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Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley (born August 3, 1994) is an American football running back for the Georgia Bulldogs.

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Jeremy Hill, Jordan Howard and Todd Gurley. Who should I start?
My kicker scored more points than Todd Gurley, Jimmy Graham, davante Adams and the cardinals D
Stolen off FB: Rams honor Coach Jeff Fisher's departure with a loss Sunday. When asked, Todd Gurley said, "It's what he would have wanted."
Todd Gurley has something to say to the fan who wants to fight him over his fantasy stats. https:/…
Anyone start Jon Ryan tonight? He has 5 fewer rushing yards than a Todd Gurley and 10 fewer than Thomas Rawls.
Jay Ajayi on a mission to make Todd Gurley and Thomas Rawls feel great about their Week 15 performances.
Fantasy Owners don't blame Todd Gurley, blame Coach Jeff Fisher. for the offensive mess.
Todd Gurley riuned my fantasy season last night. Worst RB in the league. Joke
I think I could have put up more fantasy points then Todd gurley
I know fantasy can be frustrating to NFL players, but do you really think guys like Todd Gurley have the endorsements they do w/o it?
The guy that called out Todd Gurley is the man. Lmao. TGIII was my first round draft pick, and the sole reason I didn't make playoffs.
They better not be messing with Todd Gurley. Know he a hood *** 😂😂
Todd Gurley invites fan who threatened to fight him over fantasy football to ‘pull up’
Todd Gurley clapped back at a fan who challenged him to a fight over his fantasy numbers 😂 https…
😂😂Todd Gurley tired of y'all fantasy football fiends.
So I read some fan wanted to fight Todd Gurley last night over fantasy football? Man there are some real dweebs & losers out there 😂😂😂
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While inspired us, read how he was inspired by
In Todd Gurley's defense, when you have a weak offensive line and Jeff Fisher as a coach, it's hard to be productive.
Todd Gurley to fantasy football owner who threatened him: 'Pull up then' - Sporting News
Todd Gurley to fantasy football owner who thr..
Todd Gurley isn't running away from his fantasy owners.
Is Todd Gurley about to meet a fan in Temecula? 🤔
Todd Gurley had a few words for Jared Goff after the QB suffered a hit to the head from Seahawks CB Richard Sherman.
They have no supporting cast. Todd Gurley is in a sophomore slump and they've had to fire Jeff Fisher.
Gurley doesn't play for your punk *** fantasy team. Todd Gurley owes you nothing. You're the man
Todd Gurley only had like 10 good games if that in his career, David Johnson went off last year & dis year he still…
This year fantasy football has taught me . 1. Never draft a Jaguar . 2. Don't get hopes up on Todd Gurley . 3. Take David Johns…
Remember when people debated David Johnson vs. Todd Gurley.
Seriously, what happened to Todd Gurley? Is this a Fisher thing, or more? No one saw this coming.
Jon Ryan's run there was for 33 yards. That's a punter with a longer rush this season than Matt Forte, Frank Gore and Todd Gurley.
Todd Gurley fooled everyone his rookie year. He's going to be the David Carr of RBs. Completely hollowed out into a shell of what he was.
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I had the 2nd pick in the draft and passed up on Le'veon bell and David Johnson, I picked Todd Gurley, yup.
I'm just glad the Rams fired Jeff Fisher so Todd Gurley can flourish in his prime years
Not so hot take, Top 4 RBS in the league Lev Bell, David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliot, Todd Gurley.
Todd Gurley just looks like he hates football now. Jeff Fisher ruined him.
Never though I'd see the day I'd rather have Melvin Gordon over Todd Gurley
Jared Goff & Todd Gurley about to start eating good now that FG Fisher is gone
Do I start Todd Gurley (Cunningham is out, so he will get every snap, and Fisher is gone) or Kenneth Farrow
Todd Gurley didn’t back down from his criticism of the yesterday, but did support his now-fired coach:
Will Week 15 offer the Rams a change of pace? Or more of the same?. Todd Gurley: “We’re about to find out Thursday.” https…
Todd Gurley stands by 'middle school offense' remarks after Jeff Fisher's firing.
"Todd Gurley was right. It's a middle school offense." -Steve Young in aftermath of Jeff Fisher firing.
Gotta love b-ball! Todd Gurley: Fisher firing 'tough' but don't regret ripping Rams offense: Jeff Fisher was fired a…
@ David Johnson v Todd Gurley! What a match up to see first hand.
