Today Show & Kathy Lee

Today (also referred to as The Today Show) is a daily American morning television show on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American television and in the world, and is now the fourth-longest running American television series. Kathie Lee Gifford (born August 16, 1953) is an American television host, singer, songwriter and actress, best known for her 15-year run (1985–2000) on the talk show Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, which she co-hosted with Regis Philbin. 5.0/5

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Set for record Gwen on Today Show and Today's Take and not Kathy Lee/Hoda and tonight on Jimmy Fallon all good to go
The last hour of the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda is so unorganized it's painful to watch...
Kathy Lee Gifford has turned the 3rd hour of the Today Show into an offspin of the 700 Club. OMG; show needs to drop the "news" designation
My last dying wish would definitely be to go out to the club win Kathy Lee and Hoda and stay raging until the Today Show the next morning.
Damnit, Obama, get off my tv. I'm just tryna watch Kathy Lee & Hoda on the Today Show.
tune in at 10am to NBC's Today Show to see announced as Kathy Lee and Hoda's favorite things of all of 2014!
It may be the audio of the waiting room TV, or hearing damage from Kathy Lee's voice, but Dione Warwick sounds terrible on the Today Show.
How did Kathy Lee & Hoda infiltrate the pre-10am portion of the Today Show? How does that even work.they must be multi tasking EXTENSIVE hair and make-up with their morning drunk. I realize that this is entertainment television masquerading as news, however, if I wanted to be nauseated and deal with drunks first thing in the morning I would've kept drinking and picking up strangers.
I think Jenna Bush is a better host of the Today Show than Kathy Lee and Hoda.
Chef knifing skills on the Today Show. Hoda cut her finger and it's CLEAR that Kathy Lee has never had to cut a...
Looks like the Today Show is loving some Stella & Dot! Looking good Tamron, Kathy Lee, & Natalie.
Just a reminder to set your DVRs for Friday morning -- I'll be joining my awesome colleague Dr. Jennifer Hartstein on the TODAY Show in the 10am CST hour. You never really know what you'll end up talking about with Hoda & Kathy Lee, but we're scheduled to talk about "Redefining Girly" and gender stereotypes in childhood. Hope you tune in!
can't watch the today show or GMA because the local news wants to let us know it's snowing... Hoping to get to watch Hoda and Kathy Lee drink their wine.
In New York City on a media tour including the Today Show on Tuesday during the 10:00 hour with Kathy Lee and Hoda. Talking to a guy at Rossini's Italian Restaurant who works in the suites at Met Life Stadium tells me that one ticket in a suite for the Super Bowl just got posted asking for $526,000. Are you kidding me? No, I am not. How much would you pay?
Warning: Rant ahead. What has happened to the art of conversation? Folding laundry while catching up on news and I've had to change the channel several times because my aggravation level is maxed out. These talk show personalities talk over each other (loudly), don't extend the courtesy of listening once they ask a question of their guests or each other and debate everything just to hear their own voices. I quit watching the Today Show when Ann Curry took over and now Kathy Lee and Hoda make her look conversationally pleasant, The View. good lord... no words for those hens and The Talk runs the same format. Clearly there are more tolerant individuals than I since they are still on TV. I'm going to stick to my Pandora and Rick Springfield playlist and dance like Ellen!
Today Show with Hoda and Jenna Bush Hagger. No Kathy Lee suits me! Just love Jenna Bush Hagger!
Kathy Lee isn't on the Today Show today, so Jenna Bush is in. Producers must have been like: who's the worst person we can get?
Look for me on the Today Show Monday morning with Kathy Lee and Hoda. Power of a Half Hour.
The TODAY show by openly promoting Hoda and Kathy Lee drinking alcohol in their shows every morning has demonstrated highly irresponsible journalistic/media judgement. Hoda had 2 drinks during the entire Rose Parade to show off she was drinking! In the U.S. excessive alcohol use is the 3rd leading lifestyle-related cause of death for people in the United States each year. Alcohol use poses additional problems for underage drinkers and pregnant women. Please join me in boycotting the program. Laurissa, Linda T., DMarie, Moon and Star Gazers, Sparrow, Bridgette, Wendy, Diane, Kathy, Kathleen, Renee, Pam, Raquel, Lore, Betsy, Julia, Debbie, Nancy, Monisha, Jamie, Shirley, and anyone who cares about reducing the number of alcohol related deaths and related problems in this country including interpersonal and sexual violence, car crashes, etc. Every year we lose 5,000 young people under the age of 21 to alcohol related causes. (source CDC)
Headed to the Today Show now with Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb!!! Yay!!! Remember to please go get my new single Tumbling Down on …
Tomorrow morning tune into the Weather Channel's Wake Up With Al Roker at 6:30 and 8:30am then onto the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda!!!
