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Timbers Army

The Timbers Army is an independent supporters group of Portland Timbers, a football (soccer) club in Major League Soccer—the top tier of the United States soccer pyramid.

Portland Timbers Cascadia Cup North End Caleb Porter National Anthem

Finally got me a genuine army pants to go with my Timbers 💃🏻😃😉
he's the same guy who said "if you want to be Timbers Army, then you already are" they don't know what they want lol
i see you joined the Timbers army. about time
because we represent diffrerent regions of the Timbers army. represents the REGION of so Oregon Nor cal.
Happy New Years to our Timbers Army & Rose City Riveters fam. 2016 had so much soccer. Let's play even more in 2017!
a Darwin Award is wearing your Timbers Army hat into a bar in Washington. Oh, I did that too.
Robbie "Unnamed Fan" Keane said the Irish fans in Euro were better than the Timbers Army. Not even mad about that.
Last day in to watch and the looking forward to another unreal atmosphere from the Timbers Army
LOLOLOL at Caleb Porter and Timbers Army, you suck!!!
Huge welcome to you Jack ,aka"J3"(due to 2 other Jacks!)You are gonna love your Timbers Army! Excited to have you here!
I like your face & dirty laundry but the intro feels disconnected. Also, hope to see you in Timbers Army again soon!
Ha. No, the other chapters used up all sci-fi & video game references, so these are templates for Timbers Army Poughkeepsie
Guessing that rumors feed will soon be complaining about Social Justice Timbers Army.
Have you ever stood with the Timbers Army? Trust me, there's always real grass there.
So, when's the Timbers Army's Black Lives Matter tifo scheduled? Hopefully soon.
The Chicago game nearly sold out, but the Fire just opened up a couple ~hundred~ more tickets for us.
All purpose parts banner
We are Timbers Army. We are mental & love Jack Barmby. True supporters forever more. We know the left-footed Brit will score & score
Got my ticket for Sunday to sit with Timbers Army and see the Champion
Timbers Army Appalachia MOTM was Valeri (86%). Am I the only one who thought Powell was tremendous?
Higuain gets 20 bonus points for doing that in front of the Timbers Army. And 300 for doing it in that god-awful outfit. …
Did the Timbers Army throw beer cans or anything after this goal? No. Keep it classy
Use words to attack someone to hurt or bully them because words are powerful. I gave the kid a Timbers Army Star Wars button.
Portland Timbers Army themed cookie cutter: RCTID! - Album on Imgur could use some.
I went to a Portland Timbers game last night. Tiny stadium, had a standing section for the 'Army' they never stopped singing...etc
Timbers army celebrating the cup as the MLS season starts. By
Timbers Army unveils enormous tifo banner for Cascadia Cup match against...
So the Timbers Army tifo is now brought to us by ESPN?
How the Men in Blazers, the Timbers Army - and me - got Columbus Crew fan Savannah to Portland for free
This was fun. See my son Tyler dead center in Timbers Army
That time the Timbers Army took over Gordon Biersch in Columbus.
Caleb Porter wanted the Timbers Army to sing Tetris even louder. .
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Timbers Army, active citizens honored with state volunteer awards
Two Southsiders, a Timbers Army member, and an ECS member walk into a wursthaus.
>> Why I will always be apart of the Timbers' Army
Why I will always be apart of the Army:
you're thinking of the early Timbers Army days.
Check out a recent article published by former standout Great stuff!
Felt great to be back out in front of the timbers army tonight!.Great work from the boys!. Now back to Sacramento for a big…
The defining characteristic of good clubs is identity. That requires intelligent people doing intelligent things. Our identity: Timbers Army
San Diego CA, Portland OR and Seattle WA BVB're up! Padres, Chargers, Trailblazers, Timbers, Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, etc...
Great work from all the boys yesterday to get that shutout. Big s/o to you traveling Timbers Army fans for the...
Arsinio Walker, in his debut columns, writes about his love for the Timbers Army
Hey i would really apreciate if you would follow back, im a big Timbers fan from mexico, and the army is absolutly amazing,
A post-match salute to the Timbers Army from the boys.
Timbers Army had so many people but were SILENT lmao loudest they got was with the PK then he missed 😂 back to silence
Timbers Army is the quitest "supporter" group ive evet seen come to SJ lol
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"We're the Timbers Army, who are you!?"
