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Todd Frazier

Todd B. Frazier (born February 12, 1986 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey) is a Major League Baseball infielder/outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds.

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Can someone help me? Please, I'm desperate. I'm dying to know why *** Girardi is playing horrible Todd Frazier instead of Ronald Torreyes.
Ronald Torreyes hitting .302, so Todd Frazier should be benched, but that affects 1B. Plus, Aaron Judge is resting.
Alex Wilson throws at and misses Todd Frazier and gets two games. Dellin betances throws at and hits James McCann in the head, gets nothing
Alex Wilson fully admitted his beaning of Todd Frazier was intentional. Unconcerned about punishment from "It's not…
RBI single for Big Toe scores Todd Frazier lead 8-0. Sounds like the fans are doing the Wave at Comerica Park.
Todd Frazier again with a Bucky dent homerun
Todd Frazier has now homered in four of his last five games at Fenway Park.
HR in each of 1st 2 games as a Yankee at Fenway Park:. Todd Frazier. Graig Nettles (1973)
Todd Frazier is the worst Yankees trade deadline acquisition since Ivan Rodriguez
Chance Adams please.and while we’re at it, get Miguel Andujar back up here. Todd Frazier is a joke.
Why is Todd Frazier still on the field? Useless.
Todd Frazier just cost the Yankees 5 runs and maybe their season. Symbolic
If Yaz happened to be at Wrigley Field nursing an injured Todd Frazier back to health, Hawk Harrelson would be there in the blink of an eye.
If Brian Cashman even flirts with the idea of brining Todd Frazier back next season, I'm going to puke.
Tigers closer Shane Greene will face Matt Holliday, Chase Headley and Todd Frazier with a 2-0 lead in 9th.
Hawk left the booth to check on Todd Frazier.
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Hawk leaving the booth mid-inning last year to check on Todd Frazier's well being is sneaky the funniest thing he's ever d…
Yankees add Todd Frazier, David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle, Jaime Garcia, Sonny Gray . and give up only 1 top-50 prospect (B.…
What's it like to play for a team you grew up idolizing? asked Todd Frazier in this Player Profile.
Todd Frazier faced Jaime Garcia in the NL. Said he is a crafty lefty who hides the ball well, adds veteran presence. "He's a…
Todd Frazier's hat is straight fire🔥🔥🔥
.is following me. I REPEAT TODD FRAZIER is following me!!
Todd Frazier hits into a triple play in his first at-bat with NY at Yankee Stadium
Todd Frazier's first homer as a Yankee ⚾️
Really? Ill wait the week for Rosario rather than have Todd Frazier in my lineup.
Todd Frazier hits first home run as a Yankee, but he doesn't get the ball back
I think the Yankees are only in on Wilson so Boston doesn't get him. Same deal with Todd Frazier
Oh right.. I forgot Todd Frazier is a Yankee now 😂
If the Red Sox successfully acquire Todd Frazier, I never want to hear a Red Sox fan complain about the Yankees buying…
When Pat and Ron were talking about the triple play Todd Frazier hit in to this reminded me of this unusual play
Things I learned today:. 1. Montgomery's knowledge of Pokemon is impressive. 2. Todd Frazier's walk up music is Fly Me to the Moon.
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cut Todd Frazier trumbo Gurriel or Amed Rosario in points league
Former player, Todd Frazier was traded from to
Yea... Home cooking always gives some inspiration... Todd Frazier calls first Yankee home run 'memorable' via
From earlier today, sorts through all the moving parts in the Frazier/Robertson/Kahnle trade:
'The Toddfather!' Frazier hits 1st HR as Yankee. Sent with At Bat.
There's audio of Stone defending Kris Bryant last season, after Hawk said Todd Frazier…
"He is the Toodfather. In Todd we trust." -- The John Sterling call for Todd Frazier's HR
Just heard Sterling's call for Todd Frazier's first Yankee home run.
Never forget when Hawk Harrelson left the booth to check on Todd Frazier
Here's your John Sterling home run call for Todd Frazier:. "He is the Toddfather. In Todd we trust."
