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Todd Hoffman

Gold Rush (formerly Gold Rush: Alaska) is a reality television series that airs on Discovery. Its fifth season began on October 17, 2014 at 9/8c.

Gold Rush Dave Turin Homer Simpson

I hope is paying his landlord, he seems to have forgotten that in the past too. I can't stand TODD Hoffman!
I would punch Todd Hoffman in his throat.
Effing *** *** Todd Hoffman has me yelling at the goddamned TV.
Todd Hoffman start going to work with your new crew and start getting some gold
Todd Hoffman deserves to hit big this season! Wish you all the best you don't need Dave!! Dave is gunna need you!
How long will it be before Todd Hoffman screws the season up ???
is it just me or is Todd Hoffman an incredibly talented amateur swindler and conman?
Todd Hoffman is lazy and only wants to get rich quick. He has no idea what he is doing.
After watching from the beginning I've come to the inescapable conclusion that Todd Hoffman is an unrepentant conman and swindler.
On not becoming an apprentice at the beginning of his career "it wasn't supid, but it was a mistake." -
White28 Zib has got to show us that he is "quick" enough (we know Mika is fast enough) to play with Hoffman...
I'm so tired hearing of Tony..Tony Tony Tony more of my man Todd Hoffman
Early last week John Divo was talking to coach Todd Hoffman about a potential comeback. Then a checkup showed cancer is back.
Todd Hoffman gettin real philosophical this late at night 😂😂
Why would you ever buy into a Todd Hoffman operation.
If they have another episode of no results i am done with R these guys related to Todd Hoffman or what.Talk talk talk no results
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
There's Gold in them thar hills ? Or is there ? Todd Hoffman makes a deal with Dave that he may not want.
Todd Hoffman in Gold Rush is as good at finding gold as the Bigfoot research team is at finding Bigfoot.
for a broke Todd Hoffman that sure is a nice dodge diesel, 4 weeks after driving up to yukon with his old ford !
Can't wait for the new Gold Rush!!! Todd Hoffman is getting the most gold this year
If Todd Hoffman works so hard being a miner and laboring how does he continue to get so heavy? Dude can barely walk.
Thanks aka Todd Hoffman for believing. Appreciate it.
Is it a shame about gurley. Yes. But without college football no one has ever even heard of Todd Gurley
EXAMPLE : ““Todd Gurley tore is ACL. Wow. NCAA should be ashamed of themselves. What a joke””
Todd Gurley Marcus Lattimore etc... Did not have to play college ball but they knew it was their best shot to get noticed by the NFL
Todd Hoffman & Dave are about to create a dynasty.
Todd Hoffman's crew is more about talking, high 5's, spending money on machines and prayer more so than getting stuff done
Has Todd Hoffman ever done an honest days work in his life?
Real smart. Tie your future to Todd Hoffman. Thats the dumbest thing i have heard in my life. Why not just commit suicide.
what in gods green earth would make you think todd Hoffman can do anything? He is a textbook failure and con artist
I wouldn't pay todd Hoffman half a mill for a chance at $1.5 mill only if everything goes right
Thank goodness Dave is in charge, Todd Hoffman is a joke
Oh NO..don't do it! Not with freakin Todd freakin Hoffman!!!
Yeah I know its friday but throw back to when I met Todd Hoffman at school ughh I love that show
if todd gets Dave they will do good luck Hoffman crew
Now I'd todd Hoffman was a calorie miner he would be the best on earth!
Why the *** would Dave leave an outfit pulling out huge amounts of gold in nuggets for Todd and Grampa Hoffman? I don't get it.
Todd finds a way to weasel out of work once again, and he acts like he's doing Dave a solid with the 500g classic Hoffman
You might as well take that half a mill that your gonna give Todd Hoffman and just give it to me. Atleast I'll have fun with it!
All due respect to Dave Turin, but making an investment in Todd Hoffman is a really, really bad idea!!
