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Tokyo Sexwale

Mosima Gabriel Sexwale (born 5 March 1953), commonly known as Tokyo Sexwale (Venda; English approx. ), is the current Minister of Human Settlements of South Africa.

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Tokyo Sexwale now says his report on Israel-Palestine will be tabled "before the next Congress" in May 2017
Exclusive: Tokyo Sexwale on CAF elections, Gianni Infantino and racism at Russia 2018
Tokyo Sexwale speaker at the Nelson Mandela Foundation event honouring Madiba's legacy.
Foundation trustee Tokyo Sexwale to pay tribute to OR Tambo as we launch the Nelson Mandela Centenar…
7. Did you notice how reference is made to how quickly Cyril Ramaphosa, Patrice Motsepe and Tokyo Sexwale became wealthy https:…
Haven't seen Mmusi Maimane, Sputla Ramokgopa, Tokyo Sexwale and a whole lot of others speak bile about black women.
Cyril Ramaphosa, Patrice Motsepe, Tokyo Sexwale this is just to name a few...This are most INFLUENTIAL...
Ntate Tokyo Sexwale's 'tranquility' pad in Dinokeng North is just something else. I can volunteer to feed crocodiles in that river just nje.
I remember u interviewed Tokyo sexwale,he said just one mistake is going to be fatal is coming soon
Al jazeera just had a guy on named "Tokyo Sexwale" dunno if someone got dared to put up a fake funny name, or if he just…
will make you realise you aren't working as hard as you thought you were. Tokyo Sexwale's house is too proper.
I wanna be like Tokyo Sexwale when I grow up & have my house on
Mr. Tokyo S, he's got taste for South Africa art n design at his home, thank you Mr. Sexwale for welcoming us in2 ur home🇿🇦
Mr Tokyo Sexwale is officially the of the year, not even can out shine his house on
Mr Tokyo Sexwale house is pure African,is amazing,Wooden furniture can't get enough of this architectural... Lorna -
So happy you loved it Cindy! It was so amazing to get this special invite from Mr Tokyo Sexwale!
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Opulent on Tokyo Sexwale chowing millions benefited from "carried interest" while students have nada
Tokyo Sexwale doesn't look bad at all 😜 I mean
Tokyo Sexwale doesn't look old at all...
Tokyo sexwale's palace 👌 when they showed the picture of him and Natasha I couldn't resist I had to say "I studied with her" 😢
This house is built with skill but also self-belief. Thank you Tokyo Sexwale for inviting us into your beautiful ***
That fantastic bronze sculpture in Tokyo Sexwale's house of an Eagle catching a fish was done by the late Bruce McClunan.
Wow, Mr Tokyo Sexwale's home is amazing, breathtaking, the best home I've ever seen, simply heaven :)
I'm just here for Tokyo Sexwale's house 😭
woow The house is something else Mr Tokyo Sexwale,this game farm is amazing
Enjoying top billing on 193. Tokyo Sexwale's home. Nice... inspired by Africaness
That's how much I knew about Tokyo Sexwale's taste 😢😢😢
Hope you are watching as Tokyo Sexwale shares his abode with us!
Don't worry! We have Tokyo Sexwale's home us next!
I just wanna see Tokyo Sexwale's house on Top Billing tonight! It looks 😍
Tokyo Sexwale house to be shown on Top Billing tonight! 💃💃💃💃
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Please, indicate when you are ready to discuss facts about Parks Tau's tenure. I'm keen. Tokyo Sexwale
I want facts on the table. It's after electioneering now. My data shows a completely different result. & Tokyo Sexwale
Where are those veterans who said has been a good mayor. I want to revisit this convo with & Tokyo Sexwale. Please.
This week on we discover a very different side to a man we all know. This African home is the design wo…
"When they couldn't kill us enough, they designed chemical weapons.." - Tokyo Sexwale
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who once pronounced Tokyo Sexwale's surname in english
Or whatever Tokyo Sexwale was president of and/or running for president of.
wait? Tokyo Sexwale is a thing? god dammt. *changes the title of the anime script he's writing.*
Can't wait to watch just wanna see Tokyo Sexwale's house
why dont we start with Tokyo Sexwale?
In the service of Tokyo Sexwale labeled a witch for simply joining COPE. Hope he apologized to…
Businessman and former minister Tokyo Sexwale wrote to Ajay Gupta on lessons for business-government interactions.
Open letter from Tokyo Sexwale to Ajay Gupta: Former minister Tokyo Sexwale has written a letter to AJay Gupt...
Tokyo Sexwale and Susan Shabangu also visited Saxonwold as "friends".
This is what cde Tokyo Sexwale once echoed one shud be worried when the opposition is happy on an ANC decision.
Cde. Tokyo Sexwale once said at the Policy Conference, that the problem lies with the fact that the President is the Boss of NEC members!
This bank is only good for people like Patrice Motsepe,Cyril Ramaphosa,Tokyo Sexwale,Gumede from MP,bt ordinary South Africans NO
Tokyo Sexwale pulls out before first round of Federation Internationale de Football…
What government agency do I contact to change my name to Tokyo Sexwale?
Tokyo Sexwale... Not the movie that begins after the end credits of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi roll.
Good luck to FIFA presidential candidate, our very own Tokyo Sexwale.
Not sure who I should be rooting for in the race for FIFA President... Prince Ali or Tokyo Sexwale?
Tokyo Sexwale says FIFA has not had an African president in 111years. Well, that's a lone voice in the wilderness that is
Other REAL names of people running for FIFA president: Sheik Salman, Infantino, & Tokyo Sexwale.
Sport and Recreation Minister, Fikile Mbalula, has spoken of his support for Tokyo Sexwale despite snub from CAF.
so CAF would rather support Asian Football Confederation president Salman than their own Tokyo Sexwale ? guys this doesn…
FIFAs attempt to be taken seriously undermined by candidates' names: Jerome Champagne and Tokyo Sexwale.
