Time Warner & Dish Network

Time Warner Inc. (formerly AOL Time Warner) is an American multinational media corporation headquartered in the Time Warner Center in New York City. Dish Network Corporation is the second largest United States satellite broadcaster (behind DirecTV), providing direct broadcast satellite service—including satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services—to 14.337 million commercial and residential customers in the United States. 5.0/5

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The 1st time all year I'm watching the Lakers on TV. Thanks Fox Sports. No thanks to Time Warner & Dish Network
MAY OUR "ORANGE" WIN THEIR GAME TODAY!!! The Syracuse University men's basketball team will face Florida State at 8 p.m. TODAY Sunday at the Carrier Dome. The game will be televised by ESPNU with Adam Amin and Brad Daugherty on the call. Below is the list of channel numbers for ESPNU in the Syracuse area: Time Warner: Channel 370 (SD & HD) Verizon Fios: Channel 73 (SD) and 573 (HD) DirectTV: Channel 208 (SD & HD) Dish Network: Channel 141 (SD &HD) New Visions: Channel 73 (SD) and 759 (HD) The game can also be streamed online through Watch ESPN or by using the Watch ESPN app for tablets and mobile devices. Radio You can listen to the game on the Syracuse IMG Radio Network. In Syracuse you can listen on 99.5 FM. The game is also available on 88.3 FM through WAER. You can also hear the game on satellite radio on Sirius 84, XM 84 and SiriusXM 84.
Be sure to catch the Television Show on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET. DIRECTV ch. 14, DISH Network ch. 28 or Time Warner ch. 99.
For all you football fans. If you would like to watch Athens play tonight it is on Time Warner either 49,308 or 1308. I even read where it is on Dish Network. At 7:30.
a real bummer. Time Warner Cable & Dish Network have blocked the Discovery Channel along with the Weather Channel in my hotel
So, my new neighbors in the house in front of me decided to get Dish Network installed today. Shortly after the technician arrived I lost my internet service. Now, I'm a techie and am also almost done with my degree in this field so I'd like to think I'm not a moron in this department, lol. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the dish network guy. After denying to me he had nothing to do with the Time Warner line that was down I proceeded to investigate. Lo and behold this utter disgrace to the IT world not only left a mess of wires in the street when he left but he actually left the Time Warner line he cut in the middle of the driveway! Dish Networks coax cable and Time Warner's are two different brands. Dishes is Vision that is not what TW uses. Also their is a crease in their lines and TW is just rounded with no indentations of any sorts in their line. So, I have to call dish and chew them out and file a complaint with their field office but I'm also pretty sure my landlord did not give permission ...
Well, who has Time Warner Cable or Dish Network and wants me to come over and watch the Browns game today? Anyone, anyone?
If you are a victim of Duo-County or Time Warner Cable please contact me and I will relieve you and your wallet by switching to Dish Network!
We're thinking seriously about dropping Time Warner Cable and going with Dish Network or Direct T.V. Any body know which is better?
I think Time Warner Cable *** I can't watch most of my Dodgers games this season because I don't have them. And I "WILL NOT" change from Dish Network!
Tonight is highlight show one of two from the Enderle Pull-Off on RFD-TV at 6:30pm et. Tune in to see all the action thanks to our friends at Case IH. Find RFD-TV on DISH Network (231), DIRECTV (345), Verizon Fios TV (247), Time Warner, Comcast, Mediacom, Charter, Bresnan, Brighthouse, Cox, and more.
if I had to use Comcast, Dish Network, or Time Warner, I'd go without TV.
I was called out to program an AT&T Uverse remote control today because the AT&T installer didn't think it could be done. Hats Off to the client, she is holding AT&T accountable for the bill. We should all make Time Warner, DirecTV, Dish Network and AT&T accountable for the parts of our AV systems that they disconnect, disrupt and unplug rendering someone else to be called to fix it. No one should have to pay for that type of service call.
The blocking of WNCN is not the fault of DISH Network but greed of Media General and WNCN. Dish network and all cable networks are doing over air broadcasting companies a favor by re-broadcasting a marginal signal to local population. There was a time when cable companies were required to carry local stations and without charge. This was a FCC ruling. But of course the broadcast networks got the law changed so they could charge the customers. It is the local broadcasters who are the grinches here and not the cable companies. This similar scenario was played out in the New York area recently against Time Warner and its customers. I say that the FCC needs to step back in and tell the broadcast network that they cannot charge for the re-broadcasting of a local over the air signal. Now when a cable company re-broadcast a signal from a non local station than the station would have the right to charge although I think it would be to the station’s best interest not to do such as it gives them coverage in an ar ...
Time Warner Cable why do you not provide one converter box (included) like your pricing brochure or website notes? You say a consumer will save money by going with one of your promotional packages!! DirectTV; Dish Network provide their customers with one receiver for FREE (sometimes based on promotion, the second receiver too)! Also, both DirectTV & Dish Network include the service for their receivers; they don't cheat customers by saying 'you pay (x) for box itself & then to use that box for our service, you are forced to pay another (y) dollars!! Sad but it looks like TWC only wants to 'nickel & dime' (charge for every little thing)!!! And what does TWC mean when they say "All packages include one converter"??? Then itemize & charge separately for both on monthly billing!!!
SportsBizDaily also says who's not in yet with FS1: DirecTV, Dish Network, Time Warner Cable (that's 47 mil subs). 4 days …
Cruisin El Paso Show kicks off starting this Sunday June 16 and every other Sunday from 2 pm to 2:30 pm with CW Directv- channel 8 Local KVIA-DT- Channel 7.2 Time Warner- Channel 13 and 876 Dish Network channel 7595 and 17 Thank you all for you patience..
CEO Cleveland Gary will present the first twenty-four hour Urban TV Shopping Channel in America, the Black Shopping Channel at NIBA New York June 17-19. The Company’s goal is to expand its shopping channel to Dish Network, Direct TV, Time Warner, Comcast and Global Data Centers that reach over 565…
The very reason why you should never buy satellite tv. Um... Weather! Direct tv and Dish Network both suck! Thank god for Time Warner!
