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Tobias Funke

Arrested Development is an American television sitcom that originally aired on the Fox network from November 2, 2003 to February 10, 2006. Created by Mitchell Hurwitz, the show centers on the Bluth family, a formerly wealthy, habitually dysfunctional family, and is presented in a continuous format, incorporating hand-held camera work, narration, archival photos, and historical footage.

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Just giggled uncontrollably when I realized Jared Kushner is the Tobias Funke of the Trump family
Don Jr. is Tobias Funke scrap-booking all of his family's misdeeds with detailed notes and receipts.
Eric is GOB and Don Jr is Tobias Funke, Jared is Michael
Unless you're talking about the Tobias Funke version, then yeah, for sure.
dont judge me. his legs are nice i keep it handy. also why hes covered in blanket bcs /NO PANTS/ btw tobias funke
"Is this the Dr. Tobias Funke as self-help guru in Lost in Tra...
Trump saying everyone is talking about the election at G20 is shockingly close to Tobias Funke talking himself up at the water cooler.
I reject that guy's sacrilegious use of a tobias funke profile pic.
There is a God, his name is Tobias Funke
every day Dwyane Wade starts to look more and more like Tobias Funke
This is like when Tobias Funke was talking up the Funke name on the movie studio lot.
Cirque du Soleil drops major green to buy Blue Man Group. Tobias Funke would be happy.
No word on how Tobias Funke is taking the news.
Congratulations! Hey will Tobias Funke be getting paid? His Blue Man work deserves something.
Did they hire Tobias *** Funke to write this garbage? "We blue the last election pretty hard"
There are not enough Tobias Funke videos in the world to deal with this news. (ht
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Tobias Funke's storyline on the next season of "Arrested Development", perhaps?
How does Tobias Funke feel about this?
to when Saul Goodman was in a *** heavy metal band with Tobias Funke
I can't see words "New Start" without thinking about Tobias Funke.
Getting​ a real tobias funke analrapist vibe from that shop job.
Who put Tobias Funke in charge of Creative at the
Bottom right is begging for a Tobias Funke reference
Some more Crater Lake shots. It was so dope that [Tobias Funke voice] I'm afraid I blue myself
That's Tobias Funke from Arrested Development. He was a Blue Man for a bit
most expendable character - Tobias Funke, Arrested Development. Ross is necessary for Joey & Chandler to make fun of.
Cody Rhodes is like if Tobias Funke was a wrestler.
George Michael Bluth & Tobias Funke & George Oscar Bluth (GOB) Jr are my fave TV characters of all time 100% guaranteed no take backs
Jack Black, Jim Rash plays Tobias Funke, and the Beast is on my workout playlist.
Tobias Funke is one of my favorite characters.
I'm so hungover all I've been doing today is watching 'Tobias Funke funniest moments' compilations and crying
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at least Grayson Perry and Tobias funke liked your stuff. The most famous person to look at mine is my uncle simon who is in pr
is like Tobias Funke. He should buy a tape recorder and record himself for a day. I think he'd be surprised at what he says
are like Tobias Funke. I wish they would buy a tape recorder and record themselves for a day. I think they'll be surprised.
When Tobias Funke got A NU START as his number plate in Arrested Development. Or when he paints himself Blue and sa…
Ok but real talk: the LV name just makes me think of Tobias Funkë, ne…
I swear Tobias Funke just walked by my desk.
now I'm picturing Tobias Funke presenting at a taxonomy conference. It's not going well for him.
The only thing I'm good at is Tobias Funke gifs
Chaperoning my kid's field trip to the fire station. Fire House WiFi network is "Tobias Funkë" CC:
"Louis Litt is the lawyer version of Tobias Funke." -
Tobias Funke is sincerely the greatest television character/character name ever created.
Friday night contact Tobias funke for location!
Forever grateful for whoever came up with Tobias Funke's "A New Start" license plate
Might get a set of Tobias Funke styled headshots done and sign it
U guys I am Tobias funke in all aspects of life
There are an unusual amount of Justin Bieber gifs in the Tobias Funke tag. Maybe it means he should be a never nude?