Yankee Vlog 12: Todd Frazier first homer as a Yankee: via
A look at Todd Frazier, Little League legend from NJ to a Yankee
They had to stand in line behind 28 other teams. Todd Frazier hit into triple play yesterday ... but stil…
Considering that was never his nickname and Todd Frazier always had that, this is incorrect
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Todd Frazier's first home at-bat at Yankee Stadium... could've gone a little better
sny​.tv >> Todd Frazier calls first Yankee home run 'memorable'
Whoever caught Todd Frazier's first Yankees home run refused to give it back. "I don't think we're getting it. I wish I did."
Todd Frazier calls first Yankee home run 'memorable'
Red Sox missed out on Todd Frazier, but plenty of options remain via
Only problem with Todd Frazier's moment: Retrieving the ball
Before Todd Frazier hit into one tonight, the last run-scoring triple play in was by Kenji Johjima on 5/27/2006.…
Well... if anyone is gonna put the nail in our coffin, I'm glad Todd Frazier was that guy.
Todd Frazier's first at-bat vs. his old club was memorable ... but not in a good way.
Of course the Reds first Triple Play since 1995 is Todd Frazier's first home at-bat for the Yankees. What are the odds?!…
Coincidence that Todd Frazier's first home run in pinstripes landed by the Rutgers sign? 🤔
one last Zimmer ? for u. Him or Todd Frazier at DH in points league? Thanks, can't wait for Tuesday
The amount of times people say "Hometown Boy Todd Frazier" lol you'd think he grew up in the actual Bronx. Guy's from freaking Toms River 😂
Wire: Bryce Harper wants to be in the 2018 Home Run Derby because of Todd Frazier
Sullivan: Baseball, life finally collide as Toms River's Todd Frazier comes home - Asbury Park Press
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Todd Frazier's cool factor went up. He has a Frank Sinatra walkup song.. but not nearly as cool as the TRIPLE PLAY he just…
Todd Frazier will join the Jeff Weaver section of Monument Park
Assuming this gets Todd Frazier an automatic place in Monument Park. Or was that just for getting dressed?.
Nice hitting by Didi & Matt Holliday put runners on 1 & 2. Headley singles to load the bases. Let's see what Todd Frazier will do.
Check out this article from Asbury Park Press:. Toms River invades Yankee Stadium for Todd Frazier debut...
we were better off with Garrett Cooper at 1st and Headley at 3rd. stick a fork in Todd Frazier.
James Van Der Beek kinda looks like Todd Frazier, Garrett Cooper, Michael Kay and David Cone all had a love child
Edwin Diaz will come in to close it out for the He'll face Didi Gregorius, Todd Frazier, and Garrett Cooper here in the 9th.
Tell me again why Garrett Cooper’s development has to be impeded so the can play Todd Frazier, an automatic out?
Anderson and Todd Frazier were/are very close. Anderson called Frazier the "voice of the locker room" and said he learned a lot from him.
White Sox SS Tim Anderson already misses Todd Frazier's guidance:. "I learned so much from him."…
Tim Anderson talked a bit about life without his old locker neighbor Todd Frazier
Back in 1998, a very young Todd Frazier was honored at old Yankee Stadium. . Now, he'll be wearing pinstripes.
Joe Girardi says Chase Headley will take a crash course at first base. Todd Frazier will play third base.
Chase Headley sitting there while Todd Frazier is introducing himself to everyone
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Haven't see Chase Headley welcome Todd Frazier in dugout yet...
How Yankees trade for Todd Frazier will affect Chase Headley
. Todd Frazier > Chase Headley. David Robertson > Tyler Clippard. Lol it was a great trade.
Two things about Todd Frazier. 1: Chase Headley had a game-winning hit in his first game as a Yankee after arriving late. Just saying.
