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Todd Haley

Todd Haley (born February 28, 1967) is an American football coach, currently serving as the offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Not if HC Todd Haley has anything to say about it
Whaley still have ties to Pitt? Wondering how realistic Todd Haley interviewing for Buff HC job could be?
If it's Todd Haley I'm cool with it
"I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie." -Debbie Reynolds told Todd Fisher (Carrie's brother) earlier this morning.…
Why isn't Todd Haley ever considered for a HC job? Had some success in KC
. You heard it here first... Todd Haley ! Pay me later...
Carrie Fisher died on Dec 27. Her mother Debbie Reynolds died the next day in Dec 28. Prayers for Todd Fisher. Terrible thin…
Todd Haley: [sends unsolicited nudes to the the Team Snapchat welcome account]
I would be surprised if they go for Todd Haley and trade for Romo
Yes! It was horrendous when someone suggested Todd Haley!
like Todd Haley tries to put smart himself
Haley gets so much credit for the win last week.. For standing out of the way and letting talent actually work. Thank you Todd
How do they go from 2 coaches to a cheerleader, I want the guy out of there. Put Todd Haley in there, that's what they need
8-8 all I see, 1-5 in the postseason. I'll pass, id rather get coughlin with a good staff anyway or Todd Haley, Reich, or McDan
Todd Haley should be a candidate for the vacant Bills' head coaching job
You forgot Todd Haley and Teryl Austin on your list of coaching candidates. Both have strong ties to Whaley w/Steelers & PITT
I like Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta, Todd Haley in Pitt, or Shula in Carolina... Our offense was too dry this season
Tomlin has had *** LeBeau as DC and Bruce Arians/Todd Haley as OCs. So what if his primary job is motivation/cheerleader. NOT AN INSULT
Where's the praise for Todd Haley btw? Not sure why yinzers are reluctant to give him credit. One of the most potent offenses in NFL
gotta get someone like Todd Haley Kyle shannahan or Jim bob ***
This team needs a bad *** coach who won't hold their hands while they *** Todd Haley anyone?
It could possibly be.That's why Mac (who was very Ron Wolf Favrish on this pick) needs to pick his head coach to gr…
Lost respect for today, hearing them campaign for Todd effing Haley as next HC. I can't think of a more uninspiring choice
18th pick Carr or Teddy B! And thats it the job wld beso enticing now to a Todd Haley!
If Whaley is in charge of the coaching vacancy then I think the early nod goes to coordinator Todd Haley.
My top 3 realistic favorites for Bills HC in 2017: . Jim Bob *** . Todd Haley. Kyle Shanahan . (I want McDaniels but it will…
I hated todd haley..kinda like him now that him and Big Ben did decent this year
And the Todd Haley to Buffalo rumors have begun.
Could actually see Todd Haley going to Buffalo. Has a relationship with OC Anthony Lynn.
Some of the media is already bringing up Todd Haley's name to the Bill's new Head Coaching Job.
Todd Haley probabaly has a whole bunch of stupid plays to run that are designed for fields with low amounts of rubber pelle…
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and the Pats shredded BAL a few weeks ago with Smith out. But Todd Haley doesn't like scoring points
We are being told about Teryl Austin and Coughlin, you all know that means Todd Haley right?
Don't be surprised to hear Todd Haley's name in coaching searches. He's done great work in Pittsburgh. May be ready for another chance.
Besides Coughlin, expect the Jags to reach out to Josh McDaniels and Todd Haley as offensive -minded HCs, and Mike Smit…
Todd Haley and Jeff Fisher are basically the same person
Well when Todd Haley keeps parading guys like Hubbard, Johnson, and James. Your offense tends to struggle. But keep blaming Ben.
Todd Haley would be nice. Him or Josh McDaniels.
Todd Haley is a *** no for me...How about Josh McDaniels and maybe signing Jimmy Grap in a package deal? Lol
Is it Garrett or Jerry? Coaches seem to excel once they leave. Sean Payton, Mike Zimmer, Wade Phillips, Todd Bowles, Todd Haley
Today at noon hear Keith Butler, Todd Haley, and Danny Smith for Coordinator's Corner w/ and
Todd Haley has been coaching the WRs during OTAs while Steelers' WRs coach Richard Mann recovers from undergoing a "min…
especially bc Todd Haley is my uncle 💅🏼🙌🏼
Todd Haley was involved in both events. I guess I read less into Sammie Coates not seeing the field than most do.
markus wheaton will be todd haley's WR this season.
and Todd Haley predicts he will work his *** off for 6 weeks and then be left out of the finale.