Time Warner service in the East is out -- at our house anyway. Looking for new Internet-cable-phone provider(s) since we are disappointed with the time warner "bundle." Suggestions?
uverse, direct tv , fios, dish network, UHF cable box..it's all better than Time Warner..
I agree J. Time Warner is a second rate (at best) Dish Network. time Warner...thank god I have Fios
Check out on t.v. June 3rd doing stand up. On MavTV channel, Time Warner and Dish network. 5:00- 5:30. Support!
Good bye, Dish Network. It's been a good 7 years. Time Warner, don't eff with us.
Orange Confidential: True-crime TV show will feature Garza case Published: 2:00 AM - 03/10/1 3 The Laura Garza slaying will be the subject of an episode of a new true-crime series, "Dead of Night," airing at 10 p.m. Tuesday on the Investigation Discovery channel. (That's Channel 125 on Time Warner, 171 on Optimum, 285 on DirecTV, 192 on DISH Network, and 123 on Verizon Fios). Garza, an aspiring dancer from a small Texas town, moved to New York City in 2008. One night in December of that year, she went out dancing with friends, and had the bad fortune to meet Michael Mele, of the Town of Wallkill. She left the Manhattan club with him and one of his friends; then she disappeared. Police searched Mele's apartment for evidence. They searched alongside highways, in the woods and in ponds, looking for Laura or some clue to her fate. Finally, in April 2010, Laura's skeletal remains were found in the woods near Olyphant, Pa. Months later, Mele was indicted on murder charges. He would eventually plead guilty to fi ...
Cable TV out for over an hour now, but still have Internet. What gives Time Warner?
Dish Network is defiantly better than Time Warner keep it local my *** lol
One of these days I'm going to give in. Time Warner needs to get their crap together. Give me a reason to stay with you. Lincoln needs more than 1 cable company.
Time Warner Cable *** cant they figure there problem out before the golf starts damm!!
If your job is internet connection. Why the heck are you messing with other wires. All the other lines clearly say Dish Network, so why would you disconnect them..., come on Time Warner you messing up already.turn my tv back on.
Does anyone need to get television or internet service, or do you have service and would like to save some money? Well I work wth Direct TV, Dish Network, Time Warner and windstream, and without a doubt can save you money on all services. Since I have individual contracts with each company I can offer much better deals. Hit me up
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Anyone have a suggestion for an economical Internet service? I have Dish Network and am happy with it. I don't need a landline and I have no interest in Time Warner. I just need a good, reliable simple Internet connection. Any suggestions?
I'm guessing the other two-thirds were unable to see the game because of a dispute between Dish Network and Time Warner.
Time Warner has to be the most effed up company I have ever dealt with. I guess Jamie will be getting Direct T.V for the house now!
Getting perturbed with how many times I have to reboot Time Warner's box! Time Warner, your lucky Steve likes watching the Sabres & I like watching Fox otherwise I'd rather go back to Dish Network
I am enjoying my new house. Time Warner just finished installing my internet service and it seems to be pretty fast. I also got a brand new washer and dryer installed today. I am waiting on the DISH network guy to come install my satellite TV. I highly recommend Studdard moving and storage for your next move. They did a fantastic job of packing and moving my household goods. They even completed the job about 4 hours and several hundred dollars under their estimate. Back to unpacking boxes. Take care and God bless all of you.
Time Warner bill is out of control..I would love to get rid of the TV, there is nothing on there anyway!!!
What the *** I pay for MLB Network, but I can't access the World Baseball Classic archive on MLBNetwork.com anymore because I don't have Time Warner Cable? Excuse me, Time Warner Cable is not offered anywhere near where I live. What is this BS? Grrr. Arghhh.
Time Warner is the worst company I've ever dealt with in my entire life! Their customer service blows and their equipment *** Absolutely horrible. Direct TV will be getting a call soon, hope they'll be able to install in my new apt!
Well, just a bit of info for anyone that is thinking of changing to Frontier/Dish Network.DON'T DO IT. The sales man was totally trying to make a sale...well, he flat out lied about pricing, early cancellation fees, and everything else we discussed...worked all morning with them, only to come to point where I had to sign the CONTRACT, that I was told I wouldn't have to sign. Upon reading it, they possess the right to change the price at ANY time, and there are early cancellation fees, that could total in the amount of $498. Seriously? Trying to save a few bucks here, and you're going to hijack me this way... I don't think so.I told them to UN-install it immediately, I wouldn't need their servics afterall. Is there not one business left in this world that will do business on the up and up, and not lie to just get a sale? I mean come on already!!! Back to the drawing board, and I guess I will keep Time Warner after all. Gee wiz...feel like I wasted my whole morning/afternoon! Ok, I'm over it now :) ...
Also thinking about switching from Time Warner to Dish Network. Dish anywhere sounds kinda fun.
My contract is up with Time Warner and I was wondering if I should stick with their cable, internet and phone plan or switch to dish or direct tv. Any input is welcome.
*** Time Warner again. Last week was the DVR, and now the modem. Don't try calling the home phone. As long as it doesn't screw up Daytona. Funny thing is when I talked to Time Warner last week, they seen no problem with the problems I have been having.
A little shout out here about Fox 29 in San antonio & Direct Tv. On March 1 2013 the contract is up and Fox will be removed from Direct TV. Makes you think about what you watch. Fox Sports(NFL Football, baseball, basketball, Nascar and other sports programming that customers watch. If you want to watch these over your Direct TV make a call to both and/or send them an Email let them know your concerns. Just another case of greed and screw the consumer. In areas that do not have ATT u-verse or Time Warner the only options are external antena or Dish network. Pretty bad when the best satelite company has to hold the customer hostage. If you are a Direct Tv Customer in the San Antonio Area share this and let them know how you feel.
I see Dish Network increased my donation to them each month. Nice of them to use it on commercials that tell everybody how they are the cheapest, most programing, Horse sh--.
Time Warner raised their prices again so we are looking at options. Direct TV? Dish Network? Hulu? Any suggestions?