Will Hayes was asked about Todd Gurley's comment that players weren't giving it their all. His response: "Maybe on that si…
look it up . Also Matthew Stafford, Todd Gurley, Gene Atkins, Charles Johnson and more
Todd Gurley will take over head coaching duties.
I'd like to see the Rams go get Kyle Shanahan to free Jared Goff and Todd Gurley. Some had compared Goff to Matt Ryan pre-draft.
Think that it finally took Todd Gurley & others speaking out to convince the Superstar speaks or, things happen. Time to rebuild it
Middle school offenses everywhere are outraged after Todd Gurley compared the Rams to them.
Notable players taken just after Ereck Flowers at ninth (!!) overall: Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Marcus Peters. We got…
The Giants picked Ereck Flowers over Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Marcus Peters, and Byron Jones in the 2015 NFL Draft.
I need 45 points from Mark Ingram, Todd Gurley, Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham and Robert Aguayo and of course the kicker only 1 doin squat
.has more rushing touchdowns than Robert Kelley, Frank Gore, Todd Gurley, Leveon Bell, Lamar Miller, Eddie Lacy, Jamaal…
ppr Cobb or Tyrell Williams and for a next year's keeper league should I keep Todd Gurley or Jamaal Charles thanks crew!
I'm in an 18 team league, start 2 at RB, Dwayne Washington, Todd Gurley, Rex burkhead or Charles sims
Malcolm Mitchell or Allen Robinson for WR2? Todd Gurley or Theo Riddick for flex?
Since taking over, Colin Kaepernick has more rushing yards than Todd Gurley, Frank Gore and Devonta Freeman in the same amount of games.
of course they can lol. Todd Gurley, Alfred Morris, Adrian Peterson, etc. but yes Zeke is above average in general 👌🏼
sit/start im in a standard league who do i start Todd Gurley or Jordan Howard?
I have a fantasy question whose a better play? Todd Gurley, Jordan Howard or Prosise? Need Help
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Traded Amari Cooper and Todd Gurley to get Melvin Gordon and DeAndre Hopkins.
"This year in Fantasy Football: The Ballad of Christine Michael and Knile Davis ft. Nuk Hopkins and Todd Gurley. And Eddie Lacy. Maybe..."
Todd Gurley is officially active for Week 10 against the Jets. # #
Todd Gurley thigh expected to play vs. Jets # #
Fantasy NFL: What impact will Doug Martin and Todd Gurley have this week? Stephania Bell analyzes all the key injuries (ESPN)
traded Mark Ingram for Michael Thomas, and Allen Robinson for a Todd Gurley.
Do I trade my Jeremy Hill and Jordan Howard for Christine Michaels? I also have Todd Gurley and Stewart.
Crazy to think could have had Todd Gurley, Derrick Henry, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel and Stanley Williams together http…
Rams' Jeff Fisher thinks Todd Gurley struggles are because of the team - Yardbarker
Todd Gurley spent bye week helping his hometown recover from Hurricane M - Yardbarker
I'll read you my team. . Matt Ryan . AJ Green . Julio Jones. Matt Forte . Todd Gurley. Eric Ebron. & my flex I'm waiting on dion Lewis
just traded Allen Robinson and Todd Gurley for Mike Evans.
I traded Will Fuller, Jeremy Langford, and Jordan Howard for Julian Edelman and Todd Gurley
I have OBJ, Amari Cooper, Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Todd Gurley on my team 😂
I traded Todd Gurley and Kenny Britt for Brandon Marshall and Jonathan Stewart.
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Trade has been accepted that will bring Todd Gurley to Josh Nation - pending physicals (Josh King reports)
"this isn't the same Falcons team that chokes from last year". "Todd Gurley is gonna be fantasy MVP this year" . "Goff o…
Good news: Todd Gurley has 21 targets in his last four games. He had 26 in 2015. Bad: He's been held below 60 RuYds in…
Even with a minute left at the 15 Todd Gurley wasn't on the field. The best player. But sure, let Keenum throw the ball some more.
Todd Gurley gets like a yard per carry lol
Todd Gurley, Odell Beckham Jr and, above all, Aaron Donald. Thank you, America, I promise to try not to clap at the wrong time.
Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb... Absolute deadly combo am I right?! 🔥🔥.
would you consider starting C-Mike or Spencer ware over Todd Gurley this week in a PPR format?
sure RIP David Johnson, Leveon Bell and Todd Gurley, I had passed away last night 😢
Start Spencer ware or Christine Michael Over Todd Gurley this week in PPR?
if you could start 2 of 4 RB in a PPR league this week who would you start? CJ Anderson, Todd Gurley, Mark Ingram, or James White
Should i start Chris Ivory at RB 2 while Todd gurley is at the RB1?
i know Todd Gurley did pretty well but unfortunately got caught. My point is college athletes should be allowed to make money.
I traded Todd gurley for stephon diggs and Jordan Howard. Was that a good trade on my half?
Favorite offensive players not on the pats . 1.OBJ. 2.Kelvin Benjamin. 3.Todd Gurley. 4.Zeke Elliot. 5AB
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one more:) Should I trade Todd Gurley or Dez for Tevin Coleman ? They are killing me
NYDN: LA Rams working on springing Todd Gurley loose
is Phillip rivers for Todd gurley a fair trade or should I veto it? 8 team ppr. Gurley isn't a starting rb on either team
We have initiated talks about Todd Gurley with
Received a trade offer for AJ Green...Todd Gurley for Green straight up. Worth it? Gaining anything?
Mason on Cunningham: Last season, he tackled Todd Gurley three times. There's guys in the NFL that still haven't tackl…
Both Todd Gurley and Zach Zenner finished with exactly 14 rushes for 58 yards.
Defensively, we only allowed 221 total yards, as Baltimore scored two defensive scores. We held Todd Gurley to 37 yards, 2.2 YPC
breakthrough I know why Todd Gurley hasn't been running well he is not stuck inside of a dome anymore he better in domes
Considering Todd Gurley is in the NFC west id say Jamaal Charles
PPR league I have to start three running back's ones a flex Todd gurley, Jay ajayi, Jamal Charles, Chris Ivory, jaquizz Rogers
I respect Todd Gurley for cashing in while he still has an NFL career. But these ads mean nothing to me.
Antonio Brown and Blount for Todd gurley and cooper 12 team standard what are ur thoughts?
would love some help TMR Todd gurley and Amari Cooper for Antonio Brown and legarette Blount stand 12 team what do u think?
I don't understand he hype on Todd Gurley. Good back. Great? Nah. 14 straight no 100 yards. Ave 61 a gm.
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Todd Gurley was still considering Carolina when this download started
Trade question. I'm giving up Allen Robinson and Carlos Hyde for Todd Gurley and Cameron Meredith. Should I take it?
7 running backs were taken ahead of David Johnson and none of their careers are better than his thus far. Not even Todd Gurley.
Last season Todd Gurley played for the Rams so.
This gen of running backs is crazy... Zeke, David Johnson, Todd Gurley and next year we add Leonard Fournette to that 😳🏈🏈
“This list doesn’t have Todd Gurley on it, which shocks me.”-
I just saw a commercial with Todd gurley and all he did was walk down a hallway and bite a hamburger and got paid millions of dollars 4 that
Todd Gurley due for a break out game
nice... it'll take me $1mill to get close to your offensive team.. selling my Todd Gurley to sacrifice...
LA Rams working on springing Todd Gurley loose via
For anyone interested in preordering a Todd Gurley jersey, word is he'll be wearing number 3 for Catbird Seat…
do you think that Jordan Howard would be a better start than Todd Gurley at this point?
This dude had more rushing yards than Todd Gurley... .
Todd Gurley is averaging 0.44 yards before contact this season, lowest among qualified RBs (min 40 attempts)
Filed to . RB Todd Gurley and WR Will Fuller V will be on Catbird's jet tomorrow morning expected at team facilities at 1
Fantasy Football Focus: Odell Beckham finds his magic, Aaron Rodgers is looking desperate and Todd Gurley is due.
I'm still surprised The Giants took LT Ereck Flowers over RB Todd Gurley still that caught me off guard
That's funny because I heard it was supposed to start last week w/ Todd Gurley
is a trade of DeAndre Hopkins for Todd Gurley a fair trade?
Ray (& would rather have Todd Gurley than Jordan Howard ROTW ... Would you?
What should you do with Todd Gurley? How to deal with underperforming stars in this week's Patience or Panic…
David Johnson is a monster. One of several great, young RBs emerging this year. I'm just shocked Todd Gurley isn't amo…
who do i start for week 7: Spencer Ware, Jamaal Charles, or Todd Gurley?
