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Today (also referred to as The Today Show) is a daily American morning television show on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American television and in the world, and is now the fourth-longest running American television series. Good Morning America (GMA) is an American breakfast television show that is broadcast on the ABC television network; it debuted on November 3, 1975. The weekday program airs from 7-9 a.m. 5.0/5

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They need to put you on the Today Show, Good Morning America or something!
To do list before Set DVR 4 the Today Show & Good Morning America. Please don't let this b an April Fools joke!
My bad: is gonna be on the Today Show. Not Good Morning America. I for real didn't know those were different shows.
Bill Murray & Matt Ryan guest on Today Show. The cast of Birdman w/ on Good Morning America.
Fired OSU band director Jon Waters will be on the Today Show and Good Morning America tomorrow - Per
POLL: Will Katie Couric Make the Today Show ratings go up? Can NBC beat Good Morning America?
Say it isn't so! Josh is leaving Good Morning America! I may have to start watching the Today Show
I love the personalities on Good Morning America. Love them. Trying out the Today show, because GMA only seems to report fluff and murder trials in the news. Why are they covering Oscar Pastorias' trial daily?! Anyway, I'm going to miss Lara, Josh, George, and Robin the most.
Oh man they just did the rappers delight on the Today Show with the anchorman. Good Morning America
Today Show - NBC - in New York. Early Monday morning I was in Rockefellar Center looking for Savannah Guthrie and entourage. I knew Matt and Al were in Russia for Olympics but missed the memo that everyone had gone. I had fantasy poster in mind - Savannah - Seahawks and Swagger - with caption - America's Best in Show. Too funny. So I walked over to 7th Ave. and Times Square to watch Good Morning America for a few minutes. Wished I had Swagger with me - maybe had a chance to go inside and out of the frigid morning - less that 20 degrees. Still a fun New York outing and a good long walk.
Find top book picks from 60 Minutes, The Colbert Report, Good Morning America, and Today Show with CoverCake.
I'm stuck at home because of the snow. I cant' even watch the Today Show or Good Morning America. I know, we get it, it's snowing and we're gonna get 12-15 inches of snow but must the local channels talk about it all day! Put on the regularly scheduled shows!
Good day for Savannah PR, Casino on Good Morning America and Bobby Dean on Today Show. And Yes, all free national coverage is GOOD for our local economy.
Hey KMBC 9 News Kansas City - move to your other channel & let us watch Good Morning America. I had to switch OFF of your channel to the Today show on NBC.
I love seeing Good Morning America and the Today Show people wearing SEAHAWKS JERSEYS. It's getting real!
Join your fellow 12's in New York as we Take Over the City & All of the TV Audiences! Events all week by the Seahawks Road Crew for the 12s by the 12s! Click the Links inside to apply for Free Tickets for Fox Sports 1, LIVE with Kelly & Michael, Katie Couric Super Bowl Special, Today Show & Good Morning America! Come on 12s! Go Hawks!
Josh Strickland hails from Charleston, South Carolina. He studied voice at the College of Charleston before heading to New York City to create the leading role of Tarzan in Disney's Tarzan: The Musical. Josh Strickland has appeared on American Idol, All My Children, Good Morning America, Today Show, The View and was featured on the E! Entertainment reality show Holly's World. He heated up the dance music charts with the debut of his first single, "Report to the Floor" which reached the top ten on the iTunes Dancing Charts. After headlining in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2009, the singer now joins the cast of VEGAS! THE SHOW where he is thrilled to perform the hits of icons such as Frank Sinatra and ELVIS PRESLEY. Read More:
Larry Pratt Executive Director, GOA to attend Baton Rouge Rally Larry Pratt has been Executive Director of Gun Owners of America for over 30 years. GOA is a national membership organization of 300,000 Americans dedicated to promoting their Second Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms. GOA lobbies for the pro-gun position in Washington, D.C. and is involved in firearm issues in the states. GOA's work includes providing legal assistance to those involved in lawsuits with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the federal firearms law enforcement agency. Pratt has appeared on numerous national radio and TV programs such as NBC's Today Show, CBS' Good Morning America, CNN's Crossfire and Larry King Live, Fox's Hannity and Colmes and many others. He has debated Congressman James Traficant, Jr. (D-OH), Charles Rangel (D-NY), Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY), Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), and Vice President Al Gore, among others. His columns have appeared in newspapers across the country. He published a ...
