Today Show & Ann Curry

Today (also referred to as The Today Show) is a daily American morning television show on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American television and in the world, and is now the fourth-longest running American television series. Ann Curry (born November 19, 1956) is an American television news journalist, photojournalist, and co-anchor on NBC's morning television program Today. 5.0/5

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Why the ain't very kind to me? . 28.)Ann Curry canned from Today Show. 29.)Conan O'Brien got screwed by NBC. 30.)Cops moved to Spike
Today is the first anniversary of me meeting Ann Curry at the Today Show and Jackie Collins. I hope nothing bad has happened to them since
Because CBS had a genius in Rick Gentile, while NBC hired the guy who destroyed the Today Show's ratings & screwed Ann Curry.
Another horrible analogy but it's just like Ann Curry and Today Show. She was available to take the job but we all knew it wasn't her forte
This is probably the happiest Ann Curry has been since she left the Today Show.
15 Bright and early on Monday morning, January 14, 1952, The Today Show debuted on TV with Dave Garroway as its host and Jack Lescoulie as his sidekick. One of television's longest running shows, Today is still going strong. Give our trivia questions a try to see how much you know about one of the most valuable franchises in television. What Was the Show's Focus When It First Debuted? # Still going strong, TV's Today Show celebrates its 63rd birthday today. Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer are the show's current co-hosts. Although it certainly had its lighthearted moments (see section on J. Fred Muggs below), Today and its host Dave Garroway were much more focused on hard news than the celebrity gossip and lifestyle discussions that have gradually come to dominate much of the morning TV scene. As Garroway said on the opening broadcast of Today, ¨an informed people tends to be a free people.¨ He said he hoped the show would be helpful in keeping its viewers informed and free ¨without being stuffy about i ...
I was too thru with Today Show after Lauer backstabbed the very classy Ann Curry.
Meanwhile, TF is going on at the Today Show? That situation with Ann Curry wasn't enough?
I have mot seriously watched Today Show since they fired Ann Curry. . And that was a regime ago.
~ I have continued 2 watch Today Show evn after the Ann Curry fiasco. If U fire Natalie & Willie, U will love me as a viewer.
Move over Ann Curry, NBC let go Natalie Morales who has been passed over repeatedly for the co-host position. I won't watch the Today Show.
I still hold onto residual anger from the way the Today Show treated Ann Curry.
Josh Elliott has heart! Admire him! Hope the Today Show does not consume him like they did Ann Curry!!!
you deserve it! You should have had Ann Curry's spot when she left on the Today Show. Glad ABC recognizes talent!
Not watching anymore. Just like not watching the Today Show after they dumped Ann Curry
helped me recovery from the Today Show treatment of Ann Curry, now I have a Good Morning everyday America👏
In an exclusive, "tell all" interview with Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast, popular journalist and anchorman Matt Lauer opens up at the controversial NBC firing of former "Today Show" co-host, Ann Curry. According to Lauer, executives at NBC handled the entire situation rather poorly - as a result,…
Nobody's ever explained to me why Savannah Guthrie is a significant improvement over Ann Curry on the Today Show.
I really Miss Ann Curry from the Today Show but am sooo glad to see her on NBC News this evening. I believe she is one of the best anchorperson on air.
Nice work, Scouts. Some Boy Scouts rescued Ann Curry (The Today Show) after she broke her ankle out on a trail. They splinted her up and everything.
Ann Curry, Today Show. And the best spokes person for news.
I think the Today Show, and especially Matt Lauer, have treated Ann Curry VERY SHABBILY. Matt Lauer must go before we will watch again.
I quit watching the Today Show when they were not nice to Ann Curry. GMA!!
Can someone tell me why the Today Show got rid of Ann Curry, but kept Jenna Bush Hagar? She is awful!
Honey, Matt Lauer expired many years ago. His ego is the biggest host on the Today Show. Although he did get Ann Curry out...
Ann Curry, where is your book you were writing to tell the bad treatment Today Show did to you before they fired you? Just asking.
Warning: Rant ahead. What has happened to the art of conversation? Folding laundry while catching up on news and I've had to change the channel several times because my aggravation level is maxed out. These talk show personalities talk over each other (loudly), don't extend the courtesy of listening once they ask a question of their guests or each other and debate everything just to hear their own voices. I quit watching the Today Show when Ann Curry took over and now Kathy Lee and Hoda make her look conversationally pleasant, The View. good lord... no words for those hens and The Talk runs the same format. Clearly there are more tolerant individuals than I since they are still on TV. I'm going to stick to my Pandora and Rick Springfield playlist and dance like Ellen!
They say when doors close it's because there's another you are meant to go through. I've always liked Ann Curry and was disappointed she didn't get the Today Show co-host spot... twice. In spite of what I know had to be one of the most humiliating days on national tv as she was "reassigned" and was forced to say goodbye to the Today Show, I have to say she's found her calling. I love the stories she covers on the international front, and she is such an inspiration as a writer/storyteller. She can always find the one person who can tug at your heart and seamlessly reveal another story within a story. This is one of those stories.
Ann Curry is such an awesome person NBC you should have shoved Matt Lauer off of the Today I only watch GMA on ABC! Just sayin'
WHAT ENEMY? The silliness of it all. I turn on the TV or cable - Yup! Nothing to watch. I long ago gave up on ABC's Good Morning America, with George Stephanopoulos wasting his time on entertainment trash talk. I lower the volume of the female screech team on NBC's Today Show since the classy Ann Curry left. She wasn't fired, NBC's news team downgraded themselves. There's always David Gregory pummeling, stampeding his way over smarter minds than his. I'm a news junkie, I want the latest and newest high jinks of the world. As long as I have Amy Goodman to *** any flatulent government talking head and unstupify Murdoch's seduction of the multitudes. But blimey folks… what grabs me, just plain astonishes me, creeps me out - is the every present news hawking theme "Let's Kill the Enemy." Let's get all our forces (pay later of course), our beloved principles, and have it smartly caroled by right wing demagogues, for a war on our enemies. What enemy? We bash our brains out on the gridiron. Come home fro ...
the Today Show and what was behind Ann Curry's release
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I have just seen the most heart wrenching yet enlightening thing on the Today Show this morning! Ann Curry was reporting on violence in Central Africa when she came across an 8 year old girl whose mother, father, sister, brother and grandparents were killed in this violence. She interviewed the little girl. During the interview, she told Ann that as she watched as her mother was shot, she raised her hands to God, but they (the killers) didn't listen to her. At the end of their conversation Ann asked her if she had any words for the men who killed her family. She simply put her hands together in prayer. As they translated her words, before she asked God to bless and keep her safe, she prayed for the killers! How many of us talk about our enemies instead of praying for them.and in the vast majority of cases they have done nothing close to taking the lives of our family members.