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Todd: Snoop am I gonna smell like pot after dapping you up? . Snoop : no but chase might smell like it when he leaves my…
On September 13, 2010 the and head coach Todd Haley defeated the 21 to 14. KC started the season 1-0.
Pretty ugly Saturday/Sunday for ASU starters. Lingos can't record a single out on Sat., Todd goes 2/3 of an inning on S…
Mike Brey is looking very bummish today. Like he's aspiring to be Todd Haley.
Our pick is to fire Todd Haley and get someone who can get us to Super Bowl 4 years is enough He can't
w/ ball imprint for assist in 3-0 win v Bluegrass in 1st KPL game. https:/…
Finished listening to Social Media Marketing 101 by Todd Haley. Try and get it free:
Don't sleep on drafting WR early if right player is there. Todd Haley reportedly loves Corey Coleman. Calls him best WR in draft.
How about no way on Todd Haley ...we will all be gone before he gets us back to Super Bowl He can't win big games
KC Chiefs fans were the ones that started this during the doom Scott Pioli/Todd Haley era. Now everyone does it
Pat Haley...thank you for being such a wonderful god father, mentor, my Todd! St.…
& together again...only person that could've stopped that is the worst OC ever, Todd Haley
Oh, I'm very aware. Todd Haley reminds me every game of how great Arians is. Thanx 4 the reminder 😑😑😉
Impromptu story time with Tanner. Thanks for organizing the Book Swap Ms. Derco-Todd!!
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Scouts from all 32 NFL teams checked in at Pro Day. have 7 reps here including HC Mike Tomlin, OC Todd Haley,…
Was told that Todd Haley LOVES Corey Coleman and is present at the Baylor Pro-Day. Told him he was "the best receiver in the draft."
Todd Haley is here too. Steelers are all in here. Anyone left in Pittsburgh?
ladarius green could be the steal of free agency. todd haley's scheming in the passing game will offset MB's suspension.
I think Roethlisberger and Todd Haley will be his best influences. Hope he gets this time.. Costing him $710,000
The Ravens have owned the since Todd Haley showed up. . Deal in facts people.
10. 1 Yinzer to change the lightbulb, and the other 9 to blame Todd Haley for it going out
Todd Haley, Steelers used to dealing with a shuffled deck - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pittsburgh...
Interesting half of the coaches hired have experience yet Todd Haley an Josh McDaniels didn't take interviews. Both in spots of succession?
In a game where offense is desperately needed, Todd Haley will roll with jumbo sets & not utilize his only athletic TE Jesse James
The Titans should seriously consider Josh McDaniels or Todd Haley. I'm really surprised Haley hasn't gotten more interest.
What do you think of Josh McDaniels or Todd Haley as Titans next HC as compared to Doug Marrone or Malarkey?
its not too late to go after Todd Haley or Josh McDaniels! Don't settle for Pederson when he clearly was the last choice!
so would u rather go with Todd Haley or Josh McDaniels rather then go Shanahan or Kelly
I think Dirk Koetter is the favorite. Other GUESSES: Josh McDaniels, Todd Haley. Both guys are offensive guys with ties …
Todd Haley. Matt Patricia. *Shudders* Josh McDaniels. Bevell. Teryl Austin. There are guys out there. JihaD
Darrell Bevell. Josh McDaniels . Todd Haley. Doug Pederson . I'm on the right track here? Give me something fam
Sal Pal speculating Todd Haley, Sean McDermott and Josh McDaniels are candidates for Eagles HC job.
Doug Pederson is a target. Last two are some combination of Todd Haley, Josh McDaniels, and Sean McDermott.
Matt Patricia, Josh McDaniels, Mike Shula, Todd Haley, Sean McDermott could be guys they're waiting for
Why isn't Todd Haley getting considered for a HC gig? If they axe Caldwell, I'd prefer him over McDaniels & Patricia
I wanted Hue but I'll take Josh McDaniels.. *** I'll even take a flyer on Todd Haley!!! I can't that gimmick college Offense
How come Todd Haley isn't being considered a HC candidate? He has done well in Pit since KC. He knows how to use his players.
