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Times Sq

Times Square is a major commercial intersection in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets.

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If you're in Times Sq right now, some *** with a Trump truck is blaring music.
So sambisha forest is 16 times Lagos state?. Dreaded Sambisa is massive. . 60,000 sq Km. 18 times the size of Lagos 😬. 👏ARMY…
Sambisa Forest is 60,000 sq km; 18 times size of Lagos. Where in Sambisa were d BBOG taken to? How long did they spend there?
their Sofitel near Times Sq. was nice, and the bathroom was huge 💘 a\k\a as big as a Manhattan bedroom 😂
Nigeria's North (719,000 Sq. km), occupies 80% of Nigeria's land mass. In size it is four times the south
the Times Sq selfie was literally taken at 2 AM on a weeknight. incredible
Is "fake news" really such a new phenomenon? Back in '03 we were reading if we didn't jettison Saddam his 'WMD' might g…
1st time? You could do the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour of city to get idea of layout. Then: Times Sq, Statue of Lib, 30 Rock /1
Quiet evening at home. Everyone is sick here except me. Will take care of my family & look forward 2 watching Times Sq. action.
Times Sq bound 7 trains are delayed, due to a train with mechanical problems at Willets Point. Allow additional travel time.
Even the Times Sq one isn't as good as the Madison Sq Park location xD
Dems & Media attack Trump over Khan, but omit Pakistani native Faisal Shazhad & Times Sq plot from consideration.
"We’re gonna go, but I’m not going to have anybody else go with us:” NYPD who rushed suspected bomb out of Times Sq. https:…
Martin Shkreli was searching for Pokemon in Times Sq at 6 am.
we had a lil reunion in times sq... I missed these guys ❤️
I've stayed here and you're right by Times Sq, the subway. Clean, safe, mini kitchen too!
will never forget walking through Times Sq a while back and hearing an American/Canadian(I cant tell difference)..
tourists generally get in the way because most of them haven't a clue where they are going. Try Times Sq sometime
we stayed at the Radisson Lexington (Lexington and 48th) close to subway and 10 mins from Times Sq
Doesn't matter cause SQ will never happen. Even Lana has said that multiple times.
Any NYC🗽 friends know which is the best Hilton in NYC, Times Sq?:. Garden Inn Central/Sq/North or South. Hampton Inn. Or elsewhere recommended?
Times Sq attempt could have been extremely deadly.
I got outta work 40 mins ago and I'm still in times sq lol fml
Why would you be in times sq on a Saturday? Well if you are, come by the Rum House. Just picked up a last minute gig.
Walking in Times Sq on a Sat night is like walking through quicksand or going backwards...
The fact that some SQ *** got a shirt made of fire and a tree and PAID for Sean to sign, makes u look 3 times stupid
"true love is the most powerful magic there is". SQ: makes most powerful magic together. c$: kisses million times- nothing
Vigil in Oxford's Radcliffe Sq for these dark times
I worked at Forever 21 on times sq and would get out of work at 4-5am. But for a party?! Neva
I might honestly prefer Times Sq to Williamsburg on the weekend
I'm tour guide for some out of town guests today and in times sq. i can see why ppl hate NYC if this is all what they think the city is
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
31 million sq feet/ mile times $100. Talking trillions to build wall and more to maintain it. Sure, let's build it
Whatever God calls you to do make sure you are in position to receive it. Too many times we get distracted & miss out on o…
I was standing on top a NYC Times Sq. billboard last night...🔥🔥🔥
The average Times Sq billboard has more sq feet than average apartment. 😐
Hey girl you must be x where x equals beautiful times the sq are root of smart divided by awesome I am very bam at math
Head over to the at it starts at 1pm!. Click for info:.
Get your self into Juniors Just off Times Sq. wicked grub Eric
Hmm... Analog vs digital times Sq of today
fair point. and there was a failed attempt on Times Sq. Car packed with explosives.
Column today: A 147-sq-foot piece of American journalism history is right back where it started. In Omaha.
