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Todd Hoffman

Gold Rush (formerly Gold Rush: Alaska) is a reality television series that airs on Discovery. Its fifth season began on October 17, 2014 at 9/8c.

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I would not trust todd Hoffman to look after a house plant never mind a goldmine plant
Todd Hoffman is already buying a spaceship.
what's with the beef of Todd Hoffman with Parker?
Hey!, Parker. How's it going?. Are you ready to beat Todd Hoffman's family on the gold total?.
Never buy a used car off Todd Hoffman
Why is Freddy Dodge still with loser Todd Hoffman?
finally watching first epi of Gold Rush, really despise Todd Hoffman
Todd Hoffman moving 316 Mining to outer space
'Gold Rush' and Oregon's Todd Hoffman return for Season 8 in October A Coincidence? Gold-Oregon-TV
'Gold Rush' Season 8 premiere: Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel 'go to war' (review…
Quick someone launch Todd Hoffman and his crew and have the Channel film their mishaps...
Todd:we're done there's nothing else we can do, Jack Hoffman: sometimes you gotta grow some balls , I'll do it myself.lmao
Shame on Parker, who failed to do basic due diligence. Hoffman shamed by son. RECAP season premiere
your offseason goal is to incorporate the name “Monster Red” into the Cardinals 2018 squad and/or grow a Todd Hoffman beard
The only person on the Hoffman crew I’d trust is MAYBE Todd’s 18 yr old son. Maybe.
Anyone associated with Todd Hoffman is just a reality show miner no one else could fail year after year
Hysterically moronic Todd Hoffman decries Parker's arrogance by arrogantly betting him that he'll mine more gold.
Well, T. Hoffman did a whole lot better than I expected. Good Work, Todd and your Crews.
Todd Hoffman should be demoted to just a worker and have Hunter take over on
Ok Parker it’s only one week you can win and get that 100k from Todd Hoffman
Butch Jones is like Todd hoffman off Gold Rush. Very frustrating to watch. Constant failure.
I love but watching Todd Hoffman's circus every season is starting to make me sick.
Todd is going to use his own son as a scapegoat if his plan doesn’t work. Typical Todd Hoffman. Never his fault.
there isn't a bigger *** in all of scripted "working" shows than Todd Hoffman. I can't even…
Blow hard Todd Hoffman... can't cut in the Klondike.
Todd Hoffman is all mouth..famous last words we are gonna kick some *** gt;.but every year he gets his *** kicked>.what a big mouth
I couldn’t have imagined a bigger moron than but I’m convinced Todd Hoffman of Gold Rush could give him a run for his $.
In the first 15 min of Todd Hoffman has once again confirmed he inspires little to no confidence in his team.
Todd Hoffman is not learning anything if anything he's getting Dumber, he even puts the wrong conveyor belt at the plant. Wooow
Todd Hoffman should not be running any equipment he's going to kill somebody eventually and his son is right there
Todd Hoffman "Couldn't find gold in a jewelry store."- The funniest quote in the history of
Electronic Device Insurance
Would Tony Beets lease ground to Todd Hoffman? And vice versa would Todd lease ground from Tony?
Unless your Todd Hoffman in which case Quality of life decreases and any nearby gold goes int…
I can't stand Todd Hoffman. He knows nothing. He just has a big mouth.
I'm watching it now. Todd Hoffman keeps losing team mates. He can be such a *** sometimes.
Todd Hoffman is turning into Billy Brown from the bush people running away when work needs to be done
The Parker -vs- Hoffman battle is lame. Who's sluicing first, bla bla. We know Todd won't be standing…
Why did Todd's Team leave engine oil filters at the bottom of the that pond that was leaking? Don't get cocky Hoffman's!
Todd Hoffman of Gold Rush just called Parker arrogant behind his back. REALLY???…
Todd Hoffman already screwing up and deferring responsibility of his mistakes onto others. Same story
"it's your dad just deal with it." Love the respect you have for your father Todd Hoffman.
