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Todd Hoffman

Gold Rush (formerly Gold Rush: Alaska) is a reality television series that airs on Discovery. Its fifth season began on October 17, 2014 at 9/8c.

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Thank Goodness for remote to switch station when Mr. Hoffman comes on show. I watch the rest of the show.
You may be watching too much when you refer to fixing your reticulation as a Todd Hoffman
The Todd Hoffman story:. ~ Usually makes stupid promises to claim owner. ~ Struggles for 3/4 of season. ~ Dave Turin saves the …
the defeatist attitude doesn't sound like Todd Hoffman. Is this a knock off handle.
Congratulations on the promotions of Captain William Hoffman and Lt. Todd Larue at the Bayhead Police Department.
Todd and Jack Hoffman stopped by the Galco Booth.
At having a good talk with miner Todd Hoffman (Sandy, OR) costar of "Gold Rush". He has a lot to say in...
love this program. Todd Hoffman comes across as a fight childish *** Every clean up "I wanna kick parkers *** . Grow up dude.
. Todd . I hope the Hoffman team pull it of but how will you fill if paker beats you on the gold total
Only other person that watches it on here... Man, that Todd Hoffman is a Dingbat!
tell Todd Hoffman the only piece of equipment he can operate is an eye wash station.
Todd Hoffman needs to grow up and stop worrying about Parker and look after his own site
still trying to work out what Todd Hoffman actually does...? Not seen him do a thing yet (ep13) at least Parker works
Todd Hoffman is the biggest clown in the Klondike.
Creator Todd Hoffman available for guest appearances For Booking:
If Todd Hoffman would focus on working and not beating Parker, he may still have a place on the show.
It's funny how Todd Hoffman and his crew of 50 can't beat Parker and his crew of 10.
my mom says Todd Hoffman is a huge dweeb!
I hate Todd Hoffman off of where is he when his team is busting there ***
Try watching Gold Rush and Todd Hoffman. He's a real piece of work. I think he's related to Billy Brown.
What exactly does Todd Hoffman do all day? I can't remember when the last time he was filmed working.
Gold Rush parker keep up the great work you are a great young man .todd hoffman. Go to work for parker.
Todd Hoffman must be up there in Porter Ranch running the gas wells. 󾌴󾌴 — watching Gold Rush
I am fascinated how much of an *** Todd Hoffman (is. How someone so fat, lazy and stupid can get tv airtime is amazing.
Question for Todd Hoffman . Why are your clothes always clean? . I guess when you never get off your *** they stay clean like that
One guy quits night shift and the *** take 3 ppl to replace him. You suck Todd Hoffman
All Todd Hoffman does is tell others what to do. What a lazy piece of $&!?
todd Hoffman is wothless and lazy.the crew would be better off without him!!!
Why is Todd Hoffman so jealous of parker Schnabel
"We're starting to cause our own frickin downfall" -Todd Hoffman
Does Todd Hoffman ever do anything except run his mouth!
Todd Hoffman may F short of his 2700 If Parker didn't get his attitude straightened up bit he may be shut dow n help
Parker wouldn't be were he is at without Todd Hoffman doing this show # Go join the Military and learn some RESPECT
Not Sure how Dave Turin puts up W/Todd Hoffman but he just gained my respect for his land conservation, we need more of that
Dave is smart, hardworking, resourceful. Too bad he's stuck with lazy Todd Hoffman.
I've been meaning to tell you, every time my goatee gets a little long my fiancé calls me Todd Hoffman. Lol
Parker Rick has been working with you for all of your mining seasons. Drop your new guy and beat Todd Hoffman
Todd Hoffman's crew and his equipment are at their breaking point. Watch a preview of tonight's >>
There's a cop comedy called the Brooklyn nine-nine that has a dog who is a detective named David Hoffman.
Attorney Bolt explains the variance procedure for the applicants and those in attendance. Todd Hoffman reviews staff report.
Todd Hoffman they forgot the blackberry brandy! LMAO!
eh proud to be blocked by Todd Hoffman. Giver rick
does Todd Hoffman actually do any hard work
that bobblehead of Todd Hoffman has already done more work than Todd has done in 7 seasons
my favorite was when they replaced Cristo as the host signed Todd Hoffman
you are the laziest white man in USA todd"shut'er down" hoffman.