Todd Hoffman is the biggest scam artist I've ever seen wow
Todd Hoffman is the worlds worst gold miner
I don't blame Dave's brothers for denying the money because of the risk with Todd Hoffman.
When people mention Todd Hoffman's name, they roll their eyes and laugh. He has bad energy around him.
I don't want to see Todd and Hoffman crew pushing dirt. . I do want to see Tony Bleeps tear down a huge dredge.
a well defined resource is a must for serious mining, but the map doesn't show that big black cloud over Todd Hoffman
Good job negotiating Todd Hoffman. You're the man!
Dave, don't do it. This is probably Todd Hoffman's last year anyway.
"What is Todd Hoffman doing here" says Dave. Oh I don't know, why's the camera in the cab if ya didnt know? Lol.
Todd Hoffman skills limit on a mining claim
the only thing Todd Hoffman plans in detail is his next meal
Dave, if Todd Hoffman knocks on your door, you should not answer it.
Todd Hoffman just aint meant to mine
Still searching for that 150,000 bucks...just throwing it out there again...gonna have to go work for todd hoffman soon.parkers too cranky
I love watching Gold Rush, but seriously.Todd Hoffman needs to cut that darn nasty heard! Lol
It's official. Took Gold Rush off of my DVR. Done with Todd Hoffman drama. Can't take it anymore.
Todd Hoffman and his Gold Rush clan will be happy today. Many Gold traders not so happy.
Live Wire was formed last Nov by 2 locals Todd Burbage&Brad Hoffman. Live Wire Media produced four events this year
Todd Hoffman: Town investment policy has not been reviewed and amended since 1995. Objective is to bring it up to state standards.
Took the quiz "What's Your Gold Rush Management Style?" & got "You’re Most Like Todd Hoffman."
Yes he should,but as a solid partner a decision maker along side Todd Hoffman has has his chance Dave is a true Leader among men
$tino -Breaking News- Tamino Minerals just hired Todd Hoffman From "Gold Rush"to lead their mineral exploration in Mexico
I love when everyone freaks out over Todd Hoffman lol
you could see the writing on the wall for Hoffman. Bring back and get rid of Todd
Guy in photo from side looks slightly like Todd Hoffman
Omg Todd Hoffman followed me. When I tell my dad he actually might cry... 😱
...amnesty is THE nuclear bomb...even Chuck Todd know that
Trevor Brazile has won so many gold buckles he's being stalked by Todd Hoffman. Congratulations on No. 20
Gosh I hope Andy & the rest of the old crew don't regret following Todd Hoffman once again. He's screwed these guys 2 many times!
Todd. Rooting for you in Virginia. The day the Hoffman crew leaves is the day I stop watching the show. Gold Rush = you.
Todd Hoffman now has 7 crew but only 3 machines. that's a lot of men washing dishes or cleaning thurbers tash.
I have to say, never been a Hoffman fan but I'm pulling for them this season
the rest of the team got to todd before dave.this season is it. Go team hoffman
Watching some with Todd Hoffman so funny to watch him fail
but I'm glad Todd Hoffman is doing something good.
Give me 100 ounces of gold up front as a bonus and I still would not work for Todd Hoffman
One liners from "A fat kid, an old guy and a guy with a great mustache" Todd Hoffman
So the broke Hoffman's are in desperate need of money as Todd drives away in a brand new jacked up F350.
are all of Todd Hoffman ' hopes and dreams stuck in the mud?
Jack Hoffman should pray for God to remove Todd's retardation.
Todd Hoffman should star his own spin off to Gold Rush called Stuck in The Mud
We announced it a little bit ago over the PA. Winner was Todd Hoffman.
Watching Todd Hoffman is like chewing glass. How can one person continue to make so many stupid decisions?!?!?
I never thought I would hear say No! Tony don't do the todd hoffman! watch out son!
opinion with the bad luck Todd Hoffman has had he hasn't whined as much as Tony the needs cheese👍
Winner is Todd Hoffman from Robbinsville, NC and today is 58th birthday!!