Joe Girardi wouldn’t say who is playing 1B and who is playing 3B between Todd Frazier & Chase Headley. Neither player is in the lineup today
Todd Frazier is worse than Chase Headley why is everyone gassin him up
Todd Frazier is Chase Headley with a little more power! K's like 3 t…
Live look at Chase Headley when he gets home tonight and finds out Todd Frazier has his job
Chase Headley and Todd Frazier both expected to split time at both corner infield positions while in pinstripes, pe…
send 3 prospects to for David Robertson, Todd Frazier and Tommy Kahnle
Yankees acquire Todd Frazier, David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle from White Sox for prospects
Yanks get Todd Frazier from White Sox for '16 first-rounder Blake Rutherford - via
JUST IN: the Yankees acquire Todd Frazier, David Robertson & Tommy Kahnle from the White Sox for 3 prospects and Tyler Clippa…
WhiteSox trade Todd Frazier, David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle to the Yankees for Blake Rutherford, Clarkin, Tito Polo, &…
8 PM: "Todd Frazier-to-Deal Reportedly Close". 12 AM: "Todd Frazier, David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle are all headed to
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Yankees trade Blake Rutherford and more to White Sox for Todd Frazier, David Robertson, &…
Trade Rumors: Yankees close to trade for David Robertson, Todd Frazier and Tommy Kahnle
Yankees land David Robertson, Todd Frazier in 7-player deal with White Sox: What it means
.w/all the latest on the potential Yankees/White Sox trade involving Todd Frazier & David Robertson.
Yankees acquire Todd Frazier and David Robertson in 7-player deal with White Sox
Todd Frazier is heading to the Yankees!.
Breaking: The Yankees acquired third baseman Todd Frazier and relievers David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle from the White S…
I swear to god if the Yankees deplete the farm system for Lucas Duda, Addison Reed, Todd Frazier and David Robertson I'm ri…
Todd Frazier a healthy scratch from the lineup .? Boston appears close to getting him and David Robertson Money appears…
Todd Frazier can come into the right field stands and give me a hug.
The word is out that the deal for Todd Frazier and Robertson will be finalized after the White Sox game tonight! Yes!
Another thing to consider: Todd Frazier's OPS vs LHP is .818 this season. Chase Headley's OPS vs LHP is .534. Possible platoon in the works?
If the Yankees get Todd Frazier I'm going to be pumped
are discussing a deal with the White Sox that could land Todd Frazier and David Robertson in New York.
White Sox reportedly close to dealing Frazier: Todd Frazier could be headed to the Bronx. D..
New York reportedly close to acquiring Todd Frazier.
Heyman | Yankees nearing deal to acquire Todd Frazier from White Sox
If cash pulled a trade like headley for todd Frazier and drob i swear to god I would fly to him and lick his taint after a treadmill workout
Todd Frazier means less Chase Headley which is just the best in my book
Can confirm that as of right now the Yankees are *significantly* closer to Todd Frazier than the Red Sox
If that is the market price for rental bats right now, Todd Frazier should cost the Red Sox a half-eaten hot dog.
Yankees close to adding Todd Frazier and his .207 avg. Because Chris Carter and .201 avg just wasn't cutting it...
Kevin Shattenkirk is a New York Ranger. Todd Frazier is a New York Yankee. Jeff Gorton and Brian Cashman have done the Lord's work😍🙌🏼
Red Sox, White Sox in talks on Todd Frazier deal, per
BREAKING: SEND Todd Frazier & David Robertson to & for George Ruth and Will Hunting per
BREAKING NEWS; Todd Frazier has been scratched from the White Sox lineup.
Todd Frazier has played 94 career games at 1B. Started 36 games there in 2012 and 37 in 2014.
Todd Frazier next to Jeter in 1998. Really hoping these trade rumors are true, New Jersey native this was meant to…
The Yankees are outscoring opponents 6-0 since the Todd Frazier news was announced.
Yanks are closing in on a trade with the White Sox for David Robertson, Todd F…
Todd Frazier seems to be running away from having to play against the reds ever again.
Todd Frazier is chris Carter light. No thanks.
You really want Todd Frazier? Look at his numbers, he's like a white 3B version of Carter Rober…
Problem with Todd Frazier.You're getting Cris Carter's batting average...with a couple more homeruns
Todd Frazier just really likes hugs
Teams are fighting for & about to give up prospects for a guy hitting .207 in Todd Frazier. Start hitting HRs, kids.
