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Tom Baker

Thomas Stewart Baker (born 20 January 1934), better known as Tom Baker, is a British actor.

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I used to think Tom Baker was the best ever Doctor - then David Tennant came along and now Peter Capaldi - blew me…
Do you know who else didn't audition? Tom Baker. According to his autobiography…
Tom Baker will always be my Doctor like Roger Moore is my Bond but since Christopher Eccleston onwards the writing…
Just been relistening to that big Tom Baker interview he did for his 80th and it's lovely isn't it? Especially when…
I've watched the first hour of the reconstructed Tom Baker's lost It's simply the best recon e…
Tom Baker ended his time on Doctor Who as the Fourth Doctor in 1981, returned to the role on screen (kinda-sorta) i…
Agatha Christie's Marple: Tom Baker starred as Fourth Doctor from 1974-81. Peter Symonds was in Terror of the Zygons in 1975.
Would I Lie to You?: Tom Baker (Writer) was the one and only Fourth Doctor from 1974-81.
Tom Baker is certainly known throughout the Whoniverse as the famous, scarf -wearing Fourth Doctor whose tenure...
Finished the first Fourth Doctor season, and suffice it to say, Tom Baker is my new personal hero. Even in the one…
BREAKING: Amazon to produce Lord of the Rings prequel series, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, starring Tom Baker.
Nice! I haven't seen many episodes with Doctors 1 to 7, but I have seen one episode with Tom Baker, that was fun.
Flying Duck pin set BACK IN STOCK! Perfect for all those Hilda Ogden / Tom Baker as The Doctor fans in your life:…
Remake of lost Doctor Who episode sees Tom Baker takes control of the Tardis once more - Mirror Online
Tom Baker's message for Doctor Who's anniversary is a perfect reminder of how delightful Tom Baker is http…
That time when Tom Baker wrote a Doctor Who film and it nearly got made
Tom Baker was the best. Waiting to see seasons 1-4 again.
Doctor Who: Tom Baker returns on camera for 1979 Shada serial - BBC News
Just when I thought my affection for Tom Baker couldn’t get any higher ... how wonderful!
You should get Tom Baker to redo his scenes from Leisure Hive now!!! The ones where he has aged after…
Delighted to see my interview with Tom Baker is on the news! On actual telly!
Tom Baker returns to play the Fourth Doctor in surprise new Doctor Who scene
This Tom Baker advert outtake is absolute gold - like Toast of London, but better
Finding this out was such a lovely present
Tom Baker’s amazing answer when asked for his ‘biggest Doctor Who memory’
Calling all - Tom Baker appears on camera as Doctor Who donning his trademark scarf in a newly-released ep…
For a flashback to when my father appeared in the two part story FULL CIRCLE (Tom Baker was the Doctor) http…
Dream come true: Tom Baker Returns as Fourth Doctor in Live Action Shada Scene
Tom Baker's really out here in 2017 reprising his role as the Doctor to help complete the unfinished 1979 Shada serial 😭…
Watching the newly-completed 1979 story . Emotional and brilliant as a fan and child of the 70…
Some exciting news post-Tom Baker has returned to play the Fourth Doctor onscreen!
Tom Baker returns to Doctor Who to finish lost 1979 episode
Tom Baker returns to in a brand new live action scene for the release of the newly animated/remastered edit…
Tom Baker's officially back as Doctor Who today, in a previously incomplete episode called Shada. For me though, he's a…
The Tom Baker Shada scenes were recorded at the BBC in London :)
Happy Only fandom where an actor reprising a role from decades ago in a reconstruction causes me to freak…
Tom Baker to make cameo appearance in lost 'Doctor Who' episode via How cool is this?!? 😄😄😄
You can now check out the 'Shada' episode with Tom Baker back as the doctor!
Are you looking forward to this? I am. . Tom Baker returns to to to finish lost 1979 episode
Doctor Who star Tom Baker is back as the Time Lord.
Doctor Who: Tom Baker returns for 'lost' Shada episode written by Douglas Adams.
A very happy to you from the Fourth Doctor himself, Tom Baker!
Tom Baker was a great Dr Who, but is also a very funny and clever man.