Todd Hoffman could produce 5000 ounces if he had access to the Federal Gold Depository...
Todd Hoffman announces the goal of 5,000 ounces.
Todd Hoffman is arrogant and ignorant without Dave T. He has zero chance at 1k little on 5k. He loses 100 oz of gold.
Todd Hoffman already up to same crap..does he ever run numbers? I'll have my daughter date Hunter, then join crew! Lol.
Todd Hoffman and his father should just go back to being slum lords
Todd Hoffman for Secretary of the Interior. He'd fit in perfectly with this administration. He's a wretched businessman.
can I come mine with you if I kick Todd Hoffman in his BABY NUTS
Todd Hoffman, my mom said they found gold in the sewers in Europe. She wants to know if you're going to go try and mine that too?
Parker can I come mine gold with you if I'd punch Todd Hoffman in his baby nuts
is gonna smash Todd Hoffman in the gold total.
Todd Hoffman is Taking The Internet by Storm with his Own Rendition of “Sound Of Silence”
Another 5 cows. Probably leave ye with more than Todd Hoffman makes from mining 😂
I watch Gold Rush for the same reason. "I might not have the best career, but at least I'm not a c…
A friend just subjected me to Todd Hoffman's cover of The Sound of Silence. There's more than a little studio magic in use here, folks.
Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman. So glad to be home. Love this cover of a cover. Enjoy
It seems can sing .. 😊 Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman
I just can't pick ONE!! 😂😂 Hideki, Koch, the list could go on and on…
Or at least race that beluga Todd Hoffman! Lol
Totally worth listening to. Gold Rush star Todd Hoffman can sing!!
Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman via WOW unbelievable job
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Ok I have to share what our buddy Todd Hoffman posted online! Go get um Todd!
If any of my friends/family watch Gold'll know Todd Hoffman as one of the original miners on the show.
Hello Todd; you think any of these can step up the 2nd half : Snell , A.Moore , J.Hoffman, Kuhl, Eickhoff and Cobb
Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman via Mind blowing
Todd Hoffman, Sr. Program Manager at Staples, discusses how are keeping stores alive! .
Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman - the more I hear versions of this song, the more I hear its pure poetry
Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman Jesus! Found my new crush! 😘
This guy is GOOD!! . Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman via
I added a video to a playlist The World I Know: Cover by Todd Hoffman
Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman via Tear down my cheek..chills
Todd Hoffman may have problems getting gold, but dang he can sing. Very nice rendition of this haunting song.
Hoffman walks Todd Frazier for the second time tonight.
The Todd Hoffman of the mountain goat world.
Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman via yes the gold miner sings and does well.
Todd Hoffman, from Gold Rush on Discivery - not bad for a digger:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
The one by gold miner Todd Hoffman. From the tv show Gold Rush.
We had 3 winners this morning for the Ronnie Milsap tickets! They are: Todd Hoffman, Nelda Idle, & Mike Pearson! Congratulations y'all!
Why is our chairman and founder Marc Di Francisco hanging out with Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush? New things in the w…
I know him from the Discovery Channel, but what I didn't know was that Todd has such an amazing voice 😳!
Todd&Amy Hoffman of Johns Creek pretend 2b "progressive"&think coming 2 plays n midtown ATL qualifies them as such, but they voted 4 Handel.
I like to think it's the real Todd Hoffman and he's bored while the move off a productive claim to Antarctica
Todd Hoffman mining dispute leads to gunfire and arrest!
Wonder if ROP Lethbridge is gonna start gold mining? Maybe they can hire Todd Hoffman. Would be a success for sure…
We are pleased to welcome David Higbee, Bruce Hoffman, Djordje Petkoski, Ryan Shores and Todd Stenerson as partner…
Mr. Hoffman, My brother is 50 this year (2017) I'm making a book for him. Can you say Happy Birthday Todd; Please. Thank you!
Look, here comes that Todd Hoffman trying to find out how to mine successfully.
