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Todd Haynes

Todd Haynes (born January 2, 1961) is an American independent film director and screenwriter. He is best known for his feature films Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, Poison, Velvet Goldmine, Safe, and the Academy Award-nominated Far from Heaven and I'm Not There.

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Reminder that Todd Haynes is this month's guest programmer. Oct. 19, 8pm. The Crowd. Night of the Hunter. Sounder. Walkabout
Shots from the WONDERSTRUCK press conference yesterday at director Todd Haynes, Millicen…
The upcoming Todd Haynes / Christine Vachon film festival at is chock full of curated goodness.
Jk, we all know it's Sophie Thompson and Todd Haynes
Nolan may very well get the Best Director Oscar, but I bet Todd Haynes and Paul Thomas Anderson will deliver more deserving work.
Todd Haynes and Ed Lachman have done it again. Watch the gorgeous first trailer for h…
Todd Haynes restores the beauty of silent cinema in Oscar hopeful Watch the trailer:
Have you seen Todd Haynes' first short Superstar, starring actual dolls as The Carpenters? It's be…
28. Todd Haynes. •January 2nd 1961. *** •filmmaker . •director of Carol,Safe,I'm not there and Far From Heaven
Julianne Moore&Dennis Quaid as Cathy&Frank Whitaker in Todd Haynes's Melodrama,Far from Heaven dealing with mari…
is another Todd Haynes powerhouse. just got its first great movie. Our review:
sext: Todd Haynes and Brian Selznick gazing longingly at one another during the WONDERSTRUCK press conference
Today I talked to Todd Haynes on Wonderstruck, Andrey Zvyagintsev on Loveless, and Kristen Stewart on her…
Some mysteries I'll never understand. Like why some people are seeing Todd Haynes' new film at Cannes and I'm not one of them.
The new Todd Haynes movie sounds wonderful.
Todd Haynes's tale of 2 runaway children excels in tech wizardly, but it's also too convoluted. Wonderstruck https:…
Kids deserve great films. Wonderstruck, which just debuted at Cannes, is an excellent one.
Todd Haynes has a new film at Cannes and yet -
Todd Haynes has done it again! is a profoundly moving fable for all ages. reviews:
WONDERSTRUCK is incredible. A fable about breaking out of your body & connecting with the world. review: http…
Julianne Moore and Todd Haynes receive a standing ovation.
'Wonderstruck' director Todd Haynes: "There is something extraordinary about as a film actor." https:/…
Todd Haynes goes YA, while Takashi Miike crosses the 100-movie mark via
Ahead of its premiere, new stills from Todd Haynes' a combination of Kodak color and B&W 35m…
Todd Haynes' is gorgeous and transportive, but not without its flaws; reviews
Julianne Moore on director Todd Haynes: "He does what you hope cinema will do. He manifests what's on the inside"
Todd Haynes' makes quite an impression at
anyway, Todd Haynes doesn't make bad films so i'm pretty sure Wonderstruck will be a delightful experience
It's 2017 and critics are still calling new Todd Haynes' movies as "technically flawless but emotionally flat"
I liked a video Julianna Moore & Todd Haynes on 'Wonderstruck': A Single Journey Separated by 50
Cannes review: with ‘Wonderstruck', Todd Haynes returns with a profoundly moving fable for all ages
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
In awe and wonder for Todd Haynes# Wonderstruck and Millicent Simmonds. Check out this amazing trailer...
Todd Haynes pens a love letter to silent cinema with New York fable Wonderstruck. Uneven but frequently, well, wonderful
I can't wait for it! Todd Haynes can do no wrong in my eyes.
David Acacia finds new facets in Todd Haynes' work in his latest effort, Wonderstruck
The Bachelorette contestant list is out; Todd Haynes of Moxie Pictures's new movie "Wonderstruck" at Cannes...
Cannes 2017 day two: Uma Thurman, Todd Haynes, Julianne Moore – in pictures
My first update: on Todd Haynes' WONDERSTRUCK. This is how you make a kids' movie.
