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Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan (November 1750, Devanahalli – 4 May 1799, Seringapatam), also known as the Tiger of Mysore, was the de facto ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore.

Hyder Ali General Dyer Sher Shah Suri Tipu Sultan Road Shah Jahan Mir Sadiq Rani Laxmibai

Summer palace a luxury in Indian history build in da era of tipu sultan
I always missed watching Tipu Sultan on Doordarshan, coz I used to wakeup at 10 am.
They w'll not because CM is a great fan of Tipu Sultan.
Its more like Hindu Vs Sick-Culers. They appose Hindu and Hinduism. Its all Muslim Vote Banks. Mamta Bark…
You are Mappala half blood of Kerela native and Arab,. Who spied for Tipu Sultan and help hi…
What is the 'red glare' in the Star Spangled Banner? Mysoreans' - Tipu Sultan's - rocket wa…
I added a video to a playlist Tipu Sultan full Story by Maulana Tariq jameel new bayan 2017 - Game of
1799 AD:. On the saddest day in 92 years, Tipu Sultan, Tiger of Mysore, died heroically defending his Hindu subjects…
Saddened by the sudden death of MP ( LS ) Janab Sultan Ahmad Sb. A gentleman and a down to earth person. RIP
Birthday Meal with My Beautiful Wife x Food is Amazing!! – eating dinner with my love at Tipu Sultan Leicester
there's a Tipu Sultan restaurant in Moseley, Birmingham but that's not a public naming, so maybe doesn't count.
140 words is too inadequate to sum up Siddaramaiah's Hindu hatred. In one sentence, . Siddaramaiah is Tipu Sultan born again!.
Tipu Sultan Summer Palace is the one of the major Historical Attraction of Bangalore.…
I added a video to a playlist Watch the Story Of Chandrakanta & Tipu Sultan Fame Shahbaz Khan.
thanks Secular s 4 showcasing Tipu Sultan in tableaux , ..helped us in Bursting his Secular Myth !
I am sorry but it's bitter truth . Muslim need a leader like Salahuddin ayubi and tipu sultan
would have been happy today only if Tipu Sultan Masjid Imam who issues illegal fatwas made Cabinet Minister.
world needs Salahuddin Ayubi Tipu sultan to eradicate this brutality .we have power but wearing bangles
But the same wont mention the Genocide of Tipu sultan on Hindus in history. The reason he will…
Debunked long back. Man in photo frm Zanzibar, Africa. Phtgrphy was invented in 1826, while Tipu Sultan died in 1799. Cou…
What else would you expect from an ignorant CM who celebrates a tyrant like Tipu Sultan for vote bank politics?
Human rights organisations will never & ever help you. The way of Salahuddin Ayyubi & Tipu Sultan can. So, stand up and fight.
Tipu Sultan used to rape Hindu women in front of their families, In 1974 Congress released a stamp in his honour
The Surrender of the Children of Tipu Sultan, 1800. After Thomas Stothard. Print made by Charles Turner.
wrote: Marathas desecrated the great Hindu temple Sringeri Math and Tipu Sultan restored it - shows how responsible he was
reup: Roots of Radicalisation in Kerala -- it began with the arrival of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan .
Which king was the first to use rockets in warfare?. a)Shah Jahan. b)Ibrahim Lodhi. c)Tipu Sultan. d)Hyder Ali. . . . . . Ans: C (Tipu Sultan)
What Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan had to do with Bangalore’s love affair with trees, It goes back to the early...
You must understand, Tipu Sultan never considered the ottoman caliphate as "foreigner". He was one of them
What else to expect from a Mullah whose mosque is named after a barbarian Tipu Sultan?.
