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Today (also referred to as The Today Show) is a daily American morning television show on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American television and in the world, and is now the fourth-longest running American television series.

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Start the year off on the right foot! Today Show has cleaning from professionals to get your house ready...
I wish Natalie Morales still be with the Today Show. She did excellent job where evet she was placed.
ESPN Today Show: Vikings safe after airplane incident. John Clayton explains what happened to the Vikings...
Me gustó un video de Austin Mahone performing Dirty Work (Live on the Today Show)
When I'm feeling depressed I watch the Cory Feldman live performance on the Today Show and I start to feel better about my life.
Great seeing Tony Bennett on the Today Show this morning Great performer. He is going to be 90. Very cool!! Sounds great as always!!
I feel like you should know that Tori Kelly was on the Today Show, and Gray has never clapped so much in his life.
'Today Show' Savannah Guthrie's new baby has already met Matt Lauer.
Today Show teams up with Live Nation and Ticketmaster to surprise people! What a great gift during the holiday...
2. There are shows like the Today Show that blend news and entertainment. They are used to promote the Apprentice
Saw the Today Show with Trevor Noah live earlier. It was okay. . A bit heavy-handed with the Trump jokes.
Pray with us for Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara and the cast/crew of the Today Show on the Media Leader Prayer Ca…
you have been on the Today Show with Jimmy Fallon, howabout going on Late Late Show with James Cordon?
Be thankful that you woke up today, choose to change someone's life today even if it's by simply making them smile, and show…
I am online today. Book your skype show: Krislivecam 😉😘
As a conservative, I can not stomach the today show any longer (watched for years for fun).
NEW VLOG! Today I had a talk with myself and we go to show! Also, where the s…
Tune into the show on today 9AM. We're talking Thanksgiving, wine & more.
All over our episodes are now on as well. So get caught up on the show before our new episode drops t…
Going to get my tickets for the hometown Tallahassee show today can't wait
It ALL happening today - about to give a talk to guys here at Mailbox, recording for my Sat Brek show
Are you wearing purple today? It’s World Prematurity Day and our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) team proudly s…
today's show all about the Tax the government gets if they out law all cash transactions.
Join us in creating more Recovery Superheroes today! Everyone knows someone with a mental illness. Show you care...
Hey Enjoyed today's show. Great fun. p.s- still waiting for that invite on my trip to L.A. BeKindToEveryone .🙏🏼
Happy 72nd Birthday to today!. What's your favorite show or movie he's been in?
Reading was a great success! Today's show is in Keynes. Don't miss it!!
Attending the London Vet Show today? Come visit us at stand J10 and find out how we can support you throughout your career
Congratulations on winning the . Place a hold on The Underground Railroad toda…
Be sure to get out to menchies today for the choir fundraiser! Every purchase counts, so show this flyer or mention th…
themateuszm: Have you paid rent today? Success is a relentless pursuit and requires you to show up every single…
Got tickets for Sunday's show and a new job 💞 today is an awesome day! 💖 💓😘 x
Another BIG show planned for today. Heading down to the studio in five minutes. Join me at
As part of Scenic’s 30th birthday celebrations, the luxury cruise operator is running a consumer promotion on...
Lotta food conversation today on the show...some don't like it! What's you fave part of the Morning Show?
On Live With Kelly, Sterling k Brown from This Is Us is on today's show
Using a mortgage broker in today's market is key, ask me how I can help you today!
Excuse us today we can not show you the cats,because . ladies and gentlemen, this is our home of Ernesto cats tod…
I just launched my first Kickstarter! Back the first season of The FOO Show today!
Gale Ranch Middle School in CA has a dancing teacher you should invite on the show, very positive! Story was on today!
Put BlackPink on Sketchbook to redeem themselves after that terrible audio mess at the award show today
In honor of today's American Society event, each hour today we would like to show... http…
Today we rolled out 4! I’d love it if you could show some love with an upvote.
The are playing today, so it seems like a good time to show off my Black & Gold nails.
To celebrate UK/IRE arena tour tickets going on sale Saturday we are giving away ONE VIP package today to any show 😳
Today is Join us & others across the world in wearing purple to show we’re in raising…
Fast, stunning, rebellious: These are the cars at the LA Auto Show - USA TODAY
I hope today's show talks about the Raptors coming short in two consecutive big games.
