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Tim Tebow

Timothy Richard Tebow (born August 14, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

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Tim Tebow got out of the on deck circle and shook an autistic kid's hand, then crushed a three-run homer ⚾️😭❤.
Tim Tebow left the on-deck circle to greet an autistic fan then stepped to the plate and hit a three-run homer.
Lamar Jackson is the returning Heisman winner, and here's how QB plans on building on that in 2017.
So the reached out to Tim Tebow & Kyle Orton, 2 bums that haven't touched a football in 4-5 years? But Kaep can't get a call
Shout out to the Tim Tebow Foundation for bringing New Heights Wrestling to Panama City Beach for a great cause.
prime example, What happened to Tim Tebow and where is Cutler? Heart vs Skill doesn't matter in the NFL
Tim Tebow was one of the quarterbacks considered by the Dolphins before they signed Jay Cutler, report says
If TIM TEBOW were to get signed before Kaepernick then we would really have a serious problem
Before signing Jay Cutler, the Miami Dolphins did think about reaching out to Kyle Orton & Tim Tebow
The Dolphins considered signing Tim Tebow. I would've instantly become a Dolphins fan
You know Kaepernick isn't very good when the Dolphins even considered Tim Tebow before him 😂
The St. Lucie County Tax Collector's Office was in a tizzy as had some business to take care of | Video
Not fake news...just an awful take. "If the playoffs are out of the question, why not fill the stadium so the local…
Nfl kicked tim tebow out cuz of his God loving ways. Its their way or no way. Get rid of roger
hypocritical position. Tim Tebow won a playoff game and was good enough to be on a roster. This is a business not a b/w issue
Tim Tebow just out here breaking records
Jarvis Landry under investigation + Jay Cutler as our potential starting QB + Miami actually reached out to Tim Tebow..Great to be a Dolphin
Steelers/Broncos 2011 Wild Card game in Denver. First play of OT Tim Tebow throws to Demaryius Thomas for touchdown…
Apparently were interested in Tim Tebow!? . I would have bought season tickets.
Tim Tebow was mentioned in Miami? He makes Kaepernick look like Montana in his prime.
The dolphins were gonna Call Tim Tebow. ..he hasn't thrown a pass since 2012.. *** he's playing Minor League baseball right now.
Wonder why Tim Tebow not in the NFL because he took a knee and said the Lord's Prayer after every game on national TV 🤔
Part of me hopes Tim Tebow makes it to the league and maybe wins the world series, just so someone can make a badass sports movie out of it.
Tim Tebow just wasn't a good NFL player..
Tim Tebow is 5-for-38 (.132) with 12 Ks in his last 10 games by the way.
I don't watch American sport. I prefer the non-cheating events, so I only watch UK stuff. Don't know who Tim Tebow is.
TEBOW TIME? Miami Dolphins reportedly ‘considered’ signing Tim Tebow before agreeing to a deal with Jay Cutler
How was Tim Tebow a reported consideration for the QB depth chart and RGIII wasn't? RGIII getting lost in shuf…
How come its racist that a team won't sign but it wasn't racist when a team wouldn't sign Tim Tebow?
Stop watching track, baseball, football and probably all sports since PED usage is everyw…
So the Dolphins were actually thinking about bringing in Tim Tebow an Kyle Orton ..That's unbelievable
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Why don't you throw Johnny Mencel and Tim Tebow into this survey
when you need something to talk about in august and the universe delivers a story that involves kaepernick, cutler, and TIM…
.reportedly considered and Kyle Orton before signing Cutler
Dolphins considered signing Mets outfielder Tim Tebow before agreeing to $10 million deal w/ free agent Jay Cutler
If Blake Bortles gets hurt, the Jags 1st call will probably be to Tim Tebow. Nobody should freak out. It's business htt…
Tim Tebow Speaks on Avoiding Thots + Raps Live on Sway in the Morning
While thousands chanted his name, he spotted one young woman and made a beeline for her in the crowd. His face...
Not saying it's right but that is what it is. Tim Tebow emboldened by his beliefs left…
Totally on different ends of the spectrum but Tim Tebow situation is exactly the same b…
Tim Tebow has more HRs through 34 games in Lucie (5) than Mets top 20 prospect Wuilmer Becerra has in 2 years with…
Here it is. Tim Tebow smacks his 5th HR since joining the St. Lucie Mets!
So, who has to leave the set first: Aaron Murray (CBS Sports Net) to Ravens or Tim Tebow (SEC Network) to Mets?
