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Today (also referred to as The Today Show) is a daily American morning television show on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American television and in the world, and is now the fourth-longest running American television series. Albert Lincoln Al Roker, Jr. (born August 20, 1954) is an American television weatherman as well as an actor and book author. 5.0/5

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My pic is Al Roker from the Today Show and Nbc News
He's used it in the Today Show's bike vs car vs public transit race (and won…
Al Roker delivers the saddest weather forecast ever after Matt Lauer firing from the Today Show 😢
I’m glad humans aren’t like dogs and other animals. I wouldn’t want to be watching the Today Show and suddenly see Al Roke…
Brian_roberts. Let's tell them Phi Beta Sigma supports Al Roker. We want him to remain in the NBC Today Show!
Al Roker & Tamron Hall helped make the Today Show & they are STILL being replaced by Megyn Kelly. I'm sure race had NO…
I just wanted to use this gif. Oh. Also, Al Roker is replacing billy bush on the Today Show.
Wait . . . what? Today Show staff in meltdown because Al Roker said Ryan Lochte lied
Al Roker says climate change is real on Larry King Live. But don't you dare say it on any Comcast outlet (Today Show, Weather Channel)
GREAT MOMENTS IN DIPLOMACY: (2012) After UN speech, Netanyahu fills in for Al Roker on the Today Show.
love you Al Roker hope to come down to Today Show some day to meet you in person!😊
You'd be hard pressed to find an attendee that Today Show anchor Al Roker didn't get a selfie with at...
I'm on the Today Show. I'm sure I'm on the list. - Al Roker trying to get into
Al Roker and entire Today Show picked chili as "the real meat"...
I want Matt Lauer doing a 2-hour Mohicans appreciation every morning on the Today Show. I want Al Roker telling us the weather in Havana.
EXCITING NEWS: Guiding Eyes partners with Today Show to raise a future guide dog! Learn more: A collage of photos of the Today anchors with Guiding Eyes pups. Clockwise starting from top left is Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie
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Is there any reason to not just round up the people who stand outside the Today Show? We could lure them wherever we want with a cardboard cutout of Al Roker. These are clearly people with literally nothing to do and I question whether they qualify as sentient beings.
The level of awkward between Al Roker and Tamron Hall on the Today Show this morning is painful.
Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Peter Alexander from the Today Show are coming to Cranksgiving -...
Daughtry performs on the Today Show - Al Roker (pictured), the nation’s most-beloved weatherman, is trying to brea...
Congratulations Al! is complete, and Today Show co-anchor Al Roker set the Guinness World Records mark...
For 34 straight hours, Today Show weatherman Al Roker will only be able to report on the weather.
Watching the Today Show and noticed how small and frail Al Roker is and his voice sounds really rough. Is he sick?
Today Show sure likes to promote Al Roker and his 34 hour straight Rokerthon, but we all know youth ministers put in much more than that on lock-ins. Kudos to all you crazy youth leaders who break records regularly in caring and ministering to our youth in some pretty amazing and creative ways.
well Al Roker from the Today Show is going to break the Guiness Book of World Records by doing a 34 hr continous weather broadcast breaking the previous one of 33 hrs. the crew brought him a plate of BACON to keep him going thru the last hour.Who Am I to judge !!! the bacon was a brilliant idea. POWERED BY BACON.
The record is in sight and Today Show's Al Roker is not slowing down. It's Watch live:
Today Show's Al Roker is 6 minutes away from breaking the world record on weather forecasting (34 hours)! Watch here:
Proud to see good friend and co-anchor at KVOA News 4 Tucson Meteorologist Matt Brode chat live in our newscast with Al Roker of the Today Show .. While he continues his non-stop coverage. Roker's goal is to set the world record, and also go 34 straight hours with his weathercast! Yup, Matt Brode.. Can say he played a part in the world record!!
Anyone else catch Al Roker singing on the Today Show this morning? Pretty funny lol
To extend the first one a bit further out: Lenny Kravitz's 1st cousin once-removed is Al Roker of the Today Show.
Just watched Al Roker struggle to pocket an iPhone 6 Plus live on the Today Show.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Somethings are so obvious it is amazing they have to be said. This is similar to Al Roker on the Today Show with the…
Miss Ohio Mackenzie Bart and Roxy her puppet will be on the Today Show with Al Roker at 9 am Tuesday. Be sure to tune in
Al Roker has spilled his coffee on the Today Show desk & the amount of chaos is unbelievable.
Last week, Al Roker, the infamous weatherman for the Today Show began a conversation and talked about the Big...
Big thanks to the Today Show's for inspiring us to get our Nacho-on with your winning nachos recipe:
Happy Birthday ROXIE ROKER!! (with son, Lenny Kravitz and far right center in "The Jeffersons") An American actress, best known for her groundbreaking role as Helen Willis on the sitcom The Jeffersons, half of the first interracial couple to be shown on regular Prime Time television. She is the mother of musician Lenny Kravitz, the grandmother of actress Zoë Kravitz and the cousin of NBC's Today Show's Al Roker. Roker was born in Miami, Florida. Her mother, Bessie (née Mitchell), was from Georgia and worked as a domestic, and her father, Albert Roker, was a native of The Bahamas and a porter. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She attended and graduated from Howard University, where she was a member of the drama club and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Roker began her professional career with the *** Ensemble Company and became a successful stage actress. She won an Obie Award in 1974 and was nominated for a Tony Award for her portrayal of Mattie Williams in The River Niger. She was a reporter on WNE . ...
Laniyah was nominated for the ice bucket challenge by Emily Acome Jennifer Batchelor Acome she accepted the challenge, and now nominate the following people; Monica Schorr Jody Monahan Schorr , Leslie Avery-Miller, Jada and Joshua Leggett and Al Roker from the Today Show.
A woman told me she heard of '50 Shades' on the Today Show. Did Al Roker do the weather in a skin-tight suit and a ballgag?
Hope I get to go to "Today Show" and see Al Roker when he comes outside & greets ppl.
I heard Al Roker and Matt Lauer are guest stars. Our fave anchors of the Today Show! ☀️
Up early tomorrow? Don't forget to watch, or set your DVR's to the Today Show (7-9a and 9-10a), because Al Roker and gang are at it again! They will be doing spots live from Universal Studios Florida, giving us our most detailed look at WWoHP-Diagon Alley yet!! And yes ... he'll be taking us on a cross country tour (above the studios back lot) on Hogwarts Express.