Watching Jenna Bush co host the Today Show.she is really good, amusing, conversational, fun to watch...give her Kathy Lee's gig.
Kathy Lee Gifford talks about Alabama Jacks on the Today Show and our hits go way up. Thank you, Kathy Lee.
I was just in the break room where The Today Show was on the teevee, and Kathy Lee and whoever it is with her were testing out a Scratch-n-Sniff Wine Book. On national television. And they get paid huge amounts of money for that. Hmmm.
You know it's good morning when you can watch the Today Show, Kathy Lee and Hoda, and The View 😍
Why am I not working the fourth hour of the Today Show and drinking martinis at 10 am with Kathy Lee
Man I lost all respect for Matt Lauer when i saw his halloween costume on the today show. The others were pretty neat tho, There was Laverne and Shirley and even Mr T. Hoda and Kathy Lee were in their usual early morning intoxicated state.
Turn on the Today Show for Kathy Lee and Hoda and watch for me and Kyle!!! We were there yesterday, and KLG AND Hoda were recording for today's show!
The only thing I don't like about the weekend is that the Today Show and Kathy Lee and Hoda aren't on lol
I never tirn on the tv on my days off, but today i did and i spent my morning w my Trace baby on the Today Show and Hoda and Kathi Lee !!! Now Im ready to start my day :-),
One more shout out!! I'll be on the Today Show tomorrow morning (Wednesday) with Kathie Lee and Hoda in the 10am hour! Hope you'll watch! Talking about my movie Finding Normal on GMC this weekend.
Kathy Lee & Today Show sign petition for Matt & she willing to pay $200,000.00 to put it in N.Y. news paper against Ann Curry. Cover up!
Kathy Lee on the Today Show just said, "Hey all. It's Thirsty Thursday!" 😂
Read the NYMag piece on the Today Show. Ballsy and controversial. I mean no way is the 4th hour w/Hoda & Kathy Lee "tacky"!
My dad loves watching Kathy Lee and Hoda on the Today Show
Kathy Lee and Hoda and the whole Today Show are going to be ALL ABOUT FGCU, so be ready for an influx of white 60-yr-old women fans, fellas'
As if the 4th hour of the Today Show isn't mind-numbingly dumb enough, today Kathy Lee has been replaced by Whitney Cummings. Shoot me now.
In love with Kathy Lee's dress on the Today Show. Lemme borrow that girl. 👗
Excited to be on the Today Show, Thursday, March 14 with Hoda and Kathy Lee. Tune in 11am on your NBC station!
Funny that on a day when we are snowed in the 1st thing I see when I turn on the tv is Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee doing the Today Show from Sunny California.
Apparently they did the Harlem Shake on the Today Show. Thoughts of Kathy Lee Gifford & Matt Lauer dancing is scaring me
Challenge: Name something that currently exists that *** more than the Kathy Lee hour of the Today Show.
"This pig just acted a fool on national tv! I acted more mature than Kathy Lee does on the Today Show!
Cheyne with Kathy Lee on the set of the Today Show to air Friday morning
Looks like I'll be appearing on the Today Show next week, teaching self defense and talking prepping with Kathy Lee and Hoda. Details TBA
“The best part about not having to go to school is I can watch the Today Show except Kathy lee is not on 😢
All I know is that this dang Inauguration is inturupting my daily watch of Kathy Lee & Hoda on the Today Show.
Now that Evelyn comes over everyday, I watch the Today Show and Kathy Lee & Hoda Kotb in the morning, EVERY day.
Did anybody see my Sorors on the Today Show this Morning? Al Roker gave much love to the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta celebrating their 100th year Anniversary. A report said they had the largest single group to occupy the spotlight! Man when I saw them I oooppped to 'em and I know they heard me LOL.later found out my Sorors from UT stepped on Hoda & Kathy Lee!
Just returning to Hilton. Walk to both Today Show and Good Morning America. Al Rouker could not stop smiling at the Deltas. GMA is at Time Square. My knees r killing me n hands freezing. Waiting on NYC Mayor.