Proof that the Today Show is a million times better than Good Morning America, even Sam Champion switched sides!
WHAT ENEMY? The silliness of it all. I turn on the TV or cable - Yup! Nothing to watch. I long ago gave up on ABC's Good Morning America, with George Stephanopoulos wasting his time on entertainment trash talk. I lower the volume of the female screech team on NBC's Today Show since the classy Ann Curry left. She wasn't fired, NBC's news team downgraded themselves. There's always David Gregory pummeling, stampeding his way over smarter minds than his. I'm a news junkie, I want the latest and newest high jinks of the world. As long as I have Amy Goodman to *** any flatulent government talking head and unstupify Murdoch's seduction of the multitudes. But blimey folks… what grabs me, just plain astonishes me, creeps me out - is the every present news hawking theme "Let's Kill the Enemy." Let's get all our forces (pay later of course), our beloved principles, and have it smartly caroled by right wing demagogues, for a war on our enemies. What enemy? We bash our brains out on the gridiron. Come home fro ...
With the New Year, I will be switching from the Today Show to Good Morning America. I'm making a clean break. Savannah Guthrie, I will miss you! Matt Lauer...see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!
What a sad yet joyful farewell to Sam Champion on Good Morning America today! He will surely be missed! I used to be an avid "Today Show" watcher but switched over to GMA after they let Ann Curry go and glad I did because I love the fun camaraderie of the People on GMA!
What the *** is Jenna Bush Hager doing on the Today show. She *** She keeps trying to chime in with worthless banter.. it's no wonder the Today Show's ratings are in the TANK. Good Morning America is far better.. They have more fun, their crew laughs in the background - you feel like you're right in the studio with them... they deviate from the script frequently and they seem to have fun doing their job. The Today show is so "forced"
Judi Dench guests on tomorrow's CBS This Morning, Dean Cain on the Today Show, Jennifer Lawrence on Good Morning America
U.S. morning show audiences were waking up to interviews with crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford. Interviews with Ford aired on NBC’s the Today Show and ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday. The sit-down interviews continue a media blitz Ford and his brother Councillor Doug Ford started Monday with the premiere of their Sun News Network show, Ford Nation.
Had the amazing opportunity to do the makeup for someone who's appearing on the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, and Good Morning America!
Good Morning America beat out the Today Show because of social media, says Andrew Finlayson,
My vocal teacher from Berklee is the backup singer for PINK. Here is her resume, pretty impressive :) Adriana Balic is a versatile musical chameleon in the music industry: vocalist, pianist, keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter, producer, bandleader, and educator. Her most recent gig has been as a touring musician (keyboardist and backing vocalist) with the pop-rock artist PINK. She toured the globe with her for five years to far away places such as Dubai, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Russia, and Iceland. She is seen playing live on the PINK DVDs, Live from Wembley Arena, London, England (2007) and Live In Europe (2004). Balic has appeared on television in the U.S. and abroad on such shows as MTV Total Request Live, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brian, Good Morning America, Today Show, Saturday Night Live, Ellen, and American Idol. Other artists she has played with include Sheila E, Il Divo, Brenda Russell, Peabo Bryson, Norman Brown, Everett Harp, IMPROMP-2, and Don Grusin. She has also appeared on ...
Miley on the Today Show vs Malala on Good Morning America ... guess who's a GMA-er this morn??
So, NBC's Today Show rolled out their new set. It's nice. And now I have a hard time distinguishing it from CBS's The Morning Show, and ABC's Good Morning America. I guess their ratings are sliding -to the extent that they feel they needed a change. And that devolution started when they gave Ann Curry the boot. Now we have an army of new faces like Willy Geist, and Carmen Electra -I mean Carson Daily filling a lot of time slots on 'Today' Begs the question, "Where in the world is Matt Lauer?" Not the noun I would have preferred.
Watch clips of your favorite daytime TV shows, including Good Morning America, the Today Show, Wendy Williams, and more!
NBC's Today Show was looking to steal Robin Roberts away from Good Morning America.
