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Tim Wonnacott

Tim Wonnacott (born 6 May 1953) is a chartered auctioneer, chartered surveyor, English antiques expert, and a television presenter.

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Tim Wonnacott, host of Bargain Hunt, in SA for Adelaide Antique Fair
Antique legend on the hunt in Adelaide
Cruise with on his Antiques Adventure as he travels along the Rhone.…
Idea for pins . The many bow ties of own Tim Wonnacott
BBC News - Tim Wonnacott: Bargain Hunt future unclear after reported 'bust-up' please come back Tim gone to pot BH
It must be time for Tim Wonnacott to retire from the antiques Road show
Alan Partridge's Car Boot Bonanza. Alan and Tim Wonnacott indulge in a lively mix of chat, antiques an…
Love antiques? Join our new Bargain Hunting holiday with the one and only
Tim Wonnacott needs a new researcher and producer, or may be he just needs to read a Ladybird book on British history.
Did I just hear Tim Wonnacott on BBC1 Bargain Hunt today refer to torques being used by Anglo-Saxons 'before Roman times'. God save us.
Antiques Road Trip CHAOS as Christina Trevanion SMASHES roof in major GAFFE .
That is understandable. The replacement episode of Bargain Hunt was brilliant with Tim Wonnacott presenting!👍
Antiques Road Trip CHAOS as dealer is left red-faced after embarrassing gaffe: 'I'm so sorry':…
don't talk about Tim Wonnacott like that
[TV] Bargain Hunt (BBC ONE N West) Sat, Jul 22, 12:00 PM Derby: Antiques challenge. Tim Wonnacott and the red and blue teams are in Derby,..
Bargain Hunt hey? All we get down under is the British dude Tim Wonnacott, he's hilariously quirky.
Or they could just have a Tim Wonnacott emoji holding a sign saying normal service will return asap
Not a new clip but things can go wrong on antiques shows :-o
What tactics? He's asking Tim Wonnacott to be negotiator probably
[TV] Bargain Hunt (Home) Mon, Jul 17, 6:00 PM Liverpool: New. Antiques antics with Tim Wonnacott. The two teams are on the hunt for profit..
Want to know what to do on hols in SE and Check out these tips from
13- Tim Wonnacott no longer presenting Bargain Hunt
Bargain Hunt host Tim Wonnacott SUSPENDED from BBC show after 'bust-up with producers' Do the BBC hate old People?
The Hoff prepares for his leading role in "The Tim Wonnacott Story".
Tim Wonnacott and the teams search London for the best value brothels, from the cheap and cheerful to the opulent a…
I added a video to a playlist Bargain Hunt, Tim Wonnacott (Exclusive Deleted Scene)
Residents and staff from enjoying the festivities with host Tim Wonnacott, from BBC's Bar…
We’re joined by brilliant Presenter Tim Wonnacott
Charlie Ross is a masked Improvement over Tim Wonnacott, definitely needs more but we can't have everything 🍻
E.G. “slurping Satan’s salty semen”. Bargain Hunt’s Tim Wonnacott was the champ in this field. (Alliteration, not d…
Murder in Successville should never stop. I'd defo watch series 15 starring Tim Wonnacott or Ralf from Gogglebox.
:( What the new presenters are thinking about replacing him and what we're all thinking...
ANTIQUE DEALERS WANTED. We are holding an antiques faire hosted by Tim Wonnacott 14/5/2017.
Mdina glass pops up on I can hear Tim Wonnacott calling it "Undina" in his usual style. And sighing. Heavily.
Since when did Tim Wonnacott turn into an annoying little Scottish woman?
I wanna go on Bargain Hunt and buy victorian sex toys just to see Tim Wonnacott react.
Bargain Hunt is much better without Tim Wonnacott
I thought Tim Wonnacott's contract had been cancelled by BBC
Tim Wonnacott as our new Director of Football
Tim Wonnacott has A LOT to answer for.
C'mon... without Tim Wonnacott is like toast without butter. What IS the point?
Watching Bargain Hunt, Tim Wonnacott just said, "don't get cocky, because here comes the owl". That's a format change I could get behind.
why are they still showin Tim Wonnacott episodes of Bargain Hunt even after they sacked him? i hate that wacky ***
12:15 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott and the Bargain Hunt team fly east to a former RAF airfield in Kent.
