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Today Show

Today (also referred to as The Today Show) is a daily American morning television show on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American television and in the world, and is now the fourth-longest running American television series.

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Tamron had on a beauitful skirt and top today where can i purchase that from July 1,2014 on the Today Show
Perhaps a but did the Today Show really run a viewer poll about Tamron Hall's hair?!!
Watching Martha Stewart on the Today Show confirms my previous thoughts. That woman is a MORON!
Tamron Hall Rocks Her Natural Hair on the Today Show! I love this look! Rock on!
Tamron Hall makes waves on TV as she dubuts her natural hair on the Today Show.
A lil' morning rant: I have been stewing on Matt Lauer's interview last week of General Motors Mary Barra and his questioning whether she could still be a good Mother while working as CEO of GM. Instead of focusing on the issues within the structure of the Company, he chose to question her personal life and if she could handle the roles of CEO and Mother simultaneously. Has anyone EVER heard this type of question asked to a male CEO as to his ability to handle being both a CEO and a Father? As I observed Mr. Lauer this morning in interviews taped all across the world, I wonder, why has no one has asked him in turn if he can be good Father while traveling the globe as a Host on the Today Show?
I love Tamron Hall's natural hair on the Today Show. She looks radiant.
LOVE! Today Show's Tamron Hall rocked her on set today! Super cute!!!
Tamron Hall wore her curly on Today Show this morning, and she looks amazing! Find out why she decided to go curly here:
All righty then . Today Show host Matt Lauer on Thursday asked General Motors CEO Mary Barra if she felt ...
Tom Walsh: Commentary on General Motors CEO Mary Barra's interview with Matt Lauer on Today Show
Matt Lauer takes dopey route with CEO mom questions to Barra - Matt Lauer‘s big Today Show show exclusive...
***(This is NOT a preempted April Fools joke)*** I am going to Shock and Awe my Conservative friends by saying this, but I think Jenna Bush Hager is a fun, witty, charismatic, genuine person , and makes for a great co host on any of the Today Show segments :-).
I think Jenna Bush is a better host of the Today Show than Kathy Lee and Hoda.
Watching Jenna Bush yell at children to play summertime games during this segment of the Today Show is super uncomfortable to watch.
Watching the Today Show is probably my favorite morning tradition besides coffee...
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Teddy on Today Show. Natalie Morales doing a great job as USA fans cheer right next to her.
Natalie Morales is in Brazil for the World Cup.just another reason I WILL be on the Today Show!
This morning I watched Adam Levine & Carson Daly talk about being close friends live on the Today Show. SCOTUS is taking that from me
Jamberry Nails was featured on the Today Show! They are listed as must haves for the summer. Check out all styles at
Who saw Jamberry Nails on the Today Show this morning? A must have for the 4th!
Savannah Guthrie and husband Michael Feldman holding hands at Today Show: via
Went to Rockefeller Plaza to be in the Today Show crowd and met Jenna Wolfe! (And yes, I was on TV) 😏
On the "Today Show", Matt Lauer interviewed one of the wives of one of the Navy Seals killed along with the US ambassador in Libya. He asked, "What she would say to her children about their dad and how she would want them to remember him." Her answer, and I quote, "His love for Christ", and then continued on with a few other things. Throughout the day and on they have edited the "Love of Christ" part out. Why? Because using the word Christ might offend someone! Well, I am a Christian and I am offended! I'm offended that they would edit it out. Offended that we as Christians are asked to tread lightly so as not to offend someone of another religion. I think anyone who missed the original broadcast that morning should know what NBC has done. THIS IS PROOF OF HOW BIASED NBC IS. This man loved his country and loved his God and gave his life for both, just as Christ gave His life for him. Please feel free to copy this and forward it to everyone on your email list.. There are e-mails that go around saying, "If ...
Pitusa on Bobbie Thomas style segment of the Today Show...
My models this AM? Matt Lauer Al Roker & Willie Geist will all be werkin' in the 8am on Today Show
Taking the boys to New York for 4 days for their birthday's was so much fun. We had a blast! One turning 16 yrs. old in New York, we had to do the early screaming at the camera for the Today Show. We did the total tourist thing the whole time. Apollo in Harlem, Time Square, Bob Dylan's Jones Street in Greenwich Village, Lombardi's Pizza in Little Italy, Soho, Chinatown, Central Park, Washington Square Park, Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic to Ringo Starr at the Beacon. The Dakota, Harbor tour, Taxi's, Subways, Planes, Rickshaws & bus lines. I can't tell you how happy I am to be home, ppl. New York kicked my butt! There's no place like home. We'll be eating beanie weenies for the next 6 months. Pix's to come.
Jersey Boys star John Lloyd Young leaving Today Show after chatting about movie makeover
is beyond excited to see my niece perform on the Today Show, at Ellis Island, Central Park, and One World Trade this weekend! she's famous.
Today Show winners got on the Hogwarts Express, and then right back off again.
TODAY SHOW - a sister out east spotted a Theta Phi Alpha at the Today Show about 8 o'clock.since we're on...
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John Brooks scores the winning goal in the World Cup, and on the Today Show they only interview the white players!
Natalie Morales and the Today Show live from Diagon Alley.
Up early tomorrow? Don't forget to watch, or set your DVR's to the Today Show (7-9a and 9-10a), because Al Roker and gang are at it again! They will be doing spots live from Universal Studios Florida, giving us our most detailed look at WWoHP-Diagon Alley yet!! And yes ... he'll be taking us on a cross country tour (above the studios back lot) on Hogwarts Express.
Natalie Morales calling soccer highlights on the Today Show is...interesting.
Today Show, 9-11 Museum, Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Seth Meyers.all on 1 day. I'm done. I definitely love this city 😘😘😘
Brittany Haviland took time out of her very busy schedule to answer questions from my 5th grade class at Westside Elementary at the beginning of May. She gave us a virtual tour of the Today Show studio and took the time to answer every question. The students were very impressed! At the end she told us she had a special message for us, and the message was from Carson Daly, very cool! Thank you Brittany, that was definitely one of the highlights of the school year!
