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Todd Hoffman

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Todd Hoffman from goldrush wants to know what he found.
liked Hoffman. Kept it on the fairways & price looks wrong. . Having backed Todd I really wanted him to rip it up but found too many bunkers are a useless boss to your crew! They deserve better, give up mining and stick to thieving your way in life
I backed Todd just because he's the hottest golfer on the planet right now. Liked Jimenez today and Hoffman yest.
"If you could this this through a microscope it would be at least twice as good. Probably more. Three times." -Todd Hoffman
Todd Frazier was a 30-to-1 longshot to win this worst odds of any player.
I'll keep Hoffman on side. Watched Leishman Todd & Rumford they played alright without sparkling
At a hardware store "I know there's somethin here I need I just gotta find it" -Todd Hoffman
Pro tip, less Todd Hoffman, More viewers, The majority of us would rather watch competent miners, less drama
was taking a todd carney. . Warriors will get dregs after splashing out on hoffman
Is Todd Hoffman as stupid as he seems on the show ?
happy fathers day Todd Hoffman Gold Rush &jayson cunningham
Mrs. Adrian Intgroen and Todd Hoffman on his Custom Bobber from Houston Retro Bobbers and Master Mind.
Hey Parker! You are an inspiration to me & my family in Melbourne Australia. Todd Hoffman is a *** nozzle
Emilio Hoffman's older brother gets his diploma, wearing his little brother's jersey.
Innovative Models for Small-Scale Professional Architectural Practices. M)Arch. partners Todd A. Erlandson and Sherry Hoffman talk about...
It's great watching making the gold while Todd Hoffman suffers. Retribution for the way Todd acted in the past.
My wish is that the victim, Emilio Hoffman and Todd Rispler, injured teacher, are the only names mentioned in media.
rest in peace Emilio Hoffman and Todd Rispler. my prayers goes out to their families and to the Reynolds community 💚
Todd Hoffman is playing poker right now with half a mil on the table and he's holding 2 & 7
.how can entrepreneurs embed social good in their activities? w Jeff Hoffman, Todd Wagner
leading a great panel w Jeff Hoffman and Todd Wagner on how entrepreneurs change the world.
Read about the new charitable endeavor started by former walk-ons Todd Burach and Griffin Hoffman
Former Syracuse basketball walk-ons Todd Burach, Griff Hoffman now hooping it up for charity: Griffin Hoffman'... http:…
Bellamy, Smith, Hoffman suggested that. Bennetts proposal still had NRL Football, except origin players exempt
is it true that Todd Hoffman had a boat this year but ended up fishing for trout all season?
Can someone let me stab Todd Hoffman?
Bike I did for Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush tv show
Vizcaya's Executive Director Joel Hoffman is visiting the Deering descendants Todd and Blair McCormick Maus at...
I love the ads on discovery channel especially Todd Hoffman's one👌😊😊
Had Hoffman & Haas shoot even par this morning they are opposite Todd & Leishman respectively, leggo!
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Played the following golf:. Hoffman over Todd. Senden over weekley . Kirk over matsuyama . Palmer over fowler. Furyk over d Johnson
I'm beginning to think that Todd Hoffman really hasn't a clue about Gold Mining & makes more out of the Discovery pay check ...
Todd hoffman the david moyes of gold minning
It would be lovely if Todd Hoffman could stop saying Frickin
Todd Hoffman won't be able to find Gold at Tiffany's. If failure was a person, it'll be Todd.
Now has a Todd Hoffman look a like building bikes, give me a break
new idea for show: Todd Hoffman introduces "why am I so bad" - people who are laughably bad at their chosen professions.
Please tell me "GOD" told Todd Hoffman 2Go2 Russia 2get RICH IN A GOLD SEASON...Just like the last 4 places he's drug those Dudes¡
Congratulations to Austin Best Paper winner, Todd Hoffman, and Honorable Mention winners, Hideo Okawara and Ben Gonzalez!
Todd Hoffman's leadership style is the Goofus portion of a Goofus and Galahad skit.
I agree. Todd Hoffman has been a joke. Business model based on feelings. Who has that ever worked for?
