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Todd Hoffman

Gold Rush Dave Turin Homer Simpson

Todd Hoffman is a joke. The man needs to get a life and find another career path. So irritating to watch him flounder and make decisions based on NOTHING concrete.
Fast forward was made for Todd Hoffman parts of
Can't wait to find out how many mining companies Todd Hoffman will bankrupt this season.
Watched first 5 min of found out Tony Beats is still Dave is smart for leaving todd and todd hoffman is still fat and stupid.
Just don't understand Todd Hoffman. How do you ask a crew to mine without any ground.
Go Irish! I am now an even bigger fan of Gold Rush now that I know Todd Hoffman is a ND fan!
granpa still the man with more sense than all the rest put together first rule for a gold miner do the opposite of Todd Hoffman
What happened to the Dakota Boys? Would much rather watch them than Todd Hoffman.
So the season already started and Todd Hoffman doesn't even have a lease. .
Really? Todd Hoffman is the worst miner I've ever seen! The dude can't get out of his own way & doesn't deserve his old crew.
lol Todd Hoffman getting schooled by a 19 year old, but not surprised when you learned from a master grandpa schnabel!
Todd Hoffman is the worst negotiator ever.
is Parker getting some peach fuzz on his lip? Next thing he'll grow a Todd Hoffman beard
Will get back in the good graces of fans this season? Recap Season 5 Premiere:
What the Frick! Of all the faces to hang off of, I got stuck with Todd Hoffman
how big of an *** is Todd Hoffman going to be this season?
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Gold Rush IS BACK! great to see you again Todd! God Bless the Hoffman 316 mining crew and kick *** this year.
I hope you kick *** this season is Todd Hoffman the Homer Simpson of mining?& is theman
Todd hoffman can do it, i started to watch Gold Rush because of todd hoffman, so i wish him good luck
Todd Hoffman is the biggest joke to ever be on television. "The Glory Hole", jokes know no bounds. Todd Hoffman, you are broke!!!
Why is Todd Hoffman still on He's a waste of good air
Todd Hoffman would have better luck getting permits to dig in the parking lot of the Golden Nugget in Vegas to find gold.
Keeping my fingers crossed for Todd Hoffman
I want to sneak in while he's sleeping and shave that nasty pubic hair beard off Todd Hoffman's face.
Who cares about Todd Hoffman all I want to see is
, Dave Tauren is a great gold miner , Todd Hoffman is weak . I wouldn't go anywhere with the Hoffman's after last season .
I watch because Todd Hoffman makes me look smart.
Todd Hoffman is a complete *** !! I could probably find a claim, mine, and produce more gold then he has is 4 years!
Todd Hoffman is a straight up loser.
Todd Hoffman is foolish for agreeing to all claim owner demands without a crew and two half broken old men.
a car crash+ground hog day = Todd Hoffman. And he is surprised that the guys won't follow?
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Jack and Todd Hoffman have a pump and a pickup truck. Lol should do some pretty good mining
I guess Todd Hoffman from found out the hard way what happens when u screw over ure workers. They all left cause of Todds greed
How does anyone follow and work for Todd Hoffman? Dude is a complete moron. Hopefully his workers don't go near this ***
I think Todd Hoffman would make more money opening a gold mining business in his nose
Watching Todd Hoffman (is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
Todd Hoffman never was a miner, just a wannabe
Todd Hoffman still doesn't have a chance of getting together a gold winning team maybe before the *** jungle we believed not now.
How is Todd Hoffman still on Gold Rush? He went bankrupt 3 times😂
Todd Hoffman is an awful negotiator; he always acts on emotions.
Todd Hoffman might get his knee caps broken if he doesn't produce 100 ounces.
Todd Hoffman: deal maker extraordinarre and master amateur not a gold miner.
You wouldn't be Todd Hoffman if you weren't taking risks lol
I would love to see this Todd Hoffman hit a home run this year. Praying for 1000 ounces.
Go Todd this show wouldn't be the same without the Hoffman crew.
After seeing that gold, Dave done forgot about Guyana and Todd Hoffman
'Gold Rush' returns for Season 5: Is Todd Hoffman out of the mining business? - The Oregonian - OregonL...