Behind the scenes with Vivian, Cynthia Hill & Rex Miller on the Today Show! Don't miss Vivian as she shows Al Roker how to turn Ms. Scarlett's Chicken & Rice into 5 different meals!
From this morning's DVR: Kinston's Vivian Howard (with Al Roker on the Today Show.
Tuned in to the Today Show just in time to hear the LHS Choir sing and get Al Roker's attention!
You must not be a fan of the Today Show. Al Roker speaks of his family often including his wife.
Sam Champion leaving Today Show & posing with fans after teaming up with Al Roker
On the Today Show rail met Al Roker he is Super nice we love you Al!
Tomorrow morning, the Today Show will be airing their video documenting our first flight as part of the Hope To It series, towards the end of their 9am hour which is hosted by Natalie Morales, Willie Geist, Al Roker and Tamron Hall. Also of note, our first recipient JJ's father passed away on Mother's Day and we're grateful we were able to reunite them in time.
Watching the Today Show and talk about the hypocrisy. Al Roker chastises the Sterlings for being bigots and that they should be removed from society and "put in an alternate universe" then after showing the Jay Z fight he complains about privacy and how personal interactions need to be kept private. Does he know where the Sterling tapes were recorded?
Good morning! It's time for today's trivia question. Respond correctly in the comments for a chance to win. We'll announce the correct answer and the winner tomorrow. True or false: Al Roker mentioned Athletic Trainers on the Today Show.
I will watch the Today Show today until Dolly sings - then I will watch it NO MORE - Al Roker's sarcastic facial actions & head bobbing towards Dolly were disrespectful & unprofessional! Out of here!
Am I the only person out there who has had more than one nightmare involving Al Roker dancing on the set of the Today Show?
TODAY SHOW here we come….Step On Stage and Towne Criers will be at the Today Show this Thursday, March 20th, outside the NBC Studios awaiting their seconds of fame as they represent Horizon Choirs on national TV! Look for these students waving and holding signs and hopefully they will be acknowledged by Al Roker or some of the Today Show folks out on the plaza!! YAY!! Safe travels!
OK. Made a decision. Since it was Matt Lauer and Al Roker on the Today Show that had men's health month in November, where they grew their beards in support. Al and Matt had a prostate check, it reminded me I hadn't had one in 3 or so years. THAT'S what prompted me to get a PSA test done (blood test), which led to biopsies and now I'm preparing for radiation. So, until my cancer is gone I will NOT be shaving my beard. MEN, get tested! Women, make your men get tested :)
Huge awkward moment on the Today Show. Savannah Guthrie mistook Tamron Hall for the First Lady. It's the whole Sam Jackson/Morgan Freeman fiasco all over again lol. Good thing Al Roker was there to smooth things out as usual.
I was elated to see that Tamron Hall is joining the Today Show crew. Especially 3rd hour with Willie Geist and Al Roker, (my favorite.) Love her! Such an intelligent, fun loving, and beautiful woman. Those qualities are not seen often enough in this day and age in the media.. especially for those of us ladies that have a bit of cafe au' lait in our hue. 😉
What a surprise - turned on the NBC Today show a few minutes ago - just in time to see two of our fellow Olympin Collectors Club members (Don Bigsby and Mike Rose) trading Olympic pins with Al Roker. Mike made a great trade!
Matt Lauer and Al Roker are an unlikely luge team duo, but that won't stop them from getting on the track and making fools of themselves. Check out the two Today Show hosts having some fun and giving the Luge track in Sochi a try. Visit ...
So Bob Costas has been unable to host the last four nights of Prime Time Olympic coverage, so NBC subs with (Today Show doofus) Matt Lauer for three nights and then (game show host) Meredith Viera last night, instead of an experienced, professional sports anchor like Al Michaels or Dan Patrick. Why didn't it just go all the way and bring in Jimmy Kimmel? (At least they didn't use that buffoon Al Roker.)
MY EYES!!! Watching the Today Show w/ Matt Lauer and Al Roker in spandex on the luge...scary.
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Al Roker and NYC Mayor de Blasio Face Off on School Closures: Today Show weatherman Al Roker got i...
Dear Today Show- unfortunately for me we are in Storm Mode even though we know all about the snow, and the dangers of blowing and drifting snow. I guess I will see Al Roker tomorrow!
Good Morning Conner! Hopefully you are getting to sleep in this morning since you have yet another snow day!! I hope the concert was fun last night!! I was thinking about you ! Could not find any pics but alot of things promoting the concert.. This weekend looks like another snow storm,, wonder if the Boston concert will be posponed or not.. Guess we will have to wait and see how bad the storm is...I am already tired of this weather!! On the bright sidecwe will appreciate our beautiful Spring that much more!!! Got the heat cranked up and am watching thise crazy people in the Today show.. Al Roker is such a jokster! So many ppl come and go on that show but Al Roker has outlasted them all!! LOL..he cracks me up!! :) hope you find some entertaining stuff to do today!!! I will post more later sweetie!!! I LOVE YOU THIS (-) much times infinity!!! X O X O :) :) :)
While waiting for local weather, I got to see all the ladies of the Today show getting a good belly laugh after Al Roker called the Red Hot Chili Peppers the worlds greatest air guitar band.
We were so thrilled to see our FINtastic photo on the Today Show this morning featuring the care that our staff provided to our animals during the Atlanta's We hope Al Roker, Natalie Morales, and Willie Geist will come back and visit us again soon! Thanks to Josh Zepps and The Huffington Post Live for including us in their segment this morning.
Reed battles back against criticism on national stage with round of network interviews By Greg Bluestein and Katie Leslie The Atlanta Journal-Constitution A frustrated Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed struck a defiant tone in television appearances Thursday morning, battling back against criticisms he was ill-prepared for Winter Storm Leon and calling out TV networks for broadcasting images of stranded drivers outside city limits. His appearances on The Today Show and MSNBC comes a day after NBC’s meteorologist Al Roker roundly criticized the mayor and Gov. Nathan Deal for what he called “poor planning” ahead of the well forecast storm which left untold thousands stranded in their cars on icy interstates and forced children to stay overnight in schools. Reed took pains to define his jurisdiction from that of the state and schools, noting his lack of control over interstates and school closings. Asked by Matt Lauer whether he had the best information possible ahead of the storm, Reed said “It’s not solel ...
could have been prevented. That's what the Today Show's Al Roker says. Listen to him blast Gov. Nathan Deal and Mayor Kasim Reed. Do you agree with him? Why or why not? View the fallout:
I love it... This is what REAL news should be like... Al Roker, the weatherman, on Channel 8 the Today Show, called out the mayor and governor of Atlanta, Ga because they said they did not know about the bad weather that hit Atlanta yesterday.. if anyone ever listens to European news, that is how they do it all the time.
