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Todd Heap

Todd Benjamin Heap (born March 16, 1980 in Mesa, Arizona) is an American football tight end for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League.

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Terrell Suggs, Adam Archuleta, Todd Heap and more. 1st round picks through the years -
she is an original Clinton haters. She worked for Todd legitimate rape Aiken. Add to Ann Coulter trash heap.
This is a great resource opportunity to tap into. Proud to work
Hats off to Mississippi State on the introduction of this new program!
Todd, what do you think of "Imogen Heap - Run Time"? If you've not heard it, i think you will.
Dennis Pitta is alive huh?. Well, slap my face and call me Todd Heap lol
Guy at the bar is yammering about putting 1k on BAL -350 tonight. Bartender asks him who's BAL's best player. "Todd Heap" 🔥🔥🔥
I really miss the Ravens that had Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and Haloti Ngata and Torrey Smith and Todd Heap and Derrick Mason
: What ever happened to that guy? Still laying next to Todd Kincannon in the scrap heap of irrelevancy?
no not at all Ravens til I die/I'll be sporting a 10 year old Todd Heap jersey Sunday so
porter cheap shotted a hurt Todd Heap back in the day for the steelers against the Ravens
Heath Miller now joins Ozzie Newsome (92) & Todd Heap (71) as the 3rd tight end in history with 60 catches in a career vs. Cincinnati.
Bruh if we still had Ray Lewis , Todd Heap, Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata, Ray Rice, Anquan Boldin, Jacoby Jones , Torrey Smith, we be 4-0 now
Todd Heap bought an ad in The Baltimore Sun
Todd Heap never left his conscious left his body after his 10th concussion and watches over the Ravens
Is it bad I just realized Todd Heap is no longer in the NFL?
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Boyle is pretty good. The next Todd Heap maybe?
Big first down by Todd Heap there. "That's not Todd Heap, Clem". Any big, white SOB playing tight end for the Ravens is Todd Heap in my eyes
Todd Heap is having a good game yo bal
This rookie TE for the ravens is Todd Heap all over again
Don't forget the incredibly polarizing Todd Heap.
I can't stand Steelers fans yelling "Heath". They got that from Ravens fans cheering for Todd Heap. Jocking isn't respected.
Maxx Williams will be the new Todd Heap for Baltimore.
I like Max Williams he a young Todd heap
Everyone who owned a Todd Heap jersey is buying a Michael Campanero jersey.
I used to have the coolest MySpace layout of Todd heap catching 100 touchdowns against cinci
Do you care if it is Reebok,2XL,Beanie Wells or Todd Heap?
Have a grouse long weekend and crush a heap of cold cans ❤️ from yr m8 Todd.
top of a garbage fire heap. Show blows without Art.
Howards top of the heap, he doesn't need to capitalize on any of this
Former Todd Heap said on that he sees "a lot of potential" in the team's tight ends.
Thanks to for writing up yesterday's chat with former TE
Former tight end Todd Heap said on Sept. 28 that he isn't ready to count Baltimore out yet.
Two kids of player I favor. and all the big Heath Miller-Todd Heap types that catch and cannonball. Bounce back
any chance we get a throwback Todd Heap in MUT this year?
the TD pass to Todd Heap to beat the Chargers at the last second. Only Raven's game I saw in person.
I'm selling '2001 Press Pass Todd Heap Baltimore Ravens (3638)' on Check it out at
If white people can still wear Todd Heap jerseys, I can wear this
Fantasy football drafts are rite around the corner and I think I'm gonna go with Todd heap first round. How'd it work for u ?
He looks just like Todd Heap in this pic
Congratulations! So.. When do you start training with Todd Heap?
Maxx Williams is a beast. Great hands and pretty fast for his size. Reminds me a lot of Todd Heap
I still hype about the Maxx Williams pick though !! Can see him being the next Pitta/Todd Heap!
Ken be honest is this guy more of a Todd Heap, Tony Gonzalez, or jason Witten? I hope he's no Ed Dickson lol
Maxx Williams is our Todd Heap of the future...10 years a couple Pro Bowls, I'll take it
Maxx Williams to Baltimore! Seen lots of comparisons to Todd Heap, happy with that pick.