Just watched bring back Tim wonnacott .
saw Tim Wonnacott in the BP garage at Chessington, he was buying yoghurt.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Let's gab Tim wonnacott back on bargin hunt. He cannot be replaced😃
Sat here nodding along to Tim Wonnacott teaching us how to use a sugar cube grabber on Bargain Hunt
is it "Man gets disgruntled after finishing third in a Tim Wonnacott lookalike competition"?
14:00 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott and the teams travel across the Menai Strait to Anglesey.
oh they have him quite a lot but they still always show Tim Wonnacott every other day, even though he was sacked apparently!
I got that reference!. Also does anyone think that Tim Wonnacott looks like a cross between John Astin and the Eleventh Doctor?
only one BH presented by Tim Wonnacott this week. His pre-recorded programmes must be coming to an end. Very sad😢
Tim Wonnacott just tried to say Luddendenfoot, sounded like old goose trying swallow a tuba
Just sat down to watch Bargain Hunt for the first time in years, and Tim Wonnacott has been replaced?! When did this happen 😭😭
Despite entering every competition in every pregnancy magazine ever, Bargain Hunt presenter Tim Wonnacott has never won a cot…
I am currently trying to find out if Tim Wonnacott has a cameo in Bridget Jone's's Baby or not. . What a Sunday night.
Antiques Cruise with Tim Wonnacott & Networking Cruise with Lee McQueen -
12:15 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott is joined by experts Anita Manning and Christina Trevanion in Ardingly.
I'm sick @ home and nothing could've made me happier today than the fact there's an old episode of Bargain Hunt with Tim Wonnacott on later.
Help. I can't stop watching Bargain Hunt. Tim Wonnacott is mesmerizing.
. I thought Tim Wonnacott had been sacked but he keeps popping up. . Repeats I suppose
Looking at Tim Wonnacott's scarf on Bargain Hunt, pretty sure he has skinned Sulley 😱
great to hear the velvet tones of Mr Tim Wonnacott on road trip.
12:00 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott presents from the Jaguar Antiques and Collectors Fair at Wetherby Racecourse
Never thought I would say this but I'm beginning not to miss Tim Wonnacott any more. Well done all the presenters
What happend to tim wonnacott of Bargain Hunt,Bargain Hunt without tim is like fish without the chips
Tim Wonnacott is one of the few famous people that I would like to meet.
Watching presented by Charlie Ross. It's not the same with Tim Wonnacott gone. Bring him back!!
So I don't know whether to feel proud or ashamed that I only recently found out David Dickinson and Tim Wonnacott were separate people.
12:15 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott heads to Hexham in Northumberland, with Anita Manning and David Harper.
ooh, lovely. Bargain Hunt episode with the Master, Tim Wonnacott. How splendid. Classy, warm, engaging, knowledgable man.
Just switched Bargain Hunt on. Who's this wazzock who isn't Tim Wonnacott?
a cardboard cut out of Tim Wonnacott with a feathery pink boa and shades. My reasons are my own. . Or maybe my girlfriend idk
The colour of Tim Wonnacott...he looks like he has jaundice for God's sake!
Union Jack flag, not Irish Tricolour, so I'm guessing, Tim Wonnacott?
Cyprus have got a Tim Wonnacott tribute act.
Axe? Bargain Hunt was clouded by controversy last year when its long-standing host Tim Wonnacott was suspended from the show and then quit.
David Dickinson only presented Bargain Hunt for 4 years but I class him as the best one even though Tim Wonnacott presented it for 12 years
.late notice but looking to book guest app. for our end of season presentation? If you won't we have Tim Wonnacott on standby
analysis slightly weakened by using Tim Wonnacott, dropped by the programme. as an example of what's at stake.
I just want to watch Bargain Hunt in peace. It's one with Tim Wonnacott still on it.
13:00 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott presents from Edinburgh as two climbers face a pair of puppeteers.
Bargain Hunt just isn't the same without Tim Wonnacott
Surprising choice of replacement presenters for Tim Wonnacott.
Don't think he's done Bargain Hunt for at least a decade. Got rid of Tim Wonnacott too. Yes? YES!
Bargain Hunt: Wed 20 Apr, season 39 episode 23: Tim Wonnacott and the team pay a visit to ...
Much better to look at than Tim Wonnacott. And always smiling.just give her the job already 😊
Tim wonnacott whatnot is glowing with pride.
Reminds me I want to ask tim wonnacott about my little jug I'm not sure what it's called
yes! It might even be signed by Tim Wonnacott...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Sunday 17 April. Great. Tim Wonnacott is hosting. So It'll be worth watching today.
I was once sacked by that Tim Wonnacott off Bargain Hunt. So nearly a perfect anagram.