Discovery will give Todd money for a claim how can we have goldrush without a series of Hoffman comic relief disasters
Dave just can't stop throwing the Hoffman's under the bus..Hope Todd never let's Dave work for him again.
Todd Hoffman couldn't find color in a pan if you gave him a box of crayola
Well, Todd Hoffman's segment is on...time to go make a sandwich.
Is Todd Hoffman's stomach bigger than last year?
Todd Hoffman should be despirate to find a guts no glory
praying/hoping for awesome season 4 "SHAGGY" aka Parker & Hoffman father/son Todd get all my best wishes, Tony beeps too much!!!
Wish the Hoffman's all the luck and gold this season, your ex crew sucked anyway, one words for them.traitors. Get the gold Todd!
Todd Hoffman couldn't find gold if he fell out of a plane and landed in the gold depository in Fort Knox, KY
Todd Hoffman has proved god doesn't exist. That or god hates Todd Hoffman.
Seem like everyone is fed up with Todd Hoffman
What we love about Todd Hoffman is his kindness. He's never abusive. He's always considerate. That's why men will follow him!
Tony D is going all Todd Hoffman with this dredge idea!
I plan to utilize the healing powers of the season premiere of . I have the fever, even if Todd Hoffman can't f…
Todd Hoffman's most honest sentence, "I don't have anything"
Glad to see Parker's grandfather is still kicking. Todd Hoffman is still the biggest *** So is is dad.
Todd Hoffman my dad will go with you
Why is Todd Hoffman still relevant? He's a total screw-up, & surprised no one on his crew has been killed yet. Just wants 2B on TV
todd Hoffman is a freakin *** after what happened last season, what did he expect, he shouldn't be on tv.
Hoffman is an *** he embarrasses himself every season. Good for Turin he should have left Todd A long time ago!
Todd Hoffman is trying to mine again? Sounds like someone needs to claim a loss on his taxes!
For a guy who can't find any gold Todd Hoffman's house sure is pretty nice.
or as they call it, being Todd Hoffman.
Family night watching Todd Hoffman and Parker going for gold.
Look out Todd Hoffman is heading back to the Klondike, not sure how he can stay afloat taking losses every year.
who will Todd Hoffman work for this season?
Will Todd Hoffman finally find the glory hole
Todd Hoffman is a complete *** arrogant . POS.. Gold Rush was good first season, now it *** !
A White House petition to pardon Todd Gurley. Be better than that UGA fans
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The next two RT's are the thoughts of a Georgia Southern fan on Todd Gurley's suspension. I laughed aloud
Craig Hoffman, Todd Fuller: Craig pummels Todd's open hole In the bed of a pick-up truck Watch…
Present at the meeting: council members Taplin, Lang, Strom, Burda and Bickerman. Town manager: Todd Hoffman. Attorney: Ron Bolt.
Todd Hoffman: no issues with issuing RFP. Need to balance cost of portfolio management against potential return.
I like to meet the *** that keep investing in Todd Hoffman
Congrats Todd for winning the jersey from at Hoffman Estates! Who wins the $103 tab? -Aldis
joins to talk about Hoffman and Lazar and the Sens "D" core. .
ask Todd Hoffman how does he feel about majority of the shows fans not wanting him on anymore do to his incompetence
Nothing like a motivational chat with Todd Hoffman to get me through the day.
. Glad to see Todd Hoffman back, love watching him screw everything up and anger his crew
Now that the Michael Hoffman vid is out. Todd Sanfield next pls? I'm willing to get down on my knees... 2 beg I mean ht…
Gabby Hoffman was in that terrible Todd Solondz movie but I think I really like her. Those eyebrows.
whatever you do Stan, don't let Todd Hoffman within 100 miles of your mine.
Keep the momentum rolling this fall! - Art by Todd Gilloon -->
the real question is What is Todd Gurley doing in a 21 and up establishment .
New season of Gold Rush starts soon. Cant wait to see how much gold Todd Hoffman doesnt get.
A quick google search shows that a Todd Michael Reesing was born in Austin TX on 9/20/87.