Behind the scenes with Vivian, Cynthia Hill & Rex Miller on the Today Show! Don't miss Vivian as she shows Al Roker how to turn Ms. Scarlett's Chicken & Rice into 5 different meals!
If I can't go to the one at Six Flags, I'll try the Today Show or Irving Plaza.
From this morning's DVR: Kinston's Vivian Howard (with Al Roker on the Today Show.
Natalie Morales and Tamron Hall were chatting about the World Cup on the Today Show today.Love what Tamron said and I have to agree. Soccer players are the best looking and most fit of all Sports out there. She and Natalie Morales were gaga over the physique and athleticism of the soccer players in the World Cup. It just amused me because we soccer Mom's already knew all that! :) These are a few pics of my kids when they were at the peak of their soccer career, playing the game 7 days a week, twice a day! God, how I miss those days! I loved watching my boys play soccer.
Tuned in to the Today Show just in time to hear the LHS Choir sing and get Al Roker's attention!
You must not be a fan of the Today Show. Al Roker speaks of his family often including his wife.
Breakfast by the TV with the Today Show - & Katie! (Katie the daughter, not Katie Couric...) :)
Maybe Jenna Bush Hagar could use her special insider insight to go cover Iraq for the Today Show.
Sam Champion leaving Today Show & posing with fans after teaming up with Al Roker
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Chef knifing skills on the Today Show. Hoda cut her finger and it's CLEAR that Kathy Lee has never had to cut a...
Looks like the Today Show is loving some Stella & Dot! Looking good Tamron, Kathy Lee, & Natalie.
My boy John Snow is on the Today Show. He better not try to take Tamron to that cave but if he does, we ain't fighting.
She is a beautifull person and a good smile. Natasha where are you now? Lyn berry is baeutifull too but they did wrong to you like NBC Today Show with Ann Curry too.
I saw on the Today Show that she said this! I swear I'm an Independent AND I don't dislike all democrats, but...
been watching the Australian version of the Today Show on youtube. .and we get Matt Lauer..
Today at NOON: Show your solidarity with unfairly evicted tenants of View Towers!
I'm Dj'ing the show 3-6 CT today on 3 hours of Chicago music. reads
Love Love Sign up today for the Greenwood Car Show on June 28th.
I'm living in Brazil, I'll travel to portugal just for see you, and you cancel the show, TODAY IS THE BAD DAY OF MY LIFE
Featuring my senior show digital images once again today!...
help! I tried to get my ticket to your show to Orlando today & it's sold out. I just wanna get ratchet 😭
Hey folks be sure to tune into our Pre Game show, our special guest today will be Relief manChris Peacock! Tune in at 6:45.
See today's Metro for great piece about Kirklees College show amd open days...
If I were to go to the today show for 5sos, would I need to get tickets?
I've never been more hyped for a regular TV show than I am for the 2 hour World Cup preview today at 2!
will be at the Farmers Mkt today with $10 tickets for this weekends Air Show.
Today's show: Part 2 of our interview with George Will Is The Worst, Ladies Who Brunch http:/…
my mom is loving the show today. Miss you all
Featuring TODAY the "Rock Your Social Media" Track emceed by Tim Gillette- Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host and...
Call today show your support for film industry NC film=jobs...
[TRANS Lunafly Teo The Honey Honey song was originally scheduled for release today but Mr. (cont)
Dear Lord today, flip the script, change my scene, give me a supporting cast, show me where to stand & tell me what to say
I'm reading through some of the notes on their tumblr post and someone said they're performing on the today show...
Jenna Bush’s interview with President Obama will air on the TODAY show this Thursday Morning. Among the...
Ever wanted a free sample of the Bryan & Vinny show? Enjoy last night's ep right now:
Wonderful training day and lunch for all the La Boutique team today. We are now chomping at the bit to show off...
A brilliant show today on Thanks to all our guests & Kasey from …
I'll be on later today with to discuss the For the show's context:
you were great on Alex's show today. Very informative. Thanks
Flatiron, do you want some free tix to my 6/17 album release show w/ Stay tuned for today's location...
Today the focus is back on Gillard, Thomson scandal, AWU Scandal, ICAC inquiry, what is wrong wi...
The new is ready for action! Available from 6pm UK today. Full squad here:
don't worry about the haters Bubba.its jealousy.great show today.u guys were on fire.Bubba army
& deliver podcast gold today on Ross Report. As a wrestling historian, LOVED every minute of the show.
Great pictures of Taylor performing a sold out show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia today!
Top bloke! Superstar DJ and I at Jenny Cook's amazing fashion show today!
So sad. Michael Jackson One cirque show sold out today and they are dark thu/fri :(
hey 1D fans! i never mentioned the word "Louis" on my show today so enough with the charming homophobic death threats yeh…
Support public broadcasting and show your solidarity with journalists and join their action today via
Looks like half the people didn't show up to class today
.is on my show today. Thankfully, she was also with this guy at the airport.
Met up for drinks with David today, to show there's no hard feelings...
Listen Listen to Tiffany Anders radio show at new time -- 3-5 pm today here: ht…
Thank you and for today's 10am show see you tomorrow morning everyone.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Matt Lauer and the Today Show are ready for
Google’s new Insight reports for Google+ show visibility, engagement, and audience data: Google today launched...
So Landon Donovan has been added to the ESPN Studio crew. He'll debut today on the 2pm World Cup preview show (2-4pm ESPN)
Dont miss the visual music show on at 7pm tonight. Read more here:
Another very successful singing waiters show today at the Ramside marque for an annual Ladies day... fun and...
I would like to challenge one of the hosts of the Today Show to the Cold Water Challenge! You can accept and pay $10 to a charity of your choice or decline and pay $100 to the youth group of Morehead First Church of the Nazarene.
My little cousin from Bells, TX is behind Matt Lauer of the Today Show right now!
