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Tobacco Road

Tobacco Road refers to the tobacco-producing area of North Carolina and is often used when referring to sports (particularly basketball) played among rival North Carolina universities.

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FATAL ACCIDENT: Units are on the scene of a Fatal Accident at Port Tobacco Road and Blossom Point Road in Charles...
WaPo clearly hasn't been to Tobacco Road recently
This is the year the boyfriend is discovering that March Madness is serious biz. Born on Tobacco Road, went to KU.
and are set to get it on tonight, but it doesn't seem right having it in Brooklyn as opposed to Tobacco Road.
You know, when you a born and raised on Tobacco Road these are the days you live for. Tradition!
Tobacco Road rivalry Duke UNC never gets old wonder how many of these I've seen over the Years? now that they ruined the big East
Ran into a couple of old friends from Tobacco Road in Brooklyn
From Tobacco Road to Flatbush Avenue: and take center stage in Brooklyn
As a hoop fan as well as 🐑, hope brings some of his versatility to Tobacco Road
No better time of year and place to be in the country than in the heart of it all. Love Tobacco Road and March Madn…
Duke Carolina part 3 tonight. Doesn't happen often. Should be on Tobacco Road.
Yo my man I know it's way in your rear view by now, but Tobacco Road is my favorite album of all time. Thanks for the therapy sir
any news on what's happened on Commercial Road by Tobacco Wharf? Two police cars and area cordoned off..
I should be asleep. But no, I'm watching documentaries on Tobacco Road and the rivalries between UNC, Duke, Wake Forest and NC State.
So we just have to beat a team that can't play away from home and own Tobacco Road again. We got this.
apparently the double standard is alive and well on Tobacco Road.
Tobacco Road in Brooklyn does not seem right. Duke Snider not Blue Devils.
and old man from Syracuse doesn't want tourney back on tobacco road
NEW YORK -- Although the Duke-North Carolina rivalry will be played 500 miles from To... via
Yeah we going need to get that win tomorrow vs that other team from down tobacco road.…
Can't wait to watch UNC take on Duke in the ACC Championship game tomorrow night in the legendary Tobacco Road town of Brooklyn.
Tar Heels get revenge! . No. 5 North Carolina takes the win over No. 17 Duke to claim Tobacco Road bragging rights.
It's about to be a long 10 mile trip down Tobacco Road back to Cameron Indoor! 😂😂😂. Tar Heels all day baby 👣👣👣
Yep. Almost a dozen small college games today in addition to four Tobacco Road games. Batten down the hatches.
are you not familiar with Tobacco Road? I say Nelly will be there in like 7 years. Along with the Ying Yang Twins
I'm a little late. John D. Loudermilk, writer of one of my fav garage nuggets 'Tobacco Road' among many others.
John D. Loudermilk, 'Tobacco Road' songwriter, dies at 82: John D. Loudermilk, a singer and songwriter who wrote..
John D. Loudermilk, Nashville songwriter of ‘Tobacco Road,’ dies at 82
RIP John D. Loudermilk, who wrote 'Tobacco Road' and 'Indian Reservation.' Paul Revere & the Raiders
Hey, now that Syracuse is part of Tobacco Road, gotta recruit Gas-town.
A state known for Tobacco Road and the Tar Heel-Blue Devil rivalry could soon be known as a Seahawk state. http…
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The upstate boys showing Tobacco Road how to play lax.
"Presec to Legon dierr you shouldn't have written could have just crossed the road"
Purple Rain tribute to Prince performance by Tobacco Road at Knuckleheads
My friend lives on Tobacco Road in North Carolina. Another friend lives on Stab You in the Face Lane in New Jersey. I need new friends.
Crazy the Jets have rookies from all of the schools on Tobacco Road
bbc6music is now listening to Lost Tobacco Road by Men Of North Country
Common Market - Tobacco Road on GH2 efX Radio the home of underground Rap/HipHop 24/7/365 (GH2R efX)
Tobacco Road - Live by Edgar Winter's White Trash. riding for daddy ♫
James represented at our Open House last night! He creates the fabulous Tobacco Road products, including...
