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Today (also referred to as The Today Show) is a daily American morning television show on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American television and in the world, and is now the fourth-longest running American television series.

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Ariana Grande may be the new big thing but her interview on the Today Show was dreadful. Feeling sorry for Matt Lauer.
Watch Ariana Grande on the Today Show right here :
Happy Birthday ROXIE ROKER!! (with son, Lenny Kravitz and far right center in "The Jeffersons") An American actress, best known for her groundbreaking role as Helen Willis on the sitcom The Jeffersons, half of the first interracial couple to be shown on regular prime time television. She is the mother of musician Lenny Kravitz, the grandmother of actress Zoë Kravitz and the cousin of NBC's Today Show's Al Roker. Roker was born in Miami, Florida. Her mother, Bessie (née Mitchell), was from Georgia and worked as a domestic, and her father, Albert Roker, was a native of The Bahamas and a porter. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She attended and graduated from Howard University, where she was a member of the drama club and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Roker began her professional career with the *** Ensemble Company and became a successful stage actress. She won an Obie Award in 1974 and was nominated for a Tony Award for her portrayal of Mattie Williams in The River Niger. She was a reporter on WNE . ...
I added a video to a playlist Uncensored - Lisa Rinna Upskirt on Today Show (HQ)
At -- Selfie with Hoda Kotb from the Today Show, I think my life is complete now. 🍎💞🍎
.If ur at the show today in Darien Lake please reply with
Best part of today? Your song SHOW YOU OFF by is about to play on
Thank you for such a fun appearance on the show today! Lets promote that campaign of yours!! 
I may have been the only one to notice the photo of Kevin Fowler during today's convocation slide show for
[TRANS] "We have our first comeback stage today. When you think of Bangtan Boys, (cont)
Wish WINNER was also performing at Music Bank today. 😢 Why is YG not letting them? Tomorrow as well no music show. 😞
Hey you scheduled a tech to come by today but he was a no show. Disappointed in the service and support.
Attention DirecTV Customers! WAFF, your local NBC station, may no longer be available on DirecTV after August 31, 2014. That means you could miss NFL Football, The Today Show, your favorite Wheel of Fortune and the best local news and weather. But you don’t have to wait. The good news is you can take action. You Have Choices. WAFF remains available on Comcast, WOW, Charter and DISH and all other local TV providers and free over the air. Go to for more information. Raycom Media is diligently working to resolve this matter with DirecTV. Thank you for your viewership and support. And check back here regularly for updates. Don’t forget you can get all WAFF newscast streaming live on your mobile device and at
Shout out to for showing up today, to show people the classy program we run at San Pedro
This was the moment we gave away $40,000! Are you in the draw for Monday's call? Details HERE:
Bought my Garth Brooks tickets today. And in the pit of the show tonight... Yeah... Its been a GREAT day tater!
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THE Today Show soaked up Warrnambool’s pleasant weather over the past two days, filming a segment on Flagstaff Hill and the maremma project on...
Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. –W. Clement Stone. Join me today as I show...
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Does anyone know what time the Today Show is on?
Nice show today I am glad you guys honored Robin Williams
The Hip Show - A Tribute to The Tragically Hip on October 11, 2014. Get your tickets today only $15 at
Missed working on the show with you guys today see you guys soon!!
Outfit fully black today to show respect for the MH17 souls. May All The soul On Board R.I.P 😓
Great meeting you today Here is my pup Maizy I wanted to show off before my phone died :)
So today was the last show toured with Austin. I'll never forget that day. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE 7/26/14
FYI.I'll be on the Sean HANNITY Radio Show today at 4:30. Lord knows what that man is going to ask me about.
Do you know what time the Today Show comes on?
Got a free PS3 from work today! Now to buy MLB The Show. Good bye real life. It's been well...real.
Today's lesson. To make this country work, show up and start shipping. There is no magic wand.
"Treat today as if it were the last, the final show, get to 60 and have no regrets": NYC
Wow. Thx! RT: You looked magnificent on today's show, your dress and your hair were just per…
Today, I had a publicist plant me a story and then retract. I'm tired. Let your talent show, and artists, check your publicists.
blog with jim today. Come to this tomorrow night after the broadcast!.
Our 2014 Celebrity of the Year will be guest hosting on today's show "Hoy" on a…
Hey, even if Zantero 7 was a disappointment, I wrote a post today about when the show was still good.
I don't wanna wait, today, for something that might never ever show it's face.
At Dr office stuck watching Today Show. I can feel my IQ seeping away
You were a natural on the radio show today!  We so need to bring you back!  
