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Tim Sherwood

Timothy Tim Sherwood (born 6 February 1969 in St Albans) is an English former professional footballer and current assistant first-team coach of Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur.

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We were that bad when he left Tim Sherwood was an improvement. He had no clear identity...
Being Tim Sherwood sounds pretty cool, in fairness.
seriously, this new version is so bloody difficult. I'm reduced to being Tim Sherwood and that's not cool
Congrats to who is more in demand than Tim Sherwood...christ, get it done
Tim Sherwood on the brink of being named new QPR manager!.
Maybe should float a rumour about Mark Hughes returning. Then in comparison, Tim Sherwood may not seem such a bad choic…
I'm praying that the radio silence means Tim Sherwood hasn't been anointed manager. He's not up to the job
Tim Sherwood is on the brink of being named the new QPR manager!.
Can we hurry up and get rid of GJ, the Cheltenham job is screaming out for Tim Sherwood
Throwback to this Tim Sherwood vine 😂😂 by via
Tim Sherwood's whole life was just a series of Vines, what will he do now?
The demise of Vine, can't help but think the real loser in all of this will be Tim Sherwood.
If very few top division opportunities go to young managers, it's a real problem if they go to guys like Tim Sherwood (or even Gary Monk).
Tim Sherwood isn't the man to replace Roberto Di Matteo
Villa's next messiah? Steve McClaren, Tim Sherwood and Noel Edmonds must all be in the running.
Brand new video, Tim Sherwood, John Collins & Craig Bellamy all members of the appreciation society! ht…
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Tim Sherwood here on his first day at St Georges Park. .
Andy hessenthaler, Tim Sherwood, Ron Atkinson are all available
An actual thing that just happened:. Tim Sherwood: "Would Steve Bruce do a worse job than Conte's doing?". Richard Keys:…
Sky have Thierry Henry, Alan Smith and Niall Quinn doing the Spurs match today... I presume Tim Sherwood was unavailable
Tim Sherwood is on fire on Goals on Sunday. He said Henderson scored goals like that every week on loan at Coventry. Played 10, goals..1.
"Why sign Zinedine Zidane when you've got Tim Sherwood"
Nah I still can't get my head round why Tim Sherwood started Kieran Richardson over Amavi
Why not just hire a new coach as Tim Sherwood,Villas-Boas or Rudi Garcia.
If you think Hoddle, Gareth Southgate, Gary Neville, Tim Sherwood or Harry Redknapp would make a good England manager, un…
let's get Tim Sherwood and Terry Butcher in there too. Pride of England!
Andy Townsend and Tim Sherwood are already getting nervous
Di Matteo confirmed, now for Steve Clarke: When Tim Sherwood was appointed it was the wrong decision bu...
Paul Parker - "Frankly, given how unhappy the players are right now, they'd be better off bringing in Tim Sherwood," https…
says Paul Parker the clown who wanted Tim Sherwood
Gary Bailey, omnipresent on England squad posters throughout the 1980's, has two England caps. Two. Tim Sherwood has 3. So does Collymore.
Tim Sherwood is the leading candidate for the vacant head coach role. [SOURCE: Mirror Online]
ICYMI: *** McCarthy, Jack Grealish, Lamine Kone and Tim Sherwood the subjects here
Bring back Tim Sherwood. Make Mason captain. Give up and go home
Scenes when we lose 1 nil to a bassong header and Moshiri's seen drinking port with Tim Sherwood in the Joe Mercer suite.😒
My dislike for Brian Clough knows no bounds. I rank him with Harry Redknapp and Tim Sherwood.
Lloris: "I had concerns and was questioning myself two years ago, after Andre Villas-Boas and Tim Sherwood had been in…
Former Aston Villa coach Ray Wilkins, who was assistant boss to Tim Sherwood, says Gabby Agbonlahor ignored his advice re his fitness.
