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Tito Sotto

Vicente Tito Castelo Sotto III (born August 24, 1948) is an actor, musician, television personality, and politician in the Philippines.

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I still can't get over how beautiful Tito Sotto's Wife in person 😍😍
SONA.Heart-to-heart, balls-to-balls truthful talk. He came to clean the gutter; expect him to be as neat as those who m…
We dont know wat authorities are doing about it po. Its their secret po
If authorities know about it, are they doing anything to prevent any attack happening? .
In photos: Sen at the session, July 25, 2017 -
Tito Sotto has no business to be in the Senate.
Sen. Tito Sotto said he's satisfied with Pres. Duterte's report to the nation.
Usually comedians are intelligent, but Tito Sotto is neither funny nor smart.
.and former Sen. Angara at the Senate opening
Because any Senado that has morons like Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao is in it is not "Marangal." More like hangal.
Memorable And Cringe-Worthy Quotes From Tito Sotto. What a stupid man he is
Sen. Tito Sotto said he received intel that terrorists had planned to attack schools in Zamboanga and Jolo.
Yup! I'm constantly following it up. Best alternative.
We're still wondering why he's in the Senate. .
if you demand a public apology from God for letting Tito Sotto exist
Duterte. Tito Sotto. Erap. Enrile. Imee Marcos . Bong Bong Marcos. LTFRB . Where's the Death Note when you need one?
Sen. also joined a meeting of top Congress le…
Today might be the last day in Broadway. Too bad Tito Sotto is not around today due to the Joint Session.
In photos: Sen. at the special joint session of Congress - with
Sen. also joined a meeting of top Congres…
Sen Tito Sotto moves to adopt Reso for Both Houses 10 calling for martial law extension in whole of Mindanao
Sen. Tito Sotto expects joint session on martial law extension to end at 4 p.m.
Others in the mtg are House Majo Leader Rudy Fariñas, House Mino Leader Danilo Suarez, Senate Majo L…
Tito Sen Vic Sotto Allan K and JDL in the panel
Senate Majority Leader says they cannot amend voting rules in resolving martial law via joint session. | via
Can we say the same for Tito Sotto, ex Sen. Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada, and other actor politicians?
I wish we have more politically-active celebrities to stir public opin-. Tito Sotto. Manny Pacquaio. Cesar Montano. Mocha Uson. Ay. Ekis.
"You're stuck in a room with Juan Ponce Enrile and Tito Sotto. You have a gun with only one bullet. What do you do?" http…
Tito Sotto, I caught a glimpse of Eat Bulaga today, and Wally Bayola has crossdressed once again which is against your values. Tae ka.
Its so *** hard to be a VST & Co fan when the members are Vic and Tito Sotto 🙃🙂🙃🙂
Gina Lopez was rejected as DENR Secretary by the CA. Meanwhile, we have Tito Sotto for a senator. Good Lord bless my coun…
I wonder what Sen. Tito Sotto calls his bro, Vic, who has 4 children from 3 diff women and is now married to Pauleen L…
Open letter to Tito Sotto from a daughter of via
Please remind me again why Tito Sotto is a Senator.. I keep forgetting! 💣
To be clear Tito Sotto "only" threatened her with a gun so she would drop charges. Si Vic Sotto at Joey De Leon yu…
DO NOT FORGET what they did to Pepsi Paloma. Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon, Richie, and Tito Sotto.
Suddenly thought of why did Helen Gamboa chose to stay with Tito Sotto instead of being a single mom? She might not see this coming. Sad.
i pity Ms. Helen Gamboa. why Tito Sotto of all people. whyy..
Idc about Tito Sotto this time and his "NA-ANO LANG" sht. I wanna hear more about Tita Helen Gamboa's thoughts. Tsk 😌😌
Tito Sotto should know that being "na-ano lang" is better than having a sexist man like him as a husband. Helen Gamboa must be ashamed.
Hands down to Ms. Helen Gamboa for keeping up with Tito Sotto throughout the years. Iba din.
Correction: raped by Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon, and Ritchie the Horsie. Tito Sotto saved t…
Wishing you the happiest birthday EB, 🎂🎉🎈 hope you enjoy the rest of your day tito Vic Sotto!
Obvious ba? says can't be blamed for suspecting certain politikos want him ousted.