I have the worst stage fright and today I'm gonna be on a tv show. I'm for sure gonna puke when it's my turn to speak
Open House Today Eastern Fluid Power 240 Adam St Belleville 10 - 2 Mini Trade Show, see you there!
VOLUNTEER ROAD SHOW in the atrium today at lunch. A great opportunity to connect with community partners regarding volunteer opportunities.
Dear Lord today, show me how to get started, give me the motivation to keep going and lend me the courage to know when to…
Come see Romeo and Juliet today!!! We've worked *** this show and it turned out well last night! Come see it! 10$ at the door, 7 online!
It's showtime! We enjoyed watching a show today by some of our boys and girls.
May just get to show my music vid in class today & nerd out on the production process 🙈🤓 . Check it:
the first episode of the show will be going live on youtube some time today.. hopefully.. it takes FOREVER to upload.
WATCH : Traders and People SHOW BLACK FLAGS against CHEAP MINISTER Kejriwal at Delhi's Azadpur Mandi today.
Everybody make sure to show some love today for his birthday🎉🎉 happy birthday bro🎈
"There is a LIVE show in Fukuoka tomorrow.And today,the "Look" song on the "Canvas" album is now available! Pls check on Yo…
I wanted to dedicate my show to Ant last night but it got crazy onstage for a second so if you follow me his funeral is today 🙏🏿
The Brandice Show will not air today. She'll be back Monday 10AM EST. Subscribe to our channel for other amazing broadcasters.
Harry during Perfect for the Ellen Show one year ago today. 17.11.15
Today is World Day! Join us by wearing purple and show the world we are
NOTHING about any of THIS on YOUR show today. Good game.
Tune into snap (👻: BET Networks) TODAY! is taking over to show you everything you need to know about ht…
Unbelievably poor performance in the courtroom by PTI today. What a case and what a dismal show! They need help.
Today! Tune in to Project Bring Me 2 Life at for our monthly radio show,...
Today is the day - World Pancreatic Cancer Day! Show us how you wear purple on Tag and
This is exciting! isn't this exciting? hope there are some left after our show today
Internet was a buzz about Disneys Drone Show last night. Many major news outlets have stories running today.
Jodie & ask if 's character is based on Today Show host?
Did you see Savannah Guthrie's dress on the Today Show this morning? Signature Boutique has…
Won't watch "Today Show!" Savannah Guthrie between watching herself on monitor "We Media are always blamed!"
Billy Bush was fired from the Today Show for even being in the same room with the guy who just became president.
Check out Kathie Lee and Hoda talking about on the Today Show yesterday! They're such big fans 😌. (…
BREAKING: Channel 7 drops its court case & now concedes Today Show has won the official OZTAM breakfast show ratings fo…
Billy Bush on suicide watch after learning Corey Feldman is good enough for the Today Show but he isn't.
Home this morning. Just saw Corey Feldman singing on Today Show. When did this become a thing? Compared himself to Kiss, Nirva…
They let Corey Feldman on the Today Show? Again?! What kind of dirt does he have on them?
Re Billy Bush's suspension from the Today Show: As a female journalism student, I'm glad. That's how you eliminate the 'old boys' club'.
People Mag: Sources say Billy Bush wouldn't be missed on the Today Show set if suspension becomes dismissal.
I just wanted to use this gif. Oh. Also, Al Roker is replacing Billy Bush on the Today Show.
Why didn't they have his relative, Jenna Bush, a "Today Show" on-air personality, fill in for him?
Yes, now you can bring back Natalie Morales back to the Today Show.
Billy Bush was suspended by the Today Show. . Donald Trump is still the Republican nominee for president.
He got promoted to Today Show & Natalie Morales is on Access Hollywood now. Worst trade. Ever.
Can't stand Billy Bush. Stopped watching Today Show when Billy Bush joined. Loved it when Natalie Morales was on th…
Beta Lambda Sigma Raleigh Alumnae Chapter promotes that beautiful Sigma Image live on the Today Show
Matt Lauer from the Today Show got his chance to intern as a Air Traffic Controller at JFK!...
I feel we should be focusing on the fact Corey Feldman actually booked the Today Show. Like, the Today Show wanted him on there. In 2016.
Here are the best dance moves from performance on the Today Show! (by featured in NBC s Science of Love
has he been feeling like the Today Show has become a joke? I can't watch it anymore, it insults my intelligence.
The merry-go-round of awful personalities in suits continues. Today Show is horrible.