Set your DVR's! Tuesday morning, I'll be a few people working out at Equinox with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on the Today Show live at 10am Eastern time!
Kathy Lee and Hoda make it impossible to take the Today Show seriously.
Kathy Lee Gifford just said "First World Problems" on the Today Show. Everyone else can stop now.
Do Kathy Lee and Hoda always drink wine during the Today Show?
I didn't realize what a joke Hoda and Kathy Lee's hour of the Today Show is until 2:30 on a Wednesday morning.
Kathy Lee & Hoda's backsides...we may or may not be on tv waving like *** on @ NBC Studio 1A - Today Show
Kathy Lee and Hoda just made chocolate truffles on the Today Show! I think im drooling 😯
Check out Catch's Hung Huynh live on the Today Show, teaching Hoda Kotb & Kathy Lee Gifford how to cook a nice...
Did you watch the Today Show today??? Hoda and Kathy Lee featured dermalogica products as some of their favorite things!!! Come in for your free skin consult to get your new Favorite Thing :))
Terri Brachtenbach and Christa Connolly! I just saw a piece on 31 Gifts on the Hoda and Kathy Lee part of the Today Show!!! Yay!!!
If you thought Daytime T.V. couldn't get any worse,you're wrong.On Monday's Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee,they brought on the rapper FLO RIDA to perform live on National Television. N.B.C.'S Natalie Morales touted how he would "warm up the chilly plaza." The Rapper uncorked his song"WHISTLE" as young girls mouthed the words on camera.The song is about ORAL SEX. FLO RIDA- in a very thinly disguised way- is asking for *** "Can you blow my whistle baby,whistle baby,Let me know/Girl I'm gonna show you how to do it,and we start real slow/You just put your lips together, and you come real close."This "Musician" holding up a whistle on T.V. doesn't mean he's playing Gym Teacher for a day.There were no Bleeps as he continued with these lyrics: "I'm A *** shame,order more Champagne,pull a *** Hamstring/Tryin-A put it on YA,Bet your lips spin/back around corner/slow it down baby,take a little longer." This song was a Double-Platinum Number- One single,coursing through the I-PODS of young children acro ...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Way to go Trace Atkins! Not a Country Music fan but just accidentally caught him on the Today Show with Kathy Lee & Hoda. NBC... I used to love your show and now change the channel when Kathy Lee is on. This morning she so insulted Trace Atkins by using a "humorous" reference to the fact that he appears to have gained some weight lately -- he caught on and called her on it!!! Kathy Lee is NOT funny. She does not do her homework ... a few weeks ago she was talking to a celebrity on & on about his wife as if she was a BFF of the wife and the wife had died THREE YEARS PRIOR... I get that people make mistakes.. but it seems to happen every time I tune in... is she really that insensitive or perhaps another reason she does this? I bet someone on my friends list is at least a couple degrees of separation from her and has a reason? Perhaps she's got an illness... like people that gain weight sometimes do!
Kathy Lee and Hoda's fourth hour of the Today Show is the worst thing to ever happen to tv history.
I use to HATE when my mom or grandma watched the Today Show.but now that im always up early, im a sucker for it!! Darn you Hoda & Kathy Lee...stop being interesting!
Jesus is painting the living room for Mothers arrival? Funny, we are doing spring cleaning in winter? Mother in law comes and your cleaning. Iris scrubbed all day yesterday. Going to NYC tomorrow to say hi and see friends at Joanne's and have late dinner with my book editor Will Schwalbe. Monday am Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee. Martha Stewart Radio Thanksgiving. Mother arrives in Chicago going to have a nice dinner. Jamie Oliver sending me his favorite turkey Kelly Bronze. Ive made so much Cornbread Dressing thinking of making some different either chestnut or oyster. Loved B Smith Sweet Potato Pie, thinking that too. XOART
Ok for everyone that is confused with what is happening with Anderson Cooper... 1. I went to his show taping Wednesday to watch. Before the show everyone was up dancing and I was being my goofy self and ended up dancing with Kathy Lee & Hoda who were cohosting! They ended up talking about it on the show and Anderson interviewed me on air! Then kept cutting back to me during the show. 2. I was crazy dancing but I was just having fun off camera. 3. Yesterday Kathy Lee & Hoda showed it on the Today Show! 4. Today Anderson had me back on to talk about how it blew up online yesterday! And MADE me dance again. 5. The original show will air on Tuesday (it was Pre Taped( 6. I am so happy about the amazing support I have received from all of my friends! 7. I think it is so important to enjoy life, LAUGH at yourself, and not take the haters too seriously.