Going to last day of -10 Oosthuizen Todd; -9 Hahn Woodland Weir; -8 Harrington Leishman DeLaet M.Hoffman; -7 Chalmers Weekley Howell
There's only so much of Todd Hoffman dumb you can show on TV.
Taken a trip down memory lane with Todd Hoffman
She should be charged with 1st degree murder. She admits to making a life, then killed it.
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Just finished the 1st season of on Man I thought Todd Hoffman on made some bad choices. Wow
'Um Hoffman.. Don't quite know what to say' - How about Todd Lowrie all over again
Ryan Hoffman to fill the hole left by Todd Lowrie left by Michael Luck
Bloody Warriors are always taking our players.. Dane Nielson, Todd Lowrie & now Ryan Hoffman.. Gawdd..
Jeez, Ryan Hoffman better not become another Todd Lowrie.
I think Todd Hoffman is going to get better gold then he did in his 3rd mining season. Todd is better than parker
todd love the show, ever any room with the Hoffman crew gimme a shout 👍
Todd hoffman is a *** he's not got a fkn clue what he's doin.
When on the riding lawn mower...I imagine myself on the Todd Hoffman crew!
Catching up on Gold Rush from last season... Show should be renamed Amateur Hour with Todd Hoffman & Fred Hurt. Dumbasses.
i'm sure you need more than you'd be making with mining legend Todd Hoffman.which is $
just wondering where todd Hoffman is mining this season,,any clues
Nothin like a race on 26 vs my dad and Todd Hoffman in his Porsche. I won. . . :)
Todd Hoffman would probably say, ''There's gold at the bend of that river'' (on the right side), current is slower. :)
some shots taken today in Hastings with Barb and Todd hoffman along with Shawn and Mike. Good times today.
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WOW my first album release with my boy Lenny Hoffman Todd TerrySigned this back in the day and Boris Helped me...
Just saw Todd Hoffman from leaving the Boring Tavern.
I just realized you look like Todd Hoffman from Goldrush if he would shave his ugly beard.
Hello Manzanita! Todd Miller promoting BORDER PATROL NATION tonight at the Hoffman Center:
Athletic Director Kevin Buisman offers sincere and heartfelt apologies to Todd Hoffman and family, on behalf of MSU Mankato
Is Todd Hoffman working for you this year? : )
Last weekend we learned what's more useless than an siren; betting on the Warriors, Hoffman's 5/8 pass game, and Todd Carney's barber.
not like Todd Hoffman will be any comp lol
Todd Hoffman says ordeal has injured him and his family. In tears, the football coach says returning to Mankato will help heal the hurt
Todd Hoffman has decided to return to MSU-Mankato, based on mediator's ruling that he was fired inappropriately
been watching the worst miner there is better then Todd Hoffman could ever hope to be
not the most intellectual person that Todd Hoffman.
So I watch Wicked Tuna regularly and Gold Rush when it's on. I have come to realize that the two shows have something in common. Bill Monte and his FV Bounty Hunter and Todd Hoffman are absolutely clueless when it come to their endeavors in their respective series.
Todd Hoffman is the Biggest Hypocrite & fake Christian I've ever seen in my life.When I pray for Gold you get your *** Handed 2you
Toad Huffman called us all "armchair quarterbacks" last night. Even a blind armchair quarterback could find more gold than the Toad with a metal detector on a crowded beach. What a frickin' looser. All mouth and no substance. Gold talks and bullsh&$ walks. Go home Toad.
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I make better decisions than Todd Hoffman. And I'm stoned.
That 100 ounces that Parker gave to Todd Hoffman for the d12 dozer was a frickin bargain. Todd wa...
Todd Hoffman was an armchair QB the whole season
somehow I don't think Todd Hoffman will be back next year.
the only nuggets Todd Hoffman found in Guyana were his Dads when he was tea bagging him every night...
LMAOing at Todd Hoffman for passing up huge nuggets in America to try n rape gayanas natural resources. That's THEIR gold
Gold Rush is getting old. I can only handle Todd Hoffman to a certain point
Todd Hoffman from the show "Gold Rush", on Discovery channel called us Armchair Quarterbacks because we are sitting at home not gold digging. Well his fat *** only runs his mouth. His crew does his work for him 3/4 of the time. I wanna see Dave Turin and Freddy Dodge working together. Enough said.