To everyone just finding out Tom Baker has just done more stuff. Check out - he's been doing storie…
Tom Baker is back in his Tardis, and it's for the best reason you can imagine.
He should have stayed longer I really thought he would be like Tom Baker and still a while unfortunately not 💔
Me: lol who in their right mind would buy that new shada dvd lol. BBC News lady: Tom Baker comes back and says two line…
Agreed, Tom Baker should be knighted for services to tallness and wild eyed eccentricity and, well, basically being To…
Love how Tom Baker now looks exactly like he's got stuck halfway through regenerating from Pertwee.
Here's why Tom Baker decided to return to the world of for a new live-action appearance.
As it's today here, again, is Tom Baker's quote when asked his one biggest Doctor Who memory.
See Tom Baker back as Doctor Who for lost episode completion he was my favourite Doctor Who will watch that one
Jon Pertwee was the first Doctor I watched. But yeah, Tom Baker and Sarah Jane (and Harry Sullivan) are…
Being a 40-something, part of me always believes that Tom Baker is still the Doctor. And his companion is still Sarah Jane
Freakmaker was not worth it, despite my adoration of both Donald Pleasence and Tom Baker.
Tom Baker is my Doctor. I still read my Dungeon of Dread choose your own adventure book. I still w…
Last time must've been in the Tom Baker days when you were more interested in his jelly babies.
Elizabeth Sladen and Tom Baker give commentary on the DVD of Genesis of the Daleks and Sladen complains…
RE: your Tom Baker query, Reminds me of Tim Lucas discovering that Anthony Quinn dub…
Premier Klein announced the new Tom Baker before he left in 2006. never built it. Rachel said she would, and she darn…
It's Tom Baker's part as Lynch in 1974 horror The Mutations was pretty gruesome! (3 of 4). (That looks l…
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River Song will be returning twice next year, and she'll cross another familiar face... Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor!
Oh, and to reciprocate, I lean more towards Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker.
We do have Doctors! 11 and 13 – but the Tom Baker scarf is meant to be Hermione Granger, I think.
Me too. I think mine is supposed to be the new Doctor. I saw a Tom Baker scarf earlier, so it must be a thing.
If it did one thing right, it's the voice actors. Tom Baker, Sean Pertwee and BUWWIAN BLUSSID RAWRAWRAWRAWRAW
Just seen what appeared to be Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210 wearing a Tom Baker scarf. That's some seriously messed up cosplay.
My peak was me and my gf buying matching £25 Tom Baker scarfs at Forbidden Planet then never wearing them again because it was still summer
ROBOT introduces the wonderfully zany Tom Baker as the Doctor, Harry Sullivan is bloody brilliant, and *** do I feel sorry for the K1 Robot
I could be offered a boozy evening with Tom Baker, followed by a threesome with Eva Green and Karen Gillan, and I'd be, 'Can I be bothered?'
Sept.20th,1980: The Leisure Hive, Part Four was first broadcast on this date..Tom Baker and Lalla Ward.
Tom Baker and Lalla Ward recorded scenes for the Shada animation.
Sept.15th,1979: Destiny of the Daleks, Part Three was first shown on this date..Tom Baker and Lalla Ward
Tom Baker being linked with Christopher Lee was a bit of a giveaway!
This is an impossibly easy question. What links Lionel Barrymore, Conrad Veidt, Tom Baker and Christopher Lee?
13/09/97 Saturday . Got some more Panopticon bumf in the post. Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester M…
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The Day Of The Doctor has 10/11, Tom Baker's cameo, John Hurt is a likable Doctor, Gallifrey is cleverly saved, the Liz I gag is complete.
Fan of doctor who since I was little, so Tom Baker era. Sexuality, I said other because although I'm…
BBC photo of two great Doctors. Tom Baker and Matt Smith. Two of the best to pilot the TARDIS. Doctor Who
If your interested im on you tube. Stuart grant meets Tom Baker,ken dodd and the Doctor, stuart grant sings cup of tea.
That's not a real tiger, Tom. It's just a picture of a tiger. I don't know what Dr. Baker is trying to p…
Riel has a Sir Tom Baker suit He makes coffee with a cold drip before he goes to monkey tennis
Looking forward to having Athletic Director Tom Jurich on tomorrow at 8:00 and
Denys Fisher, ceramic money box, Dinky diecast, Tom Baker tin and Weetabix cut out.
