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Tim Scott

Timothy Eugene Tim Scott (born September 19, 1965) is the U.S. Representative for . Elected in November 2010 to the 112th Congress, he is the first Republican African-American Representative from South Carolina since 1901. Scott is also one of the two members of the freshman class chosen to sit at the House Republican leadership table.

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😂😂😂 it must be so trash, now I wanna watch it just to see how bad it is
is the worst movie I've ever seen since Prometheus came out in 2012. ***
Yes, we got some good South Carolinians in there now, him, Tim Scott, Joe Wilson, even L. Graham, and of course Nik…
Is there a hidden in that cloud? I think that's your father running that,
Tim Scott, you are a willing participant of an evil kabal dedicated to enrichment of yourselves an…
Tim Scott ‘encouraged’ by budget talks with House Freedom Caucus
Sen. Tim Scott 'encouraged' by budget talks with House Freedom Caucus
Thanks for paying forward and welcoming Norah to the national scene Tim
Obama-one of the worst Pres black Pres Tim Scott (Pence's VP) will do great...tha…
lol Barber shop joke brought to you by Senator Tim Scott! :)
Thank you for demanding the release their report on the North Charleston Police Dept:
"Work slowed down for me. Then I took class with Tim + I started booking work again in 2 weeks." Scott S. . ==>…
Thank you for demanding release report on the North Charleston PD:
He shoulda ordered some chicken strips 😂
Thanks a lot Lindsey (coattails) Graham and loser Tim Scott for voting to increase the deficit another 1.5 Trillion
Wiz Khalifa & Travis Scott in the studio working on new music
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When I asked Tim Scott if it was regular order, he pointed out the few hearings this year and the "like seven in th…
One of my favorites from Road Atlanta. Scott Tucker who owned Level 5 is now in jail though. He was pond scum,...
Friday garage sale at the Scott house.
Sen. Tim Scott: Understand why football players use the national anthem to protest
Great interview with over at Good work Steve & Tim.
Marco Rubio shares image of Nikki Haley, Tim Scott after Michelle Obama describes GOP as 'all…
Would love to see David Webb, Herman Cain, Tim Scott & other African American Conservative s as Guest.
It would have if the first black President had been like Tim Scott or Condi Rice. But the soci…
Wish we had someone like Tim Scott, Cory Booker, Condi Rice, or Colin Powell…
Mrs obomb congress republican has black like Tim Scott and woman in congress you are jab walk Ozzie
Which one? Corey Booker? Kamala Harris? Only black republican senator is Tim Scott.
Tonight Live interview with Tim Scott of Sony/ Dark Star Records recording artists Methane on Pitts of Metal &...
Tim Scott - Republican senator from South Carolina. . And he's voting to take your health care…
Stigmabase | AM — Trump, Charlottesville and the perils of “cultural relativism” - Tim Scott of South Carolina —…
At least people edit for spelling in their accounts of you. You've drained the swamp of press rele…
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In Press release The White House misidentified Tim Scott as "Tom" Scott. Or did they?
She's and as much of a liar as Trump. Tim Scott was crystal clear but guess…
via the Android app Scott b careful it was dems who were kkk
"When a reporter asked the senator after the meeting if the president had expressed regret, a pained look flashed...
Tim Scott on meeting with President Trump: I made clear my issues with how he handled ...
Sanders said Tim Scott did not express any displeasure over Trump's response to Charlottesville. This was a lie.
When you go in the meeting named Tim Scott, and the WH changes your name to "Tom" Scott. Guess the meeting went wel…
More I learn about more I like him. Gave Trump much needed history lesson. Hope he paid attention! https:…
Tim Scott, the lone black Senate Republican, delivered a pointed lecture to Trump on America’s legacy of racism
Black GOP senator: I tried to tell Trump Charlottesville was about hate, not "the other side"
Sen. Tim Scott, White House offer conflicting accounts of private talk about Charlottesville
Sen. Tim Scott: "the people will decide" if Pres. Trump has regained moral authority
Looks like today President Trump was trying to explain his Charlottesville comments & Tim Scott gave him a history lesson duri…
Tim Scott delivered stern lecture to on America's 400-year history of racism, contra WH readout.