Just a reminder - if you got your Time Warner bill and you have "bill shock" - you can switch to Directv - we love it and if you let me help you, I have a $100 coupon for you!!
I am still waiting for the Time Warner Cable repairman. He was scheduled for Tuesday 2-4, but when I called to ask why he hadn't arrived, the customer service person had apparently given me an appointment, but hadn't scheduled an actual human being to show up. 2 days later, I still have terrible internet reception, and an appointment with a mythical repairman who may or may not show up tomorrow. Someone please show me an alternative to Time Warner Cable internet!
How freakin cool is this? Our Internet connection got cut during some construction yesterday, and although we have an EXPENSIVE Time Warner business connecti...
Mmmmhm ."Mrs. Garcia, you're appointment has been scheduled between 11 and 12 noon, today." That's what should have happened BEFORE I called you out Time Warner!! Trickbags!!
Question: does anyone have DirectTV, and if so do you like it? Do you have any complaints about the service, Internet, TV, etc? So freakin sick of Time Warner - enough is enough
NYC area friends who have Time Warner ...not the Center w/your Fav Whole Foods Market ... .but the Cable Co that had the audacity to pull the plug on Ovation TV ...help!! I'm rarely into petitions, but Ovation TV ...IS ...ART & like no other network, provides a platform for artists, musicians. dancers. actors, storytellers of all kinds...with incredible and valuable programming. (This is my opinion as a viewer not just a creative looking forward to working w/the incredible Ovation Programming team in the future :-)! As Time Warner Cable denies access to Ovation, there's an important public campaign to put pressure on the powers that be to restore Ovation to the TWC lineup. Please Take 30 seconds to sign the petition. Link is below. Thanks for reading & signing! in advance!
I'm at a loss! I am so frustrated with the run around month after month with Time Warner and just received a bill with an additional $17.99 in 'adjustments'. Called them and I'm not getting ANYWHERE. I am just dumbfounded at the lack of service with these companies. I called Frontier, got somebody that I absolutely cannot understand and asked to speak to someone in the US states, was transferred to another person that was very difficult to understand. When I asked if she is in the US, she tells me no as nobody in their call center is in the US and she cannot transfer me to anyone in the US nor does she have another number I can call. *** is wrong with this picture!
Ok anyone have directv and if so do you like it? So over Time Warner!
It looks like my parents are switching over to Dish Network as a cable provider soon. Time Warner Cable costs way too much nowadays. I guess this means I might have to stop supporting the Lakers, Dodgers, and Galaxy as they are on the Time Warner Sports Network channel they have.
OK Mike and I decided to switch from Time Warner Cable to Frontier and the DISH network, to save money, what a bunch of crap, due to the storm it knocked out the DISh have not been able to get tv since friday morning, called Dish cannot get a tech out until Wednesday and you need to be there in order to have them fix it AND it could take up to 3 hours. I like the internet through Frontier that I am keeping and my phone. the Dish network really does suck, and we have only had it a month! I guess so much for saving money! So need less to say I called Time Warner and they are coming tomorrow to hook me back up.
What channel on Time Warner is the Chili Bowl!
Do anybody have Direct TV if so how is it I have Time Warner am they suck looking to change cable, Internet an phone service
I can't believe the rising cost of my cable bill , it went up over $5.00 this month and I don't know why ,it seems like every 3 months it goes up. I'm on hold with Time Warner now and a recording said it would be a 20 min. wait. Does anyone have any information on another internet provider that would do good on the outskirts of Stanfield ?
I broker for all major carriers for these services, and have exclusive programs available. Unlimited local and long distance with international calling as well. Verizon, ADT, Time Warner, Sprint, T-Moble, Comcast, AT&T, Dish Network, Directv, Viviant home security, and your local energy and gas provider. Just to name a few. You name it, I most likely work with them.
Pretty great day today with Josh. Cable guy comes tomorrow! Can't wait to get rid of Time Warner! I will not use them again! I'm switching to Dish Network and Centry Link and gettin so much more for so much less! I should have done this from the start! :)
thinking about changing from Verizon Fios to DirecTV, suggestions and thoughts are welcome.and no i am not going with any other provider, not Time Warner, Dish or anything, these are my two options that we want, thanks!
AT&T charged me $100 for a modem they explicitly stated I would not be charged for. I've been on the fence about Uverse or Time Warner when we move and AT&T has done an excellent job convincing me to switch to Time Warner. And I HATE Time Warner.
Time Warner is HIGH,does anybody know about Direct TV are Dish Network? Let me no something!
Been wanting to express this feelings toward Dish Network... DISH - Just want you to know that you ruin my basketball season this year for not making a deal with Time Warner. No matter what bull you say. As long as you dont have the channel, your company suck right now... Thank you for your time.
Since I've moved to Direct TV from Time Warner, I've been much more satisfied.. and it's cheaper than TWC! Also ... lots of discounts. If any friends are interested in making the change.. let me know.. I can get you a 100 dollar discount!! Seriously ... hit me up. thanks!
Time Warner *** to no limit!! Unfortunately they have a monopoly over my neighborhood and I'm stuck with them for Internet. Been on hold for over 37 min for their screw up of deactivating my modem! REALLY?!?! Any ideas of how I can get Internet without them would be appreciated!!
Trying to figure out which is better and less expensive Time Warner or the dish?? Any suggestions?? Our Time Warner bill has gone up yet again ugh
Time Warner is the worst. Center Ice is not working. was on the phone with them for over an hour. couldnt fix the problem.
Does anyone have dishnet internet thru dish network? How does it compare with Time Warner's roadrunner? We have roadrunner for internet and dish for TVs right now and I'm thinking of doing the bundle to save some money each month .
Looking at options. Pros and cons of: Time Warner, Dish Network, or Direct TV?? Uverse is not an option. Any feedback??