We have hosted the Today Show and Good Morning America personalities! Al Roker and Matt Lauer were in KW
The reason why so many people fled the Today Show and ran to Good Morning America was because of Matt Lauer, not Ann Curry.
Good Morning America just called looks like Ill be talking to them on Thursday and the Today Show on Friday
after over 9 1/2 months of watching Morning News shows I have come to the conclusion that Good Morning America is the trashy cousin to the Today Show. Way to keep it classy Matt Lauer!
I have listened to the Today Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edtion, Kathie Lee and Hoda about the Oscar Show and I have to say. The Bond Girls were cheated. I have heard them laud Barbara Streisand and Charlize Theron. I love them both however you couldn't get a better performance than a seasoned performance from Dame Shirley Bassey and a better look than Ms Halle Berry. Dame Bassey did not waiver nor crack. Ms Berry was regal with a teflon style than could not be touched. They were both not given their just do! I am saying the best performance was seasoned and the best dress was tefloned. Hail Dame Bassey and Ms Halle Berry!
I think it's finally time to stop watching the Today Show. I have been unhappy with the way they do the show for a long while now (I don't like Savannah Guthrie and I liked Ann Curry). They always cut their stories short and not go in depth into the stories. And now Steve Harvey is hosting? I'm done. I have switched to Good Morning America
Join us tonight! ‘Transforming the Culture of Peer Abuse’ with SuEllen Fried Tuesday, February 12th from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. in Reed 117 Free admission SuEllen Fried is the co-author of four books on bullying. In 2002, Fried founded BullySafeUSA, a program that offers workshops, seminars and training institutes. She has worked with over 70,000 students, educators and parents in 36 states in the past 20 years. She has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, MSNBC and was featured in the A&E Documentary, Bill Kurtis Reports, "Bullied to Death." She was invited to participate in the 2011 White House Conference on Bullying Prevention and was selected as one of the top 100 Women in the World by the Diplomatic Courier Magazine. SuEllen is in Erie to train Behrend students working in schools how to prevent bullying. This event is sponsored by the Penn State Behrend Undergraduate Research Program, Psychology Department, Psychology Club, Psy Chi, SGA, SAAC, & SGA.
REPOST: Just a short recap of our DST Takeover…Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. became the FIRST African-American Greek Organization in the Rose Bowl Parade, our National President appeared on Good Morning America and the Today Show, our sorority donated $50,000 to Howard University, January 10th is now Delta Sigma Theta Appreciation Day in Manhattan, President Barack Obama was the guest speaker providing a special message at our Founders Day Dinner, the White House was red. And it's only 15 days in... Stay tuned Thx Rabiatu Barrie for sharing this info
Just returning to Hilton. Walk to both Today Show and Good Morning America. Al Rouker could not stop smiling at the Deltas. GMA is at Time Square. My knees r killing me n hands freezing. Waiting on NYC Mayor.
Set your DVRs for another DST debut. Delta Sigma Theta will be featured tomorrow morning on both NBC's Today Show and ABC's Good Morning America. Be sure to check us out!
Dear Friends and Family, My LUSTRIOUS Sorority Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, INC. will be celebrating our 100th Anniversary. Tomorrow we will be on The Today Show and Good Morning America. Tune in or DVR it. You may see me in the place. I will be at the Today Show. Much love to my Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Greetings Sorors and Friends! Please tune in tomorrow morning and watch as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. does DOUBLE duty, appearing on the Today Show (NBC) AND Good Morning America (ABC). Let the takeover begin!!
Matt Lauer of the Today Show on NBC. I have been watching the Today Show for over 50 years, and Matt Lauer has led the way in dumbing down and trivializing what was a great way to learn while getting ready for work or school. Matt Lauer is to news what Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew are to psychology. When NBC pushed Ann Curry out the door, they chose the wrong person. I try to catch Good Morning America. J. Fred Muggs created better chemistry than does Matt Lauer.
I used to be a Today Show watcher, but ever since you forced Ann Curry out I have started watching Good Morning America.
Got word today that Jack and Sonja from the Dysart's blooper video are being interviewed this week by the Today Show and Good Morning America...
This week we are hanging out with all your favorite TV hosts! Tune in today to Good Morning America (7-9 am) and Eye Witness News (5-6 pm). Then on Wednesday, we'll be on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda! 'Tis the season of giving!