In bask in the royal opulence of Mysore Palace and Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace! Spend the night at the For…
The Eco Achievers goes to the Land of Tipu Sultan tomorrow ! Stay Tuned for all the action there!. Partners:…
Read how Tipu beheaded, deported and forcibly converted the Hindus of Coorg in the wake of each rebellion
Rajarajeshwara temple of Kerala. Destroyed by the forces of Tipu Sultan during the invasion of Malabar(c.1789)
Tribute to Jhansi Ki Rani on her birthday who fought Britishers her own . Cong busy with Tipu Sultan
From my book "In the land of Tipu". The resting place of Tipu Sultan. On Amazon
Tipu Fort in Palakkad, Kerala. Site of the Anglo-Mysore War, 1792. Probably the best maintained fort of Tipu Sultan https:/…
rothschilds stole trillions of gold by killing tipu sultan who stole from Indian kings when India was under British rule
Congress & Tipu Sultan have common mission that is 2 convert or kill Hindus & destroy Hinduism https:/…
& I chronicle Tipu atrocities in just Karnataka from English, French, Hindu & Muslim sources
Today we utmost need leaders like sultan tipu, ghaznavi & Mohammed bin Qasim to take Hindus from the throat & put them…
Ruins of temples destroyed by Tipu Sultan at Palakkad. it has been over 200 years since Tipu destroyed them, but our apat…
While wants to celebrate Tipu Jayanthi, a look at the tyrant, by .
another is tipu sultan. When British attacked him, he suddenly stopped demolishing temples & started repairing them!
One can understand British sources being biased against Tipu. See what his French allies & Hindu subjects wrote.
Sadly, for modern Islamist & secular historians, Tipu's court historians were never shy about recounting his bigotry https:/…
*** Tipu Sultan is Indian. Thank God you're not one. That'd be disgusting.
Weekend read 1: The bigotry and barbarity of Tipu Sultan in Karnataka
Karnataka high court observes that Tipu Sultan a monarch not a freedom fighter.
Tipu Sultan used to give annual grants to 156 Temples his PM was Ram Punaiya his commander-in-chief was Krishna Rao
That awkward moment Tipu Sultan restored a Hindu temple that the Marathas sacked via
That awkward moment when the Marathas sacked a Hindu temple – and Tipu Sultan restored it via
Tipu Sultan fought to safeguard his own interests, not freedom fighter, observes Karnataka Hi…
sultan u came with ur wish but u will regret.Mind it🤗
fantastic Talk & answer to the Indians dogs by Tipu Sultan (R) In the Live Programe of with
this quotation was quoted by Tipu Sultan a muslim warrior. Be reap
this was said by TIPU SULTAN for the first time.
State Watch: and the sword of Tipu Sultan, top cop enamored with and more
she whitewashes crimes of jihadi Tipu sultan. So no applause from my side.
I liked a video from TV9 News: Chitradurga: Tipu Sultan Jayanthi Turns Violent,
Hundreds of agricultural engineering students staged a demonstration at Tipu Sultan Gardens near the office of Depu…
Tipu sultan 1750- 1799. “One day’s life of a lion is preferable to hundred years’ of a jackal”
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Sumedha Verma Ojha: "...more conjecture than can be reasonably accepted in a history book." review. https…
I added a video to a playlist The Sword of Tipu Sultan EP 18
'It was in British interests to portray Tipu as bigoted, a tyrant and a usurper.' via
Yes use it like Travancore dealt with Tipu Sultan.
'Live like a lion 4 1 day is betr than to live 100 yrs like a jackle' Tipu Sultan. We muslims r followrs of our ancestors.
Yes, when there is no Modi/Congress Sarkaar, this too will end Insha Allah. Tipu Sultan didn't imported arms, he built his own.
And do you know why nairs aligned with east india company? Because tipu sultan declared forceful conversion(1)
Another opulent tent, if we're collecting them: Tipu Sultan's,
Tipu Sultan forcefully converted people. He faced rebellion from Nairs. Go read some History.
He is Tipu Sultan. Murderer of Hindus. How will he talk in favour of Kashmir pundits?
It was in Brit interests to portray Tipu as a tyrant- a myth busting new book on Tipu
Tipu sultan looted that from hindu temples
well who bought the sword of Tipu Sultan, was he Pakistani?
Tipu sultan’s letters by Kerala historian K. Panicker, which he reviewed in the Bhasha Poshini magazine, August 1923 htt…
Kerala was invincible since ages.Tipu Sultan too won by French long range rockets
When pindi boy visit the taxila museum and suddenly make a pose with a toy of tipu sultan
Collections posses the quality of luxury and grandeur because of an ancestral heritage to the Tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan
Shamaeel's maternal great great grandfather, Sultan Mastan Sahib, who was a descendant of Tipu Sultan…
Have caught this accnt do objectionable things many times, making fun of Tipu Sultan once
.State Department approves $165 BILLION in weapons deals to Clinton Foundation donors.
