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Tod Browning

Tod Browning (born Charles Albert Browning, Jr., July 12, 1880 – October 6, 1962) was an American motion picture actor, director and screenwriter.

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Doesn't this look like the little man on a wedding cake Tod Browning would order?
Absolutely LOVE Tod Browning's from 1932. One of my all time top favorite films X-Men
Tod Browning, future director of Dracula/Freaks, began his career in the carnival where he played a role called The…
He's utterly charming. He'd nearly been to my home in Canada; one of Tod Browning's circle was there.…
I felt its breath on my face and then its lips... oh!. Dracula 1931. . Helen Chandler as Mina Seward…
Helen Chandler and Bela Lugosi in "Dracula", a Pre-Code vampire-horror film directed by Tod Browning, 1931. http…
Awesome French press book for Universal’s original '(1931), directed by Tod Browning. ht…
If you like Freaks, check out this 1927 Tod Browning flick with Lon Chaney, THE UNKNOWN (thrillingly horrifying!):
1926 Lon Chaney and Tod Browning in "The Road To Mandalay" & w/Lionel Barrymore in his female impersonation costume for T…
Copyright encourages creation. Warner Brothers owns them as property. They have no right to control access to Tod Browning's masterpiece.
Horror tends to reflect the times, whether it's the disfigurement of Tod Browning, the brittle shellshock of Colin Clive...
The best part of living in Hollywood is walking by Tod Browning's star on my morning commute whispering "one of us".
whips it good in The Unknown (1927). Is this the only fast paced Tod Browning film?
I was researching Blu Ray & DVD releases & found your Body Horror segments with Tod Browning's freaks and Blood Rage, so fun!😄
Tod Browning's MARK OF THE VAMPIRE - Released on this day in 1935
Plan 9 Crunch: All About Cult Films: Tod Browning was a director who made movies for a ...
& today's Tod Browning cult classic is.
Tod Browning: The Cinema of Tod Browning: Essays of the Macabre and Grotesque
📷 garboing: There are far worse things awaiting man than death. Dracula, 1931 | Tod Browning.
Stunning posters for arguably the most shocking film of the 1930s, Tod Browning's 'Freaks' (1932).
Happened to have a drink at the pub nearest Conservative Central Office tonight. It was like a Tod Browning film.
Is this picture of Tod Browning with the cast of Freaks cute or am I just fetishizing "cute"??!!!
If it's The Unknown with Chaney, one of my favorite movies of Tod Browning.
Bela Lugosi in "Dracula" 1931, dir. Tod Browning, Art direction by Charles D. Hall.
"We accept you, one of us! Gooble! Gooble!" Tod Browning's FREAKS, released OTD in 1932.
Dressed like a priest you was, Tod Browning's freak you was
Some highlights of director Tod Browning. Sadly I'll likely never get to see 'London After Midnight' (1927).
when Tod Browning cast Freaks in 1932 all of the disabled actors were actually disabled
Nobody found shot It was "Dracula" (1931) by Tod Browning. Next shot in 5min!
Those reprobates gives us Tod Browning's 1931 horror on Feb 20th
Sign up for the first screening in our Disability Cinema series: Tod Browning's Freaks on Jan. 7!
TODAY IN HORROR HISTORY: Tod Browning's "London After Midnight," starring Lon Chaney, opened on this day in 1927.
How do you mix up the nitrate negative of a 1927 Tod Browning film with the VHS of a 1990 Joel Schumacher film?
Top six best horror that scared me ...straight growing up...on horror films# James wan# Tobe Hooper# west craven# Tod Browning#
So, I just accidentally found out about the movie "Freaks" by Tod Browning, and now I kinda wanna watch the version that was (quoted from W…
Exclusive: MondoCon Posters for Tod Browning&&by Jonathan Burton -
he was no Tod Browning or James Whale, but he was pretty good
Jean Harlow in "Iron man" directed by Tod Browning, 1931. htt…
1932 Pre-Code Freaks w/ Olga Baclanova Directed and produced by Tod Browning, whose career never recovered from it
Tod Browning's Freaks has been submitted to the BBFC again. Initially given an X certificate, then 15, 12 & now 12A
Freaks (1932) - Tod Browning "They're going to make you one of them, my peacock!"