Confederation of African Football refuses to back Tokyo Sexwale to replace corrupt FIFA President Sepp Blatter:
So the guys up for Fifa President are named Tokyo Sexwale and Jerome Champagne. There's a joke here somewhere.
Jerome Champagne's campaign was more pro-African than Tokyo Sexwale's...Does anyone here even know what Tokyo's plan for Africa is?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tokyo Sexwale given the red card by CAF, as his hopes of replacing Sepp Blatter as Fifa President diminishes. Read the
CAF has decided not to back Tokyo Sexwale to replace Sepp Blatter as Fifa president.
presidential candidates Jerome Champagne and Tokyo Sexwale. Sounds like something from Matt Berry or Chris Morris.
Four of the candidates; Tokyo Sexwale, Gianni Infantino, Jerome Champagne and Sheikh Salman are already in Kigali to solicit for votes. 3/4
Africa's FIFA presidential contender Tokyo Sexwale said Sunday he would not "run away" after South African newspaper reports claimed he
Can someone tell us what Tokyo Sexwale know about soccer I think u & Halla actually know more Shd u run for FIFA presidency
I see Botswana is supporting Tokyo Sexwale for the FIFA presidency. The other candidates must be shaking in their boots. FOH
This information is some days old, and -> false! :-) Tokyo Sexwale Fanpage!
Africa's FIFA presidential contender Tokyo Sexwale risks losing the continent's backing and may be asked to pull out of the race, South
Four of the candidates for president of FIFA are heading to Qatar for meetings on Saturday, with one of them, South African Tokyo Sexwale,
Who wouldn't want a guy named Tokyo Sexwale as the next president of FIFA?
It seems Tokyo Sexwale has nothing to offer besides "I went to prison wth Mandela",there's nothing of value to sell to the world of Football
I am struggling to understand why Tokyo Sexwale is not getting support from the home people 083 Sport
Tokyo Sexwale: Europeans support Europeans, Arabs the Arabs, but Africans try to destroy the only African candidate.
"I’m still running and not running away" Tokyo Sexwale.
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Tokyo Sexwale sounds like the kind of name you'd make up if you were caught watching hentai on the bus, not a FIFA presidential candidate.
Tokyo Sexwale to seek CAF's support to revive his struggling FIFA presidential bid.
Tokyo Sexwale is looking for a CAF lifeline in the FIFA elections...
CAF and Tokyo Sexwale support: So what the *** are you waiting for?:
Just a reminder there’s a guy who wants to be FIFA President called ‘Tokyo Sexwale’
FIFA presidential candidate Infantino adds 2 more backers, Russia & Denmark. Tokyo Sexwale can't even get South African FA to support him
So big Mafia Gang Tokyo Sexwale now wants to be FIFA President. Sjoe!
Tokyo Sexwale to seek CAF support to revive FIFA presidential bid
CAF under Hayatou never loved us.they are ready to endorse an outsider just because Tokyo Sexwale didn't …
Interesting column from on Tokyo Sexwale's tilt at the FIFA Presidency
Tokyo Sexwale Fans is a FUNPAGE. So it is an essential part to be funny. You are just boring. Have fun!
SAFA made the decision to never ever support Socrates BigBrains, cause his Brain is as small as a nut. Viva Tokyo Sexwale ;-)
lol you think? When Tokyo Sexwale et al. were sacked in a 2nd Zuma cabinet 'reshuffle'
Great column by on the "persistent contender but hardly winner of elections" that is Tokyo Sexwale
All the best to Tokyo Sexwale for the FIFA Presidential hopeful he will get it.
Presidency: Appointment of Tokyo Sexwale would extinguish the embers of racism displayed by racial taunts African players endure.
Presidency:The appointment of Tokyo Sexwale as president would dispel the illusion that FIFA is a whites racial hereditary legitimacy.
I love Gianni Infantino, but there is only one man for this FIFA presidency and he is. TOKYO SEXWALE
Tokyo Sexwale is the man w/the best name to be FIFA's next prez. The CAF shouldn't give it away to Jérôme Champagne!
Who is the best candidate for Fifa presidency?. Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein. Jerome Champagne. Gianni Infantino. Sheikh Salman. Tokyo Sexwale
The FIFA mafia will pretend its a fair contest and have Tokyo Sexwale's name in the top five.But they will elect their preapproved candidate
South African Sports Minister, Fikile Mbalula & money scum bag/FIFA presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale in the shot too
South African Tokyo Sexwale aspires to restore the credibility of FIFA:
Tokyo Sexwale once slept in a shack
I am still wondering what Tokyo Sexwale said at US Grand Jury !!!?
This guy is running for FIFA Presidency and I think he has the best name in football. TOKYO SEXWALE!!!
Uncontested name of the year award goes to - Tokyo Sexwale . (from the Fifa corruption thing)
Whereas Tokyo Sexwale has been haunting my nightmares since I was about 14.
One of the FIFA candidates is called Tokyo Sexwale. The French guy is called Jerome Champagne. These are clearly made up names.
It seems as if Tokyo is just a Blatter stooge. "Sexwale: Blatter & Platini’s banning was unfortunate
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Five reasons why Tokyo Sexwale is the best FIFA candidate:
South Africa's Tokyo Sexwale on why scandal-battered FIFA needs an African chief at the top via
Tokyo Sexwale was reportedly questioned over $10 million payment made to former FIFA Executive Committee member
Hey Tokyo Sexwale would be a good name for a rock band.
I just cannot cope with the fact there's a man called Tokyo Sexwale. Can't do it.
Tokyo Sexwale is a *** populist, another and with his antics he won't get the top post. senditshilo!
I guess I shouldn't spoil the fun by revealing how Tokyo Sexwale's last name is really pronounced!