Todd Gurley: I wish I was doing what I was doing last year, but I’m not
Ezekiel Elliott, Tevin Coleman and David Johnson have put up impressive stats this year, and Todd Gurley has not
Went 0-3 in fantasy! 😭😭😭😭 Dang you Todd Gurley and Amari Cooper!
DeAndre Hopkins, Brandin Cooks, Amari Cooper, Todd Gurley, and Matt Forte. My underperforming fantasy players of the year.
Todd Gurley has only rushed for 13 yards — but Brian Quick, Kenny Britt and Lance Kendricks have six catches for 142 yards and a TD.
From the "questions I never thought I'd ask" department: PPR: Todd Gurley or Jordan Howard???
Should I trade Todd Gurley and Jimmy Graham for Lesean McCoy and Tyler Eifert for the Long Haul?
I traded Jordan Howard and Mike Evans for Travis Kelce and Todd Gurley... thoughts?
Who Should i start spencer ware or Jordan Howard??? Also should i trade Todd Gurley for Bell??? Thanks
Catch Pat Kirwin and I on Moving the Chains on Sirius XM NFL radio. Jeff Fisher, Todd Gurley and Mike Mayock join us.
Would you trade Todd Gurley for ODB? I would have Jeremy Hill, Tevin Coleman and Jordan Howard left.
S/o to Todd Gurley and Demarco Murray. 20 points a piece 💪🏾
Todd Gurley sees '12 people on the field' on runs
Chris, do you consider starting Christine Michael over Todd Gurley this week?
Andy Behrens joins Chris Meaney and Ashley Docking to discuss what owners should do with Todd Gurley. Should you...
would you trade Demarco Murray for Todd Gurley and Darren Sproles?
Congratulations to former RB Todd Gurley on being named NFL's offensive Rookie of the Year.
If you add up Todd Gurley and Adrian Peterson's fantasy points you get about the same number as Jalen Richard.
Ryan Mathews will finish with a better season than Todd Gurley.
Todd Gurley and Russ Wilson, my two biggest players on fantasy played like *** bruh:
At this rate Todd Gurley is being benched for Frank Gore next week lol smh
I got offered Todd Gurley, Eric Decker and Steffon Diggs for AJ Green and Amari Cooper?
better value for trading away A. BROWN & D.Murray? David Johnson & b. Marshall or Todd Gurley and Randall cobb?
HC Jeff Fisher just announced that this year's team captains are Johnny Hekker, Case Keenum, Todd Gurley, Alec Ogletree & Aar…
in my last draft today I got Todd Gurley, Lesean McCoy & Latavius Murray. QBs - Tyrod Taylor & Blake Bortles.
Thanks. Was leaning that way but it's tough to skip over Todd Gurley.
I have 2nd pick in standard draft. Would you draft an elite WR or Todd Gurley?
Nick Chubb > Todd Gurley?. One coach thinks Chubb is best SEC RB he's faced
When the Rams drafted Aaron Donald, Alec Ogletree, Todd Gurley & Jared Goff it was like -
The incidents with AJ Green and Todd Gurley did it for me.
Tavon Austin & Todd Gurley led Rams with 10 TDs each last yr. 1st time Rams had 2 players in double digits in category since 2006
Jeff Fisher says Rams need to be smarter after Todd Gurley jumps into scuffle - Sporting News StLouis, Rams, SLRams
Why did Jeff Fisher not want Todd Gurley hit in practice? via
Did you see what Jeff Fisher told his team about Todd Gurley? Tune into Prime Cut right now to hear it. LISTEN HERE:
it's nice asf tho .. lol i been clowning dudes with Todd Gurley and Jamal Charles
HC Jeff Fisher on tackling Todd Gurley: "doesn’t need to be fu**ing hit in 9-on-7 (drill). Ok? I don…
On 'Hard Knocks,' Jeff Fisher demands that Todd Gurley not be tackled
Nick Chubb spoke to Todd Gurley, Robert Edwards and Willis McGahee during his rehab. Here's what they told him: FREE
Todd Gurley scores in L.A. debut as the Rams beat the Chiefs, 21-20
I can't believe that one of my leagues let me draft Leveon Bell, Jamal Charles, Todd Gurley and Jeremy Langford lol
question of the day. Who would you rather pick: Todd Gurley, David Johnson or Adrian Peterson?