Looking at the Today show...Al Roker so
Broke my heart to see the Today Show's Al Roker say "Hey, Denver" while simulating smoking a joint this morning on the news, when he was talking to our local news anchors about the super bowl in New York. I can't be the only one in Colorado this bothers, Colorado deserves so much better than to be known as the pothead state.
J. Fred Muggs joined NBC-TV’s Today Show on this day in 1953... J. Fred was a chimpanzee... He was sort of a miniature Al Roker ~ except he was funnier... :o)~
Al Roker from the Today Show bikes to work in NYC. Good video for promoting bicycling & he even suggests Taft are car driving friends should be careful around their 2 wheeled brethren.
Watching the Today Show. Al Roker will need oxygen by the end of his weather forecast. Hyperventilating with a forecast of weather doom for the whole country. By Friday all the snow in the south will be gone and life will resume as usual. These guys are worse than little kids when talking about incoming snow. Well time for coffee and I will switch channels and find a station showing Sgt Preston of the Yukon so I can learn how to survive the inch or less of snow we are expected to get here in Travelers Rest
So the producer behind First Take is going to the Today Show. Expect a guy to be brought on to always disagree with Al Roker about weather.
20 below again tonight check out Today Show classic with Al Roker on non-believers of global warming .
Welcome to the NBC Today Show family. Al Roker to Sam Champion: "Sam, those rosy cheeks and nose I don't think has anything to do with rouge."
Al Roker talking about the polar vortex on the Today Show. sigh.
Al Roker is a meme now, and there's nothing you can do about it. That's right, the TODAY Show weatherman was caught on-set staring menacingly behind a lamp, and after Carson Daly encouraged other people to replicate the strange moment, it just took off and is now its own meme that exists.
Just read that NBC might be looking to dump Al Roker. Seems that since Sam Champion is now on the Weather Channel (which they own) they would put him in Al's spot. Sam is great,but Roker IS the Today Show. Some Dunce in a suit refuses to see that the problem at the Today Show is Matt Lauer. He was nice and cute when he started and has become mean and pompous as time has gone by.
On the Today Show, Savannah Guthrie is sitting between Carson Daily and Al Roker. Elizabeth Howard, please giggle quietly as you write your own jokes.
Love Jenna Bush on the Today Show but I really dislike creepy Al Roker. Just my thoughts on the world for today!
Pushback on Rush Limbaugh’s lies and misinformation by Al Roker on the Today Show should be template for traditional media attempting to regain credibility.
Brother Al Roker and the men of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity at the Today Show in NYC
“1 in 3 kids have been cyberbullied, and it hurts just as much on the web as it does in person. So teach your children to treat others online the way they want to be treated themselves. Do your part to help stop cyberbullying … the more you know” – Al Roker, Today Show
I see you Al Roker! Phi Beta Sigma all up in the house at the Today Show!!! Keep it 100 ;)
I hear Brother Al Roker is going to step tomorrow on the Today Show to rep PBS100!!!
Beloved celebrity weatherman Al Roker announced Tuesday morning that he’ll go on a USO Tour in 2014 as part NBC's Today Show's Shine A Light series. The NBC series is a year-long initiative by the ...
Al Roker on the Today Show said it's -7º at the South Pole and it's -3º here. I expect to see penguins wobbling down the street any minute. Bur
Did anyone from Philly hear Al Roker mention John Facenda and "the frozen tundra" of Lambau Field on the Today Show this morning?
Who would win in skate around the Oval...Al Roker of the Today Show or Paul Varga of our own Morning show...Paul's a tad younger both went to SUNY Oswego...Paul's been ice skating twice..Al Roker unknown..Which morning personality would you put your dollar on?
Shame on Al Roker for making excuses for the mean AND DELIBERATE remarks that Jay Mohr made regarding Alyssa Milano. Mr. Roker is the reason I very rarely watch the Today Show!
A good line from Colin Cowherd: With Colorado's new marijuana law on the books, NBA free agents are unanimously vying to play for the Nuggets. And from Today Show's Al Roker, responding to a report that the Denver Post now has a marijuana editor's position: "Yea, but he hasn't shown up for work yet."
Did anyone that watched the Today Show this morning hear what Al Roker said about Kanye West? I have a new respect for Al.
Al Roker getting saucy on the Today Show. He just said those who name their kids Kayne,"want their kids to be *** too."
Starting 2014 with a pot of coffee, a veggie omelet and the Today Show. This is the year that color television, Al Roker and I turn 60! (Yikes!) I pray it's a good one.
Kinda like the Holiday crew on the Today Show. No Matt Lauer no Al Roker, sure is nice:) They should keep it that way:)
Viama Wines on the Today Show with Al Roker and Katie Linendoll.
I'm dying to know and someone else may be too but how does Al Roker make it from Atlanta with Wake up with Al to New York for the Today Show everyday! I'm stumped!!!
Al Roker just took a selfie on the Today Show. What is the world coming to?
Nothing about Al Roker and his antics on the Today Show impresses me. It would not bother me in the least if was replaced.
Photos from our toy segment for Today Show with lots of wonderful "elves" as testers. With Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Natalie Morales.
Pics of NYC in a nutshell...Livin it up, NYC nightlife (while I'm pretty sure he was making fun of my moves), and I was super excited about the subway and street food (don't know why no one else was;), Al Roker and some dude from The Voice on set at Today Show (my arm is now famous, it's been on national tv!), it was freezing❄️, but worth it bc NYC is awesome but more bc I spent it with some of my favorite awesome people!
Ha ha , Al Roker is talking about the Tug getting 3 ft. or more on the Today Show. They already have 2/ 12 and it is still coming!
Thank you Al Roker for making my hometown, Buffalo, NY the pick city of the day on the Today Show! Yes, I miss December in the Queen City!