Jim McGuinness shorter odds than Nigel Pearson and Tim Sherwood to become next Celtic boss
Everton fans want Mourinho, will probably end up with Tim Sherwood 😂
Derby County FC poised to appoint Tim Sherwood as manager |
I keep seeming this polls and never is there an option 'please just anyone but Wenger'. Honestly at this point I take Tim Sherwood
Tim Sherwood's really let himself go since we sacked him 😳. Seriously though watch this documentary.
the highlight of that season was the Tim Sherwood punching a player rumour 😂😂😭😭
Best manager for villa would be,Tim sherwood
I want odds on boro to win the leauge cup next season with tim sherwood as gaffa please?
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Tim Sherwood's win ratio is better than King Harold's
apparently Tim Sherwood gave debuts to all those lads on horses way before William II thought they were any good.
Completely stunned we've signed one the most highly rated youngsters in europe. The Tim Sherwood effect is STRONG
ohh yeh I get it , jobs for the boys, Tim sherwood hasnt even got a coaching badge
Brilliant Ray Wilkins bigin up Tim sherwood as the manager to bring Newcastle bk up if they go down.why?NOT QUALIFIED
I don't understand why pundits still rave about Tim Sherwood he was average at best with Spurs and a disaster with villa
Former Tottenham head coach Tim Sherwood has urged Harry Kane to reject a summer move to Manchester United in order to prolong his stay at
Can't believe my brother saw Tim Sherwood at the airport
Berahino at it again, equalises for West Brom against Tim 'Ratio' Sherwood's Villa team.
Tim Sherwood showing exactly why he is such a top manager with some words of wisdom!
Tim Sherwood on Spurs: "Next year is going to get harder, but I don't think this season is their only title chance." https…
I go down like Aston Villa. Tim Sherwood is there for the start.
Surely AC Milan are running out of managers to sack. Tim Sherwood is probably close to being appointed.
BBC Sport - Tottenham Hotspur: Why title bid is just the start - Tim Sherwood
You'll enjoy this, Tim Sherwood reminding us he layed the stone work for this great season. Top snippet:
If Tim Sherwood was still in charge we would have never gone down!
Tim Sherwood hasn't had a job in months, but still managed to keep himself in the running for Charlatan of the Year.
Start of the season : 5000/1 Leicester to win the league , Tim Sherwood to be Prime Minister 2500/1 😂😂 says it all really 😂
Belatedly watching MOTD2, worthwhile just for Tim Sherwood's face when Gabby Logan says "it's been a truly miserable season at Villa Park"
Mediawatch has landed. Tim Sherwood has been telling porkies.
I hope Tim Sherwood is well paid for his pearls of punditry wisdom. On - "It's going to be key for them to recruit a manager."
Harry Kane should reject Manchester United to stay with Tottenham, insists Tim Sherwood: Former Tottenham head...
Hi Dave, out of interest how long does running fake accounts for Kevin Campbell, Des Lynam, Tim Sherwood etc... take a day?
Sol Campbell has loved watching Harry Kane&development, praises Tim Sherwood - HITC
Sol Campbell has loved watching Harry Kane's development, praises Tim Sherwood
Just told my Villa supporting mate they should go for someone young English & ambitious he replied Tim Sherwood !
They need a passionate, young manager with an appreciation of English football. . Tim Sherwood?
Hope go for Tim Sherwood now freedman has gone
Steve Sidwell thinks Aston Villa wouldn't be in the predicament they're in if Tim Sherwood was still in charge. No further questions, m'lud.
Tim Sherwood should have stayed. He many talk like Arsene Wenger but that's where the common ground ends. Its over but sad.
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I don't think Daniel Levy has done much wrong but not giving Tim Sherwood a full season was probably his biggest mistake.
Is this man to thank for success this season? Tim Sherwood thinks so ...
That's more like it! To be fair the word 'Lost' next to Tim Sherwood is still fairly accurate.
I love tim sherwood so much, don't care if his tactics and subs were a bit odd, he would have got it right eventually
Arsenal Dave was the best caller ever today. More Arsenal Dave, less Tactics Tim Sherwood!
Tactics Tim Sherwood was on today tipping Citeh at 5s for the league. The man who put the less in clueless
Pardew as manager, Sherwood as Assistant.Sure to bring back the glory days. That combo doing over Pep next year would be unreal
What's Tim Sherwood up to? I might know of a job opportunity coming up that he might be interested in...
