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Todd Aiken

William Todd Akin (born July 5, 1947) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2001. He is a member of the Republican Party.

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Conway is as worthless as she was as a consultant to Todd "legitimate rape" Aiken in MO.…
Good chance on McCaskilll, she is only in office thanks to Todd Aiken anyways.
Yes, our has a particular subset of likes and dislikes in men she handles like slimy Todd Aiken,sleazy T…
Yeah, that was a stupid thing to say! The foolish person that made that statement was Rep.Todd Aiken fr…
Kellyanne lies is the most classless woman in America. Absolutely disgusting she supported Todd Aiken and a sexual predator
Boiling Springs' Trent Phillips (Georgia commit) wins Palmetto Amateur in Aiken by 3 with four rounds in 60s. Spartanburg's Todd White T7
If the Astros are willing to part with a pitching prospect, theres a good reason. Aiken, Folty, VV, Apel
Super excited to be interviewed by the host of "The Great Work Insights Podcast", Todd Nordstrom! Coming soon. htt…
If today wasn't so crowded with Melania and RNC news + Kimye/Swift-gate, Steve King would be receiving Todd Aiken levels of bad press.
I'm a just gonna leave this Todd Aiken moment right here for y'all to digest.
Todd Aiken will go down in history as the stupidest person to ever speak in public.
Todd Aiken...isn't he the *** who claimed woman couldn't concieve during a rape?
is it smart starting Denard Robinson over Todd Gurley in my rb2 spot and starting Aiken over Ruben Randel in my flex?
Todd gurley, John brown, kamar Aiken, Cameron artis Payne, or Lamar Miller in ppr for my flex. Pick one!
This is Todd Aiken country we're talking about, and they sided with PP. Definitely worth considering.
Rubio deep into Todd Aiken territory saying women have $$ incentive to get pregnant, abort to sell body parts. Name one Marco.
Update your maps at Navteq
btw women voting for trump is asking women to vote for Todd Aiken
After hearing abortion response from at even Todd Aiken had to say WUT!!!
They're going full Todd Aiken. Never go full Todd Aiken.
Remember how Karl Rove used Todd Aiken's "legitimate rape" comment to say that all Tea Party candidates are not...
For all you Todd Aiken supporters out there. You got played!
The thing I most regret about Bachmann is that she created Todd Aiken
Remembering Todd Aiken makes me want to shotgun a beer right now.
Ive never seen that quote from Todd Aiken before, there are some very scary people.
"Achin' for Aiken": a new msnbc show in which Todd & Clay Aiken, now married, discuss the political & entertainment topics du jour
Let's be honest. Nobody here would shed a tear if Jeb decided to Todd Aiken himself.
I have, however, given serious and thorough interviews to ALL my guests. See my interview w Uber rep or Todd Aiken
Trump's comments on POWs is akin to Todd Aiken's comments on rape.
"If it's a legitimate race, a woman's body has ways of shutting that whole thing down!"-Todd Aiken
The treacherous media were trying to get him cornered like they did to Todd Aiken
lol . I've seen lots of attempts to polish Todd Aiken's legacy with comparisons... they've all fallen short.
The Todd Aiken one is definitely real.
if todd LEGITIMATE RAPE aiken catches the EBOLA. It will renew my faith that there may indeed be a GOD
I don't stay in Aiken no more shawty
Inside the GOP's "secret school" on how not to become the next Todd Aiken.
Joan Walsh compares Americans for Shared Prosperity's ad to Todd Aiken as GOP's recent gaffe.
everything has a risk. Driving, wearing/not wearing miniskirt in park/ghetto: you're no better than Todd Aiken..
hopefully soul go out and help republucan senate races .. We could use a Todd Aiken or two
"Aiken High Just Got Lucky . That's All ."ain't no luck how you play with no clock?
Aiken high got new buildings but the clock don't work
"South Aiken had everything to say bout Aiken High but who won tho.?" Have you heard of clock management?
i had a dream Lique came back to aiken rich Af
about Clay Aiken's congressional candidacy in New Republic this morning, didn't know Clay Aiken from Todd Akin. I Googled this performance
I am in Tn and the only thing on every voters mind was flipping the senate. . No more Todd Aiken. types
What is it with Todd Aiken? Is his Low-T medicine affecting him a bit too much? Why can't he just go away? Somewhere. Like under a rock.
Is Mo Brooks the kind of Todd Aiken who will win us the House this Fall?
Why did you give Cuccinelli a voice? Or help Todd Aiken hump his book?
Soon as i get back in aiken I'm calling the plug
By the way, there's a rerun of Todd Aiken taking calls happening now over on
Do you think Todd Aiken or Rick Santorum care whether an abortion is timely or procrastinated? C'mon.
Todd Aiken, Sarah Palin, Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Huckaby, Chris Mathews all need to go away!
“The Democratic Party should get Sarah Palin, *** Cheney, and Todd Aiken on retainer” YES YES! Wish I'd thought of this!
There are moments that are political tipping points. We don't often recognize them when they're happening, but in retrospect we see that -- like the seed that crystallizes a solution -- certain moments change everything. Examples: Selma, Alabama -- when the police turned fire hoses on women and children, it crystallized public opinion against the southern racists still fighting for segregation. Proposition 8 in CA -- when the Mormon Church funded a ballot proposition to deny marriage rights, it not only unified the TLGB community in opposition, but it created a national conversation on the actual issues of the case that eventually changed the public perception of marriage as a civil rights issue. I think we have hit one of those tipping points today. The public reaction to the decision of five Catholic old men to grant employers the right to to decide what kind of health care coverage women are entitled to, is turning into a tsunami of outrage, possibly even more damaging than Todd Aiken's and Richard Mou ...
The tourney is underway in Aiken, S.C. faces tonight at 8:30 ET/7:30 CT!
Shades of Todd Aiken/Richard Murdoch, some of them just can't help themselves.