Todd Haynes saved the *** so hard and i just want everyone to know that
Kids deserve great films. is an excellent one/from Carol director Todd Haynes. via
Why Todd Haynes' is the first major Oscar contender of via htt…
And with Todd Haynes too, one of my favorite directors 😍
ahellakhatab : CANNES DAY 2 🌟 : . The Red carpet of by Todd Haynes. . The film is based on the… …
Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore are back in the Oscar race. "Wonderstruck" sets October release date:…
Roadside Attractions is teaming up with Amazon Studios again, this time to release Todd Haynes' "Wonderstruck"...
Todd Haynes & Julianne Moore bout to stun us in October. Oscar looks exciting already.
Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore make Oscar season better. "Wonderstruck" arrives this October:…
Todd Haynes and Edward Lachman studied Michelangelo Antonioni's 'L’Eclisse' for the visual design of 'Carol.'
Joel Schumacher is the bad version of Todd Haynes, and Todd Haynes is the good version of Richard Lester.
Can't believe Todd Haynes is adapting a book written by Brian Selznick, my nemesis
Jean Genet, Todd Haynes, New *** Cinema and a fabulous poster by Chris Jones
Weird, right? That’s Todd Haynes’s first movie. You couldn’t see it for years because the Carpenter estate or Mattel blocked distribution.
opisthia: gaycarolaird: Someone tell me about Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes
So glad you enjoyed it. A modern classic already. I am so jealous of Todd Haynes, his films are so beautiful ❤️
Another one is from Todd Haynes (Carol) drama based on 2012 book Wonderstruck. Also starring Oscar Winner Julianne Moore.
Any news on a premiere yet for Wonderstruck? Biting at the bits to see you with Todd Haynes again.
Remember when I met todd haynes and highkey cried inside good times GREAT times
Are these Michelle Williams and Todd Haynes on the set of Wonderstruck? 🤔
Asghar Farhadi is officially one of my favorite directors along Ingmar Bergman, Wong Kar-wai and Todd Haynes.
we can collab for that collab. I'm in2 this. can todd haynes direct?
I can't wait for Todd Haynes WONDERSTRUCK, there really need to be more non-animated childrens films nowadays.
We have a new ep today. We talk Flashpoint by the Rolling Stones & Poison by Todd Haynes.
nominated for Best Cinematography, a bts of Todd Haynes'
Todd Haynes's profoundly unsettling, revelatory drama SAFE is one of our Staff Picks now 50% off with the code: LOVE https:/…
Rex Tillerson to star in new Todd Haynes movie "The Great Combs and Brushes of Rex Tillerson"
Jkjkjk what about Xavier Dolan, Todd Haynes, Tom Ford, tons of women & many LGBT directors?
How have I only just found a podcast with Kelly Reichardt interviewing Todd Haynes about Carol?? I'm in heaven
SAFE is now on From our HOME issue, here's on Todd Haynes's brilliant film:
Happy Birthday, Todd Haynes. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving us the gift of Carol. It's meant more th…
Some people change your life forever. Todd Haynes's Carol (2015).
Check out this great Blu-ray deal: Todd Haynes' Carol has dropped to a new low price!
Apparatus Films Retrospective: Discover the early short films of Todd Haynes and Christine Vachon ht…
I loved Carol because it was a great film directed by Todd Haynes, I also love Far From Heaven with Dennis Haysbert, Viola Davis.
2017 looks to be a great year for New stuff from Alexander Payne, Todd Haynes, Alex Ross Perry, Haneke, Soderbergh,…
Just gonna post this in hope that the film gods (or Kelly) works their magic & K works with Todd Haynes next
...Todd Haynes, the first 2 seasons of "Girls," the last 2 Mission Impossibles, "Kings," anything David Milch, Hannibal...
The early films of Todd Haynes & Christine Vachon are coming to New York
Save the Early Films of Christine Vachon & Todd Haynes is popular on 13 hours left
I admire Todd Haynes and his work, but watching his Mildred Pierce adaptation hurts me as someone with a low-end job.
A Todd Haynes biopic about Bowie, Chrissy Hynde, Jagger, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Prince, and Aimee Mann, all played by Tilda Swinton
Question to the World: Does anyone have any idea who owns the UK screening rights for early Todd Haynes' films, notably, Poison (1991)?
James Urbaniak of VENTURE BROS. fame joins cast of Todd Haynes' WONDERSTRUCK
Dr. Venture AKA has joined Todd Haynes' Wonderstruck. I was already sold but now I'm sold-er.