I blame Todd Haley for Ben's injury. 3rd and 18 backed up...draw all day and our season is possibly over.
Their top safety is OUT! Throw it at their backup all day! Get the ball down the field stop this bs Todd Haley 😫😫
Coming from someone who prefers Todd Haley and Kelly over Payton lol.
do you see the Bucs reaching out to Todd Haley? He has worked for their GM before.
Ben runs around and avoids sacks, Antonio Brown breaks off his route and goes deep. There, I am Todd Haley, hire me.
Remember when the Steelers got rid of Bruce Arians b/c it was too much of an aerial attack. I guess the Todd Haley "O" is slightly different
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It would be awesome if Todd Haley got a head coaching position on any of the other 31 teams!
do the Dolphins go Hue Jackson or Todd Haley?
Haley: 'We're just trying to get better each week': Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley talks...
I used to hate Todd Haley, boy was I wrong on that one.
JJ Haley plans on returning to for a partial schedule. Haley is the nephew of NASCAR owner Todd Braun.
Todd Haley said there were plays vs. Denver in 2H where AB lined up in spots he'd never practiced to find an edge and AB didn't miss a beat
It doesn't have to be frightening time...hire Austin, Todd Haley, or go hard after Saban...
Have you given any thought to Todd Haley OC for Pitt as our next HC? Fits a lot of your criteria - Past HC with some success etc.
how about Todd Haley. Fits all the criteria...failed...worked for Tomlin..QB teacher
He was lured to Pittsburgh the same way Todd Haley was, the promise of a city where the streets are paved with grime
If you are going to go for it, have some balls and go for it, I thing BGSU borrowed Todd Haley for the night
S/o to everyone who wanted Todd Haley fired 2 years ago
I know he's no Sean Payton but what about Todd Haley. He's done wonders for Big Ben.
Hue Jackson, Sean McDermott, Mike Shula, Todd Haley, Tom Cable. One of these is as good as its going to get. (FYI I'd take any over Pettine)
Todd Haley is a genius. It's too bad he has such a lousy head coach. # Go Pats !
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Steelers will be golfing with Future Eagles, HC Todd Haley
Todd Haley is the savior of a mediocre ( the worst Superbowl winning coach in history ) head coach.
As a fan, how exciting is the hire of Jim Schwartz, Josh McDaniels Todd Haley, Hue Jackson, Doug Marrone, etc. to you? *yippee*
Ben also had to chuck it deep alot because of Todd Haley being a retard and lots of Bens pics were off of tipped passes
Here's how it happened.💍 Todd knows I love holiday window displays so after a beautiful dinner…
how about some love for Todd Haley? This may be his last year in Pittsburgh
What happened to all the Todd Haley hating?
Plus we're more successful on offense than not, so I have no problem with the way Todd Haley runs the offense & Big Ben.
Todd Haley is the only garbage can on the coaching staff.
think of this: Todd Haley coaching the Cleveland Browns.
Speaking of upcoming Browns coaching search, name I forgot until last night. Todd Haley. Seems he'd be a Josh McDaniels bounce back guy.
Todd Haley with Whisenhunt as OC & Schwartz as DC. I would sign for that today.
the latest name I'm hearing is Todd Haley. I don't like it, but what are your thoughts?
The Steelers were about ready to run Todd Haley outta town for a while there. Man, they're talking about him like he's a genius now.
I was *** Todd Haley early in the season, while I'm still skeptical, I'll give him his props over the last few weeks!
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what about Todd Haley... He's took Big Ben to another level
They need to get off of Todd Haley and get on the Steelers DBs coach. Brock Osweiler pickin' em apart? Really?
Todd Haley. He has already been contacted by the Dolphins.
a HC, so out goes Sean McDermott and Winston Moss and so, right now, I have only Todd Haley and Hue Jackson.
I think you owe Todd Haley a public apology for your public criticism
brings in one of Parcells' boys like Todd Haley or Sean Payton or Jim Schwartz or in Tannebaum's case, Hue Jackson, they will be
Ben Roethlisberger seems to have warmed to the Todd Haley offense.