I would have acquired Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez in any trade for Todd Frazier. Read Art of the Deal. I'm a tremendous negotiator.
The Red Sox are gonna miss on Todd Frazier, but are considering every other 3B in the league besides Travis Shaw. https…
Why isn't Todd Frazier just hugging two people an inning?
Yankees are in talk to acquire Todd Frazier , by any means, I hope the trade goes through⚙️
Yanks in talks with White Sox to land Todd Frazier, David Robertson
So what happens at 3b is the Yankees get Todd Frazier?
Rick Hahn while the Red Sox and Yankees try to outbid each other for Todd Frazier
Source confirms: the Red Sox are not about to land Todd Frazier.
Todd Frazier is hitting just .207 this season. But he does have 16 home runs. Also, he can play first base and isn't Chri…
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Can't wait to see didis emoji for Todd Frazier
White Sox close to dealing Robertson, Frazier, Kahnle to Yankees via
Former Todd Frazier appears to be headed to New York.
Per : After a bad start (.634 OPS and 4 HR in 35G), Todd Frazier has an .861 OPS and 12 HR in his past 46G.
I could see Robertson coming back briefly, I would like that actually, but Todd Frazier, doesn't make…
Yankees finalizing trade for Todd Frazier, two others from White Sox, reports say
Please don't sell the farm for Todd Frazier
Yankees nearing deal for David Robertson and Todd Frazier
Todd Frazier is batting. .207 . And David Robertson is overrated. This trade would be a disaster
How many people just downloaded this picture ready for a possible Todd Frazier to the trade?
Seeing Todd Frazier hugging and shaking hands in dugout is a sure fire sign of a trade. Stay tuned to
If Todd Frazier (goes to the as I turn 29 in a couple hours, I'll consider it a net gain!
After rumours he was joining the Red Sox and Yankees, Todd Frazier has been picked up by the Houston Rockets.
nearing deal to acquire Frazier, Robertson and Kahnle from per
However, I saw "Frazier for Robertson and Kahnle" and Assumed Clint. Now I see it's Todd going TO the Y…
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The Yankees will very soon have Todd Frazier, Clint Frazier, and Frasier Crane
[NBC Sports: Hardball Talk] Report: Red Sox in talks with the White Sox about Todd Frazier, David Robertson
Todd Frazier scratched from the lineup tonight vs the Will his socks be red by night's end?…
Todd Frazier (48) has twice as many walks as anyone else on the White Sox. Melky Cabrera next with 24.
The are reportedly ‘moving closer’ to acquiring 3B Todd Frazier from the White Sox. https:/…
The moving closer to acquiring 3B Todd Frazier. Be interesting if Boston can get David Robertson as set…
Todd Frazier's batted ball profile overlaid on Fenway Park is... appealing.
Hoffman walks Todd Frazier for the second time tonight.
I think I've become too obsessed with Todd Frazier and Melky Cabrera's trade value. Every at bat is a struggle for me
Mike - are you just here to "harrass" American League Central Chicago White Sox Franchise 3B Todd Frazier on here
Todd Frazier and Derek Holland are WAY too good at this wrestling thing. . (📹:
Todd Frazier's first inning HR was the 83rd HR hit at Guaranteed Rate Field this season (Sox and opponents combined)
You know, GM Jed Hoyer could call up or meet GM Rick Hahn Dwntn for dinner & talk about acquiring Todd Frazier w/ Bryant out
We need to trade Todd Frazier and Jose Quintana at the deadline please
White Sox dugout has become too dangerous for Todd Frazier
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Jose Quintana and Todd Frazier for Rio Ruiz Lucas Sims Jace Peterson Mauricio Cabrera and Matt Wisler who says no
Oh believe me I know. I was 11-1 with my 12 game being Andrew Miller and Todd Frazier blas…
Is 3B Todd Frazier still a desirable trade target? Should he be? Who wants him?. From
Todd Frazier jokes White Sox should have worn taped-up jerseys to greet Chris Sale
Cardinals passed on Rick Porcello, Todd Frazier, and Josh Donaldson to draft Pete Kozma.