When Carroll scores the equalizer Tim Sherwood is going to be insufferable
I really feel for grade, but do you think Aston Villa would be in the bad place they are if Tim Sherwood was still there?
I'm hoping Tim Sherwood didn't have his last ££ on Man City winning the league this afternoon 😳🙈
ffs I'd rather have Tim Sherwood or David Moyes than Pellegrini
Alli for Chadli, who has last played that badly when Tim Sherwood used him at DM.
What's the difference between Tim & Remi fans didn't walk out on Sherwood
Aston Villa fans THE BEST I have worked with and they can avoid relegation, former boss Tim Sherwood tells talk...
Tim Sherwood exclusive: Daniel Levy deserves a lot of the credit for Tottenham's success this season
have THE BEST fans & the club CAN avoid relegation, Tim Sherwood tells talkSPORT
Brendan Rodgers, David Moyes, Andre Villas Boas, Manuel Pochettino, Tim Sherwood. Same level of managers...they are all …
on and Tim Sherwood taking out Elton in training.
Elton John got clattered by Tim Sherwood in training! Watford legend Luther Blissett on blood, sweat and ...
CLASSIC: Tim Sherwood with more expert football analysis.
Mauricio Pochettino has been brought success by Tim Sherwood over Harry Kane. If Kane wasnt there, Spurs wouldn't be Top 6
Paul Parker believes Tim Sherwood should replace LVG as Utd manager until the end of the season than Jose!. Parker's clearly …
When news broke that Paul Parker thinks should appoint Tim Sherwood:
Paul Parker says should bring in Tim Sherwood, not Jose Mourinho. He's got a history of bad shouts, mind...
Well it's about as likely to happen as Paul Parker's suggestion of Tim Sherwood
Paul Parker says Tim Sherwood and not Jose Mourinho should replace Louis van Gaal at https:/…
Former star Paul Parker says Tim Sherwood a better fit for Man United than Mourinho
I missed the Tim Sherwood one. I'm still laughing at the Nigel Clough suggestion 😂😂😂🐑
Have I just heard a calls for first Tim Sherwood and Nigel Clough 😂😂😂😂
If you think Tim Sherwood and Danny Murphy are bad pundits, watch Martin Keown and Garth Crooks in action
That was all Tim Sherwood's fault, clearly.
Tim Sherwood practically made that Aston Villa team with all them really good signings, great manager m8
Board, Tim Sherwood & Brad Guzan, Kerry. All these three should share all the blame equally
Tim Sherwood describing Crystal Palace hitting the bar twice in about 10 seconds as great Spurs defending on motd
Tim Sherwood's got some jellied eels, a spanner, 4 bottles of rosé and a scotch bonnet and won't stop going on about it
"Lloris is the best keeper in the league" & "Spurs have the strongest squad bar Man City" No wonder Tim Sherwood is unemplo…
Tim Sherwood is in no way qualified to say Vertonghen has done his medial ligament in his knee just from watching that clip
Tim Sherwood sounds like he is constantly sarcastic
David Moyes looks to be the modern eras equivalent of Alan Hansen. Sky opted for Tim Sherwood. Oh dear.
John Terry (if retire excludes from football forever), Tim Sherwood, Zenit St Petersburg.
Imagine being as excited as Tim Sherwood is now: FA Cup final looming, currently prepping his St. George cupcakes for the big …
Tim Sherwood's ringtone is a polyphonic rendering of Jerusalem. "THAT is what our national anthem SHOULD be," he tells literal…
Either Jeremy Kyle or Tim Sherwood I can't really tell
How is Tim Sherwood still out of work? He may be sadly lacking in managerial skills, but surely his banter and bodywarmers make up for that.
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the worst mistakes were Sherwood's picks. Not that Tim would admit it.
HAPPY CAMP: Boss Tim Sherwood explains how the Blues win will impact Villa. Have a read: htt…
Last night result of a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace may be Garde's first win since he took charge from Tim Sherwood..
life and death and it made Tim Sherwood throw his gilet off in a lift.