I'm glad on radio didn't roast about him chop n up OC Todd Haley bcuz thatz my Str8 up LB Homey
Todd Haley, what were you thinking? (On 4th qt pic). Sorry, that's strictly on Ben. 12 year vet w/ 2 rings. He knows better.
For those of you who thinks Todd Haley *** scored 34 points against the best defense in the league & they didn't had L. Bell
gotta be Todd Haley if we can't get Sean Payton, right?
Funny thing is tomlin was close to getting the boot just because of his hiring of Todd Haley
Remember when Steeler fans all loved Snoop for saying they should fire Todd Haley? That was fun.
agree to disagree Bob. I'm not sold that it was all BC of weis. I don't think todd Haley get enough credit.
that was a Todd Haley play. ..smelt just like him
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do you think Tyrod is any better/different if they have Todd Haley as their OCoord??
Why do people think you have to play the game to know? The Savior Todd Haley NEVER played football.
what are they Salty about their team stopped playing in the 2nd half and Todd Haley and Big Ben tossed them a chance 2 tie
Ben has been here for a while now. What has really changed? Maybe Todd Haley is the real discount?
People made fun of him but Todd Haley been quite good with Pit the last couple years.
I've been a Todd Haley fan since day 1 so the Steelers fans who are now calling him the best OC just need to remember you wanted him fired!
What a steeler game without my weekly rant about Todd Haley?
Didn't Big Ben hate the offense and Todd Haley like 3 years ago? Or am I making this up?
Hey TJ Ward, Todd Haley got two words for ya...
I'm being completely serious, Todd Haley is going to get multiple head coaching interviews in the off season
Wow. What a game! are making it happen! Beautiful offense. Heck of a job by Big Ben and co., including Todd Haley.
I hate Todd Haley, wants attention on him so badly
Todd Haley and his gigantic balls lmao
I think Todd Haley would be a fine choice to replace Jim Chaney at .
From the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex: News and notes from Keith Butler and Todd Haley's session with reporters
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Coordinators Corner: Butler & Haley on Colts: Keith Butler and Todd Haley look back at the Seahawks…
ON THE BLOG: Todd Haley on DeAngelo Williams and what did it cost to keep Dri Archer for another month?
Steelers report for finished, including Todd Haley's unfortunate memory about the Immaculate Reception:
RB Dri Archer has the speed to be special and Todd Haley likes that, however we still did not see him in those first two weeks
if Todd Haley calls the offense and Keith Butler calls the defense what exactly does Mike Tomlin do ? I'd really like to know.
see the Chiefs when they fired Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel took over. Crennel did ok, so they kept him. Then it became a disaster
Could Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley be the Dolphins' next head coach?
Remember when Todd Haley used to play Thomas Jones over Jamal Charles? Coaches are dumb.
Todd Haley is going to have fun with these next weekend.
I'd keep Andy Reid and Alex Smith. But only because it could be Todd Haley and Matt Cassel. Yikes.
Big Ben took the game out of OC Todd Haley's hands and put it into Le'Veon Bell's. Wise.
Todd Haley went head to head with Ben when he first came here, we know he has big balls.
Todd Haley is as passive as it gets today. Short side of the field? Why? Awful
Todd Haley should drive Josh Scobee to the airport and they can get out of Pittsburgh on a plane together.
3rd and 2, 4th and 2, 4th and 1: all plays where Le'Veon Bell doesn't run the ball. What is Todd Haley thinking?
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If I could punch Todd Haley in his mouth right now I would make the most out of that opprtunity ×10
Dwayne Bowe best years came under Todd Haley. So did Marty Booker. Anquan & fitZgerald flourished under him. So did Keyshawn & terry Glenn
Todd Haley must have Heath Miller in a PPR league
If you have certain ability there is always a way to use it. Todd Haley is smart and just needs to get him in space.
OC Todd Haley has the plan to beat the at 6:23pm
Todd Haley lets Ben Roethlisberger loose on no-huddle
VIDEO: on the Steelers and Todd Haley going for 2-point conversions
VIDEO: Good stuff from Steelers OC Todd Haley on why he unleashes: . VIDEO: Good stuff from Steelers OC Todd Ha...
Slightly concerned about the DWill/Le'Veon situation. Remember what Todd Haley did with Thomas Jones/Jamaal Charles. But *slightly*.
Todd Haley on going for 2: "Coach T is aggressive, which is what I love about him."
