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Tiny Lister

Tommy Tiny Lister (born Thomas Lister, Jr.; June 24, 1958) is an American character actor and former wrestler known for his role as the neighborhood bully Deebo in the Friday trilogy series of movies.

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Pretty much. But it worked on me. Plus, skinny Tiny Lister!
Wed-I'm so confused right now!Is this Tiny Lister dressed up as She-Bo instead of…
I had no idea Tiny Lister was in the WWE. I’ll have to check out his matches later.
2 eps left of S1. Love ep 23 when Will & Carlton go to Jazz’s crib. Tiny Lister & my fav crack me up.
someone tell little bad ...tiny...bring it to Arkansas...we'll chat with him fa sho.
just get Tomy Tiny Lister AKA Dibo from Friday to keep would be intruders/interrupters away from your performance???
I love that film so much. Classic Movie Hulk Hogan & Tiny Lister Are Freaking Old School Legends :):)
It's even quite progressive in that it has a black President played by Tiny Lister. Long before we ever heard of Barack Obama. Space Obama.
Depends if you mean Zeus the god or Zeus as in Tiny Lister lol
It's like Tommy 'Tiny' Lister was born to play convicts.
😂😂😂 I stopped playing it how I used too once I became a A lister
Eric Bischoff booked Tiny Lister in WCW in 1995 Six years AFTER No Holds Barred. Remember that next time he brags about being a genius.
So id like to introduce you all to my new friend 😬👍 Tommy "Tiny" Lister
Just talked to Tiny Lister about The 5th Element so I'm good for the year.
Tiny Lister "Zeus" is in character, calling people out and threatening them. Hilarious.
My favorite thing from the Iron Sheik roast last night was Tiny Lister Jr coming out to do the same "Deebo valet parked his bike" joke twice
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The only roasters that I know for sure that'll be there are Ron Jeremy, and Tiny Lister. Who's your friend?
an atomic leg drop in Madison Square Garden causes assassination in a far off corner of space which in turn makes Tiny Lister a star
Cross Pootie Tang with "Tiny" Lister, Jr.; make said hybrid Bangladeshi-American, and you will have Zeihan.
On the set of thejohnnydynamo Season 2 with Tiny Lister and Rick Wells.
Watchin Tiny Lister and co. do their thing before I join in on thejohnnydynamo!
Let me get this straight...Piper hosting a podcast with TERRY FUNK?...ZEUS?? (I'm assuming he means Tiny Lister,...
Pretty good budget though! It has a million explosions, plus Tiny Lister, John Amos, and EB Farnum from Deadwood!
Watching the '90s classic Body Count, in which Ice-T and Tiny Lister try to cap Alyssa Milano and Jimmy Martin.
eff it. threw down on some money and bought Extreme Prejudice with Rip Torn, Nick Nolte, Powers Boothe, Maria Conchita Alonso, Michael Ironside, Larry Scott, and Tiny Lister! Serious memories of HBO in the late 1980s.
oh dear feel guilty not promoting this.please accept some hugs from the East Midlands
I just saw the Akon So Blue video with Tiny Lister. This tiny black lady hit Tiny Lister in the Back of the head with a Vase and it broke and he went down. Then after he was down Akon saved her. Zeus was a symbol of our manhood. When he was in the movie with Hulk Hogan Black boys wanted to be Zeus. Even the Rock had to De Swole for movies. Now young Brothas wanna be Omarion types, but how can he protect his lady? The same thing that makes white ladies clutch their purses and lock their doors when I walk by is the same thing that protects our wives and daughters from being victims of violence. Think about that when you are at the gym tryin to get that "MetroSexual" look.
Na I'm not watching TI and Tiny, I said ya girl look like Tiny Lister.
Apply to list in our directory before Dec 31 to receive Founding Lister benefits!
Tiny Lister talk Diabetes and health in the community at The Developing Options 1st Annual Diabetes Health & Well Being Weekend held at Crenshaw High ...
my wife and i are in a movie called American Justice with John Schnieder and Tiny Lister we are extras look for us in the first of the movie i am the guy with the cowboy hat walking on the sidewalk with my wife.She is also in the chase scene she and another girl are almost hit by a small SUV her name is Rhonda Major
Indeed has tiny feet ;) Maybe you've given him Kochanski's. Would explain why he likes walking all over Lister.
in fact, Tiny Lister needs a Ginter auto ...
