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Timothy Dalton

Timothy Peter Dalton (born 21 March 1946) is a British actor of film and television.

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Someone should do a Brenda Starr movie with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in an eye patch. Cameos by Brooke Shields and Timothy Dalton.
As much as I do enjoy Moore in this film, I think they should've saved this script for Timothy Dal…
License to Kill is some really good Bond. Timothy Dalton was a great Bond and it's a shame they didn't give him one…
That was the Timothy dalton show. penny wise? I believe
Daniel Craig might be a worse Bond than Timothy Dalton. Dalton at least looked like he cared.
All except Timothy Dalton...he was terrible.😫
Timothy Dalton was a good James Bond. I don't understand the hate. .
I have a lot of stupid in-jokes with but the one about Timothy Dalton advertising ALDI's own-brand ins…
I tried going with Cadbury Heroes this year. Appears creme egg chocolates are now included…
I loved them as a kid. Timothy Dalton did the voice over for Brains *** Amazing.
Oh Sean Connery too. Okay, I'm losing my feet here. The point is, I LOVE TIMOTHY DALTON.
The best Heathcliff was Timothy Dalton's version in 1970. Don't even try to argue with me, because you're wrong.
Thank you so much for the great discussion, Daphne and Liz! After I finished reading Jane Eyre as a…
Timothy Dalton was the George Harrison of the 1st 4 Bond actors. Talented, but seemed like he belonged somewhere di…
When I grow up I want to be a Neanderthal. As for wooden Roger he ranks alongside Timothy Dalton for me 👍🏿
15 minutes of License to Kill was Timothy Dalton looking at Spectravision.
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Unless that puppet gets tripped and ends up on the spire like Timothy Dalton in Hot Fuzz. It's t…
I swear I wasn't watching Timothy Dalton movies before bed! I was reading space opera bo…
Production stills of Timothy Dalton as Ian Fleming's James Bond and Maryam d'Abo as Kara Milovy during filming for…
Nice car, but it’d be more fitting for Roger Moore or Timothy Dalton.
I think sir malcolm is a great character and he’s written very well and timothy dalton does an incredible job but god do I hate him 🙃
Poor Timothy Dalton, a perfectly fine Bond in some not-fine Bond films
I added a video to a playlist 15. The Living Daylights (1987) Timothy Dalton
I added a video to a playlist 16. Licence to Kill (1989, Timothy Dalton)
I added a video to a playlist Timothy Dalton is James Bond in The Living Daylights (1987)
I do like the way Timothy Dalton pronounces The Master like he's actually saying The ***
I'll have to rewatch that one, then. I remember not liking the Timothy Dalton ones.
I love this story so much first saw it starring Timothy Dalton must get it out for Christmas ❤️
It looks like Timothy Dalton Who was OO7 briefly
A production still of Timothy Dalton and Carey Lowell for Licence To Kill (1989)
Of course Timothy, how rude of me. Translated, it reads - . Tim is a dafty pass it on. .
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Timothy Dalton ones were a bit generic actiony too.
Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby- Should not be counted as Bond movies. They were abominable
Who was the best Bond? Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig?
On the sets of RED EAGLE, US TV movie, with Timothy Dalton and the great Omar Sharif in France (1994)…
I'm guessing you really like Timothy Dalton as Bond Katherine but what's your favourite film of the s…
Watching episode of Penny Dreadful & Timothy Dalton just went down on Helen Mccrory under her Victorian skirts & now my eyes are bleeding 👀
A promotional shot of Timothy Dalton for The Living Daylights (1987)
Timothy Dalton and Maryam d'Abo on location in Austria during filming for The Living Daylights in 1986.
Timothy Dalton stars as Bond alongside Maryam d'Abo as Kara Milovy in The Living Daylights in 1987.
Timothy Dalton with Director John Glen on the set of The Living Daylights in 1986. htt…
Timothy Dalton during filming for The Living Daylights in 1986.