Paul Ryan looks eerily like a dejected Tim Sherwood
Tim sherwood will be our next manager, you heard it here first...🐸☕️
Getting serious. Tim Sherwood says face a "fight" to stay in the Premier League. Watch
if you had of kept tim sherwood.. Where do you think you would of been??
I've waited too long to say this but here goes "Are you watching Tim Sherwood?"
Tim Sherwood looks to be right, Crystal Palace was over-achieving, they're losing nowadays... United, so Frustrating!!
I feel like Tim Sherwood is following Manchester United around the same way.
RemiGarde Rubbish what a wack managerial appointment! Tim sherwood really would not have done this bad im certain
The last time we saw Aly Cissokho in a Premier League game at Villa Park since Tim Sherwood's first game last February.
Did you get through them Chris? just ignore Ben's dissing of my Tim Sherwood gilet!
The board really need to have a look at themselves for sacking Tim Sherwood and hiring Remi Garde, poor poor decision.
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Aston Villa will definitely be regretting sacking Tim Sherwood. If Tim was still in charge, dey would have won at least 2 more games.
Replacing this man with Donald Trump is like replacing Pep Guardiola with Tim Sherwood. Don't do it America.
Why they got Tim Sherwood out so fast do NOT understand. Seen it so many times. No mentioning .Remi Garde has good record.Got worse.
Aston Villa transfer news: French signing left dumbstruck by ex-boss Tim Sherwood - The Sun
When did Tim Sherwood start managing the U21s? Andros featuring, huge swaths of space open in the middle on D
forced to stand pat Park: Park Crusaders head coach and GM Tim Frag...
- Tim Sherwood, world class bellend.
Just saw Tim Sherwood in the VIP seats 😃
Can someone tell me how Luis Enrique is the best coach.even Tim sherwood will win treble at Barcelona...
Tim Sherwood would of probably won as much as Luis Enrique last season if he was manager of Barcelona.
I did but sadly my husband is too tall for the Fiat 500. Looking at alternatives thou'. Tim v helpful 👍🏻
Tim Sherwood got us to Wembley, that's a miracle he deserves the award
Wonder what Tim Sherwood could have contributed. Such a loss.
wish we had kept Tim Sherwood, Garde hasn't got a clue
yep he's usless, Tim Sherwood was better!
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they should never of sacked Tim Sherwood in the first place. It was far too early.
not at all. Three *** in charge at the top of the club have lots to answer to. And so does Tim Sherwood who bought tripe!
Remi Garde is no way better than Tim Sherwood because I bet they would win a game by now...
David Batty, Mike Newell, Chris Sutton and Tim Sherwood have their picture taken with Russian priests.
Remi Garde and tim Sherwood tag team and the finisher would be the rock bottom!
Imagine for a second that Tim Sherwood has *anything* to tell Francesco Totti about football.
Tim Sherwood summed up in a vine, what a man .
Prediction.2016 will see Tim Sherwood back for training at While Hart Lane. The train will arrive at Liverpool Street at 2032
I agree but then I think about Tim Sherwood bouncing up and down when he beat us & Nigel Kennedy. Then it makes sense.
David Moyes,Brendan Rogers,Tim Sherwood there are 3 for you.
Brendan Rogers,David Moyes,Tim Sherwood,3 managers available,so before you ask who is better than Bruce there you are.
Christmas Eve at the Training Centre - Tim Sherwood all smiles with Etienne Capoue in training this morning... htt…
Managers who signed Ghanians are getting sacked in the EPL,it started with Garry Monk & Tim Sherwood now Jose Mourinho...A…
So long as Slaven stays with us I'm happy! How about Garry Monk v Tim Sherwood in Manchester?
Tim Sherwood spotted on the King's Road just now. Coincidence? I think not
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Tim Sherwood, Paul Lambert, Alex McCleish, Martin O Neil, John Gregory, not sure of other 5 Villa managers (annoyingly as bet know)⚽️
According to Sky Sports , Queens Park Rangers are not interested in appointing Nigel Pearson or Tim Sherwood as manager.
Eh, Tim Sherwood made Adebayor into Gerd Muller for two months. Let's not start S'ing each other D's just yet.
