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Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer is a 1971 song by Elton John with lyrics by Bernie Taupin.

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Elton John Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters/Tiny Dancer cover by Teresa: via
I added a video to a playlist Elton John - Tiny Dancer (Official cover live by Bluemarin)
Gonna see if I can start an impromptu sing-a-long of Tiny Dancer on 135 tomorrow like in Almost Famous... Probs get stabbed in Cheetham Hill
Thank you Elton John for making Nikita and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Tiny Dancer and Daniel and Rocket Man and The One and Believe and C
love Ben Folds Five. He was a genius and his version of Tiny Dancer is awesome.
Enjoyed watching this Tiny Dancer at her first recital this morning! Reagan did so good!
unless Tim Collins is actually dancing to Tiny Dancer
Song of the day today is Tiny Dancer by Elton John
More dance competition trophies and medals for Tiny Dancer
I'd actually choose trump as a justice than have him as president. Lol. Break a leg, tiny dancer. Business chief. An American native sounds.
When a dog is crossing the street and you think a car bout to hit it
Everybody hates Elton John until they are alone and catch themselves belting out the lyrics when tiny dancer comes on.
Tiny dancer Californian yoga teacher so can't deal with my name that she calls me "Hardy". Constantly. My lack of power here is interesting.
I wake up to very different texts from people I care a lot about
"You finally brought him to his knees & he's beating it too"
I thought this was about Dodgy Donny's continual blasting of Tiny Dancer in all his rallies.
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Jamming out to Tiny Dancer in the gym. I have no problem with it.
Happy birthday to this tiny dancer. You get better and better with every year 💃🏻🎉🎂
Yeas! Love working with this tiny dancer SO much! Beautiful work
wow I was literally just guessing but still that's awful
So so so proud of my "Tiny Dancer" yesterday in her first Dance Recital!!
"Hold me closer tiny dancer. Count the headlights on the highway. Lay me down in sheets of linen. You had a busy day today.." 🎧
bih, I'm calling Florida out. PTL we have contained a little bit of our insanity without everyone else finding out.
"I don't know anyone who's house got eaten by a chuck e. cheese"- talking about sinkholes opening up
should sing tiny dancer by Elton John
Listening to Tiny Dancer on the way home. Reminds me of Dear Leader.
I'm so so so glad I have amazing friends 💗💗
Tiny Dancer doesn't really sound like Tony Danza. Clean your ears, maybe.
Adam Wakefield should sing Elton John. Tiny Dancer. Just a thought. Watching from day 1.
Tiny dancer stuns crowded mall with Michael Jackson routine
The girls love Rocco. My tiny dancer. (@ Silicon Valley Ballet in San Jose, CA)
After watching Almost Famous I have a greater appreciation for Tiny Dancer//Elton John
John's cover of Tiny Dancer by Elton John (Rock am Ring 2004)
More allegations of dirty dealings by Tiny Dancer
When you're flicking through channels and land on Elton John doing Tiny Dancer on The Old Grey Whistle Test. BLISS.
Elton John plays "Tiny Dancer" and "Funeral For a Friend" in this 1980 Central Park concert.
Tiny Dancer [pat nevin trying to work that massive telly on sportscene}
She transformed N2 the ballerina she trained 2 be TinyDancer
Elton John Carpool Karaoke tiny dancer hit me so hard😭😭😂
Good luck to my tiny dancer today...first one onstage this morning at CanDance 😊
U are more beautiful than Tchaikovsky’s sugar plum fairy TinyDancer
In other words he has no plans ever to release his returns. Hide behind that wall, Tiny Dancer.
Photobombing my favorite tiny dancer!
Tiny dancer will forever make me think of almost famous. One of my favorites.
I got this letter while I was about to get on the train
She's surprised at how brazen her remark sounded TinyDancer
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To this day, your full version of Tiny Dancer during Showcase round is one of my fav things to come out of Idol. Ever.
สากลล — Tiny dancer . A thousand years . All of me. Billionaire . Wherever you will go. If I ain't got you. When I was y…
He introduces her to the city of love TinyDancer
Tiny Dancer demands to use the women's bathroom when he's feeling like a little lady. At 7:07am.
I also always think of Bernie Taupin. His lyrics are phenomenal. "Tiny Dancer in my hand."
Uptown Girl? Billy Joel? Gotta be better options. Oh wait, back to Tiny Dancer...again.