Trump paid staff includes 3 wives &27 children &grand children. Rest of the people can touch themselves in Times Sq.
If we visited NYC, map apps and audio of a Cricket in Times Sq for example
Some poor souls have offices in Times Square. I was thinking today you could double my salary I still wouldn't work in Times Sq.
People who think NYers are rude visited NYC once, stayed in a hotel in Times Sq, and referred to the subway as "the metro" the whole time
Very sad times, Moving & emotional vigil at Parliament sq This evening for What a senseless act of violence https…
huge admiration for you and at Parliament Sq today - press seemed incredibly intrusive at times...
Listen to every hr on & get a 1st look at the video on the Times Sq. billboard! http:…
It's like would-be Times Sq bomber Faisal Shahzad slipping FBI surveillance at his house and nearly flying to Pa…
one of the all-time great NYT reviews was on Guy Fieri's Times Sq debacle.
Due to a rail replacement at 34 St-Penn Station, n/b & trains exp from Times Sq-42 St to 72 St. Please allow additional travel time.
Whenever I feel bummed out by working in the service industry I just reread Pete Wells' review of Guy Fieri's Times Sq restaurant.
we've been taking our copy of Moore's Observations everywhere: Central Park, DUMBO, Times Sq etc
washington sq park & when she's there I'm in the NYPL & when she's in Times Sq. I'm in the highline
We went to Times Sq, Central Park, Bryant park, serendipities, & got Riley a prom dress. 8 miles of walking. Mom and Ri both asleep by 8 😂
Maximo park playing Times Sq day after Ocean Colour Scene & only wk after Bluetones at Point. How do I persuade the Mrs I'm attending these😐😁
This NYC subway is lookin' verra fine today. (shuttle btw Times Sq and Grand Central)
Photo sphere panoramic of NYC from top of Empire State Building. Can you spot GW Bridge, Times Sq & Chrysler Bldg?
Saw Viggo Mortensen read Camus' La Crise de L'Homme 70 years to the day Camus spoke. On day of Times Sq scare and in age of Trump.
Old friend in town, otherwise no way I will take selfies in Times Sq.
My bed for the next five days near Times Sq. Finally time to sleep. Early shoot tomorrow with…
I did like Roger Smith Hotel, near GCT, close to the green line and shuttle to Times Sq.
I have watched every Hunger Games movie at the theater except the last 1. Lo & behold they're still showing it at Times Sq. Who wants to go?
'Ere Fmr Mayor Bloomberg et al: We'll visit NYC for NYE if you ditch Times Sq + it's tacky billboards for more poignant Lady Liberty display
in the Australian crocodile hunter Mike makes a stop in Times Sq. in 'Crocodile Dundee', 1986. ht…
Chicago takes on Times Sq. for NYE party central. I'm planning on to see in 2016.
Been here 2x busy Times Sq but lotsa seats. Sandwich meh, good desserts & coffee. (@ Cafe Europa) on
lmao u right u right im just itching to spend some $. Manhattan by Times Sq, finna rolls to Central Park
Fifth Ave, Herald Sq and Times Sq, my best bet 5th Ave but that will be mayhem there.
Quiet day today, Empire State Building, Dakota building, Strawberry fields, Central Park, 5th Ave, Times Sq and maybe pop in Disney Store!
What a day. Williamsburg bridge, Battery Park, High Line, Times Sq, Katz deli, Brooklyn bridge and this view to end
People even if they a thousand times that they won't.
not only too far fetched but also too much american machismo and melo drama..Y wld times sq and china celebrate?
Top stories: '1500+ marching for Palestine now in Times Sq. see more
1500+ marching for Palestine now in Times Sq.
might have to check that out next Friday, after we go to Times Sq and see our FAV folks at GMA! From the Big Easy to the Big Apple!