Ok.. now I got this in my email! Robert - In the last week, over 230,000 people have signed my petition asking my employer, Target, to change its Black Friday shopping hours to let employees have Thanksgiving dinner with our families. The response from media has been incredible, too -- I was interviewed on the Today Show, and my story has been covered by CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, NBC, and major newspapers across the country! When I started my petition, I didn't expect it to get this much attention. Shortly after my petition took off, Target employees in others stores across the country were inspired to take action as well by starting their own petitions. The response from both employees and customers alike has been unanimous -- Target should set an example by stopping the trend of retailers opening earlier and earlier for Black Friday deals. We have real momentum, and this Monday, I'll be delivering my petition with over 230,000 signatures to Target Headquarters -- click here to ...
Since I immigrated here, I remember that I've only tasted Twinkies twice or once, for the past couple of years, I've been tempted to go buy and savor on the sweet treat, but was threatened by the thought of becoming fat and diabetic, now they are going to be gone forever, or not! according to ABC News HLN Good Morning America, and Today Show says, there are potential buyers out there so noo need worries! If you like make your own! Like · · Promote · Share Joan Molina My point, Yay! More time to ponder and contemplate if I should buy one.wait I have an excuse, maybe MJ will eat 'em. 7 minutes ago · Like
Ahh, getting ready to board the train to be home by tomorrow morning. We've had a wonderful time in New York mainly due to the fact that I have a great husband who knew how to navigate us around subway terminals and city streets. Because of his knowledge about getting around in New York City, we were able to see and do more then I could have ever imagined or hoped we would have seen and done in the 3 1/2 days we were here! Two broadway shows seen, 25 places visited, and getting to be in the audience for Dr. Oz (front row seats), David Letterman (2nd row seats and saw Zooey Deschanel's interview), and got to also see the Today Show and Good Morning America live too!! Feeling so thankful and so very blessed that we were able to take this trip and have an amazing time!!
After being a life-long fan of the Today Show -going way back to Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel - the day they let go of Ann in such a callous, uncaring way, I dropped the show. Next day I tried Good Morning America, found it's great and it's the only morning show I've had on since then. No more of Matt Lauer's smug, 'aren't I wonderful and dontcha just love me' attitude. Found Savannah Guthrie only slightly bearable in small doses before she made it to the couch so not interested in her anyway. GMA has wonderful hosts with great attitudes. Just regular folks who do a terrific job. Today is worn out and tired and SO yesterday!
After fell in shower he called into Today Show,from another country,said "Good Morning America" Thought he was saying hi to home
Steven Tyler is just not capable of behaving. He said "Good Morning America!" on the Today Show. Ha!
Good Morning America has Billy Ray Cyrus this morning. Today Show has Aerosmith. I would say GMA doesn't have very many viewers this morning. As for me and my house we shall jam to Aerosmith!!
John Bon Jovi & Aerosmith on the Today Show~~Now! That's the way to start the weekend! :) ...Steven Tyler just said, 'Good Morning America'~ it's so early he doesn't know what show he is on! LOL
3 times at the Today Show, 2 times at meet and greets and then at Good Morning America! :)
Excuse me as I run to the TV and change the channel to ABC and Good Morning America because I still have not returned to Today Show after their inexcusable treatment of Ann Curry earlier this year. Yes, I am that loyal to people I respect.
And now I'm watching Good Morning America and the Today Show 👍
Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion has announced that he’s engaged to his boyfriend. Not to be outdone, over at the Today Show, Matt Lauer was caught making eyes at Al Roker.
Ann Romney to host Good Morning America in a coup for Today Show ratings plummet yet again
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Went on an awesome 4 mile run in midtown Manhattan this morning, heading up Fifth Avenue to Rockefeller Center then back a ways before heading back up through Times Square. Saw Good Morning America and the Today Show getting filmed. Don't know how, but the first three miles were 2 minutes faster than the 5K I ran last month. New York energy!
