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Tito Ortiz

Jacob Christopher Tito Ortiz (English: /tɪtɵ ɔərtɪs/) (born January 23, 1975) is an American mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, having held the title from April 14, 2000 to September 26, 2003. Along with fighters like Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, he was one of the sport's early stars.

Rampage Jackson Ken Shamrock King Mo Dana White Randy Couture Matt Hughes Bully Ray Cris Cyborg Chuck Liddell Bob Holly Quinton Jackson Alexander Shlemenko Brooke Tessmacher Frank Shamrock Ryan Bader Forrest Griffin Stephan Bonnar

Bellator will be holding a conference call next week with Scott Coker, Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen, Brennan Ward and Paul Daley
Joe Warren was so bad on commentary he made Tito Ortiz look like Jimmy Smith.
Grandpa and I getting our pictures taken with legendary Royce Gracie & Tito Ortiz!. Finally…
Tito Ortiz cancelled and the only Tito we acknowledge is Tito Puente.
Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen confirmed on Inside MMA last night
Tito Ortiz is betting even bigger after $10 win on Nate Diaz victory over Conor McGregor
Even though Tito Ortiz is a Trumper, Bernie Sanders is still the Tito Ortiz of this election. He's never lost without a list of excuses.
stars are farther than the moon. Did you get hacked by Tito Ortiz?
the way Lawler says "his soul" reminds me of Ken Shamrock telling Tito Ortiz he'll beat him into the living death 😂
what if in higher power storyline Undertaker reveals the higher power instead of Vince Mcmahon its Tito Ortiz
"If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying " was that said by Tito Ortiz or Tom Brady?
Tito Ortiz interested in future fights with Fedor Emelianenko,...
Was Tito Ortiz approached about replacing the late Kimbo Slice at Bellator MMA's upcoming Bellator 158 event in...
I thought Tito Ortiz as a whole was in fact the *** pic for Tito Ortiz?
At least 5 of my female friends the past year have asked me to find Tito Ortiz's 'leaked' *** pic for them. Wish they knew what Google was
Will Tito Ortiz accept the last minute offer?.
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Going back to never evolving, Tito Ortiz never evolved from the ground and pound. And he looked more ferocious at Middleweight!
Lol i don't follow u clown i followed tito ortiz and that's a wrap 2 he will need my money in the future . Payaso
when you're a cash cow they'll give you dumb fights... You see this w/ Tito Ortiz...
Watching UFC reloaded on FS2. Forrest Griffin vs Tito Ortiz 2. It's felt so long since forrest has fought I forgot how big of a LHW he was.
Tito Ortiz was that guy in the UFC back before most people watched it! back when it was straight brawling!
Tito Ortiz vs a big name later this year with more prep time in NYC that's what I wanna see... Get in NYC
It appears Tito Ortiz has been offered to step up on short notice and fight on Bellator's card in London.
The Huntington Beach Bad Boy aka Tito Ortiz for Mayor of LA or Governor of CA?
Tito Ortiz, Mexican MMA Fighter endorses Donald Trump for President: "He can make America Great Again" 🇺🇸http…
Tito Ortiz streaming SFV live on Twitch tomorrow
Tito Ortiz tells McGregor to Quit Fighting Against UFC: Tito Ortiz was talking to Chael Sonnen on his podcast...
If Jon Jones, Rampage Jackson (5 yrs ago), Tito Ortiz (10 yrs ago), did what Conor McGregor pulled, they would be lambasted…
Frank Shamrock and Tito Ortiz had shorter times, but press obligations weren't the same back then
Frank Shamrock, BJ Penn, Tito Ortiz have all tried similar tactics. Nothing new here apart from the fact that CMcG has his money made!!
how is he the first? Frank Shamrock, Cain Velasquez, Tito Ortiz, Dominick Cruz?
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Started my morning off pretty *** well. Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz.
when Chuck Liddell knocked out Tito Ortiz is what got me into MMA
No one disses reigns of Kevin Randleman, Tito Ortiz, Evan Tanner, Andrei Arlovski, Matt Hughes, Renan Barao after strips.
Tito Ortiz has an 18-11 record compared to Matt Hughes 46-9 only reason Tito is known is for beating Liddell lmao
Imagine an mma promotion with Sean Grande, Gus Johnson, Karyn Bryant and Tito Ortiz as commentators.
they'll just pretend Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock and Randy Couture never existed
Today, Tito Ortiz is as old as Leo Durocher was the day he said "Nice guys finish last": 14,954 days .
So now we're back to the basics the three amigos Tito Ortiz amber Nicole Miller and matt Smith the homie
So in the last month I met Jon Jones, Tito Ortiz, Quinton Aaron (guy from the blindside), and Ray Borg (up and coming ufc fighter)
YouTube: Joe Rogan Experience - Tito Ortiz is blocked by UFC for having their content. Are you able to re-up this?
Tito Ortiz talks loss to lotioned up Liam McGeary for Bellator MMA: Dynamite 1 via
I now have been blocked by CM punk, Ariel Helawani, Phil Baroni and now Tito Ortiz? Lol ***
If Lee Murray's jail stint wasn't extended from 10 to 25 years he'd be out in 2016, and Tito Ortiz would retire.
