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Todd Glass

Todd Steven Glass (born 1964) is an American stand-up comedian originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Tbt to when I saw Jim Gaffigan and Todd Glass ended up being the opener and I almost cried
Todd Glass is hilarious and his podcast is even better than his stand-up imo, plus his cbb and utu2tm appearances are some of my faves
Lmao. . "Have your black friend Todd over. Say Todd, would you care for a glass of grape juice??"
We will rebuild the glass and make the turkeys pay for it!
My question for them if you are selling a glass cabinet, why don't we see an up close look at…
I have done, currently drinking a large glass of a sugary American drink before going food hunting
I only know two people who like root beer, you and Todd Glass. Which makes me think only the best people like root beer.
1 yr ago the Todd Glass Show had a song on a few eps. It went "bump it, and bump it" I'm trying to find it. Do you remember it?
I asked Todd if he wanted a glass of wine and he said "just a small glass... not those big gulps you've been pouring for yourself"
Read our latest review of that Todd R. left on his purchase of Vivid Aqua Green via
I love you. Your silliness is my favorite. I've listened to your eps on Todd Glass so many times, I can recite in my sleep!
Tickets are selling quick for the big show w Todd Glass May 20 w
this week on the Todd Glass Show we have the best person ever on im so excited to hear it!!!
Doyel: Glass knocks it out of the park with Miller | Todd Walker | 1150 WIMA
joined on 2 Chairs and a Microphone to talk comedy, hecklers and getting hit with shoes:
Todd Glass and Norm MacDonald on a touchy subject via
Norm MacDonald tells Todd Glass his problem with working out
If only we had a glass court . in the meantime Great job again Lewis but.. Congratulations as Sam Todd wins...
"Paul Ryan, the self-described policy wonk..." . Chuck Todd is raking these guys over the glass shards with clips of their own words
Yuh fadda name Pooran (from Pooran Glass on Todd Street, San Fernando). But Clair works good too 🤔
Watching Debate Wars and was wondering if Todd Glass had cancer because he isn't Todd Barry (and I get them mixed up).
.excited for your Special taping of "November 5th" next month at The Improv. I'm there. Front Row!
Get on this people. needs a full season pickup!!! The world needs more Judge Doug Benson & Bailiff To…
Get the best seats, buy your tickets now to see Todd Glass as seen on May20
hey man, love your comedy and everything u do. Just saw get Doug with high. Awesome. Did Todd glass flip a little bit
Todd Leading the how to install glass tile class
My mom: "i got lauren a glass of ice water for her birthday, todd. Whatd you get her?" 😂😂
but not in a glass. Just your pants.
Buy and watch The High Court episodes w/ Todd Glass in them
Hope you brought joy in the world this week!!. Why not reward yourself with a new episode of the Todd Glass Show!!.
.talk a ton of topics from growing up to Veep to Trump &more! https…
If Doug Benson left you alone with Todd and he pulled out some glass would you use it
Doug Benson and Todd glass you won't even get a meal around them
The shattered glass killed all BU momentum.
remember when we blazed w Todd glass and then he pulled us on stage as examples of twinks.
LA Saturday at Nerdmelt: Todd Glass doing and probably finding a creative way to NOT do his list…
Todd Glass and Chef Brian Duffy joined us to discuss... what else... Bar Rescue.
Is it unreasonable to have a crush on the Todd Glass Show's Eric Ohlsen?
A carton of cigarettes, a broken glass pipe & a tire gauge: All found inside a Clarksville man's anal cavity at jail. http…
No story ever started with a glass of water 😂😂
"There is nothing worth standing in line for." - Todd Glass
1/2 priced wines by the glass and Todd Johnson performing. Come out and join us!
I've got a bus loaded with sick kids who can't wait to see Todd Glass film his special!
.completes 4-night stint at Read more from Ed Condran:
I thought Todd G. used a Gino in the 2016 Brewers Cup but your article (and others) say he used a glass Kalita. Am I wrong?
Today we learned why comedian loves Wawa and mops, but doesn't get chainsaws...
Update your maps at Navteq
"Glass ceilings are being broken." Jonna Mendez, former Chief of Disguise on real-life Q.
Todd Glass in an alternate Iranian universe. Iranian Todd Glass!
I want Jason Todd to have warm chocolatey chip cookies freshly baked from the oven and a glass of milk
Agree. Las time I tried watching I almost threw my glass at Chuck Todd.
