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Toby Stephens

Toby Stephens (born 21 April 1969) is an English stage, television and film actor who has appeared in films in both Hollywood and Bollywood.

Black Sails Ruth Wilson Jane Eyre Aidan Turner Dame Maggie Smith Captain Flint Burn Gorman Ray Stevenson Damian Lewis Chris Larkin Michael Fassbender Miranda Richardson Luke Arnold Tara Fitzgerald Anna Chancellor Caity Lotz

My BaTB Beast plush is named ToBeast, after Toby Stephens 😂 if someone would ask me the prince's real name, I would…
2005 with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens. They do a little too much with dreams sequences but it’s still my favorite
If you want royals being sexy watch the embarrassing TV movie the queens sister where Lucy Cohu throw…
Great night watching getting after it in the game! Proud of Big Dog!
OMG. Never knew that Toby Stephens is Dame Maggie Smith's son omg
Well someone in my bud really looks like Captain Flint Ala toby Stephens except in exercise gear. Help
Toby Stephens face in this is just devastating
Black Sails are tragically underrated and I'll never understand why. Your character is unique in m…
Today’s work accompaniment is the Lost in Space movie because I am in a period of watching William Hurt do somethin…
Max has posted a on his instagram with pics from the Women's March last January, which he attended with his re…
Also Fitzwilliam Darcy in any form, plus Edward Fairfax Rochester as portrayed by Toby Stephens
Looking at original post, I don't fancy any of these actors. Put them in a cravat and riding boots…
"Die Another Day" is as awful as I remember. The slow down/ramp up and whip pan's are as nice as a root canal. The…
oh, toby stephens' brother, what did you do?? (j/k i know his name is Chris Larkin lol)
I'm quite sure that who actually studies pirates, knows a lot more about the…
What is this babyfaced 2012 Toby Stephens doing
Congrats to these footballers for their Region 2-2A superlatives. . 🏈 — OL of year. 🏈
[TV] The Machine (Sony Movie Ch) Wed, Dec 13, 2:15 AM Toby Stephens stars in this sci-fi thriller as a scientist who creates a perfect and..
Watched the 2006 version today. I know you’re calling them by the Jane actors, but OMG Toby Stephens!…
A great team on and off screen. 😊 Happy to all you Toby Stephens fans out there. Don't forget to rai…
Thank you! My ultimate ambition is to convince Toby to sit for me to get the best from the two of us..…
Btw, have you seen Toby Stephens in the BBC adaptation of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall?
Also learned today that Toby Stephens is the son of Dame Maggie Smith and I don’t understand why my brain is having…
the dude who plays captain berringer is toby stephens' brother? WHAT
Toby Stephens is a gift. Look at that face! He makes my heart happy! ♥ ^_^
Found this and am extremely excited and have no friends who can appreciate why so here I am
I love how obnoxiously rich this is LOL
Watching the first series of Vexed on Netflix, with Lucy Punch and Toby Stephens. It's brilliant. Why did they not make a second series?
Quick trip up to London to see Slightly too long, but just the right amount of humour. A good account of…
indeed. an under utilised toby stephens and TWO awesome cars. and madge. with a big sword
I was thinking Toby Stephens. He does a good ‘Gr’ look 😄😄
Update your maps at Navteq
Terrific to see fab starring Toby Stephens and pal Thomas Arnold. Great to meet director after…
2017's took place earlier this week. Following his panel session on what means to different industries,…
Yeah oh my god Toby Stephens even changed his icon and his banner back to Black Sails two days ago lit…
Exclusive: First look at Toby Stephens and the cast of Oslo in rehearsals
Tf I didn't know Toby Stephens is Dame Maggie Smith's son.
My favorite Rochester is Orson Wells, followed by Michael Fassbender & Toby Stephens. I…
Ep. 1 of 'The Woman in White' by Wilkie Collins on at 10:00 & 15:00: Toby Stephens, Juliet Aubrey.