Todd Hoffman... Why would you leave the gold you were on to go chase something you you couldn't even find here in the states . without the show you are a complete failure
Todd Hoffman has balls 2 tell the fans we arm chair from our couches. But the dummy doesn't realize how greed made him make a bad decision
poor Todd Hoffman half way around the world to end the season with nothing!!
of course mining starts slow when your following Todd Hoffman around, what a waste of time and film...
Gold Rush--- Todd Hoffman you disgust me. Lazy excuse for a man.
Watched the final episode of Gold Rush, Can't figure out who would follow Todd Hoffman anywhere let alone to the jungle. I wouldn't follow this stupid SOB into a Micky dees drive thru...He would order a Whopper with cheese...
Dakota Red believes he can out-kick Todd Hoffman or Dakota Fred Hurt in a hardhat kickoff for charity. What say you?
why didn't you show Freddie dodge instead of that *** todd Hoffman. Rather watch parker, Dakota Fred & Freddie dodge.
"Who do you think will have the biggest season this year? NOT TODD HOFFMAN!
I wish Todd Hoffman would MAN UP and admit he failed, he's lost in his own bs. Fact is he could have gotten 600 to 800 oz up (not 1000 plus he don't no Parker) north but he got GREEDY. Reminded me of that fool in line at grocery store who spends his last 10 bucks on jumbo lottery tickets. Parker mined circles around him. Sure he could be a little nicer to his crew but fact is he was on a mission and nothing was gonna stop him, a characteristic that anybody with any sense respects. Dave is a good miner and he would be better served moving on like Freddy Wise'd up and did. Ya know like it took a ROCKET SCIENTIST too say the logistics involved going south was too much. Like my dad always said Todd, ya gonna be dumb you better be tough. Arm chair quarterback I may be but I moved 100k worth of toys on eBay setting on my *** last year while you lost 100z of 1000z. You wish you were smart enough to equal that. I'm sure your a dam good guy but man you are hard headed and I think you first gotta accept your short ...
if I were you, I'd be dancing every night to the fact that I got 100x more gold than Todd Hoffman this season!!!
well its not like Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush Alaska will reply but its all good, he is to famous to answer to common folks like us but i hope that Todd Hoffman is still looking for gold. for next year
Todd Hoffman got taken to school by a 18 or 19 year old, Parker by a long shot
Hoffman Gold I found in a garden shovel of dirt not even 3 feet down so Im ready to join the show
Finally.looks like I won't have to watch Todd Hoffman fail at gold mining while dragging his crew down with him. Hope he can at least remember to feed himself.
Well Part 2 of the season finale was like going to a dark bar, picking up the woman of your dreams, then waking up to her the next morning only to find out she looks like Todd Hoffman in a skirt!
I am so glad to see Todd Hoffman fail on Gold Rush. That has made my year. Lol
Freddy and Dave should be in charge of the Hoffman clan simply because neither Todd or his dad know what they are doing.
. Nobody wants to see Todd Hoffman in Season 5,. Except for maybe Jack Hoffman.
rush Never before seen! Todd Hoffman makes a good decision. Never before seen! Todd passes up a sandwich
Todd Hoffman will never be happy he always thinks there's something bigger and better around the corner.
Omg Todd Hoffman. How do you pass up a claim with gold nuggets to go mine diamond dust??? What the Frick!
If Dave Turin leaves the Hoffman Crew and get his own site I would work for Dave any day.
Todd Hoffman lost everything. He now can participate to "naked and afraid"
Todd Hoffman was a bush leaguer trying to hit a home run in the World Series !!! What a smuck!
Is Todd Hoffman the Sarah Palin of gold mining? Can't do the job but makes for good TV--just sayin'
As a 21-year-old hardworking farm girl raised by my godly, hardworking parents, Todd Hoffman's work ethic pisses me off to NO end!
I'm absolutely floored at the ignorance of Todd Hoffman not listening to Fred dodge about!!!
And Todd Hoffman couldn't find gold if it was wrapped around his freakin' neck in a noose. "Are you freakin' kiddin' me??!!"