Family of Matthew A. Ross, Thank you for your letter of support for Rural Media Group's family-oriented programming. It is getting harder and harder for an independent channel to survive in this big-media world. We will organize your letter with others being received and now make the most powerful presentation to Cox Cable and the FCC to show the importance of RFD-TV and RURAL TV/FamilyNet to their customers and the viewing public. As a reminder, please understand that our current dispute is ONLY with Cox Cable and WOW (Knology), who are trying to drop our channels. RFD-TV and RURAL TV/FamilyNet have excellent relations and long-term agreements in place with all our other satellite and cable distributors, including DIRECTV, DISH Network, Comcast, Time Warner, ATT U-Verse, Verizon Fios TV, Suddenlink, Mediacom, Charter, Brighthouse, and of course, with all of the small rural cable systems. If your home is served by one of these systems, I believe that we are in good shape with all of them. I am sincere ...
We finally broke up...Time Warner Cable and I. Little did I know that Dish Network had the hots for me all this while. Well, we officially started going out today...let's see how that goes.
I'm so tired of Time Warner!!! Keeps breaking up and cutting out, I might as well have Dish Network! Is there a way to restart this thing maybe?... Without having to call? I'm already annoyed, I don't have the patience to talk to someone I don't understand.
Time Warner is the worst company in the world.
If you have hi def TV and Dish Network, then your missing a bunch of channels that you can get from Direct tv. I can get you $100 off. Let me know if your interested. Also their new receiver can record 5 programs at the same time. Blows Dish away and Time Warner.
Sat down with my hot popcorn all ready to watch My Favorite Year which I DVR'd about a week ago, and alas.it was gone. I hate Dish Network! This was the last straw. Time Warner welcome to my humble abode.
I think I may have confused some of you. If you just want to lower your bills, it wont cost you anything except 5 minutes. I went from paying Dish Network $1600 a year to $960 a year & didnt lose anything! I have the promo codes you need to save you money. if you got Time Warner, LEAVE EM, I got better deals & I saved myself almost $700 for this year, why wouldn't you inbox me? DirectTV, I got you too, all it takes is a message & I can save you money
Ok, so I switched from Verizon Fios at home and now back to Time Warner. They sold me a bag of goods, yes my bill went down a small amout. They waved a bunch of rewards in my face that I would be issued. So now I have been attempting to redeem them. I have been going in circles. I think their game is too get you so frustrated and mad, send me to several different 800 numbers after being on hold for 10 mintues, talking to a representative that just started working there who really did try to help me for another 10 mintues, then just got transfered to different representative who said I called the wrong 800 and I need to call a different 800. Please note that the first 800 number that I originally called was the number they told me to CALL! UGH! And maybe I bet they are thinking I won't go through the hassle. I guess Time Warner doesn't know me that well. I will fight to get the reward, rebate and money that is owed to me. I hope others out there that are frustrated with Time Warner and have gotten pulled i ...
OK so my day has consisted of letting TV reception ppl into a friends house that I am "house sitting" for Dish Network was here 1st and it took 2different guys on 2 different trips to tell the homeowners that trees were in the way for the HD signal. Meanwhile freakin dogs are barking their heads off! Well that didn't go over well with Sam Soo now Direct TV is on way next it'll be Satellites are Us then Dish TV then ABC Satellites! I mean *** Sam you already have 6 satellites on the roof to where it leaks heat cause its 52° in here OR is that cause Josh is too tight and wont leave the heat ON for me!? Anyhow after all these guys finally get their point across about the trees. Time Warner will be here then if they can't get HD I guess Cablevision will show up! Meanwhile I'm gonna eat like a king..yea image eat everything in this house.. Sams leftover pizza, chips,Little Debbie snacks,P&B sandwiches oh and the 12 pack of Cokes. *** I might just invite the whole TV reception ppl over so when Josh and Sam ...
Officially have dish network, and already looks way better than Time Warner Cable did.
What are some other cable companies besides Time Warner and Charter..IM so over Time Warner
Anybody sick of Time Warner and looking for a new TV service hit me up for Dish Network to save yourself some money...ill even pay your first bill
Because I don't already hate Time Warner and how much we pay them. They deducted my monthly payment three times in three days! WTH?!
Need some help. I'm finished with Time Warner and wanted to know what the best options are for Leawood. Surewest or Comcast don't serve our area. So it is left between AT&T, Direct TV or Dish. I'm looking to bundle phone, internet & tv. Thanks for your suggestions.
I just read an article about Dish Network being the meanest company in America to work for. They treat their employee terriby and have the highest turnover rate of any company that's why they are always hiring. I find this article is offering a challange to all those liberal people out here who claim they can just choose not to do business with such SOB's. Well, here's your opportunity. Switch to Time Warner or Comcast or any of the other cable networks. Let's show Dish Network they can't get away with treating people like that. Oh, but then you may have to pay for HBO. Oh, that's right, you'll only boycott a company you don't use. How many people say the just won't eat at Denny's of Wendy's if they reduce the hours of their employees to skirt the Obamacare law? Just the ones who don't go there anyway. Well, here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is. We can put this man out of business. Why is it his company out performs all other cable companies?
We're thinking of dropping Time Warner. Any thoughts for cable and internet? Dish Network, Direct TV, AT&T U verse?
Great New Years deals on Directv, Dish Network and Time Warner. No switching necessary. I can get your bill to $0 (zero) dollars. Message me for details!!
ANOTHER MILESTONE for YOUNG COUNTRY! Tomorrow, January 6, millions of cable subscribers across the USA will be able to view Young Country as RuralTV will now be on FamilyNet! Check your local cable listings! Providers include AT&T, Cox, Charter, Comcast, Verision FiOS, Suddenlink, Time Warner, CableOne, National and of course, Dish Network! (DirecTV soon we hope!). Catch Charlotte Autry as she welcomes Cerrito and Julieann Ankley Sunday at 3:30 Eastern, 2:30 Central, on YOUNG COUNTRY!
Alright folks just making sure as many people as possible know the following: Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States, sold his shares and interests in CurrentTV to Al-Jazeera. They are the mouthpiece of Al-Qaeda. All the propaganda sent out by Al-Qaeda is funneled through Al-Jazeera. Dish Network still carries CurrentTV and will carry it as "Al-Jazeera America". Time Warner immediately dropped the channel, I am unsure about DirectTV. James Sturgill and Bryan Messer already dropped Dish. If I had them, I would too.
