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Tim Tebow

Timothy Richard Tebow (born August 14, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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Trying to decide whether or not Tim Tebow would be a better defensive outfielder than Yasmany Tomas
.Every time you want to push a notification about Tim Tebow, Make an ad about fun young guys who can actually play baseball, TIA.
BREAKING: The Family is back together! Tim Tebow has finally shown up to the office today after taking some time of…
What a time to be in South Carolina, Tim Tebow moves there this weekend, both basketball teams in the final four and my wedding.
They just found that he was spending too much time with Tim Tebow.
“You can tell Tim Tebow is a football player because every time it's hit to him it's like a Hail Marry. You don't k…
Tim Tebow is like the most famous 5th string Quarterback of all time.
Tim Tebow is the most privileged White due of all time, and he cant get a job either. Might actually be a talent issue :)
What time does the Tim Tebow stream start at? ;-)
Hot take: Ivanka Trump is the Tim Tebow of Trumpism, the person people think is secretly competent despite all available…
Please take a listen as I have followed Tim Tebow since his beginning career and have shared his story time and...
Tim Tebow (because why not?) is the subject of several interesting prop bets ahead of the 2017 MLB season.…
It's time for America to kick Tim Tebow off the couch in our sports basement and make him go get a real job.
Isn't it time we all come together & ask Tim Tebow to move out of our sports basement and go get a real job?
. Tim Tebow played college baseball. Given some time, he will get his timing back. Then haters still gonna hate?
It was Tim Tebow time today in Jupiter, FL
I really hope someone beats Turner's time. Wins free tickets. And gets a minor league deal. We need our own Tim Tebow story
Tim Tebow to play for Mets in regular season
Tim Tebow will get called up to the Mets
This is Tim Tebow trying to hit an MLB fastball.
if Tim Tebow has a thought is it a Christian Ponder? 🤔
This guest talking about collusion is an *** Kaep is a distraction like Tim Tebow, not Ray Rice. Dave forgot that one.
Trea Turner is batting just 25 points higher than Tim Tebow this spring. . . Don't @ me.
Tim Tebow is officially a Columbia Firefly. (And the Greenville Drive has a lot to say about it.)
A minor league baseball team will reward fans with a free burger if Tim Tebow strikes out three times
Free burgers for everyone if Tim Tebow strikes out three times!.
Tim Tebow being bad means free food!
Wise Guys Question of the Day: will you travel to see Tim Tebow play?
And you can take your witty jokes elsewhere, I know as much about MILB as the "Greenville Drive" does about Tim Tebow. Good day
Mets Morning News: Matt Harvey’s velocity is up, Tim Tebow will be a Firefly
Mets announce Tim Tebow to start season in Columbia – Spartanburg Herald Journal
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Tim Tebow. Aaron Hernandez. Riley Cooper. Percy Harvin. .interesting team that came together to win the national championship
Tim Tebow will play for the Columbia Fireflies!
“Tim Tebow will bring major excitement & national attention to the Fireflies and City of Columbia,” said Fireflies President John…
Also didn't know Tim Tebow and Riley Cooper were roommates. Enlightening stuff
Tim Tebow is 2-for-2. Just ripped a single up the middle. He's 3-for-his-last-5.
Of all days... the announce Tim Tebow wont' be made available to the media again. Guess 2-for-2 is no big deal.
Back in Florida after a week of WBC in Mexico. Mets in Jupiter today. Matt Harvey starts. Tim Tebow in right field and Jay Bruce DH'ing.
Tim Tebow in Mets' lineup again today. Comes as a surprise to me, and I'm guessing Terry Collins, who said Friday he did…
TFW you realize Jesse Palmer has had a significantly better career than Tim Tebow.
If no PM, either Tim Tebow is competing w/Brandon Weedon, or Elway is teaming DJ Williams w/ guy NE selected w/DEN…
A friendly reminder that as of now, Garth Brooks has two more spring training hits than Tim Tebow.