Amazon Go sounds cool, but I fully expect to get tackled by Tobias Funke on my way out.
Late to this. But makijg a leather chaps joke while sounding like Tobias Funke is my fav accidental meta joke ever.
This dude looks like the child of Tobias Funke and Mac's Dad from It's Always Sunny
All these kids acting like Tobias Funke from Arrested Development.
Almost as good as Tobias Funke joining the Blue Man Group - Drinking a Blulian Part Deuce -
I eagerly await Times' eloquent correction. "Tobias Funke, a Never-Nude, was incorrectly referred to as Tobias Bluth in Thursday's story."
Tobias Funke Pin Packs just added to the shop- Worldwide Shipping…
His evolution into Tobias Funke is something else.
Now that I'm an Analyst I really want to become a Therapist just like Tobias Funke.
When you assume it's like showing me your *** Oh, yes, I am playing Tobias Funkë, why do you ask?
10. Tobias Funke. -Selfish. -Oblivious. -Awful father. -Wants to be an actor even tho he has a med degree. -Overrated ch…
Let me take off my assistant skirt, and put on my "Barbra Streisand in The Prince of Tides *** masking therapist pantsuit". Sir Tobias Funke
every time tobias funke is on screen I cry a little inside
At least he shaved his Tobias Funke stache off
Manny getting his hair tips from Tobias Funke.
The lead singer looks like Tobias Funke preparing for "the role of a lifetime."
"I'd like to kiss that man on the mouth... So to speak!" -Tobias Funke, Analrapist
My prof. sounds like Woody Allen on a lot of morphine with the personality of Tobias Funke 🙃🔫 This goes on for 3 hrs
Tobias Funke had a great reply to that, but it appears to have been deleted :(
hi i'm mia and i have my profile pic as Tobias Funke to get more profile clicks
My philosophy professor is young Dr. Tobias Funke. I'm not joking. This is him.
Tobias Funke aka Toby in his business outfit. CCO: chief cuddle officer
Winston is the best and most funny television character since Tobias Funke. Even agrees.
Tobias Funke would take it to the streets. 😂😂😂😂
(Sometimes I coordinate a blue outfit so that I can tell people I blue myself that morning. Thanks Dr. Tobias Funke)
I am Dr. Tobias Funke, or with your help, Frightened Inmate
he was funny as Tobias Funke and, uh, another time I'm sure
He was also Tobias Funke. Your argument is invalid
I want to genderbend Tobias Funke so badly for Halloween. Paint myself blue & wear denim shorts
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From the Acting game 5 NFL players that became actors: Before he was Tobias Funke's acting/life coach on “Arr...
To be fair, did anyone try to tell Chia that he looks like Tobias Funke and seems equally as situationally aware?
Realized today that I'm basically turning into Tobias Funke
Tobias Funke, one of the new hires, was quoted as saying "There are dozens of us. DOZENS!"…
Tobias Funke worked on the set of Sesame Street? It all makes sense now
never once did I see Dr. Elliot and think "you are definitely not Tobias Funkë"
Glad to be home in front of the tv that my husband, Tobias Funke lives inside
Thats like Tobias funke accidentally protesting with *** dressed as pirates
Teen Witch makes so much more sense when you imagine it was directed by Tobias Funke
I wish my squad was me, Dennis Reynolds, Michael Scott, and Tobias Funke.
These are creamy and clean, the Blue ones just looked like Tobias Funke
My dope dude sis just got me tickets to see Tobias Funke- er- David Cross tell some jokes on a stage next month. Currently flippin out.
oh hai, i shot you an invite to David Cross on Feb 6th at Revolution Hall because TOBIAS freaking FUNKE
the library computer I snagged tonight was beside a Tobias Funke-esque man who was looking up shirtless pics of muscular dudes on Google
I really like Ryan Ruocco's play by play, but I can never not hear a little bit of Tobias Funke's voice when he speaks.