I'm just massively relieved that neither Tim Sherwood nor Nigel Pearson is going anywhere near
Would LOVE Hasselbaink to replace Clarke. Will be satisfied with Pearson. Just please not Tim Sherwood. Or Mourinho.
Only five days to go until the big fans 'Tim Sherwood' singalong! -
Tim Sherwood or Roberto Di matteo or Nigel Pearson be good next nott'm'forest manager
Neil Warnock, Alan Pardew, Tim Sherwood, Steve Bruce Big Sam and Mark Hughes that's all what the English Management goes around
Keown on how new Aston Villa boss will differ from Tim Sherwood...
Here are our Aston Villa match ratings to the theme of Tim Sherwood quotes.
Shame we didn't get Tim Sherwood, Gus Poyet and Paolo Di Canio. Get over yourselves and get behind the new manager!
ICYMI - Sky Sports photoshopping Kevin McDonald's head on to Tim Sherwood's body
Queens Park Rangers eyeing move for Tim Sherwood to replace Ramsey
Ahead of Spurs/Villa, how the former might've looked with Tim Sherwood still in charge via
Dwight Yorke 'deadly serious' about taking over from Tim Sherwood at Villa
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Brad Guzan in goal today for Aston Villa at Southampton, 4th Rd Villa's 1st match since Tim Sherwood's firing.
Stan Collymore makes bold claim about Tim Sherwood...
British managers like Roy Hodgson, Tim Sherwood, David Moyes, Steve McLaren you mean. You're alright, thanks.
In my new column I talk; Massimo Cellino, Son Heung-min, Tim Sherwood and Phil Jagielka -
ICYMI: Aston Villa are keen to interview Real Sociedad boss David Moyes, while former boss Tim Sherwood could be...
David Moyes is interested in replacing Tim Sherwood as Aston Villa manager – report...
Remi Garde, David Moyes, Nigel Pearson favourites to replace Tim Sherwood at https:…
Tim Sherwood 'very disappointed' with his Aston Villa axing
Dwight Yorke expresses interest in replacing Tim Sherwood as Aston Villa boss
BE Active - Tim Sherwood only a symptom of how far Sunderland-emulating Aston Villa have fallen: Richard Jolly...
Aston Villa dismiss manager Tim Sherwood after eight months in charge, with the club 19th in the Premier League table.
. Tim Sherwood is as bad a manager as DiCanio or Steve Staunton.
Revealed: What cost Tim Sherwood his job with Aston Villa after just eight months in charge
According to the Telegraph, Alan Irvine has been sacked by West Brom; with Tim Sherwood tipped as his successor.
Remi Garde hot favourite for Aston Villa job after Tim Sherwood sacked
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Dr Hilary Jones, Pippa Middleton and Corey Feldman among early favourites to replace Tim Sherwood at Aston Villa
not sure if you've heard, but Tim Sherwood's been sacked! Please use your powers for good. .
Benteke & Delf Aston Villa sales with no money 4 new players clearly cost Tim Sherwood his job? Bring back Deadly Doug Ellis I say?
As Benteke powers one in, Tim Sherwood takes his revolver out of the drawer & walks silently down the garden.
Aston Villa 1 Swansea 2: Tim Sherwood is on the brink and other things we learned...
John Hartson seems to be the only man on earth who "can't believe" Villa sacked Tim Sherwood
Mark Robson was someone I thought may come to with Darren Ferguson. He's lost job at today along with Tim Sherwood
Aston Villa news: Tim Sherwood sacked by the Villans: Villa lost 2-1 at home to Swansea yesterday, marking a r...
Come back to the Premier League soon, Tim Sherwood.
Tim Sherwood must be like that uncle who buys you stuff but never turns up to family gatherings. Mixed feelings?
😒 Adam Johnson Aston Villa news: Tim Sherwood set to stick with goalkeeper Brad Guzan - Telegraph 😒
Another managerial change for Brad Guzan & Aston Villa with Tim Sherwood out this morning. Last one saw him benched, bears watching.
Not playing Tiago Ilori in defence is the reason Tim Sherwood got the bullet. As good a reason as any.
Why did Aston Villa sack Tim Sherwood? They have Alan Hutton and Brad Guzan, anyone would struggle to win a game with players like that
keeper Brad Guzan will have a new boss at Aston Villa. According to multiple reports in England, manager Tim Sherwood has been fired.
