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Today Show

Today (also referred to as The Today Show) is a daily American morning television show on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American television and in the world, and is now the fourth-longest running American television series.

Natalie Morales Matt Lauer Al Roker Willard Scott Savannah Guthrie Kathie Lee Gifford Good Morning America Bryant Gumbel Kathy Lee Gifford Katie Couric Dave Garroway Tamron Hall Adrianna Papell

As usual shared good advice this morning w/ 2 hosts at Today Show. They need it, the show has been number two for 3 yrs?
Starting my morning out with the Today Show and exercise.
Your team now has a better record than TSM! How do you feel? ;) Great show, awesome job today!
luv u n the show! Check out video on utube,53 SWAG please n give a shout out! promoting our youth of today t
TODAY is the final to join for as low as $8.95 per month! We will have staff here to show you around 10:00-2:00...
Blairgowrie: 3 bed 1 1/2 bath home with bachelor flat ON SHOW today - perfect little starter home!
So upset I didn't get to see for free today AND her SF show is sold out 😧😭
Request to all Media people, today Please show new pictures of 10-12 villagers sitting around a radio set listening
Good Morning Mezzo friends, show them your best shoes because today is Cat-urday !
10 years of New look on the show from today. Sadly, will still be there, though! :-)
Point less for me to put up any snaps cause I didn't go anywhere today I ain't bout to just show myself sitting in the house.
What colour is this girl's hair: PURPLE or BLUE? We can't decide!
Feldspar beauty! Got some some more druzy seashells at the gem show today.
how many freakin people saw Rush today bc I've seen like 3 statuses from people that don't know the others exist going to this same show
Sometimes we get so caught up in our own little worlds, we forget to think of others. Reach out and show someone you care to…
This show has made me cry like 8 times today 😩
Join me today at the Family Fun Day & Rally to show support for Toyota TMs. Free BBQ, games. http:…
So happy for everyone who got into at the show today 💕
Bill and Wilt could both be defensive show stoppers in today's game
If you stay, stay forever. If you go, do it today. If you change, change for the better. And if you talk, make sure you …
. my heart has been broken... I'm unable to attend soccer six today😔. I was ready to show my banner & win pitch access or s6 kit😫
it was pretty awesome meeting you and your husband at the show today! Hope he loves his flask lol
Watched the 3 most recent Lucha Underground episodes today. Gotta say, that show is turning into something excellent.
i was in the audience of last weeks show. Did you have fun with today's show?
The meet up is today :) I hope all girls how live in erbil come :) because we want to show 1D how much we love them ❤️
I survived my first fashion show today. I really felt as if I didn't belong though.. Shocking
Today is a good day for People of Faith to show our support for
VIJAY BIRTHDAY aka Welfare day Common DP to be unveiled today at 6pm..its time to show our unity.
So glad I got to experience paintings before show closed today. AMAZING!
Calling out all Varun and Shraddha Kappor Fans. Show us your excitement let's trend Today from 1PM!
Today's my 3rd day to perform at the show!! All the figure skaters are so crazy talented.. I'm so amazed b…
great seeing u today at Wekfest you're so awesome u stole the show w/ the longest line keep being u 😊😍
How "Today" show finally got its groove back: on its back-to-back victories
[NEWS] Hara wore Blanc&Eclare Pink Shanghai to music show today. Cr: jamesic_jung
Kathy Lee Gifford from the Today Show challenged you to the 10 push up challenge!!
How Natalie Morales Has Time to Host the Today Show and Run Marathons... New on
did the Today Show give up the Smucker's birthday segment with Willard Scott? Just wondering...
GMA VIP, LIVE, Today Show, Central Park, Chelsea, South Street Seaport, Broadway, Nightlife, museums, shopping...what did we miss?
Today we're at Healey Community Centre with fun-filled show A Real Mermaid's Tale - tickets on the door, 2pm start htt…
Yo Blakk Rasta today's show is well spiced enough to ignite my feelings even if dead beyond revival run tins man
6th Grade students will do an exhibition of learning today. They kick if off with a live radio show.
Show your gratitude today! Let your thankfulness overflow on to your loved ones!