You could be so excited about the variety of possibilities tod... More for Aquarius
Olga Blacanova and "the freaks" characters in a Publicity photo of "Freaks" (Tod Browning, 1932).
Fact: Jean Harlow refused the lead role in King Kong (1933), as well as the lead role in Tod Browning's Freaks (1932).
Director Tod Browning with some of the cast of Freaks, 1932
An excerpt:. "'One of Us' is a long overdue love letter - and it's addressed to Tod Browning's 'Freaks.'" - Roger Corman
oh yes I love Craven he's one of the best. Then there's like Dario Argento and John Carpenter and then Tod Browning
American Horror Story - the opening montage tonight was a great little homage to Tod Browning's cult classic, "Freaks." I've been hoping for something like this all season.
Did you catch the homage to Tod Browning's "Freaks" in the opening of last night's "Show Stoppers" episode of American Horror Story - Freak Show?
Helen Chandler, 1931, in a photo by George Hurrell. She is best known as Mina Harker in Dracula (Tod Browning, 1931) ht…
Tod Browning - Born in 1882, was raised in Louisville Kentucky. A career Director who brought both Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi to their first vampire roles and is remembered today for his work on the famous 1931 film Dracula.
Fritz Lang's M and Tod Browning's Freaks. Both terrifying in own ways.
"London After Midnight" (MGM, 1927) Dir.: Tod Browning. Stars Lon Chaney, Sr., Marceline Day, Conrad Nagel, Edna Tichenor, Henry B. Walthall, Polly Moran. Perhaps the most sought after "lost" film. Silent horror-mystery. Remade by director Tod Browning in 1935 as "Mark of the Vampire" but with changes. Turner Classic Movies did a 45 min. reconstruction using stills. And there is a great book edited by Philip J Riley that also reconstructions it and includes the film novelization from the late 20s. Link to reconstruction of film done for TCM:
Photo: damsellover: Basil Gogos art with Tod Browning and some of his creations.
Sunday, 1/26 on KETKY, a profile of Louisville native, Tod Browning, director of Dracula w/Bela Lugosi.
I'll do a Tod Browning's Freaks pinhead. Thank you! VERY fitting for these documents.
Tod Browning in a portrait by MGM photographer Ruth Harriet Louise After falling in love with a circus dancer, Tod Browning literally ran away and joined the circus at the age of 16. He worked as a professional clown and eventually became the director of a variety theater. He later began directing films, the most notable of which is Dracula (1931). Browning also made a number of circus themed motion pictures including, The Show (1927), The Unknown (1927), Iron Man (1931) and Freaks (1932).
Poster for Tod Browning's WHERE EAST IS EAST (1929) w/ Lupe Velez in the edit house I'm using this week.
A year after directing the horror classic ” Dracula ,” Tod Browning made another film that was a shock to audiences and banned for many years in the US and other countries. What is this unsettling film? ~Mischief~
Finally watched Tod Browning's THE UNKNOWN, a silent movie from 1927. WOW! Talk of Actor's Studio: Lon Chaney was in a league of his own!
"You're hired as freaks, not vampires." What a perfect line to find in a Tod Browning film. From 1927's THE SHOW (thanks,
who has seen Tod Browning's Freaks? and if so, were you offended, or were you fascinated?
I have Tod Browning to Damien Fether; he chose Freaks!
Decided to finally tuck into the Universal Monsters box, Tod Browning's Dracula did not fare so well on rewatch...
Tod Browning and James Whale are amazing directors! Don't you think? They have some real quality film to account for.
Mark of the Vampire is Tod Browning's remake of his own London After Midnight! It was brilliant.
Check it out! This is my write up for Mark of the Vampire! The Tod Browning/Bela Lugosi weird horror film.
Love this pic! Tod Browning (director of "Freaks"), Polly Moran, and Lon Chaney at play with a Wanda Tipping...
Watching Blancanieves...this is the closest thing we have to a modern day Tod Browning movie. It's so freaking twisted. XD
Bela Lugosi, Helen Chandler, & Tod Browning chatting on the set of "Dracula" (1931).
