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Timothy McVeigh

Timothy James Tim McVeigh (April 23, 1968 – June 11, 2001) was an American domestic terrorist who detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P.

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No she didn't, it was Timothy McVeigh, not Al Qaeda.
1) Do it up, but recall Coulter’s words - “My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is h…
Terrorists don't represent the religion…
In general I don't like the death penalty, but Eric Frein, Timothy McVeigh, John Allen Muhammad remind me why it's sometimes necessary.
more killed by Timothy McVeigh in one day than all these. Where was he from again - Ohklahoma is OK!
would be really great to have an office of victims of White crimes as well like Jeffrey Dahmer and Timothy McVeigh!!
What about victims of domestic terrorism? E.g., Timothy mcveigh?
Ann Coulter said Timothy McVeigh should have bombed the 'media'. I paraphrase.
Not only that but they have chapters in every state and in canada. It only takes one Dylan Roof
This dude looks like Timothy mcveigh dam
Any person who expresses regret that Timothy McVeigh bombed the Murrah Bldg & not The NY Times is a despicable & re…
So weird to think that Timothy McVeigh went to high school with my mom.
Remember when *compassionate* anti-capital punishment liberals protested the execution of Timothy McVeigh? Me neithe…
Just because someone is a veteran doesn't mean they can't also be nazis. Also doesn't make t…
TP౮SA's BrentHamachek (see 11:45) speaks pretty positively about Timothy M…
Timothy McVeigh didn't have a criminal record before OC. Shlomo' standard seems to be flawed.
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He's not capable of understanding diff. btwn criminals, e.g. Timothy McVeigh/B…
And what examples can you provide ?. How about Timothy McVeigh and the 168 he killed wi…
Ann Coulter said Timothy McVeigh should've blown up the NYT office instead of the federal building in OKC but ¯\_(ツ…
The kid that murdered blacks in the southern church (US). Timothy McVeigh (h…
Wow , would of sooner had Timothy McVeigh
Gotcha. You think Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, and Dylann Roof were Democrats? I kinda doubt it.
If it's any consolation, I share a birthday with Timothy McVeigh and Mumia Abu-Jamal.
You once said you regretted that Timothy McVeigh didn't take out the New York Times, you effing hypocrite.
I know right? Maybe Timothy McVeigh really should have bombed the NY Times building.
Oklahoma City (2017) examines the paramilitary, anti-government extremism that shaped Timothy McVeigh. It is a haunting experience.
Waco? We must never forget the dangers of Christian Patriot fanaticis these movement gave us terrorist like Timothy McVeigh
Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist. White supremacy is a terrorism that Donald doesn't care about.
Timothy McVeigh was found guilty on 11 counts to what the FBI called the “OKBOMB”. Awkward.
Just this: "The only problem I have with Timothy McVeigh is that he didn't target the New Y…
So I was watching the Timothy McVeigh documentary on Netflix last night right...
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Oklahoma City (2017) via Barak Goodman's documentary attempts to find the meaning of Timothy McVeigh.
No but why increase the probability. You can't control Timothy mcveigh's but we can't control who comes into the country
Timothy McVeigh, my dad and me: How the Oklahoma City trial came home with us:
"The only thing I regret about Timothy McVeigh is that he didn't park in from of the buildi…
Lady who said "My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times building" is quoted by th…
Timothy McVeigh was agnostic & said science was his religion. Just watched a documen…
Class warfare is an undeniability in any society. Segregation was used on Timothy McVeigh. How else t…
I say the problem with Timothy Mcveigh is that he didn't bomb the *** out of Ann Coulter. See, we can…
In 30 years, I can see some RW billionaire trying to finance a statue to Timothy McVeigh.
Just saying that it's kinda weird we've never seen Timothy mcveigh & eminem in the same room at the same time...
That like saying that Timothy McVeigh was a Christian, or that Trump is a Christian!