As you might have heard, there are revelations in Hillary Clinton's new memoir that the Obama campaign asked her to attack Sarah Palin. And Clinton reiterated this on the Today Show: “The day [
Can strawberry extract help prevent sun damage? Our contributing editor, Sarah Eggenberger, was on the Today Show...
In an exclusive, "tell all" interview with Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast, popular journalist and anchorman Matt Lauer opens up at the controversial NBC firing of former "Today Show" co-host, Ann Curry. According to Lauer, executives at NBC handled the entire situation rather poorly - as a result,…
In the same week Julie Y joins FB, Matt Lauer of the Today Show does.was he inspired by her? Hm.maybe he was waiting for her to jump in first!
The stars from Orange Is the New Black are on the Today Show. Interviews are coming up in a few minutes. What do you want to know? Do you watch any of the Netflix original shows? Do you "binge" watch?
Because of NBC's coverage of the French Open, we will not have newscasts this morning, only news & weather cut-ins during the Today Show
Kathie Lee Gifford shares her favorite designers and items on the Today Show. The Clara Sunwoo jumpsuit is one of them! Buy it here:
Good morning everyone ! Deciding what to read next? Madonna appears on NBC's "Today Show" to discuss her "Lotsa de Casha" book release with Matt Lauer in June 2005, the 7th.
GOOD MORNING! on our way to perform for the Today Show on channel 9, tune in around 840am where we will be performing
Momager Kris Jenner stopped by the Today Show to debunk the latest Kardashian/Jenner family rumors, share some secrets from the KimYe wedding, and shed a little light on Khloe Kardashian relationsh...
“Robert De Niro spoke to Matt Lauer at the Today Show about the film, "Remembering the Artist,...
My daughter Lucy had my wife send in her favorite joke to the Today Show and it was read on air by Kathie Lee Gifford!
Every year I rant about this. Delaying a live event on the west coast. Ugh!! I've been up watching the French Open, live on the Tennis Channel. They stop their coverage and say tune in to NBC for the rest of the match. Guess what? Delayed for the west coast. So now I don't get to watch the rest of the match live. I have to wait till 11am. I've been watching this match live. Live!! Ugh. Just show it. Preempt Matt Lauer and the Today Show. Who cares?!?!? I'll follow the score online. Rant over till the next event is delayed!
Is it really necessary for the Today Show and Matt Lauer, to bring in that Koch Roach O'Reilly to share his usual vomit in the Morning? If I want to hear his BullshMitt, I know which toilet to tune to. Believe me, this will not get Today back to He and His supporters are infected by the Koch-funded, Red Plague of Insanity, Bigotry and Ignorance, and old, white and dying. Unfortunately, probably not soon enough to save America.
Were any of you among the 5 million people who watched the Today Show when this great interview with Victor Espinoza aired this morning? GREAT exposure for 811!
Kris Jenner stopped by Thursday’s tapping of the 'Today Show' to dish on the “whirlwind” of the last few weeks. 'It was so beautiful and magical,…
There is only one Today Show as far as I'm concerned. It's in New York , and is hosted by Matt Lauer & Savannah Guthrie
I am very excided to tell my friends I am going to NY on June 25th, to be on the Today Show. I will be modeling summer wear, being picked up by limousine, hair make-up the works. Thank you Jene can't tell you how excided I am to have this chance to do this. I love New York, Hoda, Kathie Lee, and our course Jene.
Britney and Today Show's Savannah Guthrie texting to each other.
Nobody's ever explained to me why Savannah Guthrie is a significant improvement over Ann Curry on the Today Show.
I really miss Ann Curry from the Today Show but am sooo glad to see her on Nbc News this evening. I believe she is one of the best anchorperson on air.
Got to meet Savannah Guthrie from the Today Show.
Barry Williams AKA Greg Brady watching himself on the Today Show at Top of the Rock.
Today Show said How to Get Your Happy Back, listen @ to learn how. Sermon series
Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort on the Today Show this morning talking about Fault in our Stars. Lots of screaming girls!
Ga what's wrong with NBC this morning? Sound issues on a Today Show. Can't focus on my favorite news anchors!! :-(
Taking all your leaky faucet, banging pipe, foggy window, stinky disposal questions tomorrow morning on WGN Radio from 7-10a. And at 9:20a we have a special interview with Today Show's Willie Geist who has a new book out that he co-wrote with his father, the legendary Bill Geist. A must read and a perfect Fathers Day gift. You don't want to miss it.
Jenna Elfman arriving at Today Show to promote NBC's Growing Up Fisher Sitcom
I have North Dakota Today on in the background (after the Today Show) this morning (Memorial Day) and they are talking about the upcoming storm. It's a blizzard storm. What?? Oh - now it says Previously Recorded in the corner. Whew. I thought I was in a time warp!
Happy Sunday! The Morning Report is only 1.5 hours instead of 2 due to Formula One Racing that starts at 7:30AM. There will be no Today Show.
The American Bombshells were incredible on the NBC Today Show this morning! Fleet Week continues with a Bombshell Wow!
Richard Moeller on the Today Show. It is Fleet week in NYC.
I am having a great time in New York city!!! We have packed so much into our first 3 days!!! Empire State Building, a singing cafe, the broadway show Wicked, the Today Show, touching Tim Mcgraw, a bus tour, the 9/11 memorial(it was breathtaking), Chinatown, shopping in stores that I could NEVER buy something in, a yummy bakery and dinner at a wonderful pizzeria with the Donohue's and the Buckley's. I wonder what we are going to do today?
Yay! Tim McGraw on the Today Show! His concert (with Kenny Chesney!) was so much fun!! Erica, your progress with the 21 Day Fix is incredible. I'm so inspired by you! Take a few days to move then hit it hard as soon as you're able! Your Shakeology is perfect on the go and will keep you energized and full when you need it the most!