Go see Delco's own opening for Todd Glass this Fri at Helium. Great guy from a great family
Check out The Todd Glass Situation : A Bunch of Lies about My Personal Life and a Bunch of
TONIGHT! Join us at 6 PM for refreshments, a glass of wine, and "Addressing Homeless by Design"—a talk by Todd...
You're so glass half empty. Don't take this away from me.
welcome to Todd glass gets kinda high and really yell-y
He's here and he'll be flowing funny all weekend at Todd, Todd Glass. Ohhh, Todd, Todd Glas…
When the evening glass-off means you can't help but surf into dark. and friends, Mexico. Photo: Todd Glas…
when I saw you at baltimore comedy factory in Nov you talked about doing a call in sick with Todd Glass. That still a thing?
channeling Todd Glass, Marc Maron, Scott Aukerman in doing his stamps . com ad. You *** . *** you're funny
Comedy Bang Bang is great. Improv 4 humans is fantastic. Anything with Todd Glass or Paul F. Tompkins.
A new favorite: Todd Glass by Paul Mecurio - 2 Chairs And A Microphone on
Little Giant Ladders
Tomorrow night, VAN JAM is back with a pretty insane line-up including Adam DeVine, Todd Glass, Ian Edwards, Matt...
I added a video to a playlist Bonnie McFarlane & Todd Glass | Getting Doug with High
Todd Glass looks like he's gonna scream at me
my favs are the one's w Greg Proops, Ron Funches, James Adomian, Todd Glass, Kevin Smith, Ngaio Bealum, etc.
New episodes will drop on Mondays. We're not on at the same time as Todd Glass, so you can tune in to us!
J. Michael Tatum was in the 6th movie, too?? And Caitlyn Glass. And Todd Haberkorn.
Todd behind glass, playing hot slide licks on his reso, to the HSB track, "You Better Come Clean."
Stop by TODD ENGLISH P.U.B. today from 3PM-6PM for our incredible Happy Hour. We’ve got $4 a glass wines and half...
Enjoy Todd English P.U.B.'s Happy Hour from 3PM-6PM .$4 wines by the glass half off selected pints!
You are everything that's good about comedy. Your podcast makes my Friday. If there was a Todd Glass Truman Show, I'd be homeless
Todd Glass attacks audience member (heckler) at show in Toronto. Comedian Todd ...
ok, I forgot to say so far but I love all of the guest for sure Todd Glass is another one of my favorite
.one of the many wine choices available at Todd English P.U.B.Enjoy a glass today!
Todd's breakfast~ a yogurt and glass of milk. Then 4 flowers. 💐😐
Just saw on Congrats to him. Glad he didn't stop and say "You're on Todd Glass' Awful Prank Show!"
Meet Black Singles 300x250
As if me and Todd got glass bottles thrown at us last night😂
"Todd is an Instagram model with a glass eye!". "Oh, I didn't know you were gonna read that out loud..."
Todd Glass's idea- could someone send me a pic. Of my childhood home? Last saw in '03. (Goleta, Ca. 25 Mendocino dr. 93111 or 93117) PLEASE!
today's Todd Glass Show is just shy of 4 hours long and I am thrilled
first of all...big fan. Can we get "Todd Glass Show kind of day" jingle more often? Listening to the old shows and having a blast
on the latest episode of the Todd Glass Show, who sings that "I Want to Hold Your Hand" cover??
just seen on that Todd glass is *** Take him off your show. There's only enough room for one fa…
Friday night on my Todd. Bag of nuts and a glass of white. It's like being back at uni. Except central heating.
come makeout with me bring Todd Glass to commentate
University of Santa Barbara I will be performing with Todd Glass Saturday at Laughology. Free for the public and the students.
Todd Glass' neck is funnier than his comedy
The lesions have nothing to do with that glass allegedly hitting you. Watch the tape Todd. I have to fast forward Christy😡
A lot goes into crafting the and glass display. Enough to make your TV jealous.
WATCH: Debunking stereotypes with comedians &
, broken glass shards are in the bike lane just north of Greensboro & Todd st.
You and Todd Glass talked about your one man shows from back in the day. Any way you guys post those videos.
Todd Glass already tried this, it didn't work out
Todd Glass is just a funny, funny man. He's just so awesome!
Up watchin Todd glass comedy routines this dude is a classic...history channel was gettin too deep into ancient...
I love Chelsea Peretti , her home shopping skit on the Todd Glass podcast had me crying
I love Greg. Paul F. Tompkins, John Hamm, Janet Varney, Todd Glass. You are right, no bad ones.