Patriots-Broncos 2011. Ninkovich sacks Tim Tebow for a loss of 29 yards
DeShaun Watson would have been better than Tim Tebow if he would have beat Bama and had 2 college rings
Any particular reason why the milb website lists Mets P prospect Justin Dunn as having replaced Tim Tebow in left field for
Anyone want to see Tim Tebow play baseball this weekend in Kissimmee against the Florida Fire Frogs? The GCI Guys...
AUDIO Voice Russ Langer Interview on Tim Tebow's latest and the possibility of joining the 51's…
Tim Tebow and the St. Lucie Mets come to Osceola County Stadium July 21-24th. Hurry and get this offer today by c…
Since the Mets called up Tim Tebow to Class A, he's batting .327, while carrying a 11-game hitting streak & tonight.…
Not only did Tim Tebow hit a walk-off home run tonight, but the ball went on to completely destroy North Korea's nuclea…
2 things that will happen within 2 years - Johnny Manziel will win an NFL playoff game & Tim Tebow will be called up to the majors. FACTS
Tim Tebow hit a walk-off HR? That's pretty cool. Also, he's been hitting well in Adv-A with an .972 OPS in 16 games since promotion.
What do MLB All-Stars really think of Tim Tebow's baseball aspirations?.
Joe Montana calls Colin Kaepernick a 'distraction,' compares him to Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow has an 8-game hitting streak going for St. Lucie
"And when Timothy Tebow appears on Fixer Upper, then the end shall come."
[Fox Sports] - Joe Montana compares Colin Kaepernick to Tim Tebow - is this a problem? | UNDISPUTED
More like Tim Tebow going from football to baseball, not bad not great
Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker, Earl Campbell, Tim Tebow and Barry Sanders. Reggie Bush is not even the best USC running back ever.
Based off who has been playing since I've been watching . 1. Cam Newton. 2. Reggie Bush. 3. Tim Tebow. 4. Michael Vick…
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please tell me you got a pic with ... I feel like you guys should def be friends 👯
📝Everybody can learn something from Tim Tebow . 📍The man doesn't care what you think. . 📍He gives himself a chance by gi…
with all due respect, listen to yourself. Being a slightly better passer than Tim Tebow is nothing to celebrate.
Former Tim Tebow still has his face everywhere @ SEC Media Days coverage. He's looking to extend his…
Tim Tebow Shows off Baseball Skills in mlb Workout via
Don't look now, but in 14 games at PSL, Tim Tebow is batting .318/.412/.500 with 2 HR...
It doesn't change the fact that Tim Tebow was one of college footballs most dominant and best players of all time.
Coastal Community School & Trinity Fitness are donating 10% of the proceeds from this event to us! Get tickets 8/1 https…
Joe Montana is effectively calling every black quarterback Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow is top 5 college football player of all time, tyrod and pat White aren't even top 30 lol
Tim Tebow puts Tyron and pat white to shame
10 reasons why you should stop hating on Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow is the face of baseball my boy 😂
Lost respect for Montana for this smh -
Joe Montana: Colin Kaepernick isn't in the NFL for the same reason Tim Tebow isn't and then disproves his own point…
Tim Tebow surprises superfan, wins the Internet
Love or hate Tim Tebow, we live in a society that idolizes people like Kim Kardashian, but hates on a man tryin’ to live hi…
would the '69 Mets give Tim Tebow a tryout?
Tim Tebow records an RBI with a fielder's choice as Miguel Rojas can't tag out Nick Sergakis on grounder up middle.1-1.
Tim Tebow is hittin .360 in the 9 games since being promoted... You gotta respect what this guy is doin.
Do a special with Franklin Graham, one with Tim Tebow, Tony Dungy, Benjamin Watson etc. Difference Makers would be a good title.
WATCH: Tim Tebow makes a legitimately great jumping catch at the outfield wall
Tim Tebow was super muscular & was a better playoff qb than Tony Romo.
This might be better than Tim Tebow's Canadian football odyssey. Might be.
How anyone can root against Tim Tebow is just mind boggling.
After saying they signed Tim Tebow because "it's an entertainment business," the Mets are now targeting The Rock and C…
It's what they do. They'll make Tim Tebow look like Johnny Unitias if they were on defense on the gridiron.
Tim Tebow is the only player in baseball history whose every home run is national news
You can now bet on whether the Mets will call up Tim Tebow this season
Tim Tebow hits a home run on his first day with the St. Lucie Mets [Video]
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Judge is 25 lol. Don't be mad that the other NY team has a true rising star in Tim Tebow
Tebow homers on 1st day in Class A Advanced
Tim Tebow is the Michael Jordan of baseball of baseball.