Elton John - Tiny Dancer (Live in 1971 at Old Grey Whistle Test) vía
could you please play Proud Mary by Tina Turner (or glee version). If not - how about Tiny Dancer by Elton John? Thanks!
Tiny Dancer. starting to look like winter in March in North West Ohio.
Sing Tiny Dancer and cry yourself to sleep 😖
Bossing two interviews and instantly throwing on tiny dancer when you get out because it's a smashing life song
Fascinating footage of Elton John writing Tiny Dancer at the piano via
This is my jam: Tiny Dancer by Elton John on Fleetwood Mac Radio ♫
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Also, I like these new lyrics to Tiny Dancer.
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Yea u cute but can I trust u with the aux cord
How does one not want to cry while listening to tiny dancer ??
I'm stick n poking tiny dancer on me and ronalds getting croc rock :')
Hold me closer tiny dancer , count your headlights on the highway,
.What, you think Bubba doesn't sway gently to the dulcet melody of Tiny Dancer?
I did not realize that the opening to Tiny Dancer was this difficult. Or that I suck at piano. Working on it
.says he's a fan of but Donald's tiny dancer isn't impressive
🎶We could slow dance to rock music. Kiss while we do it. Talk till we both turn blue🎶
If you haven't listened to "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John you're really missing out on life 😂
A nightclub made a mural so you can pee into Donald Trump’s mouth
We're in love with this performance. and just SLAYED!
Love this performance in honor of Colombia & Carlos vives! Favorite part: 💯
Thinking of seeing this weekend. Yes? YES!
If you don't scream/sing Tiny Dancer by Elton John once a week, you're clearly not a well adjusted person.
Friendly reminder that the way someone is dressed still doesn't give you permission to touch them
Breast Cancer Awareness
This is what a Baby Giraffe with his mouth full looks like
listening to Tiny Dancer and thought of you 😘
In case you missed it, here's my performance from last night. Yes or no on the hat? 😂 Luhh y'all ❤️
Really really wanna see harry dancing to tiny dancer just imagine
tiny dancer came on the radio and I lost it 🎤
Is Tiny Dancer the greatest song ever written? Of course it is like.
STILL GOTS ALL THE *** CHEMISTRY. I'm all up in my feelings. LEAVE ME. *cries in fetal position while Tiny Dancer …
important! Art is not always about pretty pictures of the sky
Do you think that cause you can relate by being short?
I would pay SO MUCH MONEY to see Elton John sing Tiny Dancer live
Yes, but what has Trump done that compares to "Tiny Dancer"?
Elton John Carpool: They sing everything from 'Tiny Dancer' to the 'Lion King' theme -
My playlist just went to Black Skinhead to Tiny Dancer and I can't stop laughing
All I want to happen is for Billy Crudup, Kate Hudson and Patrick Fugit to hop in the back and sing Tiny Dancer.
Jensen singing Tiny Dancer. . Danneel likes Elton John. Goodbye I'm done with my otp
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I know you're a dancer, & I know you like tiny fluffy things, so I had to share this!😍
I dispute one of Ron's claims. I don't believe anyone called him 'Tiny Dancer.'
Being super professional at work singing to Tiny Dancer like I'm at an amateur karaoke bar.
From Tiny Dancer to Choose Beautiful, the experts pick their favourite of 2015
If a tiny dancer is holding me close, we certainly won't be counting the headlights on the highway.
Me and my friends are prospering this year. Nothing but good vibes, good grades, and even better faith. I got them as …
Five or so years ago, I watched A.S. climb at Brooklyn Boulders. She was tiny - no older than ten- and otherworldly.
Goin home to my baby today ugh I can't wait to see him😘😘😘
Yum, you've got our mouths watering! Are you a big fan of Asian food?
my new job = trying to figure out this tiny dancer. Happy new year!
I have "Tiny Dancer" stuck in my head and now so do all of you. Happy new year!
Got Married and bought a House in Roswell, Ga. but we wouldn't leave him alone. Meet a Tiny Dancer?