Tito Sotto says more than half of Filipino drivers are stupid. To w/c Filipino drivers replied, “More than half of sena…
Of course they're just following the lead of head monkey Tito Sotto. Assisted by his little monkey Pacquiao. Tsk.
With and fellow senators and Tito Sotto here at http…
Senate majority leader Tito Sotto says it was just a fellowship dinner; no official talk about issues. Federalism mentioned only in passing
I really don't know why Tito Sotto is a Senator.
Only in the Philippines. Claims to be a "Pro-Life" but filed a bill for the restoration of death penalty. Btw, I'm…
Pro death penalty Sen. says his bill is not anti-poor,limited only to high level drug trafficking/manufacturing
Sen. Tito Sotto says he will limit the imposition of the death penalty to high level drug trafficking and manufacturing
Senator Tito Sotto: Senate Bill No. 4 will be limited to high-level drug trafficking and manufacturing | LIVE
Sen. Tito Sotto says the death penalty bill has "50-50" chance but has better chances if focused on high level drug trafficking
Sen. Tito Sotto: I want to listen to all the resource persons. They might have something new. I've been debating this bill since 1992.
Sen. Tito Sotto: I am here to listen. I want to be convinced by both sides because they might have something new.…
Death penalty revival bill authors are Senators (3 bills),
looking forward to seeing risa hontiveros drag tito sotto in the ADB plenary debates later
.Soldiers can help in drug war since PDEA's in charge.
There are still good cops in the police force -
See, Risa Hontiveros and de Lima were victims of trolls. . Tito Sotto is a plagiarizing *** who got what he deser…
Pepsi Paloma was a minor when she was drugged and raped by Vic Sotto, brother of Tito Sotto, Joey De Leon, Richie.
I can't tell if Manny Pacquiao or Tito Sotto is a better representation of everything wrong with the Philippines rn
Please! Vic Sotto is the leading man, supporting si Joey & you can be the director Sen. Tito Sotto. Si Mocha na lang si Peps…
2017 is shaping up worse than 2016. First, those dumb bills by the congress and Tito Sotto, now this?. This is sad.
(Tito Sotto was allegedly involved in the Pepsi Paloma case so what's the real crime here—giving out condoms to minors or raping them)
No, Sen. Tito Sotto. MMFF is not exclusive for indie films. MMFF is exclusive for quality Filipino films. Make a qualit…
Hi this is Tito Sotto, and you're watching the decline of civilization
People I would like to stop doing what they're doing in 2k17:. Mocha Uson. Tito Sotto. Manny Pacquiao. Blengblong. kras
According to "Copying is the highest form of flattery." Great excuse for students who are doing research.
.movie theater owners agree: 2016 MMFF ‘mishandled’.
*inhales*. tito sotto is trash. There, i said it.
Sen. Tito Sotto Opposes the Giving of Condoms to High School Students via
Logic According to Senator Tito Sotto via Love your article! :)
You can't legislate art. You can't legislate the truth.
Tito Sotto and Mocha Uson are the reasons why aliens don't want to visit us.
Dear Tito Sotto, whose interests are you really protecting, the youth or yours?.
Tito Sotto, the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Being Basura
You are what you eat. Feed them good films and they will LOVE good films. Don't dumb down the audience Tito Sotto.…
Curse you, lawmakers! . You should be paying us to look good. :) . Because we are paying you to be Tito Sotto. .
I was watching EB and then I saw Tito Sotto, changed the channel to Japan Home Shopping. lels
"Logic According to Senator Tito Sotto. What would the world be without him?". ay dw nami ni 😂
Tito Sotto looks like a movie villain and is one in real life.
Vic Sotto as Vic himself. Joey De Leon as himself. Tito Sotto as himself. Vice Ganda as Richie D'Horsie.
Because Vic Sotto's movie filled with product placement is more deserving of a spot in MMFF, eh? Amuse us more Tito Sotto.
Yes pls, let's inform people especially the fantards. And uhm yeah this will be a punch in the face of Tito Sotto a…
In a world dominated by Tito Sotto, Star Cinema, Mother Lily and choosy cinemas, be the Lino Brocka.