Following a "wine-dy" road, a family farm that began growing tobacco in the 1950s continues to reinvent...
UNC & Duke love to one-up each other. Should UNC win, it would be the 3rd time Tobacco Road won back-to-back titles.
Even Clark Kellogg doesn't understand how some of the NC talent gets out of Tobacco Road, I've been wondering that for years lol
Bring it on Tobacco Road half marathon!
Grayson Allen is a *** poor representation of Tobacco Road basketball.
Coach K discusses beginning of Tobacco Road rivalries via
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Here's the story from Wake, where Mike Brey openly admitted that Notre Dame likes Tobacco Road
posted in Durham at Tobacco Road pull up beatdown for a Christmas stretch of the arms Aye, t-claps for Q
Check out take on a Tobacco Road rivalry game. Big deal for one of the teams.
Norwegian Escape Drinking at Sea: Pitbull, Tobacco Road, Bar Lab, and Wynwood Brewing: With 18 decks and capacity…
Marcus Paige (via asks for GameDay. Nolan Smith provides proof Duke (likely) got jobbed. Tobacco Road, y'all
I really wish Carolina would just play some Big 10 or Big 12 games.Nothing exciting about playing Tobacco Road
Our went 1 on 1 with this afternoon to talk about Hoops, & Tobacco Road memories.
Rocknrollergr is now playing: Eric Burdon & War - Tobacco Road .
I met you once at Tobacco Road, my friend was "telling" you all about the HOKIES, he had no clue who you were, I was dying
Why are you still smoking?! Quit now & start vaping! No tobacco and no tar! Visit us at 8 Yardley Road, Acocks Green, BIRMINGHAM B27 6EB
Alabaster craft fans: be one of the 1st to enjoy a pint of Tobacco Road. Now on tap at Champy's.
Tobacco Road has a show on 08/22/2015 at 09:00 PM @ Knuckleheads Bar in Pittsburgh, PA
unfortunately, some morons on the show have turned into Tobacco Road!
Playing Pinehurst # 2 and Dormie, one more round, Mid Pines or Tobacco Road?
The full JDN line up here at Tobacco Road
Hanging out by the fountain on Tobacco Road! GMS takes over Durham Bulls!
Tobacco Road is a killer golf course. Beautiful, but it messes with your head so much
If you want some of this sick JDN Swag you better get down to Tobacco Road
Awesome shot from Tobacco Road when MDO set the record Straight!!
Juan & Matt at The House of JDN Tobacco Road! See you soon
Great meal in some obscure off road Penn town, Greek of all things, (except for the 'Tobacco Worm' looking thing) (I left it)
Link actually has three different versions of Tobacco Road!
Two weeks until Carolina Football! Where will you be?. Join us at Tobacco Road Sports Cafe for the season opening...
stand by the road and flash a tow truck. Probably a creepy 50 yr old wit a beard and smells of tobacco. But he'll have cables
Tobacco Road Backblast is live here:. Strong Q by
A hearty breakfast of eggs, grits and country ham to get us started before playing Tobacco Road this…
You just missed - TOBACCO ROAD | Tune in now 50s Thru 80s 4 Decades of My Faves
"Left me here to die or grow In the middle of Tobacco Road..".
I like the Ascent for home and the classic for on the road. I plan on loading tobacco in the cans.
I think eventually beating the Tobacco Road crew for elite kids will need to be part of this program's growth.
I'm glad S K-J decided on UK and not one of the Tobacco Road bluebloods.
campaigns will be won and lost on Tobacco Road
Come and meet Jo-Jo at Harefield Road today. One of our tobacco sniffer dogs
Tobacco Road, The Stage and now Fox's Lounge. Party 1 last time at a Miami Legend. Saturday July…
A thing I like about War Horse is the John Ford influence on village scenes. Specifically How Green Was My Valley, but also Tobacco Road.