Do CPD officers think Tiny Dancer has their back or is sticking it in their back? We'll ask at 8:38am.
oh poor tiny dancer will to go back to the bath houses and wait for Obamas term to end then they can lather
Happy 14th Birthday to my tiny dancer ___cmitch 💜 Just keep being you because you are awesome!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Excellent distillation of Dem governance of big cities, starting w/ Tiny Dancer's Chicago, by
"Not all the brands need to be sexy ! " John Lewis Home Insurance Advert 2015 - Tiny Dancer via
When people think they're irreplaceable
All I know about - It happens in space. - There's a giant Shih Tzu named Chewbacca. - The Shih Tzu knows how …
All I know about - There's a mutant frog named Yoda. - Princesse Leia is rad. - Darth Vader is someone's father. …
My name is Elton, I'm stopping over because I'm required by the state to inform you that I once held a tiny dancer a little to…
I totally feel you 😩😩😩 & I could so eat some french fries rn fr
Happiness lies within your attitude, not within what you have...
"Televangelists are why Jesus cries."-- Rachel Clyde
Actually went to bed before 12:00 but apparently my body thought I just wanted to take a nap 🙃🙃🙃
People need to realize that there are days when you’re not in the mood to talk or interact with anyone.
When it's cold and you don't wanna leave ur bed.
Okay ima need this semester to hurry.. plz and thanks
I just wanna chill and not worry about a *** thing
I already know everybody finna come to school tomorrow tryna strut their new clothes, aye I feel y'all tho I am too …
You have a busy day today, so hold me closer tiny dancer.
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It's 4 am and my lover won't answer he prbly somewhere out with a dancer 🙄
After seeing 'Sisters', I'm guessing Elton John's Tiny Dancer is NOT one of your favorite songs. Lol. Dude, u were funny.
But what's stopping Billy Joel from covering Tiny Dancer? It could happen!!
Tiny Dancer more than likely won't be played since Billy Joel isn't Elton John
Brad, you somehow left out Tiny Dancer was his jam
Low key none of the black legends not named stevie wonder got a better song than Elton John's Rocket Man or Tiny Dancer
every time i hear tiny dancer, i absolutely positively HAVE to sing along with it because you just can't resist a great Elton John song
some live band just started playing "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John, and it made me kinda sad.
Ugh my horoscope got me messed up frfr 😕😕😕
I love how I'm awake rn like I don't have school tomorrow :-)))
The world is full of good people. If you can't find one, be one
I met this chick named Mel, she is the best hoop dancer I have seen. N by that I mean she can dance with a tiny hoop and not bother others
I can't go to school tomorrow like it's not happening . Except it will happen and I'll go and I'll be ill but it's fine
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
best two scenes in Almost Famous: when they all sing Tiny Dancer & the airplane scene. hands down
I can't not jam to tiny dancer it's impossible
Tiny Dancer by Elton John is one of the best songs of all time.
that scene in "Almost Famous" where the entire bus sings along to "Tiny Dancer" -- epic!
Elton John in 1971, doing that Tiny Dancer on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Way before he was middle classes by JL
We built this City. Tiny Dancer. Rocket Man. All sung after lunches in the old truck.
There is a car outside blasting "Tiny Dancer." This is not the usual choice of people blaring music from their cars around here.
I just used Shazam to discover Tiny Dancer by Tim McGraw. màwww lv JA!!!
Tiny Dancer is the only Elton John song that I like. And I love it. I blame Cameron Crowe.
I do like that new John Lewis insurance advert. Not least because it uses one of my favourite ever songs in Tiny Dancer by Elton John.
Ugh, John Lewis and Tiny Dancer, two of my favourite things.
Ad of the Day: A star is born in this adorable "Tiny Dancer" spot from John Lewis.
This 'Tiny Dancer' is the definition of dance like nobody’s watching
Editors' Choice: & fabulous 'Tiny Dancer' totally owns the new campaign
This 'Tiny Dancer' spot for John Lewis is just simply adorable. |
I thought it was saying Tiny Dancer
I’m officially burned out on Jem & the Holograms. Tiny Dancer doesn’t get tired of anything ever so.. yeah.
if I did a 'magic mike' production it would be so full of prince songs. Maybe tiny dancer.
Tvxq's girl dancer are wow. That tiny costume.
Elle: This tiny sassy dancer channeling her inner Aretha Franklin is seriously life af...: This tiny sassy dancer…
Johanna Colon Watch hilarious video of tiny dancer strutting her stuff to Aretha Franklin
So proud of my tiny dancer. She always amazes me.
Tiny dancer by Elton John is probably one of my favorite songs.
If attacked by a bear play dead. If that doesn't work play Tiny Dancer. Bears love that song.