Happy birthday to a horror movie icon, Colin Clive (January 20, 1900 - June 25, 1937). Though his cries of "It's Alive! It's Alive!" in "Frankenstein" have since become movie kitsch, he remains the definitive Dr. Frankenstein, and closer to director James Whale's vision of the doctor than any other actor. Born Colin Glenn Clive-Greig in St. Malo, France, his father was a British army colonel. Colin was a direct descendant of the colonial hero Clive of India, and Colin planned to follow in a military career. Sadly, he broke his leg while attending Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. This disqualified him from entering WWI, and effectively ended his military plans. He became interested in acting, and replaced Laurence Olivier in the Savoy production of "Journey's End." It was during this play that he formed a close bond with its director, James Whale. Whale was brought to America in 1929 to bring "Journey's End" to the screen, and demanded that Clive be brought along to reprise his role as Captain St ...
Max Schreck and Bela Lugosi will stalk the Brattle on the opening night of our Dead of Winter: Bloodsucking Freaks series. See F.W. Murnau's NOSFERATU (1922) and Tod Browning's DRACULA (1931) in an undead double feature next Friday at Brattle Theatre!
On The Set - Bela Lugosi, Helen Chandler, and director Tod Browning on the set of Dracula
Nosferatu (1922) Director F. W. Murnau’s “Nosferatu” is the earliest film adaptation of the 1897 Bram Stoker novel “Dracula.” Possibly the most famous version of the story would follow in 1931 when it was Americanized and directed by Tod Browning and starring Bela Lugosi, the film role that he would forever be known for from that point and onward into his career. It is with the 1931 version, that the look of the Dracula character was cemented into the fabric of the horror movie culture. Every version of the story to follow, the character would resemble Lugosi through both hair style, hair color, and physic, an over-all attractive and sophisticated looking gentleman. This approach was brilliant because everyone would not see him as someone who has a thirst for blood where such a thing can be debated when looking at the appearance of the vampire in “Nosferatu.” Here the character is known by the name of Count Orlok, and is played by film and Broadway actor Max Scheck. His appearance holds wit ...
original Dracula movie poster insert from Tod Browning original featuring Bela Lugosi
Bela Lugosi grabs a smoke break on the set of Tod Browning's DRACULA (1931)
FAVE "BFF"s (BEST FRIGHT FLICKS) - HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN: - DRACULA (Spanish Language Vers. / 1931) Over the next 3 weeks we're rolling out a little "somethin'" on 50 of our all time fave horror movies; all of it leading to our unveiling (on Halloween morning) of "THE ALL TIME BEST HORROR FILM EVER MADE ... WHICH YOU'VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF". Realizing a large share of film profits were coming in from South American countries, in the late 1920s / early 30s Universal Studios founder Carl Lemmle commissioned a number of Spanish language versions of features then in production. Filmed at night on the same sets as their English language counterparts, they featured Hispanic performers and a different crew of film makers. Most of them forgotten over the years, the most acclaimed was and still IS the Spanish language version of DRACULA, shot concurrently with the Bela Lugosi classic, but with George Melford taking over director Tod Browning's role, and actors Carlos Villarias & Lopita Tovar taking over the Lugo ...
Francis Ford Cappola's Dracula was a good film but Tod Browning's was so much better
Tod Browning, born this day. He directed THE UNHOLY THREE (1925), one of Lon Chaney's better films:...
Then followed by James Whale & Tod Browning for their pioneering efforts in the genre to bring it beyond the fringe.
All-day birthday tribute to John Gilbert tom. includes THE SHOW (dir. Tod Browning) & others not on DVD.
Just started Tod Browning's "Devil Doll" and the electricity went out. Spooky!