I can't explain the feeling God has placed in my heart this morning, but I can't wait to show it today🔆
We have camps in 9 states this summer! CT, IL, NY, MA, NJ, NH, PA, VT and VA. Reserve your spot today! .
Show number 4... Today it will be broadcast live in the link below ;) . Viva Mozart !!
HEY HEY they're ready for today's show. ARE YOU?!?!
Little Giant Ladders
People might commend your high level of efficiency today, but ... More for Cancer
How she got this body in 2 simple steps, jump start your 2015 resolution today! . ➡ ⬅
you gotta watch my video today show you what I did to habu and his duo in wagers
please let some bots see the show today ! We miss Rita X
Lord: is there anything in my life that I have not handed over to you and/or asked forgiveness?? - show me today Lord …
.auditions for June's LOVE, ACTUALLY show happens today, NTN (back), 17:45.
Its a beautiful day outside I think I should come & show face today wit my bored ***
no morning show today? Radio app still playing mike n mike
We didn't have time to pick our. winner on today's show, so here it is: Enj…
will be live at the show at Serena on 2nd June! Get your ticket from Nakumatt today!
Lunchtime concert 13.05h today Chapel, with TL Show Choir and Rutgers University Glee Club visiting from U…
please address this in today's show. Either I don't follow or don't agree.
What are these three up to in Blackpool today? Find out on Friday's show and you could WIN a family holiday to...
Good morning FB!!! Preparing to show houses today!!! I came across a great article I would like to share! Take...
The librarian today: 'Let me show you our machine, it's better than the supermarket ones. It doesn't talk to you!' :)
"my sweet thing today watch ur show navya" I wish whole world does that:)) everyday
Today is We want to show our support! 3 of many amazing c…
I'm sure Clara Amfo today will put her own stamp on BBC Radio 1's morning show after Fearne Cotton left.
Back from the boat show today. Currently looking at the amount of stuff we still have and wanting to weep.
Happy degree show day! Remember, everything needs to be back by 4pm today because of the show PV. Good luck everyone!
He's the reason I'm like this...he left me alone when I needed him the most and probably figures he won't show up today.
Really impressive guided tour around new show room and factory today!! Absolutely mind blowing! http:/…
What's the new NaMo has brought to the table? My piece in the Free Press Journal today
Stage is set for Fashion show with top designers-12 noon today. performs.
6 year old figures in new study show had a high ROI then - even higher today. http:…
“Getting an ab workout hanging with on today! LMAO
New label just announced and an announcement on Thursday on the Today Show, new music?👀
you're in CT today!!! I tried to win tix to the dd lounge show but epic fail : ( r u going to b anywhere else today?
Today on will be talking about at 12:30pm EST
Robyn u going to stop and suck some *** before work today and show up late.u fat slob. DuCked and Cody lube u up.stick a corn up your ***
From 3:30-4:30 Cali time 😍 my first ever show will be a free lingerie baking theme ... Come RT
There's a PHRASE TREND today evening @ 6:30PM fans!. Inform all, get ready & be online! Let's show Tag by
Ever feel like you're caught between time & space? At 7:45a today, The Regular Guy takes us to Tomorrowland.
SHOW LIFE HOW GOOD IT CAN BE Show life today how good it can be. With your attitude and your action
today there was a BAP fan on N's radio show and I thought of you ^^
on today's show can you please talk MLB please thank you
Our new show Transformation is officially underway! Open 11-6 pm today!. "Hidden Valley" by featured artist Jane Bayne …
I would be a flop show if my life had been determined by - dont know how today's kids do it & why they have to
Eish! Was that what her show was about today? I missed it. Also missed Stevovo today. Meeting-gods interfered
Welcome back!! Today we show you how to get fit in front of the TV, takes camping to the next level and we learn CPR!
radio show 9 AM today music by artists with disabilities and more!
Good Afternoon, Lunch for Four at An Grianan Hotel Burt Donegal to giveaway on Today's Show
Big thanks to LG Joel Bitonio on show. Great job. OTAs start today.
Today, 3 to 3:30 p.m., children of all ages can participate in a puppet show and craft at the Yarmouth library.