ICYMI: Tim Tebow had a successful debut for St. Lucie.
It didn't take Tim Tebow long to get his first home run since his promotion to high-A ball.
Tim Tebow's MiLB Tour Hits High-A A little more tebowing and you'll be in the show kid
you look like a baby from Tim Tebow x ZabooMafoo
homers in 1st & 2nd games w/NY Mets class A affiliate. I'd abandon for any major that plays Tebow
[On why Harold believes Tim Tebow will play in the majors this year]. "He's 30 years old. Gotta fast track him, see wh…
Tim Tebow is hitting DINGERS in his first game after being promoted by the Mets 😱. (📹
if your team didnt lose a playoff game to Tim Tebow
he's an author in the same way Tim Tebow is a baseball player.
Ya but did Tim Tebow get pulled away from the team by bugs bunny to beat a group of aliens who stole NBA talents? Didn't thi…
it's like watching Tim Tebow at the plate though.
Tim Tebow went 2 for 4 with a walk and run scored tonight for St. Lucie.
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Tim Tebow is the epitome of being a "grinder"
👀⚾ Tim Tebow goes yard in his first game since his Minor League promotion 💯💪
I made a bet with a friend so I need your opinions. Will Tim Tebow get called up to the MLB this year?
Tonight on SportsCenter: Now that Tim Tebow has more career HR than Michael Jordan, is Tim Tebow now the greatest NBA…
On his first day after being promoted, Tim Tebow went yard.
The year is 2021. Tim Tebow leads the Mets to their 3rd World Series title.
"Watch: Tim Tebow homers in first day with Port St. Lucie Mets" {by Chris Chavez} via
Tim Tebow has better chance making THE BIGS than Lloyd Christmas shagging Mary Swanson
I'd do a lot things to watch Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow play again one Saturday. Some of the best times of my life
Chris Leak & Tim Tebow . Rex Grossman & Jesse Palmer . It's been done successfully in the swamp.
Troy Smith, Tim Tebow also did. Also couldn't read defenses in the NFL and had short careers.
Tim Tebow is younger than Roy Hobbs was.
Tim Tebow shows with persistence and time you can do anything
Headline tomorrow: "Tim Tebow gets promoted but Colin Kaepernick can't even get a job?"
Tim Tebow, who has 69 strikeouts (nice) and only 47 hits, was promoted today due solely to his baseball prowess and nothin…
Tim Tebow is going to to High-A St. Lucie. St. Lucie visits the next month. Maybe I need to make a trip back t…
Tim Tebow leaving Columbia, set to play final game for Fireflies
On to St. Lucie. The Mets are bumping Tebow up to high-A ball:
Mets promote Tim Tebow to Advanced A due to 'chase rates and exit velocity'
Idk how the Minor League in baseball works. How many more stops until Tim Tebow gets to the Mets?
Tim Tebow promoted to high Class A St. Lucie by Mets
tim tebow advanced past A ball faster than bryce harper did. i have a full appreciation for grit and cl…
Tebow Time in St. Lucie. Oh, and potentially in Tampa too when the team visits Steinbrenner Field Aug 10-13.
Libs attack you when you make fun of blacks, Muslims, *** and abortion. But it's ok to make fun of Tim Tebow for bein…
Tim Tebow plays final game with Columbia Fireflies, thanks fans for their support via
Former Heisman Trophy winner is coming home to Florida.
So is Tim tebow not being able to play qb after h…
tbh Tim Tebow leaving the fireflies is rivaling when Spurrier left mid season
Tim Tebow lands a promotion: The Mets plan to send him to High Class A in Florida
.to promote Minor League OF from Class A Columbia to Class A-Advanced St. Lucie:
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Someone please explain why Tim Tebow gets promoted when the man hit .220, leads his team in strikeouts, and 7 errors htt…
I didn't see anyone boycott the NFL when Tim Tebow didn't get a job???
Tim Tebow is moving up. The Mets are promoting him to Class A St. Lucie.
Congratulations on your promotion with the
I'll bet a shocking number of Tim Tebow's teammates think he's the butt fumble guy.
The Mets are promoting Tim Tebow from Columbia to St. Lucie.
Tim Tebow is coming to Albertville is that really a thing?