"Don't settle for anything less than rich. " . -wise words from Todd Hoffman
“Todd Heap is back on the field in Baltimore. 😍👪
I want a drone and a go pro to find all the pockets but then you wouldn't even pay for the drone and the go pro. -Todd Hoffman
It's like a full size map on their nose. With sensors. -Todd Hoffman.
had Westwood in the 2nd, too. Notables: Furyk (3rd), Hoffman (8th; keeper), Todd (9th), Knox (15th), Brown (16th; drop/add).
Canadian side is better. You'll need a shower after being with all the liberals
So Brendon Todd is a 130 shot on Betfair, yet Morgan Hoffman is 65 after getting his first top 5. Please explain?
I'm not a fan of a guy who takes his friends on wild goose chase w/o a clue what he's doing that's Todd Hoffman
Watchin this Gold Rush on the Discovery channel love to try that nd see if I could beat Todd Hoffman.
stopped watching the Gold Rush shows simply because I`m tired of Todd The Moron Hoffman otherwise the show is great
'Gold Rush' returns for Season 5 on Oct. 17, promising new miners and new claims: Todd Hoffman of Sandy, Oregon,...
Pres of MSU Women in Computing here at using for Goals and helping others!
amazing that Dustin Hoffman was cast in that role as well...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"there is lots more gold in the jungle" Todd Hoffman
EB Beltline is still bad from Todd Dr to Monona. 5-10 min delay. 5:48pm.
Todd hoffman from Gold Rush quoting tupac right now. Priceless.
Rewatched the opening scenes of Todd Solondz’ “Happiness” again. *** if Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn’t a good actor.
So there’s Parker, Freddy Dodge, Tony Beets for this season. Any Todd Hoffman?
that would be mutiny against Captain Todd Hoffman!
.is now walking around telling people he's a white guy named Todd.
It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Todd Hoffman for being one of Automotive News 40 under 40! If...
If PPS is an indicator, looks like $NWGC has hired Todd Hoffman's crew.
"The city of Omaha is a tremendous city." - Chief Todd Schmaderer
won't watch # goldrush without Todd Hoffman. Just sayin!
Todd hoffman couldn't find a hooker in a brothel with a $20 bill hanging out of his pocket never mind gold
can u not convince discovery to sack off that tossed Todd Hoffman and just follow your crew and maybe Dakotas boys,
At least I taped Gold Rush on discovery think celtic could do with frickin Todd Hoffman!!
Off topic but did Todd Hoffman win an award tonight? Best comedy
Thanks we nominate colinflannery and Todd Hoffman
UN to help Guyana minimize mining impact - UN watching Todd Hoffman & crew on Discovery wreck the jungle?
Todd is a visionary that makes some bad decisions at times. I wonder how many airplanes failed before the Wright Brothers got one to fly. I wonder how many cars failed before Ford got one to run. I wonder how many light blubs failed before. well you get my point. Todd is putting it all on the line and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But he is the one taking the risk. Compare that to Parker. I like the kid... but he has been given everything... His grandpa gave him a mine for him to learn how to mine.. Tony gave him great land to mine... If he were to fall on his face... guess what... he could go back and live in his parents house and work for the family business. I am not saying the kid is not smart and a hard worker... he is... but you can not compare to Parker and Todd. Todd's goal is to show the viewer different ways to mine in different areas. Remember... it was Freddy Dodge that told him the jungle land was good. Todd just followed Freddy's opinion and the opinions of his entire team. He ...
Do you still not like people who play Frisbee? If the jungle don't work, maybe BBall again? Hoffman vs Lebron.$ is on Todd
as Todd Hoffman is a failure and was smashed by maybe he should give these guys a ring?
Todd!! Ur a Gold Miner, So dig up some Gold! if anyone can reinvent themselves its Todd Frickin Hoffman!
really? I guess you saw how much the great todd Hoffman made?
Great, Homer Simpson of mining is back Todd Hoffman is DEFINITELY Cant lead, not a boss, terrible husband!
About time to see Dave Turin take his *** away from & See Todd Hoffman quit Lmao.Best Part of Yet
Watching & I still get enjoyment out of watching Todd Hoffman Fail again&again while praying "To God"4 Riches& Blaming every1 else
.have over 50 players in training camp. New head coach Todd Hoffman says no decision has been made yet on who will be captain.