🇨🇦I would like to tell him that in my country we don't assume someone wearing something different is a Timothy McVeigh-like nut job bomber.
Far right terrorists like Timothy McVeigh and Dylan Roof have committed killed…
Remember, Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist. My parent survived. Many others' did not.
It's the death row prison (or at least one of them). Timothy McVeigh was held there too. But yeah not ideal for sure.
Hamilton Collection
Got a haircut and Kristen tells me I look like Timothy McVeigh 🤔
Timothy McVeigh, Joseph Stack, Dylan Roof, Dylan Lane, Bruce Pierce, Robert Lewis Dear Jr. You're a peach. Want me to go on?
This is a modern phenomenon too. Timothy McVeigh witnessed his unit do it in Iraq using tanks.
This isn't what America is about. We don't believe in collateral damage, like Timothy McVeigh did, right…
Have you never heard of the IRA, Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Roof, the KKK...? Look up 'terrorism' in a dictionary.
Timothy McVeigh managed to kill 168 at once, for being government employees
Should we blame Islam for terrorism? | David Shariatmadari. Timothy McVeigh was a Christian
DT so worried about foreign terrorists, that home grown ones like Timothy McVeigh are being over looked. Go ahead & bully sanctuary cities
Did they dress up like Timothy McVeigh, or Dylann Roof?
me too. people like timothy McVeigh
Mr. Johnson imagines himself a theological Timothy McVeigh seeking an "implosion" and "destruction" of the Church by attacking its 7 dogmas
Timothy McVeigh was agnostic. About 2/3rds down the article
to correct you: Timothy McVeigh very publicly stated repeatedly that he was agnostic
That is Timothy McVeigh, a Christian. People like him are responsible for more terrorist attacks in this country than anyone else.
What about the places that housed Dylan Roof and Timothy McVeigh all those years? Will they be affected?
Timothy McVeigh, domestic terrorist, ROMAN CATHOLIC."Not all Christians are bad but they can't stop the ones that a…
when Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma building he didn't yell, "this is for Jesus!" it was political.
Remember when a guy called timothy mcveigh said the same thing then blew up a fed building with babies inside?
Don't you know white males are not terrorists. Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh, a white Christian male, was never labelled one.
OK Murrah Building, blown up by white supremacist, Timothy McVeigh. He had support,
Timothy McVeigh bomb Oklahoma City building in retaliation for the Massacre by US government on Waco Branch Davidians 4 property tax refusal
huge difference between murders like Timothy McVeigh & a doctor whose patient is …
yep we should be supporting our veterans, like this great America, McVeigh, Timothy.right?immigrant bad!
The ideology which Timothy McVeigh followed may indeed be a perversion of Christianity but it is a version of it
oh you didn't mention a timeframe. Also define "terrorism". Is Lindt Cafe in or out? Timothy McVeigh?
Timothy McVeigh was an agnostic, actually
Timothy McVeigh domestic terrorist . Oh yeah white people are called domestic terrorists but have to blow up a building,
sounds like another Timothy McVeigh. A real credit to our nation. 🙄
one could argue all Terrorists Have Mental health issues, Timothy McVeigh , Brevik,
Didn't hear Timothy McVeigh and Ramsey Yosef are celles like each other talk a lot
I have 2 words in reply to those that actually think this. Timothy McVeigh.
Like Oklahoma City's federal building. Ever hear of Timothy McVeigh? How about bombing blk. churches? There are...
No one should have to bury their child. But what about all the deaths from US citizens. Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Roof, Geo Zimmerman
Exactly! No difference between hate crimes & what Timothy McVeigh did-- . Call white supremacy by its name: Terrorism.
I was struck by the blonde and fair reference. I've seen a lot of blonde and fair people do terrible things. Timothy mcveigh.
id say put timothy mcveigh on there but he just bombed a building kiling 168 people. No guns though
In 1991, Timothy McVeigh was Bronze Star Gulf War vet> In 1995, he was terrorist bomber, killing 168 in OK City bombing
still being routinely called terrorist. No one argued about whether or not Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist, even his supporters
This is the Murrah building, bombed by Timothy McVeigh, a self-described agnostic who said "science is my religion."
probably similar issues Timothy McVeigh had.