Breast Cancer Awareness
We asked about Maxx Williams months ago. His response:. "he reminds me of Todd Heap". Spooky!
haven't drafted a TE in the top-60 since Todd Heap in 2001. Maxx Williams opens up passing game with Perriman. Can block, too.
Minnesota TE Maxx Williams. Heard Todd Heap comparisons when talking with people around the league. Also Jason Wit…
Maxx Williams to the I LOVE the pick! He's Heath Miller/Todd Heap!!!
Draft Plans. Here is 2001 version from my time Todd Heap was the selection at pick
It's still HILARIOUS to me that the Ravens inducted Todd Heap, yet Brian Billick still isn't in the ROH.
that's awesome Todd Heap and Dan Majerle jerseys, My two favorite teams! Are you a Ravens fan? Or are you friends with him?
or Joey Porter blasting a hobbled Todd Heap?
Thank you pizzeriabianco Todd Heap and Mark Asher for helping to make the 1st event a…
“Todd Heap is back on the field in Baltimore. 😍👪
Some little good news for us as Ravens fans. Our former best TE and fan favorite, Todd Heap, will make his return to Baltimore and be inducted in the Ring of Honor on Sunday. HEAAP!
[NFL Nation: Baltimore Ravens] - Todd Heap earned spot in Ravens' Ring of Honor
Todd Heap earned spot in Ring of Honor with toughness
Todd Heap was my favorite Raven growing up. So excited to see him getting inducted in to the Smyth Ring of Honor this sunday
Todd Heap Back in Baltimore for Ring of Honor Induction: Former Raven tight end Todd Heap, who sits No...
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Todd Heap is going into the Ravens Ring of Honor Sunday. .
Todd Heap will be inducted into the Smyth Ring of Honor on Sunday. WATCH what it means to him:
Mean Joe Green, Johnathan Ogden, Franco Harris, Todd Heap. All these guys will not be playing tonight.
nah I used to throw Baltimore out there, Todd heap and Jamal Lewis were unstoppable
“right nd like Todd Heap lol” I def forgot about him, Dallas Clark too
I miss the days when Antonio Gates was a fantasy stud. When he, Tony Gonzalez and Todd Heap were the top of the, well, heap.
Ravens was a top 3 Madden team cuz of Todd Heap on offense
Todd Heap used to catch anything lmao
Know who used to be my dawg a while back on Madden. Todd Heap
Got a Todd Heap jersey, he got traded the next year. Last year got a Ray Rice jersey. Best believe I'm never getting a jersey
Apparently I'm just not allowed to own ravens jerseys. First I get Todd heap. He's gone. Now Ray Rice
Kk so Ray Rice was my only jersey..guess I'm going back to the Todd Heap one from 7th grade
Thank god I have a Todd Heap Arizona Cardinals jersey, too.
Once again my parents go to the ravens game and meet a former player😑 they've met Todd heap and Jonathan ogden
tb to my Todd Heap jersey that's like 3 sizes to small
lol bruh Todd Heap just walked in .he a bum *** Raven too & Manziel already better than Flacco
Had a guy come up to me and say "Todd Heap... Respect." Mind you, I'm wearing that 86 on my back today.
*** he reminded me of Todd Heap. I got him on my fantasy squad.
Oh my god Todd heap was on the radio that was the best part of this game so far
Pitta just caught a pass and my mom said "Yes!!! Go Todd Heap!"
Todd Heap in the booth for Ravens radio
uh, I have Ray Rice and a Todd Heap one so. 😁
no question. Might be inspired to don my Todd Heap jersey.
Sitting next to Todd Heap, getting my hairs did, no big deal
Why Todd heap on these 2014 ravens tickets😂
OMG. Todd Heap is not a little guy...
Just saw a Todd Heap ravens jersey..this is 2014 😴
Take that todd heap jersey off cousin it's been forever since Todd played for the ravens 💀
Todd Heap and Ernest Byner are in there. Fine put Dilfer in. At least recognize Billick.
Only days left to enter our "Rush For the Ring" Sweepstakes, and you could be on the field as Todd Heap is inducted into the Ravens Ring...
Smyth Jewelers' Be on the field as Todd Heap inducted to Ravens (Ends Sept 7)
How is Todd Heap going into the Ring of Honor before Brian Billick?