Matt Barnes hit Derek Fisher so hard Tito Ortiz's skull got cracked again
Mixed Martial Arts has had it's share of characters over the years from ''Notorious'' to Tito Ortiz. In today's...
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After the fall of humanity when all that remains of our race is the petrified skull of Tito Ortiz, then maybe... maybe not.
for Tito Ortiz -- Ronda Rousey Would Kill Tank Abbott: There would be no…
After a only KO tag team tournament with Kimbo Slice, Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Nick Diaz (with a disguise)
would love to hear you talk about the event this Saturday 4 man tournament &Tito Ortiz fighting ,loved the 1st ep
Reminder that Randy Coture and Tito Ortiz are banned from UFC events but Lloyd Irvin is going to be in someone's corner tonight
Tito Ortiz is the greatest spokesman in the history of male-targeted, midrange restaurant chains: passionate, engaged, v…
Rampage Jackson is getting sick of Tito Ortiz. .
Hi John, ive noticed nobody elbows in the back no more like F.Shamrock did to beat Tito Ortiz.why dont i see this no more
10yrs back I was into Tito Ortiz, Stephan Bonnar, Forrest Griffin as Ken Shamrock moved on. Loved it but not fussed now
When you remember Tito Ortiz once said he had better stand up than Lyoto Machida
Ken Shamrock is 51 years old and needed retired after losing Tito Ortiz on the Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale in 2006.
Tito Ortiz fighting for a championship in Bellator? Hate seeing great fighters hanging around past their prime.
Tito Ortiz is coming out of retirement to fight with bellator lmao
In other corpse fighting news, Tito Ortiz is gonna fight for Bellator's 205 championship in 3 short months!
Also,can't believe that in 2015 Tito Ortiz is fighting for a Championship
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This big announcement is Tito Ortiz is fighting Liam McGeary for the light heavyweight championship. .
Tito Ortiz fighting for the Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship that's interesting
realized how sad I am that different sports/weights makes a Tito Ortiz vs. Victor Ortiz fight (and more importantly press tour) impossible.
good evening Mr White, would you ever consider bringing Tito Ortiz back to do a trilogy FIGHT with CHUCK LI…
Tito Ortiz just saw Chuck Liddell on the TV and ran out of his house.
Phil Davis signed with Bellator cuz of the deep LHW division, TOP names like: Tito Ortiz, King Mo ... Joe Warren??
Ken Shamrock, Fedor Emelianenko, Tito Ortiz, and Royce Gracie all in the same picture? Yeah, I'm down with that.
looks like Tito Ortiz and Eddie Munster had a baby.
- So many men dream of the opportunity to knockout their boss, Tito Ortiz was one who had that
Tyler and I just saw tito ortiz in his car going thru the drive thru at del taco. Tyler called his name and he threw up a peace sign😂
Know someone in Boston who needs a lift? Tito Jackson is at your service.
I found this interesting,Tito Ortiz apparently will get a LHW title shot in Bellator he said after he wins and defends it he's retiring.
Harbaugh got a text from Muhammed Ali? That's as likely as Michael J Fox performing brain surgery or Tito Ortiz tying his own shoes.
Tito Ortiz wants to capture Bellator title, defend it once, then retire
Tito Ortiz laughing in Ken Shamrock's face lol :D
Tito Ortiz's MMA exit strategy: Win title and retire as champion
Tito Ortiz's MMA exit strategy: Win Bellator title and retire as champion (
personal opinion. 1.Rampage (how I got started watching that's why lol). 2.You. 3.Chuck Liddell. 4.Tito Ortiz. 5.Rashad Evans
Chuck Liddell is modern ufc but Tito Ortiz isn't.
MMA legend, Ken Shamrock, says he wants to fight Kimbo Slice and Tito Ortiz. Full story on BJPENN.COM
What a fun day! Filmed a TV commercial for Bellator MMA and with Tito Ortiz, Joe Warren, and King Mo!
Rampage Jackson taking shots on Tito Ortiz on Instagram
how Tito Ortiz feels about Rampage Jackson re-signing with the UFC.
Quinton Jackson to UFC would be a bigger loss for Bellator than gain for Zuffa. Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz or Mo Lawal were highly…
Bellator's 'King Mo' Lawal: Tito Ortiz 'knows better' than to fight me via
Tonight's the big match up for belitor Mma. Who does everyone have Tito Ortiz or Stephen Bonner. And how do you feel it's going to compare to the fight that he had with Forrest Griffin on the finale of the first season of the ultimate fighter
I'm not sure, but fav 5 is Nattie Neidhart, Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, Diamond Dallas Page and, Brooke Hogan or Ashley Massaro
- Bellator fighter Tito Ortiz appeared on Submission Radio to talk about his upcoming fight with Stephan Bonnar...
During a recent interview with Submission Radio, Tito Ortiz commented on his time with TNA Wrestling. Here are...