No shock to see talking total BS on trying to equate agnostic Timothy McVeigh to Islamist jihadis. Dear oh dear.
I worry about the safety of art and The Met. These people are the Timothy McVeigh types gin up from RIght Wing radio/podcast.
all those babies would be alive if it wasn't for Timothy McVeigh. See? I can be ridiculous too!
These people are insane. When did Jesus order bombings and beheadings?? Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian, and said so.
i made me think of timothy mcveigh. A terrorist who attacked americans but hey its ok for terrorists to arrack us
Suicide attack on IRS building in Austin, Texas, Timothy McVeigh, Oklahoma City Bombing
Is that so. What about Ted Kaczynski? Anders Breivik? Timothy McVeigh? Planned Parenthood bombers? White Supremacists? etc.
Louise, please stop saying Timothy McVeigh was a Christian and what he did was in the name of Christianity. He was an atheist
my cousin would be alive if it wasn't for Timothy mcveigh
Did they not forget that Timothy McVeigh was called "The Worst Terrorist On American Soil" So what's the problem?
Timothy James McVeigh was an American domestic terrorist convicted for the detonation of a truck bomb in…
show us pics of children slaughtered by white nationalist christian terrorist Timothy McVe…
You just know there's likely to be a future domestic terrorist milling about there, like Timothy McVeigh at Waco and Ruby Ridge.
hey Timothy McVeigh was from Oklahoma send the whole state to *** There is a lot of violence in Oklahoma
I guess this *** forgot about ruby ridge,Waco,Jim jones,Timothy McVeigh and so on in right wing radical terrorist
Ted Kaczynski, Anders Behring Breivik and Timothy McVeigh there's 3. Oh wait you probably don't know about these becaus…
All liberals got is,. But Timothy McVeigh & the Spanish Inquisition way in 1478.
that's a very small subset of "terrorists". Timothy McVeigh was widely acknowledged to be a terrorist yet not a traitor
he wouldn't let Louise make her point about the IRA or Timot…
The Orlando shooter was born in the USA. So was Dylan Roof. So was Timothy McVeigh. So was Robert Lewis Dear... Want more?
I'm just saying "Timothy McVeigh: what a nutjob" but "ISIS?! All muslims are evil for some reason!"
Why did Timothy Mcveigh do what he did?Ppl are crzy!Christian terrorist exists too
Trump has no crystal ball. the next Timothy McVeigh could be worst terror next 50 years
Investigate Republicans giving ideas to Timothy McVeigh that made him blow up the federal courthouse Radical Republican Extremists!
timothy mcveigh was a Baptist. so do we round them up and deport too?
Remember Timothy McVeigh, did you ban all americans? Muslims and terrorists are 2 different things...
Timothy McVeigh in Dylann Roof are they Savages as well? White men probably not
Timothy McVeigh,Eric Rudolph,the Trump groupie who went on a rampage in Canada. Or does it help that they're the wh…
why don't you prevent Christians too since ,who killed more Americans than ISIS, was a…
What happened in Boston is w/o question horrific. Been worse if they'd read up on Timothy McVeigh.
This is also consistent with U.S. born domestic terrorists; such as Dylann Roof, Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, etc.
Timothy McVeigh, The Unabomber, Daniel Cowart, Jared Loughner - all the terrorists I've seen in my life attack Amer…
Like Dylan Roof, Timothy McVeigh, rogue policeman, gang violence,etc. I'm more likely to die in a traffic 🛑 than to a Syrian
Yeah, but maybe terrorists. Like Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski, too.
lets not condemn a whole religion cos of a few bad eggs.Just like you wont condemn America cos of Timothy Mcveigh
Dylan Roof,Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, etc all right wingers. So that makes all cons bad?
Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik, the Soho bombing; Thomas Mair is latest.
How was Timothy McVeigh radicalized by Donald Trump? He was executed over 16 years ago
When are people going to get that average Muslim has as much to do with ISIS as average white person does with Timothy McVeigh?
And on June 11, 2001, Timothy McVeigh was executed by lethal injection. He knew he was an ***
Response to White Terrorism:I was 4 years old when Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Building in 1995
Other people who would be good subjects for an OJ Made in America style documentary: Charles Lindbergh, Bill Cosby, Timothy McVeigh
How do you vet a baby? Who knows what a child will grow into? Maybe a Timothy McVeigh.
Timothy McVeigh ! Oklahoma Bomber was an x Marine,so comparing World Trade Centre bombing would not happened if Travel Ban,U.S danger+home👍?
and it also depends on your definition of terrorism. Was Timothy McVeigh a terrorist? Was Dylan Roof? I say yes.
Timothy McVeigh also fought for his country and he was pretty terroristy.
just like Acorn and Planned Parenthood on hidden camera. Fake News. Btw Timothy McVeigh was also a veteran.
Timothy mcveigh, saddam hussein, Hitler all Taurus
Timothy McVeigh?? Worst terrorist ever, US born and bred!
Easy bet to make because Timothy McVeigh was never called a terrorist by Republicans, either.
Timothy McVeigh was called a terrorists he was a veteran
that's like posting a gif of Timothy McVeigh and saying "Christianity". Education levels falling in Europe?
I can't remember if Timothy McVeigh and Dylan Roof were Shia or Sunni. I doubt they were Sufi though.
from Timothy McVeigh to Dylan Roof only alt-right. come on Davey, get a grip, you know better.
The worst domestic terrorist of all time was a White Christian man named Timothy McVeigh.
not sure what is up with it . Another Timothy McVeigh I'm thinking . Take a hit to save someone 🤔
Trump demands investigation into if Timothy McVeigh was really a Muslim
Timothy McVeigh was executed for his crime. Do we execute the or express our
Trump signs new immigration EO tomorrow. DHS told 2work from home tomorrow. ATF told not to come in morning of Timothy McVeigh.
Did Timothy McVeigh as a Roman Catholic beat his girlfriends? -
Rush, Let me guess, Liberals perpetrating Anti Semitic Wave in America because we're so violent? Timothy McVeigh, Big Liberal.
What about home grown terrorist Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, Timothy McVeigh and Dylann Root?
Apparently, this joke of an account likes her patriots Timothy McVeigh style
He also okayd the sale of ammonium nitrate to Timothy Mcveigh who did the 1995 Ok city bombing.
Timothy McVeigh wasn't crazy. That's what he believed. Neither was that Dylan Roof animal
Timothy McVeigh bombed Oklahoma City because of his hatred for the federal govt inspired by WACO raid b4 9/11.
How about the victims of Timothy McVeigh in OK City? Or the Church shooter
Gore Vidal somewhere in his Timothy McVeigh writings doom-mongered even stronger re mountain rebels impending. civil war
And you're only comeback is Timothy McVeigh. Ever. Lol
So did Timothy McVeigh and Lee Harvey Oswald et al. Stripes on sleeve does not an angel make.
Timothy McVeigh painted a mental picture so you could see life of kids at Branch Davidian meant nothing whereas those at Oklahoma City did
and Timothy McVeigh was responsible for Oklahoma City Bombing we didn't sanction Oklahoma
I could just as easily equate a White Supremacist or Timothy McVeigh or Dylann Roof to all white people.
Sean Hannity is filling in the void left behind by Andrew Breitbart and Timothy McVeigh.
Gotcha. So you think US is wrong with what they do to the likes of Mir Qazi, Timothy McVeigh, etc? Is it not a deterrent?