I have been a loyal fan of the Today Show since 2000, but for the past year I have found a new love for Good Morning America. Their cast is great. Just wanted to say it :)
So disappointed in Good Morning America. Lead Stories - Arnold & Tiger. I just Can't watch it anymore. They have decided to be a glorified Entertainment Tonight (in the morning). I can't believe I have to switch to the Today Show to see what is going on in the world. First 15 mins & No Celebrity stories - Yet!! : )
I love how I've been on Good Morning America & The Today Show because of Luke Bryan.
Martin's bio: The amazingly talented MARTIN HOWARD, has made many TV appearances including Sweet Genius, Food Nation with Bobby Flay, Extreme Pastry, Food Network Challenge, Travel Channel, CNN, CBS, NBC and Fox morning shows, Today Show, Good Morning America and even a Japanese documentary show called “New Yorkers”. In October 2010 Martin and his co-author Pablo Cartaya debuted their first storybook/cookbook, Tina Cocolina, Queen of the Cupcakes. It’s the story of a little cupcake girl in search of her topping, complete with recipes and a cast of delicious characters. The second book, Tina Cocolina, A Cupcake in Paris will be released in fall 2013. In addition to being named one of the country’s top ten pastry chefs two years in row (1997 & 1998) by Chocolatier and Pastry Art and Design magazines, Martin was James Beard Foundation baking competition’s winner and “People’s Choice Award” honoree which led him to make a grand birthday cake for the annual James Beard Birthday celebration. He ...
I love Morning News programs, why can't the Today Show and Good Morning America both be number one!! Lolz
looks like and the Today Show lost another viewer. Hello Good Morning America!
After watching Good Morning America this morning, and the genuinely, loving and compassion they have for one another, I cannot help but feel the Today Show has lost that. Comparing the uncaring way that Ann Curry left (was "fired) and the sendoff that was given to Robin Roberts for her medical leave it is no wonder that GMA continues to lead in the morning shows. Ann had 15+ years in and did not deserve such treatment. Matt Lauer felt threatened and he saw to it that she was fired. That is no way to treat "part of the "family"!
You are an excellent addition as a Co-Host of the Today Show. I am not longer a Good Morning America (CBS) viewer.
You up? If so, take a look at Today Show on NBC or Good Morning America on ABC to see Airmen in the crowd! You...
Reading about this Ann Curry stuff regarding her being let go from the Today Show makes me glad I only watch Good Morning America.
I wonder how many of the young group representing the U.S.A at the London Games are familar with a gentleman by the name of Albert Einstein? He came up with this little ol' concept known as the theory of relativity. I wonder if you can guess what that theory's conclusion would reveal in connection with the relativity of a person's tendancy towards being disrespectful and that persons' character. In-turn, how would the impact of that relativity effect their success-level in Life? This morning Lolo Jones was a featured guess on NBC's 'Today Show', while Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells found their way onto the set of 'Good Morning America', and none of them aquitted themselves very well. Granted, the media is often like a hurricane...sweeping-up everything in its' path, and leaving nothing but devastation & destruction. And this occasion is no exception. However, the lack of character shown by the principals in this made-up controversy is disappointing on so many levels. Lolo comes across as a whimpy diva.. ...
The Hollywood Reporter shared the following link: Questions about the news division's reporting on the The Dark Knight Rises screening shooting dominated Ben Sherwood's TCA session, even as the Good Morning America team touted their ratings victories over Today Show.
Not watching Today Show anymore because Ann Curray was shafted hello Good Morning America! !
Heading for the Today Show or maybe Good Morning America!
I have switched over to Good Morning America since the ousting of Ann Curry on the Today Show and I really like it!
Since I'm home for a bit I'm watching Good Morning America instead of the Today Show. I'm still salty abt Ann Curry.
So, NBC brutally fires Ann and gushingly inserts Savannah to fire up the ratings. Day 1 of the Matt/Savannah reign...ABC slamdunks them! Interesting that Amy Roebuck debuted on GMA the same day that Savannah claimed the anchor spot on NBC! After being a long-time, originial Today Show viewer, proud to say now it's Good Morning America for me! Love me some Robin Roberts!
Does anyone else think that Ann Curry got a raw deal from Today Show execs? Message loud and clear that men of any can attract viewers but only women under certain age get the prime spots! Thinkin I will watch Good Morning America next time Im home in the AM.