Why is Todd Heap going into the RoH before I wonder that for
There's no reason Todd Heap should enter the RoH before
For I wonder why is left out in the cold while Todd Heap is honored by the
Todd Heap is Deserving of ROH, But so is Brian Billick
We're thrilled to announce that Todd Heap is going in the Ring of Honor this year!
I hadn't seen a hit at the Pro Bowl since Cowboys S Roy Williams laid Ravens TE Todd Heap out back in the day
Former Ravens tight end Todd Heap is in the press box, good catching up with him. He did some radio during pregame on WB…
Mike Ditka has more receiving yards than Dallas Clark, more receptions than Jay Novacek or Randy McMichael, and more TDs than Todd Heap.
Memories from Section 228 In 2000 Arizona State was on the verge of upsetting a top 10 Oregon team led by Joey Harrington. ASU fumbled while trying to run out the clock which allowed Oregon to tie the game. In the second overtime the Devils scored a touchdown to come within one point at 56-55. They lined up to kick the PAT but ran a fake. Todd Heap couldn't haul in the pass at the back of end zone and the Ducks escaped from Tempe with their Rose Bowl hopes still alive.
my fantasy team is so dope. Bradford, Emmitt Smith, Marion Barber, Reggie Wayne, Joey Galloway, Todd Heap, Senecas Defense, & David Beckham
The NFL spends so much time criticizing Suh and labeling him a "dirty player." What about Brandon Meriweather? This guy knocked out Eddie Lacy earlier in the year, giving himself and Lacy both concussions, KO'd Steve Smith and Todd Heap in similar fashion a few years ago, and lead with his helmet against Jeffries and Marshal (both were defenseless) in Sunday's game against the Bears. Luckily, neither one of them suffered any serious injuries. Seriously, Suh is a bad guy for pushing a QB too aggressively when he only used his arms, but this guy can run around like a psycho destroying his brain at other players expense.
If you had to compare Zach Ertz to another TE who would you pick? I see Todd Heap
Can anyone else confirm that Todd Heap was spotted in downtown Baltimore
Some people might look at are Possibilities include Travis Beckum, Daniel Graham, Todd Heap and David Thomas.
any possibility Miami signs Todd heap or Randy McMichael? Both could be a good fit for one year to let sims develop
For a one year solid fill in, Todd Heap is still out there
With Keller out for the season, could Miami pick up Todd Heap?
Todd Heap, Jeremy Shocky, and Kevin Boss any of those guys worth a look or do we stick with What we got?
Exactly but it all depends on their asking price. Todd Heap is a free agent and would make sense for the Dolphins.
“Todd Heap? Lol”id go with heap. Kevin Boss is less than mediocre
Look for the Dolphins to sign either Randy McMichael, Todd Heap or Kevin Boss to help rookie tight end Dion Sims at the position.
Do you think we should persue Todd Heap?
Dolphins definitely need some kind of veteran presence at the TE position. Even if it's Todd Heap.
yea he more a pass blocker. I was reading possibly randy mcmichael or acquiring Todd heap as a replacement
Phins Note: Kevin Boss, whom i have liked for a few years, is still available. As is Todd Heap
would Miami consider picking up a free agent such as Todd Heap if it turns out Keller is out for a while?
really sad, he was gonna ball this Todd heap best option???
After Todd Heap, nobody knew what Pitta could do. He turned out to be good. Same could happen w/ Egnew.
Is Free Agent TE Todd Heap healthy? May be worth the workout, just sayin'.
Todd Heap, if he hasn't retired yet
Randy McMichael is probably the top TE available. Maybe Dallas Clark or Todd Heap
Okay, here are the best available Free Agent TE's, Randy McMichael, Kevin Boss, Todd Heap. We may just wait to see who get cut. SMH!
Solid option brought up by on Eagles TE Brent Celek, only FA options are basically Kevin Boss and Todd Heap
would a Todd Heap or Dallas Clark help the TE position?
If its the worst for Keller TE's available off the street. Rand McMichael, Kevin Boss, Todd Heap,
Ireland, go out and sign Todd Heap or Kevin Boss
Todd heap got anything left? Man it *** but the big worry with Keller was injuries
What now?? Stay with Egnew or bring in Dallas Clark, Randy McMichael or Todd Heap?? Out of all the guys to get hurt :( ***
Todd Heap and Kevin Boss are best free agent options at TE but team needs Sims and Egnew to step up
Todd Heap best FA available. I wish Dallas Clark didn't just get scooped up.