Tiny Lister aka "Zeus" talks wrestling in the Q97.1 Studio!: via
Love that programme! Never had housemates that fun at uni & room was a tiny cupboard. I also had a job :[ One can dream!
Chiquis Rivera and Tiny "Deebo" Lister were in Fresno this past weekend with Q97.1, in the studio and at WSS...
Because Tiny Lister is the President of the Federated Territories.
narrated by which is cool. But I want my comeback vid narrated Cube's buddy Tiny Lister
I love disaster movies... Watching the end of "Armageddon". How come when the world is coming to an end in a disaster movie the President is always Black? Danny Glover "2012" , Morgan Freeman "Deep Impact" .. Tiny Lister "The Fifth Element" Now they wanna make us believe the world is coming to an end with the debut of the New Release "The Affordable Health Care Act" starring Barack Obama.. I mean *** .. can a Brutha save the planet just ONCE!! :) ... LOL! ... (it's a joke, don't make me write another long disclaimer, just keep it moving)... ;)
Accepting a cup of tea when you're in a hurry, resulting in hundreds of tiny, excruciatingly painful, rapid-fire sips
Just finished watching POSSE with Mario Van Peebles, Big Daddy Kane, Blair Underwood, Pam Grier, Tiny Lister, Charles Lane, Billy Zane, Stephen Baldwin and many other black actors. This movie came out in '93 and I'm sitting here wondering why I never took the time to actually WATCH it!!! Great historical movie about our people post slavery!!
Here's a pic of Tom "Tiny" Lister hitting on a pair of girls:
Actor Tom "Tiny" Lister is at the airport. He just have his number out to a couple girls. "Text me."
Tiny Lister/Zeus/Deebo from "Friday" live in the studio.still lookin' for that bike!
TINY Lister Jr needs your help! Click to send them supplies to build a unique weapon.
How many of you thought "No Holds Barred" starring Hulk Hogan and Tiny Lister is the greatest wrestling movie ever made?
Nice of Marshall Henderson to honor Tiny Lister's time in the WWF with his haircut.
Nah but they gon have Tiny Lister Jr. there (Debo from Friday) I might have to take a picture with him
Listen to Q97.1 tomorrow during the Afternoon Drive with Danny Salas. Tommy "Tiny" Lister, who played Deebo in...
Me and Tiny Lister made alot of things happen together.
Tiny "Zeus" lister gave me a "ghetto massage" today. His words. Didn't help me relax.
50 Solutions to the Black Dilemma by Anthony Assadullah Samad part 4 Believing that our children are our future raises an interesting question, What kind of future can we expect if our children aren’t well taught? The second and third verses of the “Greatest Love of All” states that we “teach them well and let them lead the way,” and “show them all the beauty that they have inside.” The clouds that we see over our future, by and large, rests with the cloud we see over our youth. Very rarely do I ever re-write my column, but an event happened last week that influenced how the next ten solutions would be articulated. Los Angeles City Councilman, Martin Ludlow, arranged for 300 inner city middle and high school youth to see a private screening of Samuel L. Jackson’s new movie, Coach Carter, a movie that addresses the issue of what responsibility we all have to teach our children, help them understand the true meaning of success and let them make choices that will lead them to better lives. Co ...
My tough guy list Jim brown Mike tyson Jack johnson Wilt chaimberlin Tiny lister(debo) Think u got five that can whoop my five.go head an try us
another z lister running round a park in a tiny top with belly out in November as you do!
Check out Kirk and Laura with WWE wrestler and Hollywood actor Tommy "Tiny" Lister! Another celebrity who Stands...
I think im related to tiny lister idk tho
With a few "acting" lessons, the Tiny Lister biopic yours to lose Orlando Franklin.
Buddy got the Tiny Lister struggle eye
have you heard of a wrestler called Tiny Lister?
I added a video to a playlist Tommy "Tiny" Lister Confessional
What are tiny lister and Linda Hamilton even doing in this movie
Better than Tiny Lister as president in THE Fifth Element?