I miss Ann Curry on the Today Show. Savannah is great, but I miss Ann Curry's warmth. On the fence about switching to Good Morning America. Hm.
Well, today is my first morning of trying Good Morning America. After years of always watching the Today Show, that Ann Curry mess has me miffed.
What - NBC fires Ann Curry - the heart and soul of the Today Show? Good-bye Today - Hello Good Morning America.
Reader Mail (NBC): "Thank you for supporting Ann Curry in her deplorable firing. If you can please forward this email to the executives involved I would appreciate it. I have always watched and enjoyed Ann Curry,a very classy and renown woman. She in NO way deserved to be treated and humiliated by NBC. I VOW to NEVER watch the Today Show again and I HAVE changed to Good Morning America. Let me know where I can have my friends, family and colleagues at work, write in and express their disdain of NBC. We are all taking NBC Today Show out of our morning lives. HOW DARE YOU!"
Still trying to get used to watching Good Morning America in the mornings, since I have boycotted Today Show after moving Ann Curry from the show. It's hard after watching the same morning show for at least 20 years.
Today Show - publicity over Ann Curry leaving may drive viewers to Good Morning America to see what the competition is doing?
It was a rough Thursday for Ann Curry, forced to face Today Show cameras as word rapidly spread that she's likely being demoted from her hosting gig -- the apparent victim of the ratings war between the NBC morning show and ABC's Good Morning America. But not everyone is taking the news lying down.
My Prayers are with Ann Curry the Today Show was so mean to her and I love her...she has the biggest heart no one can replace her so I won't watch the Today Show again...I am watching Good Morning America from now on!
On my mind: Large organizations that treat people badly, such as the news division of NBC. To Whomever runs the Today Show: By dismissing Ann Curry and especially firing her in such an insensitive and unprofessional way, you folks win the award for worst morning show on the air and look like a bunch of Bozos. What a shameful thing you did to that exceptional journalist and wonderful woman. You just tore out the heart and soul of your show and left us only the ego. If there is anything cold and unappealling about your show, it's Matt Lauer. As a fan of Ann Curry for years, I found her to be the only breath of fresh air on Today. Now, there's no reason to watch you guys anymore. People like to watch Morning News hosts who are the kinds of people they can imagine having a cup of coffee with or invite into their homes for a visit. Back to my all-time fav Good Morning America, where everyone is warm and likeable -- as well as being decent human beings.
NBC fired Ann Curry from The Today Show, in essence blaming her for low ratings. I started to watch Good Morning America because their news coverage is so much better. NBC has only themselves to blame for choosing to have such a small amount of news during the program. I actually like the Today Show team better than the GMA team, but it is news I want, not fluff. Though to be honest, all the morning shows have more than enough fluff in their entertainment format!
GOOD Morning America. . . . . . . . . . Really enjoyed switching over to Good Morning America today. And. . when I did -there sat Amy Robach - contract was up at the Today Show. Well, times a changing, somehow I think GMA will top out the ratings from here on. Great job GMA!
Little Giant Ladders
I don't know about anyone else but I am so mad that the Today Show got rid of Ann Curry. She was the heart of that show. I dont know what I am going to do now maybe watch Good Morning America. ; (
Wow, what a 'nice' send off Ann Curry got for her 16 years on the Today Show, not even a video play of all she did there, then to top it off she was gone and the 'it" as her replacement was there in her place - ouch!! I say Go Good Morning America - Josh is cuter than Matt Lauer
Ann Curry bids farewell to the Today Show in an emotional farewell speech June 28, 2012. Watch her get choked up in her last day on the show.
Today was Ann Curry's last day as the co-Anchor of the Today Show. The Today Show has subsequently lost a viewer. I am now switching to Good Morning America or the CBS Early Show. NBC's lack of taste in so publicly mistreating a great hostess and oustanding journalist has alienated me to the point that I will find it repulsive to ever watch the show again.
I have made the switch from the Today Show, Good Morning America is my new show.
No more Ann Curry!! No more Today Show!! Guess I'll be watching Good Morning America from here on out.
Just heard on the Tom Joyner Show that Ann Curry is leaving the Today Show. They blame her because they losing to Good Morning America. They want to give her 10 millions to step. This heffa here said I wont the whole 20 million! Okay!!!