On the Alex Jones Show today: war between Russia & NATO.
Electronic Device Insurance
Dear Ufa girls (and guys), I can't wait to see your amazing crop tops today and see you show off that god *** gorgeous body!
When you show up to work in yoga pants and a tee shirt bc today is supposed to be field day. Come to find out field day is canceled 😐
Stay tuned, starting Monday, June 1st, "New Hampshire Today" is expanding on the coverage map. The show will be...
Dalston Flower Show for Children for all this week. 'Painting Pebbles' at 2, 3 & 4pm today!
Unless I'm really getting my timeline out of order. Wait, no, you also had him calling Matt Lauer glib on the Today Show.
Tune in tomorrow to the 8AM hour of the Today Show! Anchor Natalie Morales is a nut.
Kathie Lee Gifford just mentioned my book and name on Today Show!!!
I wonder if Diane Sawyer will get the first TV interview or will they be invited to the Today Show?! Hmm
Now $41.40 from $79. As seen on Natalie Morales of the Today Show. Wear alone or layers with your favorite...
Jenna Bush many marginal students are on the Today Show two years after they graduate ?
.coming up at 10:40 am Kathy Lee Gifford from NBC's Today Show.
Origami Owl Featured on the Today Show with Kathy Lee Gifford via
Blythe Danner sat down with Natalie Morales on Today Show today to talk about her new Bleecker Street film I'll...
THROWBACK Thursday: Bryant Gumbel, host of HBO's "and former NBC "Today Show" co-host, and I at an...
Another great Adrianna Papell dress on the Today Show's Kathie Lee Gifford!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Great story this morning on the Today Show with Saint Paul Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard about carbon monoxide...
that is Willard Scott who was on the Today Show for many years just never saw his pic as Ronald McDonald
No, it really IS Willard Scott, the Today Show weatherman. Out was his first gig.
"Today Show" Summer concert series lineup just announced
Cincinnati Business Cincinnati wearable startup to be featured on 'Today Show'
Jenna Bush is refreshing and vibrant! I only watch the Today Show when she is there.She balances ur overcrowdedBaby Boomers hosts
My last dying wish would definitely be to go out to the club win Kathy Lee and Hoda and stay raging until the Today Show the next morning.
Damnit, Obama, get off my tv. I'm just tryna watch Kathy Lee & Hoda on the Today Show.
Trending now - our long Imperial Palace Tag necklace. As seen on Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show.
Harry Styles of One Direction appears on NBC's Today Show to release... News Photo | Getty Images
Kathie Lee Gifford wearing an Adrianna Papell dress on the Today Show!
ICYMI & because I'm still !: Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda talked about on the Today Show this a.m.
I was told that the other Natalie Morales said on the Today Show she'd have me play her in a movie of her life. Well played,
Love this quote from Kathie Lee Gifford this morning on the Today Show about life after 60: If you have a pulse, you have a purpose!
Dear Lorraine.My name is Greg from Murphy, TX I am 19,752 days old or 54 years old. I was watching the Today Show and saw you on TV.(thk u)
Looking forward to spending time with Kathie Lee and Hoda tomorrow on Today Show. 10 am ET
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rita Wilson. Wishing her a full and speedy recovery. . {Via the Today Show}
I missed Iliza Shlesinger on the Today Show, and don't care, because I am seeing her @ Comix at Foxwoods tonight.
Great week for my company Rodan + Fields. Monday — featured on the Today Show for Network Marketing. Tuesday —...
Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Alan Alda & Freida Pinto guest on the Today Show.
Elle King - Ex's & Oh's (Live on Today Show): saw her on Jimmy Fallon. Love her voice
Watching Shane West on the Today Show and dang. 😍
is a frequent guest on CBS MoneyWatch, the Today Show and MSNBC, as well as The Nate Berkus Show
They need to put you on the Today Show, Good Morning America or something!
To do list before Set DVR 4 the Today Show & Good Morning America. Please don't let this b an April Fools joke!
ODU band and fans on the Today Show plaza: Old Dominion University's official mascot appeared on the Today Sho...