I only want to see Stephan Bonnor and Tito Ortiz fight if they both wear masks and go at it lucha libre style
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Tito Ortiz, Stephen Bonnar, and the Bellator Brawl that highlighted MMA's identity crisis
Sitting watching ufc miss the old fighters like Ken Shamrock Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell
Next week Jon Jones will pass Tito Ortiz as the longest reigning UFC Light Heavyweight champion, at 1,260 days.
Mirko Cro Cop to Tom Lawlor to Tito Ortiz - UFC Trading Cards: via
I just had a terrible dream that Edward Furlong starred in a sequel to The Crow, with Tara Reid and pro MMA fighter/wife beater Tito Ortiz.
Today is the 3 year anniversary of Tito Ortiz choking out Ryan Bader, which, even if you can't stand Tito, was a great moment.
What's the dude name that K.R.I.T. put on? Tito Ortiz or Tito Lopez?
So excited for the expo in San Jose! Gonna get to meet kali muscle, jay cutler, Tito Ortiz, dexter Jackson ,Matt ogus,Daniel Cormier, fabricio werdum, Luke rockhold and many more & the 3x defending O champ; Phil Heath will b there too! Yee!!
While I've been gone: 1. William Kyle Carpenter finally received what he deserves. 2. Tom cats are the new guard dogs. 3. Tito Ortiz actually won a fight. 4. Russia and Ukraine still bark louder than they bite. 5. Pope Benedict XVI got away with a 15 million dollar "apartment renovation". 6. I missed too many UFC events! 7. *** kissed on Draft Day. 8. A Marine "fell" from an Osprey during a "training exercise." 9. McDonald's burger flippers are over paid. 10. April showers have definitely brought May flowers. 11. I realized just how large the Atlantic Ocean is. 12. And most depressingly, I no longer have a child in elementary school.
SOURCE Los Angeles Police Memorial FoundationLOS ANGELES, May 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For over 41 years stars from TV, Film, Music & Sports have joined together to show support for the men & women who serve their community. On May 31, 2014 they will come together again to help raise funds for the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation at a new location, Brookside Golf Club in Pasadena. The 42nd Annual event will be hosted by actor Dennis Quaidalong with over 50 celebrities participating including Teri Hatcher, Eric Christian Olsen,Danny Trejo, Nathan Kress,Joanna Krupa, Gilles Marini,Jonathan Banks, C Thomas Howell, Danny Masterson,Neal McDonough, Ian Gomez,Tito Ortiz, Jerry West, Jason Collins, Nyambi Nyambi, Rob Riggle, Vanessa Marcil,Quinton Aaron, AJ Buckley,Raymond Cruz, Michael Paul Chan, CS Lee, Bruce McGill,Chris Knight, Carl Weathers & more. LAPMF is utilizing both courses for a day of fun. The Celebrity Tournament will run on one course where spectators are welcome to watch their favorite cel . ...
White: Who gives a $what Tito wants? Tito Ortiz was the ninth person to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, in 2012: Royce Gracie • November 21, 2003 Ken Shamrock • November 21, 2003 Dan Severn • April 16, 2005) Randy Couture • June 24, 2006 Mark Coleman • March 1, 2008 Chuck Liddell July 11, 2009 Charles Lewis, Jr. • July 11, 2009 Matt Hughes • May 29, 2010 Tito Ortiz • July 7, 2012 Forrest Griffin • July 6, 2013 Stephan Bonnar • July 6, 2013 However, following his submission victory over Alexander Shlemenko at UFC 120, Tito Ortiz declared that he wants to be uninducted. "UFC, take me off your list," said Ortiz. "Take me off your Hall of Fame." Thursday UFC president Dana White offered a blunt response. "Who gives a s--- what Tito wants?" said White when asked by "Does anybody really give a s--- what Tito wants?" "Good for Tito. Let him stay over in Viacom MMA and make some money and try and stay relevant. I don't care what Tito wants." "It's just sort of a way to ...
Tito Ortiz was really riding quality submission grappling's *** tonight.
Anyone watching the Bellator fights tonight? Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz both in action fighting for titles. I think King Mo is gonna knock out Rampage. Think Ortiz will win his fight.
Tito Ortiz vs. Kurt Angle "I Quit" match would set the TNA Impact Zone on fire.
Eddie Alvarez and Tito Ortiz are just bad mojo for ppv, even though this card had a legit main event, this saves Bellator the embarrassment
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Tito Ortiz had 15 wins at Light Heavy Weight in the UFC, Just stating facts
Of course, he had a bad night. Ryan Bader got rocked and submitted by Tito Ortiz.
Tito Ortiz avoids jail for DUI with plea: Former UFC light heavyweight champion and...
I liked a video from Tito Ortiz versus George St. Pierre on Style
You GOTTA come to Bellator 120 bro. Tito Ortiz, Rampage Jackson, King Mo, Shlemenko etc... I'll be there.
Also, weird that Tito Ortiz is getting a title shot before 'Rampage' Jackson, or even 'King' Mo. confuses me.
Bellator just officially announced Alexander Shlemenko vs. Tito Ortiz at 205 on PPV May 17. 1) Does it happen? 2) If it does, …
Bellator's Rampage Jackson admits fans weren't that interested in watching him fight Tito Ortiz
Tito Ortiz vs Alexander Shlemenko is really happening. It's going to be on the Bellator PPV. Joke of a fight:
Sherdog has confirmed with sources that Tito Ortiz will fight Alexander Shlemenko at the Bellator PPV. Wow.