There isn't enough being made of the name Tokyo Sexwale
SA is clean, we had a clean 2010 World Cup. Other people from the world also appeared before the Grand Jury: Tokyo Sexwale
Fifa presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale confirms my story that he appeared before US Grand Jury.
Fifa presidential hopeful Tokyo Sexwale has asked for an extension of investigations into bribery at soccer World Cups.
Tokyo Sexwale explained his appearance in front of a US Grand Jury as part of the World Cup bribery investigation. https…
First go ask Patrice Motsepe & Tokyo Sexwale if they is willing to share hard earned wealth
Tokyo Sexwale says it's problematic that FIFA had no African President since it's 111 year existence.
Dr Tokyo Sexwale gets my FIFA President vote on name alone! great name eh?
Sexwale questioned over graft scandal. Fifa presidential hopeful Tokyo Sexwale on Tuesday said he had appeared...
I wonder if FIFA bosses Tokyo Sexwale & Jerome Champagne hang out with Steven Toast at the Colonial Club after a match.
I quite enjoy Tokyo Sexwale – but I must confess I wouldn't want it for my own...
I never knew Tokyo Sexwale was representing 👅
FIFA presidential contender Tokyo Sexwale appeared before a US grand jury to testify about an alleged R120m payment SA made to Jack Warner.
I take it Tokyo Sexwale is a character in a Hunger Games sequel.
shared via News24 Let's wait and see..
Fifa crisis: Presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale appears before US Grand Jury as witness in $10m bribe claim:
Fifa candidate Tokyo Sexwale appeared before US Grand Jury as potential witness. Relates to alleged $10m bribe from S A…
FIFA presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale questioned in corruption probe...
Maybe the media would support Tokyo Sexwale if he wasn't on the LOC WC2010 that passed around a R120m bribe
Dont know who he is but Tokyo Sexwale would totally get my vote for Fifa president. What a name.
Wow. Tokyo Sexwale is an actual name???
Tokyo Sexwale, Gianni Infantino, Jerome Champagne, Sheikh Salman & Prince Ali will all make presentation at the COSAFA AGM in Jhb Saturday
Tokyo Sexwale, Prince Ali, Sheikh Salman, Jerome Champagne and Gianni Infantino. Whoever gets FIFA presidency, they'll have an amazing name.
One of these men, will be FIFA president, Ali Al Hussein, Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, Jerome Champagne, Gianni Infantino, and Tokyo Sexwale.
Tokyo Sexwale in for Prez, Michel Platini out to dry in the woods. And, Prince Ali, Shaikh Salman, Jerome Champagne & Gianni Infantino
Prince Ali, Sheikh Salman, Jerome Champagne, Gianni Infantino, Tokyo Sexwale - Sounds like a menu at a ladies only 'exot…
It's Thursday today, only Kaizer Motaung has come out backing Tokyo Sexwale for the FIFA top job thus far.
Kaizer Motaung on Tokyo Sexwale's bid for FIFA presidency: "FIFA has been dominated by Europe for far too long".
"has today oppose Tokyo Sexwale's bid to become FiFa president but Danny Jordan does support" into Toilet
I always thought Tokyo Sexwale was the sequel to Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus.
South African businessman and former political prisoner Tokyo Sexwale confirms he will stand for FIFA presidency - via
I will be proud if it would be LUCAS RADEBE not Tokyo Sexwale . Wazintoni nge football lo ?. Or wazi ukwenza imali qha?
Tokyo Sexwale sounds like an Austin Powers villain.
I asked Danny Jordaan weeks ago if back Tokyo Sexwale for president on 26 Feb? Help!
what makes Tokyo sexwale qualify for this position?? Are we not too ambitious as South Africans??
Tokyo has yet to confirm he will run for president, deadline Oct 26, backing from Germany
Deadline for president nominations 26 Oct: Prince Ali of Jordan, Sheikh al-Khalifa from Bahrain or South Africa's Tokyo Sexwale?
It's like those folks in African countries who name their kids Hitler and Tokyo Sexwale. Not on the radar.
I hope Tokyo Sexwale will get the support from CAF as Germany have done. I prefer the next pres. to come from Africa.
Is Tokyo Sexwale's reported bid for the FIFA presidency serious? Will other federations consider him if SAFA and CAF don't support him?
Run? Can he sprint? "Tokyo Sexwale should run for presidency."
Dakiwe"Tokyo Sexwale should run for presidency."
Tokyo Sexwale should run for presidency.
Tokyo Sexwale won't get a backing from SAFA, it's quite clear
Mamadou Gaye believes Dr Khoza.Patrice Motsepe & Tokyo Sexwale are capable to contest for presidency position
I have read a report of the FiFA favourite person to lead it is our own Mr Tokyo Sexwale
If Tokyo Sexwale doesn't become the FIFA boss I will be asking questions in high places...
Tokyo Sexwale stands a good chance of winning African support for Fifa job
Potential FIFA presidential candidate we bring you - Tokyo Sexwale. He must win. Name of the week!
Tokyo Sexwale still deciding whether to run for presidency
Is Tokyo Sexwale really the best man for football’s top job?
Is Tokyo Sexwale the man for the presidency? | BRIAN HOMEWOOD.
South African Tokyo Sexwale in Austria says he's "still considering" standing for FIFA president ... deadline in 20 days
Breast Cancer Awareness
Tokyo Sexwale, Trustee & Founder at on the power of sports.
if I was a bored billionaire we would team up and sell "Sexwale Milk Tray; A bit of Tokyo in your mouth"
For this morning's viewers: still no reply from Danny in Jordaania about backing Tokyo for president. Sad.