Every time Todd Hoffman comes across ANY challenge, he says "I could lose my company" 20 seasons later...
I'm glad I don't have my future riding on Todd Hoffman.
todd hoffman is the reason they constantly fail! Dave Turin needs to take team to the klondike and manage his own op!
Todd Hoffman hasn't got a scooby lol
At least Todd Hoffman isn't in charge of
I'd find more gold in Loughlinstown Forest than Todd Hoffman did in Guyana - You haven't a clue son
If Matt Damon and Phillip Seymour Hoffman made a baby, it would be Todd from Breaking Bad.
SI reports tension so bad in Louisville that Bobby Petrino would fire Todd Grantham if not for contract. Oops. Blog: ht…
If Todd Hoffman spent less time blocking people and spent it trying to find gold he would be better off.
Ed Woodward is to what Todd Hoffman is to Gold Rush. INEPT, ANNOYING & Alive
People driven by purpose are far more successful than people driven by money. Jeff Hoffman, in Cleveland! http:/…
Let me get this straight Discovery Channel. Todd Hoffman had a epic disastrous failure and the scapegoats are the Dakota Boys.
What does RUTH, Abraham, Jesus and Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush Alaska have in common? Find out this week LIVE at...
New Dutchies coach Todd Hoffman's son is Mike, who plays for the Ottawa Senators.
Todd Hoffman's coaching staff with includes The former head coach will be assistant coach with Kit.
.promote from within to fill head coaching vacancy. Team says Todd Hoffman is the new bench boss. He was assistant last year.
are proud to announce the appointment of Todd Hoffman as new head coach for the upcoming season.
Chuck Todd takes over MTP Sep. 7. First, he will be taken down into the Catacombs of Consensus to view the Scrolls of Co…
With Todd there is an outside chance of a real question being asked at some point.
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I don't mind Chuck Todd. He'll have to work his interview-fu. Anything is better than the corporate and GOP shill DG.
Chuck Todd to replace him in MTP apparently. What are your feelings on that?
"Integrity is fundamental to being men." - Todd D Christofferson
My favorite Robin Williams movie is "Patch Adams." Ironic that his roommate in the movie was Philip Seymour Hoffman who al…
The perfect going-away present would be a DVD copy of Sweeney Todd. As well as Les Mis.
Long as you don't get the urge work for Todd Hoffman.
I love Gold Rush but Todd Hoffman is a lazy *** Parkers team & the Dakota lads work flat out everyday. Todd just watches his team.
Todd Hoffman: friend to foxes, but not alligators
What does Todd Hoffman do in from looking awesome??? 😁😁
Twister (1996) has a great cast. i miss seeing Todd Field on the screen. i forgot Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it..
don't let here you say that or else we might have to go for a group pray with Todd Hoffman...
Anybody watch Todd Hoffman is quite possibly the unluckiest man alive. God probably hates him.
In today's news that will shock approximately no one - Fearmongering Legislator Does Not Understand Geography.
lmao Todd and Shawn keep singing raining men
Hehe...Fricken fricks...what is this...young Todd Hoffman? :-)
Are things going good so far this season ? I hope you guys make Todd Hoffman look like a *** Should not be hard to do.
todd hoffman however, will never be taken seriously by anyone. Ever. On account of being completely useless
I feel the same way about Todd Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman elevated an otherwise OK movie one last time:
not to mention that POS Todd Hoffman and Christo are butt buddies that created the show together. Todd's never going anywhere
Todd Hoffman from goldrush wants to know what he found.
liked Hoffman. Kept it on the fairways & price looks wrong. . Having backed Todd I really wanted him to rip it up but found too many bunkers are a useless boss to your crew! They deserve better, give up mining and stick to thieving your way in life
I backed Todd just because he's the hottest golfer on the planet right now. Liked Jimenez today and Hoffman yest.
"If you could this this through a microscope it would be at least twice as good. Probably more. Three times." -Todd Hoffman
Todd Frazier was a 30-to-1 longshot to win this worst odds of any player.