The debacles over the NYT description of Rubio's truck & boat explain why Jayson Blair describing WV as Tobacco Road sailed past editors
The Iconic 1st hole as seen from 9 green @ Tobacco Road Golf Club
hey day on tobacco road dean smith, j. Valvono, and lefty driszell
Photo: It’s funny but the Tobacco Road rivalry is one that gets in your blood. This captain for the sky...
As we remember Coach Dean Smith, I remember HBO's documentary 'Battle for Tobacco Road". The best on the Duke -UNC rivalry.
Yes we have Chip! Hopefully these days it's a road less traveled! We're still a long way from Tobacco Road!
Tobacco kills more people than AIDS, legal AND ILLEGAL drugs, road accidents, murder, and suicide combined.
Tobacco Road Bluegrass as played on February 8, 2015 at 8pm est on the bluegrassmix. Thanks to all listeners and...
Growing up on Tobacco Road, Dean Smith was our idol. Nowadays, so many years later, he still is. Love to all who miss him
RIP Billy Casper / Coach Dean Smith... An Ambassador of the fairways / An Ambassador for thousands of young men - on & beyond Tobacco Road
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Tobacco Road Bluegrass coming up at 8pm EST. Not to worry about all the Grammy hype as you can listen to some of...
Hear Dan Seals sing "Tobacco Road" and "Kansas City" in this 1985 concert from Knoxville.
Sad day on Tobacco Road with the loss of coach RIP to a legendary coach and good man.
Tobacco Road Will never be the same.
oh that's awesome! I work at Tobacco Road and I don't even golf 😂😭😭
Loss of a Legend! Coach you will be missed on Tobacco Road and in the hearts of all basketball fans!
Are we back on Tobacco road or something??
RIP Dean Smith. Tobacco Road will never be the same again. One of the best on court and off.
RIP to the Dean of Tobacco Road basketball and the ACC!
For a sports-minded kid growing up on Tobacco Road there was no greater hero/idol than Dean Smith. Oh the memories...Builder
RIP Dean Smith. All of Tobacco Road is saddened today
RIP Dean Smith. I loved watching your teams down on Tobacco Road.
RIP Coach Smith. This is a gut punch to anyone who grew up near Tobacco Road.
Everett Case laid the foundation for basketball on Tobacco Road then Dean Smith built upon that foundation.
Dean Smith was a humble, pioneer who broke several ranks w/ Charlie Scott and other recruits to Tobacco Road. He was different and it showed
best clips from HBO's Tobacco Road: via
Unless you grew up in NC in late 70s, 80s it's hard to know how big Tobacco Road basketball was. RIP Dean Smith. True gentleman + coach.
tks for the tribute. For us who grew up on Tobacco Road, hard to imagine another like him. His passion & humility!
It's a sad day on Tobacco Road whether you root for Duke, NCSU, Wake, or UNC.
Thank you for the memories, Coach Smith. Your neighbors on Tobacco Road will never forget you.
All of Tobacco Road will mourn the loss of Coach Smith. RIP Dean Smith.
With 5 weeks to go before The Tobacco Road Marathon. I decided to do my 20 mile run along part of the course. Pick…
It's a sad day on Tobacco Road. NC basketball family was created by Coach Smith
RIP Dean in a million person and coach..a pillar in turning Tobacco Road into the new basketball Mecca
I grew up in the heart of Tobacco Road, sad to hear of the passing of Dean Smith, truly one of the all-time great leaders in sports. RIP
A true legend left us today. ACC basketball and Tobacco Road basketball wouldn't be what it is today without you!