Brian Habana tries triumph...The FIFA saga with Tokyo Sexwale as the potential president candidate
So one of the potential new FIFA presidents is called "Tokyo Sexwale"? Fans everywhere would rejoice, mocking FIFA has never been easier xD
Blatter, Platini’s suspension by Fifa could clear the way for Tokyo Sexwale
Really though, FELLOW South AfricanS! If Mr. Tokyo Sexwale Has a shot at FIFA Post we should be restless in supporting him,
Tokyo Sexwale for Fifa Presidency is it a good/bad call?
I think Tokyo Sexwale must run for that FIFA Presidency and motivate for an International Friendlies World Cup
Tokyo Sexwale undecided over FIFA presidency bid.
The name of the next FIFA President is ... ... Tokyo Sexwale?!. John Oliver, go ahead.
A board member of the Nelson Mandela Foundation is called "Tokyo Sexwale".
Germany backs Tokyo sexwale for FIFA presidency
Wow what a Cv from Tokyo Sexwale in terms of his involvement in world football,I salute him
Franz Beckenbauer has backed Tokyo Sexwale as a possible candidate to succeed Sepp Blatter as Fifa president and will get…
FIFA boss Sepp Blatter says he will fight to clear his name, while South African Tokyo Sexwale may run for president http:/…
So the new FIFA president could be a former comrade of Nelson Mandela? All for it! His name is Tokyo Sexwale??? DEAL!!!
What has Tokyo Sexwale done for local football, friends?
Does Tokyo Sexwale have Safa's backing before we can talk Fifa or Caf?
Sky Sports says Tokyo Sexwale might run to become Fifa President. Hmmmnnn
Tokyo Sexwale being mentioned as a front runner for Fifa presidency!!! 👏👏👏
Our own Tokyo Sexwale is favourite to become FIFA president ? Dankie Mzanzi!!
I feel like comedians missed a gold mine of jokes with Tokyo Sexwale's name. Y'all playing around
If they can put ISSA Hayatou as interim.Come on Tokyo Sexwale u can Do it!
Tokyo Sexwale would be perfect as FIFA boss. Imagine that rich, soothing voice saying, "No, it wasn't a bribe, FIFA is clea…
Franz Beckenbauer says his country could back Tokyo Sexwale should he decide to run for FIFA presidency. http…
Power to Aston Bay, Paradise Beach, Marina Martinique, Oceanview, Tokyo Sexwale and Pellsrus will be interrupted for about 1 hour from 12pm
Stupid why not invite Malusi Gigaba and Tokyo Sexwale over your drug trafficking/addiction/crime story?
conference day 2 with Gideon Sam and Tokyo Sexwale
Tokyo Sexwale born in Soweto & went to Robben Island with Nelson Mandela. He was the Premier of the Gauteng. estimated net worth R2.6billion
FIFA has appointed former South African government minister Tokyo Sexwale to lead a monitoring committee to...
The ‘black man’ as you call him has a name: Tokyo Sexwale. He has done tremendous work against racism and apart…
just after the likes of Cyril and Tokyo Sexwale et al became instant billionaires. No BEE I t…
Rest of the conference we have US ambassador, Tokyo Sexwale, Lebogang Maile & lots of our change leaders from the world.
Do you remember Tokyo Sexwale referring to Toilet Refugees on one of his last interviews as Human Settlements Mi…
-- Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale speaks to eNCA about the assassination of struggle icon Chris Hani 20
My last twit for the night . Tokyo Sexwale... will miss you !!
Can anyone assist with Tokyo Sexwale because there are rumours that I am not sure are true
Where is Tokyo Sexwale we are geting reports here.. Khulumani nina uPhi ??
Frank Sexwale, father of former Minister, Tokyo, has passed away. Details surrounding his death have not been released.
Did Tokyo Sexwale just pass away? I'm struggling to find any news about this?
FAO sportsdesk: those photos of Arrigo Sacchi and Tokyo Sexwale should have landed by noon.
It probably won't be long before Sacchi appears with his arm around Tokyo Sexwale
are you not allowed to say Tokyo Sexwale? Is been all over the press.
Tokyo Sexwale's estranged white notopazana's claim of R140 000 a month for herself and 2 children has been dismissed with costs. She's nuts!
Update your maps at Navteq
who would win in a fight, Tokyo Sexwale or Goodluck Jonathan?
These is how they want to be they have a list, Zuma resign Ramaphosa takes over, he brings on Tokyo Sexwale as deputy
Where is uncle Kgalema Motlanthe, as well as bhuti Paul Mashatile and sugar daddy Tokyo Sexwale, oh and malume Phosa?
so does Patrice Motsepe, Cyril Ramaphisa and Tokyo Sexwale...whats your point???
Thanks to Tokyo Sexwale more and more of my youngins have white girlfriends now.
Studying the game. Studying the greats. Tokyo Sexwale, Patrice Motsepe, B.J Mononga and Gayton. Forbes is my mission.
POWER OFF TO SECTIONS OF JBAY ON THURSDAY: The electricity to sections of Jeffreys Bay will be interrupted on Thursday, December 4, from 10:00 to 16:00 in order for a new transformer to be installed. The affected areas will be Aston Bay, Paradise Beach, Ocean View and Tokyo Sexwale. Residents are asked to treat all electrical points as live during this time.
Mr. Thabo Mbeki and Mr. Tokyo Sexwale in full support of the Initiative.
Tokyo Sexwale: Kevin-Prince Boateng said we should confront racism and that's is doing
I thought Tokyo Sexwale was the first South African black billionaire
Tokyo Sexwale this! Nathi Mthethwa that! Come on guys its a Sunday for Christ's sake. They ain't super beings.
Tokyo Sexwale and Robert Marawa have really discussed issues that affect every South African citizen!
He banna, Tokyo Sexwale still around, he's in sport now. Thank you Robert Marawa.