The White House just sent out a photo of Senator Tim Scott meeting with President Trump. They call him, "Tom Scott."
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Trump’s decided to meet with the only African-American Republican Sen. Tim Scott, just as soon as he produces his birth…
What did "Uncle Tom" say? I'm not blaming Tim Scott. I'm blaming and Hope Hicks. Deplorable
Sen. Tim Scott: Fight hatred, fear and domestic terror with American ideals via
U.S. Sen. Tim Scott says judging President Trump on race will be watched for years
Sen. Tim Scott: Trump Should Sit Down with ‘Folks Who Have Endured the Pain’ of the 60s
Sen. Tim Scott questions Trump's ability to lead if "moral authority remains compromised"
Sen. Tim Scott: Trump needs 'personal connection' with African Americans who battled racism
A rep in Tim Scott's office told me this was not true and that Sen Scott would vote for censure…
To be better educated Tim Scott should understand Trump. He's no a racists, Dems are the true bigots.
they all need to be voted out I will not vote for Tim Scott or Lindsey Graham.They are both serving their own agen…
I have not heard Lindsey Graham or Tim Scott condemn the violence of Antifa. I guess they only speak out to criticize Pres. Trump.
Tim Scott? Ah, its too bad hes caught up in Graham grandstanding bs. Graham has got to go! If any1 knws of a tru Co…
U how zombies, vampires, werewolves bite folks and they turn? I bet you Tim Scott was bitten by Lyndsay Graham. Now…
Just purchased a home in SC and can't wait to vote against these 2 traitors Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott.
Tim Scott, a very good man and strong voice for South Carolina.
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I've been trying to trade Brown for SC's Tim Scott!
Collins & Murkowsk for the Rs. Murray, Baldwin, Warren, Hassan for the Dems. There's even a POC (Tim Scott).
Tim Scott please remind John Kelly of this - not what Kelly said in his confirmation hearing- he said he works for trump.
You oughta take a look at our other Senator, Tim Scott. You'd like him.
He's my Senator and I'm embarrassed regarding his actions! Tough word, never any action! Tim Scott slso...
I have a black senator. His name is Tim Scott. He's fantastic.
Although we are not surprised we are very disappointed by U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott's vote today.
David Clark and Tim Scott is what you get with honesty; Maxine Waters and Bennie Thompson is what you get with gerrymandering!
Rand Paul must replace Alexander as chairman of HELP, Tim Scott must replace Cornyn , and Ted Cruz m…
Tell Sens. Lindsay Graham and Tim Scott to vote NO! KIRBY: S.C. deserves better than proposed Obamacare overhaul
Call my senators?? I live in SC & they vote party line.Tim Scott and Lindsay Graham don't represent me…
Tim Scott, Mark Sanford revive attempt to designate Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumte...
Just as they think that Black Republicans like Mia Love, Condi Rice, Alan Keyes, Tim Scott, Allen West, Jus…
Both Senator Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott voted to defeat as bill by Rand Paul to block the Saudi arms deal. As...
Does that explain why black Dems call Reps like Tim Scott "Uncle Tom"? Guess it's ok to oppress your own…
Will wait to see what Senate does to the AHCA, but any opposition msg to my Senators falls on deaf ears (Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott)
Trey Gowdy is my congressman and Tim Scott and Lindsay Graham are my senator…
"I would have recommended a little diversity there from a gender perspective," Sen. Tim Scott, a South Carolina Republican
Were you at the last Tim Scott town hall?
Did you go to the last Tim Scott town hall?
can't get Tim Solly and Scott, there an issue with the morning podcasts??
Jim Scott the Leamington chairman is now in the crowd telling the fans to stop setting off flares. Can you imagine Tim Fisher doing that?
Paula Brown Tim Brown Leanda Taylor. New kitchen will be in by 24th June . Your first on the list as promised.
things Ive learnt today:. scott pilgrims art style is hard. tim burton is a genious. alex is cuter than ever. I hate being alone
I almost cried in front of Tim and Scott.