Look like if Michael Clark Duncan and Terry Crews sperm hyper fused and got Tiny Lister pregnant
Meh...I sort of think Shaq should have played the president in Sharknado. Tiny Lister is too good of an actor.
You are wrong, and The ONLY correct choice for the prez in Sharknado is Tiny Lister.
Eric Roberts and Tiny Lister have been cast to appear in The Human Centipede 3. Odd choices. Roberts is an Oscar...
'This is the human race! We are a rainbow of beautiful people.''Be a leader!' Quotes from amazingly motivational actor: Tommy 'Tiny' Lister!
Stayed in the same hotel and met Tiny Lister and he was "in character" acting like a tough ***
Basically. That said, Tiny Lister did try to play it serious, in a Tiny Lister sort-of-way
Tiny Lister aka Deebo, shows up in Meteor Man so now's a good time to share this bit about Tiny (yes, same Tiny)...
Was worried for a minute that the first person to play a black president in a movie was Tiny Lister. Whew.
One of my worstest fears is being in a portopotty and someone/something knocks it over. cc:Tiny Lister in "I Got the Hookup."
Richard Schwartz has a commercial with Tiny Lister & he says, "Don't get Deebo'd by insurance companies". SON. I HOLLERED.
happy birthday to Tommy 'Tiny' Lister aka deebo from friday
Happy 55th Birthday to Tommy 'Tiny' Lister!!! He played Deebo in Friday & President Lindberg in The Fifth Element...
Tuck your Chains and hide your Bicycles cause it's Tommy 'Tiny' Lister's Birthday!. "When Dee-bo come around ,...
Happy Birthday to actor and former wrestler known for his role as the neighborhood bully Deebo, Tommy"Tiny" Lister!!
but to top it all off... today is the 55th birthday of Deebo (Tiny Lister Jr)
Wendy Williams and Tiny Lister the same person moe...
What you got on his drink, homie? MT ...also Happy Birthday 'Zeus' Tiny Lister(55)
Do any rappers know that Tiny Lister played the President of the Universe in THE Fifth Element?
Lol at this French Montana video where he calls up 55 year old Tiny Lister to beat up some guy for him.
Wanna sound weird/creepy? Say "give it to me" the same way Tiny Lister did in Dark Knight.
Just saw Debo aka Tiny Lister at the Dub show
Just finished shooting a movie with Tom Tiny Lister (Deebo), and Chamillionaire is doing some songs - wish Snoop was too
Tiny Lister a/k/a Debo does French Montana a solid in the new video for "Excuse My French's" "I Told Em."
Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford and Tiny Lister had the appropriate presence. Oh, and Terry Crews, of course.
Tiny Lister as president might be my favorite part of The Fifth Element.
Accidentally bought orange-flavored mouthwash...I'm pretty sure it's the "girly-drink" of mouthwashes
*** .. So KOOL... Good Bye Yellow Brick Road was released Oct 5th 1973 When we were still in Jr High... But...Thursday Oct 4th 1974 Elton"s opening night of 5 @ The Forum was my 1st concert... Got my tickets the day they went on sale @ the Box Office... All5 nights sold out in under 1 hour... I wish I could play you the images in my mind like a video from that night... To an animated video of "I'm gonna be a teen age Idol" Tiny Lister carried Elton on 1 of his shoulders wearing a long yellow fur cape trimmed in white leopard crown & all ... stood him atop his piano to the beginning of Funeral for a friend... but that's another story
If I had told you that Tiny Lister w/be the one that still had viable career 30 years later, what odds would I have gotten?
Real Talk Tiny Lister aka DEEBO from Friday gave me 100 dollars when i was a kid. i seen and said "Gimmie Some money" and he gave me a bill
Watching the end of Friday, how could Tiny Lister sell so well for Ice Cube, but for no one in New York? Hogan sold for Leno, recipricate.