Tobias Funke's character is a "never-nude," meaning never able to be nude. So, he showers with jean shorts. Good stuff.
played Tobias Funke in Arrested Development
you ever watch Arrested Development? He's Tobias Funke in that show
LIVE on David Cross aka Tobias Funke aka Todd Margaret live at AOL
I might have as Dr. Tobias Funke calls it in
is real human tobias funke's standup funny he's coming to madison should I pay money for him
A little over a month until returns, but my Tobias Funke is ready NOW!
So what you're telling me is I need to get Fallout 4 so I can play as Tobias Funke? Sold!
There are few things as repulsive as Tobias Funke's hair plugs in season 3 of Arrested Development.
Sources tell me the next hire will be Tobias Funke
Check out this new popular GIF from Giphy
New on Arrested Development, David Cross, tobias funke
Yes! talk with on No one wears jorts like Tobias Funke!
"I assure you there's nothing ambiguous about me, I'm Johnny Storm, the human *** - Tobias Funke
Tobias Funkë yelling about his hard boiled eggs but it's actually me looking for Benadryl
man on my flight reminding me way too much of dr Tobias funke if I have to sit next to this guy I will throw a tantrum
Raise your hand if you want to be Tobias Funke
Lol it's real thanks to tobias funke for bringing it to the light
"You never know where help is going to come from, until you look for it" Tobias Funke
Tobias Funke would call him a FatAlbRapist.
Over 10 years of watching THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN on and I only JUST noticed Tobias Funke!.
Can we have a remake of Mrs Doubtfire but completely using Tobias Funke as Mrs Featherbottom from Arrested Development?
I liked a video Tobias Funke on To Catch a Predator
I just need to shave my hair then I am Tobias Funke
Why does Chiarelli look like Tobias Funkë now?
Why has nobody created a Tobias Funke Pop? Amiright .
One is Tobias Funke from Arrested Development. The other is Frank Oz, voice of Miss Piggy & Yoda
at some point I become either feline or Tobias Funke
Client at the counter sounds uncannily like David Cross playing Tobias Funke playing Mrs. Featherbottom.
We did our first on Mon night. Watch me make ratman sounds and the women make Tobias Funke level innuendo.
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I've had these in my cart for a week I'm waiting for some kind of holiday coupon :(
Whenever I thank a tapastic subscriber I feel the urge to pull a tobias funke and add "I know where you live ha ha"
I wonder if Tobias Harris is a never nude like Tobias Funke
That's a shirt Tobias Funke could be proud of.
Noah complaining about a review in the student paper is essentially Tobias Funke crying in the shower lolol.
Marvel doesn't have rights to Doctor Doom, though. I think Tobias Funke has those?
name one television character better than Tobias Funke
I posted a Tobias Funke GIF earlier today about RTS enthusiasts "there's dozens of us... Dozens!" 😋
The Tobias Funke- Dress as a member of the Blue Man Group wearing only jean shorts
“the nevernude“ loser has to dress as Tobias Funke, glasses, mustache, no shirt- only cutoffs.
My heart can't decide between Tobias Funke or Buster Bluth.
you now know exactly how it feels to be Tobias Funkë
Somewhere over the rainbow, there's another rainbow. - Dr. Tobias Funke
he's one interesting character. The Tobias Funke of MLB.
Tobias Funke and Buster are two of the funniest characters in any show, period.
Blue up your Christmas tree with some Arrested Development Xmas Decor
I want an SVU episode where the celebrity guest is David Cross as Tobias Funke
Tobias Funke is terribly offended by Psalty's blueface.
I'm just a step above Tobias Funke.
Irish Water refusing to say how many people have paid the bill. . Hint: .
I can't take theatre acting seriously. I'm so sorry. everyone speaks like tobias funke and I can't deal with it.
There are literally dozens of us. . DOZENNNS. . Call me Tobias Funke. . a midsummers poem
.Floyd and his jorts win. Just ask Tobias Funke.
Definitely Tobias Funke in Jurassic Park, if no one else.
I lost it at Tobias Funke's Warriors gag and it would've gone over a lot of heads and I would have been that *** laughing at nothing.