Today was the first day of school, and countless amount of people came up to me and told me how incredible Katy's show was 😊✨
Hear an exclusive interview with today at 2:30pm EST with in Grimsby UK
I have 1 mexican fiesta ticket left person was suppouse to pick it up today and he didn't show up $10 quien lo kiere?💰💵
distributes copies of What To Do When Stopped By The Police. That would have been great on your show today.
debating whether I want to go to a show or stay home & listen to the undoubtedly awesome tapes I just received today from
Tomorrow Daily 040: Netflix on Oculus Rift, cyborg moths, and hard drives in Minecraft: On today's show, Netflix engineers mak…
Prepare to feel old: Today is 25th anniversary!
Wanting to marathon a show but remembering that school started today and that you can't
Today show proudly saying "Shorten Cleared". He has not been cleared.Only a trial can clear him.
"Huey Lewis and The News" NBC Today Show concert May 30th 1997 Heart of Rock and Roll Please visit to keep up with Huey Lewis and The News
I made it on the Today Show this morning!! :) Thanks Belinda Bann Garcia Silva & Carleen Sliva Faybusovich for bringing it to my attention!
Laniyah was nominated for the ice bucket challenge by Emily Acome Jennifer Batchelor Acome she accepted the challenge, and now nominate the following people; Monica Schorr Jody Monahan Schorr , Leslie Avery-Miller, Jada and Joshua Leggett and Al Roker from the Today Show.
Oh my goodness, saw this on the Today show, found it on Youtube. Too cute for words. Actually not only cute, just beautiful. Whales are beautiful and so smart.
Cindy Crawford has taken her children Presley and Kaia out of school after their high school tested for elevated levels of PCBs, the supermodel explained on the Today Show on Tuesday, Aug. 19
Today Show anchor, Savannah Guthrie posts after-birth photos with no make-up. Did you wear make-up on delivery day?
Savannah Guthrie: Today Show Mug: Each morning the Today Show helps you get up and up to speed. Now, with the Today S
helped me recovery from the Today Show treatment of Ann Curry, now I have a Good Morning everyday America👏
Jenna Wolfe from the Today Show nominated him last week!!! Let's see what happens...
Congrats are in order for Savannah Guthrie! The 'Today Show' co-host gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Aug. 13! Click to see the first pics! Savannah Guthrie, 42, is officially a mom! Savannah...
What a great Bday!! My day started with a 730 am wake up call from My Mom telling me Happy Bday!! Then My nephew calling me and saying Happy Bday Zia!! Then My Dad and Dada Calling and then My Nonna! Then emails, Texts, FB posts from all over the globe with such nice things to say.. Private FB messages... NEW EDITION on The VIEW!!! and NEIL SEDAKA on the Today Show! Lunch with my homey Haider Khan...Hanging with my Sister and the munchkins!! more messages from childhood friends.. Then off to State Of The Arts Dance Studio for some dancing more bday wishes!! Gifts... THANK YOU ALL for making me feel so special! I'm looking forward to my New life here in Denver and all the new things to come! PS- Enjoy Life.. it's fleeting.. Don't get caught up in the Rat Race and The drama... Have a great Day!
Today Show's Savannah Guthrie admits she's been a "big ball of mush" since welcoming baby girl Vale with her husband Michael Feldman -- see new pictures with her co-hosts
We’ve talked about Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie’s pregnancy in the context of some remarkable episodes that wonderfully illuminated the world of “Hotel Uterus,” as Guthrie whimsically put it and the incredible development of the “guest.” (See and
Whew, just in time! Hours after we posted our story about Savannah Guthrie, the Today Show co-host delivered Vale Guthrie Feldman, all 8.5 pounds of her. Tod
Excited, nervous & happy to be back in NYC taking over for Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show while she's on maternity leav…
Today Show host Savannah Guthrie has a new baby girl in her life
The boys are on the Today Show with Carson Daly. The interview from last week. . Directioners. One Direction
Any plans of another concert window show? Or whatever that thing was called, lol. You killed it on the Today Show, so proud!
Tracy Morgan’s lawyer Benedict Morelli says his client is really "struggling." The attorney stopped by the "Today Show" on Monday to give an update on the actor's condition and the lawsuit against Wal-Mart following the June car crash that left Morgan critically injur
Side note: Carson Daly went from TRL to the Today Show. Win
Today Show host Ben Fordham expecting first child with wife and Seven News reporter Jodie Speers ...
Today Show!! Thank you Dylan Dreyer for the amazing coverage and highlighting the importance of donating to an...
Happy 50th b'day to Today Show anchor Hoda Kotb. Welcome to your 2nd 50 Hoda!
Pretty in pink, Kathie Lee Gifford looked great in Adrianna Papell this morning while co-hosting the Today Show!...
lady lady gaga gaga Today Show interview: . Watch Lester Holt's interview from this morning's episode of the T...
Lil Jon is DJing on the Today Show for Kathie Lee and Hoda. So far no *** *** *** has occurred.