Kathy Lee Gifford, Today Show is producing a Broadway Show on "Aemee Semple Macpherson. The head of Foursquare Gospel Church I grew up in.
So the Today Show contributors accused the NyTimes food critic of being self serving!!! Was that before or after the 5 minute segment on Kathy Lee's new Broadway Musical???
I Can't Stand Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kobte on the Today Show, but I Love the Fact, that they Spend the Entire Show Drinking Wine on Camera!
I just head somthing on the Today Show with Kathy Lee&Hoda. KathyLee was talking about what a shame that Target and ZKmat and Walmar mae there employees work on Thanksgiving, and no one should shop to sho our support for the poor people made to work.. Well the Gov't , States and counties can enact Blue laws to do uust that. n Lousina when I was in collee thee was blue law that on RX,clould be sold on Sundies, that same type of law could be enacted in Floria, wth the excption On Thanksgiving, or even 4th of July. Wlamart Kmart TArgetclose here RX depts on Holidaies,and so thewould have ot close.. Giving here empoyees the Holiday off, to spend with there families.. I am going to pitiio to my state legistrator to send a bill to do just that.
"...Don't let 1 episode in your life define your whole life..." Taken from Kathy Lee on the Today Show. On that note, I'm going to bed. Good evening around the world.
I donot watch the Today Show from 7 to 10:00 anymore-since Anne Curry left. I think it was wrong what they did to Ann by replacing her with Savannah (a very degrading thing they did to Ann). Savannah is not a favorite of mine, she keeps looking over to Matt instead of looking into the camera. If NBC thinks this will make the ratings go up, I think they are in for a surprise. She acts like she doesn't know what to say next. I do watch Kathy Lee and Hoda--this show is great and they work together well.
According to the Today Show (Kathy Lee etc) you should not offend half the room by “talking politics” at yr election party tomorrow
Dammit! I wish I had cable tv. I bet tomorrow morning's Today Show is going to just be four hours of Kathy Lee and Hoda drinking Hurricanes.
So where can I find a job doing what and Kathy Lee do during the 4th hour the Today Show? Monday morning mimosas
Today Show. Kathy Lee and Hoda is like watching two angry white divorcees "having a good time" at the wine breakfast time.
Props to the Today Show for not giving the 4th hour over to Hoda & Kathy Lee.
Kathy Lee & Hoda with the scoop on the Today Show are HILARIOUS!!! cant watch them without laughing!!
"Good morning;;; it's a get my cranberry/pomegranate juice and go back to bed kind of morning here; rain showers coming and going all night and so far this morning so won't be walking my seven miles til at least this afternoon and am still tired from being up all night still for not (should've slept instead of trying to be a friend); so gonna chill horizontally and get in my usual Today Show; Kelly & Micheal; and Kathy Lee and Hoda til noon;;; hope you enjoy your morning and have a great Friday to get your weekend happily primed to party""smiles & hugs and best wishes"
We were on the "Today Show" yesterday morning.Sonni got a makeover ! Do you believe it? We went to New York City and the first day we are there, Sonni got a makeover on Kathy Lee and Hoda and Jamie and I were on tv with her.It was incredible.
Wait. I just heard Kathy Lee Gifford saying something about being on the Today Show tomorrow?? Did I hear correctly?
I love when I get to see the fourth hour of the Today Show. Poor Hoda, Kathy Lee is such a mean drunk. They're such a wonderful mess.
You may see me on the Today Show tomorrow. I'm going to NYC tonight to see "Scandalous" on Broadway. It's the new musical written by Kathy Lee Gifford about 1920's evangelist Aimee Macpherson!
Tune in at 10am tomorrow on NBC for a Dancers Among Us feature on the Today Show! That's right, THE TODAY SHOW!
Barry Manilow is on the Today Show & Kathy Lee & Hoda are behaving like teenagers with wine. This is hilarious.