This is Toby Stephens trying to prod you into watching Black Sails
Tempted to @ Toby Stephens now to see if he can answer it
If everyone liked the same thing the world would be boring! Toby Stephens definitely has some appeal…
Toby Flenderson was the Scranton Strangler don't @ me
Benedict Cumberbatch (don't judge me) Richard Armitage (he's the reason I actually started watchin…
Gosh Toby Stephens sure does have very intense eyes in this role doesn't he
Thinking Toby Stephens in a recent BBC radio version, but guess I'm in error & was thinking of Dr. No or…
. You should have had that hair cut boy!!!
My boy just got a chick pregnant 😭😂 I asked him why he didn't wear a condom and Donny said "it was too hot"
cheer urself up with young toby stephens What An Aesthetic
Very good series. Incidental fun fact: Toby Stephens and Kim Philby went to the same prep school.
Jonathan pryce or Toby Stephens surely win that prize
oh neat, oh cool, Toby Stephens is a visionary
Toby Stephens could be related to both Michael Fassbender and Iain Glen
Dame Maggie Smith to sir Robert Stephens) 'toby's got Coriolanus' retort 'I hope it's not catching'
Toby stephens. are u anything like Captain Flint (apart from the *** thing)? if Yes., I am sorry but I have to kidnapp and love u
Toby stephens. Black Sails. a Dream
I started watching Vexed for Toby Stephens but I'll finish the series because of Lucy Punch. Steals every scene. She's great.
Toby Stephens and Anna Chancellor on This Morning 09-07-2013
That's actually a British actor named Toby Stephens. He's great as a villain in a Bond movie and as Cpt Flint on Black Sails!
All about pirates and Toby Stephens is in it too
Done! Keep on voting for the one and only Toby Stephens, dear friends!😊
-hey rupert would you want to fly to South Africa to film a 2 minute scene where you make out with Toby Stephens . -im already at the airport
Please keep on voting for Toby Stephens! Thanks! Xx
Watching from 2000 because Paul Rudd, and Toby Stephens playing a tortured lover. 😍
AH yes he would. or maybe Toby Stephens for British flare. They bring similar intensity to the screen.
Aaahhh tell me how the show is!!! It sound sooo good. And yes '06 is with Toby Stephens and '83 with Timothy Dalton
Captain Flint, played by Toby Stephens, is a complicated guy.
The 2006 BBC version with Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson is my absolute favorite version. It's the only one I watch…
*Toby Stephens in the character of Captain Flint voice* I've discovered, that I can do a near-perfect impression, of Toby Stephens in the ch
i keep meaning to watch this 95% because I shipped Rupert Penry Jones and Toby Stephens in another show like 10 years ago
is that Toby Stephens brother talking to Max? Chris Larkin.
Sam always works, as does Tom Hopper, Viggo Mortensen, Toby Stephens, Daniel Craig, and several others.
Digital portrait of Toby Stephens ad captain James Flint from tv-show Black Sails.
HEY GUYS tomorrow is my grandma's funeral so feel free to send me gifs of David Bowie and Toby Stephens all day long thanks in advance
It was excellent. Aidan Turner took his clothes off. Toby Stephens slow danced with Burn Gorman, who drooled on his shoulder.
Toby Stephens for Cam. Bonneville as BoJo. Imelda Staunton for Merkel. Greg Wallace's acting debut as IDS.
Jane Eyre. Marking the 10th anniversary of Sandy Welch's 2006 production with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens, Bronte.
If you haven't heard yet, look up the 2008 BBC radio versions with Toby Stephens. Brilliant productions of the major books.
we were talking about Toby Stephens but they do look a lot alike
The films have moved on so much, which is why there's room for those very faithful Toby Stephens radio adaptations.
sorry but I can't abide Toby Stephens narrating on Britain's Ultimate Pilots ruins the program
The BBC adaptation with Toby Stephens is pure perfection
possibly even more so than Toby Stephens' let me sniff you
I'm sorry I want to be at family dinner with Dame Peg and Toby Stephens who are you to ruin this for me
From the library sale: Toby Stephens as Gatsby :-0
both high on the questionable violence scale. Although Toby Stephens is excellently evil in Die Another Day.