It's a sad day for CBB, tobacco road and Here's on Dean Smith's passing
Sad day on tobacco road...Coach Dean Smith epitomizes everything a coach at any level should be. RIP
Rest in Peace to a true legend of Sport. It doesn't matter what team you root for on "Tobacco Road,"…
I grew up on the tobacco road rivalry. & let me tell you. Dean smith is a LEGEND. It's a sad day for college basketball as a whole. RIP
There is not a single cloud in the Carolina blue sky today here on Tobacco Road. RIP Dean Smith
Hopefully HBO will rerun soon it's documentary on the UNC-Duke basketball rivalry "The Battle for Tobacco Road" RIP Dean Smith
From both sides of Tobacco Road and all over, the basketball world pays tribute to Dean Smith: ht…
A sad day for Tobacco Road, the sports world and people everywhere touched by the legendary Dean Smith. The sky is fitting…
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue: Legend Edition. Miles Davis - Porgy and Bess. Lou Rawls - Black and Blue/Tobacco Road
Slip-n-slide coming to Glenwood Ave on Sat 5/2. Starts at Tobacco Road, down to Armadillo Grill.
Winter's best song is "Tobacco Road" Why that doesn't make the countdown or gets regular airplay, I'll never understand.
I still think the should move to Durham/Raleigh. We appreciate the game of basketball a lot more on Tobacco Road
Eric Burdon & War - Tobacco Road (Beat Club 1970 - Full Version HQ) "I was born in a dump my mother died my daddy got drunk they Left me here to die or grow ...
Common Market - Tobacco Road on Urab3AT-FM Intl. home of Undergroud Rap b3ATS 24/7.
Here is the playlist from Tobacco Road Bluegrass as played on Friday, 11/28/14 on the bluegrassmix. Thanks so...
"You're going to turn on county road 479 by the tobacco store and you'll see us by the white fence on the left." -Mom . Obviously not in ATL
Charlotte is so nice In December. Gotta love Tobacco Road!
It's like Tobacco Road and all the ugly cousins up in this airport
Last call for legendary bar Tobacco Road
Here's your Daily Times for Sunday, Nov. 30: Tobacco Road leads to Delco for cheaper cigarette prices
amount of tax we pay on alcohol, tobacco, plus petrol, road tax, vat, then income tax, we all pay tax, Penalise who?
Tobacco Road leads to Delco: The impetus for their exodus from the City of Brotherly Love's tobacco stores is ...
East Carolina: Best team in North Carolina. That's not an insult, but it will be when every Tobacco Road team entry is "see East Carolina"
The Iron Bowl is cool and all but the Tobacco Road Rivalry is still the best in all of college sports
the Triangle area fan club meets for games at Tobacco Road Sports Cafe on Glenwood, downtown.
Talk about a topsy turvy year in Tobacco Road.UNC spanks Duke last week and then turns around and gets...
Big rivalry game on Tobacco Road today. We're watching the game at
It's close to Winter now but you need to play Royal New Kent in the Spring. Tobacco Road's cousin.
OSU vs. UM is a good rivalry, but there is no better rivalry in all of sports than on Tobacco Road. North Carolina vs. Duke. 🐏🏀😉
We're on our way to see the Gamecocks play! Come on by Tobacco Road Sports Cafe at 12pm. Go Gamecocks!
the acc will always have halfhearted efforts from some schools (Tobacco Road, looking in your direction)
It's Carolina/Clemson Day! We'll be at Tobacco Road Sports Cafe at 12pm. Bring the entire family but please remember no Clemson fans.
Don't forget Tobacco Road are playing live in the bar at The Cunliffe, Borras tonight from 9.30pm
what a sad ending. We'll get 'em tomorrow on Tobacco Road.
Tobacco Road Bluegrass will be live tonight beginning at 8:00 pm est on I hope you will...
Just registered for the Tobacco Road Half Marathon. Anyone wanna join me?
Clemson game tomorrow. Bring your family and yourself to Tobacco Road Sports Cafe on Glenwood Ave. Kickoff at...
I have a membership at the Y on tobacco road
Tobacco Road Bluegrass will be on live tonight beginning at 8p est on Hope you will join me!