I haven't watched the Today Show since they let Ann Curry go , today it was on that channel and Matt Lauer with his beard looks like a clown. Savanna with all her make up is right in there with him.
Just finished reading an interesting book about the Morning Shows which gets into the Today Show handling of Ann Curry. Top of the Morning by Brian Stetler. Next in line is "When a Nation Forgets God". Haven't read a computer book in months!
Until they unceremoniously fired Ann Curry, I used to get my morning bubble gum TV from the Today Show. I then switched to GMA which has since (the firing) pounded Today in the ratings. So this morning, Today has Bryant Gumble (yuck) back on, Jane Pauley (must be about 87 now), Carson Daley (double yuck) and triple puck, Matt Lauer. *** are they even trying anymore ?? GMA has some young man on, surrounded by 4, yes 4, incredibly hot young women. Call it sexist, but I'm watchin' GMA.
ENTERTAINMENT REVIEWS / FOLLOW UP ON Matt Lauer: THIS IS A FOLLOW UP TO MY PREVIOUS FB POST SHORTLY AFTER THE MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE AND THE HORRIBLE ROCKEFELLER TREE LIGHTING CEREMONEY DURING WHICH I MADE DEROGGATORY REMARKS, VERRY DERROGATORY REMARKS ABOUT Matt Lauer (VERIFIED BY THE LINK ON THE NEXT POST) AND HE AND NBC (YES THE PRODUCERS OF THE TREE LIGHTING FIASCO AND THE CARRIE UNDERWOOD "SOUND OF MUSIC" FROM *** Well if you remember that post of mine, here is a significant follow up. On that previous post I commented how NBC was trying desperately to replace Meredith Vieira so after Matt Lauer himself was responsible for getting rid of Ann Curry because she didn't fit his bill?? She was immediately replaced with Savannah Guthrie who could almost be the twin sister of Natalie Morales who is also co-host of the failing "Today Show" … and my comment that Savannah gets to co-host the Macy's Parade with Matt Lauer and Natalie got the Rockefeller tree lighting co-host to Matt Lauer, i.e. ...
I just now realized Ann Curry is no longer on the Today Show. *** IS GOING ON?
New York CITY – Today Show host Matt Lauer says that he is getting very tired of having to state everyday that he did not get Ann Curry pregnant. Lauer speaking with Ling Chow Rangoon of iRumors at the trendy Cafe La French Fry said that just the…
This'll be the first time I've watched the Today Show since Ann Curry left. I'm forced into it because MSNBC is showing "Caught on Tape".
Lifetime is making a TV movie about the Ann Curry/Today Show drama. My thoughts: I'm totally gonna watch that!!!
Upon hearing the news that Lifetime has decided to turn the Today Show's anchor feud into a TV movie, we decided to have a go at casting the roles of Ann Curry and Matt Lauer.
So nice to see Ann Curry on the evening news. She should have switched to the serious stuff and skipped the Today Show fluff long before they fired her.
What a sad yet joyful farewell to Sam Champion on Good Morning America today! He will surely be missed! I used to be an avid "Today Show" watcher but switched over to GMA after they let Ann Curry go and glad I did because I love the fun camaraderie of the People on GMA!
Here's an exclusive interview with Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi on NBC's Today Show with Ann Curry. January 21, 2011.
In an interview on Katie Couric's talk show, her former Today Show co-host Bryant Gumbel said that the show made a lot of misteps during the infamous 2012 transition from Ann Curry to Savannah Guthrie. And of course he defends Matt Lauer, considering Bryant basically did the same thing to Jane Pauley 25 years earlier. As far as I'm concerned, Savannah Guthrie is the new Deborah Norville.
1.) I never took my shirt off when I swam or laid out until I was 16. 2.) I always wanted highlights so people wouldn't think I was related biologically to my family. 3.) I had posters of Nancy Mckeon and Kirk Cameron on my bedroom walls. 4.) I got a perm in 8th grade so I would looke like Kirk Cameron. I lied to my stylist and my sister that my dad gave me permission. 5.) My favorite thing as a kid was to lay in bed and watch Golden Girls and eat KFC bisquits. 6.) I count ceiling tiles when Im getting my teeth cleaned or at the doctor's office. 7.) I have severe social anxiety and my biggest fear is speaking in front of an audience. I had to do it when I worked at Home Depot's corporate office and I had diarrhea for two weeks. 8.) I entered my dog Truman in the Today Show's Best In Show dog contest in 2009 and we got to fly to NYC twice. We met Jillian Michaels and Ann Curry and he won the contest! 9.) I lied to my parents about my internship in LA in 1993. They thought it was a paid position with an en ...
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So the Today Show felt they had to replace Ann Curry because she was not "professional" enough; and their brilliant idea was to bring in Savannah Guthrie? REALLY.
And the Today Show is trying to make her likable, like Ann Curry was but it's not working
So, NBC's Today Show rolled out their new set. It's nice. And now I have a hard time distinguishing it from CBS's The Morning Show, and ABC's Good Morning America. I guess their ratings are sliding -to the extent that they feel they needed a change. And that devolution started when they gave Ann Curry the boot. Now we have an army of new faces like Willy Geist, and Carmen Electra -I mean Carson Daily filling a lot of time slots on 'Today' Begs the question, "Where in the world is Matt Lauer?" Not the noun I would have preferred.