It's celebrity culture gone mad!! Surely they could've at least found a more athletic Z lister to give it a tiny bit of integrity
6 days until our NO HOLDS BARRED screening at Remember when Tiny Lister was on FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR?:
Not sure they'd have taken the last one... My man Ben Mendelshon and Tiny Lister were my other answers. Dunno if pointless tho
Shout out to my track homie mstoeffler47 These are some pics from the recent Cal State LA Tiny Lister…
that's ecstatic! Then we can play musical chairs & booty monopoly with Terry Crews, ving rhames, tiny lister, & gerald echols
my favorite wrestler is Tiny Zues Lister bcuz if I circle to my left, "He can't see me!" s/John Cena
tiny lister ? He's mad chill . I met him thinking he was gonna be deebo . Actually hella spiritual.
Every time they say "No Holds Barred" I keep thinking Tiny Lister is gonna come out.
yo.. Joan Severance... Ain't that ole girl who played lead in Hulk Hogan's movie with Tiny B Lister?
Tiny Lister (Debow), John Witherspoon and Biz Markie in there too
Anytime someone says that, I always act like they are referencing the 1989 movie with Hulk Hogan and Tiny Lister.
Just your trollop rule book is all. I'm still researching. :)
I'm still working on your rulebook. You need rules naughty face maker!!
For the quickest moment, I though JP2 was a band I didn't know. Don't worry, I've recovered from my idiocy!
I've never been much for organized anything. That doesn't mean I don't have my own rules of being. :)
Being raised Lutheran, I'm allowed to openly mock as I see fit, but still show a little respect.
on the TV so it must be true! My upbringing stops me saying that most Cardinals probably do this regularly!
Random and yet interesting. How do you tell the soon-to-be pope he's got to show his business!
I do believe it is! Not something they told us at school strangely enough! Dominus vobiscum!
Is this true?! Oh my I won't even get into the jokes there. No wonder the church has issues!!
...being American is the least of your obstacles! Apparently Jean d'Arc is to blame for this tick in the box
I learnt tonight that there is a check for the presence of *** before the final announcement! So.
That said...I was thinking an American pope. Hmmm... :)
I'm pretty sure I'm not a likely candidate for a number of reasons. Least of which they don't want sorted!
Pope Kristen the first has a very sound ring to it!
Get someone to add Tiny Lister to Wrestlecon! !!
Photos of & at the San Diego Latino Film Festival
Reminiscing with Tiny Lister (Deebo from Friday) we interviewed him in 2009. find it in our archives
very sad. Tiny Lister is the best actor in Monster Ark. SMH.
Tiny Lister was such a good actor. what happened?
Where To Download Men of War online Men of War movie download Actors: Catherine Bell Tommy 'Tiny' Lister
LA SIRGA & THE BODY both tremendously rewarding, but I'm sad they prevented me from seeing Tiny Lister choke in the lobby
I just spoke with Felicia Lister. She and Tiny will be at the Latino Film Festival tonight. I look forward to meeting you!
.talks to the San Diego Reader about K-11 Tiny, Kate, Tom & Jules will be at the 2nite!
Legendary character actor 'Tiny' Lister in town tonight for Latino Film Festival! by
Sadder than Ice Cube in those ads? Tiny Lister. That ad hurts my soul.
Today, I give a shout-out to America's first black President, either Tiny Lister in The Fifth Element or Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact.
The Man With The Iron Fists is incredible so far. I just feel like Tiny Lister should be in it
Just boarded a plane to Dallas with and Tiny Lister.
"Ok now stand there and do nothing while the other actors talk. And action!" - the Director, to Tiny Lister
I've read the week's progress and remain uberimpressed...!☺ xxx
A recently single Bish-Lister sitting in a tiny bar whining to anyone who will listen.That's what becomes of the broke hearted.
Hey, Tiny Lister, I really didn't mean to snap on you like that. I blacked out. You forgive me? Unblock me
Does anyone remember this movie? Starring the Immortal Hulk Hogan and the Beast, Tiny Lister Jnr aka Zeus?
I think they should cast Tiny Lister aka Zeus for the Dorner role
Yeah, Tiny Lister. He's had a few movie roles, I think. And, I seem to remember, has been inside for something or other!
Seen this guy? More like The Rock or Tiny Lister.
I always appreciate any photo of the Dwarf :) Does it have a tiny Dave Lister painting outside?
For real. Then he got Tiny Lister in one. What's next?
and I'm going to join you but only to 102...that's me!