What about Timothy McVeigh victims? What about Dylan Roofs victims? What about the Indian guy who was just murdered. Trump…
So if OKC police had arrested Timothy McVeigh, the city would have had no obligation to hold him for the…
yea he looks like the type to get down on his knees. And Timothy McVeigh served too, both are still scum bags.
was also ANTI-AMERICAN & held same positions as on most issues http:…
The Timothy McVeigh one gave me chills
You found your new Timothy McVeigh . (Even though he and Terry Nichols couldn't blow themselves out of a paper bag t…
Real terrorist are home grown. Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, teen in N.C *** we still allow 911 country access to U.S.
Dylann Roof. Adam Lanza. James Holmes. Jared Loughner. Timothy McVeigh. TJ Lane. But immigrants are who we should be afraid of
I hear the US is even better at this - Jared Loughner, Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, Dylan Roof, Benjamin McDowell and more...
Timothy McVeigh. Jared Loughner. Dylann Roof. Wade Michael Page. I know you're a troll meant to spark outrage but you…
Timothy McVeigh & Michael Griffin disagree with this perspective.
actually not all terrorists are Muslim . . . Timothy McVeigh, Dylann Roof, Neo Nazis, the Klan, et cetera . . .
lol so did Timothy McVeigh and Lee Harvey Oswald
Timothy McVeigh. Dylan Roof. Frazier Glenn Miller. Wade Michael Page. All white extremists committing attacks in the US.
what does he say if it's another Eric Rudolph or Timothy McVeigh or Ted Kaczynski?
Exactly. Too bad they never stopped Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, Bruce Ivins ... oh wait ...
so so many bad people, like Adam Lanza, Dylan Cross, Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski...oh wait...
Dylan Roof was white Timothy McVeigh was white. Home grown terrotism is more likely than Muslims. Juststopitnow
Oklahoma City Bombing 1996 carried out by Timothy McVeigh and Terry…
your argument is flawed. Who in the US was supposed to "take care" of Timothy McVeigh or Ted Kaczynski (both US terrorists)?
- when are you going to vet homegrown white male terrorists? Timothy Mcveigh, James Holmes, Robert dear, Adam Lanza, etc.
*** is wrong with ppl they completely ignore the terrorist actions that white men have done in the U.S. Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Roof.etc
or Timothy McVeigh (born in NY) or Ted Kaczynski (born in IL) or Columbine HS kids. Shall we keep going?
let's just review, shall we? Timothy McVeigh was a born US citizen, white & christian. Bad people are everywhere. Good too.
How did Timothy McVeigh get away with killing 250+ w blowing up federal building. They executed him fast, he never spoke
Timothy McVeigh..whiter than white..homegrown terrorist..get a clue! You are singling out Muslims!
Another appeaser, like this *** white Timothy McVeigh killed loads, Na-nana-naa-nah.
Timothy McVeigh was not mentally ill, he was not a white supremacist, he was not a Christian. He wasn't a nationali…
White supremists Timothy McVeigh, blew up the Alfred Murrah Fed Bldg on apr 1995, the second deadliest mass murder…
I understand your problem w single men, Dylan Roof, Quebec shooter, Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, all single white men
Timothy McVeigh was a extremely right-wing & pro-gun white supremacist. McVeigh killed 168 people when he blew up the Murrah Building in Okc
article uses Timothy McVeigh as example of white supremacist in Canada?
Timothy McVeigh was a white, conservative, Christian terrorist. A travel ban on Muslims would not have prevented...
Since 2002 more Americans killed by white christian extremists than by Muslims. Not counting 1995 Timothy McVeigh.
Trump hasta have short term memory loss---Dylan Roof, Timothy McVeigh, James Holmes, and many other white terrorists...
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Appeasing loonies, white Timothy McVeigh killed 20 yrs ago, so I'll ignore 130,000 murders by muslims in last…
In an otherwise thoughtful piece misspoke: Robert Dear, Timothy McVeigh, Wade Page were terrorists not just white criminals.