I added a video to a playlist Keenan Ivory Wayans leaving Today Show after promoting Last Comic
Check out Marlo Thomas's exciting new book, It Ain't Over... Till It's Over, a wonderful collection of inspiring stories about starting over, realizing your dreams, and re-inventing yourself at any age. It's been featured on The Dr. Oz show, the Today Show and in The Huffington Post
Today Show just showed the Landmark Inn as a Memorial Day weekend getaway - talked about the view of Lake Superior and all the bike paths - it was one of four or five destinations they spoke of.
MUSIC BUZZ: We had the pleasure of attending the Today Show's Toyota Concert series which kicked off today with non other than Mariah Carey! Mariah took the stage performed some classic singles as well as new music from her forthcoming 14th album, Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse featuring out the video coverage here:
NBC's Today Show has announced a sweepstakes in which you can win an all-expenses-paid trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley Grand Ope
Elmo and Cookie Monster are stopping by the BG Today Show tomorrow morning! Maybe we'll finally…
Lily Allen stopped by the Today Show today to promote her recently released third album Sheezus.
On the Today Show rail met Al Roker he is Super nice we love you Al!
WATCH: Dolly Parton Clears Up Secret Tattoo Rumors on Today Show - clears up the long-standing...
Tomorrow morning, the Today Show will be airing their video documenting our first flight as part of the Hope To It series, towards the end of their 9am hour which is hosted by Natalie Morales, Willie Geist, Al Roker and Tamron Hall. Also of note, our first recipient JJ's father passed away on Mother's Day and we're grateful we were able to reunite them in time.
Can Dolly Parton be any more charming?! Watch her interview from this morning on Today Show!
Dolly Parton clears up the long-standing rumors that she's secretly covered in tattoos while appearing on Tuesday's "Today Show." Check out the video here!
Dolly Parton kicked off the Summer Concert Series in style this morning on the Rock Center gave her a warm welcome. We can't wait to see what else the Today Show has in store for us this summer!
Watching Dolly Parton on the Today Show this morning. Don't know why, but I love her! Need to take my granddaughter to Dollywood soon!!!
Watching the Today Show and talk about the hypocrisy. Al Roker chastises the Sterlings for being bigots and that they should be removed from society and "put in an alternate universe" then after showing the Jay Z fight he complains about privacy and how personal interactions need to be kept private. Does he know where the Sterling tapes were recorded?
Am I the only person my age that loves to watch Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show? Lol
Good morning! It's time for today's trivia question. Respond correctly in the comments for a chance to win. We'll announce the correct answer and the winner tomorrow. True or false: Al Roker mentioned Athletic Trainers on the Today Show.
SAM 'SEGUITO' TURNER congas, quinto, bongos, bells, percussion This legendary percussionist, from New York City, has worked nationally and internationally with legends such as Machito, Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Charles Mingus, Dexter Gordon, Freddie Hubbard, Randy Weston, Don Pullen and many others. He may be best known for his 15-year long stint as sideman with Lionel Hampton, or his classic recordings with Monguito Santamaria that many feel defined the boogaloo genre of the seventies. Sam studied at the Music and Arts High School in Manhattan, circa 1967, under the tutelage of masters such as Kenny Dorham, Jackie McLean and 'Montego Joe' (Roger Sanders) . Sam also grew up and developed musically with many well known musicians such as Freddie Hubbard, Jerry and Andy Gonzalez and Fred Foss. Today, Sam is involved in tv performances (Kennedy Center Awards, Today Show) and Broadway shows (The Wiz, Sophisticated Ladies, Sarava) as well as musical performances. His recording credits include sessions with De ...
Dolly Parton singing 9 to 5 on the Today Show. I can't think of a better way to start today :) She's still got it!
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Dolly Parton on Today Show. Still performing at 68, married 48 years, iconic success in music, acting, sense of humor, longevity, and continued popularity. So refreshing to see her overwhelming talents. I can remember when our sexist society only talked about the two things that initially got her noticed.
What a morning! Had so much fun with Dolly Parton at the Today Show!!! Next up the Talk and Jimmy Fallen tonight!
I will watch the Today Show today until Dolly sings - then I will watch it NO MORE - Al Roker's sarcastic facial actions & head bobbing towards Dolly were disrespectful & unprofessional! Out of here!
My birthday is complete! Dolly Parton is doing a concert on the Today Show this morning! I have loved Dolly since I was a little girl! What a great present this is!
now available! Don't miss Dolly Parton this morning 8am-9am Eastern on the Today Show.
I know I am up too late when freakin the Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda is on tv
Karl & Sonia to host Swisse ball could be foray for new Today Show hosts. Mornings could have Richard Wilkins move in with Georgie Gardner
Nice work, Scouts. Some Boy Scouts rescued Ann Curry (The Today Show) after she broke her ankle out on a trail. They splinted her up and everything.
In case you missed the Today Show yesterday! Tickets for Totem Pole Playhouse production of STEEL MAGNOLIAS with... http:/…
She reminds me of a younger version of Erica Hill of the Today Show.
With Evidence Greater than this, Wondering if it is possible to have Media Coverage on this case. Mom is being coerced to "finalize"case (althought due process was denied) - & if she does not, she can sit in jail til she agrees with the judge. Coercive tactics to take place June 10, 2014 @ 9:30 Am. Thoughts Barry.. Jasmine, Pat Quinn (politician) , WGN NewsWilliam Roy, USA TODAY, USA Today Show, Dr. Phil, The Ellen DeGeneres Show- ? Courtroom Media Coverage on a 17 years divorce, mishandled by corruption - would be stellar.
When I was young, Denise Shepherd spent her mornings watching the Today Show, Regis and Kathy-Lee, and then the Days of our Lives. All the while, cleaning, cooking, organizing, and otherwise keeping house. Today, I'm taking the rare luxury of doing the same (minus the soap opera). How many out there still do this? If so, you're my hero!
Wichita Falls and our "poop water" were discussed on the Today Show this morning.
Ok, so did everyone of my non-Texas friends and family see the Today Show, today? Yep, that is us, our own Wichita Falls. Making national news. We are going to start using toilet water, sink, dishwasher, bath water as recycled drinking water. Please pray for us and for rain!