Natalie Morales on the Today Show just butchered saying "Biloxi." I didn't realize it was such a hard word to say.
Jenna really just George W Bush Jr bruh. That's all I see when I watch her on the Today Show.
MT guides for running kudos to the Today Show and Natalie Morales for making visual impairment in the news
CEDEK: Playing a show in Orlando, FL at 11:50 PM today at SHAKE & BASS @ BACKBAR
Harry spitting water in Better than words at the show today (via
Playing a show in Chicago, IL at 10:00 PM today at Crocodile Lounge
Playing a show in Houston, TX at 10:00 PM today at Dreams Bar & Lounge
Playing a show in Lubbock, TX at 10:00 PM today at The Bar PM
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Playing a show in Yakima, WA at 8:00 PM today at The Seasons Performance Hall
All the horses looked smart and were well protected at the show today in their Zandona boots (
Playing a show in Santa Cruz, CA at 8:00 PM today at Moe's Alley
Everyone who missed the show today missed out. It was great!
Playing a show in Palm Springs, CA at 8:00 PM today at Spa Resort Casino
Playing a show in Reno, NV at 8:00 PM today at Knitting Factory
Playing a show in New York, NY at 11:45 PM today at Blue Water Grill
I think Sky Sports might have to show the Alan Shearer Barclays advert a few more times like, only seen it about 200 times today.
Today on The Show, Hank asks: I don't have an idea, can I still get started with my ?
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Loved Romy when I saw her speak at and was honored to have her on today! TY
👌 "Legend show "It seems today, that all we see, is violence in movies and sex on TV...""
Valerie Tyson was a great opener for today's kick off show!!
Fan club members get first access to VIP Packages starting today for the new show in Sydney, visit for …
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Playing a show in San Diego, CA at 8:00 PM today at 91x
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Come out to our playoff game tonight at 11 vs Theta Chi! I promise we'll put on a better show than State did today!
If you missed today, our new show web site has got you covered: "Jinx," "Empire,"
Today wearing sequin dress for the TV show and to celebrate my Bday!🙋🎉Hoy llevo vestido…
So sad that an amazing show is closing its doors today! 😩😩😩😩
“Still to come in today's show: King of is joining us in studio! can't I be the Prince Harry?
Afghan women show solidarity with woman beaten to death for burning the Qur'an: "Today it is her, tomorrow it is us!" h…
Disappointed. Price could easily be adjusted depending on time of arrival & what's on show. Tulip free zone outside today.
I had so much fun modeling for Dolldelight in the fashion show at today! Excuse all the…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Acoustic show today at the gorgeous Long Island Winery ❄️. photo:
A week today my show is in Rainham my with MD my guests
MUSON CENTRE IN A BIT , last show for today , and for d…
Great performance today Legends Winter Percussion at the MCGC Chippewa Valley Show!
Congrats great organised race today & the super medics! Not the show I wanted to give
good seeing you and Tish today on the show:) it was an honor. Congrats on the new album.
The people that won the tickets to show...please check your DM's on Instagram. You can only claim your ticke…
Full house at The Guildhall today for our first catwalk show. It was great to meet you so many lovely brides...
The NBC Today Show ad on TV, who really wants to go up and hug Matt Lauer
As most of her fans know, Ellen DeGeneres has been messing (hilariously) with Today Show host Matt Lauer. Now,...
So jealous of my cousin. Even though I got to meet (and dance with!) Natalie Morales from the Today Show, I'd...
Sharon Shoesmith to John Humphries on Today Show: 'Babies die every day'.
Katie Couric at Jeff Wadlow, Winner of the 2002 Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival Visits "The Today Show" - 16,
“This is like Lilith Fair" —Matt Lauer, after nixing a plan to have female producers take over the Today Show
Today Show legend Willard Scott is 81 today and chews out “punks” in 1985 Viewer Mail   10% Off
So it's Willard Scott's 81st bday. (Happy bday since you are the man.) Soon he will be able to wish himself happy bday on the Today Show.
Born this date in 1934, Today Show weatherman Willard Scott who was also the 1st Ronald McDonald.