I hope Todd Hoffman beats Parker this year
everyone has that one friend that is a major *** and that friends name is alway Todd. Coincidence? No. Hoffman 👎🏽
Congratulations to the Maguire's on the purchase of their new 2008 Ford F-350. It's the Todd Hoffman truck of the...
. pays 20% off the top. Klondike Gold Announces Lease Agreement with Hoffman Mining | Business Wire
I'm guessing the network pays them good because it seems the only thing Todd Hoffman can do is *** aw…
Am I the only one laughing at how much money Todd Hoffman is spending on to keep up with a 21 year old kid? …
Todd Hoffman is a reality show actor, not a miner. Anyone who believes otherwise is delusional
Currently staring at Todd Hoffman and some of his crew from Alaskan Gold Rush at a restaurant in Sandy, so that's cool💁🏼
Anybody know if Dustin Hoffman is in the new Star Wars? I'm trying to win a bet with Todd Gack
"You know who didn't turn down Star Wars? Dustin Hoffman." -Todd Gack
The look on Todd Hoffman's face when the claim owner said that 1000 oz was NOT good enough last season!
My parents ran into Todd Hoffman again & my mom told his son I thought he was cute then he asked if I lived here in Sandy all shy 😂😂
The Browns? Discovery money. Just like Todd Hoffman. I need to stop watching these shows.
wow you are refreshing compaired to the brash and bluster of Todd Hoffman. What are you doing now
Todd Hoffman, GoldRush Creator now available for special appearances
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Todd Hoffman jumping from truck to truck like some kind of monkey. Nope. It's Parker. D11 problems? Parker has a spare dozer...
spoilers for next week.Todd Hoffman still doesn't do any work
Goldrush Creator Todd Hoffman available for guest appearances Booking:
Hi how are you? Your beard reminds me of Todd Hoffman of "Gold Rush" fame on the Discovery... http…
Do you think Todd Hoffman's kids are actually his, or did Dave Turin and Andy Spinks do all the work there too?
If Tony gets tweaked in? And running 24 hour shifts? TONY might surprise us. I'm still say Todd Hoffman at the end.
I wish I had a beard like Todd Hoffman on - After it turns white, kids would start thinking i'm -
Todd Hoffman's son Hunter is so cute. He could be a model!.
How come we never see Todd Hoffman do any work?
Mathews 11 receiving TD this season ties Cody Hoffman with 11 in 2012
Hoffman Dont run equip., doesn't fix anything, or clean up mats, doesn't even climb hills, but full of ideas 4 others 2 do.
has anybody seen Todd Hoffman do any work? They always have to call him to get him to come outside when there is a problem
Todd Hoffman has made more money being filmed, then he EVER would have made on gold mining Gold Rush
share this with todd jack todd hoffman i thank you need to dig more test holes at Eldorado Creek info
Todd Hoffman doesn't do anything, so it's easy to see why he gets distracted with the next thing.
It's more than a coincidence Team Hoffman has Fred Dodge this year and they are doing great. Jack and Todd are no business men
Todd Hoffman is a fat lazy POS out to embarrass with his greedy prayers.
Now that Eldorado is dead, let's hear Todd Hoffman's next excuse to get out of doing hard work.
Once again, Todd Hoffman isn't seen doing none of the hard work on doesn't even want to hike up the hill. will do!
Todd Hoffman is to what Billy Brown is to
Gold Rush: What does Todd Hoffman have to say about the Greater Gold? .
Todd Hoffman has to be the biggest bluffer going..the man does absolutely nothing
when todd hoffman is off show because he is an *** and takes his place I will watch again. Brings nothing to sho
I wish Todd Hoffman would for once instead of consistently failing and making false promises again the next year
as long as they leave ur buddy Todd Hoffman off there. Fans are bout tired of his ***
I didn't wake up this morning thinking I'd have to alphabet Todd Hoffman.
I'm just waiting for Todd Hoffman to call me up to the Klondike.
Gold Rush Todd Hoffman gets prepper spin-off, mining in the US again?
Todd Good to see how much Team Hoffman has improved since the beginning. You are true gold miners now!
Talk with Todd Hoffman '90 about Trinity Pawling School PLUS one-on-one informaiton interviews 11/11 & 11/12
and we are going to call you Todd Hoffman.
dm me how many times you've wanted to punch Todd Hoffman , if you don't ill assume its over 20.