When you *** over the lineup of Night Of the Living Drag & Chad Michaels' Cher Xmas but find out the venue's in.*shudders* Times Sq.
put Bway back as vital street in NYC ditch mall plaza in Times Sq: go Bill Bratton
I think Bubba Gump Shrimp co discourages the vitatlity of Times Sq, but I'm not going to deem it illegal
So the mega lingerie ads in Times Sq are cool but not the "painted ladies?" Mmkay
Times Sq. ped plaza is "most horrific thing [Catsimatidis has] ever seen"? Did he not see his 2013 election results? ht…
Cuomo Joins Call to Curb Nearly Nudes in Times Sq.: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said the women, who pose for photos i...
Times Sq isnt literally the worst place on earth; Port Authority Bus Terminal is. But Times sq is literally the 2nd worst place on earth.
If ur Times Sq-savvy, u can cut 2 blocks (44th-46th st) from the congested sidewalks cutting by thru Shubert Alley & the Marriott
Greetings from O'Briens Irish Pub and Restaurant in Times Sq. Whats the skinny Ed in the Shed?! – celebrating success
Should be interesting this wknd in Luis Palau, who Hispanic & Lat. Am Christians love (seriously) takes over Times Sq. & Central Park.
Theater District, Times Sq, Port Authority area...I hate you! All this human traffic is completely unnecessary.
Walked all the way up to Times Sq for a 7pm Fox Searchlight movie screening, only to find a huge line outside at 6:30. Not worth it.
This guy is traveling 1 train to Times Sq, Shuttle to Grand Central and then Metro North to Ossining.
French Emb sponsoring free bidet lessons in Times Sq til 6pm today! Open seating.
I would really like to believe that all of these German Shepherds are in the Times Sq station in celebration of Puppy Day.
thx for going old school tonite Times Sq was fun kickin it with u!
I know. We've been through this rollercoaster so many times. Even those of us who gave up hope for SQ canon still feel the sting.
Exactly! The authors said a lot of times SQ is a frienfship! They never lied!
I keep a smile on my face through the most dire times
There are steps in Times Sq NY that people sit on & enjoy. It's a fantastic set up. We could do that. Oh wait.
apparently SQ bring him back from road trip as we predicted 20 times. Since it was sure Thing already i say it's
Gotta take my son to Times Sq this year
A public press conference @ Times Sq, NYC would be nice for the fans. Esp. since none of them will see the fight.
do I sign up for this the way to the Times SQ .
In 2014, FABCON manufactured over 11.7 million sq ft of product -- nearly 2.5 times the size of the Mall of America!
they use duvets in Europe bc the housewives used to/still do IRON the duvet covers. that's the only way they look neat.
Scouting NY's then-and-now tour of 1940s NYC continues today with Times Sq, Chelsea & Wall St:
Nvm it was Times Sq. I'm still tryna remember the name of the movie. It was about the plague right
George Sq is often used for events meaning the benches are taken away and at times the entire square is inaccessible
SQ: We can hold the intentions to be happy at all times because that is our True nature
Little Giant Ladders
Registration packs available at Adventure HQ, Times Sq, Dubai on Wed (4-8pm) or the race venue on Thurs (4-8pm) and Fri (10am-6pm)
the last time I had it was 5am during a heatwave '12 . I grabbed coffee and donuts, & enjoyed it a empty times sq!
[7] No trains between Queensboro Plaza and Times Sq-42 St. [E] [F] [N] [S] trains and [SB] free...
n/b, trains are running express from Chambers St to Times Sq, due to a NYPD investigation of a customer injury at 34 St.
Not particularly. Unless there's going to be fun times afterwards.
Unfunny State is much more offensive than their skit on the Islamic State. Times Sq comedy show ticket sellers are funnier.
The reflection of the Hilton Times Sq makes for lovely dappled shadows.
Peter prolly smashed Tara a couple times before he went after amina
Is that former UK foreign secretary - & current head - standing next to in Times Sq?
Cosmopolitan & COVERGIRL are the sponsors for the NYE event in Times Sq. Hard Rock Cafe New York. It looks like...
Snazzy new ads on the front of the building this morning in Times Sq!
Demonstrators gather in Times Sq to protest Grand Jury decision not to indict cop over death of Eric Garner http:…
your segment on best tablets for this year includes a shot of Nilay Patel holding an iPad in Times Sq
Omg my stepmom talked to Cynthia Nixon today in Times Sq.
