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Time Warner Inc. (formerly AOL Time Warner) is an American multinational media corporation headquartered in the Time Warner Center in New York City. The Cable Guy is a 1996 American black comedy film, directed by Ben Stiller, and starring Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick. 0.3/5

Time Warner Cable Guy Time Warner Cable

My home phone, cable and internet are all out of service indefinitely so if anyone needs me, contact me here or on my cell. Time Warner will send someone to repair it tomorrow.awesome.I get to play "Wait for the Cable Guy" tomorrow. What a treat.
My dad decides to change cable providers without consulting me. I'm not with this. I love FiOS and now there's a Time Warner guy here.
I just got the most annoying call from Time Warner.. I had to tell this guy 10 times that I don't want their cable service
Time Warner *** .. just in case anyone was wondering.
Heavy Internet users may see their prices rise as Time Warner and other cable providers continue testing a new business model that charges customers based upon the amount of data they use.
Got a guy jumping out of a balloon at 120,000 feet, and I can only get ONE football game on Time Warner Cable.
Trying to do payroll. Can't. Time Warner Cable guy sitting in my chair in the office installing our dedicated internet connection. And by "installing," i mean sitting there leaned back in the chair with his fingers laced behind his head.
I call Time Warner to fix the cable & now the guy is hitting on me & I know his whole life story, HOW LOVELY.
Well the whole cable thing hit a major mountain, apparently the cable guy can't replace the cable lines until I get written permission from the realtor, then I have to turn around & set up another appointment w/ Time Warner which could mean anywhere from a few days to another 2 weeks wait for cable.
I got my Internet and phone fixed and the problem was not Time Warner's fault this time! Someone stole some of my cable stuff outside :( really are times that bad. The cable guy said they use it to get to free cable..
Wow the Time Warner Cable guy is on the pole cuttin sumbdy cable off lmao on a dam Sunday.
Waited for Larry the Cable Guy from Time Warner to show up. Had an appointment between 10:am and 12:00pm. He hasn't shown up yet. Should I give him a little more time?
Have to google how to connect my dvd player to this cable box because the Time Warner guy messed that up. Time Warner is the worst.
My Thursday night was aweful! It began with my hubby telling me that his school is changing over to bi-semesters and in which case the fee will raise $3000 each.. Uh.. yea. we barely got through this year b/c "I make too much $$". Then.. I got my test results back from my blood work last Friday. So guess why I dont have a baby yet? I DONT OVULATE! :( REALLY? So now I have to take this pill that will hopefully make me ovulate.. fingers crossed. Oh but wait.. I'm not done. After dinner we see a cable guy outside and wonder what he is doing. For the past 3 years we have had free cable. Yes, FREE. Our building manager said when we moved in that we would have cable if all we did was plug it in.. and so we did. Time Warner puts a note on our door saying they performed and audit and saw we were receiving unauthorized servgices and that we have 24 hours to call and request services to aviod getting in trouble... UGH! and for the grand finale. Adam is sick.. :( Not really in the mood for any B ...
Time Warner Cable doesn't have the nfl network. Guess who's about to not have Time Warner Cable. This guy.
Time Warner Cable guy is finally here!
The cable guy is at my house. He needs help from HQ but he's on hold. I repeat: The cable guy is on hold with Time Warner.
There needs to be a reinterpretation of Waiting for Godot where two hapless roommates in Brooklyn wait for the Time Warner Cable guy.
Dear Raymond at Time Warner: Thank you for being the nicest cable sales guy ever.
So does anyone actually pay for cable anymore? I have the Time Warner guy coming tomorrow to hook up the internet,...
Time Warner Cable guy hooked it up with free cable hah, nice guy !(;
Cable guy coming again today. let's hope this box works for more than three days. I am pretty p'd off at Time Warner right now. Kaylin wants to camp outside tonight. we'll see how that goes :)
Don't worry I wasn't murdered by the Time Warner Cable guy but we have cable meow!