Meet the deaf 13-year-old starring in director Todd Haynes' new film
Young deaf actress Millicent Simmonds seen on the set of 'Wonderstruck' as she talks with director Todd Haynes as…
Todd Haynes has officially begun production on his 'Carol' follow-up 'Wonderstruck' in New York City. 🙌 🙌
Todd Haynes as a director makes some sense re: Dylan. I'd grab Tarsem or his v talented son Duncan Jones for a director.
HOLY MAY! Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore reunion is happening right now.
Laurie & Todd Haynes to be honored at LA's Gala in the Garden in October:
Laurie Anderson, Todd Haynes to share honors at Hammer Museum's Gala in the Garden: The Hammer Museum will honor…
Todd Haynes has cast a key role for his anticipated new drama
Is Julianne Moore playing Marie Antoinette in Wonderstruck? What's the story, Todd Haynes?
Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore in Todd Haynes's next film aka new masterpiece which half will be silent. htt…
Despite outliers such as Alex Ross Perry and Todd Haynes, the general consensus among independent filmmakers is...
Michelle Williams circling role opposite in "Wonderstruck" from Todd Haynes
Michelle Williams will star with in Todd Haynes' 'Wonderstruck'
Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore star in Todd Haynes's next film, half of which will be silent. I'm very excited https:/…
explorerof-theunknown: am I ever not going to be obsessed with Carol 2015 dir. Todd Haynes
made an honest trailer for Mildred Pierce for . more like please!. @ todd haynes YA BURNT.
Thanks to for a wonderful showing of Todd Haynes' latest masterpiece Carol last night. Nice discussion after as well.
“He is one of those young people who have a real intuition, a maturity beyond their years.”―Todd Haynes
📷 gregorymc: Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes You know tagging this with Todd’s name is fine, but he...
everyday i wonder how different my life trajectory would be had a film like Carol (2015) dir by Todd Haynes come out in 2000
Never seen a Todd Haynes movie so I've no point of reference. Thought this one was fabulous though.
Todd Haynes interview: 'Cinema still has a problem with women'
Today's in-flight entertainment: my fave Todd Haynes movie + Bowie concert film. In glam rock heaven.
anyways carol 2015 director todd haynes CREATED *** people and gave women the right to vote DON'T forget it
Did Todd Haynes have evidence that Richard was a ***
Todd Haynes is turning me into a Deleuzer. I am becoming-Deleuzer.
💙 it 💙 her 💙 her mullet 💙 her concrete blonde goth room 💙 the Todd Haynes imagines life in the Rookie offices vibe
I just watched Todd Haynes SAFE and I'm pretty sure I have symptoms of EI 😓😩
📷 Heath Ledger with director Todd Haynes on the set of ‘I’m Not There’ (2007). http…
I liked to act in plays when I was a kid, and then in college. But that's t...
📷 cateblanchettx: Todd Haynes    Haynes on his reason for directing Carol: “I just thought it was a...
“I would still want to work with Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Todd Haynes, Scorsese. A great director is a great artist.”―
Marvel and Pixar will always have a home in our theatres, but I can easily see a day when Wes Anderson, Todd Haynes and Spike Jonze won't.
Me begging Todd Haynes to make a Carol sequel
when u should study but u hav an overwhelming urge to watch carol (2015, dir. Todd Haynes) instead
What do Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara think of director Todd Haynes' favorite 'Carol' scenes?
View a collection of released stills from Todd Haynes' as photographed by http:/…
you can now own a digital copy of Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes. You can find it in iTunes.
Can you believe 2k16 was the year Cate Blanchett and Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes took over my life??
Dear dir. Todd Haynes and screenwriter Phyllis Nagy please make Carol sequel bc I can't keep watching Carol everyday.
One of the decade's best films, Todd Haynes' 'Carol,' is now available to stream:
Celebrated auteur Todd Haynes' POISON is one of those titles the movie theater experience was made for. See it March 6-10 at Roxy!
Given that they ROBBED Todd Haynes, George Miller should have won
I won't get bitter over George Miller losing because he was nominated. Todd Haynes was not. He was the one snubbed in that category
Still MAD Todd Haynes wasn't even NOMINATED, but also how could they snub George Miller like this.