HEAVILY debating whether to buy 2 tickets for time is illmatic and have to go to Times Sq or just wait for On Demand tmrw
Update your maps at Navteq
2 seriously hurt when metal about 10 ft long plummeted nearly 15 stories from a storefront to a Times Sq sidewalk
Ex-President Mary Robinson has finally made it - in lights on Times Sq, NYC this week promoting UN climate summit
Got $ on your mind? starts today @ Town Hall in Times Sq. 5 days of free expert personal finance advice
Woody, Minnie Mouse and the Statue of Liberty were all arrested in Times Square after asking tourists to pay for pictures, the NYPD says.
You guys don't even understand how many times we would have to do our covers until it came out right…
How do we know all these times sq aren't plotting against us?
My mum decided to tour times sq and airport mall when I dress like crap
Cab had no understanding why someone doesn't want to drive through Times Sq. When theater lets out. please educate drivers
b/d, no train service b/t Queensboro Plz and Times Sq due to NYPD activity at Court Sq. Allow additional travel time.
great photo. I will be Times Sq this time next week. Hope it's everything and more. I've gotta please five friends
Kicking off an exciting week ahead with a random walk to TIMES SQ. W/ this creative gang of awesome…
This is why I moved to NYC: To watch buckeye games in times Sq life worst
Last day of our roadshow at Times Sq. Don't miss out on exciting promos. 4 FREE cinema tickets for every booking made today.
Sign of SoCal times via Highland Park 2BDR/892 sq ft. home lists 545K, sells 611K.
We've been looking at a hotel near 8th Avenue in between 44th&45th Street West. Not far from Times Sq.
From far away I made it possible!!! “I had the most amazing time in Venice. Great times, Great people.”
You're in a dreadful area to be on Sat afternoon. Best bet is shuttle to GCT from Times Sq. Good luck ha
that characterization applies to much of NYC, no? Never thought I'd be nostalgic for the gritty Times Sq of my childhood
Pap video of the whole cast of DWTS arriving at Times SQ NYC Season 19 Cast walking in Times Square
You're in for a treat! Top of the Rock, Chrysler Bldg., Rock. Ctr, Central Park, Times Sq, etc!
Achche Din for office space as is leasing 920k sq ft office space in NCR - The Economic Times . READ MORE:
Lastly, this phenomenal woman - about 15 stories up in Times Sq today...
Great stay at new in Times Sq this week. Exceptional service & thanks especially to Ernest at front desk. I'll b back!
We guerrilla style in Times Sq, shooting for "NOT/OG Kush Twist" I'm proud to be a part...
In Sutton today? Pop into Times Sq Shopping Centre & visit They've just relocated to a brand new store, it looks amazing! 💍
Huge 45ft digital bill board showing the collapse of WTC-7 to be displayed in Times Sq where millions will see it
Since i don't have your # I'm inviting you to one of my bday shenanigans. Fri Sept. 12th Bowlmor Times Sq. 9pm-2am.
you owned Times Sq tonight. And you are ripped!! What is your secret other than not eating food??
I wanna ask to marry me in the middle of times sq but i dont wanna get turned dwn so ima wait til 5 years frm now lmao
100 sq metres around Okhla sanctuary to be no-development zone.
If you want to meet Tavi or Michael Cera they'll be at the Chipolte bathroom across the street from their Times Sq theater
I need to make sure I never go to Times Sq unless it's to take out of state fam around. 😡😤
I saw Joan Rivers in times sq once. If looks could kill. I'd be dead. : \
I do always tell those comedy ticket fools in Times Sq I hate laughter...& that it's a sin.
I had to watch this like 5 times. That look doe. SQ
Missed my train to report this abandoned bag to 4 cops at times sq station. 10 min later...
Lol "Goin dwn 2d river*singing* "As many tyms as my taP wants to run "How many times can u sq"""
go to your local, order a pint of the black stuff and sing the 'Auld Triangle a few times in your best Luke Kelly voice.