DHS guys don't know if you are Mohd Atta or Mother Teresa, Timothy McVeigh or random white dude. /4
KellyAnne also doubted that Timothy McVeigh was a white US citizen & there really is a place called Sandy Hook. https:…
Dylann RoofAdam Lanza,Ted Kaczynski,Timothy McVeigh,James Holmes just a few TERRORIST! Anyone is capable of being one
Terrorists in America are white...white Supremacists: Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, and Jared Loughner and now Al…
They were inspired by Timothy McVeigh, who killed 168 people in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing
The false connection between Timothy McVeigh and Turner Diaries by Dr. William Pierce
So religion also has every thing to do in the case of terrorists, Timothy McVeigh, Dylann Roof's actions.
Not trolling. I'm trying to listen. Are you being hyperbolic, or don't consider Timothy McVeigh, the Irish Republican Army...
you mean like the Centennial Olympic Park bombing or Timothy McVeigh or Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church shooting?
You must be thinking of Timothy McVeigh or Adam Lanza or Aaron Alexis or James Holmes or...
Remember Eric Rudolph, Timothy McVeigh, Wade Michael Page, Robert Lewis Dear, and Dylann Roof? All of them are righ…
I'm not even gonna ask you to prove that statement because that's a typical retort like Timothy McVeigh argument. Means
Timothy McVeigh,the man responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing was caught with pages from "The Turner dairies" on him.
you have to keep a eye on RightWing Terrorist so you know where the next Timothy McVeigh will bomb at!
Fine. Go for it. See that your name is recorded next to Timothy McVeigh's.
But my concern is that after the thrashing on 11/8, Trump's deplorable will go Timothy McVeigh on US.
I still think this is the funniest article I've ever read.
if Hillary keeps hiring these women she deserves to be assassinated.. watch for A,Timothy McVeigh
Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or i...
Said this last night. has made very dangerous statements that will rule up the Timothy McVeigh cro…
Curious about reaction to Timothy McVeigh murdering 168 US citizens. Pro or con?
Buncha *** Reminder: when Timothy McVeigh was arrested after his terrorist act, he was wearing a "tree of liberty" T-shirt.
I hear timothy mcveigh was a really great guy as well. Oh wait..
Timothy McVeigh is a hero to some of these guys. Says it all
I liked a video from Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh - C.I.A Secret B…
only takes a few though for Trump's rhetoric to be dangerous.Remember Timothy McVeigh and Oklahoma City Bombing?
Timothy sympathizer threatened to Oakland County courthouse, kill judge
never really thought about it but pointed out that Timothy McVeigh would be the ultimate Trump supporter.
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"Timothy McVeigh from NY and the Unabomber from Harvard are examples of the dark side of the Yankee problem."
Not worried about what Donald will do on 11/9, worried about next Timothy McVeigh listening to him.
Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols 'hombres' also?? have an open mind, there is bad everywhere!
to clarify, i don't think Trumpfans are gonna rise up en masse w torches. but timothy mcveigh was one dude & we have a long history of that
Timothy McVeigh an American military personnel was a terrorist. And there have been countless others.
I don't think it would be a full-on civil war. But given his rallies, pockets of armed nutjobs going Timothy McVeigh is plausible
Timothy McVeigh pranked that building pretty hard that one time
We all know that the Muslims know every terrorist. You know Timothy Mcveigh was a Muslim terrorist why did you now warn us
Like the Boston Marathon bombing didn't happen or Timothy McVeigh wasn't American
Bad "hombres"? Hmmm, we can talk about Timothy McVeigh, George Zimmerman, the Kansas 3, and a bunch of other murderers…
Gabby Giffords, Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting, and Timothy Mcveigh to name a few. Not to mention the KKK
For the same reason we don't call Timothy McVeigh or Jim Jones a Christian one.