No shame to quote this,We indians with tradition ofKing Ashoka,Rana Pratap,&Tipu Sultan will depend on Baloch to de…
2 US lawmakers move a bill in Congress to declare Pakistan as a 'terror state'
people? it should be "ANIMALS" why endian animals can't tolerate our innocent tipu sultan and ran off 😂😂😂
Sir I am very happy to see that descendants of evil Mughals & Tipu Sultan have become beggars & rickshaw pulle…
Tipu’s sons had more than a peripheral role to play in the first sepoy mutiny of 1806 in Vellore
->India’s first freedom fighter whom need to ban. Oh come on shameless BJPians.
Tipu Sultan: The forgotten connection with India’s first sepoy mutiny
Tipu Sultan touched the heights of Islamic Brutalities! http…
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Tipu Sultan touched the heights of Islamic Brutalities!
Tipu Sultan, one of the names suggested (along with Ambedkar, Kalam and Vivekananda) to replace Gandhi or currency notes?
Tipu's sons were groomed in the high art of practical statesmanship
read about changez khan.. Read about nadir shah.. read about ottoman empire. Tipu sultan
can u decipher text on sword of Tipu sultan
"Tippoo's Tiger" life-size wooden automaton made for Tipu Sultan c.1793
Why do we have army tank units named after Hindu-haters like Tipu Sultan and Aurangazeb? cc
Live Deen presents a talk by Adnan Rasheed on Tipu Sultan at 8.45am to 1pm on 14 August at Karachi Mariott Hotel.
The 21 most formidable enemy of British; 3 from Indian subcontinent. Tipu Sultan, Akbar Khan and Rani Laxmibai.
National Army Museum lists 21 formidable enemies of UK. The only two Indians of those times ( -- who were all...
A4) Whole family would gather on a Sunday morning to watch Rangoli,Ramayana,Mahabharat & The Sword of Tipu Sultan
The finalists for Best of Birmingham are:. Jilabi. Tipu Sultan Group. Mughal-e-Azam Cuisine of...
.Well met, thanks for following. A pleasure to reciprocate If you wish you could visit my blog.
pls read .. Britishers were no hero..
With reference to the Kingdom of Mysore under Haider Ali & Tipu Sultan, consider the following. statements. 1. They...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Its better to live like a Tiger for a day than to live like a Jackal for 100 years. -Tipu Sultan. Let Tigers Live...
first terrorists in india were Aurungzeb and Tipu sultan
Urgently Required plots in Peninsula Commercial Phase-8 DHA Karachi:. Main Kh Tipu Sultan or Kh Babar. or...
"greatest person from this landd" for Islamists and their sympathisers/ supporters
hmmm ... what was that thing Hyder Ali/Tipu Sultan did then?
It is better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand days as a lamb. (Tipu Sultan)
It is better to live a day like a lion than ti exist for hundred years like a jackal -Tipu Sultan 😎
Remember when you brought us the sword of Tipu sultan back? Remember what you said? Look at you now, hiding in shame. Karma?
This is PECHS society of same Tipu Sultan Road to Modern society lane was flooded. photo v
"In this world I would rather live two days like a tiger, than two hundred years like a sheep" Tipu Sultan
again this year he will celebrate tipu sultan birthday instead of DIWALI
U learned about tipu sultan through history books r8. Bro Indian history is corrupted by Britishers .
So you think tipu sultan was true follower of Islam
There's no electricity or there's immense fluctuation since last night in Tipu Sultan Road area, honestly we are being tested. Islam by invaders.ISIS is not true islam nor is Saudi nor al qaeda,nor tipu sultan or aurangzheb.History says otherwise
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Noor Inayat Khan , a descendent of Tipu Sultan and a British agent was assassinated by the SS ...
From the British Library, an exciting detective story tracing items from the library of Tipu Sultan:
Count down begins in Uttar Pradesh. ...Tipu got new Sultan with chacha jaan.
Attara Kacheri (now High Court) of Bangalore was built under the reign of Tipu Sultan, the Emperor of Mysore.
no light since 6 pm! Area off Tipu Sultan Road. Syedna Yusuf road
3. Special preference was given to Ms in taxation& employment. In "Sword of Tipu Sultan" distorted history is shown
Inscribed on Auranzeb's sword-Victory through Jihad by sword. IIRC Tipu Sultan had a sword with similar inscription.