Audiences are repelled by real-life sideshow stars in Tod Browning's horror film FREAKS released today in 1932
Years ago when Titanic was in the theatres, I had a blind date...We spoke on the phone and he told me he had long brown hair (fave), blue eyes (also a fave), glasses (another fave), and was 5' 8" tall (great! I am not taller than him). I described myself and was honest and mentioned my fluffiness. He didn't mind. Good. Let's see Titanic in Toms River because they had the new HD he says. I agree and offer to meet at his place in Manahawkin. I pull into the drive and there's a big white van. I should have run. But no! He could be the one with his hair, eyes, glasses, and height! I knock...The door opens and there stands a guy with a mullet, big 80's glasses, blue eyes, and is about two inches shorter than me. Ok. He didn't lie per se...In the house I go. All of his tables were rubbermaid containers...and they were also stacked everywhere and neatly labeled. I thought this to be odd. He then starts to talk about his child. Nice right? Nope.he starts to complain about paying child support. Ugh! We get in the ...
Really it's not too hard. If you see a B&W film where a man is dressed like an old lady, it's prob'ly Tod Browning. But that's why he rules.
So ... Tod Browning had a thing for men in drag as grandmas? ;)
It's Tod Browning again just being his old weird self.
Never seen it but know it has Tod Browning directing it aka Dracula (1931) and one of the Barrymore guys is in it.
I've never seen Tod Browning's "The Devil Doll". Lionel Barrymore is in a dress. This is going to be a weird one.
And maybe I'm reaching...but is his character a shout to Tod Browning, director of the amazing 1931 Dracula film?
What is your favorite black and white movie? — Tod Browning's film Freaks
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Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are like the modern day Tod Browning and Lon Chaney.
on is like a fistful of via version of . With added Tod Browning. .
the Tod Browning directed movie called freaks. Same guy who directed Dracula
Went looking thru DVDs for a great patriotic movie to throw on and all I could find was Tod Browning's Freaks.
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Major DVR alert: John Gilbert movies 7/10 all day. Most not on DVD. Particularly interesting: The Show (d. Tod Browning) 8:15 am.
Ask yourself: If you could do anything for 8 hours a day for the rest of your life, and money were no object, what would you do?Holidays like Independence Day give me the excuse (and reminder) to
Wat ingridients cn i use 2 be prity
Just got through watching DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN (1971) on YouTube. I saw it a couple of times on Channel 17 when I was a kid; it's been at least 30 years since I last saw it, and it's just as craptastic now as it was then. Terrible special effects, awful makeup, and dialogue so risible Ed Wood would have rejected it are just some of the psychotronic delights of this flick (the score by William Lava is pretty good, however). See J. Carroll Naish and Lon Chaney Jr. in their last, lamentable film roles! Witness pointless guest appearances by a pre-DALLAS Jim Davis as a cop and Russ Tamblyn, looking like he really misses those WEST SIDE STORY royalty checks, as the wussiest biker in cinema history! Gasp at Forry Ackerman, Mr. Sci-Fi himself, as one of the monster's victims! Stare in wide wonder at the joy that is Angelo Rossito, a veteran of Tod Browning's FREAKS, as a grumpy dwarf! Marvel at electrical gizmos courtesy of Ken Strickfaden, who provided similar gadgets for the original FRANKENSTEIN an ...
The Freaks ... a brilliant movie from 1932, directed by one of my favorites Tod Browning who also made Dracula and other twisted tales with Lon Chaney (the Senior, not his lame son)
oldhollywood: L to R: Tod Browning, Carroll Borland, and Bela Lugosi on the set of Mark of the Vampire (1935,…
…so the official 1st Dracula film was released on 1931 dir by Tod Browning. Bela Lugosi gives life to the character >>
Last night the treats were plentiful for horror aficionados on TV. First, thanks to "On Demand," I was able to catch the most recent episode of "666 Park Avenue." Then, switching over to Turner Classic Movies, a rare treat of three films about "disabilities," which the guest co-host selected: "The Unknown," a 1926 silent film with Lon Chaney Sr. and a very young Joan Crawford, directed by Tod Browning; "Bedlam," from 1946 with Boris Karloff as the head of the infamous insane asylum in London in 1761; and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," from 1975, which pretty much everyone knows about, surely. Was very familiar with the latter, but not so with the first two, which had their own achievements to endorse them. Very, very cool selections!
Lawrence Carter Long on Turner Classic Movies introducing the 1927 silent film The Unknown. His analysis of typical presentation of disabled people in film at the time - as not fully fleshed out characters, plot devices and the like is spot on. Coming up in an hour Lawrence's intro to Freaks, the Tod Browning classic.