"...Oswego, [New York], the greatest state university in the nation..." -SUNY Oswego alumnus Al Roker on Today Show this morning (Video: NBC)
Very cool day to telecommute - thank you Baltimore snow. Got to hear the Today Show this morning Al Roker called out where my Dad lives (Pulaski, NY) as one of the heaviest hit snow areas today, then saw Baltimore Raven Lardarius Webb reading Charlotte's Web on a regional commerical for United Way of Central Maryland - here is the longer version:
So here was my whirlwind week. Photos to come this week or the PR ladies are going to flood my feed with selfies. Sunday, amazing pizza, walking around the city, doing my wish for 2014 on the confetti that will be dropped on New Years, quick show by some street dancers, pretzel from street vendor, watching ice skating at Winter Village, dinner at Del Fresco, topped off by watching the end of the Giants game at a NY bar. Monday - FAO Schwartz and dancing on the BIG movie piano, carriage ride through Central Park and getting the the Friends fountain, Macy's windows and Santaland, drinks at Lounge 48 with Ian Kerner (sex counselor and author), dinner at Bar Americain (Bobby Flay's restaurant) then dehydration hit and I couldn't go out :-( to the *** bar - probably a good thing in the long run. Tuesday - Today Show where I got to shake hands with Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Willie Geist, Tamron Hall and saw Kelly Rowland and Mark Wahlberg and the cast of his new movie, and Susan Boyle, then on to taping of a se ...
We have received messages from FedEx & UPS that they are experiencing delays due the major storm that is crossing the Midwest section of the country. After watching Al Roker on the Today Show it looks like the bad weather is going to continue through the weekend which will most likely delay anything we shipped this week. Just a reminder, after today there are only 2 weeks to ship your presents with December 17 being the last day to send things East using Ground Services.
I'm watching the Today Show this morning. Jenna Bush Hager is filling in for Natalie Morales. Jenna, Willie Giest and Al Roker are talking about Nelson Mandela. The total disconnect here is that Jenna's dad President George W. Bush and His Veep *** Cheney actively sought to keep Mandela in prison. They called him a terrorist.
Watching the Today Show. Al Roker looks weird with a beard and mustache.
Great time at the Today Show. High fived Al Roker saw Danny Davito and Rhea Perlman met about 12 people where we were standing and just had a blast with them. Going back Monday
When Al Roker says "Paducah, Ky" on the Today Show and points to the weather's similar to the 'Jim Cantore effect'.shudder.
You know it's going to be bad when Al Roker mentions Little Rock on the Today Show...
"The approximately 75-year-old tree made the 70-mile trip to New York City on a tractor-trailer from Shelton, Conn., last month. Danbury, Conn., resident Mary Hynes, 60, declared the show to be 'outstanding.' 'The excitement of the crowd, the brilliance of the lights. It was great,' she said. 'Today Show' personalities Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales co-hosted 'Christmas in Rockefeller Center,' which aired on NBC. They dedicated the broadcast to James Lovell, 58, a sound and lighting expert who worked on the tree. Lovell, a married father of four, was one of four people killed when a Metro-North commuter train derailed in the Bronx on Sunday. He was on his way to work on the tree." - Associated Press
Tomorrow morning tune into the Weather Channel's Wake Up With Al Roker at 6:30 and 8:30am then onto the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda!!!
Al Roker HATES his job on the Today Show. He looks hungry, and like he'd prefer to be anywhere else.
On the Today Show the other morning, Al Roker seemed to be offended by the term BLACK Friday. I feel ya, Al. I'm not too crazy about the commercials for WHITE Castle, and I don't like driving past *** Barrels.
Just having coffee prior to getting ready to leave, and the Today Show comes on which I haven't seen in a while. Al Roker and Matt Lauer look like bearded refugees from a camp. What are the odd beards all about? A contest? Does anyone know?
Aging myself: enjoying listening to Tom Brokaw & Dan Rather (legends in their own right) on the Today Show, thinking to myself how much wisdom sits there? Think of all they know and have seen. Mind Blowing! The icing on the cake they show Al Roker and his visit with Bill Cosby. More Wisdom! Living Legends! I'm in a happy place!
I have to say I was so happy and very moved on the Today Show when they did the "who inspires you" segment and Al Roker chose Willard Scott as his inspiration. Happy to see his career and his humanity recognized in such a genuine and loving way. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Watching the Today Show piece on how Willard Scott was idolized by Al Roker and it reminded me of me and my wonderful personality.
34 seconds that could save your life. Matt Lauer and Al Roker had prostate exams live on the Today Show.
Today Show with Willie Geist, Al Roker and Liz Zack and Dr. Ish 'Will You Be My Friend': via
Wow! What would you do for health promotion?!. "Today Show anchors Matt Lauer and Al Roker had prostate exams...
Matt Lauer and Al Roker undergo prostate exams LIVE on Today Show via
Matt Lauer and Al Roker had prostrate exams today, live, on the Today Show. My TV is sitting out in the alley if anybody w…
Seeing a parent go through the fog of ages can be tough, but it does have it's moments. Mom this morning, watching Matt Lauer and Al Roker getting their prostate screening on live TV on the Today Show: Mom: What in God's name are they doing!? Me: Getting their prostate checked. It's important. Mom: Will you be joining them? Sprayed my coffee all over the kitchen table.
Al Roker had a prostate exam live on the "Today Show". 10,000 students immediately dropped out of medical school.
AUA member Dr David B Samadi visited the Today Show to give & Al Roker live Huge thanks for raising awareness and encouraging men to
Al Roker is going to have a live prostate exam on the Today Show. I'm all for Mens Health awareness, but is that the best idea? Considering that little "incident" Al admitted to at the White House awhile back?
I would like to give a huge Thank you to Al Roker and Matt Lauer from the Today Show for bringing the well needed attention to Prostate Cancer Awareness and having their prostate exams on air today!
I have something to say. It's apparently "No Shave November" for some men. This is to promote awareness of men's health issues, such as Prostate Cancer. I just watched the Today Show's Matt Lauer and Al Roker get exams in 34 seconds. I applaud them for showing men it's quick and painless. What it showed me was how most men are CHICKEN $ . If women can have mammograms where they are in a lot of pain compared to prostate exams I think men should realize how lucky they are. Let me also mention how when most women have babies they experience the worst pain of their lives, show numerous people private things, then shortly after the baby arrives they're stuck having a family reunion as they lie there sore, open, bleeding, possibly stitched up, and highly emotional. So if you're a chicken poopy-head man who is scared of a short exam, GROW UP and realize what your mother went through *** to have you and surely she would want you to possibly save your own life. (This stated it does not apply to anyone I personall ...
NBC's Today Show just had a fairly lengthy piece on Prostate Cancer. Matt Lauer and Al Roker are both growing facial hair - for MOvember, I think. I missed part of it. But they trotted out a lot of the DRE jokes that we all love so much. I have a hunch that Canada may lose its position as MOvember fund-raiser once the US comes on strong! It's all to the Good.