Current TV the network co-founded by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore , was sold for about $500 million to Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based cable-news channel. The purchase will create a news channel called Al-Jazeera America, coming to American homes 90 days from now with a distinctly non-American view of the world. Time Warner has already canceled their contract with Current TV. However, other providers such as ComCast, Direct TV, Dish Network and U-Verse have not. Lets Hope they follow Time Warner on this one. I will be contacting my provider and expressing my opinion.
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PLEASE READ THIS AND OTHER POSTS BY Fran Curry-this is a must for Americans. Fran Curry Please look at my two previous posts about Al-Jazeera and Al Gore. What this means to Americans: Al-Jazeera will soon be on cable and possibly satellite tv in the U.S.! Al-Jazeera -- close ties with terrorists --it's their broadcast network. So far, Time Warner is the only cable provider to say NO to Al-Jazeera. What will Charter, Bright House, Comcast, Direct TV Dish Network do with this mouthpiece of terrorists? We didn't wake-up before the election, now might be a good time to pay attention to what is going on around us. And if any of you have money to buy a network, let me know. I have a group of the most talented TV folks (behind the scenes and on air) who are doing other things or are sitting at home every day. But Al-Jazeera has a spot on American TV. God help us all!!!
On the way to work today pull up to a light, I see 2 work vans. A Dish network behind Time Warner .Now do you think they hate each other and just waiting for the right moment to beat the snot out of one another or are they friends ? Sit at some bar where all installers hang out, Having a discussion on installations
TV Everywhere - So you thought you'd be able to watch all your favorite shows online and get rid of your cable subscription for good? Not so fast! The cable companies have a cunning plan: They'll let you watch live TV, plus on-demand movies and TV shows, on your connected devices if you keep your cable subscription. Dish Network, Time Warner and Comcast are among those offering the service. TV Everywhere has been buzzed about since 2010, of course, and could be a dud -- but the rise of tablet devices would seem to create increased demand for a "TV in your hands."
Update on the H2 special. "The Definitive Guide To The Mob" will air on H2 (History 2) at 10:00 pm on December 30th. The lead in to the show is a 2 hour special, "The Godfather legacy." A really good special produced by Paramount. (so happens I did an interview for that show) So for those of you who enjoy mob shows, you will have 4 hours of some of the best mob reality you will see on TV. Of course, I am a bit biased. But I am also pleased with the job the production company did on my special. I believe you will be also. For those of you who are not familiar with H2: It is the sister network to The History Channel. It was once "History International," then reformatted as H2 in January of 2011. It is in 44 million Households worldwide. The network is known for it's integrity in reality and historical programming. If you have Direct TV, Dish, Time Warner, Cox or any of the big cable networks, the channel is available to you. Hope you will tune in and spread the word. I will keep you posted on any updates. . ...
I'll bet any amount of money that Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, DirecTV and AT&T U-verse's marketing plan is as simple as "Whatever DISH Network does, do the opposite."
Time Warner, why you actin' like Dish Network and DirectTV?
Good morning UBC-TV Family! We are in the countdown time for the first ever ABA Basketball game! We are busy as bees behind the scenes getting things together. We will have a red carpet event and an after party following the game. Our line up is Connecticut Topballerz vs Jersey Express, two strong teams. Half-time will feature Kareem Rush, Athem, WBLS and the UBC MIX Dancers along with a check presentation to a wonderful family who were victims of Hurricane Sandy. Appearing is Tia Norfleet the first African American Female NASCAR Driver! And Sugar Shane Mosely, boxing champion. Pretty good for our first time out of the gate. The Game will be streamed LIVE worldwide on UBC-TV's New Global Stream and broadcasted tape delayed on WMBC on Dish Network, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Fios, RCN, Cablevision and more to come as we roll out nationally. This is only our first step and we will be making more steps as we grow. Check your cable listings for times of broadcast and contact your cable stations and ask for t ...
Hey fans! Our own "voice of the Jr. Sabres" play by play guy and former Buffalo Sabre Ric Seiling will be talking Junior Sabres hockey tonight on "Sports Rap Up with Bob Koshinski", 6:30pm on WBBZ TV | Buffalo's Buzz - Ch 5 on Time Warner, Verizon Fios and Dish Network and Ch 67 for DirecTV customers. Check it out!
Time Warner thinks they got everyone by the balls! I'm switching to dish network first of the year
oday on the Alex Jones Show, Jesse Ventura joins Alex to discuss Time Warner's burying of the third season of his TV show Conspiracy Theory.
That's happened to me a lot. DirectTV, Dish Network, and Time Warner all couldn't believe we don't use/watch cable.
what is the status with the negotiations to get Time Warner Sports Network? I growing impatient not being able to see the
Any of you guys with Time Warner or Dish Network have HBO ?
Directv Now... has a contract with Time Warner to carry LAKER Games "SNAP" ~ I need to cancel Dish Network!
Well It Looks Like Directv got The Deal Done with Time Warner for The Laker Games I've Been Patient With Dish Network but I'm giving Them about another week to get a deal done Before I cancel and Get DirectV Again!!
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Time Warner is sooo dirty. You come to the hood and cut all the lines that were connected through your box. You could have had the common courtesy to tell the residents. But thats cool, dish network is taking care of there customers in TP!!!
So tickled to see the sun today! I know it won't fix everything or anything for a lot of people, but might make cleanup a bit easier. Got my Dad's new laptop set up after the Time Warner guy got it all hooked up. Made it home by 12:30. John had Bret. Our Dish Network guy made it on time and it wasn't the box, it was the dish. Had to replace it and we're all good. Has anyone tried the new version of Hughesnet? I guess Dish Network has bought them and supposedly made big improvements in the speed. I'd be willing to try if they would set it up and let me use it for a bit. But there is no grace period. If you sign the contract, you have it for 2 years. I would know in 5 minutes if it was better! I am not trying it without being sure it works. We are supposed to have 4-G here in 2-3 weeks so hoping it makes this faster. I'm already paying for that mi-fi. Our boys are coming down tomorrow morning to fix the 6-7 feet of porch roof that has taken too much water. Painted the post this evening before dark, just lea ...