My fav pastor Judah Smith is on the Today Show ... 󾍘
It appears that Matt Lauer from the Today Show will be visiting Molossia on April 16th.
Yay! Tamron Hall rocking the double ear climber on this morning's Today Show. Nice.
Savannah Guthrie is so much better on the Evening News on NBC than she is in the morning on the Today Show.
Did you know that Natalie Morales, Today Show joined the 2014 East Coast ride? Check out her amazing ride
Prince, Tamron Hall, Today Show and Miles Davis, or how Prince picks up chicks.
Al Roker says climate change is real on Larry King Live. But don't you dare say it on any Comcast outlet (Today Show, Weather Channel)
Did you hear the news? Today Show anchors Natalie Morales and Erica Hill are running and co-hosting this year's... http:/…
The Today show is translating "trendy" terms that have been around for years, proving that this day is going to be awful.
Nice line up today by for his radio show promoting including and
Hello to the girls from the Today Show...
Show Ur GirlFriend love today.sell your Laptop, and buy her set of undies.
today was both good and bad. great cuz I got my now2 and I got the MC position I wanted at a music show. bad cuz I can't go for bts begins
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Got ready in the dark this morning...can't wait to show my coworkers my clown getup today.
Are you ready for the trunk show by LAVANYA at Hotel Fortune Landmark, Indore begins TODAY till 26th?? Inauguration today at 5:30 PM !!
Loubear looked good! Hope he's ready for the show today (currently 1:30 pm in Japan) -R
As most Gleeks know, today is the last day of filming for the show. I'm honored to have met so many incredible people alo…
Hi lovelies, As of today, I am no longer a freelance contributor at It’s been a lovely few (cont) http…
I felt very lucky to be at the Oscar de la Renta show today. It was comforting to be in a room of…
The show will go on as planned. They will send a detailed email out today explaining options if you can't attend.
Quick there on to us some one said On Fleek on the today show, grab all the fleek and flush it just like swag and Yolo and turn up its over
Chairman is leaving for Dubai today to inaugurate the KP Road Show for Investment tomorrow.
When it's -13 degrees out no should have to do anything. The weather didn't even show up today, why should I?
Today is a big day. Proud to show our new site, usning new technology cms Drupal ,new Design give us so…
1/2 the school won't even show up today so WP miswells call it off.😴✊ js.
Coffee Brewing, Waffles in the iron, The Today show and Snow on the ground!
Our team is at the rental show, booth today, drop in and say hello!
Lmfao the topic coming up next on the Today Show is the phrase "on Fleek" ...✋ I can't
Good luck for today's show in Osaka!! Love you big bro♥
Interview with our good friend of fame, Sam Schmidt: . VOTE best podcast at today!
Today we reach the halfway mark in our Così fan tutte show: the 9th of 18 performances! Klassisk eller modern?
Little Things at Osaka show today. so quiet I can hear their voice clearly. a lot better than TMH in Makuhari Japan. https:…
Today on The Frank Show: All you need to know about the proposed Marijuana regulations. Plus, a chance at...
TGIT, Happy Tuesday, please don't forget to give thanks today. GDEM (Gracias Dios es Martes) Feliz Martes, (cont)
Why does The Today Show feel that it is important to discuss the definition/use of the term "fleek" today???
Today 8:25 pm, the first match in the AFC Champions League Come out and show your support for http…
I felt almost pretty today, and I kind of wanna show off my red colour lenses I'm wearing so yeah uh
I have 4 classes and 2 of them are assemblys today why tf did i show up
All students at Prince should just work together and not show up today
Well today is the day that my favorite show is ending. It's the end of an Era. 7pm
8 years ago today Miley uploaded the 1st episode of "The Miley & Mandy show" to her YouTube channel 😭💔
I reeaallly don't wanna go curling in 3 hours but I promised my friend I'd show up to class today zzz
Loved having on the show today! Hear why she'd LOVE to win a Brit...
Woman on Today Show just said the next guest "is on fleek meet her when we come back".Really.
Do they actually think people are going to show up for school today or??
"Do you want your kids to say they're on fleek, or is that a bad thing? Coming up soon, we teach you all the new slang." -today show
Amazing experience event in today. Some amazing examples of wines in show!