I'm a dope too. I'm totally out of the loop and thought it was Todd Aiken... Argh. Glad to know it isn't! :)
Todd Aiken needs to bend over and receive the reality enema that he so needs
Don't ask Todd Aiken, Bob McDonnell, Paul Ryan, Richard Murdock, Rick Santorum about the WUSSIE. I don't want to leave out Re-PUB-li-cans.
In case you missed it, Todd Aiken(GOP) said that in the last election. He was from Missouri. He lost because of his ignorance.
Can you say Christine O'Donnell, Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock ...(feel free to stop me)
I wish I had it on tape, a Conversation I had with a Campaign worker for Todd Aiken. Asking if he could on count on my Vote. Went kinda like this. After what he said?? You Serious?? Well I think he's apologized for that. Ohh Really?? Well maybe YOU can accept that. But, as a woman, I can't. Do you know that over 35,000 babies are conceived each year from Rape??!! Does He?? I WOULD NOT Cast a Vote for Todd Aiken, for 10,000 dollars. Also, jot this in your Notes. After he "LOSES" the Election, to Claire McCaskill, Tell him to take a Good Course in BIOLOGY. Go ahead, and let him see whom it came from as well!!! You have my number. He Hung up on me~Debi Alexander Joe Randazzo Jeff Friedman Robert M. Mudge Gina ObamaReelected Bess Cameron Sanders Jamie Saunders Ned Champlain Rosemary Nicosia Pat Stebbins
History is going to have a field day with The Tea Party movement or as they are lovingly called, The Baggers. Can you imagine? I mean look who the players are. How will history describe Sarah Palin? Allen West? Joe Walsh? Michele Bachmann? Todd Aiken? Rand Paul? John Kasich? Tom Coburn? Mark Sanford? Eric Cantor? Ted Cruz? Boggles the mind.
Since the Cleveland kidnapping by Ariel Castro, has anyone asked Todd Aiken what he thinks now of "legitimate" rape?
Todd Aiken? Well, that's a new one, sir. I think you have the wrong number... Yes, Todd is our worship leader, but he's no Aiken...
Top of the third South Aiken up by 3.
Christine O’Donnell, Todd Aiken, Sharron Angle, Richard Mourdock, etc. Can't grassroots conservatives be more pragmatic than this?
Isn't MO the state that hatched Todd Aiken, Troy Blunt & other morons who went to Misery State Juco? I rest my case.
Re: your column today: it's Todd Aiken from Indiana, not Paul Akers.
at least Todd Aiken can use the oven
4 points down makes you more like Claire McCaskill before most everyone in Missouri found out about Todd Aiken.
An internal poll for McConnell had Judd down by 4 points. That doesn't make you a so called Democratic version of Todd Aiken.
my mistake. Then I assume you get your scientific evidence from the same source as Todd Aiken
Fake Todd Aiken is so appropriately delusional, condescending, and ignorant, he's quoting real Todd Aiken verbatim.
Anybody watching this with the reference to Todd Aiken's rape remarks? Reminds me what the scum of the earth is like...
“Who else is in complete shock!? 'Legitimate Rape' died with that *** Todd Aiken's Senate candidacy, why perpetuate it?
OMG Todd Aiken is the basis for tonight. No such thing as
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Thanks SVU for showing how silly that dummy Todd Aiken and his "legitimate rape" is. Benson, you're the best
That some people use Todd Aiken's comments as representing the entirety of the Republican spectrum is seriously pissing me off.
Rand Paul in 2016? That would be like Todd Aiken for President. Not a chance.
Rince Preibus says listen to Huckabee on social issues. Such as vote for Todd, the rape expert, Aiken. Rince, repeat.
TODD I dont hate on nobody I got everything I need except Mrs.Aiken lmaoo But you on the other hand
How come elites like Rove love making example of Todd Aiken but not Tommy Thompson's defeat to far-left *** Tammy Baldwin in WI?
when conservative states are voting Democratic senators, meaning candidates like Todd Aiken need to disappear
Ross Douthat. Columnist for the New York Times. Usually not too bad. This week, he bathes himself in literary pickle juice, spices himself with a sprig or two of dill weed and then proceeds to march right off the end of any rational plank. He somehow, and he does it well, manages to equate the Pro-abortion folks with feminism. Yeah, like those women out there shouting we want a 'choice' when it comes to delivering babies are really all about getting home to their loving husbands, doing the wash, cooking dinner and then getting appropriately naked. He does write off Todd Aiken as a gibberish speaking *** But that's it. Some woman, the one who started "March for Life," was a feminist, sort of, and that is all Ross needed. You can shake your head with me after reading but, in truth, how does utter crap like this get into the New York Times?
Will Chuck Hagel protect women in the military when he shares Todd Aiken's views on rape & abortion?
A popular Indian guru has caused mass offence after suggesting the Indian gang rape victim who died on December 30 was equally responsible for the attack.
Since my football days are over. There's no nees to be big anymore. I'm shavin all the weight off. Making alota changes. I'm liking it
Congratulations to the newly elected leaders at today's opening session of the General Assembly: Senator Harvey Peeler (R- Cherokee, Spartanburg, Union, York) was re-elected by unanimous vote as the Senate Majority Leader for the next 4 years; Senators Shane Massey (R-Aiken, Edgefield, Lexington, McCormick, Saluda) and Denny Verdin (R-Greenville, Laurens) are the new Senate Majority Whips; and Representative Todd Rutherford (D-Richland) was elected House Minority Leader. Previously elected in a November organizational session were: Rep. Bruce Bannister (R-Greenville) as House Majority Leader and Senator Nikki Setzler (D-Aiken, Calhoun, Lexington, Saluda) as the Senate Minority Leader. Additional information on these legislators and the General Assembly members can be found at
"You're IN A HORROR MOVIE (use the 8 people in your friend box on your Timeline profile page to complete this list in the order that they appear.) Decides the creepy house is safe - Beth Aiken Cash Screams like a baby - Florence Thompson Trips while running in the woods - Tim Trantham The first to go missing - Michael Todd Thorne Murdered saving you - Jomel Fields Survives by faking dead - Richard Moore Has a solid survival plan no one listens to - Carma Steele Is really the killer - Jeff Morris
See how men defined throughout history, including Todd Aiken
I hope the refs blow this game and whoever wins will always be viewed as illegitimate
Todd Aiken will want to know how many were "legitimate", so the victim's body would ward off pregnancy.