Taxi driver dropping me on Edgware Road: "you're not going to smoke that funny stuff they smoke are u?" Me: "mate its jus flavoured tobacco"
Get $15 off the Tobacco Road Marathon or Half TODAY! Click here and enter TMRBLACKFRIDAY.
Edgar Winter stretches out on a 16-minute version of "Tobacco Road" with this band White Trash in this 1971 concert.
Oh, and don't forget, Swofford and Tobacco Road all wanted UConn. Also, Papa John's ***
Miami's Oldest Bar Last Call at Tobacco Road this weekend. NORML of Florida will be there...
Tobacco Road, Miami's oldest bar, to open in new location - South Florida Business Journal
So ... who from my area actually knows that 'they' are building a new Walmart Neighborhood Market at the intersection of Windsor Sping and Tobacco Road, in the corner behind the existing Rite Aid, Sonic, and Pizza Hut .?
I have had so many old friends send me photos and tag me in the Tobacco Road closing story- we are definitely connected and I will miss her! That was the place for me to mark many milestones when I lived in South Florida: work hangout, bachelorette parties , divorce parties, and of course -the place to find new boyfriends who knew what the Blues are all about ! My Heaven would have to include Tobacco Road ..hope to see you again there.
That one needs to also include Ward Bond flipping over the car in Tobacco Road
However, FDA draft regulations are not as middle of the road as he states. products should NOT be classified as tobacco products.
Glad to play my part today protecting the camera during our Nat Sherman photo shoot down Tobacco Road…
Catch me live this Friday at Tobacco Road!
Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane; Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder; Tobacco Road by Erskine Caldwell 😭❤️📖
Don't forget to register for the Georgia game viewing party at Tobacco Road Sports Cafe this weekend. Kickoff at...
Question 1: After being accused of stealing the riff from Jean Jeanie, the writers of which Sweet song said it was inspired by Tobacco Road?
Look who popped by today to check out the Cocktail Collection at Tobacco Road! Check out the segment airing...
Tobacco Road this saturday on the patio 10pm. Come on out.
Great day for a field trip down Tobacco Road for a Nat Sherman photo shoot. The shoes make the…
But we're not rolling down Tobacco Road.
It's Georgia week! We know many of you will be in Columbia for the game, but come to Tobacco Road Sports Cafe to...
I went to merantes down the road to chew some tobacco I'll be back in 15 I have 12:20 class
check out my book miracle from tobacco road at also at amazon and Barnes and Noble just waiting
TOBACCO ROAD - the move would hurt family farms and make it harder for young people to learn farming skills ( Karl Marx )
You gonna try and head down here for the Tobacco Road games?
and perhaps North Carolina if its at Tobacco Road (?)
A2: or maybe the compression sleeves from Tobacco Road half. maybe I've gotten a lot of cool stuff
no he did about five songs including Tobacco Road and some others.
Getting things lined up for a great evening of bluegrass music on Tobacco Road Bluegrass at Jo…
Something like tobacco road,. Living on a lonely road.
with a 64 today at Tobacco Road. Get after it Jake!!!
The only time I have any desire to chew tobacco is when the firemen are standing in the middle of the road shaking their boots at me.
New Mexico is working to stop tobacco use among people with disabilities. We'll be on the road doing trainings and outre…
It's all out football season at Tobacco Road 👌
Looks like Tobacco Road is the move for the Bengals game
Meanwhile on the red side of Tobacco Road.
After the new tobacco road and where can you find the most affordable housing?
I hate people chewing tobacco and spitting on the road feel like boxing them in the mouth..
Also already over the Carolina/Duke/NCSU hype bc 1. Ew 2. Happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR 3. I reside in the heart of Tobacco Road.
Tarheel born, Tarheel breed, Tarheel til day I'm dead. Pleased to see all 4 tobacco road teams get a W today. And Va Tech.
true, I was speaking more to the rarity that all 3 Tobacco Road schools were 2-0.