217 years old painting of bastion of Srirangapatna fort in Karnataka was painted in 1799.It was HQ of Tipu Sultan.
Extremely slippery road from Touchme Chowk leading to Tipu Sultan Road. Advise extreme caution. .
Tipu Sultan was a great warrior, britishers were very much afraid of waging war against him. He hd great war tactics
Wasn't the screenplay of The Sword of Tipu Sultan written by Bhagwan Gidwani? A known RSS historian?
In Aug 1788, ruler of Parappanad, chief of Nilamboor/Trichera Thiruppad were forcibly converted to Islam by Tipu Sultan.…
Brilliant Answers by Banta but the teacher gave him '0' marks only. Q- In which battle did Tipu Sultan die? . A-...
hey any Muslim who thinks his ancestors were non converted read this
A person was found dead in Gulbarga on Ring Road near Tipu Sultan Chowk. . Pic courtesy : Aejaz Ali Gulbarga
Man U comparing the mustache general with Tipu Sultan Good Joke Made me really laugh 😀
SHOCKING: You will NOT Believe what Tipu Sultan’s Sword’s INSCRIPTION READS!! via
Vijay Mallya after buying the sword of Tipu Sultan chopping a Lemon to provide Nimbu-Pani to the guests.(2004)
lolz so ppl will forget him what he did? did ppl forget salahudin,Hazrat Umar R.A, Tipu Sultan ?grow up kid. . .
What is your take on King Asoka and Tipu Sultan? One who killed many and other who fought for India. Don't generalize all Mughals.
I added a video to a playlist HFS1 P4 British conquest of the Mysore State, Tipu Sultan, Treaty of
Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore, a description of Britain's greatest foes at National Army Museum
😂😂 Tipu Sultan aa gya.. Kesy hai Janab ?? . 👈 Ohh yea as usual Indians whining all the time. .
It's only Congress the sickular, that can and is celebrating Tipu Sultan JAYANTI. The cleansing on Congress began...
Fabulous ' Tipu Sultan" hated the Hindus the Country that made him Sultan. When will the Hindu Community stand...
It is partly correct, as even bf advent of Xtians to India Moguls & Tipu Sultan killed Brahmins 1/n
When Tipu Sultan was killed, the British captured more than 700 rockets & subsystems of 900 rockets in the battle of Turukhanahally in 1799.
The development of Indian rockets in the twentieth century can b seen as a revival of the eighteenth century dream of Tipu Sultan. -APJ Kalam
Isn't this the Tipu Sultan who is the hero of Karnataka's CM Siddaramaiah ??
there are people who are still stuck on Aurangzeb, Akbar & Tipu Sultan, Ram Mandir etc.
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Memories on FB from last year. A visit to Military Museum Shimla with Tipu Sultan occupying place of pride
Tipu Sultan's ring sells for 145,000 pounds in UK at 10 times more than its estimated price.
This is a must read. Vivid account of Tipu Sultan's reign & his Sultanate. Such a savage!
Yeah!! He was as good as Tipu Sultan. I hope you might be grateful to him too for what he did to Kerala. 😡😡
"Brand Your Name". when someone call Your name there should be a legendry story connected with You like Edhi, Iqbal, and Tipu Sultan.
not really, even Kannada has few Persian words in common use.. like kursi, khazana due to Tipu Sultan rule. so natural for NI
Read Patiently :. *From Markandey Katju*. The Truth about Tipu Sultan. What is the truth about Tipu Sultan ? Was...
"To live one day like a lion,is better than to live hundred years like a jackal". Tipu Sultan
Hindutva extremists threaten to disrupt Tipu’s anniversary celebrations
Who planted the Tree of Liberty at Srirangapatnam and became a member of Jacobian Club? - Tipu Sultan.
Buy adventures and inspiring Brave Heart story books like Shivaji, Tipu Sultan, Great ...
this nation has decide what Tipu sultan said
Tipu Sultan still has his hold on this Ranganatha town. Sad.
Tipu Sultan showed same INHUMANE Contempt for Hindus yet eulogized by Leftists/ Congress
4-May-1799: Tipu Sultan died in the fourth Anglo-Mysore war to save Seringapatanam, capital of his regime.