Todd Hoffman is gonna start a career in politics: crazy promises, no results and people following him year after year
Todd Hoffman made the worst decision in the history of Gold Rush.
Can we PLEASE never see Todd Hoffman again. Such a frickin vulgar, fat, incompetent jerk.
"“three words to describe big Todd Hoffman?” Failure, arrogant, fat!
"Todd Hoffman is a leader of men." Are you frickin' kidding me ? He's the perfect example of how NOT to lead.
is Hoffman crew returning next season? Who will u mine with? Maybe ? Did fire Todd?
Todd Hoffman is a legend in his own mind. Why do people keep following that guy? He must talk a good game.
Todd Hoffman needs to stay home next season.
There is a term that was used to describe people like Todd Hoffman. Its called a BORN LOSER.
Todd Hoffman is still a greenhorn with a serious lack of leadership skills...he should take a tip or two from
Todd Hoffman should have been left in the jungle. PLEASE get him off the show! the only gold he probably finds is in his belly button!
Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush would be the first guy I'd fire and the last guy I'd hire!
The Hoffmans have made alot of bad mistakes this year. Todd Hoffman has made alot of bad decisions.
Todd Hoffman is a leader of men.he has led many to bankruptcy
Watching the season finale part 2. Todd Hoffman is a jerk. I still like Parker :)
is an awesome show. But I seriously cannot watch Todd Hoffman anymore. Listening to him is worse than nails on a chalkboard.
That Todd Hoffman really should stop over acting. We can tell... Just b urself.
If your siting at home. Your an arm chair Quarterback!!! "Todd Hoffman"
Todd Hoffman you said I was an armchair Quarterback I maybe but your a dumb *** dumb ***
Your sitting at home and your an armchair quarter back Quote Todd Hoffman
“three words to describe big Todd Hoffman?” Intelligent, pleasant, funny
Todd Hoffman needs to spend next season working for Parker. He needs to learn how to work. The only thing Todd does is talk talk !
Hey Another show Todd Hoffman would be good on...
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three words to describe big Todd Hoffman?
. I thought of another reality show Todd Hoffman would be fantastic on.
. Sounds like there is trouble in the Todd Hoffman's great land of ego...
Time to watch Todd Hoffman squirm...It's NOT that he's a loser and is a's that he doesn't lead by example and no nobody has any respect for him. NOT once did I see him get his hands dirty..just bark orders and run his mouth...he is pathetic! PARKER Schnaubel has what it takes..he is persistent and a hard worker..GET READY FOR Gold Rush!
Team Hoffman update --- The Hoffman comedy team has a new show - Todd Hoffman goes to Oak Island
yes we want a fifth season, minus Todd (no brain) Hoffman. We don't need to see him fail again!
I cannot help but notice on FB the Gold Rush Guys are all talking. Dakota Fred, Gold Miner is talking about the show and mining gold. Goldrush Dustin is talking gold. Parker Schnabel is talking gold. Todd Hoffman is talking about a pick up truck he is bastardizing. This really sets the stage for next season I would think.
I reached straight up Obamas *** . and found Todd Hoffman's lost gold
Todd Hoffman and his crew needs to leave the show. Boring.
Will ratings fall tonight when Hoffmans return to screen? Read more & preview
That's another *** Great vision by Hoffman.and how about that run by Todd Lowrie! Lol the man thought he was in.
Todd Hoffman is like side show Bob on the Simpson's! Good work Parker!
“I learned everything I know about mining from Todd Hoffman.” Need a job?!?
IDK why anyone would follow Todd Hoffman on Gold Rush, what an *** !! Randall Ringstaff Jr, you and I could do better then him. What a joke. And to go to Guyana too. Dave Turin should be in charge.
Could not believe on lecturing about not showing 'grace.' Recap:
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You should get Todd Hoffman on the show before he kills himself
More Fred Dodge! I'm pulling for Todd Hoffman to recover, and hope they return mining! Really like those guys!
Does anyone watch Gold Rush ? If so what do you think of Todd Hoffman ?
new episode of Gold Rush was badass Parker is the man and on a side note im still loving the fact that Todd Hoffman totally failed.great season
Todd Hoffman BS Parker got no advice from you. Boo Hoo URL just jealous, he paid for your equipment.