All Todd Hoffman does is stand over a dirt hill and state the obvious
Why does literally EVERYTHING go wrong as soon as Todd Hoffman shows up?
"Todd Hoffman says frick all the time" 😂😂
Why would you ever work for Todd Hoffman?
A very tense back and forth between Hoffman and WRP MLA Todd Loewen re: rumours in Grande Prairie-Smoky about health infrastructure.
Wildrose MLA Todd Lowen asking about delays to GP hospital. Hoffman blaming past govt for bad planning.
Todd Hoffman, the creator of Gold Rush, the television show on Friday nights for men, has asked us…
1842, Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd at her sister’s home in Springfield, Illinois.
Does Todd Hoffman actually do any work? Or just stand around while everyone else gets on the dozers etc 🤔🤔🤔
I wanna make a Todd Hoffman iOS game where you set crazy ounce goals, start mining, but have no fricking wash plant
parker Glad Gpa John is recovering. Todd Hoffman is filler, not sure what to thinks Tony Beets. Love The Dodge brothers
Todd Hoffman from Discovery Channel's hit Gold Rush joins Hear how he finds strength through Christ in tough times
"Through *** or high water we're gonna kick some a**"- Todd Hoffman
you look more like Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush.
Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush made better decisions in the Amazon than Gophs in final .19.
Hey Episode 1 of new season of Gold Rush, ya boy Todd Hoffman nearly lost a digger in a river. Great season ahead :)
Spending my Saturday with Trevor Hoffman and Mark Kotsay at the SD Miracle League
I watch to see succeed and Todd Hoffman fail
Shoutout to Todd and Jack Hoffman, never seen somebody work so hard!
if you got rid of that DIP💩 todd hoffman it would be a great show. What happened to Dakota Fred? Lets mine with
I still think Todd Hoffman is Eric Cartman's evil lazy fat twin.
On Gold Rush they need to fire todd Hoffman. He hasn't worked since the 1st season
Todd Hoffman could run all the dirt in Canada and still not find as much gold as Parker did last season
Gold Rush Todd Hoffman’s new business: 316 Food for Preppers Exploiting the Evangelical Marketplace as ever...
I'll be watching. And laughing. King Todd of Hoffman. Lord of Dorkness. Anointed by Deity. Chosen One.
Todd Hoffman had some at will-call but Dakota Fred snatched them out from under his hand.
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Congratulations on being named the 2015 Trevor Hoffman NL Reliever of the Year!
'Gold Rush' star Todd Hoffman worried about his son being on TV, turning into Miley Cyrus: NEW YORK – Discover...
$2520 coming up at 8:30 with the Secret Sound! Todd Hoffman from "Gold Rush" on Discovery at 8:50. And an...
His name is Todd. He lives in DSM. I don't have a 515 number.
can't watch Dave Turin and Todd Hoffman on Gold Rush without thinking of you and Mr
Todd A. Hoffman ToddAHoffman :. Excellent post on by a new found colleague
Wednesday on The Frank Show: We’ll talk with Todd Hoffman of Discovery’s ‘Gold Rush’ at 6:10. Hear John Fogerty...
Looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for the recommendation Todd Strand.
I was just confused. Thought I was watching Todd Hoffman on Gold Rush using the dozer, but it was Otto.
Great story on Mike Hoffman on who is the son of Todd Hoffman, coach of Waterlo Siskins!
Gold Rush is gonna be awesome goo 316 mining crew Hoffmans im rooting for you Todd Hoffman get that gold :DDD
dear god plz give me gold and make me rich, amen. Todd Hoffman that's not how it works.
aka Todd Hoffman on his way to prune some carraganas all the way to the roots!
Todd Hoffman with the is on The Show next. Tune in!
Todd Hoffman searches for his privates this season
Todd A. Hoffman ToddAHoffman :. Starting now: I'm not easily impressed but holy cow 3 super smart, powerful wom…
what would the great Todd Hoffman name this?
Todd A. Hoffman ToddAHoffman :. "The biggest challenge in education is to keep kids curious" Rafael Reif, mit
My Hoffman Estates High School classmate and very talented pal, Todd Stashwick, in a mugshot reminiscent of our...
Todd A. Hoffman ToddAHoffman :. Love the Goals from day 1 keynote of from techreview
Photoset: Sooo let’s talk about Todd Levitt… For those of you that have not heard of the infamous Todd...