And Whis almost screw Warner up, when OC Todd Haley left after Super Bowl game! Warner had to assume Ctrl
All this chatter about Lane Kiffin got me to thinking about Bro Todd Haley, who is probably berating a parking attendant rn.
Hear conversations with Todd Haley, Keith Butler, and Danny Smith in "Coordinator's Corner" with and
Now, if only Todd Haley will show the Rams some pony backfield this Sunday with Bell & DeAngelo. That would be sweet.
Going back to look at the 2011 roster will convince anyone that Todd Haley deserves another chance at head coach. How'd they go 7-9?
Don't miss Patricia Todd speak tomorrow @ 6 pm in Haley 3309! 1st 40 people get a free limited edition cup.
Todd Haley getting into it with T.O. & Anquan is hilarious. Haley personality is an acquired taste good offensive coordinator though
I know this will hurt but Todd Haley is still getting paid too
Everybody is always all over Todd Haley stop and ask yourself when's the last time Roethlisberger was injured. thank you Todd Haley
Former Chiefs DL Tank Tyler talks Todd Haley and more: A few months ago, I had an hour-long conversation with…
Tank Tyler spoke to us and went off on Todd Haley and the
lol you think Todd Haley care about that? 😂😂😂
I miss Haley and her beautiful face
Methinks OC Todd Haley could give him a run for his money in the Diet Coke dept.
Congrats to Sask Volleyball award winners Todd Carignan, and Cougs recruit Haley Wagar!
Chip Kelly has to be the only coach in the nfl who would score lower on a wonderlic test than Todd Haley.
Lane Kiffin doing his best Todd Haley impression with the play calls in the red zone.
When Steelers had the ball, Todd Haley had Patriots radio in his headset.
Todd Haley coaching the Inglewood Rams. Stan Kroenke counting that money
Todd Haley at times can be a genius, but sometimes he is a frickin ***
Todd Haley why? Why shovel passes? Double passes? Gimmic plays? Just play football with an established system!
The hatred for Todd Haley is wild tonight. Imagine Dirk Koetter calling a game on opening night. Timeline would have destroyed.
Leave it to Todd Haley to run a stupid *** trick play to ruin a drive.
Todd Haley never played Jamaal Charles. Did that mean Charles wasn’t good? No. Everyone thought Haley was an ***
Todd Haley plays Will Johnson and Matt Spaeth. Do you think he's going to play Vick only when Ben is injured?
Dear football gods, . Please provide us with a picture of Mike Vick talking to Todd Haley.
don't ever use mike adams being a jagoff as example of Todd Haley being bad.
...You'd think Todd Haley was the head coach.
Devin Gardner with good showing at receiver in 1-on-1s. Dan a route that Todd Haley told receivers to emulate
Jacoby Jones and his punt return skills and Todd Haley's idiotic red zone strategy on SNF in 2012 disagree w/that.
[SB Nation: Behind the Steel Curtain] - Battle of the Steelers offensive coordinators: Bruce Arians vs. Todd Haley
Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley focuses on red zone and run game
I mean every offense Todd Haley has touched has become magic. And before you yell at me, go check out Matt Cassel/Dwayne Bowe/Charles 2010
David DeCastro / PITTSBURGH -- For the Steelers' offense to truly take off, for the Todd Haley experiment
Todd Haley walked up to Devin Smith as his Pro Day and said he reminded him of Terry Glenn. Love that comp
Todd Haley's thinking: "We don't need Brown, we have Matt Spaeth and Will Johnson, any one WR can line up wide. . .
The money is a ruse ... clearly Antonio Brown just doesn't wanna play for Todd Haley.
"look this rock moves when I sit on it" 😂😂
oh man, I'd almost repressed the Todd Haley era completely.
“We’re now through the first quarter of the first quarter of the season.” - Todd Haley breaking down baseball
Massive thanks to Todd Edwards for the mention in today's Guardian supplement!
Your arrow is pointing down. Signed,. Todd Haley
Big congrats to Kaitlyn Todd, Sarah Noelker, and Haley Pettit, this year's Charlotte Schmidlapp Scholarship winners!
Todd Haley won 11 games and a division with Matt Cassel. How hard could that be?