Tito Sotto on quality of MMFF films. If you really want "quality", then mediocre/"corny" Vic Sotto films should also be excluded 🤣
That's a harsh statement you got there Sen. Tito Sotto. St. Lino Brocka, kindly kick this man's ***
Mocha Uson joins Manny Pacquiao, Tito Sotto, Joey De Leon, Vic Sotto in the hall of people I truly hate.
All you need is one Pepsi Paloma, Tito Sotto. And that number is not minuscule.
No, Tito Sotto: Even Just ONE life taken without reason or fur process is a crime that cries out to the heavens!…
Cops' role in EJKs is overblown, claims Sen. Tito Sotto. Can't prove yet who's behind it but 6,000 body bags can prove it. 😲
aren't they relieved after Espinosa's killing?
People think Supt Marcos was reinstated after d Espinosa killing. It was before.
Tito Sotto said nothing wrong with Bato reinstating Marcos because it happened before Espinosa killing. Uhm. Why is this *** a senator?
read somewhere that they're having a senate hearing na about it. Finally!
Sen. Tito Sotto explained his bill seeking to revive the death penalty.Are you in favor of it? |…
What's with the ethics case of D5? A Senator is alleged to be a protector n violator of laws? Puede yon sa Senado?
LOOK: Sen. Tito Sotto said there's no EJK in the country. Do you agree? Get a copy of tomorrow's CDN and read the f…
Sen. Sotto visited PRO 7 & called for support on fight vs drugs as part of Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Month:
working for the company, thought that the comic troika of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon, better known . next twit
ACD PSSupt Joel Doria received an award from Sen Tito Sotto III for his commitment in the fight against IllegalDrugs
LOOK: Senator Tito Sotto leads awarding of police, gov't officials at the Police Regional Office-7 | via
Awarding ceremonies for outstanding police officials in the Police Regional Office (PRO) 7 with Majority floor lead…
Tito sen Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to you and your family.Fr.Parungao family of Laoac,Pangasinan.
Sen. Tito Sotto's advice ws right just submitt a reply & NOT PERSONALLY APPEARING in the House.
Senator Tito Sotto: If there's a complaint in the ethics committee then we will tackle it as soon as we get it |
Lawyer jumps gun on House, files ethics case vs for obstruction of justice.
Why should stand up for personal issues of JV, Joel, Leila? says he was alone in battling...
The power dressers: Pacquiao all smiles with Erap, Bongbong, Chavit, Tito Sotto
The power dressers: all smiles with Erap, Chavit,
Shame on presidency... . I wonder what the other members of have to say…
Tito Sotto thinks MMFF won't make a lot of money in the box office this year
. EB n KS created ALDUB not ur mngr
Sen. takes questions from Sen. Majority Lead on the proposed 2017 budget of the DICT
The Sotto brothers (Tito Sen and Bossing) are certified MaiChard shippers. Wish ni Tito Sen na on the way to forever sila
can I get a scholarship from U? Ever since I dream to be a lawyer but I'm lack of financial kya I'm asking favor for U...😳😳
You are wrong tito sotto! UST's the oldest university in the Phils.
Its betterfor people not to hide behind gobbledegook. Yun na lang tataa! If you have nothing better to say, quiet ka na lang.
Tito Sotto use it for years. Manny Pacquiao just bought boxes of it. Alan Cayetano is running out of stock. Miriam Santiago doesn't need it
Oh wow, this is the most sensible thing Tito Sotto has done in recent memory.
"Where there is no consent, there is a crime, plain and friggin’ simple. It is wrong, it should be criminally...
Every actual decent person should read this. You should too
"Even if I, or any woman for that matter, walk down the street completely naked, drunk as all *** and holding a...
Maybe aliens don't wanna visit us because we have Tito Sotto as a senator. 🙃
IDC about how trash Tito Sotto is, VST & Co's songs are solid huhuhu
Chloe Moretz, and Tito Sotto walk into a bar where they discuss how to furthermore bring the world into the d…
Tito Sotto, no one's asking for it by
Watching the replay of EB yesterday. Tito Sotto is really an MaiChard shipper. So cute! 😂😂😂
what I'm saying is that TITO SOTTO was sexist, and still is; don't /you/ get it?
this Is from his heart In front of Maine's parents,Senator Tito Sotto and All big bosses and ALDUB Nation watching Worldwide
have you had any encounter with Tito sotto to justify your statement
So this is the controversial remark of Sen🙄 Tito Sotto to a woman who was taken advantage by her drinking buddies.😒 ht…
Tito Sotto is the kind of guy who thinks things were better when he was young. And this is why he needs to go away.