Give Todd my number! I will come mine with the Hoffman crew!
Blah blah blah. Looking at Todd Hoffman and his pack of clowns you certainly could have fooled me
Todd Gurley suspended 4 games for taking $3K for autographs over last 2 years. Meanwhile, the NCAA makes $3K every time Gurl…
would Parker or tony ever hire Todd Hoffman to do anything in their operations?
So Todd Gurley will be suspended for a full four games and be back for...Auburn.
Todd Gurley will be eligible to play 11/15. Georgia is appealing and the case will be reviewed this week. Read more: htt…
Finding speed without Hoffman: The Senators pulled a fast one on Todd Richards Tuesday.
"316 mining is frikken back in business!" - Todd Hoffman.
can you give Todd and the Hoffman crew their exclusive show separate from maybe call it Schadenfreude!!: the Hoffmans
Who in the *** keeps financing Todd Hoffman to mine gold. Only on tv.
Columbus coach Todd Richards talked about how Hoffman is a guy to watch on this team. And he's not even in the lineup. Don't get it.
Move aside Todd and Ryan! We just got our new favorite Hoffman boys in today! Welcome...the 2015 Ford Mustang!!!
The one guy Jackets coach Todd Richards raved about from the was Mike Hoffman and his speed. He won't have to worry about it tonight
Sounds like a seminar Todd Hoffman might be interested in attending. Might be frikkin' useful for him
it takes someone that knows more about mining then Todd Hoffman.
todd Hoffman cannot make it because he is LAZY so discovery please make it real Todd is hopeless
Todd Hoffman Frick count = 1 for episode 2. Minnie Beets even pulled one out this week.
you think Todd Hoffman could run a self serve gas station?
Don't think I've ever seen Todd Hoffman do anything good himself or ever make a good decision. Just painful to watch
Pop into our new storefront to say hey to our manager Todd and get more info about next week! It's not over!
I have 100% faith in Todd Hoffman, great leader, I would follow him anywhere to dig for Gold! He will be the next millionaire!
why the *** would anybody listen to Todd Hoffman. He has been wrong time and time and time again
It's not that I don't like Todd Hoffman, I'm sure he's a good guy, I just don't care what happens to him in Alaska.
"What if we could come back from the ashes and kick some *** this year" says Todd Hoffman on every episode of Gold Rush
Enough with Todd Hoffman! No one cares! What about the Dodge boys and Dave? Come on !!
Can Todd Hoffman please please Cut that beard!
I still like but I’m less of a fan of Todd Hoffman than ever before. How do they still find funding? The show paying that much?
Todd and Jack Hoffman couldn't find gold in a jewelry store.
Todd Hoffman has better chance to find a vaccine for Ebola than gold
Todd Hoffman finds potatoes while digging for gold!
Todd Hoffman is starting to look like Dumbledore.
Good lord I can't stand Todd Hoffman. Get the frick off my tv ✋📺
Todd Hoffman don't need to be on Gold Rush
Found a small St Christopher medallion today...cementing my spot ahead of Todd Hoffman for 2014 gold totals.
Todd Hoffman couldn't find gold if it was stashed in his beard..
how many cheeseburgers can you fit in a Todd Hoffman?
Evangelicals tell people to "kiss their *** ? You ain't bearing good fruit Todd Hoffman.
I think Doyle can handle any man with painted toe nails! Todd Hoffman has Too much *** to kiss Todd all *** NO GOLD!
Todd Hoffman talks about making a comeback. Come back from what? Being a professional pretend miner.
Rejection creek sounds like a creek Todd Hoffman needs to mine
# Gold Rush it's hard to take this show seriously when they trot out that moron Todd Hoffman again
I think someone needs to slap some sense into Todd Hoffman. .. I'll do it for you
Can't wait for another all new episode of Todd Hoffman & his misguided optimism on
it's a shame that all of Todd Hoffman's "friends" joined other groups and left him, the fact that they are on the show is stupid.