I have watched the Today Show pretty much every morning since about a realy long time. Lately I am getting close to just saying BUH BYE. I always hated Bryant Gumbel, but to me lately he has redeemed himself w his excellent sports show on HBO. I think it truly started when NBC screwed over Conan O'Brien so badly in that Tonight Show debacle. The fact that they first drove out Carson, and then ALSO drove out Conan for someone as stupid as Jay Leno kind of made me sick. The Today Show was still okay i guess.. I liked Meredith Viera a LOT, glad Katie Couric gone. Then they kind of screwed over Ann Curry in a really cruel way... That was hard... Now they have new ppl, and they are OKAY, but they have added this Carson Daly thing.. this guy who has been loyal to NBC forever, and they are trying to throw him a bone... Its almost hard to watch because I know eventually they're going to screw him over too. I would probably keep watching anyway because I'm loyal to the show and I don't ...
Felder is a made man in these streets. He was on the right side of history re: Ann Curry and the Today Show
Matt Lauer has said a lot about the Ann Curry's Today Show ouster while Ann Curry has said nothing. No fairness here! Matt should go!
The Little Engine that caused Ann Curry to Leave the Today Show
Matt Lauer calls out media for 'laziness' after Ann Curry's 'Today Show' departure
I stop watching the Today Show once Savannah Guthrie became the main co host. They didn't have to do Ann Curry like that
Today Show host Matt Lauer is crying about all the negative coverage about him over Ann Curry being fired in the...
Matt Lauer speaks out about life after Ann Curry's Today Show ouster
NBC working hard to get Ann Curry back into the mix. Her fortunes more on the rise than the Today Show at this point
Looks like dumping Ann Curry negatively affected the Today Show ratings. Hm! We miss you Ann!
At the inlaws watching the Today Show and I see its now hosted by Scary Spice? I'm not sure this Ann Curry replacement strategy worked out.
Oh god I'm laughing hysterically in bed bc in my dream some people asked me what happened to Ann Curry from the Today Show
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Meredith Viera and Katie Couric were anchors during run of Today Show being Ann Curry was anchor when Today Show
Really. Ann Curry was the anchor when Today Show went to second place. Ratings still went down even after Curry canned.
HOT 97 firing reminds me of the Today Show firing Ann Curry. I feel like it will also have the same effect.
Paula Deen to appear on Today Show on Thursday with Matt Lauer to discuss her racism. Matt has an issue of his own getting rid of Ann Curry, so as they say PRICELESS.
Ann Curry does not disappoint in whatever assignment she has been given. Um what about the Today Show. That's right.
Katie Couric revealed that she was approached about coming back to her old Today Show stomping grounds as part of a plan to replace Ann Curry.
Who could forget that last sign off from the Today Show with Ann Curry apologizing for not being good enough to get the ball into the end zone, while Matt Lauer looked on with that judgmental face! The Today show ratings went down big time when Meredith Vierra left and Ann Curry replaced her – but…
Glad to see Ann Curry. I miss her on the Today Show.
Tune in at 9 p.m., as Piers Morgan Live welcomes Brian Stelter who gives his take on the morning TV wars. "I wouldn't have promoted her in 2011...that was the fatal mistake," said Stelter on Ann Curry's dismissal from the Today Show.
Unsure how Today Show brass hated Ann Curry's outfits when Savannah routinely wears awful things like this
I Miss Ann Curry on the Today Show. it was wrong what they did to her!
All this time later and Ann Curry is still crying. She was terrible. Shame on the Today Show for hiring her in the first place.
Ann Curry Called Last Months at Today Show torture due to bosses using her as scapegoat for low ratings via
The whole Today Show, led by Kathie Lee Gifford, taking up for Matt Lauer, but Ann Curry not part of it, They hate bad ratings.
Kathy Lee & Today Show sign petition for Matt & she willing to pay $200,000.00 to put it in N.Y. news paper against Ann Curry. Cover up!
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The reason why so many people fled the Today Show and ran to Good Morning America was because of Matt Lauer, not Ann Curry.
I feel sorry for Ann Curry. Amidst all the Today Show drama she says,"it feels like I died and saw my own wake."
No 'Today Show' hosts will be as good as Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, and Ann Curry.
Ann Curry might have had her issues on Today Show but she would not pull the crap that Candy Crowley and Poppy Harlow pulled. That's right.
How do you spell failure? Hoda Kotb on Today Show filling in for Matt Lauer but no more Ann Curry!
We really Miss Ann Curry on Today Show, she was one of the best! Why did you go away Ann. Everyone could relate to you. Sandi
10 year anniversary of Iraq invasion and CNN's Howard Kurtz leads with Today Show and Ann Curry on "Reliable Sources."
I simply stop watching The Today Show after the firing of Ann Curry. I also know that NBC could not care less if I watch the Today Show. If they did they would not have fired Ann. In reality, I don't miss The Today Show as I have been watching the more adult CBS Morning Show with Charlie Rose, Gale King, and Nora O'Donnell. I do Miss Ann Curry's journalism and on screen professionalism. I am not into television chemistry between morning TV anchors. If I want to laugh in the morning, I'll do it with my wife and son as we get ready for the day. I would like to be informed about what the "Tea Party" Republicans have planned for country that wil negatively impact our lives. Oh, I forgot, as NBC programming would suggest, I should be more concern about the behavior dysfunctional celebities (the endless Kim, Kourney, Chris Kardashian interviews). I would return to NBC Today Show, if Ann Curry was brought back, and Matt Lauder was gone. However that is not going to happen. So NBC have a Good Day and be happy wit ...
On CB: Matt Lauer: The Today Show is a ‘family’ & Ann Curry leaving wasn’t my fault at all
Matt Lauer, NBC damage control, after botched parting of the ways with Today Show co-host Ann Curry?
Is the Today Show crew trying too hard with their "warm & fuzzy" get to know us ads? One wonders where Ann Curry fit into all that coziness.
Today Show promo. They lost me when Matt Lauer dumped on the classy Ann Curry. I'm GMA these days.
I really, really love Ann Curry and miss her on the Today Show. But Savannah Guthrie evens out Matt's catty moments PERFECTLY.
i would love to meet Ann Curry, Matt Lauer, and the entire Today Show cast, present & former (Katie Couric) one day (including Kathie Lee + Hoda who are a funny combo)!
Things are going from bad to worse for the Today Show. Somewhere Ann Curry has a huge smile on her face.
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NBC's Today Show is really missing the Ann Curry magic. Bring her back!
He got Ann Curry fired from the Today Show.