How many votes should Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock, and Paul Ryan gotten after their comments on rape? ZERO. They should not have gotten ONE vote. Paul Ryan got rewarded by being picked as the vice presidential nominee. And then people wonder why Steubenville happened.
if i tag u in this means i miss u Katie Taylor Haley Aiken Mackenzie Mullins Jasmyn Marie Sabo Jamaica Brown Shyla Marie Hughes my family Ashley Garrett Kevin Shelby Jameson and many more
My comment on Todd Aiken, that small little man, wasnt positive, it was very negative
Todd Aiken, blech! He may as well run again. Losing Repubs will vote 4 him.
Violence to Women: In India, 24,000 rapes reported; put that into the context that only about 1% of violence actually reported. One of the most lop-sided populations, more men than women. Reason: Abortion. When women discover that they are carrying girls, they abort. What is the message here?
The selection of crazy Ed Martin to head MO GOP lets the world know that Todd Aiken was not alone in his medieval ideas about women.
I wonder if Todd Aiken considered this a "legitimate rape." This woman was raped to death for being on the wrong bus.
Bhopal/New Delhi: Madhya Pradesh Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya was at the centre of a controversy today over his remark that women must not cross the 'Lakshman rekha' to avoid unwanted consequences, prompting an embarrassed BJP to disassociate itself from the comment. As the remark sparked an outrag...
Oh Thank God! There are still restaurants where I can take my baby to experience the 1970's, smoking section and all. Stay classy, Missouri.
More breaking news from Washington--Rep. Michelle Bachmann just introduced the first bill in the new Congress for 2013: to repeal Obamacare. Wow--really? Why stop there? Why not see if we can overturn the Bill of Rights? Is there anyone from Minnesota that is more of an embarrassment to this State? It is pretty clear to me that this *** was told by republican leadership to keep her mouth shut until the election was over, possibly because a couple of other morons, Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock, had already done significant harm with their moronic comments that jeopardized Mr. Etch-a-Sketch's chances for winning. Expect to hear more of comments from Bachmann that the "Muslim Brotherhood" is taking over our government. I think signs should be put up around the boundaries of her Congressional District warning those about to enter that territory that they are going into a strange land, a part of our State with alot of folks who drink strange water that makes them crazy enough to endorse and vote for p ...
"if it was closed up we could get them for breaking and entering" - todd Aiken
The fact that acts like this happen in our society makes me want to vomit. Would Todd Aiken like to say something now?
Todd Blackledge is by far my favorite announcer and herbie is right there with him too!!!
Todd Aiken not man enough to come on the show?
if I didn't know about Allen West & todd aiken I'd think she was the mayor of wingnutville.
A fond farewell to Joe Walsh, Allen West, and Todd Aiken. Don’t let the door hit you in the *** as you leave, gentlemen.
ha! RTAlso, it's trash day. Goodbye Allen West and Joe Walsh. //Todd Aiken, too?!
Todd Aiken caught all kinds of grief for mentioning "legitimate rape" by the same GOP Establishment that routinely votes in favor of it!
"If it’s legitimate rape,the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down," Todd Aiken,Rep-congressman bef losing Missouri seat
Susie Bright Votes: The 2012 Golden Duke Awards --- I really wanted a special ceremony just for Todd Aiken, but...
a controversial anti-feminist party. Is Todd Aiken going?
Todd Aiken still makes me ashamed to be from Missouri, and that's after losing. Just knowing he had a chance makes me ill.
Doesn't a woman instinctually know when a man is on the make? Sounds like Todd Aiken.
Is the same person who advised Todd Aiken also doing PR work for the and Lapierre? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.
The solves gun violence as Todd Aiken solves pregnancy.
.Clay Aiken knows more about women's bodies than Todd
The is to solutions for gun violence as Todd Aiken is to solutions for pregnancy.
Rep Todd Aiken now seems rational thx 2 Huelskamp. Affirms my basic axiom "you've never seen it all".
well now Pro life here being bank rolled by GOP Tparty USA ,look at leaflets 1.5 million ofthem what a waste Rem Todd Aiken
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you get it in one every time The Prolife OBGYN group is very small but bankrolled by GOP USA types rem Todd Aiken. !!!
Just checked. In fact, Nirupam's appalling comment is like what Todd Aiken and other right-wing misogynists would say! :-)
I wondering if Rick Santorum and Todd Aiken would vote for ?
VOTE FOR HENRY!!! Unless you want Todd Aiken to win .
Obama needs to avoid his own Todd Aiken momnet
Waiting for Todd Aiken to claim that tighter gun controls aren't needed to prevent shootings because *** can shut that whole thing down.
Can someone please escort Todd Aiken to the deep, dark hole he crawled out of and put him back in??
Blaming a woman for ignorant recklessness that also kills her doesn't make you Todd Aiken.
Safety Net? Could this be a Todd Aiken moment for Obama? [VIDEO] daile take
He and Todd Aiken must have been in the same biology class
Todd Aiken's error was one sentence. Menendez error was a lifestyle. No comparison.
u gives into GOP &raise Medicare age, creating ur very own Todd Aiken moment which has to be what GOP are hoping u do. DONT
NEW YORK -- Karl Rove, in no *** *** *** mood on Friday, told the annual Pennsylvania Society luncheon at the Plaza Hotel in -- where else? -- New York that the only mistake the GOP made, beside nominating tea-party candidates like Todd Aiken of Missouri, was not forcing them to stand aside after they made what in his view were fatal gaffes.
"I said clay Aiken instead of Todd Akin. I need to eat and sleep"
Print PDF Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert was on Secure Freedom Radio earlier this week with Frank Gaffney to discuss Obama’s cozy relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. Part of their discussion is reprinted below: GAFFNEY: Congressman Gohmert, let me just ask you quickly because you were one...