Ohh how it feels so real Lying here with no one near but only you and you can hear me When i say softly, slowly Hold me closer tiny dancer
A small bit of Tiny Dancer is most fun 😊
If you do not have the song "Tiny Dancer" on you phone.I'm sorry we cannot be friends.
I use to play tiny dancer on repeat until I found my old nickelback cd
Tim McGraw sang tiny dancer and I don't think I'll ever recover
Anybody who dates a commercial dance major should be obligated to sing/dedicate the song Tiny Dancer by Elton John as often as possible.
Tim McGraw singing Tiny Dancer was the highlight of my life❤️❤️
I love that smile. Tiny Dancer is now - and always shall be - Crown Worthy!
*Tim McGraw covers Tiny Dancer*. Girl: what song is this. Guy: Blue jean baby by Billy Joel. Me: dies
Whenever I hear the song Tiny Dancer I think of drunk Pam and the 😄
Almost time for the TINY SEXY DANCER Pint Sized Pepper! Don't miss her!!
Tim McGraw singing "Tiny Dancer" was a site to see... also the closest I'll probably ever get to seeing Elton John
Tiny Dancer by Elton John is in Terra Cotta Catering, Binghamton. Download it now at
Tiny Dancer by Elton John, found with Listen now: Hold me closer Tony Danza!!!
Instead of Tiny Dancer, my sister would sing Tony Danza.
Just to balance out my Lauren Laverne/ Best Coast negativity earlier, played Tiny Dancer earlier and it made my day.
Thinking about Darla, the house is much quieter without Tiny Dancer.
don't play tiny dancer around me because I'll get really into it and sing along to it out loud
Snippet from Sunday's show at - we did Tiny Jumper, a mashup of Tiny Dancer by Elton…
Tiny dancer held me close as on we rode from cost to cost On sheets of linen we did lay till Tiny dancer danced away
2nd year of dance is done. Bittersweet last class watching everything they've learned. My tiny dancer…
Hamilton Collection
Tiny Dancer doing better. Foot is still sore. Claws are like razor blades:(
I say softly, slowly..hold me closer tiny dancer
The words to Elton John's Tiny Dancer had to be changed due to a copyright claim made by
I miss Morocco so much, want to go back so badly
My tiny dancer is getting to be not quite so tiny!
Every night should end with a live performance of Tiny Dancer
Tiny dancer is becoming a little liar: jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band... "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John
I could listen to tiny dancer on replay and never get sick of it
Maggie Ziegler, star of Sia's music videos, tells us "I don’t just want to be a dumb dancer." ht…
After listening to Tiny Dancer it makes me wanna watch Almost Famous.
Hold me closer Tiny Dancer!. Count the headlights on the highway!
It was a privilege to ring you today Micha. I have loved watching you grow into a beautiful young women.
Literally pulling my hair out because I've never been this confused
Tiny Dancer by Elton John, found with Hold me close young Tony Danza lol
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Tiny Dancer is the first song I hear and Pandora has already brightened my mood
I'm the question and you're of course the answer. Just hold me close boy 'cause I'm your tiny dancer. You make me shaken up, never mistaken
and all of a sudden the band plays "Tiny Dancer" and the entire bar starts singing along...
Mommys ring tone for me is tiny dancer ❤️
I wanna know what Elton John was thinking when he was writing Tiny Dancer
Would be a great start for Monday right? lol
And The Yanks are taking care of The Sox right now. Great Weekend!
when you bout to jam in the car to your newly updated playlist but Tiny Dancer comes on the radio >
My tiny dancer at her Spring recital today! 💙👯
Good to see them tying the series up against The Capitals. Rangers are a great road team so I have confidence in them.
Find a tiny dancer and hold it close, is touring Oz in December!
Check out the contest I just entered at Enter to win a bag from KSC Designs.
Missing someone is the worst thing in the world EVER
Make a dancer happy with teeny tiny scissors in a new sewing kit!
Sadly, Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" fell on hard times and wound up as Tina Turner's "Private Dancer."
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Currently playing 6 different covers of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" on repeat on the stereo at work today. So far, no one …
Elton John - "Tiny Dancer" is the song I thought of when I saw this video from from…
I have a friend that thought the words to Tiny Dancer were hold me closer Tony Danza
"Tiny Dancer" is in fact a song about Tony Danza. Sir Elton has always pined for the young wrestler who got away.