I live in Jim Nantz's skyscraper of soap boxes. Signed Todd Haley
Steelers sign OC Todd Haley to extension, Kurt Warner would have ...
not only him. Many others failed... Todd Haley, Rahim Morris, Mike Singletary.and on and on.
*** LeBeau quits, the Steelers sign Todd Haley to a 2-year extension. Welcome to Bizarro World.
I dunno what it means but I like that Kirby Wilson has been around play callers like Bruce Arians, Todd Haley, and now Norv Turner.
Not if they continue to employ Kevin Colbert, Todd Haley & *** LeBeau they won't.
I think next year for Xmas, I'm giving a dinner date with Chris collinsworth and Todd Haley
Who did it worse this week Todd Haley or Lane Kiffin
Todd Haley is the NFL version of Lane Kiffin.
There are 2 guaranteed curses in football... and Todd Haley in the playoffs!!
Hey whatcha think about Todd Haley's offense?
People ought to go check out Kurt Warner and Todd Haley going at it on the sideline with Whiz ngaf.
Steelers notebook: Facing former team no benefit for Todd Haley
My goodness, what a play call by Todd Haley. Even his most ardent critics, myself included, have to give it up there. …
Maybe Smith and Koetter can convince Tomlin and Todd Haley to throw it on 3rd and 1. It worked well for the against Lions & Browns
Todd Haley is a perfect OC for Alex Smith. Nothing but check downs & crossing routes
I believe Rob was referring to the other Todd Haley, who gave Thomas Jones more carries than Jamaal Charles.
Tonight reminds me of when Todd Haley was coach and never played Jamaal Charles.
Andy Reid looking like Todd Haley calling plays right now. Somebody needs a snickers. You ain't you Andy when your hungry!
3.2.1. Win. Did Kansas city call Todd Haley back yet?
good point. I'll raise a glass to Todd Haley overusing Le'veon Bell tonight. 🙏
Previous head coaches Mike Munchak (TEN), *** LeBeau (CIN 2x) & Todd Haley (KC) will face former team in 4 of last 6 games in '14
Can't believe Todd Haley called the "throw it, have it deflected and intercepted" play!
have run 6 plays. Thrown it four times. Turned it over once by AB and given up 17 and people ripping Todd Haley. …
Todd Haley should be the first coach hired for Chinese football as he'd never notice the smog.
Antonio Brown is a product of the mad genius OC Todd Haley
Thank you for advising me to target Big Ben and Antonio Brown due to OC Todd Haley in my season long league!
All those things we thought we knew about various NFL teams, coaches or players? That the Colts' defense is not so bad, for example. Or that Todd Haley and Ben Roethlisberger can't coexist. Or that Tom Brady is washed up.
All you Steelers fans Kill me... All I hear is how Big Ben holds the ball too long and doesn't do this and Todd Haley needs to be fired. Now everyone is singing their praises. Smh Pittsburgh Steelers fans... Worst fans in the NFL. Most of u Steelers have no idea how good Big Ben is.
Honest question: If AB throws an interception on that play, does Todd Haley get out of Heinz Field alive?
We need a nose tackle haven't been the same since Casey Hampton left us plus I don't like Todd Haley he is trash an our offense is suffering
Still don't know why Todd Haley thinks Big Ben is Alex Smith. This ding n dong offense is just horrendous . Does not suite these players
Time for *** LeBeau to pull a Buddy Ryan on Todd Haley. In Goodell's the defense has hands tied.
I think Todd Haley is calling the Packer plays too! Let him know !
Le'Veon Bell didn't have a carry that quarter. This Snoop guy is onto something about Todd Haley.
you must have known how terrible Todd Haley is
if this doesn't make Todd Haley get fired I don't know what.
.Coach Cowher was their buddy too Mark. Would you rather he be a complete psycho like Todd Haley?.
Good ole' Todd Haley callin' a game like he has Mark Sanchez or someone under center and not a multiple Super Bowl winning QB
Wait did the bucs take Todd Haley away from us???
Todd Haley took a Jamaal Charlesless Matt Cassel led team to 7 wins. Reid about to win 3 with A Smith AND JC.
Todd Haley is off his rocka! Yeah I said it. Fire that MFer. . ~Snoop A Smith.
Somebody get Mike Tomlin on the phone, I need answers. Ryan Clark & Keenan Lewis both gone & Todd Haley still here!!