Robert Davi, Director John Glen, Timothy Dalton, Associate Producer Barbara Broccoli on the set of Licence To Kill…
Given the fact that Sinestro will soon be back in Hal Jordan and the GLC, from now on I'll be hearing…
It also has Timothy Dalton in it. He was the M-type character, as well as the actor. I might dig this out from wherever it's hiding
...over the years, the ones we don't see usually sound absolutely DREADFUL! The Timothy Dalton Bond 17 was horrendous, for example.
Timothy Dalton lends gravitas to any project, similar to Patrick Stewart
Yes mayday, but Blofeld (he's despicable) or jaws, and yes, used to be Timothy dalton, but now Daniel Craig imo
tfw Timothy Dalton's Bond literally the same question: they're alone. Riker's wife and they re 14, don t having all lowercase
"I take this is not a social call, 007". "Correct, you should have brought lilies". Timothy Dalton, John Rhys Davies…
Yes, I know the feeling. I won't watch any with Timothy Dalton.
Timothy Dalton in is glorious. Heck, he's glorious in most things.
When it comes to Dalton, which one of his 2 Bond outings was best? I haven't seen either in years, forgive me Timot…
Timothy Dalton is the pineapple on pizza. Roger Moore way better Bond. How about a Rushmore on the hottest Bond girl?
Timothy Dalton may not have been the best Bond, but... well, that’s about it...
Agree Alex. Also Timothy Dalton my fave Bond ( v unpopular in quick unscientific survey I did!!)
Yes Mr Timothy Dalton I have the bowl it happened yesterday because I am the age of my avatar thank you
Fantastic - and great that you enjoyed it. I remember seeing Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Dalton in Tam…
what made jake The One? I had a thing for timothy dalton and Pierce Brosnan in their bond films
I'm about to start a James Bond marathon, all the films in order. Even the average Timothy Dalton ones.
Timothy Dalton was actually the third best Bond behind Connery and Lazenby
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I can't find a GIF of Timothy Dalton in Flash Gordon saying "where you go, I follow". But that
wow in time for this for once, You'll look at Timothy Dalton and go wow that is really painful
You forget Timothy Dalton...he was atrocious!
What was Timothy Dalton like to work with?
My favorite Rochester is Orson Wells, followed by Michael Fassbender & Toby Stephens. I…
Yes. Richard as Rochester *sigh*. I always loved the Timothy Dalton Rochester & no other…
One yr I watched nearly all of them. The Timothy Dalton one is underrated. I wish Fassbender weren'…
...And I can't say I know who Timothy Dalton is, but what was it you liked about him so much then? 😊😘💖💙 x
Well, maybe not quite as much. 😂 But I had exactly the same kind of crush on Timothy Dalton when I was 13.
I LOVED Timothy Dalton as Bond. I'm with ya But Sean is
I find the last good James Bond films to be the ones played by Timothy Dalton. Don't like the Brosnan & Craig Bond films
Is there a live video app/edit that could replace Pierce Brosnan's face, body & voice with Ti…
I don't know who I prefer. Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan 😂😂😂🤔
The Wuthering Heights adaptation with Ralph Fiennes and Juliet Binoche; BBC's Jane Eyre miniseries with Timothy Dal…
You'll enjoy Timothy Dalton's performance in this movie & want to see more of his stuff.
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You'll like the scene of Timothy Dalton getting stabbed in the mouth by a model church, if not feel a little disturbed.
Not a fan of Bond at all, but Timothy Dalton was one of the best things about Penny Dreadf…
This just made me think of you, because Timothy Dalton :
Timothy Dalton. He's closest to the James Bond of the books.
Hmm, think Timothy Dalton would make a good Donald Trump?
He is good in it Skyfall is my favourite now. It was From Russia with Love. Quite liked Timothy Dalt…
It's a *** crime that Timothy Dalton only got to be Bond twice
I loved him on Remington Steele, he should have been Bond after Roger Moore not Timothy Dalton.
George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton don't get the credit they deserve as 007, and their movies are awesome
Tbf my mum would be a better actor than David Niven! Nobody can beat Sean Connery or Timothy Dalton.