Flash Back when Save My Face was featured on the Today Show. Kathie Lee and Hoda, Happy Belated...
“Very mad bc I have to miss Iggy on the Today Show. I really h8 school now” 😭😭 same
The dude reviewing new albums on the Today Show just mentioned someone named Shawn Mendes "who does excellent cover songs of Justin Bieber." You've got to be freakin' kiddin' me. I was interested in the new Sinead O'Connor album though. She looks hot on the cover! Yeah, I know that sounds strange.
Yesterday morning I went out to film myself calling in cattle with my trombone. I've been going out there the past week to "cube" the cattle. We feed them a treat so it is easier to gather them when we round them up later this week. For fun I played my trombone to help call the cattle in from long distance. Yesterday morning was so beautiful. I left very early in the morning. There is something wonderful about playing a trombone in the middle of a prairie to 380 heifers. I must say I had no idea that the video would be such a hit. Today I was contacted by CNN, GMA, Fuji TV in Japan, the Today Show, and much more. I know for sure that it will be played on the Today show in the morning. I am happy to share with the world the beauty of the Kansas Flint Hills.
How did Kathy Lee & Hoda infiltrate the pre-10am portion of the Today Show? How does that even work.they must be multi tasking EXTENSIVE hair and make-up with their morning drunk. I realize that this is entertainment television masquerading as news, however, if I wanted to be nauseated and deal with drunks first thing in the morning I would've kept drinking and picking up strangers.
Today Show shared the following link and had this to say about it: Jodi Arias told the judge Monday of her intentions to act as her own lawyer, and Judge Sherry Stephens granted the request. 34, was convicted of murdering Travis Alexander, but jurors couldn't reach a decision on sentencing.
Fired OSU band director Jon Waters will be on the Today Show and Good Morning America tomorrow - Per
The Cassady Collar Necklace looked gorgeous on Natalie Morales on the Today Show! Love! 󾬏
Neahtawanta Inn, Old Mission Peninsula, was featured on the Today Show this morning. Touring homes around there today too!...
The Island Breeze boys before we performed on the Today Show! Shot Fleming for the photo!…
I'm writing a letter to my local theater to oppose Fifty Shades of Grey from showing there. Please, please do the same!! My letter will be a little more detailed and first hand, but you can always copy Morality in Media's petition and send it... "The Fifty Shades of Gray series promotes torture as sexually gratifying and normalizes domestic violence, particularly violence against women. This type of material is cultivates a rape and sexual violence culture and is now permeating our society. With the popularity of this book, mainstream opinion-makers (like Oprah, the Today Show and Broadway) are telling the public (especially youth) that humiliation, degredation and torture in sex is normal and to just give it a try. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), published by the American Psychiatric Association, states that sadism and masochism are mental disorders, which should be dealt with on a professional psychiatric level. We must oppose the continued promotion of BDSM in our socie ...
LOL *** is Carson Daly doing on the Today Show as a bit part commentator I thought he had a late show or something.
Why did Carson Daly not join his Today Show crew in Are things still awk between him and Tara Reid? We haven't forgotten.
Just emailed this to GMA, ABC Nightly News and the Today Show (CBS doesn't have a contact us link...) There is a historic story happening involving the New England supermarket chain Market Basket. It has been family-owned for 3 generations, and because of a family feud between the newest generation, one cousin convinced the board to vote out the other. The ousted CEO is much-beloved, and your research will show that he is all about his employees. The chain has all but shut down. Customers are boycotting shopping until Arthur T. Demoulas has been reinstated. Research it and cover it, please! I only had 500 characters, so I included what I thought MIGHT get mainstream media attention. Hoping it works!!!
I'm watching the Today Show and I totally forgot Savannah Guthrie was pregnant.
Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett arriving at the Today Show in NYC today
Our rock star Embree on the Today Show this morning!!! Speaking about Headbands of Hope that she…
These our our 2 dogs, Benjamin (Australian Shepherd, 12 years old) and Franklin (Doberman Pincher, 8 years old). Both are rescues from the Orange County Animal Shelter. Since we have had them I have brushed and flossed their teeth - regular tooth brush, paste, and floss. They love it and look forward to it every day. The day after we filmed this, Franklin had his ear amputated due to a scar momma - he is doing well ( now referred to Franklin Van Gogh) and it is anticipated all the cancer was contained in the ear. It is as important for animals as well as their humans, to have solid oral hygiene practices. And- if you are wondering, we don't share each other's tooth brush! Kind regards, the Today Show rocks! Terre Duensing.
Groupon CEO - Andrew Mason interview on Today Show - Get...
Natalie Morales looked amazing this morning wearing our new Cassidy necklace on the Today Show.
I'd say it was a successful four days in the Big Apple. Went to see Chicago, saw a comedy show, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and through Central Park. And to top it all off, saw One Republic for free on the Today Show. Thanks Mom for a great weekend.