NFL Total Access vid What would you get Todd Gurley or Tom Brady for their birthday?: The "NFL Total Acc...
I'd look to get 1 WR and 1 RB. Todd Gurley, David Johnson, AP, Julio, OBJ, and Antonio Brown are the guys I'd be looking at.
get Antonio, Julio, or Odell. David Johnson and Todd Gurley are solid as well. If there all gone take Gronk
man i haven't even looked at the list yet, but i would assume Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, or Todd Gurley would be good picks
- PPR Keeper League. Antonio Brown 2nd Round or Todd Gurley 5th. Who would you keep & Why? Thanks in Advance!
PREDICTION: great Todd Gurley gets 1,500 rushing yards this season & will be top 10 in next year's ht…
There sure is a lot on the line this year. Who are you voting for?. Antonio Brown or Todd Gurley??
Shepard is coming and he's very good. Cruz coming back... OBJ could see less targets this year. Antonio Brown or Todd Gurley.
Well, Todd Gurley is now my new No. 1 overall pick after the Le'Veon Bell news. Antonio Brown now No. 2.
NFL Top100: Todd Gurley can be 'an elite player'
"He's a back that I see a lot of myself in," -- Adrian Peterson on Todd Gurley
Rams star Todd Gurley was pretty impressed with top RB prospect Najee Harris
Todd Gurley shares thoughts on RB Najee Harris 1on1 move during & why he put it on his Snap. Interview + video soon.
Todd Gurley ran behind a worse line than SD's and put up numbers that are in a whole other galaxy next to Gordon's.
reunited - greats Todd Gurley, Corey Campbell and Keith Marshall together again in California.
Imagine if Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel played on the same team. . Oh wait
Todd Gurley, he had one good rookie season...just like josh gordon did
easily Todd Gurley cuz their team is run based and David Johnson is in a pass heavy offense because of all the weapons.
Who scores more fantasy points in 2016 (Todd Gurley or David Johnson? Vote below!
Todd Gurley runs in at No. 22 on the list 📈
would you rather draft Julio Jones or Ezekiel Elliot in round 1? My keeper is Todd Gurley in 5th rd.
you got Stafford still just need guys like AJ Green, Thomas Davis, Todd Gurley, Justin Houston, Ben Watson, etc.
is done oh so wrong. new ad with an obvious CGI burger is hilarious 😂
Todd Gurley the next big thing in Southern California sports
AP, Doug Martin, and Todd Gurley. Ap at 1, personally I'd put Gurley at 2 but I bet Doug gets it.
It's going to be 3. Doug Martin, 2. Todd Gurley, 1. AP. If Lynch got votes it won't change anything
Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley takes his first bite of the new California Classic Double Cheese Burger.
The Los Angeles Rams are going to play in the Super Bowl this year? According to Gurley they will...
O'Shea Jackson Jr., Todd Gurley and Jared Goff hanging out at Nike The Grove tonight
Todd Gurley selling beef is like a Muslim selling baby back ribs
Is Todd Gurley poised to be the next big thing on Southern California sports scene?
Todd Gurley's CGI Cheeseburger exposed on The Nooner with and on !!
can you try out that 98 Todd gurley rb
Isn't that what you do when you are rehabbing an injury? Do you think Todd Gurley was taking part in OTA'ss last year?
A.J. Green, Matthew Stafford, and Todd Gurley II UGA "Alumni" jerseys now available -
what were you doing with todd gurley the other day? You both are so good at what you do!
Todd Gurley will break Eric Dickerson's single season record!!! Bold, but true
Tarboro native Gurley mocked online for eating fake burger in TV ad
Todd Gurley is from North Carolina lol just went to UGA
Todd Gurley BGS collection. All for sale. Come & get 'em while we have 'em
But then again, that's why I put him at the end. I do think he'll have a Todd Gurley like season.
3 Best College players I had the opportunity to watch in person. 1. Johnny Manziel. 2.Todd Gurley. 3.Sidney Rice
Juking all that negativity call me Todd Gurley
Whenever I have my son he's only watching Todd Gurley highlights
Todd Gurley, just because Rams are now my favorite team. Never had 1 for Nfl rmao
Refrain from using food in your , it sends the wrong message...