Alexander Shlemenko will do battle with Tito Ortiz at Bellator’s inaugural pay-per-view. confirmed the booking with sources close to the matchup after Shlemenko posted a video online Thursday night challenging Ortiz to a fight at the May 17 event. Sherdog’s sources confirmed the matchup off the record because Bellator officials have not yet formally announced the bout. Bellator’s pay-per-view debut takes place at the Landers Center in Southaven, Miss., and is headlined by a lightweight title rubber match between Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler. The show will additionally feature the Season 10 light heavyweight tournament final, as Quinton Jackson takes on Muhammed Lawal. Bellator’s reigning middleweight champion, Shlemenko won the title last year by stopping Maiquel Jose Falcao Goncalves at Bellator 88. “Storm” then went on to defend the belt three times successfully, besting Brett Cooper and Doug Marshall before submitting Brennan Ward last month to earn his 50th professional v ...
Georges St-Pierre said his 5 favorite MMA fighters of all time are Royce Gracie, Kazushi Sakuraba, Mark Coleman, Tito Ortiz and Matt Hughes.
Tiger Woods needs to just hang it up. He's in a downward spiral. It's like watching Tito Ortiz think he still relevant to MMA.…
Tito Ortiz talks about his occupation as a manager, relationship with Dana White and fight between Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg. MMA H.E.A.T. was on the scen...
WTH? I Jog the Strip and here at times " Look is that Victor Ortiz, Tito Ortiz, Fernando Vargas, and now today was Alfredo “Perro” Angulo!! "Hey you the guy Fighting Canelo right?" LMAO!! We Latinos do not all look alike!
Cris Cyborg recently opened up about the possiblity of her fighting Ronda Rousey in the UFC now that she's no longer represented by Tito Ortiz.
The new season of Belator starts soon. Rampage Jackson fights some guy who ISN'T Tito Ortiz, hey Mike you forgot to mention
It seems like after you're done makin money for Dana White, you become the enemy. Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Rampage, Nick Diaz, and now GSP. I'm surprised GSP wasn't even allowed to be in Carmont's corner tonight.
Tito Ortiz has decided to stop helping manage the career of Cris Cyborg, making his announcement on 'Inside MMA' on Friday night.
BE the Valentine - don't wait for love, give it! Much love to all my friends and family, but especially for the four menfolk in my life who have taught me that my heart knew NOTHING about true love 'til they came around - Happy Valentine's Day Luis Victor Ortiz, Tito Ortiz, Danny Ortiz & Alex Ortiz - thanks to God for blessing me with you!
I'm still at The LA Fit a Expo. I've met Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz and many others. I'm waiting in line for...
Dana White: 'I used to beat the living s--t out of Tito Ortiz'...
UFC President Dana White 'Used to Beat the Living S---' out of Tito Ortiz (via
In recalling the fiasco around his 2007 scheduled boxing bout with Tito Ortiz, UFC President Dana White says Ortiz ultimately didn't show up to do the event because White 'used to beat the living s--t' out of Ortiz when the two previously boxed.
Tito Ortiz was arrested early Monday morning in West Los Angeles on suspicion of DUI, the California Highway Patrol said in a press release.
I wish Dana White and Tito Ortiz would of fought back awhile ago.
Celebrity ghost stories is a creepy but awesome show. Rowdy Roddy Piper, co-star of That 70's show Laura Prepon, UFC's Tito Ortiz, list of celebrities goes on and on.
Nah, that was funnier than when Randy Couture spanked Tito Ortiz in there fight
My first live UFC was 46. GSP beat Karo Parisyan, Lee Murray called out Tito Ortiz who was ringside, BJ Penn choked out Matt Hughes for the belt, and Vitor Belfort beat Randy Couture. Later, I would travel to Sacramento to see GSP walk over Matt Hughes for the belt, and to Montreal to see him destroy Matt Serra in the rematch. Thanks for the memories Georges St-Pierre, Class Act Start to Finish!
Tickets have all been sold!! Authentic hand signed Autographed framed UFC glove/ pic combos .Comes with Cert. of Authenticity . Winners choice of either Alistair Overeem, Tito Ortiz, Frankie Edgar, Benson Henderson , Chris Weidman, Rashad Evans, Ken Shamrock. We will be announcing the winner once we upload the video of the Draw.
DREAM ELITE WARRIOR OF THE WEEK Chuck Liddell Mixed Martial Arts Santa Barbara, California, USA When mentioning the legends and the heroes of Modern Day Mixed Martial Arts - there is none other that has made a greater impact on the sport then former UFC World Champion and Hall of Famer Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell. From his heated battles with Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture, to his epic encounter with Wanderlai Silva - He became more then a man every time he stepped into the Octagon - he became immortal in the eyes of fans around the world
Crow series marathon on The Movie Channel. They are on 2 now which means the only halfway decent one besides the original is up next (The one with Kirsten Dunst). FOr the record as a fan of the first movie and some of the comics/stories my ranking is 1st, TV Series, 3rd and the 4th one (with Tara Reid, Tito Ortiz and David Boring *** from Angel/Buffy and the kid from Terminator 2 set in the West) was so awful I hate including it at all... Not sure where the next one will fit...On one hand I am very unhappy they are going to be retelling the story of Eric Draven and Shelley Webster...on the other hand the bar is so low after the sequels that from the jump it is already the second best Crow movie.