It's a sad day when three contenders for the chairmanship of the House of Representatives Science Committee are not scientists and deny global warming. Previous members of the committee included Todd Aiken (R-MO), who lost reelection due to his unscientific rape claims, and Paul Broun (R-GA), who claimed that evolution and cosmology are "lies straight from the pit of *** " Broun won reelection despite thousands of write-in votes for Charles Darwin. I don't expect members of the Committee to be scientists but to put anti-scientists on the Committee is sheer nonsense.
Hope they don't have senate races that involve people like Todd Aiken. He lost that senate seat- should have stepped aside.
I don't blame them. They have people like Bachman and Todd Aiken
Former US Representative from Florida, Allen West, has finally conceded that he actually LOST the election to Mr. Murphy. It will be interesting to see how the "House" attitude is without their mega mouth pieces, Joe Walsh, Todd Aiken, and now Allen West! This the season to be thankful, isn't it?
Todd Aiken, Paul Ryan and Richard Murdock apparently think so. I saw that article the other day & it made me sick
In August 2011, as his presidential campaign was just getting underway, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) fielded an interesting question from a young boy in New Hampshire: "How old do you think the Earth is?" Given Perry's general aversion to science, it was hardly an unreasonable thin …
Todd Aiken is my pick for Time man-o-year. He changed the course of history just by being an ***
I see a Todd Aiken joke somewhere in the haze.
Google Paul Ryan (Romney's running mate), Todd Aiken, Richard Murdoch. Those are the real scary ones to me. This man, meh
I know most people are well over all the election stuff but I did hear some interesting statistics: Rommers did WORSE with Mormon voters then G W Bush did. Obama won by 38% with single women. It was suggested his slogan was 'Have you lost weight?' All the *** like Todd Aiken who treated women like idiotic children got voted out- and in at least two cases, were replaced by women. Just saying- a few interesting pointers. But anyway, back to my Sunday shenanigans, laundry, coffee, Ghirardelli.
Todd Aiken must be removed from the committee on science and technology! He is an embarrassment beyond belief for our entire nation.
Has our nation lost its collective mind? Today, for example, I had a short political conversation with my Democrat chiropractor. She is a nice and intelligent lady, a hard worker, runs her own business, and has come across as a moderate, even a libertarian in some respects. And yet today, when the topic of Todd Aiken came up, all she could do was mock him and recite the mantras of the feminazis. Now, I personally think that Todd Aiken did not say anything wrong at all, but even supposing that he did, were those statements WORSE than murdering helpless, unborn babies? Because based on what the Leftists - and even some so-called conservatives - have made of it, one might think that saying allegedly foolish things, is somehow worse than murdering helpless, unborn babies. Even if you do not agree with me, do any of you reading this at least understand what I am trying to express here? Is there any legitimacy at all to what I have said here, or am I the crazy one? Inquiring minds want to know.
“This is why I follow you. You are very smart.”Yes..I could replace Todd Aiken on the Science Committee.
Todd Aiken should have stepped aside when he had the chance and let someone else try for that seat.
"Big data isn't going to help Todd Aiken."
The sun is legitimately raping me this morning. My rods and cones do NOT have a way of flushing this sort of thing out. Help me, Todd Aiken!
At for the d.B.'s. If this crowd were any older, whiter or dudelier, it would get a Todd Aiken endorsement.
Your Mitt Monthly piece is fantastic. But it's Todd Akin, not Aiken. Didn't want to leave a dickish correction comment.
How the *** did Cantor get re-elected?! He should have been on that bus with Joe Walsh, Todd Aiken and Murdouch.
Memo to were not the reason you lost. It is the fact you were a lying flip flopper who stashes your money in foreign countries to avoid paying taxes. In addition you picked a VP candidate who pushed a bill in congress with Todd Aiken to redefine rape meaning to decriminalize it. Plus this same VP candidate voted to eliminate social security and his budget eliminated Medicare. And finally the GOP platform is against choice even for rape and incest. We are never going to vote for the Rape is a gift from God and we are going to force you to have the rapists baby party. Get a clue Mitt! Jeb Bush needs a wake up call to! By a 15 point margin in the exit polls blamed your brother still for blowing up the economy. Give it up for 16 as your family is the new Hoover.
Can't wait for for the enlightened responses to this story from Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdoch.
Why abortion should be legal & people like Todd Aiken ruin the GOP via
Hey guys u think Todd Aiken+Richard Murdock rape talk helped win votes for GOP? Old white guys behaving poorly not great image 4 any party.
Huckabee on CBS this morning. He still thinks people take lunch in paper bags. Said that Todd Aiken apologized. Duh! What about Mourdoch!
Karl Rove said he was going to murder Todd Aiken? !
It does not help when the GOP run candidates like Todd Aiken and Richard Murdock.
Nobody actually says "you were asking for it" to a rape victim. Nobody except MAYBE those of Todd Aiken levels of retardation.
rain offsets the block out. Todd Aiken lost too...
hed be the Todd Aiken of politicians for sure. Say something completely inappropriate and infuriate the nation
Candidates like Todd Aiken and Richard Murdock did not help the GOP either.
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Comedians nation-wide mourn Obama's victory."No Mitt, no Allen West, no Todd Aiken?"-"It's just not fair, thank God we still have Bachmann!"
As NGOs working in Europe, we write to strongly oppose the appointment of Tonio Borg as the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy. Europeans deserve commissioners who are fair, just and capable of administering the law in a manner that advances the public good. Mr. Borg is not suited ...
I think that after tonight, Todd Aiken will have a true definition of what "legitimate rape" is when the Chiefs play the Steelers.
Todd Aiken claims that the female body has a way of shutting down when girls compete athletically against boys Says video is hoax
Heard more sickening and dumbfounding stats this morning: Not only did a majority of Evangelical Christians sit out the election, 1 in 4 voted for Obama. Same for Tea Party. Same mentality as that *** Todd Aiken. Like burning your house down because you've got a leaky faucet.