Smirky Mark Halperin just lied on the Today Show. He said the Clinton campaign has been saying the election is over! They NEVER said that!
I've stopped watching the Today Show when NBC dumped Anne Curry. still ***
Today Show host calls out Clinton for "scooping up cash" as Trump meets a foreign leader
Wait . . . what? Today Show staff in meltdown because Al Roker said Ryan Lochte lied
Willie Geist is leaving the Today Show and Billy Bush is his replacement. Who asked for this?
As someone who watches the Today Show, I am very depressed Billy Bush is replacing Natalie Morales
Why the ain't very kind to me? . 28.)Ann Curry canned from Today Show. 29.)Conan O'Brien got screwed by NBC. 30.)Cops moved to Spike
plus that interview she did for the Today Show also, Natalie Morales mentioned that she was working on a follow up to Reflejo
Hey Tamron or should I say Maggie Mae? 😉 Anyhow, what color of lipstick did you have on this morning on the Today Show? 💗 it!!
Jimmy Buffett on Today Show this morning, isn't it 5 O'Clock Somewhere?.
Don't miss this Sunday's "Today Show" feature on the Boundary Waters and the "Year in the Wilderness" campaign of...
Gross. What is happening at the Today Show?
Alicia Vikander At Greenwich Hotel on her way to the Today Show in New York City
Did anyone see this white *** try to put this black guys hand down on the Today Show?
James Birtles here, supervising producer at Today Show in Aus. please email me jbirtles
Today Show's Natalie Morales has all-female farewell party after denying Matt Lauer 'affair'
Check out Lake Street Dive on Today Show. They play Cyprus Avenue on November 18th!...
Ate a few dogs this morning for the Today Show. Last Hot Dogs till the finals.
In other apocalyptic news, Stephen Tyler is trying to sing country music on the Today Show
"Dion started promoting her album in the United States on Today Show and Jimmy Fallon show" +
Nick Bagnall Director of is on at 18.15 today ahead of the show on 13-16 July
single (Prod. by ) releasing later today, show some support If you will my friends!
Big thanks to for their great hospitality today and well done for putting on a great sh…
.Blood Orange IPA to go? You got it! Grab a 6 pack to take home after the show today.
One month ago today, I asked you to be mine. Within this month, we have endured high tides and flowi via
Stay tuned its Friday releasing new show today. Subscribe get it sent to you upon its release https…
I wish I could show u my team members right now but I ain't gon do that. Lol We acting real black today w this wardrobe.
Congrats to all the Cast and Staff of Make It Right for having an Awesome mall show.m today ❤️https:…
Check out my sister featured on the today show
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin: today is last chance to win 2 tickets to the show!
Also, today is the last day to send your votes in for Teen Wolf for Choice Summer TV Show and Dylan for Choice Summer TV Ac…
Justin talking about how far Des Moines is with fans today after the show. http…
Today is Jo Cox's birthday. Show the world we have far than that which divides us
Announcement of my new show.. later today!
"72 new emojis came out today, and I saw that one of the new emojis is a pregnant woman..." http…
Because of ‘grace’ we are under obligation to share the Gospel to all people. Take time to show God’s love to someone today!…
Is the show's title or Paragini ?? ☺ BTW Today's crap has convinced me further, not to watch the show
. Greeeat show today crew! I really enjoyed singing with I All I Need!
Question is will call in sick today for the show.
All working mothers+fathers need Take action today and show your support here:
your 'reality' today seems to show an open & shut case to Your impartiality is seriously under question
Meet the buyer drop-in sessions are very popular today, here at the !
Today is special! We're laying down a big bunch of on you. Why? He's in our new show…
Today is one of those days when you show up to work with sleeves but leave guns a blazin.
Today's show is so touchy,but is still not easy to talk about status! Role models must come clea…
Catch Arts Unplugged with Adrian Seet today from 11am - 12pm to find out the latest buzz on arts!
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EEEP! I cant believe my show is premiering today! Whose excited?! The first EP is avail to everyone on my…
Super excited to learn about the new show today!
We are getting down in NYC today! Any suggestions? I'll give a set list at our next show if we actually do it!
Grab a FREE bus pass to tomorrow's Alive at Five show at any of these locations! Pick them up today from 10-4! ht…
Listen to shot by terrorists in Karachi today. If he wasn't Allah Ka Banda show me another
Amjad Sabri, killed today, had faced blasphemy charge after a TV news show played his version of a traditional Sufi son…
When you know today's the day your favorite show returns...