I've been safe and snug inside since it started Friday morning. I'm no fool, no siree, I'm gonna live to be 103. Well...
Why thank you. Ever reliable. I hope you've had a lovely weekend. xx
Because I have nothing better to do waiting for the super bowl I present the top 5 Michael Jackson videos Smooth Criminal - No this is not open for debate Thriller supporters. This video is the best if for nothing else but the "lean" Thriller - The video was ground breaking and Ola Ray was hot! Remember the Time - Michael angers Eddie Murphy, escapes the fury of Tiny Lister, impresses Magic Johnson and kisses Iman. What more do you want 4. Billie Jean - Mike denies its his kid while lighting up the sidewalk and integrating MTV, it's the first video by an African American to make their rotation back when you know they played music videos 5. Bad - Michael tells Wesley Snipes to back up and he does. Well it is only a video.
Tiny Lister reads the Entourage news and wakes Gerald McRaney with a midnight call. "Put Delta on. 1st and Ten. It's time to do it again."
... Look who came with his wife to look for his bike 😜
Maybe Terry Crews. It seems like an upgrade for him, and he's earned it. Definitely not Tiny "Zeus" Lister
saying "Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Junior" five times in a mirror is the last mistake that many white middleclass teens ever make
Tiny Lister is mad at Terry Crews like Busts Rhymes is mad at 2 Chainz
Saw a man built like Tiny Lister knock a middle-aged woman to the ground for a free American Bible Challenge t-shirt today.
Now I'm thinking back to when I met Tiny lister on Ocean Drive right next to Versace's house. DEBO!
I wanna see a movie where Randall 'Tex' Cobb & Tommy 'Tiny' Lister have a long peaceful hugging scene. To show that like men have feelings.
I like the idea, potential lawsuits aside. (Tiny Lister has great lawyers.)
Tiny Lister talks about how he got the nick name tiny
what, not even Tiny Lister for The 5th Ekement? Robbed.
Hard to believe that before Obama are only black president was Tommy "Tiny" Lister.
Meh. I can't trust any grown man called Timmy, anyway. No big guys with baby names. Works against you unless you're Tiny Lister.
Tommy Tiny Lister on the Rock & The Next Friday at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood: via
Tommy Tiny Lister greets fans at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood: via
that's a great pic! we snapped this of you. how can we not love those HUGE grins?
Oh and your girl look like Tiny Lister.
Why is Tiny Lister talking to Bruce Campbell? I love this town.
Why is Tiny Lister at this Spartacus party?
one thing Mal has in common with Lister.
neigh diet. It's good cos you have tiny portions on little spoons. Simple
Apparently it's in the packets. But who doesn't love salty fries. Yum. :)
Apparently it's very tasty. Or so I've been told. :)
Ya'll notice they always show Tiny Lister from some kinda angle...his eye problem right up there with Forrest Whitaker's (._0)
i was watchin this movie with Tiny Zeus Lister in it (the dude that played de-bo in friday) & all i could think was HERLON
I had myself confused. And not for the first time this evening. Michael Clarke Duncan was confused with Tiny Lister earlier on.
Doctor Dre, Snoop Dogg, Arif S. Kinchen, Tommy Tiny Lister is in the movie "The Wash" on BET cable TV
Tiny Lister is in this. If I were an actor and got a script and they said "Tiny Lister has already signed on", I'd say, "No, thanks."
Going with the boys to the Pro Bull Riding Championships tonight via Limo and VIP passes from PBR Beer!!! OH YEA!
My head feels like there's some kind of tiny angry man trying to burrow his way out.
Covering Professional Bull Riding at MSG Friday. will be there. Tiny Lister will be there. Bulls, too, presumably. We'll see.
Happy New Year Peter. Big hugs to you. xx
Buy A Night in Compton Movie Online A Night in Compton movie download Actors: Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Mary C
Photo: Meeting of the minds with Tiny Lister (at Life’s Highway)
Meeting of the minds with Tiny Lister @ Life's Highway
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“lol I'm fr” I let you slide I believe that always happens to me when I tell people Tiny "Lister" is my cousin lol
Thanks Snowman Peter...the more, the better. xx
“My heart feels heavy today. Sending love to those who need it more than me.” I'll join you in that :-)) xx
Deebo from Friday's real name is Tiny Zeuz Lister Jr. Lol.