Standing next to Tobias Funke on the red many questions/jokes
anytime I read the words *** chill" I immediately think of Tobias Funke and now I want to watch Arrested Development
BIG WATER would have us think we came out of the shower looking like tobias funke
That moment when you relate The Blue Man Group to Tobias Funke only to find out that the guy you're talking to is indeed a Blue Man.
Crying in the shower Tobias Funke style
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As far as TV characters go: Goerge Costanza, Tobias Funke, Dwight Shrutte, Kent Davidson. In that order.
Best part about pitch perfect 2 was Tobias funke.
Working with ODV's very own version of Tobias Funke today. I've Already heard him make one Freudian slip so far! :)
I just got that. . Brett, were you the Tobias Funke of Bethesda?
Let the TOP=Tobias Funke nevernude jokes commence.
Sneak peek at my Tobias Funke BlueMan Group custom vinyl mini! Can't wait for the new Arrested…
And by lolz I mean ‘That picture of Tobias Funke in the shower subtitled *sobbing*’
Actual LOL moment. Seeing has a 'watched by Tobias Funke' category
how can we get a film made about The Beats and cast David Cross as Tobias Funke as Allen Ginsberg?
Omg. I'm pretty sure Tobias Funke is filming in Finsbury Park.
Tobias Funke's homosexual undertones was the funniest thing on tv.
my history teacher at kcc looks like tobias funke I can't concentrate
So apparently Tobias Funke was a monk before he was an Analrapist. "Pues, discuuulpA!"
Another former kitty, Dr Tobias Funkë, in his fav position. RIP. Evie's littermate that died 4yrs ago.
Joe Jonas can be a Blue Man but Tobias Funke can't even get an audition
Instantly recognized my most loathed character of all time Tobias Funke in Pitch Perfect 2 just now ... Still as annoying 😂😂
Who knew doing meth would turn you into Tobias Funke?
Ali Ikram does look a bit like Tobias Funke
Is there a better character in all of TV history than Tobias Funke?
"Oh, right, I forgot! Your wife is dead.". Tobias Fünke Quotes as Motivational Posters. Have at 'em.
Explaining Tobias Funke to someone who's never seen Arrested Development.
If is working we're doomed. As tobias funke would say, this is ripe for parody
I'm more of a Tobias Funke fan myself.
tobias funkë is my favourite character in anything
reasons I can't sleep at night: tobias funke is actually an albino black man
my favorite is either the Tobias Funke or Burt Gummer
Little known Utah Jazz fact: One of the first Jazz players Jerry Sloan coached was Tobias Funke.
I do love that show. and Tobias Funke is the best thing on it. Shame that the actors suck a douchenozzle
“We are all blue” reads Chelsea banner as their fans reveal themselves racist against everyone but Smurfs and Tobias Funke.
"Do these effectively hide my thunder?" -Tobias Funke
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Tobias Funke could never get to sleep in this weather.
I'm in the same room as Tobias Funke!
Those Texas shooters were as much a part of ISIS as much as Tobias Funke was a part of the Blue Man Group by the way et al.
Tobias Funke had the best license plates.
grow a stache and rock the Tobias Funke look
Randomly thought of Tobias Funke's "never nude shorts" and "I just blue myself" I can't stop laughing 😅😂
75% of my forays into haircuts, facial hair and glasses is trying not to look like Tobias Funke and 25% is resigning myself to it
I feel like Tobias Funke is my legitimate spirit animal.
Nirvana tribute brought up a guest dancer, a guy who took his shorts off to reveal a Tobias Funke pair of never nude shorts. Life's a trip.
Where is Tobias funke when you need him?
I wish Tobias Funke would be in that civil war Capt Crunch movie
A friend texted me the news, and I thought they were joking. But no! I’m Tobias Funke wailing “Why, Tracy? Why?” right now.
I just want to be friends with Tobias Funke.
No joke, we're all making Tobias Funke quips now.
TIL David Cross had to fight for the mustache worn by his character, Tobias Funke, in "Arrested Development" becaus…
Netflix's marketing is always on point lol. (watched by tobias funke)
It's been a month since I was last home and somehow since then my brother has transformed into a hobo version of Tobias Funke in a sombrero.