Watching Die Another Day. looking at one of best actors to portray - Toby Stephens (very good in BBC audio dramas)
Hes good but not as good as Flint. Toby Stephens can hold a scene without speaking a word. His eyes/face can tell a story
Screen is satisfying because it's so technical and mysterious. It's like pl...
I love travelling with my laptop because I get a bit nervous if I can't acc...
Must stop watching Die Another Day and go to bed. Toby Stephens as a Korean, tuh.
That's the privilege of being a grandparent - they can indulge the children...
Toby Stephens definitely has the devilish smile nailed.
Ginger? Damian Lewis is a copycat. Toby Stephens best, here as Cpt Flint in Black Sails
Here's an exclusive sneak peek at the Starz Emmy Awards campaign via
I love Scotland, mainly for its landscape. I like walking, and it's a great...
About Cottingley Fairies, Toby Stephens stared, had a friend work on that...
Ok but not as good as Toby Stephens version. He was a more passionate Edward
I'm partial to Toby Stephens but yes, sexy pirates!
A new respectful dedicated fan page for all things Toby Stephens. Set up by myself.
just when you think you're getting over Stephens red card, you see this and no cards given!
TOBYTRIVIA Journey into Space! Toby Stephens as Jet Morgan. A one hour play, set in the annum 2079. The Saturday Play on Radio 4. 06/07/09.
I mean, yes, that is Toby Stephens, and oh my, just catching my breath :)
It's got to be Toby Stephens ... this is driving me mad!
Who put spice in this girls zoot own up
vexed is a comedy. It takes the *** in a very clever and intelligent way. On Netflix. Toby Stephens: red haired, blue eyes 😄
"The TV series will return on Jan. 28, 2017 and this is expected be the concluding season of the TV series." What?!!
Work like a captain, play like a pirate! . HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOBY STEPHENS !
Speak your mind people, don't be plastic
"Black Sails" Season 3. Toby Stephens continues being an utter badass, curious to see Ray Stevenson's Blackbeard in action.
Every time Toby Stephens is on screen I want to yell GOD HE IS SO ATTRACTIVE. Last time I did that it was Tamal from GBBO.
Please let there be a brooding stare down between Aidan Turner & Toby Stephens in
Toby Stephens: Being born into the theatre was a mixed blessing | via
Toby Stephens, Luke Arnold & Toby Schmitz killed it* all season. So *** good. . * literally and metaphorically at times I guess
No, I actually wasn't keen on that one. The one I'm thinking of had Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson in.
I prefer Jane Eyre book too. I liked the BBC adaptation best with Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson.
I cant believe Ive gone through my whole life up til now not knowing Toby Stephens was the son of Maggie Smith
haven't watched it but these gifs and pics of toby stephens are so HAWT.
God I would watch Black Sails only for Toby Stephens cos *** 🔥
just because there's Toby Stephens in it, okay, let's face it
Looking forward to a bit of brooding Toby Stephens as Mr Rochester in
Timothy Dalton is being Mr Rochester on BBC Four. As is Toby Stephens. Just f everyone's i.
then watch Toby Stephens in Jane Eyre and imagine THOMAS/JAMES REGENCY AU
it's prefect viewing. Toby Stephens steals the show with his screen presence.
The 1983 version was excellent but I thought Ruth Wilson was a great Jane in 2011. Maybe Toby Stephens too mischievous?
Aha, haven't seen that one. I really enjoyed the BBC mini series with Toby Stephens though. ;-)
Toby Stephens as MacGraw/Flint of Black Sails BUT he would be great as the next Bond
Please tell me someone has made a fanvid cutting his Captain Wentworth together with Toby Stephens' Rochester
I love me some pirates. And some Toby Stephens.