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Nice job Joe Yaiullo of The Long Island Aquarium with the set up for the Today Show!! Video coverage here.
Mariah Carey is playing at the Today Show on Friday, May 16th. Fill out the form below for your chance to see a pair of tickets to see Mariah live at the Today Show. [vfb id=17] [ 2 more words. ]
Monica Lewinsky - the former White House intern breaks her silence about her relationship with Bill Clinton. The Today Show reports here:
Will Katie Couric Be on the Today Show - I4U News: Daily News and Trends for the Geek Mind.
Rumors has it that Katie Couric will be making her way back to NBC’s Today Show. Katie’s return would only be for a short while. While Savannah Guthrie is on maternity leave, Katie might be filling in. Katie and Matt back together again, *** [ 85 more words. ]
So if Katie Couric moves back to the Today Show, who's out? I know that Savannah is heading out to maternity leave. But something is up hm?
This week, students in Global Studies are helping to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the USC Shoah Foundation, appearing in a segment on this morning’s NBC Today Show and participating in activities associated with the Foundation’s anniversary gala, which will feature President Obama and Foundation founder Steven Spielberg. Watch and learn more at:
POLL: Will Katie Couric bring the Today Show back to
POLL: Will Katie Couric Make the Today Show ratings go up? Can NBC beat Good Morning America?
Joan Rivers on the phone with the ladies of the View... smh. She made a very tasteless joke about the young women who were held captive in Cleveland OH. These women were imprisoned for 10 years, they were raped, Ariel Castro beat one of them so badly that she had a miscarriage. One of them gave birth to her captor's child. Her joke was why were they complaining? They lived rent free for all that time. Norwegian Cruise Lines dropped Joan. She said they were stupid, among other insults. She never gave an apology, pointing out the fact that she is a comedienne and that there are some things you don't joke about and that their situation didn't end tragically. Joan feels that the girls are fine because they've been on the Today Show and they will have book deals and other money making ventures. Joan, I believe it is time for you to hang it up. Ladies of the View, you acquiesced to her blatant disregard for something so sensitive. You rolled over. To their credit, Sherri and Barbara tried to push back, but she ...
Tomorrow is the One Year anniversary of those 3 girls being rescued from that Crazy Man in Ohio. The one that kidnapped them and held them for like 10 years or so. I honestly don't know how in the world that happened, and how nobody suspected what was going on there. But this one girl was on the Today Show talking about a book she has written about their years of captivity. The interviewer asked her what was the Best thang about being Free. What did she enjoy the most. Michelle Knight told her Simply, "I like getting up, going to the kitchen and making me a cuppa coffee, listening to the birds singing, and looking at the blue sky." I must say. My throat got all tight, tears welled up. All I could say was, "Amen Sista. Me too."
Today in History: 1765 - 1st US medical college opens in Philadelphia 1802 - Washington, D.C. is incorporated as a city 1810 - Lord Byron swims Hellespont. 1965 - 1st use of satellite TV, Today Show on Early Bird Satellite 1978 - The first unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail (which would later become known as "spam") is sent by a Digital Equipment Corporation marketing representative to every ARPANET address on the west coast of the United States. 2013 - Aorun zhaoi, a Theropod dinosaur, dating from 161 million years ago, is discovered in China.
He's on "Live! with Kelly and Michael" on Monday and also at the Today Show on Monday but on Jimmy Fallon May 7!
conditions are worsening rapidly. On Today from 7-9 AM, we'll show you how much rain it would take to END the drought.
Looking forward to representing HUSH INTIMATE APPAREL today at the Women's Expo! Fashion Show here I come! Pics to post later :)
Thank you for bringing attention to today on your show
Happy Saturday TODAY Show fam! We’ve got a busy show for you this morning. What’s on your agenda TODAY?
Good news for Josh Rees and Jack Blake who both could potentially show off their midfield talents off the bench today
[MAY - 3rd SATURDAY] Today is Armed Forces Day, but every day is a good day to show support for our men and women...
I want to wear a dress today but I have nowhere to go to show it off
One of the proudest days of my life my daughter getting married today (cont)
Show - friendly, rural and based in our agricultural community On Today
Sayaka in the audience of today's show! How cool!
Amazing that The Cosby Show is still relevant today. Not only relevant but hilarious without cheap shots & dirty jokes.
Good luck today guys, show them what this team is made of!
Oh no wahala. When you're around buzz me. "i dey i ft show lag today"
Toasting this album today on the show, tune in from 1pm UK time
Today is our 3rd Annual Contemporary Showcase (and last show of the year)! You won't want to miss it❤️ Dever Stage & doors open at 12:30!
I'm really not tryna see work man. Swea this lil car show ain't gon see me today cuz after work I'm catchin some 💤
Today is the last opportunity to see BIG TOP WORLD, the 22nd Annual Variety Show. 🎪 Don't miss it!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Had BESTEST time today SPECTACULAR show bonus Ken took me up on stage to dance
Friends ended 10 years ago today!! Still the best show ever that you can watch over and over again!!
Call time for today...6am. Let's get this show on the road.
Today is the LAST DAY to show how you with Submissions ends at 11:59pm ET tonight! http:/…
omg!!! An absolute totally dedicated fan of you what an outstanding voice. Excellent r/show today pls follow back AMAZEBALLSxx
Good luck to the DA at it's final campaign rally today. Months of hard work have culminated in this. What a show of stre…
Get a free Jameson's & ginger ale when you buy a ticket for any show of BLUE RUIN today & tomorrow! Film info:
today am so much dissapointed what is it that i didnt do to diserve this: bt all in all i thank God 4 (cont)
Come on Birmingham today's the day to show your colours your pride do it for the fans
Today's arm candy ♥ out to buy stuff for my upcoming trip. Super psyched to show u guys what I got!…
Hi Devina, we're sorry to hear that. How are things today? Do any issues show here:
Watch the RESULT SHOW today and keep your fingers crossed for your favourite contestant.