Still can't get enough of Tiny Dancer by Elton John. :o
Adam Levine just ruined Tiny Dancer forever. 😑 boo
I added a video to a playlist Tiny Dancer - Elton John (LYRICS ON SCREEN)
Yes. As is Tiny Dancer, Crocodile Rock, Your Song, et. al., & I LIKE Joel. BTW Uptown Girl is not even close to Joel's best.
I always assumed the song "Tiny Dancer" was about a racehorse because doesn't that sound like a Kentucky Derby name??
Almost Famous - Tiny Dancer: via really loved this part of the movie...
No joke Tiny Dancer is playing right now at the Honeymoon opening party. I SWEAR TO GOD EVERYONE SING TO Tony Danza OR I WI…
LA Lady...Tiny Dancer by Tim McGrawTim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors on
“I guess I was trying to capture the spirit of that time.." -Bernie Taupin, Tiny Dancer
Ben Fold's version of Tiny Dancer might be my favorite right next to Dave Grohl's.
So much love is in the air! Sir Elton John and his hubby David Furnish loved getting married so much that they did it twice! The couple celebrated their second wedding in Berkshire, England, in a private ceremony at their estate on Saturday. Luckily for their fans, the Tiny Dancer documented the entire thing on his Instagram account, complete with sweet captions about the day. [ 120 more words. ]
If you've never seen a Snapchat of passionately listening to Tiny Dancer by Elton John, youre missing out on something great
Sending this out for Dasani on a pivotal morning. Keep her in your thoughts Tiny Dancer. Elton John ht…
I've listened to Tiny Dancer by Elton John at least 3 times today…. it's a good song ok
I can't listen to Tiny Dancer without hearing Tony Danza
Day 20: me and spooky ghost have listened to every album of Elton John. We both agree that Tiny Dancer is the best song
Just love Tiny Dancer. A popular Tapas bar in East West Minneapolis.
Still laffin about that time I thought Elton John's song "Tiny Dancer" was "Tony Danza".hold me closer, Tony Danza (Tiny Dancer)
"Tiny Dancer" is one of my all time favorite Elton John songs. 💜
the girl at the piano bar is playing Tiny Dancer and I'm ecstatic.
Bernie Taupin + Elton John on 'Tiny Dancer' is what magic sounds like.
Audio: University of New Hampshire, May 6th 1990 Tiny Dancer by John Frusciante - 1 of 8
A consultant who looks like Elton John has just walked into our office. I'm tempted to sing 'Tiny Dancer' and see if he joins in.
Really upset that I'm at a piano bar and they refuse to perform my Tiny Dancer request. What is this?!
Tiny Dancer came up on my shuffle and all I hear is "pull me closer Tony Danza". Who was the monster that ruined this song for me?
When I was younger, when Elton John sang "Tiny Dancer" I thought he was saying "Tony Danza." The song was better my way.
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Some Music just ISN'T Suited for Movies. No-Where in Top Gun is there a spot for "Tiny Dancer".
Old Grey Whistle Test- Elton John singing Tiny Dancer. Thank God Nick turned up the volume so he couldn't hear me singing along!
Tiny Dancer one of Eltons best along with Funeral for a friend(love lies bleeding)
Just passed by a big burly black dude lookin all ghetto fabulous in his tricked-out BMW...blaring Tiny Dancer by Elton John.
Happy Birthday to Bernie Taupin, Elton John's long-time song writing partner. Rod Stewart, Cher, The Motels, John Waite, Starship and Alice Cooper have all recorded his songs; born on this day in 1950 (age 64) Elton John's lyricist, Bernie Taupin, stumped a lot of listeners with this song. While Taupin has sensible explanations for the "Tiny Dancer" and "Levon," the wise Grey Seal is a bit of a mystery, even to him. Taupin has said that it's one of the songs he wrote with lyrics he never really understood, but somehow work. As for Elton, the song is one of his favorites, as he loves the way the music matches up to the lyrics.
I don't sing in karaoke bars but for some reason I sing in sports bars. Pro: Less competition for "Tiny Dancer" Con: More getting punched.
I never knew Elton John sang Tiny Dancer... I thought it was Tim McGraw
Gerard Mulligan ... Tony Danza disappointed to learn that the actual title of the Elton John classic is "Tiny Dancer."
Hanging tight in Dallas for the night before flying out tomorrow. Hotel so close to Pete's I could throw a AdvoBar and hit it, so it's a no brainer. Good friend from Ohio is joining us and if things go right I will have him standing on the Piano singing Tiny Dancer.
