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Todd Hoffman

Gold Rush (formerly Gold Rush: Alaska) is a reality television series that airs on Discovery. Its fifth season began on October 17, 2014 at 9/8c.

Gold Rush Dave Turin

again... Todd Hoffman not doing a god *** thing! Just watching & blabbing!
Love me some Gold Rush, but I'll be god damned if Todd Hoffman isn't the worst gold miner in all of Alaska.
Todd made a wise decision to partner with Dave. He has made such a big difference this season for the Hoffman crew
Hoffman if you would get in a peice of equipment and work as hard as the rest of the crew, you would prob get more gold.j/s
Does Todd Hoffman do anything but hang out in the trailer and stand by the plant?
Does Todd Hoffman actually work, or just eat his fat *** around the Klondike?
Just being in the vicinity of Todd Hoffman can lead to bankruptcy
Todd Hoffman is an eternal optimist! Nothing keeps him down.
Todd Hoffman irritates the daylights outta me.
Todd Hoffman is nothing but a cheerleader.
What will Todd and the rest of the Hoffman's do if you fall short again?
I never get tired of watching Todd Hoffman fail
Dave gets 50% how much does that leave the five guys that work for the Hoffman's. Todd and Jack get 30%
need to make last pick in DK lineup, looking at Simpson, Dufner, Moore, Todd, Hoffman
wish you were on the show Instead of Todd Hoffman.He's a joke.You're the real deal :-)
todd Hoffman was too easy. He was played out like Pete's ***
Todd Hoffman of Goldrush. What an awesome down to earth, hardworking dude!
Todd Hoffman has no luck on tgis goldrush everything seems to go wrong for him
The Redskins want to be Parker Schnabel. But the reality is, they're Todd *ing Hoffman.
Palmer, Hoffman and Todd all on my shortlist but didnt pull the trigger on them..Nice call on Jimmy last week! 😄
Anton Corbijn: The photographer and film director on working with Philip Seymour Hoffman and the distortion of
FOLLOWERS: hair style decision time. Cut it back to MARINE TODD Stefan, or let it grow to Abbie Hoffman Stefan again
“, I would do it in a second. Lol”Todd Hoffman wants a fight with EPIC
Discovery's Gold Rush needs the South Park treatment. Eric Cartman and Todd Hoffman are alarmingly similar.
Still can't believe that Dave Turin invested $500k with Todd Hoffman. One of the ballsiest gold mining moves I've ever seen.
Parker shakes more gold off his clothes at the end of the day, than Todd Hoffman takes home at the end of a season.
Perry Ellis think Todd Hoffman is a great gold miner
I will pay Todd Hoffman to shave that mess off his chin.
The only time you see Todd Hoffman at the site is for the cleanup!
A younglife meeting at Todd Hoffman house! From Gold Rush! I'm really nerding out
As many of my friends know, last week we lost Susan's father, Col. Ralph N. Hoffman Jr., USAF (ret.). Today we...
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Todd Hoffman is an epic failure. Anyone who mines with him is a fool.
Todd Hoffman is the stupidest Fred Durst wannabe ever.
Todd I am sitting in my Bed watching you and THE HOFFMAN CREW. You Todd use I way too much. Whenever it's more then you, it's WE
Why would anybody get into business with Todd Hoffman
someone needs to smack Todd Hoffman. He is the biggest *** EVER
If you listen to anything Todd Hoffman has to say ... you absolutely deserve the fate that awaits you.
Todd Hoffman, once again stopping my name in moving stuff to make it better
Im watching Pay Dirt. Ship of Fools. Parker eyes his own claim; Todd's claim owner pressures the Hoffman crew.
can we call it, Todd Hoffman just doesnt know what hes doing
I hope BU is still thriving and gaining momentum for many good rides in late winter or early spring. Don and I are watching Gold Rush and agree that we've found Larry 's double - Todd Hoffman, except Larry has a much nicer personality and is much better looking.
For Todd Hoffman's next job, he should be a weatherman. He isn't any better at that than he is at gold mining, but he won't be going bankrupt by getting weather forecasts so terribly wrong.
It's going to be Frick in cold tonight as Todd Hoffman would say.
Todd Hoffman is the John Madden of gold mining.