George Miller deserved it. Todd Haynes deserved to be included.
I wanted Ridley Scott or Todd Haynes to win that. Neither was nominated. I would've accepted George Miller from the actual nominees.
was rooting for Miller.. And wanted Todd Haynes in there..
I want George Miller to win best director but that's only because Todd Haynes isn't nominated, but that isn't even going to happen
omg sparking up with Todd Haynes and George Miller would be heaven.
Things I'd have loved: Idris for Best Actor, Marjane Satrapi or Todd Haynes for Best Director, What We Do In the Shadows for Best Screenplay
also Miller should win for directing because Todd Haynes wasn't nominated
that said, we would absolutely partake in energy draining schemes to have Todd Haynes direct a SAILOR MOON miniseries.
To top it off I see Rooney Mara, Todd Haynes, Carol got robbed yet again at the Sandy Powell is a legend
11: Safe (Todd Haynes) modern life is rubbish for Julianne Moore in this indie classic from the 90s that looks back at the late 80s
If you haven't seen Todd Haynes' HBO miniseries of Mildred Pierce with Kate Winslet, you need to. It's tremendous.
Todd Haynes playing with Barbie dolls scarred me for life. My review of Superstar The Karen Carpenter Story (1988):
Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story - Todd Haynes' heartbreaking biopic - every bit as good and cult that everyone says it is
Talking CAROL and 20 years of Killer Films with the dynamic duo of Todd Haynes and last fall at
I cannot wait to see Todd Haynes' 'Carol'. Douglas Sirk & Vincente Minnelli-esque mise-en-scene come at me!
A mixed review of Todd Haynes new film from Richard Cotter-
Todd Haynes (Carol Dir) "(he cut a scene where Therese gave Richard a hand job for example, deciding to eschew all male pleasure on-screen)"
These Oscar nominations are sorely lacking in Todd Haynes and Mya Taylor - and really minorities in general. .
let's throw a party for Todd Haynes maybe Julianne Moore will come too
Opening tomorrow at Nova: Cate Blanchett in Todd Haynes' seductive CAROL! Brad, Ryan, Steve and Christian in GFC comedy THE BIG SHORT!
Todd Haynes and D.P. Edward Lachman revisit the 50s — to entrancing effect — in
The run of the amazing Todd Haynes movie Carol is coming to a close Thursday:
1. Being caught in the waking dream that is Todd Haynes' and not realizing it until that final gaze.
Carol (2015, dir. Todd Haynes) is so *** and has left me weak and out of breath.
only if u message me Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes quotes all day everyday
Speechless after the beautiful new Todd Haynes film, "Carol."
READ: A beautiful and detailed review of Todd Haynes' by https:…
Watch & Listen: Over 1hr of interviews with Todd Haynes + tons of Carol featurettes
If other directors don't think what Todd Haynes did in CAROL qualifies as great directing, what does this kind of award e…
Enjoyed a screening of Todd Haynes' Carol (2015) a 50's set drama about a doomed love affair, beautifully acted and a great sense of style!
Todd Haynes directs the best reviewed film of the year but the doesn't nominated him? Shenanigans!
The moment Todd Haynes makes a film about men, he'll win all the awards. Mark. My. Words.
Today is Todd Haynes day on Also a little talk w/ Really great talks!
.'Todd Haynes, Kelly Reichardt, & Kristen Stewart talking shop at our luncheon...' - love that ☺️
and so many she has had actual work relationships with. Todd Haynes, Kelly, Ridley.
Kristen with the directors Todd Haynes (Carol) & Kelly Reichardt (Certain Women) 👌🏻
Kristen with directors Kelly Riechardt ('Certain Women') & Todd Haynes at the luncheon via & https:…
Kristen with Todd Haynes ['Certain Women' executive producer & director of 'Carol'] and Kelly Reichardt!! 👏🏻👌🏻
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Kristen, Kelly Reichardt (director of Certain Women) & Todd Haynes (director of Carol) at the Film Society Luncheon. https…
Todd Haynes is the executive producer for the movie 'Certain Women' which Kelly Reichardt directed.
Todd Haynes was on Charlie Rose last night. Should be available on his website
Alec Baldwin intros Todd Haynes by reading from Film Comment; Haynes closes by quoting Cat Stevens.