Todd Glass is going to stop using this paper soon.
He also did awesome episodes of the Todd Glass Show, EPs 17, 37, 102,103, and 129. Highly recommend! :)
Hope u do another show at Largo in LA, U were making Todd Glass lose it at the Doug Benson N friends show LOL!
I have opened for Todd Glass, Brody Stevens and Gilbert Gottfried, to name a few. Have a look. . .
great job on the Todd Glass Show, loved the bit they played about the tree giving you a leaf as a ticket.
A recent study finds that drinking a glass of scotch daily reduces your risk of giving a crap.
I added a video to a playlist Todd Glass GOES OFF on a heckler
Glass of rose wine with berries, melon, grapes and ice on grunge rusty metal background by Anna Ivanova http…
Jake, I loved your work backstage during Todd Glass' performance of "Bing Bong" in 2012. Congratulations on all your success
Hamilton Collection
pour yourself a glass of wine and sit back to watch the trailer for Todd Haynes' CAROL:
Explosion in a glass by Arnold Matusz … http…
Work in progress... Todd is drawing some new artwork on our glass board. Looks amazing already!
I wouldn't drink a glass of either of them
Is that the Blu? I actually kinda miss seeing the reflection of the glass...
I would, but I only like my Jimmy Dore with some Todd Glass.
Todd Duffee has a glass jaw. I think it's time for him to retire.
Todd: Are you gonna serve me?. Sean: I'll smash the glass over your head •
Its time for bulletproof glass at places like this and armed guards at entrances to bases worldwide
This week, the Show presents the After Show from the Anthiny Jeselnik episode...
When clinking glasses with others while saying 'Cheers!' the drink from each glass should spill into the other.
btw I blew off an opportunity to see a show w/ Peppitone, Andy Kindler and Todd Glass last week. Kinda hate myself now.
.& Eatery has Farmers Market til 7:30; Farm-To-Table menu, 1/2 price wine by the glass. Live music with Todd Cutshaw at 7:30.
Todd Duffee's glass is made entirely of jaw.
Thanks for putting me in such heady company Except for Todd glass
KO! Frank Mir obliterates Todd Duffee with one-punch knockout in UFC Fight Night main event.
Todd Duffee has a Glass Jaw...anybody remember
Warren and bring it back into focus
This is what happens when a seal runs into glass.
Congrats to Frank Mir. Todd Duffee, just quit. You have no talent, just swing and pray. Also, your jaw is literal glass.
I am happy for Frank, but Todd Duffee may be the least talented fighter in the UFC. Also his jaw is made of actual glass.
todd like lesnar, glass jaw. Got a good one on mir but was still wobbly from the first combos
Frank Mir on Todd Duffee: "He’s like a glass cannon. You hit him – he’s going to fall apart.”
Chef Todd's grilled cheese and a glass of wine at Tarpy's Roadhouse!
Chef Todd grilled cheese and a glass of wine! Yum!
Listened to Todd Glass from heard you on
Labour has stepped through the looking glass, says
Anyway you can bring back Todd Glass' Awful Prank Show? I mean, it wasn't funny, but I'm sure he could use the work...
.comes to the showroom for a new edition of The Show!
Sugared Linz biscuit with peach marmalade with a glass of milk i by Luka M http…   10% Off
that's what he has in the books, right? Todd's costume in a glass case held up. It always weirded me out as a memento
This made me lol on the bus and now I am embarrassed episode:
Saw Todd Glass perform tonight. All I could think about was his inability to pass during the live taping with You always pass.
Shout out to the unsung heroes of this retired couple next to me during Todd glass that shared their pretzel bites
saw him again at Todd Glass' show and he did Bernie Sanders
Come on, We all know that Todd Glass gets Laid off His comedy way more than Jay ever has. .
Todd Glass is talking Jerry Seinfeld and I am in love now thanks bye.
two shows in two nights are you crazy? ready to see Todd Glass and friends
And I'm thinking of going to Todd Glass' show tonight
In my dream, some1 needed a Todd Glass impersonation. Did a perf Ira Glass, then did a Todd perfectly too, so yeah I listen to podcasts.
Todd Glass gave me a cookie last night, you ***
20% off w promo code 'MAGIC20' Learn to make handblown glass beads w an expert glassblower!
And a suggested Jason Todd moment with the Robin suit in glass.
I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe. The Todd Glass Show is the best.
Anthony Jeselnick talking to a sick kid:. “You’re a sick child, who do you think has a better future, you or Todd Glass?”