Join the - friends of mine have a placer gold mine for sale - Hey, if Todd Hoffman can do it... :)
Does anybody know what Todd Hoffman does show has him walking around watching everybody working Dave is part owner and he is always working when Dave got half the ownership Evan though Dave is the shot caller Todd is quick to blame Dave for every little thing wrong leaving Todd I got it standing around lol
don't tell Todd Hoffman...he will have a wash plant setup outside the Expo before you know it
Lazy *** Todd Hoffman can find more gold than this company! Lol
Cavs should fire coach and hire Todd Hoffman.
Rex Ryan reminds me of Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush Alaska.
Donald Hoffman pleads guilty to four murders in Bucyrus. Complete coverage from Todd Hill on News Journal and Telegraph-Forum sites.
Donald Hoffman pleads guilty to 4 murders in Crawford County. Todd Hill's story is at
343 Industries is the Todd Hoffman of the gaming industry. I have no words.
todd Hoffman 3:16mining rocks,sometimes you just got to say,what would Dorsey do
hey todd Hoffman,,sometimes you just got to ask what would Dorsey do,,love you guys and the show,,
just thinking out loud here. Things could be worse. You could be Todd Hoffman!
Seen TV show, Gold Rush? If so, then u probably know abt Todd Hoffman. He joins to talk abt his faith & the hit show
This Todd Hoffman on is about as much use as *** on a bull
Hoffman, Oetting, Todd and McJunkins earn Academic All State Honors in softball at Festus. Good ball players and great students!
& Quote:. ~>> (1.) Fave artist off the year. (2.) Fave song off the year. . Todd Carey. Nintendo
& Fave:. We want Todd Carey on. !!. Ellen pls listen to 'Nintendo' by .
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so rude. Who would ever do that to the Chrisleys. Your fans have your back Todd!
Todd Hoffman from just showed up at my church this morning. No big deal or anything.
Todd Hoffman still has no gold. Parker Schnovel has *** loads of it, and he’s a 15 year old sloth. What a turn out this show is
Interesting. Looking at the IMDB for Todd Louiso...he directed my favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman movie 'Love Liza' and wrote Macbeth (2015)
Where does Todd Hoffman get off telling Dave it's up to HIM to to get $10/yard? And Todd... what's your job partner???
Anyone who would follow Todd Hoffman needs their head examined!
Lots of birdies falling out there now. Walker, -10. Bae, -10. Hoffman, -9. Todd, -9. Johnson, -9. Kuchar, -9
Todd Hoffman has to be the dumbest man in Alaska. pay me to go there and I'll show you how to get gold without being an ***
Watching last week's just have to say Todd Hoffman your an *** and a terrible manager.
I learned how to mine gold by watching Todd Hoffman on Gold Rush...
Todd Hoffman is a "big picture" guy? That's the most ludicrous statement I've heard on to date!
no it's not, it's getting to be a very boring show filled with losers, ie Todd Hoffman.
So I'm watching and the guy on Todd Hoffman's team Kevin, boy every episode that kid is complaining. Man up
I have to turn the channel when the Hoffman crew is on. I can't watch Todd anymore.
Let's recap. Todd Hoffman can't find gold...again. Hires Dave to help. Todd Hoffman still can't find gold...again. Blames Dave
Will Barton and Todd Hoffman are here. This is awesome.
I wasn't lying when I said Todd Hoffman is in the building
How can u work 4 that *** eating Todd Hoffman ? He made the worst deal ever. Only $ he will make will b from Dis.
Todd Hoffman seems to only let Dave Turin actually be in charge when it is make or break on Gold Rush.
Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush is chillen in Concordia's gym watching the game!
I'd like to see Todd Hoffman do something productive on
Little ole Parker gets twice as much with just a few guys as Todd Hoffman in his entire army. Todd always desperate always lame
Tired of your sad stories Todd Hoffman.
insulting for Todd Hoffman to say to Dave "you've got to be right.". . That lard butt has been wrong too many rimes to count.
Hello my name is Todd Hoffman and what is gold?
Todd Hoffman couldn't find gold at the end of a rainbow with a leprechaun escort!
Todd Hoffman has a lotta' Heart but not too much luck!
Mr. Hoffman. Thank you for making this show! And Todd, awesome beard!
“what does Todd Hoffman do on his claim? works harder than ever this season
what does Todd Hoffman do on his claim? Work it?
Not too shabby. Reports of break lights near Todd Dr due to sun, and some slow downs on the west side due to a wide load.
Let's say a prayer for Todd Hoffman and his crew 😂😂😂
someone's got to Todd Hoffman that guy, and get all Parker Schnabel in his face
You can get it but I'm watching it on my android box, all of the Hoffman's crew have disowned Todd 😂😂😂😂
Todd Boggs, Bert Wright, Ryan Smith, and Tim Hoffman singing Mr.Postman on vine.!