It's krazy in dese bmt streets... Stay witcha heat cocked at all times smh
The march going up Broadway towards times sq in NYC
But unfortunately, most of the times our prayers go unanswered. Hope, Sturridge will be back very soon.
a protest does not need to shut down Times Sq. It does fine on it's own with just tourists.
Enjoying reading The plot holds together better in the book but still incredible that no-one else saw the first vamp in Times Sq
how many times did GB run multiple receivers in Sherman's new 2,000 sq. ft zone? Sherman on one man shuts down half field?
don't think so, used to go a few times(many years ago😪) to one up at Budhill Sq, can't remember it's name
for food... Wolfgangs steakhouse we went to the one on Park Av, also John's Pizzeria just off Times Sq.…
VHC made it on Spare Times at New York Times for Sept. 5-11 Sunday 9/7 3-8PM, foley sq
Meanwhile, 20 blocks from NYFW MT 81yr-old McDonald's worker arrested at peaceful protest in Times Sq
if AAP *** to pwr, wil deir nxt Dharna destination be Times Sq, USA? Nd hw wil dey fund it? Janta ka Chanda?
Watch Stewart Thorndike's LYLE for free while you still can, but only after reading review:
Restaurants use between 5 and 7 times more energy per sq ft than other commercial building to Auditel to reduce costs today!
Market St. next Times Sq? Approved digital signage will change the face of Market St. Sign of the future of Philly.
Want to take a moment to thank all my followers. I reached 10K yesterday or about the # of people who transit thru Times Sq each hr. Hooah!
Bama in Borno State (4997 is 5 times the size of Lagos State (999.6 Use your head next time you criticize…
Random tourist: Excuse me sir how can I get to times sq Me: you are in times sq 😡
Our Billboards are up in Times Sq for the NYC NEDA Walk! Thanks to our sponsor for making it possible!
Wow so Union Sq. and Herald Sq. are part of a history trilogy and Times Sq. is Return of the Jedi? I'M interested!
TI is still running things on my "Punch You In The Face" playlist, which I queue up whenever I'm in Grand Central, Times Sq, or Herald Sq.
Radio: Police in Times Sq. telling tourists not to pay the costumed performers for taking pictures. OK to take the pictures, just don't pay.
That time and I talked about how to smell like a candy shop, tiny baby lashes & Times Sq billboards:
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I cried in Times Sq. bc the enormous Pro-Israel demonstration is terrifying. The Anti-Israel Hasidic Jews also made me cry. Cool day.
"I wasn't kissing him, he was kissing me". Greta Zimmer Friedman tells how George Mendonsa grabbed her in Times Sq.
This Friday you could catch me with & at Tobacco Road in Times Sq!
I believe it's a hotel called Marriott Marquis in Times Sq, New York :) why?
My 1 experience with Opie & Anthony was covering a show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Sq. The crowd fave was a "retarded Indian" character
“Everything in America is bigger. Except... is that,by chance, the 'Irish Pub' just off Times Sq?
3626 Times Sq. 2 bed/ 2 bath with SPARKLING POOL!!! Perfect for Summer! Great Location in established subdivision in the Harlingen School District! Give me a call to go and see it today!!!
I have some exciting personal news. I'll be guest-hosting the full hour of the "New York Times Close Up" show on NY1 this weekend and next weekend. This weekend I'll compare notes on Hillary Clinton with Amy Chozick, talk to New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast about her new memoir, go over the Tony Awards season with Rick Miramontez, interview Mosi Secret about his Sunday story on a Times Sq brothel, and convene our reporters' roundtable. It'll air Saturday 10pm and Sunday 10am on NY1.
Leaving Kiro up to his own mischief ways while & I head to Times Sq. to get a bus to Atlantic City :D
Heading out to Times Sq. For a little fleet week action then going to see ROCKY on broadway thanx to my sisters Kathleen Durnin and Erin Mikowski Allen. THANK YOU. Love you.