On no, it's on now. We're going to roast the GOP alive over this, starting with Senator Tim S…
Ind Mid Tim Scott does not care about his constituents and he is quietly lining his pockets with dollars, and he do…
God Delights in meeting you in His Presence, where you are. He came from heaven to earth to Save you and Give you New Life.- 1…
Here she is!! My beautiful Leia Emersyn Scott. 8lbs 4oz, 20.5 inches. She is perfect in every way! Congrats to momma Brandi and Tim.
Travis Scott got *** thinking they at Wrestlemania during his concerts
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How White Progressives target Blacks we seen this before with Clarence Thomas Tim Scott Susan rice see how th…
But, but, but. There was Tim's heart felt apology f…
Great day Striper fishing. River to Table Concept. Thanks Tim and Chris Bowers, Scott Herrington, and Eric Van...
how do you guys get such notable and upstanding citizens? Like Scott baio! Tim Allen!!! Wow u guys crush it
Do they have to have cctv of Roz standing over Tim with a chainsaw to get this sorted. Neil from the Office, GUILTY surely
Fun time yesterday at Charlotte Pride! Great to see Tim Hazlett, Carrie Mallia-James, James Staton, Scott, Greg Faust!
Tim Anderson starting to have big plays on defense every game now
Scott Foster is reffing this game. When Tim Donaghy was fixing games they exchanged 304 phone calls. I like the Cs…
"Social media are tools. Real tim. is a minjset." -David Scott
starring John Krasinski as Scott Forstall and Cate Blanchett as Tim Cook. (2/2)
Scott Pruitt responds to climate change facts by deleting them from EPA website:
if I remember there are 3 Kendos. Tim Horner, Bobby Blaze and Scott Studd
The Tim Smith fans that sit behind us are really gonna hate on us now. 🙃
BREAKING: The Cowboys have signed undrafted free agent FB Tim Riggins. They were impressed by his "Texas Forever" phil…
SC Senator Tim Scott torches the Democrat Party for their hypocrisy by failing to practice what they preach.
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I'm feeling generous. Won't even give you crap like I would Tim--Scott
Really fun dice &a tile game - press your luck and manage your oxygen. Watch…
Thanks! It looks interesting. I will have to keep an eye on it.
It's our upcoming game Dicey Peaks, by What you see is a prototype set.
Travis Rudolph, Artavis Scott, Malachi Dupre, and Jamar Johnson... please draft one of those 4 Browns.
Betsy devos narrowly passes first confirmation test while sen. tim scott continues to ... -
I'm surprised they couldn't get Scott Baio or Tim Allen.
We South Carolinians are so proud of *** Mulvaney, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan,…
With offices all over the country, we were bound to get caught in Winter Storm Stella! Thanks to Tim and Scott for…
Sid would choke out Tim if he put pineapple on his pizza
Joe McCarthy, Tim Pawlenty, Scott Walker. Add another one onto the trash heap
Tim telling me that any half decent player we go for will get snapped up by Celtic... well if he's anything like Scott Allan be my guest.
Tim Tebow is 2-for-2. Just ripped a single up the middle. He's 3-for-his-last-5.
Manly owner Scott Penn picks a side in the civil war between CEO Tim Cleary and Bob Fulton.
Of all days... the announce Tim Tebow wont' be made available to the media again. Guess 2-for-2 is no big deal.
BBC radio London 949 FM. Harriet Scott and Tim Arthur talk to Dominic Morriss about Mindfulness. Listen to it whahh !
Don't forget Tim Scott and Mia Love re "the blacks" not even gonna mention psycho Allen West ...