Hey Joel. Nice show today. Believe it or not, Hawks had 4th quarter leads over Cavs in games 1, 3 and 4 of series.
Staff show what engagement means for them at today's National Staff Engagement Forum
I don't even care to watch without skip or Steven A on the show today
Legendary Cyndi Lauper turns 63 today. Lets show our "true colours" and wish her a happy birthday!
Hi bros n sisters. How are you doing? I just finished a today's show in Kagoshima. I lost my…
Beautiful scenes out of Cleveland today. Very happy for those fans. Show that footage to anyone who argues sports don't m…
Want to know about the black and white dress Natalie wore yesterday, Tuesday, on the show. It was amazing!
Blake Lively leaving her hotel for Today Show in New York on June 20 :
Watching Nightly--the Today Show promo pops up--I love that the 1st host, Dave Garroway, ended the show w "Peace"
Great to be on Today Show sharing Hope & Truth in context of *** Pride & Alan Chambers promotion of it
Luke Bryan starts our day performing on the Today Show for their Summer Concert Series. Don't miss Maren Morris...
Camila on the Today Show earlier this week (via
I met Taylor Lautner and Jonah Hill at the 'Today Show.' That was pret...
That was that crazy monkey and crazy lady. She just wanted on the Today Show.
Jimmy Fallon, Today Show concert series, CMT instant jam...all over social media, all over blogs and online publications...
Please answer my question about Natalie Morales. When Natalie Morales last day for Today Show?
What day is Natalie Morales last day for to be co-host Today Show?
This was just on the Today Show and it's right here in Lemoore!
The opening of Bryant Gumbel's first Today Show on 1/4/82:
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
I liked a video John Elder Robison interview on the Today Show.
"What is Internet, anyway?" asks Bryant Gumbel of the Today Show in 1994.
1987: Husker Du talks to Bryant Gumbel on the Today Show, performs Could You Be The One?
Ronald McDonald was first portrayed in ads by Willard Scott (of Today Show fame), who claims to have created the character in 1963.
Willard Scott of Today Show weather fame as used to be the original Ronald McDonald.
New post: ". Today Show's Lisa Wilkinson hits out at Karl Stefanovic for mocking her driving. " .
Today Show host Karl Stefanovic has slammed Peter Dutton after he admitted he had no idea what would happen to the 850 asylum seekers on
Logies 2016 sees Today Show crew show up for work a little worse for wear: News presenter Peter Hitchener has...
New post: ". Today Show's Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson worse for wear after Logies . " .
If you'd like to witness the biggest day in my PR career, tune in to the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda tomorrow mornin…
What's even creepier is that this particular Ronald McDonald is former Today Show's Willard Scott--who remained creepy.
Great story on Today Show. Happy to team up with my friend Kerry Sanders. Also great to…
Live broadcast from Stiltsville is set to air May 9 with the Today Show, Natalie Morales, Gary Bremen, the...
"We were a small store & then we were on the Today Show & in People. Our first Christmas we packed thousands of boxes."
Fantastic joint interview with George Hamilton on the Today Show! Watched it while I was at the Mall. :o)
Re Bob Mould: I covered Husker Du's Today Show show back in my days. Awesone day. Here's the vid:
Today Show has a whole segment on Lemonade/Rachel Roy/Rachael Ray, screenshots and all. I'm cryin 😭
If ABC could tell Robin and George, they could have told Kelly also. Will watch "Today Show now.
Here's a clip of Mr. and Mrs. Munk's appearance on the Today Show. EN's lucky to have these two. htt…
That time when Prince crashed the 'Today Show' set dressed up as Bryant Gumbel.
Brooklyn Tea Party president Glenn Nocera appearing next to Donald Trump at the town hall meeting on the Today Show
to when Hoda Kotb & the Today Show crashed one of our weddings last October. 󾆣🏼󾍘🏽.
Alice Cooper kids around with Hoda Kotb & Kathy Lee Gifford this morning on Today Show.
Did you interview Actress Natalie Morales before at Today Show?
.journalism students met alumna Savannah Guthrie, co-host of the Today Show
THE JUNGLE BOOK starts today with the first show at 1pm then again at 4.15pm ending today with EDDIE THE EAGLE at 7.15pm
This was yesterday on the today show LOL whatcha doing
Today we head to Bournemouth to teach a farting workshop to kids at Linwood School with ahead of our show on Sunday
Appearing on the Tim MacWilliam show later today discussing parkruns
hello handsome gentlemen! Your show today's like a breath of fresh air. I just can't get enough!