Waiting patiently for Jeff's interpretive dance of the Spanish American War to "Tiny Dancer".
Hey I hope aka "Tiny Dancer" had a blast at Elton John last night.
Madman Across the Water- Elton John 1971 Alright, I know, but this isn't Elton working with Kiki Dee and Walt Disney. This is early Elton, coming from working with Long John Baldry and Bluesology. Elton was always top 40 ready, but those first 3 or 4 records had the songs to back it up. I remain a fan of any album with Levon or Tiny Dancer on it and deep down so do many of you. Saw him twice, in Baltimore with Leon 1970 and Richmond 1972, no elaborate costumes just playing and he was good. Later, someone convinced him to go all showtimey. Oh well. Only thing I regret about this album is that Paul Buckmaster? did the strings. Would love to hear it without. I'll give props to the Madman Across the Water. It's Thursday, which means I have 24 hours until Judy's birthday. Maybe I should go shopping today? Relax, spring is coming.
You wouldn't think Elton John was my bane, and you'd be correct: it's Kelly Clarkson. But Tiny Dancer gets me in the feels.
Getting high to Tiny Dancer by Elton John. It's amazing. 👌✨
Yes, I know some people think Madman Across the Water is better but I don't. It would probably help if I liked "Tiny Dancer," eh?
Tiny Dancer by Elton John from the album: Madman Across The Water
Is now the right time to convince the Solider Field DJ that Tiny Dancer is a better punt return song than Soulja Boy Tell'em?
Best Lyric ever. Elton John's Tiny Dancer.always wondered why he sang "Hold me closer Tony Danza".
'Almost Famous/Tiny Dancer', film & music in perfect symmetry - 'I need to go home...'. 'You are home!' Cameron Crowe's greatest 5 minutes!
Is it cheating to sing Hold me Closer Tony Danza every time you hear Tiny Dancer on the radio? Lol, Ay Oh, Oh Ay! the Boss was the best#
I also thank Cameron Crowe for Almost Famous and Tiny Dancer- But Dave Grohl singing it is amazing.
Thx! It's one of my absolute faves. I'll order this version! (PS ur absolutely right re: the Tiny Dancer scene!
Don't forget that this Sunday's assembly is back at REDFERN TOWN HALL, 73 Pitt St, Redfern. Just to recap, the songs will be: 1) Tiny Dancer - Elton John; 2) Across the Universe - The Beatles; 3) Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes; and 4) I Can See Clearly Now - Jimmy Cliff
After bitter days of ice and winter colds, it is time for a taste of sweetness on this Valentine's Day.  At Sauer Grapes Wine Lounge on Daniel Island I find just that. There are oysters, champagne and chocolate for lovers, and best of all there is my valentine love, the music.   Eddie Bush and Julie Beam captivate the warm and friendly audience with their mix of rock, country rock, and Eddie's originals.  Beam belts "Hold my Heart" cheered on by the crowd.  Eddie holds the whole room with his natural charisma, silly jokes, and heartfelt songs.  When I walk in, he's playing, "It's Hard to Stop a Train," his original chart-topping song. Then he does that thing he does with "Cuts Like a Knife," "Tiny Dancer," and yes, the Beatles, with a moving performance of "You've got to hide your love away." The crowd is his.   Everything changes for me when I hear his hopeful sound.  My day frittered away by detail is gone. I'm in Eddie's world where music is all that matters, and I am happy.  Everybody feels th ...
I can jam to Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer' all night long.
Tiny Dancer~ Elton John, will forever be my favorite song!
I have Tiny Dancer by Elton John stuck in my head.
True story. For the longest time I thought "Tiny Dancer" was "Hold me closer Ted Danson". I really liked Cheers as a kid.
🎵 must have seen her, dancing in the sand. "Tiny Dancer" Elton John
I hope Elton John plays Tiny Dancer on a flute and Pied Piper's the children out of Russia featured in NBC s Science of Love
Day 2 Antigua: APT officially qualified yesterday as winners of their class. Tiny Dancer had to undergo a final scrutineer assessment to ensure she had not been modified in anyway to help speed up the journey. In addition to this, all litter must be kept on board under the hatches, alongside a number of other criteria and equipment audits. Tiny Dancer was the only boat not to capsize during the crossing & APT would like to thank the following sponsors for helping make Tiny Dancer be the best in class. A big thank you from APT to Switch 2 Renewables for the solar panels, Fusion Technology & GTC for the computers, Mosaic Search & Selection for the all important sat phone & Decadent Racing for the GPS system. Tiny Dancer started being built in May 2013 with generous support from Bunn Leisure, The All England Polo Club, Hickstead, Leobo Lodge & Barfoot - grown with love. APT were able to eat well during their journey with thanks to Super Vitality, Nutrichef & Canterbury Dried Food. Upon arrival APT also confi ...