Minority opinion perhaps, but I'm not sure Todd Haley is the only Steeler who has a job because of surname/family connection.
I wonder what thinks of Todd Haley now... LeVeon Bell, 38-yard TD run. 24, 3, 7:43 to go in …
fire Todd Haley, retire Lebeau, trade Roethlisberger, trade Polamalu, cut Ike Taylor, and sign/draft some new playmakers.
Remember when Todd Haley in his first year as HC put Derrick Johnson on 2nd team, Bowe on 3rd team of Chiefs first depth chart. Cute
Todd Haley sounds like Troy Aikman. Steelers should have taken Eifert at TE. Can't wait to see Steelers speed on D. KING
Josh Miller and Todd Haley are sitting at same table right now. All that table needs is James Neal for the "everyone looks alike" table.
It is almost August and Todd Haley isn't head coach.what happened? Where is Landry Jones on the depth chart???
I want to see where all these "fans" are when Todd Haley is the new head coach and Landry Jones is behind center. .
Todd Haley retired, so I signed Andy Reid as HC, Mike Tomlin as DC, and Josh McDaniels as OC
There's no denying what Dri Archer brings to the table, just wondering if Todd Haley can utilize his skills to the fullest.
Finally let the dust settle from the NFL Draft, and totally stoked about the Steelers. I feel between free agency and the draft, they have insulated themselves against the injuries and lack of depth that has plagued the team with two 8-8 seasons. The offense could (and should) be better than last year's, with a healthy, young and experienced offensive line (with depth!) young backs, and young, speedy WRs. (Did I mention the word YOUNG???) Ben has a lot of weapons and it will be interesting to see who locks down the WR2 position. Heath Miller is old faithful here, the RBs has the ability to pound and change the pace. Don't forget, they were putting up an average of 30 points the 2nd half of last season. Todd Haley may finally get the credit he deserves and Ben will finally get the well-merited recoginition of the league's elite. The defense, on paper, could be downright nasty. The offseason gives a potential lineup of Heyward, McClendon and Tuitt on the line, with Jones, Shazier, Timmons and Worilds all co ...
Just for fun and because I needed a football fix the other day I watched the 2009 Super Bowl with the Steelers vs. the Cardinals. It really was a helluva game, with Pittsburgh sitting on a comfortable lead into the 4th quarter only to have Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald absolutely torch the Steelers and take the lead, and then only to have Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes connect in a miraculous series to score the game winning touchdown. It was interesting to note all the changes in personnel since that game. Todd Haley who was Arizona's Offensive Coordinator now has the same role with the Steelers, while Bruce Arians who was Pittsburgh's Offensive Coordinator is now Arizona's Head Coach. Ken Wisenhunt who was Arizona's Head Coach is now the new Tennessee Titan's Head Coach, and their former Head Coach, Mike Munchak, is now the Steelers Offensive Line Coach. On the player side Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie played corner for the Cardinals and now plays the same position for the Denver Broncos. Lamar ...
Todd Haley to keep his job as Pittsburgh Steelers OC -
I remember when Todd Haley refused to make Jamaal Charles a starter, lol. Good times. What an ***
Looks like the Steelers are keeping Todd Haley. Thoughts Steeler Nation?...
Todd Haley to keep job as offensive coordinator
Todd Haley expected to be retained by Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Hale...
NO! "According to Todd Haley will return as offensive coordinator:
Todd Haley to keep his job as Pittsburgh Steelers' OC
Todd Haley allowed Ben Roethlisberger to run the no-huddle prolifically down the stretch. The adaptation by the Pittsburgh Steelers' offensive coordinator means he will keep his job in 2014.
b/w Bruce Arians and Todd Haley, it's been hilarious to see Steeler fans go back and forth and forth and back again w/both
Ben Roethlisberger has endured the criticism that came with adjusting to a new offensive coordinator, Todd Haley. With the Steelers missing the postseason in...
OK The browns coach has been fired, the Vikings Coach fired, the Redskins Coach fired and Todd Haley still has a job!!! I bet all three organizations ask the Steelers for the right to interview Todd since he still is working as of 9:56 am. Oh did I mention that Bruce Arians took Carson Palmer and Mendenhall and went 10-6 not bad for a guy that retired two years ago. Just goes to show you that Bruce Arians retired is better than Todd Haley fully employed.