No David Niven and/or Timothy Dalton in that picture...
What Happened to Timothy Dalton – News & Updates via TD finally to be back in film this year!
Happy Birthtime to fuzz hearing TIMOTHY DALTON! 40 today! Happy Birthtime Dalston! Daylight Savings!
Living Daylights was released 30 years ago today, introducing us to James Bond for the first time. Timothy Dalton was the first and best.
June 29, 1987: Welsh actor Timothy Dalton assumes the role of James Bond, as "The Living Daylights" premieres.
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Timothy Dalton's debut in The Living Daylights and a Hamm's night-cap!
The Living Daylights had its London Premiere 30 years ago today. Timothy Dalton will always be my post…
My favorite Bond 007 close up of all time. A red hot Timothy Dalton!
Timothy Dalton is my favourite Bond! The film was also scored by the late John Barry, this would be the last 007 film he did.
Someone else said Timothy Dalton over Connery, and that is so much better. Mostly i just want the…
Timothy Dalton has been, and always shall be, my favourite Bond. Very few agree with me though lol. Welcome aboard 😊
Timothy Dalton meets Princess Diana at the premiere of The Living Daylights | 1987
My second favourite Bond-Movie and my favourite actor in the role of James Bond. Timothy Dalton is top and so…
It's a quality bond flick. Very underrated as is Timothy Dalton. Also has a good title song.
remember when timothy dalton exclaimed "Chicanery!" on Penny Dreadful. remember how i think about that every day. sigh
I was lucky enough to meet Timothy Dalton and Vanessa Redgrave outsi…
Timothy Dalton debuts as James Bond at ‘The Living Daylights’ premiere in London 30 years ago
I've watched both Timothy Dalton Bond movies recently and so right now he is my absolute favorite 007. Ooh, the smo…
celebrates its 30th anniversary today. Timothy Dalton was our new James Bond and gave us a dark…
The best bond movie in my opinion . Timothy Dalton was a good bond
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Do you want to know how Timothy Dalton grew that incredible moustache? FLASH GORDON will answer you!! Tonight @ 6pm!
Yes, it's amazing. Hadn't seen it since college, and never registered that VERY young Timothy Dalton is in it and he's great!
I especially like that hashtag. We might be the only people who truly appreciate Timothy Dalton. 👌
Timothy Dalton in MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS is outstanding. And blonde.
Timothy Dalton is the absolute boy, and believe me I have no idea what that means.
Timothy Dalton: definitely an underrated and under-appreciated ! He definitely had the 'License To Kill'!
Timothy Dalton was out-Craiging Craig before Craig was Craig. Living Daylights still my favourite Bond…
Mary, Queen of Scots on Film4: Timothy Dalton (Lord Henry Darnley) played The Narrator / Lord President in The End…
A golden time for humanity. I'm glad to have been alive when Bond looked like Timothy Dalton.
In 1996, Timothy Dalton was on the short list to play the Master. So they had an opportunity to cast prime rib and cast day old ham.
Sure, but with Timothy Dalton instead of Sean Connery.
"I'm a slasher. You must stop me. I'm a slasher of prices." I love Timothy Dalton in this.
that Timothy Dalton is best Bond and a sexy mofo
Timothy Dalton doesnt have time for nudey games
I just think of Timothy Dalton singing 'Love Will Keep Us Together' to what amounts to a mummified…
Every time I hear the word correct I just think about Timothy Dalton as Simon Skinner holding a packet of Maryland cookies
Jim Broadbent and Timothy Dalton are amazing in Hot Fuzz.
I like the Bond-as-Codename idea. Retired, old, living anonymously, Timothy Dalton is cal…
Happy 30th to THE Living Daylights, Timothy Dalton's debut as 007, and one of my faves.
Timothy Dalton's first film as THE Living Daylights premiered in London on this day 30 years ago
I assume that Mae West's story was "I got to play the romantic lead opposite a Timothy…
I used to have a massive crush on Timothy dalton so that goes in the crap but good pile
I went to School with a lass whose Aunt was once the girlfriend of Bond actor Timothy Dalton. Well…
I have seriously underestimated Timothy Dalton as JB. Classically trained welsh actors, come back into the mainstream and also marry me.