Prospect Preview on RB Leonard Fournette, a top of the draft talent on a par with Ezekiel Elliott & Todd Gurley htt…
CB Trumaine Johnson, who left the field after a collision last week, did not practice. RB Todd Gurley, WR Tavon Austin also held out.
They just keep on coming. Former uga RB mocked for eating digital hamburger in TV ad.
83 Days - Todd Gurley throws the longest pass of the last 2 UGA seasons to Jeb Blazevich
A new locker room nickname for . Hey, if the shoe fits:
Todd Gurley has case as fantasy's No. 1 overall pick. Quick take for
William Hayes grabs a phone and offers "free pictures with Todd Gurley."
"The similarities Nick Chubb shares with former Georgia running back Todd Gurley are evident." — More:
Todd Gurley is ready to thrive in Rams' Hollywood spotlight - SFGate.. Related Articles:
it would be Todd Gurley as Steph Curry both young and explosive players and the LeBron James would be Adrian Peterson
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No Running-back other than Bo Jackson were more talented than Ricky Williams. Not Todd Gurley, AP, Payton, Dickerson, Sayers, LT, & Barry.
I really like Jared Goff, Tavon Austin, and Todd Gurley. But other than that, the offense looks bare. Need young guys to step up.
not better than Adrian Peterson, Le'Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, Demarco Murray, DeAngelo Williams or even Jamaal Charles
Saints are favorited to get Todd Gurley and stud C Rodney Hudson.
Players like Tarasenko and Carlos Martinez make it okay that Stan K. stole Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald. Young gems.
yea right dude Sam Somera said the Eagles should draft Todd Gurley he knows what's up
Coming up, Todd Gurley's first media availability in Ventura County.
In the last 10 years, had Leonard Floyd, Todd Gurley, AJ Green, Matt Stafford drafted in top 10. Knowshon h…
To put that in perspective, Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, Derrick Henry, and Ezekiel Elliott combined for 180
Georgia players selected in top 10 in last 10 years: Leonard Floyd, Todd Gurley, A.J. Green, Matthew Stafford
If you're not so sure about the Raiders drafting Myles Jack, all I'm saying is, look at Todd Gurley last year.
Eh look at Todd Gurley , Jack athletic af so I'm not worried & Zeke would be a blessing 😅 I think Dallas takes him
My take on Myles Jack: If teams aren't sure about the medicals they have to risk that he's a Tommie Harris or a Todd Gurley.
I understand the concern for Myles Jack's knee - but Todd Gurley had major red flags entering the 2015 draft too...
Myles Jack is a Todd Gurley value pick
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Herschel Walker (greatest college RB of all time), Garrison Hearst, Terrell Davis, Knowshon Moreno, Todd Gurley, Nick Chubb
Smh. Myles Jack is my Todd Gurley from last year. Injury or not. So worth it to me
...turned out fine, Todd Gurley is a good example. I'm not saying Jack will have a good career but he's been saying...
Myles Jack is falling in the NFL draft a year after a team took Todd Gurley top 10. Settle down.
With Kobe retiring, is Todd Gurley the heir to Bryant's throne as LA's sports superstar?
Like Magic and Kobe, Eric Dickerson sees big things for Todd Gurley
Rams' Benny Cunningham: Brought back to work behind Todd Gurley
Jamal Charles: averages more 12+ yard carries. Jeremy Maclin: averages more yards per play. Todd Gurley: Pro Bowl and Top 10 in rushing yards.
Make sure you favorite that so when I say I told you so (like Todd Gurley, Ali Marpet, Donovan Smith & Stefon Diggs) there is proof.
Todd Gurley most productive; David Johnson best value of 22 RBs in 2015 NFL Draft
greats Todd Gurley & Alec Ogletree to be featured on this summer with the Los Angeles Rams! ht…
Todd Gurley had 773 yards on first down, trailing only Martin and AP
I do sometimes. I didn't this year. I'd probably go with Antonio Brown. I think Todd Gurley is gonna be amazing though.
Keith Marshall was overshadowed by Todd Gurley at UGA. What happens come draft day? VIDEO:
KD!? Robinson Cano, Dez Bryant, Todd Gurley, Skyler Diggins, Miguel Cotto? Do some research love, no credibility lol
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Really, a start up 1.02 could be anyone. You'd rather have White than Julio, Antonio Brown, or Todd Gurley?