Krabi authorities go stupid a la Todd Aiken+ suggest no rape becoz victim had dinner w/her attacker.Took 2 months 2 arrest him!
Upload aborted? Todd Aiken wouldn't approve. Lets try this again...
Growing up in rural California, I grew with a healthy respect for many of the core values that were part of the Grand Old Party back then. Sadly mainstream Republicans today seem to have let their party be taken over by both social and economic extremists (I mean EXTREMISTS). Those same extremists are now blaming (of course) Romney for his own defeat but not mentioning at all how comments by people like Todd Aiken and others colored the waters. In my opinion, the Grand Old Party has lost touch with its real core values and has substituted the values of crack pots like Bachman, Limbaugh, Aiken, Walsh and other out-of-touch people that look somewhat crazy to most of us average Americans. If mainstream Republicans were to bring back the values of the GOP that were entrenched in the lives and efforts of people like Everett Dirksen, Jack Kemp, Howard Baker and, yes, Colin Powell, I believe they would have a much stronger party and one that most centrist Democrats would look at with serious interest. But for n ...
What about people who suck at their jobs.We will be sending some former politicians 2 u shortly.Say hello to Todd Aiken!
You know what annoys me? My tax dollars are going to unemployed losers like Todd Aiken and
Crimson Tied, Todd Aiken says A&M has a way of shutting that down. Legitimately
"If a raped woman becomes pregnant its Gods will"--Richard Murdoch " a womans body will spontaneously abort, if shes a rape vistim"--todd Aiken "creationism explains our existence, evoloution is a fairy tale"-some other moron who ran unopposed but inspired thousand to vote for charles darwin. These *** helped us lose the election. hey its my party and I'll cry if I want to.
I wonder if Todd aiken has awaken about being mistaken about baby maken ?
I wonder if Todd Aiken thinks that Run DMC is legitimate rap.
This election had largest gender gap in history. Let's all thank Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock .. and the aborto-obsessive crowd.
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All candidates who stated rape should not be an exception for abortion, lost their races - Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock, Linda McMahon, Tom Smith, Joe Walsh, John Koster, and of course Paul Ryan. I guess you just can't count on rapists showing up for you on election day.
Lookin at the stars by a hot fire with josh Bennet and Todd Aiken!
We did have some crappy candidates Todd Aiken Richard Mourdock to name a few. Barbour is right we dont need to go...
co sponsored a bill with Todd Aiken to redefine rape. That's why he's not VP.
Todd Aiken was not a Tea Party candidate. Ask Sarah Palin
Todd Aiken, Rich Mourdock & Christie among the 8 People & Things that got Obama elected. Congrats guys!
Todd Aiken currently serves on the House Science Committee.
Todd Aiken was appointed to the Science Committee by the Republican Party -- &Repubs wonder why they had election losses!
I have a few names for you: Richard Mourdock, Todd Aiken, Ken Buck, Christine O'Donnell, Sharon Angle. You're doing a great job!
Thank you, Todd Aiken, for handing the election to an amazing, energetic, intelligent, and compassionate Democrat in Missouri.
Pre-empting Bill Maher's "Farewell to *** Bags" list with one of my own. Todd Aiken Richard Mourdoch Joe Walsh Karl Rove The Koch Brothers Sheldon Adelson The Tea Party Donald Trump Boo-Yah! Spending $1.5+ BILLION by right wing super pacs could NOT buy an election, folks.the PEOPLE made the choice, rejected the far right agenda, and were not fooled by the outright lies. DEMOCRACY prevailed! And now, as George Carlin once said, "we get the government we deserve".
With the exception of the small minority of Americans who are so fanatically devoted to their hatred of all things Democratic that they will accept any information, from any source, as legitimate, everyone can agree that Donald Trump is an utter moron. He, along with Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock, and the rest of The Tea Party helped Romney lose this election. I am appalled by how poorly some people in the U.S. have behaved.
the Republicans and the GOP in general need an enema . especially during a campaign, they need to trim some "fat" aka loud mouth morons like Todd Aiken.if you are an *** in public you should stick to behind the scenes stuff.if they want "the black vote" they need to quit huffing and puffing about "just cut off entitlements" , don;t drop them straight away, but feed the economy and ween people off entitlements and back to work, demonstrate the fiscal responsibility they're good at .once again this falls into losing the *** the image of the rich stuffy old white guy isn't real, but sadly morons within the party like Richard Mourdoc don't help to dispel the myth...dropping tax shelters and loopholes would drastically increase tax revenues without raising tax rates.the republicans should have latched onto ideas like this.then find a real presidential candidate who's from the trenches who had to really work hard at some point in his life to give him some perspective.maybe some real military service would ...
Remember, you heard it first. Todd Aiken 2012: The Legitamate Candidate
Todd Aiken got legitamately raped in the election
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Thanks!  I forgot to add that my present also included Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock.  Let's hope it's a present...
Oh get over it! One winner, one looser = definition of an election. To quote Todd Aiken, "God makes no mistakes".
"The Republican Party needs an exorcism. It needs to rid itself of these abortocentrist nutcases who are chasing away voters, particularly women. This is about as clearly as I can say it: Abortion is NEVER going to be illegal. Get over it! The sooner you come to terms with this, the sooner you will be able to regain credibility with the voters. Your boys Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock and John Koster chased away millions of female voters with their idiotic remarks about abortion … and they cost us two seats in the Senate. How bad was it? Romney carried Mourdock’s home county in Indiana! His opponent, Joe Donnelly, was the first Democrat to win a statewide race in Indiana in more than a decade! Are you listening, Republicans? Mourdock was a shoo-in! Then he opened his yap about abortion, and women went screaming for the exits. What did he say? Well – simply put – the message to women was that if you’ve been raped, don’t worry your pretty little selves over whether or not you might be ...
gratitude list: no blood family lost their lives or homes in Sandy, Obama in without Florida, Simone re-elected in Ga House, Elizabeth Warren elected, for the FIRST time a proposed anti *** state constitutional amendment is defeated (Minnesota), for the FIRST times same-sex marriage is approved by popular vote in two states (Maine and Maryland), Todd Aiken and his ilk lost, marijuana may not be illegal for much longer (after strong federal backlash), no headache today. I know...apples and oranges list, but I have gratitude for all...and so much more. :-)
Thank you Todd Aiken & Richard Murdock for not covering up what you believe. GOODBYE!