For the 30th anniversary, watching easily my favourite growing up. Timothy Dalton is one of the…
"Timothy Dalton was keen to do as many stunts as possible while filming THE Living Daylights". By
introduces my personal favorite 007, Timothy Dalton.
So many great performances in that but Timothy Dalton is MVP to me. I wish he'd do more comedies.
nope never seen it. Only really saw the Timothy Dalton one
Which is your favourite Timothy Dalton film, vote and RT
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saw this and could not agree more.esp as my name guessed.Timothy Dalton
Have to see this. 'Sins.' Glossy 80s' mini-series starring Joan Collins, Timothy Dalton, & Lauren Hutton.
Hot Film Takes: Timothy Dalton deserved an Oscar nom for Hot Fuzz.
.there isn't a James Bond actor hidden in Shaun of the dead, is there? Timothy Dalton in Hot Fuzz/Pierce Brosnan in Worlds End
Absolutely not. Fourth best, fifth if you're a George Lazenby fan, just nosing out Timothy Dalton.
[Timothy Dalton on his deathbed]. I was such a bad James Bond . *George Lazenby walks in* . TD: Oh, I forgot about you. GL: E…
Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton where the James Bond I grew up with. Sir Moore will be missed.
Timothy Dalton and Timothy West are so good in this. David Morrissey makes a great impression too
So far, Timothy Dalton is the worst of all the James Bonds. He doesn't play the Bond character right at all!
Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby and Roger Moore at the london world premiere of Die Another Day 2002.
Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan all attended the film's premiere, bec….
I think out of all of the James Bond 'gun barrel' sequences, Pierce Brosnan's and Timothy Dalton's were the best.
Timothy Dalton in Penny Dreadful is fine af!
continues with The Living Daylights, the fifteenth entry in the James Bond film series and the first to star Timothy Dalton
Question for you film-fanatics: Has Timothy Dalton ever played a character with an American accent or is he the only Brit who can't do one?
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Happy Birthday to Timothy Dalton, the fourth Bond. Dalton played 007 in THE Living Daylights & LICENCE TO KILL.
Rolling into the weekend. . To find out more about Timothy Dalton visit
Bob Hoskins came to regret his opinion that Timothy Dalton was a better Bond than Pierce Brosnan.
We're watching License to Kill, featuring Timothy Dalton's eyebrows
Wishing many happy returns to Timothy Dalton on his day of birth!
Timothy Dalton can pull it off too. Dan can't.
"Le Bal" from the film "The Kings *** with my favourite actor Timothy Dalton. Who wouldn´t want to go on a bale?
Timothy Dalton can intimidate me any day of the week 💛
George Clooney was the Timothy Dalton. Film's a mess, but you can't blame him & he should have been awesome
While short lived, I think Timothy Dalton was a great bond ─ License to Kill and The Living Daylig…
Dang, Timothy Dalton sort of had the Austin Powers look at one point;) loved him as 007 but maybe good he was older…
Dartford defender Timothy Dalton has achieved the American dream: plebs.
Quiz question double checking. Wikipedia doesn't know how old Timothy Dalton is.
Searched "Timothy Dalton Rochester" and everyone's just swooning that he's their fave Mr R in Err whut n…
I don't care who you are, if you don't laugh when Timothy Dalton is smugly driving past Simon Pegg while 'Fire' plays then you aren't human
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I dunno isn't he just copying Timothy Dalton in The Rocketeer
Timothy Dalton's character in this adventure movie was reportedly based on Errol Flynn
I just can't stop watching this. He's got a Timothy Dalton vibe...or he's going to start singing 'Mack the Knife'.
Yours & impression of Timothy Dalton on the George Lazenby pod was one of the snortiest so far.