If you agree to what Tito Sotto said on live television, tell me the names of your female friends and I'll tell them t…
Update your maps at Navteq
Tito Sotto: I only said those things on TV to protect the sanctity of marriage
dear tito sotto, manny and Duterte to gov't employees: No more 'pasyal-pasyal' |
Sen. Vicente "Tito" Sotto III has proposed a measure seeking to make the cost of drug rehabilitation affordable.
To Tito Sotto (Sorry. Senator Tito Sotto): people aren't "bashing" you. Bashing is shallow. They're calling you out on your…
Cheers to this lady whom I am proud to call a friend. I totally agree..I think it's high time we change this...
Tito sotto is stupid and so is everyone who agrees with him
I'm amazed by this plagiarist called Sen Tito Sotto's ability to be stupid. Not only did he shame a rape victim, he even defended himself 😡👿
Hi Tito Sotto! Let's have a little chat, shall we?
the MESSAGE on their, , shirt though.
Tito Sen,will u make Alden sits at the panel when Maine is in JFA?We luv their unscripted talks u know😊
Senator Honasan affirmed his support for the Senate Presidency bid of Senator Tito Sotto: https…
First time to attend mom's weekly "Kapihan sa Manila Bay", her guest today Sen. Tito Sotto. 😊
He was the first one who taught me the ropes. He will always be my manong, says Sen. Tito Sotto.
Duterte mistakes Koko for Tito Sotto, jokes about rivalry
Pls give them body guard at all times 4
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Lets Pray for der Safety God will always protect & guide dem
Pain reliever or dangerous drug? Sen. Tito Sotto wants this product tested and regulated or banned |
Hello po Tito Sen! tagged u ds post po bcoz its so dsturbng. Wlang msma if we'll take ds seriously po
Tito Sen. I forgot to tag you earlier...we can handle bashings for Alden&Maine but not this one.
Even worse than Pacquiao winning a Senate seat is the possibility of Tito Sotto becoming the next Senate President of PH. ***
Last week it was Manny Pacquaio telling us that he is fit for presidency, now it's Tito Sotto. SANTISIMA UMAYOS KAYO PLS.
Thankfully, Tito Sotto's in the Senate. If he were available, would likely appoint him chairman of the Philippine Commission on Women.
Oh hey. Tito Sotto is gonna be senator again.
Thinking of making tactical vote for Poe to stop Duterte? Reminder: Tito Sotto is running under her party for senator. Oka lang sa yo?
no doubt wholeheartedly no. 1 for Senator Tito Sotto
Rico Blanco now looks like Tito Sotto... 😧 And that's it for this weekend's useless observations
Manny Pacquiao, Alma Moreno and Tito Sotto in the senate! I dont want to live in this country anymore.
even if we don't like Pacquiao, Alma Moreno, and Tito Sotto, they are still gonna win anyway. this is Philippine politics yo…
so Grace Poe and Boots Anson Roa, Execom of MMFF, tataluhin si Tito Sotto, PLEASE.
True, have you see any single comment from them or Sen Tito Sotto, I want to think they're just playing safe?#
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So true po Senator. Maninipis mga tawag kay Pingris and his 6th foul was a huge blow!
I hope Sen. Tito Sotto will do something about these cyber bullies.
thatshould include the fouls that were not called. Pag si Pingris, lapit lang foul agad
Saw Senator Tito Sotto and he smiled at me 😊
But, Tito Sotto's daily presence in Eat Bulaga is already campaigning. Kaya sya # 1 sa survey. Nothing more!
And well if tito sotto is number 1 then I'm quite disappointed...
yes staff sa office. Give her the details of your predicament. Will see how we can help
TITO SOTTO just want to say one word to you, " KIND"and many respectable words for you .Thank you ,
ANO PO ITO?! calling the attention of Sen. Tito Sotto, ...
Senator Tito Sotto should congress look into this MMFF scandals, ticket swapping??
Now if this fan group votes wisely, there'll be no Tito Sotto in the Senate next year. Use your so-called 'power' to make a difference.