It's good for WI that former Senator Tim Cullen is preparing to run for governor. He's exceptionally experienced an…
Tavish Scott says Scotland leaving the UK as the UK leaves the EU would be "the worst of all worlds"; "I fear for my chil…
Mayor Scott Fadness will not have a prepared speech, will have a conversation with Tim Swarens, Opinion Editor of the Indianapolis Star
Tim McGraw does a pretty good job with "When the Stars Go Blue," but we all know Haley James Scott did it best. 💁🏼
This week Jeremy sits down with Tim Scott of the History Dweebs
Senator Lindsey Graham SC Senator Tim Scott SC: A law mandatory to spay and neuter your pets. - Sign ... via
New episode of Podcasts We Listen To is available now! Tim Scott of History Dweebs is interviewed!
"Socia, media are tools. Real tim is a oindset." -Davld Scott
hey Tim, Scott just posted this from Stowe, 30 and counting
Jesus received the curse we earned so that we might receive the blessing He earned. –Tim Keller, on Galatians 3:13–14
Manly owner Scott Penn backs new CEO Tim Cleary in power struggle with Bob Fulton
Makes you wonder what Steve King thinks about Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Mia Love, and other Conservative minority members.
We are proud of Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott and Joe Wilson. We are ashamed of Lindsey Graham.
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Tim Scott is an outstanding Senator, and Trey G. is the House Boss. How SC tolerates this moron is baffling.
Tim Scott is pretty heckin funny TBH.
A term created by the reality of black people. Ask Rep. Sen. Tim Scott. and other conservatives who agree.
Tim Scott let's demcrats have it right between the ears... LMAO.
Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, and Rand Paul might just make a Republican out of me.
"The four, these sources say, are GOP Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Tim Scott of South...
can you call and find out if he thinks Tim Scott of South Carolina is an Uncle Tom he won't answer
Sen. Tim Scott reads his hate mail and has an excellent point about tolerance. - Angie (the Producer)
Tim Scott, the lone black GOP senator, rises to Sessions' defense.
Summary: Bill Clinton/Shaun King/are "Liberal Black" but Tim Scott, Jim Brown, Steve Harvey are mediocre Negroes.
Tim Scott drops TRUTH BOMB on Dems from Senate floor
Reverend King would've admired + respected Tim Scott. Not the Uncle Toms, the quota Blacks, Democrats use + pimp out like fodder.
How cam Dems. say their in favor of National Security when they won't put POTUS team in place? How boutique how they treat Tim Scott?
can't believe I actually voted for Tim Scott in November. Scott and Graham=frauds.
To all my SC people: Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott voted for her. Let hold them accountable
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Keep up the pressure! Call Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott to demand they
Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham both voted for Sally Yates. Carry on.
unless you have the good fortune of getting to vote for someone like Tim Scott or Mike Lee, I agree.
they view all conservative minorities as token and Uncle Tom's. look at the attacks on Tim Scott and Ben Carson
Does supporting Condolezza Rice and Tim Scott make me a mediocre honky? Not quite sure how this all works.
only a politician you agree with, so no Mia Love, Condi Rice, Allen West, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell or Herman Cain ?
The attacks on adds him the the pantheon of Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Tim Scott & Ben Carson
yes. The GOP is racist, with members like Pastor Mark Burns, Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Tim Scott. Racists…
Sen. Tim Scott: I Support Sessions for AG Because of What Is in his Heart Kudos - Astute man cares…
the fourth: *Outrageous Fortune* by Tim Scott. Just started it, but I loved the other book of his I've read, so I'm hopeful.
Smithsonian called they want Clarence Thomas back.oh wait. I voted Tim Scott 😛👍. ... A supercomputer in every h…
I will be shallow and note Mitchell looks exactly like every cuckservative in the United States Senate, Tim Scott excepted.
Allen West and Tim Scott for Deputy Secretary positions. Allen West, Dep Sec of Defense!!
There's something immensely satisfying about Tim Scott holding the same Senate seat once held by the incredibly backwards "…
Senate Dems shamed for nearly all-white top staffers. Only Black Chief of Staff in Senate works 4 GOP Sen. Tim Scott ht…
Tim Scott reminds us to NEVER give up on our Featured story in December
"The resolution is also sponsored by Republican Sens. Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley, Mike Lee, Tim Scott and Ted Cruz"
"The lone black chief of staff in the entire United States Senate works for South Carolina Republican, Tim Scott."
