fi...
Filming in Syracuse with my dad, Tom Berenger- the most giving, humble, genuine man.…
Watching Mike Miller hustle for that ball reminded me of Tom Berenger character in Major League hustling to first base in the final game.
Major League -Lots of time for Tom Berenger,Jake Taylor is a great character. Who couldnt root for him trying to put his life back together?
Tom Berenger Shirtless with gun 8x10 glossy Photo
.to quote Tom Berenger in 'Platoon' ."whatchall know about death"?
Tom Berenger wasn't as funny in Platoon as he was in Major League.
What 1986 movie is about a young recruit in Vietnam starring Tom Berenger, Keith David, Johnny Depp and Charlie Sheen?
Every time I see Ross running for first base, I think of Tom Berenger in Major League.
Hamilton Collection
Watching Platoon because Tom Berenger was brilliant before his face filled with custard.
Savannah Dixie mafia Nazi's got dim witted Jews to betray me, Tom Berenger Debra Winger BeTrayed JOKE Gilleys JumElles, I am going to die
will we see Tom Berenger again this season ?
.I actually sat through most of it last night. It was as hilarious as the first "Sniper" with Tom Berenger and Billy Zane.
After American Sniper, you'll never watch the Tom Berenger movies or play Silent Scope the same way again.
Tom Berenger photo snipe. Bout 75 ft from my patio. I said, no moose, you can't have my dinner, but…
Couldn't have agreed more when I heard the Rene Russo comparison yesterday. But add Tom Berenger, too.
Who is the best movie villain? — Staff Sergeant Bob Barnes . . Played By : Tom Berenger in Platoon 😩
Splatoon. A film directed by Oliver Stone and starring Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, and Tom Berenger
Chip is like the evil owner from the movie Major League. Nick has to be our Tom Berenger
Think you could get Tom Berenger and Ernie Hudson (and maybe Marc Anthony) to re-enact scenes from The Substitute on your show?
Apart from some cheapness and the bad guy being boring, Sniper Legacy was passably OK, nice to have Tom Berenger back
Also, Tom Berenger's character is an absolute *** Irredeemable ***
Hey ex pool boy here from SC. Have great stories from Tom Berenger's pool. Charley Sheen was a fixture!!! Let me in Rome
Wonderful last scene w/ Tom Berenger, you two are amazing actors! I felt so bad for Jack, difficult to completely hate him…
Dude everytime i see this pic i swear that guy is Tom Berenger lol
Butch & Sundance, the Early Days ... Tom Berenger & William Katt ... what a treat before going to sleep!
"I'm a pitcher, not a catcher, and don't you EVER forget that!" ~ Tom Berenger in LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR (1977)
I love a good story and I love good acting! broke my heart last night. Mary McDonnell & Tom Berenger just.
can we watch American Sniper together? But you dress up as Tom Berenger amd I'll be Billy Zane! :)
Haven't you heard? He shagged a tomato and gave birth to TOM BERENGER.
I'm watching Platoon and it's giving me flashbacks to when I was a wee boy and I used to check under the bed for Tom Berenger.
One of my favorite roles was playing Edith Roosevelt opposite Tom Berenger as Teddy Roosevelt
As for January 5ths episode : BRAVO!! Another winner! Congratulations! Thanks for bringing back Tom Berenger!
Loving Tom Berenger in He always makes the episodes a little bit better.
Great scenes with Tom Berenger last night on Mary
when Treat took over the Substitute series from Tom Berenger? *** yes I remember. Marc Anthony was a villain in the first one
Tom Berenger shows so much pain in that face..LOL I just dated myself but every performance tonight on Major Crimes was so nuanced
WOW. Every ep of gets better. Tonight’s ep just broke my heart! Last scene with Tom Berenger and
Kudos to Tom Berenger's "I'm sorry" delivery, but I think Sharon has heard that apology before
Wow great episode Tom Berenger was amazing!! Great episode
THAT is why you hire an actor like Tom Berenger. That final scene between him & was so full of their history.
One last thing about "Major Crimes": I can live without Tom Berenger and his inclusion in the show...makes little sense..
It's Monday!!! Yayers! I personally LOVE Tom Berenger on the show! He has great chemistry with
His character is such an almighty *** but boy do I get excited every time Tom Berenger guests on Major Crimes.
Not sure who's creepier: Eric Roberts in STAR 80 or Tom Berenger in LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR.
You're offering me a movie with Tom Berenger and Annabeth Gish...and it's a detective movie...and you expect me not to watch it?!
I used to find Tom Berenger attractive. (Cause of Major League.). That is all.
"It's hard not to wish they'd cast someone other than Tom Berenger in the lead role, though.". I'm going to kick this guy's sandcastle in.
I always get Tom Bergeron confused with Tom Berenger.
Me and Tom Berenger...gotta meet him New Years at Boom Boom Wine Room!! And he said he loved my food!!
Romantic thriller starring Tom Berenger, Mimi Rogers and Lorraine Bracco. Ridley Scott's first film in a contemporary setting.
Tom Berenger as a priest in 'Last Rites'. Yeah, ok, I'll buy that. On second thought.
classic. Tom Berenger lookin all awesome!!!
Watching 'The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey' w/ Tom Berenger for the first time in a few years as part of our
example: what does Britain have to do with Craig Hodges, Tom Berenger and Aladdin's Castle?
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