Todd Hoffman you're an ungracious fool. What a "fricken" fake Christian you are. You paved nothing for Parker. He's listened and learned.
Don't tell Todd Hoffman, but there is resistance coming up on the weekly $GLD chart.
Nothing like beating Todd Hoffman 4 year gold total in 1 seaons.
After this season I'm convinced Todd Hoffman runs the worlds only excavation company that'll pay you to let them dig up your dirt
glad to see him get it . Maybe Todd Hoffman can take a lesson or two.
Todd Hoffman could take some tips from Parker.
getting his guys glad they don't have a Todd Hoffman
Anyone still on Team Hoffman is as big of moron as Todd himself!
It's great to watch Little Parker get more GOLD than that *** Todd Hoffman will ever get in his lifetime in 1-Season
1029 ounces!? That is awesome! The only thing better for me would be if you'd punch Todd Hoffman in his kisser!
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Best Gold Rush episode ever! (And not just because Todd Hoffman wasn't in it.)
Mike Newman says its the wine talking but I hate our DVR. So tired if Todd Hoffman, I really am. Plus they narrate the whole Gold Rush show from the start after every commercial.And here's the bomb... Not even feeling duck dynasty anymore. Just not. To bad our DVR is 78% full and you know we are watching every episode.
Todd Hoffman are you guys mining next season? If so, do you think it will be back in the Klondike?
wouldn't catch Hoffman doing that. Well he might ask his crew not Todd himself
Freddy your the best, why do u work for a guy like Todd Hoffman ? His crew is all heart, but he is such a Donkey. Rich T.
No wonder Todd Hoffman's wife walked out on him. Liar, *** Moron.
Todd Hoffman is a jerk! Todd has never shown Grace to anyone especially Parker. Todd's a bully and a fool!
move over Todd Hoffman Parker's taking over!
Todd Hoffman is a huge loser. 5k in diamonds over 150 days? Coulda made that much working at mcdonalds.
Todd Hoffman looks like he's got a wad of pubic hairs on his face.
I love the show Gold Rush and the young kid Parker is cool. Todd Hoffmans gang bunch O' Chumps! Game of stones after season finale of GR looks good.
In Baja California Sur there is the Jackpot Mine & this is where the Glory Hole is!We're not affiliated with Todd Hoffman, we know how to Mine for Gold!
Goldrush parker u guys r better than Todd Hoffman
Dumb award goes to Papa Smurf. Dumber award goes to Todd Hoffman. Congrats guys!!
The whole problem with the Hoffman crew is Todd is no leader. It is a no brainer
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why does Todd Hoffman always blame the camera crew what a joke. I think if Cartman was 40 plus he would look like Hoffman
lol I bet it killed Todd Hoffman knowing that he had to leave the jungle with nothing and Parker was still mining lol
Todd Hoffman left a place where he pulled over a million dollars in gold out of the ground to go to some god forsaken jungle and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile 19 year old Parker Schnabel goes to The Klondike and rips $1.4 million in gold out of the ground. Parker: 1 Todd: -27,378
"If I see Todd Hoffman in Vegas, Im going to punch him. He's so stupid!"-dad 😂
NASCAR runs their sport like Todd Hoffman mines for gold ...
Tonight on Gold Rush: Todd Hoffman faces outside investors after parking his remaining capital in Bitcoin at Mt Gox for safety
Todd Hoffman pulls ounces from the ground like he pulls inches from his pants ... 1 at a time ...
In the ESCO booth at Dozer Dave and Jack and Todd Hoffman from TV's Be sure to stop by.
Todd Hoffman you are my favorite Gold Miner.
.didn't realize you were friends with Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I'll have to needle you about that sometime.
please tell Todd Hoffman to fio for once!!!
Todd Hoffman nice totals in the jungle what you gonna do now? No big red no land to mine and no good in jungle?? No reply right?
I let Todd Hoffman follow me and I'm gonna extend an invitation to you as well.
Its 5 degrees out with wind chill near -10, this sounds like firewood cutting weather to me. If Kenny is a no show again today I may have to fire him and hire The Discovery Channel's ''Gold Rush'' Todd Hoffman.