Instant Awesome Video: Stephen A. Smith can do play-by-play? He calls every pitch of Tim Tebow's 1st spring at-bat…
Turn on the sound 😳. Tim Tebow may have gone 0-3 but he'll always have this monster hit during batting practice. https:…
David Wright and Tim Tebow...time to bring back Sydd Finch to join them as a trio.
I'll bet you, no matter how bad he looks, Tim Tebow will still get a chance in the big leagues. May not stick, but will get a chance
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lest we forget Tim Tebow lost to Michigan in a bowl game.
Column: Tim Tebow's first at-bats in spring training spoke volumes about his status as a legit prospect.
I love that Tim Tebow committed 3 cardinal sins in baseball. looking 3rd strike, hitting into a dp, & getting thrown on a fly. In one game.
Well, there will be better days, Tim Tebow. Or maybe not.
Tim Tebow is probably one of the best/coolest people on earth
Rough day for Tim Tebow on the diamond.
Here’s a suggestion for all those freaking over the mere mention of Tebow. READ THE COLUMN! There, I feel better. https:…
Tim Tebow is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Tim Tebow wearing it in his Spring Training Debut. He struck out looking his first at bat
Tim Tebow's AB against an AL Cy Young winner goes exactly as you'd expect.
I know I threw a no hitter freshmen year of high school but even I could've struck out Tim Tebow today
Tim Tebow: "It was the first day for me, getting a chance to compete, and I'll learn a lot from it."
Tim Tebow has rough spring training debut for Mets
Did you miss Tim Tebow​'s New York debut? We've got you covered. It didn't go the way we all wanted it to. 😞 https:/…
The Tim Tebow experiment is harmless, even if it drives you crazy
Worked in gambling 💰 and Tim Tebow 🙏 into the same segment, which I'm sure is a sin. 😱
Tim Tebow: baseball player or carnival act?
Still don't understand how people don't like Tim Tebow. The dude is committing himself 100% to his dreams. That's straight up admirable.
Tim Tebow gets nailed with a wild pitch from Brian Johnson- who pitched for the from 2010-2012.
Video: Tim Tebow gets a standing ovation after hitting into a double play
LOL at people trashing Tim Tebow. Guy went pro in 2 sports, is an analyst for SEC Network, & makes millions. What are u do…
Tim Tebow should be one of the biggest role models in sports and people view him as a joke. This world is embarrassing som…
Happy Tim Tebow Day for those who observe.
How did Tim Tebow do in his spring training debut? About as expected. . (Hint: It didn't go well)
Tim Tebow: baseball player or carnival act? - ESPN (blog)
Tim Tebow is starting at DH today for the Mets
The Mets should be embarrassed about Tim Tebow’s disastrous debut
Only Tim Tebow would get a standing ovation for grounding into a double-play with the bases loaded.
Tim Tebow was a grand slam away from having a grand slam today.
Celebrities should do more for people. *Tim Tebow spends time and money on global charities*. This guy ***
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I love Tim Tebow!!! But sports isn't your thing anymore!!! I think your name itself kept your fame alive lmao
Why is Tim Tebow still trying to play baseball?
It's easy to mock Tim Tebow's possible humiliation at Mets camp. And yet just as easy... by via…
I'm not perfect. I'm never going to be. Tim Tebow.
Tim Tebow will be the only reason I watch baseball
When Yoenis Cespedes and Tim Tebow are in the same lineup
Tim Tebow will start again on Friday, this time in the outfield. Houston's probable pitcher is right-hander Joe Musgrove…
Tim Tebow struck out on 4 pitches. ESPN will dedicate the next 6 hours of programming to dissect and analyze what this…
Gambling: Offshore sportsbook lists prop bets for Tim Tebow's upcoming performances in spring games on Wednesday a… http…
H00PINATI: I'd rather listen to Tim Duncan read all 32 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica than watch Tim Tebow play baseball.