Google Launches Home Try-On Program For Glass...I give it 5 minutes before someone is selling 2 for 1 the testers in Times Sq! //
Just a few things to see in New York. The public library (can't wait to see Patience and Fortitude - the two lions that flank the entrance) St Patrick cathedral, ground zero, Top of the rock, Times Sq, Central Park, Empire State Building and so much more. Two more sleeps, but boy is sleep difficult to do!!
Rockefeller Center, MOMA, Central Park, Times Sq, CBS, NBC & even FOX News just blocks away from my office!
I need a big group of friends that will Yeet Battle in Times Sq. in the middle of the day
Jack Duffy, a fin. mjr, took part in NASDAQ Clos. Bell Cere. on , and on the video wall in Times Sq. on 3-18.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Post-90s Dev Anand is the baap of cult! Awwal Number, Sau Crore, Love at Times Sq., Censor...
Kevin Voneprer: If you can make it, I'll be playing with Skeletal Life on Thursday (7PM, early show) opening for ex-Misfit Michale Graves. It's my 30th birthday (party) and I will be releasing the long-awaited Vonesper album (should have limited edition CD versions here to take home). At Tobacco Road Official bikini bar! Times Sq.
Just bkd crazy Easter break to New York, Toronto & Vegas!! Fit of madness overtook me yst, now for hotels, need 5* Times Sq @ 1* price HELP
Hey Do you deliver to Al Quoz 1? (Just behind Times Sq). We were just talking about your delicious pizzas!
I am watching the demonstration against internet controls at Istanbul, Taksim Square (like Times Sq. In NY) from Al Jazeera because non of the Turkish Channels are broadcasting it... Very sad
For video, today asked people in Times Sq. abt performance reviews. Ex-NY Giant Leonard Marshall discussed his w/Bill Parcells.
Last October if you were in Times Sq you might’ve spotted A$AP Rocky accompanied by Jourdan Dunn, and Cara Delevinge shooting the Spring/Summer ’14 campaign for DKYN. That jiggy mo-fo Rocky doesn’t stray too far from the fashion industry… [ 48 more words. ]
is the worst internet service provider - 3rd time in 3 weeks internet is down, always a problem even in Times Sq
Tonight, we're ringing in 2014 w/ space greetings in Times Sq. Here's NYC seen by the
Why on earth is Melissa Etheridge the lead performer right now in Times Sq doing a really bad version of Imagine just befor…
Full day in NYC with Amazing and Emma Grace Tribbett...wax museum, Times Sq shopping, Guy's American Bar &...
What will Miley Cyrus and Justice Sonia Sotomayor talk about before the Times Sq. New Year's Eve ball drop?
Go to Chelsea/Chelsea Market/High Line!! 14st St ACE train. Walk left from Times Sq. to catch it at Port Authority. :)
Join us 12/21 for our Melodica Parade through Times Sq with Sign up in advance for a free instrument!
Leaving for Aussie on Tuesday midnight on an SQ flight. I can count how many times I take SQ with one of my small tiny hand.
Back in July Juan asked what I wanted for my 40th bd so I was being my silly self I went on about how NY was calling my name, little Italy's wine- I mean food, Times Sq lights, oh and maybe take another Salsa class. "NY? Ugh oh"he replied, later he calls informing me of a cruise he booked. Ok..I am not sure if he knows of my last experience on a cruise. My guts went floating all over the ocean, was sick for months after and sought treatment for inner ear.ayyy, I got my patches ready this time :-)! Oh and I am not sharing them. He has to get his own.
Ex-Goldman Trader Sentenced to 9 Months in Prison - - New York Times
Brilliant awesome words cannot explain this experience and my adopted son tomorrow in times sq Natalie Nutty Oates Craig yes!
now why would I take back spending time with you?? Also lets go to the world's largest toys r us in times sq!
20Dec-. FDFS at E-sq. evening show at SScreen. 21Dec-. morning show at CP. 22Dec-. Morning show at INOX. 4 times in first weekend.
Cant wait for monday tho!! Im gonna shop till i drop at berjaya times sq
Popped a bottle in a movie theater in Times sq. It was that kind of week.