We are ready for Day 3 in Hall 11, Booth-E25. Register -
Give me a whiter name than Todd Peterman. You can't do it. Todd Peterman makes Chad Hoffman sound like Jamaal Washington.
be seeing them next season of Gold Rush on the Todd Hoffman crew
Fox News isn't a court of law, its a business and Bi…
UNLV is well represented after one of the best first rounds in the history of the Masters.
Charley Hoffman goes from 125-1 odds to 13-2 at Masters - Charley Hoffman — one of only two players to break 70...
Could this be a Todd Hoffman moment?
You've started a gold mining operation, you have to pick either Steve Rydell from golf diver…
Todd Hofmann was here in ... At the airport now. Searching to mine gold in israel? Lol .
needs to do a video Redemption with Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush and his rendition of Sound of Silence. He should remain silent.
Looks like Todd Hoffman's moving his operation again
Schipp: "We've found nothing to implicate Trump on Russia.". Chuck Todd: "Trump is a lame duck because of Russia scandal."…
Twister's on tv. It stars both Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Also: Alan Ruck, Helen Hunt and Todd Field, for crying out loud
Todd just reported Gallup approval rating at 40%: But didn't point out that's a 5 point gain in 3 days
if that ball touched Wallace's hand in that Hoffman fg attempt, then I am the next Johnathan Thurston!
No todd hoffman i didnt have to fast forward anything but commercials
Southern Columbia's Jaret Lane and Todd Lane and Montoursville's Gavin Hoffman all into the quarters at FloNationals.
I'd like to see Todd Hoffman do this he would probably be out of it after the first hundred feet
The more I watch this season the more I think Todd Hoffman is a POS!!!
Todd Hoffman finally find the glory hole?
Ich mag das Close My Eyes Forever - Cover by Todd Hoffman and Heidi Grisham
paydirt might as well run it can't do much worse than Todd Hoffman
Congratulations to Todd Hoffman in our Clearwater office for making this prestigious list!
OMG...does Todd Hoffman ever get off his fat *** & do ANYTHING? If it wasn't for Freddie Dodge & Dave Turin
Dave Turin leaves Todd Hoffman. I guess I need to watch the remaining episodes of this season. . I hope Freddy Dodge joins Dave👌
once again Todd Hoffman's ineptitude chases away a good man. Stand proud Dave Turin, Trey and Todd are holding you back
Classic Todd Hoffman quote "Wash plants are like girlfriends, some you're fond of, Others you're glad you're no longer with"
CBC attempt to change the narrative? Min Phillips used tactic last week.…
BS. Prove it. We have Philips using the sewer line & later Hoffman using it while reading from…
Todd Hoffman is a fat slug who has the brain of an ant 🐜 and the business sense of a car booter
Let’s be clear, ‘sewer rats’ was a scripted response. Proud of our team for sticking up for Albertans
Hippo Hoffman, my true feelings about our rulers
Revealing their true feeling about the unwashed masses: joins Castro, Lenin, Chavez,
The NDP bozo eruption. Now you see the sewer rats, now you don't.
"Sewer rats": That's what Alberta NDP deputy premier Sarah Hoffman called citizens who don't agree with her.
Wow! Todd Hoffman of Gold Rush can actually sing pretty darn good.
Sweet, Todd Hoffman of has me blocked.
Apparently Todd Hoffman receives $50k for every episode - many of the others are paid similar rates
Dave Turin should have been kicking fat boy Todd Hoffman up the *** for 7 years of stupidity
1100 ounces in a month for Todd Hoffman. 900 ounces in a week for Parker!
Fisticuffs at the Hoffman mine & it's not Todd that's been smacked in the face. Imagine my disappointment!
Don't flush them down the sewer, we live here according to Hoffman.
Where is Notley- MIA- does she agree with Hoffman-leadership would demand an apology or resignation.
Here, Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman calls Albertans that disagree with the NDP "sewer rats."
you must mean the Hoffman crew...Todd and Daddy Hoffman.