My DVR said that it recorded 30 Rock and it turned out to be the Today Show. So I watched it for a few minutes thinking 30 Rock might come on at any moment. The Saturday Night Live spoof of their show was right on (portrays them as drunk nuts). It opened up with them holding 2 HUGE glasses of red wine (it looked like half a bottle each). Not five minutes later champagne is brought out because Kathy Lee had a wedding anniversary. Then, they go to a scene shot earlier of them "dancing" (grinding ridiculously against) Mario Lopez. Afterward they talked at length about how they meant it to look ridiculous and moved on to a segment about eating food out of the trash. These women are drunk nut jobs. It was actually a bit entertaining.
don't let Kathy Lee try to cougar for taking your shirt off on the Today Show ;)
Kathy Lee was so excited about holding a puppy on the Today Show that she lost focus and dropped him on his head. Good thing he's a tough little doggy.
...Okay I'm watching Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb get drunk on the "Today Show" with ma and they are playing Little Big Town's "Potoon"!! These woman rock and Hoda and Sarah Hanes are super hott!!
When did it become ok to drink whine & get tipsy on daytime television, not alone on the "Today Show"? Hoda & Kathy Lee should be ashamed, its eleven in the morning on a Monday, are you kidding me?!!!
Not sure what hurts more, my throat from this virus, or my ears from ten minutes of Kathy Lee and Hoda. Today Show, what has become of you?
Youngest son Nate, far right in blue sport coat, with music fraternity brothers singing Vive La Mor for the Today Show. 10.02.12
Being on the Today Show means free food. Hey Kathy Lee and Hoda, lets do this again real soon.
Don't forget to watch Today Show @ 10 today UT and Knoxville is Spotlighted as College of Choice for Hoda and Kathy Lee. Look for Jeffery and The Goal Post!
Quarry Trail is here at the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda! The QT Cuties are handing out free stuff so come find us!
I wish i going to knoxville this morning to see the Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee
Heading to the Today Show to see Kathy Lee & Hoda on the UT Campus...GO VOLS!
Kathy Lee & Hoda from the Today Show will be @ UT this morning. If you're home be sure and watch!!
Welcome the Today Show with Hodia & Kathy Lee live from UT campus in Knoxville. So cool. Going to see some cool ladys here, home of Rocky Top.
Don't forget to watch or record the Today Show tomorrow. Hoda and Kathy Lee get the Full experience of VOL Nation! Going be great exposure for UT and Knoxville's college town! We'll be watching for Baby Boy and the coverage they taped at The Goal Post . One of Knoxville's favorite place to Par-Tay on The Hill !
I will be contacting NBC today. I would like the afternoon version of the Today Show disassociate themselves from the morning edition of the Today Show. The morning edition has a tasteful, respectable forum. The hosts have good, clean fun. They never deliberately insult or harmfully tease guest or each other. No matter the subject or issue, they stay poised. The afternoon edition does just the opposite. The show is insensitive and inconsiderate to their guests and viewers. More importantly, Kathy Lee Gifford seems to be the problem. She absolutely does not have the commentary style of someone hosting a version of the Today Show, Hora seems to her follower. They need their own show if they want to act immature and be intoxicated...not a Today Show host.
Wow NBC... What's this, like the 1000th time you've dropped the ball in a year? Between this 911 fiasco, canning the Today Show's last legitimate reporter (Ann Curry), maliciously trying to kill Community, and the blight on humanity that is Hoda and Kathy Lee?... Well, let's just say that if you were a person, I would respectfully put you out of your misery. Ya know what? Scratch the respectful part. I would shoot you in the knees and make you walk around first.
Got the dishwasher fixed, made oat meal, cleaned up the house, walked the dog, settled the cat, ready to rumble! On the Today Show, Kathy Lee wrote a song for a couple whose husband has been very ill at times, now has colon cancer. The husband wrote a letter to the show telling of how she is his Angel, she has been a constant companion,caregiver ,so this is how this song came about. It was sang by a man, accompanied by the piano, it was beautifully sang, telling of his war years, caring for the family, on and on, !!!Kathy Lee surely knows how to write songs, everyone there and including us at home had tears!So beautiful!!!
Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb work the fourth hour.
I just "un-favorited" NBC for dismissing Ann Curry from the Today Show..."No-more Beloved Curry".no more Today for me today or tomorrow or ever again..hated to lose Kathy Lee and Hoda in the process but hey, collateral damage I guess.
"I like when people feel other people's pain." -Kathy Lee Gifford, on how her evil powers are recharged on the Today Show 7/26.
Rockwell Tharp Boots featured on the Today Show with Kathy Lee & Hoda.