Today Show could Bring Ann Curry back on Wednesday the 20th and still could not beat GMA with Robin Roberts returning.
I think it's finally time to stop watching the Today Show. I have been unhappy with the way they do the show for a long while now (I don't like Savannah Guthrie and I liked Ann Curry). They always cut their stories short and not go in depth into the stories. And now Steve Harvey is hosting? I'm done. I have switched to Good Morning America
Wandered by Today Show setup in Faneuil Hall. Matt Lauer is here. Urge to shout "FREE ANN CURRY!" nearly irresistible.
I am starting a monthly"What pisses off Rick" I don't believe many of you really care, but it will help me vent. most will not have anything to do with important issues, just stuff that really irks me. For February i happen to have 2, the first is the unfair firing of Ann Curry on the Today Show. In my opinion she could run circles around any of the present crew, especially "germophobe" Matt Lauer. I now watch CBS Morning Show. 2nd I think it should be a capitol offense to not remove "Garage Sale" signs within 24 hrs. That's all for this month
Quit the Today Show when they dumped Ann Curry. Now I watch CBS This Morning with Norah, Gayle & Charlie. Smart. Informative. Adult. Thanks.
I still like the Today Show but it always seems something is missing. Oh. That would be Ann Curry.
Yeah...Jeff Zucker likes her I guess. Probably wanted her to replace Meredith on Today Show before Ann Curry.
Im not watching the Today Show until they Bring Ann Curry back
Ann Curry could show up on Today Show and give a more memorable performance than Beyonce. That's right.
NY Post: 'Today Show' Matt Lauer got Ann Curry fired and now Steve Capus. $CMCSA
Here;s Ann Curry's report that airs on Rock Center with Brian Williams tonite! West Coast airs at 10pm PST. Ann's report was also shown in part on the Today Show this morning! (for those of you who are still willing to sneak a peek at Today Show or NBC in general) This is proof that Ann CAN DO the "celebrity interviews"!
rejected Today Show sign idea: "Al Roker is to Jockey Shorts as Matt Lauer is to Ann Curry".
If Ann Curry is a diamond to any program that she is on, why did she not keep ratings lead in one year as co anchor of Today Show.
"Corporate on line 1 for Chelsea Handler. No, Matt Lauer is not whimpering in the room with us. Why do you ask?" After Roker's poopy-pants confession, Comcast had a corporate image chat with her about saying it's not the first time a "Today Show" member was in the news about this sensitive subject: "For years it was common knowledge that Matt Lauer spent every morning [s**tting] all over Ann Curry."
I'd much rather be seeing Ann Curry on the Today Show! She's the class act! Savannah and Natalie need to go do something else. Same goes for Matt Lauer!
Who cares! Not interested in things connected to the ONE person responsible for Ann Curry being taken off the Today Show
See what I have to say about Ex-Today Show host, Ann Curry's recent contractual issues. In The News: Let Your People Go!...
When will NBC release Ann Curry to move to CNN after last summer's abrupt "Today Show" Firing
What does Al Roker think of how Ann Curry "left" the Today Show?
Can you ask Al how he felt about Ann Curry leaving the the Today Show? Did Matt Lauer actually have anything to do with it?
thinking that Ann Curry wanted to leave the Today Show because Al Roker stinks.
Al Roker gives us our dose of TMI for the day. In a new interview with Dateline, the Today Show weatherman discusses his gastric bypass...
Good job Today Show! Al Roker is proof you made the right decision getting rid of Ann Curry and Matt Lauer.
Thanks for the follow. Loved the Today Show interview w Ann Curry.
On the Today Show, Matt Lauer interviewed the wife of one of the Navy Seals killed in Bengazi. He asked her what she would say to her children about their dad and how she would want them to remember him. She said, and I quote, "His love for Christ," and then continued with a few other things. Throughout the day and on MSN homepage, when the story is replayed they have edited the "His love for Christ" part out. Why? Because using the word Christ might offend someone. Well, I am a Christian and I am offended! Offended that they would edit it out. Offended that we as Christians are asked to tread lightly so as not to offend someone of another religion. I think anyone who missed the original broadcast this morning should know what NBC has done. This man loved his country and loved his God and gave his life for both, just as Christ gave His life for him.
Ann Curry to CNN: because Today Show alumnae Soledad O'Brien & Campbell Brown have worked out so well for the network?
Yeah, unreal. Also the same network that fumbled the Tonight Show and now the Today Show. Just ask Conan or Ann Curry.
Stop watching NBC's Today Show until they let Ann Curry out of her contract.
I used to be a Today Show watcher, but ever since you forced Ann Curry out I have started watching Good Morning America.
I love Ann Curry! I don't know who the *** thought it was a good idea to remove her off the Today Show. Hasn't been the same since!
Have you heard of the 26 Acts of Kindness started by Ann Curry of the Today Show? In response to the Newtown tragedy, thousands of Americans across the country are embracing the true spirit of the holidays with random acts of kindness toward complete strangers. They are gestures both large and small, filled with kindness and hope. As we all know, sometimes the good guys can be overshadowed in a world where every newscast is saturated in negativity. I believe people are good. Sometimes we just need a major lifting of spirits and I am proud of the reactions this country has had in response to such an awful, unfathomable tragedy. Little Blue Bow Photography is honored to participate in such a worthy cause and would like to extend a family photo session to a deserving family in San Diego. If you know of a deserving family who would love the gift of portraits of their children and might not otherwise be in the situation to afford it, please nominate them to kellieyou don't have a family you'd like to nominate, ...
I guess the Today Show hasn't learned anything from the Ann Curry situation. keep your head up beautiful!
Excellent interviews (nice and long) on the Today Show today: Barbra Streisand & Ann Curry's Hobbit cast interview. Miss Ann...
Today Show had great Hobbit piece hosted by the one & only..Ann Curry! Miss Ann.
Please Bring Ann Curry back to host Today Show. I haven't watched since she left.
so thankful Jim Bell is going on to Olympics and getting out of Today Show. Just so sorry he wasn't moved before he cut Ann Curry
Let's bombard NBC Today Show by having as many people as possible "like" this page. I loved Ann Curry on the Today Show ans they should bring her back and let other people go!