Try your best luck next time Tito Sotto but VIPs won't let anyone diss BIGBANG.
Tito Sotto, Tanga pala VIP eh? So GD can buy your life, Bigbang can buy your Career and YG Entertainment can buy your …
Bam Aquino and Sonny Angara are two of the wisest young Filipinos of today!
Why is tito sotto leading in the senatorial survey.
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In no particular order. I myself would like to thank:. Bossing Vic Sotto. Joey De Leon. Tito Sotto for having EB in my life
thanks for sharing TITO SOTTO, have a great Saturday :) (insight by
Tito Sotto, sa senatorial survey?!?!?! No wonder this country's going nowhere - plagiarists become legislators. https:…
And re Tito Sen, FYI,JLC was once connected to the Sotto's. Do some research pls.
as tito sotto said if ADN did want the competition out they couldve done it in just one hashtag but didnt.
Tito Sotto tops the senatorial survey because he spends more time in Eat than in the Senate.
Sen. Tito Sotto said that Kpop fans are jeje fans. . POINT OF VIEW: Sir, I respect you because you are highly...
Is this how you want your future senator to act, save our country NO TO TITO SOTTO
oh my god, that plagiarism comeback to tito sotto is SAVAGEEE. it deserves a cookie lmao
ito din no to TITO SOTTO for 2016 election 😜😜😜😜
Is this Senator Tito Sotto on GMA singing Rock Baby Rock? Is this really happening? This happens regularly?
Senator si Tito Sotto? What's happening to the people of the RP?
Senator Lapid ,Tito Sotto and Nancy Binay will not be amused ... But did Tito has a masteral from Iskol Bukol ?
they were overshadowed by the likes of Lito Lapid , Jaworski and Tito Sotto
I'm just sharing this again. Because it's hard to believe how amnesiac we can get. Tito Sotto "serves" on our...
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Justice for Pepsi Paloma! 1 Million Signatures in 30 Days to OUST Tito Sotto from the Philippine Senate …
To see Tito Sotto arguing the points on minors offenders linked with the Escalera brothers on Pepsi Paloma is...
thanks for sharing TITO SOTTO, have a great Monday :) (insight by
If he could murder Bong Revilla and Tito Sotto and Enrile, I'd totally vote for him.
Good morning...Senator Tito Sotto. blast of morning, goodah..
Truly that there is Time for everything!Enjoy your own shows! .
i just found out si Tito Sotto sa senatorial survey. I mean. really? after plagiarizing and acting as if he was above copyright laws?
AlDub are the king and queen of endorsements, but never sa politika. *especially Tito Sotto*
Congratulations to the 2 of you. We enjoyed our own show.We love having you! - Tito Sotto https:/…
Out voted by the sentimental *** Tito Sotto, Loren Legarda, Cynthia Villar and Pia Cayetano.
It *** to compare Diamond (the poor subject of that Problem Solving moment with Tito Sotto) and Ogie Diaz
Birthday celebrant Malou with Senator Tito Sotto and his wife Helen Gamboa.
Sen. Tito Sotto says the principles of social justice for foundlings was part of his reason for voting for Sen. Poe.
Hey how about Ramon Revilla,Bong Revilla,Jinggoy,Erap,Lito Lapid,Tito Sotto,Jawo ? Are u really serious?
Not sure how people can (still) stand anything with Tito Sotto in it but sure, have your fun *cringe
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Obviously Tito Sotto already showed his bias. He should inhibit himself.
Senator Tito Sotto reveals Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza not allowed to endorse candidates in 2016 elections
When I think of Tito Sotto, I also think of Pepsi Paloma.
Watching working boys. Vic and tito sotto, Joey De Leon and herbert bautista is just legendary
Shared the lift with Vic and Tito Sotto.
Tito Sotto is more present in Eat Bulaga than in the senate. He's better off on TV where he obviously helps more people.
Was watching Aldub then papa heard Tito Sotto's voice next thing I know we're watching Showtime
Senator Vicente "Tito" Sotto III...on Friday hinted that Alden and Yaya Dub may be rescued on Saturday. —ALG, GMA News.
Passed by broadway this morning and saw a lot of people waiting for someone to get out of a car. Turns out it was Tito Sotto :))
Tito sotto can answer when Yaya Dun will be found but can't justify why we don't need the RH Bill. Hmm.