I jinxed it. SDSU is choking all over Tobacco Road.
though with a VT win in the shoe that would cover a whole lot of ugly here on Tobacco Road
The air is less humid and crisp and I can already smell the smoking tobacco barns a couple miles down the road. FALL IS ALMOST HERE YALL
If only we could buy cheap UK road tax discs in Andorra as easily as duty free tobacco.
reads to me like Erskine Caldwell striving for "rich lady comes to Tobacco Road."
What a wonderful life we have!! Went downtown to a quilt show where my sister-in-law, Joanna George won an award and Colleen Anna put on a demonstration. Lunch at Tobacco Road House by the ball park(great burgers) then later to Goodberry"s for ice cream and a car show. Goodnight Friends!!
Attention Producers interested in entering the First Annual Boom Box Beat Battle. Hosted by Brain Kave/Govarmynt Officials & Padlock Party. With judges DJ Eclipse(Non-Phixion/Fat Beats), Joe Milly(WuBlock), Dox Boogie, K-Def & A Extra Special Guest Judge, get at myself, DV TheGeneral or Rob Lottabarz to register for the battle. There is a small registration fee. Winner gets official Remix and Single from Surprise Artist, radio interview, placement, sound packages, digital distribution & more. Battle is at Tobacco Road in the heart of Times Square, on Saturday Sept. 27th. Producers get at us. Major opportunities. Placement and more.
Y'all go apply to Bilo on tobacco road
I've made some major *** baby steps on my road to quiting tobacco *pats back*
True. I used to like baseball more when I was younger. Never lost my love of college basketball and football. Tobacco Road.
Getting outside seating at Tobacco Road on game day >>>
Driving used to be a trigger for Jason, but he's chewing gum instead of tobacco on this road trip!
When work sends you to Durham to deliver pasta at Tobacco Road after end up havin a beer…
smokin this tobacco on the stoop before I hit the road
Tobacco Road Bluegrass tonite beginning at 8pm edt...3 hours of great bluegrass music on Hope you'll join me...TGIF
What does a fun marathon look like? Check out this video from the 2014 Tobacco Road Marathon.
Ironic. Stompin' Tom's song "Tillsonburg" is about my hometown. He worked at tobacco farm up the road. Blogging that next week.
The Tobacco Road, in NC. Flat, fast, and beautiful (but I have only attempted the half so far).
"done directions" Opposite Mastermind Tobacco On M.Road. 1km from Nation printers on the left.
Gov't has tough road ahead in suit against tobacco companies: Expert: Korea's national health insurer has gone...
Coming up later: Tobacco Road - Nashville Teens, no. 6 this week in 1964
Tobacco Road 👫🍹⚾️ first time here ! I definitely enjoyed myself w him if course ❤️ mister_wavvy
SRSLY I need to go to this place. TOBACCO - Pool City, McKnight Road:
Tobacco Road is still rocking til 5am!
Well on the road to being tobacco free. So that's cool atleast
Tobacco Industry is a road map of the regulations relating to all tobacco products in Indonesia.
Don Sha & the Lalibela band ft. special guest Natty Remo at the legendary Tobacco Road for Reggae Fall…
JDN in the house at Tobacco Road releasing the JOYA RED
Where are my friends? I want some ribs from tobacco road house...!
Tory liars claim 2.5 million people "have been taken out of tax". Hmm. Don't they pay VAT, NI, road tax, duty on petrol, alcohol or tobacco?
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Carolinas is off to a fast start in '15 with the help of Dom Delfino & Tobacco Road CIO
Why not register for the 2015 Tobacco Road Marathon or half-marathon now before the price goes up on Sept. 1?
Check out the medal you'll earn when you finish 2015 Tobacco Road Marathon! Register today!
You know they are picking tobacco when the leaves are all over your road!!