Is that the timbers army I can hear on my tv why YUS it is
Quakes fan behind me is amazed with how many timbers army people are here. Biggest away support he said
Looks from here like the Timbers Army actually outnumber the Ultras. In San Jose.
Timbers Army-an African Champions League team are looking for money for kits/soccer balls. If interested in help sponsor lets connect
got connections in the Northern Alliance (Vancouver, WA) Timbers Army
soccer and donuts at Buckman Field. 7 v 7 no offsides soccer. three games. Timbers Army celebration
wife famously got me TA season tix for xmas 2010. I was all "timbers army? Ugh, not my style..."
How did you become a member of the Timbers Army? Who or what brought you to the Timbers? Share your origin story.
Anyone have/known of some used field turf laying around? Thought it would be fun to set up a "pitch" for Timbers Army …
I wanted to be Timbers Army, so I was.
[Timbers Army] - Join the Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Friends of Jimmy Conway, Timbers Army Team
"You're looking at the Timbers Army, you're hearing the Emerald City Supporters." -John Strong
Weird, all I hear is the Timbers Army on a national broadcast...hmm
love the Timbers Army but would only hate the Timbers if Steve Kean managed them or Venkys bought them
Kah gets applause after he applauds crowd as he is subbed off. Boos from Timbers Army though.
107ist candidate forum is up and running. 4 of these people will guide the Timbers Army for the next 3 years.
DC United supporters came out in force: Back before Timbers Army, Emerald City Supporters or even the various ...
With 5 days to go we have raised ~ $11,000 from ~ 100 donors and expect to have ~ 40 walkers on our team. I will be sending instructions for the walk to members of our 'Friends of Jimmy Conway' walk team by a separate email. For those planning on attending the Timbers vs San. Jose match please show your respect for Jimmy Conway with a standing ovation/applause at the 8:00 minute mark in the match (symbolizing Jimmy's No. 8 jersey with the Timbers). We've asked members of the 107ist/Timbers Army to lead the way and they will be joined by Noeleen Conway (Jimmy's wife) and Timber Jim (Jim Serrill) who worked with the Timbers to get this additional recognition for Jimmy. Finally, if you have yet to register or donate - you still have time. Please follow this link to register/donate: to everyone for the wonderful support.
And former Timbers Army scholarship recipient. I love that
What your seeing is timbers army what your hearing is ecs round 2
Houston people wondering why I'm posting about v game, watch these:
There will be people standing in the Timbers Army sections that haven't showered for over 48 hours. This isn't news.
TOMORROW - We'll be at Rack Attack before and after the match with brand new Timbers Army gear. .
save in the first round of the shootout vs the Timbers Army. wins 5-4 in 6 rounds!!!
Just the Timbers Army waiting for wristbands the last few days! But it's over now. Gut those fish tomorrow!
0: Matches won by Timbers Army FC in 90 minutes of regulation
6: ECS FC vs Timbers Army FC matches since first match in 2010
it's the timbers army waiting for the game! They want the front of the army seats
28 hours to kick off and the Timber Army is lined up for battle @ Timbers Stadium
The line of tweens camping / waiting for Kylie and Kendall at Nordstrom is long enough that I fear they may all become Timbers Army members.
Only one more day until the derby match with the Timbers Army. Join us at Buckman Field in Portland and support the lads. 4pm start
Timbers Army already in line for Sunday. Lol..."A feeling deeper than hate."
Came to the stadium to do my course,and the Timbers Army are already camping out for Sunday.
Timbers fans already camping out for good seats in the timbers army still over 2 days until the game. That's dedication.
are you all alone? I have ways to get you into the timbers(tubras) army?
ICYMI, already camping out for match vs Sounders on Sunday
Aloha Timbers Army! Serving Sunday out of section 93 at the Sounders game. Doors open noon, kickoff at 2pm.
Timbers Army already camping out outside the stadium for Sunday's 2PM match vs the Sounders
Portland Away.. beat the timbers army!
VIDEO: already showing up to camp out for
That Timbers army Tifo video is pretty cool. You guys can take the trophy for best Tifo and we'll take the MLS Cup!
MLS and the Timbers don't do tifo. The Timbers Army does.
The Timbers Army will smell worse than normal come Sunday…
we already have timbers army tickets we are in line to get our seats I always sit 107 row h seat 8 look for me
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Timbers Army lining up for wristbands for the game v. SEA...wristbands are being given out on Saturday. .