Like I want to cry after watching Ann Curry's goodbye on the Today Show (which was months ago). What is wrong with me?
Finally...Matt Lauer to be fired from Today Show. Hope Ann Curry is smiling.
Why am I just now finding out that Ann Curry has been replaced on the Today Show?!
I can't believe Matt Lauer may be fired from the Today Show. He makes the show but the co-host needs to go. I liked Ann Curry and it was a mistake to treat her so badly.
Word has it that Matt Lauer is being fired from NBC's Today Show. Finally, he was an arrogant bully who needed to go. I quit watching when they fired Ann Curry.
Ann Curry's Firing from the 'Today Show' to Lead to Matt Lauer to Getting Cut? Willie Geist May Replace Him - Report
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Why has Jenna Wolfe been demoted? Really love her on the weekends, what is wrong with the Today Show, first you get rid of Ann Curry then demote Jenna and have her on the sidelines. What's Up?
well, I have watched the Today Show for many years... that is until today. a while back, they fired Ann Curry, that really ticked me off but not enough to switch to another network. This morning we noticed that they have bumped Jenna Wolfe to a lower position. I emailed them about how wrong it is and we are going to watch a different station... :(
I think that settles it. I'm officially done w/the Today Show all together. First Ann Curry, now the Jenna Wolfe diss. Who do I write to?
I know I swore off the Today Show when Ann Curry got let go, but I have to admit I have watched it from time to time since then. Today I am so glad I did. They had a US Citizenship ceremony this morning. Makes me so proud to be an American. And might I say I cry everytime I hear Lee Greenwood Gods Bless the USA.
Ann Curry please come bad to the Today Show!!
Why isn't Ann Curry on the Today Show anymore?
They're firing the producer who fired Ann Curry! HA! "NBC to replace "Today Show" producer"
DO NOT WATCH NBC NEWS PROGRAMS AND SPREAD THE WORD! They have now demoted Jenna Fox along with Ann Curry because their male hosts couldn't takecouldn't take their brilliant ability, their sparkling personalities and able capabilities. So rather than work side by side they had them demoted. If we were able to elect a president with our numbers, we can certainly start tell networks what we want to see with our numbers. NBC Today Show is missing an extremely important part of their show now with Ann Curry missing and to have replace Jenna Wolf because she was too "athletic"? what malarkey!!!
No Ann Jenna Today Show for me
Ann Curry is off tv and ratings are up at Today Show. That's right.
As most of you know I spent the summer in the wilderness of Lassen park. We had phone service and I could use my cell phone when riding to the top of the mountain. But, Today realized how out of touch I have been. I watched the today show this morning and realized Ann Curry was no longer there...SINCE JUNE! Is this good or bad?
Watching Rock Center.I Miss Ann Curry being on the Today Show!
Matt Lauer is Mitt's biggest supporter. Bring back Ann Curry. Savannah thinks just like Matt. Bye bye Today Show. Hello Gd Mrng America.
Even though this is still Comcast I am boycotting the Today Show because they cut Ann Curry.
Does anyone know what happened to Jena Wolfe on the Today Show? Did he get "demoted" like Ann Curry??
From the Joe Spake Blog archives: Ann Curry leaves the Today Show
haven't watched an episode of Today Show since they demoted Ann Curry (& I'd watched it my whole life). But they pulled me in; I donated.
I agree! It was great to see Ann Curry's segment. I love her and miss her on the Today Show
Nobody does tragedy like Ann Curry. She was the Debbie Downer on the Today Show, so she got canned. This is perfect for her.
In a feisty Today Show interview with a combative Ann Curry, Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) - there to promote her new book, "Scorpions for Breakfast" - calmly answe...
Why did the Today Show get rid of Ann Curry instead of Al Roker?
Saw Ann Curry from the Today Show today in midland beach
Ann Curry's memorable moments on Today Show. If your station or company created a tribute for you, what would be on the video? If ...
You mean Ann Curry tears up the Today Show. That's right.
Watched the Today Show all my life until you fired Ann Curry... never will follow again. Charlie Rose much, much better.
It's a good thing Ann Curry left the Today Show. Otherwise, Matt Lauer would have sent her to New Jersey to cover
I Miss Ann Curry's morning smile on the Today Show:(
Ann Curry off of the Today Show is a my job right now, small world we live in slick
If I'm NBC, I put Ann Curry on the Today Show tomorrow, so...people will watch their coverage.
Thinks Al Roker should have been released from the Today Show instead of Ann Curry. He thinks he is so funny but is very annoying
I woke up feeling sorry for Ann Curry. The Today Show seems so happy without her. It doesn't seem fair. Weird.
Ann Curry interviewed Hoda Kotb in 2007 on the Today Show about her recent breast cancer diagnosis. Direct quote, Ann to Hoda: "When people ask me who my favorite people are to interview, I tell them cancer survivors. Cancer survivors know how to live. They know what they are not going to put up with anymore. Cancer survivors have CLARITY." Hoda is now 5 years cancer free, and I'm blessed that my mom Reta Cassity remains cancer free too. Please, friends, remember to send prayers and thoughts to all who are going through this (and the families who lost loved ones to this) traumatic disease during October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
I sure do Miss Ann Curry on the Today Show. It is just a silly news show now w/ the lead lady.
Matt do the world a favor and quit the Today Show. Ann Curry is 100 times better than you will ever be.
okay what else have a missed since lymphoma entered my life? I really enjoyed "Call the Midwife" excellent TV, yes I know the lovely Ann Curry is no longer with the Today Show which seems idiotic. Just hoping I have not been missing other quality TV.
I sure Miss Ann Curry on the Today Show. Just not the same. Having trouble warming up to Savannah Guthrie..she speaks too fast and seems rather cold and uninvolved.
Ann Curry gets canned from the Today Show for not giving an F abt cooking segments. Now Savannah Guthrie plays a fool by knowing even less.
"How are you going to get Ann Curry back on the Today Show?"
Is it a slow news day for the Today Show? A whole segment on Savannah Gunthrie making microwave pizza and PP&J? Is there nothing else going on in our world? What a sad commentary on what they deem is important :(
Cindy stops on the Today Show this morning. I asked " have their ratings improved since they fired Ann Curry?" Don't know. So I googled it. NO they haven't. The article I read said they were worse than last year. So here's a Liberal Network that blamed a woman, a triple minority, Asian decent, female, over 50, for their issues. The same liberals that champion women fired her and replaced her with 2 young under 50 white women.