Is the Fassbender/Wasikowska 'Jane Eyre' the definitive? Or does that title belong to the BBC Toby Stephens version or maybe Dalton/Clarke??
but Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens is so much more enjoyable
Hmmm now I can't decide! Toby Stephens or Michael Fassbender — watching Jane Eyre
I have to admit though, even with Fassbender in this, I do prefer the Toby Stephens/Alice from Luther BBC version of
Fassy has his moments, but Toby Stephens is still Mr Rochester for me
Seeing Toby Stephens looking so normal and sometimes super posh is really weird while binge watching Black Sails.
Unbelievably flawless writing & optics S3 better than S2 better than S1 Bravo Toby Stephens Bravo Levine/Steinberg
My heart wanted to draw Luke Arnold, but my hand accidentally Toby Stephens-ed :P
Very proud of this little gem. Directed by my mate Toby Stephens. Who wants to come?
Places like the National Theatre or Sheffield, these great engines of theat...
Love Toby Stephens as Rochester so much omg
Toby Stephens: Capitain Flinn and the pirate dinosaurs missing treasure @ Cbeebies bedtime story
Wow ok that was creepy!! But *** Caity Lotz and Toby Stephens were amazing! 😱
Ikr? Should I ask him how it was to be held by Toby Stephens?
"Toby Stephens' sunburnt antihero Captain Flint & Luke Arnold’s young and hunky Long John Silver are ready to sail off into the sunset,
Oh good! I must confess I always pictured Toby Stephens as my older Jamie just not as tall.
I had no idea that Maggie Smith was Toby Stephens' mum.
Lucky me. My surgeon huge Black Sails/Toby Stephens fan. Knew I was in best of hands.
Everybody needs to watch Toby Stephens writing/directing debut keep tissues handy
Taking a break from stalking Norman Reedus, Toby Stephens, and Zach McGowan on social media to bring you this:
it would be the best fit. . Speaking of daemons, it also fits lord Asriel, a character Toby Stephens would be perfect for.
Slime Season 3 is releasing in 2 days
Toby Stephens: “There should be a moratorium on Chekhov and Shakespeare”
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Toby Stephens birthday is on the 21st April.
If I was to meet Lou Reed or Bob Dylan, I would be totally helpless. Writer...
Toby Stephens in the Telegraph 2014 - and if you haven't seen The Machine watch it. I think it's still on Netflix.
New on today: interviews with Rita Dove and Toby Stephens:
Stay firmly on dry land with star in our exclusive interview
Disappointed that BBC2 showing 2011 version of Jane Eyre on Sat 26th March, best version was 2006 with Ruth Wilson & Toby Stephens.
An Agatha Christie murdery mystery made by the BBC and Lifetime and starring Toby Stephens, Aidan Turner, Miranda Richardson, and Sam Neil
Toby Stephens in Black Sails is like cross between Damian Lewis and Iain Glen but 1000 times hotter.
Yes!! Toby Stephens, Aidan Turner and Charles Dance are in it! I thought they were going to wait 1 year to show it on PBS!! Whohoo
Aiden Turner, Burn Gorman, Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson and Toby Stephens are in the cast. I've been waiting for this.
While to me, Toby Stephens, Michael Stuhlbarg and JJ Feild are three great actors in their own right, and they are completely unique!
seen the episode star Toby Stephens, Luke Arnold, Hannah New and Jessica Parker Kennedy...hope I can check it out
Anyway you should watch the BBC version, it has Tywin flipping Lannister in it + Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson, Toby Stephens, Noah Taylor!
. My fav is the one with Ruth Wilson & Toby Stephens, 2006
Main reason to watch The Night Manager Tom Hollander. Still luv Hollander's performance in underrated Cambridge Spies & Toby Stephens too.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I will literally watch anything with Toby Stephens in it
i can dig it. Have you seen THE MACHINE? Its a pretty good sci-fi indie with Caity Lotz and Toby Stephens
We all have our own favs. Flints mine cos brilliantly played by Toby Stephens
All-time top sneery ginge Toby Stephens, in the FLESH. With massive ginger pirate beard. Yum.