Love watching but God knows how many series in and I'm still to see todd Hoffman with an ounces of dirty on his clothes. 🤔🤔🤔
.head coach Todd Hoffman says he hasn't decided on a goalie for Game 1 vs. Andrew Alba…
Just seen season finale. Todd Hoffman and his crew still needs help.
Watching my DVRs of and I don't get it how Todd Hoffman is in charge. He knows the least and never really makes a decision.
If i had 'gone out on a limb' & wagered that the 3:16 Todd Hoffman mining team would win, I would have lost..WHY? G…
So far I feel like the Todd Hoffman of ethereum mining.
This is the most amazing/humorous this guy I've seen all day. Todd Hoffman is talented at something!.
You need to cut the fat, lying, stealing,Begging, no nothing at all, waste of airtime loser Todd hoffman, We are tired of him
can't stop laughing at Todd Hoffman on Gold Rush
this season went by really fast Todd Hoffman isn't going to meet his goal but Parker is going to get more than he bargained
I liked a video Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman
So I have watched Gold Rush from the first episode. Todd Hoffman is one of the worst managers and gold miners I...
Gold Rush exclusive: Final Fury as Todd Hoffman's disastrous luck continues in finale
confused on how Todd Hoffman is leader wen tbey all left him an freddie found land an got crew bak
There would be no Parker or Tony if it wasn't for Todd and Jack Hoffman. Big dreamers are what made this country the great.
I really admire U & seem way more level headed than Todd Hoffman. U have lots of patience with him. He frustrates me on TV
Parker or Tony may make more. Todd Hoffman is why we watch. He IS Rush.
The Hoffman crew deserves what they get following lackass Todd
The reason there is so much anger/frustration/drama with Hoffman crew is because of Todd's bad decisions. That fight is on him.
Breast Cancer Awareness
The only thing performing worse than $twtr stock this week, Todd Hoffman's mining crew.
Todd Hoffman is at good at gold mining as I am at
lots of drama from the Hoffman team! Love and respect Parker.Todd shape up!
Gold Rush wouldn't even be on tv if it wasn't for Todd Hoffman
Watching Gold Rush. Todd Hoffman lost motor at Fairplay, CO should of called me at Evans. I would of brought one to him.
Todd Hoffman shave your RATT off that face
A wise man (once said, "If Todd Hoffman could sink a gold mine, he'd be Billy Brown".
Todd needs to hire Monica to run the Hoffman crew. She'll show them how to be real men
Get rid of that friggin Todd Hoffman and you would have a good show. He's a lazy waste of time.
Todd Hoffman said he felt like a fool. Finally something we agree on.
So true. I'm​ always rooting for Parker. I feel bad for the Hoffman guys but they always show up to help Todd 4 another year
looking forward to Todd Hoffman eating humble pie tonight
Sound of Silence Cover by Todd Hoffman very impressive
if you choose to follow Todd Hoffman into battle, you lose a *** :)
Next season please don't have Todd Hoffman's lazy *** on there.PLEASE!
Todd Hoffman reminds me of Ally McCoist as a manager... Seriously
Benton's Cole Rhone in the AA wrestling Semis along with Todd Lane and Gage Garcia-SCA, Gaven Hoffman-Mont and Garrett Kieffer-Line Mt.
⛏️exclusive: Final Fury as Hoffman’s disastrous luck continues in finale.
You're kidding? Hoffman has no idea what he's doing. Only brains are Freddy's. Used to be Turin but he stupidly followed Todd
I hate to see - season 8 - cancelled, but when gold crashes Todd Hoffman is finished.
is it true Freddy Dodge had a 280 pound tumor removed from his *** and it produced Todd Hoffman? told me it is
Todd Hoffman is a greedy dreamer, he always wants more , never happy , I luv watching u whoop his *** !