Did Kathy Lee Gifford just start the Today Show with the phrase, "its booze day Tuesday?" Lol i love it
Today what's on my the "Today Show." It has become a trashy morning news show, they fired Ann Curry, and this morning they welcomed the new "co-anchor" Savannah Guthrie. When they took on Kathie Lee, and demoted Hota to have to work with Kathy Lee...I wondered then. Now I wonder even more. Ann Curry was my favorite personality on the show. Really? Going outside...hopefully mama duck will float by.
According to the Today Show's Kathy Lee & Hoda (my go-to for the hard hitting news), that's a myth anyway. Hope you're okay!
Sorry to see Ann Curry leave the Today Show, wish it would have been Kathy Lee. I don't watch the second have because of her.
Apparently Ann Curry is history on the Today Show. So we're left with Donny Deutsch, Star Jones and, dare we say it, Kathy Lee and Hoda? So, what else is on from 7am to 11?
It is pretty bad when the only show on TV worse than the Today Show is that other Today Show where Kathy Lee just gets smashed everyday.
NO! Hoda's going to be leaving The 4th Hour to work on the actual Today Show! Who's going to drink with Kathy Lee? I think the new title to the 4th Hour will be "An Intimate Hour with Kathy Lee: Sponsored by Kendell Jackson"
Oh yay! Regis is co-hosting the Today Show with Kathy Lee later.
Regis and Kathy Lee are on the Today Show, but that has potential to be rather annoying too.
Regis is with Kathy Lee... IS REGIS THINKING OF A DIFFERENT NETWORK? Would the Today Show bring up thier ratings by bringing on "THE REG.?"
Regis & Kathy Lee are together right now on Today Show. Glad that Regis is back. But Im scared this is the end of all things.
is it bad that I wanna get drunk with Kathy Lee and Hooda on the Today Show? -- No, gotta be to watch them. Thx for following!
I'm growing concerned over my recent obsession with Hoda Kotbe and Kathy Lee on the Today Show.
Ice T on the Today Show this morning: "It was rap music that opened white peoples eyes and made white people vote Obama into presidency." Kathy Lee: "I'm pretty sure white people voted for him because they thought he was a good candidate, not because of rap music."
We are so excited (and honored) Talbott Teas will be featured on the Today Show on Monday with Hoda and Kathy Lee. -Hope you'll watch.
does all of this to protect the final hour of the Today Show. What, Kathy Lee drinking mimosas was just too important?
Kathy Lee & Hoda are the best hour of the Today Show!
taking a wild guess and saying you are watching the Today Show 4th hour with Kathy Lee and Hoda.
I'm accidentally watching the Today Show, and they have a 12 yr old boy with autism on the show, who has a wonderful singing ability. So what does Kathy Lee do? Write a song for him (which was nice!) but has someone ELSE sing it to him! Fail! They should have let the boy sing! Really missed the mark on that one.
Sending you into the weekend this week's viral video: Kathy Lee Gifford's epic mistake on the Today Show
Chris Hemsworth, as in Thor, was on the Today Show early and missed his opportunity to get hammered with Hoda and Kathy Lee.
Are we surprise that Kathy Lee Gifford effed up on the Today Show?
Anyone see the Martin Short interview this morning's Today Show?? OMG Kathy Lee stuck both her feet and hands in her mouth! Can u say Bozo!! Check out or to watch the video.
I'm convinced that Kathy Lee and Hoda show up to the Today Show hammered.
Anybody notice that Hoda from Kathy Lee and Hoda on the Today Show looks a LOT like Obama?
Wachting the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda love it.
Watching the Today Show in honor of my friend Peggy who watched it every day and hated on Kathy Lee Gifford.
Judy this is for you: Do you all remember the skier Peek-a-boo Street? Well, she's a nurse now in a famous hospital. yes it's true She works in the intensive care unit . really it's true Thing is... she's not allowed to answer the unit phones anymore. Why you might ask. well. people are put off when she would answer... wait for it... the phone. I said wait for it. PEEK-A-BOO ICU. (saw this on the Today Show... thank you Kathy Lee Gifford)
Awesome to see Billy Ray Cyrus on the Today Show with Kathy Lee this week !!
Seth Rogan says on that Hoda and Kathy Lee drink every day on Today Show. We gotta start the trend on
I will b singing on Regis and Kelly tomorrow and talking w Kathy Lee and Hoda on the Today Show after that- Tune in!
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