Why isn't Tim Wonnacott on Bargain Hunt anymore? That's what I want to know.
Bargain Hunt: Mon 21 Mar, season 39 episode 1: Tim Wonnacott and the Bargain Hunt team tra...
Bit worried about Tim Wonnacott of Bargain Hunt. He's not kicking his leg up as high at the end of the programme these days.
I wish :) very sad to see Tim Wonnacott leave though.
Apart from that silly Zoopla ad with Tim Wonnacott's long lost cousin! 😁
How to spoil a really good program. Tim Wonnacott IS Bargain Hunt. Another crap decision from the BBC. Multi presenters?
Christina Trevanion is a pure honey but Bargain Hunt is just not the same without Tim Wonnacott, the best presenter on the BBC
Bargain Hunt ain't the same when Tim Wonnacott isn't presenting 😶
Bargain Hunt: Thu 17 Mar, season 38 episode 32: Tim Wonnacott and the Bargain Hunt team tr...
As Tim Wonnacott used to say on Bargain Hunt - there was barely a sheet of Bronco between us.
Today's reinforces the fact that without Tim Wonnacott, it's appeal is greatly diminished.
when you're amidst elderly ladies at a jumble sale, you'll get plenty of room if you shout "OMG, there's Tim Wonnacott!"
17:15 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott oversees the action in Staffordshire as the teams go head to head.
Did you see Tim Wonnacott was ditched for bullying on bargian hunt!
17:25 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott and the Bargain Hunt teams head to Norfolk in search of great buys.
Tim Wonnacott will be valuing items on for our own Antiques Road Show!
Sorry BBC but Bargain Hunt is not the same with out Tim Wonnacott
Watching recorded Bargain Hunt, Scandinavian Lunch Box, Victorian stickers, our own Tim Wonnacott is on it! Obviously not really but like!
There are few constants in this great world, but Tim Wonnacott saying “wiped it’s face” when an item gets what was paid is sadly one of them
If - 'Tim Wonnacott presents Bargain Hunt' - isn't Cockney rhyming slang ... it should be.
Has Japanese Tim Wonnacott got a similar taste in bow ties?
Tim Wonnacott Quits Bargain Hunt Amid Suspension Rumours not be the same without him.
17:20 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott and the gang are at Swinderby Antiques Fair in Northamptonshire.
Visiting the grandparents, on the box standard. Tim Wonnacott has definitely had a bit of work done.
Watching 'Bargain Hunt' for the first in ages...Tim Wonnacott is looking a *** of a lot sexier these days!
What's going on watching Bargain Hunt for the first time in a while and shocked to see there is no Tim Wonnacott boo bring back Tim!!
Why on earth isn't Tim Wonnacott presenting today's Bargain Hunt?!?
Well! I think I'll get a job! . is just not the same without Tim Wonnacott!
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Only just discovered now that Tim Wonnacott quit from Bargain Hunt. Didn't even know he was suspended! Loved him, thought he was brilliant 😔
This man needs to be the new tim wonnacott !
Tim wonnacott has quit Bargain Hunt? Well that's news to me! Probably quit upon reading my application to go on the show
Yay at Natasha Raskin presenting Bargain Hunt! Even though I'll be missing Tim Wonnacott, she is da bomb!!
I'm sorry but no one can measure up to Tim Wonnacott when it comes to presenting
Why the *** is Tim Wonnacott not presenting Bargain Hunt.
That crushing moment when you realise Tim Wonnacott is no longer presenting Bargain Hunt
Tim Wonnacott graphite drawing DM for more details
Tim Wonnacott has stepped down from Bargain Hunt.
discuss who is going to take over presenting in place of Tim Wonnacott? My vote is
Bargain Hunt hardman Tim Wonnacott has a fascinating collection of rare antique condoms, some dating back as far as 1993
- Bring back Tim Wonnacott. Other presenters are nowhere near as good
Bargain Hunt without Tim Wonnacott is just ridiculous
I'm trying to persevere with BBC but without Tim Wonnacott, it's a shadow of its former self.
The Sun is trolling. When has anyone been TOO CHEAP for the Tim Wonnacott of the football world?
Lovely chat with a guy that I quite fancy... About Tim Wonnacott 😂
Very disappointed to see that Tim Wonnacott is not presenting Bargain Hunt anymore, not the same
Tim Wonnacott quits Bargain Hunt amid bullying Talk to SUNRAY Tim say hello from us , Thanks to you we always enjoy our Lunch gr Guy. xx
Tim Wonnacott is currently giving a masterclass in how to mispronounce Welsh place names on Antiques Road Trip right now!!!