Tipu Sultan, also known as the Tiger of Mysore,was martyred in battle against the British in the 4th Mysore War
On this day, Tipu Sultan was killed in d 4th Anglo-Mysore War, ending d 15-year internment of Mangalorean Catholics at 2/n
Yeh plenty of times..I have relatives over there..I'm not sure which part of Bham but Tipu Sultan..the restaurant is nice
Trying to hum Star Wars theme, but somehow Sword of Tipu Sultan theme stuck in my head
Do you know that Tipu Sultan also spoke Urdu ??
Tipu Sultan's palace in Banglore. Talking to publishers about books in India.
what's the matter with recurring fault for areas near Tipu Sultan Road, for past few days?
1820 Govnr Endorse effort for marriage& support of Tipu Sultan's eldest daughter
country is bigger than constitution otherwise there will be no Haider Ali/tipu sultan.specially when u let thieves to make it
no light since 2pm on tipu sultan. Any update? Complain alredy registered
Tipu Sultan fought bravely against the British. On the other hand, RSS sided with the British, they were against Quit India…
at least we do not create innocuous troubles on if Tipu Sultan chanted Bharat Mata ki jay or not.
Dude is texting with a flip phone, just like Tipu Sultan did
Tipu's Tiger looted by the East Indian Company from Tipu Sultan in 1799
Distorted history books,made hindu butchers like aurangzeb,tipu sultan mohd.kasim as heros..wher as dey were killers
Update your maps at Navteq
Reaction of corruption crusader Tipu Sultan after being asked the evidence of 200 pages against Rani Laxmibai.(1770) ht…
Bringing Tipu Sultan's sword doesn't prove you a true Indian. There are other responsibilities too, like paying debts.!
Tell me if tiger of Mysore (tipu sultan). Was a looter. Then poras ,akbar and even our force is looter as we are paying them tax.
Scitech contributed in keep safe reign of tipu sultan while other contemporary reign haven't followed the same.
Tipu Sultan and get the Sultani chops 😛😛😛😛
Old photo supposedly indicating where Tipu Sultan made his last stand. via
In the Lair of the Tiger: on their visit to Tipu Sultan's Srirangapatnam
Nominal ruler of Mysore, Rani Lakshammannii trying to broker a deal wt the British to overthrow Tipu Sultan
Well impressed with the food tipu sultan in brum is super nice 1st time coming here🤔good experience indeed
1791: The 52nd reach Vellore, Southern India, in pursuit of Tipu Sultan of the Kingdom of Mysore, during the 3rd Anglo-Mysore War
All time Favorite !!. " Better to live a day as LION than a lifetime as a sheep ". ~~ Tipu Sultan !!
the same way you tolerated Baber, Sher Shah Suri, Tipu Sultan etc. It's not your choice ... its a compulsion
Tipu Sultan will always be remembered as one of the most powerful rulers India ever had.
Tipu Sultan, Muhammed bin Qasim, Mehmood ghaznawi are my favourite fighters and mentor me somewhere in normal life
Tipu Sultan murdered lakhs of innocent Hindus.Godse shot only one and confessed.Tipu didn't. Where's the comparison? ht…
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Ayyo, the obsession with Tipu Sultan has spilled over to drag Mir Sadiq in as well.
, Just like Cong did in case of Tipu sultan, hun..
Manjarabad by Tipu Sultan & French engineers is designed in the shape of an 8-pointed star.
Doing politics on like Afzal Guru or Tipu Sultan by raising past issue is not good for students.
Deve Gowda stirs controversy . Likens Zameer Ahmed Khan of JD(S) to Mir Sadiq, who is believed to have betrayed Tipu Sultan. Feb…
Injuries and murder in Karnataka while protests during celebration of Tipu Sultan Jayanti.
TIPU used this JainTemple, Sultan Bathery as Armoury in 18th century by destroyng idols in d sanctum. http…
18th century Tipu Sultan of Mysore-India forced all citizens to convert to Islam. Today only 5% of Mysore is muslim after mass reconversion
The rise and fall of Mysore - Reign of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan - IAS
Addanda Kariappa is an expert exposing the mass murders and conversions done by Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. Been exposing on TV & seminars.
in case u r still in S Africa do plan a visit to the historic Groot Constantia in CTown. It was Vis by Tipu Sultan Amb in 17 C
EXCLUSIVE: speaks against the criticism over Girish Karnad's comments on Tipu Sultan.