Saw this cutie in the audience today after the show! It was great to meet you! Keep smiling love xx
The Rare FM Film Show is on air today between 2-3 pm with a special. Turn in at !! via
They are about to discuss "on fleek" on the today show. I'm going to go on ahead to work now.
The Today show is teaching everyone what "on fleek" and "on point" means 😷
The today show is talking about a New York Times article about being on fleek GOODBYE
The today show officially trash to me
Today the delightful is doing a Live Lounge special on my show on
What do you guys want me to talk about on today's Talk Show ???
Chairman is leaving for today to inaugurate the Road Show for Investment tomorrow.
My bad: is gonna be on the Today Show. Not Good Morning America. I for real didn't know those were different shows.
GREAT MOMENTS IN DIPLOMACY: (2012) After UN speech, Netanyahu fills in for Al Roker on the Today Show.
love you Al Roker hope to come down to Today Show some day to meet you in person!😊
You'd be hard pressed to find an attendee that Today Show anchor Al Roker didn't get a selfie with at...
So proud of the Hotel Galvez for being featured on this morning's Today Show as one of their top affordable beach...
dear God please stop with the Lara Spencer crap. She's terrible. Can you say over acting? I'm not a Today Show fan, but I'm switching
I immediately said "She is drunk!" I have heard her before on the Today Show and thought the same thing
Every time Today Show mostly during Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda KotB gets interrupted by breaking news 😑
Does the world feel like they owe something to Carson Daly? How did he end up on the Today Show and host all these prestigious events??
So made the Today Show. Best part Carson daly intro'd it as "summed up best by our viewer here"
I'm on the Today Show. I'm sure I'm on the list. - Al Roker trying to get into
Lots of questions today about the Birdie necklace that Natalie Morales wore this morning on the Today Show. One...
Natalie Morales has been a long time fan of Stella & Dot. Looking pretty on the Today Show this morning in our...
I spy our new Stella & Dot Birdie Necklace on the Today Show's Natalie Morales! . Get yours, today, at...
Natalie Morales wearing our new Birdie necklace on the Today Show!! So feminine and delicate AND so...
Congratulations to our beautiful Victoria Harvey who got engaged this morning on the Today Show! . Long-distance...
A stumbling Elyse Taylor left red-faced after Today Show interview ...:
Breast Cancer Awareness
If you see it on Yahoo, and The Ellen Show and you see it on Fox News, and you see it on the Today Show, and you...
Natalie Morales just name dropped you on the Today Show. Granted, she called you James, but still. You've made it!
Listening to Jane Pauley - she was a Today Show fave of mine back in the day
Now on the Today Show - Joshua Jackson, Next up, Ryan Phillippe, OMG I woke up in 1999!
I really don't like Savannah Guthrie. The Today Show should have promoted Natalie Morales instead!
Al Roker and entire Today Show picked chili as "the real meat"...
praying for you guys as you perform on the Today Show this morning. God Bless you as you reach others for Him.
Watch Niketa Barker's interview with Natalie Morales of the Today Show during the Miss Universe Pageant in Miami.
Good morning Today Show! Going to be sunny and 65 here in Colorado today!
Since we have all handled to wrap our heads around the way the Internet works, you're ready to try to know how planet work, and who easier to explain the idea to all of us than former "Today Show" hosts Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel? In BMW's new Super Bowl ad highlighting the brand new i3, the 2 journalists try determining the way the EV works in the same manner they attempted focusing on how the web labored two decades ago.
Today BMW released the 60 second i3 commercial which will air during the big game. The commercial begins with a flashback to a live filming of NBC's Today Show in 1994 with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel Talking about the internet
I'm half expecting Radio 4 to announce PP as a guest-editor of the Today Show. Is there any part of the BBC not at Valley Parade?
Matt looked a little like Andy Garcia back in the day when he joined the Today Show.