Rick Porcello: "I Thought (Tebow) was a Ballboy" - The former Cy Young pitcher struck out Tim Tebow, and had no...
Tim Tebow strikes out in 4 pitches in his first spring training at bat. Tonight on SportsCenter: why this means he's M…
Here are five videos of Tim Tebow striking out looking
Tim Tebow, for some reason, started in a major league spring training game today. He batted .100 in last-chance winter ball last year.
if that's your argument, Tim Tebow is available.
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It's actually kind of ironic that Tim Tebow's first start in spring training is against a former Cy Young Award winner. That's a tough task!
Urban Meyer asked whether he’s had this much talent at QB in his career quickly cited Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Jeff Driskel and John Brantley.
Tim Tebow executes his famous jump pass and finds David Nelson in the end-zone to secure the 2009 nat…
Tim Tebow to start for Mets vs. reigning Cy Young winner on Wednesday . It’s a matchup for the ages: A former Heism…
Tim Tebow to face Cy Young winner in Mets spring training start: The former Heisman Trophy winner is set to take…
Tim Tebow is going to start Wednesday's game against the Red Sox at designated hitter. He'll face reigning AL Cy Young R…
This kid just told me he would take Tim Tebow and James Harrison over Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly 😐
Different than college. Look at Vince Young, Ryan Leaf, Tim Tebow, Jemarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn and so many other QB's who
Tim Tebow sounds like a name as made-up as Sidd Finch, only without the 168-mph fastball.
Tim Tebow surprises reporter with unexpected answer about his life's purpose 😳💯.
How about Jacksonville Jags put Tim Tebow in Mets gear outside stadium to sell tickets still better then what they have.
Such a fan of Tim tebow. Super humble guy. Always wanted the NFL to give him a chance
Tim Tebow is DEFINITELY hitting a home run on Ash Wednesday with a bunch of ashes on his forehead. Take it to the bank h…
Wrote this back in Sept. I don't have a problem with Tim Tebow, I have a big issue with the and the message:
(Testimony Tuesday) Tim Tebow tells reporters what really matters to him
Live view of Tim Tebow during his first day of Spring Training.
I snuck away from Tim Tebow this afternoon to watch Mets first-rounder Justin Dunn throw a bullpen session.
I'd argue people are more turned off by the media's portrayal (i.e. infatuation) of Tim Tebow than they are by Tebow himself.
Welcome to my favorite team the New York Mets Tim Tebow!!!
My issue isn't with MLB marketing Tim Tebow. My issue is with them being completely inept at marketing their actual pla…
Derek Carr playing in Sin City. Just hit me. He's as religious as Tim Tebow. The irony!
Tim Tebow talks working out with Mets nemesis Daniel Murphy
Okay who's going to tell Skip Bayless that there are other athletes besides Tim Tebow
Do you think Tim Tebow would be receiving the attention he is now in the MLB if he hadn't started in the NFL?
"I want to be someone that was known for bringing faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day.". READ: https…
Tim Tebow has arrived at spring training, and he's already making headlines.
Mets do have Jose Reyes and Wilmer Flores to plug at third. Could also sign Kelly Johnson. . This has been me avoiding a Tim…
Lol. The fact that Tim Tebow is staying relevant with all his God pandering is disgusting
Tim Tebow shows up to Mets spring training.
"It's a long shot, maybe it's a long-long shot, but I still give him a shot." — on Tim Tebow making it in…
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Tim Tebow hits 9 homers in batting practice at Mets workout - Breitbart via
The ultimate goal isn't to succeed or fail, the ultimate goal is to give it all you have for something that's on your heart. — Tim Tebow
And therein lies the problem with Tim Tebow.
Wait.. Tim Tebow now plays baseball? I'm so confused.
Will we get a Tim Tebow batting practice update everyday this Spring?