Tiny Dancer by Elton John is that song.
An out take from next Monday's RTÉ Nationwide... tune in to see more as Mary Kennedy catches up with Lily-Mae and finds out how things have been going since Tiny Dancer hit the top of the charts. RTÉ Nationwide, Monday, 13th of January at 19:00... tune in.
sure was. Tiny Dancer is one of my fave songs. Bernie Taupin's lyrics abt LA lady, seamstress for the band etc. Underrated guy.
I never listen to Tiny Dancer without thinking, "Hold me closer, Tony Danza!"
Joe is singing Elton John's Tiny Dancer. Only he's singing "Hold me closer Tony Danza" which he knows sets me off but he does it on purpose. Ten minutes later... Me: "You're an *** you know that?" Joe: "You have that stuck in your head now, don't you?" Me: *Grumble* "Of course..." Joe: "And it's with the Tony Danza lyrics too playing in your head, isn't it?" Then he leans forward and whispers "That's ok...that's how it's supposed to be anyway..." How have I gone 6 years without being brought up on homicide charges?
Everytime I hear the song Tiny Dancer, Tony Danza comes to mind.
Love Elton John's Tiny Dancer also known as Tony Danza to some ;)
So I'm in Bulk Barn this morning. Music is playing, I'm not really paying attention. Lady says to me: "I like that Tony Danza song as much as anybody, but don't you think they should play some Christmas music?" I pause, listen, and then burst out laughing. She looks confused. I say, "Tiny Dancer." "I know, right? Something Christmassy like Tiny Dancer!" "No (really holding back the laughter) THIS song is Tiny Dancer. Not Tony Danza, Tiny Dancer." "Seriously?" "Yes." Now I'm really laughing at the expression on her face. "I always thought it was Tony Danza like he did for Norma Jean and Princess Di." :)
When I would listen to Tiny Dancer when I was little I thought Elton John was singing "Hold me closer Tony Danza".
Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man and Goodbye Yellow brick road, all favourites of mine.
That feeing you get when you hear Elton John belt out. " Hold me closer Tiny Dancer"
A Phoebe-inspired t-shirt (& how I like to sing Tiny Dancer ever since that episode of Friends)
I'm listening to Elton Johns greatest hits, if anyone provided a soundtrack to my families life it was Elton John and his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. He wrote a song for every member of my family Desi (Someone Saved my Life Tonight) Neil (Saturday Our Last Night Alright For Fighting) Michelle (Tiny Dancer) Juanita ( Good bye Yellow Brick Road) my father ( Rocket Man) and mine was (Captian Fantastic) Our family celebration song was (Philidelphia Freedom) and we sung it on all great occasions together. So tonight my sister Michelle R. Secor and I are going to see him in concert. We will laugh, sing and probably shed some tears because whats life without a great soundtrack!
I've heard Tiny Dancer twice today. Pittsburgh just cannot get enough Elton John.
I got the thank you Bailey Lynn Fillmon :) Colton and I have been married for 2 years and 2 months, and we've never even yelled, or cursed at one another. And they say it's not good to marry young ;) I am almost a completely different person than I was in high school. In fact, if I randomly met the "high school" version of myself today, I would want to punch her in the face. During my entire labor and birthing process of having Charlie, Tiny Dancer by Elton John was playing. That song was the first thing she ever heard when she entered the world. She's my Tiny Dancer.
I'm listening to Elton John and all I can think about is me and my mom (Ronya) dancing around the kitchen singing along to Tiny Dancer which would be blaring throughout the whole house.
almost famous tiny dancer-Cameron Crowe took 2 extra days to get this scene "Perfect"as he remembers it.This...
IT WASSS. I wish Tiny Dancer was a real thing though. I'd go see it. cx
Tiny Dancer just came on. It's about to get real.
Said goodbye to my Tiny Dancer! Have fun on Cape Verde and see you soon!
It makes me so sad that I never get to go home for expressions and do Tiny Dancer as an alumni :(
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