Best albums of 2014, picked by Jerry Hoffman, Todd Karinen and more:
Todd Hoffman: Born  Todd Hoffman has an estimated net worth of $400 hundred thousand. Hoffman, a television pe...
The show should not revolve around Todd Hoffman. Not overly impressed. Parker and others are great.
I feel like I'm missing out.. I got blocked by Todd Hoffman From Gold Rush. Whatever...
.the only reason why Todd Hoffman is making any money is because Dave is actually running the claim Todd could not
Todd Hoffman again getting way to much air time. #
Is really a changed man this season? Hear his side & check out tonight Read more:
SNEAK PEEK I could talk to all day about his dredge takes the slot 9/8c
my favorite clip was when Todd Hoffman actually found gold. Jk. We love you, Todd!!
Picture of hooker caught with Todd Hoffman
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Send a copy of tonight show to Todd Hoffman
The only way that Hoffman gets 1000 oz. is if he takes out a loan and buys it from
Todd Hoffman's speeches are like a broken record of empty promises! Go ounces!
does Todd Hoffman do anything other than point out the obvious and tap helmets together?
the boy wanted me to grow it so I have it like Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush TV programme
would you ever employ Todd Hoffman ?
Ever wondered what it’s like to work on a gold mine? Follow Todd Hoffman with our Day in the Life Cam >>
Exclusive Interview With Todd Hoffman On Gold Rush: . Back in 2010, Todd Hoffman was running his aviation busin...
Professional to the very end. It's why Todd Solondz gave him the nickname "Ol' *** Take in One-Take Hoffman"
The Curse of needs to get Todd Hoffman from to dig the treasure up already.
Financial advice from Todd Hoffman. About as safe as unprotected sex at a whorehouse.
I'd like to mine with Todd Hoffman! Would be pretty awesome to mine with the gipper though!
I could have said Todd Hoffman, but they don't find enough for a 5 star
Tony is a bad dude that would take a pick and stick it Todd Hoffman's head if he didn't produce on his leased land
At this pace I'll be watching Gold Rush by halftime. Need to see what Todd Hoffman's up to.
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Its very refreshing to see the bumbling,inept Todd Hoffman return from his disaster in the Jungle. Everyone loves a b…
why do we never see Todd Hoffman doing any real work? Other than walking and telling others what to do
Look up the word Perseverance in the dictionary and you will see a photo of Todd Hoffman
I am growing one like Todd, I call it a 'Hoffman'!! Lol
is good at leading people and getting them to come together. The problem is after that they're following Todd Hoffman
What can Todd Hoffman screw up this week
*** does Todd Hoffman do on his sites? He stands around & ruins everything he looks at. He runs no equipment or burns a calorie.
On the next season of Gold Rush. Todd Hoffman wants to go into space but, he doesn't have a spaceship
How can Todd Hoffman be getting fatter up in Alaska?
telling Parker to stop making shots at the Hoffman's yet it's Todd who's jealous over Parker's success.
I think I spy Todd Hoffman in the new video?
Todd Hoffman and his crew have GOT to Go. They don't help the show at all.
Todd Hoffman has made a living at not picking up a shovel for more than two scoops
will you pledge never to grow a beard like Todd Hoffman?
# Todd, I was asked if a person could go freelance mine up where you guys are? # Hoffman
Are Todd Hoffman's Educational Degrees in Mining or in Management? with
Here we go with the drama problems again with hoffman get that water flowing todd
Does Todd Hoffman own a share of Gold Rush. Only reason can think of for his appearances every season. Cut him loose.
Todd ever need a guy I would come on up. I say team hoffman/turin will come out on top this year
Todd Hoffman is a special kind of window licker.
Team Hoffman SHOULD be "Team Turin". In all the seasons I've yet to see Todd Hoffman get off his *** and do any work.
How many Pakers can you fit into a Todd Hoffman?...To many to count...The question is.
you know I think Todd Hoffman reminds me of the animal from the Muppets
Is some one ever going to tell Todd Hoffman to get his but on some equipment and earn his share
Todd Hoffman is like my dad shorts and saddles in winter!
I try & try to like TODD Hoffman. I gotta admit I want him to fail again. He ***
todd Hoffman. Go big are go home. It's freak'in awesome.. What'cha think? ;-):-):O
Todd is a clown. Dave is the Hoffman's saving grace, without Dave, the Hoffman ' s would be the laughing stock again.
just saw a report that Todd Hoffman is wanted in connection to the murder of 20 cheeseburgers
Today's stormy show: at 10:10am and Todd Hoffman of Gold Rush.