Matt Lauer and Al Roker are having a Prostate examine on live TV. That's it for the Today Show for me, HELLO.
Al Roker and Matt Lauer just announced they will both have prostate screenings on tomorrow's edition of the Today Show. Thank you both for sharing this hallmark moment. I'll make sure I clear my schedule.
The oldest female contestant in the 2013 ING New York City Marathon died just hours after completing her 25th consecutive appearance at the race, her daughter says. Eighty-six-year-old California resident Joy Johnson completed Sunday's race in just under eight hours. The following afternoon she was resting in her New York City hotel room and never woke up, her daughter Donna Graffis told CNN. Around mile 20 of the 26.2-mile marathon, at close to 5 p.m., Johnson fell and hit her head, Graffis said. She was brought to the first aid tent, where responders suggested that she go to the hospital. Graffis said that her mother -- who was able to speak coherently and with a clear head -- continued on, more determined than ever to finish the run. Johnson finished with a time of 07:57:41, according to Chris Weiller, a spokesman for the New York Road Runners, the organization that puts on the marathon. The following morning she ventured to NBC's "Today Show" with her sister, Faith Anderson, to talk to Al Roker, whom ...
This is such an inspiration! She started running in her late 50's and ran 25 NY City Marathons. I saw this segment on the Today Show yesterday.. While shocked that she died a day after completing Sunday's Marathon, glad she got her props w/ Al Roker. RIP Joy!
I saw Al Roker talk with this woman yesterday on the Today Show and then she died hours later. Remarkable woman. At age 86 she ran her 25th NYC Marathon on Sunday.
At least she went out on a good note. Got to see and talk to Al Roker on Today Show before she passed away.
Did you see Roberto Clemente kids chatting it up with Al Roker this morning on the Today Show? S…
Okay, Al Roker just chatted with a lady outside on the Today Show that was from Colonial Heights, VA. She is 83 years old today and best I could understand..She said her name is Dot Paul (i think)!!! Happy Birthday Dot!!!
Will be posting from the Today Show as they run their adoption series this week. Did you know Al Roker is an adoptive dad? :) This morning Al said when he adopted his daughter open adoption was kind of done in secret. Not in MT Al! :) I wish they would post this story, but not yet...but check it out later!
Al Roker in blackface, Matt Lauer wearing pert little nipples: Happy Halloween from the freaks at Today:
Matt Lauer as Pam Anderson and Al Roker as Mr. T on the Today Show! Panalo!
Please please please! If you haven't seen it already, please look at the Today Show and look at their costumes! Matt Lauer has done it again!!! Al Roker is a skinny Mr. T, which is funny in itself. But Matt! Lmfao!!!
I saw Al Roker from the today show last night 😳😩
We were just on the Today Show in Mew york city! Right up front during the weather with Al Roker! Too much fun !!! Should be on 8:00 SD and Co time!!:):)
Make sure you watch the Today Show this morning around 8:30 during the Ty Burrell (Phil Dunphy from Modern Family) segment. Look to the right of Al Roker's head and you may see some familiar faces!!
"The good news is he's the guy who's going to plan his own victory party." -- The Today Show's Al Roker on Doug Gansler t…
VIDEO: Paula Patton Twerks on Al Roker, Loved Miley Cyrus at VMAs - Today Show on September 18, 2013.
Paula Patton just grinded up on Al Roker on the Today Show to Blurred Lines. Why did I turn the TV on?
I am officially jealous of Al Roker. Paula Patton just "backed that thang up" on him to her husdand's song 'Blurred Lines' during their Today Show interview. LOL
Paula Patton twerkin' on Al Roker on the Today Show!! Al's reaction though.too funny!!
Excuse this mindless post: who saw Paula Patton and Al Roker on the Today Show?! They are officially my faves for the day!! He asked her if she twerked (considering Miley danced sexy with Paula's hubby). Music came on. Paula "backed it up" in front of Al. He looked like he had hit the lotto!! Willie gave him a high five. (Can't breathe...crying laughing ... oh my!!!)..
I was a faithful "Today Show" watcher.Al Roker and Matt Lauer got stupid and arrogant,so done with Today Show!
We're LIVE On-Air with the Today Show's Al Roker and Natalie Morales! -
Rooftop beers after meeting Al Roker / Savannah Guthrie from the Today Show. Letterman and a Broadway show tonight.
Apparently as Paula Deen exited Today Show she passed Al Roker and said, "Look at you, in a suit and tie, you must be so pro…
Will anyone be watching Paula Deen's rescheduled appearance on the Today Show on Wednesday? Someone suggested that if Matt Lauer asks about her scandal, she should ask about his. Why not make things interesting and let Al Roker do the interview? Could we see another "I want to concentrate on my salad" moment, a la CBS' interview with Martha Stewart? But when's the last time you associated Paula with salad?
Paula Deen didn't go on the Today Show this morning cause she knew Tamron Hall and Al Roker was gonna slap the outta her.
I wonder if Paula Dean decided last minute to NOT show up for her Today Show interview this morning with Matt Lauer because she remembered she'd have to face Al Roker and Tamron Hall on the set. Hm.uncomfortable much, Ms. Dean? Yeah, being called out publicly as a racist can do that to a person.
wow! Al Roker on NBC Today Show just highlighted WMBF News! WooHoo!
I wake up to the Today Show hearing a bunch of squealy-mouthed little fangirls chant "AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN!" ...of course, they're referring to Austin Mahone, but I was fully expecting glass to shatter and see Stone Cold Steve Austin come in, give Mahone a stunner (WHAT?), give Savannah Guthrie a stunner (WHAT?), give Natalie Morales a stunner (WHAT?), give Al Roker a stunner (WHAT?), and then stomp a mudhole on Matt Lauer's and walk it dry!! (Gimme a *** yeah...OH *** YEAH!) Then he and Tamron Hall would share a couple of Steve-weisers...and then give HER a stunner!! LOL
Watch the Today Show tomorrow at 8:40 EDT when Al Roker and Matt Lauer will highlight one of our clients - Ways to Work - and one of their participants from Alanta's Families First.
Al Roker with NBC's Today Show is already is making statements demonstrating he doesn't know what he is talking about on the Jersey Shore. He was mentioning Casino Pier's new ride, Super Storm - and pointing to the towers that are still standing at Funtown Pier and saying that you can see the construction of the new Pendulum ride. This is the same person who went on and on about how the Atlantic City Boardwalk was wiped out.