Excuse me as I run to the TV and change the channel to ABC and Good Morning America because I still have not returned to Today Show after their inexcusable treatment of Ann Curry earlier this year. Yes, I am that loyal to people I respect.
Feel bad for blaming the awful Today Show on Ann Curry: Now giving advice on how to shop at outlet stores. Maybe Americans are this dumb.
Ann Curry, Jenna Wolfe, and Kathie Lee Gifford should get own show on Bravo called The Real Egomaniacs of Today Show. That's right.
"Ann's interview style was like chalk on a board to me. She leaned toward her interviewee and whispered her questions like someone had died. The more serious the interview, the quieter she got." - Susan Wurtzel (on former NBC "Today Show" host Ann Curry)
Today Show--get rid of Star Jones!! She's awful--reminds me of someone else.Ann Curry!! Yuk!
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I'd just like to address the Matt Lauer vs Ann Curry situation. I was shocked when Ann was "let go" of the Today Show. Come to find out Matt wouldn't re-sign his contract without them getting rid of Ann. They did it, and now his job seems to be in limbo. My husband and I have discussed it, and we have both decided that Matt has become an arrogant *** I would go as far as to call him a needle dicked numb nuts, but I don't have the exact facts yet.
Why, Today Show? I do like Savannah Guthrie way more than Ann Curry, but Willie Geist? The human sedative? Why?
Refuse to watch the Today Show without Ann Curry. Big mistake network!!
I added a video to a playlist Ann Curry in Sudan with Ryan Boyette - NBC Today Show
Matt Lauer of the Today Show stinks. Hope he doesn't come back. Bring back Ann Curry!!
Today Show deserves drop in ratings for shameful way they dismissed Ann Curry after giving Meredith an over the top goodbye.
Why is David Gregory still on the Today Show? I hope they aren't thinking of using him to replace Matt Lauer. I think the Today Show weekday hosts should be Ann Curry and Lester Holt. They would be perfect co-hosts!
The staff at the Today Show should take note after how they treated Ann Curry! Haven't watched the Today Show since!
Somehow people see Ann Curry as Superwoman. Does anyone really think Ann Curry will solve all of problems at Today Show? That's right.
Ann Curry should have never been given the keys to drive the Today Show. That's right.
Brian Williams: "Ann Curry has made it safely out of Syria" //Safer there than on the Today Show couch
Hey NBC, so you dump Ann Curry from the Today Show and then ship her to Syria as a foreign news correspondent? COME ON MAN!!
I Miss Ann Curry on Today Show. No longer watch it. NBC made a huge mistake!
Ann Curry was fired from Today Show some weeks ago and now they send her to report from Syria ¬¬
I still Miss Ann Curry in the morning.what a professional and all around nice person.Shame on you "Today Show". I hope she's doing well.
Ann Curry was the only reason I used to watch the Today Show. She's gone from there and so am I.
"Today Show" producer admits decision to remove Ann Curry from show was his -
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C'mon Today Show...get some class back into your act! Your bit on the couch with the obnoxious ad from Austrailia for a feminine product was in poor taste. Natalie and Savannah totally embarrassed Al Roker! Ann Curry would have demonstrated more decorum!
The world has spun because now I actually like Howard Stern (& would love to see Willie Geist & Ann Curry as Today Show hosts)
Today Show, in perspective firing Ann Curry was like shooting yourself in the foot, while you were already on the ground.
why did Ann Curry leave the Today Show??
I hope you all had a wonderful time WITHOUT sweet, sweet, sweet Ann Curry. Never again for me Today Show.
If Ann Curry does not give Today Show a bump in ratings when numbers come out, they are screwed.
If there is an increase in Today Show ratings for last week Ann Curry will be vindicated. Truth is Ann failed like she has done for 15 years
Too Awesome to see Ann Curry on NBC Today Show!!! Miss You Ann!! Youre a fantastic report & m ...
God, it must be hard working with Matt Lauer after what he did to sweet, sweet Ann Curry. Never again Today Show for me.
Can't believe all the people on the Today Show turned their backs on Ann Curry. She is a very funny and genuine person.
I'm boycotting the Today Show! First they blame Ann Curry for bad ratings. Now they feel boobs are more important then 911 moment of silence
I think there's been enough time since the whole Today Show thing, so I unfollowed Ann Curry today. (She was BORING!)
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- & this is why I don't watch the Today Show anymore. This and how they treated Ann Curry...
Hope if your still a "Today Show" fan you are boycotting after the disrespect they had yesterday for a moment of silence to honor the families of 9/11...and showed Kris Jenner and her breast implant story instead, I sick of ALL her family in the news. I switched after the way Matt treated Ann Curry's sentimental goodbye~he is such a FAKE and needs to be replaced~weather you liked Ann or not...she was mistreated, and I'm sure Samatha Guthrie is a very good journalist but until they say bye,bye Matt Lauer I won't know~
Just another nail in the Today Show's coffin. I stopped watching when Ann Curry was booted.
Congraduations NBC and the Today Show. You've lost a viewer in me. First you dumped Ann Curry like a bad habit when I truely liked her, more than I like that chick you have there now. Now, you think an interview with Kris Jenner about her boob job is more important than the 9/11 ceremonies yesterday. Fail, Today show! Epic fail!
Cannot believe that the Today Show didn't honor the period of silence this morning, but interviewed Chris Jenner about her implants instead! Then that show wonders why their ratings have dropped!!! At least they can't blame Ann Curry this time! Who will they let go for this one? Thanks for my vent time!
So.while almost everyone in our country and around the world pause for a silent moment of remembrance and respect for those lost 11 years ago today, the Today Show is interviewing Chris Jenner about her breast implants! How crass and insensitive! I had already stopped watching because of the awful way they treated Ann Curry and how tabloid they have become, but this takes the cake!!! And they can't understand their ratings drop. :-(
Wow NBC... What's this, like the 1000th time you've dropped the ball in a year? Between this 911 fiasco, canning the Today Show's last legitimate reporter (Ann Curry), maliciously trying to kill Community, and the blight on humanity that is Hoda and Kathy Lee?... Well, let's just say that if you were a person, I would respectfully put you out of your misery. Ya know what? Scratch the respectful part. I would shoot you in the knees and make you walk around first.