Just watched the speach delivered by Malema on SONA, I don't know why he was blamed because everything he said was nothing but the truth and unfortunatley there was no one who was brave to say as it is. Its our country and our land but its been sold to us by the people who stole it "whites" and our own people who benefited from the white spremecy ie Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale, Sakie Macozoma etc and brave ones who talk about land were killed ie Chris Hani, Steve Biko. People by empty land by millions and SANRAL which is the company that is funded by France evicted people and the current ANC goverment remain mum about it because they are benefiting.
Madiba Tribute Event - "As we let our own light shine, we un consciously give other people permission to do the same" (Nelson Mandela). What an inspirational evening spent with exceptional people who are committed to spread peace, hope, education and harmony between races. I had the great privilege to sit and speak with Wolf Blitzer, then with Danny Glover who gave an emotional tribute to Mandela. Tokyo Sexwale who jokingly introduces himself as a convict made a passionate speech on the great impact Mandela made to the world. Masai Ujiri, founder and president of Giants of Africa, also made several remarks that moved people. I am so proud of Ralph Lean who co-chaired the event full of music (Lorraine Klaasen was one of the singers), silent and live auctions, awards, the beautiful children from the Nelson Mandela school and so much more.
Small, infantile minds attacking Mmusi Maimane and his beautiful wife. Now what is wrong with marrying across racial and colour lines? Didn't Mandela et al go to jail to fight for our rights to associate with and love whomever we wanted to? Maybe we should bring back the Immorality Act. Why single out Mmusi? What about Tokyo Sexwale and the many black men and women with ANC links who are or were married across the colour line? PS: To those black women who make it a personal battle to condemn brothers whose love transcends race: Who told you had an inherent claim on successful black men? Grow up!
Politicians kiss, make up and celebrate Zuma's inauguration The ANCYL made friendly with Thuli Madonsela, Tokyo Sexwale shrugged off his defeat and the DA wished Jacob Zuma well ahead of his inauguration. Top politicians, foreign dignitaries and members of the public flocked to the Union Buildings on Saturday from the early hours to be seated ahead of the inauguration of the re-elected South African president, Jacob Zuma. "We've come so far," former human settlements minister Tokyo Sexwale told the Mail & Guardian from his seat at the Union Buildings ahead of the inauguration. "The first time we came here, I was premier of Gauteng, and just before the inauguration serious bombs had gone off. We weren't sure if this place was safe. Today [Saturday] there is no tension: security is done as normal. It's now become business as usual and that's a good thing." Sexwale was philosophical about his losing battle to dethrone Zuma within the ANC as part of a "change" faction motivating for his then deputy Kgalema Mo ...
Malusi Gigaba nearly destroyed South African Parastatals SAA, Eskom, Telkom and the South African Post Office (the Post Office being the worst off- they suffered a loss of R800 million from the last year's final quater till march this year, and SAA has had to be bailed every year since 2002 and Eskom using gas to create power for the national grid and is now in the billions of rands and debt what does that say about the department he ran and now you take him to a department that was the only one to have a positive progress report and you take him there ? Tina Joemat Peterson has been implicated in an R800 m tender fraud scandal and has been changed to another department particularly energy where is the sense in that ? Lindiwe Sisulu failed dismally in every department she ran under her leadership we saw the first military protest in developing country prior to the world cup when she was minister of defense, housing was a complete disaster till Tokyo Sexwale had been appointed to housing, she almost ran th ...
I have come across some new words which will enrich your vocabulary: 1.Boko Hara: to live in a "vat & sat" situation. *** lula le ngoana oa motho o sa monyala!). 2. Sir Seretse Khama or Tokyo Sexwale: A black man married to a white woman. 3. Jacob Zuma or King Mswati 111: a man in a polygamous marriage. 4. Zwelinzima Vavi: to have sex with a junior staff member at work. 5. MH370: (although a little insensitive) to disappear from the surface of earth without trace. Have you had of any "new" words??
Should interview Tokyo Sexwale and Cyril Ramaphosa on this issue as they have been on both sides
Malema dishes the dirt on Zuma May 1, 2014 | Sapa | 173 comments EFF leader Julius Malema on Thursday led a stinging attack against several ANC bigwigs for being too scared of President Jacob Zuma to challenge him for wrongdoing. inShare When Malema and Zuma used to dance together...File photo He said former human settlements minister Tokyo Sexwale, former minister in the presidency Trevor Manuel, and Home Affairs Minister Naledi Pandor bowed to Zuma because they were scared of him. Malema said at first he thought they would take a stand against Zuma. "Tokyo Sexwale, I think he has disappeared," Malema said during an interview on Talk Radio 702 on Thursday morning. "We relied on people like Tokyo... he disappointed me... but they are so scared of one individual. He was silenced. We hope he will have courage and come out." He said Pandor used to be brave. "Naledi Pandor, she was bold, then all of a sudden she was bowing." He said she initially challenged Zuma on his comments that the African National Con . ...
Oh ok! is 4 rich Tokyo Sexwale, is 4 rich Steve Tshwete, is Walter Sisulu & is Dereck. Ja ne
I wish Steve Tshwete had told us more about the Cyril Ramaphosa, Matthews Phosa &Tokyo Sexwale coup attempt plot.May his soul rest in peace
The big "commanders in chiefs" of eff, firstly the Mangaung losers 3 of them namely; Tokyo Sexwale, Mathew Phosa, Winnie Mandela and Mpho Ramakatsa. The big two "used big dogs" Julius Malema, Floyd Shivambu and Dali Mpofu. The biggest and the most powerful are the voters. And if you do not vote, these people will win and your lives will be a long walk to freedom again.