Enough is enough with this Joe Scarborough, Chris Matthews, James Baker, Tom Brokaw and Roger Stone!
Have two copies. One I got from a charity shop and I later discovered it was signed by Tom Baker.
I mean, let's face it, 'Baker's End' essentially refers to Tom's 'funeral' in ep1. It's based on/aro…
Besides, everyone knows the correct answers to all these: Star Wars, Batman, *** Grayson, Marvel, Saitama, Picard, Tom Baker
Learn a bit about Sunday’s LSB 653 on with Pastor Tom Baker -.
DrJaninaRamirez: holland_tom Grab your broad sword squire and let battle commence 😘
I've got a nice pile of Tom Baker era Doctor Who DVD's if you want them? :)
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I used to have a long scarf like Tom Baker.
A fresh Baker's End - Colin Baker takes over from Tom Baker in Bafflegab audios via
While we're on the subject, which one of the Karl Marxes was your favorite? Mine's Tom Baker.
I want an 'evil' white haired Tom Baker to teach them all a lesson .. with a glint in his eye.
Please note that the 4th Doctor is portrayed by A WAX STATUE OF TOM BAKER who refused to participate. I s…
I've just remembered... was there a Capaldi episode where some extra was running around dressed as…
Tom Baker is still the last Doctor who worked with multiple showrunners (producers/script editors back then…
Take a good, long look on the far left at the Fourth Doctor, portrayed in this publicity s…
Genesis Of The Daleks. A great story from the Tom Baker era.
Many thanks there! I've just listened to your Tom Baker/Little Britain stuff, and you've nailed it…
But just in case, call Tom Baker and see what he has to say.
I'm in Liverpool today. I can feel myself becoming more Tom Baker every second
27 AUGUST >> Book now for inspiring acoustic folk-pop from
Baker Hughes data show a rise in the weekly U.S. oil-rig count - - This post was originally publ…
Really enjoyed the first three episodes of the Baker's End audio series, starring Tom Baker as...well, himself, basically. (1/2)
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Tom Baker must never ever die we must protect him at all costs
What's the point of being a grown up , if you can't be childish sometimes. Tom Baker.😉
Tom Baker. Aloof, alien, charming, funny. Special mentions go to 11th, 12th, 3rd.
Jordan Baker, "I don't feel like playing golf today." Tom Buchanan (Trump figure)…
Governor Baker issues statement regarding white supremacy and President Trump’s response.
I was talking about Tom Baker not Sydney Newman.
Tom riddle issue tom riddle is Baker Holden junior
Favorites in no particular order. Peter Capaldi, Tom Baker, Matt Smith, Sylvester McCoy.
Ohh I forgot about that time that they brought Tom Baker back during and Jason had more scenes & POV about Liz's rapist than Liz did
4th Doctor Tom Baker hands down, but with Matt Smith's 11 in a close 2nd. Would love to have had McGan…
That middle 3 look entirely different with Baker in there. He isn't Gastón, but he plays much higher than…
Tom Baker for the classics, Capaldi for NuWho (so far). But I love McCoy too, he was fantastic.
The wrong logo and (as I recall) the Season 18 Tom Baker on the cover. But at least we go…
Peter Capadil and Tom Baker , to me the best doctors ever
.ops !.(I stopped watching it after Tom Baker)
Wow just when the POTUS climbs slightly to the level of common decency he immediately swan dives back into the...
Tom Baker can make doing anything terrifying..
I'm 47, so I'm basically the generation that grew up only really knowing Baker as the Dr. Tom all the way!
Only Tom Baker can make eating Marmite look absolutely terrifying.
I like complex characters, just like I would have liked Elizabeth to be the hero of her own story with Tom Baker.
I saw Hywel Bennett and Tom Baker in a production of She Stoops To Conquer because the school made me go. It was ok
"I love all my Doctors, including Tom Baker and...". *checks smudged writing on hand*. "Peter Davidson."
Yeah, I was gonna say that! Since when has Tom Baker commented?! I'm against a fem…
Tom Baker so far hasn't commented at all!!!