Time fore some beats before today's Goodfellas show
Share the feels w/ COKE! Show us how you and post your COKE Emoticon photo today!
It's Gaurav vs Aryan day! all set to charm the box-office today. Are you catching the first show? https:…
Lots of blue in school today as all of show support for and month
There's a star underneath every Boone Football jersey today. See you at the halftime show! http:/…
Today's special maritime episode of the show features . 😂. https:/…
This is my last show I will be apart of at MV, so I hope everyone can make it!! :) today @ 7 & tomorrow @ 2 & 7 https:…
Angela and Neil Walsh our pensions officer will be on Talking Heads on Manx Radio at noon today. Please show...
thank you for blessing us with ur presence today on the hottest show with da best OAP
The Mumbai Indians never give up and so do the fans! Show us how well you know the boys to You only have today!
All set for FAN, all preps done by SRKUnivrse Bhopal. Waiting for the first show start 😍😍😍. WATCH FAN TODAY.
watched your comments on show today, can you be less informed and dense about Hillary?Joe is worse in his Trump fanaticism
pUrple Up for Military Kids today wear purple to show your support of their sacrifice
D show today was great, may God continue to bless you both in all your endeavours
many thanks Mss Selena. You have great sex show today. Let me know if you are online again.
Julie just turned to 18 yrs and joined our 18+ network. I have a cam show with her today at ht…
Our guest on today's show is we will be discussing the heat wave experienced across Nigeria recently.
Lil momma nature just wants to be loved on by her lil kiddies so show her some love by pickin up a piece of trash today
Robert DeNiro on the Today show:. While being interviewed, he looked at them and Called them OUT!. He stated,...
The brand new single is called “A VEGAS SUMMER” .. It will be premiered today at 8:30am Vegas Time on the
Show your support by wearing purple today as Cam completes his 4th round of chemo
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Today in rehearsals I tripped over a giant cactus and bruised my butt. Come and see our show for more DANGER!
Photoshoot with some retro Fords today. This 1976 Fiesta recently did a return road-trip to the Geneva Motor Show. https:/…
3 years ago today was the kick off the Mrs. Carter show World Tour, The tour had 132 shows and grossed $229 million. http…
For Show kindness to a stranger today. And I will encourage my children tondo songs well What will you do?
"Ideal Home Show Today" Super Duper prize, in bad need of a new vaccym 😉😁
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
TODAY we will trend 'Faking It Fans Want S3B' no hashtag!we need you all to get the show renewed!
Only reason I'm going to school today is for culture show and track
Your lil Fan is ready to watch ... Plz Show ur love !. . WATCH FAN TODAY
Many thanks to Dr Ari Brown for correcting the record on vaccines on TODAY Show .
sir! Watched first show Delhi. Still not able to talk! Standing ovation in d theatre was too small for u. !
Great to have a chance to show our proposals for tube station during his visit to WH today htt…
160414 time to show Channie some love. Omg tho. He blew me away today
today's ruling will show the direction in which Nigeria is heading, and see if it's really ready to change!
today's my buffday! Lol can I make aa request on the show? Wadup raezy!! Wzp Rhythm *scaryvoice*
Today's another great shot to conquer something new. Get out and show em what you're made of! Have a good day y'all
Salam and good morning guys 😀. InsyaaAllah today we'll have the first football match !. Come and show your support 😃
Don't miss your chance to see the show this weekend! Show is on today, tomorrow, and Sunday!
Just V Show today, at the Station Berlin. April 15-17th, starting at 10am.
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Come out to show your support to the Boone Grove Baseball & Softball teams today as they both take on at BG
All purpose parts banner
Great startups on show today at Day 1 with from
We are at the toddler and baby show in Sandown, Esher today and all weekend. Come and say hi!
Show how much you care for your parents! Insure their health today.
Thank you, Queensland! So honoured to be your favourite Female Singer on Kelly H-Ds show today with Sean on
Joining us at the Woolmark Gold Fashion Show today in Shanghai is Sean Zhang, top male mod…
Our Spring Show & Sale starts just 2 weeks from today! Here's our next:. Potter of the Day. Debbie McCarty. Cove...
May Allah make u greater than who u are, show u more ways than u know, uphold u stronger than u stand, make ur future higher than today.