Late night Times Sq movie after great & VOCAT launch w many others.
Photoset: asvprock: Change is coming. TIMES SQ NYC, but where’s the 1970s pic tho?
SQ: You think I'm laughing cause you're laughing, but I'm laughing cause Naty farted. Ha. 2 times. Ha. Ha. She farted 2 times.
YOU GUYS! We are FINALLY in New York CITY! We FINALLY got here at 9 pm after getting to the Dallas airport at 6 am for our (ha) 7 am flight. We were so exhausted we grabbed a drink at the hotel bar and are crashing in our room. We are a couple of blocks from Times Square and Rockefeller Center and hopefully will see it all tomorrow.
Two years ago I walked passed Tyler posey in times sq and didn't even realize it until later. Biggest regret
Only thing about retirement - MISSING New York CITY! I spent most of my working years in the US working in the same area in Manhattan! 5 days a week! I miss the lights of Times Sq., 42nd St., Rockefeller Center, Broadway, Union Square, Bryant Park, etc. Going into the city next week. Want to linger and enjoy and also hope to meet up with my friends - my coworkers. Miss them too!
3 months ago cops shot at unarmed man in Times Sq, missed him & hit 2 bystanders. Now he faces criminal charges 4 the shootings?
"Rehearsing in Times Sq for One launch celebration and concert tomorrow night.
Iceland Defrosted by A Wicked Snow by The Broker by John Grisham on 1 train & Times Sq St. ! http…
I ever mention how much I hate times sq?
aiight I should be in midtown by the time u guys arrive have a seminar in times sq...who's we?
so every NYer hates rain in Times sq but sometimes you spy an unprepared foreigner emerge from the subway beaming with wonder and it clicks.
Hit a new times sq all time low: hopped the construction fences because I couldn't deal with the shoulder to shoulder traffic
See our Winter '13 mag w/150+ retail exclusives, inc. a new flagship opp. @ 570 7th Ave in the heart of Times Sq.
We have a kind of crazy night on Monday but we'll be around Times Sq. You have my cellie right?
it's like when people visit New York and eat at Olive Garden in Times Sq. Um what.
Friday, work 4-12 . If i aint work in times sq ill be tight lol
"Finding Mercy" by Desmond Elliot. It kicks off today at the SQ ONE Empire movie t theatre.Show times are ...
times sq music fest 16min in went off shout out For
poster in Times Sq. I like seeing this kind of promotion in the city.
KDM featured in Big Picture trends: M&M Characters welcome the holidays in Times Sq. .
Following an earlier incident at Times Sq-42 St, train service has resumed with residual delays.
Lights! Camera! Action! Take your NYE celebration 2 the MAX & celebrate Times Sq
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Can't wait for Dec 21 events for Central Park, Times Sq,, subway!
Video from rally in Times Sq calling on de Blasio & Cuomo to back NY plan to via
NYPD shoot unarmed, mentally ill man in Times Sq & criminally charge him w/ assault bc of bystanders NYPD shot:
Times Sq bnd train service running with delays, due to a switch problem at Times Sq. Allow additional travel time.
Anyway looking for new lots in the new building next to times sq. seems like they r so confident ha,cos seldom see their advert in newspaper
Sunburn Goa 2013 adopts 500,000 sq.m of exotic festival area in Vagator which is 10 times bigger than 2012
Unlocking The Truth last performance in Times SQ. 6/23/13: via
Farewell Nelson Mandela. We were honored to partner & share "Power of Words" in Times Sq. h…
heya. We'll be at Devonshire sq for lunch times Mon-fri next week!! Hope to see ya :)
Don't forget tree lighting tonight one of the few times we see our. lovely Sq as it was meant to be
If you ask me how many times have you crossed my mind, i'll said once. You might be wondering, why only once?
India and Bangladesh fight over 4,000 sq km of sea - The Times of India
So just hung out at Times Sq, buying jeans at Macys then seeing Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart on Broadway in a couple of hours, rubbish day!