How do you go from Senator Tim Scott to moron Lindsey Graham, South Carolina why?
I have called Lindsey Graham,Tim Scott,& Jeff Duncan to block appt of Steve Bannon. What else can I do?
Republicans Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Tim Scott, Mike Lee, & Roy Blunt who were re-elected last night all voted AGAINST the VAWA.
Rand Paul and Tim Scott re-elected to US Senate as Democrats seek majority
BREAKING: Republicans Rand Paul of Kentucky, Tim Scott of South Carolina, Democrat Patrick Leahy of Vermont re-elected to S…
Thrilled to see Tim Scott and Rand Paul, two of the good guys in the Senate, blow away their opponents. Bueno!
Do you get this passionate about Tim Scott, Michael Steele, Herman Caine, Paris Dennard, Mia Love, etc
Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, Michael Steele. All deemed "not important enough" by the Smithsonian's
How much of a "close friend" can Tim Scott be if Pence doesn't understand that what Scott said was definition of implicit bi…
If we could put Ben Sasse, Tim Scott, and Marco Rubio in charge we could get some real governing done in Washington
Compare Trump surrogates to those who would've been Rubio's, like Tim Scott, Ben Sasse & Nikki Haley. Sigh.
Hi, by Dr. Tim Scott's request, when can we meet to see him this week?
From Herman Cain to Tim Scott to former Wayne County Executive William Lucas, why didn't any of these men choose the GOP?
Sen. Tim Scott was in Charleston honoring vets of Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield:
He's getting 1% of the black vote. Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Michael Steele, and Tim Scott. That's about it
Our new Executive Director is here! Tim Scott has a 20-year background in exhibits, STEM education, and museum...
GOP's Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, Susan Martinez, are color blind...they don't see they're own color...
I added a video to a playlist Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) on Race Relations - FULL SPEECH (C-SPAN)
.Actually there are many more - time to update your info. Sen. Tim Scott, Condaleeza Rice, Herman Cain, Mia Love, etc...
Maybe someone can walk me through this. We mad because there are no Tim Scott or Crystal Wright juniors there?
Fuk racist Tim Scott. 6% blak men commit 40% of killings. Uretarded mefia shud no that. Who shud we pay cops 2 stop?.
"I haven’t seen him,” Sanders said. “But Lindsey Graham called me. Tim Scott called me. Joe Biden called me." 😳
Tim Tebow denies 'rumored' RNC speaking engament again!!
WATCH: Complete speech from on race relations
Black Republican senator talks about being pulled over by police seven times in one year via
Sen. Tim Scott: I’ve been stopped 7 times by LEOs. Not 4, not 5, not 6, but 7 times in one year as an elected official.
Maybe this will help some of my fellow conservative peers understand what racial profiling really feels like.
U.S. Sen. Tim Scott on racism and the Capitol police.
Senator Tim Scott gives moving speech about racism he faces as a black… http…
(R) Sen. Tim Scott is a brother in Christ. His painful story is worth hearing. via
Powerful speech from Senator Tim Scott about the trust gap between police and black comm. https:/…
Tim Scott, black Republican senator, recounts run-ins with the police
Tim Scott is about as black as Stacey Dash.
Black senator describes facing unfair scrutiny by police -
Senator Tim Scott was breaking the law the police stop them now he has to talk to Obama
"Recognize that just because you do not feel the pain, the anguish, of another does not mean it does not exist."
Senator Tim Scott wraps speech series on police relationships with minorities
Tim Scott: Black Republican senator says he was stopped seven times in one year by police
Tim Scott talks of unfair policing: 'I've been stopped seven times by law enforcement' in…
Tim Scott offers a perspective his colleagues need to hear
Black GOP Sen. Tim Scott says he was stopped 7x by police in 1 year as an elected official:
Read Senator Tim Scott’s candid account of getting stopped by police
I encourage you to do little bit, today, to bend the arc of our reality so this happens just a little less often.
Sen. Tim Scott describes facing unfair scrutiny by police
Black Senator Tim Scott says he was pulled over by police 7 times in a year
This speech by is moving & powerful & really worth a few minutes to watch.