Aaahhh tell me how the show is!!! It sound sooo good. And yes '06 is with Toby Stephens and '83 with Timothy Dalton
An Inflight Fight now... :-) This is John Barry from the James Bond film The Living Daylights which starred the brilliant Timothy Dalton.
People who like the Daily Show since Jon Stewart left remind me of people who think Timothy Dalton was the best James Bond. Who?! Exactly!
Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, and Eva Green all on the same show about vampires. Good time.
Interesting to think this is perhaps the only time in his entire career, that Timothy Dalton has fea…
the fifteenth bond movie was The Living Daylights, starring Timothy Dalton, just for comparison
Obviously, there are two types of people in this world, those who know that Timothy Dalton was the best and those…
but who would play Timothy Dalton's part?
Timothy Dalton's Heathcliff is maybe my fav
Current pub gossip: Timothy Dalton has drunk a glass containing the son of Christ!
Says the guy ..who weighed in ...with Timothy Dalton !!. 😂
"Look, we got 14 hrs to save the world, so just kill Timothy Dalton already!"
Since I'm not watching, I'll just be over here googling Timothy Dalton, Max Von Sydow and Sam J. Jones.
My oldest crush was watching Timothy Dalton as James Bond
Timothy Dalton and Jeffrey Combs got into a nuclear accident and have melted into each other.
I think Routh did a good job. The script he had to work around was bad, but he was good. Not unlike Timothy Dalton as 007.
I actually live in Belper and my children went to the old strutts school where Timoth…
I'm becoming increasingly convinced that people who dismiss Timothy Dalton as a poor Bond have absolutely no idea about film.
Hey everyone! This is a likeness sculpt of timothy dalton that will be a portfolio piece. SOme Critiques please!…
So it's post-The End of Time Simm Master then. Too much to expect a Timothy Dalton return?
Blatant fakery; nobody looks this good in a real passport photo. Not even you, Timothy Dalton.
,auction Maryam d&and Timothy Dalton in the James Bond film &q…
Timothy Dalton's performance is pitch perfect, not to mention a truly smart and dangerous villain in Robert Davi.
Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings: Timothy Dalton (Lord Milori) played The Narrator / Lord President in The En…
i also luv timothy dalton and could eat his acting all up, and I. Don't. Care. how anyone interprets that.
I never knew this! Timothy Dalton and Penelope Cruz were in a TV mini-series in 1992! Have you seen…
If we don't see a regenerating Timothy Dalton, I'll be disappointed. :P
We have lift-off! Timothy Dalton has donated of euros to an exoplanet.
For me it's the pre-credits sequence in Timothy Dalton's first outing as the suave and sexy British secret service agent 007.
Christopher Walken as Philip of France (later played by Timothy Dalton on film) in THE LION IN WINTER on Broadway.
Happy Birthday to Timothy Dalton, still the closest we've had to seeing Fleming's Bond on screen.
Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. These are the people who have portrayed James Bond.
A fun day out a two years ago. We had the help of James Bond and Mrs Malfoy on our way to LA! (Timothy Dalton & Hel…
Heard on the radio "Traffic is hindered due to a swan on the highway" and suddenly Timothy Dalton yelling swan pops in my head.
Timothy Dalton was, literally, the best James Bond ever. I'd so marry him. We'd honeymoon in the south of France.
My professor just told us that he got drunk with Timothy Dalton (a.k.a. James Bond) and the actor accused my prof of be…
so I am an *** who confuses Timothy Dalton with Timothy Hutton. Don't watch Leverage expecting Dalton.
Enjoying spending the day with Mike Leigh and Timothy Dalton and Young Chekhov
Still cannot believe that I performed in a show with Matt Smith, Jessica Hynes and Timothy Dalton last night
love Daniel Craig as Bond. But thinking Timothy Dalton comes closest to Ian Fleming's version of Bond.
cast Timothy Dalton as the main Bad Guy and have Barkhad Abdi as his weasel partner in Indiana Jones 5.
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John Simm was absolutely terrifying in this story! I liked Timothy Dalton as Rassilon too!!!