Spencer is THREE years younger than Elizabeth was when she was raped. I'm just putting that out there for the Tom Baker defenders!
Well we all know that the best was Tom Baker but let's not go there shall we! 😉
I liked Sylvester too but my all time favourite will always be Tom Baker closely f…
Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor Who teamed up with Douglas Adams to write a Doctor Who movie; it was never made.
I'm outraged, ya hear me, outraged(!) that it isn't Tom Baker and the revived Douglas Adams.
I think of this Tom Baker story often. TV brings joy & comfort to a lot of people, why do some feel the need to belittle an…
Well, Tom Baker started the train when he made a joke... TBH: I just don't want an Am…
…How 'bout Tom Baker as The Doctor again, especially after Douglas Adams crosses over from a parallel…
The ones from the late 70s starring Tom Baker & written by Douglas Adams are worth a look
When Lalla Ward, Tom Baker, & Douglas Adams made Romana into a female Before her time, she deserved her…
Tom Baker. Who I met. Because the BBC filmed (most of) The Invasion Of Time at my old house. So…
- Tom Baker episodes written by Douglas Adams episodes on my to-do list)
I grew up with Tom Baker so judge it by his performance. I really liked Matt Smith & Peter Capaldi but…
Last time I saw Dr. Who was when Tom Baker and K9 were in it.
Yes. Indeed. Though the writers are an important part of this fiction. Tom Baker had Douglas Adams et al..
Tom Baker has not been retroactively uncast and replaced by Lala Ward. It was still David Tennant at the helm, not Katherine Tate.
1st I've seen who isn't negative about it, no a bad choice really, can't beat Tom Baker my…
There's some vintage Douglas Adams during Tom Baker's stint - just br…
I've just started reading the novelisation of Shada in preparation for Tom Baker returning as Dr Who tomorrow.
Reminds me of a cartoon from the time Tom Baker married Lalla Ward,
Douglas Adams &Tom Baker on the potential of the internet back in 1990 protect that potential
Update your maps at Navteq
Tom Baker was a very good Dr.Who as were William Hartnell & Patrick Troughton.USA's best JFK &…
My top 5 Doctors in Doctor Who are Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton, Sylvester McCoy, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant my favourite, but loved Christopher Ecclestone & Matt Smith too - plus Tom Baker
I love Tom Baker, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Eccleston too. But Capaldi was my first Doctor and yo…
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say William Hartnell will stay your fav, or Tom Baker (4…
Truly fantastic! A real gem Also if you like Tom Baker & Katy Manning check out Baker's End…
RAS prizes introduced to impersonations of Tom Baker, Carl Sagan, Brian Cox and many more...
season finale featuring quotes from Tom Baker, David Tennant and Matt Smith. Oh God it was big... 😭😭
I started watching Dr. Who in 1977 with the 1970-1977 Ron Grainer theme and the 4th Doctor played by Tom Baker,... http:/…
As I once saw: "Tom Baker and Julian Glover are reading Douglas Adams dialogue, your argument is invalid"
Our police when Tom Baker was Doctor Who... vs our police under Peter Capaldi. I blame Malcolm Tucker.
"I was sent good luck cards from Tom Baker and Peter Davison. They were the Doctors I grew up watching, while...
I added a video to a playlist Fourth Doctor Regenerates - Tom Baker to Peter Davison (EXTENDED) -
13. I love Doctor Who & of the Docs have met Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Matt Smith and John Hurt.
Welcome to Louie's Sports Tavern, Tom Baker - We hope you enjoy your time!.
Hi Ben, it's Tom Baker from BBC Radio 4 here. Can you follow me back so I can DM you re. BA? Thank you. Tom.
Peter Capaldi is the best Doctor since John Pertwee and Tom Baker. Eccleston, Smith and Tennant were dreadful.
this weeks music at Quids Inn. Sunday - Terry George at 7pm. Tuesday - Tom Baker and Kieran Ball...
Omg K-9 on the after party, it's unlucky that Tom Baker couldn't be there he's a legend. John Hurts a Legend too
Labour manifesto pledges to restore Tom Baker as Doctor Who.