It just hit me Emily is the Todd Hoffman of think about neither one has a definite task but both are wheeler dealers
I heard Todd hoffman is going to go mine one of those planets 40 light years away this season
Neal you do know that Todd Hoffman receives 50k per episode from Discovery don't you ?
it's just been on the One Show about a gold mine in Britain that hasn't really been tackled, get Todd Hoffman over here
Durant looks like Todd Hoffman with that ugly chin beard. .
Thanks to R. Hoffman, R Taylor, E. Wood, S Bourdais and JR Todd as special guests on The Racing Report on Newsradio 700 WLW Sunday.
have gone very quiet after the embarrassing circus show over the weekend. £1bn to watch Todd Hoffman not find any gold? 😂😂😂
is there another TV service that has the Discovery network? Can't live without a bit of Todd Hoffman's shenanigans
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paying for what Todd Hoffman can't find in Gold!
I dunno about God...but Discovery sure does...gotta be the only income on Todd's taxes..Hoffman crew scenes are a annoying bore now
Ok so I have a friend named Todd Hoffman. I don't watch TV. I was trying to figure out how you know him. 😂😂
Really need to see some hustle outta Todd friggin Hoffman tonight. No guts no glory
If Todd Hoffman is calling your phone don't answer it!!!
there's my vetch. Lots worms for Jan . As Todd Hoffman says
Who's got the worst problem tonight on Oh yes, & Todd Hoffman wants his crew back SNEAK PEEK
Preview tonight's It's Monica Beets night as her father proves an equal opportunity torturer
If Todd Hoffman was standing inside Fort Knox I'm not so sure he'd find the Gold? Good intentions, b…
read your article Todd Hoffman Gold Rush. Any time there is a DEFICIT, it is an INCREASE in the National Debt. Not Good
It's so depressing thinking about how great Philip Seymour Hoffman's turn as Steve Bannon in the Trump biopic would've be…
You didn't take advice from Todd Hoffman did you?
how else will find out how much of a *** Todd Hoffman has been
Speaker Highlight - TODD HOFFMAN For booking and availability, visit:.
Good Luck Will you be joining the Todd Hoffman crew?
Jack Hoffman I'm also a believer, but saying Todd simply needs to trust God while mining land that has ALREADY been mined = Denial
Enjoyed your article on former Mets prospects, . With prospecting, sometimes you are Todd Hoffman and come up w/ no gold.
Just when you think Todd Hoffman has half a brain he does something really stupid again
The Curse of Oak Island has become the Todd Hoffman Curse of channel.GIVE IT UP ALREADY.
Maybe this will uncover Gold finally for Todd Hoffman
Todd Hoffman threw his chicken bone from lunch
Todd Hoffman jeez can't watch no more man is a baffoon
wonder how many times Jack Hoffman has looked at Todd and thought "I should of had a *** ,me thinks pretty often
It's not too late for Todd Gack to win the bet. Put Dustin Hoffman in the next Star Wars movie.
Tell Todd Hoffman that NASA has found an asteroid that has gold on it.
Todd Hoffman needs to surround himself with the kind of people Parker surrounds himself with. Loyal and hardworking.
Todd Hoffman has to have the highest credit score with Volvo equipment. I want his salesman to be mine. Reality tv *** and fake as ***
. I missed that. Then it is definitely a set up. Todd Hoffman says this may be the last. Then $100. Is all I run with
my fave part was when she deflected and Chuck Todd was like great, why didn't Spicer talk about that?! 😂
For someone who wants a small government Todd Hoffman is accepting one *** of a MASSIVE bailout from Freddy Dodge.
Would you ever lease ground to Todd Hoffman when you buy your own land?
looks like U may have a claim with some gold 4 Todd Hoffman & crew to work on !!!
A glimmer of hope for Todd Hoffman tonight on Tony Beets runs his barge aground. Sneak Peek
Rick's a proud papa of new site tonight! Todd Hoffman's still at it and Tony Beets hits a wall. SNEAK PEEK
they need one of todd hoffman's D10 Bulldozers to make a road up there.. Todd ain't using it anymore heh
Todd Hoffman the master of mistakes... and that season goal...