Timothy Dalton's James Bond movies must have been to Thatcher what Rambo was to Reagan. Especially with the whole Afghanistan thing
🙌🏼 I can't wait for it. Love Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly and Timothy Dalton in the original, such fond memories!
Who are your top five Crows? I would have to say Brandon Lee, Vincent Perez, Timothy Dalton, Matthew Modine and Jake Fogelnest
I reckon he will join Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby.
POLL: Who was the best James Bond of all time?. Write-in candidates: Timothy Dalton; George Lazenby.
For real. Also Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton and Rory Kinnear and just all of the characters (Sembene especially) omg.
Timothy Dalton plays Malcolm Murray a bit like Peter Cushing would play Van Helsing. I am very pleased with that!
you're a joker. Craig that is down there with Timothy Dalton as the worst bond
I've been meaning to start on that, so I take it it's good then? Big fan of Timothy Dalton 👍🏽
10. Timothy Dalton is one of the best Bonds and a great dramatic actor. He deserves way more recognition.
Brosnan was better than Craig and Timothy Dalton.
What if we just got Timothy Dalton again. He never got a fair shot, make some Old Man Bond films.
Same here. Of course, Timothy Dalton will always be my Bond, for better or worse.
not sure the popular consensus on this, but I really liked Timothy Dalton as Bond, definitely more than Roger Moore
he's still got time to go the Sean Connery route. Even Timothy Dalton's been great recently, so good in Penny Dreadful.
Daniel Craig is one of my favorite Bond, in fact he's on top followed by Timothy Dalton and Sean Connery...
he'd probably still put on a better show than Timothy Dalton.
Am a VERY BIG Timothy Dalton fan! And have been from being 12!! I am now 42! It isn't a bad idea suggesting him!!!
(I'm also one of those crazy people who thinks Timothy Dalton was a great Bond, so my opinion might not count for much)
Am a REAL BIG Timothy Dalton fan and have been from the age of 12! I'm now 42! Your suggestion isn't a bad idea! 👍
Theres this brill actor on Penny Dreadul, called Timothy Dalton. I reckon he'd be aces as James Bond.
Timothy Dalton has the same physic, but I actually am one of the few who does not want him as double O-7, not sure why...
Bring back Timothy Dalton as old bond. (I'm being serious)
Not sure who it is, but it's like listening to Timothy Dalton on at the moment
Timothy Dalton was born in my hometown as was Terry Jones of Monty Python fame 👍
Watching Penny Dreadful now and Timothy Dalton doesn't even look like a former bond 😄
May I introduce you to Timothy Dalton? He did more to kill Bond than SPECTRE, SMERSH and Jaws combined.
They could go full Meta and Get Timothy Dalton back. He is my favourite Bond.
George Lazenby was in one Bond film, and Timothy Dalton was in two. I myself am a Roger Moore fan! :-)
That guy that was in 2 Bond films was Timothy Dalton.
Amazed is being pitched as the next He's too drippy, with a weak mouth & chin. Too much like Timothy Dalton!
They should apologise and Beg Timothy Dalton to come back in 'Never Never Say Never Again Again'
Daniel Craig and Timothy Dalton are my joint favourite Bond!!
Timothy Dalton is Welsh, and he was a pretty good James Bond, so that should be no barrier to Ramsey.
But I rank him along with Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton as the best actors to portray 007.
no kid wants to be Daniel Craig or Timothy Dalton do they?
Timothy Dalton's still hot, his films were some of the best. I think he has more to give
Bring Timothy Dalton back as a retired James Bond trying to adjust to the real world, make it a romantic comedy or something.
Cant believe how incredibly sexy Timothy Dalton was...
Not Tom Hiddleston please it'd be a throwback to the likes of Timothy Dalton. & yes, Idris Elda wld be a good choice
he's 42. Roger Moore was 46 when he first played Bond and Timothy Dalton was 41. Daniel Craig was 47 on his last outing.
Please bring back Timothy Dalton for a 007 film about veteran Bond pulled out of retirement!
I wish we had a couple more James Bond movies with Timothy Dalton.