Hope the Fins have Todd Heap's number on speed dial.
Dallas Clark, Randy McMichael and Todd Heap are best free agent TEs available
He should. Todd Heap is out there too
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Most absurd fashion choices: Todd Heap Ravens jersey, Oronde Gadsden Dolphins jersey and a 2000 Oklahoma Sooners jersey, with CHAMPS on back
Who was your idol when you were growing up? — Todd heap a football player
still for the first 3 years having Todd Heap (end of prime), Derrick Mason (end of prime) and Anquan Boldin on the decline
It's so weird watching someone wearing 86 on the Ravens and it's not Todd Heap
Billy Bajema reminds me of Todd Heap lol
Is that guy wearing Todd Heap's number?
I be thinking that's todd heap out there
Billy Bajema looking like Todd Heap out there. That's one guy i definitely miss
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Terrell Suggs, Todd Heap, Kyle Caldwell, Kerry Taylor, Kyle Williams and the list goes on! All home grown Sun Devils!
Dennis Pitta is good a replacement for Todd Heap.
yeah Zach Miller didnt do anything this last post season. Todd Heap & Danny White weren't successful either
Todd Heap, Drew Brees, Chad Ocho Cinco, Shaun Rogers, Steve Smith, Antonio Pierce, etc. There's too many more on this list.
Yall remember: "Todd Heap & Derrick Mason are Joe's safety nets, he'll regress w/o them"
No, I mean they left for Free Agency.Bart Scott, no, Jamaal, Todd Heap, no..Ben what I mean.
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Dennis Pitta had one catch for one yard in Todd Heap's last year with Baltimore and look at him now. I have faith in Newsome!
Bart Scott, Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, Jarret Johnson, Ben Grubbs, and Cory Redding were all big loses but Ravens were able to overcome
Everyone freaked out when Ozzie let go of Derrick Mason and Todd Heap but we got Torrey Smith and had Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson, calm down
Ravens have survived cap and free agent losses in recent years too: Bart Scott, Ben Grubbs, Todd Heap, Jarett Johnson, Cory Redding.
Could the Baltimore Ravens make a four way trade and bring back: Anquan Boldin, Derrick Mason, Todd Heap, and the Missle Qadry Ismsil. For the offense O yeah and our Six round pick could we bring back Kelly Gregg.
The parted ways with Derrick Mason, Todd Heap, Ben Grubs, Kelly Gregg, and Jarret Johnson recently and still did work.
Ravens know what they are doing. In 2011 we cut Derrick Mason, Todd Heap, LeRon McClain, and Kelly Gregg and we still went to the AFC champ.
Joe Flacco says he has no celebration plans. He took a trip to Vegas this past weekend with Dennis Pitta and Todd Heap.
Other than Ray Lewis, it'd be nice to see Todd Heap get inducted to the Ring of Honor this upcoming season.
remember in 2011 when everybody was TRIPPIN cus we let go Todd Heap, Willis McGahee, Derrick Mason, etc?? && look where that got us..
as a Broncos fan, I say you cannot forget Rulon Jones, he's a bishop in Ogden today, Spencer Larsen, Todd Heap
When they had Sean Taylor,Frank Gore, Clinton Portis, and Todd Heap they were sweet..
My hubby got me an autographed Todd Heap mini helmet! Ah! I love it!!! ❤
I really need a Suggs autograph. I'm about to start back my collection of autographs. Got Ray Rice, Super Bowl Joe, and throwback Todd Heap, and somewhere Ngata and J.O.
CHAMPIONSHIP FRIDAY: The Baltimore Ravens are the World Champions. We can say that until the next one is crowned. The celebration will soon die out as the off-season discussions start to take shape. There will indeed be a lot to talk about, but I prefer to savor the Super Bowl win for a little longer. Like Chykie Brown making a snow angel in the confetti, I want to bathe in the victory. 1. Having older coaches seems to help keep some consistency. Pagano was a young up-and-comer and we lost him after one year as a DC. This year, having Caldwell and Pees helped us maintain the same focus on schemes and personnel. 2. There are some former players that I feel bad for in light of the Super Bowl victory. They played hard and were popular, but because of circumstances moved on. Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, Jarrett Johnson and Corey Redding are ones that I wish could have been here for the Ring. As for Ben Grubbs, he got his money and his return to his home team. How was that season for you, Ben? 3. Th ...