To the Today Show: If you're ousting Ann Curry, shame on you! It's Jane Pawley all over again. Your most authentic and human anchors aren't entertaining or fake enough, eh? It took me several years to return to watching Today after Jane Pawley left. I've heard that Good Morning America is trumping you in the ratings. Did you think about maybe it's because that is the MOST SINCERE group of anchors on any network morning show? Scrap that slightly righteous Matt Lauer and leave Ann Curry alone!
I heard last night that Ann Curry has been forced off the Today Show. She is my favorite and I won't be watching it any more after she leaves on Friday. The reason given, losing viewers to Good Morning America. I will watching Good Morning America.
My response to a co-worker telling me about a story that she saw this morning on Good Morning America or Today Show or whatever: "'re gonna tell me that a ladies tongue gave birth to a litter of squid babies?"
Giant George – The Tallest Dog in the World Amazing World Weighing in at over 245 pounds (111 kg) and standing 43 inches tall (1.09 meters), Giant George is the Guinness World Record Holder for Tallest Living Dog & Tallest Dog Ever. When standing on his hind legs, George measures a staggering 7 feet three inches. George is 6 years old and was born November 17, 2005. He’s a Great Dane and AKC (American Kennel Club) Registered. George sleeps on alone on a Queen Size Bed and consumes over 110 pounds (49 kg) of food every month. As you can imagine, George is one of the most in-demand dogs in the world. He’s been on Oprah, Good Morning America, the Today Show and has been featured in publications around the world. He even has his own book!
I'm officially a convert: while on vacation with my sis - she helped move from the Today Show to GMA - wow, refreshing - happy news, light and Katie Couric. So, if you are a Today fan (I have watched the Today Show for so long, it would reveal my true age if I told you how long) - I urge you to turn on George & Robin in the morning Good Morning America (ABC - channel 6 for DISH users). You can get caught up on the worlds goings on and not feel burdened by doom and gloom reporting.
I find myself wandering on over to the Today Show every time Nancy Grace and Dan Harris appear on Good Morning America. Why should I have to listen to two adults acting like 8 year olds, complete with eye rolls and name calling? This is not news, nor entertainment. And I need coffee...
With 1.4 million hits and counting, a Portland marriage proposal video sparks interest from the "Today Show" and other network programs.
'Today Show,' 'Good Morning America,' Ellen talking to Portland video marriage ...
I have decided that I will no longer watch the news. That's right, no news of any CNN, no MSNBC, no Today Show, no Good Morning America, no CBS Morning News, no Meet The Press, no Daily Show, no Steven Colbert Show, no FOX News (well, never FOX News) etc, etc. I will not read The Houston Chronicle, The New York Times, or any other paper that discusses politics, murder, race wars, etc, etc. Nope, instead I am going to continue to live in my own little bubble, in my "Utopia"...and just be oblivious to anything negative in this world.
So not a typical day yesterday. Good Morning America, the Today Show and MSNBC all got in touch with me about our dance video. Good Morning America played it this morning...not sure status on the other two. Jessica is blowing up on the national cool is that!!!
My mother taught me that if you couldn't say something positive and good about someone, to just not say anything at all. Unfortunately, I don't think Rosie got this same upbringing. Bitterness, anger and deep resentment only ages the one who retains it deep inside. Did the "Today Show" make a big mistake by hiring her? Thousands of Today viewers have recently gone to Good Morning America on ABC and for the first time in almost 900 weeks, GMA is winning the ratings war.
- Could it be? Katie Couric's star power is pulling me over to Good Morning America?! I've always been loyal to the Today Show though!! Ohhh this is so frustrating! Lol
I refuse to watch the Today Show today. Let's enjoy Katie Couric on Good Morning America! Love her!
THIS WEEK: The "Today Show" gives you Sarah Palin. We give you Katie Couric on "Good Morning America". You're welcome.
You need to watch Palin on Tuesday on the Today Show. Couric is on good Morning America... I'm not watching her!!!
What a great move by GMA: Katie Couric to guest-host 'Good Morning America' next week. Today Show streak of 850 weeks at could end!!
“Question: Who is sexier? Today Show's Ann Curry or Good Morning America's Robin Roberts?” Ann Curry all the way!
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