One of those days. 😫 Now for my second glass of wine of the night and some Sweeney Todd!! 🍷👍🏻
Todd Glass Mann is playing for Reno, he was a Hillsboro Hop
The Robin costume behind the glass. Nice references to Todd hopefully? Sowing the seeds for future clashes with the Joker.
Aspects I did like about the trailer was easter eggs like Jason Todd's Robin costume in the glass cabinet. A nice nod.
"..iIt [Norton] was dark..earthy..something wild..alive in the glass" Todd Kilman "The Wild Vine"
The Glass Bottom Boat by Todd Donnelly from "Warm Weather Music"- Listen: - iTunes:
Wait, what's the SKELETON CREW connection to WIZARD AND GLASS? "Mrs. Todd's Shortcut"?
Nothing too in depth, just a good reference to start with. Thanks yo! P.S. Pete Holmes and Todd Glass-same show ;)
90 min of Todd Glass, Eric Andre, Sarah Silverman, and Brian Posehn on :D Todd "fights", Eric losing it.
Aaron Lewis doing a podcast all about Todd Glass. He's calling it Glass Staind, because he's not very clever.
your brief Norm MacDonald impression at the top of the Todd Glass Show had me laughing out loud by myself. Great stuff James
Its impossible for me to listen to any episode of the Todd Glass Show w/ on without pausing so I dont scream laugh in the office
it's the one with Todd Glass and like Emily Heller i think it's so funny lol that show is too good
Todd Glass, definitely. Murray Hill? And it'd be tremendous if you could land Rip Taylor.
Just watched the Sarah Silverman-Todd Glass episode of Getting High...Loved it
I'd like to spark up with Ron Funches, Doug Benson, Harris Wittels, Sarah Silverman, Joey Diaz and Todd Glass. Life goals here.
Todd Glass talking about getting these pictures with Harry
My little Christmas gift to you, Baybee! The Best of...Me! w/ Roy Wood Jr., Henry Phillips and Todd Glass. Enjoy.
hi, should I be worried that these spots don't disappear when I do the glass test?
Three offensive rebounds and Josh Gasser nails a 3. Marquette just can't compete with UW's height on the glass.
Hi, got these spots on my arm that don't disappear under a glass, wondered if they're of concern?
Happy Birthday Todd! Pop in for a glass of something if you're in town>>
Listening to Staind Glass. a podcast about the band Staind w/ Todd Glass . laughing so hard: so dumb I love it!
I enjoy Todd Glass because he doesn't have any interest in being cool
First Stephen Glass, now UVA story, man I now question whether you're really a migratory rock at all!
Artist Todd Robinson has brought some of his beautiful glass art pieces in. Come on in and see this new stock...
Touché. I had just assumed that you were a better glass minder than Billy C.
Shouldn't people be *happy* that young women aren't being gang raped on broken glass as part of fraternity initiations…
Patton Oswalt is this week's guest on The Show!
hey check it out, I pulled/edited some audio from today's Todd Glass Show
Google asked singer to make her advert no less than 3 times:
Kiss the Show on the lips! Ep. w/ will change you. Laughing til you cry for 2 hrs does that
todd glass on his podcast has a computer TTS voice read mitch jokes and its very funny. he also does them in his Rodney Dfield voice
Personally, I think Nigel Farage should sit in a corner. A corner that's on fire, and full of broken glass and rusty nails.
CLUTCH. MT closes out with a layup high off the glass, lifting to 5th straight win:
Try it at home! Balancing a nickel & forks on a glass due to an unusual center of mass
Ever wonder what sound waves etched on glass looks like? Deb Todd Wheeler at Miller Tezerski Gallery…
But without it we would know she molested a child. Glass half full, Todd... :)
Ever wondered how to replace a pane of glass? Here are some handy hints on how to do it .
Think the next thing that will go in the glass will be Egg Nog.
"Dang girl, do you use Windex on your glass slippers, cuz I can totally see myself in them." -Failed attempt to pick up Cinderella
Todd Glass doesn't know much about U2
Thanks =) I hope you do the Todd Glass Show again, loved the last one.
Still can't get over seeing show Saturday it was too funny😂👌 plus I though Todd glass would come out and trol everyone Lol
I liked a video Was It Better Back In The Day? with Todd Glass
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Currently eating Oreos with a glass of milk and I don't think I could be happier
This could be good fodder for the next episode of Staind Glass with Todd Glass
“Club goin up on Tuesday let's have a glass. For Todd.