Woke up to the Tobias Funke in my life prancing around like a lil drag queen
[Advice/Bi]I made a Tobias Funke joke about how my wife was "buy-curious"; found out she might actually be "bi-cur…
Farrah's mom / dad are the real world equivalent of Lindsay / Tobias Funke somebody call the
Losing hangman with Abi because I can't remember Tobias Funke's middle name :(
"Theres a new daddy in town. A discipline daddy." Tobias Funke is my queen
Very much getting a Tobias Funke vibe from Miley. Also just desperately want to check her ABCs 🚑
If only Tobias Funke was acting in Clan of the Cave Bear!
Who's this Tobias Funke everyone's talking about
Just found out Tobias Funke is married to Tibby from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
did you know that your film is under a Netflix list: watched by Tobias Funke of Arrested Development?
"straight tobias funke" is the best combination of words I've heard in a long time
I swear to god Tobias Funke walked into the library just now with a skateboard
Seriously just saw a guy with Tobias Funke style cut offs. lives!
One of the best parts of Prom? Getting a picture with a Tobias Funke lookalike. Seriously awesome. rocks
SUPERHERO SATURDAY. My hero and who I strive to be like the most in life. Dr. Tobias Funke a.k.a.…
"Age of Ultron" is a frustrating mess that is only elevated by Paul Bettany's moving portrayal of Tobias Funke.
I think just made a deal with Tobias Funke on
Casually sitting next to Tobias Funke from Arrested Development 🙊🙊🙊🙊
Can't beat Tobias funke's watch list on
There is no such thing as a bad GOB, Lucille Bluth or Tobias Funke quote
nice job with the Tobias Funke quote
So I'm in line for Gwendoline Cristie and suddenly I see a dude dressed as Silver surfer but secretly I wished it was Tobias Funke.
Tobias Funke is my hero. But then again, so is Buster. And GOB.
Just noticed the watched by tobias funke section in Is there more in our near future? Either way... classic!
Any time a Gater whines and complains about... well anything.
What would Tobias Funke do right now?
"You need to decide whether you want a man or a boy. I know how I'd answer." - Tobias Funke
Is Tobias Harris also restricted? I'd like him on the Heat solely for the Tobias Funke shops/references.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The crew has yet to give credit to that Tobias Funke-inspired nickname for the -- Leather Daddies.
someone needs to do a YouTube 10 hour of Tobias funke
Had dream last night that Tobias Funke held me hostage in a convenience store...
Hillary Clinton's acting is only slightly better than Tobias Funke's.
So did Mr Potato Head get canned too or just Tobias Funkë?
Lmfao yo Thug is the tobias funke of rap
"Hello, my name is Tobias Funkë and I am a registered sex offender"
I'm very familiar with it. Tobias Funke the best.
Sorry, whenever I hear the name Tobias, all I think of is this guy.
this is ok as long as I can still post Tobias Funke pics
David Cross & Amber Tamblyn:. Tobias Funke from "Arrested Development" and Jenny from "Two and a Half Men" are...
Trying to decide which stickers to put on yr guitar is v difficult. Is my LTD more Sonic The Hedgehog or Tobias Funke?
Yo check it out I just saw Tobias Funke on my way to work.
see Tobias Funke Blue Man Group on YouTube. You're welcome
maybe I can accept it if more Tobias Funke gifs happen.
Sounds like a job Tobias Funke would have.
So excited to see the entire Bluth family again! Tobias Funké, you get a special mention.
does anyone else have on their netflix "Watched by Tobias Funke" ?
Can't believe Chiarelli is going to get fired while rocking the Tobias Funke look.
"I'm interested in the Devil's Work" . --pulling a Tobias Funke while talking about beer
. Followed. . We have a mutual Tobias Funke appreciation.
we are playing the 'Tobias Funke or young Frank Oz' game.
This is Philip G. Schrag on the back of "Counsel For The Deceived," who looks like Dr. Tobias Funke's doppelganger.