Huh. If I need to dump scalding coffee on Timbers Army members for science, I can do that.
my ticket prices didn't go up, Timbers Army remains $20/game next year.
Please. Even the Timbers Army FC doesn't have that kind of power.
Great weekend for a fish fry! Reminder of revised WB distribution: Chk & scroll to "2014 Exceptions"
Hey Timbers Army FCs are playing ECS FCs this Saturday. Come down and support your friends!
Raffle for 4 Timbers Army (general admission) tickets to the Timbers vs Sounders match on 8/24! Raffle…
Raffle for 4 TA tickets to Timbers vs Sounders match on 8/24 benefits Special Olympics Oregon! 3.5 h…
Hi Gang: I know I have not posted anything new for awhile. Saturday, August 2nd was a busy day. I started by visiting Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland. On Wednesday, Portland is playing host to Major League Soccer All-Star Match. The meet will be composed of the top players in MLS, playing against one of the very best football teams in the world, Bayern Munich. Adidas has transformed the Square into a soccer play area. In preparation to the big event, the Portland Timbers played against the LA Galaxy, which broadcasted on a big TV screen. I haven't been to a Timbers match since their entry into MLS because every match has been sold out. So here is the Timbers Army rendition of the National Anthem.
Two words: Timbers Army. For starters: and and (older)
welcome to the club! You are going to love it here. Play hard and you will be heartily embraced by the Timbers Army.
oh no Conner do not hate me but I am a fan of Portland Timbers also a member of Timbers Army east Coast Platoon!
[Timbers Army] Opening match tickets raffle to benefit OPI
They had home field, they had the weird turf, and they had a little bit of history. But Real had the magic.  And the goal. In front of a teeming crowd of Timbers Army faithful, Real Salt Lake went into Jeld-Wen Field in Portland and notched one singluar...
Good luck, best wishes to our Portland Timbers and the Timbers Army!!!
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Aye, very near Portland mate. Regular member of Timbers Army as well. Would love to catch a match at 442 bar.
Some photos from Portland vs. Seattle before I go to bed. Timbers Army fan pre match...
”Tifo: Inside the Timbers Army,” provides a look at one of the largest and most passionate supporters groups in all of sports. The independent supporters group of the Portland Timbers, known as the Timbers Army, are notorious for their passionate and e
The smoke was still billowing from the Timbers Army, celebrating the Portland Timbers opening goal ..
"I am a timbers fan and I am an Oregonian" Here is our pennant design for the Timbers’ Army 2013
Let's start over:. I need a LINK to the PDF version of that great 'Greetings From The Timbers Army" flyer.
The reason I ask is because every photo I see of the Timbers Army seems to about half men/half women. Is that the norm around MLS?
Q - How do you get the Timbers army section to be completely silent? A - Bring the national team!
Timbers match was ridiculous. and sitting with the Timbers Army was a blast. we're going again in Sept and Oct. totally hooked.
maybe someday they'll even make a banner in their team's honor. Although they certainly do a FANTASTIC Timbers Army Crest.
New strategy: Every time a Lulztra addresses me, I shall reply, "We're the Timbers Army, who are you?"
Sat in the Timbers Army for the first time yesterday
always room in the Timbers Army for one more. Even if you have to have an affair with the Sounders on PDX v SEA game days
Based on current paid membership, both the Timbers Army and ECS have roughly the same number of members.
The Timbers Army: Some Folks Are Never Happy. That could be our motto.   10% Off
Excellent shot from the Timbers-Dallas match last night :: MT Timbers Army
Awesome game last night in the Timbers Army section great win @ JELD-WEN Field
Portland Timbers were amazing last night, fun to finally watch them in person. Timbers Army is relentless!
announcer enamored with the 100 or so Palace Ultras. Wonder what he'd say about Timbers Army or the Cauldron
the we love ya chant, the oh oh chant, and there's one that is definitely used by Timbers Army.
Flag holders. Center field. No big deal.
I had no idea why we were booing cheering or throwing up the middle finger but it was a blast being in the Timbers Army!
listen to the Timbers Army sing in beautiful harmony! And FC Dallas *** lol
Hey Timbers Army come check out Sir Psycho Sexy after the game! We will be playing well after midnight,so come on down!! Go Timbers!
Timbers Army is so impressive because everyone participates. They are all actively apart of it. many profandities used in the Timbers Army...
9' - After corner run with Powell & Valeri that looked to be Timbers CK, official points to goal kick to objections of Timbers Army.