Oh, because no Doctor Who reference is complete without a nod to Tom Baker... Jelly beans not pictured.…
Matt with Karen, David with Billie. I also like Tom Baker with Elisabeth Sladen, and Colin Baker wit…
Peter Capaldi has officially surpassed my Tom Baker all time favorite Doctor best ep, lines…
Compelling. I especially like how Tom Baker looks like Grayson Hall.
Presumably an episode with Tom Baker? or maybe Jon Pertwee? if not then if its good then the…
I think personally Tom Baker is my favourite Classic Who Doctor followed closely by Jon Pertwee and David Tennant is my favourite new era
I was bought up on Tom Baker's era! Peter Capaldi is my favourite, but Matt Smith and Pau…
Paul McGann dressed in Jon Pertwee's velvet, Matt Smith's bow tie and Tom Baker's scarf is the best Doctor of all time…
Casting Kris Marshall after Peter Capaldi is like casting Peter Davidson after Tom Baker & we all know how that went
Prime Computers ad, 1980, feat Tom Baker and Lalla Ward as the Doctor and Romana
the best bits btw Tom Baker and Lalla Ward in "City of Death" the banter
Colin Baker and Tom Baker were the best doctors!!! I need to get me a Tardis and get the heck outta here! Lol!
Jon Culshaw again impersonates Tom Baker this time as The Great Curator in this recreation of the Great Curator’s...
Sculptures of William Hartnell and Tom Baker at the V&A...
& the Tattie Crisp Muncher made wee joke about the colour of Dan Walker's breeks being very Tom Baker like!
out of the newer series, would be David Tenannt, but overall Tom Baker
What is your favourite Doctor Who DVD commentary then? — Anything with Katy Manning, RTD and Tom Baker but my favo…
you could play Tom Baker in a biopic. You really look like him in this pic.
Who is your fave companion?. Tom Baker is my second fave Doctor (4th Doctor). He was the first I saw. He's the most iconic.
Listening to latest Baker's End audio, "Tatty Bogle", with Tom Baker and Katy Manning. Bananas folk horror. Love it!
MATRIO - Tom Baker, James Falzone, Greg Campbell will be playing at PONCHO concert hall tonight. 710 E. Roy Starts at 8PM.
I got a hug from Adam Lambert, got puked on by Tom Baker, and had dinner with John Wayne Gacy. Pick one.
It is ridiculous but par for the course on Frank's that Liz is just a peripheral player in the return of Tom Baker sto…
Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton were the best Doctors - but Matt Smith the best of the modern quartet
My choices for the new Dr Who:. Tom Baker. Ken Hom. Star Wars. John Craven. Portishead
Other than the David Tennant episodes and a few of the ones with Tom Baker, I thought the show was unwatchable.
He wasn't my favorite one. David Tennant and Tom Baker are mine. But he was good. Reminded me of John Pertwee's Doctor
Prob=2.5 years. So opinions about best Dr Who biased by where that window falls. John Pertwee/Tom Baker for me.
Anyway, Tom Baker is 83 today. Here he is on the building site where he was working when he got the part of Dr Who. htt…
Happy 83rd birthday, Tom Baker! Thank you for the hat, the scarf, and a thousand moments like this one.
Happy birthday Tom Baker! Anyone who hasn't read his astonishing "as told to Jeff Bernard" piece should do so now. https:/…
From three more covers for next year's Fourth Doctor Adventures starring Tom Baker, Lalla Ward and John Leeson…
Great to see Tom Baker as Companion of Honour. Sorry, Shirley Williams. I get them confused.…
Ok, I think I'm starting 2 get n2 Franco's 2 Tom Baker/ - she glued Finn&Hayden scenes 4 me / 2c Brad!
Keep your effin hands off Tom Baker & Carl Yastrzemski, 2016.
Whomever killed Tom Baker should get a medal from the town of Port Charles.
Best of 2016: 'My sweet Time Lord' – in celebration of Tom Baker, writes |
12-12 ep: Jason finds out Sonny's secret- Sonny! Nelle ate Tom Baker for dinner & her motives R clear now-
Does Jason know that Tom Baker is free? Liz is the mother of his child and once her closest friend; so many beats ignored
Where to start? The Jason reveal fallout, Liz's whitewash, Jasam do-over, Tom Baker, the serial killer story, Morga…
seeing Tom Baker in a role other than as The Doctor.