"Kind of personality to keep them up this season but will be a disaster long-term" - some wise *** on Tim Sherwood going to Villa.
Tim Sherwood has been sacked as Aston Villa manager! (Telegraph)
Breaking: Tim Sherwood has been sacked as manager of Aston Villa. More to follow on
Tim Sherwood sacked as Aston Villa boss. Kevin MacDonald takes over on interim basis, Tony Parks only member of coaching staff staying
Tim Sherwood sacked, according to reports. Who next at Villa Park? Rodgers? Pearson? Dyche?
U never know but Tim Sherwood could be the next sir Alex Ferguson, we just got to give Tim a chance and support the chap
Tim Sherwood may have managed Aston Villa for the last time after Swansea inflicted their sixth straight defea...
Aston Villa comment: Mat Kendrick - I can't see Tim Sherwood surviving this - Birmingham Mail
Tim Sherwood - Alan Irvine to be interviewed for Aston Villa job.
Tim Sherwood looks like a man under pressure. Got to be playing for his job today? May be too little too late anyway.
That lineup is just plain offensive to fans everywhere! Tim Sherwood may aswell be wearing a small heath alliance kit in the dugout.
Tim Sherwood may have been "backed into a corner" last week, but now he says he'll "stand at the front and take it on the chin"
I may remove myself from come 3pm and just get behind watching the Tim Sherwood's media whining is putting me off badly.
Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood says he retains faith in goalkeeper Brad Guzan despite some uncharacteristic mistakes for the Premier Leag…
Joe Cole believes Jack Grealish is the man to help save Tim Sherwood at Aston Villa. The former England international revealed boss
Aston Villa's Gary Gardner on Tim Sherwood and his own prospects for the season
FIFA16 isn't very realistic, Tim Sherwood has rebuffed my approach to take Joe Cole on loan.
Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood praises Gary Gardner. "“He’s shown me what a fantastic footballer he is since he’s rejoined the group."
Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood talks up Gary Gardner's prospects this season
Joe Cole reckons Jack Grealish is the man to save Tim Sherwood's job at Aston Villa...
Jack Grealish can save Tim Sherwood his job at Aston Villa says Joe Cole ...
A piece on Aston Villa and Tim Sherwood from Stamford Bridge, including a moan about Ray Wilkins
Can someone please tell Tim Sherwood that his CB partnership of Richards and Lescott just doesn't work, Where the *** is Ron Vlaar?
Tim Sherwood trying to turn Aston Villa around
Tim Sherwood is referring to himself in the third person: Dissociative identity disorder.
Tim Sherwood: Aston Villa boss expects to win over club's fans
Tim Sherwood: I'm fighting for my job at Aston Villa ahead of Chelsea clash - Daily Star...
[Daily Mail] . Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood admits he could be SACKED as he prepares for crunch clash against …
Tim Sherwood not frozen out of Aston Villa meeting
It would be a ‘huge mistake’ for Aston Villa to sack Tim Sherwood, assistant Ray Wilkins tells talkSPORT - h...
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Tim Sherwood is earning the same amount as Mauricio Pochettino? Dear god
Compared to the rest I'm still sticking to my original order. Tim Sherwood or Paul Lambert??
Tim Sherwood worried foreign imports may take too long to settle
After over a year, just realised who Tim Sherwood reminds me of - he is Lee from The Office, from looks to personality.
Brenden Rodgers thought hes better than Tim Sherwood. 😂😂😂😂
LVG putting Ashley Young left back is as funny as Tim Sherwood playing Kyle Walker as number 10 😩😂
Remember when Tim Sherwood said he can see Carles Gil in the number 10 role? Yeah me too
GIF: Tim Sherwood and Les Ferdinand show their tactical nous on the sideline against Southampton.
Looking on the bright side, Stuart Lancaster and Tim Sherwood can keep each other company at the Job Centre.
Tim Sherwood sitting like a bloke who refers to his wife as the 'ol' ball and chain'
Tim Sherwood misjudged his words after Liverpool defeat (me for
Tim Sherwood keen on German keeper as Brad Guzan replacement
It appears that Tim Sherwood is a poor mans Kevin Keegan, if Villa stick with him they're going down with Sunderland.