I will NEVER say anything like this again so here goes: Ann Coulter was right! Last year at CPAC she said "If we don't run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we will lose." This was the one time I ever heard Ann say something sensible. To the climate change deniers, voter suppressors, "small" government proponents with way too much governmental interest in women's private parts, supporters of a straw man candidate who bent in countless directions countless times in one day (sometimes in one hour); and to *** Morris, Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist, Rick Scott, Jon Husted and his evil twin John Kasick - bite me. To borrow a phrase from the interwebs: we have seen a rebuke of Neanderthals (I'm looking at you, "legitimate rape" Todd Aiken and "rape is just another form of conception" Paul Ryan) and pray fervently that we shall never see such dark days again.
Now that rocket scientist Senator Todd Aiken is out
Yesterday someone at work kept referring to Todd Akin as Clay Aiken.
Happy to see that Todd Aiken was legitimately raped by a woman. Was it good for you Todd?
I know I was very rough on Todd Aiken- because I got carried away with a senate seat in MO- does it make sense? Not really.
Did anyone else just catch Rachel Maddow give a spanking to the seriously Creepy Boys who campaigned on rape as "just another form of conception" a la Paul Ryan, Todd Aiken etc? They ALL lost! Best spanking ever. Ouch. Go Rachel, go.
The election is finally over and thank goodness Todd Aiken is gone.
Breathing a sigh of relief, there were not enough misinformed voters to elect Todd Aiken.
Pagan Liberal via CounterPunch (official) The Tea Party is now clearly a distinctly minority faction. It’s prospects for obtaining future majority rule are small. The most radical (Todd Aiken) and shallow (Scott Brown) Senators lost. Reformers like Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin won. We now have powerful voices for progressive reform that can join figures like Bernie Sanders in pursuit of curbing the “finance gone wild” that has put our economy in the doldrums for the past four years. To be clear, these same Senators will have to also take on their own President to achieve these reforms.
Hey Todd Aiken, your run for office called, it took the morning after pill. (Abby said this was ok to say but she's an alcoholic).
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Breaking News: Todd Aiken charged with rape, cuz that's the only kind there is.
Despite a rotten economy, a miserable foreign policy, and a terrible record of deporting Hispanic immigrants and raiding medical marijuana dispensaries that ...
Allen West, Joe Walsh, Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdoch ... GONE. Take your hate and divisiveness with you!
We do not answer our home phone and give the # to no one. Today I cleaned messages. Remember I live in Missoura ( as we say it). Here are the results of messages: 29 Republican messages from Ohio!! 1 from Todd Aiken (gag) 1 from our police dept urging us not to support a proposition. We have been here 6 yrs can't they keep records utd in the GOP?
Realizing a lot of the trashiest are GONE. -John Welsh(IL), Allen West(FL), Todd Aiken(MO) no longer matter in Congress
apparently crowds on Free Republic have decided white women are to blame for senate losses, see: Todd Aiken
I'm delighted that Obama will get a second term. I honestly believe that he's putting our country on the right track and that he'll continue to do so over the next four years. But on a realistic note, he does not have a mandate. While he had a decisive victory in the electrical college, he just squeaked by in the popular vote. The popular vote doesn't decide the election. Many people think it should and that the electoral college is antiquated. I personally think the electoral college is still necessary, but there's an argument to be made against it. Still, the fact is that there are still a lot of people who are dissatisfied with Obama, largely because our economy is still sluggish. I think it will improve and Obama will leave as a very popular president, but I don't have a crystal ball. For the most part, this was a status quo election. Obama was re-elected, the Democrats maintain control of the Senate and the Republicans maintain control of the house. Still, I think that their is some evidence ...
Todd Aiken and Richard Murdock got raped in the election last night, just as God intended.
Ann Coulter...Donald Trump...Sheldon Adelson...Sean Hannity...Rupert Murdoch...Sarah Palin...Christie O'Donnell...Todd Aiken...Rush Limbaugh...and all the rest of you right wing Republican whackos...America is sick of your divisiveness and just told you to...Just go home!! You can't lead and you won't follow, so get out of the freakin' way!
One good thing, Todd Aiken's career is over. When the national GOP does not support you, give it up!
OK my friends, here is the aspirin that I needed after yesterday. A good read that explains what might have gone wrong and what we must do next. I urge you to take a moment to read...its dang good and unlike the liberal approach, it makes good sense. By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | November 7th, 2012 at 01:15 AM | 292 Like when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, we now know what happens when a candidate so weak anybody can beat him meets a candidate so weak he cannot beat anybody. Americans vote for the status quo. $6 billion later, Americans voted for the status quo. Karl Rove, call your donors. Republicans will keep the House. Democrats will keep the Senate. Obama will keep the White House. It is what it is. The next two years are going to be some of the most fun and exciting years within the modern American conservative movement. We know in American politics that nothing is permanent. The question we are going to have to *** is whether Barack Obama’s coalition is a Democratic coaliti .. ...
GOP Inquest: TPartiers Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock said that children born as a result of rape were “a gift from God.” Both lost.
I voted yesterday and am glad it is over. I celebrate 4 more years of Obama. For one thing, Obamacare likely is here to stay, hence people with pre-existing conditions can get health insurance. Now that the election is over, most desirable is that we all unite for our country, regardless of who you voted for. I noted that both senate candidates who made controversial statements about rape and God lost the election, Todd Aiken of Missouri and Richard Mourdock of Indiana. For the 2016 election, the man to watch is the NJ Governor Chris Christie. He was the keynote speaker at the GOP convention. Next year, he will up for re-election to governor. I am NOT voting for him.