From my latest review: "... supposed to be Columbia Pictures direct sequel to the original Tod Browning version of Dracula."
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From my favorite scene in the Tod Browning version of Dracula. Still the spookiest version ever made.
Photo: the-asphalt-jungle: the-asphalt-jungle: Tod Browning and the cast of Freaks  1932
"For one who has not lived even a single lifetime, you're a wise man, Van Helsing." -Dracula (1931, dir. Tod Browning)
Somewhere in my world I think of Tod Browning. Great image.
Katherine Neslund It's the spiritual forerunners of your friends in the play.
Dorothy Tree, Geraldine Dvorak, & Cornelia Thaw as Dracula’s brides in Dracula (1931, Tod Browning) “I was not alone. there were 3 graces.
By " The 13 Days Of Halloween: Freaks (1932): Tod Browning was one of the most gifted ... "
I could honestly listen to talk about legendary Hollywood figures like Bela Lugosi, Tod Browning and Lon Chaney Jr for hours.
what is it about abusive circus owners and their gorgeous daredevil daughters? Chaplin's Circus and Tod Browning's The Unknown
I keep imagining Romney in the last scene from Tod Browning's Freaks.
A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inh...
Wow. I just had cause to cue up my copy of Tod Browning's DRACULA from Universal's 2004 "Legacy Collection" box...
Zug Island feels like it's the last refuge for the menagerie in Tod Browning's "Freaks."
This is where the most famous Diva, Schlitze, has her biggest lines. He's talking to Schlitze in character, as a She, a "man's woman". YES I know Schlitze wa...
Sir Karell Borotyn appears to have been killed by Count Mora, a vampire believed to haunt the local village. Now his daughter Irena is the count's next target.
Full restoration preview for Dracula from the upcoming Universal Monsters set
Dracula (1931). Dir by Tod Browning. Great classic. Can't believe I've never seen this before. Love the mis en scene in this. 5/5
the story-tellers, part 35: Bela Lugosi, dwight frye & helen chandler in dracula directed by tod browning, 1931 ...
Freaks is a classic, directed by Tod Browning. Lots of controversy when it came out.
Watched Lon Chaney in "West of Zanzibar" (1928 Tod Browning) last night. Man, what a spectacular actor Chaney was, showing so many emotions.
While those around you may struggle as they face obstacles tod... More for Taurus
Watched Lon Chaney in the silent film "West of Zanzibar" (1928, Tod Browning) earlier today. He plays a former magician in Africa who plots revenge against the ivory trader who stole away his wife and left him crippled. Another fantastic performance by Chaney; what a great actor.
Tonight and I are hosting a free screening of Tod Browning's 1932 film "Fre @ The Sherry Theater
For the rest of the evening, I will be screening Tod Browning's remake of The Fly in my head. You're welcome to join me.
Yay(: "Freaks" by Tod Browning is on youtube:D I've been wanting to watch it!!(:
Tod Browning's 1931 version of DRACULA (w/ Bela Lugosi) returns to in 35mm this Sat. & Sun.
Tod Browning's Freaks is one of the strangest, yet best, movies I have ever seen!
Exactly, The Devil-Doll may not be as scary as most Tod Browning films, but it's pretty messed up and freaky...
October Horror month day 18 movie 25 is Freaks by Tod Browning.
n this scene from Freaks (1932, Tod Browning), we meet several of the film's characters.
Entry of the 31 Drawings of Halloween is Schlitzie from the 1932 Tod Browning classic "Freaks."
To understand why Tod Browning is a great director though, check out Freaks, a very scary, good, and slightly exploitative film.
Tod Browning is a way more interesting director than Karl Freund, but Freund pretty much directed Dracula.
Liked the nod to Tod Browning's "Freaks" in American Horror Story. But Lang's MA accent is terrible.
So instead of watching the debate I watched Tod Browning's The Vampire Bat and totally missed the earthquake...yeah I think every second reality is slipping further and further away from me.
Looks like a Tod Browning movie night when I get home.