3 years ago today the Mrs Carter Show World Tour began. It's the highest grossing tour of all time by a black artist https…
Just loved watched first show today, I'm your since I saw Bazigar !
Tickets 2 today's 3pm Show are still available or Toy World Stores or u could alternatively call 0721-946710…
today I have booked the tickets fr 10pm show I know it will b super hit
Today’s new stats show 42 per cent of foodbank demand arose from problems in the benefit system | https…
Go see the play, you must do today, while I upload the show, so you can listen on the go!
Jane Pauley. Jane Pauley tells about joining the Today Show at a young age. ...
KY3: Springfield author appears on 'Today Show' to discuss new book
In 2001, Katie Couric told 'Today Show' audiences that 7 percent of America...
November 13, 2012 -. Zayn performs on NBC's 'Today Show' at Rockefeller Plaza in New York
East Aurora native Kraig Bantle will be featured on the Today Show tomorrow around 10:39am. Tune in and help spread the word!
My fave part of any Today Show interview is when a woman shuts down Matt Lauer
My favorite part of that Today Show interview with the USWNT team is when Hope Solo shut down Matt Lauer for getting off topic. *SNAPS*
Matt Lauer *** He's so overly dramatic. You make the Today Show intolerable to watch you liberal *** ***
Hank Jr. continues ‘Family Tradition’ with daughter Holly Williams on the Today Show tomorrow, March 22! Check...
Tune into RTE1 at 4pm Today Show - Michael will be chatting to Maura & Daithi about Michael Flatleys recovery &...
Most of all you should at least know what Rosbon is actually claiming: Wade Robson on Today Show: "It's NOT a Repressed Memory
go easy on your mom. Natalie Morales on the Today Show fell for the same scam. Did a story about it last week.
They're River Dancing on the Today Show right now, and it reminded me of Jonathan Papelbon after the 2007 World Series.
When a psychic medium visits the Today Show, anchor Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager can't help but get emotional.
Kathie Lee is still M.i.a. from the Today Show so like what even is the point of WFH?
The best part of working from home is getting to see the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee 😊
In case you missed it, here's the link to my Today Show segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda, alongside Deborah...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I liked a video Hamish Blake and Andy Lee - Today Show
What brand of eyeglasses does Erica Hill wear on the Today Show? I must have them!!
Jon Taffer joined Willie Geist on the Today Show this morning to celebrate the 100th episode of
I added a video to a playlist Tom Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska on the Today Show, Oct. 14 2015
Does it bother you that you'll forever be known as, "The perky girl on the Today Show for a few years, with Bryant Gumbel"?
Today is the first anniversary of me meeting Ann Curry at the Today Show and Jackie Collins. I hope nothing bad has happened to them since
January Jones - at the Today Show in New York City, March 2015
Ali Larter Tapes an appearance on Today Show in New York City - August 2015
Effort should be made to see that the forum-type programs (the 'Today Show,...
Storyteller Bob Dotson at Club of NYC 40 years at Today Show on NBC
Thought today's show was one of our best...
People of the World today is 's Birthday. He is the most awesome Person in the world so show him some Love!
Tony coming back strong with today's show . Short time but you asked some good questions
The Radio Show with a standard to entertains and informs! Thank you for listening and please share.
Oscar winner debuts in history-making Broadway show starting today! Get DISCOUNT TIX https…
Are you Show it by changing your profile pic today for Give FFA Day! Learn more: https:…
Certifyin' some peeps today for This was the only shot of the day that didn't show my bald spot.
You know what happened today hacker? You ignited our hearts to show how much we love Alden & Maine. . Sorry ka, Doi.
Can someone please tell the announcer they are the hurricaneS. With an s on the end. Too bad Temple decided to not show up today
Today in trying-not-to-cry-at-work: the story of a Toronto teen dubbed the "The Dancing Barista"
Today, a very timely reminder: a servant mentality, a servant’s heart. To serve and not to be served. "To (cont)
Hillary visited the set of the tv show Scandal today... and that joke just wrote itself. htt…
With the help of this gorgeous look came together for the show at today.
. I worked 15 hours today ... I want to sleep but I will see the show
LOL, you’re the second person to show me the sundial today. I downloaded it on the weekend but holding off on printing. Takes 35hrs
It humbles me today that I would have been part of the statistics of disappearing children Show week. Thank You God.
TY for your and today on You've lifted up so many!
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