Tim Tebow is hitting .222 with 3 home runs, leads his team in strikeouts & is the oldest guy on the team by 6 years htt…
Tim Tebow responding to those who say his promotion to class A is undeserved:. "That's not something I have to answer." https…
Despite a .222 batting average and 69 strikeouts in 63 games, Tim Tebow is being promoted 🤔. htt…
Tim Tebow heads back to with promotion to
Commentary: Tim Tebow earned his baseball promotion
The Mets are terrible so Tim Tebow is 100% gonna get called up to the majors to sell tickets in September.
By the way Tim Tebow got promoted. Best player in that organization!
Not what I said good stretch though. Happened to…
BREAKING: Tim Tebow is our newest player! . Story:
And yes I know Tim Tebow is technically Filipino because he was born in Makati. Roman Gabriel still the greatest Pinoy QB of all time though
Charleston RiverDogs, apparently still living in 2011, apologize for lampooning Tim Tebow's faith
Tim Tebow's Minor League stats are actually comparable to some pretty big names. 🤔
See you at the with Tim Tebow Dec. 1! Find info. at
New York Mets: RiverDogs' treatment of Tim Tebow was 'very Minor League'
Minor League team's GM issues an apology after fans became upset with in-game jabs at Tim Tebow
I will be using the treatment of Tim Tebow in next weeks ethics class
Same could be said for Tim Tebow's college numbers.
Tim Tebow launched his bat into the stands 😂😂😂
Highest-paid player? Lions president just wants Matthew Stafford deal done(ESPN)
Robert Kraft-led trip to Israel has profound impact on Hall of Famers(ESPN)
Broncos want Demaryius Thomas to be \'one of our most prominent leaders\'(ESPN)
Today by our RiverDogs' jabs at Tim Tebow were "very Minor League," Mets GM says.
the River Dogs are disgusting for the way they mocked Tim Tebow and his faith! Do they really represent the Yankees?
Imagine all the people looking up John 3:16 right now. God can use any situation! stunt backfires via
Can you guys help me spread this to Tim Tebow. He is Drew's hero and it would mean everything to him if we got Tim to go see…
NY Yankees' minor-league is full of bullies! Mets GM scolds rival team that relentlessly mocked Tim Tebow
Aaron Judge and Tim Tebow were drafted onto the Harlem Globetrotters
They also referred to every player on their video board as "Not Tim Tebow"
Panthers TE Olsen wants to restructure deal(ESPN)
Often enjoy going to Minor League baseball games. Scratching the Charleston River Dogs off my list. They are...
If team mocked Tebow 4 being homosexual or Muslim, team would have to go to sensitivity training. Will they 4 this?
Record your stats on a baseball card: Charleston RiverDogs GM apologizes for Tim Tebow jabs
VIDEO: top (and Tim Tebow) 3-0 tonight at The Joe. Charlie T. Tebowing, Tebow bat-flippin…
Is it an insult to call a Minor League promotion "Minor League?"
The Charleston RiverDogs beat Tim Tebow and the Columbia Fireflies two out of three games...
Will the New York promote Tim Tebow to the Major League's before the end of the 2017 season?
Charleston Minor League team apologizes after mocking Tim Tebow during weekend series
Tebow stunts backfire as minor-league team mocks his faith //wouldn't happen if this was a Muslim or Jewish player.
Charleston RiverDogs GM apologizes for team’s Tim Tebow jokes over the weekend
"Of the many promotional pieces that we executed, there were a handful ... that some construed as in poor taste.".
Mets GM scolds opposing team that relentlessly mocked Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow should become a knuckleballer via
Tim Tebow just launched his bat into the stands 😲😂. (📹:
Tim Tebow now trying to take people out to perform miracles on afterwards (via
My gma is obsessed with Tim Tebow so we brought her to the Drive game while his team was in town & she was so excit…
I will still not get the hate the people have for LeBron, KD, Tim Tebow. I understand that hate for Tom Brady though. LOL
I can type out a sentence with Tim Tebow and Tom Brady in it and I promise you they aren't in the same league my guy.
Other quarterbacks that are, today, better than Kaep: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kellen Moore, Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw...
.LHP Tyler Watson is 6th in Sally League with 64 strikeouts (in 61 IP) after fanning 5 (including Tim Tebow) in 5+IP Sunday.
Tim Tebow's Sunday; Flips in the cage, 4 PAs, hugs for special needs kids, a seven-hour bus ride. Sally league life.