Friday on The Steve and Julie morning show we will be joined by TODD HOFFMAN from Discovery's show Gold Rush.
Aaron just made me retire at life, going to amanda todd, robin williams, and phillup seymors hoffman myself tonight😂😂
III. Public hearing re: speed hump removal at 4323 Leland Street presented by Todd Hoffman p. 3
II. Variance Hearing re: right of way retaining walls presented by Todd Hoffman p.2 Council meeting
Add a Todd Hoffman style beard, and there would be no stopping you in 2016.
Todd Hoffman invited my dad to be on Gold Rush this Friday. *** where is the invite?!?
Hard to believe that The Discovery Channel is still putting up with Todd Hoffman.makes ya wanna tune out
Todd Hoffman Net Worth: Now in it’s third season Gold Rush is now one of Discovery Channel’s highest rated sho...
Hey Discovery, next time just save everyone an hour and 57 minutes and show Todd Hoffman flossing. It'll be just as daring as "Eaten Alive".
I think you and Todd Hoffman should try it next time. It would break all viewing records.
6208 ASDS Marcy Hoffman creating over 60 glittered snowflake Kids Aprons for the Kids Workshop!
I'm not a fan of a guy who takes his friends on wild goose chase w/o a clue what he's doing that's…
those refs were as good as Todd Hoffman is gold mining
Best part of finals week is it gives me time to listen to awesome end of the year music. Now: Alvvays, Jungle and Todd Terje, Royal Blood.
great job Todd no matter what the *** have said on her bro. A Hoffman is not a quitter Thad for darn sure
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RIP James Harness a will miss you on Gold Rush :-( greetings from Belgium Todd Hoffman and crew😢
'Gold Rush': Oregon's Todd Hoffman talks about Season 5, and 'cruel' people on the…
I want all the crews to make it, but mainly I want Jack Hoffman to be proud of Todd.
R.I.P James harness. The guy who gave everything he had to Todd Hoffman, the crew, and Gold Rush.
I'd rather hear that than Todd Hoffman's dad's voice.
fishing tomorrow, if Todd Hoffman can find gold we can find some
Let's face it. Todd Hoffman is just cursed. Those guys that work with him had better be careful.
Todd Hoffman actually did something besides talk on his radio!
I swear I just saw a chicken bone in Todd Hoffman's beard! What else is hiding in there?
I would love to cut that scraggly goatee off of Todd Hoffman
guarantee Todd Hoffman screws something up tonight .. who wants to bet
Watching Gold Rush - I don't know why but Todd Hoffman really annoys the ever loving crap out of me.
\'Gold Rush\': Oregon\'s Todd Hoffman talks about Season 5, and \'cruel\' people on the Internet
Gold Rush': Oregon’s Todd Hoffman talks about Season 5, and ‘cruel’ people on the Internet
Spoiler alert: Todd Hoffman does something stupid on Gold Rush tonight.
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If we date we're watching Gold Rush & if you're a fan of Todd Hoffman just know you're wrong & I'll teach you right. Team Parker.
There's guys like Bob the builder and then there's guys like Todd Hoffman 😂
Todd Hoffman: an eternal optimist and a perpetual ***
wtfrick as Todd Hoffman would say. Scissors and then bam right in the head.
.Fire Todd filthy-mouthed crybaby Hoffman and have new people that appreciate what others do for them
We're Fixated on the Wrong Labels via he's absolutely amazing and su…
Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush posted this on his FB. Very cool. He's a fan I'm assuming. ;)
nice appearance on Modern Day Blacksmith. 'Todd Hoffman' threw me but recognized the voice from OTA
Todd Hoffman, I'm no miner but if the rich is under that ice. Why not strip the dirt off the ice so it melts quicker?
Every year Todd Hoffman goes all in, but every year he has savings to fall back on.
Todd Hoffman is grateful for his dad helping him mine.
I have even gotten so that I like and respect Todd Hoffman. The guy has his issues, but he never quits trying.
The Hoffman dog seemed much smarter than TODD. Sorry to sound rude but it seems so true.
Will TODD Hoffman go broke again ? I don't wish bad on anyone. But I love TODDS stupidity.
Todd Hoffman, you need to really shorten or get rid of your beard.
God forbid they put Todd Hoffman in a machine - he'll break it for sure!