Ill Chamber Pres/CEO Todd Maisch addresses Illinois Partnership for New Economy and Jobs in Hoffman Estates today.
Happy Birthday to my brother Todd Hoffman! (And yes, he is expecting something like this because he knows me. LOL)
Pete Broderson wins Pro Stock heat over Jason Casey and Todd Hoffman.
Corey Hoffman and Cole Todd talk to CKPG about the keys to our weekend roadtrip.
Yep, and Todd Hoffman will probably have a whole one dug up by the end of the season ...
Dustin Hoffman says film is in its worst state ever
Click here to support The Diamond Factory by Todd Hoffman
bleach gets you smacked for ever just ask Amanda Todd she's still out cold from it
does Todd Hoffman finally start mining for brains this year or just playing gold miner with moms money?
Hello , Your CEO Todd Hoffman doesn’t have any votes! Are they doing a good job?:
Sadly, so are lying, cheating, and parental alienation in a Dallas mega "church".Thanks Todd Wagner!
What do you make of Todd McCarthy's column refuting Dustin Hoffman's claim?
.begin their home schedule on Saturday Sept 19th vs. Brampton at Wloo Rec Complex. Todd Hoffman is new Siskins Head Coach.
The great Todd Hoffman is a prepper?
What the *** is this? Really col! Steve Miceli Todd Anisman Gary Hoffman
remember when Susan Hoffman yelled at dumb Todd
m. Hoffman vs b. Todd. who you tortas got??
Fish with red pepper by Diana Hoffman … http…
We fabricated these chutes for Jack and Todd Hoffman ( goldrushtodd ), and we can't wait to see them…
World in denial on weight bias. Here calls use of "morbidly obese" descriptor as a "sexist" comment.
From Todd Hoffman's Page: . The Fire Department constantly receives complaints when the fire trucks are seen...
thanks for sharing Todd A. Hoffman, have a great Friday :)
We The People featured on The Mirror Cube by Jake Hoffman. TMC is a great resource for those seeking culture...
Lawton asks Cecere who filed the report. Cecere says he filed. Mr. Hager suggested Lang bring the financial report to Todd Hoffman.
Unless, of course, your name is Todd Hoffman... The unluckiest gold miner alive. Ha.
My new sounds: Todd Hoffman of Discovery Channel's Gold Rush on
Final round of the Crowne Plaza Invitational! I need Hoffman, Huh, Ben Martin, Knox & Todd to go low and put me in the money on
The have hired a new in former Head Coach Todd Hoffman
do we get to see the bird in Todd Hoffman's beard? How about parker getting his first chest hair?
Ex-Dutchie coach Todd Hoffman glad to land with with rival Siskins CHRISTINE RIVET
Todd Hoffman is the new Head Coach of He signed a 1 year contract. Hoffman spent last year as bench boss for
The coaching carousel continues. Todd Hoffman, longtime assistant and Head Coach of last year's Dutchmen joins the
.hire Todd Hoffman as Head Coach of club. spent last five seasons as coach with Kitchener
The have hired Todd Hoffman, former coach of the as their new Head Coach.
I have 2 poulter, 4 todd, 3 kirk, 2 casey...I'm thinking either dumping Reed for Hoffman or using the extra $100 on scott
It must suck being Todd Hoffman having to see Parker Schnabel killing it.
pretty sure Todd Hoffman is the biggest *** in the show
This supposed airline hacker looks just like Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush.
Todd Skipworth, Barrett Brandon, and Ben Hoffman have taken the lead of the men's race and are swimming in a pack of three…
lol must have hit a nerve with him huh? Todd Hoffman Gold Rush blocked me, hasn't really affected my life much
I know looks slow as *** Bet it gussels fuel like Todd Hoffman gussels spunk.
If the baby comes in the next 3 hours its being named Parker after because I dont like Todd Hoffman
Celina beats Gainesville 12-1 JR's Jocelyn Perez, Courtney Todd & Harley Hoffman all perfect at the plate pitcher Randi Dobbins get the win
same here. I was high on Todd. Have a spieth/hoffman/todd l/u
Todd Gack just bet Elaine that Charley Hoffman was in Star Wars.
Awesome experience for the broadcast departments. Thanks Larry, Todd & everyone there!
trim Ragnor's beard. Looks like Todd Hoffman on Gold Rush
Is your Co planning for the workforce of yesterday? insights from Todd Hoffman
The first group, Charley Hoffman and have teed off on No. 1. The 2015 Masters Tournament is underway.