Watchin' "Immortal Combat" and I do believe I just seen Tommy "Tiny" Lister.
Check the credits, Sterling: That's who Tiny Lister played in TDK.
Memorable Moment of 2012. Doing ministry event with Deebo from Friday! Tiny Lister!
Wow. And he's all swoll up too. That's like Tiny "Zeus" Lister playing Guitar Hero with the Olsen Twins
I've been watching a lot of bad Black romantic comedies on Netflix lately. This one has Johnny Gill, Tiny Lister, & Ed Asner!
Here's a pic from 'The Z Team' set with Tommy 'Tiny' Lister. (Lorenzo Lamas is taking the picture)
Phat Beach also has the combined thespy might of Jermaine "Huggy" Hopkins and Tiny "Zeus" Lister Jr.
Dracula 3000. Is it the worst film sci-fi film ever? No, cause "The Demolitionist" has that honor. But the script is full of trite dialouge, Coolio's horrendous over-acting, a very un-threatening "Dracula" and a belabored scene with Tiny Lister and Erika Eleniak certinaly don't do much to make it better than crap.
The chocolates got me for christmas look like tiny bars of gold. This makes me happy.
Big E Langston looks simple. Tiny Lister and his cockeye looked simple, but at least he made an angry face when he played Zeus.
Those Ice Cube and tiny lister commercials maybe the worst on tv
she looked like she might have been the sister of Tiny Lister from Friday
Maybe it's the endless fever talking but I kinda dug the *** out of Santa's Slay; goofy, weird & just silly fun. Oh & Tiny Lister FTW!
Tiny Zues Lister = Zebo. And Alton Lister = why golden state warriors really wanted CWebb from Orlando
let your announcers know that Michael Clark Duncan is dead that was Tommy "Tiny" Lister
Guys, the black guy who put his hands around Kyle Busch's throat was Tiny Lister not Michael Clarke Duncan who passed away a few months ago.
Of course Machete is in Sons of Anarchy. When does Tiny Lister show up?
They say Tiny Lister is a cool dude. I've always thought so.
Pic from my crazy fun flight Weds night with Lindsay Marie and Tiny Lister!
FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Tiny Lister, very passionate about change. Hoping to have him back on the show when the new...
Tommy Lister is a hard man to pin down, and that's not referring to his time spent as Zeus, The Human Wrecking Machine, who in a jealous rage followed Hulk Hogan from Hollywood to the WWE and provided a classic monster heel to stand against Hogan's interminably victorious heroism. Lister is as big ...
Just saw Tommy "Tiny" Lister in the Burbank airport. Fellow movie geeks will know who that it is.
Oh Tiny Lister? He's definitely large in size lol. My high was meeting and wkng with Stanley Townsend and :)
That video had errbody in it ... Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson, Tiny Lister...
Tiny Lister's eye is only crooked so he can furiously gaze at two people at once.
Tiny Lister used Francis as his inspiration for Friday.
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I am actually disappointed this isn't a photo of Mike with Tiny Lister Jr.
Listen up BRAHHHTHER. I think its time the Hulkster makes "No Hold's Barred 2" BRAHHHTHER. TINY LISTER and ZEUS JR VS NICK n HULK
He didn't have to think at all about it!! :)
I love movies with Tiny Lister in them. No matter how bad they are, they get an automatic watch from me.
I'm convinced that I will watch any movie with Tom 'Tiny' Lister in it at least once.
Anytime and always. xx I'd say we're all givers, but... :)
Thankyou Fruits! Deffo one of my faves.I'd say top 2!! ;) XX
So here are my this week: and Thank you for your smiles this week X
I'll never forget the night in the ATL, that I met you,Thurman Thomas,Tiny Lister, at downtown event! The two sport days!
V-12 News and Entertainment: Actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister--best know for his role as “Deebo” in the mov
down this path, I cannot follow. Chris Tucker and Tiny Lister make Fifth Element an actual movie.
Tiny Lister, best known for his role as Dee-Bo
I almost have the feeling that is almost this generations tiny zeus lister.