Time to watch Todd Hoffman screw up
When are we going to hear what Tony Beets thinks about Todd Hoffman?
Todd Hoffman! You get NO nuggets, you got some GOLD already! LOL
““although I really like Todd, I think you are my favorite Hoffman is a putz!
. Chris, how do you put up with some as obnoxious as Todd Hoffman , he's jack ***
TYBRB:Is that Todd Hoffman from “Gold Rush"? Sig:“If it is,I’m gonna cut that scraggly, nasty beard OFF"
what's up with Todd Hoffman sporting a Nova Scotia flag on his shirt in tonight's episode? East coast for life!!!
I envy you Todd Hoffman. You make us small people think its possible to do whatever we put our minds to. Kill it
Me and Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush chillin at the Jawga Sparxxx video shoot.
Todd Hoffman promises to mine the moon. Some guy who should know better believes him for some reason. maybe.
I wouldn't let Todd Hoffman dig me an outhouse!
Todd Hoffman always gonna be a loser. His "friends" basically tell him to f-off when he calls them for help. LOL!
I guess you never been wrong Todd Hoffman. .
Holy *** after 1,000,000 seasons Todd Hoffman made the right decision! Lol
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Todd Hoffman needs to lose some *** weight! He can't breathe nor talk without a struggle. They would get more done without him
Why is Todd Hoffman such a complete *** !! Just let Dave do what he does best!
I hope is paying his landlord, he seems to have forgotten that in the past too. I can't stand TODD Hoffman!
I would punch Todd Hoffman in his throat.
Effing *** *** Todd Hoffman has me yelling at the goddamned TV.
Todd Hoffman start going to work with your new crew and start getting some gold
Todd Hoffman deserves to hit big this season! Wish you all the best you don't need Dave!! Dave is gunna need you!
How long will it be before Todd Hoffman screws the season up ???
is it just me or is Todd Hoffman an incredibly talented amateur swindler and conman?
Todd Hoffman is lazy and only wants to get rich quick. He has no idea what he is doing.
After watching from the beginning I've come to the inescapable conclusion that Todd Hoffman is an unrepentant conman and swindler.
On not becoming an apprentice at the beginning of his career "it wasn't supid, but it was a mistake." -
White28 Zib has got to show us that he is "quick" enough (we know Mika is fast enough) to play with Hoffman...
I'm so tired hearing of Tony..Tony Tony Tony more of my man Todd Hoffman
Early last week John Divo was talking to coach Todd Hoffman about a potential comeback. Then a checkup showed cancer is back.
Todd Hoffman gettin real philosophical this late at night 😂😂
Why would you ever buy into a Todd Hoffman operation.
If they have another episode of no results i am done with R these guys related to Todd Hoffman or what.Talk talk talk no results
There's Gold in them thar hills ? Or is there ? Todd Hoffman makes a deal with Dave that he may not want.
Todd Hoffman in Gold Rush is as good at finding gold as the Bigfoot research team is at finding Bigfoot.
for a broke Todd Hoffman that sure is a nice dodge diesel, 4 weeks after driving up to yukon with his old ford !
Can't wait for the new Gold Rush!!! Todd Hoffman is getting the most gold this year
If Todd Hoffman works so hard being a miner and laboring how does he continue to get so heavy? Dude can barely walk.
Thanks aka Todd Hoffman for believing. Appreciate it.
Is it a shame about gurley. Yes. But without college football no one has ever even heard of Todd Gurley
EXAMPLE : ““Todd Gurley tore is ACL. Wow. NCAA should be ashamed of themselves. What a joke””
Todd Gurley Marcus Lattimore etc... Did not have to play college ball but they knew it was their best shot to get noticed by the NFL
Todd Hoffman & Dave are about to create a dynasty.
Todd Hoffman's crew is more about talking, high 5's, spending money on machines and prayer more so than getting stuff done
Has Todd Hoffman ever done an honest days work in his life?
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Real smart. Tie your future to Todd Hoffman. Thats the dumbest thing i have heard in my life. Why not just commit suicide.
what in gods green earth would make you think todd Hoffman can do anything? He is a textbook failure and con artist
I wouldn't pay todd Hoffman half a mill for a chance at $1.5 mill only if everything goes right
Thank goodness Dave is in charge, Todd Hoffman is a joke
Oh NO..don't do it! Not with freakin Todd freakin Hoffman!!!
Yeah I know its friday but throw back to when I met Todd Hoffman at school ughh I love that show
if todd gets Dave they will do good luck Hoffman crew
Now I'd todd Hoffman was a calorie miner he would be the best on earth!