I'm told you intro'd Todd Haynes at the NYFCC by reading from my Film Comment interview with him. If true, humbled and honored!
Carol (2015) directed by Todd Haynes, starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara
I think partly that plus Todd Haynes & Rooney Mara, so they got hyped for ~Oscarworthy~
Have a Christmas as emotionally enriching and visually pristine as Todd Haynes'
Carol (2015) a film by Todd Haynes . - Some people change your life forever. - (Vine by
What are good Todd Haynes films to see after Carol? I've seen Safe as well. I dug both quite a bit
Finally saw it... It was better than I could have imagined!!! Thank goodness for Todd Haynes and his company of geniuses...
Carol (2015). Blanchett and Mara are mesmerising in this engaging Todd Haynes romantic drama.
lmao! I'm a fan of Todd Haynes in terms of 50's aesthetics
I don’t know anything about Film I like Todd Haynes though
Todd Haynes doesn't take his art seriously if he doesn't release three more movies titled Bob, Ted and Alice.
Todd Haynes is a god for creating a movie like Carol bless 🙏🏼💕
i really wanna see Carol dir. by Todd Haynes, but my sister doesn't want to go right now :( it's saturday night, bro!
Holiday Miracle: Went to see ‘Carol’ this afternoon and loved every frame of it—the first Todd Haynes film I’ve ever been satisfied with.
Pat McDonald's interview with Director Todd Haynes featuring my exclusive portrait.Enjoy!
Thankful for auteurs like Todd Haynes and David Fincher who actually care about telling stories centered on female protagonists
So cool that my first feature film No Skin Off My *** is still getting some love! With screenings this year in... https:…
right? "homage" doesn't mean ridiculing; he should absolutely take a note from Todd Haynes here
Todd Haynes's manages to find romance in deconstruction:
LISTEN UP: Todd Haynes is a Maestro. That is all.
Thanks to Todd Haynes, Jo Stafford's "You Belong To Me" has been stuck in my head for over a week now.
Todd Haynes's CAROL: beautiful, haunting. Rooney Mara wins the Oscar. Thank you Magnolia Cinema for keeping your audiences quiet.
I can't dismiss it b/c everything Todd Haynes does is smart, sumptuously designed and well acted but I think CAROL is his least good film.
honestly like its probably Just A Bit Too Obvious that i luv Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes but the feels!!! just won't quit
Carol director Todd Haynes explains his cinematic influences:
I know, right?!? Who let Todd Haynes helm this Star Wars saga, anyway, yet Cate Blanchett always excels in every role! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jaw on floor from Carol. Mara is beyond, and once again Blanchett is just on another level. Todd Haynes' best film IMO
Post 'Carol' a lady asked me for more Todd Haynes films & I rattled off 2 Todd Field films. I'll turn in my film nerd card and get out 😢
Cate Blanchett says the dominance of male stories on the big screen is bad business
Anatomy of a Scene | ‘Carol' Todd Haynes narrates sequence from his film featuring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.
Best part of the new Todd Haynes film is when 1 guy goes to HR, opens the door and what does he see? Not a single goddam desk in that office
Julianne Moore and Todd Haynes might collaborate again with Wonderstruck for
Performances don't get more pristine than Cate Blanchett's and Rooney Mara's in
I love how 'melodrama' is a denigrated term - a lower-class citizen to other genres. And yet that's what life is, man. - Todd Haynes
The New York Film Critics Circle has named "Carol" as its best picture of 2015. The Todd Haynes-directed film — which stars Cate Blanchett
The graininess of Todd Haynes' seriously impedes the viewing experience.
The power of nominees Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara in "Carol":
Oh the melodrama! Catching up on year-end movies, and Todd Haynes' sumptuously suffocating is one of very best
ICYMI: Exploring the magnificent exercise in sexual tension that is CAROL, with director Todd Haynes.
when i win a tony i will thank Todd Haynes
Take a look at the understated genius of *** cinema pioneer & Carol filmmaker Todd Haynes https:/…
Todd Haynes never got the rights to use the Carpenters' songs, and Richard Carpenter sued.