Time Warner Cable seems to have zero interest in making me happy and keeping me as a customer. Well guess what TWC? I don't need you either! Hello Dish Network!
Lakers fans w/ Cox Cable, Directv & Dish Network won't be able to see the game tonight. Thanks Time Warner.
I think I am glad Dish Network hasn't signed up with Time Warner on the Lakers' package. I can't watch 82 games of this team.
It's about to go down!!! Join "Lolo & the Breakfast Crew" & "Lolo & the Lunch Crew" today! See ya at the LC, from 6am-9am & 12noon-2pm, cst. East to West Coast: Time Warner, Direct TV, Verizon Fios, Dish Network, Cox, Comcast & many others. Check your local guide under "LC"
Time Warner has also failed to sign deals with DirectTV and Dish Network. Don't be surprised if they can't come to terms before the start of the season (it's a long year).
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I am considering switching from Time Warner to Dish but just not sure.if you have or have had Dish network can you tell me about your experience please?
Wanted: Someone with a Time Warner or Dish Network password for my iPad to watch tomorrow's USC game.
Well once again Time Warner you suck! My TV picture looks like a quilt and i waited 30 minutes on hold so they can tell me there's a problem in my area ..DUH! I want Dish Network back !!! But I am not allowed a satalite in my Bldging !
Hi everyone. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I have been off face book for quite a while now. I gave up Time Warner for Dish Network and I haven't gotten the internet hooked up yet. Everything takes time and money. I will be back soon I hope with a great joke or two.. Love to all.
Thinking of going from Dish Network to Time Warner.. Any good deals out there?
Ugh! I will never use Time Warner again ! They are *** . Got everything switched over to Dish Network . They will be here Sunday . May have to wait a few days but it has to be better than Time Warner.
The “One World Concert” set for tonight at the Carrier Dome following the Dalai Lama’s address will be available on TV through many cable providers, but not Time Warner.
I just called Dish network ask them about Time Warner they told that they were still negotiating -__-
We are officially LIVE tune in now for "The Fred Jackson Show" (Chan. 5- Time Warner, FIOS, Dish Network & Chan. 67- DIRECTV)
The new Laker games will be only on TWCSN start from this season. No more games will be broadcast on either FSN or KCAL9. Guess what, millions of Laker fans who currently subscribe with Direct TV, Dish Network, AT&T, Charter or Comcast have no access to TWCSN channel, which does not make any sense for all sport fans in LA area, even Jeanie Buss could not watch Laker games at her own TV. Time Warner is really *** to monopolize, even without Laker games, I still prefer to Direct TV since it provides BeIn sports & Fox Soccer that I could follow up most European soccers.
So excited for Time Warner. Dish Network was good, and I'll miss it, but Cincinnati Bell can go die in a fire.
Moving out of Armstrong area,Time Warner vs Direct TV vs Dish Network? Cable, landline and internet Does anyone have any thoughts on the 3 of them?
I have a problem. Dancing with the Stars, The Voice and IHeartRadio Music Festival are all on at 8:00 tonight. Plus my husbands darn wrestling show. I have Dish Network and can only record 2 shows and 1 of them has to be wrestling. What do I do people?lol!! I love The Voice but Jon Bon Jovi and Pink and Aerosmith are on the Music Festival and I am a DWTS's big time fan. Gosh I guess I'm going to be running the battery down on my remote tonight. What's a girl to do? I should go back to Time Warner but I think their prices suck. So I'll do the best I can clicking back and forth. I hope no one else has this dilema lol!!! Have a good night ya'll.
I want to take a public opinion poll:we are considering changing Cable service. We presently have Dish Network and are looking at two other options-Time Warner and Direct TV. If we look at TWC, it would include changing phone and Internet to them. Would love to get feedback, either by posting here or sending me a message about positives/negatives about any of the above providers!!! Thanks in advance!!!
Time Warner Cable are a bunch of criminals. While it took 45 minutes of me turning down offers to keep me as a cable customer. Not even there cheapest price came near what I am paying with Dish Network. So then they tell me to return the cable box, ok fine. Now they tell me my internet is going from $29 to $99. The 29.99 rate isnt even a promotion, and was the rate given to me when I just had internet with them before, no phone or TV when I signed up for internet. I pretty much said fine to get the lady off the phone. But I will be canceling that shortly and signing up again with the 19.99 rate for 1 year which will increase to 29.99 after through EarthLink. EarthLink is Time Warner but is slightly cheaper and you need to use a EarthLink email address….. Really had to vent about these business practices.
channel 13 on Time Warner, 8 on Direct Tv,17 on Dish Network lol
Occupy Unmasked shared the following link and had this to say about it: Watch Occupy Unmasked this weekend on demand: On iTunes; Amazon; Charter; Comcast; Google Play; DirecTV; Playstation3; Suddenlink; Time Warner; Verizon Fios; VUDU; Xbox Zune; AT&T UVerse; Cablevision; Cox; and Dish Network. It's a must see!
Who has better cable service... Time Warner, Dish Network or Direct TV???.. I need cable service in my new house and have no idea who to go with???
All done with Time Warner. Dish Network going in as I type this :-)
So for like the last 5 years I've always had Time Warner Cable. They were the only service provider that didn't carry NFL Network because they never could agree on a contract. Now I have Dish Network which has NFL Network, and finally Time Warner gets a contract with them. - First world problems!
I like direcTV, Time Warner is what I don't like. dish Network doesn't have all the channels I watch.
We are going to get rid of Time Warner Cable for phone, internet & tv...Can anyone tell me how they like Direct TV, Uverse or Dish Network?
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You cannot hold me hostage anymore dish network, hello Time Warner
Ok, my son just moved out. I have Time Warner Cable. I have 3 boxes. One in each bedroom, and one cable without a box in the living room that we got as a bonus. Now I only need one box. I discussed this with Time Warner a few months ago and the difference between one and three is nothing.about $20. I'd like to save some money with this. I think my only choices are Direct TV and DISH Network BUT... and its a big but. ALL I really want is HBO and to be able to see every Lakers game. Just this year the Lakers organization supposedly sold all the rights to most games to TWarner. Am I merely screwed into keeping Time Warner? Anyone have options?