If the Today Show gets rid of Chelsea Clinton, Chelsea should get the Ann Curry deal. Paying someone 10 million for part time work. pathetic
Ann Curry may not have been a perfect fit for the Today Show, but she is an excellent foreign affair reporter. She knows how to tell a story.
Look forward to latest morning news ratings for this week. If Ann Curry is featured on Today Show, will the ratings improve?
Just saw Ann Curry reporting on Syrian refugees on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. So good to see her on TV again. bringing more important stories to us than what Snooki is up to these days or whatever "important" stories Savannah Guthrie may have covered today on Today (and yes I know they also cover important stories on the Today Show too...but you have to look for them in between entertainment "news" stories.)
Well is desperate if he features the name Ann Curry on the Today Show. What happens if I am on tv and ratings don't improve?Thats right
Ann Curry is reporting from Syria and the bigs news on the Today Show is that each host gets to play their iPod playlists for us.
I think it's really nice of the "Today Show" to dump Ann Curry for Savanah Gutherie...and to boot it's incredibly generous of them to send Ann (live) to war torn, fighting countries, covering hurricanes and tornadoes...that's what she got for her dedication to the Today show for 15 years, you are right Al Roker she did get thrown under the if that isn't bad enough seems they want to attend her funeral soon too...
I'll never watch the Today Show ever again until Matt Lauer is long gone. I miss you Ann Curry.
Boycott the Today Show on NBC. I know it has been sometime since they fired Ann Curry, but in my opinion she was an asset to the show. I have not and will not watch it ever again!
Pulled an all-nighter to bring you stunning images of people escaping a stunning uptick in the war in Syria. Schedueled at 7:10 am on the Today Show.
This is really what I am thinking right now...Jenna Bush with that "Fifth Grader vocal narration voice" gets gigs on the Today Show and Ann Curry (uber professional speaking voice + amazing journalist) is gone. ??? :(
Just noticed that Ann Curry misspelled a word on her status update. That's going to bug me all day. Maybe that's why the "Today Show" got rid of her.
Watching the Today Show this morning.Y'all see the look on Ann Curry's face when Matt Lauer wished her "Good Morning"? Her look was screaming, "Ah, 'Good Morning' whatever, you sorry-motherf*..." Priceless!
Matt Lauer is the problem at the Today Show. He's why I quit watching. Ann Curry was let go for no reason.
Love her! I started watching GMA when the Today Show publicly humiliated Ann Curry and I really have enjoyed the crew. It is a much more down to earth show.
After watching Good Morning America this morning, and the genuinely, loving and compassion they have for one another, I cannot help but feel the Today Show has lost that. Comparing the uncaring way that Ann Curry left (was "fired) and the sendoff that was given to Robin Roberts for her medical leave it is no wonder that GMA continues to lead in the Morning Shows. Ann had 15+ years in and did not deserve such treatment. Matt Lauer felt threatened and he saw to it that she was fired. That is no way to treat "part of the "family"!
Ann Curry needs to come back to the Today Show. Savannah Guthrie *** Smh.
I just "un-favorited" NBC for dismissing Ann Curry from the Today Show..."No-more Beloved Curry".no more Today for me today or tomorrow or ever again..hated to lose Kathy Lee and Hoda in the process but hey, collateral damage I guess.
First they fire Ms Curry, then bring back Meredith Viera for the Olympics; I am like the writer on 12 Aug 2012/19:15, I'm boycotting the Today Show and watching CBS morning now!!! :(
The cyclists talking with Ann Curry from NBC's Today Show
Interesting - typed Today Show into browser & Ann Curry was the top person listed in People Assoc w Today Show on right sidebar...
Hey did anyone else just find out that Ann Curry got fired off of the Today Show! I just found out! I feel they didn't give her enough time! :-(
Check out Al Rokers 17 second stare into the camera on the Today Show. What is he up to? I think he is showing his support for Ann Curry and her dismissal from the show thanks to Matt Laur.
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Can you please interview Ann Curry (The Today Show) for one of the interviews?
Today Show has "The Ake" on this morning. He confirms Paul Ryan called him yesterday and asked him to step down. Ryan got the idea from watching Matt Lauer and Ann Curry.
Does anyone else think that the Today Show should have kept Ann Curry instead of the new co-host. I am now worried about Al Roker being "thrown under the bus".
I Miss Ann Curry. I used to like the Today Show. Not now.
I think the Today Show should throw Al Roker "under the bus" and get him off the show. He is an absolute jerk and totally insensitive to others. And he's so stupid that he doesn't even know when he's doing it i.e. his remark on Thursday implying hat Ann Curry was "thrown under the bus". I say, get rid of him. He's a bafoon!
Al Roker calls out Matt Lauer? I still think the Today Show ratings tanked because of Matt, not Ann Curry.
Anyone see the clip of Al Roker semi calling out Matt Lauer for the Ann Curry mess on yesterday's Today Show? Kinda awesome.
Oh, No He Didn't! Award: Is Al Roker on Team Curry? During an interview with the U.S. women's Olympic champion rowing team on Today, Matt Lauer brings up the ladies' tradition of tossing one member into the water after winning gold. "The tradition here in New York is you throw her in the Hudson River," Lauer jokes. "Which is different than our tradition," Roker quips. "Which is you throw one of us under the bus, but that's another story." Cue major awkward laughter. If you recall, according to multiple reports, Lauer was behind Ann Curry's dismissal from Today. Even more suspect? The Today show website edited out Roker's burn from the video. When are Today Show big wigs gonna get it? Lose Matt and bring Ann back pronto!
Ann Curry: via You lost the best part of the Today Show, Anne Curry was genuine, you were wrong to fire her!
Bring Ann Curry back 2 the Today Show. Savannah is ok, but I liked Ann. Matt can go anytime 2.
I've watched the Today Show for years. Recently I noticed Ann Curry is not there anymore. Guess I thought she was on vacation or on assignment. Googled it and found out she was "let go". I'm really disappointed. She was the star! I think they made a mistake but then what do I know??!!