How Gwede Manatshe was able to distort history by blaming the Bisho Massacre on Ronnie Kasrils & inadvertently on all the other leaders who took part in the march. On March 1992 Former ANC President Nelson Mandela gave a chilling statement on the aftermath of the Bisho Massacre, which happened 3 months after the Boipatong massacre. The march was led by Chris Hani, Ronnie Kasrils, Tokyo Sexwale, Busisiwe Dingaan Stofile & other leaders of the alliance. The attack by the state armed force led to the death of 28 people & more than 200 injured. The march which was taking place in a space were the ANC had broken off from the negotiations due to the Boipatong massacre became a catalyst to the resumption of negotiations. Many recollect how after the massacre Ronnie Kasrils & Chris Hani were in the forefront with those who stayed behind to continue with the course. Today our Secretary General blames Ronnie Kasrils for the massacre, is this how our ANC will react to dissent by naming & shaming those who were in th ...
Worth a read!! Dear Government OK, I get it, the President isn't the only one in charge. The ANC believes in "collective responsibility" (So that nobody has to get blamed when things get screwed up), so I address this to everyone in government - the whole lot of you - good, bad and ugly (That's you, Blade). We were all so pleased with your renewed promises to deliver services (we'll forgive the fact that in some places people are worse off than in 1994); to root out corruption (so far your record is worse than under Mbeki, Mandela or the Apartheid regime - what with family members becoming overnight millionaires); and build infrastructure (State tenders going disgustingly awry and pretty stadia standing empty notwithstanding) - and with the good job you did when FIFA were telling you what to do for a few months this year. Give yourselves half a pat on the back. Since President Sepp went off with his billions I'm afraid we have less to be proud of - Public Servants Strikes, more Presidential *** childr ...
The images of Tokyo Sexwale at Chris Hani's house after the latter's assassination politicized me.The songs at his funeral stirs s'thing me.
that vid of Tokyo Sexwale crying when Chris Hani was murdered is haunting shem :(
Hillary Clinton is like Tokyo Sexwale,they dont wanna be ministers/secretarys.The wanna be president
Oscar deserves an Oscar, last time I saw or heard a man cry like that was Tokyo sexwale when they assassinated Chris Hani back in the 90s!
Thabo Mbheki, Jacob Zuma and Nelson Mandela was a faction which plotted the assassination of Chris Hani, dis administration axed Cyril Ramaphosa and Tokyo Sexwale during the hash time from 1991 to 1994. This faction was broken in 2004 in loggerheads 4 presidency between Mbeki and Zuma, ultimately broken 4 gud in 2007 Polokwane. The reality is COSATU and SACP joined Zuma breakaway of which that where COSATU and SACP lost revolution. The truth is Mbeki and Zuma are both the same as Mandela. The situation has worsen 2day bcos of this faction and administration, the truth is dis administration sold the revolution of OR Tambo. Blade has in Zuma breakaway , Vavi tried to be consistenc but suspended. Numsa seems to be our last hope 2 redirect COSATU , unfortunately SACP is dead which is the one who suppose 2 give clear political guidance. There is no turning back, unfortunately.
Tokyo Sexwale via the adventure of Noko Mashaba
Do people like Tokyo sexwale,phosa,Ramahlodi n others still care about the anc?if so why they r so quiet when our orgarnisation is slowly falling apart.
You know it's a good list of names when Tokyo Sexwale and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix didn't even crack the Top 64.
Tokyo Sexwale on Father Stan: “Father loved those discussions,” Tokyo said. “We also use to pose questions like, ‘Is it wrong for a priest to take up arms to protect nuns from being raped?’ The conversations would go round and round – it was always hugely interesting and with Father Stan, in his humorous Irish way, always good fun.”
Uncle Kathy, Tokyo Sexwale & Kgalema Motlanthe in attendance as we launch The first one in his absence.
Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, Dr Mamphela Ramphele, Tokyo Sexwale and Ahmed Kathrada have just arrived.
Jigga looks like Tokyo Sexwale in that pic lol
Tokyo Sexwale, Cyril, Patrice Motsepe. Where does their money come from? Le yena Mandela.
Do you think anyone has told the creator of this graphic that s/he has the wrong kind of Sexwale/Sexwhale?
It's not only in KZN by the way, it's country-wide. Fixing faulty RDP houses scared even Tokyo Sexwale.
"White people don't date us but when they do they go for the extraordinary blacks. White people want Tiger Woods. They want Tokyo Sexwale"
"Give up on BEE it has made people poorer except for Tokyo Sexwale" _ Gareth* Lmao!
Sjoe I wanna be Tokyo Sexwale on his 1st apprentice and say IT'S A TIE you both WIN!
So dat ur uncle,Tokyo SEXWALE can take over then employ ur as well RTGedle must give us our movement back comrade
Show me a non English name more interesting than 'Tokyo Sexwale'.
'the leadership has invited prominent national figures, including Mantashe, Tokyo Sexwale, Tito Mboweni, * Msimang
Im so fancy, you already know. Im in the fast lane from L.A to Tokyo
Voter education program from 1994 - watch out for a very young Tokyo Sexwale,Pik Botha et al maybe...
Cyril Ramaphosa , Sakhi Macozoma , Tokyo Sexwale nd Patrice Motsepe were on the forefront of the negotiation that were paving the way for the New South Africa ( CODESA's) , if u can look closer to them , all of them now are multi millionares . WHY ingaba balithengisa emaBhulwini elililizwe ?
Here's a little background on the Soweto Gospel Choir: The Soweto Gospel Choir was formed in November, 2002 and their first album “Voices of Heaven” reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s World Music Chart within 3 weeks of its release in the US. Shortly thereafter, the choir won its first award, a Helpmann Award, Australia’s prestigious Performing Arts Award, for “Best Contemporary Music Concert” followed by the American Gospel Music Award for “Best Choir” and “Best International Choir.” In 2006, the choir performed for their Patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 75th birthday with an audience that included Nelson Mandela, Mrs. Zanele Mbeki, Tokyo Sexwale, Samuel L Jackson, Alfre Woodard and Carlos Santana. After that, they appeared with Diana Ross, Deborah Cox and Danny K for gala banquet in South Africa and entertained Oprah Winfrey and her guests which included Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Tina Turner, Patti Labelle, Sydney Poitier and Quincy Jones. They also appeared on NBC’s “Tod ...