Timbers Army is loud and feisty tonight!
Gonzaga might have the most rabid fans of but oh my goodness the Zags fans could learn a thing or two from the Timbers Army.
Diego Chara got some loud cheers from the Timbers Army as the starters are announced.
bring on FC Dallas from the timbers army!
Please keep an eye out for as he's the lone surrounded by a sea of Timbers Army tonight.
They are serious about their futbol in Portland. Timbers Army member.
I'm part of the timbers army 2night baby
Drunks on drunks on drunks in the Timbers Army right now 🍺🍻
I'll be coming to you live (hopefully) from the section next to the Timbers Army!
Looks like some of the army is starting the six hour pre function at the bullpen. Should be well lubricated by 8 tonight
After tonight will no longer be a Timbers Army virgin.
.is the only option tonight to witness the Sounders get rolled followed by Timbers Army meeting.
Timbers army one?! I thought they only sold those out of the van?
If you're near the stadium during a soccer game grab me a timbers army scarf!
Odds are impossible that happened. The Timbers Army has control of every one of those tickets, and they hand them out directly.
In case it needs to be said: The Timbers Army away section is for Timbers Supporters. Don't try to buy tickets there if you're Sounders.
We need a drink called a Clint Dempsey. How's it made, ECS? (Assume that the tears of a Timbers Army member are not available…
At a Portland Timbers game with Angela Smith.. Standing in the Timbers Army section 2nd row.. Awesome first time experience!! Loving it even after just getting off a 30 hr. shift at work!! Thank u 󾰀
Can't wait to see the tifo today. supporters make the Timbers Army look like the Union Ultras. Yeah, an reference. Sue me.
Timbers Army, a devoted group of fans supporting the Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer, used their creativity on Sunday to organize banners and decorate some seats in rainbow colors to call...
In a story that won’t get much attention on SportsCenter (but should), the Timbers and their fans — the Timbers Army — made an 8-year-old boy’s dream come true on Wednesday.
If you want to see how a professional sports team should carry itself in the community.and you want to have tears of this video. Portland Timbers did this yesterday a day before their regular season match. Timbers Army
PORTLAND, Ore. – In front of more than 3,000 Portland Timbers faithful – converted for a day to support a special wish made possible by the club, the Timbers Army and Make-A-Wish® Ore
Scalping is Still a Problem for the Portland Timbers, but the Timbers Army is Helping -
Pretty sure there's more people standing in Timbers Army right now than there were in all of Home Depot Center last night
I like that the Timbers Army fans are singing the them to the Monkees
Cascadia Cup trademark protest banner from a Timbers Army fan to open the half. Definitely not shy about being vocal that bunch.
Just like Liverpool and the Kop, Portland loves attacking that Timbers Army end!
just tuning in - what'd I miss? You're treating the timbers army with kindness & respect, I hope.
Wishin' I was at Jeld-Wen right now supporting with the Timbers Army.
So On the 2nd half, good thing will be facing the timbers army and usually score more often on that goal net.
Timbers Army opening day tifo: Rain or Shine Since 1975
My view of the season opening Timbers Army tifo display! @ JELD-WEN Field
Timbers Army knows what they're doing. alexilalas
started watching this game for but now just listening to the Timbers Army. Unreal active support.
leading the Timbers Army, and & tearing it up for NY. Welcome back to MLS!!!
The Timbers Army unveils its season-opening tifo for 2013, Rain or Shine since 1975:
“Since the Timbers aren’t actually good, are any of them even hot?” - the real timbers army shows its colors.
Twisted sister by the timbers army is awesome.
Timbers Army singing "We're not gonna take it anymore". Must be talking about their awful defense.
They're class mate. Timbers Army. Don't stop all game!
Please, Timbers Army, start singing some other songs.
Timbers Army: We only got one song and we'll sing it all night long
Can I throw in whoever keeps dropping atomic farts in the timbers army section too?
How sweet would the Timbers Army changing Steve Winwood's 'Valerie' to 'Valeri' sound? Just me?
Get ready army. With Silvestre in your team, you will hemmorage goals. Take it from an fan
I would like to spend just one game with the Timbers Army, though.
crew games are fun. Timbers Army, Portland's supporters, are super awesome. The team is ... Well, you're watching.
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Portland's back four need to borrow those umbrellas from the Timbers Army. I'm no meteorologist, but I'm pretty sure it's
Well. At least Timbers Army sounds good, right? Portland is awful.