Carol - Another redundancy from Todd Haynes. Stultifying, unoriginal gripe about a world long dead Via
Todd Haynes' Carol has been nominated for 7 awards, including Best Actress (Cate Blanchett) and Film. http…
Oscar ESP: George Miller, Todd Haynes both in for director, McCarthy out, AMPAS repairs "snub" w Best Pic win for Spotli…
Best Director: George Miller, MAD MAX FURY ROAD, twice the votes as Todd Haynes.
CAROL just won 4 awards at incl. Best Film! Listen to our podcast with Todd Haynes:
I'm not one for aesthetic nostalgia, but when it's woven into the text like with Todd Haynes' Far From Heaven, it's wonderful.
Just watched 'Far From Heaven'. Now I want to go and see 'Carol' even more. Todd Haynes is such a meticulous director
'Carol' by Todd Haynes is a sumptuous, dreamy and detailed masterpiece, up there with 'Far From Heaven' - oh the power of the unsaid
Very excited to see Carol. I love Todd Haynes. Far From Heaven is the most visually beautiful film I’ve ever seen.
Get in the mood for with our Todd Haynes triple bill at tomorrow: https:…
Todd Haynes could never top the Ioan Gruffudd TV series, tbh. All for a beautifully shot YouTuber movie though.
Wow, I don't care for the Joan Crawford Mildred Pierce but the Todd Haynes is version is so good.
'Carol' Director Todd Haynes on Stoking Desire with Silence: Carol director Todd Haynes talks to Fast Company'...
To celebrate the release of Carol, I wrote a guide to the films of Todd Haynes for
Indie WireThe Films of Todd Haynes, Ranked From Worst to BestIndie WireSettled firmly in her uninspired
In honor of a new Todd Haynes movie tmrw, some Mildred Pierce throwbacks.
Believe the Hype—Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are Tremendous in Todd Haynes' CAROL: The Mildred Pierce direc...
Listen to an hour-long conversation with Todd Haynes from on this week's podcast!
What If... Todd Haynes's new film "Carol" was actually a Douglas Sirk film from the mid 50s with Hepburn and Bergman http:…
Todd Haynes showed up last night to talk w/ producer Christine Vachon after the screening of and it was awesome. Mad respect.
Excited to see what Todd Haynes & Christine Vachon have on tap tonight Talk about a career worth a retrospect.
We review Todd Haynes' an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel, out 27 Nov
If you loved Todd Haynes's work in Far From Heaven you're bound to love this!
Kelly Reichardt's next movie is like a dream come true: Todd Haynes produced it + it stars Laura Dern, Michelle Williams & Kristen Stewart..
Third Carol viewing: teared up at opening credit Carter Burwell music; was fully crying by close. What a pure thing you made, Todd Haynes.
Philip Glass must love a good prank, as he apparently convinced Todd Haynes that his name was actually "Carter Burwell."
Hope u make it to park lanes cuz want to read about it from u. Hope the Todd Haynes talk was recorded.
Today's film: 'Carol', Cate Blanchett falling in love with Rooney Mara. Directed by Todd Haynes.…
Todd Haynes discusses the themes that link together all of his films:
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this & you could win tickets to see Todd Haynes’ Carol 16 Oct & a free bottle of fizz htt…
The director Todd Haynes discusses “Carol” and the New York Film Festival.
ICYMI, I was fortunate enough to tak to Todd Haynes abt identity, performance, & falling in love for
Todd Haynes said some really nice things about you at NYFF the other night.
well the rugby world cup Is on maybe Haley believes that the key 2 a win? Todd ur not coaching Jarryd Haynes
Todd Haynes fangirling over Kyle Chandler in his Carol costume is me.
"There's just no fair way to attribute awards to creative work." Todd Haynes on CAROL's awards campaign:
Patricia Highsmith wrote that and Phyllis Nagy and Todd Haynes turned it into beautiful images. Perfection.
Everything comes full circle in the sublime new trailer for Todd Haynes' 'Carol'
Todd Haynes Discusses Manifesting in ‘Carol’ and the Performativity of His Films
Was enjoying the FSLC's rundown on its Todd Haynes series until it called Curtiz's Mildred Pierce a "camp classic." That pisses me off.