"Don't get beat down by the stares, whispers, or obnoxious opinions of others who point out how different you are, look, or act" -Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow talks about his faith and his new book, ‘Know Who You Are’ via
Tim Tebow is scorching hot, with five hits in his last 12 at-bats. Tim Tebow is ice cold, with five hits in his last 27 at-b…
McCarron was important from a game management standpoint but Tim Tebow at Florida was a phenomenon man.
Topps debuts Tim Tebow baseball card Not long after making his professional ba…
I'm sorry I cheered when you got knocked out at the stadium formerly known as Commonwealth. Tim Tebow is a great guy
I wonder who's been more quiet, Trump supporters or those who said Tim Tebow is going to be a hall of fame quarterback.
What if we traded Taylor Motter for Tim Tebow?
[SB Nation] People are talking about Tim Tebow again
[Mets prospect Tim Tebow: From football in Florida to baseball in South Carolina
Tim Tebow seems too top-heavy to skate. The next Zdeno Chara, he probably isn't.
Tim Tebow's week includes 4 hits, wrong side of no-hitter - Orlando Sentinel
Sorry, they broke the bank signing Tim Tebow. Maybe he can do hockey too
God bless Tim Tebow!. @ Tim Tebow:Keep up the ministry and continue to be used by the Lord for His glory! .
- ESPN renews Tim Tebow's contract with SEC Network |
At a bar looking at Tim Tebow stories regarding his SEC network/ESPN analyst multiyear extension..I have no life.
That's how I felt when I read Tim Tebow's book.
While my views differ from Tim Tebow's, reading about his baseball journey was fascinating. Great story by
At least you got God on your side... Aka Tim Tebow
ESPN signs Tim Tebow to 'multiyear' extension
As a UF die-hard, let me state for the record that, much like Hitler, when you bring Tim Tebow into a…
ESPN laid off Jerome Bertie but signed Tim Tebow to a new multi-year deal. Huh .
Says the person espousing an ideology tried and failed so many times even Tim Tebow's career history is jealous.
, a homer and 3 RBI, Tim Tebow 1-4 with a run and pitcher Jordan Humphreys moved to 6-0 in win tonight
Tim Tebow Wins Christian Book of the Year for ‘Shaken’ - Christian News Headlines via
“I’m doing something I love," Tim Tebow said. "And I’m not going to look back with regret."
Tim Tebow signs multiyear extension with ESPN
ESPN just announced that Tim Tebow has signed a multiyear extension with the company. CFB on SEC Network.
That's a weird way to spell Tim tebow
Losing to Soft Tossin Tim Tebow was an especially low point...
New post: Tim Tebow re-ups with ESPN to be analyst for the SEC Network
Read about newest book, written just for homeschoolers!
If you're a Tim Tebow fan, you're in luck. He'll be with SEC Network for the foreseeable future.
Some news surrounding Mets Minor League outfielder, Tim Tebow:
Tim Tebow agrees to multiyear contract extension with ESPN.. Related Articles:
Tim Tebow signs multiyear extension with ESPN >
Tim Tebow with a Heisman like stiff arm on the BlueClaws 3rd baseman 😂 as he scores on a passed ball. Fireflies up 5-1 i…
Tim Tebow becomes the face of ESPN's layoff PR spin via
SEC Nation's QB just signed a new deal. Tim Tebow signs multiyear extension with ESPN:
[Yahoo Sports] Tim Tebow signs multi-year extension to remain with ESPN, SEC Network
ESPN laid off Jerome Bettis but they renewed Tim Tebow's contract I'll be damned
signs multiyear extension with ESPN
It's good to see ESPN knows what is still important in a time of mass layoffs. Tebow signs multi-year extension
Tim Tebow is also a great example of mediocre white men always getting a new job.
If that's your argument does Tim Tebow get blamed for Hernandez or Riley Cooper?
It was awesome to hear Tim Tebow mom, Pam Tebow, speak today at the Pregancy Resource Center Banquet. Thank you...
A close friend of Tim Tebow was convicted of murder and hanged himself in a jail cell.
Watch: coach big fan of Tim Tebow and gearing up for on-campus recruiting visits
Frank Martin big fan of Tim Tebow, ready for homestretch in recruiting
Mets call up red-hot Tim Tebow to provide bat off the bench and possible healing powers
His throwing motion looks like Byron Leftwich & Tim Tebow had a baby
College wins don't translate to the NFL. See Danny Wuerffel or Tim Tebow.
Dumb stats. Tim Tebow was a winner in college too... We all know how that turned out. Chris Weinke, Ken Dorsey, V…
The other thing that's certain. Sandy Alderson has to start looking at that 40-Man Roster and Tim Tebow's name being on it sooner than later
Right, like how Tim Tebow is a better quarterback than Tom Brady.