BTW take it from a recovered addict, Philip Seymour Hoffman only had himself to blame. So did Phoenix.
Whos playing dan pussey in this rob leifield movie now that philip seymour hoffman is dead?
todd hoffman say what ya like about Todd, he has integrity, thrown of the lot, he said thank you it was a fair deal, classy guy
I hate Todd Hoffman. Click the link to see why! .
I honestly feel bad for you Todd and the Hoffman crew
more Parker less Todd Hoffman, show more in depth Parker's operation
I repeat! Why the *** would anyone want to invest in todd hoffman?
Todd Hoffman is a failure and for dammn sure he's not miner and nor will he be ever be.
Why would anyone in their right mind want to team up with Todd Hoffman? The Sleprock of mining misfortune!
why is todd Hoffman in charge of that minehe is a screw up
I sold a lot over the weekend, Now I have the rest of this week to get the rest cleared out and the place cleaned up for Judy Ellison and Todd Hoffman when they get here!!! I cant wait to see them again!! I would have never got everything done it it were not for great friends and my wonderful family. Time to relax after a nice dinner at TGI Fridays with Jon Weber, Gregory Buck and Dallas Weber!! Have a great night everybody!!
This Roger guy on is like a spoof version of a cajun. What an *** I'd follow him before Todd Hoffman though.
Watching Todd Hoffman cry cause he socks balls
Todd Hoffman is sooo lazy I feel sorry for his crew
why are you such a better miner than Todd Hoffman?
if you were 700 more pounds I'd swear you were Todd Hoffman
Working with some oldies but goodies Dane Dorothy Hack Dee Todd Hoffman Elizabeth Burnette Stephanie Rose Growing up Fisher
Please, enough of the Todd Hoffman Wet Dream Show and focus on the REAL MINERS you have, better yet go Dodge!
'Gold Rush': Todd Hoffman sheds a tear in the jungle
Gabe Rygaard is the Todd Hoffman of AxMen..pathetic!!
Celebrity sighting @ Toby Mac concert: Todd Hoffman of Gold Rush!! Let the stalking commence. Mama needs an Ethan/Todd Instagram to make you all totes jelly.
Thinking about lent hoping it will be the best in my life. Who would have thought that a young man who work with me at Skyline would be my inspiration. He was such a joy and made everyone enjoy the day. He has been thru the worse pain imaginable and has such faith and trust in God. Thank you Todd Hoffman. Peace and love to you and Charise.
a lead change in is almost as rare as Todd Hoffman finding Gold in the jungle.
Gold Rush's Todd Hoffman is the laziest Minor!Doesn't do anything but walk around & make stupid decisions!Should have stayed in Alaska!
Todd Hoffman slides into room: "We ain't got no Starbursts ... but we found these 24 diamonds." (Shakes vial)
Todd Hoffman I saw this Todd and thought of you.
Todd Hoffman does not understand. Just walk away!! It isn't working!!!
Hoffman I am a fan but I think you have lost your way over the last season. You didn't seem to be about much which is a shame.
You would have to be very unlucky, mixed with a whole of stupid to be losing half a million dollars in one mining season. Unless of course your name is Todd Hoffman. Stupid IS his middle name.
Yum. Jack and Todd Hoffman are here too
Watching Gold Rush last night, all I kept thinking was, “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” And, yes, I was thinking about Todd Hoffman. I, along with many others, started watching Gold Rush in Season One, and was cheering on the Hoffmans, hoping they would… [ 693 more words. ]
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Todd Hoffman is such an amateur. I have lost all faith in him and his crew. I'm beginning to think he is silver spoon kid with a hobby that he's not so good at. I never thought I'd say this but I'm cheering for the Hurt crew! And Parker of course.
How do you get fatter in the middle of the jungle Todd Hoffman!
Just watched last night's Gold Rush. I just have to laugh at Todd Hoffman. He simply makes the dumbest decisions, it's amazing he's alive
I used to be a huge fan of Todd Hoffman, but the more I watch, the more of a complete *** clown he becomes
ARE YOU KIDDING -- that Todd Hoffman & crew only found $5,000 worth of gold & diamonds in Africa while 18 year old Parker found 1 MILLION!