TONIGHT, Todd and Parker get real about their rivalry...and there's something spooky on the Hoffman claim
Gold Rush... Time for Todd Hoffman to quit gold mining
"Todd Hoffman has 5 of the top 6 starters in the 👍
Todd Hoffman is a joke. The man needs to get a life and find another career path. So irritating to watch him flounder and make decisions based on NOTHING concrete.
Fast forward was made for Todd Hoffman parts of
Can't wait to find out how many mining companies Todd Hoffman will bankrupt this season.
Watched first 5 min of found out Tony Beats is still Dave is smart for leaving todd and todd hoffman is still fat and stupid.
Just don't understand Todd Hoffman. How do you ask a crew to mine without any ground.
Go Irish! I am now an even bigger fan of Gold Rush now that I know Todd Hoffman is a ND fan!
granpa still the man with more sense than all the rest put together first rule for a gold miner do the opposite of Todd Hoffman
What happened to the Dakota Boys? Would much rather watch them than Todd Hoffman.
So the season already started and Todd Hoffman doesn't even have a lease. .
Really? Todd Hoffman is the worst miner I've ever seen! The dude can't get out of his own way & doesn't deserve his old crew.
lol Todd Hoffman getting schooled by a 19 year old, but not surprised when you learned from a master grandpa schnabel!
Todd Hoffman is the worst negotiator ever.
is Parker getting some peach fuzz on his lip? Next thing he'll grow a Todd Hoffman beard
Will get back in the good graces of fans this season? Recap Season 5 Premiere:
What the Frick! Of all the faces to hang off of, I got stuck with Todd Hoffman
how big of an *** is Todd Hoffman going to be this season?
Gold Rush IS BACK! great to see you again Todd! God Bless the Hoffman 316 mining crew and kick *** this year.
I hope you kick *** this season is Todd Hoffman the Homer Simpson of mining?& is theman
Todd hoffman can do it, i started to watch Gold Rush because of todd hoffman, so i wish him good luck
Todd Hoffman is the biggest joke to ever be on television. "The Glory Hole", jokes know no bounds. Todd Hoffman, you are broke!!!
Why is Todd Hoffman still on He's a waste of good air
Todd Hoffman would have better luck getting permits to dig in the parking lot of the Golden Nugget in Vegas to find gold.
Keeping my fingers crossed for Todd Hoffman
I want to sneak in while he's sleeping and shave that nasty pubic hair beard off Todd Hoffman's face.
Who cares about Todd Hoffman all I want to see is
, Dave Tauren is a great gold miner , Todd Hoffman is weak . I wouldn't go anywhere with the Hoffman's after last season .
I watch because Todd Hoffman makes me look smart.
Todd Hoffman is a complete *** !! I could probably find a claim, mine, and produce more gold then he has is 4 years!
Todd Hoffman is a straight up loser.
Todd Hoffman is foolish for agreeing to all claim owner demands without a crew and two half broken old men.
a car crash+ground hog day = Todd Hoffman. And he is surprised that the guys won't follow?
Jack and Todd Hoffman have a pump and a pickup truck. Lol should do some pretty good mining
I guess Todd Hoffman from found out the hard way what happens when u screw over ure workers. They all left cause of Todds greed
How does anyone follow and work for Todd Hoffman? Dude is a complete moron. Hopefully his workers don't go near this ***
I think Todd Hoffman would make more money opening a gold mining business in his nose
Watching Todd Hoffman (is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
Todd Hoffman never was a miner, just a wannabe
Todd Hoffman still doesn't have a chance of getting together a gold winning team maybe before the *** jungle we believed not now.
How is Todd Hoffman still on Gold Rush? He went bankrupt 3 times😂
Todd Hoffman is an awful negotiator; he always acts on emotions.