When you’re sitting interviewing Toby Stephens and you realize, oh crap, I’m wearing a Gryffindor hoodie and his mom is McGonagall…
Mr Rochester was my first romantic hero and Toby Stephens played him perfectly along with Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre.
Only couple minutes in but with Toby Stephens as a badass sexy pirate? Of course it is 😉
"You cannot command status. Status is given you by the actors around you." True of many things. Toby Stephens of
Toby Stephens says Flint begins Season 3 in a particularly "nihilistic phase” as he struggles to find his purpose.
Toby Stephens says Flint is in a nihilistic phase in Season 3, but he "can't escape" his human side, and will struggle with it.
Season 3 is about Capt. Flint finding his purpose again, says Toby Stephens.
Season 3 is about Flint finding his purpose again in S3, says Toby Stephens.
Of Flint's journey in S3, Toby Stephens says he'll go where he can't escape his human side, as much as he wants to.
The panel is kicking off now. Toby Stephens, and Ray Stevenson are here with EPs/Creators.
Chatting with Toby Stephens, Clara Paget, Zach McGowan, Ray Stevenson and the show EPs tomorrow. Any Season 3 questions?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Still the best picture I've ever taken
Flint’s character revelas in S2? Wow. So much respect for Toby Stephens.
Hope Toby Stephens short film INVITRO is nominated. Its his first voyage into writing/directing (not acting) Heartbreaking to watch👏
and. Toby Stephens, Charles Dance.thinking women's crumpet...
wasnt gonna actually watch and then there were none but I JUST FOUND OUT TOBY STEPHENS IS IN IT IMA GPUEDFOXGJ
going to watch it all in one evening next week. Because Charles Dance. And Toby Stephens.
ooh, it's my fave. Toby Stephens was great as Rochester, I finally got his appeal ;)
I like the Toby Stephens & Ruth Wilson version - have you seen it? (loved Stephens but wouldn't cavil at Armitage either!)
Find out why star moved behind the camera
I blub all the time, in the most weird situations - not in the ones that should ...
Going to be interviewing the incredibly talented Toby Stephens. He stars on Black Sails and is in the new film 13...
Toby Stephens is playing Glen Doherty in the Benghazi film, gotta see it for sure now
The book was great. looking forward to seeing Toby Stephens in this movie
I fell in love with Toby Stephens as Rochester.
Fun fact: Toby Stephens got to be Gilbert and Rochester. Tara Fitzgerald had to be Mrs. Reed.
Well, he *is* played by Toby Stephens in the mini-series.
aesthetic: toby stephens, high on coke and standing on a chair shouting "BODIES! BODIES! BODIES! BODIES!" over loud jazz
I could probably provide you with a time stamp just from memory! Aidan Turner is lovely but Toby Stephens wins
I freaking loved BBC's Jane Eyre!! But I think Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson had amazing chemistry ❤
With Charles Dance, Sam Neil, Toby Stephens, Aidan Turner, Burn Gorman, how could it not?
Am watching And Then There Were None and wow nobody told me I'd get my Aidan Turner AND Toby Stephens fix 😍
Toby Stephens wearing just a towel > Aidan Turner wearing just a towel, if you ask me
It also properly appreciates the draw of getting both Aidan Turner & Toby Stephens into various states of undress.
So much for Aidan Turner's abs - it was all about Toby Stephens' dad-bod for me. Grrr.
The best thing about Toby Stephens is that he looks and acts *exactly* how you'd expect the son of Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens to.
Having been awake ill all night with no new book to read I find out that my fav pirate Toby Stephens is Maggie Smith's son! Interesting wiki
(Although honestly at this point everything is turning on Toby Stephens' gob-smackingly riveting performance).
Looking forward to seeing this adaptation, 2 of my favourite actors in cast: Toby Stephens and Charles Dance.
Photo: Maggie Smith, pictured with her sons, Toby Stephens and Chris Larkin
Foto: Toby Stephens and Mark Ryan behind the scenes of Black Sails: Season 1.