It was a grand closing Of Autocracy. From now on that we will be in government, mambo jamboz must start to change gears an substitute each other like they do when they want to assasinate your character,we saw this happening when Cassel Mathale, David Masondo, Tokyo Sexwale been chopped. So time is on your side, the revolutionarist are coming to revolt within- salute
2007 Zuma smiled on stage after defeating Mbeki at the ANC National Conference in Polokwane... 2009 Zuma smiled in Pretoria at his inauguration as the President of South Africa at the Union Buildings... 2012 Zuma smiled in Mangaung after defeating Kgalema Motlhanthe at the ANC Conference.. Now all of us know that Zuma smile with his middle finger constantly adjusting loose glasses.. Never ever think thats a smile that suggest that He is happy is going to serve his people and the ANC with honesty and diligence..All his smiles suggest(ed) that there would be power in his hands and ultimately Economic Freedom for his family and we are seeing just that today and the seed was laid in Polokwane in 2007 by Julius Malema,Zwelinzima Vavi,Fikile Mbalula,Tokyo,Matthews Phosa,Tokyo Sexwale and Simphiwe Nyanda.. I am intentionally mentioning this few amongst the many that supported Zuma to lead the ANC and RSA because they did not have the foresight to notice that Zuma will take South Africa and the ANC into the wrong ...
You were able to keep calm and collected whereas you could have responded in kind. Thanx to Steve Biko, I now know the power of the opressed mind. Thanx to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, i believe that no matter how hard they try I'll always be victorious. Thanx to Robert Mugabe, i know hw to shake my opponent and mke him beg 4 mercy. Thanx to Stompie Moeketsi and peers, i know the weakness of a propagandist and how cruel our kind is. Thanx to Chris Hani, i know what it will take to gain whatz rightfully mine. Thanx to Tokyo Sexwale, i knw the tactics they will use to ruin me. Thanx to Patrice Motsepe, i know hw long i should take to cater 4 my people. Indeed you are a hero
Mbeki nominated for return as MP 27 January | 09:27 By BALDWIN NDABA Johannesburg - Some Gauteng ANC branches have nominated former president Thabo Mbeki to return to Parliament as an MP in a list packed with President Jacob Zuma’s critics or political rivals. Mbeki’s name appears on the 51st spot on the province’s list of 200 candidates for the National Assembly. Mbeki’s endorsement comes a few months after Gauteng ANC secretary David Makhura reportedly said the province had asked him to help woo middle-class voters to the ruling party, because of Zuma’s perceived unpopularity with that section of society. ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe has since dismissed the plan. Gauteng has also nominated Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe to be an MP, just over a year after the province unsuccessfully campaigned for him to replace Zuma as ANC president at the Mangaung conference. Also nominated by the province are former ANC national executive committee (NEC) members Tokyo Sexwale and Mathews Phosa, ...
Would now be a good time to say that Mamphela Ramphele is just Cyril Ramaphosa or Tokyo Sexwale in a skirt..? Too soon?
On behalf of Patrice Motsepe, Tiger Woods, Mamphele Ramphela, Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Sibiya Mathuthu and other BILLIONAIRES, we wish you a Happy 2014 and may you work hard to become like one of us.
How come in Zambia we hear of men like HH,GBM,Mahtani etc that they are Rich but mostly we don't know their NET worth and what business like for instance in South Africa,We told Patrice Motsepe CEO of Rainbow minerals is one of the Wealthiest Black South African with a net worth of $2.6billion mainly from Mining interests and his Brother in Law Cyril Ramaphose(ANC Veep) of Shanduka Group and also sitting in Standard Bank of SA board of Directors is worth $550 million and he is 2nd and ANC Heavy weight Tokyo Sexwale of Mvelaphanda group has amassed more than $200 million and occupies 3rd Spot. Sipho Nkosi of Exxaro is 4th with $163million, Phutuma Nhleko former CEO of MTN is at 5th with $142million and the Richest South African being Johann Rupert and family currently wortth $6.6Billion and not forgetting Pick n Pay Founder and CEO Raymond Ackerman Give us info for Zambia please..we wanna get motivated
Losing Nelson Mandela South Africans we still have heroes like Bantu Holomisa, Thabo Mbeki, Tokyo Sexwale, Cyril Ramaphosa and many others.
If Zuma left the presidency though what would happen to the Praetorian Guard he has built up, brick by brick, to protect himself from removal? His Zulu placemen are everywhere in the cabinet and among top officials. Zuma also controls Intelligence, Security and Defence; while the millions of ethnically-minded Zulu voters in KwaZulu-Natal make up an ever increasing proportion of the ANC's core support base. Would tribalism, kept at bay so gallantly by the ANC for its 100 years, then spread like a scourge among South Africa's nine tribal groups? Also, who would replace Zuma if he quit the presidency? Kgalema Motlanthe? Millionaire ex-politician Tokyo Sexwale (who has the knack of backing too many wrong horses, such as Julius Malema's crowd)? Recall Thabo Mbeki, whom RW Johnson dismisses as "a clever, paranoid and unbalanced man"? Cyril Ramaphosa, certainly, but as ex-ANC cabinet minister Ronnie Kasrils said in an interview last week, there is a "dark cloud" over him - the Marikana mine clash between miners ...
At the moment, needs someone who will take it Her next level. & Cyril Ramaphosa & Tokyo Sexwale are qualified for that
J. Malema, a big No. Tokyo Sexwale, Cyril Ramaphosa or Gen. Bantu Holomisa, those are the cmrades whu shud be future leaders of dis country n not Dat boy Malema
Its sad to see George Bizos Mandela's friend & attorney, Tokyo Sexwale, Brigalia Bam being omitted from going to cemetary & having people like Siyabonga Cwele, Nathi Mthethwa, bathabile Dlamini & other people in NWC of ANC. I think Mandela didnt even know them.