Claire McCaskill told Todd Aiken if this *** whippin I put on u is legitimate yo body will reject
a disturbing percentage all the same. the worst are those who voted for Todd Aiken
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One of the most disgusting aspects of this year was Todd Aiken. Didn't have the humility to do what worked for America. Whats he do now?
The Election in 4 parts, part 2 The election is over. The president has his second term and there is no longer any reason to be obstructionist. The majority of people have voted to say that your obstructionist policies is hurting the country. While that was unacceptable under any circumstance, it should be considered treasonous if it continues. We know that this obstructionism is Tea Party-led. You have allowed yourself to fall from grace by allowing the Tea Party to seize control of the direction of the party and have pandered to their basest of instincts… which includes pure outright racism. Let's not visit those again. It is time to put the country ahead of party. It is time to dump the Tea Party. I know that is on your agenda. The faster you do it the better. Stop dillydallying with them. The Tea Party is hurting the party and America. They continue to force moderate republicans out , putting in instead those whose only maxim is 'my way or the highway'. The majority of you know that pol ...
not to mention all the hacks who got their seats taken from them. Todd Aiken I'm looking at you.
Borrowing this from Whitney Elizabeth Webb: I am so proud of America today and here's why: -we didn't elect someone to the highest office in the land who believes that women and LGBT Americans are second class citizens -three states legalized *** marriage and one struck down a proposed ban -the DREAM act was passed in Maryland -Montana Maintained that corporations don't get constitutional rights because they aren't human beings -Colorado and Washington legalized and are taxing marijuana -Tammy Baldwin was elected as the first openly LGBT senator -Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock are out of the senate -Elizabeth Warren is in the senate. -California voted to increase penalties for human trafficking and sex slavery, as well as voted to limit the three strikes law to only violent offenders -Florida voted down a ballot initiative that would limit public access women's health
On top of everything else, the GOP screwed up in other areas besides the presidential race. Remember Todd Aiken (sp?) ? And how Romney and most Republicans crucified him for possibly misspeaking concerning abortion? He was trying to unseat Claire McCaskille in Missouri. (she's about as big a commie puke as there is in Congress, right there with Pelosi and Reid) Well because I live in western Kentucky, I got to observe political ads for Missouri. And let me tell you, Claire capitalized on the GOP's condemnation, she featured clips of Romney, McCain and others condemning him and advising him to drop out of the race, etc., etc. Yeah, that was really smart! Dogpile on a good man, because he wasn't P.C. enough, and cause him to lose to a commie creep.yeah, mighty similar to the Ron Paul treatment, from the the way, Aiken was leading Claire by a good margin, prior to the dogpile.
From the Wall of Sarah Spieth: Dear World: Last night's elections were monumental. The President was re-elected, an openly proud *** is now headed to D.C. 3 states have passed *** marriage. T-Bag losers like Joe Walsh, Todd Aiken etc., were shown the door. Now, I like and respect my President. Some of you feel differently, and that's fine. But know this. I WILL kick your sorry *** to the curb of list friendships if you say ANY racist, homophobic, seditious, woman bashing. I cannot abide a bigot. Of any kind. So please remember: Your words have the power to not only hurt others, they spread inequality, racism, homophobia, and bigotry. And no matter how you slice it, you'll end up insulting either me, someone I respect, or someone I love. Fair Warning. *and it will be the ONLY warning*...Me
Karl Rove is a cancer to the Republican Party, when he advocated Todd Aiken's death
Allen West, Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock. All lost last night. This should tell us something about what the country wants.
When I kiss my grandbabies "Goodnight" they already know we saved Big Bird. We stood up for Woman's rights in MO and booted out Todd Aiken. We will provide.universal healthcare for them and never have to worry that a catastrophic illness or a pre-existing condition will bankrupt their parents. They will know that their President saved us from a Great Depression, saved the auto industry, got us out of two wars, and will continue to support education so that they can go to college affordably, and we erased the stigma of *** in the military. And for my new granddaughter, Sloane, to be born anytime, she, her mother, and my daughters are guaranteed equal pay for equal work thru the Lilly Ledbetter Act. There is much work to be done: immigration, the budget, our debt, and bi-partisan support. My Grandbabies couldn't fall asleep last night because they new something big was about to happen. And if I were close to tuck them in I would whisper in their ear, "The best is yet to come." As to legalizing marijuana ...
Todd Aiken would have won had RNC not abandoned him for sake of the national election. We see how that turned out.
You know what Todd Aiken would have said about that? :)
Much like Clay Aiken, Todd Akin has vanished into the ether!
Well something good came out of yesterday's elections, Todd Aiken and his clear disreguard for science and fact were not elected!
When Todd Aiken loses he is gonna have to admit *** shut his whole campaign down.
"Bummer for you Todd Aiken, we were all pulling for you." - rapists.
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Now that Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock lost their campaign bids, what's their plan to get into office? It's quite obvious their democratic opponents were illegitimately elected and as we all know, states have a natural process of shutting those kinds of things down. I'm eager to see how god's plan pans out in the coming weeks.
WOnder if Todd Aiken thinks God wanted him to lose?
-- Karl Rove is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. He thought it was funny about KILLING Todd the literal sense
As a former Republican and now present-Democrat, it comes to my attention that the GOP, and those who endorse the right, must *** what ideals are to actually be cherished by the conservatives. Based on the election, I would suggest that creatures like *** Morris, Ann Coulter and the ever-whining Sean Hannity must be eschewed like Herpes; the kind of poisonous vitriol emanating from those intellectually handicapped corners is never needed and is never helpful. Almost without saying, likewise, the mentally deplorable far-right loons like Todd Aiken and Robert Mourdoch must be consigned to 'teeth-gnashing' *** of biological immutability and the realities of the *** and sperm swimming upstream. Last, while some of my friends characterize themselves as Evangelicals (which is fine), those who linger in those far-right halls of craziness AND who fancy themselves as politicians, must also be excoriated through silence. The GOP must look to the younger blood of the likes of Chris Christie and Marco Rubio ...