Baltimore has found it's new Todd Heap and Matt Stover
New England Patriots The Ravens first met the New England Patriots in 1996, but the rivalry truly started in 2007 when the Ravens suffered a bitter 27-24 loss in the Patriots quest for perfection. The rivalry began to escalate in 2009 when the Ravens lost to the Patriots 27-21 in a game that involved a confrontation between Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs. Both players would go on to take verbal shots at each other through the media after the game. The Ravens faced the Patriots in a 2009 AFC wild card playoff game and won 33-14; the Ravens ran the ball for more than 250 yards. This was the first time the Ravens have ever defeated the Patriots. The Ravens faced the Patriots in Week 6 of the 2010 season; the Ravens ended up losing 23-20 in overtime; the game caused controversy due to a hit to the helmet of tight end Todd Heap by Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather.[14] The Ravens played the Patriots for the third consecutive season, in the 2012 AFC championship game in whi ...
C'mon Baltimore! Do it for Kyle Boller and Todd Heap... Do it for Chris Redman and Jamal Lewis !!!
"Unsung WR Reggie Wayne is now 2nd all-time in postseason receptions with 90. The only man he trails is the G.O.A.T. Jerry Rice (151)." "Anquan Boldin: 2 postseason games with 100+ receiving yards for Ravens. Only one other player (Todd Heap) has one such game." Are postseason stats impressive for you? If you ask me, they are overrated. They only accumulate if you are on a good team and play a lot of games in the postseason. Really, only the QB position lends itself to where your play actually determines if your team makes the postseason or not so the argument that the player got them to the postseason is somewhat hollow. -Post
perhaps Todd Heap could be expecting a call from them?
Todd Heap's time with the Cardinals has come to an abrupt end, as they just announced his release.
I can't think of a better young player to replace Todd Heap than Dennis Pitta.
Dennis Pitta making me forget about one of my fave Todd Heap. Might be time to trade my Heap jersey for no. 88.
Omg. That was better than Todd heap ever could catch. Pitta I love u.
Pitta is too clutch, we need to make a chant for him like we used to do for Todd Heap
And with that catch, Dennis Pitta earns the right to be called by his real name instead of Todd Heap Jr.
Dennis Pitta makes it a Lil easy to move on from Todd Heap
Of course my first and only jersey would be Todd Heap.. bitter girl.
Todd Heap was my crush before Dennis Pitta and my first jersey. Todd Heap was & IS the man.
Sky talking about Roethlisberger/Haley argument. They're going on about TE Todd Heap not getting plays. Erm, maybe they mean Heath Miller?
Kevin Cadle just said 'Todd Heap the Steelers tight-end.'.*buries head in hands*
Falcons will have one less active roster spot to fill with Todd Heap returning this week.
Eric Poff is the best t-shirt fan I have ever met, his argument of Todd Heap as an offensive lineman was priceless
for for an Oriole! Melvin Mora and Todd Heap lived a mile down the road from me.
they should have grabbed Todd heap.
Approaching 2,000 likes. I really appreciate all of your support and I am thankful for such wonderful fans.
My hamstring hurts worse than Todd Heap did every year.
For real tho Todd Heap's wife is so hot
Todd Heap's wife just came to my house
well good for Joe i have a signed Todd Heap helmet
BREAKING NEWS: Todd Heap has been cut by the Seahawks.
Just saw Dennis Pitta's run against Denver and thought it was Todd Heap.
Dennis Pitta has 7 TD catches this year, which ties Todd Heap (2005) for the most in a season by a Ravens' tight end.
remember when I beat you by .24 because Tony Scheffler got an INT and Todd Heap went negative.
Fred Davis and Todd Heap both have injury issues.
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Kyle Boller messed Todd Heap all up. He put Heap in some dangerous *** situations.