Today Show, Rockefeller Plaza, Upper East Side exploring, SoHo, and ending the day with the Empire…
A woman told me she heard of '50 Shades' on the Today Show. Did Al Roker do the weather in a skin-tight suit and a ballgag?
Hope I get to go to "Today Show" and see Al Roker when he comes outside & greets ppl.
OK Ohio State Marching Band.what the what?? Director fired over "sexualized" culture? And I have to see it on the Today Show as I work on my month end reports.smh
I know, guys. I'm sick of this, too. But I love Dan Aykroyd a ton and I'm really hoping this isn't more blather. The actor sat down with the "Today Show" where he suggested the film would, in fact, kick off this spring!
You may have seen the fabulous baby shower thrown for Savannah Guthrie by her Today Show family. Now, Minted is...
4 photos of Jamie and Dakota at Today Show this morning
Today's show is at The Boiler Room on Elm St. Dallas and tix are $10 at the door. All ages. We play from 8p to 8:45. See ya there :)
Hey Jeff, any chance you'd be able to talk ACC football w/an Omaha sports talk show today at 4:10ct? Thanks!
Lord, help me to be authentic & real as I show the love of Christ to ppl today. May YOUR LIGHT shine bright in me. In Jes…
impossible with today's wide range of outlets varying quality. Some will show up.. Classic prisoner's dilemma!
Don't miss The Wacko Show today at the College of the Canyons PAC today at 1pm! Freee parking is available in lots 5, 6, & 7
People who saw for the first time on the Today Show and then watch Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow are gonna be like what about…
Just in case you missed it... Jamboree in the Hills made the Today Show this morning.
i skipped band camp again today it was really pointless going this week bc half the people in MY group didnt show up anyways
you can catch today's show on now. Hope watching it gives you some answers to help you too :) X
Today in 1977, the original Led Zeppelin line-up played their last ever show in the United States.
Watch the full 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trailer (including what we couldn't show on tv!):
Excited to see bits of the show later today! So happy you told us about it
Big Stupid Improv Show today 8:30 at MTYP to include and more even.
On my way out the door! Today's the day I host my first fashion show at West Edmonton Mall! . 👗 💄
"my ancestors didnt make money today, so I wont either! Im gonna take off my shoes & walk in the gravel to my car to show respect"-rob smith
Made my poster for 50 shades of grey on the TODAY show! Hope I see them!
I would show u two plans I built today.. watch it
Whoever chose The Today Show as the launch vehicle for the 50 Shades of Grey trailer is a marketing genius. Talk about kn…
Please vote as much as you can today Comedy Actress:Laura Marano. Comedy Actor:Ross Lynch. Comedy TV …
Order Miche Bag Online!
The first trailer is FINALLY here: watch now! (via
My mom must've forgot the show starts at 150😒 I got other plans today
lol Gibby said there's a show for eddy today
We're opening today's show with a discussion on cheating in relationships. Join our conversation by using in you…
TVG only carrying 2 tracks today and STILL have to show post parade on tape delay?!? Yeah, it's all about the horseplayer.
Reminder: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' behind the scenes and set interviews will be on Today Show tomorrow
Two years ago Today We played our first official show as a band! Thanks for all the love y'all! http:/…
We are gonna be rockin on the today show in the morning 😳 wow
Louisville Sports Live is Today at 6 on ESPN 680/105.7: Your all UofL sports talk show is back today at 6:00 o...
I'm gonna show this to him when I see him today 😂😂
Thanks for having us on the show today!
heading out on tour today with NEW MERCH!! playing Siberia in New Orleans tonight! Early show: on at 9 pm!! yup
loved today's show. The manner in which you guys deliver your therapy is incredible! Something just cl…
Woohoo!! Local show today in Walnut Creek CA With alotlikebirds let's have a great Thursday night…
Straight smoke show today at life time 😍
Show your love for Niantic. Vote Niantic today at and help us become the
where do us Brits watch your interview that you did on the Today show? :)
Álbum de fotos: [HQS] 5 Seconds of Summer perform on the Today Show - July 22nd, 2014 
See you lot at the today show tomorrow bright and early 😁 gonna go to sleep now lol
Just woke up and looked out my window and you guys are still there this early. so badass. See you at today show :)
The boys on the today show. . The Vamps
Thank you for making the today show awesome, the 5sos fam literally took over the city . Crazy stuff :-)
HUGE show today with Morgan Freeman, & Mira Sorvino!!
Is your guys' show from today on Fan On Demand at all? Can't find it on there
Love Kathie Lee Gifford in this fun Adrianna Papell print dress on the Today Show this morning. We think she...