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We have hosted the Today Show and Good Morning America personalities! Al Roker and Matt Lauer were in KW
Al Roker yesterday meeting March of Dimes moms and kids at the Today Show! @ NBC Studio 1A - Today Show
Golf fans, Al Roker on the Today Show. "You like golf?" (Al) "I could care less." we could care less about Al.
Al Roker is the best thing the Today Show has ever had. Period. He’s hilarious!
His Al roker with you because I just saw the Today Show hat
I think Natalie Morales is the most beautiful journalist, anchor and newswoman on TV today. She is excellent on the Today Show and I feel she should have been Matt Lauer's co-anchor in place of Savannah Guthrie. Everything she does is first class and she is such a lady. In addition, she seems to get along with everyone. She isn't awkward, like Savannah, doesn't have a speech impediment, as Savannah obviously does, and certainly doesn't have Savannah's temper and is much more presentable while standing on the Plaza with Al Roker and Matt. She is such a professional and would never give Matt the "finger" as I saw Savannah do just the other morning. Her beauty is natural and not from a makeup artist and she is as smart as can be. She deserves a better place on the show and I hope she won't be overlooked in the future. NBC you have a special beauty and talent so why waste it on second best?
Willie Geist shares his (made by students) story on tonight...for his Today Show debut
Check out with Al Roker on the Today Show!
Arm-wrestling Al Roker, one presumes. MT So I guess I will be on the Today Show tomorrow, between 8:30 and 9, spoiling everything.
Hoda Kotb from the Today Show is in front of me she knows Al Roker but I don't want to bother her 😩
went to the Today Show, I got my face on TV (lol) met Al Roker, saw All American Rejects.
VCU really is wreaking havoc in NY at the A-10 championship 😂 crashing the Today Show &dancing with Al Roker, making Spike Lee a groupie...
Gee, I hope you guys visit the Today Show and sing to Al Roker in Rockefeller Center. That would be so cool. Yeah.
The VCU Peppas crashed the Today Show this morning.
Cash Contest. Who's your favorite Al of all time? Al Roker of the Today Show on NBC.
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Can we start a petition to get to host the Today Show permanently?.Al Roker aside the monochromatic views sadden me
So, we lost Jim Cantore but are gaining Al Roker & Stephanie Abrams. They should be in town by now and will be broadcasting live for the Weather Channel at 5am and the Today Show at 7am - tune in!
Carl is asked to fill in for Al Roker when the Today Show visits Chicago. Steve's D&D game is ruined by Eddie's inexperience.
Al Roker and Kimberly Schlapman share fun times and a new recipe from this morning's Today Show in celebration of...
Al Roker rides in with Natalie Morales for the Today Show from South Beach.
Hey, Al Roker is in South Beach right now, too! Are you going to be on the Today Show while you're there?
Here is the video from the Today Show live from our Booth at the Global Pet Expo. Al Roker loved Woody Woodpecker!
I recently got a chance to meet with Al Roker of the Today Show to talk about preparedness. Al reports on weather and disasters, so being prepared is something he often talks about. He was getting ready to shoot a preparedness video for, and in case you haven’t se…
he wanted to upstage Al Roker MT I just saw a wheelchair pig named Chris P. Bacon pooping on the Today Show.
You know we are going to get hit hard with a blizzard when Al Roker from the Today Show is reporting live from Boston!
Reeks of death, we have the Internet now. “Today Show is just getting sad:
“Today Show is just getting sad: Can they apply for a federal bailout?
Update: We will post the link when we get access to it. We had no idea what exactly they'd use our beet kvass for on the Today Show. We just got the call that it was to be on. Turns out it was to highlight the taste of Russia for the upcoming winter olympics, which is funny because our beet kvass has a more Polish/Ukrainian pedigree (rye bread kvass is more Russian). Al Roker found it to be interesting but probiotic fermented beet tonic was not the preferred drink for Matt Lauer. I suspect he wouldn't like the taste of kombucha either.
Al Roker just mentioned Oswego on the Today Show!
Al "Traitor" Roker is on the Today Show wearing Ravens gear. ARE U KIDDING ME?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Today Show sends Natalie Morales to Baltimore but inflicts Al Roker on SF? The Niners deserve to win just to make up for that.
Do you look good in red and gold? Join the 49er faithful from the Ferry Building tomorrow at 4 AM and you could be seen on the Today Show with Al Roker!
Felix gets a laugh with Today Show's Al Roker during his last days in NYC.
Al Roker from the Today Show is such a
Does that include women? “"Today Show" weatherman Al Roker says skinny spouses should "shut up"
rejected Today Show sign idea: "Al Roker is to Jockey Shorts as Matt Lauer is to Ann Curry".
In case you missed it, Al Roker talks polar bears with alumni on the Today Show.
Did anybody see my Sorors on the Today Show this Morning? Al Roker gave much love to the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta celebrating their 100th year Anniversary. A report said they had the largest single group to occupy the spotlight! Man when I saw them I oooppped to 'em and I know they heard me LOL.later found out my Sorors from UT stepped on Hoda & Kathy Lee!
Yes, I will be involved with the Today Show's pre-Golden Globe coverage. I will be giving a Segway tour to Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Natalie Morales, and Al Roker. The bad part... it's at 7:30 AM and I have to wear a helmet. Pfsh. And then I hop on a flight to San Francisco to promote Alka-Seltzer PLUS...
Laura Dern out for coffee: I'm gonna say hey to the Today Show. Al Roker brings her on set. She looks flawless. I wanna marry her.
What does Al Roker think of how Ann Curry "left" the Today Show?
thinking that Ann Curry wanted to leave the Today Show because Al Roker stinks.
Al Roker gives us our dose of TMI for the day. In a new interview with Dateline, the Today Show weatherman discusses his gastric bypass...
Al Roker reppin' an Oswego hat on the Today Show. Basically famous.
Al Roker just suggested on the Today Show to have more sex to lose weight. I wonder if fantasizing about sex...
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Al Roker is talking about sharting on the Today Show. Good morning, viewers.
Al Roker on the Today Show grosses me out. :/
Why is the Today Show not 7 days a week? I don't wanna be hungover unless I can be hungover with Al Roker.
Al Roker just said the crowd for at the Today Show was louder than the crowd for the Rolling Stones tonight lol YAY!
Cutex was at the Today Show this morning with a Work of Heart for Al Roker!
Given the success of I find Al Roker's two-minute Today Show interview with Amanda Brown & Melanie Martinez to be perplexing.