Sen. Tito Sotto: The management decided it's best not to let get involved in politics. via…
It's just so "Tito Sotto" of Tito Sotto to do the exact thing that he is saying he is against.
So Vic/Tito Sotto entrusted their songs to ABS-CBN, for the use as themes/titles to their teleseryes.
Sen. Tito Sotto: Ruling on Sen. Grace Poe disqualification by November | via
And THANKYOU Master who wrote the lyrics & Tito Sotto for music of "Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal" ALDUBYOU po. Admi…
Tito Sotto's bday at the same time EB's highest rating for the year!.
:) love it when tito sen, Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon are all together :)
Happy birthday tito sotto. from crisostomo family...
...but first, VST and Co. Happy birthday din pala kay Tito Sotto.
Watch ALDUB all you want but please don't vote Tito Sotto in the coming elections. 😈 .
can i declare Tito Sotto is the coolest senator? :) Happy Birthday Tito Sen!!!
We need to protect the people from same sex marriage, reproductive health, and divorce? So keep *** like Tito Sotto in office amirite?
I liked a video Charice Pempengco received a surprise from Sen. Tito Sotto
Dear Filipino voters, pls don't vote Sen. Tito Sotto on 2016 elections & pls don't watch Vic Sotto's movies as well. 😠
Rick Santorum is the Tito Sotto of the United States
I don't know if Tito Sotto is uneducated or just simply stupid.
"Random Acts of Homophobia and Plagiarism". A book written by Sen. Tito Sotto
JV Bautista-Toby Tiangco UNA tandem is inching its way right down there with Tito Sotto in my definition of polpoliticians.
I wonder how & feel about how Tito Sotto disparaged that poor *** dad in Heard anything from them?
If you or your friends or ANYONE YOU KNOW vote for Tito Sotto, I will unfriend you so bad you will not want to...
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Name three things you think shouldn't exist in the world. — 1. Hate. 2. Inequality. 3. People like Tito Sotto
Also, it is criminal that Tito Sotto IS a senator.
Tito sotto, meet caitlyn jenner. For years she lived inthe dark because of people like you. Now she is free, please don't ruin it for others
"Ah, Tito Sotto. The epitome of class". -someone on the Internet
Open Letter to Eat Bulaga from a *** Mom on Sen. Tito Sotto and Jose Manalo’s Advice t... h…
Tito Sotto, Jose Manalo scored for advising *** dad to ‘go back in closet’ ¦ The comments are even more disgusting.
Please people, stop voting for this Tito Sotto. And funny how Paolo Ballesteros handled the situation.
An open letter to Tito Sotto:. Please do not reproduce any further.
Senate tackles measure vs premature campaigning Tito Sotto at the forefront of not getting the point yet again
Sen. Poe, a former MTRCB head and Sen. Tito Sotto, who is still active in show business, lead the hearing
Can you imagine Louis C.K. doing a stint in/about the Philippines? I wonder how Tito Sotto would react.
Tito Sotto tries to talk and all I hear is WAH WAH WAH, like the adults in Snoopy movies except that those adults are actually entertaining.
Sen Tito sotto *** flabbergasting about what you know well in fact you know nothing at all.
of the Day: Filipino actor known for being a sidekick for Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon and Tito Sotto, (cont)
Tito Sotto reveals what he likes most about wife Helen Gamboa.
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Senator Vicente Sotto, main author of the Press Freedom Law. Senator Tito Sotto, inserter of a dubious provision in the Anti-Cybercrime Law
Once again, Tito Sotto leads the senatorial race survey yet people ask, no, demand for a better Philippines, you get the gov't you vote for
Tito Sotto topping the senatorial polls is not shocking.
Trust Tito Sotto to protect the corrupt.
Give him a little credit. He managed a Senate seat after all. Oh but then there's Tito Sotto. You're right, forget what I said.
Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon, Richie D’Horsey and Pepsi Paloma the innocent teenager. Tito Sotto whitewashed the case. .
Sen. Tito Sotto III wants to know what terrorism is? Pagogi points lang. Missing the boat on BBL. Remember Pepsi Paloma?