Tom Baker is List, Matt Smith is Paul, Michelle Gomez is Jessica, Kate O'Mara is Gaius Helen Mohaim, Jenna Coleman is Irulan
A life in the day of Tom Baker, 1978. Quite incredible.
Everything’s Bigger in Texas: Except the Medmal Settlements by Tom Baker, Eric Helland, Jonathan Klick :: SSRN
There is a something of the Tom Baker about Noddy Holder.
I'm still trying to get hold of and watch all the classic Doctor Whos. Love John Pertwee, Tom Baker, and Sylvester McCoy.
Tom Baker (4th Doctor) & Lalla Ward were excellent in the series when they traveled to Paris to take on a time trav…
December 1st,1979: Nightmare in Eden, Part two was first aired on this date..Tom Baker and Lalla Ward
he's still my favourite of the NuWho Doctors. A perfect mix of Troughton and Tom Baker
Next one is a tenth planet event with Tom Baker, Carole Ann Ford and William Russel in 2 weeks.can't wait!
Number 10 for Jo and now Number 1 for ... in the words of Tom Baker: Britain, Britain, Britain! 🎾🏆
Witness how shiny this pocketwatch is. Relaxing, isn't it? You WILL pack Tom Baker in your Long Island luggage. You WILL.
is Peter Cushing canon?..Tom Baker will forever be Dr Who.
I think Tom Baker had fun doing this.
Jemma Redgrave was a pleasure to meet. Had a great chat on all things including Tom Baker and Ingrid Oli…
A look at classic history in other countries, starting with Italy, Peter Cushing + Tom Baker! Info galor…
ML: As a child the regeneration of Tom Baker to Peter Davison - I remember being very excited about that.
Dr.Who does - Tom Baker, William Hartnell, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi have all been given…
The perfectly apposite pairing of Donald Pleasance and Tom Baker in 'The…
it will be tough to beat last year. I adore River Song. Altho I started with Tom Baker & Sarah Jane many years ago, I love River.
Oooh just thought of someone perfect for the next Baker's End. Tom Baker, Katy Manning and Patricia Quinn together = heaven :)
. Brilliant story; Judith Paris as Eldrad, understated yet moving farewell to Sarah, brilliant visually, and of course Tom Baker
Tom Baker tells a very funny bit about scene when he and Sarah gets to the castle, it's better when he tells it.
New Audio, Baker's End, now in stock, starring Tom Baker and Katy Manning!...
Matt Smith truly fills Original Who thematic niche in the new series. Tom Baker is my Doctor. You should pick up series again
😂😂 Matt Smith will always be my fav, and Tom Baker xx
Patrick Toughton, Tom Baker, Matt Smith for me. Can't place Capaldi till he leaves
To add to being (a) older than Tom Baker was when he was cast as Doctor Who, and (b) MUCH older than John Thaw in The Sweeney (😭) …
This is short but sweet, from 2009 Tom Baker and Richard Franklin promoting the Hornet's Nest audio :)
...Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker were actors, but playing real Doctors... (2/N)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I have some of Jim Butcher's hair, Tom Baker's fingernails, and a melted candle. Does that count?
I went to one in 2010. It had Gareth David-Lloyd...Tom Baker... Elizabeth Sladen and James Marsters as guests. It...
Congratulations to Chairman, Tom Baker and his partner Lisa Adams on their recent engagement. Best wishes from everyone at EEOBFC.
A day in the life of The Brook Inn Plympton by Dave Crocker. Music is Tom Baker - Therapy
Tom Baker, the voices new Force Wielding character for .
I do support The Doctor (especially Tom Baker and David Tenant versions) but not phony progressive JIll Stein :-)
Yeah,but US people were still mostly watching Pertwee(my first) and Tom Baker stories back then
Tea, sushi, Columbo on the telly, a Doctor Who Magazine special about Tom Baker. Possibly sad, possibly the greatest Sunday ever.
A bit of family fun down the gym this morning thanks to big bro Tom Baker
Tom Baker, Francis Bacon and other assorted Soho low life.