Fantasy MLB: Eric Karabell, Tristan Cockcroft on next Brian Dozier, concerns for Anthony Rendon and Todd Frazier; …
Per the Red Sox have been scouting Jose Quintana and other White Sox players. Todd Frazier, I'm assumi…
We're at a stalemate. He wants Danny Duffy for Todd Frazier. I offered Taijuan Walker. Also offered D…
[The Score] Watch: Todd Frazier sneaks home when Padres don't call time
WATCH: third baseman Todd Frazier tags up and scores from 3rd...on a sacrifice bunt? On a sacrifice bunt!
Todd Frazier found his inner AJ Pierzynski, racing home while the Padres were napping. No timeout was called. Frazier scored. 5-3 White Sox.
Todd Frazier does absolutely nothing for Sox. Can't hit or field. Trade him for a bag peanuts.
Don't count out the White Sox to one-up the Twins. Tim Anderson singles to left. Todd Frazier tries to go 1st-to-3rd and thrown out easily.
That's right, the only 2 guys of 147 TBF to barrel Vargas are Matt Davidson and Todd Frazier.
with all the bumps and bruises. Todd Frazier scratched. Nate Jones to the DL.
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Andrew Jackson, who died 143 years before Pete Kozma was born, saw him coming. Would have drafted Todd Frazier instead!
what to do with Todd Frazier? And offered Ryan Zimmerman for Nelson Cruz, thoughts?
Was just offered Todd Frazier for my Michael Brantley. Categories are R H HR RBI SB BB K AVG OPS
This is Matt Davidson when Todd Frazier gets back.
Todd Frazier: should not play. Cody Asche: should not play. Matt Davidson: SHOULD play
Rick Renteria says Todd Frazier is still working on his timing, while Carlos Rodon is feeling good.
my dream is Todd Frazier and David Robertson. The ChiSox are sellers... Longoria would be nice also.
I am so happy the Cubs have Theo and Jed becuase if the Cubs had Pax and Gar Bryant would be traded for Todd Frazier.
slugger Todd Frazier prefers to call club rebuild 're-fueling,' from ... https:/…
Former All-Star game MVP and White Sox 3rd baseman Todd Frazier taking BP a day before reporting…
Sox shortstop Tim Anderson on improving and Todd Frazier's honesty via
Jose Quintana and Todd Frazier are still White Sox. For how long? with the story:.
I think even with high K's Todd Frazier still a stud at the hot corner with HR's and dbl dgt SB potential
Source: and have had discussions around a Jeff Samardzija (2/$26) and Todd Frazier (2/$22) swap.
% chance Brian Dozier is a Cardinal. ZERO! Better chance of acquiring Todd Frazier & that won't happen either.
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Atlanta sending David Robertson back to Chisox for Todd Frazier
Conspicuously absent on the SoxFest list: David Robertson and Nate Jones. Conspicuously listed: Todd Frazier and Jose Quintana.
White Sox should've added Todd Frazier to that trade to get Benintendi.
how bout mets sending Lucas Duda and a young pitcher for Todd Frazier who can play 1 st is a needed rhb and insurance for 3 b
Todd Frazier: pop up or home run. Top ten launch angle carries some negative to it:
Todd Frazier, Dan Jennings, Miguel Gonzalez, Zach Putnam, Jake Petricka, and Jose Abreu have all been tendered contracts
White Sox will be listening to trades on Todd Frazier
Saw some sad news today, White Sox are listening to trade offers for Todd Frazier... 😔😔😔
Thank the baseball gods, Todd Frazier hits his 40th home run and the White Sox lead 1-0.
Homer No. 40 for Todd Frazier. That gives the White Sox a 1-0 lead in the 7th.
Todd Frazier of the White Sox just hit his 40th home run of the season.
Todd Frazier belts his 40th HR, a shot to left, and the White Sox are up 1-0 B7.
Todd Frazier met Jose Fernandez in the outfield day after they faced each other for the first time.