Black Republican senator says he’s been repeatedly stopped by police in last year
Sen. Tim Scott says Republican convention should focus on "fairness and opportunity."
In a series of floor speeches, Republican tells America what it’s like to be black, by https…
This is for those who think a guy being pulled over for being black is just a "myth."
Sen. Tim Scott reveals incidents of being targeted by Capitol Police Well dude you are being GOP…
Black GOP senator speaks out against racism for the third time this week
Black conservative Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) explains being pulled over 7 times by the cops in one year. Powerful stuff:. http…
Black senator: police made me 'scared': Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina -- who is the onl...
"In the course of one year, I've been stopped seven times": Sen. Tim Scott describes unfair scrutiny by police
Sen. Tim Scott wants to talk about poverty. But all anybody asks about is Donald Trump
With respect to Sen. Tim Scott. I suspect if you asked him does he think there needs to be more diversity among his colleagues he
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Sen. Tim Scott to host briefing on Sickle Cell disease on Friday
Cory Booker and Tim Scott are the only two black men in the United States Senate. . But Tim Scott is a sell out republican.
Sen. Tim Scott and other industry leaders team up with SCMFG
hey! The only Black senator is Tim Scott & all POC Governors so 🤗
So both senators from South Carolina (Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott) have denounced Trump's racism: Graham has...
agree. Sasse, Mike Lee, and Tim Scott are the only Senators to not embarrass themselves in 2016
Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz,and RandPaul are the only decent ones.The rest = nonpartisan sellouts
I'm from SC. I'll never vote for Graham again. Tim Scott is true Conservative!
God, it's awful, isn't it? And Palin. And Duncan Hunter. And Tim Scott. And so many others...
"Asked if he can support Trump, former Marco Rubio backer Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina answered: 'Oh yeah.’"
Tim Scott gives us the scoop on the Kansas City and national theatre scenes. Fire in Dreamland, Lot’s Wife, and th…
Christie is a contender, as it Scott Walker. But I'm betting on Sen. Tim Scott. Had a good town hall together, and unites party.
Who do you want to represent the people of SC for the next 6 years? Pastor Dixon or Tim Scott?
Learn more about who you are "in Him" with this book written by Al Scott, PhD & Md (Tim Scott's father) .
Just to make everyone jealous I had a delicious dinner at Scott & Holly's while Scott kept beating everyone in magic. When was the last tim…
Scott Wylie and I will make proud tonight. We will sell the Auction. Join us!
Can't find any of you, I need Scott 😭😭
Scott Brooks is now free from Tim Duncan and Steph Curry. That's why D.C. is such a good place for him.
Fletch Podcast Tim talks with Coach Scott Abernathy about the Life of the late Jerry Byrd on
What about Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina. The only African-American member of the Senate & a Republican?
We published Tim Scott's photo gallery from the Peter Collins Trophy race for 1950s-era…
wizards bring in scott brooks to try and recruit Durant. Durant said to have liked brooks in okc
Tim and Scott are both going to my junior prom and I still don't have it figured out. Oh lord help me
F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, "There are no second acts in American lives"... but that's not true for entrepreneurs
rare to find a conservative as broadly appealing as Rubio. Tim Scott, Mia Love, and Nikki Haley may have that quality. They all
Ok.I gotta calm down I am going to finish susan's tonight and then I'll have the weekend for Scott's AND Tim's.
Social Studies students at CGS skyped with Senator Tim Scott today. They had a lot of great questions to ask him.
CEO Tim Costello has a message for Treasurer Scott Morrison, Stop the Clock on cuts to our aid program.
Baseball is a distant 3rd at Vanderbilt! The life lessons that Tim Corbin, Travis Jewett and Scott Brown instill is PRICELESS!
The Wizards will hire Scott Brooks as head coach!
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Never seen head first slide in2 home plate on a walk off HR, until Scott Worth, UT/VU 1983! What a classic moment 4 dawn of Tim Corbin era!