Comme promis voici la vidéo de l'interview de Dakota et Jamie dans le Today Show incluant une petite partie de la bande annonce ! Elle n'a pas encore été traduite .. Mais devrait l'être d'ici peu.. As promised here is the video of the interview with Dakota and Jamie on the Today Show, including a small part of the trailer! It hasn't been translated yet .. but should be soon ..
I was just informed that we're going to be featured on The Today Show tomorrow morning! WOOHOO!
On December 11, 2012, Cookies for Kids' Cancer founder Gretchen Holt-Witt joined Hoda and Kathie Lee on The Today Show. In addition to baking cookies, they f...
Rachel McAdams Cringes While Watching Notebook Audition Tape for the First Time Ever on the Today Show
Good results from wind-tunnel testing of manufactured homes in South Carolina yesterday. The manufactured home exceeded the wind standards the home was built to. A key finding by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety: carports and other add-on sneed to be properly installed and fortified. Homebuyers get the full benefit of today's modern-day manufactured home wind safety standards only when site-built additions are built to the correct code by a qualified installer. A report on the Today Show showed a "Zone I "manufactured home (built for the interior of the state) easily withstand 90+ mph winds with a properly installed carport. These are everyday, regular manufactured homes built for places far away from the coast and they still performed really well in the wind test. In an earlier test on "Zone III" manufactured homes (built for hurricane areas) IBHS concluded, "When one of these high wind-rated HUD-Code homes is installed on a permanent foundation, in most of the country, it would end up ...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
More national television exposure for OCR...Spartan Race on the Today Show this morning. If you missed it here is... h…
Today Show (Fifty Shades of Grey trailer) Live Streams. - Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will attend the...
will be appearing on Channel Nine's Today Show (in Perth) tomorrow morning at 0710 Hours to discuss Operat…
Had the chance to meet Natalie Morales of the Today Show and Jenna Bush Hager (President George Bush…
I had a great time last week in New York with Jenna Bush Hager & Today Show when they came by Madison Square Garden to see what's new with me and the fam! . Oh we had some fun!! Luisana Lopilato
NBC actually gave Jenna Bush a regular spot as a "guest contributor" on the Today Show. Intellectually like a McMuffin.
Is watching Jenna Bush on the Today Show. ..the definition of dumb blonde has has reached maximum density
Jenna Bush is no more qualified to be on the Today Show than Luke Russert is qualified to be an NBC News correspondent.
NBC Today Show has Jenna Bush positing on Ukraine/Russia & Malaysia airlines crash? Seriously? This has got to be one of the dumbest shows.
As seen at the Jason Mraz concert on the Today Show this morning. Thanks Caroline Ellis!
Lots of excitement today over the Today Show on NBC, as Natalie Morales and Jenna Bush Hager tried out the new...
I heard Al Roker and Matt Lauer are guest stars. Our fave anchors of the Today Show! ☀️
NBC Today Show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager got a chance to check out the Jurassic World set and hang out with film stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Nick Robinson, and Ty Simpkins, as well as director Colin Trevorrow. Someone please invent both time travel and brain-switching technology so…
Tune in or set your DVRs for Jake on the Today Show on Monday morning (7/14) at 8am (all time zones) on NBC. He's gonna perform "Beachin."
I wish I was going to NYC for the Today Show on the 22nd. 5SOS won't be near me at all during the North American leg of the WWAT. So sad. 😞
YES.. THIS did happen a couple of days ago... and YES I am still jumping up and down with excitement!! And YES I don't know how I held this in as long as I did!! I would personally LOVE to welcome back my very good friend and now BIZ Partner Amanda to the most incredible fast growing Rodan + Fields team EVER! She quickly dabbled in RF back in February of 2013 and figured there would be no perfect time to jump back in, like NOW. With multi-award winning products and company and a HUGE global expansion coming up there was no way she was missing out on this!! I also think its because she got a glimpse of my paycheck ;) Amanda jumped in with her eyes wide open . - Partnering with the creators of Proactiv® to get her own piece of the multi-billion dollar anti-aging market. - Working with the company that just re-launched the AMP MD. Named "must have in anti-aging" by Today Show & Ellen DeGeneres featured it on her show as an Oscar preparation “must-have” - Work this business in her pajamas or sitting po . ...
Natalie Morales from the Today Show has my dream job and every time she does something cool I get so akfkdhdidjsksns.
We had a blast kayaking with Natalie Morales and the Today Show crew this morning at Mendenhall Lake! Looking...
Watching the Today Show this morning. The weatherman reporting from the Outer Banks needs to ask the locals how to pronounce Manteo!!! It is Not "Man-Tay-Oh" :)
I hope you recorded today's show. Lucas was great!!!
The boys had a quick visit to beach today, ahead of their show at tonight! Tix still avail
Do you work in education, employment or training? Show you are best in sector, apply for the today
Great meeting you today - thanks for having me at the show tonight!