I'll keep Hoffman on side. Watched Leishman Todd & Rumford they played alright without sparkling
At a hardware store "I know there's somethin here I need I just gotta find it" -Todd Hoffman
Pro tip, less Todd Hoffman, More viewers, The majority of us would rather watch competent miners, less drama
was taking a todd carney. . Warriors will get dregs after splashing out on hoffman
Is Todd Hoffman as stupid as he seems on the show ?
happy fathers day Todd Hoffman Gold Rush &jayson cunningham
Mrs. Adrian Intgroen and Todd Hoffman on his Custom Bobber from Houston Retro Bobbers and Master Mind.
Hey Parker! You are an inspiration to me & my family in Melbourne Australia. Todd Hoffman is a *** nozzle
Emilio Hoffman's older brother gets his diploma, wearing his little brother's jersey.
Innovative Models for Small-Scale Professional Architectural Practices. M)Arch. partners Todd A. Erlandson and Sherry Hoffman talk about...
It's great watching making the gold while Todd Hoffman suffers. Retribution for the way Todd acted in the past.
My wish is that the victim, Emilio Hoffman and Todd Rispler, injured teacher, are the only names mentioned in media.
rest in peace Emilio Hoffman and Todd Rispler. my prayers goes out to their families and to the Reynolds community 💚
Todd Hoffman is playing poker right now with half a mil on the table and he's holding 2 & 7
.how can entrepreneurs embed social good in their activities? w Jeff Hoffman, Todd Wagner
leading a great panel w Jeff Hoffman and Todd Wagner on how entrepreneurs change the world.
Read about the new charitable endeavor started by former walk-ons Todd Burach and Griffin Hoffman
Former Syracuse basketball walk-ons Todd Burach, Griff Hoffman now hooping it up for charity: Griffin Hoffman'... http:…
Bellamy, Smith, Hoffman suggested that. Bennetts proposal still had NRL Football, except origin players exempt
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is it true that Todd Hoffman had a boat this year but ended up fishing for trout all season?
Can someone let me stab Todd Hoffman?
Bike I did for Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush tv show
Vizcaya's Executive Director Joel Hoffman is visiting the Deering descendants Todd and Blair McCormick Maus at...
I love the ads on discovery channel especially Todd Hoffman's one👌😊😊
Had Hoffman & Haas shoot even par this morning they are opposite Todd & Leishman respectively, leggo!
Played the following golf:. Hoffman over Todd. Senden over weekley . Kirk over matsuyama . Palmer over fowler. Furyk over d Johnson
I'm beginning to think that Todd Hoffman really hasn't a clue about Gold Mining & makes more out of the Discovery pay check ...
Todd hoffman the david moyes of gold minning
It would be lovely if Todd Hoffman could stop saying Frickin
Todd Hoffman won't be able to find Gold at Tiffany's. If failure was a person, it'll be Todd.
Now has a Todd Hoffman look a like building bikes, give me a break
new idea for show: Todd Hoffman introduces "why am I so bad" - people who are laughably bad at their chosen professions.
Please tell me "GOD" told Todd Hoffman 2Go2 Russia 2get RICH IN A GOLD SEASON...Just like the last 4 places he's drug those Dudes¡
Congratulations to Austin Best Paper winner, Todd Hoffman, and Honorable Mention winners, Hideo Okawara and Ben Gonzalez!
Todd Hoffman's leadership style is the Goofus portion of a Goofus and Galahad skit.
I agree. Todd Hoffman has been a joke. Business model based on feelings. Who has that ever worked for?
Going to last day of -10 Oosthuizen Todd; -9 Hahn Woodland Weir; -8 Harrington Leishman DeLaet M.Hoffman; -7 Chalmers Weekley Howell
There's only so much of Todd Hoffman dumb you can show on TV.
Taken a trip down memory lane with Todd Hoffman
She should be charged with 1st degree murder. She admits to making a life, then killed it.
Just finished the 1st season of on Man I thought Todd Hoffman on made some bad choices. Wow
'Um Hoffman.. Don't quite know what to say' - How about Todd Lowrie all over again
Ryan Hoffman to fill the hole left by Todd Lowrie left by Michael Luck
Bloody Warriors are always taking our players.. Dane Nielson, Todd Lowrie & now Ryan Hoffman.. Gawdd..