Ned & Alexis were the highlight of today's show. Wally Kurth & Nancy Lee Grahn are adorable.
Hope will show as much fight today as you used to. Come on Blues
GOOD LUCK to all the DCD dancers today!! It's going to be an amazing show 💃🍀💃🍀
Beautiful Gigha Halibut on the show today
If you missed it last time there another chance to hear my show with on at 3 today.
Music on today's show and music from performers at the 2014.
Today says goodbye to an amazing show I've had the honour of being a part of. Thank you to every single person that has b…
eBay buyer didn't show up so free furniture people! On Chalsey road. Must go today.
We are open today, with a selection of veg and strawberries! Bored? We also have a stall at the Rural Show,...
Playing a show in Salisbury, NC at 12:30 PM today at Earth Day Jam
Meet and greet in Taipei today it's going to be a good show ;)
Woke up incredibly horny today. Would love to ruin me right now. Show you how it's done.
Scott Brothers represent for Brothers & Sisters Day. Family support is important; show yours today!
My show with airs today on at 3 pm.
Today's game reminds me so much of the v game 20 years ago. I was sat in the (cont)
Jordan's doing a solo show today. Tune In! Did you miss me? No?
The boys have a show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, today!
Please keep off the pitch at the end of today's game so that the players can show their appreciation for your support over…
Ok, if my memory serves correctly... Our 1st show was 10 yrs ago today. We opened for at The End in Nashv…
Have a good run today. If you can't break thirty minutes do not show your face at ever again.
The Transnet Foundation is dedicated to development through education. Today we attend the ISASA M & E (cont)
We braved our Annual Royal Show today, donned in beanies, thick jackets, gloves and gumboots. Hence to say, the...
Today is the day! Spread the love and show your excitement with hashtag
From Today Show to, it’s been a busy week for Game of Arms! Catch up on all the latest news in this week’s roundup:
tv appearances: May 13th weather channel wake up with Al. the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon. the Colbert report. Today Show featuring performance. Imus in the Morning on the fox business channel. and finally the View all on May 13th making it Dolly Day
NAILS editor Hannah Lee appeared on The Today Show on Friday, May 2, 2014, as the counterpoint voice to a new study that says UV nail lamp users may have an increased risk of skin cancer. Hannah pointed out that you are exposed to more UVA rays from natural sunlight walking or driving to the salon t…
Nerdist's own Chris Hardwick got up super early this morning (proving that he never sleeps, he just regenerates) to appear on NBC's The Today Show, and in the course of the segment, he discusses the growth of Nerdist, gets called a "nerdy Brad Pitt," talks...
Andrea Horwath's speech and press Q & A from today show she is ready to be Premier and work for Ontarians. Tried to work with Libs on financial accountability office, insurance reform, home care - all promised over a year ago but not delivered. Doesn't have confidence in Wynne and Provincial Liberals to act on larger promises in currently proposed budget. Entire Ontario NDP caucus in agreement that it is time for an election and will take our case to the people of Ontario. If anyone has a link for the entire speech and press conference please send it as I would like to share it so folks following me can see it for themselves.
Watched the Today Show briefly this morning which I never do. Didn't know Carson Daly was on it. All I can think is-Massive Tool.
TODAY SHOW GIVEAWAY! Going on a date tomorrow and still have no plans? Feel like going to the Roller Derby tomorrow? Well... TICKETS ARE ON US! The first 5 people to comment a cheer for the Prairieland Punishers gets 2 tickets for their match against the Nemo ViQueens tomorrow!
‘Love Your Selfie, Reclaiming Beauty’ wraps us this weekend on the Today Show. All week Eyewitness News Today has been getting some great selfies from our viewers showing their inner beauty and strength. You can send them to pix We've enjoyed showing some each morning on air. The topic later this morning is how we can feel more comfortable in our own skin. Join the conversation and send in your selfie.
the introduction of Carson Daly.and now he's on the Today Show.smh!
It’s difficult for some people to remember life before the internet took over, so this clip from the Today Show in 1994 will take you back to a time when the question on everyone’s mind was the same...
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Minister Pyne's interview on the Today Show with Lisa Wilkinson and Tanya Plibersek.
The passage of HB 851 today shows that bipartisanship can allow our state to do great things. This legislation will create incredible opportunities for some of our best and brightest students by allowing DREAMers to pay in-state tuition at Florida universities. If the people are gracious enough to give me a chance to serve as their Governor, moments like this will be the norm, not just an election-year exception.
Check out what Albert Pujols is doing today to support children with special needs. Thank you Toys ''R'' Us for providing the Toy Guide for Differently-Abled kids. Today Show
Check out Young Living’s essential oils cameo on the Today Show with Matt Lauer and
The official cast has been revealed for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, and the hosts of the Today show could hardly contain their excitement. “Christmas will be next year,” Willie Geist said, and Savannah Guthrie added, “Should we get in line right now?” Matt Lauer, however, dropped a bombshel…
FLUFF: Uh-oh. One of the hosts of the Today Show forgot to set their alarm last night… - Kate L (via Mamamia Fluff: Celeb news & gossip)
A big gigantic shout-out, thank you and hug to the generous Alison Arngrim who made me in charge of her sock monkey this morning on the Today Show while the cast of Little House on the Prairie reunited after over 30 years. Oh and I took a few pics too. You kids born after the 80's simply missed out. Cue the french horn music!
Cat Daddio Jackson Galaxy great appearance on the Today Show:.
EAST COAST! Tune into Today Show now for the Little House on the Prairie reunion.
Well my day is going great especially finding out that is on the Today Show and then Jimmy Fallon tonigh ah
RIP Ian Ross- I had the lovely job of being Roscoe's autocue operator during his Today Show days... A true gentleman
Tuesday Preview -- Matt Lauer & Savannah Guthrie, Bill Nye, Matt Walsh Seth is joined by a sensational collection of guests on Tuesday's episode. We're all familiar with NBC's evening programming, but what happens during the day? Today Show co-anchors Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie stay up late ton…
Just saw a story on the Today Show featuring models for Little Maven clothing line by Tori Spelling. Many of the children featured have Down Syndrome and are adorable! So inspiring to know exceptional children are being included and are the face of a popular brand! Maybe modeling is in Vaughan's future?!