Can we change this to Last Thoughts of Toad Huffman and call it a day. He will never go away. He is like a fungus from th jungle. Next season the Toad squeezes into a wetsuit and goes dredging for gold in Nome for Vernon Atkinson. It appears they have a lot in common.
Should a stayed in Alaska all made $.. *** Mr.Todd Hoffman.
y weren't Todd and Dave Turin on tonight with the rest of the Hoffman crew?
Hey Gold Rush on Discovery channel.stop giving Todd Hoffman air time. Give the crew to Dave and let Todd & his dad go home.
I haven't seen one succesful season for the Hoffman crew, it's just time to cut your losses and admit defeat sorry Todd hoffman
So glad Todd Hoffman got booted from the jungle
Why do they keep coming back to work for todd hoffman?
Tuned in to all the Gold shows tonight cause truck race that was pretty good,was really pumped up when i changed the channel.Caught the middle of Bering Sea Gold glad to see Zeke back underwater and how good a lot of others was doing,others not so much hope turns around for the one's with less luck Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush Alaska Don't!!! hang your head over greedy people you kicked butt and gave it what you could no matter the time or crappy ground,wish i had a operators license would be digging right with ya.Got the Fever!!
Why does discovery continually let Todd Hoffman throw money down the drain just to make a marginally entertaining show
.can't we enjoy the show without Todd Hoffman? He is negative. Dave would be a great team leader!
Todd Hoffman you are such a cheerleader!
Todd Hoffman is the Denver Nuggets of gold mining.
Seeing Todd Hoffman fail, kinda makes me happy.
I'd cry every day if I was Todd Hoffman, just because Dakota Fred is a dirty dog
Todd Hoffman STOP Hydraulic mining, that is land RAPeaGe and NO LONGER authorized on South America... You have no proof quality nor quantity of valuable mineral nor gem quality product to present to begin with. forget proving your is a fraudulent quest.stop committing felony crime.which includes claims of Christian Ministry.You and your Pa SUCK !
the words Todd Hoffman hears most in life. "Todd u have failed". Incompetent on every Continent !
Todd Hoffman, maybe you should work for Parker!
I would not let Todd Hoffman walk my dog, even if I hated the dog.
Watching Gold Rush When I hear say in Guayana... It's my q to fast forward, I don't enjoy watching failures like Todd Hoffman
Todd Hoffman is like having a turd in the punch bowl on your birthday.
The kid got 836 ounces of gold, worth $1.2 million! Take that Todd Hoffman!!
todd Hoffman couldn't find ice in Antarctica. More sympathy pay from discovery I guess! That's the only way that guy stays on tv.
Parker Schnabel you made Todd Hoffman look like the moron he is great season.
Todd Hoffman is a epic failure. team Parker . 0 dollars Todd really. I almost stopped watching the show I was so embarrassed
If I was in the Klondike, I'd bet big $ Todd Hoffman is going to pull a Fred & rip out from under Parkers feet
Todd Hoffman failed miserably and parker is now the man.
Todd Hoffman is either a complete and utter *** Or the show is edited to make him look that way.
You shouldn't be allowed to fail multiple times and keep moving forward. Todd Hoffman should have learned this a long time ago.
Todd Hoffman did Todd ever ask the claim owner why he put him in ground that had already been mined???
Hey parker my man I think Todd Hoffman is going to be looking for work
Todd Hoffman keep on tryin man. No more jungle though. I felt awful for you guys.
Todd Hoffman was a failure in the Klondike, and he's now a failure in the jungle. I wouldn't let this guy walk my dog.
You go Parker! 836 oz of Gold. Maybe Todd Hoffman needs to come be an employee of yours.
As much as I love watching the show Gold Rush. Its hard to watch Todd Hoffman bumble thru another season. I can run an excavator probably as well as he can and as a leader would never lead my crew to the stupidity he has. I guess thats why I'm not on tv. Failure is more entertaining to watch than success!
everything I learned about mining I learned from todd hoffman ahhh never mind I only learned how to tap a hard hat from him
Kerry king and Todd Hoffman long lost brothers? I think so.
We're watching "Gold Rush" on Discovery. Todd Hoffman is the biggest *** He was making money in Alaska and he gets the bright idea to go and mine in the jungle. He has no idea what he's doing.