Ultimate is the octagonal Tipu Sultan tent. really?
he was such a dabang officer who was always repeated Tipu Sultan golden words
So Nidhi Razdan conveniently diverts the debate to Tipu Sultan & Rajnikanth. defending now
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The Mangalore Catholics should hate both Tipu Sultan and the British East India Company in equa…
Sanghi arrested for Murder during the Tipu Sultan Row. Turns out he mistook the Victim for a Muslim
Tipu Sultan was not an Icon. First of All
Mughals have been Great Warriors ever. History is the Evidence. I am the fan of "*Tipu Sultan*".
Now that the heat of the moment is behind us, here is fodder for your thought.
An image of me receiving as hostages two sons of Tipu Sultan at the end of the Third Anglo-Mysore War in 1792
While there, I enacted several reforms and my army quelled a revolt by Tipu Sultan.
Tipu Sultan: “I would rather live a day as a tiger than a lifetime as a sheep.” investigates the man.
Siddu Sultan has money to spend on Tipu's bday but not for schools.
All the money was spent on tipu sultan birhday celebrations
Indiawaale with Dilwale? This sounds more like Maharashtrawaale with Afzal Khan or Karnatakawaale with Tipu Sultan. Save for a few seculars.
Polymath Victoria selected the amazing swords belonging to Shah Jahan, Tipu Sultan & Ranjit Singh - what a line up!
Indian mail and plate helmet seized after the defeat of Tipu Sultan, May 4th 1799 &shipped to Britain
Panel discussion on politics revolving around Tipu Sultan jayanti -
Visit us at Gardening Event at Building Center. Tipu Sultan Road, Sharah -e- Faisal. Karachi.
Maggie to undergo trial by sword of Tipu Sultan in Mysore
people were impressed with Tipu Sultan TV serial, believed he was a great man, then real history emerged nw wt proofs
Avoid disappointment and book your table via our website:
A myth called Tipu !!. For a long time, I investigated, pondered the chronicled figure of Tipu Sultan. As an...
The 7 storeyed ‘Gopuram’ of ancient Sree Ramaswami Temple, Kerala was destroyed by Tipu Sultan. https…
One Day Life of a Lion is Better Than Hundred Years of Jackal -TIPU SULTAN !. P.S.- 2 Jackals wr DIED in TOILET😂.
VHP activist dies in clash over Tipu Sultan anniversary in Karnataka
1876 Tipu Sultan’s grandson Szd Bushiruddin gears up to counter debt burden
Are monuments built by Tipu Sultan and Aurangzeb part of this policy?
Tipu Sultan apologist teaching others about Nazism!.
ever been to an asian restaurant called 'Tipu Sultan' ? If so, any good or nah ?
Go straight and you'll come at Karsaz Road and take U turn from under the bridge and take left at Tipu Sultan Road.
And the sleepy CM has lot of fund for tipu sultan celebration and marriage help of minority community.
Brilliant essay by on Sultan breaks new ground in Open cover storyTipu Sultan: Noble or Savage? https:…
People like Tipu Sultan of Mysore & the Sikhs of the Punjab ruthlessly pursued optimistic modernisation in early C19 India...
with one visit, that too as a tourist (a guess), can you gauge the whole history? Tipu Sultan's history reeks with tyrannical acts.
Tipu Sultan was a tyrant? When we visited Mysore, that wasn't the picture painted at all.
The city of Mysore has tolerated both the tolerant Wodeyars and the tyrant, Tipu Sultan. Will Mysorean labs now tolerate
of Pakistan after Tipu Sultan proved " its better to live like a lion for a day than live like a fox for one hundred years"R.I.P
1834 Call back Gholam Dastgir, Tipu Sultan’s grandson from French Chundernagore
the same effect it would hv on teens that tipu sultan had on us! There is no end to 'frivolizing' our history. :/
Gumbaz - a large mausoleum that houses cenotaphs of Tipu Sultan , his father Hyder Ali and his…
A day in the life of a lion is better than 100 years of Chairman PCB. — Sultan Tipu
Re-evaluation of Woodrow Wilson's legacy reminds me of Indian debate on Tipu Sultan .