Todd Hoffman might get his knee caps broken if he doesn't produce 100 ounces.
Todd Hoffman: deal maker extraordinarre and master amateur not a gold miner.
You wouldn't be Todd Hoffman if you weren't taking risks lol
I would love to see this Todd Hoffman hit a home run this year. Praying for 1000 ounces.
Go Todd this show wouldn't be the same without the Hoffman crew.
After seeing that gold, Dave done forgot about Guyana and Todd Hoffman
'Gold Rush' returns for Season 5: Is Todd Hoffman out of the mining business? - The Oregonian - OregonL...
Discovery will give Todd money for a claim how can we have goldrush without a series of Hoffman comic relief disasters
Dave just can't stop throwing the Hoffman's under the bus..Hope Todd never let's Dave work for him again.
Todd Hoffman couldn't find color in a pan if you gave him a box of crayola
Well, Todd Hoffman's segment is on...time to go make a sandwich.
Is Todd Hoffman's stomach bigger than last year?
Todd Hoffman should be despirate to find a guts no glory
praying/hoping for awesome season 4 "SHAGGY" aka Parker & Hoffman father/son Todd get all my best wishes, Tony beeps too much!!!
Wish the Hoffman's all the luck and gold this season, your ex crew sucked anyway, one words for them.traitors. Get the gold Todd!
Todd Hoffman couldn't find gold if he fell out of a plane and landed in the gold depository in Fort Knox, KY
Todd Hoffman has proved god doesn't exist. That or god hates Todd Hoffman.
Seem like everyone is fed up with Todd Hoffman
What we love about Todd Hoffman is his kindness. He's never abusive. He's always considerate. That's why men will follow him!
Tony D is going all Todd Hoffman with this dredge idea!
I plan to utilize the healing powers of the season premiere of . I have the fever, even if Todd Hoffman can't f…
Todd Hoffman's most honest sentence, "I don't have anything"
Glad to see Parker's grandfather is still kicking. Todd Hoffman is still the biggest *** So is is dad.
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Todd Hoffman my dad will go with you
Why is Todd Hoffman still relevant? He's a total screw-up, & surprised no one on his crew has been killed yet. Just wants 2B on TV
todd Hoffman is a freakin *** after what happened last season, what did he expect, he shouldn't be on tv.
Hoffman is an *** he embarrasses himself every season. Good for Turin he should have left Todd A long time ago!
Todd Hoffman is trying to mine again? Sounds like someone needs to claim a loss on his taxes!
For a guy who can't find any gold Todd Hoffman's house sure is pretty nice.
or as they call it, being Todd Hoffman.
Family night watching Todd Hoffman and Parker going for gold.
Look out Todd Hoffman is heading back to the Klondike, not sure how he can stay afloat taking losses every year.
who will Todd Hoffman work for this season?
Will Todd Hoffman finally find the glory hole
Todd Hoffman is a complete *** arrogant . POS.. Gold Rush was good first season, now it *** !
A White House petition to pardon Todd Gurley. Be better than that UGA fans
The next two RT's are the thoughts of a Georgia Southern fan on Todd Gurley's suspension. I laughed aloud
Craig Hoffman, Todd Fuller: Craig pummels Todd's open hole In the bed of a pick-up truck Watch…
Present at the meeting: council members Taplin, Lang, Strom, Burda and Bickerman. Town manager: Todd Hoffman. Attorney: Ron Bolt.
Todd Hoffman: no issues with issuing RFP. Need to balance cost of portfolio management against potential return.
I like to meet the *** that keep investing in Todd Hoffman
Congrats Todd for winning the jersey from at Hoffman Estates! Who wins the $103 tab? -Aldis
joins to talk about Hoffman and Lazar and the Sens "D" core. .
ask Todd Hoffman how does he feel about majority of the shows fans not wanting him on anymore do to his incompetence
Nothing like a motivational chat with Todd Hoffman to get me through the day.
