Today Show & Bobby Brown

Today (also referred to as The Today Show) is a daily American morning television show on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American television and in the world, and is now the fourth-longest running American television series. Robert Barisford Bobby Brown (born February 5, 1969) is an American R&B singer-songwriter, occasional rapper, and dancer. 2.0/5

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Bobby Brown has followed up his sitdown with Matt Lauer on the Today Show with the news that The Masterpiece, his first album in 15 years, will arrive this summer. Naturally, this provides a great opp …
Bobby Brown performs "Every Little Step" live on Today Show at Rockefeller plaza via
Bobby Brown in Concert on NBC’s Today Show: Singer and ex husband of the late Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown took ...
Did any1 see Bobby Brown on da today's show? He was gone country a lil 2 long. But he is still my boy...
Did you see Bobby Brown on the Today show this am? Wow... Really bad- like full tripod ing between songs... At first I just lmao but later I felt kinda bad for him.. It more sad than it was funny. I'm a ***
Video on R&B singer Bobby Brown performs his classic 1988 hit, “My Prerogative” for the TODAY fans on Rockefeller Plaza.
Bobby Brown on the Today Show. Ya Ya Ya YIKES. Looks like Tender Roni has gotten Tough.
Bobby Brown on the Today Show...NOT lip syncing.
Trying to sleep in today when I was awakened by a horrible was Bobby Brown in concert "On the Plaza" at the Today Show. Really, just because you clearly had to trade Bobby a televised concert for his exclusive sit down Whitney Houston interview with Matt Lauer, I don't think the viewers should be punished. Ugh!
Bobby Brown is on the Today Show, why, why, WHY!?! Oye no, que nakadeses!
Bobby Brown on the Today show glad your back up singers are with you...great PSA for don't do drugs, live hard and then think you have the same voice you used to have...just sayin
Bobby Brown is on the Today show, he looks like he's about to pass out! Lol
Bobby Brown is fkn awesome, hes killing it on the Today show.
Feeling sad or depressed and need a quick pick-me-up about your general state of health/happiness? Check out Bobby Brown on the Today Show. If I closed my eyes I would have thought that was Ol' Dirty *** back from the dead singing 'Every Little Step"
What happen to Bobby Brown.horrible performance on the today show. No Sir.
Bobby Brown on the Today show live - BRUTAL
Y'all know I love me some Bobby Brown & rep HARD for the late 80s/90s New Jack Swing, but he sounds like a HOT MESS on the Today Show right now... But I'm still dancing & singing along...
Bobby Brown is performing on the Today show!!
Happy Memorial Day to our service members then and now! Today Show has Bobby Brown performing, I just Love It!
Um... Bobby Brown please stop singing. If you needed the studio to sound good back in the day, what in the world made you think that you would sound better now withoutt aa studio. Please watch his Today show performance...
Bobby Brown sounds like Busta Rhymes on the Today Show! Lol!!! Let it go, Man!!!
What the heck is Bobby Brown screeching about on the Today Show?!
Ok. Bobby Brown. Never liked you. You and your messed up cracked up voice on Today show concert stage in a sleazy effort to profit off of your ex-wife's death just shows your character. Busted.
Oh boy Bobby Brown is on the Today Show, I guess everyone was booked for the holiday. He was a little winded I guess he was off a fresh Newport.
Bobby Brown looks like he's about to die on stage on The Today Show!
Why is Bobby Brown performing on the Today Show!! He sounds awful!!
Crazy how after all these years I still can sing all the words to Bobby Brown's songs. To bad he wasn't wearing the Hammer pants on the Today Show.
Woke up this morning and caught the end of Beetlejuice (and it keeps getting funnier Every... Time... I See It!). Next I turn on the Today Show, and who do they have performing Live??? Bobby Brown: Every Little Step I Take Whoa... Can you say Flashbacks???
Up early going to see Bobby Brown on the Today Show
Bobby Brown sets the Record Straight on a few things with Matt Lauer of Today Show (video)
In the second part of Bobby Brown's sit-down with Matt Lauer for the Today Show, Whitney Houston's ex-husband opened up about the fracas that was caused when he arrived at, and subsequently left, the …
My Evening song tonight is.*MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE** Sung by Whitney Houston 1999/2000...It'll be 3 Months this Month that She has passed.. and they are still talking.. Bobby Brown breaking His silence this week on the Today Show...
Bobby Brown's interview on the Today Show was good. U can tell he loved/loves Whitney Houston deeply. Love is one of those things we will never be able to fully explain.
Bobby Brown is about to be interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show...
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