Why the *** would Dave leave an outfit pulling out huge amounts of gold in nuggets for Todd and Grampa Hoffman? I don't get it.
Todd finds a way to weasel out of work once again, and he acts like he's doing Dave a solid with the 500g classic Hoffman
You might as well take that half a mill that your gonna give Todd Hoffman and just give it to me. Atleast I'll have fun with it!
All due respect to Dave Turin, but making an investment in Todd Hoffman is a really, really bad idea!!
Todd Hoffman is the biggest scam artist I've ever seen wow
Todd Hoffman is the worlds worst gold miner
I don't blame Dave's brothers for denying the money because of the risk with Todd Hoffman.
When people mention Todd Hoffman's name, they roll their eyes and laugh. He has bad energy around him.
I don't want to see Todd and Hoffman crew pushing dirt. . I do want to see Tony Bleeps tear down a huge dredge.
a well defined resource is a must for serious mining, but the map doesn't show that big black cloud over Todd Hoffman
Good job negotiating Todd Hoffman. You're the man!
Dave, don't do it. This is probably Todd Hoffman's last year anyway.
"What is Todd Hoffman doing here" says Dave. Oh I don't know, why's the camera in the cab if ya didnt know? Lol.
Todd Hoffman skills limit on a mining claim
the only thing Todd Hoffman plans in detail is his next meal
Dave, if Todd Hoffman knocks on your door, you should not answer it.
Todd Hoffman just aint meant to mine
Still searching for that 150,000 bucks...just throwing it out there again...gonna have to go work for todd hoffman soon.parkers too cranky
I love watching Gold Rush, but seriously.Todd Hoffman needs to cut that darn nasty heard! Lol
It's official. Took Gold Rush off of my DVR. Done with Todd Hoffman drama. Can't take it anymore.
Todd Hoffman and his Gold Rush clan will be happy today. Many Gold traders not so happy.
Live Wire was formed last Nov by 2 locals Todd Burbage&Brad Hoffman. Live Wire Media produced four events this year
Todd Hoffman: Town investment policy has not been reviewed and amended since 1995. Objective is to bring it up to state standards.
Took the quiz "What's Your Gold Rush Management Style?" & got "You’re Most Like Todd Hoffman."
Yes he should,but as a solid partner a decision maker along side Todd Hoffman has has his chance Dave is a true Leader among men
$tino -Breaking News- Tamino Minerals just hired Todd Hoffman From "Gold Rush"to lead their mineral exploration in Mexico
I love when everyone freaks out over Todd Hoffman lol
you could see the writing on the wall for Hoffman. Bring back and get rid of Todd
Guy in photo from side looks slightly like Todd Hoffman
Omg Todd Hoffman followed me. When I tell my dad he actually might cry... 😱
...amnesty is THE nuclear bomb...even Chuck Todd know that
Trevor Brazile has won so many gold buckles he's being stalked by Todd Hoffman. Congratulations on No. 20
Gosh I hope Andy & the rest of the old crew don't regret following Todd Hoffman once again. He's screwed these guys 2 many times!
Todd. Rooting for you in Virginia. The day the Hoffman crew leaves is the day I stop watching the show. Gold Rush = you.
Todd Hoffman now has 7 crew but only 3 machines. that's a lot of men washing dishes or cleaning thurbers tash.
I have to say, never been a Hoffman fan but I'm pulling for them this season
the rest of the team got to todd before dave.this season is it. Go team hoffman
Watching some with Todd Hoffman so funny to watch him fail
but I'm glad Todd Hoffman is doing something good.
Give me 100 ounces of gold up front as a bonus and I still would not work for Todd Hoffman
One liners from "A fat kid, an old guy and a guy with a great mustache" Todd Hoffman
So the broke Hoffman's are in desperate need of money as Todd drives away in a brand new jacked up F350.
are all of Todd Hoffman ' hopes and dreams stuck in the mud?
Jack Hoffman should pray for God to remove Todd's retardation.
Todd Hoffman should star his own spin off to Gold Rush called Stuck in The Mud
We announced it a little bit ago over the PA. Winner was Todd Hoffman.
Watching Todd Hoffman is like chewing glass. How can one person continue to make so many stupid decisions?!?!?
I never thought I would hear say No! Tony don't do the todd hoffman! watch out son!
opinion with the bad luck Todd Hoffman has had he hasn't whined as much as Tony the needs cheese👍
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