Two questions about the Rugby World Cup: why was Tim Sherwood playing for South Africa, and what is Colin Jackson doing as a pundit?
He could be Real Madrid boss! Tim Sherwood says Liverpool are lucky to have Brendan Rodgers
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Tim Sherwood hopes Aston Villa fans have reason to want to jump on the pitch against West Brom once more – but has pleaded with them to
Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood frustrated by Adama Traore's slow return from injury
Aston Villa v West Brom: Reaction from Tim Sherwood and Tony Pulis. &Gregg Evans and Paul...
Exciting signing in Adama Traore, great bit of business by Tim Sherwood
Tim Sherwood is hopeful that Adama Traore and Jose Angel Crespo will be back for Saturday's clash against West Bromwich Albion.
Soccerex 2016: Tim Sherwood and Jose Mourinho debate the pros and cons of banter in football. Chaired by Jimmy Bullard.
Aston Villa's Tim Sherwood has proved a point to Daniel Levy this ...
Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood on the importance of this month's cup derby against Birmingham City
'Gutted' Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood says he has never felt ...
FACT: Tim Sherwood can vanish into thin air.
Tim Sherwood disappeared into thin air when Leicester scored their 3rd!
What a come back from amazing second half performance and always a pleasure to make Tim Sherwood unhappy.
SCOTT SINCLAIR: Tim Sherwood on best asset. Have a read here:
Option to buy key to Tiago Ilori loan deal, says Tim Sherwood
Tim Sherwood on the promising young trio of Gardner, Bennett, and Baker.
We correctly predicted the ratings of 55.6% of the Top 50. We are the Tim Sherwood win ratio of FIFA Predictions.
Imagine the scenes when Big Claytz bangs in his 3rd, the Holte End empties and 4000 Blues fans are left singing Tim Sherwood …
Jack Grealish return a big boost to Tim Sherwood and Aston Villa...
Emmanuel Adebayor to be reunited with former. Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood? A little bit of. mushy romance amid all the cold hard cash.
Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood injured his hamstring attempting to kick water bottles.
Tim Sherwood is the football manager cliche king. Watch his post match interview yesterday.
ICYMI: Tim Sherwood on the win, the derby and huge fan support. Read here: http…
Adama Traore already a marked man claims Tim Sherwood. My piece for
Aston Villa's Gabby Agbonlahor could be the fall guy if Tim Sherwood sticks with hotshot Scott Sinclair
AVTV HD: Scott Sinclair/Tim Sherwood react to our win over In full: Free clip:
Tim Sherwood looking forward to Birmingham City clash - Mole
Only spending the money raised by the transfers of Delph , Wiemann & Benteke.
BREAKING: Tim Sherwood says more Villa signings "unlikely".
Aston Villa transfers: Roma winger Adem Ljajic in talks ahead of potential £8m switch: Tim Sherwood has already…
The "awful lot of money" as LameBerk calls it is from the sale of Benteke & snake, well 95% of it anyway. Is he...
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You say bring in too many players and you'll lose the dressing room. Does that mean Tim Sherwood wanted to?
Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood predicting more 'outs' before more 'ins'
Paul Lambert 'annoyed' as Aston Villa finally start splashing the cash
7500 to Holte: Shut up, Paul Lambert, nothing has changed with Aston Villa's transfers
Express and Star: Tim Sherwood eyeing a new cup run
Apparently Tim Sherwood has called up Easah Suliman (17-year-old defender) for tonight's match. Neat!
Paul Lambert is talking about Aston Villa, and - surprise! - doing so stupidly
and Tim Sherwood is at? They wouldn't get zidane cuz of him
**BREAKING NEWS** I'm hearing on good authority that Tim Sherwood is most definitely a Cockney Wanker
Aston Villa transfer news: Tim Sherwood's side in talks over deal for Roma winger Adem Ljajic
boss Tim Sherwood refusing to take lightly:
New post: Aston Villa: Tim Sherwood admits he will shuffle his pack against Notts County
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