If your tea looks like the one on the right please stop wasting teabags and have a glass of milk instead
Todd Lowery Glass expects double digit growth in 2015
He tapped his foot on the glass ceiling to get Todd's attention
all fixed KP. Like driving on glass now!
We were told you were asleep. Are you getting a glass of warm milk?
Sarah Silverman & Todd Glass | Getting Doug with …: I really want to get high with them. I'm crying XD
Todd visits his real family for a holiday special on The Show!
Make a gift to give your special someone this holiday season! Sculpt Glass into Custom Art
5am potty break. SOMEONE (Todd) put the lid down on the toilet causing me to almost fall. Then back to bed I knocked my glass of water over.
Todd Glass and Joey Coco Diaz are the 2 comedians I most want to be friends with You are hilarious! thx
Hodgson on England's win: "This was a real goldfish bowl under the magnifying glass tonight."
Listening to the Todd Glass podcast. 5 minutes in I've been creeped out, educated, and I laughed until I almost peed.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Todd Glass just talked more on a phoner than fez in a decade
I'm giving myself a rest 50 hours plus on my Todd this week chick :-/ you enjoy I'll be raising my glass to you 😉😉 Xxx
Why so absent lately on the podcast front? (Seems like we last heard you on the Todd Glass Show and then...)
good point. I'll raise a glass to Todd Haley overusing Le'veon Bell tonight. 🙏
Richard Simmons after he's not been seen in public for a YEAR:
I have this idea that all of Todd Glass's material is solely about different types of service dogs being trained to walk on their hind legs.
Huge bummer: Mad T Party, only truly bizarre thing in Disneyland, closing November 30
Catch and at starting this Thursday!
Finally having some freedom from the fairies Todd went to granny's ordering a burger and a glass of lemonade. He sat in the way back -
hey Todd, a glass of wine from time to time is definitely not bad. Don't underestimate the power of water though ;)
hey Is "The Todd Glass Situation" the type of book one could read while at their night job? i think it is, but what's your take?
you almost killed your cat with shards of glass. I've never seen a cat run so fast in my life 😂😂
“If you're insomniac, have a glass of raw lemon juice or a spoon of honey before sleeping, this will improve your sleep!”
Just sat on a glass table and it shattered 😊👌
They say these two statues have been here for years and also Todd Glass is one of my favorite human…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Todd Glass is the funniest comedian 😂
It was a great privilege to see Todd Gurley play in his last game as a Dawg and beat Auburn
🎶 It's the Todd Glass Show so let kiss on the lips🎶. 👄! Thanks for the license to be silly. Love the podcast..
You and Todd Glass have great chemistry; I love him too, he makes you look like the Dalai Lama. I gotta catch up on episodes
you could bring a tear to a glass eye Todd Martin
Louis CK, Jimmy Pardo, Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins, Todd Glass, Matt Besser... The list goes on and on
Auburn is on Todd Gurley like white on rice on a paper plate with a glass of milk in a snowstorm.
stones, glass houses, etc. You're 100 pounds overweight
can’t believe I got to see Todd Glass for $5 at little mountain what
Last night at "Jokes, Please" I watched KILLING by just reading the phone book and TODD FREAKING GLASS for $5!!!
I hope you Get Doug with High again. I'd like to see you and Todd Glass on there together.
to do today: Just for Laughs Tour at the Orpheum at 8pm, features comedians Demetri Martin, Jon Dore, Levi MacDougall & Todd Glass
my dad prides himself for being the man who Todd Glass said "had the most expressive laugh he's ever heard"
4 of 5 stars to The Todd Glass Situation by Todd Glass
I think this might have been on a Todd Glass podcast at some stage. The fun starts about a minute in:
*** Todd. I need a magnifying glass for that thing. Tweezers, too.
PD clarifying DeMaio accuser Todd Bosnitch arrested for allegedly pushing &throwing glass at his mom&disabling her phone…
I have had my phone for not even I month and already manage to crack my glass screen protectors in two spots and crack my case 👍👍👍
Is the glass half full or half empty? Find out in Todd's message from this evening.
Seeing you 2 try to reproduce an episode of the Todd Glass Show might be worth the $3k
Dimitri Martin, Jon Dore, Levi MacDougall, Todd Glass are at the Empress RIGHT NOW! I am in comedy heaven and...