Todd, but Hoffman might have a little higher upside
Best sleeper of these: Hoffmann, Vijay, Martin, Ogilvy, Hoffman (Charley) or Todd?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Todd Frazier on pace for 162 homers. 1-0
Who would have thought Todd Hoffman can sing?!! I'm very impressed brother. I sense a new show coming on. :)
or placed in Todd Hoffman hands by Gold Rush producers
Got to hang w/ Carol & Todd a lot this year. Two great, great people. What a year. Thanks for the ride.
Honestly Todd Hoffman.. I’m not a miner, i don’t claim to be one either.. and neither should you.
Hi Dan,Todd here. Gone way too soon are the very funny-talented Robin Williams and the amazing actor Philip Seymour Hoffman
I love goldrush why is todd Hoffman leaving off the show
Emily you and Todd Hoffman should partner up duhhh. How many mistakes are you going to keep making???
Can I Hire you to track down so I can ask him for a
Hoffman pushing the top50 hopefuls one palce lower after Rd1. Casey virtually tied with Todd right now
This is another of his delusions, unless he was referring to Mary Todd Lincoln, the exorbitant decorator.
'Gold Rush' season finale: Todd Hoffman could do stand-up comedy via …
Todd Hoffman is some class of a numpty
I can imagine the next series of Gold Rush on discovery now! Todd Hoffman and the turd tromell
well, I guess we know what Todd Hoffman's brilliant idea for 1000 ounces will be next season...
Todd Hoffman Gold Rush might be interested in this! Researchers have discovered that...
History Channel at 9,episodes of GOLD as Todd Hoffman put 1m yards of through the new turd wash plant
Looks like it's "spot that celeb" week at Bumpers. First gold medalist Mark Schultz, now Todd Hoffman. Who's next?
got an idea for Todd Hoffman next season
I'm rolling with furyk, Na, Hoffman, duke, Todd, and bae. Let's play!
Not sure why but I do get some enjoyment out of Todd Hoffman's constant fails.
Todd Hoffman season 2 "there should be 3oz in there and I frigging guarantee there ain't " does he ever get sick of being wrong
Why on most episodes of is it Dave Turin working & its Todd Hoffman just standing around!?
My, oh my. Todd Hoffman has a pretty truck. 😍
we need Todd Hoffman to buzz them in the helicopter like he did Parker
surprise ending to , Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush beat them to the gold
Met Todd Hoffman from hold rush yesterday. Yeah he's just as dumb in person.
"Storage Wars" star Darrell Sheets says he might quit the show over pay cut. Says Todd Hoffman of "Gold Rush" needs a trim.
Come down to the Sportsman Show today. Meet Todd Hoffman this afternoon and stay for the 21 and over after party...
Todd Hoffman deserves to succeed. For the fat kids who boast in Christ.
Todd Hoffman is a producer on the show...that's why he's there. He's a useless twit !
I don't think anyone really likes Todd Hoffman. Lame *** dude, religious zealot. Wish he capped himself in his "depression. "
I want to tell me when Todd Hoffman doesn't find "phenomenal ground" yet still finds a way to mess up.
It's good that you don't know. Todd Hoffman is a total !
LOL A black Todd Hoffman. Babe you ever watched Gold Rush ?
"People say that ah animals don't go to heaven but that's not true so he's there" - Todd Hoffman liar your killin me
and sorry to see Gene leave u Parker but glad to see Todd Hoffman didn't get him!
thats right, leave it to the professionals like Todd Hoffman
Yes a gold show with out Todd Hoffman. I am watching.
Todd Hoffman sure can't gold mine so it's a good thing he's got this acting thing down. Worst part of
. Jack Hoffman has allot of heart. That's the major difference between him an Todd.
watching The Whole Truth. Todd Hoffman is a tool! How guys work for him amazes me. He runs pipe on someone else's claim
Todd "SHUTER DOWN" Hoffman dumbest man ever if parker had the equipment & men Todd had he would have had a 5k season
Don't miss pastor Mike anointing Saint Todd of Hoffman, patron saint of self-promoters and BS artists.
Todd Hoffman had to borrow some gold from to see what it looked like. What the Frick!   10% Off
.well how about that! Todd Hoffman himself supports our Jezza. Gotta love em both
Todd Hoffman either owns or sponsors the truck dealership South Sounds Trucks right down the road from me. 😁
"I'm no rocket scientist, but when you start printing can't debase gold, it's common sense.".