Today Show's Al Roker accepts our donation of $2.1 million in product gifts that children in need can feel good about giving to their parents for Christmas. President of PartyLite North America Michael Norris represented our 30,000 independent Consultants in Canada and the U.S. So grateful to be able to represent all our Consultants and Fans!
Check out the Today Show's reaction to last night's clip of Matt Lauer and Al Roker!
Al Roker just said "My Little Pony". No response from anyone else on Today Show.
Twelve hours from now I'll be on a plane heading for NYC! Keep an eye out for my mom and I on Wednesday night, NBC at 8:00, "Christmas at Rockefeller Center", we'll be 2 of the 50,000+ there, as well as Friday morning on the Today Show (my mom just HAS to meet Al Roker!)
Thirty-One Gifts was on the Today Show! We donated several thousands of totes to the toy drive! Love being a part of the giving back!
Thirty one gifts will be on the Today Show today sometime during the 10am excited!!
What an awesome company I work for!!! On the Today Show with our toy donation!
Here is a bit of my conversation with my dear, wonderful mom. Cynthia: Mom, mom, mom, one of my stories was featured on the USA Today blog! Cynthia's Wonderful Mom: Wow. Really? That's terrific! Did you meet Al Roker? Cynthia: Ummm... no. Why would I meet Al Roker? Cynthia's Wonderful Mom: Sometimes he does the happy news. Was it Kathie Lee instead? Cynthia: I think you're thinking of the Today Show. This was USA Today, the newspaper. Cynthia's Wonderful Mom: Oh. That's good too, isn't it? Cynthia: Very good. Cynthia's Wonderful Mom: It would have been nice to talk to Al Roker though. Cynthia: Yes, yes it would have. She, of course, wants me to print the article out and send it to her so she can show her friends. (as she doesn't have a computer) I love my mom!
The Wanted's interview before the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Al Roker on the Today Show. 11/22/12 Copyright to the proper owners. I own nothing.
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"I don't wanna say, but I'm just saying..." (Classic) - Al Roker, NBC's Today Show
Check out Chica helping Al Roker with today's weather report on the Today Show. See Chica and the rest of the Sunny Side Up Show gang in the Macy's Thanksgiv...
This morning on the Today Show...Hoda and Al Roker, were jumping up and down to Pitbull, like the true professionals that they are, reminding me, why I DON'T WATCH THE TODAY SHOW!
Tomorrow on the Today Show, they will be covering a naturalization ceremony in NYC. That's my sister's unit, so maybe we'll see her on national TV!.I would like to add that I, too, have been on the Today Show and was interviewed by Al Roker. :)
If anyone happens to watch the "Today Show" this morning, look for me behind Al Roker!!!
Rotary International shared the following link and had this to say about it: Al Roker, the weather anchor from NBC's Today Show in the United States, is helping to raise awareness about polio eradication by joining the World's Biggest Commercial. Join Al and take part in the commercial too! in the World’s Biggest Commercial. Add your photo and make history.
Taping the Today Show for my daughter so she can see One Direction sing! This is her Favorite band now, just like millions of other girls, LOL :)
Ok. Why does Al Roker look like he's about to say, "Extra Extra. Read all about it" any minute now on the Today Show today. He looks like he an extra on Newsies. Is the ecomony that bad! Al needed a second job? Did we already fall over the cliff and no one told me? God. I thought we were cool like that. Betrayed. And if it was Today Show wardrobe that dressed him and not Al himself, then the subtle, veiled racism in America still continues, even among the most liberal. How cruel :) Ok. That last part of the joke might have gone a bit far. But c'mon. Many know be by now. No limits. No Boundries. I see Jokes. All around me. and actually like the outfit)
Now that the Lakers have fired him, Al Roker can finally devote his full attention back to the Today Show.
Sandy and Elisha - 8 inches of snow? Al Roker opened the Today Show in Danbury! Bet there is no school again . . .
Al Roker, on the Today Show, was reporting from our old hometown of Danbury CT. 8.8" of snow. It is great being back in the south.
Bad news East coast about to get more storms, snow, and rain possible hurricane tomorrow or next few days according to Al Roker on the Today Show.
Watching the Today Show with Tayton, Al Roker says something about Bob the Builder and Tayton says... He said he's Bob the Builder and he's not, Bob the Builder don't look like that. You gotta love the things kids say!
Our hurricane coverage begins Monday on the shows: Matt Lauer and Al Roker from NBC's Today Show join me from New York with the latest updates from the ground.
NBC Today Show host Savannah Guthrie waves at photographers and co-hosts with Matt Lauer and Al Roker on Rockefeller...
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Why did the Today Show get rid of Ann Curry instead of Al Roker?
Matt Walsh got on the Today Show to discuss Little Donny Disease - in slow motion
So disappointed I had to abandon my planned Halloween costume last night. I was going to go as Chief Meaty Urologist of the Today Show (Al Roker). The get-up involved an Indian headdress, blackface, a Lady Gaga-esque vest made of raw sirloin, and a rubber glove with which to perform prostate examinations. I was informed that this would be "in bad taste."
Al Roker reporting from the New Jersey disaster zone and whole-heartedly laughing it up with Today Show crew back in the studio. This is wrong, right?
Last post for a min... I'M HOT AS *** TIMEZ TWO... you know how it feelz right.. you BOOTLICKERZ... On the Today Show if they said you CAN'T GET IN OR OUT OF WHERE THE BLACK REPORTER IS .. why would they send him (Al Roker) and NOT ROTATE... HM.. MAKEZ YOU THINK DON'T IT...well SOME of you...
How strained are things on the Today Show? Al Roker was told to cover the hurricane as it came ashore and stay there until waves crested over him.Time to move on Al.
Al Roker and the "Today Show" are here in Rehobeth Beach, DE reporting on the storm Sandy. Maybe I'll try to get on TV.
This is going to be a great day. My mom is off today, so hopefully she will play with Bijou and me instead of cleaning the house. Do I look like I care if the house is filthy? I will just bring dirt, leaves, hair and grass back in the house anyway. By the way, my little sister bugs the heck out of me. She is a cat and just plops in the middle of the living room and cleans herself. HOW INAPPROPRIATE. I mean, I would NEVER do that in front of anyone. I am a proper young man. Bleck. It is chilly out this morning, but I like it. As long as it is not drizzling, I am cool. I wish that I wasn't such a puss when it comes to rain, but I can't help that I am so sensitive. Ok, I need to go and get my mom motivated to play. She is just watching the Today Show. I don't like the Today Show. Matt Lauer bugs me. I like Savannah Guthrie though, she is purdy. Al Roker is my man! He tells me if it is going to rain. Ok, off to play.