Come on Time Warner...Nothing worse than waiting around for the cable guy. :(
To start, let's just say that if everyone at Time Warner Cable was like Henry the Cable Guy, none of my cable problems would have happened. First, Henry called before he got to my house, and was waiting for me when i arrived. Henry found the the cable to my house was not tagged. So, when the Other Cable Guy did the neighbor's installation on Tuesday, that guy decided that I had an illegal connection. He took my cable line and gave it to my neighbor and disconnected me. For good measure, he even got up on the roof and cut the cable that runs over the rooftop to the second floor bedrooms. The Other Cable Guy never called Time Warner's billing office to ask if I had an account, which Henry said is standard procedure in this kind of situation. All these years, Henry said, whenever my cable was disconnected no one ever tagged my cable line when it was reconnected. So the problem kept recurring. The Other Cable Guy's action resulted in Henry the Cable Guy spending THREE HOURS here, in 95-degree heat, to install ...
Time Warner made up for yesterday’s mistake by sending me Shawn. Best cable guy in MKE.
Shout out to the Time Warner Cable guy Frank Patino Jr. for finally getting us back in touch with civilization! You're the bomb Frank!
What the *** is wrong with me I just almost had sex with the Time Warner Cable guy DON'T BAD *** DOWN!
The cable guy was to come by between 2-5, 4:58 I call Time Warner and ask where the tech is, they say he has not come yet, let me look into it, then suddenly the supervisor comes on the phone all apologetic and calls the tech to find out exactly where he is…5:15, the tech shows up, Time Warner calls me to find out has he arrived, I say he just did, the supervisor apologized again and said “I will take 25 dollars off the tech charge for your inconvenience, why thank you, as 40 for the visit seems awfully steep. Habibi is rubbing off on me, just because I have coins doesn’t mean I should just spend it Willy Nilly….
Been hanging out w/ the cable guy for the last hour because Time Warner customer service has him on hold
Tough day trying to move today. Cable guy came to put in cable and internet. Couldn't run internet cable to third floor of split level, so having to get electrician to come tomorrow morning to run lines, and Time Warner won't get phone and internet hooked up until July 23. Had to spend $319.00 on plumbing. Friend coming soon to take computer and work on it. So this is all for now. Signing off until further notice.
I'm sure this Time Warner guy fixing my cable loves the stripper pole he's working next to.
If I have to see one more Time Warner Cable guy's butt crack I'm gonna blow!!! It's almost worse than the issue with my cable 😝😝😝
I got home after the Lemurs game, expecting to have cable installed already (Time Warner).and, to my surprise.NO CABLE!! the cable guy never came.I guess we'll just to wait until Monday. First my car was delayed by two days, now my cable installation.
Time Warner is here to fix the cable. Well, guy pulled up 20 min ago at least. Still sitting in van. *** of a company.
I find it funny that even the cable guy has to be on hold when he's calling to confirm that he did his job. Screw you Time Warner!
..That moment when the WOW cable guy is installing and a Time Warner commercial comes on the radio w/ a better deal & a $200 visa card offer 0_o
Time Warner guy was staring hard as *** what's up with that free cable tho LOL
Got home early for the cable guy. Got a call from Time Warner telling me: next Tuesday. They had computer lady call me too, the cowards!
Bootleg Cable = when a Time Warner Cable guy is no longer working & is now on crack so he hooks you up for about 50 lmfaoo, but im serious
If u have Time Warner Cable, watch Austin ch. 10 tonight at 1030 to see The Leavers live! My guy will be the one singin';)
Yours Truly Restaurants will be featured tonight on the Time Warner Cable show, 3 Squares, hosted by sports guy...
Think I might go crazy. Was supposed to have internet/cable/phone hooked up yesterday between 12-4. Technician couldn't show til 5. Lame but understandable. To make a long story some what shorter, two hours and three technicians later (of which two of them spent the last 30-40min watching the rangers game on my couch while the original guy made a failed attempt at solving the problem) I only have cable. Guy tells me he will be back here or call me by 10:00 (doesn't happen) shows at 12:45, and within 15min has internet and phone hooked up without a hitch. Android connected, check. Touch pad connected, check. Laptop connected, FAIL!? Then spent the next hour on the phone with tech support changing router and security settings with no luck. Now I have to call other tech people tomorrow with a good chance it still wont work because my laptop is an old POS that is out dated and most likely no longer compatible with the new state of the art routers Time Warner so recently put into their line of equipment. Ugh. ...
Time Warner and Comcast are entering the security market. Local home security firms need help now.
I was walking home today.. And da cable guy was Hot boxin in his Time Warner truck.. Ctfu !
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