Okay, no disrespect to my long-haired friends (I love ya'll and I was once the Weave Goddess, "Hair-a"), but I just watched the Today Show and was moved by Tamron Hall's comment about the vicious notes and their insinuation that she was lacking in some way as a woman, because she had short hair. As a member of the short hair crew, and who thinks Tamron is absolutely beautiful, I just want to send her my empathy, wishes, and small tidbit of advice I learned: "Any woman can be beautiful with long hair, but if you can look good with short hair, then you are truly beautiful."
The Constitutional right to freedom of speech does not protect your right to be a racist. That amendment guarantees your right to speak out against your government without them coming for your head. If being a racist was constitutionally protected, we wouldn't have EEO laws. Tsk tsk, Today Show. Let us educate America while covering pop-culture stories, shall we?
Andy Lee crashed the Today Show after the Logies after party
Wow! What a weekend! Hit a home run on the Today Show, a packed how for my workshop, and 25 readings and lots of love from everyone. Surely, I've done something right in this life!
What a fun and healthy day. Had the chance to have a quick chat with Melissa Gilbert after her talk to the audience. She talked about 50 being just 50. Not 50 being the "new 40" and 40 being the" new 30." She loves Michigan and why she left the Hollywood and Southern California rat race life for Michigan. She has a new one year marriage to Timothy Busfield. What a down to earth woman. She and some of the other original Little House on the Prairie cast mates will be appearing this upcoming Wednesday morning on the Today Show. Here is my photo of Melissa autographing my book Prairie Tale that I purchased. I love it that sans any makeup she flew out this morning from Michigan. She definitely looks very happy.
Did you guys see that Today Show did a segment on Beyond Meat!? We're breaking out, friends ;)
Happy Sunny Saturday to all and congrats to Beyond Meat who were featured on the Today Show! We dedicate our...
In case you missed it, Beyond Meat made a stop in NYC to make a visit to the Today Show crew to change the way they meat!
Dean Cain dropped by the Today Show to discuss current and upcoming projects including The Dog Who Saved Easter
Beyond Meat taste test on the Today Show. They couldn't tell the difference!
Beyond Meat Fools Carnivores on the Today Show! That's why it's my new go-to chicken!
This morning Beyond Meat joins the Today Show crew today for a two-part segment on Beyond Meat!
Recently TCR member, Grace Rivera, was part of an amazing event on the Today Show, in which she joined 352 other participants for a chance to be a part of Guinness World Records history as the largest exercise ball class, lead by trainer and author, Michelle Bridges. Check out Grace's photos below!
Subject: Life Animated- Nightly News with Brian Williams NBC 6:30-7:00 pm Nightly News show tonight. Brian Williams announced on the Today Show that his interview with Owen Suskind (Riverview School GROW student), the subject of his dad’s ( Ron Susskind) book “ Life Animated”, will be on his Nightly News show this evening. This book is the real-life story of Owen Suskind, who is the son of the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ron and Cornelia Suskind. Don’t miss it!!!
Great positive video about Beyond Meat and also Hampton Creek's Beyond Eggs on the Today Show! Watch the taste test here. As Beyond Meat investor Bill Gates said, "The future of meat is vegan."
I randomly had the Today Show on this morning. They covered one of my favorite companies Beyond Meat and did a taste test. The majority couldn't tell the difference between it and real meat. And they did a story on pet rescue and transport! Wonderful these things are being pushed into the light!
the Today Show just did a story on the Rescue Road Trips, saving thousands of dogs from southern states. Bravo, so glad to see another good rescue getting this 'atta boy'!
Omg, is anyone watching Today Show right now? there is a new product on market called 'Beyond Meat' that tastes exactly like chicken and ground beef but is actually made from peas. Its pure protein and way healthier. The cost per bag is arounnd $5 and its already cooked so u just have to heat it up. Bill Gates is a major investor in company and believes it can change how human's eat. Very interesting cause I've been considering going back to a vegetarian diet (with fish, egg and cheese of course).
Photo: jesselmartin: Adam Pascal and Jesse L. Martin performing at the Today Show on August 4th, 2005.  For...
This page was created to promote the removal of Jenna Bush Hager from the "Today Show." She is a terrible correspondent and is not qualified or experienced to be on the show.
So I was at the gym the other day watching the "Today Show" and Jenna Bush Hager came on, I unplugged immediately and left. My actions ended up costing me my iPod which I left on the eliptical. We need more fans, spread the word!
Why do you think Jenna Bush Hager should be removed from the "Today Show?"
So Joan Rivers can go on the Today Show and said the bedroom that she lives in at her daughters house is no bigger than the room those 3 girls in Cleveland lived in with that MONSTER. Then she goes on to say that those girls are ok. They didn't have to pay rent for 10 years and probably in 3 years they'll be on DWTS. Now this broad is going to get away with this because she's a "comedian" But let Paula Deen say the "N" word 30 years ago and the media destroys her!! I am appalled by this!! They ought to cancel her selling her jewelry and her reality show. She's just gone too far this time...There I feel better now!!!
Just days after joking about Lindsay Lohan 's miscarriage announcement, Joan Rivers is in trouble again! The Fashion Police icon was on the Today Show to talk about living with her daughter Melissa Rivers when she made a crack about the size of their living arrangements: "Those women in th…
The geniuses at the Today Show just Apologized for Joan Rivers jokes when she was on Tuesday. They did not think she was funny. I might not be a Big News Executive but if you don't want off color humor don't have her on your show. Better yet why don't you all attempt to actually be a NEWS show. I need to start watching CBS in the AM
This is a pic if Young Living oils viewed on the Today Show with Matt Lauer interviewing Dr. Oz.