Lady on bus from Newark to Manhattan when I told her I'm staying in Times Sq due to flight cancellation: Lock ya doah honey.
walkin down Times Sq last night. Wet rat 2nite
All purpose parts banner
Once again, and service suspended between 125 and 59/CC. Xfer to at 59th or 168 or Times Sq for the nearest stations along CPW
you can take the Yellow R subway train from Times sq area to that address. Maybe your best bet if you are feeling brave.
try to stay in the Time Sq area, but not in Times Sq. Very central to the fun!
Epic run through Times Sq w/ 100lbs of books w/ my man DJ in a monsoon...rewarded with a cup of apple cider caramel sweetness.. life is good
if you want more of a budget place, check out the Courtyard Marriott south of Times Sq. You can walk to Empire State Building
always knew miss got a good eye.. they're bada$$lygood!-> Unlocking The Truth in Times SQ. 6/23/13:
I always enjoyed the Marriott in Times Sq
We're competing / & in Times Sq tonight - only our event is a trivia team building party
like cutsie ish like in NYC theres all the touristy American girl place, Jekyll and Hyde, the times sq. *** that is hard rock :)
We were hoping to visit the hourglass in Times Sq. tonight, but apparently God wants everybody to stay inside
building in Times Sq when I went has a floor for chilling. Free pool table, virtual golf, balcony overlooking
Thought at first a dog was trying to brush past me in Times Sq until I realized it was a human person passing out on my legs.
at the Crowne Plaza Times Sq! Thank you to all our housekeepers for their hard work!
Wait til it's certain ;-) Hoping to do a quick 2-day overnight with my Madre. See Times Sq, eat, shop, see Macy's, eat, shop...
Grindr in times sq is a funny sight. Uglies everywhere.
domain names
But seriously, being gambling to Times Sq! It'd class the place up.
So proud of my boys from ringing the Nasdaq closing bell here in Times Sq. Honored to be a part of it!
Marshall Berman "the man who seeks wisdom in the agora, in the convo of Times Sq, the walker in the city"
Is it q national pimp day... Lol and all of them are hitting an old location , times sq rocks
see that Is it safe to buy an Ipad from those electronics stores by Times Sq in NYC?
Oi, your story on the Times Sq. installation calls and "author of the journal Rethinking Marxism"...
.taking over 7th Ave. near Duffy Sq. (Times Sq.) So pumped for return!
selling stake in Times Sq. Tower to via
What is the role of the audience? Check out Tiananmen Student Leader in cage in Times Sq this week. Rally 2PM Sunday 9/15
"Can you take a picture of us?" You're such a sour puss! Just take that *** picture of the cute touristy family in Times Sq!
The fear of San Gennaro begins today!!
Tiananman Sq Leader in 'prison' in Times Sq all week & Rally 9/15 4 .
Day 5: open-top bus from Times Sq to Battery Park (being renovated after flooding 2012 hurricane) & Statue of Liberty
I hate NYC promoters y'all are as bad as selling CDs on Times Sq
The dynamo trick in Times Sq has done me, what is that?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Photo bombing rando's in times sq. Oops
Me & Miss Knapp rocking times sq baby xx
And a shout-out to one of my favorite orgs for making it so easy to save lives. Cool Times Sq vid: .
Great view from hotel room window at W Hotel Times Sq.
There's something intimidating yet comical about watching a guy with swastika tattoos taking a selfie in the middle of Times Sq.
What are your picks for the Draft? Join us at Hard Rock Times Sq if in the area or listen live 11a-2pET on Siri 210 XM 87
Got an apartment with an ex who let someone random watch my daughter, a foot race w/ Obama in Times Sq, and flirting w/ someone from college
NYC: Stupor heroes: Times Sq. mascots in court - NYPOST News
grand man in times sq ATM 5 in the morning great craic
First opened in Upper Manhattan two decades ago and then in Times Sq. opens a new 700 seater Italian Restaurant in
News: City’s Stupor heroes: Times Sq. mascots in court: These Times Square mascots are starting to feel right ...
A county jersey was one of the first things I spotted when I rose from the subway in Times Sq a 10 years ago!
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