Need a Tim Tebow sacrifice (for your sins) bunt at some point in spring training.
Tim Tebow reported to Mets' spring training today, so you can expect more exciting plays like this:
MLB has instagrammed Tim Tebow more in the past 24 hours than they have Mike Trout in the past three weeks.
Video: Tim Tebow gives amazing answer to reporters question about his career
Tim Tebow robs game winning HR in GM 7 of WS
Say what you about Tim Tebow but his perspective here is 💯🔥
Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow's athletic ability is still impressive!
Meh. I like Tim Tebow & all but he's no Sidd Finch when it comes to Mets spring training media creations.
Love or hate Tim Tebow, we live in a society that idolizes people like Kim Kardashian, but hates on a man tryin’ to live h…
MFK (even though it doesn't translate) Ty Kelly, Tim Tebow, and Eric Campbell getting at bats for the Mets this season?
Not the case for: Tim Tebow, Matt Flynn, Johnny Manziel, Jarrett Lee, Jordan Jefferson, Stephen Garcia, and Brian J…
I usually start my day with a run, but my guy Tim Tebow is a guest on Harry Connick Jr.'s show this morning. there's no way I'm not watching
If the cardinals had Tim Tebow, they would have won that division. Carson Palmer does not fire up a team like tebow
As if Tim Tebow did not win AFCW/playoff game. . Tebow can win games in DEN, but Paxton Lynch cant?
Mike McCoy put in zone read option for Tim Tebow, threat of it bought time to complete every pass Tebow threw in DE…
Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox and Tim Tebow join forces for one amazing song
Vince Young is trying to make an NFL comeback. He should form his own flag football team with Tim Tebow, Johnny Manzie…
Tim Tebow hit another home run with his "Night to Shine" events for kids with special needs
Grace Community Church Hosts Hundreds of Guests and Volunteers at Tim Tebow “Night to Shine”
The left balked at Tim Tebow kneeling to God yet rejoiced at Colin Kaepernick kneeling in defiance of national anthem. The irony of it all.
Remember Drew Hanson started over Brady & was an MLB prospect. Now Brady has 5 rings and Tim Tebow has a better MLB career.
I'll take this moment to remind you that: Jake Locker, EJ Manuel, Christian Ponder, Akili Smith and Tim Tebow all w…
I'm calling it now: Tim Tebow to 49ers... You saw it here first. John Lynch Adam Peters Tom Gamble Martin Mayhew Mark Dominik
Alabama didn't miss out on Tim Tebow, they were waiting on the one from Hawaii.
Craig Howard, Tim Tebow's HS coach and 'father figure,' dies at 64
Tee Martin, Jason White won national titles.they have killer instinct? Chris Leak, Tim Tebow? 😂😂 stop it.
Tim Tebow is the best QB in NFL history, period!
It's never a good idea to write about Tim Tebow in a paper that is supposed to be about Oedipus.
'Lip Sync Battle' with Tim Tebow, her BFF-bonding hot bikini snaps go viral [Video]
Tim Tebow transforms into Rocky Balboa for 'Eye of the Tiger' performance on
or Jake Locker or Ryan Tannehill or Tim Tebow or Jimmy Clausen or Geno Smith or Robert Gr
Tim Tebow likely to play in some spring-training games with Mets:
Photos: X Ambassadors play, Tim Tebow, Cedric the Entertainer and more party at Tampa's Kress Building - X...
5 years ago today, Tim Tebow led the Broncos to a 29-23 playoff victory against the Steelers in overtime. (via
Tim Tebow and Brock Osweiler have more playoff wins then the Raiders in last 14 years
Off the top of my head, Tim Tebow, Reggie Bush, Troy Smith, Tyrann Mathieu, Johnny Manziel.
Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, Reggie Bush, can't think of a fifth
Unfortunately the real Tim Tebow was not my Christmas present this year- looking forward to reading his book though…
Eric Decker played center field at Minnesota. Tim Tebow played quarterback. Maybe Alderson and Maccagnan can work s…
I want to be as bad an athlete as Tim Tebow, fired like Charlie Weiss and as dumb as George W Bush. You get it.
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Aaron Hernandez for sure killed three people while playing for the Crazy to think him and Tim Tebow were…
Tim tebow would be better then simian at least he can score
The Denver Broncos five year reign atop the AFC West is over. It was a good run though - Started with Tim Tebow... http…
at least he stayed longer in the league than Tim bible loving Tebow 😂😂
Crazy that Tim Tebow and Aaron Hernandez were teammates and good friends.. lol
Apparently I look like Tim tebow.. . his ugly bother for sure cus he's beautiful
. I would SO watch the LifeTime movie of this starring Tim Tebow as himself and Vin Diesel as Hernandez.
My brother just said to me "Elizabeth you should marry, Tim Tebow?" As if it's been an idea I have rejected or something
Former eagles qb tim tebow hits home run on first pitch in first pro at-bat _ csn philly pitch diameter chart Carson Wentz. Jain ...
Plot Twist: Aaron Hernandez is the fall guy for Tim Tebow who really committed all these murders.
Re: Signing Josh Johnson: Because we'd be sitting here talking about Jeff George and Tim Tebow.
Montreal Alouettes drop Tim Tebow off CFL negotiation list
The Jags should just name Tim Tebow their new player/coach. They literally have nothing else to lose at this point.
Manti Te'o, Tim Tebow and a 3 dollar bill walk into a bar. That's all I got so far
If you can't handle me at my Johnny Manziel then you don't deserve me at my Tim Tebow
Little Giant Ladders
Mets manager Terry Collins already said he wants Tim Tebow at camp for the Mets’ spring training.
Max says Tim Tebow is an inspiration. We were reminded of this when he was on the show last month...
*** dude, we should have kept Alex Smith Kaepernick is just a lurpy vegan version of Tim Tebow...
Tim Tebow names Starkville as favorite stop in SEC
Tim Tebow gets run out of Denver and Sean PAYTON gets punished. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Tim Tebow thought he was going to 'win a bunch of Super Bowls' with the Patriots
people would just randomly get down on one knee and start praying like Tim Tebow did when he played for the Broncos lmao
Tim Tebow won't commit to being at Mets spring training
oh and they've casually just seen Tim Tebow twice today 🙃
Tim Tebow still in the spotlight is asinine. BB should have passed on him.
fun fact: Tim Tebow owns the PDQ in Gainesville
"It matters to me & they're making a difference. What they're doing is significant.". Thx for stopping by,
Bill Belichick destroyed Tim Tebow's NFL dream as only Bill Belichick could via
.on unity: "I think what we need right now is bringing people together in this country."
Tim Tebow says Bill Belichick asked him to decline a $1M endorsement before Pats cut him. https:…
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⚡️ “Tim Tebow rejected a $1M deal but was cut from the Pats anyway”.
Tim Tebow I hate stupidface's like this
Tim Tebow visits NYPD precinct in honor of fallen officer Brian Moore.
Bill Belichick once advised Tim Tebow to turn down a $1M appearance, and then cut him.
In new book, "Shaken," Tim Tebow says Bill Belichick convinced him to turn down a one day appearance for $1 million befor…
Tebow thought he was heir to Brady as Patriots QB - USA TODAY
Tim Tebow rejected $1 million endorsement at request of Bill Belichick. (Then Patriots cut him shortly thereafter). https:/…
Tim Tebow says he's open to a career in politics. via
would you rather have Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow? It doesn't matter they both suck! 😂 Eagles draft party! You deserve this!
Mets Video: Tim Tebow visits the 105th Precinct Tuesday; calls it "meaningful" and says it was "just to say thank …
Tim Tebow's reaction to the FBI letting Hillary off...