@ Today Show- Seriously? Ann Curry is professional, compassionate, personable. Shame on you! I watched GMA today for 1st time.
Today Show is not the same without Ann Curry!!
Nicki Minaj perform Beez in the Trap on the Today Show?? First Ann Curry's out and now this I'm done...
Helen Gurley Brown is a ground breaker. Ann Curry not a ground breaker despite her saying so on last day of Today Show. That's right.
With Ann Curry gone, is the Today Show now just three hours of playing dress-up?
Thanks to for quoting me on whether style got her fired from the Today Show.
Saw a news clip on AOL with Ann Curry back on the Today Show for a couple of minutes. Noticed she didn't turn her back to Matt Lauer. Last time she did the knives ruined her dress.
After being a "Today" Show viewer for better than 20 years, I feel compelled to write and tell you that I am now watching GMA with my morning coffee. The manner in which Ann Curry was so unceremoniously dismissed from the Today Show family was tasteless and unconscionable. While I do not have a background in the television and production industry, I find it difficult to believe that any ratings dips experienced during her tenure as co-anchor were attributable to her performance on the program. I, and many others that I know, have always commented on her depth of feeling in her reporting, whatever the subject matter. While the change was an uncomfortable one for me after so many years of being a viewer, and though I'm sure it means nothing to the NBC execs "upstairs", I felt morally outraged on her behalf and said goodbye to my morning routine of waking up to "my" morning news show. Au Revoir, Today.
I was very upset by the way Ann Curry was treated by the Today Show. I'm a huge fan, and seeing this video of...
Giving the Today Show up after twenty five years for Ann Curry! The Today Show now looks like a father daughter show.
Reading about this Ann Curry stuff regarding her being let go from the Today Show makes me glad I only watch Good Morning America.
As much as I hated seeing Ann Curry leave as co-anchor on Today Show and as much as I really wanted to switch to GMA...
To Everyone Out There, Moments ago Ann Curry appeared on the Today Show doing an interview with the creator and developer of the London Oympics, I am so elated to see her back. What NBC did to her was the absolute worst inhumanity to man that I have ever witnessed. Ann Curry represents what is genuine and good in all people. She is a beautiful person inside and a tribute to her profession. I will be watching Ann Curry cover the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics while the rest of the Today cast leaves. What a snubbing, she was promised to cover the Olympics from the beginning and NBC left her out. What an atrocity. WELCOME BACK "ANN CURRY" I have missed you.
Ann Curry on the Today Show with Matt Lauer - the new AWKWARD
Ann Curry joined her former Today Show co-host Matt Lauer at the London Games on Thursday, marking their first on-air reunion since she bid an emotional farewell to viewers in June.
Anyone see the very cool reception between Matt Lauer and Ann Curry yesterday at the Olympics? If not go to you tube. I may be changing my allegiance to the Today Show after the Olympics.
Most American were shocked when Today Show host Ann Curry was gently fired from the show back in July. We were left trying to figure out what Ann had done to deserve being kicked off the air. Well, it seems as if her clothes and shoes may have played a role, according to an interview with Curry in...
After her departure from NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer in June, journalist and Newscaster Ann Curry returns back to the show in London to cover the 2012 London Olympics. It was her first public interaction with former co-host Lauer.
I stopped watching the Today Show after the got rid of Ann Curry , They dogged her and I 'm not watching it again"EVER" !
This is the worst day of my life. Michael Phelps & Harry Styles got girlfriends & I find out Ann Curry got replaced on the Today Show.
I have trouble watching the Today Show because of the way they did Ann Curry. ABC has a great Morning Show.
Easier than I thought to give up Today Show, hello GMA, still Miss Ann Curry though but nothing else.
Ha! kinda happy that the Today Show has lower ratings since Ann Curry was replaced by Savannah Guthrie. May not b the only reason but serves those *** right for not giving Curry a decent farewell.
My mother and I just want to say that we Miss Ann Curry on the Today Show
I Miss Ann Curry on Today Show. She added humanity to a show that now is filled with a bunch of plastic people except for Al.
I'm boycotting NBC and not watching my regular shows due to them removing Ann Curry as Co-Anchor on the Today Show. Check it out on YouTube. If you agree with me please repost this and add your own comments. I think it was political because she was out shining Matt Lower(sp)
I feel like a traitor watching the Today Show since Ann Curry left.
Yeah for Ann Curry posing without makeup in August LHJ, even though they should have updated that she was fired from the Today Show. She says true beauty is to have a face that you have lived in. I liked her as co-host. She said she wore the multicolored dress to perk up America and that the reason we are not yet fully in charge in this country is not only because we're being held down, but because we're not holding one another up. UP, my favorite word.
This morning's Today Show was still, for some reason, talking about that opening ceremony bit with Daniel Craig and HRH Queen Elizabeth II. They decided to get some "man on the street" comments from tourists in front of Buckingham Palace, and one of them was Evander Holyfield!
This house has no idea what is going on with the Olympics. Like the Today show, NBC is sludge. And they blamed Ann Curry.
Today Show refugee Ann Curry sitting at home in front of TV, ala Albert Brooks Broadcast News style, drinking wine and muttering
So Matt Lauer says it "burns my butt" that the Olympic cauldron isn't atop the stadium..I concur..but guess what "burns my butt" Matt? Nowhere in these Olympics have I seen Ann Curry yet when you NBC jerks said she would be there..Only because the Olympics are on your tacky network, I am delaying my Today Show boycott! I feel grimy even watching it..
I'm still mad at the Today Show for dumping Ann Curry like that.
Would love to see Ann Curry back on the Today Show.
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I've made it! 5 days without watching the Today Show! I'm done with them. First, Ann Curry, and now the Olympics. NBC needs new direction
Today Show ratings continue to drop after Ann Curry was fired..Maybe *she* wasn't the problem?
Ann Curry was the only real person on the Today Show. Please bring her back, if not then you have lost a fan.
Matt and Meridith make the Olympic opening sound like Rose Bowl Parade. Wierd opening, surreal announcers beamed in from Today Show, ghost of Ann Curry flying about the stadium laughing madly. What's with sourpuss Queen? She didn't crack smile when kids where singing to her.
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