What bartender at Tobacco Road should we call out for the Ice Bucket Challenge? Go!
djchantilly is playing Edgar Winter - Tobacco Road
Ava Gardner ... What a European temptress, however born on Tobacco Road in NC. I met her briefly in
Seen Nolan Smith leaving Tobacco Road the other day. But he not famous though. I'm famous.
Johnny Winter RIP - At 12:30 today (in about 2 hours, 10 min) I will play the 10 minute version of Tobacco Road on
Anyone know a Rome that lived on tobacco road
Can't wait to hear about travels! Young pros, join us at Tobacco Road downtown for lunch @ 12:
Working at Rue until 1 am > Working at Tobacco Road until 1 am
I would have went with Nashville Trees' song "Tobacco Road" just to stick it to the Surgeon General. But that's just me.
What are these hillbillies smoking on Tobacco Road
Trivia Reminder: Tobacco Road @ Weekly from 7:30pm to 9:30pm on Wednesday (Trivia in the Triangle (Raleigh)) (
Protecting Vehicles on the Road. Take tobacco pray on it, first hold it over your vehicle, ask that if there are...
Tonight!!! Winedown Wednesday at Tobacco Road with the best in Hip-Hop Funk and Soul by DJ Ghost Rider and...
Beautiful tobacco fields on both sides of the road. Yes I'm in norfolk!
Back to back non stop shows all week! July 10th at and July 11th at Tobacco Road with…
Tobacco Road Nashville Teens64: 'cause it's home the only life I've ever known
Three punters from Tobacco Road on Ray Guy watchlist (from Duke, State and UNC). Wake has the best punter, though.
My tobacco pouch just flew into the middle of Norwich Road and got run over by 3 cars...
ACC basketball: Former Big East heavyweights give Tobacco Road new - The ACC looks a bit different with the...
Great Job @ tobacco road challenge. Next battle at the boro.
It's on in and an hour and a half get there! TOBACCO ROAD 344 41st street ny, ny. WHO WANTS TO…
This Friday you could catch me with & at Tobacco Road in Times Sq!
Tobacco Road Sports Cafe on Waiters/waitresses become aloof if there is a large group. Asking for beers three…
S/o To Mark Ostrander Jr, Mark got a write up from this passed weekend Tobacco Road Showdown…
Check out the latest GMR Report on the Tobacco Road Showdown -->
Pretty sure he called a tobacco road guy, but it was the one dancing like a fool after his $90 million contract extension.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
You should do a take on Tobacco Road Golf - I have used them twice in Pinehurst and best deal going.
Louisville hoping to pull Ingram off Tobacco Road - The Courier
Louisville hoping to pull Brandon Ingram off Tobacco Road
Louisville hoping to pull Ingram off Tobacco Road
Drinking a couple 🍻's at Tobacco Road with watching and play some ⚾️ 😊😊😊
on the deck at Tobacco Road for the bulls game on expense account. not a bad Tuesday!
Come out to Generation Now tonight we want you there . . 2117 Tobacco Road at 7 p.m
Y'all come join us this Saturday night with CrewsN Myles and Tobacco Road Band at High Dive in…
Got a good buddy who lives in Charlotte. Got to drag him out here someday to taste how you put Tobacco Road into
Let's take a stroll deep into the heart of Tobacco Road for today's Player Haterz Ball and visit Chapel Hill.
Tobacco Road : Obstruction on the road at Raintree Drive -
Traveled that Tobacco Road last night. It was a set to remember. Thank u to everyone that came…
Regulation based on science has worked for road safety and tobacco control. Why not for obesity?
MONSANTO and the likes do not want to go down the road the Tobacco industries took! WE WOULD SUE THEM TO ***
GUYS! go follow and come out to tobacco road in miami this friday to see them live :) and yes i'll be there !
Switching to on cigarette ad Dirt Road. He only mentions smoking but all is fair in love & tobacco wars...
"Bout to hit Tobacco Road, me and hit the stage tonight!!" Have a great show!