I go back to Flipper Anderson even Marcus Dupree during his short stay, loved Bruce, Warner, Holt, Aeneas Williams and Todd Gurley
Took Ereck Flowers over Todd Gurley last season lol
Russell Wilson, Todd Gurley, Marshawn Lynch, Gronk, , Julio Jones, OBJ, Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant. better late than never
I think it is crazy how 82 deanthony Thomas can compare VERY well to 95 Todd Gurley...
Cam Newton and Todd Gurley hung out with Big Sean in the studio.
Red flag on one of my favorite prospects, Kenneth Dixon: 802 college carries. . For comparison sakes: Todd Gurley had 510. Zeke Elliot: 592
I think Zeke Elliot will be a fine NFL RB, but we need to stop this nonsense about him being better than Todd Gurley.
Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has been traded to the Los Angeles Rams for Todd Gurley and Robert Quinn
Late night thinking about how the Giants drafted Ereck Flowers over Todd Gurley
Todd Gurley is my fantasy keeper. I need Rams to fire Jeff Fisher then trade for Kap or sign RG3
Los Angeles coach Jeff Fisher reflects on former RB Todd Gurley's first year, and looks at his future:
Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was asked about Todd Gurley today. Here is what he said:
Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher still has really high praise for former RB Todd Gurley: "We drafted Todd to be our future."
Fisher mentions Todd Gurley, Tre Mason, Benny Cunningham - "That's as good of a group as you'll find in the league."
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This is a Todd Gurley offense. Fisher says the team will build around the Lamborghini
"We are clearly going to build our offense around that position." - Jeff Fisher after being asked about Todd Gurley
Coach John Lilly reunited with Todd Gurley in Los Angeles as the Rams . Tight Ends Coach.. . ATHENS GA -- The man...
Link says Jack will do the combine medical check. Todd Gurley made news for opting out last year. Still went 10th
Former NFL scouts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks debate which running back they would rather have: Todd Gurley...
everyone is gonna have flaws with the exception of the Amari Cooper, Todd Gurley, Khalil Mack tier.
Like, sure, when I think of the optimal guy to throw deep balls off Todd Gurley play action, I think "40-year-old Peyton Manning"
Todd Gurley, thanks for the Mardi Gras wishes to the Cunningham's.…
88 or 91 Martioa, 88 Todd Gurley or 93 Steven Jackson, 96 Hines Ward or 96 Michael Irvin or 91 Amri Cooper
Congrats to Todd Gurley on winning OROY. I'll admit when he was drafted I didn't approve I thought with Tre Mason...
How is Jameis Winston the NFL Pepsi Rookie of the Year? What about Marcus Peters? Or Todd Gurley? Just sayin'.
When someone trys to tell you that Tre Mason is better than Todd Gurley 😂😂😂😂
Todd Gurley or Jamis Winston are going to win rookie of the year
Throwback to when 4★ Tarboro RB Todd Gurley committed to University of Georgia…Now hes a great & NFL Pro Bowler h…
do you think this years Todd Gurley is last years Demarco Murray in madden?
Pro Bowl Video: Team Irvin's Russell Wilson finds Todd Gurley, who shrugs off a defender for short TD; live on ESP…
Todd Gurley of the SAINT LOUIS Rams with a touchdown!
Can Newton, Todd Gurley, OBJ, Gronk and I'll just draft Roberto Aguayo outta FSU this year
They did, his name was Herchel Walker, Jerome Bettis, Jamal Anderson, and Todd Gurley just to name a few!
Todd Gurley lands PFWA Rookie of the Year award
Former star Todd Gurley & ex DB Marcus Peters have been named NFL Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Ye…
Todd Gurley (has spectacular rookie season. Feature Story 📰 |
This is what Najee Harris looks like next to Todd Gurley. Harris is only a junior in HS.
I guarantee next years Madden cover athlete is Cam Newton or Todd Gurley
Aaron Donald, Trumaine Johnson and Todd Gurley's national profiles are going to grow ten-fold.
Shout out to Todd Gurley, Devonta Freeman, Jordan Reed, Allen Robinson, Bortles and Macklin for bringing me the championship and 💸💸💸
I'm in dynasty lg, and I'm trying to decide who I should keep Todd Gurley, Antonio Brown or Le' Veon Bell? Any suggestions
If I was doing a Fantasy draft for next season right now, Antonio Brown and Todd Gurley are my top 2 targets.
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