Report: Scott Brooks agrees to deal to become Washington coach -
Know what? Tim Scott of South Carolina is my favorite US Senator. His constituents should be proud of their choice.
I still think it's so funny that Travis Scott went to UTSA for a year before he blew up.
yes it was time to go he geting old like tim Duncan he get there to friend scott wright
ICYMI will speak at this year's Summit! Secure your spot and register today
Father: Scott, Uncle: Alan, Cousin: Tim. No way he lives up to that pressure...
Want to learn how to build a Slackbot? Tim Scott will show us how at next week's meeting. Mark your calendars!
New release from my buddy Tim Scott. Great guy, great tracks!
By Scott A lot of Manchester United fans will be hoping that Tim Fosu-Mensah returns to the starting line-up f...
U.S. Sen. Tim Scott to deliver a keynote speech at AFC’s National Policy Summit Stay tuned for more announcements!
Tim Scott supports Trump, thus supports deviants in children's bathrooms. Hummn, you didn't know this?
As expected, G Tim Lelito signed his RFA tender today. Even with signing, Saints still pretty thin at guard.
Further, "White knight" is racist. I'd be down for Tim Scott, the Black Knight.
Jason McKeown, Katie Whyatt, Tim Penfold and Alex Scott will be on the show tomorrow - what would you like to hear them discussing?
Tim Scott's ranking is 1,637. Know why? Go to and tell fans why
Scott Van Slyke could miss another month, plus an update on Lincecum. Latest from NL West: http…
How about we wait until we get a competent black president? Col. West? Tim Scott?
No offense to or to Tim Cook or Zuckerburg, but after the huge year and futures for both SpaceX and Tesla, how is he not on there?
Looking forward to eatin' BBQ with and this year's show judges Scott Thares from
Thanks Tim this is the only way to do some good fishing, miss scott yet lol
Ohhh that's why Mia Love, Tim Scott, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Allen West are Republicans...
I want to Thank United States Senator Tim Scott, South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis for caring for Najeer
Tim Scott,Herman Cain,Ben Carson,Deroy Murdock,Star Parker, Larry Elder,Condi Rice..Those are the people you should emulate
Why is Cruz some huge deal to you? He's good on most issues but so are Lee, Rubio, Rand, Tim Scott, Haley etc.
what brought this on?I know that when Tim Scott was only black Senator, never mentioned, but Booker always mentioned as "1 of 2"
Tell Tom Rice, Tim Scott and Lindsay Graham to support honoring these female pilots. It is very easy by just c. I...
sasse is awesome. People like him, Rubio, Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Gardner, cotton give me hope for the party
12. Black Republicans like Allen West, Tim Scott, Mia Love, Michael Steele will suddenly be the most popular people in DC :-)
The anti-left African-American is already on the way: Allan West, Mia Lowe, Condie Rice, Tim Scott
If you are in Burbank on March 20th check out my friend comedian Tim Scott at Flappers comedy club at 9pm in the yoo hoo room.
Olson walks to load the bases for Tim Scott with two out
IMHO: Rubio brings no needed demographics Cruz can't get. What about Alveda King, Tim Scott, Marsha Blackburn, ??
Rubio has far better team to crisscross FL (Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, Susanna Martinez & Bush won't sit out).
Gov. Nikki Haley. Sen. Tim Scott. Gov. George Allen (ret.). ... robo-called me this week, urged me to vote for …
Tim Scott releases statement over Trumps refusal to disavow the KKK. Come on America... get this right. .
Gentlemen, should use Sen. Tim Scott's town hall, September of last year, in an Ad. Intro of Donald Trump
wheres my affinity? I like Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott, and Lindsey Grahem. No buffons there
SC senators look elsewhere after state’s GOP primary - Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham are back on Capitol Hill, l...
Post-primary, Tim Scott heads to Georgia for Rubio, and Lindsey Graham eyes Kasich-Rubio
Two senators have said they would not meet with any nominee. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott
"Haley, Tim Scott, and Gowdy, all openly admitted themselves to be Card Carrying Establishment. They…" — 7818TD
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