Jeez, Ryan Hoffman better not become another Todd Lowrie.
I think Todd Hoffman is going to get better gold then he did in his 3rd mining season. Todd is better than parker
todd love the show, ever any room with the Hoffman crew gimme a shout 👍
Todd hoffman is a *** he's not got a fkn clue what he's doin.
When on the riding lawn mower...I imagine myself on the Todd Hoffman crew!
Catching up on Gold Rush from last season... Show should be renamed Amateur Hour with Todd Hoffman & Fred Hurt. Dumbasses.
i'm sure you need more than you'd be making with mining legend Todd Hoffman.which is $
just wondering where todd Hoffman is mining this season,,any clues
Nothin like a race on 26 vs my dad and Todd Hoffman in his Porsche. I won. . . :)
Todd Hoffman would probably say, ''There's gold at the bend of that river'' (on the right side), current is slower. :)
some shots taken today in Hastings with Barb and Todd hoffman along with Shawn and Mike. Good times today.
WOW my first album release with my boy Lenny Hoffman Todd TerrySigned this back in the day and Boris Helped me...
Just saw Todd Hoffman from leaving the Boring Tavern.
I just realized you look like Todd Hoffman from Goldrush if he would shave his ugly beard.
Hello Manzanita! Todd Miller promoting BORDER PATROL NATION tonight at the Hoffman Center:
Athletic Director Kevin Buisman offers sincere and heartfelt apologies to Todd Hoffman and family, on behalf of MSU Mankato
Is Todd Hoffman working for you this year? : )
Last weekend we learned what's more useless than an siren; betting on the Warriors, Hoffman's 5/8 pass game, and Todd Carney's barber.
not like Todd Hoffman will be any comp lol
Todd Hoffman says ordeal has injured him and his family. In tears, the football coach says returning to Mankato will help heal the hurt
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Todd Hoffman has decided to return to MSU-Mankato, based on mediator's ruling that he was fired inappropriately
been watching the worst miner there is better then Todd Hoffman could ever hope to be
not the most intellectual person that Todd Hoffman.
So I watch Wicked Tuna regularly and Gold Rush when it's on. I have come to realize that the two shows have something in common. Bill Monte and his FV Bounty Hunter and Todd Hoffman are absolutely clueless when it come to their endeavors in their respective series.
Todd Hoffman is the Biggest Hypocrite & fake Christian I've ever seen in my life.When I pray for Gold you get your *** Handed 2you
Toad Huffman called us all "armchair quarterbacks" last night. Even a blind armchair quarterback could find more gold than the Toad with a metal detector on a crowded beach. What a frickin' looser. All mouth and no substance. Gold talks and bullsh&$ walks. Go home Toad.
I make better decisions than Todd Hoffman. And I'm stoned.
That 100 ounces that Parker gave to Todd Hoffman for the d12 dozer was a frickin bargain. Todd wa...
Todd Hoffman was an armchair QB the whole season
somehow I don't think Todd Hoffman will be back next year.
the only nuggets Todd Hoffman found in Guyana were his Dads when he was tea bagging him every night...
LMAOing at Todd Hoffman for passing up huge nuggets in America to try n rape gayanas natural resources. That's THEIR gold
Gold Rush is getting old. I can only handle Todd Hoffman to a certain point
Todd Hoffman from the show "Gold Rush", on Discovery channel called us Armchair Quarterbacks because we are sitting at home not gold digging. Well his fat *** only runs his mouth. His crew does his work for him 3/4 of the time. I wanna see Dave Turin and Freddy Dodge working together. Enough said.
Todd Hoffman... Why would you leave the gold you were on to go chase something you you couldn't even find here in the states . without the show you are a complete failure
Todd Hoffman has balls 2 tell the fans we arm chair from our couches. But the dummy doesn't realize how greed made him make a bad decision
poor Todd Hoffman half way around the world to end the season with nothing!!
of course mining starts slow when your following Todd Hoffman around, what a waste of time and film...
Gold Rush--- Todd Hoffman you disgust me. Lazy excuse for a man.
Watched the final episode of Gold Rush, Can't figure out who would follow Todd Hoffman anywhere let alone to the jungle. I wouldn't follow this stupid SOB into a Micky dees drive thru...He would order a Whopper with cheese...