Shocktober Movie Dracula. This is the Tod Browning classic from 1931. Bela Lugosi is awesome, the Renfield and Van Helsing characters are great. The only flaw is the silly, fake looking bats, but I can let that go. A must see for Vampire and scary movie fans. Now we're back on track!
And please don't tell me that the Spanish version of DRACULA (1931) is superior to the Tod Browning version. Total nonsense.
An about to sit down and watch Tod Browning's version of Dracula on Blu Ray. #
Just watched Lionel Barrymore and Bela Lugosi in "Mark of the Vampire" (1935, Tod Browning). I thought the story seemed familiar until I realized it was a remake of Browning's lost 1927 silent film "London After Midnight". It was a pretty decent vampire film, but the whole thing didn't make any sense by the end.
Proceed with caution. Sort of like Tod Browning's Freaks crossed with David Lynch and John Irving. READ IT
Tonight at TheGarden Deli we will be starting Movie Night Mondays to go along with $1 Dogs and $1.50 Miller Lites. There will be movies at 9pm and 11pm. Tonight's features are: 9pm: Black Caesar 11pm: Tod Browning's FREAKS. Come on out and enjoy.
In my first day on the job, I pitched many notables on the Universal monsters, asking for a quote I can use if they like those films. I got this in return today: “The work of Tod Browning and James Whale was so beautiful, so rich in mythic and compelling storytelling. I loved them and love them now. My older brother August took me with him when we went to the movies; and sometimes my twin Uncles Clarence and Eddie, and they were more frightened than I was. But I was frightened.” --- Francis Ford Coppola
Oh! That version is Dracula by Tod Browning, made in 1931. Starring Bela Lugosi.
I love Tod Browning! And every time I read his name, I get Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" stuck in my head. (Which is good.)
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Character actor of the day: Donald Meek. Born in Glasgow Scotland, Meek was a well known character actor who toured England & Australia before coming to America where his first stage role was at the Castle Square theater in Boston. His first film role was as the character Richard Burton in Six Cylinder Love. He paid pa Ryan in the film Personal Maid. He played criminologist Dr. Crabtree in a series of short mystery films including The Cole Case, The Wall Street Mystery, The Weekend Mystery, The Skull Murder Mystery, Murder In The Pullman & The Trans-Atlantic Mystery. He played Mr. Wiggs in the film version of the story Mrs. Wiggs Of The Cabbage Patch, where the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls craze came from. He was in the Tod Browning film Mark Of The Vampire which starred Bela Lugosi & Lionel Barrymore. He was in the John Ford film The Informer. He was in the Erroll Flynn film Captain Blood. He played Murphy in the film Parnell about Irish politician Charles Stewart Parnell. He played Mr. Poppins in the award- ...
Part Two. From the 75th Anniversary Edition of Bela Lugosi: Dracula. Documentary and interviews on the making of Tod Browning's 1931 film. *I own nothing* Film Plot: After a harrowing ride through the Carpathian mountains in eastern Europe, Renfield enters castle Dracula to finalize the trans
He's sounded off on such screen gems as Amélie and Good Bye, Lenin!, as well as stage versions of Tod Browning's Freaks and Yukio Mishima's The Damask Drum. He's sounded with the likes of Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser, Tindersticks' Stuart A. Staples and The Divine Comedy. He makes music that can ...
Freaks [VHS]: Tod Browning, who directed Bela Lugosi in the original Dracula, stepped into even eerier territory...
Tod Browning's "Mark of the Vampire" (1935, MGM) a remake of "London After Midnight" with Bela Lugosi as Count Mora, Carroll Borland as Luna, Lionel Barrymore as Dr. Zahlen, Jean Hersholt, Elizabeth Allan, Lionel Atwill, & Donald Meek.
Get Your Freak On! Trailer for 'FREAKS' (1932) by Tod Browning, director of Dracula with Bela Lugosi:
A trailer I made for the movie Freaks directed by Tod Browning. Song used: Creep (Skala and Kolacny Brothers, cover of Radiohead) Trailer made by Wesley Harr...
I used the original trailer footage for Tod Browning's 1931 classic, "Dracula". I dubbed in some voice-over using sound clips from the original trailer. I us...
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