Another two-out hit, this one by Omar Narvaez, drives in Todd Frazier and the lead 3-0, T9.
The exit velo on Todd Frazier's 421 foot homer was 110 mph. MLB had it at 428 feet. Nearly left the park in left-field corner.
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Chris Sale Ks 14, Todd Frazier homers as White Sox fall to Seattle.
Joey Votto has 15 career pop-ups in 5,389 plate appearances, zero this year. Todd Frazier has 36 THIS season.
Todd Frazier has monster night in win over Rangers in extras:
Dive toward the line by Todd Frazier, long throw across infield to retire Romine.
Wire: Unfazed, Dee Gordon seamlessly fielded Todd Frazier's bat after an aggressive swing
also Todd Frazier, Steven Matz, Daniel Murphy, Trevor Story, and probably more that I haven't seen now have pictures
Todd Frazier playing third base like it's Donkey Kong.
Todd Frazier with maybe the coolest defensive play I've ever seen live in person!
Todd Frazier dodges bat barrel and throws out Reimold to end Orioles second.
Member dat one time I met Todd Frazier
Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli have combined for .257 38 HRS 117 RBIS and 31 SB's. Meanwhile Todd Frazier is hitting .217 30 HRS 68 RBIS 8 SBs
Todd Frazier reaches base twice on Friday via
Todd Frazier just had an amazing at bat. Bases loaded for the sox. Come on boys.
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 05: Todd Frazier of the Chicago White Sox slides in to score a run in the 4th…
So loney is better then Todd Frazier right?
Avisail Garcia doubles down the left-field line, and Todd Frazier scores from first. make it 4-2, Orioles lead.
Chris Davis and Todd Frazier need to start a how not to swing at quality pitches club
Saladino looked as though he could have had Machado at third base. Todd Frazier tells him as much after. Instead, it's an E6.
Todd Frazier commented on my Braves hat and then took a selfie with me so yea
Are you nice to watch Todd Frazier do that in a while
The Padres had to do whatever it took to get Espinoza because they sure do need somebody to trade for Todd Frazier in 2020
Todd Frazier was the only kid in his kindergarten class with a full beard.
Todd Frazier built Rome in one day.
Todd Frazier once won a game of scrabble with all Q's.
Todd Frazier can run so fast he can shoot an apple off his own head.
TODD FRAZIER 2016 HR Derby Game Used HOMERUN BASEBALL White ... . - Bid on this now >
Did you know? Baseball player Todd Frazier played in his hometown’s little league. His Toms Rivers team won the...
Todd Frazier hitting a dinger back when he played in the LLWS
The "Frasier" theme for Todd Frazier was a winner too, but nothing beats the oldies!
Chloe's new soccer jersey... I thought of Todd Frazier. Miss him on the this year!
Yankee Stadium is a joke! Todd Frazier's 12 year old self and his entire NJ little league squad would have a field day there
When the White Sox got Todd Frazier I didn't think we were getting Rob Deer.
.If Hawk dies in the booth will Todd Frazier come up and check on him?
Nomar Mazara robs Todd Frazier of a walk-off dinger 😳🔥 (Vine by Elite™)
Will Todd Frazier be leaving the game to go to the press box to check on Hawk?
Justin Morneau ran into an out to end T4. Mighta cost Todd Frazier an infield single.
I think Reds won that Todd Frazier deal with the White Sox...
Zimmermann and Todd Frazier low key kinda look alike.
Jack Harbaugh was clubhouse visitor this morning. Seemed to enjoy his chats with Todd Frazier and Adam Eaton.
Justin Morneau's sac fly gives the a 1-0 lead, T1. Two on, two out for Todd Frazier.
I'll see you in Chicago then. And you better expect me to own that place like Todd Frazier does with all those HRs
id say todd Frazier I know he loves and uses marucci
Todd Frazier might lead the AL/Majors in homers and the White Sox are just a dumpster fire. How sad.
Todd Frazier hits a double for the with two outs!🔥. Come on Sox, get some runs!🙌
White Sox have scratched 3B Todd Frazier. Saladino takes over at 3B, Carlos Sanchez enters lineup at 2B.