So it's official. In October I'll be giving up AMC with Time Warner for TheBlaze Network on Dish Network...
Hey everyone I got this new job and have family and friends discounts on DirecTV, Dish Network, Time Warner,Att and Verizon . Nfl Sunday Ticket free on DirecTV. Msg me plz. Really.
Hey everyone, I got a new job and I has the friends and family discount on Directv, Dish Network, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, and Verizon. NFL Sunday Ticket free on Directv when you sign up this season (2012-2013). and if you want to save on your bills now also i can get your bill lowered Message me if you want more info.
There are 13 Thursday night NFL games on the NFL Network this season. Time Warner Cable doesn't have the NFL Network in any of their packages. Both Dish Network and Directv have it in their mid-price range package. Call me today so you don't miss another game. And, with all new Directv customers the NFL Sunday Ticket is FREE for one year! 577-2780
Can see the replay of our interview 2day at 2pm PST on Direct TV channel 64, Time Warner 32, AT&T Uver ...
I spoke to Larry Scott, the heads of Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, several small regional cable cos., + Dish and Dircect. P 12 Network will
I had Time Warner hooked back up today and finally got some high def.Screw Dish Network!
Time Warner can kiss my *** does anyone have dish network and do you like it? Ive heard some people say in winter they have to brush snow off cuz it goes out.Im not gettin up on my roof to do that.
The Dark is gonna play a short live set at "Andy *** LIVE" on FilmOn.com this Thursday. Our set will be followed by a band interview. Catch us live here: channel 64 on dish network 32 on Time Warner!
Maybe it's time for everyone to go to the dish network - I've heard Time Warner *** There's no local TV for the game - so I guess the bars will get rich off of fans wanting to see it. So, my sports interest is now Reds /Bengals totally. The *** with U.K. - totally.
Dish Network.Direct TV or Time Warner ? Your votes will be tallied at the end of the day.
Thank you Dish Network. Had this been Time Warner this process would have been a nightmare.
Tv opportunity! If you are a talented musical artist or model, message my inbox. Looking for a model to be on my next music video which will air on my upcoming tv show. I'm also looking for talented artist to invite to my upcoming tv show :) Keep in mind that this is not just for one episode. There will be many episodes. So, there is room for many artists. So, I've you're just looking to get your talent recognized, this will air on Comcast, Time Warner, At&t, Verizon and Dish network. Let me know! Good music is what we're all about :)
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Ok so opinions... Direct TV vs Dish Network? I love Insight but ever since Time Warner bought them, tons of little issues. Prefer and why?
Just got a letter in the mail that Time Warner is going up on some of their prices and if you have a bundle it may not affect you yet. It stays off half the time or messed up I think it's time for me to find somthing else, cheaper. Which one is better Dish Network or Direct TV and what about their phone and internet service? Somebody holla back and let me know.
Do any of you have Dish Network? Curious to hear some thoughts from users. We can't transfer U-Verse to our new address and I think we'd like to avoid Time Warner for tv services if at all possible.
Hey going to ask this question again. Is there anyone using bundle packages such as Time Warner, Verizon Wireless, Dish Network, to bundle phone and internet services? If so, what are your thoughs and opinions. Thanks.
Waiting on the Direct TV installer. We had Dish Network & was not impressed. Went to Time Warner & it is ok. The salesman said we can save big bucks so I sure hope we didn't screw up. The plus side is SoapNet again & maybe I can see the Opry ! Also he said we could set up a receiver at the lake cottage. THAT WOULD BE GREAT! Although mostly we just watch CBS. B loves NASCAR though & he would be able to watch the race at the lake. :-) Had 6 dogs hit the bedroom at 3 AM because of the storm. That was fun. They are not allowed past the kitchen doorway but the lightning & thunder hit & in they ran. Kind of funny really. They needed their Mom.
April B. and others, but only if you others are as passionate about the Padres as our queen fan is: A U-T columnist, Matthew T. Hall, started a movement of Padre fans to call, email, etc. those responsible for the fact our ballgames don't reach even half the fan base. He's fielding thoughts from fans to put in his column, meant to influence negotiations between FoxSportsSD, Time Warner, Cox, Dish Network, et. al. Don't be surprised when he responds personally to you. matthew.hall
Alright I need some input. I am thinking of changing my cable service from Time Warner to dish network. Can anyone let me know if I should or just stay with TW?
Fox will not be covering Serie A soccer this season. beIN Sports USA (operated by Al Jazeera) has the rights now. beIN sports is not available in Fayetteville (neither Time Warner, Dish Network, nor Direct TV have it). I'm very disappointed!
Off to work. Come sign up for Dish Network, it's cheaper and has a lot more channels then Time Warner! You know you wanna!
After 3 years of having Time Warner Cable & trying to figure out how to cut our cable costs, some nice sales guy showed up at my doorstep telling me how I can cut my costs in 1/2 while getting more...welcome Dish Network! Maybe there will now be peace in the Pullen household with more recording space & an extra receiver/DVR for the gameroom, not to mention now getting the NFL network just in time for football season while saving money. :)
Just got dish network hooked up and the picture is so much better then Time Warner was. Now to return the equipment to them and cancel it all out. I love saving money!
Thank you dish network for calling and waking my son up from his nap. FYI, I have Time Warner, you dumbasses.
If u got Dish network u dont have to worry bout loosing BET. And its cheaper than Direct and Time Warner.
The Peaceful Warrior School will be featured on FOX NEWS RISING tomorrow!!! Tune in 6am-9pm to see all the action. Direct TV: Ch 18 - Dish Network: Ch 18-Time Warner Cable: Ch 18
Dish Network or Time Warner.. LOL "if they took away yo channels y dont u switch tho?"
;Every body on my TL is either with DirectTV, Dish Network, or Time Warner.