Natalie Morales and Billy Bush a wrong calling the New England Patriots cheaters. I love the Today Show but do not like rhetoric
Watched myself on this morning's Today Show. Oddly pleased that Savannah Guthrie referred to me with, "as the person in the piece said…"
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The Love of Christ On the "Today Show", Matt Lauer interviewed one of the wives of one of the Navy Seals killed along with the US ambassador in Libya. He asked what she would say to her children about their dad and how she would want them to remember him. Her answer, and I quote, "His love for Christ", and then continued on with a few other things. Throughout the day and on MSN homepage, replaying the story, they edited the "Love of Christ" part out. Why? Because using the word Christ might offend someone! Well, I am a Christian and I am offended! I'm offended that they would edit it out. Offended that we as Christians are asked to tread lightly so as not to offend someone of another religion. I think anyone who missed the original broadcast that morning should know what NBC has done. THIS IS PROOF OF HOW BIASED NBC IS. This man loved his country and loved his God and gave his life for both, just as Christ gave His life for him. Please feel free to copy this and forward it to everyone on your ...
OMG!!! Manny Pacquiao is a guest in my fave Today Show, the 2nd hour! Surprised😱
Brittany Maynard's widower, Dan Diaz, has first interview with the Meredith Vieira Show and the Today Show
2011 also would have let them have Meredith Vieira on the Today Show. Goddammit, NFL broadcasting agreement!
What do we have for tomorrow? Today Show and the Seth Meyer or whatever his name is, thing, right?
Today in TV History: NBC's Today Show premiered on January 14, 1952. First hosted by Dave Garroway, the show...
15 Bright and early on Monday morning, January 14, 1952, The Today Show debuted on TV with Dave Garroway as its host and Jack Lescoulie as his sidekick. One of television's longest running shows, Today is still going strong. Give our trivia questions a try to see how much you know about one of the most valuable franchises in television. What Was the Show's Focus When It First Debuted? # Still going strong, TV's Today Show celebrates its 63rd birthday today. Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer are the show's current co-hosts. Although it certainly had its lighthearted moments (see section on J. Fred Muggs below), Today and its host Dave Garroway were much more focused on hard news than the celebrity gossip and lifestyle discussions that have gradually come to dominate much of the morning TV scene. As Garroway said on the opening broadcast of Today, ¨an informed people tends to be a free people.¨ He said he hoped the show would be helpful in keeping its viewers informed and free ¨without being stuffy about i ...
Move over Matt Lauer, there is a new lady killer on the set of NBC's Today Show
How about calling the Puppy "Dave" after original Today Show host Dave Garroway!
I want Matt Lauer doing a 2-hour Mohicans appreciation every morning on the Today Show. I want Al Roker telling us the weather in Havana.
EXCITING NEWS: Guiding Eyes partners with Today Show to raise a future guide dog! Learn more: A collage of photos of the Today anchors with Guiding Eyes pups. Clockwise starting from top left is Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie
Kate and Michael Vaughan on the channel 9 Today Show talking about life, love and skydiving at the 2015...
Did you guys see me on the Today Show this morning? Wendy Williams Show up next!
It is nice that the Today Show lets Jenna Bush Hager pretend to be a newscaster once in a while.
All 10 seasons of Friends have been added to Netflix...Making it to class today will show great restraint on my part.
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Llf, I had today show her how to use a bong... out a bottle
Lol my professor didn't show up to my first class today & my second class for the day was cancelled 😂🎉
Today is bittersweet. Excited about but I don't want slash Paige to leave the show-- which I feel …
Today show...Al, you used to be a big fatty and had surgery. Don't laugh at someone's diet. ***
If you are headed to the Topeka Farm Show today, be sure and stop by the booth and talk to !
On today's show: discusses the struggles of survivors in prison.
Day OFF. I don't know what to do with myself. The Today Show and coffee in bed with Poppy is a good…
Kirstie Alley revealed her 50 lb weight loss on The Today Show! She looks good and says she is keeping it off...
Here's a book related to today's show...
Today B end of we won't show up 2016 if they mess up today
My teacher doesn't even have to show up for class today..I'll go back to the room and sleep for him
Today’s Gospel: Mark 6:34-44 REFLECTIONS I enjoy baking bread. It makes me feel so productive, and it brings (cont)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds turning out of my speakers today. It will take a while, but I really look forward to his show in march!
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