Dakota Red believes he can out-kick Todd Hoffman or Dakota Fred Hurt in a hardhat kickoff for charity. What say you?
why didn't you show Freddie dodge instead of that *** todd Hoffman. Rather watch parker, Dakota fred & Freddie dodge.
"Who do you think will have the biggest season this year? NOT TODD HOFFMAN!
I wish Todd Hoffman would MAN UP and admit he failed, he's lost in his own bs. Fact is he could have gotten 600 to 800 oz up (not 1000 plus he don't no Parker) north but he got GREEDY. Reminded me of that fool in line at grocery store who spends his last 10 bucks on jumbo lottery tickets. Parker mined circles around him. Sure he could be a little nicer to his crew but fact is he was on a mission and nothing was gonna stop him, a characteristic that anybody with any sense respects. Dave is a good miner and he would be better served moving on like Freddy Wise'd up and did. Ya know like it took a ROCKET SCIENTIST too say the logistics involved going south was too much. Like my dad always said Todd, ya gonna be dumb you better be tough. Arm chair quarterback I may be but I moved 100k worth of toys on eBay setting on my *** last year while you lost 100z of 1000z. You wish you were smart enough to equal that. I'm sure your a dam good guy but man you are hard headed and I think you first gotta accept your short ...
if I were you, I'd be dancing every night to the fact that I got 100x more gold than Todd Hoffman this season!!!
Todd Hoffman got taken to school by a 18 or 19 year old, Parker by a long shot
Hoffman Gold I found in a garden shovel of dirt not even 3 feet down so Im ready to join the show
Finally.looks like I won't have to watch Todd Hoffman fail at gold mining while dragging his crew down with him. Hope he can at least remember to feed himself.
Well Part 2 of the season finale was like going to a dark bar, picking up the woman of your dreams, then waking up to her the next morning only to find out she looks like Todd Hoffman in a skirt!
I am so glad to see Todd Hoffman fail on Gold Rush. That has made my year. Lol
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Freddy and Dave should be in charge of the Hoffman clan simply because neither Todd or his dad know what they are doing.
. Nobody wants to see Todd Hoffman in Season 5,. Except for maybe Jack Hoffman.
rush Never before seen! Todd Hoffman makes a good decision. Never before seen! Todd passes up a sandwich
Todd Hoffman will never be happy he always thinks there's something bigger and better around the corner.
Omg Todd Hoffman. How do you pass up a claim with gold nuggets to go mine diamond dust??? What the Frick!
If Dave Turin leaves the Hoffman Crew and get his own site I would work for Dave any day.
Todd Hoffman lost everything. He now can participate to "naked and afraid"
Todd Hoffman was a bush leaguer trying to hit a home run in the World Series !!! What a smuck!
Is Todd Hoffman the Sarah Palin of gold mining? Can't do the job but makes for good TV--just sayin'
As a 21-year-old hardworking farm girl raised by my godly, hardworking parents, Todd Hoffman's work ethic pisses me off to NO end!
I'm absolutely floored at the ignorance of Todd Hoffman not listening to Fred dodge about!!!
And Todd Hoffman couldn't find gold if it was wrapped around his freakin' neck in a noose. "Are you freakin' kiddin' me??!!"
Todd Hoffman is gonna start a career in politics: crazy promises, no results and people following him year after year
Todd Hoffman made the worst decision in the history of Gold Rush.
Can we PLEASE never see Todd Hoffman again. Such a frickin vulgar, fat, incompetent jerk.
"“three words to describe big Todd Hoffman?” Failure, arrogant, fat!
"Todd Hoffman is a leader of men." Are you frickin' kidding me ? He's the perfect example of how NOT to lead.
is Hoffman crew returning next season? Who will u mine with? Maybe ? Did fire Todd?
Todd Hoffman is a legend in his own mind. Why do people keep following that guy? He must talk a good game.
Todd Hoffman needs to stay home next season.
There is a term that was used to describe people like Todd Hoffman. Its called a BORN LOSER.
Todd Hoffman is still a greenhorn with a serious lack of leadership skills...he should take a tip or two from
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