"I believe we should stop shooting and be always talking." - Tito Sotto
DESPERATELY SEEKING THE PRESIDENCY Charlie V. Manalo, The Daily Tribune Thursday, January 22, 2015 Representative Alan Peter Cayetano did it in 2006 and he landed in the Senate in 2007. Now, he and fellow self-proclaimed moral crusader, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, reportedly, are planning to employ the same ploy to force Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay out of the 2016 presidential race. According to an impeachable source, the Cayetano-Trillanes duo are reportedly planning to come out with manufactured bank documents which they would use to expose alleged undeclared bank accounts of the vice president. And just like what Cayetano did in 2006 when he accused former First Gentleman Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo of maintaining a bank account in Germany amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, the source said two senators would place Binay’s alleged bank account in the amount of hundreds of millions of dollars, stashed away in some foreign banks. The source furthers that the allegation need not b ...
Sotto failed to read between the lines. Rabbit lang ang naintindihan
Dear Tito Sotto, I think its better to consult a Doctor to check ur ears then try to watch and understand again what Pope said.
Dear Tito Sotto, Who do u think u are to questions the words of Pope? FYI u are just nothing but a corrupt official.
Plot twist: Unconvinced and defiant to the Pope's "don't breed like rabbits" remarks, Tito Sotto leaves the Catholic Church.
Dear Tito Sotto., IT'S METAPHOR! A figure of speech! Organize your thoughts before you open your mouth. Brainless senator. Wag MEMA HA?! LOL
Holy shnitzel Tito Sotto. How dumb can you get.
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Senator Tito Sotto is, by far, the worst Senator I have ever known.
The key to great intelligence is to find out what Tito Sotto eats and avoid it.
Sen. Tito Sotto, you are the one who is out of context. I even wonder why filipinos voted a comedian to make laws. Sawsawero to d max
Dear Tito Sotto (I still refuse to call you Senator or honorable), this is for you.
Tito Sotto vs Pope Francis on “Catholics breeding like rabbits”: Senator Vicente Sotto III dismissed the notio...
Tito Sotto buy her book and have her sign it on Thursday! 😂
Tito Sotto is stupid. Does he even know how to read? The only thing out of context is his brains. Go back to hosting noontime shows.
Tito Sotto will not survive within first minute if we remind Marlene and Mystica of every unfunny thing he has said. LOL
Judging the Pope does not define who he is but instead it defines TITO SOTTO.
sometimes i think that Tito Sotto's intentionally making himself look this idiotic
I KNEW IT! Tayo palagi ang mali when it comes to Tito Sotto! :(( :(( So you're saying Tito Sotto is the Ultimate Troll(tm)(c)(r)?
I think Nancy Binay and Tito Sotto are trying be relevant. Trying to use the Pope to make some noise.
Tito Sotto's point is just to be part of the conversation. It doesn't matter what issue. That is what we, critics of Sotto, are missing.
Sen. Tito Sotto says it's 'out of character' for Pope Francis to say Catholics 'shouldn't breed like rabbits'
“Catholics shouldn't breed 'like rabbits': Pope” YES Tito Sotto, the Big Man did say it! Still don't get the point? Ask your wife!
Tito Sotto thinks he's wiser than the Pope, Mystica to take up Marlene Aguilar's challenge - and the gobbles it all up.
No matter how many of us differ in our views on various issues, most of us agree: Sen. Tito Sotto is out of this world.
Pope against Catholics breeding like rabbits? Sotto incredulous . Tito Sotto and Pope Francis. ...
Sen. Tito Sotto can’t believe ’s “breeding like rabbits” remark. Well, he said it. So take that.
Tito Sotto should think before speaking. No actually, Tito Sotto should think.
Sen. Tito Sotto: "As i said earlier, mainly, it should be the people who should be credited, but the total (cont)
This is AMAZING!---Tito Sotto & Wally Bayola are both Year of the Rat, Vic Sotto & Jose Manalo, Year of the Horse and Joey …
“’If you can’t kill the message, kill the messenger’ – Tito Sotto
If you are as smart (or as bobo) as Tito Sotto, wag ca sa Mapúa. I don't tolerate plagiarists here.
Who is the man behind those music? Si Joey De Leon kaya ulit? Pwede rin si Vic Sotto o Tito Sotto. The 3 men are really genius.
I think Tito Sotto's halloween costume is very racist.
Good morning NAIA3.. Sen. Tito Sotto on the house..
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