For those who would prefer to read the Tipu Sultan piece by Sanjeev Singh on Dainik Bhaskar
: Man who threatened Bhagwan held for murder linked to Tipu Sultan row November 20, 2015 at 07:26AM
Tipu Sultan may have been great or evil. But why should govts celebrate anyone's birthday? Leave it to families, friends…
From partition to tipu sultan, everything looks an effort to create a rift between hindus and Muslims for d sake of votes to remain in power
On this day, in 1750, was born Tipu Sultan, who chose death at the hands of the British over surrender to them. No other ruler was as brave.
Every threatened person etc are named in this article except BJP MP from Mysore who is anonymous!
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Sultan mistake: Was 10 Nov his birthday, or the day he hanged 700 Melkote Iyengars?.
Girish Karnad gets death threat for views on Tipu.On my show govt appointed historian says celebrating Tipu "Jihad"
Tommorrow is the 216th aniversary of Sultan of Mysore Badshah Nasib ad-Dawlah Fath Ali Khan Bahadur ( Tipu sultan) [R.A]
Tipu Sultan had no qualities worth celebrating: Subramanian via
Piece about Sultan and the development of
Tipu Sultan killed & converted thousands of Hindus & Christians. . How is that Communal? It's not like he asked ppl to do…
But she was not Muslim so cant be glorified like Tipu Sultan by Sickular Libtards..
Once Tipu Sultan said , "If you don't listen others' views , either you are deaf or you're just an AAPtard."
If we indians can celebrate birthdays of mass murders like rajiv gandhi then whats the problem in celebrating tipu sultan bi…
Tipu Sultan, Tiger of Mysore, the Tigers Dream, an exhibition at Qatar
Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore at the Battle of Pollilur, exhibited at Qatar MIA
These Indian Muslims idolize Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan. How are they any different from ISIS jihadists?
Beware Hindus ! Tipu Sultan is being pulled out of grave !
Actor & creator of the 'Sword of Tipu Sultan' TV series quotes ht…
from Tipu Sultan we are moving to Sher Shah Suri and Ashoka The Great!
Tipu Sultan: "With the grace of Prophet Mohammed and Allah, almost all Hindus in Calicut are converted to Islam"
People who are celebrating Tipu Sultan's jayanti, may also celebrate General Dyer birthday next time
..want to know the reality behind the "Great" Tipu the archives.. Malabar Manual by William Logan 1/2
Tipu Sultan replaced Kannda with Farsi as official language of Mysore and imposed measuring system of Arab.
When BJP celebrated Swami Vivekanand's Birthday said it is communal. Now is celebrating Tipu Sultan's Birthday
Tipu Sultan destroyd more than 8000 temples in Kerala,Mysore &TN.He tried 2 make Persian th official language of Mysore by a…
Killing n converting one's own country-men like Tipu Sultan did is far worse dan foreigners like Britsh coming n enslaving! Mr Girish Karnad
. Tipu Sultan was a freedom fighter & General Dyer was kind hearted protector of people
People from all over Karnataka when they visit Mysore, also go and see Tipu Sultan palace and grave. Now BJP will kill tourism in Sri''patna
I suggest all Indians to once read word by word translation of what's written on Tipu Sultan's sword. Your views will change …
If AnniversaryOf Tipu Sultan is justified by Congress, Why not Of General Dyer?
There should be some reason for appeasement of Muslims. Everybody know that they vote untidily for a party who can defeat BJP. Tipu Sultan
Why don't we start glorifying General Dyer too when we happily praise Mughals & Tipu Sultan ? Lets forget Bhagat Singh like Hemu & Maharana.
Both Great kings Tipu Sultan and Napolean Bonaparte were defeated by the same person General Arthur Wellesley .
Gold, Ruby & Diamond studded anklet owned by Tipu Sultan. As of today, will u admire his taste or lavish spending?
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Taliban destroyed one Bamiyan but Tipu Sultan was more barbarous who demolished several Bamiyans and Hindu Temples.
Yes, is a Leader, He is my Hero and IA he is a lion of Islam like Tipu Sultan, Ghaznawi and he will break ag…
I've never tasted the food at "Tipu Sultan" is it good ? Going to visit Birmingham soon, and was thinking of tryin it
Photo of the Butcher of Malabar aka Tipu sultan as stored in British museum archives.
Tipu Sultan’s palace is known for its teak pillars and ornamental frescoes.
Definitely construct of a memorial for Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan INL via
a mosque connected to Tipu Sultan in Calcutta https:…
a mosque connected to Tipu Sultan in Calcutta
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