*** even Tiny Lister is working with the Feds...smfh...them Feds got "D-Bo" telling on Craig now...😳
Styling: Deebo Cooperating With The Feds (Details) - Tiny Lister has agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors i...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
"Dee-Bo" Cops Plea In Mortgage Fraud Case, Working With Feds (Tiny Lister, best known for his ...
Just finished the DVD ... Wishmaster 2 ... With Andrew Divoff ... Holly Fields ... Paul Johansson ... Bokeem Woodbine ... Tommy " Tiny " Lister Jr. ... Again watch what you wish for ... it may come true ... After all the Djinn is just full filling wishes ... While collecting his badly needed thousand souls ...
Awaiting the arrival if Tiny Lister and Riddick Bowe
Tiny Lister aka “Deebo” Faces Five Years In Jail Over Mortgage Fraud featured news by FULLSPIN MEDIA Popular actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister a.k.a. “Deebo” from the “Friday” series of movies, pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud on (August 31). Lister is accused of defrauding lenders out of $3.8 million, by using fake information and bank statements to obtain mortgages on four different properties in Los Angeles. After the mortgages were obtained on the houses, Lister and three other associates allegedly used the properties as collateral. Lister also admitted to withdrawing over $1 million in loans against the properties, which were never paid back. According to, Tiny Lister is facing up to five years in prison. The news of Lister’s possible incarceration, could seriously impact the production of Ice Cube’s new installment of “Friday.” Ice Cube had stated in previous interviews that he was writing the script for “Last Friday,” which he hopes will include original cast member Chri ...
As previously reported, Tinty Lister better known as Dee-bo from friday was brought up on charges for mortgage fraud scheme..It has been co…
Having never seen the video, I was not aware until just how that Tiny Lister was Sancho in the Sublime video for Santeria.
That puts me in mind of my favorite cinematic President ever, Tiny Lister.
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, formerly Zeus in the WWE/WWF and Z-Gangsta in WCW sits down for an exclusive Shoot Interview with Pro Wrestling Diary (
Think I just seen Tiny Lister on my TL lls!
If there's an old white guy president in a movie I'm watching, I just swap him with Tommy "Tiny" Lister from The Fifth Element.
Tommy "Tiny" Lister's guest appearance on an episode of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'.
checkout/like the page of 's new movie droppin soon(No Weapon Formed Against Us) Starring Tiny Lister
"You have the right to remain silent!! That means SHUT UP!!!" -Tommy "Tiny" Lister
Updated Listing of Pro Wrestling Related Titles on Netflix on Demand: Knocked the F*** Out - Tiny "Zeus" Lister ...
Just like Chris Tucker (Smokey) told D Bol Tiny Lister, you just got knocked the F*** out. Man I am glad with what I have
How come every movie when the president was black the world was comin to the end? Fifth Element (Tiny Lister), Deep Impact (Morgan Freemen), 2012 (Danny Glover)...the movies don't lie!!! Lol
Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Tiny Lister, Lisa Leslie, Tribe Called Quest, Russell Simmons, 112, & Harriet Winslow all in this episode of Moesha.
Zeus was one of the worst ideas ever. While I don't mind Tiny Lister, bringing the movie to life was awful.
Tommy "Tiny" Lister has joined "BiBee" the new animation film by Author David Seuss.
right then multo bene *invites self also* may have THE only BFC onesie in Italy!
I'm in...I love pizza and hearing Mallow yell MULTO! :) When are we going? :)
Glen's moving to Italy. And we're all going to gatecrash his party there, right? *invites herself*
I know how much u love my flatmates.Its your least favourite 1 too.I'll tell her not to drink too much
Great, we'll all visit & liven the place up for u. Hey, my flatmate will be there next month
Yes, but it doesn't matter where you are when we are right here, in your pocket. :) MULTO POCKET-O!
Oh god, don't listen to me. You'll be doomed!!!
Conveniently enough, according to Google translate, it's cocktail! :)
We've got your back, don't forget that. & always listen to the Mallow, don't forget that either. :)
Does anyone know what the Italian word for cocktails is???