Another reason I am no longer an NBC Today Show regular/viewer - their demographic apparently skews TOO OLD for me... Cruised by the other day just in time to hear Al Roker say "The Internet kills everything it touches!" Really? He was upset about online invitations to parties since he no longer has the invite to hang on his 'frigerator. Really? What? No printer, Al???
Keep it classy, Al Roker. This is the Today Show, not Def Comedy Jam. Your "aqua bike" comment just solidified you as "Willard Scott Jr."
The Democratic Canvasing Party headquarters is at my neighbor's house and the Today Show is coming at 2! I just might meet Matt Lauer and Al Roker!
Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion has announced that he’s engaged to his boyfriend. Not to be outdone, over at the Today Show, Matt Lauer was caught making eyes at Al Roker.
In the early 80's, John Anerson had a hit song "Just a swingin'", then in the early 90's Billy Ray gave us "Achy Breaky Heart", then the "Marcarnia" took over the charts, now the next hit song / dance comes all the way from South Korea, "Psy Gangmann" is all over on air waves, both radio and TV. One morning on Today Show, this South Korean was teaching Savannah Gurthie, David Gregory, Al Roker how to do this dance. When the camera panned down the plaza, I bet there were 2-3 thousand S. Korean's, Asian's from all walks of life to see this superstar! Even the US Navy is making videos of this hit song / dance! Have fun all!
Al Roker on the Today Show was just talking about the game Sunday, SAINTS vs. Chargers and he never once mentioned the Chargers, En Diego, nothing. All about the SAINTS. I think he is a fan, just can't say. They all messed with him about it after. I thought it was pretty funny.
“ When Matt Lauer and Al Roker gushed over Robert Downey Jr. on the Today Show, November 2, 2010. ”
Just watched Al Roker and Rona Elliot talk about our latest app on the Today Show. Thanks Rona!
Not a huge Elmo fan, but his segment on the Today Show has had me rolling around laughing! Al Roker on his own is funny, playing off Elmo.they need to go on the road with this! XD
This happened on the WRC-TV feed in DC. Al Roker and the Today Show staff didn't realize their mics were still on. Anyone else notice this?
Flying back from New York I met Al Roker, who is on the Today Show. He was sitting in the first class area. What a nice guy he is. We talked for a little. I also had conversation with a stewardess who happened to be a christian and needed prayer,which I promised her I would do for her and she cried, she was touched.
Long time Today Show weatherman Al Roker says he used to make fun of these kinds of dogs (perhaps a Havanese?). Find out why he decided to bring one home.
Photo of NBC Today Show's Al Roker broadcasting from Cleveland's West Side Market this morning !!
Just saw an ad for the "Today Show". It's the first time I've seen Al Roker in quite a while. I think he's starting to look like a black version of that crazy dancing old guy from the Six Flags Magic Mountain commercials.
Make sure to watch NBC's Today Show tomorrow morning at 7am! Al Roker will be LIVE from the West Side Market!
Call Me Maybe on the Today Show! Our band teacher (Mr. Voychick) plays the trombone and gets a thumbs up from Al Roker!
It's official! If you missed the Today Show this morning, click on the link to see our sister hotel, Hotel Aspen, on the show!
If you missed NBC's Today Show this morning, check out the video clip from Al Roker and Travel + Leisure's Nilou...
C'mon Today Show...get some class back into your act! Your bit on the couch with the obnoxious ad from Austrailia for a feminine product was in poor taste. Natalie and Savannah totally embarrassed Al Roker! Ann Curry would have demonstrated more decorum!
Holy Cow! Iron River just made the national Today Show weather map with Al Roker! Possible freezing tonight. This region is gonna get cold tonight - glad I got the wood stove going!
Al Roker, just gave a shout out to Greenville, SC & WYFF-4 on the Today Show!.. Coolness! :)
Korean Rapper PSY performed @ Rockefeller Center NYC for Today Show. The TODAY Show hosts are dancing in Gangnam Style too!! It's a phenomenon!! Pardon for t...
Here we go again. Al Roker and the Today Show staff had a moment this morning. Anyone else notice this?
After the Today Show's Al Roker had his recent 17 second "trance" are 3 more TV "trances" fer yer viewing pleasure:
For the last thirty odd years I have begun my day with the Today Show. After yesterday I will never tune into that program again. When I turned on the t.v. I saw a laughing Al Roker. When the moments of silence neared I was expecting coverage of them. What NBC viewers got instead was an interview with a Kardashian. Who's decision was it to do this? Could they not have given half an hour to cover this national moment of reflection? Disappointed in a huge way.
I went to New York in 1998 around Dec. 1 and stayed a week...went to Twin Towers, Ellis Island, Statute of Liberty, Empire State Bldg., etc, etc. We even got up early and went to the Today Show, shook hands with Al Roker and saw Matt Lauer up close. One of the best trips of my life! Hope to do it again!
The Today Show has officially jumped the shark. On a day to be remembering 9/11 in NYC, they did a 2 minute bit and then focused the remaining part of the show on Myley Cyrus, Al Roker's music play lists, Ryan Reynolds wedding and Paula Abdul as a guest host as member of Today's "professionals". How sad that this day seems to lose relevance as the years pass. Shame on you Today Show!!!
I think it's really nice of the "Today Show" to dump Ann Curry for Savanah Gutherie...and to boot it's incredibly generous of them to send Ann (live) to war torn, fighting countries, covering hurricanes and tornadoes...that's what she got for her dedication to the Today show for 15 years, you are right Al Roker she did get thrown under the if that isn't bad enough seems they want to attend her funeral soon too...
Highlight of my Fall Friday Mornings.Watching my 8y/o daughter Caroline's reaction to the Today Show's Al Roker's dramatic ending of the "Sunday Night Football Night in America". She Lives for that each Friday before going to School! ! !
During a goofy conversation this morning on NBC's Today Show, weather anchor Al Roker took a jokey stab at Fox News' fair and balanced slogan and...
Also, the cousin of Al Roker on the Today Show.
In case you missed Al Roker and me on the Today Show this morning you can watch it on my website here -
Savannah Guthrie brings up the Holy Ghost during the Today Show and Al Roker looks like a deer caught in headlights. For 17 seconds he is completely motionless and just stares oddly into the camera.
Al Roker keeps giving them jabs over at the Today Show. Atta boy Al.
Al Roker may have had a stroke live on the Today Show or he was frozen by Matt Lauer's hilarious one liners.
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