44D/3. And it should come as no surprise that with Toby Stephens has a reference to the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon! CC BY-NC-ND
44D/2. Then we should expect a reference to The Simpsons in the film which also stars Toby Stephens . CC BYNCND
44C/9. And the show with Toby Stephens (using various techniques) is all about William Shakespeare! CC BY-NC-ND
44C/7. The in the show with Toby Stephens is based on a cipher devised by Sir Francis Bacon. CC BY-NC-ND
44C/1. Why are there so many references (digressions) to The Simpsons in the satire behind Toby Stephens' work? CC BYNCND
Aamir Khan and Toby Stephens together, that is just class apart
Having seen (I think) every 'Jane Eyre' film adaptation, best cast combo, in my mind, would be Mia Wasikowska and Toby Stephens.
44A/16. I watched (2010) & (2012) with Toby Stephens and agreed that the show was 'odd'...BUT I DID NOT DISMISS IT! (CC BY-NC-ND)
44A/15. Vexed (2010) & (2012) with Toby Stephens was widely panned by professional television critics...and they DISMISSED it. (CC BY-NC-ND)
44A/11. & which all star Toby Stephens are satires, or at the very least contain satirical elements. CCBYNCND
44A/5. AND the connection that the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon has to the film that stars Toby Stephens . CCBYNCND
Watched the first episode of Black Sails, Toby Stephens can still get it, that is all.
Jeffrey Deaver's James Bond book, Caete Blanche. Read by Toby Stephens. Great reboot. Shame there weren't more.
There's one from 2000 with Mira Sorvino and Toby Stephens, but I haven't seen it.
and Toby Stephens was hammier than Porky Pig as Prince John, he was TERRIBLE. Way too campy.
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Emily Blunt as Emily Marshwic and Toby Stephens as Mr Northway please ;)
is full of hot men, not least of which is Toby Stephens. *hngh*
love Toby Stephens.. One of my favourite actors
Jane Eyre is the best classic in the world. Also Toby stephens *fans herself while giggling*
I like Toby Stephens as well, even if he has the Christopher Walken effect of making Bond look old.
Holy poop, Toby Stephens has an awesome American accent!
Kristina Stephens. Aleta Clark Quimby. Found a new look for Toby ;)
I think Toby Stephens might be sitting next to us in GBK. If its not him it's his twin!
Just saw this on Amazon: Black Sails Season 2 [Blu-ray] by Toby Stephens for $53.99
Check out this Amazon deal: Black Sails: Season 1 [Blu-ray] by Toby Stephens
Toby Stephens is yet another reason we should all be grateful for Dame Maggie Smith.
you guys,,, Toby Stephens is Maggie Smith's son… which is why you should watch Black Sails
Its not a hard list since Sean Bean, Robert Carlyle, Alan Cumming and Toby Stephens have all been bond villains.
My own antique copy of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (printed in 1893)!❤📚. Toby Stephens played Gilbert Markham in 1996.
Hugh Laurie, Kelly Macdonald, Bob Hoskins, Toby Stephens, even Toby Jones shows up. has so many great English actors.
I read interview in Tlegraph . I like your honest art.Begin to be big fan
I have an episode of Toby Stephens Being Attractive to watch! Sorry... I meant Black Sails.
for me it's Toby Stephens and Tobias Menzies.
lol oh yes, still hot, but I'm officially in-tv-love w/toby stephens lol
❤️more every time I read an interview fan &
Giant photo of Toby Stephens' coriolanus in the rsc *swon* 🙈
Toby Stephens is a very charming man. His character is so arrogant I might slap him but I just love watching him :P
Toby Stephens Sets Sail: "It's a pretty grueling schedule," says Stephens, on location in Cape Town. On top of...
REVOLT HEALTH NEWS Toby Stephens Sets Sail - The Black Sails leading man on sword battles in South Africa, his fam...
Are you & Toby Stephens awesome partners off camera too? There's great chemistry there! It's fun to watch.
I really like Toby Stephens and I think he's really good and everything, but why does his voice remind me of from
Toby Stephens of new series tells us about his worst survival job!