I don't see anyone comparing Skittles to Timothy McVeigh, James Holmes,. Adam Lanza or any other white, American terrorist.
Timothy McVeigh was a real stand up guy then. James Holmes and Adam Lanza should've followed his lead and used bombs, I guess
The Oklahoma City Bombing was a Muslim terrorist act? Timothy McVeigh would not agree.
I'd really like to write a book about Timothy McVeigh, but it would on...
No honorable person who's worn a uniform has any regard for Micah Xavier Johnson, Timothy McVeigh or Lee Harvey Oswald, they're a disgrace.
GO own the KKK, Dylan Roof, Timothy McVeigh, and all the other schools shooters. We'll wait.
Timothy McVeigh, Charles Wittman, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, now Micah Johnson. Veterans who scarred, not helped, America.
Dylan Roof. Ted Kaczynski. Timothy McVeigh. James Holmes . You have no point. As usual. Just race baiting again.
Except for Timothy McVeigh, or John Walker Lindh, how about Ted Kaczynski? But other then those guys right?
Ted Bundy, Ted Kaczynski, & Timothy McVeigh were all U.S. citizens. How does a wall fix that?
. That's just as bad as Donald Trump releasing a video praising Timothy McVeigh or Reverend Jim Jones or David koresh
so Timothy McVeigh was muslim? Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were muslim?
The Country's worst Domestic Terrorist was a Christian named Timothy McVeigh. He murdered over 300 ppl in the
Timothy McVeigh is an example of this. Northern Ireland or the Balkan wars too
(I was a freshman in the OKC suburb of Norman when Timothy McVeigh, a white Christian, bombed the Murrah federal building.)
I take it he's never heard of Eric Robert Rudolph, Timothy McVeigh, Paul Hill, Scott Roeder, Sovereign Citizens, or the KKK
so what was the issue with Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, Adam Lanza, Eric and Dylan
2.5 years?? That's a walk in the park! He'll be out before then, and on to being the next Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph.
Yeah, there's been a lot.. Timothy McVeigh, Jim Adkisson, Rev. Paul Jennings, the Klu Klux Klan, should I go on?
Wow. It's really too bad that they looked like Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph. Maybe they need a disguise.
1997: Trial of Timothy McVeigh for the Oklahoma City Bombing began in Denver, CO
The front page in 1995. Timothy McVeigh is arrested for Oklahoma City Bombing.
As for the Saudi Binladin Group, when Timothy Mcveigh attacked the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, did you ban all the Mcveigh
do James kopp, Paul Jennings hill Scott roeder, Scott Walker, Timothy McVeigh speak for you?
Timothy McVeigh and Robert Lewis Dear, Jr. were not Christians. They were deranged nutburgers!
they all have the sicko mindset of David Koresh & Timothy McVeigh!
Wow, you are stupid. Ever heard of Ted Kazinski and Timothy Mcveigh and the rest of the white (1/2)
So what's your point? Timothy McVeigh was white. White people carry out more domestic terrorism than blacks hands down.
You keep guessing, you'll be right once eventually. In the mean time remember Timothy McVeigh our white US terrorist
you're forgetting Dylan Roof, Timothy McVeigh, Adam Lanza, James Holmes. ( Insert white Christian name for next month)
Timothy McVeigh was a white America . think relationally. Without bias
Timothy Mcveigh was a white terrorist killing 169 people it's about terrorism not race
. hey we may need to ramp up police patrol in white neighborhoods... Timothy McVeigh, columbine, sandy hook.
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Am I the only one who remembers that Timothy McVeigh was a crazy American white-guy non-Muslim terrorist?
Who will they want to spy on next? Don't forget that Timothy McVeigh was home grown and white!
Does this mean its acceptable to confront every white man asking about the atrocities carried out by the KKK, Timothy McVeigh, & the LRA?
Patrolling Muslim neighborhoods because of terrorist threats? Why not patrol white suburbs because of Timothy McVeigh and James Holmes?
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