Hey Todd Aiken! Was that a legitimate *** kicking you got last night? I kind of slow so I need people like you to make that judgement for me. If you could help a guy out and let my uninformed and unenlightend mind know I certainly would appreciate it. I thinking it wasn't as I'm pretty sure the body has a way of shutting those things down.
Woke up today so thankful that: My brother is here and growing stronger every day, and I have friends who prayed for him; I have 2 intelligent children who care about more than just themselves, and who both texted me last night to share their relief/joy about the election; Obama won; In the 4 states where *** marriage was put to the popular vote, it passed resoundingly. The Constitution, commen sense and human decency won out over fear, bigotry and imposing religious beliefs on others. A hopeful sign; Elizabeth Warren defeated Scott Brown; Todd Aiken was defeated by a female Democrat. Go Missouri!; My beautiful grandson has 2 wonderful parents; I have a job that challenges and interests me, with a side bonus of making a difference in people's lives; I have electricity and heat, at least for now; Elastic was invented; There is one more bowl of chili left. Even the coming storm can't rain on my parade today!
I just legitimately raped a psychology exam. Check and mate, Todd Aiken.
The best headline today is "McCaskill beats Akin in MO" because I imagine she is actually beating Todd Aiken for his stupid rape comments.
I wonder if it is gods will that Todd Aiken and Richard Murdock did not win their respective races. One of those things that make you go hm.
Given the recent comments on rape & abortion by Todd Aiken & Richard Mourdock, maybe G.O.P. should now stand for "Goofballs On Parade."
I am grateful that a majority of Americans were intelligent enough to see through to Romney's hollow core, where not a single principle, belief, concept, or idea exists other than what would have gotten him elected on any given day. I am equally grateful that "You people" gave arrogant, beak-nosed Ann Romney all she is ever going to get--a failed opportunity to be first lady. Finally, I am grateful that the truly crazy, despicable individuals running for the Senate or the House were sent back under the rock from which they crawled--Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock, and hopefully Allen West, if Florida can ever count votes.
Okay. So let's review. No more Richard Murdock. No more Todd Aiken. A very real possibility that there will be no more Allen West. Big wins for Donnelly, McCaskill, Kaine, Brown and Warrren. Kennedy's democratic seat is back where it belongs. Murphy beat McMahen. 'Nuff said on that one. In addition, the election of the first openly *** senate member, Tammy Baldwin, 3 more states with new marriage equality laws, and one anti *** referendum struck down. And Barack Obama won the popularity vote AND the electoral vote. It is a good day to be a Democrat, and a great day to be an American.
. holds the door open for Todd Aiken, Richard Murdouch, Allen West and Joe Walsh. OH HAPPY DAY!!!
I am still shaking my head that Todd Aiken got 39% of the vote in Missouri.
So, while I am thrilled with many of the election results, I can't shake the feeling of sadness for all the lies and irresponsible speechifying that made airwaves in the past year. How many victims were re-harmed because of *** like Todd Aiken...I am looking forward to a vacation from punditry now that the big fight is over.
I'd like to thanks Todd Aiken for a good season. Looking forward to seeing why he cooks up next
I know your thanks should be deep and thoughtful but Im honestly thankful that today I will hear no political commercials and that Todd Aiken is unemployed.
Dont worry Todd Aiken you can't do anything now because we found a way to " shut that whole thing down"
Did Todd Aiken get legitimately raped last night?
In addition to Obama getting four more years, I feel good about being a US citizen, for a change, because of the following: Todd Aiken of the questionable grasp of gynecology, DEFEATED, Claire McCaskill keeps her seat for MO Senate. Richard Mourdock of the unbending religious principles, DEFEATED, Joe Donnelly takes over for Lugar's IN Senate seat. Tammy Baldwin, WINS, first openly *** Senator, beating out Tommy Thompson for WI Senate. For LGBT folks this was also a historic night in another sense, as for the first time ballot initiatives legalized same sex marriage passed in both MD and ME. A lot of money was thrown at this race from a handful of plutocrats bent on promoting financial and fossil fuel deregulation. THE PLUTOCRATS LOST. Yes there will be gridlock in Washington for the next 2 years but let's come together to make sure the Teabaggers get voted out of the House in 2014.
I would first like to say much to my friends relief my political comments are winding down but first I am just curious. Aside from the ridiculous stupid comments from three men running for Republican (todd Aiken on "legitimate rape Richard Mourdock who likened a pregnancy from rape as a "gift from God" and John Koster who when engaging in discussion about abortion said "that rape thing") ok granted these men have no idea what they are talking about and should have shut up and I would have voted against them perhaps on various grounds.Dems also say and do some of the most degrading things regarding women and minorities and anyone else they try to classify in a group. Because no matter what party we are all human and imperfect. That being said...were women really afraid this year of losing reproductive choice which is within the constitutional rights with Griswold vs Connecticut and Roe v wade decisions? I just don't understand women getting scared about losing bc or choice. For years the repubs controlled ...
Proposing "National Kick Todd Aiken in the Nads Day." Proceeds to cancer research.
Glad you beat Todd Aiken, maybe time for reflection on his part
I live in Missouri, but Clay wasn't on my ballot...Todd was.
Todd Aiken losing is a gift from God.
Notice the far right conservative radicals got defeated: Richard Mourdoch, Todd Aiken, Tom Smith Time for the Republican Party to purge the far right radicals (reactionaries) Moderate Republicans have great ideas
Poor Todd Aiken. I think he was legitimately raped last night.I just hope he doesn't get pregnant!
Richard Murdock and Todd Aiken are not elected and many good people are.
Thank You Mitt Romney for being gracious, and thanks Todd Aiken for making it very clear in your bitter concession speech why you were not elected
ok. still a monumentally stupid thing to say. between that at folks like todd Aiken basically trying to legalize rape... yeah.
Women may not be able to 'shut down' pregnancies - but they sure as *** can shut down Todd Aiken - BOOM!
And another thing.. Eventhough he rightfully lost, there were still people who voted for Todd Aiken?! Smh
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