Everbody pickn at us DirecTV users but I was told dat Viacom got to renegotiate wid Time Warner and Dish Network too. So when our issues get resolved da rest yall gonna b in da same boat dat we r in in a few weeks..Tehehe
Ok, really just sick and tired of Time Warner - Dish Network or DSS?
True, but I've battled that with Comcast, Time Warner and DirectTV. Dish Network too. I'm just pickin my cheapest poison
Direct TV and Time Warner subscribers wish they had Dish Network. Still got Channel 5 news. Still got Viacom channels.
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Anyone have any satellite recommendations? Dish Network, Direct TV? I've had enough of Time Warner.
Okay Folks, DISH network is dropping AMC channels. As a result, we're dropping DISH. The question is should we go with DIRECT TV or Time Warner. Time Warner has a good promotion to bundle our internet and cable together, but I don't know what our bill will be after the first 12 months and they aren't telling. Any opinions? Advice? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
thinking about canning Time Warner Cable and going to Dish Network, any advice?
The 15 Most Disliked Companies in America: Charter Communications, Comcast (Television service), Time Warner, Cox Communications (Television Service), and DirectTV. ~American Customer Satisfaction Index. I found this article at Yahoo!.com There seems to be a theme here. The one major television company you do not see is Dish Network. I'm a proud authorized dealer for Dish Network. If your looking for or wanting a better television experience, contact me. I'll be happy to help. Free HD for life, Free Hopper DVR for new customers, and the most channels for your money. Packages start at $29.99/month. What are you waiting for?
Hey, Cleveland area Friends, can anybody tell me whether Dish Network works okay here? I've heard that snow and rain can affect the service. I've had it with Time Warner, and want to switch. (I've used Dish Network's iPad app, and it is 1,000 times better than Time Warner's, which would be a plus). I'd love your suggestions, pro and con, about what company to switch to. Thanks!
Today, I made the choice too change my cable service to dish network. So I called Time Warner to have the cable turned off and continue having phone & internet. I was given a new price and when I was done , ended the call. Due to CONTINUAL problems with them for a solid two years, I decided to call them back and make sure that they had entered my new info correctly. To my surprise, they did not! So, I discussed what happened with this customer rep and thought I had the kinks ironed out. Because of the problem early in the day, I called back yet again to make sure I would have no surprises come the day of disconnect. The info was still incorrect and I was being told yet another price. I was being treated as though I was stupid and was also mocked.I asked to be transferred to another rep and this time my phone modem became unresponsive ( hum.wonder why?) and called back. I was given a huge run around and at this point stopped trying to even give them some of my continued service. Anyway, I ended up happy a ...
I have been in cable tv and satellite for almost 16 years now. I have installed for Time Warner, Insight, Adelphia, Americast/WOW, AT&T U-Verse, Directv, and Dish Network, and have seen amazing technological abvances. I have not worked for Buckeye Cable yet due to my shoulder injury, but I cannot wait. I just had their whole-house DVR system installed, and it is by far the most advanced system I have seen in this industry. This thing is absolutely badass!
Getting Dish network back. Cable tv was awful. For the price Time Warner charges you'd think their receivers would be better. I'm so excited to watch tv later without having to reset my box.
Just discovered that Time Warner disconnected us 2 days ago arbitrarily! I am so angry, I could spit! I missed the Jerry Sandusky conviction last night because of this and I may just go to the Dish Network now! Apparently, these people drive up and down alleys, disconnecting people just because.
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I need help from my fb friends and family. Time Warner, Dish network, or Direct TV. And why...go...
Huge thumbs up to Time Warner! I had internet and TV with just one HD DVR box, and all the regular channels but no premiums and was paying $144/mo. All I had to do was mention that I work for a retailer that sells Dish Network and the teller immediately got a supervisor to talk to me. My package now includes HBO, and he threw in another HD receiver...and lowered my bill by $60 to $84/mo guaranteed for two years, at which time it'll only go up to $100/mo! My only regret is not going to haggle with them months ago!
Thinking of going with Dish Network since Time Warner is ripping me off
Switching back to Time Warner. i can't stand froniter dish network
Tonights Movie: Walking Tall. Talked to my landlord. He thinks he is switching our Dish Network to Time Warner. He is supposed to be hooking us up with internet access here as well at some point :)
I think imma be switching my cable from Time Warner ta Dish Network cause TW is too *** high
My dad just told me to call Time Warner and ask for Dish Network number, lmao this *** .
I've been beating that drum for ages! But Comcast, Dish network, and Time Warner would poop a solid brick if HBO tried it...
One thing that has been an issue with the new house...Charter Cable, Time Warner, and Comcast say they do NOT provide service?! Ummm.. So who does? I don't want a dish network ugh
Hhmmm...The $99 a month for Time Warner for phone, internet and cable sounds a whole let better than the (seems like) MILLIONS we pay TDS for phone (no long distance), internet and Dish Network. Times are tough...gotta penny pintch...decisions, decisions...
Ok well Time Warner didn't last long.. Which is a good thing because now we are officially back in business with Dish Network here in Bakersfield!! I am now hiring for my new Dish 2.0 Team!! Commission based only.. $100 per sale!! Each sale takes about 15mins, who else makes $100 in 15mins?!! Also still feel free to hit me up for Dish services moving forward!!
Is changing the TV carrier from Time Warner to Dish Network..
On the 3rd. of July,1994 Andie Gasper (Pioneer class of 1980) was found murdered sitting in his pickup truck behind the Ames Plaza in Yorkshire,N.Y. On the 9th. of May, the I.D. channel is showing a movie about this case. The writer of this movie spent nearly a week (in late summer 2011) in the area interviewing and filming location shots. It will air on the Investigation Discovery Channel as FBI Criminal Pursuit "PIERCED HEART". The coverage is as follows : Dish Network 192 , Direct Network 285, Fios 123/HD623, Time Warner 786 or if you do not have HiDef it's Time Warner104. Those channels are for the Chaffee, Arcade area. Check I.D. web page for info in other areas.
If anybody is interested in switching from Time Warner or DirectTv to Dish Network let me know and I'll hook you up at $34.99 a month!
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