Arizona tight end Todd Heap, whose signing two years ago was seen as a homecoming for the Pro Bowl player, was cut by the Cardinals on Tuesday. In his place, the Cardinals signed free-agent tight end Kory Sperry, who was with the San Diego Chargers before he was cut in September. Heap, who went to Mesa (Ariz.) Mountain View High School and Arizona State University, played 10 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens before signing with the Cardinals in 2011. However, he has played 12 games with Arizona since then. He missed six games last season with a hamstring injury and 10 this year with a posterior cruciate ligament injury suffered during the Cardinals' win at New England. Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said Heap was not able to practice at full speed after being inactivate for three weeks. Heap had 32 catches for 377 yards and one touchdown in Arizona. He had 499 career receptions for 5,869 yards and 42 touchdowns. He played in two Pro Bowls, his second and third seasons.
The struggling Arizona Cardinals on Tuesday released veteran tight end Todd Heap, a league source told ESPN. Heap, a 12-year veteran, hasn't played since the Cardinals' Week 2 win over the New England Patriots because of a knee injury. Heap, who attended college at Arizona State, was a key to the Cardinals' early-season success, catching 13 passes for 94 yards in two games. The Cardinals have lost eight straight after starting the season 4-0 for the first time in franchise history.
Looks like the Cardinals have released Todd Heap. -D
Per Adam Schefter, the Cardinals have released TE Todd Heap. Doesn't make a huge difference difference on the rest of the season anyways. I'd like to see the Cards draft a Heap-like TE in the draft.
The freshly released Todd Heap will probably re-sign with the Ravens, but only for a one-day contract and retire as a member of the team. His playing days are long gone.
Calais Campbell, Todd Heap and Early Doucet are inactive today for the Cardinals.
Less than 30 mins to kick. Calais Campbell, Todd Heap, Early Doucet inactive. The Hyphen is active.
DE Calais Campbell and WR Early Doucet inactive w/ injuries. TE Todd Heap will also be inactive today.
CAMPBELL, KOLB MISS PRACTICE After a weekend of the media postulating about the status of Campbell, the defensive end did not practice Wednesday and was listed on the Cardinals’ injury report with a calf injury. Quarterback Kevin Kolb (ribs) also missed practice. CB Jamell Fleming (back), TE Todd Heap (knee), TE Jeff King (knee), LS Mike Leach (back), G Adam Snyder (quad) and CB Greg Toler (hamstring) were limited Wednesday. S Kerry Rhodes (back) fully participated in practice. For the Falcons, starters WR Julio Jones (ankle) and LB Sean Weatherspoon (ankle) did not practice.
Dennis Pitta: Updated Fantasy Outlook and Analysis for Ravens TE: After years of Todd Heap, it would seem approp...
I will always remember Todd Heap ,but Dennis Pitta is really growin' on me.GO RAVENS!!
Heath Miller was always better than Todd Heap.
Zack Miller, Todd Heap to name a few
Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta are a poor man's version of Gronk and Hernandez. Ravens were still holding hope for Todd Heap lol.
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Kevin Kolb, out 4 weeks. Kerri Rhodes out for the season probly, Ryan Williams out for the season, Beanie Wells another 6 weeks, Levi Brown TBD, Todd Heap 1-2 weeks. Reggie Walker, 2 weeks. Lets get healthy guys. The injuries are costing us, especially Kolbs.
Remember when everybody in Baltimore freaked out because the released Derrick Mason and Todd Heap?
Deion Sanders thinks Kevin Kolb is going to target Todd Heap tonight, which is frankly impossible because Heap is out.
Deion Sanders jus said that Kevin Kolb ill look for Todd Heap early. Heap is out. Good job on doin your homework, Deion"
Deion Sanders said that Todd Heap will be the factor in tonites game because of the coverage vs Fitz. Heaps inactive? Do your homework man
Did Deion Sanders just say Todd Heap was gonna play big part tonight or did I not hear right?
Deion said Kevin Kolb will be going to Todd Heap early and often. Might be tough since Heap is on the inactive list.
These commentators for the cardinals game predict Kevin Kolb throwing to Todd Heap alot this game.. To bad he's ruled out with an injury lol
I'm glad Deion has his facts straight. Todd Heap a big key in the passing game? Heap is inactive...c'mon prime time
Yep me too. Todd Heap, inactive, the go to guy.