Get ready for a sick show today Rochester!! Can't wait to see you
A new Brothers episodes went up today. Show it some love.
and DJ Valentino you have started today again Show...
Thank you for coming to speak to our class today! Best lecture we've had by far :) see you at your standup show on the 18th
when will the boys be on the today show in the US? — Just answered
I also accidentally cut off a business man today (purposely), he was asking for it. But uh I had to show him who's boss
Check us out later today when you can see these two perform for us on the show!
so true, because they come out on the today show on July 22 in America when it is released.
Students set out to show love to everyone in school today.
On TDF today, a look at the 's Mid Century Modern design show which opened last…
Sandra M: 'unfortunately we have zero results and I have nothing to show you today'
Looking forward to the Business Show in today - come along and say hello!
Today I ordered a shirt from for the show in 26 days 😃
I know. want to hear a good tinder story that just happened last night/today? It will show how good I am
EXCLUSIVE INTVW Border Patrol agent: "I risked my career coming on show today. DHS higher ups are giving orders; border …
Big call from Aust Ambo Adamson at lunch today: Xi Jinping wants rule of law and will show at 4th plenum. Wonder if Chinese lawyers ...
Great Show today in w The Band - Thanks to the RBG, their great staff & guests!
Today was definitely the PERFECT show for all Harry girls 😍🙈 (including me) -S
Did a shadow puppet show for the children today and it was a success ^^ the chn loved it and I loved it too 💕💕
Today about tv show. Just when topics are Maybe stuff that's trending?
Got7 will be doing MNet Open Studio at 5 today but I have to be in line for live show check-in :/
[WHITE LION] This is it I put everything on silver white fire today too, I left only ashes. Everyone have a (cont)
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"The boys have today off, then a show in Berne, Switzerland tomorrow!"
Saw some people wearing our Merch today at warped tour and made some new friends. Can't wait to begin to show you this new material.
The show today was sick, killed it shout to them they played a Kick *** set
The boys have the day off today! Their next show is at the Stadio De Suisse in Berne, Switzerland on July 4th!
Photoset: barfbags: This show shaped me into who I am today
I counted 500 times just today I voted for you not against you. Your the esr actor on the show man. I wished others would C2!
“When people show you vines you've already seen this was me today 😂
Sick Sad World is like every reality show on today.
Billy Mondragon with DW3 on Rick Parma's show on Urban Soul Radio (Official Fan Page) today
At Pitt Memorial Hospital/ Vidant Greenville tonight following a hurricane! Looks big ya'll! I hope the winds are no worst than a nor'easter and that surge/expected flooding comes in on LOW tide cycle. Frankie is sleeping good at the moment. Excess fluid is coming off slowly so slightly better. Echo today showed his heart with about the same function as he had in 2005 (only 25%)...amazing. His Mama is spending tonight up here with his sister Brenda Anderson. Elsie Jones is tough---in her upper 70's. Hope their night is quiet. Afib sets off a bell often but soft. Getting ready to see how this chair sleeps...winding down better tonight than last. Be kind to yourself and others. We are in this together. Kiss someone you love..."At the end of life you will regret the things you didn't do much more than those you did." Peace FB fam... .
Today Show to Broadcast Live in Juneau so excited - Anchorage Guthrie Morales
We are looking forward to working with the Today Show next week!
(KTUU Alaska) Today Show to Broadcast Live in Juneau: . The Today Show will Broadcast Live from the Menden...
Tamron had on a beauitful skirt and top today where can i purchase that from July 1,2014 on the Today Show
Perhaps a but did the Today Show really run a viewer poll about Tamron Hall's hair?!!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Watching Martha Stewart on the Today Show confirms my previous thoughts. That woman is a MORON!
Tamron Hall Rocks Her Natural Hair on the Today Show! I love this look! Rock on!
Tamron Hall makes waves on TV as she dubuts her natural hair on the Today Show.
A lil' morning rant: I have been stewing on Matt Lauer's interview last week of General Motors Mary Barra and his questioning whether she could still be a good Mother while working as CEO of GM. Instead of focusing on the issues within the structure of the Company, he chose to question her personal life and if she could handle the roles of CEO and Mother simultaneously. Has anyone EVER heard this type of question asked to a male CEO as to his ability to handle being both a CEO and a Father? As I observed Mr. Lauer this morning in interviews taped all across the world, I wonder, why has no one has asked him in turn if he can be good Father while traveling the globe as a Host on the Today Show?
I love Tamron Hall's natural hair on the Today Show. She looks radiant.
LOVE! Today Show's Tamron Hall rocked her on set today! Super cute!!!