-- against chest, narrowing his eyes.} What's wrong with Timothy Dalton, then? --
Andrew Garfield is the Timothy Dalton of Spider-Man movies. Good actor, but two "meh" movies before handing the role off to…
Timothy Dalton is truly amazing to look at.
They didn't shut down James Bond just because Timothy Dalton was an affront to the franchise! Remington Steele saved the day!
Ladies & gentlemen, I bring you Eric Roberts & Timothy Dalton (sort of)
Agreed. Timothy Dalton makes a great bad guy in S4.
You can't relate to a superhero, to a superman, but you can identify w...
I feel so bad for Timothy Dalton. He's my Bond, and he did a great job with the scripts he was handed.
Timothy Dalton as James Bond in Licens to kill from 1989. https:…
but I'd be leaving out George lezengby and Timothy dalton lmao
Timothy Dalton losing to George Lazenby would be like Val Kilmer losing to Lewis Wilson
Armando Iannucci will direct The Death of Stalin. Steve Buscemi, Michael Palin, Timothy Dalton and Paddy Considine star.
Bond star Timothy Dalton & Bond girl Olga Kurylenko in negotiations to star in The Death of Stalin
oh & Timothy Dalton as Dr Doom , Richard E Grant as Reed Richards , Keanu Reeves as Johnny , Grace Jones as She-Hulk
You did reveal the result of your poll yesterday. you want to play Prof Maurice Iwu on we Timothy Dalton fans. I'm sure he won
Timothy Dalton is slowly morphing into Sean Connery League of Extraordinary Gentlemen era
I bet I'm the only person on this train listening to the Sextette soundtrack with Mae West and Timothy Dalton.
Timothy Dalton & George Lazenby were better James Bonds than Daniel Craig, he is so wooden, awful
Except when he was played by George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton 👎🏼
For anyone who ever wondered what a mash-up of Toshiro Mifune and Timothy Dalton's Bond would look like:
Timothy Dalton is being Mr Rochester on BBC Four. As is Toby Stephens. Just f everyone's i.
Timothy Dalton is my least favorite Bond. And it's so typical to cast another generic white guy so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
He'd be better than that last joker: Daniel Craigor Timothy Dalton-
Sir Roger, I strongly disagree with you about Timothy Dalton being the best 007.No one played it better than YOU. Best by far
oh ohohoh. have you seen the Jane Eyre Miniseries with Timothy Dalton in it? IT'S MY FAVOURITE JANE EYRE.
(2/2) and use them as a stepping-stone to lead you into this fantasy world. - Timothy Dalton (Actor).
Vintage photo of Timothy Dalton as James Bond, Caroline Bliss as Miss Moneypenny
Boycott the wee pub quiz. Timothy Dalton is British
I've decided Timothy Dalton was also a brilliant James Bond. He should have stuck with it until Craig.
Timothy dalton and David hasslehoff. Certainly beats Bernard manning and Eddie large!
City fans you'd never have expected:. Princess Bea. Marco Pierre White. Timothy Dalton. Kevin Hart. Alan Rickman.
Possibly, but most Bond aficionados seem to think Timothy Dalton made the best 'Fleming' Bond
I liked Timothy Dalton and I stand by my liking of Timothy Dalton
I like the 2 Bond movies that Timothy Dalton did.
heh, I'm not that much of a fanatic, although I controversially like Timothy Dalton's Bond!
think Timothy Dalton is great too. Adds a lot of gravitas to his character. V Hammer in places, yes.
Mom says my fav film when I was two was Mad Max 3. Also, apparently there was a love triangle between me, Timothy Dalton and Clark Gable.
A Welsh James Bond? What a lark. He'd probably have some ridiculous unpronounceable Welsh name like "Timothy Dalton".
oh and,Timothy Dalton began the Darker tone for Bond Movies
Get him sacked: Timothy Dalton has apologised after offering work as a herring's bladder full of urine to a teenage girl.
No, not Timothy Dalton, the character Dalton from Roadhouse.
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