Strange fact I did not know. Tom Baker and Francis Bacon were drinking buddies in the 70s.
We of course are looking forward to seeing Tom Baker in action at this years Relay for Life Plymouth. 󾠀
Well, I think people don't recognise my face because I'm so much older now, but it is astonishing
Bushey's Miles Shinkwin talks up "win or bust" English title bout with Tom Baker - Watford Observer
I know what you mean. Tom Baker was on duty during some of my favourite stories
Breast Cancer Awareness
couldn't agree more. He's risen to my spot after Tom Baker.
The zipper on Tom Baker's pants is literally 18” long and yet he is everyone's favorite Doctor.
It's funny, in literature no one ever goes to the lavatory. - Tom Baker
Falling asleep to a tom baker Doctor Who. The robot is made out of duct work...excellent! ❤️❤️
You know, Tom Baker is so wonderful at this, you're amazed all over again to see him in his very 1st episode.
Torn -- sorry we're down to 1 ep of but ECSTATIC Tom Baker's episodes of are back on
Tom Baker como Sherlock Holmes em Hound of the Baskervilles de 1982.
Thank you Tom Baker for a fantastic signing, from all the 10th planet team.
There's a new issue of Doctor Who Magazine out on Thursday, and it's a Tom Baker Special, with a poster & art cards! https:/…
Charlie baker at tonight wearing a Free Tom Brady shirt. Love it!!
Honored to have received the Sun Sentinel endorsement today!
Tom Baker interviews in transcend superlatives. A legend at the end of his days. We shall not see his kind again. Throbber!
Lucky! :O. I don't live in the UK :(. Meeting Tom Baker sounds awesome though! :)
Then we will have made 3 people happy! And my Whovian daughters envious. I knit one a Tom Baker scarf, though.
Team Member Tom Baker with one of two 38lbs . . . . .
Electronic Device Insurance
Even Tom Baker looks better than usual this episode. Clearly the special effects budget was enough to make him look like a person
Surely according to Dead Ringers the referendum was won by Tom Baker. Again.
It's so surreal seeing your artwork next to the real person. In this case, the wonderful and his daughter next to Tom Baker. 😱
Today I met Tom Baker for tea and jelly babies!
Got to meet a Doctor Who legend today, Tom Baker! :D I was so excited to meet him,still in awe now that it happened!
Well, changing the H to Hamilton might make the joke clearer... Or (to quote Tom Baker) we could do it your way of course!
Tough call! Maybe Tennant. Though when I close my eyes and think "Doctor Who," I see Tom Baker.…
Geeking it up today with Tom Baker ☺
Just back from meeting Baker. What a legend #
Like Tom Baker, she had something extra special, that was almost indefinable. They made for an awesome team. The best!
Tom Baker to Voice Alien Character in Star Wars Rebels: Tom Baker will voice an alien creature in the upcomin...
I love itv3 on a Saturday morning. Marple - Greg Wise, Greg Rusedski, Julian Sands and Tom Baker. Now that's something to get out of bed for
Dreamt that Tom Baker's Dr had a stint in Dark Shadows. He asked Carolyn to travel with him - but Mrs Johnson despatched him with a knife...
It's a really good and kind of weird album. It has a track with spoken word vocals by Tom Baker. :D
we cross now to the town hall leadership debate hosted by Tom Baker at the local pub
David and Tom Baker were the very best Doctors and second and third were Jon Pertwee and Patrick Troughton
"What IDs do you have on you?" "We've got Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy and I have Tom Baker" Que nerd es Alec por favor
Franco drugging Sam and leaving her is not the same as Tom Baker violently raping Liz. Sam however?
I have seen in every incarnation now. Matt Smith edges out Tennant then Tom Baker. They are the 3 doctoryiest.
So that's Tom Baker, Chris Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith, but not Peter Capaldi?
This is fast paced and witty with Tom Baker and Lalla Ward on fine form & great guest turns from Celia Imrie & Nickolas Grace
A new Doctor Who adventure starring Tom Baker, Lalla Ward and John Leeson.
Lalla Ward and Tom Baker in Paris for the filming of City of Death.
My fave Doctor is 4 (Tom Baker)! Win the new sonic screwdriver via &
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