"I have no home, no car, no one wants me to do what I want to do" - Tim Tebow
Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow had legendary college careers but couldnt hang in the NFL
Tim Tebow had high hopes for his Patriots career.
and Tim Tebow florida of we're being real here
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prospect Nick Gordon (lands 11th on the list. Surprisingly, Tim Tebow didn't make it.
Nina Dobrev dances close to Tim Tebow on ‘Lip Sync...
Nina Dobrev dances close to Tim Tebow on 'Lip Sync Battle'
Dolphins have won 4 straight games after trailing in the 4th quarter. Last team to do that? Tim Tebow's 2011 Broncos. (via
exactly, two years he could take Tim Tebow and Cam Newtons place possibly. For now, this is Lamar's year
Tim Tebow praying on the set before a football game. Way to be a witness for Jesus! Great example for God's people! http…
chaplain & pastor to 'Tim Tebow will make the big leagues in 2 years or less.'.
Today in Washington, Donald Trump said he wants to create big-league jobs. To which Mets minor leaguer Tim Tebow said "Ooh,…
Blood and sweat fuel Tim Tebow's baseball dreams:
Tim Tebow has seen progress as the Arizona Fall League nears its end, but he still faces a huge challenge.
Blood and sweat fuel Tim Tebow's baseball dreams
Regardless of your views we can all agree that Donald Trump is the Tim Tebow of politics. The dude just wins and nobody…
Tim Tebow hit a walkoff RBI single last night reminding us anything is possible and you should always follow your dreams (📹:…
9th inning = Tebow time!. Tim Tebow once again shows his clutch gene with a walk-off hit in Arizona Fall League. 🎥:
Mathew Stafford, Javan Snead, & Mitch Mustain was all rated higher than Tim Tebow in his class
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How long before John Elways heads down to the field to play qb or calls Tim Tebow?
Classic Urban Myer. Jump pass. Lil bit of Tim Tebow there
no Houston Nutt or Tim Tebow either. Those greatly work in our favor.
Dak Prescott rode the Tim Tebow system into Tom Brady's NFL - ABC News -
I sent my mom my pictures with Tim Tebow and Bret Bielema and she said "I told you to look pretty" LOL thanks mom!
dumb argument. The AFC West was terrible for years. Tim Tebow won the division at 8-8
What does "Doug the Pug", athletic clothing, Tim Tebow, and the apostle Paul have in common? Find this Sunday!
BREAKING: Burger King trades star cook Mark Sanchez to Taco Bell for cashier Vince Young and the rights to Tim Tebow a…
Fans flock to Tim Tebow book signing at Orange Park - St. Augustine Record
Cam Newton was Tim Tebow backup at Florida. Just let that sink in
A youth football team in RI was kicked out for sneaking an adult into a game. In other news, Tim Tebow scored 12 touchdowns.
Stephen A. Smith questioned Tim Tebow about his decision to play baseball. Tebow responded perfectly:
Still blows my mind that Cam Newton was Tim Tebow's backup at Florida:
Awesome opportunity to do this spoken word for Tim Tebow and Clayton Jennings. Go check it out🤘🏻 ht…
Tim Tebow just made me change my major
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'm callin it now Tim Tebow and Cam Newton will meet in the super bowl 2016! Broncos and the Panthers. I know y'all feel me…
Tim Tebow, the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner from Florida, will speak at Southeast Christian in 2 sessions this morning ht…
Teddy Bruschi breaking down game tape has to be the best thing to happen to ESPN since Tim Tebow falling off the face of the earth 🌏
This weekend Southeast will host Tim Tebow. Join us as Senior Pastor discusses…
After going 0-12 Tim Tebow finally got his 1st hit in the Arizona Fall League. ESPN has already made a 30 for 30 about it.
why is Jones starting at qb I would rather take my chances with Jonny football Tim Tebow or even Tony Romo sign me I can do better
Tim Tebow's 0 for 9 is nothing compared to the Brandon Moss slump at the end of the year
Tim Tebow reflected on his decision to remain with a man who suffered a seizure.