How dose Todd Hoffman fuction ? He's so dumb it's a wonder he remembers how to breathe ? Can't act, dose nothing !
thought I saw Todd Hoffman mining with these guys when I was at the supermarket
I watch just to laugh. Todd Hoffman is the worst biz man ever seen. No planning, coordination, or organization.
and then Todd Hoffman told his son "just take this load"
Rock bottom is a solid foundation. - Todd Hoffman
I think my head will actually explode if I hear Todd Hoffman say 'FRICK' to many more times
Dustin Hoffman needs to appear in a future film so that Todd Gack can win his bet with Elaine.
lOL Gold Rush on Disc @ 9pm. Fri. It's good u should watch.1 of Bosses name's Todd Hoffman and he's stupid makes show funny
I watched Disney last night. Way better than Todd Hoffman on a Friday night.
Update your maps at Navteq
Todd Hoffman takes a lot of crap but he's come a long way in 7 years, at the least knows how to find good people
No matter how bad life is you know you'll never be Todd Hoffman,
The ➕positive ➕ thing about hitting is that at least it's a good foundation to build on! - Todd Hoffman
Todd Hoffman and his team are a total joke. Way to cover him and make it look like he has a clue Discovery.
Disc. must bepaying you a lot for you to look like you followed Todd Hoffman. 450lbs. of stupidity
Even with the money from the show, someone explain to me how Todd Hoffman is still mining gold.
Sometimes I think things couldn't get a lot crappier, then I think "well at least I'm not Todd Hoffman"
Watching Todd Hoffman season after season is so depressing, at some point every time his gumption just becomes a painful car crash
. Maybe next season Todd Hoffman can mine gold in Alabama, so he can keep his streak of mining where there's no gold.
Watching the train wreck know as Todd Hoffman
It's weird seeing Todd Hoffman actually doing work and not riding around in his ranger.
drinking game. Take a shot when you hear Todd Hoffman say, "I never thought it would come to this".
Maybe Todd Hoffman and his dad can pray harder for gold ***
he secretly goes down hangs out with Todd Hoffman this to her like biggest bugs ever.
Watching go Parker.. Wow Todd Hoffman what the heck..
😂😂😂😂 if Todd Hoffman want such a know it all, his team would not of left him...
What comes around goes around right Todd Hoffman.
On this Gold Rush: Todd Hoffman continues to find zero gold and manages to *** off his entire crew...again. . (Cc:
just watch an episode and can I say Todd Hoffman is a *** Give up dude you failed your crew u have no business running it!
I love watching Todd Hoffman fail on Gold Rush. He is literally a complete *** ball baby. Just like Trump lol.
On tonight's someone should put Todd Hoffman out of his misery. Sneak Peek care of
Sneak peek of tonight's Does Todd Hoffman know the definition of insanity? Doesn't appear so
Attempting to start the tractors today. *Todd Hoffman- If these tractors don't start our fricken season could be over https:…
Oh I actually enjoy Pickers. I don't know why I've stuck with GR. Guess I love watching that *** Todd Hoffman fai…
Jawga sparxxx video shoot with the man goldrushtodd aka Todd Hoffman.
Wait! If Hoffman spent as much time fixing healthcare instead of telling us how great the carbon…
Is Todd Hoffman sneaky smart or delusional? Sneak Peek of his angst in next Oy, the drama!
Watching Todd Hoffman really has no bloody clue and is destroying his crew. He takes them everywhere on fruitless sites
a 96 ounce clean up is still better then a Todd Hoffman clean up.
i think they should send Todd Hoffman down as the diver
Jack and Todd Hoffman get paid $1mil per season each. Not to mention Todd's cut for the idea of the show.
Seeing Todd Hoffman fail over and over shouldn't be this amusing.
Yea Todd Hoffman screwed up this season he should stayed in Klondike and worked for Parker.
Todd Hoffman just turned Oregon into Guyana. The man is a genius.