So…anybody that watched the Today Show see a creepy guy with a hat behind Jenna Bush looking at the camera? 😈
Spent quality time with Kevin tuesday. From 6AM to 11PM we went to NYC and saw; Rockafeller Center, Today Show, Radio City Music Hall, 5th Ave., Trump Tower, St. Patricks, Times Square, Naked Grandma (EEW), Columbus Circle, Museum of Natural Hisotry, Dakota, Grants Tomb, Columbia University, Cathedral of St. John, Harlem, Appolo Theater, Central Park boat house and fountain (and performers), Plaza Hotel, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building (spend extra for the express pass, well worth the time saved), Flatiron, Eataly, Greenwich Village, WTC location (memorial closes early), Brooklyn Bridge, then race back to JFK! Great time with Kevin Stein! We were up for 21 hours and are exhausted but had fun!
HGTV Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott chilling out on the couch at Today Show via
Join the team at the Field of Dreams (sorry, not the Ghost Player Team) become a Dream Team Rookie: . $3,500 (for first participant) $2,500 (for second participant) *Note: MLB Network (Bob Costas will be filming a 60 minute special to be aired during season), NBC Universal, and NBC Today Show (Matt Lauer will be filming during the entire weekend for 6/16/14 Today Show airing) For more info contact: Laurie Dimakos ldby calling 312.622.6678 Team Member Perks: (Only 30 spots available) (1) spot on Field of Dreams Team Official Field of Dreams uniform (2) night accommodations at host Hotel Julien Dubuque, Iowa (2) VIP Friday dinner and movie badges Reserved seating area for movie night Father’s Day brunch for (2) guests (2) VIP tickets for Saturday night BBQ and concert Complimentary airport and ground transportation for all events Welcome gifts Photo opportunities Access to purchase additional VIP tickets for all events
"Don't hate, just elevate..." Ever hear of a rapping You'll be able to answer 'yes' to that question after you [WATCH] below! Staff Sgt. Shareef Stokely, U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division, N.Y., brings a new approach to 'patient care' with the "Cast Rules Jingle!" Read more and find the full Today Show interview, here: Staff Sgt. Stokely!
Tune in alert! See MercyMe perform their latest single, "Shake," tomorrow morning on the Today Show. Tickets are on sale now for their show at the Clay Center on May 9.
Ever think whose behind the media campaign to go to WAR, here they are and they are all tied to the military industrial complex one way or another: Television Holdings: GENERAL ELECTRIC (Responsible for the poor design of the reactors in Japan Tepco disaster that is been squealed in the new from all below): * NBC: includes 13 stations, 28% of US households. * NBC Network News: The Today Show, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC, Nbc News at Sunrise. * CNBC business television; MSNBC 24-hour cable and Internet news service (co-owned by NBC and Microsoft); Court TV (co-owned with Time Warner), Bravo (50%), A&E (25%), History Channel (25%). The "MS" in MSNBC means microsoft The same Microsoft that donated 2.4 million to get GW bush elected. WESTINGHOUSE / CBS INC. Westinghouse Electric Company, part of the Nuclear Utilities Business Group of British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) Board of Directors? None other than: Frank Carlucci (of the Carlyle Group) Television Holdings: * CBS: includes 14 .. ...
Alyssa Azar - Mount Everest 2014 will be on the Today Show approx 8.00am if they can get the link going for those who have an interest.
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. I have been dying to share this with you all for months now! This Monday I will convene in southern California with Grandma, my aunt Ruth (Betty Jane), my cousin Brian, and the lovely Jenna Bush Hager, to tape a segment for Today Show. Yes, THAT Today Show. The segment will air the week before Mother's Day (the week the book comes out.) The show will include the videotape of the actual reunion (from 2006), which has never been seen. My amazing brother Grant shot the footage. Basically, I owe him a diamond pony. I will, of course, post all details here when I have them! Feel free to "share" this post and help spread the word. You guys are all the rage. Best friends ever. XO
I just heard on the Today Show that Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is in the process of being made and Robin Williams will be returning as Mrs. Doubtfire 👌
What a day we've had. Staten Island ferry, Statue of Liberty, 911 Memorial, and dinner in Little Italy! Getting up at 5 to be on the Today Show tomorrow. Look for us!
UAB transverse myelitis patient and Maylene resident Mike Jezdimir hosted his second annual Run 4 Mike this past weekend in Alabaster. More than 150 people participated, including UAB physicians, researchers and staff. The Mike L. Jezdimir Transverse Myelitis Foundation has raised more than $10,000 for research into the neurological disorder, with all monies raised from events he has hosted coming to UAB. You can learn more about his story at and watch him live with Kathie Lee & Hoda Thursday morning on the Today Show on NBC.
Also on April 17: On this day in 1982, Paul appeared on NBC’s Today Show. His inquisitor was Bryant Gumbel. In...
Too good to pass up. When asked what originally attracted her to VP Joe Biden on the Today Show this morning...Dr. Jill Biden answered "well I fell in love with our two sons first." .and that can explain why DE is on my 6 states I have no desire to go too. LMBO!!
I was watching the Today Show earlier this morning, and they did an interview with Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He said that he and his liberal followers are countering efforts by the NRA, and beginning to try and sway Americans towards more strict gun laws. Just thought I would warn fellow gun enthusiasts to be aware and active in protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.
So when Jerry went on the Today Show with the puffy shirt, Bryant Gumbel was the host. That feels like a long time ago.
Alex with everyone on the Today Show, Carson Daily. Also got to see Morgan Freeman and ask for a picture and he said no and laughed!!!
So choked up after watching the Today Show with two survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing. They met with the 3 college students who designed the Boston Strong t-shirts within the first week and have since raised over $1M in t-shirts sales. Courageous runners, creative, caring students.
Loved seeing Rob Jones throw out the first pitch at Petco Park for the San Diego Padres! Don't miss Rob on the Today Show this morning between 8:45 and 9am!
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