Surely Todd Hoffman is the worlds worst Gold Miner?
Todd Hoffman is the only person I hate. That's not that bad is it ?
It seems not as scripted as Gold Rush. If it's the real deal I'll be your biggest fan. No Todd Hoffman is a plus
"If you guys need any coffee, just let me know" - Todd Hoffman
Congrats to Parker and Todd Hoffman! Well done guys! The only crappy thing for me was seeing Tony got his dredge going! Good job!
Sneak peek at the 'Gold Rush' season finale: Will Oregon's Todd Hoffman strike it rich?
Todd Hoffman how come you are a unless *** and why do people still listen to you
Todd Hoffman is nothing more that a fat useless clown.How much money has he wasted mining so far...Take some advice.Go home and give up lad.Your not a miner ...Just a clown..
Todd Hoffman: I'm always at the edge of my seat. Meaning: I'm a big boy & thia chair is too small!
'Gold Rush' season finale: Todd Hoffman may just do stand-up comedy
'Gold Rush' season finale: Todd Hoffman may do stand-up comedy
Never bent over backwards4 any country Todd, Gaby& all you ignorant UCSDer's& how doU NO if U never went to UCI?
todd Hoffman is the biggest *** If the show didnt supplement him he would be broke
He's a former college lineman for U.N.C. Now he's homeless, looking for answers, and help
Todd Hoffman taking in the view before the start of the season
Todd Hoffman is freaking funny as *** His personality makes Gold Rush! Already looking forward to next season
just heard Todd Hoffman talk about your brand of boxers
can't you explain to Todd Hoffman that to be a gold miner you need to find gold at some point. . Cant your pa use them as labour
I'm not a hater just a Todd Hoffman hater & there's a lot of us. Eat a *** Todd ! Chew on it fatboy.
Out of everyone in the world if I could punch one person in the face it would be Todd Hoffman
Todd Hoffman couldn't find gold in a pawnshop!
Say what they say. I've been with this show since episode 1. Todd Hoffman is the reason this show exists.
Correction: I KNOW doesn't like Todd Hoffman. I still can't blame him.
When Todd Hoffman said 1000 ounces, he meant cocaine.
Todd Hoffman must have kicked the coke habit
what exactly do they need Todd Hoffman for? All he seems to do is stand around. They should drop him
Hope Todd thanks the Gold Gods for Dave Turin. He is definitely the brains of the Hoffman crew!
Todd Hoffman and failure go together like peanut butter and jelly!
If its breakable it will breakdown on TODD HOFFMAN!
Todd Hoffman is a beast. Never say die.
I feel like does not like Todd Hoffman at all. Felt quite tense on Can't say I blame him.
I think Todd Hoffman is a jerk who has an ego to match his girth. I would much rather watch more and Tony Beets
Pulling for Team Hoffman to hit their new goal! Todd & team you deserve redemption!
Why people dont like todd Hoffman i dont understand
The Todd Hoffman YEAHH can never be imitated
Are you a fan of Discovery's Gold Rush? Listen to Todd Hoffman's interview before tonight's season finale!
Avril Lavigne to head up expedition with Todd Hoffman to find Noah's Ark
Thank you to Todd and Cherise Hoffman for inspiring students at Tuesday's conference to live now!
Word around the camp fire is Avril Lavigne is shooting her next video on top of Everest. Discovery Channel may be involved and Todd Hoffman
I see a producer, two miners and Todd Hoffman.
Todd Hoffman legend?? At what do tell??? If he had to dig his own gold he'd quit on day 2!
also let's hope Parker gets his claim is Todd Hoffman 6 seeds for next year
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Todd Hoffman is a fraud. If you do the math on last night's SHOW you can realize that he fake the gold total at the end.
you know when your right is when todd Hoffman blocks you cause you know he is a fraud
Man Todd Hoffman's crew just aren't cut out to be miners
needs more Freddy Dodge and less Todd Hoffman.
do you and Todd Hoffman ever have disputes over the script you guys use during the show?
Todd Hoffman is the biggest GOOF on TV. Does that *** do anything at the site besides warm a chair with his fat ***
Hey Parker...Todd Hoffman here. Can you loan me 300 ounces of gold?
When is matell ever going to make a Todd Hoffman action figure?
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