D.J. And Kris peppered Tobacco Road during BP -- DBAP is a fun spot to watch right-handed power and they had it!
Bout to hit Tobacco Road, me and Mic Handz hit the stage tonight!!
Road to Recovery: Effects of Alcohol and Tobacco Use at
Sign the petition to designate Tobacco Road as a historic landmark now!. You can wonder why it isn't already one later.
That comes out to $26K a minute. She's ready for Tobacco Road now.
I was just on tobacco road why my mommy ain't hit me up then 😫😫😫 she does the most .
Check out our latest FB page recommendation: and the Save Tobacco Road petition too. Worth a "Like".
Rain or Shine. TOBACCO ROAD Tonite from 5-8pm. The Goat will serving up tasty snacks & Mike will be passing out the cold brews & stogies
Wish I was at Tobacco Road watching the Bulls game, but my *** signed up for an extra night of work...
Just a little layover on Tobacco Road. Unfortunately Coach K is in Chicago. Next stop: Orlando.
Photos by Aaron Canipe of tobacco farmers, churchgoers, and signs of rapid growth along North Carolina’s Tobacco Road
Things That You Shouldn't Say to Help Grow Soccer's Popularity in the USA? - Tobacco Road Rivalries
Have just popped into this shop to buy some pipe tobacco. Much friendlier staff than the Davidoff shop up the road.10/10 Thanks
Nice! Tobacco road beauty prefers to smoke ***
Had to convince him to have a 2nd beer smh lol "At the tobacco road cafe with
Im at Tobacco Road. NYC. 354 West 41st. My NYC ppl should come thru!
One of my passions is and I just found this shot on an old roll of film I had processed last...
Heard differing reports about Tobacco Road. Some say its a must visit, others not so sure. Thoughts?
We'll have the AB Connecticut & other Alec Bradley Cigars at Tobacco Road, in Barnegat, NJ on Monday!! :-)
I love those old b & w movies. When I had Net-flix I watched one called Tobacco Road.
Everybody talkin bout summer jam but not for nothin if you were at Tobacco Road on sat, you know how the air was electric. Hip Hop was thriving and strong that night. Those in attendance know the deal and I ain't biased...I went to bed 8am the nxt morn grinning. It didn't feel uphill and our only profit was strengthening our reps
This band was before my time and I am not that big a fan of them but the Tobacco Road (Remix) by Paul Revere & The Raiders (Featuring Mark Lindsay) From the ...
Had a great time in Key Largo at Bayside Grill! Tonight we are at BB Kings in West Palm Beach at 730! Tomorrow, Miami at Tobacco Road! And finally, Sunday in Sebastian Beach at Earl Fest! It's been a great tour but I'm happy to be going home, even if it does mean continued chemo...UGH. But I KNOW it's working! I KNOW it's working! We play in Escondido at Deborah Scott's Vintana Restaurant on May 29, 6:00 - 9 pm and just added!! Opening for my friend, Jimmie Vaughan June 8 at the Coach house in San Juan Capistrano and June 13th in Huntington Beach at Don the Beachcomber! Also working on shows in Kansas City, St. Lou and Omaha w my friend Dave Alvin and Philip Joseph Alvin!
It feels like summertime, Lemonade and Coronas with lime. Party all day long good times. It feels like summertime. Thank you to all the venues that support original live local music. Thank you to all the bands and artists that will rock these summertime festivals. Most of all thank you. The 2nd Annual Ft.Lauderdale Electronic Music & Animation festival "Altered Fest" Saturday May 31st, 2014 • Big Kahuna (inside Beach Place) Ft. Lauderdale Beach Miami Downtown Music Festival at Will Call Miami • Friday June 13th, 2014.Summer Jam 7 @ The Hard Rock Cafe Miami • Saturday June 21st, 2014. 2nd Annual Master Blaster at The world famous Tobacco Road • Friday June 27th, 2014.
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