Tim Tebow in the lineup for Scottsdale Scorpions against Salt River Rafters being managed by former manager Tony Diaz.
Tim Tebow prays over fan who has a seizure during baseball game
Deeply religious Mets player Tim Tebow prays over fan who had a seizure after his first…
When one fan had a seizure after Tim Tebow's game, he opted to stay with him until paramedics arrived:
Tim Tebow has moved on to baseball, but he admits that he misses the sport where he made a name for himself.
Tim Tebow comforts fan who suffered seizure:
Some sit for the anthem, others pray over kids. Tim Tebow prays over fan having seizure during Arizona Fall League http…
Tim Tebow crashes into wall, helps 'heal' fan after seizure in Arizona Fall League debut - Washington Post
Tim Tebow makes miraculous debut in Arizona Fall League
VIDEO: Tim Tebow says prayer over sick AZ fan: Tim Tebow rushes to the side of a fan who showed signs of having a…
- sees Tim Tebow trending. - assumes he was cut or performed a miracle. - clicks. - miracle. - looks up; "We see what yo…
If Tim Tebow said a prayer and placed his hand on my belly would I have a 6 pack when he removed it?
I wish sports fans would embrace Tim Tebow the way they embraced Colin Kaepernick.
im going to pretend to have a seziure at a Tim Tebow baseball game and then when he comes up to help im gonna try to m…
Tim Tebow had a little bit of trouble in the outfield in his Arizona Fall League debut. [Credit: Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sport…
People can say whatever they want to say about Tim Tebow. He's a great person.
Tim Tebow comforts fan having a seizure after former QB's first Arizona Fall League game since signing with the Mets
BREAKING: Teddy Bridgewater has been cleared to play this week after shaking hands with Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow tends to fan who had a seizure after his baseball game via
A fan suffers a seizure in the stands. Tim Tebow lays hands on him and says a prayer. Fan awakens!.
Tim Tebow aids fan having seizure after first Arizona Fall League game: Tim Tebow comforted a fan who was hav...
Tebow makes AFL debut, impact after game. Sent with At Bat
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VIDEO: Tim Tebow says prayer over sick fan at fan jolts up
Tim Tebow needs to lay his hands on the
Tim Tebow comforts fan who suffered seizure
After baseball debut, Tebow tends to ailing fan. .
Tim Tebow an amazing individual. Tends to a man who had a seizure
After his debut, Tim Tebow opted to stay with a fan who had a seizure until paramedics arrived.
This world needs more people like Tim Tebow. Fan in the stands has a seizure, Tim Tebow stays and prays with him until…
I love Tim Tebow. He isn't worried about what anyone else thinks and is a great example to boys and young men.
This won't get a lot of attention. Tim Tebow laid hand on man who had a seizure and prayed. The man began to breathe a…
"It was a miracle moment that happened there." Tim Tebow comforts ill fan after 1st AFL game.
Tim Tebow comforts, prays over fan who collapsed after game
You can’t make this up…. Fan has seizure, Tim Tebow stays and prays until paramedics arrive. htt…
Matt Leinhart, Carson Palmer, Tim Couch, Colt McCoy, Ryan Leaf, Tim Tebow, just a few of top college QB's who fizzled in NFL
heisman winners who lost: Derrick Henry, Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow, Marcus Mariota...your logic doesn't add up
Nothing to talk about. Adam Schein is also the same guy who said Tim Tebow would solve all the Jets problems.
Bo Jackson did it, Deon Sanders did it, why all the hate on Tim Tebow to do the 2 sport thing? is it bcause he's WHITE? sure feels like so.
Bo Jackson, Deon Sanders, Michael Jordan, and now Tim Tebow forever proving baseball isn't that hard.
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