Altitude Adjustment You’ve seen Wanderlei Silva training with an alien looking mask strapped to his face and B.J. Penn crawling into a sleeping chamber tent at night. Not since Tito Ortiz purchased Oscar De La Hoya’s Big Bear Training Camp has altitude training gained such notoriety. But the benefi ts of training at altitude aren’t new, elite endurance athletes have utilized this type of training for decades. With cardio having become such an important part of the MMA game, altitude training has become and important component for the complete fi ghter. WHAT IS ALTITUDE TRAINING? Altitude training is essentially hypoxic, or low oxygen training. In simple terms, training in a low oxygen environment forces your body to adapt by producing more red blood cells and improving its ability to fl ush lactic acid, thereby increasing the effi ciency of your cardiovascular system as a whole. HOW DO I DO IT? The benefi ts of hypoxic training can be achieved by spending several weeks training in a natural high-alt ...
Aces & Eights are no more thanks to Mr. Anderson, a former member of the group. The group had to disband after Anderson defeated Bully Ray on last night’s Impact with the stipulation that if Anderson loses, he has to leave TNA for good but if Ray loses, the group is no more. The stable made its debut on June 14, 2012, on an episode of Impact, attacking Sting, and then later Hulk Hogan, and other TNA Superstars. The group had several members in its 18-month spell including D.O.C., D’Lo Brown, Devon, Wes Brisco, Mr. Anderson, Tito Ortiz, Ivelisse Velez, Bully Ray, Brooke Tessmacher, Garett Bischoff, Kunx, and Taz. Aces & Eights was largely an Eric Bischoff idea and with Bischoff no longer much active in the company it was decided it’s time to close the chapter.
Matt Hughes says Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz 'paying the price' for not being loyal to UFC
Matt Hughes: Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz were not loyal to UFC and now they're paying the price. "The way I look...
Saw Vincent Martella (white kid from Everybody Hates Chris) and Tito Ortiz at work today.
Catch up with my week in and interviews with Tito Ortiz, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, the cast of Last Vegas, Reps. Lee Terry and Adam Schiff, Amy Holmes and Richard Fowler with Ora TV's episode guide:
Bellator's Tito Ortiz expects full recovery, return to gym in six weeks via
What do you mean nothing to learn from Jenna? ALWAYS in trouble. Lost custody to Tito Ortiz! How does THAT happen
As expected, Dana White chimes in on Tito pulling out of his fight against Rampage.
Tito Ortiz vs Ryan Bader classic MMA fight video: .
Breaking News: Tito Ortiz is injured and his Bellator PPV main event vs. Rampage is cancelled. Bellator's nightmare has …
Anyone who defends Tito Ortiz at this point doesn't know anything.
Tito Ortiz just assured everyone he'd make a 100% recovery and be back on TMZ in 6 weeks.   10% Off
Learned Tito Ortiz will fight Rampage this saturday for bellator.who really cares?.
Honestly who really cares about Rampage and Tito Ortiz fighting in 2013?
BREAKING MMA NEWS: Nov 2 PPV cancelled, moved to after Tito Ortiz fractured neck -
Ortiz vs Jackson fight is off! fight will be free on this Saturday!
Bellator MMA made changes Friday after learning Tito Ortiz is unfit to fight Quinton Jackson on Nov. 2 in the main event of what was expected to be the promotion's first pay-per-view offering.
It's amazing how every one before a big fight Tito Ortiz gets hurt in training!
My brother willing to replace Tito Ortiz who was supposed to fight Rampage . I pay double 4 that fight.
Gorilla's reaction to hearing that Tito Ortiz has a broken neck:
Rampage would've injured him n e way lol"Tito Ortiz is a punk .Backing out of the fight with Rampage due to an injury smh "
Tito Ortiz teaches Larry King how to trash talk
Wait so is Tito Ortiz not fighting this weekend now?
If you were Bellator what would you have done when Tito Ortiz pulled out?
cyborg fights like a man homie!Go watch the YouTube video when she slammed Tito Ortiz in practice! Smdh steroids or not tuff chick
Ed Soares believes Anderson Silva would beat Jon Jones in tix
I liked a video Tito Ortiz training one day before neck injury training for Rampage Jackson
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Man I was soo happy to hear Tito Ortiz was going to fight on nov 2nd...but suffered a fracture neck! He was going to hand rampage an *** kicking! Right Peter Laducer
Might be hard to believe but this Tito Ortiz interview on Larry King is pretty *** good.
Tito Ortiz is scheduled to fight Rampage Jackson on November 2nd..why would Tito do that to himself? 😒😑Why is he even still fighting? .
Bellator PPV promo for Rampage Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz airing on Wasn't that fight cancelled, like 3 days ago or something?