Todd Haynes dedicated tonight's screening of CAROL "to the memory of Chantal Akerman who will never cease to inspire and astou…
Screen Talks are back! Todd Haynes, Saoirse Ronan, Jia Zhangke, Walter Salles & more
Reminded that Carol is released next month and I cannot wait to see it. Todd Haynes + Cate Blanchett = 💜💛💚💙
Wonderful review of Patricia Highsmith's novel in anticipation of Todd Haynes' beautiful film adaptation.
"Stills from Todd Haynes' CAROL. Our most anticipated 2015 movie. Via ht
Pretty in pink. New hardcover bound scripts hot off the press for Todd Haynes film Carol.
so excited for new staff writer first Rolling Stone piece, an oral history of Todd Haynes's CAROL
Did you miss Todd Haynes' at ? You can check out my review now to see what you missed:
discusses Todd Haynes' which screens later this week at the
Todd Haynes, producers & Stephen Woolley at the Swiss premiere of
Todd Haynes has made another timeless masterpiece, and it’s playing
For coverage, my review of Todd Haynes' CAROL:
'Carol': Oscar redemption for Todd Haynes and female-driven films? via
Cate Blanchett is visited by three ghosts played by an unemotionless Rooney Mara in Todd Haynes's A CHRISTMAS CAROL.
Todd Haynes revels in the minutest of movements, looks, touches, & gazes in
wanna see Cate Blanchet and Rooney Mara get it on (Todd Haynes style)?.
Got to see Todd Haynes' 'Carol' preview last night. Fabulous. Tumultuous. Terrific. Thinking of your new Highsmith book…
ICYMI: lots of new photos of Todd Haynes' gorgeous 'CAROL.'
Tips from Filmmaker Magazine: Gotham Independent Film Awards to Present Tributes to Robert Redford, Helen Mirren, Todd Haynes a…
Here's Rooney Mara and Todd Haynes at the brunch.
Photoset: arselsie: Rooney Mara and director Todd Haynes attend the 2015 Telluride Film Festival on...
Todd Haynes chasing is a valid reason for seeing oscarbait. Am betting on a Mavericks talk.
and ps. Todd Haynes sounds like Todd Kraines.
I saw you mention Todd Haynes, and what's he done? 4 films?
pour yourself a glass of wine and sit back to watch the trailer for Todd Haynes' CAROL:
Todd Haynes, Guy Maddin, Michael Moore, Chantal Akerman, and lots of other cool people have films coming to the NYFF:
New Guy Maddin and Todd Haynes movies at the NYFF make this the perfect time for me to become a movie writer editors get at me.
Todd Haynes' Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story is the scariest horror film I've seen in years. About time the score was reissued on vinyl
When your life has become something akin to Todd Haynes 'Safe'..
Loved talking with and Todd Haynes about and their screening of Velvet Goldmine
Todd Haynes's film version of The Price of Salt, CAROL, out Dec. 18: Yes.
David Lean's "Brief Encounter" became one of Todd Haynes' reference for restructuring
ICYMI: Rooney Mara on winning the shared Cannes 2015 Best Actress Prize for her performance in Todd Haynes' CAROL. http…
Couldn't wait to see Todd Haynes' Check out this tentative list of countries that'll screen soon ht…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Rooney Mara falls for Cate Blanchett in new clips from Todd Haynes' Carol
She better still be doing that Peggy Lee film with Todd Haynes down the pike
So excited for my film CAROL to premiere TONIGHT at 💚 to Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Todd Haynes, and ot…
So excited about tonight’s episode. Thank you Todd Haynes for your brilliance. My personal favorite script of Mike White’s t…
The movie in question, Todd Haynes' "Velvet Goldmine" is a veritable treasure trove of Glitter, Glam Rock, Space Ships, and Oscar Wilde
The founder of Cinetic Media, who also is a lawyer and manager, talks to THR about Todd Haynes' much-buzzed-about...
The underground movie that launched Todd Haynes, 'Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story' (1988)
"We battled 11 years to get this film made" (Tessa Ross, formerly of Film4, on Todd Haynes's CAROL)
+with Chris.i have crush on him because he's rich and handsome and smart.I call my childhood best friend Todd Haynes *** because he beg me+
Cannes 2015: Woody Allen and Todd Haynes to join Pixar and Portman - Los Angeles Times
Love this video of Todd Haynes discussing Douglas Sirk and Rainer Werner Fassbinder
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