Ha, not surprising Todd Haley is on his client list. But you're absolutely right. Did his client ZERO good.
This was exactly what I was cursing at my tv about yesterday. Week 16 N.F.L. Quick Hits: Poor Clock Management By ANDY BENOIT December 23, 2013 We may never see worse clock-related decision-making by two teams than we witnessed late Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field. With the game tied at 31-31 and just over a minute and a half remaining, the Steelers were given a new set of downs inside the Packers’ 10-yard-line after outside linebacker Nick Perry jumped offside on a fourth-and-3 field-goal attempt. The Packers had just one timeout remaining, so all the Steelers had to do was kneel the ball three times and kick a chip-shot winner. Instead, Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin and the offensive coordinator Todd Haley chose to hand the ball off. The Packers, who should have yielded the touchdown to give their offense time for a comeback, foolishly played aggressive defense, tackling Le’Veon Bell at the one. Packers Coach Mike McCarthy then called a timeout. On the next play, the Steelers again handed it off. Thi ...
Do you remember a few years ago when Todd Haley gave Thomas Jones more carries than Jamaal Charles? That was hilarious
When did .become Todd Haley's biggest cheerleader??
So Mike Tomlin is on the wish list to lead the Texas Longhorn football program. Looks like that may be an easy win for us every year. Especially if he has Todd Haley as an OC.
Ahh, disappointing season Steeler Nation. So many close losses. This is what I would do in the offseason if I were in charge: -Trade LaMarr Woodley for a third round pick, freeing up enough cap space to negotiate with Jason Worilds and Emmanuel Sanders. Let Jarvis get a whole offseason of work in to be the starter on the right next season. Sanders has had an up and down year, but I believe he will only get better. -I think it's time to part ways with Ike Taylor and Ryan Clark. Appreciate and love them both, but their play this season has been way down. Shamarko Thomas can step into the starting role at free safety. -Todd Haley hasn't been great, and has been the brunt of criticism. He will be a casualty of losing seasons. I believe there is better out there. Fire him and bring in a guy who will enable the offense to perform to its highest potential EVERY game. -Draft a BIG wide receiver to give Ben a guy who can win jump balls, and a big, shutdown corner. Also draft depth at middle linebacker, corner, and ...
I think where ever Todd Haley lives is a show-in for greatest place on earth.
Oh God, Mike Tomlin suspended two games after every team Pittsburgh needed to lose today did. Please don't tell me Todd Haley is the interim coach. Please
There is no way around it: Mike Tomlin must cut ties with coordinators Todd Haley and *** LeBeau to get the Steelers back on track. A season of embarrassment hits a new low with a 55-point debacle vs. the Patriots.
I have always been a blindly loyal Chiefs fan and some things I have said should maybe land me in a psychiatric ward...among these statements: while speaking to a St. Louis Cards fan "Linn Elliot is the worst human being who has ever walked the face of this earth. He is our Don Denkinger, and don't even try to tell me Linn Elliot was a player either because he was a kicker and they don't count" (I continuously yelled "He is our Don Denkinger" throughout the night and no, I was not drinking. It's true..I am crazy!) "I think Todd Haley and Scott Pioli have us on the right track" (I am stupid) "Why give Matt Cassel $60 million? Because he can throw to Randy Moss? He is no better than Tyler Thigpen" probably the most accurate thought I have had in years! I always said the Chiefs should have drafted that QB! ( while watching almost every other team...pretty spot on but a complete lie, I never said that) "Besides Len Dawson, the best QB the Chiefs have had is Steve DeBerg. ( this sadly is somewhat accurate) So ...
The Steelers could fire Todd Haley as soon as this weekend: ...don't let the door hit you in the ***
Trade Ben Roethlisber *** Naw : I must say this as these are my thoughts referencing the NFL ... In response to the rumors floating around that Ben Roethlisberger is looking for a trade option out of the Pittsburgh Steelers ... I say its BS ... some say he is trying to pull a Flacco and go to the bank on Pittsburghs dime ... I still say its BS rumors but if they are true the organization needs to fire Todd Haley as the offensive coordinator and Mike Tomlin as the head coach ... pay Roethlisberger what he wants and continue to play freakin' football and that is all, just my view !
Can the steelers trade Todd Haley and Roethlisberger for Russell Wilson?
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