12:15 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott presents from Kingston upon Thames, with Kate Bliss and David Harper.
You know procrastination is at max levels when you're genuinley into a story about Tim Wonnacott leaving Bargain Hunt.
Oh my days! I don't think I can bear losing Bill Turnbull and Tim Wonnacott in the same year. Such wonderfully engaging presenters.
It's just a shame we didn't *see* Tim Wonnacott regenerate into Thomas Plant.
Thomas Plant is probably a nice guy, but him hosting "Bargain Hunt" makes you realise how good Tim Wonnacott is!
Bargain Hunt without Tim Wonnacott, now I don't know what colour trousers to put on today 😓
Bargain Hunt wasnt hosted by Tim Wonnacott today and I'm afraid I may have liked it more.
Gutted about Tim Wonnacott not doing Bargain Hunt anymore, Thomas Plant was ok, don't wish to be unkind not as fun as Tim-very disappointed
Just watched Bargain Hunt. Where is Tim Wonnacott?
Nick Hall trying to look like Tim Wonnacott, Thomas Plant playing at being Tim. BH should know, the original is the best.
Strange not to hear Tim Wonnacott's voice on BH but nice to see a change!
Now Tim Wonnacott has left can we never hear the phrase "leftover lolly" again. Thank you.
Trying to watch Bargain Hunt without Lord Tim of Wonnacott in control of the teams - he'll be missed.
just isn't the same without Tim Wonnacott
I fear a lot of viewers may be lost due to the disappearance of Sir Tim Wonnacott!
Turned on & the voice over is not Tim Wonnacott? This is nearly as bad as Dion Dublin invading 😠
I hope this isn't the first of the no Tim Wonnacott
25/1/2016 - the bad start to the year continues; Tim Wonnacott is no longer hosting Bargain Hunt.
Bargain Hunt without Tim Wonnacott is like Homes under the Hammer with Dion Dublin
Such a shame that Tim Wonnacott no longer doing Bargain Hunt.
Tim Wonnacott Quits Bargain Hunt Amid Suspension Rumours // Oh no! BH has its Top Gear moment
- Some people just want to be on TV, or meet Tim Wonnacott. Either way they must be weird.
Tim on tv again...if he was made of chocolate he'd eat himself
12:15 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott and experts Natasha Raskin and Mark Stacey are at Newbury Racecourse.
How rich is Tim Wonnacott?: The post How rich is Tim Wonnacott? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & Net Worth.
I may have to turn Antiques Road Trip off if Tim Wonnacott tries to say Ecclefechan again.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Strictly Come Dancing: 12 things you didn't know about Tim Wonnacott hi tim i think you are the best.
your new antiques programme is dire. Please ask Tim Wonnacott back to imbue these programmes with joy & colour! Ta.
Perfect. That'll knock Tim Wonnacott off his antique brass perch!
My mate Darren Lawson I call him Tim Wonnacott-Wannabe or Tim's love child ;) its you with no 'tash x
Fantastic opportunity on 25th Feb to view the Goodwood art collection with
Cruise the with John Sergeant & Tim Wonnacott from Amsterdam to Basel on 8 April. Click here for more details
you have flogged this more times than Tim Wonnacott
Thought I was having a phone conversation with Tim Wonnacott about Victorian enamel until I realised I'd called Tim Westwood by mistake
I am genuinely so sad that Tim Wonnacott is leaving Bargain Hunt. What will we do without the puns and the coordinated outfits?? 😰
Can't tell you about dream! Didn't involve Tim Wonnacott though!
Morning, scoobies. I'll catch up with as soon as I'm properly awake and can forget a disturbing dream about Tim Wonnacott
Tim Wonnacott is awfully menacing in a way where we could all chin him but he would never go down.
Tim Wonnacott just dropped a problematic banter on Bargain Hunt
Job vacancy: Tim Wonnacott leaves Bargain Hunt after 12 years via It won't be the same without him!
Tim Wonnacott is my favourite presenter! He makes it interesting and luv his personality. A real entertainer &
Has Tim Wonnacott off Bargain Hunt been AXED over a bust-up with ...
Top Gear will be broadcast live when it returns - but is it enough to ...
The host of Bargain Hunt, Tim Wonnacott, first got interested in going to auctions when he was offered a baby's bed.
Delighted to announce our 2016 Antiques Quest Cruise with TIm Wonnacott. Pre registration begins now>>
Tim Wonnacott. I didn't see him while on holiday.