I love Timbers Army, think they're the best fans in MLS, but I'm absolutely loving how quiet they are! Red Bulls baby!
Loving soccer, beer, and the timbers army! (@ JELD-WEN Field for New York Red Bulls vs Portland Timbers) [pic]:
Hey Mikael Sylvestre, welcome to MLS. Way to make the Timbers Army proud. LOLZ.
Blown away by the atmosphere at JELD-WEN Field. I think I have a new second favorite team. Timbers Army...wowza.
Army tifo before the Timbers vs Red Bulls.
Portland Timbers games should be required viewing by young members of . The Timbers Army is so *** good at everything.
The Timbers Army song to the tune of "Girls" by the Beastie Boys is one of the reason I love sports
Video: the Timbers Army celebrating the first goal of the season! 1-1 here early.
Pretty obvious that Timbers Army knows how to ride!
My first time sitting in the timbers army. And yeah, it's pretty awesome.
The Timbers Army has invaded my neighborhood.
What a goal.. Timbers Army is pumped again
Holy crap, seeing Portland and the Timbers Army makes me confident of where soccer is going in the USA!
Timbers army is insane. Jeld-Wen Field is a must go to eventually
With the Timbers Army behind us, I'm sure we still can have this match
TA was twirling umbrellas, too. MLS tifo never disappoints. “Timbers Army: Rain or Shine since 1975:
Timbers Army chants sound like something from a bar in Hobbiton.
Is there a some rule that Timbers Army females can't have hair past their collars? Yuck.
Just for the record, I am a 1-man Timbers Army at this Irish pub in the Couv. They're going to kick me out for chanting soon.
went there for a Galaxy game and it was one of the coolest sporting events I've been to. Timbers Army goes wild
I have goosebumps from just watching the Timbers army on TV
I bet half of the people in timbers army are wearing glasses with no lenses
So I guess that explains the Timbers Army...BATH SALTS!
Turn down the mic on the timbers army for gods sake!
Timbers Army in full voice Electric atmosphere.
Portland has the best supporters in all of MLS. No one compares to the Timbers Army!
RT“One of my dreams is to do this to Timbers Army, style.
watching mls action... Timbers army is electric but lets go NY Red Bulls!!!
I need to be a part of the timbers army for a game at some point in my life. “Timbers Army...what a spectacle.”
It gives me goosebumps hearing the Timbers Army cheer. I'm proud to be a Timbers fan
Previous snark aside, I will always be more impressed with the army ability to out sing us up here in
I commend the Timbers Army for taking our National Anthem away from the pop singers and doing it themselves. Next time a starting pitch.
Hearing the National Anthem sung by the Timbers Army. Classic 👌⚽🌲
The Portland Timbers get game presentation right. The Timbers Army is impressive.
Why was the Timbers Army tifo the Morton's salt girl?
Timbers Army singing the Natl Anthem in the key of "X".
Finally got around to officially joining the Timbers Army and becoming a 107ist! Can't wait for my welcome package.
Congratulations to Jeremy Wright and Sherrilynn “Sheba” Rawson on their re-elections. Congratulations to our newest member on the board of directors, Mike Coleman. We look forward to their 3 year terms serving on the board and working to accomplish our goals for the Timbers Army and 107ist for 2013 ...
[Timbers Army] You’re Invited to the Harper’s Playground Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Please join me at the opening of Harper's Playground on Saturday, November 3 at 11:00. The new playground is located in Arbor Lodge park in North Portland--across from Chief Joseph Elementary. The playground is the inspiration of Cody and April Goldberg. Their vision was supported by many community partners, including the Timbers Army, UP Lady Pilots, Portland Parks and Recreation and many others.
The idea of Steven Lenhart going up against Timbers Army reminds me of Big Show/Akebono thing from WM21. No good can come from it.
Timbers Army in full force at BC Place. We'll let them have fun until the game starts. Come on you Whitecaps.
This is wild...Timbers Army members are actually finding themselves and friends in my long-view crowd shots of the TA contingent at the Cascadia Cup match Sunday night. I'm not sure I could find my own kids in such shots...but then I wear trifocals.
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Sounders dominated tonight. 3-0 beat down of Portland. Timbers Army show no class in their exit of Seattle. Sounders up to 3rd place. Hey Portland, how does the gutter taste?