Todd Hoffman sheds a tear in the jungle via
As we're watching Gold Rush Jayger sees Todd Hoffman swinging a pick axe and makes the comment, "Hey Dad, that's the first time Todd has done something other than ride around on his four wheeler in flip-flops"
Todd Hoffman (Gold Rush) is a "Goof-Ball". (Stealing this from you Aunt Susan Mann)
Maybe next season everyone except Todd Hoffman will be back
why is Todd Hoffman such a loose cannon. He is a disaster.
Silly Todd Hoffman, gold minings for men lol
From me: : Hoffman sheds a tear in the jungle ...
talks to about tonight's It gets REAL tonight.
Todd Hoffman is bout the laziest guy I've ever seen I should shoot my self for watching this show ,, who ever told that guy he wa
Been a rough season..': Todd Hoffman sheds a tear in the jungle
“talks to about tonight's This is a must read
I say this everyweek...Todd Hoffman is a fat lazy POS
Todd hoffman couldnt find gold in a kay jewelers!!!
Todd Hoffman has got to be the worst Gold miner on the planet.I think maybe he should take a shot at finding BIGFOOT.
I don't think Todd Hoffman could find gold in a JEWELRY STORE!!
Keep the crew and get rid of Todd Hoffman.
Did Todd Hoffman hit the jackpot? Just maybe? Mining season is year round in South America, isn't it?
I'm going to bed with a big 'ol smile on my face tonight! My body is weary but my spirit is full! Greatful to have known Brady Noah Hoffman. He would be so proud of his parents today. God has a new chapter for you Todd Hoffman & Cherise Lowery Hoffman. I'm excited to see it unfold as he gives you a new ministry. I'm fortunate to call you both friends I love you both so much. My prayer tonight for you is that you both get some much needed rest!
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Today I was blown away by the love I saw for my friend Brady Noah Hoffman as we said goodbye. The strength and love shown by his family still amaze me. I am blessed to call the Hoffman's my friends. The funeral was like nothing I've ever seen. It was exactly what Brady would've wanted from the praising God to the 42 lives saved. Brady, I love you and miss you! And I look forward to the day I see you again! Cherise Lowery Hoffman, Todd Hoffman, and the rest of the family, I love y'all and will keep y'all in my prayers!
Not an empty seat, 75 student choir, MGM band and 3 pastors at a funeral service... Where there was crying, laughter, singing and even dancing! Who would've thought that the Todd Hoffman and Cherise Lowery Hoffman would been dancing at the own sons funeral? I am just humbled by the service I witnessed today! To God be the Glory!!
Saying our good byes till we meet again. Please keep the Cherise Hoffman and Todd Hoffman in your prayers as they get ready to lay their sweet child of God to rest.
So me and the wife head out to Brady Hoffman 's wake and we were met by literally hundreds of people there paying respects to this phenomenal young man. Wilmer Baptist was literally packed with standing room only. The people this boy touched is simply mesmerizing and it was because of the way Todd Hoffman and his wife chose to teach him and bring him up. I got to hug Todd and let him know that I was available at any time down the road he would like to talk. My last words to him were " Todd you are one of the strongest people I've ever known." His reply was "God is stronger!" People that is POWERFUL. I have such profound respect for this man given the loss he has suffered yet he doesn't see it as a loss. It was a gift bestowed to him that he led in the right direction with a walk with God. Amazing, inspiring, overwhelming.
To quote my son Kyle Travis Simmons. He lived a better life in 18 years than some people do in 80. My teammate, classmate, and FRIEND will forever hold a place in my heart. Thank you Todd Hoffman and Cherise Lowery Hoffman for sharing Brady, he has forever touched my life and so many others with his love for Jesus. To God Be the Glory
My thoughts & prayers are with Cherise Lowery Hoffman & Todd Hoffman today. May God continue to comfort you in the days to come.
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What a blessing to sit and listen to Todd Hoffman talk about his son, Brady Noah Hoffman , and his amazing life! What an amazing and beautiful sight to see Todd and Cherise Lowery Hoffman stand before hundreds of people and give God the glory tonight! It's awesome how God equips us with strength during our weakest hour!
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