Evil Tim Wonnacott has no moustache and wears an eyepatch
Looks like S.Fry is transitioning into Tim Wonnacott
Did Pasha steal Tim Wonnacott's paso jacket from the other year? He clearly gave the hat a miss
I managed to get Tim Wonnacott out in the first round. I know this was filmed a while ago, but I still have powers.
Tim Wonnacott and Andrew GD and Lars Tharp* on Pointless! Wonderful worlds collide! *I once saw him all dressed in leather.
Ben and Larry better get to the final, and Tim Wonnacott go out in 1st round cos he still creeps me out.
Who picks these 'celebrities'? the only one I have any idea who he is is Tim Wonnacott.. Who are these people?...
Tim Wonnacott now there's a gentleman
new Tim Wonnacott Birthday card now available at
We've just found 3 spare cabins on our Antiques Cruise with Tim Wonnacott - why not join us.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
So today was weird..i met Tim Wonnacott at work i dont know if thats cool or not lol
Bargain Hunt's Tim Wonnacott suspended over 'bullying' claims by production team members - Mirror Online
Bargain Hunt presenter Tim Wonnacott criticised over payment for Shaun the Sheep charity auction: Under-fire B...
Under-fire presenter Tim Wonnacott to be paid for auction
Tim Wonnacott is Bargain Hunt. How petty everything is nowadays.
When was tim wonnacott born and has he got family
BBC why are the unwashed producers so precious you lose the stars. Come back Tim Wonnacott and Clarkson. Whose next
My reaction when I realise I dressed as Tim Wonnacott for an entire day but the photos won't ever be published.
At the auction im expecting tim wonnacott to turn up.sorry beeb suspended him..
Bargain Hunt on BBC1 Now, I see Tim Wonnacott has been suspended for doing a Clarkson, 'ish' having a disagreement with a Producer
Is bullying endemic at BBC? Or is in a generational thing? Or just 'star' presenters too big for their boots?.
Bargain Hunt host in BBC bullying probe: Tim Wonnacott 'suspended' by the BBC in alleged disagreement with producers.
Suspended Bargain Hunt host Tim Wonnacott 'being probed by BBC over bullying allegations' ...
News/The are considering cloning weepy Matt baker to present all its shows after a fracas with TV hard man Tim 'one punch' wonnacott.
Bargain Hunt's Tim Wonnacott 'probed by BBC over bullying claims' via
Bargain Hunt's Tom Wonnacott suspended. Old school superiority does not work in 2015 as that is called Tom
Can I be the start the reinstate Tim Wonnacott petition?
New post: ". Suspended Bargain Hunt host Tim Wonnacott 'is being probed by BBC bosses after allegations of bullyin…
Bargain Hunt's Tim Wonnacott suspended over 'bullying' claims
Tim Wonnacott suspended from Bargain Hunt after alleged disagreement with producers
Oh, I do hope Tim Wonnacott's will still be the voice over for The Antiques Road Trip I did with Nicholas Parsons. He's the best, to my ears
Tim Wonnacott has had such an impact on Britain's psyche that half the people I spoke to thought he was David Dickinson.
Tim Wonnacott fired from Bargain Hunt?! Gosh...not seen a bigger upset since David Dickinson left fifteen years ago.
Some say Tim Wonnacott' mole is the source of all his antique knowledge.
The presenter of Bargain Hunt, Tim Wonnacott, because he'd probably join in with a Tuba he found at an auction!
Tim Wonnacott's stylist should be shot. Preferably by a bunch of drag queens wearing Alexander McQueen.
Why ask the likes of Harry Redknapp when you can ask that footballing encyclopedia. Tim Wonnacott??!
On BBC1 next, Tim Wonnacott has two teams ready to ride with hounds to seek a Scandinavian actress from the 60's. Welcome to Bergen Hunt.
12:05 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott presents from Kedleston Hall, with Anita Manning and Philip Serrell.
TV antiques expert Tim Wonnacott enjoyed Palma’s history and superb year-round climate while staying at Hotel Cort and even managed to nab
So my dad got to meet and get an autograph from Tim Wonnacott whose on Bargain Hunt!
Tim Wonnacott is working a sex toy like a pro on Bargain Hunt from 1230-1234 today... Sure its a American Duck call "Scotch" Work It Timmy!
Tim Wonnacott is being rude on Bargain Hunt...
12:15 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott is joined in Newark by experts Catherine Southon and Richard Madley.