Maybe next year Todd Hoffman should mine in Hawaii since we all know there is gold in the Klondike. What a moron
"You know it's bad, when you're mechanics are crying" -- Todd Hoffman
Can someone tell me why dip stick Todd Hoffman didn't go back to the mine that was producing in the youcon??? #
What does Josh Flagg have to do with Gold Rush and Todd Hoffman?
Exactly, the guys were wise enough to stop spreading the cancer AKA working for Todd Hoffman for free.
Watching and the guys at the Hoffman Crew haven't been paid for over a month and Todd is just shrugging it off... dude
as if Todd Hoffman isn't having enough problems as it is... 😂
Man after watching Friday I can't stop watching!! Will the Hoffman crew survive Todd?
- Todd Hoffman is no businessman. At some point he must learn the basics of business and stop wasting resources and man power.
- Todd Hoffman needs to stop demanding so much for so little reward. Left guaranteed gold for a shot in the dark.
"I could have bent rebar with my buttcheeks" - Todd Hoffman 😂
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how is Todd Hoffman still gold mining
Todd Hoffman's a wimp, it's official. Recap latest as he watches his core crew walk away.
Todd Hoffman needs dose of Belichick, probably too late now. Recap latest as inner circle walks
I'm lmfao at Todd Hoffman failure. Failure is ok but Todds failure is self inflicted, he try's and mines gold on fringe acres…
well truth be told The Hoffman crew would be better off without Todd. His decision making is just not bad it's awful.
Hardest part of making Discovery's 'Gold Rush' would be showing each yr Hoffman's not getting gold, crew needing money & Todd doing no work
Todd Hoffman does since he can't produce any
Todd Hoffman is a phony Christian,with phony cursing, phony gold cleanups, phony promises based on phony gold wisdom. What's real and genuine is the Hoffman GREED, Hoffman drug ADDICTION, (spanning generations), delusional NARCISSISM, and the FAKE it till you MAKE it business model.Result: broken lives, broken families, broken dreams of the unfortunate souls who were conned from Guyana to the Klondike. Hi Bar owners are scratching their heads looking at the "nuggetless" puny cleanups from a nugget Mine, cleanup closeups in ultra hi-def tell all. No nuggets. God works in Mysterious way!
ask Todd Hoffman. He has a lot of conveyor experience.
glad our dog worries bout important things,like if Todd Hoffman will find gold,or if the cat is drinking…
You should call it the Todd Hoffman Dirt Rush because that's all they find.
The level of ignorance by the Todd Hoffman crew was comical for years, now it's just outright awful.
Hoffman is only1 making BIG BUCKS OFF GoldRushShow-The rest a SmallSalary-The ONLY$ they've seen-NO GOLD or PAY from TODD!
Todd Hoffman screwed himself over by bringing him and his crew out of the Klondike to a place where you have to m…
rush. They should get Todd Hoffman, josh from moonshiners and the kelleys together for a show. They couldn't find water from a boat
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Every time I heard Todd Hoffman say "friends don't leave friends like this" I screamed at the TV "friends don't keep dragging friends down!"
Todd Hoffman from the Discovery Channel's tv show "Gold Rush" was recently at Chevs purchasing some parts for his...
Todd Hoffman is a *** !! Got good gold last year but can't stay in the same place for longer than a season. No wonder they left
Anybody stupid enough to follow Todd Hoffman deserves what they get. The guy is a born loser. He shoots himself in the foot daily
Todd Hoffman you owe your friend an apology, he is out their to work & make money, you can't blame him for stopping the bleeding.
- Todd Hoffman needs to stop demanding so much from guys he cannot afford. Lesson, Stay in Alaska where the golds at Todd.
I'm glad I don't work for Todd Hoffman.
Does anyone else think Hollywood Todd Hoffman got scammed on this land lease? He's got scraps & leftover tailings. Trim the beard.
Todd Hoffman hit rock bottom long time ago.
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