Tito Ortiz’s neck injury a devastating blow for future of Bellator MMA.
little known fact: David Ortiz is married to Tito Ortiz.
Rampage and Tito Ortiz should be a good fight!!!
Tito is out of the Bellator ppv due to injury. Tell me: was there a more predictable outcome than this?
When you see Tito Ortiz at Walmart and your brother walks up to him and they shake hands and he said WOW you have huge hands! AKWARD!
When did Bellator start doing ppv? And why do they have tito ortiz fighting?
Tito Ortiz looks nothing like his brother David ...
yea I forgot tito ortiz played ball now
Although not as notable as Tito Ortiz’s injury forcing him out of his Bellator 106 main event bout with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Karo Parisyan has also been forced off of Saturday’s fight card due to injury.
Tito Ortiz is injured, said "Everything happens for a reason." The reason is nobody bought a ticket.
Tito Ortiz pulled out of the Bellator fight. My life is over.
“With Tito Ortiz out, PPV on hold and Bellator 106 now free on Spike TV (
so you remember back in the 1990s when George Foreman was going to fight Larry Holmes?? and they were both like 50?? that's how I feel about watching Rampage and Tito Ortiz!
I feel bad that tito ortiz fractured his neck but I'm so glad that sloppy fight between him and rampage is not happening.
Tito Ortiz's Neck Injury a Devastating Blow for Future of tix
Rampage vs Tito Ortiz first ever time in the octagon. What a fight I need to see.
I'm ready for that Rampage Jackson vs Tito ortiz fight tho 👌
SNEAK PEEK: takes inside a fighter's mind on today's
I want to see that MMA fight between Rampage and Tito Ortiz!
Tito Ortiz Pulls Out Of Bellator MMA PPV, Due To Broken Neck | ... brought to you by RT
Guy trying to explain baseball to his date "that guy tito ortiz just cranks out homeruns like every world series"... Who is tito ortiz?
Oh no!! I was so excited to watch my Huntington Beach bad boy Tito Ortiz fight this weekend. Hope he recovers from his neck injury :(
Bellator's Tito vs Rampage PPV has been called off due to Tito fracturing his neck.
Thank you for asking my question to Tito Ortiz on air. You even said my last name correctly! .
so I guess tito Ortiz must have broke a hip when he fell in the shower whoever booked that fight should go to jail for elder abuse
I just saw a Rampage vs. Tito commercial...I thought Tito Ortiz was out of the fight due to neck injury.
Omg.. rampage and tito ortiz are going to fight? ? Ortiz is going to die. .
The first Bellator PPV fight has been derailed, after Tito Ortiz was forced to pull out Friday (October 25) due to injury. The MMA vet suffered a fractured neck during training and was ruled unfit to continue...
no, it's Gino who's doing the Tito Ortiz hate. I was expecting Bob Holly for though...
Bound For Glory Count-Up – 2005: A Replacement Surprise Bound For Glory 2005 Date: October 23, 2005 Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Attendance: 900 Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West It’s the biggest show of the year (I think it was back then at least) and the main event is Nash vs. Jarrett. In theory at least, as Nash has come down with his latest life threatening illness and has to back out. Therefore we’re going to shuffle the card around and have a ten man Gauntlet for the Gold with the winner immediately getting a shot at Jarrett. There’s a celebrity guest referee for the main event in UFC legend Tito Ortiz. Let’s get to it. The opening video is about how this started a year ago at Victory Road and how hard they’ve all worked in the year since then. We actually see their voiceover guy who is a large black man. Tonight is their night. Samoa Joe vs. Jushin Thunder Liger Joe gets the full tribal entrance. Liger gets the streamers and offers a handshake but we cut to a shot of the NJP ...
Dana White says it's Tito Ortiz, not PED's that is stopping Cyborg from being in the UFC.
Dana White says that Former UFC LHW Champion- Tito Ortiz is a terrible fighter that can beat noone and probably couldnt beat Cris Cyborg, The female 145lbs champion. Well, Tito did beat one of your recent main eventers, Ryan Bader a couple years back. Dana also is bashing Ken Shamrock and said that Ken getting his *** kicked since 1996 deserves no respect. If Dana is going to say former UFC champions cant fight and deserve no respect, he should fight them. Eric
When stars Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson invade the UFC anniversary show it will have a big impact, like Shane Douglas invading
Quinton 'rampage' Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz?! Count me in!
I want to see Conor McGregor go on Jeopardy with Joe Warren and Tito Ortiz.
Dad got tickets to the Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson fight. Doesn't invite me. ***
. I know you have already pass all that. Hi Sting I believe you . created new family main event mafia we need Tito Ortiz back
Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson Nov 2 on bellator. *** is this? UFC's senior citizen club
Rampage Jackson vs Tito Ortiz is going to be such a good fight
Just remembered that Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz will be fighting soon on Bellator, I'm happy psyched, yeah.
Invicta FC’s champion believes The Ultimate Fighter has showed that UFC champion Ronda Rousey is "mentally sick", and Cris Cyborg is confident she will be able to fight her despite Dana White’s terrible relationship with her manager Tito Ortiz.
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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Tito Ortiz are giants in this new Bellator MMA PPV ad. -Skytte...