Pitcher who gave up home run to Tim Tebow throws perfect game in minors
The pitcher who served up Tim Tebow's first pro home run throws a historic perfect game.
Colin you are smarter than this. This is every silly fan's take. Ken Dorsey and Tim Tebow won in college and Tom Brady didn't...
I hate this. This might be the only girl I'd choose over Tim Tebow...Well...lets not get carried away...
Mike Bianchi: Aaron Hernandez was seedy underbelly of Urban Meyer's Gators; Tim Tebow was the smiling face Pathetic
Tim Tebow (like it or not, he really is) John Cena, Mike Trout, Carson Wentz, Larry Fitzgerald
I'm at this dang game and Tim Tebow is the DESIGNATED HITTER. are you kidding
Tim Tebow would probably take off Easter like Shawn Green for Rosh Hashanah
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An old Tibetan monk says that he never drank alcohol, smoke or had sex...Tim Tebow is not impressed.
Seriously, just go home. Tim Tebow does not need to preach on Easter Sunday. Justin Bieber does not need to give the sermon.
Tim Tebow with his second homerun of the season! It was a 3-run HR to Right Field.
Fun Fact: This week (Monday-Wednesday) Kyle Cody and the Hickory Crawdads play at the Columbia Fireflies (I.E.: team Tim Tebow plays for)
Batting 9th for your White Sox the DH Tim Tebow
Breaking: Tim Tebow has reportedly been contacted by the Minnesota Vikings and an informal workout is scheduled for Tues…
Tim Tebow homered and Donald Trump bombed Syria. Imagine saying that to yourself five years ago.
I don't follow baseball much, but congratulations to Tim Tebow on winning the World Series tonight.
Tim Tebow has more HRs in professional baseball this season than Matt Adams, Stephen Piscotty, Matt Carpenter and Yadier Mol…
Real or not? Tim Tebow steals the spotlight, Yasiel Puig mashes
You'll never believe who Tim Tebow hit his first Minor League home run off of
I saw you weren't sure if this Tim Tebow fellow hit a homerun or not. This is the best way to watch it.…
In his first at bat Tim Tebow hit a home run. ESPN will dedicate the 7 days of programming dissecting the hit.
"Tim Tebow" Has come out as a homosexual. Visit my page to find out more.
TebowMania is running wild! The QB-turned-Mets farmhand slugs first HR in Minors - in his FIRST at-bat, no less.
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WATCH: Tim Tebow hits a HOME RUN in 1st at bat with UNREAL!
Much respect to Tim Tebow. 1-5 in his Minor League debut, especially with a 2-run home run, in his first at-bat? That's really freaking —
Tim Tebow hits home run in Minor League debut for the Columbia Fireflies: TIM Tebow has hit…
I have nothing but respect for Tim Tebow.
In his first at-bat for the Columbia Fireflies, Tim Tebow hit a 2-run homer. That is a real thing that happened
Of course Tim Tebow hit an oppo bomb in his first Minor League AB.
Come one, come all and see hit his first Minor League home run.
BREAKING: After giving up a HR to Tim Tebow in his first Minor League AB, Giants P Domenic Mazza has announced he is r…
BREAKING: The pitcher who gave up a home run to Tim Tebow has retired from Baseball.
Tim Tebow homers in his first professional MiLB AB with
You're looking at a Tim Tebow dinger
Tim Tebow with a homerun in his first at-bat!
Matt Kemp now has as many home runs as Tim Tebow.
First at-bat in the minors for Tim Tebow ➡️ first home run in the minors for Tim Tebow.
I swear if Tim Tebow ever makes it to the pros in baseball, anything is possible in life😂👌🏾
Because of today's Minor League home run ESPN has added Tim Tebow to their All-Century baseball team.
Tim Tebow didnt know he hit a homer
BREAKING: Tim Tebow hits an opposite-field two-run HR in his Minor League debut for https…
Tim Tebow just jacked a HR in his first Minor League at bat!
Not only did Tim Tebow just hit a home run in his first major league at-bat, but the ball hit a guy in the stands and c…
Breaking: Tim Tebow homers in his first at-bat. Are you kidding me?
Tim Tebow hits a home run and I pulled off a successful military operation in Syria! Jesus is working overtime tonight!
Tim Tebow goes deep in his first Minor League at bat, hitting a two run homerun 👀🔥.
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