Song and dance at Mandela's state funera Guests stood, sang and danced shortly before the state funeral of former president Nelson Mandela at a specially constructed dome in Qunu, in the Eastern Cape, on Sunday. ANC Women's League members wearing their customary green dresses were the first to begin singing. Other people then began blowing whistles before standing up and dancing. African National Congress stalwart Ahmed Kathrada, who was imprisoned with Mandela, former human settlements minister Tokyo Sexwale, and ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa were present, as was former president Thabo Mbeki and a host of Cabinet ministers. Also attending were Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai and SA Reserve Bank Governor Gill Marcus. US civil rights activist Jesse Jackson and US ambassador Patrick Gaspard took their seats, alongside businessman Patrice Motsepe. Inside the dome, purple chairs were placed in front of a stage lined with two rows of candles and a portrait of Mandela. ...
-Patrice Motsepe of African Rainbow Minerals as the wealthiest black South African, with $2.6billion, made chiefly from mining interests. -His brother-in-law Cyril Ramaphosa (who is married to Dr Tshepo Motsepe, the elder sister of Patrice) of the Shanduka Group, with $550million, follows him. -ANC heavyweight Tokyo Sexwale of the Mvelaphanda Group has amassed more than $200million and occupies the third spot. -Sipho Nkosi, CEO of Exxaro Resources, which owns a stake in Sanlam, is fourth, with $163million. At number five is Phuthuma Nhleko, chairperson and former CEO of MTN, at $142million. Motsepe donated $1.2million to help tackle poverty and unemployment in two rural communities. And Tim Tebeila of Sekoko Investments has built everything from churches and daycare centres to a hospice in Brits and a science lab in the Eastern Cape. Ramaphosa’s Shanduka Adopt-a-School programme puts education at the centre of the nation’s welfare.-,
On the panel are foreign minister in the last apartheid government Pik Botha, former host of the South African version of The Apprentice and ANC leader imprisoned on Robben Island with Mandela, Tokyo Sexwale, leading anti-apartheid campaigner Peter Hain MP, the parliamentary leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance party, Lindiwe Mazibuko, radical black consciousness activist Andile Mngxitama, and the journalist Eusebius McKeiser.
This will be very interesting! Andile Mngxitama shared the following link and had this to say about it: I will be on the same panels with slave masters, slave catchers and house negroes: Tokyo Sexwale, Eusibius Mckaiser, Lindiwe Mazibuko, Pik Botha and I don't know what else... reminds me of Chavez having to speak after Bush at the UN. the devil was here!!!
The spear of the nation/people is still there.. It merely needs to be sharpened after losing its edge. The spear of the nation was never meant to attack but rather to defend the people of this wonderful land. Thank you Tata wam' for being led by Mandela, you as my father sharpen me to give the spear an edge again. I am indirectly lead by Mandela but in no lesser sence than Raymond Mhlaba, Tokyo Sexwale, Cyril Ramaphosa and Lindiwe Sisulu. The spear lives on. Thank you Tatamkhulu Mandela!
Am I dreaming , who is this not far from me, is it Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton , greeting Cyril Ramaphosa , next to them is Joaquim Chissano, Mozambican president Armando Guebuza, FW De Klerk , Ndaba Mandela, Kenya president Uhuru Kenyatta, foreign affairs minister nkoana mashabane, Charlize Theron, . .Tokyo Sexwale, Desmond.iam waiting in the queue to see Nelson Mandela, iam not going anywhere. Here iam at union building.
Where are these comrates hiding Sam Mbhazima Shilowa, Tokyo Sexwale, Cassel Mathale, Bheki Cele, Julius Malema are they also angry to Madiba?
Would you be surprised to learn that Nelson Mandela, who wrote the book How To Be A Good Communist, died a multi-millionaire? The Mandela family has already been fighting over his fortune for years. Family has been fighting over Mandela’s money since at least 2004. From… Earlier this year, a man close to several of Nelson Mandela’s relatives told Le Monde of his fear that the unity displayed during the moments of reverence around South Africa’s global icon of reconciliation, would eventually give way to disputes over the lucrative family inheritance. These clashes had already begun to surface even before the former president’s death. It was in April when South Africa learned that two of Nelson Mandela’s sons, Makaziwe and Zenani, had taken court action — backed by 17 members of the family — against the aging leader’s friends: his former lawyer, George Bozos, and the former minister for housing, Tokyo Sexwale, who also had spent many years imprisoned on Robben Island, off ...
"Tokyo is street smart and book smart" Dr Irvin Khoza on Tokyo Sexwale's chess move Jack Ward cc
"Tokyo Sexwale reading a poem for
Touch my grave... Tokyo Sexwale reads emphatically this poem for Madiba... Moving moving
Tokyo Sexwale reading a poem for Madiba...
"...Mandela said OR Tambo was pure Gold, today I say Mandela was the purest of pure Gold..." Tokyo Sexwale
Madiba took De Klerk and said let's work together to build SA. - Tokyo Sexwale at prayer service.
Tokyo Sexwale reminisces on the days of the struggle.
I like the poem Tokyo Sexwale wrote
Tokyo Sexwale speaking at a memorial in Houghton
T.Sexwale:'How do u survive 27 years in jail? Humour! could put Cosby to shame' Tokyo's imitating voice so real!
Tokyo Sexwale giving a great tribute to Madiba.
The single example we learned from is the courage of his convictions- Tokyo Sexwale.
MT Tokyo Sexwale says Jesus said "It is finished" and reflects Mandela's, task too, is done. But our task is not
Tokyo Sexwale imitating Madiba's voice, Brilliant!!! Idris Alba has nothing on Tokyo!!! Nelson Mandela Foundation Centre of Memory.
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