UFC 165 Results: Jon Jones Takes Decision Victory in Epic Battle with Alexander Gustafsson Heading into UFC 165 on Saturday night, Jon Jones was tied with UFC Hall of Famer and MMA legend Tito Ortiz for the most light heavyweight title defenses in company history, with five. However, Swedish stand-up artist Alexander Gustafsson had plans of his own and if Jones was going to earn his record-breaking sixth title defense, “The Mauler” was going to make sure he would have to go through *** and back to achieve his goal. In front of the raucous Canadian faithful inside the packed Air Canada Centre in Toronto, not only did Gustafsson unleash his own version of MMA *** on “Bones,” but both fighters, in the process, earned the adoration and respect of all across the MMA landscape, in what will surely go down as one of the greatest title fights in UFC history. Round one opened with Gustafsson taking the reigns almost immediately. The Swede stalked the youngest champion in UFC history with a purpose and ...
The Wolfslair team are celebrating this week after signing a deal with Viacom with a potential value of up to $50 million. It includes a contract with movie studio Paramount for at least one film, according to a report in the Liverpool Echo this week. Former PRIDE FC and UFC light-heavyweight champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson is one of the key components of the deal with Viacom. Aside from his contract with Bellator MMA, he also has a deal for a reality show and a contract with TNA Wrestling. Other Bellator-signed fighters from the Wolfslair, such as Gavin Sterrit, have been given pay-per-view point-deals as Bellator moves towards that platform. “The film deal with Paramout is really exciting and Quinton has said he wants plenty of Scousers [Liverpool natives] in his movie because of their sense of humor. They crack him up,” Wolfslair owner Lee Gwynn told the Liverpool Echo. Jackson will headline Bellator’s first pay-per-view offering when he squares off with former training partner Tito Ortiz ...
In five days Jon Jones will take on Alexander Gustafsson for the Ufc light heavy weight title. If it is a winning night for Jon Jones he will have defended his belt 6 times breaking Tito Ortiz record of 5 times. The former challengers to his belt after knocking out Shogun Rua back in March 19,2011 were Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort, and Chael Sonnen. Also in 5 days Renan Barao will defend his interim Bantamweight title against Eddie Wineland. This all happens at Ufc 165 on September 21st 2013
I can't take Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson seriously in wrestling tho. Brooke Adams on the other hand, 👀🙌...
Watching Tate and Rousey's face on TUF sure beats the days of seeing Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz close-ups. Luckily no HD back then.
They don't need Tito Ortiz, Mr. Anderson, Garett Bischoff, and pretty everyone except Bully Ray. I really mean he's a loner
TNA is bringing in Ken Shamrock to join Tito Ortiz. Jose Canseco is also rumored to be coming in as well. Shock factor!
Gina Carano. Waiting for Tito Ortiz to come out.
Looks like Miss Tessmacher's face caught on fire, and Tito Ortiz put it out with a fork.
I just want to know why Tito Ortiz & Stephan Bonnar are in the HOF.
Quinton Jackson vs Tito Ortiz thought Iwas'nt never going to see this
Tito Ortiz and Quinton Jackson are chatting on I'm supposed to talk w/ both for GPB in a few.
Inside IMPACT: Bully Ray, Tito Ortiz and Brooke Tessmacher: via i'm glad he got his belt back
Inside IMPACT:Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher and Tito Ortiz too.. I suppose.. : via
Excellent segment. Bully Ray, Tito Ortiz, Brooke Tessmacher, and Taz intrigue me as a new version of the Aces and 8s.
Turns out Tito Ortiz didn't really sell out... Brooke Tessmacher did...
"The Best in the World" CM Punk responds to Tito Ortiz and Quinton Jackson entering his. Read it at:...
Miss Tessmacher and Tito Ortiz join the aces and eights!Devon leaves TNA "Forever" To do his agent duties backstage!!
NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!. Congratulations . Tito Ortiz new member of Aces & Eights.
Tito Ortiz screwed The M.E.M.. Bully Ray pins Chris Sabin for the 1..2..3... & is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.
Can't wait to see Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz do sod all on Impact Wrestling again this week. But surely
I would be much more excited to see Tito Santana in TNA than Tito Ortiz
The only thing that could have made Tito Ortiz's debut on TNA more awkward is if I rammed up knife up my *** before i watched it.
Buy the log cabin where Tito Ortiz and Oscar de la Hoya once trained -
You are awesome Jeff. I think we need Tito Ortiz vs Jeff Jarrett in a MMA match. Give him a real test.
NoDQ&A How Daniel Bryan might beat John Cena, reaction to Tito Ortiz in TNA, more
This week while everybody groaned over Tito Ortiz being in TNA, we cheered over Tito Santana being on our show!
I agree, Tito Ortiz was an excellent UFC fighter, he beat Ken Shamrock regularly...
who was the greatest Ken Shamrock or Tito Ortiz?