You just said on TNF that you think Todd Heap is Kolb's Go-to-guy tonight. But He's Inactive. Come on Deion :)
Deon Sanders just said Todd Heap was going to be Kevin Kolb's go to guy against the Rams. I don't have the hart to tell Deon that Heap is inactive tonight
Todd Heap isn't playing... Kinda hard for Kolb to find him
Deion just said Todd Heap would be Kolb's go-to and safety blanket tonight...going to be awfully tough considering he is inactive.
Dion Sanders calls 'Todd Heap' the go-to guy for Kolb tonight. Does he not realise he's out?
Way to Fail Todd Heap is inactive tonight.
Gotta get me a bc cap like Todd Heap
Skelton, Stephens-Howling and Todd Heap inactive for Cards tonight. Steve Smith out for the Rams. Set your rosters and enjoy the game!
Todd heap out for tonight's game. Told me he could maybe play w/ sprained knee if this were a Sunday game. Doesn't want to further injure
Darnell Dockett is active for the Todd Heap is inactive.
Todd Heap will be inactive for the Cardinals tonight.
At Franklin scare ER with Lil Jimmy. Severe back pain and 103.8 temp. the only cool thing bout this is it's the Todd Heap pedis center. Love that mormon! Jimmy's a tough kid but a big baby like his dad when he's sick! Wish us luck. Gonna be a long day.
Todd heap would of caught that smh who r these guys man
Dennis Pitta, I love you. The closest person to replace Todd Heap for me.
It was pretty surreal this morning to see Roger Goodell and Ray Lewis delivering eulogies of Art Modell from the bima of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, where I serve on staff. Others amongst the crowd in our congregation included Jerry Jones, Brian Billick, Todd Heap, Ray Rice, Joe Flacco and other football greats. However, what was most humbling was Modell's family and friends sharing what a mensch Art Modell was. While I went into the funeral today expecting to hear about one of the NFL's leaders, I was instead inspired by the love and energy that he seemed to share with everyone around him.
there is not. Last year I figured it out. Arizona had Max Hall and Todd Heap, now just Heap
ok so here is my team...someone tell me if this is good LOL!!! Aaron Rodgers, A. Boldin, Santanio Holmes, Ben Tate, Cedric Benson, Jeramaine Gresham, Heath Miller, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Todd Heap, Nate Washington, Michael Bush, Jared Cook, Santana Moss, Ronnie Hilman, Stephen Gostkowski, Ravens Defense
Only 3 rookie TEs with 5+ receptions in week 1 since 2000 - Todd Heap, Vernon Davis and Jermaine Gresham.
Todd Heap just dropped a first down pass to help Kolb out. What a teammate.
Just getting around to uploading the pictures from training camp:) we had an awesome time, our boys got 17 signatures including Calias Campbell and Todd Heap, although they didn't get to see Larry Fitzgerald they had a blast!
I'd think Brian Roberts is more like the Todd Heap of the MLB. Maybe Brob on whole different level though ha
Football signed by Todd Heap at center of burglary: Cardinals tight end Todd Heap is coming off a disappointing ...
Apparently Stu Pomeranz has a brother that pitches for the Rockies. Drew Pomeranz. LOL. Reminds me of Todd Heap's imaginary bro, Rodd.
Remember when rookie Todd Heap brought his chick around on Hard Knocks and Shannon Sharpe basically called him an *** Good times.
Alright now, go get it Cards! Kolb, you got an improved line, Fitz, Michael Floyd, and Todd Heap to throw to, and a decent Runner in Benie Wells. No excuses. GO CARDS!!!
lol i'm making the Zach Miller 99 before I make the Todd Heap 99
Larry Fitzgerald. Beanie Wells. Ryan Williams. Michael Floyd. Todd Heap. Rob Housler. Early Doucet. Andre Roberts... Looks like we've got a super bowl winning type of offense once they hit the o-line necessities later in the draft. And if Kevin Kolb can step up this year and earn that 7 mil roster bonus.
If only Beanie Wells could stay healthy, or the Cardinals had a QB, or Todd Heap wasn't 50
no Hard Knocks season will EVER top the first 1 with the Ravens.. Siragusa, Ray Lewis, Brian Billick & rookie Todd Heap spelling Ayanbadejo
S/O too Paul Kruger for not punching me when I called him Todd Heap over and over.
Beanie Wells is starting to look like an actual running back and they already have a top 3 WR and Todd Heap at TE
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