What we're you thinking...clearly you weren't. Shape up need us against the Italians! ;)
Glad you're back you naughty Cookie...I heard you thought you could disappear. I say never! :)
it is! And they've just equalised after a goalmouth scramble of schoolboy proportion!
if you're watching ITV4 you might need some!☺
It's nearly Mr Lister's suppertime, chuckie-eggs tonight, with toast cut up into little, tiny, weeny, bite-sized soldiers of varying ranks.
I'm late again! But I'm in (natch)...will be toasting as soon as home!! CHEERS BOTH ☺
Tommy "Tiny" Lister, a character actor who has appeared in nearly 100 movies including "Jackie Brown" and "Beverly Hills Cop II," has agreed to plead guilty ...
Dont be baby it's a tiny little pericing girl !!! ;)
Just saw Tiny Lister walking like his knees are killing him.
Tiny Lister messed up the game for everyone.
You would think Tiny Lister is her real daddy "Brandy's eyes look like a civil war."
According to the credits on IMDB, Pamela Anderson is billed 26th, just above Tiny Lister, in her own movie.
New show! Find out why wants Tiny Lister to be ambassador to China
Don't read Lister, it's like giving a hamster whose only been in his tiny wheel the keys to an Aston Martin
What do you say to a tiny German electrician? Mini Hans make light work
I keep's fine on my phone, just wrong in my browser...weird. :)
mine appear OK but could be onset of senility + I just haven't noticed! ☺ x
between us we appear to have lost Hope the words reappear!
Looks like the store has been left unattended. How very careless of us all!
And I'm following you all now too :) Thanks P! x
my goes to PJ, Tiny Planet Explorer because PJ smells like a fresh monday morning. also beef.
good evening both of you. Hope both good. As lovers of use of words read and x
yeah, the cops do stuff, and Tim Tiny Lister throws a thing out of a boat. all in service of the status quo, +cult of personality
Spreading the word of how great it is to be a language assistant!
I was really hoping that Tiny Lister Jr would play Dexter. That's who I imagined in the comics lol. Great pacing 4 the premiere
I just know its a big *** Tiny "Dee Bo" Lister prisoner somewhere in the joint
Tiny "Zues " Lister is too old to be scary still
How am I just now seeing the coors light commercial with I've cube and tiny lister aka Craig and Deebo !!!
Did y'all know that Debo (Tommy "Tiny" Lister) played the President in the 5th Element. That movie came out in 1997. Just one the many movies that foreshadowed that there would be a "Black" president. Even Richard Pryor did a skit back in the 70s' playing the 44th (KTL BOMBS) president of the U.S.A. Moral of the story: Obama will win, it has been planned for years. *** he might be the last one; before the dictator is assigned to run the NWO: alpha and omega ;0)
Here are a few reasons to eat at the West Angeles Kitchen before or after church. Several West A members, including actor Tiny Lister, tells us why...
Wait till you see my ten greatest flexes of Tiny Lister List. Zeus himself couldn't top it.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Cleveland Bus Driver is reportedly the brother of actor, Tiny "Zeus" Lister.
Excited the Premiere for my new film Highway is tomorrow at The Plaza Theater, If you're in ATL come by and support.( IT'S FREE), Starting Gary Owen , Keith David, Tommy Ford,Tyrin Turner,Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Eddie Griffin, Erik Estrada, Jasmine Burke, Lil Duval just to name a few. Thanks :) Trust me its very funny!!
He looks like Tommy Tiny Lister Jr. (Deebo/Debo) off "Friday 1995" movie. He's big, and buff.
"U goin tuh jail nah! U goin tuh jail nah!" *** Tiny "Zeus" Lister has to be proud of that uppercut.
Of the tiny things I suggest among script editing notes, I'm proudest tonight of "Could we shove Lister into a shopping trolley?"
just picked up dinner @ Vennie Mac's M&M. ... saw Tiny Lister in the booth in the corner in the back! LOL
sorry I was asleep for a year dreaming of talking turtles...and it's a very good question.j
Hollywood A-lister secret for years is sticky tape.Tiny piece can fix ­ageing droopy eyelids in seconds.and
Tommy "tiny" Lister Jr., will always be known as Deebo to me
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