Tito Ortiz performed for TNA in the past, so has Ken Shamrock. Tito and Rampage are past their prime and formerly retired
Tito Ortiz is in tna. I want Ken Shamrock to return to tna as well if mma guys-
Tito Ortiz, Rampage and King Mo to TNA vs Ken Shamrock WWF days. TNA is
First in TNA its Rampage, then Tito Ortiz. Next? Time to bring back Ken Shamrock! Double value for TNA...former MMA guy &WWE wrestler.
Seriously, Bob Holly would've been a better shout than Tito Ortiz as the August1 reveal.
. MT“Bellator fighters King Mo, Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz have appeared on TNA. Who is next?”
WE DON'T WANT MMA FIGHTERS. It didn't work with King Mo. It's not working with Rampage Jackson and it won't with Tito Ortiz.
King Mo, Rampage Jackson & Tito Ortiz all put together still cannot draw as much as Brock Lesnar. Fact.
So how much money is Spike TV thorowing at Tito Ortiz to pull a repeat of King Mo?
August 1 Breaking News Audio: Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer talk Tito Ortiz showing up on Impact the day afte...
King Mo Rampage Jackson and now Tito Ortiz what next Eric Young the next tna champ
I'm sure Rampage, King Mo, Tito Ortiz are big time wrestling fans but why can't I buy into these signings?
So Tito Ortiz is in TNA now... That's dumb. King Mo, Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson... In a wrestling company.
Breaking News: is changing their name to after the signing of Tito Ortiz while already having Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawal.
I've been saying it was Tito Ortiz all along. For some reason my phone auto-corrected that to "Bob Holly."
Well, TNA wrestling August 1st reveal a big letdown. Could have been Davey Richards, could have been Bob Holly even ,but we get Tito Ortiz?
Idk if people have heard Tito Ortiz talk but he's funnier than Scott Steiner and he's not even trying to be! At least one positive
Tito Ortiz. It made sense. It was NEVER going to be Bob Holly or Adam Pierce, in my opinion. Again, Ortiz.made.sense.
The build up of & it's Tito Ortiz. The fan reaction was not there. Not the right build for him.
It's not Adam Pearce. It's not Tito Ortiz. God can only hope its not Bob Holly. Who is the ?
When was the last time Tito Ortiz or Rampage Jackson won a fight of significance?
I have to take my hat off to Viacom for this one. I actually like this fight a lot.
Oh geez. It's now rumored that August1stWarning guy is Tito Ortiz. That's just what TNA needs, another former UFC guy -__-
Tito Ortiz vs. 'Rampage' Jackson to headline Bellator's first PPV -
If is Tito Ortiz, it will be pretty disappointing. A waste of a hype cause he probably won't wrestle much.
Uh idk how I feel about Tito Ortiz coming back
The people of Wichita Falls that paid to see will care less about Tito Ortiz or Roy Jones Jr.
Rampage Jackson to face Tito Ortiz instead of Roy Jones Jr at November Bellator PPV
So they announced Tito Ortiz vs Rampage Jackson today. That's a fight no one cares about , Bellator messed up on that one.
Rampage announced he's fighting Tito Ortiz on the first ever Bellator PPV.
I was gonna say, PPV main event Rampage vs Tito Ortiz. bout to lose big money.
Rampage Jackson vs Tito Ortiz what do you think of the fight my friend ?
Rampage Jackson vs Tito Ortiz 8years too late. But I will still watch.
Seriously, Tito Ortiz loses 9/10 fights at the nursing home cafeteria line. Rampage will murder him, then break his walker.
I could care less about Rampage Jackson "fighting" Tito Ortiz or Roy Jones Jr. MMA is a joke.
Spike Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz is official for Bellator MMA PPV on November 2nd!
*** making an mma comeback in a fight between Rampage Jackson and tito ortiz is gonna be awesome!
So tito ortiz is gonna fight rampage it should be awesome
If Tito Ortiz or Roy Jones Jr. come out on IMPACT as I am turning the channel
November 2nd Tito Ortiz vs Rampage is happening!
Bellator announced that Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz will fight in November. This fight should've happened about 7 years ago in UFC.
Rampage vs Tito Ortiz will take place in Bellator. Wait wut?
Bellator has great fighter I don't know why they would need the likes of rampage and Tito Ortiz
Bellator announces Rampage Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz on pay-per-view on Nov. 2.
Rampage Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz in Bellator PPV debut this November
Lmao tito Ortiz vs Rampage Jackson .lame as ***
I can't help but feel that Tito Ortiz is based on what we watched on tonight. I hope I'm wrong. …
Oh. Rampage vs. Tito Ortiz? Can't wait to miss that one Bellator.
Ex-UFC champs Rampage, Ortiz set to fight
Quinton Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz are on Bellator now.
Rampage Jackson vs tito ortiz should be a good fight .
Rampage Jackson to face Tito Ortiz at inaugural Bellator pay-per-view November 2
! Rampage vs Tito Ortiz in BELLATOR MMA in November?!!! Just announced on Spike TV. HAS *** FROZEN OVER?
What's your reaction to vs. for first PPV? ?
I like the Davey Richards idea, the Tito Ortiz one is good, but I'm going with the Adam Pearce guess.
List of fighters I will always respect: Tim Kennedy, Roy Nelson, Tito Ortiz, and Matt Riddle. Why? For their ability to *** off Dana White
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