And Toby Stephens is in it. WITH A BEARD!!!. *wipes mouth on the dog*
Just finished by read by Toby Stephens.
agreed, 50ShadesofGinger starring Toby Stephens... One can fantasize!
. Toby Stephens able to show Flint's inner conflict w/ a twitch of his cheek, annoyance w/ squint of eyes. Great acting!
I thought that Toby Stephens is a great Bond Villain in a terrible Bond film.
Brosnan is always great but he deserved a better send off. Toby Stephens is now playing Bond himself on Radio 4!
Now, there are many film versions to choose from. I recommend the BBC Toby Stephens/Ruth Wilson version.
Lil tidbit: I have a weakness for hot, British, red headed men. Take for example Damian Lewis & Toby Stephens. Will watch them in anything.
my eternal love for Toby Stephens isn't exactly cooling down...
I should watch too. Just for Roches... er I mean Toby Stephens. to help forget about CA
I'm going to watch I am not going to attach to it. But I like barques. And Toby Stephens. And Pirates.
*flailing* chemistry between Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson in Jane Eyre brings me undone.
violence in eastern Ukraine fuels ceasefire fears. #
Toby Stephens really is fantastic on People should really be watching.
I have a wee thing for Toby Stephens -
I feel like more than half of the episodes of Black Sails, Toby Stephens is covered in blood
Well worth it.Tara Fitzgerald,Toby Stephens,Rebecca Hall and JE were all exceptional.Of course Rosemary Harris was also in it.
I bought tickets for this and then I was ill and couldn't go. Would you believe? I love Toby Stephens.
Off to see Private Lives at the Gielgud with Toby Stephens and Anna Chancellor
I've read Jane Eyre twice but I had never seen a tv adaptation so I went and watched the BBC miniseries with Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson
Toby Stephens, the villain from James Bond: Die Another Day and the lead of Black Sails is Maggie Smiths son... Mind Blown.
Interviewing Toby Stephens & Zach McGowan from 'Black Sails' on Starz, tomorrow. What do you wanna know?
and finally why was Toby Stephens' head shaved??? 😲
I'm a Toby Stephens as Rochester fan, but Black Sails didn't click for me. Onward to (to no one's surprise).
it was one they did on the BBC with Toby Stephens! Somewhere around 2006/2007
A White Sox blanket, Dino, Black Sails and Toby Stephens on my lap. Ready for season two!
"I think all parts come with baggage unless it is a brand ..".
Toby Stephens, ace actor and very convincing pirate as Flint.
Great interview with Toby Stephens!!! Counting the days for Black Sails season 2!!!
Toby Stephens swashbuckling back in ‘Black Sails’: In “Black Sails,” returning for its second season on Starz ...
mine too! Jane Eyre with Toby Stephens as Rochester is a close 2nd.
I don't know a thing about tv packages, but I know DVDs last a long time.
Bryan Brown in A Town Like Alice. Matthew Macfadyen in Pride & Prejudice. Toby Stephens in Jane Eyre.
Toby Stephens plays Gatsby and Rochester - coincidence?
Fan of Maggie Smith? Watch her son in Black Sails. Toby Stephens.
suffers from Toby Stephens syndrome. They look snarky
That one. Toby Stephens is the ultimate Rochester and Ruth Wilson is a brilliant Jane.
Right?! Toby Stephens is my favorite Rochester too.
And she is married to the gorgeous Toby Stephens!!
British actor Toby Stephens is 18th-century pirate Captain Flint in Black Sails on Watch it here:
remember your 1st acting scenes with Toby Stephens - in Spies? Please say hi to him from me!
Kiss A Ginger Day was this week. I don't want to know what y'all did w/Toby Stephens. Just hose him down & put him back when you're done.
Jane Eyre with Toby Stephens & Ruth Wilson. You can thank me later. LOL
Toby Stephens in Jane Eyre is the best! Just saying!
No, but I just looked it up and TOBY STEPHENS. Automatic must-watch list. ;)
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