. Glad to see Todd Hoffman back, love watching him screw everything up and anger his crew
Now that the Michael Hoffman vid is out. Todd Sanfield next pls? I'm willing to get down on my knees... 2 beg I mean ht…
Gabby Hoffman was in that terrible Todd Solondz movie but I think I really like her. Those eyebrows.
whatever you do Stan, don't let Todd Hoffman within 100 miles of your mine.
Keep the momentum rolling this fall! - Art by Todd Gilloon -->
the real question is What is Todd Gurley doing in a 21 and up establishment .
New season of Gold Rush starts soon. Cant wait to see how much gold Todd Hoffman doesnt get.
A quick google search shows that a Todd Michael Reesing was born in Austin TX on 9/20/87.
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"Don't settle for anything less than rich. " . -wise words from Todd Hoffman
“Todd Heap is back on the field in Baltimore. 😍👪
I want a drone and a go pro to find all the pockets but then you wouldn't even pay for the drone and the go pro. -Todd Hoffman
It's like a full size map on their nose. With sensors. -Todd Hoffman.
had Westwood in the 2nd, too. Notables: Furyk (3rd), Hoffman (8th; keeper), Todd (9th), Knox (15th), Brown (16th; drop/add).
Canadian side is better. You'll need a shower after being with all the liberals
So Brendon Todd is a 130 shot on Betfair, yet Morgan Hoffman is 65 after getting his first top 5. Please explain?
I'm not a fan of a guy who takes his friends on wild goose chase w/o a clue what he's doing that's Todd Hoffman
Watchin this Gold Rush on the Discovery channel love to try that nd see if I could beat Todd Hoffman.
stopped watching the Gold Rush shows simply because I`m tired of Todd The Moron Hoffman otherwise the show is great
'Gold Rush' returns for Season 5 on Oct. 17, promising new miners and new claims: Todd Hoffman of Sandy, Oregon,...
Pres of MSU Women in Computing here at using for Goals and helping others!
amazing that Dustin Hoffman was cast in that role as well...
"there is lots more gold in the jungle" Todd Hoffman
EB Beltline is still bad from Todd Dr to Monona. 5-10 min delay. 5:48pm.
Todd hoffman from Gold Rush quoting tupac right now. Priceless.
Rewatched the opening scenes of Todd Solondz’ “Happiness” again. *** if Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn’t a good actor.
So there’s Parker, Freddy Dodge, Tony Beets for this season. Any Todd Hoffman?
that would be mutiny against Captain Todd Hoffman!
.is now walking around telling people he's a white guy named Todd.
It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Todd Hoffman for being one of Automotive News 40 under 40! If...
If PPS is an indicator, looks like $NWGC has hired Todd Hoffman's crew.
"The city of Omaha is a tremendous city." - Chief Todd Schmaderer
won't watch # goldrush without Todd Hoffman. Just sayin!
Todd hoffman couldn't find a hooker in a brothel with a $20 bill hanging out of his pocket never mind gold
can u not convince discovery to sack off that tossed Todd Hoffman and just follow your crew and maybe Dakotas boys,
At least I taped Gold Rush on discovery think celtic could do with frickin Todd Hoffman!!
Off topic but did Todd Hoffman win an award tonight? Best comedy
Thanks we nominate colinflannery and Todd Hoffman
UN to help Guyana minimize mining impact - UN watching Todd Hoffman & crew on Discovery wreck the jungle?
Todd is a visionary that makes some bad decisions at times. I wonder how many airplanes failed before the Wright Brothers got one to fly. I wonder how many cars failed before Ford got one to run. I wonder how many light blubs failed before. well you get my point. Todd is putting it all on the line and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But he is the one taking the risk. Compare that to Parker. I like the kid... but he has been given everything... His grandpa gave him a mine for him to learn how to mine.. Tony gave him great land to mine... If he were to fall on his face... guess what... he could go back and live in his parents house and work for the family business. I am not saying the kid is not smart and a hard worker... he is... but you can not compare to Parker and Todd. Todd's goal is to show the viewer different ways to mine in different areas. Remember... it was Freddy Dodge that told him the jungle land was good. Todd just followed Freddy's opinion and the opinions of his entire team. He ...