TV antiques expert Tim Wonnacott picks up a few bargains & stays at Hotel Cort in
Now that's a bargain! TV antiques expert Tim Wonnacott revels in Palma’s charms (and reveals how a canny shopper can make the trip pay for …
12:00 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott visits Peterborough Museum and looks at artefacts belonging to John Clare.
12:15 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott is in Kingston with experts Jonathan Pratt and Kate Bliss.
Amused by Tim Wonnacott filming Bargain Hunt outside the shop. This after Downton Abbey's Bates visiting last week
Are you trying to copy Tim Wonnacott from Bargain Hunt for patchwork quilt jackets lol. I had to admit that it was very ghastly.
David Dickinson and Tim Wonnacott would be very proud.
13:15 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott presents as two scuba divers take on a pair of marathon runners.
We can finally announce it - The Radio Times River Cruise featuring Tim Wonnacott, Charlie Dimmock and John Sargeant
Tim Wonnacott wears some crazy get ups
Would you like to see our extended TIm Wonnacott video ?
"Tim Wonnacott's range of glasses is like Xabi Alonso's range of passing" -
12:15 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott and his team of experts shop till they drop at the Lincolnshire showground.
I'd be very happy for anyone to replace Tim Wonnacott. For anything.
Rumour has it that Joey Barton is expected to replace Tim Wonnacott at the helm of Bargain Hunt
The legend that is Tim Wonnacott filming Bargain Hunt at our fair this morning.
Bargain Hunt filming at Stafford Antiques Fair. Met Tim Wonnacott. The man is a genius!
Turn it off immediately. She needs to know that the one true king of Bargain Hunt is Tim Wonnacott.
Why is Tim Wonnacott not presenting this episode of Bargain Hunt?
And here's me feeling like Tim Wonnacott with my 5 140pagers for £11.
Does Tim Wonnacott know that you are moonlighting on ?
The White pants the contestants are wearing on Bargain Hunt are not paring well with Tim Wonnacott's teeth
got a innuendo for you from your mate Tim Wonnacott on todays Bargain Hunt its Tim Serrells bonus buy have a listen
perhaps the BBC should give Tim Wonnacott an election programme. All the parties just seem intent on out-bidding each other.
please excuse me tim I know your a busy person but are there any more roads maps in the pipeline . Thank you (Pete)
Had a dream last night that the presenter of Bargain Hunt Tim Wonnacott had taken over at Top Gear and that only antique cars were allowed!
Every time I watch Bargain Hunt they play loads of Black Keys songs in the background, Tim Wonnacott must be an unsuspecting fan
*googles Tim Wonnacott* oh I don't know. I wouldn't say no.
But hey Lukaku scored, so as Tim Wonnacott would say, I've "wiped my face"
*Boast Alert* to when we met the lovely Tim Wonnacott at last year - What a charmer!
Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Tim Wonnacott is third to leave
Budget 2015 on BBC1, Bargain Hunt on BBC2, which is going to give a better outcome for the economy ? Tim Wonnacott it is !
We're starting to sell out of certain grades on our antiques cruise with Tim Wonnacott
In the last two days I have learnt that Bargain Hunt is no good without Tim Wonnacott.
Tim Wonnacott seems to be off our lunchtime screens. Has he done a Clarkson - rumoured to be in Carlisle. Miss his Warwicks CCC sunhat.
Tim Wonnacott appears to have been replaced on Bargain Hunt. Gutted.
But where's Tim? I mean Bargain Hunt is bad enough as it is, let alone without Tim Wonnacott...
looking like Tim Wonnacott at the end of Bargain Hunt 👔🎩
12:35 Bargain Hunt: Tim Wonnacott presents from the Kent County showground.
If the BBC don't turn this into a daytime quiz show hosted by Tim Wonnacott I want my license fee back
Some are saying seat 1 looks like an antique dealer. I've just seen an antiques dealer asking for a babies crib. Tim Wo…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Today in 1998 Bargain Hunting with dogs was banned in the UK after Tim Wonnacott's poodle swallowed a Ming vase
excellent Bargain Hunt today, Charles! You truly are the next Tim Wonnacott-but better! Well done!
Well done on replacing Tim Wonnacott on It's funny not having him on that episode but you filled for him nicely.
Have you replaced Tim Wonnacott permanently on Bargain Hunt?
presenting Bargain Hunt... is this a one-off? Where's ??
Heard yer da secretly thinks "he's alright him" when he sees Tim Wonnacott on Bargain Hunt but stays quiet for fear of being nonce-by-proxy.
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