Tamron Hall wore her curly on Today Show this morning, and she looks amazing! Find out why she decided to go curly here:
All righty then . Today Show host Matt Lauer on Thursday asked General Motors CEO Mary Barra if she felt ...
Tom Walsh: Commentary on General Motors CEO Mary Barra's interview with Matt Lauer on Today Show
Matt Lauer takes dopey route with CEO mom questions to Barra - Matt Lauer‘s big Today Show show exclusive...
***(This is NOT a preempted April Fools joke)*** I am going to Shock and Awe my Conservative friends by saying this, but I think Jenna Bush Hager is a fun, witty, charismatic, genuine person , and makes for a great co host on any of the Today Show segments :-).
I think Jenna Bush is a better host of the Today Show than Kathy Lee and Hoda.
Watching Jenna Bush yell at children to play summertime games during this segment of the Today Show is super uncomfortable to watch.
Watching the Today Show is probably my favorite morning tradition besides coffee...
Teddy on Today Show. Natalie Morales doing a great job as USA fans cheer right next to her.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Natalie Morales is in Brazil for the World Cup.just another reason I WILL be on the Today Show!
This morning I watched Adam Levine & Carson Daly talk about being close friends live on the Today Show. SCOTUS is taking that from me
Jamberry Nails was featured on the Today Show! They are listed as must haves for the summer. Check out all styles at
Who saw Jamberry Nails on the Today Show this morning? A must have for the 4th!
Savannah Guthrie and husband Michael Feldman holding hands at Today Show: via
Went to Rockefeller Plaza to be in the Today Show crowd and met Jenna Wolfe! (And yes, I was on TV) 😏
On the "Today Show", Matt Lauer interviewed one of the wives of one of the Navy Seals killed along with the US ambassador in Libya. He asked, "What she would say to her children about their dad and how she would want them to remember him." Her answer, and I quote, "His love for Christ", and then continued on with a few other things. Throughout the day and on they have edited the "Love of Christ" part out. Why? Because using the word Christ might offend someone! Well, I am a Christian and I am offended! I'm offended that they would edit it out. Offended that we as Christians are asked to tread lightly so as not to offend someone of another religion. I think anyone who missed the original broadcast that morning should know what NBC has done. THIS IS PROOF OF HOW BIASED NBC IS. This man loved his country and loved his God and gave his life for both, just as Christ gave His life for him. Please feel free to copy this and forward it to everyone on your email list.. There are e-mails that go around saying, "If ...
Pitusa on Bobbie Thomas style segment of the Today Show...
My models this AM? Matt Lauer Al Roker & Willie Geist will all be werkin' in the 8am on Today Show
Taking the boys to New York for 4 days for their birthday's was so much fun. We had a blast! One turning 16 yrs. old in New York, we had to do the early screaming at the camera for the Today Show. We did the total tourist thing the whole time. Apollo in Harlem, Time Square, Bob Dylan's Jones Street in Greenwich Village, Lombardi's Pizza in Little Italy, Soho, Chinatown, Central Park, Washington Square Park, Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic to Ringo Starr at the Beacon. The Dakota, Harbor tour, Taxi's, Subways, Planes, Rickshaws & bus lines. I can't tell you how happy I am to be home, ppl. New York kicked my butt! There's no place like home. We'll be eating beanie weenies for the next 6 months. Pix's to come.
Jersey Boys star John Lloyd Young leaving Today Show after chatting about movie makeover
is beyond excited to see my niece perform on the Today Show, at Ellis Island, Central Park, and One World Trade this weekend! she's famous.
Today Show winners got on the Hogwarts Express, and then right back off again.
TODAY SHOW - a sister out east spotted a Theta Phi Alpha at the Today Show about 8 o'clock.since we're on...
John Brooks scores the winning goal in the World Cup, and on the Today Show they only interview the white players!
Natalie Morales and the Today Show live from Diagon Alley.
Up early tomorrow? Don't forget to watch, or set your DVR's to the Today Show (7-9a and 9-10a), because Al Roker and gang are at it again! They will be doing spots live from Universal Studios Florida, giving us our most detailed look at WWoHP-Diagon Alley yet!! And yes ... he'll be taking us on a cross country tour (above the studios back lot) on Hogwarts Express.
Natalie Morales calling soccer highlights on the Today Show is...interesting.
Today Show, 9-11 Museum, Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Seth Meyers.all on 1 day. I'm done. I definitely love this city 😘😘😘
Brittany Haviland took time out of her very busy schedule to answer questions from my 5th grade class at Westside Elementary at the beginning of May. She gave us a virtual tour of the Today Show studio and took the time to answer every question. The students were very impressed! At the end she told us she had a special message for us, and the message was from Carson Daly, very cool! Thank you Brittany, that was definitely one of the highlights of the school year!