My girl just took me to see Dimitri Martin with John Dore, Todd Glass, and Levi McDougal. Funny as *** Thank Jen :-)
Todd Glass from DC Improv will be dropping by our FREE COMEDY SHOW tonite at Topaz 8pm. Hope you can join us!...
thanks for the heads up on the Todd Glass Show. Had me rolling today
Welcome New WTFer. Faves so far: Louis CK, Michael Keaton, Fiona Apple, Todd Glass but they're ALL good.
Todd Glass' awful prank show is hilarious
'I would like to say 'partner in crime' and our crime is we disobey a fake god'- Todd Glass about his boyfriend on The Daily Show.
Todd Glass busting out of the shed on the Daily Show!!! :D \o/ Thanks for coming out!
Relistening to episode 155 of the Todd Glass Show just to hear sing!
Todd Glass visits “The Daily Show” to talk about busting out of the shed via
Watching The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: and OMG Todd Glass is *** !! And his name is Todd Glass!!!
True story: the night of Todd Glass' appearance on on he brought an ice cream truck.
Todd Glass on the Meltdown tonight, and the Daily Show tomorrow. THANK YOU.
In this caustic comedy special, veteran stand-up quipster Todd Glass makes audiences howl with his take on some of society's unspoken "rules," from complimenting kids to giving directions.
It was a delight. Try the Todd Glass special when you get a chance.
Happy belated to Erin Glass and Todd Martin!!! A fabulous cinema wedding and an even more fabulous reception. Good times...
Sometimes you find the perfect bartender. So far he poured me a double of Johnny Blue, taught me to make a rocks glass with the bottle.
- Remember Todd those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. UR need for attention is pretty pathetic!
Giving away: 1 ticket for Todd Glass tonight, 8:00PM at Irvine Spectrum Improv
Hey i just want you to know that Barnes & Noble has "The Todd Glass Situation" in the Cultural Studies section. makes sense to me
"I used to think, you know, pee stink, but... ssh *sips from martini glass full of *** " wow todd you're an animal
Todd Glass's awful prank show always gets me
Good thing that happened today: Todd packed me a lunch
Todd glass mentioned Preston and Steve on getting Doug with high
Todd Glass' awful prank show is my favorite.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
“camp: Percy Harvin limps off. Moving slowly.”he's glass!
Listening to Getting Doug with High (EP 42 Todd Glass - Getting Doug with High)
Congratulations to Todd for his first places in the Men's Iron sight class and the Men's glass sight class at the...
Maybe Todd glass can get me a suburu
Do people ever confuse you with Todd Glass?
Glass Houses Todd RT"It is a very selfish act you're not thinking about your family your friends or your fans"
Like you helped Dana Plato right Todd?? I see you throwing stones inside your glass house. Or is that a glass pipe still Todd?
MOVING TIP MONDAY-. Broken glass is the last thing you want to worry about during a move! Use Styrofoam plates...
That glass about sign-language video was one of the best ads I've seen in a while. Grabbed the heart!
I'd love to smash Todd Grimshaw over the head with a bottle of Oasis. You know, the old glass ones.
Todd J.'s Review of Patriot Auto Glass - Ashburn (4/5) on Yelp: Patriot installed a new windshield for me. The...
Todd Glass seemed so nice on The Meltdown. He's going on the Comedy Dads list.
Just listening to an episode of "good drummers" I would be very weirded out going to one of Todd Glass's parties
You hardly see Ralph Garmin and Todd Glass in the same room together.
todd just taught me the "proper" way to pour beer into a glass. apparently I was doing it wrong
we're bug fans of I Seem Fun, so some of our other suggestions might be right up your alley. listen to the Todd Glass Show?
Comedian Todd Glass sits down with Conan. Did you know that he produced Tosh.0? Watch the interview here:
Both my parents+ sides of my family are beautiful. But I get these cheekbones from my Todd side. I swear, Metis cheekbones can cut glass! :D
Come on down to Brews Brothers, Galveston, 24th and Strand, share a glass and some palaver with me. Now, and for...
I feel like I know to much about Todd Glass now ;)
Todd's going to have to slice open the middle of my foot with a razor to get the piece of glass out.
But Todd Glass willl be here... in October. I hate this place.
Watching "Sweeney Todd" with a glass of Fanta o life is good
“Daniel Kinno returns for more on The Todd Glass Show!
Finally finished The Todd Glass Situation. I seriously encourage everyone to read it. You can borrow my copy. So inspirational. 👍
Todd glass awful prank show is gold 😂😂
.Is the voice you do to play your girlfriend on Todd Glass Show inspired by The Cheat from HomestarRunner? because quite similar
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