Do you still not like people who play Frisbee? If the jungle don't work, maybe BBall again? Hoffman vs Lebron.$ is on Todd
as Todd Hoffman is a failure and was smashed by maybe he should give these guys a ring?
Todd!! Ur a Gold Miner, So dig up some Gold! if anyone can reinvent themselves its Todd Frickin Hoffman!
really? I guess you saw how much the great todd Hoffman made?
Great, Homer Simpson of mining is back Todd Hoffman is DEFINITELY Cant lead, not a boss, terrible husband!
About time to see Dave Turin take his *** away from & See Todd Hoffman quit Lmao.Best Part of Yet
Watching & I still get enjoyment out of watching Todd Hoffman Fail again&again while praying "To God"4 Riches& Blaming every1 else
.have over 50 players in training camp. New head coach Todd Hoffman says no decision has been made yet on who will be captain.
Every time Todd Hoffman comes across ANY challenge, he says "I could lose my company" 20 seasons later...
I'm glad I don't have my future riding on Todd Hoffman.
todd hoffman is the reason they constantly fail! Dave Turin needs to take team to the klondike and manage his own op!
Todd Hoffman hasn't got a scooby lol
At least Todd Hoffman isn't in charge of
I'd find more gold in Loughlinstown Forest than Todd Hoffman did in Guyana - You haven't a clue son
If Matt Damon and Phillip Seymour Hoffman made a baby, it would be Todd from Breaking Bad.
SI reports tension so bad in Louisville that Bobby Petrino would fire Todd Grantham if not for contract. Oops. Blog: ht…
If Todd Hoffman spent less time blocking people and spent it trying to find gold he would be better off.
Ed Woodward is to what Todd Hoffman is to Gold Rush. INEPT, ANNOYING & Alive
People driven by purpose are far more successful than people driven by money. Jeff Hoffman, in Cleveland! http:/…
Let me get this straight Discovery Channel. Todd Hoffman had a epic disastrous failure and the scapegoats are the Dakota Boys.
What does RUTH, Abraham, Jesus and Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush Alaska have in common? Find out this week LIVE at...
New Dutchies coach Todd Hoffman's son is Mike, who plays for the Ottawa Senators.
Todd Hoffman's coaching staff with includes The former head coach will be assistant coach with Kit.
.promote from within to fill head coaching vacancy. Team says Todd Hoffman is the new bench boss. He was assistant last year.
are proud to announce the appointment of Todd Hoffman as new head coach for the upcoming season.
Chuck Todd takes over MTP Sep. 7. First, he will be taken down into the Catacombs of Consensus to view the Scrolls of Co…
With Todd there is an outside chance of a real question being asked at some point.
I don't mind Chuck Todd. He'll have to work his interview-fu. Anything is better than the corporate and GOP shill DG.
Chuck Todd to replace him in MTP apparently. What are your feelings on that?
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"Integrity is fundamental to being men." - Todd D Christofferson
My favorite Robin Williams movie is "Patch Adams." Ironic that his roommate in the movie was Philip Seymour Hoffman who al…
The perfect going-away present would be a DVD copy of Sweeney Todd. As well as Les Mis.
Long as you don't get the urge work for Todd Hoffman.
I love Gold Rush but Todd Hoffman is a lazy *** Parkers team & the Dakota lads work flat out everyday. Todd just watches his team.
Todd Hoffman: friend to foxes, but not alligators
What does Todd Hoffman do in from looking awesome??? 😁😁
Twister (1996) has a great cast. i miss seeing Todd Field on the screen. i forgot Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it..
don't let here you say that or else we might have to go for a group pray with Todd Hoffman...
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