Behind the scenes with Vivian, Cynthia Hill & Rex Miller on the Today Show! Don't miss Vivian as she shows Al Roker how to turn Ms. Scarlett's Chicken & Rice into 5 different meals!
If I can't go to the one at Six Flags, I'll try the Today Show or Irving Plaza.
From this morning's DVR: Kinston's Vivian Howard (with Al Roker on the Today Show.
Natalie Morales and Tamron Hall were chatting about the World Cup on the Today Show today.Love what Tamron said and I have to agree. Soccer players are the best looking and most fit of all Sports out there. She and Natalie Morales were gaga over the physique and athleticism of the soccer players in the World Cup. It just amused me because we soccer Mom's already knew all that! :) These are a few pics of my kids when they were at the peak of their soccer career, playing the game 7 days a week, twice a day! God, how I miss those days! I loved watching my boys play soccer.
Tuned in to the Today Show just in time to hear the LHS Choir sing and get Al Roker's attention!
You must not be a fan of the Today Show. Al Roker speaks of his family often including his wife.
Breakfast by the TV with the Today Show - & Katie! (Katie the daughter, not Katie Couric...) :)
Maybe Jenna Bush Hagar could use her special insider insight to go cover Iraq for the Today Show.
Sam Champion leaving Today Show & posing with fans after teaming up with Al Roker
Chef knifing skills on the Today Show. Hoda cut her finger and it's CLEAR that Kathy Lee has never had to cut a...
Looks like the Today Show is loving some Stella & Dot! Looking good Tamron, Kathy Lee, & Natalie.
My boy John Snow is on the Today Show. He better not try to take Tamron to that cave but if he does, we ain't fighting.
She is a beautifull person and a good smile. Natasha where are you now? Lyn berry is baeutifull too but they did wrong to you like NBC Today Show with Ann curry too.
I saw on the Today Show that she said this! I swear I'm an Independent AND I don't dislike all democrats, but...
been watching the Australian version of the Today Show on youtube. .and we get Matt Lauer..
Today at NOON: Show your solidarity with unfairly evicted tenants of View Towers!
I'm Dj'ing the show 3-6 CT today on 3 hours of Chicago music. reads
Love Love Sign up today for the Greenwood Car Show on June 28th.
I'm living in Brazil, I'll travel to portugal just for see you, and you cancel the show, TODAY IS THE BAD DAY OF MY LIFE
Featuring my senior show digital images once again today!...
help! I tried to get my ticket to your show to Orlando today & it's sold out. I just wanna get ratchet 😭
Hey folks be sure to tune into our Pre Game show, our special guest today will be Relief manChris Peacock! Tune in at 6:45.
See today's Metro for great piece about Kirklees College show amd open days...
If I were to go to the today show for 5sos, would I need to get tickets?
I've never been more hyped for a regular TV show than I am for the 2 hour World Cup preview today at 2!
will be at the Farmers Mkt today with $10 tickets for this weekends Air Show.
Today's show: Part 2 of our interview with George Will Is The Worst, Ladies Who Brunch http:/…
my mom is loving the show today. Miss you all
Featuring TODAY the "Rock Your Social Media" Track emceed by Tim Gillette- Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host and...
Call today show your support for film industry NC film=jobs...
[TRANS Lunafly Teo The Honey Honey song was originally scheduled for release today but Mr. (cont)
Dear Lord today, flip the script, change my scene, give me a supporting cast, show me where to stand & tell me what to say
I'm reading through some of the notes on their tumblr post and someone said they're performing on the today show...
Jenna Bush’s interview with President Obama will air on the TODAY show this Thursday Morning. Among the...
Ever wanted a free sample of the Bryan & Vinny show? Enjoy last night's ep right now:
Wonderful training day and lunch for all the La Boutique team today. We are now chomping at the bit to show off...
A brilliant show today on Thanks to all our guests & Kasey from …
I'll be on later today with to discuss the For the show's context:
you were great on Alex's show today. Very informative. Thanks
Flatiron, do you want some free tix to my 6/17 album release show w/ Stay tuned for today's location...
Today the focus is back on Gillard, Thomson scandal, AWU Scandal, ICAC inquiry, what is wrong wi...
The new is ready for action! Available from 6pm UK today. Full squad here:
don't worry about the haters Bubba.its jealousy.great show today.u guys were on fire.Bubba army
& deliver podcast gold today on Ross Report. As a wrestling historian, LOVED every minute of the show.
Great pictures of Taylor performing a sold out show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia today!
Top bloke! Superstar DJ and I at Jenny Cook's amazing fashion show today!
So sad. Michael Jackson One cirque show sold out today and they are dark thu/fri :(
hey 1D fans! i never mentioned the word "Louis" on my show today so enough with the charming homophobic death threats yeh…
Support public broadcasting and show your solidarity with journalists and join their action today via
Looks like half the people didn't show up to class today
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