Alexi Lalas looks like a member of the Timbers Army with that beard
Darlington Nagbe and Diego Chara get pumped up by the Timbers Army. Part of EA Sports FIFA Soccer 13 launch, in stores now. Check out the rest of the Soccer ...
[Timbers Army] With it being Cascadia week for the Timbers Army, TAFC teams scramble to get fixtures play
You may recall our great news of a few weeks ago… “The 107ist board is excited to announce we have acquired the first physical space that the Timbers Army and 107ist can call our home” and that we promised to invite you down to see the new space, well, here’s the invite!Continue reading»
On Saturday, American professional soccer returns to the national stage. We in the Rose City have an opportunity to share our passion with the nation. I am proud to be a member of the Timbers Army. You are all beautiful people. Let our righteous fury be heard across the land.
Away day Legends: I just bought my ticket with the Timbers Army as we invade the Clink. Onward Rose City!
This is American soccer. Dumbfounded, but giddy. Timbers Army. Photo by Michael Mitarnows…
Nothing against DR, don't know him, might be ok, but Timbers Army are up in arms about losing Troy. Absolutely gutted.
what's with those pesky Timbers army folk? ***
David Hunt had a good idea. Instead of 'timbers army' lyrics, we chant the original twisted sister lyrics at .
The Timbers Army is open to anyone who enjoys soccer in Portland and has always been a loose coalition of die hard fans. There are no formal membership requirements other than an interest in Portland and soccer, and a willingness to express it. The 107ist is an Independent Supporters Trust formed...
Going to be a busy EPL Fantasy season for Borussia Edmonton. In 3 leagues so far: Steve Sandor's, Timbers Army, & FC Edmonton.
There’s a battle brewing for control of the Timbers. It looks like it’s about to get ugly, but it doesn’t have to. The Portland Timbers story is one of the greatest success stories in franchise sp...
Beer made by Three Floyds/Gigantic Brewing for Section 8 and Timbers Army
"Ownership and Wilkinson need to demonstrate the level of passion the fans do. "
"Should Gavin Wilkinson be fired? Probably. Should he be fired because the Timbers Army demanded it? Probably not."
This is a well written account on the fence mending necessary for our beloved and the
"But from a communications perspective Wilkinson failed on all accounts." A GM vs. the Timbers Army: via
Dear Fellow Timbers Army, Unless you are willing to put your noble sentiment aside and at least attempt to see what our FO is thinking, please stop polluting our chat boards with your idle threats, vitriol and short-sighted fears. If we still suck in two years, I shall join you in saying "GW Out". Until then, I pray that most of you will learn to adopt a "wait and see" attitude. With upmost love and RCTID Sincerely, Me
A GM vs. The Timbers Army: A Comms Strategy to Keep the Patients from Runnng the Asylum
Axes of Evil a beer dedicated and Timbers Army
Chabala: "As much as I loved playing in front of the Timbers Army and the fans and being in the city..."
seeing/hearing the Timbers Army this season has been a huge boost to further inspire me in supporting in a trying season.
is a mad timber's army lad. I love the timbers, but maybe if they didn't suck, we'd hear more about them.
W/o the Timbers Army MLS doesn't happen either; MP wasn't convincing the City Council on his own. It's a partnership.
I'm no fan of but I do kind of feel bad for him when dealing with idiotic Timbers Army members. Meh, dug his own grave.
if I have anything to do with it, you'll suffer with the rest of us.
your link was bad? Is this something you wanted to say?
Say goodbye to separation of church & state if Mormon Mitt gets to Washington. He'll also be sworn in on book of Mormon, not the Bible. FYI.
and your vote will be supporting the Mormon cult.
Fire & They have failed the Timbers army and aren't committed to seeing this campaign through. Traded Troy!
Timbers army loves you. Timbers army supports you. Now...Timbers army will miss you... The best to u and yours.
Pretty soon the Timbers Army will be traded for the food cart vendors.
The thing is, Perkins was one of the few players truly loved by the Timbers Army, and was as rock solid as could be.
- A little flavor of the Timbers Army from the press box on Sunday
you know what I'll suggest Dez! Shank those planet poisoning biotches.
Who hopes Mary Carillo will donkey kick Bob Costas out of his chair? please end our suffering.
there's nothing wrong with Abba. SING IT!
.said the Timbers Army while sobbing "You are my sunshine" alone in the shower.
That Timbers Army is crazy.. One of the best sporting events I've ever been around..