Jason Hammel has a better batting average than Todd Frazier
Players to homer off Jake Arrieta in both 2015 & 2016:. Todd Frazier. that's it.
(7/13/15) Todd Frazier beats Joc Pederson to win the at home.
yeah. I have Todd Frazier and Tim Anderson as other investments
Here are some names Mets can pull a blockbuster trade:Todd Frazier, Jonathan lucroy/Chris carter, and Jay Bruce. To add power to the lineup
On to the Final!. Rutgers' Todd Frazier will face Giancarlo Stanton for the 2016 title! 🏆
It appeared Todd Frazier got robbed of a couple of homers by one of the kids in the Petco Park outfield during...
Stanton puts 20 on the board. Todd Frazier has a tough task ahead of him to defend his crown. (via
Todd Frazier's batting stance reminds me of Robert Redford in The Natural.
How does Tim Kawakami get to chill with Todd Frazier during the HR Derby?
Giancarlo Stanton went into Herman Munster mode down the stretch to put some serious heat on Todd Frazier.
Home Run Derby is the coolest sporting event I've ever attended. Also, Todd Frazier has a fan for life when he's not in a CHIsox uniform.
Marwin Gonzalez's shot bounces off Todd Frazier's glove into LF for an E5. Astros have runners on 2nd and 3rd. Sale done, Jones in. 0 out.
Todd Frazier is tied with Mark Trumbo and Nolan Arenado with 21 HR's in MLB.
Todd Frazier with his 4th "Dunn" of the season (HR, BB, K in same game). Story, Stanton & Chris Davis lead Majors with 5 each
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The same day the Indians "lost out" on trading for Todd Frazier, they agreed to sign Rajai Davis.
idk, probably all the same, Barry Larkin was spokesperson with Todd Frazier last year
Tigers walking Jose Abreu (2-4, BB) with the winning run on third. Todd Frazier (0-5) up to the plate.
Melky grounds out to shortstop and are walking Jose Abreu. It will be up to Todd Frazier!
Jose Abreu's RBI 1B makes it a 7-4 game. have 2 on, 1 out for Todd Frazier. Abreu has three RBIs. Det LHP Matt Boyd exits.
Didn't we watch Todd Frazier hit a Walk off against the Giants at Great American Ball Park a few years ago?
Todd Frazier really won't happen unless we give up a starting pitcher not named Colon. The Sox want to win, they're not sacrificing him.
The Mets could have tried to get Todd Frazier but instead opted for an aging David Wright
I ask again...what would it take to get Todd Frazier from the White Sox
I'll trade Cespedes for Todd Frazier. Straight up. I'm drunk
Arenado moves two ahead of Cespedes for the NL lead in HRs and has tied Todd Frazier of the White Sox for 1st place in MLB at 17.
Nolan Arenado retakes the NL home run lead with a 17th, one batter after Carlos Gonzalez homered to center. Arenado's tied with Todd Frazier
With David Wright now out for a significant time period, it's time for him to retire and the Mets to find a new option at 3b (Todd Frazier)
I was hoping we could stuff Todd Frazier in a burlap bag before the Sox got out of here.
Todd Frazier leads the majors in home runs, btw.
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2 homrs for Mark Trumbo to tie Todd Frazier for the majoe league lead with 17
Mark Trumbo has been a terrific addition for His 16th HR ties him with Robinson Cano for 2nd in AL behind Todd Frazier.
Trumbo's 16th homer ties him for second in the league with Robinson Cano, behind Todd Frazier (17). Also ties him for second in majors.
Shore's Frazier at home with White Sox as MLB home run leader
Heyman: Todd Frazier wanted to stay with the talk Odor extension, Aaron Judge and the -
traded All Star Todd Frazier appears to be a future star. A solid 10 HR 27 RBI on the season. Adam Duvall 27 having a breakout season with
Practically impossible to argue that the White Sox lost the Frazier trade. They got Todd fricken Frazier.
let's see: keeping Turner instead of Todd Frazier is one
yeah but Todd Frazier ain't bad either buddy
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