I had a weird dream last night I was on - I hired Dr. Tobias Funke to "theralyze" Sheldon -
imagine you see a Tobias funke with a full head of hair and full beard. Thats what i see right now.
I juts reread the list, and I am saddened to realize that Tobias Funke, our generations "Analrapist" is not on it.
I just hope they are like the originals and not the new ones. Also more Tobias funke.
The battle between Tobias Funke and Oh N'Oshie Didn't will likely be decided on Saturday when Elliott starts for St Louis Blues.
Sometimes a blue pen explodes in your backpack and you can't help but laugh and think of Tobias Funkë blue-ing himself.
"The glitter queen strikes again. Never hire Tobias Funke."
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Apparently Tobias Funke and a band of never-nudes are now women's fashion moguls
went Tobias Funke to Mia Wallace real quick
Tobias funke is a discipline daddy.
Netflix just gave me the list of shows watched by Tobias Funke
Til tobias funke is an albino black man.
good to see Tobias Funke has a new revenue stream...
i just wrote mixed and mastered a 30 second song in the last two hours, I sampled Tobias Funke check it out
Just looking at the title, The Best of Tobias Funke, makes me cringe and laugh.
that is a good show, you're just like Tobias Funke
Tobias Funke with hair plugs looks like Tommy Wiseau
I failed so hard trying to replace the water cooler at work today I felt like Tobias Funke
Take the good with the bad . . 1. Smashed phone . 2. Finally succumbed to the flu. 3. My Tobias Funke earrings arrived when I got home early
Tobias Funke with only 2 goalie starts this week. Most teams have 3-4. He has 4 next week if he survives this one.
Tobias Funke PlushieI think I just blue myself with excitement.
"I love your laptop sticker, is that Gandhi?". "Oh no... it's Tobias Funke."
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
>2015>No Tobias Funke stealth game. Why do devs waste their time?
still don't know how Tobias Funke was not in this
announcers are the Tobias Funke of sports announcing. Get yourselves a tape recorder and record yourselves for a whole hour...
The never nude Tobias Funke...also know as the worlds first 'analrapist'.
“Leaving a friend's house the next day Tobias Funke
you are the Tobias Funke of your family
I'm wearing a bright blue, noxious smelling oil on my face all in the name of beauty. Can't help but realize I look like Tobias Funke.
This awesomeness reminded me of Tobias 'Glitter Queen' Funke in
Can't hear the title Catch Me Daddy without thinking of Tobias Funke.
Has anyone else had Netflix suggesting films based on Tobias Funke's viewing habits?
Buy this Print for Charity! 5x7 Tobias Funke inspired print at Staple
Tobias Funke is the best character ever
Arrested Development is so slept on its the best show ever bc 1. Michael Cera 2. Tobias funkë 3. Banana stand
As the great analrapist Tobias Funke once said, 'Somewhere over the rainbow, there's another rainbow.'
there is also a shirtless guy in full on Tobias Funke style cut-off jean short-shorts standing on top of the rim [1:25]
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Tobias Funke's wooblock prodigy strives to be great. :
A wooblock prodigy strives to be great-Tobias Funke's via
whoa would make such a good Tobias Funke! Cosplay, Go!
I posted this a year ago and I'm posting it again today. Tobias Funke is a legend. via
Tobias Funke is one of the funniest tv characters of all time man.
"This sounds like something Tobias Funke would say." This whole exchange made my day
This sounds like something Tobias Funke would say.
Tobias Funke doppelganger spotted in the library
YES AND! YES AND! YES AND! (I can’t find a gif of Tobias Funke saying this but he does)
I've said it before and I'll say it again: why do Musial Theatre people emote as if they're Tobias Funke when they sing
I always wanna name my not-gonna-happen child Tobias after Tobias Funke.
Is this a movement being promoted by Dr Tobias Funke?
The hashtag has to be my favorite Tobias Funke joke. Wait... it's real? Do they know??
With the hairplugs Travolta is just a Fantastic 4 musical away from being Tobias Funke.
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