Timbers Army is unreal! One of the best supporters groups in the US.
Just went to the "Timbers Army" "Art Takeover". Wow. I really am quite disgusted. I haven't seen such a dense, unmitigated collection of bloodthirsty, gleeful violence metaphors in, well, years at least. Folks, sports is NOT that kind of violence. And you are NOT an army. Get back to me when games can be assumed to leave dead, mutilated bodies on the field at the end of every day. And you're "in" the "Timbers Army"? Get back to me on that one when you walk into the stadium sincerely unsure if all of *you* will still be alive and able to walk at the end of the game. Sports has been around in basically the modern form for well over a hundred years now and people (many of them at FAR more risk than you or the Timber players) have done just fine with metaphors built around horses, hammers, mountains, and stormy days. There is no reason that you "just have to" build your experience around fantasies of being mobs of conditioned, blindly obedient, hired killers to make your sitting in chairs and watching a bunch ...
Anyone in Portland want a Timbers Army ticket for tomorrows game. $25. Let me know!
But the TA is also well known for their commitment to their town through a robust and developed community outreach programs. Whether it be helping through Operation Pitch Invasion and their efforts to repair and improve soccer fields throughout Portland or their work at fundraising for the unique Ha...
National Anthem sung by Timbers Army at the Portland Timbers inaugural home opener. Check out my other social media presence: ht...
Alaska Airlines commercial with Spencer (which was hilarious) replaced by not nearly as funny bit with Timbers Army on plane
My Hood to Coast team (The Portland Timbers Army team - so we're way on the recreational side of things) is looking for one runner and at least and possibly two volunteers. If you're interested in having some fun with the Timbers Army group, let me know ASAP.
It was very special to have Danny Mwanga score in front of the Timbers Army. He is our own, went to HS in Portland & college in OR.
Next Saturday June 7th at Mt. Tabor Park! The Battle for Portlandia is happening! PLEASE any and ALL who are interested in being an extra, contact me. I will be forever grateful. I need Hipsters, Tech Nerds, and Timbers Army members! This will be an incredibly fun shoot full of smoke bombs, screaming, running, soccer chanting, and all out goofiness. I will be setting up about 8am and and am looking to film around 9. 10 at the latest. I have a shot list so it should go quick and smooth. Thanks in advance! Let the battle commence!
In, I think, 2010, Matt Gaschk wrote in a blog piece on Seattle's official website that the Timbers Army engaged in racist chants.
Timbers Army raises a giant tifo display from the North End of Jeld-Wen Field prior to Portland's 2-1 victory over the Sounders in a Cascadia Cup derby. It f...
Yes sir! Was standing with the Timbers Army in the North End. Amazing!
Fredy Montero and the Sounders tried to force themselves on JELDWEN but Portland and the Timbers Army fought them off. PDX WIN: 2-1 FINAL
Not all of the banners held up in the North End represent the entire Timbers Army.
Timbers Army loud and proud in the North End. Sounds great on TV!
Timbers Army: Match Report: Set Pieces Set Portland Straight: Progress is often incremental but its progress all...
Portland Timbers vs. Seattle - US Open Cup Third Round, July 1, 2009. This is the pre-game Tifo by the Timbers Army, showing Timber Jim cutting down the Spac...
I makes me happy that the OG Timbers Army doesn't have the typical Portland hipster attitude of "Oh, we liked the Timbers before it was cool..." & "Everyone else is a bandwagon fan." The outbreak of Portland/Timbers FC pride is awesome. Long live PTFC.
Thanks to Peter for tickets to the Portland Timbers game against Columbus. I am now a Timbers fan and wanna be member of the Timbers Army. Now, I have to learn all the words to the cheers and songs!
Stumptown Footy: Portland Timbers @ Montreal Impact Pre-Game Chat: of the Timbers Army celebrate after the Portl...
Timbers Army are showing a great time in Portland!
Maybe it is the players on the field, but the Timbers Army seems to be having quite an affect on games this season at Jeld-Wen Field.
Giving blood, sweat and tears for teams you're fond of? What better way to do that than by actually giving blood? Enough members of Portland's Timbers Army donated blood at Jeld-Wen Field last Friday that the Red Cross sent two blood donation trucks to meet demand . As a regular blood donor, I'm …
Timbers fans set off flares from the roof of an adjacent apartment building after a Nagbe goal. Shot from 205 in the Timbers Army.
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